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Lance and Angelia

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

We All Change For The Ones We Love...

-Book Three

"There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer, no disease that enough love will not heal, no door that enough love will not bridge, no wall that enough love will not throw down, no sin that enough love will not redeem... It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook, how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake. A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough, you could be the happiest and most powerful being in the world..."

-Emmet Fox

Lance: "So was this place you were at an energy place or something?"

Angelia: "Kind of."

Lance: he nodded. "Thanks babe."

Angelia: "You're welcome."

Lance: "Did you ask your parents yet about going on vacation with me and Kathy and her family?"

Angelia: "No not yet. I will though. When do you plan on going?"

Lance: "It's in a few weeks."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I'll ask tomorrow."

Lance: "Awesome." he sighed, "I was so bored with you gone. Then with no best friend anymore I really had nothing to do at all. I need a new friend."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I'm...sorry...about you and Dante. I feel I'm responsible for you and him not being friends."

Lance: "Like I said, it was meant to happen if it happened. He wasn't a good friend to begin with if he was hitting on my girl."

Angelia: She just nodded a bit then laid her head against him.

Lance: he kissed her head, "Sleepy baby?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Mhm."

Lance: "I'll let you lay down then. I've gotta go say hi to Luca. I haven't seen him since you've been gone."

Angelia: "Luca isn't here right now."

Lance: "Oh. That's sad."

Angelia: "He should be here tomorrow though. He's spending the night with our grandma."

Lance: "Oh. Okay." he got up and took off his shirt and pants and lay down on Angelia's bed.

Angelia: She took only her pants and shirt off. She left her bra and panties on.

Lance: "Afraid to sleep naked anymore?"

Angelia: "No. I just got use to sleeping with only this on for the past three months." She kissed him softly the whispered. "I figured that you could take the rest off of me."

Lance: "Wait..." he turned his head, "What?"

Angelia: "What?"

Lance: "You slept in your bra and underwear around...other boys?"

Angelia: "No. I was in a room filled with girls. We all had to sleep in our bra and panties."

Lance: he smiled, "I wish I was there."

Angelia: "I know." She smiled a bit back.

Lance: "So tell me, what was it like and why did you sleep in a room full of girls?"

Angelia: "What was what like? It was a rule on the camp I was staying on."

Lance: "So you left to go to camp?"

Angelia: "Not really. I left to find something."

Lance: "Find what?"

Angelia: She got up and went to her bag. She pulled out another box.

Lance: "I'm guessing you found it." he watched her.

Angelia She nodded. "Yes. It took me awhile though." She came over to the bed and opened the box.

Inside the box was a necklace. It was made of pure silver and it had bright sapphire, ruby, jade and diamond crystals.

Lance: "What's so special about that?"

Angelia: She picked it up and held it.

Lance: he watched her.

Angelia: "This is made of pure silver." She told him as she held it.

Lance: "Hey." he smiled a bit, "It's not burning you."

Angelia: She nodded. "Exactly. It's very rare and it has the same thing like your ring but it also can control the elements of earth."

Lance: "Don't you already have that power though?"

Angelia: "I do but it's not for me." She put it back in the box and put the lid back on it.

Lance: "Who is it for?"

Angelia: "I'm not exactly sure yet." She put it back in her bag.

Lance: "So you leave for a three months to get this thing for someone you don't know?"

Angelia: "No, not really. I went there to find that, yes, and to learn how to control my powers better. I couldn't do that here."

Lance: "So do you know now?"

Angelia: "No, not really. I went there to find that, yes, and to learn how to control my powers better. I couldn't do that here." She came back and lay down.

Lance: "So do you know now?"

Angelia: "I do." She smiled a bit and kissed him softly.

Lance: he kissed her back, "So what was with all the other girls and boys there? Do they control earth too or were they just there to learn how to fight?"

Angelia: "They were just learning to fight." She moved close to him, cuddling close.

Lance: he put his arm around her, "So it was worth it? Being gone three months?"

Angelia: "I learned how to defend myself when I was there, so yeah I guess so." She closed her eyes. "But I was thinking of you the whole time."

Lance: "So what did you wear in the day if you ran around in your bra and underwear at night?"

Angelia: "I wore what looked like one of the karate outfits."

Lance: "Sexy. Did you get to keep it?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "It's there when I come back if I wanted to try and further my training."

Lance: "I want to go too."

Angelia: "One day I'll take you the same with my father." She yawned.

Lance: "Good. I won't let you leave without me next time."

Angelia: "I wouldn't want to leave without you the next time."

Lance: "Good." he kissed her cheek and lay down beside her, closing his eyes. "Good night my love."

Angelia: "Good night, love."

A few days passed until the morning of Arya on the day she was to have her child. Lance had told Angelia about him fighting Daniel while she was gone. So she knew about that.

Angelia: she could hear her father's voice from her bedroom.

Daray: "Angelia! Clean the floor in the kitchen please!"

Angelia: She did what she was told. She knew what that meant. Her mother's water must have broke. She was going to have a new little sibling soon. When she was done cleaning up the floor, she went to keep Luca company until she was needed again.


Daray: "Angelia!" he called again.

Angelia: "Yes?" She poked her head out of Luca's room then fell.

Daray could hear Luca's laughter.

Daray: "Luca did you push your sister?" he walked over to Angelia and helped her up, "You okay?"

Angelia: "Yeah, I'm fine. We were just playing around. He caught me off guard." She smiled a bit.

Luca: He smiled and nodded.

Daray: "Alright. If you were just playing. Be careful though." he sighed, "You two have a new little sister. Amelia Rose."

Angelia: She smiled. "Does this mean we have to decorate a nursery?" She was getting excited.

Luca: "I'm a big brother?" He smiled big.

Daray: "Yep. All we've got in there is yours and Luca's old baby things." he ruffled Luca's hair. "That you are."

Angelia: "We should get her new things. Like a new crib and that."

Luca: He laughed a bit.

Daray: "You got the money for it?"

Angelia: "No but we do. Mom told me all about her being princess or something like that. Please, Daddy, please can we redecorate the room and get new things for the new baby? Please? We can pick things out together."

Daray: "Oh yeah." he smiled a bit, "I forgot about that. Sure. But I can't leave your mom with a new baby just yet."

Angelia: "Yes!" She hugged him. "I can look at things online for now then we can go and get them if we agree on the things I find. Sound good?" She looked at him, she was smiling a bit.

Luca: "I help too?"

Daray: "Sounds good." he hugged her back and then looked down at Luca, "Of course you can help." he picked Luca up.

Luca: He smiled a bit. "I'm surprised you can still pick me up Dad."

Angelia: "Me too." She watched them, smiling.

Daray: "I can pick up Angelia if I wanted. I pick up your mother. Why wouldn't I be able to pick you up little one?" he kissed his cheek. "I'm a lot stronger than I look."

Luca: "I'm not that little anymore, Dad." He looked at him.

Angelia: "I'm going to go see if Mom needs anything." She went to Daray and Arya's room then walked in. "Awww, she's so adorable." She said softly, sitting down on the edge of the bed, watching Arya as she held Amelia. She was in the room for a few minutes with them until Luca came into the room and grabbed her hand and started to pull her out of the room and down the hallway, giggling. "Luca, what is it?" She laughed softly but she willingly went with him but it seemed like she wasn't going fast enough.

Daray: "Stand against the door jam." he said when he saw Angelia.

Angelia: "Why?" She asked when she got to him.

Luca: "To get measured. Like me." He smiled.

Angelia: "Oh. okay." She stood against the door jam.

Daray: he marked her height on the wall and then wrote the date. "Okay."

Angelia: "I don't get why you measured my height. I won't be growing anymore." She looked at Daray. "Or is that to compare Luca's with mine?"

Daray: "I just wanted to mark your height since I didn't when you were little."

Angelia: "Oh. Okay. I understand." She smiled a bit. "Do you miss the time that we lost when I was growing up?" She asked softly, looking down a bit for a few minutes.

Daray: "I do." he kissed her head, "Which is why I've come up with an idea." he tossed the pencil on his desk.

Angelia: "Which is?" She looked at him and smiled a bit.

Daray: "I'm going to give you the child hood you missed when I was gone."

Angelia: "How are you going to do that?"

Daray: "Want a piggy back ride?"

Angelia: "Dad, I don't think that this is going to work." She said a bit sad.

Daray: "Come on."

Angelia: "I...kinda grew out of piggy back rides." She said softly and frowned a bit.

Daray: he frowned. "Fine..."

Angelia: She felt bad now. "I'm sorry, Dad. I don't think there is a way to get the childhood back that we both missed." She shrugged a bit. "I don't mind it that much though." She kissed his cheek then walked downstairs to the kitchen to make everyone lunch.

Lance: he walked into the kitchen and kissed Angelia's cheek, "Hello babe. Luca let me in." he sat down at the kitchen table, holding a piece of wood in his hand with a knife in the other, carving.

Soon Daray and Luca came down.

Daray: he came into the kitchen, "What are you making?" he asked Angelia, "And what are you doing Lance?"

Lance: "Carving stuff."

Daray: "Carving what?"

Lance: "Stuff."

Daray: "Interesting."

Lance: "Totally." he blew the chippings off the piece of wood he was carving with the knife in his hand as he sat at the kitchen table.

Angelia: "It's your favorite dish, Dad. I figured you would like it since you haven't had it for awhile. I hope I cooked it as well as Mom does." She set two plates on the table then went back, grabbed the third plate and set it on the table.

Daray: "Awww. Thanks baby girl." he took one of the plates and sat down at the island.

Lance: he looked over at the plate of food and set down the piece of wood. "Mmm, yum." he put his finger in the mashed potatoes and licked it off.

Angelia: "You're welcome, Daddy." She smiled a bit then looked at Lance. She sighed. "Will you please use the silverware?"

Luca: He sat down and started to eat from his plate.

Lance: "God gave me fingers for a reason." he looked at Angelia.

Angelia: "Yes, and he gave them to you to hold things. Like that fork and spoon."

Lance: he rolled his eyes and picked up the spoon. He scooped up the mashed potatoes on it. "Better?" he put it in his mouth.

Daray: "Don't fight with women, Lance. You lose. Every time."

Lance: "Yea." he opened his mouth to show Angelia the mashed potatoes in his mouth.

Angelia: "And chew with your mouth closed, no one wants to see that." She turned and went to fix herself a plate.

Luca: He just laughed softly.

Lance: he swallowed and looked at Luca and pouted, "You're laughing at me? I thought we were tight."

Luca: He shook his head no. "Not laughing at you."

Lance: "What are you laughing at then?" he whispered to him, "You can tell me."

Luca: He looked at Angelia then to him. He shook his head no again. "I can't I promised Angel that I wouldn't."

Lance: he glanced at Angelia then looked at Luca. "Huh?" he was confused now.

Luca: "You're going to have a good time tonight. That's all I can say."

Angelia: She smiled s bit then started to eat her food.

Lance: "You were laughing about that? Does that mean something bad is going to happen?"

Luca: He shook his head no again as he took another bite of his food.

Lance: "Hmmm..." he continued to eat his food.

Angelia: She smiled to herself.

Luca: He watched everyone as he ate.

Lance: "Did you ask yet, Angelia?"

Angelia: "Oh. Not yet." She looked at Daray. "Hey Daddy?"

Daray: "What now?" he suspected something was up.

Angelia: "I was wondering if I could go with Kathy, her parents and Lance on this vacation thing."

Daray: "When is it?"

Angelia: She looked at Lance for the answer to that question.

Lance: "In a few weeks."

Daray: "Where are you going?"

Lance: "The Outerbanks."

Daray: "I'll ask your mom about it and let you know okay?" he said to Angelia.

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay Daddy."

Daray: he finished his plate of food, "It was just as good as your mothers. Is there seconds?" he smiled.

Angelia: She smiled and took his plate. "Yeah." She went and got him seconds. She set the plate in front of him.

Daray: "Mmm. Thanks." he started to eat that.

Lance: "You should make my favorite dish sometime." he suggested.

Angelia: She smiled and finished up her plate. She then took her plate to the sink. "I might make it one day." She smiled a bit. "When you least expect it."

Lance: "Like tomorrow? I'd least expect it then."

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Perhaps."

Lance: he smiled a bit and finished his food on his plate and got up with the plate and walked over to the sink and put it in the sink. He kissed Angelia's cheek. "Thanks for dinner babe."

Angelia: She smiled at him. "You're welcome, love." She started to wash the dishes. "Oh, get something nice on and grab something to swim in for later."

Daray: "Are you going out?"

Angelia: She nodded and looked at him. "Yeah. I have something planned for tonight. Just Lance and I. Is that alright with you, Daddy? If not, I can make it a different day."

Daray: "It's fine. Just remember your curfew." he reminded her.

Angelia: She nodded. "I remember. I have everything planned out where I'd be back here at 30 minutes before my curfew." She smiled a bit.

Daray: "Alright. Good." he finished his plate and stood, "Have fun then."

Lance: "Be right back."

Angelia: "I will." She walked over to him and hugged him. "Did I ever show you how that key worked?" She looked at him after a few minutes.

Daray: "No. I've been meaning to ask you but it's been busy with your mom pregnant."

Angelia: She nodded. "I can show you either now or when I get back."

Daray: "If you have time now it's fine."

Angelia: She nodded again and smiled. "I have time now." She teleported upstairs and waited for Daray.

Daray: "You okay here?" he asked Luca.

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah. I'm still eating." He took another bite.

Daray: "Alright." he kissed his head then went upstairs to his office.

Angelia: She was waiting for Daray. She sat in his chair. She smiled. "I don't know where you put the key and that at so I decided to wait for you instead of going through your things."

Daray: he went over to the cupboard and opened the door and pulled out the box Angelia had given him, "I wasn't sure what to do with them." he set the box on his desk.

Angelia: "It's alright." She opened the box and took out the key. She put her thumb on the part where the handle of the key and the key itself met. As soon as she did that and image showed up. The image took up the whole room so it seemed like they were really there.

Daray: "What am I looking at?"

Angelia: "This is the place I was at. It's just images but you'll be able to see everywhere that I've went while I was gone."

Daray: "Nice. So how do I work it?"

Angelia: "See where my thumb is?"

Daray: he looked at her hand, "Yea?"

Angelia: "All you do is just place your thumb or finger there and you can see where I was at. At the time I wrote the letter, I couldn't figure out how to explain it."

Daray: "I see. How do I flip through images?"

Angelia: "You can't. If you wait for a few seconds, maybe even a minute, it should just start to look like you are actually there and you're walking around there."

Daray: "Alright. Thanks my dear. Now, this is where you learned the fighting moves you're going to show me?"

Angelia: She nodded and set the key down. The images faded slowly. "Yes. It's a very strict place to learn things but, I guess it was worth it." She shrugged a bit.

Daray: "Well it better have been, for you to have been gone three months without contact to your parents."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yeah. I'm sorry I worried you and Mom. It wasn't my intention."

Daray: "You could have told us why you left and where you went."

Angelia: "Truthfully, I didn't find out the name of the place until I was training. I left to find something and just happened to be forced, I guess you could say, to stay and learn their teachings. They want their teachings to span out to others that don't live in their world."

Daray: "I'm telling you, if it was longer than three months I don't know what you'd of come back to at home."

Angelia: She frowned a bit."What are you talking 'bout?"

Daray: "Losing a child doesn't do well for either parent when they don't know where the child was." he said softly.

Angelia: She was quiet for a moment and the next thing Daray knew he was getting hugged, tightly.

Daray: he hugged her back and smiled a bit, "I'm just getting hugged left and right today." he said softly. He kissed Angelia's cheek. "It's alright. But the next time you leave without telling me where you are, you will be grounded. Technically you should be grounded now. But your mom and I are just happy you're back."

Angelia: "I'm sorry I left so suddenly." She whispered then looked at him. "I haven't hugged you a lot since you've been back. You deserve them and you look like you need them."

Daray: "Thanks. Hugs do make the world a better place." he smiled a bit more. "Like I said my daughter, you're forgiven. This time."

Angelia: "I won't do it again. I swear." She smiled a bit back. "Next time I plan to take you to Incarceron with me. Then you can train and learn what I learned then we can further our training together afterwards."

Daray: "Sounds good. Incarceron reminds me of incarceration."

Angelia: "How so?"

Daray: "It sounds like it."

Angelia: "Oh."

Daray: "Which, considering they kept you there for three months against your will, you say, it fits them."

Angelia: "They call themselves Incarconians. Very weird in many ways but polite at the same time."

Daray: "Yea. I guess so."

Angelia: She smiled a bit more then kissed his cheek. "I have to go get ready now. I love you, Daddy." She then left the office.'

Daray: "Love you too sweetie."

Lance: he was in Angelia's room, dressed in a suit, "Nice enough for you?"

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Stand up for a second. Please?"

Lance: he stood up for a second then sat back down.

Angelia: She sighed. "Stand up. Please? And stay standing."

Lance: he smiled, "Alright." he did so.

Angelia: "Thank you." She took the suit jacket off him then looked over him. She shook her head. "You could go to a club in a suit but you'd probably be the only one there in one." She kissed his cheek then went over to her closet and looked for something to wear.

Lance: "You said dress nice." he sighed, "Dug this thing out for nothing. Okay, be right back." he took the jacket from her and teleported back to his place.

Angelia: She found one of her short skirts and the shirt that went with it. She then looked for her shoes that she thought looked good with the outfit. She put it on along with the shoes. She did her hair and makeup. She was all ready when Lance got back.

Lance: he teleported back in with his washed out jeans on with a few rips in them. He was wearing his swim trunks under his jeans. He had a belt on to hold his pants up. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a red design on it. "Better?"

Angelia: She looked over him. "Yeah. What do you think?" She turned around for him. She was wearing a short black skirt. It fit her figure a bit but it was loose enough where she could move comfortably. She wore a dark, dark red shirt. It was low cut a bit and the strap came up around her neck and was backless until her mid lower back.

Lance: "I think you need to take that off of you right now." he smiled and grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him and kissed her. "I'll help."

Angelia: She kissed him back. "Why is that?" She smiled a bit.

Lance: "Because I like what's underneath better."

Angelia: She kissed him softly then whispered in his ear. "You'll be getting it later, my love." She then pulled away from him and grabbed her coat and purse; she made sure to have her phone and money.

Lance: he smiled, "Alright. This should be fun. And look at that. We're a matching couple."

Angelia; She smiled and nodded. "Yes and we're going to make everyone else jealous at the club I'm going to be taking us too." She put her coat on.

Lance: "Sounds good to me."

Angelia: She smiled. "Good." She poked her head out of her room. "Bye Daddy! I'll be back later." She then looked at Lance before teleporting out to her car.

Daray: "Bye Angelia! Bye Lance! Have fun!"

Lance: "Bye Daray!" he teleported out to Angelia's car and smiled, "At least I see you've been getting some use out of this thing." he got in.

Angelia: "Of course. Why wouldn't I?" She got in the driver's side, buckled up. She waited until Lance was buckled and when he was she put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway. When she got on the road, she started to drive towards the club.

Lance: "So I take it you've got your license if you're driving me to the club."

Angelia: "Yeah."

Lance: "How do you like it?"

Angelia: "I love it." She smiled.

Lance: "That's good." he smiled a bit and leaned over and kissed her cheek while she was driving.

Angelia: She smiled and nodded a bit. "It is." She drove for a few more miles then pulled into a parking lot that was already filled with cars. She parked the car and shut it off. She looked at Lance and smiled.

Lance: "I've been here before. I think." he got out of the car.

Angelia: She got out too then locked the car. She walked towards the back of the building.

Lance: he walked up beside her and put his arm around her waist, holding her tightly close. He kissed her neck.

Angelia: She smiled a bit as she walked up to a door with two bouncers on each side.

Bouncer 1: He stopped them. "Name."

Angelia: "Aleron."

Bouncer 1: He nodded.

Bouncer 2: He opened the door for them.

Angelia: She walked inside.

Lance: he walked in with her and looked around the place.

Loud and upbeat music could be heard from above them and below them but they were different beats and different music. They could feel the slop down as they walked.

Lance: "No. Can't say I've been here before."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "It's a place for only Snydes. I'm surprised you didn't know about it, love." She looked at him as she turned into the club.

Lance: "Awesome." he walked into the club with her. "I'm surprised too." but not too terribly much. He'd check out new clubs with Dante when they were friends. Now that he didn't have a best friend, he stuck with the places he knew.

Angelia: "Let's go dance." She smiled s she pulled him onto the dance floor.

Lance: he smiled and went with her, "Alright." he started to dance with her.

Angelia: She smiled as she danced with him; soon she started to grind against him.

Lance: he smiled as he put his hands on her hips to keep the rhythm with her.

Angelia: She grinded against him soft at first then hard. She let her body flow with the music.

The people around them watched them dance. Most of the guys stared and watched how Angelia moved her body. Some even wished that they were where Lance was.

Lance: he whispered in her ear, "Babe, I'm getting hot. And it's not just from the exertion of dancing." he kissed her ear.

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Then we should go." She whispered back to him.

Lance: he turned her around so she fell back into his arms and he kissed her lips deeply.

Angelia: She kissed him back deeply.

Lance: he leaned back, "Thirsty babe?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yes."

Lance: he took her hand and pulled her through the crowd over to the refreshments area, taking a seat at the back.

As Angelia was being pulled through the crowd, her butt was pinched and smacked a few times.

Angelia: She didn't say anything about it, she mostly ignored it. She smiled a bit and sat next to Lance. She ordered two drinks.

Lance: he took a drink of his, "You didn't do that on our first date."

Angelia: "Do what?" She took a drink as she looked at him.

Lance: "Grind against me like that."

Angelia: "It was our first date; I wasn't sure if I should of or could of."

Lance: "Oh. You definitely could have and should have. We would have been in bed together that night."

Angelia: She smiled and kissed him softly.

Lance: he kissed her softly back. "On the count of three, let's down our drinks. Alright?"

Angelia: She smiled and nodded. "Alright."

Lance: "One. Two. Three." he tilted the drink to his mouth and tilted his head back to let the drink slide down his throat. He slammed his drink down on the counter with a, "Ahh."

Angelia: She did the same thing but coughed a bit afterwards. "Want to do shots instead of these glasses?" She looked at him.

Lance: "You aren't old enough for alcohol. You won't be able to handle it."

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "Neither are you yet you go to bars and drink." She ordered them shots. "Also these aren't all alcohol shots."

Lance: "Pity." he waited for the shots, "I am more used to drinking then you are. I'm going to have to teleport you out of here after this and it will ruin the rest of your night you had planned."

Angelia: "No it won't. I know what I'm doing. Trust me."

Lance: "Alright."

Angelia: She took one of the shot glasses when the bartender brought them over.

Lance: he took one also, "Ready?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Lance: "Go." he started to down the shots.

Angelia: She did the same thing. She set the glass down.

Lance: "Aren't you gonna keep going?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah." She got another one and she downed it too.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Alright." he was three shots ahead of her.

Soon all the shots that she ordered for them were gone.

Lance: he had finished his shots ten seconds before her.

Angelia: She set the glass down then smiled up at him.

Lance: "That was fun."

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes it was." She stood and took his hand and pulled him back to the dance floor. "We'll dance for another half hour then we can go swimming. What do you think?"

Lance: "Good babe. Are you feeling woozy?"

Angelia: "No. Why?"

Lance: "Just was wondering." he walked with her back to the dance floor and turned her to face him and held her hips so she was pressing against his manhood as they danced to the beat.

Angelia: She danced to the beat with him. She danced with him the whole half hour.

The same thing happened the last time they danced together.

Lance: he looked at the men and smiled, "Hands off. She's mine."

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

The most of the men just walked away.

Lance: he kissed Angelia, "Ready to go babe?"

Angelia: She kissed him back. "Yeah."

Lance: he teleported them back to Angelia's car.

Angelia: She smiled a bit then got in her car after unlocking it. She waited for Lance.

Lance: he got in the passenger's side and sat back, smiling.

Angelia: She buckled up and when Lance was buckled she drove to another building. She parked her car in the parking lot. There weren't any cars here.

Lance: "Where's this?"

Angelia: "It's the public swimming pool. I asked the person who owns it if I could rent it for tonight. They said yes of course." She got out and waited for him. When he got out she locked her car. She walked to the door then walked in.

Lance: "Nice. Indoors." as soon as he stepped inside he took off his shirt and tossed it on a chair. "I hope that didn't cost too much. We could have swam in the lake for free."

Angelia: "It didn't cost a thing." She hid a smile as she started to undress.

Lance: "Did you charm him with your hotness? Or scare him with your powers, or manipulate his mind?"

Angelia: "I never said it was a guy." She looked at him.

Lance: he shrugged. He started to take off his shoes and socks and then his jeans.

Angelia: "I explained to her why I wanted it so late. She understood for she did the same thing." She took off her skirt and her heels. She then pulled her hair up.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Cool." as soon as he was undressed and in his swim trunks he did a cannon ball into the water.

Angelia: She laughed softy then dived into the water.

Lance: he started to swim back and forth in the water. He took a mouthful of water and shot it at Angelia and then laughed and ducked under.

Angelia: She shook her head a bit then went under herself. She swam over to where Lance was at. She pulled him under the water and kissed him softy under water.

Lance: he smiled a bit and opened his eyes and then closed them again and held her in his arms, kissing her.

Angelia: She kissed him soft for a bit then started to kiss him harder

Lance: he broke the kiss and brought her to the surface and then continued to kiss her. He did need to breathe.

Angelia: She kissed him more, pulling him against her. She let her hands move down to the top of his swim trunks.

Lance: he reached behind her and untied her bikini top as he kissed her.

Angelia: She moaned softly and pulled him closer to her then broke the kiss and went under the water. He could feel his swim trunks removed.

