Author's Note- Hehe! This one is just cute :) Alrighty! so this story is based off of me and some of my friends. The names are weird I know, but that's only because these are nicknames we give each other. We're pretty creative aren't we :P Okay yeah I think that's all the explanations. I'm not gonna keep you waiting anymore, so onward to the story! :D Hope you guys like it!

Maydo's Mom POV

"Mommy! Where we going?" she asked me. She's been asking me this all morning.

"It's your first day in kindergarten Maydo. Don't you remember?" I asked sweetly.

"Oh yeah!" she answered in a chirpy tone. Maydo was all dressed and cleaned up nicely for her first day of ponytail was bobbing up and down as she ran to the car. "Wait Maydo! Don't go running away now." I called.

"Okay Mommy!" She stood patiently by the car, kicking the ground and admiring the ants, waiting for me to unlock the doors.

After I locked up the house, I rushed to the car. With a push of a button, the car unlocked. Maydo was still fascinated by the ants.

"Come on Maydo." I called. She turned to look at me. "It's an ant Mommy!" she said happily.

I nodded. "It's a very nice ant Maydo. But I think you should put him back."

"Why?" she asked. I think she formed a new bond with the ant.

"Well that's his home sweetie. You don't want him to be homesick now do you?" She shook her head. She bent down to the ground and watched as the ant crawled out of the palm of her then hopped into the back seat of the car.

"Buckle up!" I told her. Even though she had her seat belt on, she was still bouncing around like a pogo stick.

"You ready for your first day of kindergarten Maydo?" I asked her.

"Yep!" :D

"Then let's go!"

"Bye Anty!" she called as we backed out of the driveway.

Rini's Mom POV

"Rini! Come on hun, we're going to be late!" I yelled upstairs. Rini came skipping downstairs a few minutes later.

"Late?" she repeated with a confused expression.

"Yes dear late. For your first day of kindergarten!" I explained.

Rini's eyes widened a bit and she tilted her head to the side a bit. "What's wrong, Rini?"

"You said kin-dia-garten was on Monday..." she said.

"It is Monday." Her eyes changed into disbelief and her head wasn't tilted anymore.

"For real? I thought it was Sunday!" she exclaimed. I laughed. "Rini, we went to church yesterday, so today's Monday."

She seemed to get my logic there. Her eyes calmed a bit too.

"Huh...really?" she asked again. "Yes really."

"Oh...okay then." She shrugged and stumbled upstairs again.

A few minutes later, she came downstairs again all dressed up and dragging her blanket.

I bent down to her level when she made it to the bottom.

"Rini, don't you want to leave Bo behind? He'll get all dirty." I pointed out.

"No Mommy! Bo wants to go to kin-dia-garten too!" she said, hugging the blanket tighter.

"But the other kids might be mean to Bo." I said, smoothing out her hair. She gasped.

"No!" she exclaimed. I nodded.

"Mhm yeah. They'll make fun of him." Her eyes were wide again with horror.

"Do you want to leave Bo behind now? You can take him in the car if you want." She hesitated to answer.

"You gonna take care of him right?" she asked.

"Oh course I will!"

"Hmm...Okay then." She took my hand and we walked out into the car. Rini was snuggled up with Bo in the back seat while I ran back to lock the front door. After that,I was in the driver's seat ready to go.

"You ready Rini?" I asked.

"Mhm...I think Bo's sad though Mommy." she said. I backed out of the driveway.

"It'll be okay Bo. Promise." I told the blanket. Rini reassured her blanket all the way to the school.

Lea's Mom's POV

"Lea! Come here!" I yelled. Lea stalked all the way into the kitchen. "What?" she snapped. Lea wasn't a morning person, but neither am I. -_-" I don't think she gets that she isn't the only one suffering.

"Go to your room." I commanded.

"We gotta get you ready for school." I explained.

"School?" she repeated less hostilely.
"Yeah. Now go to your room." I said again.

She didn't argue with me. She ran off to her room in a matter of seconds.

After the usual cup of coffee, I walked into Lea's room. She was lying on the bed waiting for me.I made my way to her closet. I dug through it, trying to find something that's good for her to wear for her first day.

"Here. You're gonna wear this today." I held up a dress to show her.

"I don't wanna wear that!" she hissed. "Well too bad! You're gonna!" I snapped back. This is a daily routine here in this household.

"No! You can't make me!" She stuck her tongue out and zipped right out of the room.

"Lea! You better get back here!" I dashed to the door. I saw her run towards the living room.

"Lea!" I chased her all around the house, through the kitchen and even partially outside in the backyard. She was weaving in and out of the play set outside. I finally got tired of chasing her. I stopped for a minute and just cut through everything.

I finally caught her in my arms. "Gotcha!" She was kicking and screaming all the way back into the house.

"I don't wanna wear a dress!" she whined. I had to carry a screaming Lea back into her room.

"Alright fine. No dress for Lea." I gave up on forcing her. I picked out a pair of jeans and a random t-shirt for her. She gladly accepted the change in wardrobe.

After giving Lea her clothes, I looked through the box of hair accessories on a high shelf. I took a bow out, but then had second thoughts about giving it to her. After that morning chase, I don't think I should force anything else on her for today.

I was about to put the box up when I Lea objected.

"Bow!" she yelled. I blinked a few times,a bit confused. She was reaching out for something. Then I realized that the bow was still in my hand.

"This?" I held up the bow. She nodded enthusiastically.I walked forward and handed it to her. She happily put it in her hair. No whining, no complaining, and no running way.

"Yay bow!" Well that was a dramatic change in mood.

She dashed out of the room after she was satisfied with her bow. I followed her out. She was standing next to the front door.I grabbed the keys and headed out. Lea was in the car before I had the chance to lock up.

"Come one Mom!" she yelled. I hurried and got into the driver's seat. And with that it was off to kindergarten.

Evey's Mom's POV

"Mommy!" I heard my daughter yell. I put the finishing touches on breakfast and headed to her room to see what was the matter.

"Yes?" Evey whipped around. "Mommy! I can't find anything to wear!" she exclaimed. Now Evey was a animated girl. She was always excited and overreacted over a lot of things, especially the little ones. (A/n in other words, kind of spazzy :P)

"You have lots of clothes Evey." I told her.
"But they aren't right!" She did another spazzy move.

"Hmm...Why don't we put up a nice unique outfit for you? Hm?" She seemed a bit calmer.

"What's unique?" she asked.

"It means special. Something that no one else has ever thought of." I whispered that last part for effect. Her eyes sparkled the way they do when she gets excited.

"That sound awesome Mommy!" she chirped. I smiled at her reaction.

"Then let's get started!" We went through her closet together, picking out articles of clothes that could possibly be "unique" seemed to enjoy it a lot.

After sometime, Evey finally felt satisfied with her outfit.

"I like it Mommy." she said with a huge grin on her face.
"You look very cute Evey." I complimented.

While Evey modeled in the center of the room, my eyes took a glance at the clock. Shoot!

"Evey! Come on and go eat your breakfast. You're gonna be late for school at this rate."

"Oh no!" She rushed downstairs without another word.

After the hurried breakfast, Evey hopped off her chair and headed for the back door. "Hurry Mommy!"

I took one last sip of juice and grabbed the keys off the kitchen counter. Evey can't be late for her first day of kindergarten! That would be horrible.

Evey jumped up and pushed the garage button. The roar of it sounded as the door lifted got in the backseat, still admiring her clothes.

"Let's go!"

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