I do not own the Evanescence song used in the description box. This has nothing to do with the song, besides the fact it inspired me to write this. I really need to update FP more! I have a million stuff to publish :D BUT I'M NOT GOING TO GO OFF ON A RANT ABOUT THAT. (The bolded lyrics at the end belong to me and are not part of an Evanescence song-just to clarify that)

JUST ENJOY-I tried my best ^_^ well for a spur the moment poem

I discovered myself,

over all these shrieks,

through all this madness,

I managed to find myself.

Looking at my picture through broken glass,

a shattered oray of dead life,

coming through all this madness,

I found an unrecognizable,

unscratched perfect face,

I found me.

The bread and butter of who I really am,

burning all sides,

unseen by human eyes.

I found a way to repair insurmountable glass,

I discovered discontinued doors,

that once thrived through my childlike past.

Paving over old memories,

Peeling away pictures,

I found a golden glow,

shining over me.