Chapter Eight

My parents met us at the door and they didn't look happy to see me or my friends. I swallowed thickly with worry. I hadn't done anything wrong so I was confused as to why they were upset. I smirked to myself, though, when I saw Elias miss a step walking up the drive. It amused me to see someone as old as him get worried about meeting my parents. Maybe it was a sign about how much he liked me; boyfriends are supposed to get nervous when they meet their lover's parents for the first time. Jacque smiled sweetly and waved, comfortable since he had already met them. Relion had a polite smile as he stopped behind the three of us. I looked at my father with a mix between worry and confusion when he glared at Elias and Jacque.

My mother invited everyone into the house, leading the way. Jacque followed, passing my father who's glare deepened and only got worse when Elias passed him. I didn't think he even knew when Relion passed him because he was glaring so hard at the other two. I didn't know what to think about his anger at them because I hadn't told him or my mother that I was interested in either. I walked in slowly, bringing his attention to me and his glare didn't slip or weaken in the slightest. My brow furrowed in confusion and I pulled him aside into the kitchen so we could talk without being overheard. I waved to everyone as I walked into the kitchen so they knew where I was and wouldn't come looking for me.

"Dad, what is your problem? Why are you glaring at us?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest and trying to sound mature. I didn't want to come off as a whiny brat and I didn't know what he was upset about so I didn't want to make something out of nothing if there was nothing happening.

"My son has been living away from his family for about a month with people we don't know. I found out my son is gay right as he is leaving with a boy I have never met before. You call once a week and tell us nothing of what is going on and won't listen when we tell you to come home or visit us. You won't meet us somewhere to just talk, you won't have family dinner with us, what am I suppose to think? I'll tell you what I think; I think that he somehow is keeping you away from us. Is the bigger one helping? Are they hurting you? Do they have something over you?" he asked, concern washing over him as his anger lessened with his questions.

"What? No, they aren't holding me against my will. I haven't been able to come see you. I've been telling you the truth when I talked to you on the phone. I've had homework all week and plus Relion and the others have been keeping me busy with work outside of school. I don't understand, you were fine with this when I left," I said, shaking my head in confusion. I had no idea where this was coming from. Every time I had talked to them on the phone this past month, they seemed fine with me living with Jacque and the others. Mother would ask about my week and even told me it was ok that I had to miss the family dinners. She said it was important that I get good grades so that I could go to college. Since I wasn't playing sports anymore, I had to work extra hard on my grades to get into a good school.

"I was fine with you staying over for the weekend or something. I didn't know you would be staying for an undefined amount of time. You are still underage and you need to be home where we can support you and care for you. You are going through a rough time and I will not allow those two boys to take advantage of you when you aren't in your right mind!" he yelled, his last three fingers pointed in my face. His face was red in anger and I had to resist the urge to wipe the spit off my face from his yelling. I stared at him with open shock since I hadn't seen him this angry in a very long time. The last time had been when I was younger and almost got hit by a passing car that had driven up onto the sidewalk. I couldn't understand where he was coming from.

"They aren't taking advantage of me, how did that even cross your mind? They are helping me through a tough time by supporting me and making me see all the facts. They are teaching me things I'll need if I'm ever going to prove that Alec is innocent. They are teaching me things that the stupid school could never teach me or that you could even understand. You don't know what you are talking about!" I yelled back, finally losing my temper. How could he think of Elias and Jacque that way when he didn't even know them? It pissed me off and I wouldn't stand for him to talk about them like that. They were becoming more than friends to me and I would die before I let someone, even my father, say anything against them.

"I am your father, it doesn't matter if I understand or not. If I say you are coming home, then you are coming home. You will listen to me as long as you are under the age of eighteen as I have the legal right to tell you what to do!"

I stared at him, anger, hatred, confusion, contempt, and sadness all running through my system. How could I convince him that there was more to this than he could understand without telling him about being a dragon? My mother came into the room, eyes blazing in anger, "What the hell is going on in here? We have company and you two are screaming and yelling like two little kids on a playground. I will not have that in my house. You will behave like adults or you will leave!"

