Eye-splitting, it shattered before me

A mirage so clean shaven

cut to perfection

It got blurry... the edges fuzzy

is it the vision or the image?

Time doesn't exist does it?

When did it start?

The smears around sharpness.

Maybe it was always there

I just needed glasses

But why is it when I take them off,

You're perfect again.

Afraid to blink in fear that it'll disappear

into blackness

Even when I don't want to see.

I don't want to hear

the words echo in my ears

Silencing the serenity

It deserves it.

Shaken voices

continuous escalation

up and up it goes then down it comes

Screams of self constructed pain fills the empty

they sear through my dreams

morphing them into obscurity

Diminishing good with truth.

A slap in the face

Cracked the only thing holding it together

a cage made of seams are sliced

Wild animals rip through

A raised fist

breaks glass

punches to scars

as a reminder

That love always lasts.

That parents are heroes.

That children only see good.