I don't know when I got here

Can't remember where I was before

I try to escape to save myself

But the lunatics patrol the door.

I'm sure I would have turned and run

If I'd seen the writing on the wall

But they always keep it so dark in here

Who am I? I can't recall.

I'm so tired of constant night

Though it's the only source of peace

I don't want to see what they do to themselves

And I won't let them do it to me.

I can feel the life inside me scream

They bleed out as I bleed within

Spikes come falling from the sky

Please, don't let them pierce my skin.

A million voices I can't recognize

Slice through the peaceful air

Cowered, shivering, in my cell

Did I really see you standing there?

Are you here to try and save me?

Believe me, love, I wish you could.

Perhaps you could lend some assistance

If only you truly understood.

But I don't need a shining knight

It's too late to save my soul.

Maybe just a maid to dust off that shelf

Where my heart sits, black as coal.

You know that I can't leave this place

But maybe I can force a smile

And as long as you're here already

Do you think you could stay awhile?

Oh, I know you'll leave eventually

But it gets so lonely here

I swear I won't bite if you reach through my bars

And please, try to feign sincere.

I laugh because truth is all I've wanted

But I ache for lies from you

Your kisses are my favorite fables

Because they say you love me, too.

You're the only thing I see clearly

Among fogged mirrors of insanity

Those bright eyes reflect the heavens,

Though what's behind them doesn't give a damn for me.

You'll carry me high above them

And in the end, you'll laugh and let me fall

But don't ever think you had me fooled, my darling

Because I've known all along,

You're the craziest one of them all.