I raised my chin and glared at my father, "He is trying to keep me from my friends, saying that they kidnapped me and are holding me against my will. He has no idea what is going on and how much they are helping me through all of this. He is demanding that I come home and be miserable instead of getting the help and schooling I need!"

My mother turned to my father, who crossed his arms over his chest and stood up tall, towering over her, in my opinion, to intimidate her into agreeing with him, "I will not have my son living with other men acting like a slut! Did you see the way they were looking at him when they pulled in? Or the fact that that little bitch Jacque lied to us? I will not allow that scum or his friends use my little boy when he obviously isn't thinking straight. He needs to be protected from those kinds of people. He will come home and we will find him a nice boy that won't hurt him or use him."

My mother held up a hand when she saw that I was about to go off. She sat down at the table and sighed, "Let me think a moment before you say anything, my son."

My breath caught in my throat, the anger inside of me demanding to be let out but I could never go against my mother's demands so it came out in a low hiss. I could feel my fangs coming out and did my best to keep them from showing. My tail wrapped around my wrist and tugged, getting my attention long enough for me to calm down just enough not to explode at my father and do what was going through my head; ripping his head off his shoulders so he couldn't say things like that again.

My mother looked up after a minute or two of thinking and her eyes gave away her answer before she even began to talk. I started shaking my head, trying to deny that she would ever agree with the hateful things my father was saying, "I agree that we cannot let you live away from home Lucien. We are your family. It should be us that takes care of you, not some strangers. They can never know you like we do. How can they help you better than we can?"

I shook my head and closed my eyes, trying to convince myself that my parents were not this ignorant. Surely they knew that they were not the best to help me in this situation. Even without the dragon part of the issue, they had kept Alec's disappearance from me, hadn't done anything except let the damn guidance councilor help me, and had just said that I was a slut. I snorted with a derisive laugh, "They know more about this than you two. They didn't give me to someone who was trying to hurt me because I broke up with her daughter after sleeping with her. They didn't hide anything from me when my best friend disappeared. They don't beat around the bush when I want to talk about it and they certainly don't automatically think Alec is guilty because he is missing. There are also things that I can talk to them about that I could never talk to you about."

My mother looked hurt when I told her there where things I couldn't talk to her about but it was true. I had lost my trust in them when they wouldn't talk to me about Alec. It also wasn't just the dragon things either. I couldn't talk to them about being gay because they both just sort of blew it off. The past four weeks had been awkward when I talked about a guy I saw on T.V. or out and about. I had been thinking that was weird because they seemed ok with it when I left with Jacque that day. She sighed and looked down at the table, "They can help you while you live at home. There is no reason they can't come over like any of your other friends. It is also good that they do not go to your school so that you can be home schooled with them. You can drive out there in the morning and stay all day if you want but you need to come home at night and be with you family."

I opened my mouth to tell her that wasn't possible because I wouldn't be able to hold up the glamour that long but a hand on my shoulder stopped me mid-inhalation. I turned and saw Relion standing there, looking as serene and wise as always. I almost instantly relaxed, knowing that I had someone on my side that could help me convince them what was for the best. He smiled and looked at my mother, "I would actually like to talk to you about this, along with the schooling issue. Why don't we all come into the living room and sit so we can be comfortable while we talk?"

My father glared at me but helped my mother get up and walked with her into the living room. I followed Relion, hoping and praying to whatever gods were listening that he knew what he was doing. My parents were not the easiest people to get to change their minds.

I walked slowly into the living room and sat down between Elias and Jacque. My father glared at them both when Jacque took my hand and Elias put his arm around my shoulder. I glared back and snuggled closer to Elias while pulling Jacque closer. Relion closed his eyes and looked upward, trying to beseech the heavens. Jacque looked over at Relion asking with his eyes what was going on.

Relion sighed, "We normally do not do this but it is imperative that you know why he needs to continue living with us."

Jacque's eyes went wide and he sat forward, concern written all over his face, "Relion, no, we can't. They aren't ready, they never will be."

"They will have to be if they want to help their son. Lucien needs them in his life. Lucien, you will have to show them what you are."

My father held up his hand, "Hold on, what do you mean what he is?"

Relion tilted his head back, eyes and face patient, "He is not your son."

