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It was the night of the dance. Finally.

Evangeline was at Krissa's house because Krissa had insisted on doing their hair and makeup. Evangeline had only agreed so Krissa would stop bugging her about it. If she had had any other choice, Evangeline would simply have taken a shower and slipped on her dress, completely forgoing any hair or makeup or any of that silly stuff. But Krissa was Krissa – still stubborn as hell.

Evangeline had kind of been hoping that her mother wouldn't allow her out at this time of night, but all her hopes were dashed with a simple "Go, go, go!"

She blew a raspberry. Mothers these days.

"Angel. Stop twitching," Krissa commanded. She put her hand on her hip and sighed. "How am I supposed to do your eyeliner if you keep moving?"

Actually, Krissa had been reluctant to do Evangeline's makeup at first. "What's the point," Krissa had wondered, "if you're gonna be hiding your eyes with glasses anyways?" But Evangeline had told her not to worry and just get on with it.

Now Evangeline was beginning to regret that decision.

"Sorry, sorry," apologized Evangeline, who was barely able to keep her eyes in check. They were literally almost sore from trying not to roll.

Krissa only sighed again.

"Actually, you know what?" Evangeline had had enough. It was time to take this matter into her own hands. "How about you do your hair and makeup and just let me do mine?"

Krissa almost burst out laughing at the ridiculous suggestion. "You? Do makeup? Angel, you've never used makeup in your life. I'm scared to even let you do your own hair."

"And you have a reason to be scared," Evangeline soothed. "But it's okay. I think I can do something simple and it'll be okay. It's just a school dance. No need for me to look glamorous."

"Are you sure?" Krissa frowned doubtfully.

"It's fine. You just focus on yourself, okay?" Evangeline smiled encouragingly.

"Well," Krissa relented, "if you're sure."

"I am."

Krissa left to use a different bathroom, so that they could surprise each other, looking slightly nervous about leaving Evangeline to fend for herself.

Elated to be free Krissa's constant complaints to "keep still already" – not that there was anything wrong with the complaining, since Evangeline did keep shifting around, after all, but it did get tedious – Evangeline hopped of her stool and looked in the mirror at the makeup Krissa had already applied.

She gasped in horror.

"What? What's wrong?" Krissa came over looking worried.

Smiling weakly, Evangeline shook her head and told Krissa to continue. Krissa left, more anxious than before.

Evangeline worked quickly. Tying her still-wet hair back, she splashed water on her face and scrubbed off the thick eyeliner and blush. Drying her face, she went through the array of makeup and selected the foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, and lip gloss.

She massaged the foundation into her face. After checking to make sure all blemishes were covered, she picked up the eyeliner and set to work.

After makeup, she moved on to her hair. Tugging it out of its messy bun, she shook it out and blow-dried it briefly. She found Krissa's assortment of curling irons and chose the smallest one, perfect for Evangeline's short hair. She curled her hair into little twists, wincing at the thought of burnt hair, and when she was done, she puffed it up and carefully dragged her fingers through it, making it seem more voluminous.

Now she delicately removed her dress from its hanger – for some reason, Krissa had maintained that they should put on their dresses after doing their hair and makeup – and slid it over her body, discarding her fluffy pink robe onto the ground. After fiddling a bit more with her hair and tugging around at her dress, she decided it was time to stop stalling.

She pursed her lips. "Ready to take a look?" she invited herself.

Holding her head high and ready for anything, she walked over to Krissa's full-length mirror and sucked in a sharp breath – no, not because her stomach as totally showing, but because she looked…really good.

Yes, she admitted it: for once in her life, Evangeline Jonson truly looked beautiful.

Her cute and curly brown hair bounced around her heart-shaped face. Her brown eyes were free of glasses, which had been traded in for the clear contacts that Evangeline's mother had bought for her, but Evangeline had never wanted to use. She now sent a silent thanks to her mother as she examined herself.

Her big brown eyes were framed by naturally long eyelashes. The dark grey eyeliner paired with a sparkly silver eye shadow suited her perfectly. She had applied a very light pink lip gloss that made her lips smooth and shiny (and pretty freaking kissable, Evangeline noted appreciatively).

And then, the dress. It was a shimmery, metallic pale blue color, made of a silky satin with a wide skirt that cut off a couple inches above the knee, with lacey ruffles underneath. It had two thin spaghetti straps that looped over her slender shoulders and the bodice hugged her shape. She twirled, the skirt flaring out flirtatiously, and she laughed innocently at her striking reflection. She was elegant and pretty and she felt like she was in a dream.

