Anger sparks within,

Fed and fanned, festering in my soul.

Smoldering, flaring into hate.

This raging, roiling fire swallows me.

I am screaming as I die,

I cannot stop it,

I cannot let go.

All around me, my anger burns me down;

Flames reaching out from within my own heart.

I cannot stop it, cannot put it out.

My hate is too strong, I can't let it go.

I scream out for help, but no one will help me;

Not one dares to come near me.

I spit fire in the eyes of those I once loved,

Blaming everyone else

For everything I've felt.

I'm screaming in pain,

I refuse to believe

This blaze that is burning me

Is living inside me.

I am burning to the ground,

Writhing in dirt.

My eyes have gone blind in the blistering smog,

I claw dumbly for nothing at all.

My tongue is burned dry,

It no longer forms words.

All reason has deserted me; only pain fills the void.

My hate clogs my heart, my mind, determined to suffocate me.

Each frantic gasp fills my lungs with flame.

Alone in my inferno, I am one with the dust,

And forgotten.

My desperate shrieks tear up out of my throat,

As my hollow self is consumed.

Fallen and nothing, I let it all just burn away.

Blistering, burning, my soul withers into emptiness,

Settling to the bottom of these hollow remains,

A heap of ashes.