Many people would say that my name was a handful, and I honestly don't blame the white people that surrounded me at this damn place who tried to pronounce it. My name is Annabella Quinonez, but to help out the white girls and boys in high school pronounce it better, I gave myself the nickname of Annie-Bee. Now that I've rambled a bit about the name I was given at birth, I guess I can go on to say that I'm a high school freshman. And going along with the typical freshman mentality, I am surrounded by whole different atmosphere that, to be honest, scares me a little. Long story short, I have no friends, which is basically my life story, in this school due to the fact that I moved (once again) and not only am I a freshman girl, but I'm also the new girl. But a few months into this school and I've already begun to start making friends.

For example, Cicely, whom I met in my world Geography class, welcomed me with wide and open arms and introduced me to her friends, and thus I wasn't so alone anymore. For once I felt happy, but it was until the one day where I met a certain someone, that unbeknowest to me my whole world would change...

I just didn't know it yet.

Cicely had convinced me that it would be fun to dress up as twins in honor of our schools spirit week, and she somehow convinced me that it would be a good idea to dress in form fitting clothes, something I never really EVER liked to do. Not because my self esteem was crap (much like the girls I knew) but because in fact I knew I was the total opposite of repulsive...

Wait... hold up, I'm not completely arrogant either...

I just grew up with my family telling me that I was a beautiful girl, even if those little bastards in elementary school couldn't see it.


So we dressed up in matching mini-skirts, with leggings and tight shirts with matching ties. That morning I got to school, Cicely also combed my (apparently toussled) chocolate brown locks and adorned it with a ribbon (which I found an unecessary touch, but alas behind Cicely's bubbly exterior she had a dominant side to her which to be honest scared me, s I went along with it.)

Throughout the day I could feel the stares I was recieving, as if I were some new girl no one had ever seen before, when in reality the people who I saw everyday in my classes where the people I saw everyday, and thier jaws only dropped at the realization that it was me. I shied away with probably a huge blush displayed on my cheeks, but I also couldn't help but feel a bit more confident at the fact that I was now being noticed. But I also figured that if dressing like this brought me attention, I honestly didn't like it, especially when I caught the eyes of a dean staring me down in the lunchroom. (shudderes).

Once the day was over, Cicely then dragged me to an Art Tribe meeting, which honestly wasn't too bad once I got there. As soon as I got there though I felt a pair of eyes on me, something which by now I had grown a bit accustomed to, so at first I ignored it. It wasn't until I was sitting down with Cicely and a couple of her friends, painting a ceiling tile, that I felt another pair of eyes look at me. I couldn't help but turn to meet the eyes of the man staring at me. As soon as I did though, he turned immediately away, and I smirked as I observed his being.

He had dark tanned skin, brown hair, and his attire actually stood out the most to me. It wasn't everyday that you saw a guy wearing a fedora, but I smiled nontheless and turned away.

"Who were you staring at?" Cicely teased, and I only scoffed.

"No one Cice, now shut up." I only said it coz I knew that she would do something I really didn't want her to do.

She grinned but then shrugged, and after a few moments of silence, the same man that had turned away almost instinctively was right behind us.

"Hey, X, this is Annabella!" Cicely introduced, gesturing to me.

"Pleasure to meet you madame." X replied.

Raising a brow, why the formality I thought and replied quietly "Pleased to meet you.."

Even then I had no idea of what was to come with X.