Chapter One

The Otaku Super Human

It all started on the first day of my Sophomore year of High School. I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock dinging franticly. It was grinding on my nerves. I didn't know how long it had been ringing since I was a heavy sleeper. I often slept right through it. I groaned and reached my hand out from under the warm covers shivering at the cold of my air conditioned room. I fumbled around trying to find it. When I did I reached around and pressed the button silencing it.

Then I retreated my arm back under the covers safe from the cold and made an attempt to go back to sleep.

A few seconds later. Riiing!.

Annoyed I shot my hand out, grabbed it and slammed it on the night stand bells down. I kept slamming it until I heard one of the bells break off. Then I swiped it off the Nightstand.

I retreated back into the covers and rustled around with a series of agitated moans and growns trying to get a go position in order to continue sleeping.

Then. Ding...ding...ding.

I shot up from my bed clenching my teeth annoyed beyond belief. My usually long silky black hair was suffering from a case of severe bed head. I turned my head slowly and glared at it. It's hammer donged on the remaining bell. I got up and picked it up. Glaring at the cursed thing for on last moment I then tightened the muscle in my hand and surged my electricity through my arm and into my hand. The familiar heat sensation formed in my veins and soon I heard the clock innards sizzle and a single wisp of smoke emitted out the back.

It finally stopped ringing. I had defeated the demon clock.

I dropped it right on the floor and turned around to head straight back to bed. But then I hard the voice of our housemaid Evetta call out from the hallway."Young master I'm coming in." My shoulders sagged.

The warning was the only courtesy she offered and barged right in. The only minor pleaser was seeing her sexy morning work ware. Your average maid outfit, White apron, block stockings and the hair band. She was a twenty-three Columbian who could really pull off the look. My otaku-ness was taking over. In Tokyo they had a certain thing called maid cafes where Japanese girls cosplay as maids. It was all good fun and part of there job.

"You could at least knock you know" I told her.

"Sorry but your dad craves a word with you."

I sighed "Tell him I'll be right there." I said as I walked to my closet.

I had a rather unique room. Large with a short three step stairway to a second floor where my bed, night stand and wardrobe rested. My plan was to head right back to bed as soon as she left. But I looked back and saw that she was leaning against the frame of the doorway arms crossed. "Umm, You can go now" I told her.

"I know how you are master Dawlson. Every time I wake you up you go straight back to sleep."

"I won't this time I promise."

"I know you won't, This time I'm keeping my eye on you." I sighed.

I smiled and narrowed my eyes at her "You know. You can't just put on a maid cosplay and call yourself a maid. You have to act like one to."

She smirked and counted off with her fingers, "One, I'm not cosplaying. This is a real maids uniform. Two, I'm following Master Adrian's wishes by making sure you make it to school on time today".

"You look like one from all the pictures I've seen." I told her as I began picking out my cloths. You know if the Maid Cafe phenomenon spread to the US you'd be perfect for the job."

"You've been watching to many cartoons?" She said with a grin.

"Anime" I corrected her.

"What's the difference"

I turned to her, stared a for a short moment and began one of my world famous nerdy rants. "Anime is from Japan, Cartoons are from the US. One starts out with Japanese voice overs then is licenced her in the US then dubbed in English while the other is originally English. Samurai Jack, Ben 10 and Batman Beyond are cartoons, Code Geass, Shakugan no Shana, Gerren Lagaan and Ga-Rei: Zero are-"

She held both hands up "Okay okay I understand, I understand! Just don't go back to sleep okay" She then left in a rush.

I smiled. I knew that would get rid of here. But I was way to pumped to go back to sleep now. Talking about my hobby always gave me energy.

I looked around my room while I got my cloths ready. It was what you'd expect from someone like me. My shelves were covered with collectable figures and Gundem models. And in a tall rectangular closet just next to my computer desk was my vast collection of anime and manga. The high definition flat screen TV was specifically for My X-box and PS3 stacked on top of one and another with over thirteen games. I had two posters. One was of the main characters from the To Aru Kagaku no Railgun anime and one of the Master Chief from Halo. My room is where I felt most comfortable but I was far from a shut in.

After I picked out my cloths - Boxers, Socks, Kingdoms Hearts T-shirt and blue genes - I headed into the bath room where I looked my self over in the mirror. I wasn't all that bad looking despite having a hobby that kept me indoors. I was a mercenary that dealt with Paranormal Monsters and Super Humans so I kept pretty active. If I didn't have this job I would be one fat bastard. But instead I was a rather buff.