Lance: he looked down at the water and watched her, a smirk on his face, "Babe?"

Angelia: She came up and had his trunks in her hand. "Yes, love?" She threw them over on the side of the pool then kissed him again.

Lance: he kissed her and slid his hands to her bikini bottoms and slid them down and lifting her leg in his hand he slid them off her.

Angelia: "Remember the last time we got this far in the water?" She whispered against his skin as she kissed down his neck.

Lance: "Mmm, yes babe. I do." he moaned softly and held her naked body against his.

Angelia: She kissed down his chest, stomach and further down.

Lance: he watched her for a bit before he shut his eyes and moaned softly.

Angelia: She kissed slowly and softly back up to his lips.

Lance: when her lips met his he kissed her hungrily, pressing her back against the wall of the pool.

Angelia: she kissed him back and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Lance: "I love you babe." he whispered between kisses.

Angelia: "I love you too, my love." She whispered back to him between kisses as well.


Angelia: She was getting her clothes back on; her swimsuit was still off though for it was wet. She rang her hair out then put it up in a bun. She was smiling and she couldn't help but keep looking over at Lance.

Lance: he pulled on his shirt and jeans. He rang his swim trunks out over the water. He kissed Angelia's cheek. "One of these days, I want you to have my babies."

Angelia: She smiled "One of these days, I wouldn't mind having you babies."

Lance: he smiled a bit at her, "I'm a bit hungry."

Angelia: She looked at the time and smiled. "Where would you like to eat?" She looked at him.

Lance: "I'm in the mood for a Sonic burger and milkshake. How about you? I know you don't eat human food."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Then we'll go to get you a Sonic burger and milkshake." She grabbed her swimsuit and started to walk towards the door.

Lance: he followed her, catching up to her and kissing the back of her neck.

Angelia: She smiled and walked out to her car.

Lance: he got in the passenger's side.

Angelia: She got in and started the car. She drove to get him his food. "Do you want to go inside or should I just go through the drive through?"

Lance: "We can go through the drive thru." he took out his wallet.

Angelia: "I got it, hon." She went in to the drive-thru."

Lance: "No. I'll pay. It's my food. I'm your boyfriend."

Angelia: "Yes, I know but I'm not just ordering food for you."

Lance: "That's alright."

Angelia: She ordered the food and drove to the window the person said to go to. "I can pay. It's not that big of a deal."

Lance: he kissed Angelia's cheek and reached over and gave the lady the cash.

Angelia: She sighed a bit.

The lady gave him his change back.

Lance: "Thanks." he set the change in Angelia's cup holder in the car.

Angelia: She drove to the next window and got the food.

Lance: "Thank you babe." he got his food out of the bag.

Angelia: "No problem, hon." She drove to an empty parking lot and parked the car. She then got her food out of the bag.

Lance: "Come on." he grabbed the food and drinks and got out of the car and sat on the hood.

Angelia: She grabbed her food and drink then teleported to where Lance but beside him.

Lance: he lay back carefully against the windshield and made it so he could look up at the stars.

Angelia: She watched him and smiled a bit.

Lance: he stayed like that as he ate his burger and drank his milkshake.

Angelia: She ate what she could; well what her body would let her. She drank half of her milkshake but couldn't finish it or her food.

Lance: "Give me. I'll be your vacuum."

Angelia: "If you want it, take it. I can't eat the rest. My body won't let me."

Lance: "Awesome." he finished her food for her.

Angelia: She laughed softly and shook her head a bit. She smiled a bit as well.

Lance: he put the garbage in the bag and looked up at the stars now that he was done eating.

Angelia: She looked up at the stars too and smiled a bit. "The skies are much clearer here than they are in Incarceron. I missed this." She whispered.

Lance: "Why aren't they clear on Incarceron?"

Angelia: "They don't really have a sky." She looked at him.

Lance: "Then what is it?"

Angelia: "It's more like a ceiling but it doesn't look like one. It's very confusing."

Lance: "That does sound confusing."

Angelia: "It would be better if I showed you but we don't have enough time for that."

Lance: "What time is it?"

Angelia: "Almost nine."

Lance: "Alright. What time you gotta be back again?"

Angelia: "I said that I'd be home at 9:30."

Lance: "We could have a hot make out session in your car and steam up the windows before you go."

Angelia: She smiled. "Sounds good."

Lance: he got off the car and threw the trash away then got back inside the car.

Angelia: She got in the car too as she waited for Lance.

Lance: he turned on her car and turned on slow seductive music and leaned over and kissed her lips softly, then got harder and harder.

Angelia: She kissed Lance back with the same intensity, pulling him to her.

Lance: he continued to make out with her for the length of time he was allotted.

They kissed for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Lance: he tried to be the stronger person and stop the kiss after the fifteen minute mark. No way could he do it at the ten mark.

Angelia: She pulled away and looked at him, she was breathing hard but soft. She smiled.

Lance: he smiled a bit at her, "Gotta go?" he guessed.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah." She whispered.

Lance: "We can continue this back at your place then babe."

Angelia: "Alright hon."

Lance: he smiled a bit and wiped at the window to get the steam off.

Angelia: She started the car and drove back to her house.

Lance: he had changed the music station to a rock station.

Angelia: She smiled. She soon pulled into her driveway.

Lance: "So the car works well for you?"

Angelia: "Yeah."

Lance: "Nothing wrong with it?"

Angelia: "Not that I know of."

Lance: "Too bad."

Angelia: "Why?"

Lance: "I was looking forward to working on it for ya."

Angelia: "Oh. I bet I can get Luca to make something wrong with this car."

Lance: "That'd be dangerous wouldn't it?"

Angelia: "Or I could."

Lance: "That's alright."

Angelia: "If you say so."

Lance: he kissed her cheek and got out of the car.

Angelia: She smiled a bit then got out of the car too. She then walked up to the door with him.

Lance: "I had a great time babe. Thanks." He faked a girly giggle like Angelia would do and then kissed Angelia's cheek and opened her house door and stepped into Angelia's house and waved at her then shut the door before she came in.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit then walked in after Lance.

Daray: "Welcome back. How was the date?" he asked from the living room.

Angelia: "It was great. We both had a great time." She smiled.

Daray: "Question, doesn't Lance have his own place?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, he does. He's just being weird at the moment." She walked into the living room and sat in one of the chairs. She had to sit properly since she was in a skirt.

Daray: "Yea. I noticed. He came in and said good night dad in a girly voice then went upstairs." he folded up the newspaper and set it down.

Angelia: "He's trying to mimic me. He's doing a good job at it. Umm...if you hear noises from upstairs. You'll know that I'm beating him up because he irritated me too much."

Daray: he laughed a bit, "Alright. I won't disturb that fight."

Angelia: She smiled and laughed softly. "Probably best." She stood and walked over to him. She kissed his cheek. "Night Daddy." She then walked to the stairs.

Daray: "Night Angel."

Angelia: She went upstairs to her room.

Lance: his clothes were off on the floor but he was wearing Angelia's robe and fluffy slippers. "Don't I look all the rage?"

Angelia: She sighed. "Lance, please take those off. You should see look." She set her purse down and started to strip then got into her pajamas.

Lance: he smiled, "My pleasure lovely." he took off the robe and slipped and was just there being naked. "Better?"

Angelia: "Sure, if you want to sleep like that." She climbed into her bed.

Lance: "I actually can't sleep here tonight babe. I just got a text and I have to go." he pulled on his jeans.

Angelia: "Okay?" She looked at him, she was a bit confused.

Lance: he leaned over and kissed her, "You know you loved seeing me dressed like you."

Angelia: She kissed him back. "Honesty? No I don't. It's a bit...weird and...disturbing."

Lance: "Heheheh. That's what married couples do. They become each other. Wait till after we are married and it'll be ten times worse."

Angelia: She didn't say anything she just shook her head. "Whatever." She kissed him again. "I'll see you tomorrow or whenever I see you." She smiled a bit.

Lance: he kissed her, "Bye babe." he said softly. "Love you." he opened her window and stepped back towards it, "You know, now I think I might just perish since you don't love me in pink..."

Angelia: "Love you too." She rolled her eyes. "I'll see you later. Goodnight."

Lance: he did the dramatic pose with his arm over his eyes and his head turned like on the commercial for 800 contacts and the special eyes. He did a dramatic voice. "Good night." he fell backwards out of the window.

Angelia: "Lance!" She ran to the window and looked out it.

Lance: he wasn't there. He had teleported away.

Angelia: She sighed in relief then scowled. He was going to pay a bit for that.


Angelia: she woke up and went downstairs, watching television with her brother Luca.

Daray: he came downstairs, "Hey guys, your mother is sick."

Angelia: "Oh no. What is she sick with?" She seemed worried.

Luca: "Is there something that we could do to help her get better?"

Daray: "I don't know. I checked her body and she doesn't have any illness. She doesn't want to go to the doctors. She keeps holding her stomach. She threw up for a few hours last night. I'm worried."

Angelia: "Then it's probably a bacterium not a virus. Illnesses are caused by viruses."

Luca: "Or mommy ate or drank something that had something bad in it."

Angelia: "Or that too."

Daray: "Food poisoning then?"

Angelia: "Could be."

Daray: "But we all ate the same things I think. We should be sick too. And if Arya is sick Amelia will be sick because she's breast fed from her."

Angelia: "Here, let me see Amelia." She held her arms out for her. "You go check to see if Mom does have food poisoning or not. I'll check Amelia."

Daray: "Be careful." he gave Amelia to Angelia and then went upstairs to check on Arya.

Angelia: She checked over Amelia, being careful as told.

Luca: He watched.

Angelia: she heard her dad's voice a few minutes later.

Daray: 'Angelia, it's not food poisoning. Bring me some red liquid. Your mother is dehydrated.'

Angelia: 'What do you want me to do with Amelia?'

Daray: 'Bring her up here and put her in her crib.'

Angelia: 'Alright.' She had Luca help her. She carried Amelia while Luca carried the glass of red liquid. When Angelia got into the room she carefully placed Amelia in her crib then got the red liquid from Luca. "Here Dad." She handed him the glass.

Daray: "Thank you." he softly opened Arya's mouth and started to pour the drink down her throat slowly. He was extremely worried for her and he wished there was more he could do. But he didn't know what to do.

Angelia: She nodded. "You're welcome." She said softly and watched. She was worried too. After a few minutes, she motioned to Luca for him to leave and she followed him out. She was sure they were more in the way than anything right now, so they needed to leave. Daray would tell them if he needed them. She went back to her room while Luca went to his room.

Lance: he walked up the stairs.

Angelia: She was lying in her room on her bed. She had her eyes closed and her music on.

Luca: He quietly followed Lance, making sure that Lance didn't see or hear him.

Lance: he walked down to Angelia's room.

Luca: Before Lance could get to Angelia's room, he tackled Lance.

Lance: he fell face forward down, catching himself just in time. He yelled. "Luca!" he turned over to see him, "What was that for?"

Luca: He laughed softly. "You haven't hung out with me lately."

Lance: "No, I haven't. Sorry. Did you want to hang out?"

Luca: "You're too busy with Angelia now-a-days to hand out with me." He got off of him.

Lance: "I'm not that busy." he sat up, "What did you have in mind?"

Luca: He shrugged. "I don't know."

Lance: he glanced at Angelia's room then at Luca, "We can hang out now. Angelia doesn't know I'm here. And if she does I still think it'd be best for us to hang out before she can get her hands on me. After she gets her hands on me there may be no chance for me to do anything."

Luca: He laughed softly. "Sounds like Angelia."

Lance: he got up and brushed himself off then cracked his neck, "You totally caught me off guard. How long were you following me?"

Luca: "Since you got here." He smiled.

Lance: "Nice." he walked down the stairs, "I know exactly what we can do. Tell your parents you are going with me. I'll have you back in a few hours. Swear."

Luca: "Okay. I'll be right back."

Lance: "Alright." he waited downstairs.

Luca: He went to Daray and Arya's room. "Daddy, I'm going to hang out with Lance today. He said he'd have me back in a few hours. He swears it."

Daray: he looked to Luca, "Alright. Be careful."

Luca: "I will." He then teleported downstairs, where Lance was waiting.

Lance: "Ready?"

Luca: He nodded.

Lance: he picked up Luca and teleported to his apartment and set him down. He went and grabbed rolls of toilet paper and duct tape and came back out and sat down on the living room floor, "Come here. You need armor."

Luca: "For what?" He walked over to him.

Lance: "What we are doing." he wrapped the toilet paper around and around Luca's elbows and taped it there and then his knees. Then he got up and got a helmet out of the closet and put it on Luca's head. Then he grabbed two pillows and duct taped them to Luca, one in front, and one in back.

Luca: He laughed softly a bit. "What are we doing?"

Lance: "You will see." he smiled a bit then taped pillows to himself and gave himself armor. He put a helmet on his head and strapped it on. He left the duct tape on the coffee table and the toilet paper then went to his bedroom and opened the closet. He grabbed two skis and his winter sled. He drug them out to the living room then taped the two ski's to the sled with the duct tape then wrapped toilet paper over the ski ends.

Luca: He watched him. Trying to figure out what he was doing.

Lance: "Alright." he picked up the sled with the skis attached and walked back out of his room and got in the elevator. He waited for Luca then pressed the top floor button. When they got to the top floor he stepped out into the hallway and looked down the central stairwell. He smiled and set the sled down.

Luca: He watched him still. Then looked at the stairwell. "Isn't this going to be dangerous?" He looked up at Lance.

Lance: "You sound like a girl. Listen, I've done it a thousand times with Dante before. You've got the armor. So suck it up and you'll find it's a blast."

Luca: He glared at him a bit. "Alright."

Lance: "Now stay here and watch, okay?" he smiled and sat down on the sled and pushed off the edge of the top stair and yelled. "WOOHOO!" as he slid down the stairway.

Luca: He smiled as he watched. It did look fun.

Lance: as soon as he got to the bottom he stood and teleported back to the top. "Think you can handle it?" he smiled at Luca. He brushed his own hair back.

Luca: "I think so."

Lance: "Now do you want to go down by yourself first or with me?"

Luca: "With you first."

Lance: "Okay." he sat down on the sled and patted the space in front of him with one hand as he held onto the banister with his other hand, "Sit here."

Luca: He sat where Lance patted.

Lance: "Ready?" he smiled.

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah."

Lance: "And go." he let go of the banister and pushed off and held his arms around Luca to hold him on there and whooped and hollered again as they slid down the stairs.

Luca: He laughed and hollered. He was having fun.

Lance: he smiled when they were at the bottom he let go of Luca and stood, "Liked it?"

Luca: "Yeah!" He smiled and laughed again.

Lance: "Alright." he smiled and teleported them to the top, "Alone or with me again?"

Luca: He sat down and smiled. "Push me?" He looked up at him.

Lance: "Alright. Hold on tight." he pushed him down the stairs.

Luca: He held on tightly, smiling and laughing the whole time.

Lance: he smiled and waited at the top and called down to him, "Teleported back up!"

Luca: "No need to yell." He smiled as he stood beside him.

Lance: he turned and looked at Luca and smiled, "Oh. Hey. That was quick." he took the sled from him and got on it.

Luca: He smiled and nodded.

Lance: took turns with Luca sledding down the stairs up until they both got tired of it. He teleported back to the top and then got down and laid on his back, "That was fun." he looked up at the ceiling. He started to take off his armor.

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah it was." He smiled and took his armor off as well.

Lance: he looked at his watch, "Better get you back, eh?"

Luca: "I guess so."

Lance: he stood and took the things and tossed them in the elevator and got in. He waited for Luca to come in then took the elevator back to his floor and then got out and took the things back to his apartment.

Luca: He followed him.

Lance: "I'll put it away later. You hungry?"

Luca: "A little."

Lance: "Want me to make you something here?"

Luca: "You can if you want, if not I can eat something when I get home."

Lance: "Well tell me what you wanna do."

Luca: "Doesn't matter to me."

Lance: "Ummm, here." he grabbed a bag of potato chips and tossed it to Luca.

Luca: He caught it and opened the bag. He munched on them for a bit.

Lance: "How was that for dude time?"

Luca: "Awesome."

Lance: he smiled a bit and picked up Luca and teleported back to Angelia's house and set him down at the base of the stairs.

Luca: He went into the living room and turned on the television. He sat on the floor and watched it.

Lance: "Bye Luca. I may never see you again."

Luca: "Huh?" He sounded a bit confused.

Lance: "Because I enjoy irritating your sister she may snap at any moment."

Luca: "Oh."

Lance: he smirked and went back outside.

Luca: He stayed inside and watched television.

Angelia: She was still in her room, listening to her music.

Lance: he climbed up the side of the house and stared in the window. Staring at Angelia. Like a creeper. He waited till she noticed.

Angelia: She continued to listen to her music, not really paying attention.

Lance: he breathed hot breath on the window and then drew in the steam a heart big enough to where he could make it so his face fit within the edge of the heart.

Angelia: She got up off her bed and went to her closet. She looked through her clothes, trying to figure out what she'd wear tomorrow.

Lance: he sighed and jumped down.

Angelia: She smiled and went back over to her bed and sat down on it.

Lance: he tapped his chin as he thought what to do. He walked back into the house smiling. He walked up to Angelia's room and stood in her doorway.

Angelia: She was still smiling. She waved at him.

Lance: he glanced over his shoulder to see who she was waving at.

Angelia: She sat on her bed and watched him.

Lance: he started to talk to her, at least, pretending to talk to her. He wasn't making any sound so it was like he was talking but she couldn't hear him.

Angelia: She just watched him. She knew he wasn't saying anything. She didn't have her music on at the moment but she kept her headphones on.

Lance: he smiled a bit and sat down in a chair in her room.

Angelia: She watched him but shut the door without getting up. She smiled a little.

Lance: he watched her.

Angelia: She leaned against the wall and closed her eyes.

Lance: he still just watched her.

Angelia: "Hon, you can stare at me all you want. It doesn't bother me." She said softly, not moving nor opening her eye.

Lance: he didn't say anything. But it was good cuz he wasn't going to stop.

Angelia; She didn't move or open her eyes at all. Like she said, it didn't bother her but she did turn her music back on.

Lance: he teleported from the room.

Angelia: She lay down on her bed, like she was before.

Lance: he teleported in and kissed her ear then teleported away again.

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

Lance: he teleported back in and climbed on her bed and laid across Angelia's back.

Angelia: She smiled a bit more but didn't say or do anything.

Lance: he rested the back of his head against the back of Angelia's head, his butt on her butt as he lay on her back. He didn't move.

Angelia: She didn't move either. She continued to listen to her music. She stayed like that for a few minutes then teleport from out from under him. She appeared in the chair that he was sitting in before.

Lance: he fell onto the bed and looked over at her and teleported onto her lap, sitting down heavily on her lap.

Angelia: She teleported out from under him again.

Lance: he sat there waiting to see where she reappeared.

Angelia: She was leaning against the wall, looking at him. She was standing.

Lance he teleported in front of her and leaned all his weight back against her.

Angelia: The next thing that Lance knew he was being pinned to the floor. "You're starting to annoy me by what you're doing. Please stop."

Lance: he tilted his head and gave her an innocent look.

Angelia: "I'm asking nicely. Please stop."

Lance: he started to talk but his words were silent again.

Angelia: She sighed in frustration and got up. "Get out of my room." She said, irritated.

Lance: he got up and crossed his arms, "You are no fun."

Angelia: "Well, I did ask you to stop. Nicely and twice."

Lance: "I can't have any fun with you." he sat down in the chair dramatically, "All you want me for is sex."

Angelia: "I do not." She glared at him. "You're acting like a girl, Lance."

Lance: he glared at her.

Angelia: "Well, you are." She sat on her bed.

Lance: "Apologies miss." he stood, "I better go."

Angelia: She sighed again. "Fine." She turned her music up then lay back on her bed and closed her eyes.

Lance: he leaned over and licked her cheek then teleported away.

Angelia: She wiped her cheek off and then sighed again.

He didn't come back.

Angelia: She got up and went downstairs to get herself something to drink. She didn't turn her music down as she was walking downstairs and into the kitchen. She didn't pay attention to see if anyone was around or not.

Lance: he was in watching television with Luca, ignoring Angelia now.

Angelia: She got her drink then went back upstairs to her room. She accidently slammed her door when she got up to her room. She suspected she'd get lectured for that, and sure enough, she heard her father.

Daray: 'Angelia please don't slam doors.'

Angelia: 'Sorry. I didn't mean too.' She said apologetically.

Daray: 'Something wrong?'

Angelia; 'It's just...Lance has been acting weird lately. He's been irritating me and annoying me more than normal. Earlier he was annoying me and he was being dramatic. I told him that he was acting like a girl. I think he got pissed about it for now he's ignoring me and all.'

Daray: he laughed a bit, 'I see...yea. Guys don't like being called a girl.'

Angelia: 'I didn't call him a girl. I said he was acting like a girl. There's a difference.'

Daray: 'Not really.'

Angelia: She sighed a bit.

Daray: 'You'll work it out.'

Angelia: 'Not if he continues to ignore me, I can't.'

Daray: 'So text him or something. Isn't that what you kids do today anyways?'

Angelia: 'Yeah, but doesn't mean he'll read them.'

Daray: 'Guess you won't know till you try.'

Angelia: 'True' she got out her cell phone and texted Lance. "Hey...I'm sorry for saying you were acting like a girl.'

Lance: 'It's alright. I'll have fun with my buddies and be normal in front of you.'

Angelia: ":(...alright..." She felt bad now.

Lance: 'I don't want you thinking of me as a girl so I'll stop being weird. I just need to go find buddies now...'

Angelia: ":("

Lance: he didn't reply to that. There was nothing to reply to for that.

Angelia: She sighed a bit. 'Dad, I'm going to bed. Goodnight.' She then lay in bed.

Daray: 'Night.'

Lance: "Shouldn't you be sleeping?" he asked Luca.

Angelia: She figured she'd be sleeping alone again tonight so she curled in a ball and closed her eyes.

Luca: "Daddy lets me finish watching this then I go to sleep." He said when he looked at him.

Lance: he nodded, "Alright."

Luca: He went back to watching his show then when it was over he turned the TV off and stood. "Goodnight Lance. See ya around" He then went upstairs.

Lance: "Night Luca." he teleported back to his apartment.

Angelia: She sighed a bit as she lay in her bed.

Lance: he teleported back into Angelia's room a few minutes later in his pajamas and got in her bed with her.

Angelia: She didn't move for a few minutes then she cuddled close to him.

Lance: he put his arms around her and closed his eyes. He didn't say anything. He was just going to sleep.

Angelia: She fell asleep a few moments later.


Amelia: she could be heard crying down the hall.

Lance: "Your house is noisy now." he mumbled, coming awake.

Angelia: She groaned a bit. "New baby sister, just go back to sleep." She said half asleep.

Lance: he looked at the clock and sat up, "Can't. Going to play basketball today." he rubbed his eyes, trying to wake up.

Angelia: She groaned a little and pulled him back down. She kissed his chest softly.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Love you too." he kissed her head then got out of bed, "I'll see you later babe."

Angelia: "See you later, hon." She yawned then rolled over in her bed and tried to go back to sleep.

Lance: he teleported back to his place.

Angelia: She fell back asleep a few minutes after he left.

Angelia's phone vibrated with texts.

Angelia: She woke to them. She groaned a bit and looked at her phone.

They were from Kathy.

Kathy: "Wanna hang out today bestie? :D :D :D :D"

Angelia: "Sure. I would love too. :D" She texted back.

Kathy: "Awesome. Meet you in fifteen minutes at your place."

Angelia: "Okay."

Fifteen minutes later, Kathy was there.

Angelia: She wasn't ready when Kathy got there.

Kathy: she waited down in the entrance, not sure if she was allowed to walk around.

Angelia: She came down the stairs about ten minutes later. "Sorry for the wait, Kathy." She said apologetically.

Kathy: "It's okay. Didn't sleep well?" she guessed.

Angelia: "I was woken this morning by Lance leaving." She yawned a bit.

Kathy: "Not another one of his 'I'm not romantic' things, was it?" she asked suspiciously.

Angelia: "He was woken by Amelia's crying. He woke me up by getting up. He said he was going to go play basketball today."

Kathy: "Oh yeah. There's a game down on Folkum Court."

Angelia: "We should go watch it and see how bad or good he is."

Kathy: she laughed a bit, "Alright. If you want."

Angelia: "Unless you had something else planned."

Kathy: "Well, I did. But we can do it later. The game is almost over anyways."

Angelia: she went and found Daray. "Hey Dad." She said when she saw him.

Daray: "Yea?" he looked at Angelia.

Angelia: "I'm going to be hanging with Kathy today. If that's alright with you."

Daray: "Yep that's fine. Think you can take Luca with you?"

Angelia: "I guess so. I'll see you later Dad."

Daray: "Bye Angel. Thanks."

Angelia: She went to go find Luca. Then she and Luca went downstairs. "We have to take Luca with us." She sighed a bit.

Kathy: "Um, alright. That's fine. Hi Luca."

Angelia: 'No problem Dad.' She told him mentally.

Luca: "Hi Kathy." He smiled.

Kathy: she looked at Angelia, "Ready then? We are going to the park first?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready. We can go there first."

Kathy: she teleported them all to Folkums Court and walked over to the benches outside the court square. She sat down.

Sure enough the game was on and it was indeed almost over. All the teenagers playing were tired and hot and sweaty, with their t-shirts with the sleeves cut off damp with sweat. They were wearing those shirts with the baggy shorts and the tennis shoes, typical outfits worn for basketball, though they weren't basketball uniforms because this was not a real basketball game.

Angelia: She sat next to Kathy and watched the game.