I gasped along with my mother and my father's face colored with rage, "How dare you say that? Are you implying something about my wife?"

Relion shook his head and held up his hands to placate my father, "I am saying nothing of the kind. I am sure your wife has been nothing but faithful to you. Lucien is not hers either."

My mother gave him a look of utter despair and I couldn't ignore her pain, "Relion, stop. This isn't funny. You are hurting my parents and me. They are my parents. My mother gave birth to me. They raised me. They are my parents."

Relion turned to me, completely ignoring my father who looked like an angry bull ready to charge. Jacque still had my hand and Elias was rubbing my shoulder. "They may have raised you but they are not your blood parents. I do not know how you came to live with them but I know for a fact you are not theirs."

My father couldn't hold back his anger anymore, "And how have you come to that conclusion when I saw him being born?"

"Lucien, please, lower you glamours. Your genes are dominant genes and cannot be passed down without one of your parents having the same as you. Neither of your parents have those genes. Now, drop them, Lucien."

I shook my head, scared beyond caring if I looked like a coward. All I could see behind my closed eyes were the imagined faces of my parents staring at me in horror. I had never thought that these two wonderful people were not my parents. I knew I looked different than them but the differences could be explained. My eyes came from my father's side, even if they were a darker hue than was normal for that side. My black hair could be explained by the Native American blood on both sides of my family, even if they normally had dark brown coloring. My pale skin was from not going out into the sun except for sports.

I opened my eyes and looked at my mother through the tears welling up; making a clear view of her impossible but I could see the tears in her eyes. My mother who had stayed with me through everything I had gone through. She was the best thing in my life, I couldn't lose her. I was her baby. I was the reason she existed. She was my beautiful Indian princess whom I would give my life to protect.

My gaze wondered over to my father, who, if times had been better, would have amused me in his speechlessness. His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for water. More tears blocked my view when I thought of all the things he had taught me. I thought about him teaching me baseball and football. I thought of all the times we spent playing one on one at the basketball court. I shook my head slightly, thinking of all the talks we had coming home from tournaments. I always thought the talks were only about sports but thinking back on them now, I could see how they shaped me as a person. I learned to live as a good, decent human being from that man. I was who I was because of him.

I started to cry in earnest when I dropped the glamours that covered my wings, tail, scales, and horns. I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see the horror and disgust on their faces when they realized what had been living in their house for the past seventeen, almost eighteen, years.

I could picture what I looked like, all scales and weird appendages. My wings flexed to stretch from being confined and not moved for a few hours. My tail was wrapped tightly around my leg, just as scared as me to be seen. I knew in the low light from the few lamps and the light reflecting off the dark colored walls that my scales were sparkling brightly. They always seemed to sparkle brighter in dark light like they were begging to be seen and admired. I curled my hands, hiding my claws and hoped my hair covered my ears and horns, though I knew they didn't. The points of my ears stuck out more than Elias' and at least two inches could be seen even if my hair was disheveled from sleep. My horns had grown to around three inches and swirled like a unicorns but thankfully weren't brightly colored. They were mostly brown with hints of purple and green and stood out like peacock feathers in certain light.

I didn't open my eyes, not wanting to look at them and not wanting them to see the changes there. My eyes were always the one thing that set me apart from them and now they were so much different. They were a darker color blue, almost black that sparkled blue. The pupils were slit like a lizards, the bright blue of my eyes before finding out I was a dragon standing out along the edges. I stood there tense and in despair until I heard a chuckle from my father, "Good one son. You almost had me going for a moment but we really need to talk about what's going on. That wasn't a very nice thing to do to your mother."

I opened my eyes in shock, staring at his smirking face and my mother's tentative smile. They thought I was joking. I didn't know how this could be thought of as a joke since all of my new looks were indeed real. Nothing existed that could even look like it was real while standing still, but every part of me was moving. I looked at my mother had shook my head and her smile dimmed a little. My father just rolled his eyes. He never had been very fanciful in his life, always telling me elves and dragons were make-believe.

"Dad, this isn't a joke. This is a serious thing and the reason why I can't come home. I can't hide this from people and I have to. Normal people can't know about this," my wings fluttered in anxiety, causing a slight wind to raise and almost knock over a lamp.

