Like symmetric shapes of origins,
the two faces of each look alike,
she smiles, her smiles-
a happy, contagious feeling; all the same.
She looks at me, looking friendly yet,
it's filled with the same nostalgic sorrow.
When she spaces out, her eyes-
they probably think of the past she wanted to change.
The way she turns around,
some hints of regrets here and there.
When she's not smiling like that,
she's never approachable because you know,
you look just like that person I loved so much.
And yet now, that person meant so much...
means nothing to me.
How can someone with the same face
replace the person I gave my heart to?
The drawings I gave to the both,
they were beautiful flowers-
I love flowers,
because they have this fragrance
of the bittersweet summer I lost
the one I love to the absence of presence.