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Chapter 5

3rd Person POV

Recess wrapped up and the little munchkins were scrambling to go back inside.

Maydo and Rini's early friendship had bloomed well while Evey and Lea's had er…Had an awkward "opposite attract" affect.

After everyone was gathered into Ms. Haynie's classroom, she had them sit in a circle. It was a tradition to play the Name Game. Basically, you just go around the circle and ask the child what their name is. Then the next person has to say their name and the name of the person before them and so on. The person could add a few things about themselves if they wanted to, but it was optional.

The game started with Ms. Haynie. She told her class her name, some things about her pets and even her husband. They all listened carefully and hung onto every word.

After Ms. Haynie, it was Ricky's turn, the boy that pushed Rini off the swing. He said his name out loud and said that he liked sports and that he had a dog at home. After he introduced himself, he repeated Ms. Haynie's name.

A few students after, it was Maydo's turn. She introduced herself and added that she had a bunny a home. "It wiggles its nose." she giggled. After tagging on a few more things about herself, the little Asian student wrapped it up by repeating her name and the names of the people before her.

Rini waited as her turn approached. She was glad she decided to sit next to Maydo. Remembering names was such a pain to her. Just for the game though, she only had to remember three of them. There aren't any promises she'll remember the other people's names though...

Rini quickly announced her name and added that she had a dog named Roni at home. "She likes toes...Yeah it's weird." The class snickered at the fact. Tugging at her blue blanket, Rini was contemplating whether she should talk about her blanket or not. After a short pause, Rini decided a nice warning would do.

"And this is Bo. He doesn't like people touching him, so don't try." she warned, an unintentional threat coming. Small heads nodding in reply. "Okay~" the class agreed. Rini smiled at the success of her warning.

As the game progressed, the sign of confusion was starting to show. A small child's mind could only remember so much. Halfway through the circle, many students were forgetting the first few names, except Ms. Haynie's.

Evey silently watched as the game continued. Many students were fumbling with the names. She herself was struggling to remember the names. Only a handful of names stuck out to her. The others were drowned out. However, the class was pretty nice about you forgetting their names. There was always a round of giggles, and that person simply just repeated their names. Then the game just moved on. Simple as that!

Evey's turn was finally here. Introducing herself, Evey included that she could skateboard. Many of the boys exchanged glances. "I fall a lot, but I'm getting better~!" she said. After the effortless job of introducing herself, the task of remembering all of the other's names came.

She started off smoothly, remembering the first four people's names perfectly. As she went down the line, the job started getting difficult. Luckily, she managed to go down the line with minor embarrassment. She grinned to herself as the game went on.

Lea's turn was next. She was messing with her bow as she waited for Evey to finish listing the names. Lea's introduction was pretty short and to the point. "I have a dog at home. His name's Buster. I have a kitty at home to! She's a ninja cat." she proudly announced. A soft hum on "oooh" rang out in the room. "Yeah. It's pretty awesome."

The dreadful task of listing names was ahead. Luckily, Lea's memory was pretty good. She smoothly called out the names of her fellow classmates and teacher. ", Ricky, Tommy, Katie, Maydo, Rini, Sammy, Alex..." She went down the line until she repeated Evey's name. With a slightly smug grin on her face, Lea sat back and watched as the next few people went on to their turn. "Nice job, Lea!" Ms. Haynie praised.

The game wrapped up, and it was time for lunch. Ms. Haynie got up and encouraged her students to stretch since they've been sitting on the floor for a while. As tiny bodies stretched out their muscles, walked over to her desk to get her lunch.

Things have been going well so far. I wonder how lunch will go~

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