As she clasped the diamond drop necklace that her mother had lent her, Evangeline thought, I wonder what Julian will think.

And then she froze.

Julian? Not Julian. Chad. She meant Chad!

She stared again at her reflection, unsmiling. She had suddenly been enlightened with a flash of insight from all those romance novels she'd read.

She was beginning to understand that murky feeling she got whenever she was around Julian.



Jerking out of her thoughts, Evangeline smiled too big and whirled around to meet Krissa, who was looking drop-dead gorgeous in her short, strapless red dress. It accentuated all her curves and was a stunning contrast against her dark hair. Somehow, it didn't clash with her lively blue eyes at all. Her eyes were outlined in black eyeliner and grey eye shadow, giving off a smoky effect. Her long hair drifted down her back in shiny waves and her generous lips were full and red.

"Wow, Kris, you look amazing," Evangeline complimented truthfully. She forced herself to say, "Julian's gonna be blown away."

"Thanks, Angel! You look pretty good too, for a first-time makeup user," praised Krissa.

Just then, the doorbell pealed out through the house. Squealing, Krissa rushed to the mirror to check her makeup and hair. "That's Julian! Is my makeup okay?"

"Yes," Evangeline sighed. "It looks perfect. Now hurry up and go wow him!"

"Okay, okay, I'm going!" Krissa ran down the hall and pranced downstairs.

Krissa wrenched open the door. "Julian!"

He whistled. "Wow, Kris, you look great."

They look so good together, Evangeline thought as she watched her two friends. A dull pain pierced her. Julian was looking pretty attractive in his casual light grey suit, with his hands stuffed in his pockets, as he laughed with Krissa.

"Guess I might as well do down now," she grumbled to herself.

Julian looked up with a smile just as Evangeline was gracefully descending the staircase. His jaw fell open. He stared blatantly at the brunette beauty that had the tiniest resemblance to the girl who was his best friend.

Krissa's cheerful smile fell off her face as she saw the look of wonder on Julian's face as he ogled Evangeline.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Evangeline came to stand before the pair. Glancing up, she saw Julian gaping at her, and vaguely she wondered if Krissa was watching them. Evangeline became acutely aware of the intense pounding of her heart, but she had to ignore it and act normal, for Krissa's sake. Right, Krissa. Think of Krissa. So she asked Julian cheekily, "Speechless?" and pirouetted, catching Krissa's eye and smiling happily. "He's so shocked that I don't have my glasses on that he can't say anything!"

Relieved, Krissa accepted this and ignored the hysterical voice in her head that shrieked at her to not be so stupid. "Well, you do look a lot different! How come you never told us you have contacts?"

Evangeline shrugged. "I was never planning on using them so I forgot about them. I only remembered today because my mom reminded me."

Julian butted in, "So where's Chad?" He raised his eyebrows at Evangeline.

"He should be here soon," she replied easily. "I told him to pick me up here."

There was a rumble as a car came near. Evangeline stretched up on her toes and announced, "Oh, that should be him. He said he'd come in a white car." Looking over at Krissa and Julian, she asked, "How are you guys getting to the dance."

"Well…" Julian scratched the back of his neck. "I walked here but I don't wanna force you to walk all the way there, Kris." He peeked guiltily at her.

"Oh, it's fine," Krissa smiled, thinking, At least we'll have more time alone together.

Then Evangeline clapped her hands. "How about this? You guys can come with us! I'll go ask Chad now, but it shouldn't be a problem." Without waiting for their answer, she hastily slipped on her strappy silver sandals and flounced outside to the car.

"Hey Chad!" Evangeline waved. He rolled down the passenger side window. Leaning on it, she asked, "Hey, is it okay if Julian and Krissa come with us? They don't have a ride."

Surprised but deciding not to question it, Chad nodded. "Yeah, sure, no problem. The more the merrier!"

Flashing Chad a smile, Evangeline turned and bounded back to Krissa's front door, where Julian and Krissa were still waiting. "Chad said it's fine, so let's go!"

Evangeline linked their arms together, ready to pull them, but Krissa stopped her. "Wait! My shoes!"

"Oh! Sorry, we'll wait," said Evangeline. She turned to Julian and teased, "You really should learn how to drive already."

"Yeah, right," Julian snorted. "Maybe when I want to die a painful death."

Pouting, Evangeline pondered, "I really don't understand your fear of cars. Don't boys usually love cars?"

"Usually being the operative word there," Julian pointed out. He grinned. "I'm not usual, remember?"