I dressed myself, brushed my teeth, combed my hair then headed straight down stares. You've probably guessed by now that I'm rich. Like I said - this mercenary job pays. But my dad was the one who owned our three story, thirteen bedroom mansion. I was always greeted with the fresh smell of pine when I came to the main hall off a winding staircase. I'd grown used to the scent in the seventeen years I'd lived there. Paintings lined the walls as well as statues of various designs. And just out to the right of the mansion, passed the kitchen's sliding glass door, was an overly large pool and flourishing garden of numerus colorful. The former owner was said to be some old actress that died over a decade ago. They were planning on tearing it down when dad pulled some strings with the local contractor and bought it.

"I'm awake and ready to go, Dad!" I called out as I headed passed the Den and into the kitchen. As usual, he was in there going over some reports on his computer. My dad, was a rather built 37 year old. He fitted the 'stereotypical rich jerk' persona effectively. Always wore sunglasses, shorts and some kind of Hawaiian shirt - even in the winter. He had his thick brown hair always combed back. I'll admit that's where I got my sense of hairstyle.

"Do you have your watch on?" He called out.

"You already know the answer to that." The watches read outs always showed up on his computer. And yes I did gave it on.

"Just testing you." He called out.

Standing out side was our Gardener Mr. Hecter Bannel planting some seeds. "Morning Hecter!" I called as I opened the fridge and took out a carton of frozen waffles.


Hector was a well built African American who really didn't look the type of man to be gardening. Truth be told he wasn't just a gardener. His and Evetta's backgrounds were full of blood shed.

Evetta Conners - our cute twenty-three year old maid - was a highly professional assassin from Columbia. Her reputation was legend among Columbian soldiers. I learned all of my close quarter combat moves from her. Whenever we trained I was always the first one to get knocked on my ass. Dad and her were partners while he was on a mission to Columbia with another Super Human. It was a classified operation so he couldn't tell me specifics but Evetta screwed up and got the Super Human killed. She was struck with grief and wanted disparately to give up killing for a living. So dad offered her the job. And she excepted.

Hector was a mercenary, a solider for hire. He had killed people in Iraq Cuba, Span. All over the world. His story went far back before I was even born. While Dad was on a temporary job in span he saved Hector's life by letting him take refuge in his cellar. Dad was even kind enough to suture his wounded arm. Hector decided he wanted to return the kindness to my dad. And gladly accepted job. And Hecter's obsessive interest in flowers despite being a killing machine was hilarious.

The two's mission was to guard both us and dads research. My dad was head of Electromancer study after all. He was a bright man and there was no doubt bad people who wanted his research. At eyes glance we came across as your average rich family. But we were hardly stuck up because of our wealth. I donated two grand of my last paycheck to the japan earthquake relief fund. And dad paid two grand a year to a hospital devoted to curing cancer.

Despite that there was one thing that made it annoying. I had human friends I met when I joined the schools Anime Club. Dad didn't want me to invite them over since it was to dangerous. It would be a problem If they saw his research. Not to mention I didn't want them to know I was rich. Who knows what they'd do if they found out. They would probably leach me for money every day. After all, the only thing kids knew these days was gimme, gimme, gimme!

I took out two waffles and stuck them into the toaster. Evetta soon came around the corner and saw.

"I would have made you breakfast young master."

"You have your hands full cleaning. It's fine,"

Hector came stepping in the house carrying several flowers and Evetta noticed the dirt on his feet. "Dam it Hecter you black oaf!" She yelled "Master Dawlson and I both keep telling you to take your shoes off before you come in." That's when I closed my eyes and drooped my head.

Here we go again.

"I'm only going back outside in five seconds, I just came in to grab a vase" He passed the mat and stepped on the shiny oak floor leaving tiny clumps of dirt in his wake. Turning his back to her he opened a cupboard. That's when Evetta pulled a soft, lite hammer shaped magnet off the fridge and threw it at him. I tilted my head back stylishly avoiding it as she probably knew I would. In the blink of an eye Hecter unsheathed a knife from a knife holder turned and bated the magnet back at Evetta. She flung her head to the side dodging it like Neo. Dad entered the kitchen holding a soda just in time to catch it in his forehead where it stuck. Hector and Evetta froze and I busted out laughing.

"Are we really going to have another incident like this again? Even I don't want to buy another thousand dollar TV"

"Sorry master Dawlson" They said in unison. Evetta grabbed a broom out of the broom closet and Hecter grabbed a vase out of the cupboard and they both continued on with there work. The two servants couldn't really stand each other, which at times was good entertainment, but mostly it was absolutely annoying.

Dad pulled the magnet off his head and stuck it back onto the fridge. "You have another message from the director" He said as the toaster popped out my waffles "I sent it to your phone." He sounded depressed. And I knew what was bothering him.

