Inspired by what I really thought was true

Her head is leaning against the cool glass of the window as the car drives through the night. She's thinking about going to sleep, because there isn't much else to do on this boring car trip. Plus, she's still young, and the the combination of the dark sky and the moving car make her kinda tired. The city lights are bright all around her, which is fine with her, because she's still kinda afraid of the dark. She'll be scared of the dark for a while still.

She closes her eyes, but opens them again a moment later. Something beautiful catches her eye, and she looks at it with eyes wide in wonder.


She sees them in the window, hovering above her head, bobbing up and down with the movement of the car. They don't have a distinct shape, they're just small little glowing lights, like lanterns in the distance. They are orange and white, and some are blue and red. No matter how far the car goes, the fairies follow, bobbing along with her.

She wonders: Why are they here? Have they come to take her away to their fairy kingdom? Will they make her their princess?

The thought makes her heart glow, and her hand touches the cold glass hopefully, trying to reach the fairies.

Are they going to take her away from here?

"Mommy, look." she says, and her mother replies. "I can't hunny, I'm driving."

"Mommy there are fairies outside!"

"Fairies?" her mother repeats, and she glances briefly out the window. "I don't see any fairies."

"They're right there!" she points. "They're orange and white, and red and blue!"

Her mother looks again, and smiles gently as she realizes what her daughter means. "No hunny, those arn't fairies. They're the reflections of the lights outside."

The girl turns and looks out the window behind her. Sure enough, the lights are the same shades of white, orange, red and blue. But that doesn't mean that they are the fairies. No, she decides. Her mother is wrong, and these arn't just reflections of the lights. They are fairies. They've come to take her with them, to a place with light and magic.

"No." she tells her mother. "They're fairies. They've come to make me their princess."

Her mother shrugs, no use in trying to prove her wrong. She'll learn when she's older. For now, just let her believe in what she wants. Let her believe that the reflections are fairies. Let her believe that she will be their princess.

The little girl waits, watching the fairies bob beside the car, except its more like a gracefull dance. Why haven't they taken her yet? What are they waiting for? She's ready to go, right now. She doesn't need to pack any things, she'll get new things when she's a princess.

"Come on faires." she whispers. "I'm ready."

But she's still in the car. But she decides not to rush the fairies. They are very small after all, it will take some time before they are able to conjure up the amount of majic it takes to transport her to a different world. So she'll wait. She'll wait until the day the fairies bring her with them to their kingdom, and make them her princess.

She sees them for a very long time afterward, always at night. They are still beside the car, glowing softly, dancing along beside her. And she's still waiting. Waiting for the day the fairies take her away.

And make her a princess.

While this particular instance did not happen too me, I really did used to believe that those reflections were fairies that were going to take me away. After I realized that they were just light reflections I forgot about them, until just the other night when I leaned my head on the window and saw them there. I decided to write this short story in their memory.