Luca: He sat on Angelia's lap and watched the game too.

Kathy: "There's Lance." she pointed. "I think his teams winning."

Angelia: She smiled a bit as she watched.

Luca: He smiled as watched them play. He liked this sport too.

Soon the game was over. Lance's team won. Lance went over and sat down on the bench and got a drink of Gatorade from the cooler.

Luca: He got off of Angelia's lap and ran over to Lance. "That was awesome!"

Angelia: "Luca!" She sighed as she stood.

Lance: he looked at Luca a bit shocked, "Little man. What are you doing here?"

Luca: "Watching you play this game. It looked fun." He smiled.

Lance: "We could play sometime. Doesn't your dad have a hoop set up at your house for you?"

Luca: He shook his head no.

Lance: "Hmmm, you'll have to ask him to get you one. Then we can play together." he looked over at where Kathy and Angelia were and waved.

Angelia: She waved back then smiled a bit.

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah."

Lance: "So what brings you here?"

All of a sudden a couple girls who were there came and squirted cold water on Lance from the bottles they had.

Lance: "Ah! Hey!" he tried to block it.

The girls giggled and ran off.

Lance: he laughed and sighed and smiled at Luca, "Want a hug?" he asked him, being wet as he was.

Angelia: She sighed a bit and sat back down. She looked away from Lance and Luca.

Luca: He shook his head no. "I'm good." He smiled back though.

Lance: "So why are you over here and your sister not?"

Luca: He shrugged. "Guess she didn't want to leave Kathy with me and I got here first 'cause I was sitting on her lap while we watched you play."

Lance: "Oh." he laughed and got up and hugged Luca anyways, getting him wet.

Luca: He laughed and hugged him back.

Angelia: "Luca! Come on, we're leaving now!" She stood.

Lance: "Feels good though cuz it's hot out, huh?" he let go of him and looked over at Angelia, "What the heck's eating her?"

Luca: "Aw. Alright. Coming!" He looked at Lance. "Bye Lance. I'll see ya later." He ran back over to where Angelia was.

Angelia: She waved to Lance then disappeared with Luca and Kathy.

Kathy: "What was that?" she asked Angelia.

Angelia: "What was what?" She looked at Kathy as she held Luca's hand.

Kathy: "We didn't have to leave so fast...but it sure seemed like you wanted to get the heck out of there."

Angelia: "I couldn't stay there and watch other girl flirt with him." She admitted softly. "So what did you have planned for us to do today?"

Kathy: "Hanging out at the mall, walking around, and talking." she shrugged a bit, watching Angelia.

Angelia: "Sounds good."

Angelia's phone vibrated with a text.

Angelia: She looked at her phone.

One new text from Lance.

Angelia: She opened it.

Lance: "What's your problem lately?"

Angelia: "Nothing."

Lance: "Whatever Angelia."

Angelia: "I just couldn't sit there and watch other girls flirt with you."

Lance: "It's not like I flirted back. I was talking to Luca."

Angelia: "I know but I can't watch them flirt with you."

Lance: "They left you know. You could have came over and kissed me or something."

Angelia: "I didn't know they left. I couldn't watch so I started to talk to Kathy a bit. Then we left so we could hang out and all."

Lance: "You really need to make up your mind."

Angelia: "Make my mind up about what exactly?"

Lance: "About me. Either I'm too much of a girl for you, or when I act like you want me to, you don't like the girls that hit on me."

Angelia: She sighed. "Act like you want and do what you want, Lance. I never called you a girl."

Lance: "Well you did call me gay. And you weren't joking about that."

Angelia: "I did not! :("

Lance: "Wow it's amazing how your mind works."

Angelia: "What do you mean by that?"

Lance: "I bet you could say a thousand things and only remember half of them."

Angelia: "I never called you gay. And I can too remember everything that I say."

Lance: "If you didn't call me gay and you didn't call me a girl, what DID you say?"

Angelia: "I said that you're acting like a girl. I didn't think that you would consider that being called a girl and apparently being called gay."

Lance: "You told me I looked gay."

Angelia: "You were in my robe and looked ridiculous in them. I'm sorry I said the wrong word."

Lance: "You're just not as fun as I thought you were."

Angelia: "I've had a hard time lately. I'm sorry."

Lance: "Hard time with what? A baby sister?"

Angelia: "With everything, alright?"

Lance: "You're the one who left and won't talk to me. So don't give me crap like that."

Angelia: "I know that and I'm sorry."

Lance: "Yea."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "I am sorry."

Lance: "It's fine. Like I said, I'm learning what I can and can't do around you to keep you happy."

Angelia: "You don't need to do that anymore."

Lance: "Yea. Right."

Angelia: "I'm serious."

Lance: "And so am I."

Angelia: "You can act anyway you want. I'm serious about that."

Lance: "Not really. Not if it makes you think poorly of me."

Angelia: "I don't think poorly of you. I just thought that you looked ridiculous in my robe and slippers. Then yesterday, I was already a bit annoyed."

Lance: "I'm just out of the mood to being silly with you, okay? That's all."

Angelia: "Okay."

Lance: "Talk to you later."

Angelia: "Talk to you later..."

The whole time she was texting, Kathy was walking around with her and Luca and looking in different stores.

Angelia: She put her phone away and sighed. She then looked up to see where they were at.

They were in GameStop since Luca wanted to go in there.

Angelia: She walked in with Luca and looked at the games. She looked to see if there was any that Lance would like.

Luca: He looked through the games.

Kathy: she looked at Angelia, "Done?"

Angelia: She looked at Kathy. "Yeah."

Luca: He had a game in his hands. "Angelia, can we get this? Please?"

Angelia: "Yeah, give it here." She looked at Kathy. "Give me a minute?"

Kathy: she nodded, "Yea."

Luca: He walked up to the counter and placed the game on top of it.

Angelia: She was behind him, looking through her purse for her wallet.

The man behind the counter rung up the game, "What a cute little boy you have there, Miss." he said to Angelia.

Angelia: "What?" She looked up at him. "He's not mine." She found her wallet and got out the card that Arya gave to her.

Man: "Oh. Was gonna say you looked good for your age if he was." he smiled a bit and swiped the card. "Sign there."

Angelia: "He's my little brother." She signed where the man pointed.

Man: "I knew you two were related somehow." he took the receipt once she signed and handed her the bag with her own receipt in it. "There you go."

Angelia: "Thank you." She smiled a bit and took the bag.

Man: "Come back soon."

Angelia: She nodded, took Luca's hand and walked back to where Kathy was.

Kathy: "Mind if we go to Debs?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "Not at all."

Kathy: "We should get an Orange Julius." she walked down with Angelia towards Debs and stopped to get a drink on the way.

Angelia: She nodded and got an Orange Julius, but she made sure it was a small. She got Luca something to drink as well. She then walked into Debs with Kathy and smiled a bit.

Kathy: "Let's try on dresses."

Angelia: "Alright." She smiled.

Kathy: she smiled at Luca; "You can try on dresses too." she teased.

Luca: "No. I'm good." He sat down on one of the chairs.

Angelia: She went and picked out a few dresses.

Kathy: she ruffled his head and then went and picked out some dresses. She skipped back over to Luca; "You can tell us if they look good on us or not." she smiled.

Luca: "Ok." He smiled a bit.

Kathy: she went into the changing room and got into a dress and came out. She did a pose and then laughed.

Luca: He laughed and nodded. "It looks good." He smiled.

Kathy: "Yea?" she looked in the mirror, "Angelia?"

Angelia: She came out in a dress and nodded. "Luca's right."

Kathy: "Oooh that looks pretty." she said to Angelia.

Angelia: "Thanks." She smiled.

Kathy: "Come on." she went and tried on another dress.

Angelia: She tried on another dress too.

Her and Angelia continued to do this for awhile until they got bored of it.

Angelia: She put the dresses back. "Where next?" She looked at Kathy.

Kathy: "Up to you. Want to go to a movie?"

Angelia: "Sure. I'll pay my and Luca's way in."

Kathy: "You sure?"

Angelia: "Yeah." She smiled.

Kathy: "Okay." she took them to the cheap theater.

Angelia: "So which movie?" She looked at the choices.

Kathy: "Hmm...I don't mind. You or Luca can choose."

Luca: He pointed to a choice. "That one." It was a cartoon.

Angelia: She looked at Kathy.

Kathy: "I don't mind cartoons. Do you?"

Angelia: "I don't mind them either."

Kathy: "Cartoon it is." she smiled a bit and paid for the ticket for herself and waited for Luca and Angelia.

Angelia: She paid for Luca and herself.

Luca: "Can we get popcorn and drinks, Angelia? Please?"

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "Alright."

Luca: "Yay!"

Kathy: "You guys must save up a lot of cash to spend so much so easily."

Angelia: "We're royalty." She said softly.

Kathy: she laughed a bit.

Angelia: She looked at her when Kathy laughed a bit. She wasn't laughing though.

Kathy: her laugh cut short, "What? You're...serious?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yes."

Kathy: "Oh...that's...neat..." she wasn't sure how to act with that.

Angelia: "I guess so." She said softly as she walked with Luca to the concession counter.

Kathy: she walked over to the counter, "So do I call you Princess Angelia now?" she smiled.

Angelia: "No, please don't do that. There's no need." She looked at the cashier. "Two popcorns and two drinks. Please."

"Yes ma'am." the man went and got it together.

Kathy: she smiled a bit more, "Alright."

Angelia: "Thank you." She said to Kathy and the man.

The man brought the drinks back and the popcorns. He smiled a bit at Angelia, "Any candy?"

Angelia: "Luca? Do you want some candy? If so, what kind?"

Luca: "Yeah!" He smiled. "Twizzlers please."

Angelia: "Some Twizzlers." She smiled a bit."

The man got the candy for him and handed it to Luca, "And for you Angel?" he didn't know her name that was just what he called girls when he hit on them.

Angelia: She looked at him. " Thank you though."

Man: "Sure. It's on the house. Enjoy your movie."

Angelia: "Thank you." She took the popcorn and drinks. She handed Kathy a bag and a drink.

Luca: He walked between Kathy and Angelia.

Kathy: "For me?" she took the popcorn and drink, "I thought you got one for Luca and one for you."

Angelia: "I can't eat human food that well." She explained.

Kathy: "Oh. Okay." she smiled a bit, "Thanks." she went into the theater room with them.

Angelia: She sat down in one of the seats.

Luca: He sat next to her.

Kathy: she sat next to Angelia.

They waited for the movie to start.

Soon the movie started and they all had a good time watching it.

Angelia: She threw away Luca's trash. She picked him up for he didn't feel like walking at the moment.

Luca: He held onto Angelia.

Kathy: "I have to use the rest room. Be right back." she went down to the ladies room in the back of the theater.

Angelia: "Alright." She sat down with Luca on a bench and waited for Kathy.

She was gone for longer than normal.

Angelia: She got up with Luca and went to find Kathy.

Kathy: she was standing there, staring in one of the mirrors over one of the sinks in the bathroom. She wasn't moving, her skin was paler than normal. She looked frightened.

Angelia: "Kathy? What's wrong?" She walked over to her quickly.

Kathy: she slowly turned to face Angelia and looked at her. She upturned her arm and showed her the nail marks on her skin as if someone grabbed them too hard and she struggled to get away. But these weren't fresh marks. These were scars. On her neck Angelia could see three lines in a row, thin, as if sliced with something sharp. They were also healed and scarred over.

Angelia: "Oh my god. Kathy, what happened?" She walked quickly over to her. "If you can't say anything out loud, say it in your mind." She was worried now.

Kathy: "Nothing has happened...yet." she whispered.

Angelia: "What are you talking about? Kathy, what's going to happen?"

Kathy: "I don't know."

Angelia: "We should get you home. Come on." She took her hand and teleported with her to Kathy's parent's house. She knocked on the door, keeping an eye Kathy.

Kathy: "I don't think they should see."

Angelia: "They could help, Kathy. They need to know or see or both." She knocked again, she was worried for her best friend.

Kathy: "I-"

The door opened.

Kathy: she teleported away.

Kallexa looked at Angelia holding Luca, "Yes hun? Everything alright?"

Angelia: She sighed "Something's wrong...with Kathy." She then started to explain what happened at the movie theater. "She just teleported away when you opened the door. I'm really worried about her."

Kallexa: "She said it hasn't happened yet?" she asked softly. "Do you want to come in?"

Angelia: "That is correct. If you don't mind if I come in."

Kallexa: she let Angelia in and shut the door. "So something's going to happen in the future."

Angelia: "Apparently." She laid Luca on the couch after she sat down. Luca's head on her lap.

Kallexa: "Her father and I can see if we can find anything. But if he can make her see now what's he's going to do to her in the future without her being able to remember it herself..." she shook her head slowly.

Angelia: She sighed. "She had marks on her when I walked into the bathroom and saw her. They were scars. There were three lines in a row, thin. They looked like they were made with something sharp."

Kallexa: "We will just have to keep an eye on her. But we can't stop it. There needs to be three time travelers to change time. And even if we did change it, we can't keep it changed because how you've described this to me speaks of another time traveler who's done it."

Angelia: "Alright. If I can help in anyway, please I would like to help. She told me before she disappeared that she thought that you and your husband should see."

Kallexa: "She probably didn't want to worry us but thank you for telling me Angelia."

Angelia: She nodded. "I thought it was the right thing bringing her here." She said softly as she picked Luca up and stood.

Kallexa: "She probably went back home." she guessed.

Angelia: She nodded. "I should be getting home too. Luca's asleep and he gets heavy after awhile. I'll text her when I get home though." She told her as she walked towards the door.

Kallexa: "Thank you Angelia. Get home safely." she opened the door for them.

Angelia: "You're welcome. I will. Goodbye." She walked out the door and then teleported home.

Daray: "Welcome back. Have fun?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. Luca's asleep."

Daray: "Alright. Can you put him to bed?"

Angelia: "Yeah." She went upstairs and put him to bed then came back downstairs. "Luca has a new game to play." She said as she sat down.

Daray: "Nice. What is it?"

Angelia: "It looked like a baseball game or some sport game. Also the cashier at GameStop thought he was my son."

Daray: "Ummm," he laughed, "Sorry."

Angelia: "Then the cashier at the movie theater was hitting on me." She sighed a bit.

Daray: "That will happen."

Angelia: "Yes, I know." She said softly.

Daray: "You don't like it?"

Angelia: "I'm with someone, Dad." She looked at him.

Daray: "Sorry...I just mean, it flatters some girls."

Angelia: She sighed and looked down a bit. "I guess I'm not like the other girls." She whispered.

Daray: "That's good. Then that means you're totally into Lance. Which is good for him."

Angelia: "Yes, but he feels that he can't joke around with me anymore because of what happened two days ago."

Daray: "He'll get over it. Men don't hold grudges like women."

Angelia: She got out her phone and showed him the text messages that her and Lance sent to each other today.

Daray: he read them and sighed, "So he sounds a bit upset." he looked at Angelia, "You know what you should do?"

Angelia: "I've apologized MANY times and other than that, I don't know what to do."

Daray: "Perhaps you need to relax a little and be silly. If you're silly, he'll get silly."

Angelia: "I can't relax. Not with some much stuff going on right now."

Daray: "And what's going on?"

Angelia: "New baby sister, something going on with Kathy, trying to keep up with what I learned from Incarceron, and trying to keep dates open so I can hang out with our family, Lance and Kathy." She sighed.

Daray: "What's going on with Kathy?"

Angelia: She told him what happened with Kathy.

Daray: "Oh my." he said softly.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, I know."

Daray: "Well I can tell you what you're over worrying about. Your little sister, and keeping dates open. It's not like you have a job or school to tie you down."

Angelia: "That reminds me." She sighed. "School."

Daray: "What about it?"

Angelia: "Applications for the colleges I want to go to are due in two weeks." She sighed and laid her head back against the top of the couch then closed her eyes.

Daray: "How far away are these colleges?"

Angelia: "Ones about ten miles from here, ones in another state and the other is in another country. I'm hoping to get into the one that's close by here."

Daray: "I hope so."

Angelia: She looked at him. "You don't want me to leave from home, do you?"

Daray: "No. But it's going to happen sooner or later."

Angelia: "I have to leave eventually, Dad. I am growing up."

Daray: "I know."

Angelia: She nodded. "I'll have to fill them out soon and send them out otherwise I can't start college this year."

Daray: "This year?"

Angelia: "Yes, this year."

Daray: he sighed.

Angelia: "What's wrong?"

Daray: "How many years will you be gone?"

Angelia: "Depends really."

Daray: he didn't like this conversation. He didn't look happy either. He nodded a bit.

Angelia: "I'll be home for winter and spring break ever year and I'll write and call when I can."

Daray: he sighed and stood.

Angelia: She watched him. "Dad?"

Daray: "What?"

Angelia: "Something wrong?"

Daray: "Yea. But it can't be fixed."

Angelia: "What's wrong? Why can't it be fixed?"

Daray: he shook his head, "Because I can't stop you from growing up. I'm going to go to bed now."

Angelia: She watched him then stood. She hugged him. "I'm sorry, Daddy." She whispered.

Daray: he hugged her tight, "You don't have to be sorry Angelia. I have to get over it."

Angelia: "You have another baby girl to take care of now. You'll be too busy to even know I'm gone." She kissed his cheek. "Goodnight, Daddy. I love you." She whispered.

Daray: he frowned, "I can't believe you think that. You wait until you have kids and I'll tell you because another comes along you forget the other."

Angelia: "I didn't say that you'll forget me, I said that you won't even know I'm gone." She kissed his cheek and hugged him again.

Daray: "Every time you leave I know you're gone. Why do you think I wait up for you in the living room till you get home? You think I didn't do that every night when you left for three months? I didn't know how long you'd be gone."

Angelia: "Dad, I didn't know. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset." She frowned for she was making everyone upset with her lately.

Daray: "I'm not upset." he said softly. "I'm heartbroken."

Angelia: "I'm sorry, Dad. I didn't mean..." She sighed and looked down. "I'll go to my room so I don't make it worse. Goodnight, Dad." She turned and started to walk away.

Daray: "Like I said, I think it's something I'll have to get used to. Don't go to bed sad. Please."

Angelia: "It's just...I've been making everyone around me upset with me or mad at me lately. Maybe I should go to a college that's out of state or in a different country so I don't hurt anyone anymore like I have lately." She explained softly.

Daray: "That'd hurt me more." he sighed.

Angelia: She looked at him. "See? I'm making it worse." She sighed. "I'll be in my room, goodnight." She went upstairs to her room.

Daray: "Angelia! Stop and turn around."

Angelia: She stopped and turned around right at the bottom of the stairs. She looked at him.

Daray: "I'm just going to miss my oldest daughter, alright? A lot."

Angelia: She smiled a bit, not much though."I'm going to miss you too. A lot as well."

Daray: "I love you Angelia. Sleep well."

Angelia: "I love you too Daddy. You sleep well too."

Daray: he walked up the stairs and kissed her temple. "See you in the morning hun." he went into his bedroom.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and followed him up but walked to her room. She shut her door quietly and got ready for bed.

Lance: he was sitting on her bed when she came in the room. "Hello Angelia. We need to talk."

Angelia: She sat down next to Lance after getting dressed. "Alright." She said softly.

Lance: "So tell me what you're stressed about. If you'd told me before I wouldn't have been picking on you."

Angelia: She told him what she told Daray earlier.

Lance: "You're going to college? You never told me this."

Angelia: "Yes, I'm going to college. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Lance: "When were you planning on it? The day you left? Like you did for the Incarcer- whatever thing?" he was upset now. He didn't expect this.

Angelia: "No. I was planning on going to college a few years before I met you." She looked at him and frowned. "I'm sorry Lance." She said softly.

Lance: "No, Angelia. I mean when were you planning on TELLING me you were going to college? If I hadn't asked you now, when would you have told me? The day you left?"

Angelia: "I totally forgot about going to college this year until I was talking to my father. He said something about schooling and it reminded me of my college applications that are due in two weeks. I would have told you months and months before I would have gone and before I sent the applications in to the colleges."

Lance: "Well, I'm glad I know now." he sighed, "Where are you applying to? I could go with you."

Angelia: "I have three different colleges I could go to. One not too far from here, one in another state and then another in a different country."

Lance: "Which one do you want to go to most?"

Angelia: "The one not too far from here."

Lance: "What if I tried to go with you? Or do you want to go alone?"

Angelia: "I wouldn't mind you coming with me." She smiled a bit.

Lance: he nodded, "Alright. As far as everything else...I don't know how to help with it. And the thing with Kathy just sounds creepy."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I'm sorry for how I've acting towards you. I've just been under a lot of stress lately. Now you know what the tress is caused from."

Lance: "It's alright babe. You're forgiven." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "Can I have a hug?" She looked at him.

Lance: "Why?" he smirked.

Angelia: "Because I would like to have one but if you don't want to give me one then I understand." She climbed into her bed and under the covers.

Lance: he grabbed her and kissed her gently then hugged her tight. "I was just teasing, my love." he said softly.

Angelia: She kissed him back gently and hugged him back. She smiled a bit. "I figured, hon. You were really good today, at your game."

Lance: "Yep, I know. Gotta keep my shape so you'll be attracted to me. Then in turn we can keep making love." he smirked.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit. "I don't care how you look, love." She kissed him softly. "But you are probably right." She teased a bit.

Lance: he kissed her softly too, "I know I am." he smiled back at her, "So how are you feeling now?" he was sitting close to her, an arm still around her.

Angelia: "A little better. How about you?" She smiled at him.

Lance: "I'm good. But we need to get something straight here."

Angelia: "And what's that?"

Lance: "I don't like secrets, and I don't like being the last to know if I'm your boyfriend. It should go you then me, then everyone else. Got it?"

Angelia: "I understand."

Lance: "Now in turn, got anything you'd like me to bring to our relationship?"

Angelia: "Not that I can think of."

Lance: "Then we are good now, I hope."

Angelia: "We are."

Lance: "Okay." he took off his shirt and got into bed with her.

Angelia: She cuddled close to him.

Lance: he kissed her gently.

Angelia: She kissed him back gently.

Angelia: She kissed him back softly. "I love you."

Lance: "I was just about to say that." he kissed her again and pressed her onto her back on the bed, still kissing her.

Angelia: She smiled and kissed him back, pulling him against her.

Lance: he stroked her hair gently as he kissed her.

Angelia: She kissed him back. She opened her mouth a bit.

Lance: he inserted his tongue into her mouth and stroked her tongue gently with his as he continued to stroke her hair with one hand. With his other hand he stroked her cheek.

Angelia: She kissed him back. A hand was on the side of his face gently, her eyes closed softly.

Lance: 'One of these days we are going to have to break in your bed my dear...'

Angelia: 'I know.' She started to softly kiss down his neck.

Lance: 'Tonight perhaps?'

Angelia: She kissed softly down his chest. 'What do you think, my love?'

Lance: he smiled a bit and started to take off her shirt. She didn't say no quickly so...he was taking this all he could.

Angelia: She kissed him after he took her shirt off her. 'We have to be quiet though, so we don't wake my parents.'

Lance: 'It's so on.' he nuzzled her neck and started to slide her pajama pants down her legs with her panties.

Angelia: She bit her lip a little. She took his pants and boxers off of him, she then wrapped her legs around his waist as she kissed him passionately and deep.

Lance: he pulled Angelia's comforter over their heads and bodies so they were under it like a tent as he continued to kiss her.


Lance: he was lying on the bed beside her, his arms around her. He kissed her cheek.

Angelia: She smiled as well and laid her head on his chest. She closed her eyes. She relaxed.

Lance: "I love you babe."

Angelia: "I love you too, my love."

Lance: he fell asleep with Angelia in his arms.

Angelia: She fell asleep in his arms. She cuddled closed to him before she fell asleep.

A few months passed, Angelia had kept her promise to take Daray and Lance to Incarceron. She and Daray learned their teaching and soon they learned all they could from the people of Incarceron. Daray signed Luca up for sports camp, which he went two times a week. One day for Basketball and the other day for Football. Amelia was growing up, but slowly for she was fully human. Daray and Arya found out soon after Amelia wouldn't drink any red liquid. Luca was growing up too, for he now looked like he was about nine years old. Angelia was accepted into the college that was in another state for the one nearby couldn't accept any more students. She had everything packed and in her car the day that she had to leave.

Daray: he hugged Angelia tightly and kissed her head, "I'm going to miss you baby girl. Though you're not a baby anymore, you're a young woman. I love you very much and I know you'll do well in college. Don't be getting drunk and going to parties every night. Stick to your classes, do your homework, okay?"

Angelia: She hugged him back tightly. "I'm going to miss you too Daddy." She smiled a bit. "I love you very much too and thank you. Don't worry, I won't be getting drunk and going to parties every night. I doubt that I will even going to parties and that. I'll be too worried about my school work. I promise I'll stick to my classes and do my homework. I'll call and write as much as I can and I'll be home for winter and spring break."

Arya: She was crying a bit as she held Amelia.

Luca: He was watching everything going on.

Amelia: she was reaching down at Luca while Arya held her. She had tight curly brown ringlet hair that was coming in nice and long and soft.

Daray: "You better." he hugged her again and stepped back, "Is Lance going with you?"

Luca: He took her hand and smiled a bit as he looked up at her.

Angelia: "I will." She hugged him back and looked around for Lance. She wasn't sure. "I'm not really sure. When he and I talked about he said that he'd go with me."

Daray: "Maybe he'll just meet you there."

Angelia: "Maybe." She sighed a bit. "I better get going, I have a long way to drive." She hugged Daray again then hugged Luca. "Take good care of Mom, Dad, and Amelia. You hear me?" She whispered to him.

Luca: "I will. I promise." He said to her as he hugged her back.