"Know about what? That you are a very accomplished special effects builder? I've watched shows about this stuff; I've seen the advancements in that area. I would think you would want to show off your skills. That was very good acting; the setup was masterfully done and you even got your friends and teacher in on it. I think you may have a future as an actor."

I couldn't stop the tear that fell down my cheek that he wasn't taking me seriously. I was the kid who never joked or pulled pranks, how could he think that I had changed like that? My mother was looking back and forth between us, confused on who to believe. It was easy to tell where my imagination came from. I looked back at Elias and Jacque for help then glared at both of them. Elias was on the verge of bursting out laughing and Jacque was wide eyed in shock, looking as lost as I felt.

"You will have to show them more, Lucien," the voice of reason drew my attention to Relion, who looked back at me with sorrow. I knew he could tell how much this was hurting me.

"I can't. I haven't been able to completely change," I whined quietly. Jacque had been trying to teach me how to change but hadn't been able. I could get more of my scales to appear but that was it.

"You must," he said solemnly.

I took a deep breath and turned back to my parents. My father had quieted but still looked angrily amused, like I was playing a really distasteful joke. I almost wish I were. I took a deep breath and tried to clear my mind of all thought, like I was taught. I couldn't find my center. Jacque stood and stepped in front of me, "Look at me and nothing else. Clear your mind. Reach deep within and feel your true self. Look at my eyes, see that which you were born as, who you were meant to be."

I looked into his, the eyes of a predator and the ruler of nature. I saw the medieval eyes that created legend and made humans fear the darkest wild places. His eyes burned with the knowledge that he could kill or love anything that he wanted. I saw in his eyes the man I wanted to be.

I felt my magic react to the base fear of wanting to protect myself. The hunger and heat I felt coming from him called to the baser feeling deep in my gut, the feelings I got when I knew something was wrong. My feelings were demanding I react to the treat in front of me and it sickened me more than hearing about Alec. I never wanted to feel that way about a person I cared about but the animal in me was demanding to protect it's territory.

It happened quickly, when it came over me. Heat spread from my stomach to encompass all that was my person. I felt like I was burning from the inside out. I was stretching and breaking and I wanted to scream with the agony of it. My eyes never left Jacque's and to my horror and disgust, he was getting taller. I drew my lips back in a snarl until I felt another hand on my person. My head snapped around to stare into Elias' eyes, which were full of pride. It was at that point I realized my head only came up to his lap, sitting down. The pain receded into nothingness in my shock as it became aware to me that I was on all fours on the floor. I looked down and stared at the claws feet beneath me.

I didn't feel different on the inside. I still felt like myself, insomuch that I was still me and not some animal that was going to attack everything that moved. I looked back and swished my tail back and forth then flapped my wings, lifting myself from the floor a few inches. It was so much easier to get off the ground like this.

I turned quickly to the side when I heard a loud gasp. Everything was so loud that it took me a moment to conclude that it came from my mother. Her heart beat was thrumming in my ears and I was happy to note that it didn't make me in anyway hunger or the like. I looked around Jacque's legs, who quickly got out of the way, and looked up at my mother. I was too overjoyed at finally achieving my true form that her shocked, hurt eyes didn't affect me for a minute or two. Then the feelings of shame and hurt rolled through my brain and shocked me like I had stuck my tail into a light socket. I flinched in fear as the hurt turned into fear. I didn't want her to fear me in any way since I would never hurt her. That look alone made me fear to look at my father. I starting shaking with my fear and closed my eyes with a pitiful whine. I felt hands around me and was scared breathless for a moment until I was surrounded by Elias' scent. I opened my eyes and found that I was curled in his lap, cradled against his chest. His hands ran over my scales, making my claws relaxes from where they had dug into his skin, drawing blood. Jacque joined in the petting and I soon calmed down enough so that I wasn't shaking anymore but I still was too frightened to look at my parents.

Relion cleared his throat, drawing all attention away from me, even though I could feel their eyes moving back and forth between us as he talked, "As you can well see, Lucien is not a human boy. He is a young dragon who needs the attention and guidance of those of us who know what he is going through. If you were his real parents, I would have no problem with him staying and learning from you but as neither of you are dragons, you can see why I think it imperative he stay with us."

