Prolouge: Bitten

He was stalking them, or was is more like chasing? Either way AnnaBelle did not like it, for she was in grave danger. She knew by the look he gave her, like she was his prey. Not in a sexual way, but the way a lioness might look as a gazelle. And not only was she in danger, her twin sister was as well, the twin sister who she held sweatly hands with as they alked faster. That was what scared her the most. Her sister was the only person she would give her life for, and do it a ten times over and be blissfully happy about it. It was the first time she realised where she was standing with her identical sister faithfully at her side, in a blocked off alley way that had no exit other than the way she came, which, undoubtedly, the pale man was coming for her. AnnaBelle hoped childishly this was all a bad dream and she would just wake up like usual by her usual way her mother yelling at her and calling her foul names. But she knew in her heart this was no bad dream. She couldn't just wakeup and put this out of her mind. She saw him now he was ten feet from her and coming closer by the second. He was five feet away now. Now only three. Now only one foot away. She grasped her sisters hand tightly, almost painfully, trying to pull her sister behind her to protect IsaBelle with her body. She could not close her eyes. He smiled. He had . . . fangs. He took her in his cold hands so fast one moment she was standing and then she was in his arms and he was biting her neck. "Annie!" IsaBelle sceamed. Her sight blurred, it was like someone was covering her eyes with thin peices of cloth, and as they kept adding more layers, her vison became less clear. It was not just her sight, but her sense of touch, of smell, and her hearing become unclear, foggy, like she had an ear infection in both ears. It felt like her sences were powering down. Another person like the man came, only this time it was a woman, and scared him away from AnnaBelle by hissing at him with clear hatred. AnnaBelle could see with her blurred sight that he was aiming for IsaBelle now. "No! Isy!" screamed AnnaBelle, if anything mattered to her more than anything, it was IsaBelle. But it was too late, she could not save her sister, IsaBelle would fall to the confusing blankness too. Only if she once in a while left AnnaBelle's side. "Why me? Why my sister? Why us?" AnnaBelle thought. She was only seventeen, almost eighteen, living with abusive parents in a gloomy city that she wished to excape.
The woman took her in her arms like she weighed only five pounds after the man had fled. The woman yelled "Andy!" and a man with black-brown hair came and got IsaBelle from where she lay sceaming because of the blankness. "We are too late. We can't reverse it now. At least we can shelter them." "Isy. . . Isy. . ." Were the last words AnnaBelle said before she lost all hold on reality and became locked completly inside her mind. They took the twins back to a house in the Tennessee forest where no humans ventured. The woman and man put them in an office in their house.
For five days that felt like a century, AnnaBelle and IsaBelle were stuck in their minds, not being able to feel or see anything, they were alone in the blackness, not even senseing anything. As AnnaBelle became aware that she could hear and feel her limbs, she became surprised at how much she could hear and feel. Her conversion was finished and she was a vampire, eyes bright blue, skin paper white that felt no different than the room surrounding it.
Super strength, speed, and acute senses. Everything that could make hunting humans easy. Beautiful faces and bodies to attract them. Teeth sharper than razers by thousands. Some had extra gifts that made it even easier than it already was. Able to think at lightning speed, able to be completly silent when moving, able to deceive with no one even questioning, the amazing ability to lie without even a hint of untruthfullness in their voice.
AnnaBelle jumped to her feet first and looked at IsaBelle, laying next to where she had been standing. AnnaBelle gasped. She was too worried about her sister that she did not notice that IsaBelle's, or her own, skin was pale.
"Isy! Isy, please wake up!" AnnaBelle yelled, shaking her sister's shoulder, her British accent strong. IsaBelle opened her eyes slowly.
"Annie?" She said.
"Isy! Isy, you've awakened!"
"How long was I sleeping, sister?"
"I am not sure. I only woke a few minutes ago." Then IsaBelle seemed to really look at her sister for the first time.
"Your skin!" IsaBelle studdered out.
"Your eyes! Their blue! Our eyes are not blue! What happened to us?" AnnaBelle whispered after her, realising what the panic had driven from her mind.
They were surprised and frightened at the changes to their bodies. Their skin was so pale and their eyes were bright blue. Their voices were now more musical and smooth.
The woman that had saved then walked into the room. IsaBelle and AnnaBelle backed away, teeth bared, fangs forming. Then they stopped, they never bared their teeth or reacted to something so fiercly. They ran their tongues over their teeth, feeling the change in two of them. Their tongues encountered what caused the change, then their hands went up to their mouths, and felt the fangs. Their hands dropped and their eyes went wide, they turned to face each other, sucked in large breaths, and then screamed at the same time. In a calming voice the woman said, after they were done screaming,
"I am Carlie. This is my home. You are welcome to stay with my family or go your own way if you wish. And if you want the fangs to go away, you need to came down." IsaBelle spoke up first. They had to focus hard to understand Carlie's strange accent. She obviously wasn't from Great Britain.
"What happened to us? And why in the"-Carlie frowned disapprovingly at IsaBelle's next word-"would we have fangs? And please excuse my use of that word. I do not usually entertain improper language such as that, but you can see why I would use it in this situation."
"Both of you were bitten and my mate and I brought you back to our house with us."
"Bitten? What do you mean?"
"Bitten by a vampire and you two are now vampires." AnnaBelle spoke this time.
"Please tell me we are having some strange dream."
"You're not, sorry. We were too late to save you. The man had gotten away from us again. We do not know who he is. We have seen a woman with him. We only know her name is Arema. Quite a common name in some places. one of them being an Indian country back in the early eleventh centry, but we think she must have come from a later time, taking the name now, since uncommen names have grown to be more acceptable in recent years. I know I have seen their faces somewhere, on someone, I just do not know where."