Angelia: She then hugged Arya. "Bye Mom. I'll be back before you know it."

Arya: "Be safe, you hear me?"

Angelia: "I will." She looked at Amelia. She smiled a bit. "I'll see you later little one. You'll probably be four or five when I see you again." She softly kissed the top of her head softly. She then picked up the last of her bags and headed over to the door, opening it and going out to her car.

Daray: "Wait? What?" he went outside, "Angelia!"

Angelia: She put her things in her car. She turned around and waved before getting into her car and shutting the door. She knew what Daray was going to ask. She started her car and started to back out of the driveway. She made sure that no one could teleport into her car.


Angelia: She held back tears but didn't stop the car. She got on the road and drove off.

Daray: "YOU PROMISED YOU'D BE BACK LITTLE GIRL! I CHANGED TIME SO I DIDN'T LIE TO YOU AND YOU'RE PURPOSELY LYING TO YOUR FAMILY!" he sighed and stood there, watching her leave. There was pain in his eyes. He thought that was all fixed. But he guessed he was wrong.

Angelia: 'I did promise I'd be back and I will. You didn't lie to me, I'm thankful that you fixed time for I would probably would of hated how I acted towards you. I love you so much Dad. If I told you that I wouldn't be able to come home for winter and spring break, would you still of let me go?' She explained and asked him mentally. He could tell that she was upset with herself, that she was sad.

Daray: 'How long will you be gone?'

Angelia: 'Four or five years.'

Daray: 'Why?'

Angelia: 'The classes I'm taking. They usually take eight to ten years but I learn quickly so it'll only take four or five for me.'

Daray: 'You aren't going to visit us at all?'

Angelia: 'I won't be able too.'

Daray: 'Why not? That's what I want to know. Will you be in trouble? Maybe you shouldn't go.'

Angelia: 'I...' She sighed. 'I have to work through the holidays to make sure that I can get my master's degree. Dad, I have to go. We already paid for everything and my dorm room. I have a room to myself, I'll hunt regularly I swear."

Daray: 'At least call. Please.' his heart felt like it was breaking more now.

Angelia: 'I can call and write. I'll call more than write probably. I love you Daddy.' She sniffled. 'I'm not even out of the state yet and I miss you already.' She sighed. 'It's hard for both us. Isn't it?' She wiped some tears away. She turned into the parking lot where Kathy and Lance's apartments are. She took the keys out and locked the doors. She teleported up to Kathy's apartment first. She knocked.

Daray: 'Yes. It is. I love you Angel.'

Angelia: 'I love you too Daddy.'

Daray: he sighed and turned around, going back inside the house.

Kathy: she opened the door with the chain on the door, "Hi Angelia. What's up?"

Angelia: She looked at Kathy. "I'm leaving, out of state." She told Kathy softly.

Kathy: she shut her door and took the chain off and opened the door, "You're just telling me this now!"

Angelia: "I texted you, called you, even came here. You never answered. I thought you were mad at me so I left you alone. I'm going to college. I won't be back for about four or five years. I'll call and write when I can."

Kathy: he eyes widened a bit, "College? Lance is going to college too. You both are leaving me. I'm going to be alone. I'm going to get attacked and raped and murdered."

Angelia: "If you don't feel safe here, go to my house. I'm sure that my parents will let you stay there. If you don't want to go there then go to your parents." She hugged Kathy. "I'll see you in a few years. I'll miss you." She whispered.

Kathy: "I don't think so. I'll come visit you."

Angelia: "That'll work too." She smiled a bit. "You know where to find me?" She looked at her.

Kathy: "Yes. I do."

Angelia: "Alright. I'll see you around then." She hugged her again then stepped back and teleported up to Lance's apartment. She knocked on the door. She was wondering if he left already or not.

Lance: he opened the door and then stepped back and picked up a few of his bags, "Hi love. Ready to go then I take it?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes, everything that I need and/or need is in my car. Well, almost everything." She smiled a bit.

Lance: "What's not in it that you need in it? The razor and stuff of your is still in my bathroom."

Angelia: "That stuff is for here. I got that stuff in my car." She smiled a bit. "'I'm looking at him."

Lance: he kissed her and shut the door behind him, "I'm going to drive my car. But we can telepathically communicate and I've got a road map laid out for while we drive there, a few stops we can make to stretch our legs and kiss."

Angelia: She kissed him back. "I know you're driving your own car. I don't need a map. I know how to get there but the stop so we can stretch our legs and kiss is a good idea." She walked to the elevator with him. "Kathy's not very happy about both of us leaving for college."

Lance: "Yea well she's been paranoid since the day you two went to the mall." he got in the elevator with her.

Angelia: "I've noticed when she opened the door." She looked at him.

Lance: he pressed the first floor button and dropped the bags and pinned Angelia in the back corner of the elevator and kissed her.

Angelia: She kissed him back.

Lance: "Ever have sex in an elevator dear?"

Angelia: "No but we don't have enough time to do so."

Lance: "There's always time."

Angelia: She smiled and kissed him hard, pulling him against her.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Lance: he kissed her then stepped back, "We will practice this and perfect it so when we go from one floor to another in the school, we can get alone time in." he winked and picked up his bags and then walked out to his car and put them in the trunk with his other stuff.

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "That wasn't very nice." She walked over to her car and unlocked it. She got in and started the car.

Lance: he walked over to her door and tapped on the window.

Angelia: She rolled down the window. "Yes?" She smiled.

Lance: "Love you." he leaned in and kissed her. "I'll make up for it when we get to our shared dorm, alright?"

Angelia: "Love you too." She kissed him back. "Wait, we share a dorm room?" She was surprised by this for they told her that she had a room to herself. Even though she was surprised, she smiled. She didn't mind sharing a room with him.

Lance: "Yes. Unless you don't want to. I'm not sleeping without you."

Angelia: "No, I want to. I was told that I had a dorm room to myself. That's all." She smiled. "I wouldn't want to sleep without you either."

Lance: "Good." he kissed her again, "See you in a bit love."

Angelia: She kissed him back again. "See ya." She rolled her window up again. She waited up till she saw Lance start his car before she backed out onto the road and headed towards where the college was at.

Lance: he followed her down the road.


Kathy: she had moved back in with her parents after Lance and Angelia left for college. She stayed in her room most of the time. When she left it, it was to go somewhere with her parents. She had visited Angelia a few times. Visiting was easy when one could teleport. She visited Angelia's house with Luca and Amelia and Daray and Arya a few times but not a lot. She was paranoid, like Lance said.

Dante: He took a breath and knocked on Kathy's parent's door.

Kallexa answered the door. "Dante...this is a surprise. How long has it been?"

Dante: "About two years or so." He said softly. "I've been busy lately and now have some free time to visit my friends."

Kathy Mom: "Well that's nice of you. Come in. You thirsty?" she let him come in.

Dante: He stepped inside. "No, thank you. Do you know where I might find Lance or Kathy? They both are not at their apartments."

Kallexa: "Lance and Angelia left for college in another state. Kathy is up in her room."

Dante: "Oh, well. Umm...if Kathy isn't busy. May I speak to her?"

Kallexa: "I'm not sure. She doesn't come out much. Which means she doesn't talk much."

Dante: "With your permission, may I go up to her room and talk to her?"

Kallexa: "Sure. But talking to her is her decision."

Dante: "Of course." He nodded a bit. "Excuse me." He walked up to Kathy's room.

Her door was shut.

Dante: He knocked on her door lightly and waited.

Kathy: she opened the door thinking it was one of her parents but stepped back when she saw

Dante. "What are you doing here?"

Dante: "I've come to see you. To see how you're doing."

Kathy: "I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking." she started to close her door.

Dante: "That's not what I heard." He said softly but didn't try to stop her from closing the door.

Kathy: she looked out into the hallway. "Listen, Dante, I'm sorry Angelia isn't here for you to take from Lance. Wait until I get a boyfriend and then you can come back and speak to me then."

Dante: "I'm not that way anymore, Kathy. I've changed over the two years. Of course, you wouldn't know and probably don't care, for you've kept yourself cooped up in your room the whole time. I'm sorry I wasted your time." He nodded a bit, in a way that a gentleman would do to a lady. "Goodbye." He said softly then started to walk down the hallway.

Kathy: "You're so full of it." she shut her door and went and sat back down on her bed. She looked at the marks on her arm.

Dante: He sighed but continued to walk downstairs. He took out a pen and a small notepad. "If Kathy needs someone to talk to, here's my cell phone number and my home number. It was nice seeing you again." He told Kathy's mother.

Kallexa: "You too Dante." she took the paper from him. "Have a nice day."

Dante: "You too." He smiled a bit then left the house. He looked up to where Kathy's bedroom window would be and sighed a bit. He walked over to his brand new car and got in it. He started it up.

Kathy: she got up and went to the window in her room and looked down at Dante's car for a second before pulling her curtains closed. Dante could see the scratches on her neck and arm when she did that. But once the curtain was closed he saw nothing.

Dante: When he saw the scratches he looked down. He was worried for her now. He backed out the driveway and went home.

Kallexa had given Kathy Dante's number. But Kathy never called. She didn't want to talk about it, and not to him especially. She just stayed in her room.

One day there was a delivery for Kathy.

Kathy: she had opened the package when her mom brought it up to her room. She was careful about it.

Inside the package were a dozen blood red roses and a small note.

Kathy: she smiled a bit at the roses. They were really pretty. She picked up the note and read it.

It read:

I'm always here for you when you need to talk or if you need someone to comfort you. These blood red roses are for you, for they remind me of you. I hope you love them.

There was no signature.

Kathy: she smiled a bit. "That was sweet." she took out her phone and texted Angelia. "Thanks for the roses. How do they remind you of me though? Sort of weird. But...sweet never the less. XD"

Angelia: "I didn't send you roses. *confuse face*" She texted back a few minutes later.

Kathy: "Oh...well now I'm confused too."

Angelia: "I'm sorry but how are you?"

Kathy: "I'm good. Just confused. How's school?" she set her phone down and took the roses to the bathroom and put them in a glass then filled it up with water. She came back out and put the roses on her end table by her bed.

Angelia: "That's good. School is good. Acing all my classes, can't say the same about Lance though. Lol."

Kathy: she smiled a bit and texted back, "Lol...well, he did just go cuz you went so... XD"

Angelia: "Yeah, I know that. I help him when he lets me. :D"

Kathy: "Lol. Well guess what happened here a few days ago."

Angelia: "What happened?" She was worried now.

Kathy: "Dante stopped by."

Angelia: "'d that go?"

Kathy: "Weird."

Angelia: "How so?"

Kathy: "He was just weird. I think since he lost Sapphire and then you left with Lance he's all broken up now. He seems un-spirited and just...gentleman like."

Angelia: "Oh...well, that is weird."

Kathy: "Told you."

Angelia: "Should I tell Lance?"

Kathy: "That he stopped by?"

Angelia: "Yeah."

Kathy: "I don't care..."

Angelia: "Alright. So...who do you think sent you the roses?"

Kathy: "I don't know. There was no signature. Lance didn't send them as a joke did he?"

Angelia: "No, he doesn't have time to do that. He's too busy studying and finishing homework when he's not spending time with me."

Kathy: "Lol. Got him on a short leash there do you? XD"

Angelia: "Lol. I have to otherwise he'd flunk and have to leave."

Kathy: "Yep then school just wouldn't be the same. :P ...sighs. Well, Idk who sent them. Oh well."

Angelia: "No it wouldn't. Lol. :P You have a secret admirer then? :D"

Kathy: she froze for a moment and read the text. She looked at her arm and then read the text again. She grabbed the roses and put them back in the box and put the vase in the sink and then took the note and put it in the box and closed the box up. She pushed the box under her bed and sat down on the bed, leaning against her headboard. She didn't respond. She looked at the marks on her arm again.

Angelia: She texted Kathy three times before she stopped. She had to get to class.

Kathy: she finally looked at her phone like an hour later.

The first message was "Is everything alright? You okay?" Second message. "Kathy? You there? I'm getting worried. Please text me back so I know you're alright." Third message. "I have to go to class now. I'll call you later."

Kathy: she texted back, "I'm fine. You don't have to call. I don't want a secret admirer Angelia. Not anymore." she set down her phone and lay down on her bed.

Seven hours later Kathy's phone starts ringing.

Kathy: she groaned and grabbed her phone and opened her eyes to see who it was.

It was Angelia, she was calling.

Kathy: she pressed talk and put the phone up to her ear, "Hello?"

Angelia: "Hey." She sounded a bit worried.

Kathy: "Hi Angelia. You didn't have to call me." she said softly.

Angelia: "I know, I wanted to. Why don't you want a secret admirer anymore?"

Kathy: "What if they are from whoever gave me these scars? No thank you."

Angelia: "That's understandable."

Kathy: "I already boxed the roses back up. I know they are harmless but I don't want to accept them. That'd be like accepting this to happen to me. No thank you. I'm staying safe."

Angelia: "That's the best way to be. What color are the roses?"

Kathy: "A dark blood red. They are pretty." she admitted.

Angelia: "Oh. They're from Dante then. I just remembered that he told me how he loved that color and if he could get a girl that he likes roses he'd like the to be that color."

Kathy: she was quiet a moment, "Dante!" she exclaimed. She got off her bed and opened the box and looked at the note again. "It's a mistake."

Angelia: "Ow." She said softly. "I don't think it is. He didn't sign it, the roses are the color he said he'd like to give to a girl and he was acting like a total gentleman towards you. Did he give you his number?"

Kathy: "Sorry." she muttered. "But it has to be. I don't like Dante. I don't think he should like me. Not after he liked you. You're my friend. It makes me feel like rebound chick. Besides, we don't get along. He gave my mom his number and she gave it to me."

Angelia: "It's alright. Like I said, I don't think it is. Also, Dante had two years to find a rebound chick. You should give him a chance if he says that he's changed. If he hasn't you could always just ditch him. He gave you roses, his number, and he was acting like a total gentleman to you.

Kathy: "I haven't seen him in two years. He could secretly be a murderer/rapists/kidnapper out to get me."

Angelia: "I doubt it. Even though Dante did try to take me away from Lance, I don't think he could ever become like that."

Kathy: she sighed a bit, "I would like to know why now and not before when him and Lance and I hung out."

Angelia: "I don't know. Maybe he was afraid that Lance would hurt him or something. I don't know."

Kathy: she looked at the roses in the box and sighed, "They're all wilt-y now."

Angelia: "I don't know what to say or do to help with that. I'm sorry. I have go. I need to call home since I have some free time right now. I'll talk to you later, Kathy."

Kathy: "Don't you control plants?"

Angelia: "Yes, but I can't do it with the distance we are."

Kathy: "Oh." she sighed, "Alright. Thanks Angelia. Talk to you later."

Angelia: "No problem. Talk you later." She hung up the phone.


Kathy: she closed the box and then got up and found the paper with Dante's phone number on it. She texted him. "Thanks for the flowers. Though, I didn't know they were from you and now they are wilt-y. :( I'm sorry."

Dante: He texted a back a few minutes later. "You're welcome. That's alright. It happens. :-/ I hope they cheered you up while they lasted though."

Kathy: "They did. They are really pretty. I'll dry them out and keep them. I was just scared a moment cuz I didn't know who they were from so I was thinking the worst."

Dante: "Thinking the worst? Why? What's wrong?"

Kathy: "You've really missed a lot being gone as you were. I don't know if I want to catch you up."

Dante: "I know I have missed a lot being gone but it was for the best for me and everyone around me. It's understandable that you wouldn't."

Kathy: "-sighs- It's annoying you acting all nice. It seems fake and even so, it is making me feel bad for being mean to you. Don't do that."

Dante: "I'm sorry. I'll try not to...I guess. It's just hard now."

Kathy: "Why? What has happened to you? And why all of a sudden do you like me? Can't find anyone else?"

Dante: "I got counseling and other help."

Kathy: "Oh..." she texted back, "That' did that go?"

Dante: "It went well apparently. I feel changed."

Kathy: "That's have you tried patching things up with Lance or you don't want to?"

Dante: "No, not yet. He's not home yet and I can't get a hold of him."

Kathy: "He has the same cell number he's always had."

Dante: "Then he's not answering or replying back o my text messages."

Kathy: "I'm sorry...he's sort of mad still I guess about you and Angelia."

Dante: "I figured he'd still be. ~sigh~"

Kathy: "As far as me talking to you, we've never talked before so I don't see how that will change."

Dante: "That's alright. Just remember what I said in the note."

Kathy: "I bet there are other girls to get for your girlfriends."

Dante: "I don't want anyone else right now."

Kathy: "And why me?"

Dante: " to thinking about the double date that we went on."

Kathy: "So? We didn't do anything."

Dante: "I know. I just couldn't stop thinking about it."

Kathy: "Why?"

Dante: "I don't know."

Kathy: "Well when you figure it out let me know okay?"

Dante: "Alright."

Kathy: she set her phone down and opened a magazine to read.


Angelia: she called home.

Daray: he picked up the phone on the second ring. "Hello?"

Angelia: "Hey, Dad."

Daray: "Hi Angelia! I was just thinking about you." he said with a smile.

Angelia: She smiled. "Really? How is everyone there?"

Daray: "We are good baby girl. How are you? Everyone misses you."

Angelia: "I miss everyone too. I'm doing well. Acing all my classes."

Daray: "That's great. How are you and Lance fairing?"

Angelia: "We're good. I have to help him with some of his homework when he lets me help him." She laughed softly.

Lance: "Angelia, don't make me cut your phone off." he scowled at her.

Daray: he laughed with Angelia, "Did you want to talk to your mother?"

Angelia: "Calm down, Lance. I'm just telling the truth. Yeah, I would like to talk to her."

Lance: he was at Angelia's other ear where she wasn't holding the phone. He whispered, "You're so rude to me. Hurry and get off the phone so I can punish you for being rude to me." he kissed her ear.

Daray: "Alright here." he put the phone down, "Arya!" he called, "Phone!"

Angelia: "I am not." She whispered back and smiled a bit.

Arya: She came downstairs with Amelia on her hip. "Who is it?" She came into the kitchen.

Lance: "Just skip homework tonight I have a surprise for you." he left the dorm room.

Daray: "It's Angelia." he took Amelia from Arya. "Hi baby girl." he kissed Amelia's cheek.

Amelia: she smiled and hugged her dad. "Hi daddy."

Angelia: "I can't skip homework tonight." She told him before he left.

Arya: She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

Angelia: "Hey mom. How are you?"

Arya: "I'm good. How about you?"

Angelia: "I'm good. Acing all my classes, helping Lance when he lets me."

Arya: "That's awesome Angelia." She smiled. "Do you want to say hi to your little sister?"

Angelia: "Sure." She smiled.

Arya: "Alright hold on." She walked over to Daray and Amelia. "Amelia, want to say hi to your big sister?"

Amelia: she took the phone and put it to her ear, "Hi sissy!" she said excited.

Angelia: "Hi Amelia." She laughed softly."How are you doing?"

Amelia: "Good. Miss you."

Angelia: "That's good. Miss you too. Do you know how old you are?" She was smiling.

Amelia: "Two." she giggled, "How old is sissy?"

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "I'm 19 going to be 20 soon."

Amelia: she gasped. "Wow..."

Daray: "Amelia, are you done?"

Amelia: "No." she held the phone tighter, "I likes to talk to sissy."

Daray: "Alright well if she wants to talk to her mom or I or Luca you give us the phone okay?"

Amelia: "Okay."

Daray: he set Amelia down.

Lance: he came back into the room, "Babe you done yet?"

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Yeah, I'm getting old. Huh?" She smiled and sat on the bed. "I have to be going soon so I would like to talk to Luca then Daddy again. Okay? Until then I'll talk to you." She looked at Lance and shook her head no.

Lance: he sighed and lay back on the bed.

Amelia: "Okay sissy. Love you."

Angelia: "I love you too. I miss you and I can't wait to see you."

Amelia: she held the phone up to Daray.

Daray: he took the phone from her, "Hi Angelia. You want to talk to Luca?"

Angelia: "Yeah."

Daray: "Luca!"

Luca; He came down the stairs. "Yeah?"

Daray: "Angelia's on the phone to talk to you."

Luca: He took the phone.

He and Angelia talked for a few minutes.

Luca: He handed the phone back to Daray.

Daray: he continued to talk to Angelia.

Angelia: An hour later she said she had to go.

Daray: "Bye hun. Talk to you later. Love you."

Angelia: "Goodbye Dad. Talk to you later. Love you too."

Lance: he took the phone from her hand and hung it up, "Okay. Go get dressed."

Angelia: "I am dressed."

Lance: "Fine. Let's go. Been waiting forever here and I'm starved."

Angelia: "Where are we going?"

Lance: "Somewhere. No homework tonight. While you were on the phone I took the liberty of burning all your books."

Angelia: "Lance! Why'd you do that?" She stood and looked at him.

Lance: "So you'd not do any homework. Did I not just say that?"

Angelia: "I need those for tomorrow and the rest of the two years I'm going to be here! Now I have to replace them." She sighed and grabbed her coat and purse. "You find something for you to eat while I go and buy all the books that you burned." She left the dorm and went to the book store to replace the books that Lance burned.

Lance: he followed her out and put his arm around her, "You come with me. That was the point of this."

Angelia: She pushed away from him a bit. "Some people take this seriously, Lance. I came here to get my degree." She walked into the book store.

Lance: he grabbed her and pulled her out and kissed her. "Are you mad at me babe?"

Angelia: "Yes. I am." She pulled away from him and went to start gathering the books.

Lance: he grabbed her again and picked her up. "You seriously are too uptight. I thought I'd loosened your panties enough by now but I guess not." he walked away from the store, carrying her.

Angelia: She teleported out of his arms. "Lance. I'm serious. I need to get these books for tomorrow."

Lance: he sighed exasperated and turned to face her. "Do you trust me?"

Angelia: "Yes, I do but I need those books." She walked back into the store and gathered the books that were burned. She paid for them.

Lance: he stopped her before she went into the store. "No."

Angelia: "Lance, please." She pushed past him.

Lance: "Angelia I asked if you trusted me. If you do, don't go in there."

Angelia: She stopped and looked at him. "That's not fair." She frowned.

Lance: "I'm starving to death. Do you want me to die?"

Angelia: "I'll survive a few more minutes. I won't be at long."

Lance: "You'll survive. I won't. I'm a dude. I need food. Let's go to dinner."

Angelia: "How long will it take?"

Lance: he took out a paper from his pocket and held one end and let the rest unroll to show its length to be about half the height of him, "Depends how fast we are. This is what I have planned for tonight." he smirked.

Angelia: "Lance, please. I need time to do homework and get the books that I need since you decided to burn them."

Lance: "I thought you trusted me."

Angelia: "I do trust you but you still decided to burn my books. You didn't have to do that. But I do need time to do my homework and time to replace the books that you burned."

Lance: he looked at the list, "That's number 98 and 99 on here. We'll get there eventually."

Angelia: "No, how about we get my books first then go out to eat. Otherwise we're not going anywhere." She crossed her arms, looking at him.

Lance: he smiled at her. "You're turning me on with your hotness hun." he took a pen out of his pocket and scribbled something on the paper. "I just moved number twelve-making love, to number three, because I can't wait that long."

Angelia: "Fine but still books first otherwise we're not going anywhere and not doing anything."

Lance: "Nah. Books are still 98 and 99."

Angelia: "Then we're not doing anything or going anywhere until tomorrow."

Lance: "Tomorrow is too late."

Angelia: She shrugged. "Oh well."

Lance: he crumpled up the list and tossed it over his shoulder and walked up the sidewalk to Angelia and slung her over his shoulder. "Okay little miss." he carried her towards a restaurant.

Angelia: She teleported out of his arms. "No. I'm getting my books and doing my homework. You can eat if you like. I'm not hungry."

Lance: "If you go in that store that means you don't trust me and you are inadvertently stepping on our relationship."

Angelia: "I do trust you, Lance but you did burn my books so I should do something that would make you upset with me. It's only fair." She opened the store door.

Lance: he watched her. "You can do whatever you want tonight. I'm not getting mad at you worth anything. I'm just keeping a list and whatever you do to upset me goes straight into the 'Ways to Punish Angelia' bag of 'to-do's' which I will get to tonight."

Angelia: "Then you only have one." She walked into the store and got her books and paid for them. She wasn't even in there for ten minutes.

Lance: he was waiting for her outside the store. "You done?"

Angelia: "Yes, was that so hard to let me do? We would be eating right now or something." She teleported the books up to the dorm room.

Lance: he laughed, "Now you've got two sets of all your books you loser."

Angelia: "Oh, thanks." She said sarcastically and started to walk away from him. She was a bit insulted when he called her a loser.

Lance: he grabbed her hand and started to pull her towards the restaurant. "You're so un fun."

Angelia: "How can I be fun when you call me names?" She pulled her hand away from his. She'll walk on her own. She crossed her arms a bit.

Lance: "Listen, you irritating woman. You're the one who jumped to this conclusion that I was telling the truth about burning your books and wouldn't trust me when I told you not to buy them. You are a loser. You're like school obsessed."

Angelia: She stopped and looked at him. "You eat. I'm not hungry and I'm going to go be a 'loser' and be 'school obsessed' in the dorm. "We talked about lying to each other about things, no matter how small they are. I'll be quiet when you're in the dorm so I don't irritate you anymore." She teleported up to the dorm. She sat on her bed and opened her books. She put a shield type thing up around her bed. She started to do her homework.

Lance: he teleported up to the dorm, "Babe I'm sorry. Babe..." he got on his knees, "Come here."

Angelia: She kept looking at her books.

Lance: he pouted and sat there and pulled a locked box out of the dresser and slid it over to her. "There's your books." he said sadly.

