Mad World


I woke up slowly and felt the bristles of the grass against my face. I felt totally disorientated and closed my eyes trying to bring myself back into the present. Everything came back to me in that instant. The flash of light, the running, the fear. I shuddered and opened my eyes. I looked around and through the forest of grass I saw a familiar fence. I felt a jolt of hope run through me and jumped up. I spun around, happiness flowing within me. I ran for the fence and vaulted over it, into my garden. I looked around expecting to see Jess but only saw vast emptiness. I can't see the golf club which usually leans against the shed door. She's probably just taken it inside. I tell myself, trying the feeling of fear that had risen up within me.

"Jess!" I yell hopefully. I run across the garden towards the door and bang loudly.

"Mum! Dad!" I shout, desperately hoping for a reply. I grab hold of the door handle and try to yank it open, but nothing happens. I start to panic and yell harder.

"I'm back!" I swallow trying to fight back tears.

"Mum! Dad!" I croak, trying to get a glimpse of the clock. I freeze, frozen with shock and fear.

"What the hell?" I whisper. The time looms before me. 11:00am. Time hasn't changed. I turn my head and taken in the area around me. Empty. Not a breath of wind. No animal, nobody, nothing. What happened? Where am I?