Chapter 1

I sat in the back row of the outdoor funeral. My family and friends were solemnly looking at the closed casket that held my lifeless body. At the peak of my life a group of drunken men killed me as I fought to protect my girlfriend.

Jinx was sitting next to me, a shell of her former self. Her arm was cradled in a cast and several bandages covered her body from cuts and stiches. Her once beautiful black hair was frayed and dull, her almost black eyes had turned to a dull gray, and whatever color that was in her pale face had drained away. She used to laugh and smile despite her being "Goth." Everything around her was always cheerful and happy. Now she was solemn and quiet. In the week I had been dead I had yet to see her smile.

I couldn't blame her current state, she was there. She saw everything that happened, and it haunted her that she couldn't have done anything to save me. We had gone on a date that day. Nothing too fancy, just a horror movie and dinner at her favorite restaurant, Thai Basil. That way I could get meat, and she could get her tofu.

By the time dinner was over it was late at night and pitch black. We started walking home enjoying the peaceful summer's night. All was well until a van with tinted windows pulled up.

"Hey beautiful, wanna get with a real man?" A man said from inside the van. I wrapped my arm around Jinx and picked up our pace. Our neighborhood was close we could be home soon. We continued our way home when we heard four car doors slam.

I pushed Jinx behind me and turned to face four men pumped full or steroids and cheap booze. One had a metal bat; another had a small pocket knife, the third a crow bar, and the last nothing. The last man seemed to be there leader.

"Leave us alone." I said stoically. The leader snorted and jerked his head towards me. The other three stalked closer to us. I stepped back trying to keep the distance between us.

"Go run and get help." I whispered to Jinx who seemed to be frozen in place. I gently shoved her backwards. She then snapped out of whatever trance she was in and took off running for the nearest neighborhood. As soon as she started running the three men dove at me. I threw a few punches before I was tackled to the ground by the guy with the knife.

The other two took off after Jinx. Luckily she was fast enough to out run them. As I fought to get the guy with the knife off of me I heard the van start up. I froze as I saw the van take off in the direction Jinx went. No matter how fast she was the van could out run her any day. Her screams periced through the neighborhood, surprisingly not attracting any one to help us.

I kneed the guy on top of me in the crotch, pushed him away from me, and ran as fast as I could where I heard Jinx's screams. About a block away I saw Jinx pushed up against the van her arm in the leaders grip. I ran to them as fast as I could slamming my body into the monster touching my girlfriend. We went flying to the ground Jinx with us. As soon as we hit the ground the sound of Jinx's arm snapping, and her screams echoed in my mind. In that instant I saw red and slammed my fists into the creatures face over and over. Blood shot up from his face and splashed onto mine. Soon his struggles and noises of pain stopped.

I picked Jinx up bridal style careful of her arm and made my way to my house. There I would get her help and explain what had happened. As we walked away I heard more footsteps along with voices.

"What the fuck?"

"Look it's them!"

"What are you fuckers waiting for go kill them!" I turned to see the other three men rushing towards us. I knew running with Jinx would be hopeless and dangerous for her. I set her down gentle on the ground. Her face was full of confusion. I kissed her gently before turning to fight.

I braced myself for the worst as a bat came crashing down on my head. I tried as hard as I could to fight back but I was out numbered. I felt the crow bar and bat crash down on me. Right as I was about to black out I heard Jinx's screams, police sirens, and I felt a cold shard blade slice through my throat.

When I woke up I was in a hospital room. Jinx was lying on the bed with tubes and wires all over her. I walked over to her wondering why I wasn't in any pain. I reached out to stroke her forehead when my hand went through it. Before I could mentally ask any questions a nurse walked in.

"Hello Mrs. something's wrong with me. Can I ask what drugs I've been given?" I asked. She ignored me and walked to Jinx's bed side checking things, and pressing buttons on the machines around her.

"Hello! Can you hear me?" I almost screamed. She continued to ignore me. I tried to grab her arm but just like with Jinx my hand went through her. A doctor came in at that moment and greeted the nurse.

"How's she doing?" He asked.

"Fine now that she's sedated. I feel so sorry for her." The nurse said. "I can't imagine what it's like to see your boyfriend get killed in front of me." She shook her head and walked out the door. In that instant my heart, my undead heart, stopped beating.

"I'm dead… "I said out loud. It sounded weird in my ears.

Still, a week later it felt weird saying. "Hi my name is Dan and I'm dead." Not really something that comes up normally. Jinx was released from the hospital a few days later. Since I woke up and saw her I had stayed by her side.

The was the first time she, we, had left her house. Most of the time she just stayed in her room staring off into space. At night she dreamed about me, screaming out for me to come back. I laid next to her every night wishing for that to be true.

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