Angelia: She picked them up and opened the box. She got her books out and set the ones she bought aside. She read her books and did her homework. She was quiet lie she said she would be when he was in there. She was a bit hurt but she didn't show it.

Lance: he sat against the wall and watched her. His stomach growled loudly five times within an hour.

Angelia: She finished her homework up and put them in her bag. She then sat on her bed, looking at the wall opposite of where her headboard was.

Lance: "I'm in pain. Don't mind me though. Just starving to death. What time is it now? Ten at night? Been waiting twenty hours."

Angelia: "I told you to go eat."

Lance: "No. My girlfriend's mad at me. I can't eat without her...I have a whole NIGHT planned to be with her and she blows me off for paper made from trees."

Angelia: She sighed looked away from him. He was just making it worse. "Lance, just go eat."

Lance: "No. That's alright."

Angelia: She sighed, rolled her eyes and grabbed her coat. She got off the bed and left the dorm.

Lance: he got up and followed her. He smiled a bit. "So you wanna hear my plan?"

Angelia: "Sure." She stated softly.

Lance: he sighed, "What's wrong with you?"

Angelia: "Nothing."

Lance: "I've been waiting for you all day. You aren't happy. Whatever. Go back to the dorm and do schoolwork." he stopped walking and pointed her back to the dorm, "I'll go alone. I want to spend time with me at least."

Angelia: "I'm done with my schoolwork but whatever. I'll go back." She stopped and turned around. She started to walk back to the dorm.

Lance: he shook his head and continued walking to get something to eat. He was irritated with her. Waited ten hours for nothing. Whatever. Sometimes he wondered.

Angelia: She went to the dorm and slammed the door shut. She leaned against the door and slide down it. She closed her eyes and sighed. Boyfriends are supposed to be there for their girlfriends and not pull the things he does. They're supposed to stand up for them when other people call them names but they're not supposed to call their girlfriend name like loser. It's hurtful. She tilted her head back and hit her head against the door harder than she expected to.

Lance: he didn't come back to the dorm until 2 AM.

Angelia: She was passed out on the floor.

Lance: he picked her up and put her on the bed, "Babe?" he kissed her cheek.

Angelia: "Hmm?" She said sleepily, she was a little more than half asleep now that she was moved.

Lance: "Nothing." he sat down on the end of the bed and took off his shoes and then grabbed some clean clothes and went in to take a shower.

Angelia: She curled in a ball on her bed.

Lance: he came back out after making sure the bandage was on his arm. He got in bed beside Angelia and fell asleep.


Angelia: She was curled up against Lance. She woke with the sense and urge to bite, and her throat burning. She shook Lance a bit. "Lance." She then sat up and stretched a bit.

Lance: "What?" he asked sleepily.

Angelia: "I need to bite something, so I'm going to hunt before classes today."

Lance: "Go alone. You didn't go eat with me."

Angelia: She looked at him then looked down. She got off the bed then got dressed after showering. She looked at Lance again before grabbing her bag and leaving the dorm. She went to hunt then went to class.

Lance: he skipped classes today.

Angelia: She went to the library right after class and did her homework before going back to her dorm. She walked into the dorm room about two hours after her classes were over.

There was a note on the door.

Went out to hang with people who want to spend time with me. Be back later.

Angelia: She took the note and threw it in the garbage. She threw her bag at the end of her bed. She sat on her bed and sighed.


Tacita: "Hey Lance!" She smiled and waved to him. She was a girl in all his classes. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Lance: he smiled at her, "Hi Taci. What's up?"

Tacita: "Nothing much. You weren't in your classes today. How come? You don't look sick or anything."

Lance: "I just felt like skipping. Wasn't in a very good mood today." he shrugged.

Tacita: "Oh. Well, maybe I can get you in a better mood. Come on." She took his hand and started to drag him to her car. She then let go and got in her car. She rolled down the window. "Come on, get in." She smiled

Lance: he walked with her, "Where are we going to be going?"

Tacita: "You'll see, come on."

Lance: he opened up the passenger door and got in the car.

Tacita: She rolled her window down and backed out of the parking spot. She then drove to a dance club and parked the car. "I hope you like to dance." She smiled and got out of the car.

Lance: he got out of the car, "Yea. With Angelia."

Tacita: "Oh." She said softly. "We can always go somewhere else." She went to get back into her car.

Lance: "Why'd you want to come here with me anyways?"

Tacita: "I thought that maybe dancing would get your mind off of what was making your mood bad. It does for me."

Lance: he thought about it and looked to the dance club then back to her, "Yea. It does. I need to have some fun. I'm sick of working." he walked towards the club.

Tacita: She smiled a bit and followed him. "After awhile you need to have some fun otherwise your life gets boring and you don't feel like doing anything anymore." She walked into the club. The bartender waved at her so she waved back. "Want to dance?" She smiled and went onto the dance floor. She danced to the music, she moved her body to the beat of it. Swaying her hip, running her hands slowly down her body as she danced. She just let lose to the music.

Lance: "That's true." he watched her and smiled a bit. He couldn't really remember the last time Angelia wanted to have fun like this. He walked out onto the dance floor and soon started to dance with her, getting into it. He had fun.

Tacita: She hesitated a bit before she started to grind against him a bit, she had her eyes closed, still moving to the beat.

Lance: he let her grind against him a bit before he stepped back, "Hey I'm going to go get a drink."

Tacita: "Alright." She continued to dance though.

Lance: he went over to the bar and got a drink.

Bartender: "What would you like, sir?" He asked as he dried a glass.

Lance: he had his fake ID so he could get whatever he wanted. "Give me a scotch, straight up. On the rocks."

Bartender: "Yes, sir." He fixed him his drink. "There you go sir." He handed him the drink.

Lance: "Thanks." he stirred the ice cubes with his finger and then took a sip of the drink.

Bartender: He gave her, her drink.

Tacita: "Thanks." She took a drink.

Lance: "A little bit." he smiled a bit at her.

Tacita: "What would make it more fun?" She took another drink.

Lance: "If my girlfriend was here. But lately she never wants to have fun."

Tacita: "Oh." She looked down at her drink.

Lance: he looked down at her, "What's the matter?"

Tacita: "Nothing." She looked at him and smiled a bit. She finished her drink then went back out to the dance floor and started to dance again.

Lance: he smiled a bit back and downed his drink then went out to the dance floor also.

Tacita: She was dancing by herself, her eyes closed again. She gave her body into the music again.

Lance: he danced by himself too. With the drink in his system it helped to loosen him up.

Tacita: She went over to the bar and ordered two more drinks. Both bourbon drinks.

Lance: he was still dancing.

Tacita: She finished her second drink but didn't go out dancing again. She watched Lance dance for a bit.

Lance: he was on the dance floor, some girls were dancing close by. He looked like he was having fun, which is because he was.

Tacita: She went out back on the dance floor and started to dance again. She danced mostly by herself. Guys started to watch her after a few minutes. She danced like Angelia did when she took Lance to the hidden dance club but more sexy and hot like.

Lance: after a few hours he sat down at the bar, drinking another drink, relaxing. He was smiling. He was tired of dancing though.

Tacita: She continued to dance. She wanted to keep her mind off of a few things at the moment.

Lance: the longer he sat at the bar, the more he drank.

Tacita: Soon she came over and took Lance's hand. "Come and dance with me." She pulled him out to the dance floor again.

Lance: "Alright." he laughed and went out to the floor and danced with her.

Tacita: She laughed too. She danced with him, like she was before but when she alone after she had a few more drinks.

Lance: he was enjoying dancing with her. What guy didn't like a hot chick who wanted to dance with him?

Tacita: She started to grind against him as she danced.

Lance: he didn't stop it this time. He put his hands on her hips and moved with her.

Tacita: She grinded hard but slow against him.

Lance: "You like dancing Taci?"

Tacita: "I love to." She said softly. "How do you think I got so good?" She smiled.

Lance: "Yea you are really good." he laughed and kissed her cheek.

Tacita: She smiled and continued to dance and grind against him.

After a bit Lance excused himself and got a cigarette from someone at the club and stepped outside to have a smoke.

Tacita: She came out a bit afterward. She had her purse and her car keys. "Ready to go back? Or do have somewhere else you would like to go to or something else to do?" She looked at him.

Lance: he smiled a bit and dropped his cigarette and crushed it under his shoe. "Are you hungry?"

Tacita; "Yeah."

Lance: he took her hand, "Let's go then. I want to show someone this."

Tacita: "Okay?" She walked with him to her car. She got in the divers side.

Lance: "No we aren't going to your car."

Tacita: "No? Then where we going?"

Lance: "To the Japanese house. We were going to walk."

Tacita: "Okay. Why are we walking though?"

Lance: "Because it's around the corner."

Tacita: "Oh. Okay." She smiled a bit when she realized that they were still holding hands.

Lance: he continued to pull her with him, "You aren't afraid of heights are you?"

Tacita: "No."

Lance: "Alright." he smiled and stopped at the restaurant. "Hmmm..." he knew what Angelia's favorite food of this was but he didn't know Tacita's. He had had this planned for Angelia but she didn't want to do it. Now it was a bit changed. He looked at Tacita, "What do you want to eat?"

Tacita: "I'll eat anything really." She admitted.

Lance: "Stay here. I'll be right back." he went into the restaurant.

Tacita: "Okay." She stayed where she was. She looked around her a bit as she waited.

Lance: he came out a few minutes later with two to-go boxes of Japanese food, "Hold these please Taci?" he smiled and took a blind fold out of his back pocket once she held the food boxes. He put it over her eyes and tied it in the back.

Tacita: She held the boxes and smiled a bit. "Is this a surprise thing or something?"

Lance: "Yes. It was supposed to be at least. Now don't freak out, okay?"

Tacita: She nodded. "Okay."

Lance: he removed the blind fold off of her and as he did Tacita could see she was up above everyone thing. She was standing on the flat roof of the Japanese's restaurant.

Tacita: She held onto Lance. "How'd we get up here?" She looked at him.

Lance: he shrugged a bit, "Do you want to know or do you want to eat?" he took his box of food from her and sat down on the roof and opened it up and started to eat.

Tacita: "I think I'll just eat." She sat down in front of Lance. She started to eat too. The food tasted good.

Lance: "Last night this whole sky was lit up with fireworks."

Tacita: "Really?" She looked up at the sky. "It must have been beautiful." She ate what she could. "That was very good. Thank you."

Lance: he nodded, "I thought so. It was some Japanese thing." he finished up his food. He had also wished to show it to Angelia but that had failed. "You're welcome." he smiled a bit, "Ready to go then I guess?"

Tacita: She nodded. "Yeah."

Lance: he put the blindfold back on her and then when he took it off her they were on the ground. He threw the empty boxes away then walked with her back to her car and got in.

Tacita: She got back into her car and started it up. She waited until Lance got in before she drove back to the dorms. She parked in her parking spot.

Lance: "Well thanks for the fun Taci. See you in class tomorrow?"

Tacita: "Yeah. No problem." She smiled a bit she then got out of her car started to walk up to her dorm room, which was only a few doors down from Lance's and Angelia's.

Lance: he walked up with her then waved to her as he went back to his dorm and went inside.

Tacita: She waved back and walked into her room.

Angelia: She was already in bed. She was in her own bed this time. Her back was to the door.

Lance: he sighed. "That supposed to mean something?" he muttered. He went to his own bed and pulled off his shirt, which exposed the tattoo on his bicep. He took off his shoes and pants and got in bed.

Angelia: "Where were you today?" She turned in her bed to look at him.

Lance: "I left a note."

Angelia: "I got it. I didn't think that you would be gone this long."

Lance: "I was having fun."

Angelia: "I'm glad you had fun." She said softly. "I'll see you in the morning I guess. Night."

Lance: "Thanks. Night."

Angelia: She turned back around and closed her eyes. She suppressed a sigh.

Lance: he fell asleep, and slept soundly.


Lance: his alarm went off but he pressed the snooze button.

Angelia: "Lance, you need to get up otherwise you're going to miss your classes." She was in the bathroom getting ready for she already took her shower.

Lance: he sighed and got up. He pulled on a shirt and pants and looked in the mirror and fixed his hair then grabbed his books.

Angelia: She came out and grabbed her bag. She went and opened the door but stopped. "Hi."

Tacita: "Hi. I was wondering if Lance is ready to go to class today."

Angelia: "Umm..."she looked back at Lance. "I guess so."

Tacita: "Awesome." She smiled.

Angelia: "If you don't mind me asking, how do you know Lance?"

Tacita: "He's in all my classes with me and we hung out last night. We went dancing and then out to eat. "

Angelia: "I see." She hid her emotions with a small smile.

Tacita: "He's a really good dancer."

Angelia: "I know. Will you please excuse me? I need to get to class.

Tacita: "Of course." She moved aside.

Angelia: She walked down the hallway as tears started to fall a bit.

Lance: he walked out of the room, "Angelia wait up!" he looked to Tacita, "What'd you tell her?"

Tacita: She looked from Lance to Angelia. "Oh my. I didn't know she was Angelia. Lance I'm so sorry. I told her about last night. I didn't know she was your girl." She shook her head and looked down.

Lance: "That's crap...what other girl would be in my room?" he looked down the hallway and ran to catch up with Angelia, "Angel!"

Tacita: "There are a lot of male female roommates here. I didn't know if you were the one of the few that roomed with your girlfriend." She said before he left. She watched him go.

Angelia: She didn't stop, she kept walking. Tears falling.

Lance: he caught up to her and caught her arm, "Babe." he saw her crying, "Why are you crying?" he asked softly.

Angelia: "Let go of me." She tried to pull away from him. She was too upset at this moment. She thought he was cheating on her with that blonde.

Lance: he let go of her arm, "Babe. Come on."

Angelia: "Was this your plan? To get me to cry?" She looked at him. "To get back at me for going with you yesterday? If it is, you did a good job at it." She turned and started to walk away again.

Lance: "Angelia I didn't, I didn't want to make you cry." he followed her, "What did she tell you?"

Angelia: "You know. I thought if I did my homework right after my classes were over that we could spend the rest of the day and evening together." She shook her head. "Then here, you already had plans with that blonde. To go dancing and to eat. I bet you two kissed too." She went down the stairs quickly.

Lance: "I kissed her cheek." he followed after her, "But that was it. Babe stop and talk to me!"

Angelia: "Why talk to me when you have her?" She turned around and looked at him.

Lance: "Because you're my girlfriend. She's just a girl."

Angelia: "I have to go, otherwise I'm going to be late for class." She said softly and turned. She went down the rest of the stairs and down the hallway.

Lance: "Angelia!" he stepped down the stairs after her and followed her down the hallway.

Angelia: She sighed and turned around. "What? What more could you possibly have left to say?" Her eyes could show how badly she was hurting at the moment.

Lance: "I love you." he was subconsciously aware of the many students in the hallways going to class, most aware of the scene in the hallway. "I didn't cheat on you. I just went and had fun. I swear."

Angelia: She sniffled and looked away from him. She didn't move though. A few tears still rolling down from her eyes.

Lance: he stepped closer to her. "You didn't ask me what I did last night or I would have told you. We could have avoided this. I thought you trusted me."

Angelia: "I do trust you but when she told me what you two did last night. It felt betrayed the trust that I had for you. I did ask. I asked where you were yesterday. All you gave me was 'I left a note' and 'Having fun'. So I thought you were with guys doing guy things that girls don't need to know." She looked down.

Lance: "That was my original plan, yes. Then Taci wanted to go to a dance club so I went with her. It wasn't a big deal. We had a few drinks, danced, afterwards I took her to the Japanese restaurant and then we went back to the dorms. You don't trust me, otherwise you wouldn't be crying right now. If she told you that and you DID trust me, you would have said I'm glad you had fun. It's like with the books. You didn't trust me with them either."

Angelia: "I need to get to class." She turned and walked into the crowd of students.


Angelia: She walked out of last class and went straight to the library. Like she did yesterday. She sat down in her usual spot and opened her books. She started on her homework.

Juan: He came in and sat out of sight but where he could still watch Angelia. He did this everyday for the past two years.

Lance: he had skipped classes again. He stayed in the dorm this time.

Angelia: She was done in two hours, like she was yesterday. She was gathering her things to get ready for her to leave.

Juan: He watched her still. When she stood he stood and followed her. Soon he was following her down to her dorm room. He snuck up behind Angelia and covered her mouth with a rag with methane on it.

Angelia: She screamed a bit before it was cut shot for she passed out. She did struggle a bit to get free. 'Lance!' She called for him mentally since she couldn't speak with the rag over her mouth.

Lance: he got up and opened the dorm door, "Angelia?" 'Babe where are you?'

There was a sound of struggling by the stairs.

Angelia: 'I don't know. I can't see.'

Lance: he teleported over to the stairs.

Juan: Had a hold of Angelia, rag still over mouth and nose. His face was in her hair.

Angelia: She was struggling still but weakly for she was passing out.

Juan: He looked up at Lance and smiled.

Lance: he teleported over to Juan and grabbed him by the hair and yanked him back and got Angelia out of his arms, the rag away from her mouth.

Juan: He disappeared with Angelia before he did so. He appeared at the bottom of the stairs. He laughed. He took a knife from his back pocket. "What should I take first? Hmm?" He smelled her hair. "Should I take the breasts? No. The heart? No. The hair would be a good token. What do you think Lance?" He looked up at him.

Angelia: 'I can't...stay...awake any...longer...' She passed out.

Juan: He looked down at Angelia when she went limp. He smiled.. He took the rag and then picked Angelia up and threw her over his shoulders.

Lance: he growled, "You can't take any of it!" he teleported down to Juan again.

Juan: "I don't think you want to do this, she can get badly hurt." He took his knife and ran it up and down Angelia's body.

Lance: he backed off, holding up his hands, "Woah. Just stop it Juan."

Juan: He smiled a bit. "I'm glad you see it my way." He stopped what he was doing with the knife. "You follow me, she gets hurt." He backed away from Lance, watching him.

Lance: "If I back off she'll get hurt from what you told me!"

Juan: "I won't hurt her like that unless you try to stop me now."

Lance: "Is there anything I can offer for you to let her go?"

Juan: He thought about that for a moment. "Nope."

Lance: as Juan thought about it he teleported behind him and wrenched the knife from his hand and threw it aside. He gripped his hands around Juan's throat, strangling him.

As Lance did that Juan teleported Angelia to the top of the stairs and if Juan died, Angelia would fall down three flights of stairs.

Lance: he measured the fact that yes, she would fall down three flights of stairs, but he could get to Angelia faster than she could fall down three steps. He continued to strangle Juan.

Juan: He could feel his powers slipping. So he just let Angelia go.

Angelia: She started to fall down the stairs, head first.

Lance: he let go of Juan and just went and caught Angelia before she fell at all. He held her.

Juan: He disappeared.

Angelia: She was till limp and passed out.

Lance: he teleported back up to his and Angelia's dorm and laid her on the bed. He checked over her wounds.

Angelia: She had minor wounds. Scratches and some places that would bruise. Her breathing could barely be seen and her heart beat was barely audible. Her skin paler and colder than normal.

Lance: he stayed with her until she woke. When she did, he fed her.

Angelia: When she woke she gasped to get air then started to breath normally. She closed her eyes and swallowed. She winced. She coughed and she coughed so hard that blood came out onto her hand.

Lance: he wiped at her mouth with the rag in his hand. "You're alright babe. You might not think so, seeing as I'm the first thing you see when you wake up. But...believe me. You're alright."

Angelia: She started to cry a bit. 'I'm sorry, Lance. I've been foolish lately. I've been more focus on my work then spending anytime with you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.' She cried silently.

Lance: he hugged her, "Shh, babe. It's okay. Why aren't you talking out loud? Is your throat okay?"

Angelia: She hugged him back. 'That wasn't any regular chemical. He used vervane on that rag. He somehow found a way to turn it into a gas. My throat hurts really bad.'

Lance: "I'm sorry babe." he rubbed her back.

Angelia: 'It's not your fault.' She pulled him closer and closed her eyes as she hugged him still.

Lance: he continued to hold her. He was thinking of how to find Juan.

Angelia: 'I need something to drink.' She said after awhile.

Lance: he leaned back and held the glass to her.

Angelia: 'Thank you' she took a drink but winced a bit when she swallowed for it hurt. She drank the whole glass.

Lance: he sat there watching her.

Angelia: She sat up in the bed and patted the spot beside her.

Lance: he got up and sat on the bed beside her.

Angelia: 'Lay with me now?' She asked as she looked at him. 'Please?'

Lance: "Lay with you?"

Angelia: She nodded. 'Unless you don't want to.'

Lance: "That sentence can mean a few things so I'm not sure which one you mean."

Angelia: 'Lay down with me.'

Lance: he leaned over and kissed her gently. "Why babe? Why now?"

Angelia: She kissed him back. 'Because I want to lay down with you and cuddle and be held by you.'

Lance: "I thought you were mad at me."

Angelia: 'I miss you to tell you the truth. I was jealous and was afraid that I was losing you to her.' She looked down, trying to hold back tears and failing.

Lance: "Babe you weren't losing me to her. You'd never lose me. I was just pissed off at you though because every time I want to have fun with you to help you loosen up you chew my head off about it. You're like a kill joy. So I need to spend time with people who aren't, occasionally."

Angelia: 'I'm sorry I'm like that.' She closed her eyes and sighed a bit.

Lance: "Sometimes it's good. We balance out, I guess."

Angelia: 'But it seems I always make you unhappy.'

Lance: "The other night you did. It really hurt me. I had this whole thing planned for us."

Angelia: 'I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you. Whenever you want me to and however you want me to."

Lance: he shook his head, "No. I'm leaving the way to fix it up to you."

Angelia: She leaned up and kissed him softly.

Lance: he kissed her softly, "Want to see one of these things I wanted to do that night? I wanted us to get matching, weren't there. So I did it myself."

Angelia: She nodded. 'Yes, I want to see.'

Lance: he pushed up the short sleeve of his t-shirt and showed her the tattoo. It was still red, cuz it was new. It said, "L+A Together We Are A Song".

Angelia: She looked at it and smiled. 'I remember you having this when you were older.' She looked at him.

Lance: "Yea? Interesting."

Angelia: She nodded. 'I don't know if I had one when I was older. I've never seen my older self.' She looked back at his tattoo and couldn't help to smile.

Lance: "Probably not if you are still the pain in the butt girl in the future as you are now. We never got matching I bet."

Angelia: 'I guess. But I promised to change that future and so far I have. I intend to keep this promise too.' She kissed him softly then hugged him. "Never let me go." She whispered.

Lance: he put his arms around her, "Yes my dear."

Angelia: She closed her eyes and held him close to her. "I love you so much, Lance."

Lance: "I love you too, Angel." he kissed her head gently.

Angelia: "What were the other things that you wanted to do the other day?"

Lance: "I didn't really have 100 things plans. Most of the paper was blank. I was just teasing."

Angelia: "I would still like to know." She looked up at him.

Lance: "I wanted us first of all to go to the Japanese restaurant and get our dinners to go. Then I was going to teleport us to the roof. They had this Japanese thing going on where there were fireworks for hours. So I wanted us to be under them while we ate our dinner. After we were done eating I was going to teleport us down and then teleport us to the boardwalk where we were going to get our matching tattoo's, and then take a walk on the beach at night. It's really cool at night. Then come back to the dorm and make love and get some sleep for school."

Angelia: She looked down when he was finished. She felt horrible now. It sounded like it would have been nice but she had to be like she was and ruin it. She sighed a bit.

Lance: "It's alright babe."

Angelia: "No it's not. I ruin everything." She sighed again.

Lance: "But I love you anyways."

Angelia: "I'm surprised you do for all the heck I put you through." She mumbled.

Lance: he rubbed her back gently. "I do the same to you."

Angelia: "Not as much as I do to you." She looked up at him a bit.

Lance: he kissed her softly. "It's alright."

Angelia: She kissed him back softly then laid back onto the bed, looking up at him.

Lance: he lay down on the bed beside her, facing her, watching her.

Angelia: "I need to go to the store tomorrow." She whispered then looked at him.

Lance: "Alright. What for?"

Angelia: "My pills."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "Okay."

Angelia: She nodded. "I took my last one today." She looked up at the ceiling.

Lance: "You don't need to spend money on it if you don't want. I mean, I get mine. But, it probably makes you feel safer."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "We don't need a child in the middle of college." She whispered.

Lance: "Yea. That wouldn't be fun. Especially when mommy would be getting kidnapped occasionally." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "Yep. I don't understand about what happened today."

Lance: "He likes you. Of course, who understands why people do crazy things except for the person themself..." he shrugged a bit.

Angelia: "Who's he?" She looked at him. "He attacked me from behind so I didn't get to see his face and he didn't say anything to me."

Lance: "Juan."

Angelia: She sat up and looked at him. "Juan? He's always in the library when I am. He creeps me out."

Lance: "Well with good reason it seems."

Angelia: She nodded and sighed. "He's also in my fifth period class too."

Lance: "He shouldn't be back at school anymore but if he is tell me so I can finish killing him."

Angelia: "Why have you kill him when I can do it myself?"

Lance: "I don't think we can kill him without making it look like a suicide. We are in college. People know him."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I can deal with killings looking like suicide."

Lance: he smiled a bit, "And I love you more." he kissed her.

Angelia: She kissed him back then pushed him back onto the bed gently as she still kissed him.

Lance: he continued to kiss her.

Angelia: 'How far are you willing to let me go tonight, my love?' She asked mentally as she continued to kiss him. She straddled his lap, one legs on either side of Lance. She started to slowly pull his shirt off of him.

Lance: 'As far as you want my love.' he put his hands on her hips as she kissed him.

Angelia: She started to move her hips against him as she kissed him and took his shirt off him.

