Ghost World

You get a second chance to live…that is, if you can live!

Woot! -dances-. Alright, this story IS copyrighted to ME! Do NOT steal, thank you very much :3. Anyway, this story is about a thirteen year old girl who dies and awakens in a new world where the dead get a second chance to live...if they can live! Everyone who wakes here has an animal companion and cannot be killed by old age. However, war and evil threatens to destroy this new world and saving it might have unimaginable consequences...

I hope you enjoy it =3. Read on!

Chapter 1

Her life slipped away painfully slowly. She felt every inch of her pain seeping her bones, crawling up her body like fire. Tears pricked at her eyes. She couldn't resist a single tear sliding down her cheek and falling onto the road with a light splash, sending up a cascade of smaller droplets like white crystals.

She lay sprawled on the road, bones crushed. Another tear fell, a single drop. Thirst clenched her throat. Oh she was so thirsty…In the middle of the night she didn't even have the energy to scream.

Why had she been wandering on a desolate country road in the middle of the night? Why had a thirteen-year-old child been careless enough to ignore the headlights in the distance, racing towards her? She was a terrible fool. A fool…

Another jolting pain spread up her snapped spine. I have to move, she thought desperately. Then I can see if my neck is broken. And if it is…I don't have long to go.

She managed to twist her neck around, despite the screaming agony of her bones. That was good. She hadn't broken it. She still had a chance of life, if she could withstand the freezing cold of the country night and her injuries.

She moved her neck further around, and what she saw made her silently cry out in horror. There, ginger and white fur splattered in blood, was her lost cat, the reason why she had been out on the road all alone.

His name was Gizmo. He was only a year old, with soft baby blue eyes that melted the girl's heart. Now his face stared at her and that once beautiful gaze stared straight into her own, blank and lifeless.

Would she suffer the same fate?
A week ago, the girl, whose name was Terry, had lost her precious cat. She had shouted at her parents, screamed at them to let her find him, yet they were firm about their decision: 'It's too dangerous.'

Anger boiled in her still beating heart. Since they had refused to even post up fliers of her missing cat she'd gone out this night instead and had called his name endlessly.

Her parents were still asleep; unaware their daughter was dying on a country road. Terry had not seen the car's headlights glowing like eerie yellow eyes in the distance. Nor did she feel any pain as she was flipped into the air, landing with a heavy thump on the road. Only when she had regained consciousness had the pain hit like a thousand daggers drilling into her back.

Well, if she did die this way at least she'd die with her companion beside her. Terry wasn't a girl to cry or weep in pain and sadness. She liked to bottle it up within her heart. Yet now she broke into a frenzy of silent sobs. She wasn't ready for death just yet. She had plans! She wanted to be a talented dancer and a singer. It wasn't her time to go yet!

Her breath became harsh and ragged. Her heartbeat grew slower. Terry groaned, head pounding, body numb. What a painful end…

Terry sighed. Her mind was shutting down, yet her last memories were about her singing competition only a week before. She had won third place, being described as a teenager with great potential. Pride swelled up in her heart and she managed to muster her last remnants of energy to stroke her friend.

She found her voice, though she knew she couldn't scream for help. It was over. Over so quickly…It was hard to believe the day had started as a normal day. "Well, mate," she whispered hoarsely, "I suppose we suffered the same death. Was it painful for you? Or…quick…?"

She slowly grabbed her cat and pulled him towards her till his matted fur touched her breast. "I love you, buddy," she murmured softly. "Forever and ever…Gizmo…always remember that…my…precious…boy…."

The pain eased and for a split second she thought she would live, that'd she'd be spared from death. Terry was wrong. Her whole life, from beginning to end, flickered right before her eyes. She saw the day when she got her first dancing shoes for Christmas. She had tap danced, earning her nickname 'Little Tapper.'

Despite the pain, she laughed. Yeah, those times were good. Then the time when she had skinned her knee played like a video in front of her. She had thought that was painful…how wrong was she?

The pain continued to ebb slowly away. At this point Terry knew what was happening. Her mind was shutting down and so was her body. She moaned.

This is my end, Terry thought sadly. She kissed Gizmo's furry head. The girl felt a burning hatred for the man, or woman, that had hit her with the car and had driven carelessly away. Right now they were living. And because of their stupidity she was dying…

And then life faded away. The scene before her, the blood around her and her dead companion in front of her didn't exist anymore. She took her last and final breath…

The sun rose among the hills, bringing forth the welcoming daylight. Clouds littered the sky, fluffy and white. Dawn had come to the countryside.

On the road was a dead girl. Blood was everywhere, yet the most heartbreaking sight was the cat cradled in her arms. Her parents would never forget, nor forgive themselves, when they saw this tragic and terrible picture…