What, in truth, is Love? Does it exist and, if it does, will we ever truly know of its existance? These questions, doubtless, have echoed through the minds of many a people throughout the ages. Yet, whether in fear or knowledge of our ignorance, they have very rarely been truly approached. Within these next few essays I will begin a diagnosis of the different types of love-that of friends, that of families, and that of lovers-and of different aspects of those relationships in and of themselves. Hopefully, through these different essays, some sort of conclusion will eventually be found.

I highly encourage those who read this to give me both their views and their feedback not only to how this is written but also to the views stated within it. As all types of philosophies and other wisdoms, the best answer is only found after the bad ones are weeded carefully out. So if you would be obliged to help even the slightest bit it would be most definately helpful and well appreciated.