Lance: he moaned softly into her mouth as they kissed. He moved his hand to her face, holding her face gently.

Angelia: She moved against him a little bit longer before she started to take his pants off him. She kissed him deeper and more passionate. She broke the kiss once, which was to take her shirt off but she returned to kissing him.


Lance: he woke up groggily with the alarm went off. He was not looking forward to getting up. He didn't want to. But he had missed class the past two days so he thought he'd better.

Angelia: She was still lying next to him when the alarm went off. She was usually up before him. She was asleep still. She cuddled closer to him when the alarm went off. She was still tired and exahsted from yesterday and last night. She enjoyed last night though for she surprised Lance with a few things and they made love last night. She didn't feel like getting up today, she didn't want to. She wanted to be lazy today and not get out of bed. She wouldn't mind lying in bed with Lance all day today. She liked the idea but she knew that she has to get up for she had three tests today. She didn't move though. She was comfortable and warm. She kept her eyes closed.

Lance: he shut the alarm off and looked over at Angelia and kissed her cheek, "Babe, are you going to get up and go to school today?" he whispered, kissing her cheek again. "Then you wanted to go to the store, don't forget."

Angelia: "Only if you're going to school too." She whispered. She didn't open her eyes or move. She did smile a bit when he kissed her cheek.

Lance: "Yes I have to, sadly..." he rubbed his hand across her stomach.

Angelia: She smiled a bit then leaned up and kissed him then got out of bed.

Lance: he smiled and got out of bed and went and took a quick shower before getting dressed for school. He slung his bag over his shoulder.

Angelia: She just threw something on. She was having one of those 'I don't care how I look' days.

Lance: "Ready babe?" he opened the door.

Angelia: She grabbed her bag. "Yeah." She smiled at him.

Lance: he smiled and stepped out the door. He wondered if he'd see Tacita today.

Angelia: She followed him out, shutting the door behind her. She started to walk down to her first period class.

Lance: he followed her as far as he could. He kissed her before leaving, "Bye love."

Lance: he followed her as far as he could. He kissed her before leaving, "Bye love."

Angelia: "Bye hon." She smiled and walked down to her class and walked inside of it.

Lance: he walked down to his class and went inside.

The day pasted like a normal college day.

Lance: "Taci." he leaned over to her chair in the class room.

Tacita: She looked at him. "Hi Lance." She then gathered her things to get ready to leave.

Lance: "What's up?"

Tacita: "The usual."

Lance: "Everything okay?"

Tacita: "Yeah." She smiled a bit.

The bell rang.

Tacita: She stood and got her things. "See ya around." She then walked towards the door.

Lance: he got up and walked over to her, "I can walk you to your next class. If you want."

Tacita: "That's okay. I'm sure Angelia would want you to do that with her and not me." She tried to smile a bit then walked towards her next class. Halfway down the hallway she looked down at the floor and sighed a bit.

Lance: he couldn't help but feel she was giving him the cold shoulder. He thought they were friends. He went to his next class.

Tacita: She was in every class of his. She sat in the back this time instead of next to him like normal.

Lance: he walked up to whoever was sitting in the seat beside her and told them to move and he sat down.

Tacita: She didn't look at him when he sat down. She played around with her hair a bit though.

Lance: he looked at her, "So what's with the cold shoulder?"

Tacita: "I don't know what you're talking about." She said softly, looking at the desk.

Lance: he touched her shoulder and sucked in a breath and pulled his hand back to him, shaking it. "Woah. I think it's turned to ice."

Tacita: "I'm not giving you the cold shoulder, Lance. I just have to be careful around you now that I see how Angelia acts towards me and you hanging out. I don't want to upset her again and I don't want to cause any problems for your relationship with her." She admitted softly as she played with her hair.

Lance: "I don't think Angelia has a problem with us being friends. She thought I cheated on her when you and I went out but I told her nothing happened so she's cool with it."

Tacita: She smiled a bit. "Cool."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "Yea. I mean, but if you don't want to be friends, just tell me."

Tacita: "I still want to be friends." She glanced at him then looked at the front of the class.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Cool. So do I."

Tacita: She smiled a bit back. She then looked at the professor, who was getting ready to give them an assignment.

Lance: he did the same.

Tacita: She glanced over at Lance a bit then back at the professor. Once the professor was done talking she got out her book and started on the assignment. The professor however went to his desk and started to type things on the computer and calculating things.

Lance: he slowly worked on the assignment then raised his hand.

Tacita: She was halfway done with it already.

Professor: He glanced up and saw Lance with his hand raised. "Yes?"

Lance: "Can we do this as homework?"

Professor: "I don't care." He looked back at the computer and started typing again.

Lance: "Awesome." he closed his books and sat back in his chair and crossed his arms as he closed his eyes.

Tacita: She watched him. "Why would you want to do it as homework when you have time to do it now? I would think that you would want to keep the time you have free to spend with your girl."

Lance: "She always has homework to do. When I do finish my work in class she has homework and so then I have nothing to do. It's the exact thing that happened three days ago when I tried to make time to spend with her. So...I sleep during class now I've decided."

Tacita: "I see." She finished the assignment and stood. She then went down and gave the professor her paper. She came back to her seat and sat down.

Lance: he stayed like he was.

Tacita: She watched him for a bit.

Lance: when the bell rang he got up and grabbed his things.

Tacita: She was already heading towards the door.

Lance: he shrugged and just walked out at the pace he went out.

Tacita: She walked down to her next class. She sat in the back again.

Lance: he sat in his normal seat this time.

Tacita: She swallowed a bit and didn't feel very good at the moment for some reason.

Lance: he didn't notice. When class was over he got up.

Tacita: She got up too but ran out of the classroom this time. She ran to the bathroom.

Lance: he walked out and stood by the girl's bathroom door.

Tacita: She didn't come out for a bit. She sounded like she was throwing up a bit and her trying to hold back some screams.

Lance: he stopped a random girl in the hallway, "Hey. I'll give you a dollar to go see what's wrong with Tacita."

Girl: She looked at him weirdly but walked on by. She didn't know anyone named Tacita.

Lance: he sighed and went into the girl's bathroom. "Tacita, you sick?"

Tacita: "I'm fine." She groaned softly. She was sitting on the floor in one of the stalls.

Lance: "What's with the screaming?"

Tacita: "Nothing. Get out of here. You're not supposed to be in here anyway." She curled in a ball then groaned again and suppressed another scream.

Lance: he broke open the stall door and knelt down, "Tacita?" he glanced over her to see if she was stabbed or anything, if there was blood. He smelled the air for it.

Tacita: She tensed. There was no blood and she wasn't stabbed or hurt in any way.

Lance: "Honey, are you pregnant you think?"

Tacita: She shook her head no.

Lance: "Here." he picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom. He headed towards the nurses office.

Tacita:"Lance, put me down or take me to my dorm." She said softly.

Lance: "Taci you need to be checked by a nurse."

Tacita: "No. No nurse, please Lance." She begged him.

Lance: "Taci you are puking and in pain. You're ill at the least, at the most something serious could be wrong."

Tacita: "No nurse." She groaned. "Please, take me to my dorm."

Lance: "Do you know what's wrong with you?"

Tacita: "Yes." She clenched Lance's shirt tightly.

Lance: "Alright." he carried her back out and up to the dorms and kicked open her door and carried her in and set her on her bed.

Tacita: She opened a drawer in the nightstand beside her bed. She looked for a bottle of pills.

Lance: "Want me to get you water?"

Tacita: "Yes please."

Lance: he left to the dorm kitchen area and got her a glass of water and came back and handed it to her.

Tacita: She took the pills and drank the water. She then laid back onto her bed.

Lance: "What were those pills for?"

Tacita: "To ease the pain." She whispered.

Lance: "Pain from what?"

Tacita: "This happens once a month, for one day." She winced a bit. "Something that you wouldn't understand."

Lance: "Once a month? What? Period related?"

Tacita: "For one day? No." She gripped the sheets a bit.

Lance: "What is it then?"

Tacita: "Think about it." She bit her lip a bit. "I think you should go." She whispered.

Lance: he grabbed the pill bottle and read the label.

The bottle read Vicodin medication.

Lance: he looked at Tacita. "Do you need anything?"

Tacita: She shook her head and closed her eyes tight.

Lance: he still didn't know what was wrong with her.

Tacita: "Lance, go. Please." She pleaded with him a bit.

Lance: "Will you be okay?"

Tacita: "Yes." She said softly.

Lance: "Tacita...are you a shape shifter?"

Tacita: "Lance, please go. I don't want to hurt you." She whispered.

Lance: he nodded a bit and stood, "You have my cell number if you need me."

Tacita: She nodded.

Lance: he went into the hallway and walked back to class.


Julia: "Angelia! Angelia!" she walked into class and went over to her quickly.

Angelia: She turned and smiled when she saw Julia. "Hey, Julia. What's up?"

Julia: "Guess what I just heard!" she started out with her, 'I'm ready for some gossip' voice.

Angelia: "What?" She sat her things down on her desk.

Julia: "Andraia heard that Ruby said that Kary saw Lance go into the girl's bathroom."

Angelia: "What?" She looked at her. "Do they know why?"

Julia: she moved closer, "Well, I asked Andraia what Ruby said if Kary saw anything else and here I guess he came out of the bathroom holding a girl in his arms who was holding onto his shirt tightly."

Angelia: She gasped a bit then looked hurt a bit. "I'm sure that she needed to go to the nurse or something and him being helpful, took her."

Julia: "I don't know, so I went straight to Kary myself and she told me the whole story. Apparently, they were whispering something fierce and arguing a bit, and Kary said that through her sources, she heard he turned down the opposite way from the nurse's office and headed to the dorms. Kary said Janet was in the hallway and saw Lance go into the room with the girl, shut the door, and he didn't come out for a good half hour."

Angelia: She sat down and she didn't looked too good at this moment.

Julia: "I told you he's no good for you anyways." she sighed and stood, "I have to go. I'm meeting Kary for lunch. But I'll see you soon, okay?" she smiled and skipped from the room.

Angelia: She stayed in the room for a few minutes. She then picked up her things. She went to the rest of her classes to get the assignments that she was going to miss. She explained how she wasn't feeling very well and needs to rest. The professors gave her the assignments. She left her last class classroom. She went into the bathroom, shut one of the stalls but didn't lock it. She then teleported up into her dorm room. She set her things on her bed then went into the bathroom and then threw up in the toliet. She felt sick to her stomach, betrayed, hurt. How was he going to explain this? What excuse was he going to make up? She wondered. When she was done throwing up she went back into the room and laid on the bed.

At the end of the day Lance came back into the dorm, seeing Angelia on her bed. "Hey babe. You weren't in the class we share. What's up? You said you were going today." he shut the door behind him and dropped his bag at the door.

Angelia: "Where were you third period?" She didn't answer his question.

Lance: "A lot of places." he sat down on her bed, "Guess what I found out."

Angelia: "Why did you go into the girl's bathroom?"

Lance: "Tacita was screaming and in pain. I went in to get her out and see what was wrong."

Angelia: "Ah, and you couldn't just go get the nurse to see if she was okay? Then when you did get her out of the bathroom...why did you take her to her dorm instead of to the nurse? And not come out for a good half hour?"

Lance: "She wouldn't let me, and begged me not to. I was about to but she said she knew what was wrong and promised she'd tell me if I didn't take her to the nurse so I brought her up to her dorm. And guess what I found out."

Angelia: "Tacita is a shape shifter."

Lance: he nodded, "Yep. You guessed it."

Angelia: "I've known since I first seen her."

Lance: "Well good for you with your pureblood insight. Could have told me."

Angelia: "You couldn't smell it?" She looked at him.

Lance: "I have better eyesight than you babe. I never said better smell. I'm part human."

Angelia: "It doesn't matter if your part human or pureblood. You should have been able to smell it, even if it was a faint sent."

Lance: he frowned a bit. "I don't have a good sense of smell, alright? I have to focus on what I'm smelling in order to smell it."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Okay."

Lance: "Besides." he patted her leg, "I focus on you and only you so you're the girl for my smell." he kissed her cheek. "What are you doing in bed? You weren't in class so did you leave early?"

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I felt ill so I asked if I could go back to my dorm. They allowed me to do so."

Lance: he felt her forehead. "How are you feeling now?"

Angelia: "A bit better." Her forehead wasn't warm, so she didn't have a fever.

Lance: "Need anything?"

Angelia: She shook her head a bit. "No. I'm a bit bored though."

Lance: "I'm sorry babe."

Angelia: "Not your fault." She kissed his cheek softly.

Lance: "So you can rest while I do my class work I guess. I missed third period so I have school work to make up."

Angelia: "Okay." She laid down on the bed but laid where she could watch him

Lance: he got up and got his books out of his bag and put them on the bed and laid down on the bed while he worked.

Angelia: She fell asleep for about an hour and a half.

Lance: "Hey babe, how'd you know I was gone third period?"

Angelia: "Hmm?" She said softly, half asleep still.

Lance: "How'd you know I was gone third period?"

Angelia: "Julia told me."

Lance: "The gossip girl?"

Angelia: "Mhm."

Lance: "How did that story go?"

Angelia: She told him what Julia told her.

Lance: "I guess that's the truth. It's just not the whole truth."

Angelia: "Why do you think I asked you about it?"

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Well thanks for trusting me."

Angelia: She smiled. "You're welcome."

Lance: he finished up his class work a bit later.

Angelia: She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

Lance: "Well, I'm done." he set all his books on the floor and got up, walking over to the bathroom. He leaned against the doorframe watching her.

Angelia: She finished brushing her teeth and rinsed her toothbrush out. She looked at the time then at him. She smiled. "That's good. Want to do anything together or would you rather stay her and relax?"

Lance: "That's up to you hun. We do need to find Juan though."

Angelia: "We don't need to find him. He can find us. I'm not going to go look for him." She walked into the room and found something nicer to wear. She put it on. "We can go to a party somewhere then go out to dinner if you like." She pulled her hair up as she looked at him again.

Lance: he turned and followed her into the room, "We could if you like. I can tell you must not be in the mood to stay in tonight, huh?"

Angelia: "No, I'm not in the mood to stay in tonight. I miss going out with you. Having fun. All my work's done, yours is too so why not go out? But if you don't feel like going out...we can find something else to do then." She sat on the bed, looking at him.

Lance: "I just don't have a plan. I did a few nights ago. Not tonight though so it'll be up to you what we'll do."

Angelia: "I don't have a plan either. I was thinking of just letting the night go and see where we end up and have fun doing it."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "That sounds good to me babe."

Angelia: She smiled a little. "Awesome. You ready or do you want to change into something else?"

Lance: "Nah I think I'm ready."

Angelia: "Alright." She stood and grabbed her purse.

Lance: "Where are you planning on going?"

Angelia: "I don't know yet. Coming with me to see where I end up?" She smiled and opened the door and walked out.

Lance: "Always coming with you babe." he followed her.

Angelia: She smiled and walked down to her car and got in it. She started it.

Lance: he got in on the passenger's side.

Angelia: She drove out of the parking lot and started down the road. "So how was your day?"

Lance: " know that. I've already told you what happened."

Angelia: "Yeah." She sighed a bit. She turned into a parking lot. "I hope you've eaten lately." She parked the car and looked at him.

Lance: "I'm sure if not I can handle it. I've eaten a bit of human food."

Angelia: "We'll be eating afterwards. I have a feeling that we're going to be hungry after this." She got out of her car.

Lance: he got out and looked at the building of which the parking lot was for, trying to make sense of her words.

There was music coming from the building even when the door was closed.

Angelia: She was walking towards the building. She didn't even know what this place was.

Lance: he caught up to her and took her hand as he walked with her, his eyes still on the building. He took his free hand and brushed it back through his hair, "So what's the appeal of this place? Cuz it's blasting music so loud it will kill even normal human ears?"

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "I don't know. Like I said earlier, I was just letting the night go and see where we end up and hopefully have fun in the process. We can leave if you want, I don't care really." She smiled and stopped.

Lance: "Nah, don't want to leave. We should check it out." he was still walking, pulling her along with him.

Angelia: "Alright." She smiled and started to walk with him again.

When they got up to the door a strong smell hit them. It was a smell that they both knew but it was a long time since they smelled it. The bouncers outside stopped them both.

Lance: "We'd like to get in," he told them, keeping his eyes calm, though they threatened to burn a deep black as the pupil engulfed the iris.

Bouncer 1: "Have to be twenty one to get in." He didn't move though.

Lance: he reached in his back pocket, pulling out his wallet and pulled out his I.D. which read he was 21.

Bouncer 1: He nodded. "You can go in. She can't." He looked at Angelia.

Lance: "She has her I.D."

Angelia: She took her I.D. out and showed it to the bouncer.

Bouncer 2: "It's fake. She's nineteen at least."

Bouncer 1: He nodded. "She's not allowed in. She under age."

Lance: he looked to Angelia and kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear, "Use your powers of mind control?"

Angelia: "It doesn't work on others like me." She whispered back as she watched the bouncers.

Lance: he looked at the bouncers. "Thanks for your time." he had an idea. He put his arm around Angelia and started to walk back to the car.

Angelia: "We can find somewhere else to go. No big deal." She started to get her keys out.

Lance: he waited till he was out of view of the bouncers and teleported inside the building with her, or tried to.

It didn't work. They both were still outside.

Lance: "Back door. That's how I watch movies for free at theaters. Always a back door." he went to check for one.

Angelia: She sat in her car, waiting.

There was no back door.

Lance: he walked up to the bouncers.

Bouncer 1: He opened the door for him.

Lance: "No, I was wondering how much it'd take for you to let my girlfriend in with me?"

Bouncer 1: He looked at the second Bouncer then smiled a bit. "How good at dancing is she?"

Lance: "She's a great dancer. Can't say she dances for anyone but me though."

Bouncer 1: "She has to dance in front of everyone in there if we let her in, also has to dance with our boss."

Lance: "This a strip club?"

Bouncer 2: "No."

Lance: "Why type of dancing we talking about?"

Bouncer 1: "Any type of dance that she wants to perform but it has to be good."

Lance: "How long of a dance? And just one?"

Bouncer 1: "As long of a dance she wants to dance and one for everyone and one just for our boss."

Bouncer 2: "So that's two dances total."

Lance: "I'll ask her. We may be back."

Bouncers nodded.

Lance: he walked back to Angelia's car and knelt down to lean on the ledge of the window after she rolled it down, "Hey babe. So they bouncers said we can both go can come in if you do a dance for their boss...and a dance in front of everyone. However long you want and however way you want to do it."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright."

Lance: he leaned back and opened her door for her.

Angelia: She grabbed her purse and stepped out of the car.

Lance: he put his arm around her and walked back up to the building.

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

Bouncer 1: He opened the door. "Remember what we said."

Lance: "Yeah." he walked into the club with her.

Angelia: She looked around the club and swallowed a bit. "This isn't a regular club, hon." She whispered a bit.

Lance: "What is it?"

Angelia: She pointed over to where a man was biting a human woman then over to another person doing the same thing. "It's a draining/dance club. There are very few of these in America. Our kind comes here to bite when they can't hunt on their own." She looked at him. "Let's get out of here. Please." Her throat was killing her and draining a human was against how she grew up.

Lance: he nodded and walked with her back to the doors and went outside. "I was wondering why the smell of blood filled my nostrils when we came to the door."

Angelia: She walked over to the side of the building and threw up a bit. The smell of human blood made her sick for some reason.

Lance: he rubbed Angelia's back, "You alright hun? Need to get home?"

Angelia: "Yeah, I'm fine and no." She got her keys out and started to walk to her car.

Lance: he followed her. He looked back at the place. He'd have to come back later.

Angelia: She got into her car and started it up.

Lance: he got in the passenger's side.

Angelia: She drove from the building. She drove for a few miles before pulling over on the side of the road. She got out and threw up again.

Lance: "Honey? You've been throwing up a lot today."

Angelia: "I know. I don't know why though."

Lance: "Do you need checked out by a doctor?"

Angelia: She shook her head. "No. I just need to get back home and lay down. I'm not feeling so good right now."

Lance: he got out and walked over to the driver's side and put his arm around Angelia. He teleported her back to the dorm and had her lay on the bed, "I'll go get the car."

Angelia: She laid down onto the bed and closed her eyes. "Alright." She said softly.

Lance: he locked the dorm room then teleported back to the car, drove it back to the dorm, and then teleported up to the room.

Angelia: She was in the bathroom again, throwing up again.

Lance: he frowned, changing for bed. He sat down on his bed.

Angelia: "Lance? Can you find me something to eat? As in human food?"

Lance: "Ummm, alright." he got some change out of the bowl in the room and went down to a vending machine and got Angelia a snack out of it and then came back to the room, "Got it babe."

Angelia: "Thank you." She was walking back to the bed now. She didn't look like she was feeling well.

Lance: he handed her the bag of the snack, sitting down on the foot of her bed.

Angelia: She opened the bag and started to eat the food. She ate the whole bag of food and she started to feel a bit better. "I'm sorry, Lance. About tonight. It just hit me all of a sudden." She whispered and watched him.

Lance: "That's alright my dear. I just want you to feel better. I think you should stay in the dorm tomorrow and not worry about classes. You need to rest." he took the empty bag from her when she was done with her snack, "Do you want another?" he looked at her as he crinkled the bag up in his hand and stood, taking it to the trash and throwing it away. He came back to the bed and sat down beside her. "I mean, did it help make you feel better?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I think I will." She closed her eyes as she laid back onto the bed. "No, I don't need another and it did help a bit."

Lance: "Good. I'm glad." he rubbed her leg.

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

Lance: "If you need anything I'll be in here."

Angelia: "Thanks, love."

Lance: he nodded then got up and went and sat on his bed and put his iPod in his ears.

Angelia: She laid in her bed for a bit then got up and went into the bathroom. She was in there for a few minutes.

Lance: he watched her from where he sat.

Angelia: She came back out and went to her purse, sitting on her bed. She looked though it and sighed. "I forgot to go to the store today." She looked at Lance.

Lance: "I could run and get some for you."

Angelia: "Do you know what I get though?"

Lance: "Yea. I think I've seen it in the bathroom a few times."

Angelia: "Alright. I need you to get something else too." She got her wallet out and got out some money.

Lance: "What's that? Not girl things."

Angelia: She shook her head. "No, a test." She handed him the money.

Lance: he took the money slowly, "A PREGNANCY test?" he asked in disbelief.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yes. I want to make sure the reason why I'm throwing up so much isn't from me being pregnant. If it is...I don't know what we'll do at the moment."

Lance: "I don't know either. So let's hope not." he stood.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yeah."

Lance: "Alright I'll be back." he vanished.

Angelia: She nodded and laid back down. She closed her eyes and fell asleep for a bit.

Lance: the next thing Angelia heard were sounds of a grocery bag being dropped on the floor, and pills in a bottle shaking around.

Angelia: She woke up and looked at Lance.

Lance: he looked at Angelia. "I got them..."

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay." She sat up in the bed. "Did you get the pregnancy test?"

Lance: "Yes. It's in there."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She got it out of the bag and went into the bathroom. She was in there for a few minutes.

Lance: he sat on her bed and waited.

Angelia: She came back out of the bathroom with the test in her hand. She swallowed a bit.

Lance: he looked over at her and in an instant his face paled. He stood.

Angelia: "What are we going to do?" She whispered.

Lance: "I don't know. I'm not ready for a child. Are you?"

Angelia: "I'm not ready for a child either."

Lance: "Then do we have to keep it?"

Angelia: "I can't get an abortion, Lance. It's not right."

Lance: he looked down a moment, "We could give it to adoption..."

Angelia: "I...I don't...know. I don't know if after I have it, I'd be able to give it up." She whispered.

Lance: "I don't know how you could have gotten pregnant." he walked over to the wall by his bed and looked at the calendar on it.

Angelia: "I don't know either." She sat on her bed.

Lance: "Oh..." he flipped the pages on his calendar and then turned to face Angelia.

Angelia: She watched Lance. She didn't understand how this could have happened.

Lance: "I was supposed to go back to the doctors last week."

Angelia: "You didn't get to go...did you?"

Lance: "I thought it was next week..." he put his hands in his pockets.

Angelia: "Even though I've taken the pill the whole week, sometimes it doesn't have full protection." She whispered then laid back onto the bed and sighed a bit.

Lance: "How long do we have?"

Angelia: "For?"

Lance: "Freedom."

Angelia: "I don't know truthfully."

Lance: "When is the kid due? You don't know? If you're already having morning sickness...that's quick. Aren't you not supposed to get that till four months?"

Angelia: "With our kind it's a quicker pace." She whispered then found her phone. She dialed a number, her home number.

Lance: "Who are you calling?"

Angelia: "My parent's house. They would know. They did have three children."

Lance: he nodded a bit and sat down on his bed.

Daray: he answered the phone, "Hello?"

Angelia: "Dad, it's Angelia."

Daray: "Hi..." he looked at his watch, "What's up so late?"

Angelia: "I need information about something."

Daray: "Got a test tomorrow and calling dad for a cheat, eh?" he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "No. It's about me being pregnant."

It sounded like Daray dropped the phone.

Angelia: "Dad? Hello? Dad?"

Daray: "ARYA!" he left the phone and went to get his wife.

Angelia: She sighed and waited.

It sounded like someone picked up the phone.

Angelia: "Hey, what happened? Is everything alright over there?"

Daray: "I got your mother on the phone too."

Angelia: "Oh. Okay. I was wondering about how long it is from now until I have the child. I'm already getting sick and throwing up a lot." She explained.

Arya: "That sounds like when I was pregnant with Luca."

Daray: "How can you be pregnant? I mean...have you decided to drop out of school or something?"