"Who, exactly, are you, miss?" IsaBelle asked.
"My mate Andrew and I traced certain vampires and monitor what they do and try to stop them from changing people. I am Carlieen Allison Veanina. I have two daughters and two sons. My eldest daughter and son ran away to join the Keori and they abandoned our way of living, pleading allegance instead to the ruler of the islands, a young girl named Christelby. I found Rosie just before Minna and Civic, my eldest children, left and she found her mate Cyrus only a few years later. Rosie and Cyrus are in their room. Would you like to see them?"
"Okay. . . Only one question. Why would you and your friend adopt children together?" AnnaBelle said.
"Pardon me, I have neglected to tell you what mate means. The word mate means something different to me than it does to you, me being from England. A mate is like your spouse. Except for humans, they can get divorced while vampires do not. We can get divorced, we just do not. Because we are immortal, we do not change. We can still learn things, but our emotions are different. Like with. . . let's say a wooden board. You can cut a piece off and if you cut it wrong, you can't undo it. You can try to put it back, but it will never be exactly what it was when you started. You don't choose who you fall in love with, but he or she is always the perfect match. So if you love someone, you love them forever. You can change, but you can't change back. Once you see your perfect match, you can't live without them."
"Such as if I cut my hair now. It can change, it just can't change back?" IsaBelle asked.
"You can't cut your hair."
"And why not?" AnnaBelle asked, irritated, thinking Carlie was just trying to boss her around.
"It is as indestructable as the rest of you. There are scissors in the top drawer of that desk."
She pointed to a desk about ten feet from AnnaBelle. She walked over to it and opened the drawer. She took out the scissors and tried to cut her hair. The scissors had no effect. Carlie walked over to the desk and said,
"Scissors, please." AnnaBelle handed her the scissors. Carlie took a piece of paper and the scissors cut through it with ease. "These are brand-new, see how easy they cut the paper? Now, see how this is done." She turned the scissors toward her self and, with AnnaBelle not knowing what she was doing, could not stop her, stabbed the scissors into her stomach with as much force as she was able. But instead of bleeding to death, the scissors bent on inpact with her skin. The dress she wore was ripped where the scissors impacted it, but the skin beneath was in perfect condition, pearly white and unmarked.
"I will tell you everything about your new lives at a later time. Follow me if you want to meet my son and daughter."
As she led past each door she said what room it was.
"Pantry, powder room, library, and Rosie's room." She paused outside the door for a few seconds, and then a girl's voice from within filled the wide hall.
"Come in!" The girl's voice called.
Carlie opened the door and for a few seconds AnnaBelle and IsaBelle were lost in the brightness of the neon pink walls and floor. This was the kind of room that you can imagine a blonde girl in a bright pink dress, smiling at you with perfect white teeth, holding a spoiled three pound chihuahua in a cashmere sweater with a diamond collar, and a boy hotter than a volcano sitting next to her. The girl was blonde, and ironicly had bright white teeth and was wearing a pink dress, though not as bright as the walls, her eyes now fixed on Carlie, and dressed in a bright pink dress that matched the room. She was sitting on her bed with a black haired boy in a white tuxedo laying across her lap as her stroked through his hair with her painted fingernails. I was busy looking around for a white chihuahua, but found none.
"Who is this, Carlie?" The blonde girl asked. "The Silverson twins. They got attacked by the stranger. He got away again." The girl turned back to us.
"Hello, I'm Rosie. It is nice to meet you. My apologies for what has happened."
"Hello, I'm AnnaBelle and this is my sister, IsaBelle. It's nice to meet you, too." AnnaBelle replied. Rosie looked at Carlie.
"Mother, it is not prudent to run about this world. Especially against that demon-child."
"I've already told you, Rosie, I have quit. I have decided to become a full time mother. Your father will continue working at is companies."
AnnaBelle wondered how Carlie and Rosie's father could even be her parents. Carlie looked nothing at all like Rosie. Rosie had darker skin and icy blue eyes. Carlie had greyish-blue eyes and mouse brown hair. They had none of the same features, not even close.
"How silly of me! This is my husband, Cyrus." Cyrus? What an unusual name for a boy, AnnaBelle thought. "Well, we have to pretend we are courting." Rosie said smiling and looking like a princess from a fantasy book. The boy spoke next.
"Hello." His voice was exactly like you expected his voice to sound. Kind, yet sounding like he was not at all serious most of the time, and very quiet, in that sexy, morbid sort of way.
"It is nice to meet you." IsaBelle replied.
"You found out you have fangs, am I correct?"
"You are." The twins said together, cringing.
"Don't worry, you aren't the only ones, we all have them." She and her husband opened their mouths at the same time, revealing inch long fangs. Then the fangs retracted and as they did so, they became flat at the bottom and when they were fully in, looked just like normal human teeth.
"Would you like to meet my husband?"Carlie asked.
"Certainly. Goodbye, Rosie, Cyrus." AnnaBelle said. Turning toward the door.
"See you later." She went back to paying attention to her husband.
Carlie led them to a door and opened it. The man with black-brown hair looked up from an enormous book on his desk. This must be Rosie's so-called father. He, too, looks nothing like his "daughter" at all Is she adopted?, AnnaBelle asked herself. He spoke in a calm voice.
"I see the conversion is over. I'm Andrew, you have already met Carlie, of course." Carlie went next to him and sat in another chair identical to his and held his hand. She stared into his eyes for a minute. Andrew nodded to her and then Carlie turned to them.
"Would you two be interested in joining our family? We would be so glad to have you." AnnaBelle looked at IsaBelle and saw that she agreed with her.
"We would be honored to join you." The twins said in syncronisation.
"Then welcome to my family." Carlie said, smiling.