I finally got up the courage to look at them and watched them both nod in dumbfounded shock. I shivered and Elias pulled me closer, protecting me from the world and at the moment I just wanted to curl up in his arms and let him. Relion gave a small smile as I looked back at him and continued talking, "He will need all the love and support he can get. The reason we were hesitant in telling you about this is because most young dragons that grow up with human parents are no longer welcomed in their houses after telling the human parents. I do not think that will be a problem with you because you love your son very much and can see that he needs you. Look at how upset he is that this is hurting you both."

I turned to my mother again and her eyes filled with tears. I couldn't tell if it was in fear or reaction to the fear that was swirling in mine. I looked at my father for the first time and flinched at the shock and confusion I saw there. He was looking at me like he didn't even know me. His voice came out strained and broken, "What have you done to my son?"

"That little dragon is the same little boy that you helped raise into a wonderful young man. Every experience you had with him shaped him into who he is today and you should be very proud of that man. He was born a dragon but was taught to be a man by you. You are his parents in every way that matters in that you created the person he is. Being a dragon doesn't mean anything in this case."

My mother's eyes never left mine and she saw that I looked like I wanted to cry. Her whimper of pain at my pain made me wish I could cry at the moment, "How?" she whispered.

Relion sighed, "I am not sure of the circumstances that put him in your care. Something must have happened to his real parents and they placed him in your care."

"And our real son?" my father asked.

Relion shook his head, "I'm sorry but I do not know. They could have killed the poor boy or the boy was dead when the switch was made. I do not know the hows or whys of what happened. Hospitals are not the hardest place to get into and if they were trained they could have walked past a room full of people without being seen."

My mother started to cry, "Honey, they took him without letting us see him when he was born remember? Something was wrong and they had to do an emergency surgery. When they brought him back they said it was a miracle that he was alive. We didn't think anything of it because we were so relieved he was alive. I remember wondering why he didn't have a scar on him when we brought him home."

My father nodded along with her as she spoke, "I thought that was weird too. I didn't think too much about because you were both healthy and happy."

Relion gave a tight smile, "Then I am sure it is safe to assume that your son died in surgery and they made the switch when no one was looking and the doctors just thought it was a miracle that he lived."

I watched in horror as my mother stood up and walked to where we were sitting. I buried my head in Elias' chest, thinking that she was going to hit me or throw something at me because I was the reason she didn't have her real son. I was shocked when I felt Elias pulling me from his chest and toward my mother. I looked quickly and found her kneeling in front of Elias and I and had to do a double take when she reached out and touched me. She quickly pulled her hand back and I jumped away from her. She shouldn't have been touching me since I felt that it was my fault that all was wrong in her world. I watch in rising horror as she took a deep breath and learned forward and took me from my safe place. She gently placed me in her lap and stroke over my scales. She gave me a watery smile and spoke, "It doesn't matter if you are my blood or not. It doesn't matter if you are even my species, you are my child. I raised you like you were. It isn't your fault that your brother couldn't join you in the world. He was meant for something more and God gave us you to make up for taking him away from us. You are mine in all that counts and I will love you know matter what is going on. You could do nothing to change that. I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me."

If I could have smiled it would have been the happiest smile the world had even seen but I couldn't so I did the next best thing and licked her cheek. It surprised her enough to bring a startled laugh from her. Her eyes light up in happiness and she snuggled me against her breast. I nuzzled her trying to project all the love had for her since I couldn't show or tell her. It hit me then that I didn't know if I could tell her and I opened my mouth to try just that when another pair of arms wrapped around me. I jumped then thought that it was Jacque or Elias but when I turned to look at them I saw that they were both still sitting. I looked over my mother's shoulder and saw that it was my father wrapped around us.

He had tears in his eyes too but his small smile was enough to send my hearth to beating against my ribs, "I don't have a clue as to what's going on or if I'm ok with it but I will stand by my vows and support your mother in all things. If she is ok with what is going on, then I am as well. Even if she is wrong, I have to protect her and I have to stand by the fact that I raised you to be a decent person."

