The Sun Was Just Rising

By Carter Quetzi Tachikawa

(This was the last thing I wrote before I went into this period of depression when I was fourteen. My dad had just died on the fourth of July and I lost all inspiration and hopes of continuing to write. Well, five years have passed and I'm out of the depression. I don't write much poetry but I decided to post this up)

The sun was just rising this morning
I could hear the birds chirping like always
Outside, people were cutting their lawns or sitting on their decks
Then there were some who were getting ready for the celebration later tonight
It had rained a little the night before so the holes in the sidewalk
Were filled with water
But nevertheless, I was ready for the fireworks
Ready for the festivity. Ready for the watermelon. Ready for night to fall.
But I never got to enjoy those.
In one hour, maybe one second, all was lost.
Early in the morning, the sun rose and went back down
Grief, resentment, disbelief
All those emotions were enough to make my blood coagulate
The fireworks shot up in the sky and spread out
Not once did I pay attention to the colorful spectacle
The red and green and blue were replaced with black and gray
I lost it all that night: the inspiration, the hope, family as a whole
The birds didn't chirp the day after
No one came out to see what had happened
The water in the holes have dried up
The watermelons have been eaten
The seeds are still on the ground and the fireworks is stashed away
My hair is in tangles and my nails haven't been cut
All I've eaten are chips, cheese, pickles, and ice cream
With some rice, bread, and lentil soup at times
There was no more celebration...just an ordinary day
Another ordinary day lacking too much
As time continues to go by, only one thing remains clear now
On the Fourth of July morning, the sun was just rising
Afterwards, it went down and set forever

Quick note: I am serious when I say all I ate those days were chips, cheese, pickles, ice cream, rice, bread, and lentil soup. I wasn't allowed to eat meat of any kind or any fast food for ten days. I couldn't wash my hair or cut my nails. So as you see, I was a mess. It has been five years and I went into a major period of writer's block for four years. Thank God I'm writing again. Carter