This had to be a joke, there was no other explanation. Star Sakadarny sat back in her chair and laughed untill her chest hurt, letting the slip of paper fall from her fingers. She knew she was the most popular girl in the village and everybody looked to her for how to dress, how to have their hair and most importantly, who was in and who was out. With all that in mind, why the Hell had she been invited to a beach party by the biggest losers for over 100 miles?

Star scooped the invitation back up as footsteps stomped along the landing, her mother poked her head around the door.

"Your friends are here." Star nodded and five teenagers filed into the room and waiting for permission to sit. Amulet Craven grinned when she spotted the paper in Star's hand, she flicked a strand of blonde hair from her eyes and pulled her own invitation from her pocket.

"Looks like we all got one. So, are we going?" she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed when Star nodded. Maggie O'Leary frowned and flopped into a wicker chair in the corner of the room, she didn't like it and she said so.

"You're not serious? Why would you want to go?" she shrieked. Star closed her eyes and rubbed her temples through her red curls, Maggie always seemed to be screaming even when she didn't need to be.

"I thought it might be fun. Free food and booze for a weekend, what more could you want? Nobody will know we were there and even if they find out, who cares? We've always taken gifts when people were prepared to give them" said Star, keeping her voice low as a none too subtle hint for the others to do the same.

"Fun? Are you out of your gourd?" replied Maggie. Gage longford threw himself onto the small sofa under the window and stared out into the sunny garden.

"I wouldn't mind going. If nothing else, I wanna see what they've got for payback after all those pranks we've played on them over the years" he said, laughing a little.