Proving Fire

One man stood alone, his arms raised to the sky, eyes closed in peace he thought

Lord, take away our pain and sorrow and give it to Heavens judgment. Release us from war and violence. I am your angel. Take me when you please. After a moment in silence, a sleek black snake slithered out from the tall grass.

"You still worship Him?" It hissed, "What has He proven to you?" The snake crept toward the man, coiling back, prepared to strike.

"He is God. He does not need to prove himself to me." The man replied.

"No? Then if He is so powerful, He surly can stop a man from dying." The serpent grinned an eerie smile, exposing his venomous fangs. Soon enough, roaring flames of a fire licked every tip of the field, the trees glowed a bright crimson as they burned to ashes. Crackles of despair came from the embers, choking out every living thing in sight. Its smoke filled the air choking the man. The snake watched as he slowly died, unable to see his surroundings.

"Do you believe there is a God now?" The snake whispered, weaving its way to the man, now lying in the burning field near death.

"He did not save you. You will die." The snake hissed, the feathery touch of its forked tongue graced the man's face.

"I will not be the only one dying today." Said the man, barely above a whisper as he grimaced in pain. Reaching out from behind, the man took the snake by the neck, strangling him with all his ability to do so. With a last cry of agony the serpent went limp in the man's hands. In little time the flames disappeared, gone with Satin himself.

The pained man knelt down to the ground, placing the snake in the grass below. Lifting his head once more, he traced the cross on his burned forehead, lips, and at last his stricken heart. Ashes still filling his lungs with each breath as he said his final words to the earth.

"He will come again to judge the living and the dead, and His kingdom will have no end."

God cannot always perform the miracles we desire. For this man, his time had come, and the Devil was testing his faith. He will come and his Kingdom will live. As Satin will always be banished to the pits of Hell.