Evangeline rolled her eyes. "So arrogant." She glimpsed behind her. "Oh, Kris is done. Let's go."

She was ready to walk to the car but Julian grabbed her arm.


She turned back to him, curious. "What?"

His green eyes glimmered mischievously at her as he pulled her close and lowered his mouth right next to her ear, his warm breath caressing the side of her face. She blushed and shivered.

"You look beautiful tonight," he breathed into her ear, "Angel."

Immediately, she snatched her arm from him and quickly moved away from him. She looked up at him, ready to retort, but she stopped upon seeing his face.

His eyes were bright with an inner pain and there was unconcealed longing on his face. His lips were screwed into a grimace and his hands clenched tightly at his sides.

Instead of snapping back, Evangeline whispered, "Thanks, Jules" before whipping around and running to Chad's car. She couldn't stand seeing him in pain like that. She had to get away from him, from that expression, from that longing.

Longing…for what?

Yanking the car's back door open, she slid in and greeted Chad again. "Hey. Sorry, they should be coming now."

Evangeline turned her head away when Julian graciously opened the back door for Krissa with a gentlemanly flourish. Krissa giggled and thanked him, plopping down next to Evangeline.

Julian shut the door and got in the passenger seat. "Hey, man. Thanks for this."

Chad dismissed the thanks. "Hey, no problem." Twisting around in his seat, he asked the girls, "You guys ready?"

"Yup!" answered Evangeline and Krissa.

"Alright, let's go!"

Ten minutes later, they pulled into the school parking lot. Chad quickly located a space and parked the car. The four of them filed out, chattering as they marched towards the door to the gym, which was where the dance was taking place.

The ticket collector was standing just inside the door. He held out his hands and they all gave him a ticket.

"Wow," Evangeline breathed as she examined the gym. The dance committee had done an excellent job of transforming the gym into a ballroom-type area. It was dim but for the lanterns that were dangling from the ceiling. There was a DJ at the front of the room blasting mainstream music, though the dance floor was still mostly empty.

"Looks pretty good, huh?" Chad nudged her.

"Wha – oh, I mean, yeah! It's beautiful." She smiled up at him, totally conscious of the fact that her heart was maintaining a steady beat.

Why, why, why didn't Chad make her heart beat faster anymore?

Suddenly, a slow song came on. Apparently, the DJ was annoyed that no one was dancing, but now almost every pair walked out to the dance floor to dance, including Krissa, who was pulling Julian along.

Spying them, Evangeline grabbed Chad's arm and told him, "We're dancing."

"W-wait a sec," he stammered. She ignored him.

"But – wait – I –"

She cut him off. "Look, Chad. Krissa's dancing right now. You should try to do something to get her attention. For example, dancing with me. Get it?" She glared at him.

She could practically see the light bulb go on above his head. "Ohh, I see. Okay, let's dance!"

Leading them to a spot near Krissa and Julian, Evangeline placed her hands on Chad's shoulders, who reciprocated by resting his hands on her waist. They swayed to the music, Evangeline's eyes constantly darting over to Krissa who looked like she was enjoying herself immensely.

Feeling a stab of what she now understood was jealousy, Evangeline's eyes lingered on Julian's broad back. She knew she had a choice. The question was, would she choose to hide her feelings forever or just get them out in the open?

She made up her mind.

Turning her attention back to Chad, who was a busy sneaking peeks at Krissa, Evangeline took a deep breath and said, "Chad."

He jerked his gaze away from Krissa and looked questioningly at the girl who was his date.

"I have something to tell you. You don't have to say anything. I just want you to listen, because I have to get this off my chest." She exhaled and faced him confidently. "I like you. Well, actually, I liked you. No, don't say anything," she interrupted as Chad opened his mouth to speak, "Just listen."

Peering off into the distance, she continued, "You like Krissa. I know. And the thing is, I'm rooting for you. I know it's odd to say, but I've just realized my true feelings. And the truth is that I don't think I ever truly liked you. I thought I did, but I was just looking for something to want, you know? Because high school is when people start wanting. But I already had what I wanted, in a way. I just didn't know it. So I thought I liked you. See, whenever I saw you in school you were always talking and laughing with a big group of people or kindly helping someone out. I saw that and I liked that, so I thought I liked you. But I never even really knew you. Even now," she realized, "I still don't really know you."

She looked into his eyes again. Chad was stunned by her speech. She wasn't even sure if he understood half of it, but she plowed on. "After this dance, go to Krissa and tell her your feelings. Now that I've finally come to terms with mine, I want you to know that you are a great guy and I hope we can become great friends. I want to know you. I want to learn that everything I thought I saw in you was not a lie." Smiling, Evangeline smiled at Chad just as the song ended.

