I have a vision. It's of all of those who have left us. Every day is a new picture. A new paradise. The one that comes into my head more often than not is a scene from south. At least, it's the one that seems to come back to me as southern.

In the morning, everyone wakes up from a cloud. It is a soft, comfortable cloud. Only the best for His children. He watches over it all, and makes sure they have only the best for thier breakfast. Simple warm eggs made into a warm, fluffy omlette. Toast made for everyone, each to their own. Eveyone passes around the butter, jam, even marmalade (which I've heard is very delicious). Over the perfect breakfast, everyone is talking warmly and kindly towards each other, and their Father is watching his children with a smile. At the same time, he has a mirror is at his side, looking at his other children as they're out in their day or night, helping them when he can, and teaching His lessons when needed. He doesn't neglect a single one. Every person eats what they want, because they don't need it, but God provides it anyways. For his children.

As soon as breakfast is over and everyone has eaten their fill of what they want, they all go to a river nearby. It's a river with enough fish for anyone who wants to, and there are blankets to sit on. Everyone can talk over lemonade or water or ice tea. There are snacks that are optional, but no one really eats them, they just talk over their fishing or blanket sitting. Everyone is kind to each other, and everything is calm. Still sitting above everyone is the ever-present Father.

After that, there is lunch. Chili, with as much onions and grated cheese as you could want on it. On the side is some cornbread that anyone can eat and share. Some delicious butter comes with it, for those that want it. Also, the people who did fish can grill them up, and there's enough for everyone to eat. It's a picnic-style lunchon, that anyone can attend and everyone does attend. It's a place that is calm and tranquil. It's also the time of listnening. The Father is talking, telling them once again how much he loves each and every one of them. His words are inspirational and are heartfelt and sinciere and truthful. Everyday these words are said, and everyday they hold the same power. Hope and renewed kindness.

After all of this, it's time for the next thing. Activity. More fishing, blanket sitting, and this time, running. Games like children. Running around. Pie-eating contests. Tag. Any outside game you can think of. Energy runs high until it goes low at night. Everything is a big party. And what is a party without a dance. A nice under-the-stars dance where anyone and everyone can come. A not-so-still night with country lights and fun. It's a dinner dance party. Everyone dances. Everyone snacks. Everyone has fun. And everyone gets to dance with the Father, the King.

That's the end of my vision. This is my vision of a paradise. This is my vision of love and peace and kindness. If only life could be like this. But that's why Heaven's better, isn't it?