The blade

Claws at my skin.

It tears

At my flesh.

It longs

To bite,

To rip open my veins,

To bleed it all away.

The flame

Licks at my fingertips.

It dances

On my hand.

It aches

To destroy,

To melt my skin,

To skip all over my body.

The glass

Shatters on my arm.

It stabs

Through my wrist.

It yearns

To kill,

To end me,

To finish my life.

The eraser

Stings, peeling off flesh.

It makes

Its way to bone.

It desires

To hurt,

To rub a path down, down,

To burn a hole, leaving its mark forever.

The needle

Tears a hole.

It stings,

The sharp pain delighting me.

It pushes

Through my skin,

Through my veins,

Into my heart.

The scalpel

Drives itself into my throat.

It wedges

Itself through old scars.

It craves

To slice me open,

To spill my guts,

To have me live no more.