Monday July 18, 2011

I feel like I'm chocking

I feel scared

I feel sad

And it's terrify

The never ending sadness in the dark abyss is reaching out to me

Is grabbing a hold my of heart

And squeezing tight

I can't breathe

Tears cloud my eyes

And I see you standing there

Watching me over feel

Every thought

Every emotion

Your eyes flash with love and concern

As I reach out to you

If I go you'll go with me

I'm drowning

And you try to save me

I fight you

Maybe I don't want to be saved

Maybe I like feeling everything in pronounced clarity

Maybe I'm lying

I stop fighting

I'll let you save me

Because I am a liar

Because I love living

Though the feelings can sometimes be too much

I love taking a breath every day

Seeing my mom's smile

Or asking my dad for money

Hearing my brother laugh

Or listening to a family 'debate'

I feel as if my life sucks

But it's pretty good

I feel as if you don't care about me

But I don't need to be you're everything

I just wish someone could see me

And love it more than I do

Cause I'm tried

I feel drained

I feel like giving up and letting the abyss have me

Letting the waves put me under

Getting lost in my world again

But now that I've seen how bright the moon is in the dark

I figure if I'm looking at the beauty

The darkness won't matter

Though the moon won't always be there

Stars and streetlights shine on my path towards the moon

Bringing me closer to the sun