Chapter 1 - Specimen

"Isn't she beautiful?" The doctor remarked walking towards the shiny table top. "A dead bread and we brought them back," she pauses thinking to herself, "well, just her." The woman added.

"She is a fine specimen, very different from the others." He lets the words flow out from his mouth. "Do you intend to leave her asleep?"

"Just a bit longer, I still need to examine her brain frequencies, don't want any misshapes for the Ambassadors." The Doctor responds.

"Mmhm," the assistant acknowledges.

"Doctor D34, you may return to the labs, please call in the Ambassador of Tallulah, he needs to see this."

"Yes Doctor Aa11." He swipes his card on the door panel and it materializes.

"Oh what will I do with you, my sweet experiment?" The Doctor looks down fondly of her latest work. She moves a strand of black hair from the girls face below her. "Please be different from the others." The Doctor says to herself quietly. "Please awaken from your slumber." A beeping noise comes from the door behind the Doctor and she calls the Ambassador in.

He walks in with an air of arrogance, which is dangerous today, and places his hands on the table. The Doctor squints at him. His germy hands are just inches away from her. She thought. Even though people couldn't really feel emotion in this sector of the Galaxy, the doctor couldn't help the sensation of her nerves jumbling in her stomach to push the Ambassadors grubby hands away.

"So this is your team's latest experiment?" Is she really alive or will she die like the last one?" He eyes her not truly believing that these trails were ever going to work.

"Well Ambassador, you might have not been spending enough time around Xerxes, but we are on par with the Tallulah government. We will be the first to reconstruct ancient humans and their memories." Doctor Aa11 responds.

"Yes, yes, what if I told you that Tallulah decided to team up with Vermillion Government?"

The Doctor turns her head abruptly to the Ambassador's arrogant face. "Why haven't you told me this?"

"Do I detect a sense of emotion, Doctor Aa11?"

"No you don't." She straightens herself coolly. "I just want to know why you haven't enlightened me earlier or any of my scientists either. Are you playing a game out of your own enjoyment?" She mockingly smirks at the Ambassador's face.

"I'm afraid you grew a bond between your experiments. That is very motherly." He says slowly. "Very archaic."

"You dare accuse me." The doctor keeps her voice level and she stares at the Ambassadors black eyes. You and I have a problem for many years now, so please can you push your disagreements aside and look at the bigger picture?"

He composes himself, "fine." He straightens the cuffs of his gray coat. "Precede Doctor."

"Thank you." She clears her throat. "Our specimen this time is as you can see a twenty one year old woman. Her body is completely reconstructed, her brain is active and her heart beats." She says pleasingly to herself.

"What is her background story?" The Ambassador questions.

"She is believed to be the wife of a pharaoh; due to the Great Destruction we have lost much material on her. We are hoping -my lab and I- that when she wakes up her memories will come back to her."

"Isn't that being a little naïve?" He inquires.

"I can see how you could say that. We haven't had much luck per say on these matters. Our last experiment died, because of complications in his blood vessels and severe internal bleeding, but this time I can assure you, she'll wake up and be the first reconstructed human in history that is fully functional."

"Should I sign another document to the United Government of Xerxes and Eurus?" The Ambassador says indifferently not caring for the Doctor's petty accomplishments.

"Sign away," She instructs and the Doctor grabs a tablet from the desk to her right.

As the Ambassador signs on the device, the Doctor looks down to her experiment once again. As she keeps staring at the specimen's caramel complexion she notices a twitch on the girl's left eye lid. The Doctor widens her eyes. The repeating beeps of the heart monitor stays the same, but when the Doctor looks back to the Ambassador she feels a hand grab onto her's.

The Doctor yelps with surprise and the Ambassador looks up suddenly. They both turn their attention on the young woman lying in front of them as she opens her eyes slowly. "Where am I?" Her foreign voice booms through the room.

So I said I wouldn't continue, but I was looking at the prologue last night and got motivated to write a little more, so yeah. If anybody enjoys the story just leave a review or message and I'll continue. Thank you for reading.