I was so happy that I let the insult insinuated in his statement go and tried to wrap my tail around his wrist. I stopped when he flinched away from it but didn't pull completely away. I saw then that it would take time for him to be able to touch me like this. I nuzzled my mother instead and licked her cheek, letting her touch me all she wanted. She cooed over me for about five minutes before I couldn't take anymore. I rolled my eyes, which made her laugh, and crawled from her lap. I walked far enough away that when I changed back I would hit anything or be stepping on anyone.

I concentrate and cleared my mind of all things, which was easy since the relief I was feeling made everything small in comparison. So it was as much a surprise to me as everyone else when I didn't change back and just stood there like an idiot for two minutes. I opened my eyes with a hiss and looked at Jacque, "Why aren't I changing back?"

I jumped along with my parents when the only thing I heard was growls and squeaks. I sounded like an angry baby alligator which almost made me smile, I watched way too much T.V. Elias burst into laughter, holding his stomach and trying to fall off the couch to roll on the floor. Jacque snort with amusement but held back his laughter to talk, "He is speaking Dragon. Northern dialect if I remember correctly. He must have heard his parents talking when he was a child and only remembered now because of the complete transformation. He is angry that he cannot change back. This is the first time he was able to completely change. We still have a lot to work on, as you can see. It is hard for a young one to switch back and forth. It takes a lot of effort and magic and sometimes young ones do not have the magic to do both in a day. This is way he needs to live with us. If he is to continue learning how to control this and other things, he needs to be in a place where it is safe that he get stuck like this. If he continues living with us, there are others who can protect him and assist him and he doesn't have to worry about being seen since I live so far from town and those who come around are part of the magical community."

I crawled onto the couch and nipped at Elias, who was still laughing but the nipping only made him laugh harder. I huffed and was surprise when smoke can out of my nose. My whole body lit up with happiness and I turned to Elias who wasn't paying me any attention. I took a deep breath then breathed out a small stream of fire. It wasn't very hot or lasted very long but it was enough to shut him up. I was about to crow with victory until I was smacked on the nose sharply. I turned and stared at my mother in shock, "Not in my house, young man."

This got everyone laughing, even my father, "Yeah, nothing is going to change. Sorry son, even if you are a dragon, she is still you mother and if you think about using this new thing to hurt her, I will find a way to make you wish you didn't."

I nodded, frightened because I knew my father and he wasn't kidding. My mother glared at him over her shoulder, "You are teaching him how to control this? He'll also learn actual school related things too? I want him to go to collegeā€¦ will he be able to go to college?"

I glared at her but Relion gave a soft laugh, "There are magical schools he could go to if he is still having problems where he would be accepted. If he learns quickly he could go to human school if he wants. Everything can go back to normal if he wants after he learns to control this side of himself. If he should choose to not live as a dragon, he could do so but he would have to live with the knowledge that he could accidentally turn in front of someone who wouldn't take it well. He will just have to work twice as hard if that is what he wishes. I will give him everything he needs to make it in the world."

"I don't how he is going to get anything done with those two around. I remember being seventeen. I was engaged and married at seventeen. I wasn't living with her either. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if we were living together," my father said while crossing his arms over his chest.

I rolled my eyes and Jacque sat forward, "It is normal for a teenager to 'ave to deal with zese zings. 'E will 'ave to learn 'ow to balance 'is school work with 'is social life. Elias and I will not take away from 'is school work. We are not children and we both know 'ow important an education is. In zee nine 'undred years I 'ave been doing zis, I 'ave made sure zee kids I 'ave 'ad were zee best educated I could get zem. Elias is over a 'undred years old and 'as seen many bad zings. 'E knows what 'appens to zose who are uneducated."

Both of my parents stared at him in shock. I didn't smile, it wasn't possible, but I did laugh. It came out in a weird growl and made my whole body vibrate. Elias looked down at me then looked to see my parents and started quietly laughing too. My father's arms dropped to his side and I wanted to roll on the floor. I hadn't been able to make him speechless in my entire life and here Jacque had them speechless in just a few sentences. I wanted to die in amusement.

