Authors note - Bangla is said bangle like the tiger. Also this is a story me and a friend are doing. It's rated M for foul language and violence. I'm writing Bangla's side and my is the other character. Please leave a review so we know how we are doing...and do please drop some ideas if you feel you need to. No flames please. ^^ Thankies.

Bangla's POV (Point Of View)

Where is that man? How am I suppose to find some one I don't have any information on? With any luck I won't accidentally kill him.

Today my thoughts were just as much a mess as my long teal hair. Though normally I had it tied back, but today just wasn't my day. I had found that Coco hand scratched up my clothes and so i had to borrow some clothes. i wasn't too happy to find that i had to were tight leather pants and a pink sleeveless. My black kitten, Coco, curled him self around my neck like he was a pair of head phones. He looked up at me and mewed.
"Shh Coco... we have to be quiet right now." I said to him looking around with my dark royal purple eyes to see if any one heard.
Then I smoothly slipped around a corner once it was clear. I heard people talking in the one of the rooms ahead of me. Being an ex spy made it easy to sneak around and well as getting what you wanted. But being a secret service was less fun...but it did get me where I wanted to be. To bad our group was terminated. Though I'm sure they are still alive some were.
Then heard foot steps coming my way so I climbed up and hide in one of the air vents, a positive for being 5"1 and only 105 lb. Two bulky looking men walked by in dark suits. It was obvious that they were just guards. they were easy to deal with if need be, so why did I have a bad feeling that some thing was horribly wrong.

Suddenly I was pulled through the tunnel like vent system so fast it made my head spin. The next thing I know I was pulled out of the vent and tossed across the room. The hand that had wrapped it's self around my ankle in the vents got a hold of me once again, but tightly this time. Coco hissed at the owner of that hand and then started to claw the guys face.
Good boy Coco.
The man then let go of my ankle to try and get the raging cat off his face, which gave me enough time to get up and attempt to ether kill or put to sleep...though the later seemed much cooler. By the end of it the guy was passed out, Coco was back around my neck, and I was faced with the problem of how to open a stupid door that was locked from the out side. So I pulled out a card, no not a credit card of so like others do...this one was a titanium card...made just for such an occasion...and
other occasions it may be come handy for, and opened the door with that.
I walked out and looked around only to be hit in the head with a chrome bat.
Once I woke up I looked around to see i was stuck in a crappy cell and that Coco was missing.
Where is my freaking cat?
I then tried to stand up but noticed I was chained to a wall by my neck, wrists, and ankles. some retard has me chained to a wall...must be some sort of bondage perv.
I then reached for my lock kit, but there was nothing there.
Where the hell is my stuff?
Then a man in a white suit walked up.
"Well, lookie here...a stray cat." said the man.
"What's it to you." I said as the man got closer to me.
"What lovely creamy tan skin you brings out your eyes." He said caressing my cheek.
"Where is my cat, you sick perverted Fag?"
"Well there is no need to be rude." the man said with an annoyed look, "It looks as though we need to teach this cat some manners."
After he finished talking the two bulky men came around the corner and walked into my cell.
Damn. This won't end well.
The two men then proceeded to beat the living crap out of me.
After what seemed like forever the white suit guy told the two to stop.
"Now would you mind telling me what your doing here?"
"None of your fucking business jack ass."
"I see." the man said who then turned around and then said "Continue." and walked off.
Now my only hope the man who I was suppose to meet.