Angelia: "You know how I can be pregnant and no I didn't decide to drop out of school. This was unexpected for both Lance and myself."

Daray: "That makes things better." he said sarcastically. "Where are you going to keep the child? Are you coming home then?"

Angelia: "We don't know and again, don't know. Lance and I aren't ready for a child. We were thinking of giving it up for adoption or not having it at all." She admitted softly.

Arya: She was going to say something then went quiet.

Daray: "Angelia you can't do that." he said softly. "It's not the child's fault his parents aren't ready for him. If you didn't want a kid, you shouldn't have sex. Sex makes kids, plain and simple."

Angelia: She looked at Lance then looked to the floor. "I understand. Again, how much longer do we have until I have the child?"

Arya: "About another four and a half months." She said softly then hung up the phone.

Daray: "Have the kid, Angelia. If you and Lance don't want it, your mother and I will raise it."

Angelia: "Alright." She said softly. "Thank you, though."

Daray: "You're welcome honey. Do you need anything?"

Angelia: "No. If I do, I think Lance would get it." She sighed a bit. "Good night, dad and thanks again."

Daray: "You're welcome. Good night." he hung up the phone.

Angelia: She set down her phone and looked back at Lance.

Lance: "And?"

Angelia: "We have four and a half months. My parents say to have the child and if we don't want it to give it to them and my parents will raise it."

Lance: "Well that's better than adoption or death." he guessed.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yea."

Lance: "How long until the semester is over?"

Angelia: "Three months."

Lance: "You should at least finish the semester so you don't lose your work."

Angelia: "I was planning on it." She said softly.

Lance: "We can move back to my apartment, wait till you have the child...and go from there."

Angelia: "That's all we can do right now." She said softly then put her face in her hands.

Lance: he got up and sat beside her, his hand on her back, rubbing it lightly.

Angelia: "I'm not ready for this, not at all."

Lance: "Neither am I babe. But we did talk about having a kid back when you lived with your parents, remember?" he smiled a bit, "I'm here with you."

Angelia: "Yes, I know we did but we weren't ready then and we're not ready now. We might be in a few more years but not now." She looked at him. She seemed a bit scared.

Lance: "I'm sorry." he hugged her.

Angelia: "It's not your fault, love. I'm just scared that we won't be able to take care of our child." She hugged him back. "Like we planned to a few years ago."

Lance: "I can get another job." he offered.

Angelia: "I'll barely see you then." She sighed a bit.

Lance: "At least we'd save up for the kid."

Angelia: "Yeah." She laid her head on his shoulder.

Lance: he put his arm around her.

Angelia: She closed her eyes for a bit then pulled away from him and ran into the bathroom.

Lance: he sighed a bit and laid back on the bed.

Angelia: She came back and sat next to him.

Lance: "I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl."

Angelia: "Me too." She laid next to him.

Lance: "What was the name we agreed upon?"

Angelia: "I don't remember."

Lance: "Are we going to tell anyone?"

Angelia: "Like who?"

Lance: "Well, Kathy for you...yea...I don't have a best friend so I guess never mind."

Angelia: She frowned.

Lance: "I could tell Tacita."

Angelia: She didn't answer him about him telling Tacita.

Lance: "Or no one..." he said after a minute, hearing her silence.

Angelia: "I don't think we should tell anyone." She said after awhile.

Lance: "Alright."

Angelia: She yawned a bit and closed her eyes.

Lance: "Night love."

Angelia: "Night." She whispered and cuddled close to him.

Lance: he put his arm around her and held her close. He laid there, waiting till she was asleep.

Angelia: She fell asleep half an hour later.

Lance: he got off the bed and put his shoes on. He kissed her cheek then teleported back to the club. He walked up to the doors.

Bouncer 1: "Back so soon?" He smiled a bit.

Lance: "I wanted to try it out."

Bouncer 1: "Well, go try it then." He opened the door.

Lance: "Thanks." he went inside.

Bouncer 1: He nodded then closed the door.

Girl: She was sitting at the bar, drinking a drink, a guy was hitting on her but she didn't seem interested.

Lance: he walked over to the bar and sat down beside her.

Girl: She looked at him then went back to drinking her drink.

Lance: "What brings you here?"

Girl: "The same thing that brings you here." She showed him the drink.

Lance: he looked down at the drink and nodded, "You need to relax." he guessed.

Girl: "Exactly." She took another drink.

Lance: "What's bothering you?"

Girl: "My parents."

Lance: "What about them?"

Girl: She pulled her sleeve up and showed bruising then pulled it back down. "I should say that it's my mother and step father." She took another drink, finishing it up. She then ordered another drink.

Lance: "Oh...I'm sorry." he ordered himself a drink. He watched her.

Girl: "Not really anyone's fault except mine and/or my mother's." She took long drink of hers.

Lance: "What happened? Or you probably don't want to tell a random stranger."

Girl: She shrugged. "My step father beats me and my mother doesn't do anything about it. He beats me for no reason."

Lance: "I knew a girl like that once. Except it was her real father and mother that beat her." he said softly.

Girl: "Oh?" She looked at him.

Lance: "I'm sorry you're going through that."

Girl: "Sooner or later he's going to kill me." She shrugged. "It doesn't really matter I guess." She shot the rest of her drink back, setting the glass down.

Lance: he looked down a second, thinking how Sapphire was dead too, but that wasn't from her father. He looked up at the girl, "Where does your father live?"

Girl: "My biological father? I don't know. He left when I was three. Haven't seen or heard from him since then."

Lance: "No. The one who beats you."

Girl: "He's not my father." She stood and started towards the dance floor.

Lance: he stood and followed her, "I'm sorry I didn't mean offense."

Girl: "You didn't offend me." She went up to the DJ and requested a few songs.

Lance: he nodded.

Girl: She went onto the dance floor and started to dance alone. She closed her eyes as she danced.

Lance: "See ya round." he went back to the bar.

Guy: He looked at Lance. "How'd you get her to talk to you? I've been trying all night."

Lance: he shrugged a bit; "I just asked what was bothering her." he looked at the guy, "Do you have trouble with a lot of women talking to you?"

Guy: "No, just her."

Lance: "I'm sure." he got another drink.

Guy: "I'm serious."

Lance: "How did you approach her?"

Guy: "Same as you did."

Lance: "I guess ladies just love me."

Guy: "Or you're just lucky." He went back to drinking his drink. "She's the only human girl that comes here that hasn't let a male Snyde or human get close to her."

Lance: "Maybe she knows we'll bite her if she does, and she doesn't want to be bitten. I wouldn't blame her, what she's been through."

Guy: "Even human guys?" He looked at him.

Lance: "Human guys are the ones who physically hurt her. Perhaps she didn't mind talking to me because she knew I wasn't looking for anything with her. Whereas, you are."

Guy: "I see."

Lance: he shot back his drink. He started to think about Angelia being pregnant.

Girl: "How'd you find me here?" She could be heard from across the room.

Man: "I tracked your car, let's go. We're going home."

Girl: "I'm not going anywhere"

Man: He smacked her across the face. "You know not to talk back me."

Girl: She said something but if couldn't be heard for as soft as she said it.

Lance: he got up and teleported over to the man and slammed him back into a wall, "Back off." he told him firmly, pointing. He stood by the girl.

Girl: She swallowed, watching. "What are you doing? He'll kill you." She whispered.

Man: "YOU back off. She's my step daughter and her mother is worried about her. Once she finds out where her daughter goes every night, she won't even be allowed out of the house." He looked at the girl and smiled a bit.

Girl: She swallowed, watching. "What are you doing? He'll kill you." She whispered.

Man: "YOU back off. She's my step daughter and her mother is worried about her. Once she finds out where her daughter goes every night, she won't even be allowed out of the house." He looked at the girl and smiled a bit.

Lance: "Not if I kill him first." he told the girl, intently glaring at the man.

Girl: She didn't say anything.

Man: He smiled a bit. "You can only try, boy."

Lance: he took the girls hand and pulled her away from the man.

Man: He pulled the girl away from Lance. "She's not going anywhere with you."

Girl: She winced a bit when she was pulled away from Lance.

Lance: he fist punched the man in the side of the face, hard enough to snap his nose.

Man: He dodged as was behind Lance, he laughed a bit.

Lance: he whirled on the man, then using his speed he went behind the man and pulled a knife out of his boot and stabbed the point into the man's back, holding it there. "I suggest you let her go." he said sinisterly.

Man: He went to his knees. "Or what?" He said through clenched teeth.

Girl: She watched everything, not moving.

Lance: "I'll make you wish you were dead." he pushed him down onto the floor and pinned him there.

Man: He groaned a bit. "You can try."

Girl: She went to where her father couldn't reach her.

Lance: he looked at the girl, "Is his life worth it?"

Girl: "Worth what?"

Lance: "Living."

Girl: "No."

Lance: he looked down at the man, "Are you sorry for what you've done?"

Man: He didn't say anything.

Lance: "There is a fine line right now, and right now you're making it so I don't have any pity for you."

Man: "She gives me what I want, so I'm not sorry."

Lance: he pressed the knife into the man's back then grabbed his head and broke his neck.

Girl: she jumped a bit.

Lance: he looked at the girl, "Sorry." he said softly. He took the knife out of the man's back and wiped it clean on the man's shirt.

Girl: "It's fine." She said softly.

Lance: he looked down at the man and stood, putting the knife back in his shoe. He had to figure out what to do with him now.

Girl: She didn't move. "Let the other's handle the body. Come with me." She then took his hand and pulled him into a private room. She locked the door.

Lance: he went with her. He watched her, wondering what she was doing.

Girl: "Why are you really here?" She asked softly, looking at him. "Please, no lies."

Lance: "My girlfriend didn't like the fact that it was a biting club so I came to check it out myself. Never been here before." he said truthfully.

Girl: She nodded a bit. "Were you planning on draining someone tonight?" She whispered.

Lance: "I didn't really think about it. I might."

Girl: She nodded a bit then swallowed a bit. "Well, if you can bite me." She said softly, watching him.

Lance: "I won't drain much." he promised.

Girl: "It's alright. You can drain as much as you want from me. I won't mind." She sat down on the couch that was in there.

Lance: he walked over and sat beside her. He watched her. "Is your neck fine?"

Girl: She nodded. "Yes."

Lance: he leaned over, sitting closer to her, watching her.

Girl: She swallowed a bit but didn't move.

Lance: "You don't have to be scared." he whispered.

Girl: "I'm not scared." She whispered back.

Lance: "I'll try to make it as painless as possible, but it helps to relax."

Girl: "I...I can't relax." She admitted softly.

Lance: "Why not?"

Girl: "Never had a guy this close to me before." She blushed when she admitted that.

Lance: "No boyfriend?"

Girl: "Wasn't allowed one."

Lance: "What can I do to help you relax?"

Girl: "I...I don't know."

Lance: he stroked her cheek lightly, "Let's try something, okay?" he said softly.

Girl: She nodded a bit. "Okay." She said softly.

Lance: he leaned closer and kissed her gently, his hand still on her cheek.

Girl: She froze for a second then kissed him back gently.

Lance: 'Relax.' he told her mentally, his voice soothing. He let his fangs come down after kissing her a bit.

Girl: She kissed him back after a bit. "I'm trying." She said softly.

Lance: he broke the kiss on her lips and kissed her chin softly, then her cheek, then made a line of kisses down to her throat.

Girl: She closed her eyes after she relaxed more. She wasn't fully relaxed though.

Lance: he stroked her arm gently as he kissed her neck, then he licked it gently.

Girl: She relaxed the rest of the way.

Lance: he then bit into her neck, feeling her relax. He started to drain her.

Girl: She gasped a bit and grabbed a hold of Lance a bit. She didn't move away though. It felt nice to her.

Lance: 'Relax...' he told her mentally as he continued to drain her. He slid his hand up her arm and grabbed a hold of her hand with his and held it.

Girl: "I am relaxed."She said softly. "It just hurt a bit and caught me off guard a bit." She held his back. "Can I lay down?" She asked in a whisper.

Lance: 'Do what you want.'

Girl: "Will it hurt if I move?"

Lance: 'No. I'll move with you.'

Girl: "Okay." She laid down slowly.

Lance: he moved with her, 'Better?'

Girl: "Yes."

Lance: he continued to drain from her for a bit longer before he pulled his fangs out, and licked the wound closed. He leaned back and looked at her face. He smiled a bit, his slow, sexy smile that chicks liked.

Girl: Her breath caught when he did that. She didn't know what to say or do at the moment.

Lance: "Was that as bad as you thought?"

Girl: "No."

Lance: he kissed her softly then leaned back and sat up on the couch.

Girl: She kissed him back when he kissed her. She sat up and kept her eyes on the floor.

Lance: "What's wrong?"

Girl: "Nothing. You probably have to leave now, huh?" She didn't look at him.

Lance: "In a bit, yeah. I have to get back to get some sleep for school tomorrow."

Girl: She nodded a bit but didn't say anything.

Lance: "What's wrong?"

Girl: "Nothing." She looked at him and tried to smile.

Lance: he smiled back a bit, "Will you be okay?"

Girl: "I should be." She said softly.

Lance: "Where are you going to go after here?" he asked, thinking about her family.

Girl: "I don't know."

Lance: "I can't leave you without a place to go."

Girl: "You shouldn't worry about me. I'm just a girl you met at the bar." She said softly, looking back at the floor.

Lance: "I killed your step father though. That, and the biting, makes you not just a girl I met at the bar." he patted her knee with a small smile, "So let's think of where you can stay."

Girl: She shrugged a bit. "I can find a place. No big deal and if I can't, I'll just stay in my car."

Lance: "Want an apartment?"

Girl: "Where is it located?"

Lance: "Ohio."

Girl: "That's far from here." She looked at him. "But if it gets me away from here then, why not?"

Lance: he pulled out his wallet and took a piece of paper and wrote down the address and his cell number, "Here. It was my old apartment, but I'm at a college dorm with my girlfriend right now."

Girl: "But you'll be returning to it when you return. I can't live there." She looked at the paper then back at him. She didn't take the paper though.

Lance: "My cousin's family owns the place. There are other apartments there."

Girl: She takes the paper slowly then looked at it again. "Thank you." She looked up at him. "For helping me."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "You're welcome. What's your name?"

Isadora: "Isadora. Yours?"

Lance: "Lance. It's nice to meet you Isadora." he stood.

Isadora: She smiled a bit and watched him stand. "It's nice to meet you too, Lance."

Lance: "If you get in any trouble, call me. I'll come help."

Isadora: She nodded. "I will. Again, thank you."

Lance: he kissed the top of her head. "See you later Isadora." he went over to the door and unlocked it and went out.

Isadora: She smiled a bit. "See ya." She said softly. She left a few minutes after he did.

Lance: he got another drink at the bar then after he downed it, he teleported back to the dorm, taking off his boots.

Angelia: She was still asleep.

Lance: he got changed for bed and got in his bed and went to sleep.

Angelia: She slept through the night peacefully but was up early. She was in the bathroom when Lance woke.

Lance: "Babe? How are you?"

Angelia: "I'm still sick to my stomach."

Lance: "Do you want me to go get your work from your classes?"

Angelia: "If you please."

Lance: he walked into the bathroom. "Do you want another snack from the machine?"

Angelia: "No. I don't think I'll be able to keep it down."

Lance: "Alright. I'll hurry back." he kissed the top of her head then left the bathroom to get dressed for school.

Angelia: She nodded and stayed into the bathroom.

Lance: he grabbed his bag and left the room, heading down to his classes.

Angelia: She stayed in the bathroom for a bit before laying down. She fell asleep a little bit afterwards.

Lance: he kept an eye out for Tacita.

Tacita didn't show for class that day.

Lance: he got Angelia's things and his own and went up to Tacita's room and knocked on the door.

Tacita: She opened the door a few minutes afterwards. She looked like a mess. "Yes?"

Lance: "Hey, you okay?"

Tacita: "Fine. I just feel like crap like always. I thought it would be best not to go to class today since I feel how I do."

Lance: "I just got Angelia's work for her. Want me to get yours?"

Tacita: "No. I can get it later. Thanks though."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "So why do you feel so ill? I thought you said that lasted once a month."

Tacita: "After effects."

Lance: "How long does that last?"

Tacita: "A day"

Lance: "Oh. You'll be fine then." he smirked a bit, "Sucks being a shape shifter, eh?"

Tacita: "Yeah, I'll be fine." She rolled her eyes a bit. "Probably not as much as it sucks being a Snyde." She laughed a bit.

Lance: he leaned close, "Being a Snyde does suck. Literally." he smiled and leaned back and then walked down to his dorm.

Tacita: She rolled her eyes. "Smart..." She shut her door.

Lance: he laughed and went into his dorm.

Angelia: She was sitting in bed, watching TV.

Lance: "Here you go." he dropped her books and work on the bed by her.

Angelia: "Thank you, Lance." She watched him. "How was your day?" She asked softly.

Lance: "Good. Got to tease shape shifter." he smiled.

Angelia: She smiled back. "She tease you back?"

Lance: "She tried." he kissed Angelia's cheek. "How was your day?"

Angelia: She smiled a bit more. "It was alright. I mostly slept."

Lance: "I'm jealous."

Angelia: "Sorry." She looked at him apologetically then gasped a bit. "Oh, come here." She patted the spot beside her. "I almost forgot."

Lance: he went over and sat beside her, "Yes?"

Angelia: She took one of his hands and placed it on her stomach. She then looked at him when there was a kick right where his hand was.

Lance: he pulled his hand back as soon as he felt the kick, "Dear lord."

Angelia: She watched him still. She didn't smile or say anything. She just watched him.

Lance: he looked at her, "That's scary, yeah?"

Angelia: "I don't see how." She said softly.

Lance: "If it's moving it's alive."

Angelia: "Yes, all babies do that." She stated.

Lance: "You're trying to get me attached to it. Feeling it in there. Don't do that if we are getting rid of it. I feel bad you have to feel it."

Angelia: "You say as if it's something bad. Like it's going to ruin your life." She said softly, looking away from him back to the television.

Lance: "Yes. It probably is. I'll be working all the time, no more bars, or clubs, or games with friends. No more free time. I can't be a kid because I'll HAVE a kid. And then, pretty much, the only good thing coming out of this is getting out of college."

Angelia: "So you're saying you want freedom?" She looked at him.

Lance: "With you. Not with a kid." he sighed, "I'm just...feeling him move makes it a bit too real for me."

Angelia: "I'm sorry. I won't have you do it again." She looked back at the television.

Lance: "I'm sorry love. I'm a bit scared."

Angelia: "And you don't think I am too? I'm carrying and having the child. I have to feel it inside me, growing, moving. I'm afraid I'll get attached to it." She closed her eyes to hold back tears.

Lance: he took her hand and held it, "Do you want us to keep it?"

Angelia: She looked at him. "I don't know. Lance, I'm terrified." She started to cry.

Lance: he put his arms around her and held her close, letting her cry. He wasn't sure what to say.

Angelia: She cried for awhile.

Lance: he held her the whole time, rubbing her back lightly.

Angelia: She stopped crying but didn't pull away from him. She needed him at the moment.

Lance: he held her as long as she would want, "We're in this together, alright? I'll be here for you with the child, and your parents said they would too. You aren't alone in this. You don't have to be so terrified." he said softly.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I know. I just was thinking...if we do keep the child...what if we're bad parents?"

Lance: "I don't know about you but I'd be a great dad."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I know you would." She said softly, thinking back to when they watched Luca for her parents.

Lance: "And I wouldn't have picked a girl I knew wouldn't be a great mom to my kids so, personally, we'd be great parents."

Angelia: She smiled a bit more and held him close to her.

Lance: he kissed her cheek, his arms around her.

Angelia: She stayed like for awhile then pulled back for the baby started kicking again.

Lance: he watched her.

Angelia: "Baby started to kick again." She explained softly.

Lance: "Oh." he said quietly. "Does it hurt?"

Angelia: "No, I figured that you wouldn't want to feel it doing it again."

Lance: "Well, you're right. It's not fair to you. You have to feel it all the time."

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "It's understandable why you don't want to feel it. It's no big deal I guess."

Lance: he nodded a bit, "But if we keep it...that will be hard explaining to the child how his father didn't want to touch him in his mother's stomach."

Angelia: "The child wouldn't know if you did or not."

Lance: "I will."

Angelia: "I guess it's up to you then. I won't force you to." She rubbed her stomach a bit.

Lance: he looked down at her stomach and hesitantly reached forward and put his hand on her belly.

Angelia: She watched him as the baby kicked again.

Lance: he pulled hand back in a jerk, and then slowly put it back on her tummy, watching her belly intently.

Angelia: She took his free hand and held it.

The baby kicked twice in a row.

Lance: he kept his hand on her stomach that time. He actually smiled a bit, though his eyes still nervous.

Angelia: She continued to hold his hand. She rubbed his hand with her thumb a bit.

The baby didn't kick for a few minutes.

Lance: he leaned over and looking up at Angelia, he kissed her softly.

Angelia: She kissed him back softly then smiled a bit when she felt the baby kick again before she kissed him softly and gently.

Lance: he took the hand on her belly and moved it to cradle her face gently in his hand as he continued to kiss her.

Angelia: She kissed him back the whole time.

Lance: after awhile he leaned back, still holding her face gently, smiling at her softly, his eyes full of love.

Angelia: She smiled back. "I love you." She whispered as she ran her fingers through his hair a bit, looking at him though.

Lance: "I love you too." he enjoyed the feeling of her fingers in his hair.

Angelia: She smiled more. "Are you tired, hon?" She ran her fingers through his hair more. She could tell he enjoyed it.

Lance: "No, my dear. It's only midday." he smirked, watching her.

Angelia: "Well, I'm tired and I think it's because of the child."

Lance: "Might be. You aren't hungry? Have you eaten at all today?"

Angelia: "You don't know that." She looked at him. "You just haven't seen me eat anything, but yes I am hungry too."

Lance: "What would you like to eat?"

Angelia: "French toast." She looked a bit confused at the craving but shrugged a bit.

Lance: "Is the kid a majority human?"

Angelia: "What?"

Lance: "You're craving a lot of human food."

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't know if the child is or not."

Lance: "Part of it should be if it's part me." he smiled and stood. "I'll go get you French toast. Cafeteria should still be open."

Angelia: She nodded. "Thank you." She looked up at him.

Lance: "You can pay me in kisses when I return." he smiled and left the room.

Angelia: She smiled and looked back at the television.

Lance: he came back up about fifteen minutes later with a carry out box. Angelia could smell the French toast.

Angelia: She smiled again, smelling it.

Lance: "Here you go." he handed it to her along with plastic silverware. "There's butter on them and syrup in there for you to put on yourself, if you want it."

Angelia: She nodded. "Thank you, again." She started to eat the French toast. She was done in 15 minutes.

Lance: he took her trash and threw it away. "Thirsty?" he wondered.

Angelia: "Yeah."

Lance: "For what?"

Angelia: "For what I'm normally thirsty for."

Lance: he opened the mini fridge in the room and gave her a red liquid bottle.

Angelia: "Thank you." She took it from him and drank some of it.

Lance: he nodded and sat down beside her again, "You going to sleep then?"

Angelia: "I can. I can also stay up if you want me too."

Lance: "No. You should rest since you're pregnant."

Angelia: "Alright."

Lance: he got his books and sat on his bed and started to do his homework.

Angelia: She laid down and closed her eyes. Soon she was asleep again.

Lance: he fell asleep sometime later, doing his homework.

Angelia: She woke up during the time that Lance was sleeping. She heard a noise outside the door. She quietly got up and opened the door. She looked out into the hallway and when she didn't see anything she went to shut it again then she heard the noise again but further down the hallway. So she went out into the hallway and walked towards where the noise was. She was heading towards the stairs. When she got to the stairs, she looked over the railing and didn't see anything. She headed back towards the door room but instead, someone pushed her down the stairs. She screamed a bit and when she reached the bottom of the steps, she was knocked out and she was bleeding from her head.

Lance: when his alarm went off in the morning, he shut it off and woke up, rubbing sleep from his eyes. He stretched and looked over at where Angelia's bed was and when he didn't see her, he assumed she was in the bathroom. He got up and dressed for the day and put his books in his bag and then looked in the bathroom, "Babe?" he stopped when he didn't see her. "Angelia?" he looked out of the dorm room. He could smell something. Faintly. Her blood. He stopped at the top of the stairs.

Angelia: She laid on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. There were paramedics getting ready to move her onto the stretch board.

There were people gathered around the top of the stairs and at the bottom.

Lance: "Angelia!" he yelled. He ran down to her, "What happened!"

Paramedic: She stopped him. "Sir, we're going to have to ask you to go back to your room. We need space to work."

Lance: "She's my girlfriend." he told the paramedic. "She's pregnant with my child."

Paramedic: "You can ride with her to the hospital. She needs medical help right now." She went back to helping the other paramedics. They carried Angelia to the ambulance and put her in a bed then put her into the ambulance. Two climbed into the front while the other two climbed into the back.

Lance: he got into the ambulance with Angelia and took her hand. He put his hand on her stomach as he watched her face.

Angelia: She was still unconscious.

There was no movement present when he placed his hand on her stomach.

Lance: he looked at her stomach. He rubbed his hand on it. Maybe the baby was asleep.

There was still no movement, all the way to the hospital.

Lance: "Hey!" he looked to a paramedic, "Check the baby."

Paramedic: "We don't have to correct equipment to do that in here, sir."

Male Paramedic: He told the other paramedic to do something then went over to Angelia and took a stethoscope and listened to her stomach. He was checking for any sound of a second heart beat.

Lance: he watched the paramedic who was listening to Angelia's stomach.

Male Paramedic: He pulled back and removed the stethoscope from his ears. He looked at Lance and shook his head slightly no.

