Last chapie guys! enjoy!

Bangla's POV

I woke up with a meowing cat.

"Coco." I muttered quietly as I pet him.

My head hurt and the world around me was cold and dark. The familiar scent of dirt filled my nose. We were at the construction site.

"Where is Doug?"


I gave a soft sigh.

"That bastard… he left me."

Again I'm alone… he's just like every one else. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

Coco got up and started walking. I followed.

"Coco, please find Doug." I hissed "So I can kill him."

Coco continued his walk. After a few hours of walking we were standing at a church or should I say what is left of it. The car was there that we were using.

"Doug." I breathed.

I ran as fast as my feet could take me to the burned building as my heart dropped.

"DOUG!" I shouted.

I looked at the burned out lines of things that use to be something other then charcoal and ash.

The sent of fire and death filled my nose.


I looked over at Coco. There, next to him, was what looked to be a burned human.

I ran over scraping my legs on hard charcoal and skidded to a stop in front of the body.

"Doug… no… you… you can't die," tears forced their way to my face, "You can't. Why… why did you have to leave? Aren't partners supposed to help each other? AREN'T THEY! YOU IDIOCTIC BASTARD YOU CAN'T JUST DRUG ME AND LEAVE! I'M NOT SOME WHORE! HOW DARE YOU!" I started to shake the corpse, as if it would come to life if I shook it enough, "DOUG YOU…you…I hate you… I hate you so much."


I rested my head on the charcoal and ash corpse and let out all my feelings.

"Don't worry Bangla, Every thing will be fine."

"But I don't think this is a good idea… what if I get caught."

"I'll come and save you."

"You won't leave?"


Later I was captured and I was tortured. The person I called my partner turned tail and ran leaving me behind. That partner was the fourth partner to leave and lie to me. I was lucky to escape much less have survived the situation. I swore to my self never to believe another human being. Well the living ones that is. The night I finally was able to say for sure that I was safe was when I came a cross a stray black cat. I kneeled down and touched the soft fur. The cat purred. I got up to leave it and it followed.

"Go away. You'll just leave." I hissed at the cat, but it followed.

Three months later I called him Coco and a month after that I returned to my 'place of work' only to find that no one wanted me. They didn't want me alive. I fought for my life and lived. If Coco wasn't there I would have lost. I smiled down at the blood covered cat and the cat purred at me who was also blood covered.

Not long after that the cops came. Alfred was found in the unburned basement of the church. He had been sent to the hospital and I had been taken to custody. They had thought I started the fire. When Alfred got out of the hospital he explained to them what happened and I was let go. Soon after we found out that the man who had killed Doug was still alive.

I walked slowly to Doug's place hoping to find Coco. I was worried as I hadn't seen him since the day Doug died. It was so many months ago and yet if felt like yesterday.

I looked at the near empty house. I looked every where with Coco yet to be found. I picked up my bag that I had left here and left. When I finally gave up I when to the burned sanctuary. There, where Doug had been, Coco laid.

"Hey Coco… I hope you didn't starve your self." I purred sweetly to the cat.

I laid my hand on the black cat and pat him.


My heart dropped.

"Coco... Not you too." I said fighting back tears as fear over whelmed me and I checked the pulse of the cat.

Coco had left me too.

After that I cut all my ties. I'd be my own boss and do my own thing. Even if it meant lying and using others. I was going after that man and I will succeed in killing him. Even if it had to be alone.