To Catch a Star ~

To catch a star is never easy,

You could stand atop the highest mountains,

Or lay at the bottom of the deepest oceans,

And you'll never be an inch closer,

Or a league farther from the Heavens,

But maybe there is hope,

In that one shining grace,

That shoots down from space.

Where it lands is but a mystery,

Where it came from is only imagination,

But each has a story to tell,

From every part of the universe,

A universe we barely know,

To the smallest reaches of our hearts,

There is a star waiting,

For the day it will be heard,

So maybe all we have to do,

Is reach into our soul,

And we could cross the unknown galaxy,

Travel space together,

And finally catch that star,

Maybe then it will tell us,

Who we are,

What we want,

Where to go,

And what to do,

So maybe then,

After all is said and done,

We can watch as midnight falls,

And dots light up the sky,

We can reach up with our hands,

And stir the constellations,

We'll make new patterns,

Arrange them how we want,

And after we are done,

We can reach into our souls,

Pull out our stars,

And throw into the sky,

For the world to enjoy.