What is it that they teach you in your high school history class? You normally studied war, advances in culture and economics. Am I right.

The Bombing of Purl Harbor, The Holocaust, 9/11?

That stuff is Childs Play.

The story I'm about to tell you is about me and the lives of several other people I met during the years of 2011 through 2016.

Thousands people died during these years and history was made. Everything about humanity and the way they saw the world changed

Schools and Universities throughout the world speak of these occurrence's in history classes and text books. They gave this period of time many names but the most common was "The Genesis Era"

My names Eloy Dawlson. My story begins when I was just a seventeen year old High School Sophomore. I was never what you'd call a "normal" human being. Two things made me different.

For one I proudly call myself an Otaku. But I'll talk about that later as that's not the most major of the two. The thing that really makes me different is the fact that I'm what my dad called an "Electromancer".

I'm a Super Human.

My body was born differently then others. My nervous system is so ridiculously strong that they literally act as conduits for electric currents.

I can drain electronic equipment making it useless or fry it on touch. If I had enough electricity in my veins I could manipulate the energy, convert it and shoot lightning from my finger tips like a Sith Lord. I could generate sixty volts easily and the only pain I feel is a slight burning sensation in my veins. But that went away within minuets.

There are other Super Humans besides me of course. Not just Electromancers. There are telekinetics. People who can control minds and read them. People who could teleport. People with super agility, super strengths, super intelligence. You name it they exist. And the people who could do this stuff are - or were - friends of mine. I was just one unique person out of many others.

And in a way we were all prisoners. But not as in we were the type of prisoners that were kept in cells and forced to eat crappy food. I along with most other Super Humans were under the care of Echo. There a super secrete branch of the CIA who dealt specifically with Super Humans and paranormal threats to humanity. They dealt with Ghosts, Aliens, Creatures humans never knew existed, and of course other Super Humans who misuse there abilities.

Since we had the power to do pretty much anything we wanted we were deemed possible threats to society. They put us all under 24/7 surveillance. If I sneezed Echo would know when, where and who my boogie landed on.

And - if we chose to - we were mercenaries for hire. I took up being a mercenary. And for two reasons:

The first reason was the fact I was simply capable of the job. I had a firm understanding of my ability. Not to menton I was a black belt in Tae kwon do, Judo and kendo. Plus I knew how to shoot a gun. But I liked to look for every possible way of getting through a situation without killing someone. I'll admit it, I've killed people. But I never once killed someone out of hatred, anger or to get paid. It was pure self defence.

The second reason I was a mercenary was because the pay was unbelievable. Bring in a fleeing terrorist. Get three-thousand dollars. It made my hobby an affordable one.

And speaking of my hobby...

I already said I proudly call myself an Otaku. You're probably wondering what that is. And if you do know your probably wondering why in gods name I call myself one.

It's a Japanese term in origin and it has different meanings. If you search the word otaku on wikipeda. You'll get an article stating that an otaku is:

"A Japanese term to refer to a person with obsessive interests. Particularly in Anime, Manga and Video Games."

Anime being Japanese animation and manga being Japanese comics. Both of which are licenced by media companies here in the US, brought over and translated into English.

But upon closer research you'll find it also means "home". Meaning an otaku never, or rarely, leaves there house. In japan the word is used as a more derogatory term for obsessive freaks who take there hobbies to unhealthy and delusional levels. Whenever I go into a forum on various anime web sites and see threads asking "What's an otaku". You'll always get things like:

"There people who are smelly."

"There basement dwellers."

"There Porn and Hentai addicts."

Someone might even link you to a wiki article about "Tsutomu Miyazaki" saying "this guy is an otaku". Tsutomu was dubbed "the otaku murderer" He basically killed four young girls and sexual violated there dead bodies.

But this happened way back in the 1980's.

Despite the negativity, most otaku are those who actually leave there houses, socialize with there otaku friends and even do charity work. What it comes right down to is that it's simply the Japanese slang term for "nerd". Nerds here in America have done some pretty horrendous things to. I.e. The columbine massacre.

You're probably wondering by now: Why am I calling myself something with such a negative background, let alone a term used in Japan? For two reasons actually. The word nerd is a derogatory term to in it's own right. But there are some people who are proud to call themselves a nerd. Just as there are otaku in japan who are proud to call themselves Otaku.

The bottom line is I use it to describe myself. Some people have a problem with that and I've been called a weeaboo several times. A demeaning term that originated on the internet referring to an American who takes anime so seriously that they shun American pop-culture and focus way to much on Japanese pop-culture. But that - in a sense - describes me to. I'll take Japanese bands like Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Sid over Linken Park and AC/DC any day.

I've been emotionally bashed on because of my fandom and I quite frankly I couldn't care less. I shun mainstream social acceptance. That's just the way I am. Got a problem with that? Tough shit.

But enough educational chit chat. Lets get on with my tail. I'm just one of the people who witnessed and survived the changes in the Genesis Era since it's vary beginning.

My Names Eloy Dawlson and this is my story...