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My arse was hurting to high heaven.

That was the first vague notion I had that something was different from the way I usually awoke.

Sitting up, the second was when a strong arm pulled me back down. My body fell in line with another, the feel of a hard morning tumescence pressing snugly a third notion, likely explaining the first.

"Where are you going?" a sleepy voice asked, the encompassing arm holding me tight against...Eden?

My eyes widening.

'What the fuck happened?'

Brow furrowing, I delved into my hazy memory.

It was a party. Okay not a party since it was just two people, but by any account we had partied. A goodbye binge.

I was going away. It didn't really matter where. It hadn't mattered when I bought the ticket. It was good just to leave. Leave behind the family that didn't love me, the friends that had never stood bye me. Only one remained. My closest friend.

The footballer.

How the fuck that ever happened is beyond me. One of us a sportsman, the other a geek. An epic geek it should be noted.

How he wound up in my bed is more confusing, although I think perhaps my secret infatuation with him had more to do with it than alcohol. A contributing factor. I use that phrase a lot at work, but that is neither here nor there.

What is here is my hazy recollection of the evening. Him showing up at my door to wish me goodbye. The first time I felt regret about going somewhere. Drinking, something I can count the instances on with one hand. Drinking some more. Laughing at some dumb TV antics which is not really that funny in the light of day. Some gay joke on TV.

Him pulling me towards him, kissing me.

Me responding.

My clothes being pulled off.

A piece of meat I have often envisioned.

My mouth struggling to accommodate it.

My arse being stretched wider than any toy in that shoebox under my bed ever had.

Proclamations of divinity.

Mind-numbing pleasure.

A tender aftermath.

Him telling me he loved me from the moment he laid eyes on me.

Curling up together.

A content smile as we sleep.

'Where are you going?' I think replaying the question in my mind.

Better say something.



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