My mother's eyes were wide in confusion, "You're nine hundred years old?"

Jacque laughed, a very pretty sound that shivers through my body, "I am much older zan zat ma'am. Dragons live for a very long time. I know many zat lived zrough zee Dark Ages and are still walking amongst zee humans. Many myths about dragons are based on zee facts of zee time. Zere were times where dragons lived openly with humans."

It was quiet for a long while as my parents thought about what he had said. My father got up to pace behind the couch and my mother sat back against the couch. My two sat there quietly running their hands over me and I was almost asleep until my mother stared talking.

She stood up and went to my father, taking his hands in hers, "I know that are against Lucien living with them but he needs to be somewhere he isn't afraid to live. He needs to be somewhere safe. We cannot protect him from those who might hurt him. Maybe if he just stays the night here and stays with them during the day and on weekends, we can make this work. They aren't children and Relion will be there, right Relion?"

Relion nodded, "Yes, I am living in the house with them. Nothing gets by me in that house."

I was shaking my head the whole time she was talking, "It's an hour drive and gas is way too high for us to do that. Plus one of them would have to come get me since I don't have a car."

She looked from me to Jacque so he could translate. Jacque shook his head and quickly told her what I said then answered my complaint, "It is fine Lucien. I have zee money to go back and forth. Plus I don't need a lot of sleep, no dragon does. If your parents aren't 'appy with you staying with us, zen it would be better zat you stay 'ere."

Elias took my chin and made me look at him, "You are underage and if vee take you vithout their permission, that is kidnapping. You vill have to stay here."

My mother came over and took me from him and walked away, "He is hot, honey. Now I'm really not comfortable with you staying with two gorgeous guys."

I closed my eyes with a groan when Elias chuckled under his breath. My mother had whispered but I knew the bastard could hear her with his damn elf ears. "Mother, he can hear you!"

"Oh," she said with wide eyes and blushed slightly. My father shook his head and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. He glared over her should at the two on the couch, "I'm sorry but he will be staying here. You can come to us to teach him. I won't have him staying. That is my final answer Lucien so don't complain."

I glared at him while I closed my mouth. What was I supposed to do? I could I get him to change his mind. My mother was ok with it, why wasn't he? Why couldn't he see that it wasn't safe for me here? How was he suppose to help me if I was seen and then taken away by someone from some government or something? There would be nothing he could do and he just didn't realize it. I turned from my glaring to Jacque when I heard him sigh.

He smiled brightly at my parents, which kind of through me off. His smile seemed slightly off like it did the first time I met him. I tilted my head to the side, trying to figure out what was going on. Where he was sitting seemed to brighten even though there wasn't a window near him. His blonde hair looked like it started to sparkle in the new light, to high and low lights standing out to make a beautiful picture. His eyes sparkled with happiness and his smile would have dropped me to the floor if I were standing. Since I wasn't, my mind went blank instead and it felt like my mother's arms went slack around me so I knew that it did the same to them. Elias came over and quickly took me from her, and snuggled me closers to his chest, and whispered, "Do not look, my little one. Vee vill be going 'ome in minute. Just let Jacque do this, then vee vill leave."

I tried to look back at Jacque but Elias kept me firmly to his chest so I couldn't look. Even without looking, Jacque's voice caressed shivers from my body in it's tone. It wasn't sexy or even pretty but the power behind it just called to me, "Mr. and Mrs. Allen, Lucien is coming 'ome with us. Zis is nonnegotiable. You both are completely comfortable with zis idea and will give 'im your blessing. You will tell 'im you are 'appy zat 'e is dating Elias and myself. 'E will come and stay one night a week with me and Elias at your 'ome. You may come and visit anytime zat you wish but you must call first. Are we in agreement?"

I watched with wide-eyed amazement as my parents nodded, eyes blank and jaws slack. Elias stood up with me in his arms, "Say goodbye to your parents Luc."

"What did you do to them Jacque?" I growled out. My claws dug into Elias' arm and he winced. I drew blood again but I pushed that thought to the side. He was part of what Jacque did to my parents so he was partially responsible for it.

