Moon of Egypt,

I watched my brother's with amusement as I reclined on the couch. Caesarian and Alexander wrestled together whilst young Ptolemy watched, his eye's lit with excitment.

Sighing, I plucked a lily out of the garland's and twirled the stem around in my fingers. I had not heard from my mother or father since they ordered us to play in the court yard earlier this morning.

What if my father and his army were defeated by Octavian? What would become of us? What about Egypt? Surely the people wouldn't agree to let a rotten roman rule Egypt.

That thought alone made me nauseous.

"Everything is going to be fine, you need not worry." said a soothing voice. I looked up to see Caesarian looking down at me, a reasurring smile on his handsom features. His blonde hair was slightly ruffled up from wrestling and his blue eye's gleamed in the hot Alexandrian sun.

He was definitley the son of Julius Caesar, there was no mistaking that. I had seen the statues my mother had errected of her ex lover many times.

Caesarian plopped down on the couch beside me, taking my hand in his. I shook my head and felt a pang of annoyance.

"How can you be so serene about this? We may not live to see tomorrow!" I objected, my brown orbs meeting his.

For a moment, I saw a look of sadness cross his features but it disappeared with the fresh sea breeze. "It is all up to the God's now, Selene." he said gently. "But whatever happens, you must remain strong- no matter what. You are the future Queen of Egypt- the daughter of the Great Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius."

He was right. Whatever happened was what the god's had planned, I had to stay strong- for my family and Egypt. I buried my head in his shoulder and inhaled his familiar scent.

Caesarian was the closest friend I had in life; protecting me, comforting me and even challenging me.

We stayed like this for a few minutes, listening to the sound of Ptolemy's playful laughter and squeals...if only he knew what was happening.

Suddenly, a dark skinned woman burst into the court yard, flanked by two guards.

I pulled out of Caesarian's embrace and stood up, walking toward's the beautiful woman. I'd alway's been envious of her. Iras required no make up for the attention of men- she was a natural beauty.

"Iras, what is it?" I asked, concern coating my shakey voice.

Caesarian was beside me now, staring down at the woman who was only a few year's older then him.

Iras quickly gathered up Alexander and Ptolemy but stopped to glance at Caesarian.

"Your mother has ordered you to leave Alexandria. There is a ship in the harbour that is set to leave to India, you must leave the palace before Octavian finds you."

Caesarian's boyish features disappeared and his face became hard like stone, he nodded in understanding and turned to leave.

With out hesitation, I quickly reached for his arm. "No, you can't go now! What about us?" I cried hysterically.

Alexander's smile was gone and his face had paled. Ptolemy watched the scene unfold with his head tilted to the side, like a little kitten.

"Selene," he said quietly and shrugged his arm out of my feeble grip. Hurt surged through my body and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "Don't cry, my princess."

He pulled me into a tight embrace and buried his head in my dark ringlets. "I don't want you to go." I whispered into his ear.

"Your majesty, now would be the best time to leave." said a guard. Caesarian pulled away and cupped my chin in his huge hand, his eye's bored into mine.

"Remember what I told you. You have to be strong." he said and kissed me on my forehead.

I watched helplessly as he turned to leave with the guards. I felt my heart throb and tear's swell in my eye's. Once he was out of sight, Iras gripped Ptolemy's hand and looked down at Alexander and I.

"Come now, children, we must get you prepared." she said and gave me a look of warning.

"Where is our mother?" Alexander was the first to speak.

"In the mausoleum with Charmian..I'm afraid soemthing terrible has happened." she said, her dark eye's never daring to look at me.

"Then why haven't we fled Egypt yet?" Alexander asked.

Iras sighed and shook her head. "I tried to persuade her to leave with you children and your father." she said and abrubtly stoped speaking, as if she had said something wrong.

"Your mother is too proud to run away from her own country, not even Octavius could make her do that."


After our lugage was packed, Iras towed us to the mausoleum our mother occupied. There was no sound in the palace- the slave's were in hiding. The guard's cleared way when they spotted us.

The door's were opened from inside and we were greeted by Charmian's grim, leathery face. She looked at Iras questionly and earned a nod in return.

She stood to the side to let us through and quickly bolted the door shut.

"Father!" Alexander exclaimed in shock as he caught sight on my father's still form laying on a velvety couch.

A beautiful, golden dress was draped across his body, covering the wounds.

My eye's widened at the sight and I quickly chased after Alexander to my parents. My mother stood beside our father's side, clutching his hand in hers.

Everything is ruined, I thought to myself, Octavius had defeated our army.

"Is he...dead?" I asked, almost choking on the last word. My mother didn't bother looking at us, instead she nodded silenty and reached for a wet cloth- wipping off the dried blood from his chest.

I felt my whole world crash down on me. What chance did we stand against the Roman army now? Egypt would be conquered but savages and the people would lose the Egyptian tradition, like so many other countries that had had their power taken away from them just as easily by these...these barbarians!

"They refused to fight against them..." my mother was saying with no emotion in her voice. She was broken; her country had been taken away from her and she had lost her husband.

I placed a hand on her arm comfortingly and stared down at my father's gorgeous face. After all those years, he had managed to obtain his god like features.

"He thought I had beytrayed him- how stupid could you be, Antony?" she continued.

She was interrupted by the sound of fist's pounding against the door, causing Ptolemy to let out an ear piercing scream and begin to cry loudly.

My mother stiffened and her dark muddy green eye's widened. She bent down to my father's face and placed a chaste kiss on his lips before standing up, her golden braclet's jingled.

She wore a long, turquoise gown that complimented her caramel skin. Her raven black hair was in a tight braid and black kohl was smeared along the rims of her eyes- making her look as ferocious as Sekhmet.

Iras crouched down to Ptolemy and tried to relax him.

"Let them in." My mother commanded as she straightened her eagle diadem on her head.

I exchanged an uneasy glance with Alexander and tightened my hand around his. This is it, I thought as Charmian unbolted the doors.

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