Perfect World.

By: Ashley Carlson

My world,

Is my favorite place,

It is peaceful,

It is calm.

My world,

Is full of life,

Is big and small,

Is perfect.

My world,

Is like a dream

A fairytale,

A paradise.

My world

Is beautiful


Safe and sound.

My world,

Has journey's,

And adventures,

Just waiting to be found.

My world,

Is made of hope's,


And everything in between.

My world,

Is where,

I can be seen,

Like any other human being.

My world,

Makes me smile,

Makes me laugh,

Makes me want to stay awhile.

My world,

Is where I watch the sunset,

Where I wish upon stars,

Where I never have to fret.

My world,

Is a picture,

Still being painted,

And always will be.

My world,

Is where I find,


And harmony.