A/N: I wrote this right after a 4th of July party on my street, but didn't have the chance to post it. In my neighborhood, a baby's first 4th is more important that his or her first Christmas; it's the holiday when we all get together for fireworks and a party. This year, some of the fireworks got on the ground and "chased" us, which scared the hell out of me. Anyway, when I was little, my neighbors hosted it, but they've since moved and now my family does. But I realized it's the same thing as always: running from the scary ones, and laughing when they're gone.

Explode over laughter which

Turns into fear.

Run and hide from

Brilliant light,

With memories of past explosions

Hovering in the air.

If we could get back

Everyone that used to live on

This close, tiny street,

This bright, huddled neighborhood…

If it all would never be lost…

But beautiful color and sound

Escapes the sky,

New friends and neighbors

Replace the old.

If it keeps going,

Different people, colors, place, age, time

But the same reason, activity.

New frightened children who turn

And laugh again.