"Another job?" I took out a plate and reached down into a cupboard underneath the island for some syrup and peanut butter.

"Yeah and this time it's something that I really disapprove of" He opened the fridge and took out a Dr. Pepper.

"You disapprove of all the missions I go on." I said as I drowned my waffles with syrup. "I have to intention of dieing alright."

"I was really against it when you decided to apply to the mercenary program," he popped open the can "let alone with your 'what the hell' attitude."

I began spreading a thin coat of peanut butter on my waffle "Well I did figure 'what the hell. Echo sees me as a weapon, so as long as they pay me I'll act like one."

Thats when dad spit out the gulp of Dr. Pepper he took, coughed and slammed the can onto the Island. he screamed "You are NOT a weapon!" I twitched in fright. "Your a living breathing human being with a heart and soul and your my son! Don't ever call yourself something like that again! We clear!"

"Okay, fine, yeah we're clear" I rarely saw my dad get angary. The only times I did was when I dumped on myself. "Just stop worrying. I never go on assignments that seem to risky. You know that?"

"The fields full of unexpected dangers Eloy." Dad said as he walked acrose the hall and back into his den.

I carried my waffles into the den and sat on the sofa.

"Just don't any unnecessary risks alright."

"I won't, I promise." I picked up the remote to the huge eighty-four inch flat screen TV and switched it on.

Dad went back to work on his computer "If you decided to take the job I'll drive you to the clearing."

It was normal for any decent parent to worry about there son, And I was thankful for that. But I really wished he would lay off. I was a capable mercenary despite only being seventeen.

I punched in the channel number for Anime Network and saw that I was just in time to catch Deadman Wonderland. But it was on a commercial break.

I set down the remote and pulled out my cellphone. Flipping it open I checked my mail. There were two unread messages. One from dad titled "New job" the other from Kimi Gray titled "Good luck at school". Kimi was one of the scientists in the Electromancer division who studied them and built there weaponry and gadgets. She was pretty much one of my dads Employes. I went ahead and opened "New job" and read:

Assignment request for Eloy Dawlson

Threat Level: Moderate

Authorization: Operative Level

Your task is to participate in the guarding and transport of a prisoner from Echo's New York branch to the Alcatraz facility off San Francisco. Due to uncertain threats posed by an unidentified terrorist organization the CIA and high executives of Echo wish this to be a safe transport and would like the assistance of as many Echo Operatives as possible. Should you choose to accept this assignment your first order is to attend the full briefing at Echo's Main Headquarters on Saturday July 9th at 0830 hours.

Op bonus well be the minimum rate.

I blinked. Echo was getting threats? That was surprising. The only people who knew about Super Humans - let alone Echo - were the highest command in military powers across the world. Or so I was told at the time. This meant every serious military power in the world was a suspect. But since it was only threats and there were no guarantees of an attack I decided it was safe. Not to mention "Minimum Rate" still meant I would still be getting about two grand. Hell Yes!.

I looked over at dad "Yeah I'm going to take this." I told him.

He sighed. There was worry in his voice. He really didn't want me to go. "Alright, I'll drive you to the LZ come Saturday."


I headed back to the inbox then selected Kimi's Message:

Hey E. I heard your starting school again next week. I know how hard high school can be. Not to mention you're probably thinking about the incident with your friend last year. I know how much you hate Echo getting in the way of your social life. But whatever you do DON'T USE YOUR POWERS ON ANYONE! I know people tend to look down on kids with interests like yours. But don't let it get to you. I doubt your friend would want you to make the same mistake.

Dr. Gray

I couldn't help but smile. She wouldn't knew what Anthony would've wanted. Anyone who told me that he did annoyed me. But Kimi was a kind person. Not to mention sexy. She was Japanese but was born and raised in America since her entire family was involved in Super Human research since the 90's.

Kimi was always calling me, asking me if I noticed or felt anything strange about my power. Plus she bugged me whenever I seemed angry or upset. Whether it was out of pure kindness or just her job to care so much I didn't know. But it was reassuring knowing there was someone I could always talk to.

I always hated replying to phone messages. Takes to damn long. I hit 'reply' and typed in a short response:

Thanks for caring. I'll be fine. I'll see you soon for our next experiment.


Love ya

I had doubts about sending such a flirt filled message. But I hit send anyway. It's not like we loved each other. We just teased each other a lot. She laughed whenever I flirted with her so I guess she didn't hate me for it. I flipped the phone closed and slid it back into my pocket. I'd be looking forward to her reply.

The commercial ended and I slid the phone back into my pocket. Until school started I was going to enjoy my anime.