To her surprise, he smiled back. "In case you're wondering, I didn't really hear all of that over the music, but I think I get it." He held out his hand. "So, friends?"

She took his hand. "Friends." They shook on it. Then she slapped his back and pointed at Krissa. "Go get 'em, tiger!"

"Thanks!" With one last smile, Chad ran off in search of Krissa.

Evangeline walked off the dance floor, praying for Chad's confession to go well.

"Where's your date?" a voice asked from behind her.

Gasping, she whirled around, her dress fanning out around her. She came face to face with Julian.

Her traitorous heart instantaneously began to thump erratically. She cursed it silently as she pasted a smile on her face. "Just off to confess his feelings."

"Krissa, right?"

Surprised, she asked, "How'd you know?"

"Please," he smirked. "It was so obvious."

"You're right." She laughed.

Julian was stupefied at the clear, tinkling sound that same out of her. Without thinking, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. "Dance with me." They were just in time for another slow song.

He couldn't help it. She was just too cute.

"Wait, Julian!" she called desperately as she tried to keep up. "What about Krissa?"

He didn't answer. He dragged her out and faced her with an empty expression, gripping her waist tightly, but not painfully.

Not wanting to stand out, Evangeline placed her hands on his shoulders. "Julian, what are you doing? Krissa will misunderstand."

"Let her."

"She's in love with you!" Evangeline blurted uncontrollably. Oh, crap. She couldn't take it back now."

"I know" was all Julian said.

Her head snapped up to look at him. His face was still hidden behind a mask. "You know? Then what are you doing? You should go to her –"

"Just because she's in love with me doesn't mean I'm in love with her!" he muttered fiercely. He was struggling not to let his emotion play out on his face.

Unable to bear it any longer, Evangeline placed a soft hand on his cheek. "Julian," she whispered. "Stop holding back. I hate it when you look like that. I can't tell what you're feeling."

"That's the point," he mumbled dully.

"Julian, I love you." Her eyes widened. That was not what she had been planning to say.

"I know. Best friends, remember?" He smiled faintly.

Ouch. Throwing my own words back in my face. I guess I deserve that. Still, it didn't lessen the sharp pain she felt. Shaking her head determinedly, she said, "That's not what I mean."


"Really." She swallowed. "I know I said that we'll be best friends forever, but that was when I didn't fully understand my feelings." She didn't look at him. "And I know you don't feel the same way, but I want to tell you." Making herself look at him, she felt tears gather in her eyes. Preparing herself for the inevitable rejection, she finally told him the truth. "I love you. Not just as a best friend. But more…" Her voice wavered, so she stopped talking.

He was quiet for many moments before speaking. "You know, I was so jealous."

Evangeline was startled into looking at him. "Huh?"

"When I heard Krissa ask you if Lawrence asked you to the dance, I was so jealous." His hand moved from her waist to her face to wipe her tears. "When you were listing everything you liked about him, I hated myself for not being able to measure up to him. When I saw you dancing with him…I snapped."

Julian lowered his head to hers until their foreheads touched. He held her face in his hands, while her fingers were clamped onto the front of his shirt. "I wanted to be the one you were talking about. I wanted to be the one you were dancing with. I wanted you to see me as a guy, not just your best friend. Has it finally happened?" His eyes, full of awe, examined hers. "Have you finally noticed me?"

"Yes," she breathed.

His lips spread into a joyous smile. "Is this a dream? If it is, I never want to wake up!" He dropped his hands from her face and pulled her into him. "I love you, Angel. Forever."

"Me too," came her muffled voice.

Suddenly, they were aware of all the heads turning to look at them.

Whispers broke out, managing to drown out the music.

"Did Julian just say –"

"He loves her –"

"Who is she –"

"Does she go to our school –"

"She's pretty –"

"I've never seen her before –"

"She's really beautiful –"

"Have I seen her before –"

"Why is she so pretty –"

Grinning, Julian murmured, "Hey, Angel. You're famous."

"Julian!" Ripping out of his arms, she took his hand and hauled a laughing Julian outside. "That's embarrassing!"

But she couldn't stop the happy smile on her face.

. . .

"I'm sorry, Chad. I like someone else."

"I know." Chad smiled. "That Julian guy, right?"

Krissa nodded as her eyes sought him out. She froze when she saw Evangeline towing him outside, both of them looking happier than they had ever looked before.