"I charmed zem. We need you to stay with us. I did it before and I'll do it again if you get to stay with us," he said, getting up and leading Relion and us to the front door. I looked back at my parents who were still standing there like idiots. I tried to get out of Elias' arms but he held onto me tightly.

"You've charmed them before? You used magic on my parents?" I asked in outrage.

"You zink zey just let you move in with someone you just met? What do you zink I was doing zee whole time you were asleep zat day?"

"I can't believe you! They are my parents!"

"I couldn't leave you in zeir care when you needed our 'elp. I didn't 'urt zem or do any permanent damage to zem. Zis just makes it easier for us to stay together."

I shook my head and closed my eyes. I couldn't believe that Jacque did that. I slumped in Elias' arms, the fight and anger in me just became too much for me to handle so I did what I always did, I let it go. What could I do? I didn't know how to un-charm them and I was fighting against something that I wanted. "Take me home. We'll talk about this later. We should leave before my parents come to."

Relion nodded and preceded Jacque out of the house with Elias following with me in his arms, "'E is only trying to protect you. 'E vants you safe and 'appy. You can only be those things vith us. Vee are the only ones who can teach you vat you need to know or vat to do ven you are 'urt. Just think about that, please?"

I sighed, smoke coming out from my nose again, but I was too lost in my thoughts to notice that or Elias' laugh. Maybe Elias was right and Jacque was only doing what was right for me. I needed to stay with everyone at the house and my parents would have never let me stay with people they didn't really know.

When we got into the car I crawled into Jacque's lap and nuzzled his cheek with mine. His look of confusion was cute. "Look, I'm not ok with what you did to my parents but I understand why you did it. I wouldn't want to be away from you either. I would miss you and Elias too much. I would probably sneak away at night to be with you guys, anyway. Just try not to do it again. I don't want anything to happen to them. What would happen if you charmed them and then something happened and they didn't know what to do? I couldn't deal with it if you caused my parents death."

Jacque smiled, "I would never do something to put your family in danger."

"I hope so. I really like you, Jacque. I want to do more than like you. You and Elias both," I smiled at Elias over my shoulder, sure that he heard me, "I want both of you in my life. Don't do anything that would make me push you out of it. My family is the most important thing in my life. Even if they aren't mine by blood, they have always been there for me. As much as I trust both of you, all of you really, I haven't known you long enough for you to take their place in my heart."

Elias snorted, "Vee don't vant their place, love. Vee vant our own place. Love should never involve sacrificing your family and vee vould never ask you to do that."

I did the next best thing to smiling and crawled into his lap to lick his cheek. "Thanks Elias. That means a lot to me. Now, get us home so you guys can get me out of this form and I can thank both of you properly."

"Lucien, I must remind you that I am in the car," Relion said from the back when I started to nuzzle Elias' stomach. I looked up and my eyes widened because I had completely forgotten he was in the car. Jacque chuckled and pulled me over to him and put my head out the window so I could 'cool off.'

I closed my eyes and just let the wind flow over my scales. It felt really good and helped me calm myself down. Being a dragon sucked because I was so easily turned on. Even being angry turned me on. I shook my head trying to figure out how I was going to deal with my hormones. I couldn't be turned on every time I was around those two. I looked back at them, watching them talk for a minute or two. I felt myself get turned on again watching them interact so easily together.

I smirked internally with the wicked thoughts that started flying through my mind. I figured the best way to get this out of my system and make it easier to deal with was to sleep with them. I was going to seduce them, tonight, and I was going to have them both in my bed, whether they liked it or not. I was not going to let their being scared of liking each other hinder my plan. Even if that meant tying Jacque to my bed and letting Elias jump the both of us. I was losing my male virginity tonight and I was going to love every minute of it. I turned and licked Jacque on the cheek and felt like I was glowing when he kissed my nose in return. My tail found it's way into Elias' lap and rubbed against him, making him close his eyes for a second. It was going to be so easy to get what I wanted.

A/N: Babysitting sucks and I am so glad I don't have children. I have learned that trying to write with little kids running around is impossible. Sorry it took so long. Had to rewrite half the stuff I wrote b/c it looked like a bad high school English paper. Hope it isn't now but let me know what you think.