Burke wriggled around the hole in the roof and moved towards Pip and Norman, another shot rang out and he spotted a figure standing near their car. Sudden rage flooded through him as he recognized Chris, the crazy bastard was dancing around and laughing. Burke jumped to his feet and screamed in to the darkness.

"I see you! I'm gonna fucking kill you for this; I taught you everything you know!" Burke's voice was drowned out as another shot pierced the night air and a gaping hole appeared in his forehead. Burke fell sideways and toppled from the roof.

"Come on, Norman. Norman?" cried Pip. He looked down at his friend but Norman didn't reply, his face was pale and his shirt was drenched in blood but he wasn't breathing. Pip unhooked his arm from Norman's waist and crawled to the edge of the roof. He poked his head over the gutter and gulped, he'd have to jump but it was a long way down and he didn't really want to stand up and jump. Pip turned onto his back and rolled sideways off the roof, landing on his side in the soft sand.

"Don't move, arse wipe." Pip looked up into the barrel of a gun, Chris grinned down at him. There was a loud crack, a flash and then nothing.

Chris watched Pip's head drop back to the sand, or what was left of it after the bullet had passed through it. Chris smiled; he went back to the car and reloaded the gun before tossing it onto the front seat. Then he began to drag Pip and Norman back to the front door, they all had to burn. No survivors. Chris got them as close to the front door as he could before lifting one at a time and throwing them back into the flames. He dashed out from beneath the porch roof just before it collapsed and hurried to the car. It wouldn't be long before someone noticed the flames and the sun was coming up, he had to get away. Chris jogged back to the car and opened the door, the smile dropped from his lips. The gun was gone.

Chris couldn't move. He was gripped by a panic he'd never known before. The whole thing had already gone to shit when Burke and Jack had decided to do their own damn thing but this? Something hard and cold suddenly pressed into the back of his head, the voice that greeted him was full of gravel and a little slurred.

"Don't move, douche bag." Chris hurled himself over the bonnet of the car and crouched on the other side; he pulled a smaller but no less lethal gun from his ankle holster. After a moment, he stood up and pointed his gun at the new and not so improved Gage Longford. His brown hair was only attached in clumps, his clothes seemed to be burned right into his skin and one of Gage's eyes appeared to have actually melted in the socket.

"That looks painful" said Chris, his voice held just a hint of a sneer. Gage hissed through his teeth as he shifted his position slightly, his left arm was broken and hung limply at his side, while his right arm was shaking so much Chris doubted that he'd get hit if the gun were fired.

"I'll live." Chris burst out in a brief cackle of laughter before stopping just as abruptly.

"I doubt that."

"Let's see who blinks first" said Gage, a small smile made Chris suddenly feel unsure.

"This should be interesting. Don't you think?" asked Chris, trying not to let his returning panic show.

"Not really. I know something you don't, but then I always was smarter then you" replied Gage, his smile growing even though it must have been painful.

"What do you think you know?" snarled Chris, his finger beginning to tighten on the trigger. Gage's eyes flicked over his shoulder but Chris wasn't fast enough. Something hard and heavy crashed down onto his head and the world went black.

"I'm alive too, dipshit" screamed Atta.

There was silence for a moment. Just the crash of the waves, the last crackles of the fire as it finally burnt itself and the birds as they circled overhead. Gage handed the gun to Atta; she limped down to the water's edge and hurled it into the water.

"What do we tell them?" she asked. Gage shrugged and hobbled around to the passenger side of the car, he managed to get in and sat with his good eye closed and his head back. Atta got behind the wheel and started the engine. They pulled onto the road and away from the destruction and mayhem towards a town, the police or a hospital. Whatever came first.