Two days later (Monday)…

Everyone stares at me more than normal. "Why are they staring?" I ask Saki. "Did you tell one of your journalism friends?"

She shakes her head. "They're staring because you're so uncharacteristically happy, Jay. I'd ask you not to be offended, but I really don't think anyone's capable of offending you right now. I think that the reason you feel weird on the drugs is because your depression was from the situation not some hormone or chemical imbalance. But don't stop taking the drugs till your therapist says it's okay."

"Whatever, Saki."

We walk into our third hour, and Davis calls, "Get over here, Angel." Everyone looks toward the door, probably expecting to see a new girl. Instead it's me and Saki. And it's me who responds to his call. Whispers start to spread through the room. "Shoot, Angel," he says. "You're happier than I've ever seen you in my life."

"You're point being?"

"No less sarcastic, I see…"

"I get it from Saki."

"True," she says, appearing at my side. "Now get on with it, Winters. You promised me. And it's not like you don't want to." What's she talking about?

He suddenly stands and pulls me into a kiss. I can't keep myself from kissing back. When we simultaneously pull out of the short kiss, I whisper, "Why?"

"Now you're not the only freak." He turns and addresses the rest of the class. "For the record… I am also… okay, no I'm not." He turns to me and whispers, "I was going to say I was also a fricking pretty boy fag, but I'm not… fricking fag, according to them, yes… pretty boy, though… I'm not beautiful like you are…" He shrugs. To the rest of the class he says, "Let's just say my boyfriend doesn't need a girl to fight his fights for him anymore, got me?" No one says a word. Davis, standing a little more than six feet with real muscles, is far more intimidating than five foot seven me.

Saki looks at me. She smiles. "I take back what I said about the new kid being bad for your heart."