A Blue War

• Prologue •

Two thousand years in the future. To believe human civilization survived this long is daunting. Wars roared from the past into our present and will keep on going within its boundaries. It will never stop, because there will never be a complete agreement between the two.

The timeline is strict so it's hard to explain. There is no more Earth and even if there was, it would have been completely and utterly destroyed. No more parks, jungles, or forests. The ocean would be paved over and the mountains flatten to fit our "needs". The azure sky would be just a void gaping into our eyes. Cars once roomed the city streets, now futuristic vehicles with no wheels, just a driver. Buildings that would touch the atmosphere; piercing into space, there was no need for farms or food manufactures. We just took suppositories that would meet the needs of nutrition for our bodies. Though all of these might sound completely senseless, the biggest change was our human characteristics and culture. Only one language was permitted; Neo English. No more religion of any sorts. All the countries became one, no more boundaries between us. Cultures withered into history books and museums. There was no interest for music or art, either the taste of food on your plate. Slowly the human senses became obsolete. No one had the time to share or love anymore. We drastically improved our life standards and were basically cyborg bodies with human brains; the only thing left that was human.

Out of this the Expressionists were born; the very last of the humans that could feel compassion or human indecency. We learned to stick together. The Animates - as we called them - found us as a hindrance to the next step of "evolution" and there for exiled us into space. Well, as anyone could have guessed, we don't like being uprooted from our only home and to be told to never return. A massive war broke out between us; fighting for equal rights. Scientists overcame these problems with ease; a gigantic implosion was the only answer. "If we were not allowed to live on Earth then no one was!" We sent a colossal missile towards Earth that would swallow the whole entire Milky Way sending it into purgatory; or just another dimension - we liked to believe. We would rise again and make sure that whatever the Animates were planning, we would be their roadblock, their bane, and make sure that none of their plans would take place.

This is only the prologue, I do not have plans of continuing this story, but if I do, it will be posted onto my profile, if anybody actually likes this story concept please leave a review or message I'd gladly continue. Thank you for reading.