8:10p.m. 05-27-11

I were a mask everyday.

I always hide behind it.

Afraid people will see,

The real me.

But my masks aren't colorful.

Their plain and gray.

Hide my true colors.

Hide who I am.

Without it, I see beauty.

Others see differently.

No one knows the real me.

Not even me.

But I'll start to take them away.

Letting others see.

Putting color to them.

But I still hide.

Let the world see me.

Let my friends see me.

Let my family see me.

Let me see me.

I wont be afraid.

I will start to be me.

I wont hide.

I will create rainbows out of the gray.

I wont care about others thoughts.

I'll only care about mine.

But not yet.

Give me time.

Then you can see.

What's behind these masks. .

You'll get to see the real me. . .

The real, colorful, beauty.