A.N. - Just me searching for a way to break out of the stupidity I'm surrounded by.

The Unmarked Exit

I plod a path less worn
leaf-strewn yet enticing
like the auto accident
you can't look away from.
It meanders ahead of me
asking to be trodden upon
yet my resolve wavers;
so many choose other routes.

The masses pick thoroughfares
brightly lit and bland
traveling in a traffic jam
with little to no cohesion.
The jarring green signs command
the followers obey while honking horns
that all sound the same - shrill and hollow
unlike the offshoot I stand before.

So I decide to stay the course
and find shelter in the hazy unknown.
There is indecision certain to come
with lack of proper direction
yet I toss away my maps
and forego general reasoning
to walk ahead and not look back.
I alone have run the roadblock.