"Oh…" There was a pressure behind her eyes. "I knew it."

Alarmed, Chad asked, "What happened?"

Giving him a watery smile, Krissa wiped her eyes and stated, "It just wasn't meant to be."

Chad followed the direction of her eyes and understood. Hesitating, he steeled his resolve and said, "Krissa!"

Startled, Krissa looked at him with wide eyes. "Yes?"

"I know you don't like me the way I like you, but I won't give up! Now that that Julian guy has broken your heart, I'll be here! One day, I'll make you fall for me!" Chad vowed.

He heard a giggle. Looking down at Krissa, he saw that she was laughing.

He was confused. Did he say something funny? "Hey, Krissa, I'm pouring out my heart here, you know."

"I know, I know, I'm sorry." She suppressed her laughter and grinned charmingly at him instead, dazing him. "Thank you, Chad. You know, I think I might just fall in love with you after all." With that, she took his hand and tugged him to the dance floor.

Chad thought numbly, Thank you, God, for giving me a chance.

. . .

Panting, Evangeline came to a halt, with Julian next to her. She looked disgustedly at her heels. "Stupid shoes. Can't do anything in them."

Laughing, Julian assured her, "But you look cute."

Biting her lip to quash her silly grin, she thought stupidly, I'm dead. I died and now I'm in heaven. Did she really hear Julian confess that he loved her?

She shook her head. It was a dream. There was no way she could possibly be this happy.

"You look like you can't believe what's happening," Julian observed.

"That's because I can't." She turned to glower at him, only to jump at the shock of him suddenly right in front of her.

That devious grin did things to her heart.

"So…you love me, huh?" Julian mused. She could only nod.

"And I love you…so what's next?"

Evangeline gulped as Julian leaned closer and closer until –

"Julian," her hoarse voice rasped.

"Hm?" His lips were centimeters away from hers.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

He jerked away. She was now smiling smugly at him.

He narrowed his eyes. "Well, I was gonna kiss you, obviously."

"And who gave you permission?"

"Permission?" He sounded staggered.

"Duh. Did you think you could just randomly kiss me?"

Yes, his mind thought sheepishly.

"Did you even think about whether or not I wanted to be kissed?"

No, answered his brain.

She sighed theatrically. "Oh, Julian. You should really think more. That's the point of a brain, you know."

Julian's jaw worked but nothing came out.

Giggling, Evangeline mocked, "Speechless again? Twice in one night? I think you're losing your touch, Julian. Where did all your cleverness go?" She tsked at him but danced over to him and took his hand.

At her touch, it was like he was electrified. He straightened immediately.

Laughing, she threaded their fingers together. "Let's go home, okay?"

Nodding stiffly, they began to walk.

Julian's mind was berating him. Uncool, man. Aren't you supposed to sweep her off her feet? You're not supposed to be speechless, you idiot!

Acting impulsively, Julian stopped walking. His brain clicked into gear and a slow grin grew on his face.

Evangeline saw and started backing away from the dangerous glint in his eyes but he caught her and trapped her in his arms.

"Um, Julian," she said, sounding almost scared now, "what are you doing?"

"Sweeping you off your feet," he replied before pressing his lips to her neck.

She gasped at the contact and was immediately breathless. His mouth moved up to her jaw, nibbling her earlobe, causing her to go limp. She couldn't think as he kissed her temple, then her nose, followed by her cheek, before his lips came to rest at the corner of her mouth.

"So Angel," his mouth whispered over her skin and she shuddered and the feel of it, "are you gonna give in to me yet?"

She yearned for his lips now, but didn't want to admit it. She shook her head.

"No?" He tormented her, moving his mouth to her other cheek, sliding it back down to her neck. "No?"

She bit her lip to keep from yelling at him to just kiss her already.

"Now?" He lightly sucked the skin on her neck and she whimpered, much to his satisfaction.

"You can't deny me forever…"

She wasn't thinking clearly. She didn't know what was happening, she just wanted him to kiss her now. Without her conscious consent, her mouth opened. "Julian…"


"Kiss me…" she begged, her voice almost inaudible.

"I can't hear you," he smiled against her neck.

"Kiss me!" she pleaded, louder.

Without a word, his hands cupped her face and his lips finally, finally descended on hers.

Later, Julian would make fun of her for saying something so improper, but she honestly couldn't care less.

All she knew was that in the moment Julian's lips found hers, with her heart beating wildly, her hands gripping him tightly, the world spinning around her, she felt peaceful.

Because she was in Julian's arms.

And that was all she needed.


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