Lance: "No! What do you mean no!"

Male Paramedic: "There is no sign that the baby survived the fall. I'm sorry, sir."

Lance: "Oh god." he whispered and clutched Angelia's hand in both of his and leaned over, resting his forehead on her side as she laid there. He hadn't really wanted a child, but after feeling it move, he didn't want it to die either. It was his first child. His and Angelia's first child, and now she, or he, was gone. He swallowed a bit. He hoped this wouldn't stop them from having children in the future. He knew how losing a child could affect a mother. He had seen Kallexa after she lost her baby. Was that feeling the same even when the mom didn't want the baby? He wasn't sure.

They arrived at the hospital and took her inside to one of the rooms.

Male Surgeon: "Sir, we'll have to do surgery on her to get the child out."

Female Surgeon: "You are allowed to be in the room when we do the surgery if you like. To be with your girlfriend."

Lance: he nodded slowly and swallowed, "Alright."

Female surgeon: She handed him the things that he'd need to wear while in there. She washed and scrubbed her hands, so did the male surgeon. They went into the room where they'll be doing the surgery. Angelia was already in there all ready for it.

Lance: he put the items on then walked over to Angelia and took her hand again as she was knocked out for the surgery. He watched her carefully. Right now he felt like this was a bad dream, and he'd wake up soon. He hoped.

They did surgery on her. The female surgeon carried a small limp body over to a small table and started to clean it off, even though it was dead. The male surgeon was stitching Angelia up.

Lance: he looked over at the female surgeon. He wondered what it was. A girl or a boy. Part of him wanted to ask. Part of him didn't. He stayed quiet, just watching.

The female surgeon moved out of the way for Lance to see what would have been his first child. It was a baby girl. She was very tiny for she was about four months too early. The baby was just getting hair, it seemed to be the color of his hair.

Lance: he saw the little girl, and his eyes stung with tears. He held onto Angelia's hand tighter and turned his head to rest his forehead to her hand, as he let the tears fall, crying softly. His child. His first daughter. He hadn't even wanted a kid, and when he did, he really wanted a son. But to see a little girl, his, there, was too much for him. Who would do such a thing? Who'd push a girl down the stairs to hurt her? And only one person came to mind. Juan.

They moved Angelia into one of the hospital rooms. They let her rest. They told Lance that they were sorry for his lose then went back to work.

Angelia: She laid in the hospital bed, breathing softly and steadily. She had a huge gash from her forehead to almost her temple.

Lance: he felt her forehead softly. Then he took out his phone and dialed Angelia's house number.

Arya: She picked up the phone. "Hello?"

Lance: he couldn't help it. He was crying. He tried to make his voice as normal as possible, "Arya?"

Arya: "Lance?" She paused a moment. "What's wrong? Don't say 'nothing', because I can tell that you're crying. It takes a lot for guy to cry."

Lance: he pinched the bridge of his nose between his forefinger and thumb, as he held the phone with his other hand. He leaned forehead, his elbow resting on his knee as he sat in the chair. He took a breath and let it out slowly, "Angelia...she...she lost the baby."

Arya: She gasped. "Oh no. How'd she lose it?" She asked softly.

Lance: "She was pushed down the stairs. It wasn't was a little girl. She had my hair." he said quietly.

Arya: "Lance, I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose a child. If we all can't get there, I'll be coming alone. If it's not me, then it'll be Daray. Alright?"

Lance: he nodded, "Alright. Thanks." he hung up the phone.


Angelia: She woke up a few minutes before Daray and Arya got into the room. She looked at Lance. "What happened?" She whispered. She didn't remember falling down the stairs.

Lance: he looked at Angelia and stroked her cheek. "You know I love you, right?" he kissed her softly.

Angelia: "Yes, I do. I love you too." She kissed him back softly then looked at him. "Lance? What happened? Why am I here? Why does my head hurt?" She placed a hand on her gash then gasped a bit.

Lance: "Someone pushed you down the stairs. lost the child." he whispered.

Angelia: She looked at Lance in disbelief. "No. No." She closed her eyes and started to cry. She shook her head. "No!" She was hurting now, both emotionally and physically.

Lance: he held her hand tightly and hugged her, holding her in his arms. He wasn't sure if she wanted it or not. But he tried.

Daray: he walked into the room.

Angelia: She pushed away from him. She wanted to see her baby. She was still crying.

Lance: he looked hurt. He looked over at Daray and Arya. He wasn't sure what to say.

Daray: he went over to Angelia and put his hand on her shoulder.

Angelia: She pushed his hand off her. She tried to get out of the bed.

Arya: She walked over to her quickly. "Angelia, Angelia." She caught her before she fell to the floor. "You have to stay in bed."

Angelia: "No. I have to see my baby." She didn't fight against Arya though, she just cried more.

Arya: She placed her back in her bed and stood next to Daray. "You can't baby girl. It won't help any, trust me. Please."

Angelia: She cried more and looked down.

Lance: he took that as a hint not to tell her it was a girl and had hair like him. He kept his eyes on his lap.

Angelia: She rubbed her arms a bit and brought her knees up to her chest. She didn't know what to do or say but cry.

Daray: he sat down in the room. He was just going to be there. Let her cry.

Arya: She sat next to Angelia. She rubbed her back. She knew how Angelia felt but yet she didn't know what to do.

Lance: at some point he got up and left the room.

Angelia: She stopped him before he did leave, she did so by taking a hold of his hand. She looked at him.

Lance: he looked down at her, his eyes pained, yet dried of tears now for awhile.

Angelia: 'Don't go. Please? I'm sorry for pushing you away. I just wanted to see the child.' She told him mentally as she watched him.

Lance: he shook his head no, telling her she didn't want to see the child.

Angelia: 'Please stay? I don't want to be without right now.'

Lance: he nodded a bit and sat down in the chair again, still holding her hand.

Angelia: She cried for a bit longer then calmed down a bit where she sniffled with a few tears rolling down her face every now and then. "Was it a boy or a girl?" She finally asked in only a whisper though.

Lance: he sat there with her, looking out the hospital room window. His jaw clenched when he heard the question. He slowly looked back over at her. He looked down.

Angelia: She watched him and sniffled. "Please tell me. I deserve to know. It was my child too." She spoke in whispers.

Lance: "It was a little girl. With hair like mine."

Angelia: She sniffled and ran her fingers through his hair slowly. "She would have been a beautiful baby girl." Tears welled in her eyes again and slipped over the side, rolling down her face.

Lance: he looked up at Angelia when he felt her fingers in his hair. He took his free hand and stroked her cheek softly, brushing away the tears that had fallen. He looked into her eyes for a moment before he leaned forward and kissed her lips softly, then he just rested his forehead against her forehead and closed his eyes, his hand still on her cheek.

Angelia: She kissed him back softly then closed her eyes too. It was hard for both of them. Their first child, gone. It felt like it was her fault though. She blamed herself for this. She ran her fingers through his hair many times.

Lance: "I'm going to kill Juan. I swear I am." he muttered softly.

Angelia: She opened her eyes when Lance said Juan's name. She remembered now. "Juan, was there. He didn't do it. He saw it happen but didn't do anything. They came from behind me." Her breathing picked up. "If Juan would have called what happened in, we would still have our little girl. She would have survived." She looked him.

Lance: he swallowed hard, watching Angelia. His eyes looked like a mix of pain and anger. "He's so dead."

Angelia: "He wanted me for his own. Don't you see? That why he didn't call it in. He knew I was pregnant with your child." She shook her head. "He needs stopped. Be careful, Lance. I don't think I'll be able to handle losing you too."

Lance: he kissed her again softly, "I'll be careful. I promise. But I will also find who did this to you. And they will pay for the murder of our daughter."

Daray: "Who's Juan?"

Angelia: She kissed him back softly and nodded. She then looked at Daray and explained what happened with Juan.

Daray: he looked to Arya then back to Angelia, "I'll help too."

Arya: "You be careful too, love." She told him.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Have you been practicing your training that you got from Incarceron?"

Daray: "Yes."

Angelia: She nodded. "It should help you find him."

Lance: "No. I don't want you anywhere near him."

Angelia: She looked at Lance. "I don't think I'll be going anywhere for as weak as I am. I lost a lot of blood. I was just saying that the training that dad got from Incarceron should help find him."

Arya: "I'll be here with her, I'll make sure she doesn't leave this room without me." She promised.

Lance: he nodded a bit and looked to Arya, "Good. I'm not going anywhere yet though. I should be here for you." he looked to Angelia as he said that.

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She brushed his cheek with the tips of her fingers.

Lance: he watched her. He was in no way ready to smile yet.

Angelia: She wasn't ready to smile yet either. She just looked into his eyes for a bit.

Daray: he looked to Arya.

Arya: "I think I'll go get something to drink. What about you, love?" She stood and walked towards the door.

Daray: "Yea. A drink sounds nice." he looked back at Angelia.

Arya: "Want to walk with me?" Hinting that they should give Lance and Angelia time alone with each other now that Angela isn't crying her eyes out.

Daray: he stood, "Yea." he walked out into the hallway with Arya.

Arya: She closed the door behind them.

Angelia: "I'm sorry, Lance." She whispered after Arya and Daray.

Lance: "You don't have to be sorry for anything." he said softly, looking her in the eyes as he stroked her cheek with his thumb, "I'm just glad you're okay. You took a nasty fall. It scared me, seeing you like that."

Angelia: She placed a hand on his as she closed her eyes. "I know I did. My head still hurts a bit." She whispered.

Lance: he leaned over and kissed her head gently, "I'm sorry, my love." he took his arms and wrapped them around her, hugging her close to him.

Angelia: "It's not your fault, my love." She whispered as she hugged him back. She needed him here with her, to comfort her, to tell her everything was going to be alright.

Lance: "Everything is going to be alright." he whispered to her as he rubbed her back softly. "We have each other. We'll get through this." he assured her.

Angelia: She pulled him closer to her. "I'm glad you're here. I don't know what I'll be doing if you weren't." She kissed his cheek softly.

Lance: "Probably wondering where I was, and being worried. Like normal." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "Probably." She smiled back a bit.

Lance: he hugged her again, holding Angelia in his arms. It was hard, losing a child. But it would be harder to imagine losing his girlfriend.

Angelia: She hugged him back, relaxing in his arms a bit. "I love you so much, Lance." She whispered.

Lance: "I love you too, Angelia." he never imagined they'd get attached to the child so quickly. They didn't even want it in the first place.

Angelia: She held him close to her. She sighed a bit. She couldn't...wouldn't be able to handle this by herself. She was glad to have Lance.

Daray and Arya came back an hour later, having given Angelia and Lance that time to spend alone together.

Arya: She sat in one of the chairs that was in the room. She didn't say a word though.

Angelia: She laid back onto the bed, holding Lance's hand. She looked at her parents, she was still upset about losing the baby but she didn't show it.

Daray: he walked over to her and kissed her cheek. He smiled a bit at Angelia, "I got you something from the hospital gift shop."

Angelia: She looked at him and smiled a back a bit. "Really? What?"

Daray: he pulled the little stuffed bear from behind him and gave it to her. The bear was holding a heart that said, 'Daddy loves you.'

Angelia: She took it and smiled a bit. "Thank you, Dad." She whispered.

Daray: he kissed her head, "You're welcome hun." he sat back down in the chair he was sitting in before.

Angelia: She laid down for a bit. She didn't go to sleep though. She didn't want to.

Daray and Arya stayed with them for as long as they wanted and needed.

Arya: "Lance? Can I talk to you outside the room?" She stood.

Lance: "Can't your parents just leave?"

Arya: She looked at Lance then walked outside the room. She didn't say a thing.

Angelia: "They can stay as long as they want."

Lance: "Sorry. Got confused. Be right back." he got up and left the room. He had thought Angelia said that for a moment.

Angelia: She nodded.

Arya: She waited outside for him.

Lance: he walked over to Arya, "Yes?"

Arya: She nodded down the hall then started towards the way she nodded.

Lance: he followed her, wondering what was up.

Arya: She walked down the hallway, slowly. "I know this is hard for you and Angelia, Lance. I want you to know that if you or Angelia need anything, that you can always call Daray and I." She looked at him as she walked.

Lance: he nodded a bit, "Thanks Mrs. Aleron. I know. But it's always nice to be reassured."

Arya: "Please, call me Arya. Mrs. Aleron is too formal for family." She stopped in front of a window and looked in. She sighed a bit then continued to walk. She forgot that Angelia's room was on the floor where the Nursery was. Her room was the last room on the left.

Lance: he nodded a bit, "Thanks for coming. I'm sure Angelia appreciates it a lot."

Arya: She nodded. "You're welcome Lance. One thing about our family, the one you plan to marry into, is that we're there for each other. No matter how far they are from where we are." She looked at him.

Lance: "Is that supposed to be a stab at me for not being there for my family?"

Arya: "No. It's not. Didn't mean to offend you, Lance. It's just, Angelia can be difficult to take care of at times. Now, after what happened, she'll probably be more difficult to take care of. She'll want to do more physical things."

Lance: "What do you mean more physical things?"

Arya: "You'll see but you'll have to tell her no at times though.""

Lance: he nodded a bit, "Alright." he said softly.

Arya: She nodded. "Just keep an eye on her, please? I don't want anything happening to her."

Lance: he nodded, "I will. I'll always be there for her."

Arya: She nodded. "Thank you."

Lance: he put his hands in his pockets.

Arya: She looked at him. "Do you not feel comfortable talking to me, Lance?"

Lance: "I'm not used to talking to a mom, truthfully. Mine died when I was a kid."

Arya: She nodded. "Understandable."

Lance: he nodded a bit.

Arya: She nodded. "We can go back to the room if you like."

Lance: "Yes." he started to walk back to the room. He looked in the window to the nursery.

Arya: She followed him.

There were a few small babies, similar to his child maybe a bit bigger in there. They were being hand fed with droppers by some nurses.

Lance: "Where are their parents?"

Arya: "Who's?" She stopped in front of the window.

Lance: "For all the kids."

Arya: "In the hospital rooms, some mother's didn't make it through child birth and they don't know where the father is."

Lance: "Oh." he said softly, looking at the kids. He looked to the one who was similar to his and Angelia's child who had died.

Arya: She nodded a bit.

The baby was hooked up to a breather.

Lance: "You know...originally I didn't want a kid. But now I'm thinking about it. About my life with a kid."

Arya: "Lance, maybe you should wait a year before you and Angelia try again."

Lance: "Hmmm?" he looked at Arya, coming out of his thoughts. "Yea. We won't be trying again for awhile. We weren't even trying this first time."

Arya: She watched him a bit then nodded. "Alright. Make sure she takes her pill every day."

Lance: "Yea." he turned away from the nursery window and walked back down to the room Angelia was in.

Arya: She nodded and followed, silently.

Eventually, Daray and Arya left. Angelia stayed over in the hospital for the night, and in the morning, Lance took her back to the dorm.

Angelia: She looked around the room of the dorm and she sat on one of the beds.

Lance: he grabbed his bag, "I'll go get our class work."

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay."

Lance: he left and got their work for today and the day before.

Angelia: She sat in the room. She did the homework that she missed three days ago for there wasn't that much to do.

Lance: he came back into the dorm and gave her, her things, then sat down on his bed.

Angelia: She took them and started to do the homework that she missed two days ago.

Lance: he also did his own work.

Angelia: She finished up her work by night time.

Lance: he didn't. He had been taking his good old time.

Angelia: She laid back onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

Lance: "You okay babe?"

Angelia: She looked at him. "Hmm? Yeah."

Lance: "Just tired?" he guessed.

Angelia: She shook her head no. "No. Just bored."

Lance: "What do you want to do?"

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "I don't know. You're busy doing homework."

Lance: "Ha. Busy doing homework. That's funny." he closed his book.

Angelia: She smiled a bit as he looked at him.

Lance: "We've got the weekend to do it."

Angelia: "I don't have to worry about it over the weekend. I'm done."

Lance: "Good for you." he tossed a pillow at her.

Angelia: She laughed a bit as she caught it and threw the pillow back at him.

Lance: he caught the pillow and tossed it back at her along with another pillow that he grabbed quickly.

Angelia: She caught one and dodged the other. She tossed both of them back at him. She smiled a bit, laughing softly.

Lance: he smiled more and grabbed one of the pillows, getting hit with the other. He laughed.

Angelia: She took one of the pillows off him then leaned over him after pushing him down onto the bed. She was still laughing a bit and she smiled. She leaned down and kissed him softly.

Lance: he smiled and kissed her in return when she kissed him. He put his hand on the back of her neck, his fingers in her hair.

Angelia: She kissed him still, her fingers in his hair as well. Her kiss grew from soft and gentle to hard and passionate.

Lance: he pushed her back to break the kiss, "Babe, I think we should wait awhile before doing anything more than kissing. You need time to let your body heal." he said softly.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Alright." She felt a bit rejected though. She kissed him softy and gently again before she laid beside him and her head on his chest.

Lance: he put his arm around her, stroking her arm gently as she rested there.

Angelia: She didn't say anything or move. She just laid there.


Lance: he set down his bag of books in the dorm and pulled off his shirt, grabbing a new one from his dresser drawer and pulling it on as Angelia came into the room. He turned to her, "Ready to go?"

Angelia: "In a minute or two." She fixed her hair since it got messed up during the day.

Lance: he took his phone out of his pocket and checked it to see if Isadora or Tacita or any of his friends had texted him.

Tacita texted him.

Lance: he read the text while he waited for Angelia.

It read: 'Hey, just wanted to wish you and Angelia a Happy Anniversary. :) Hope you and her have a great day. Ttyl.'

Lance: he smiled, "Tacita says she wishes us a happy anniversary." he texted Tacita back, "Thanks. :) You too."

Angelia: "That's nice of her." She smiled as she came out of the bathroom.

Tacita: "Np. Thx."

Lance: "So I've got the day planned. Starting at five, going till ten. Then we can come back to the dorm." he put his phone in his pocket.

Angelia: "Alright. We still have about two hours until five though."

Lance: "True.'s going to take that long to get where I want us to go. And I want to drive."

Angelia: "Oh, okay. You driving your car or mine?"

Lance: "Mine."

Angelia: "Alright." She grabbed her purse. "I'm ready when you are."

Lance: "Good." he smiled a bit and kissed her cheek, then took her hand. He walked out of the dorm with her, shut the door behind them, and then walked down the stairs with her to the outside.

Angelia: She walked with him, she was smiling a bit too. She did lay her head on his shoulder as they walked down to his car together.

Lance: he opened the car door for her and after she got in he shut it and walked around to the driver's side and got in the car. He shut the door and turned the car on. He reached behind Angelia's chair and pulled out a CD box and handed it to her, "For you."

Angelia: She looked at him then looked down at it. She smiled a bit. "Thank you." She opened the CD box.

It was a burnt CD of "I love my girlfriend" songs.

Angelia: "Can we listen to it?" She looked up at him.

Lance: "That was the plan." he smiled a bit and put the car in reverse and left the school lot and started to drive towards his destination.

Angelia: She put the CD in and pressed play.

The CD started to play the song tracks.

Angelia: She smiled as she listened to the songs.

Lance: "Like them?"

Angelia: "No." She looked at him and smiled. "I love them."

Lance: "Good. That's a good start for the day then."

Angelia: She smiled and looked out the window as she continued to listen to the music.

Lance: he continued to drive them to the destination.

Angelia: "How much farther?"

Lance: he glanced at the clock, "An hour."

Angelia: She nodded a bit.

Lance: he drove for awhile more before he turned down a dirt path leading into a large open field, clear of trees.

Angelia: "Where are we?" She asked softly.

Lance: "Not in Kansas anymore babe." he chuckled.

Angelia: "Is that suppose to be a joke?" She looked at him but smiled a bit.

Lance: "Yes. Why, did it fail?"

Angelia: "Just a bit." She laughed softly.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Well, look, up ahead."

Angelia: She looked up ahead.

There was a large air balloon up ahead, staked down to the grass so it wouldn't lift off, sandbags on the side. It was pink and purple, two colors all around, the wicker basket under the balloon for people to sit inside. There was a large picture that had a heart on it and said, "I LOVE ANGELIA." -Lance.

Angelia: She smiled and looked over at Lance. "I love you too Lance." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Lance: he smiled a bit and drove over into the grass and parked the car, getting out. He waited for her.

Angelia: She got out of the car, still smiling.

Lance: he took her hand and walked with her over to the balloon and lifting her up he set her down inside the basket.

Angelia: She sat in the basket and waited for Lance.

There was a large bag in one corner of the basket, then a blanket folded up and a small picnic basket in another corner.

Lance: he took the stakes out and got in the basket. He dropped some of the sandbags off the side and the balloon rose into the air.

Angelia: She sat still in the basket. She smiled as she saw the picnic basket, but wondered what was in the large bag in the one corner.

Lance: he flattened out the blanket and then brought the small picnic basket over and opened it, "Shall we eat?"

Angelia: She smiled and nodded. "We shall."

Lance: he got the food items out of the basket, along with the drinks.

Angelia: She sat on the blanket.

Lance: "Now we eat at 1,000 feet in the air." he grinned.

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

Lance: he got the food out for them and sat back as he ate his.

Angelia: She ate hers. "How long did it take to plan all of this?"

Lance: "About a month." he said, finishing up his food.

Angelia: "Oh." She sounded a bit surprised. She finished up her food a bit after he did.

Lance: "Surprisingly a lot of people like air balloons. So there was a list to wait."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "How much did it cost to rent it?"

Lance: "Does it matter?"

Angelia: "No. I was just wondering."

Lance: "It's okay..."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "You're not going to tell me...are you?"

Lance: he shook his head no.

Angelia: She nodded. "Thought so." She leaned back against the wall of the basket. She sighed a bit, happily though.

Lance: he smiled a bit and put the food items away, "Just know I love you."

Angelia: "I love you too. Know that."

Lance: "Good. Good." he shoved the blanket aside and stood, "Come see the view."

Angelia: She shook her head. "I'm good right here. Thank you."

Lance: he frowned a bit. He looked out over the edge.

Angelia: She watched him.

Lance: "Town looks nice from this angle..."

Angelia: "I'll take your word for it." She said softly.

Lance: he looked over at her, "Are you scared of heights?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yeah." She admitted softly

Lance: "Oh. Then things aren't as perfect as I hoped they'd be."

Angelia: "I'm sorry." She looked down at her lap.

Lance: he reached his hand in the large bag in the corner and pulled out a paper heart. He slid it on her lap.

Angelia: She looked at it then looked at him. She looked down at the paper heart again. She picked it up and smiled a bit.

Lance: he held his hand out for her, "Trust me?"

Angelia: She looked at him and took his hand. "Of course I trust you."

Lance: he yanked her up to her feet and put his arms around her.

Angelia: She hid her face in his chest.

Lance: he kissed her cheek and whispered to her, "It's okay my love. I've got you. You're safe."

Angelia: She held onto him tightly as she looked out towards the edge.

Lance: "See?" he whispered to her.

Angelia: She still held onto him as she looked but she didn't hold on as tightly.

Lance: "Now," he held her, "I wish to show all these people down there how much I love you. Do you feel up to helping?"

Angelia: "How?" She whispered.

Lance: he patted the large bag of hearts.

Angelia: She looked at him then at the bag. "You mean, dump that over the edge?"

Lance: he nodded and smiled a bit.

Angelia: "I guess so."

Lance: part of his smile faded, "Well, if you don't want to."

Angelia: "I won't be able to go to the side unless I'm sitting down."

Lance: "Just take some in your hand and toss it over. I'll keep my arm around you." he promised. "Will that work?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, it'll work."

Lance: "Okay." he let Angelia get a hand full, then he lifted the bag up with one hand and dumped it over the edge, letting the many little paper hearts trail behind the balloon as it floated forward, like a tail.

Angelia: She waited until he was done before she would move from her spot she was in.

Lance: "Gonna throw yours over?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Yeah, just give me a minute."

Lance: "Okay."

Angelia: She took a deep breath and reached for Lance.

Lance: he held onto her, "You're safe. I've got you."

Angelia: She threw the hearts over the edge then held onto Lance tightly, hiding her face in his chest.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "I like this."

Angelia: "You like what?" She said, her voice muffled from her hiding her face.

Lance: "You hugging and holding me like this."

Angelia: "Oh. I don't do this enough, do I?" She looked up at him.

Lance: he looked down and kissed her, "Never. Ever make love in the air?"

Angelia: She kissed him back. "What do you think the answer to that is?"

Lance: "It's going to be a yes." he pulled her shirt off.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and let him. She pulled of his shirt then kissed him, hard and passionate.

Lance: he kissed her back, holding her face in his hands. He knelt down slowly with her, so they were sitting in the basket.

Angelia: She kissed him still as she sat down in the basket. After a few minutes she laid down, pulling him with her.

Lance: he positioned himself on top of her, nuzzling her neck and kissing her skin.

Angelia: She closed her eyes as he did that. She was breathing a bit deep.

Lance: he moved a hand down to her jeans and unbuttoned them with one hand, rubbing his hand over her belly. "God I've been wanting this for so long..." he whispered against her skin.

Angelia: She was breathing deep and she nodded."Me too babe." She whispered back. She let her hand go down to his jeans and unbuttoned them.

Lance: he let his hand slide down more, his fingers going beneath her panty line and brushing against her hair as he kissed her collar bone.

Angelia: She gasped a bit and moaned softly. She tilted her head back a bit.

Lance: he kissed down the delicate scar on her stomach, as his hand brushed more against her skin, a finger wrapping around her panties.


Angelia: She had her head on Lance's chest, she was smiling and she was cuddling close to him.

Lance: he kissed her neck, holding her close, "How was that, baby? Absence makes the heart grow fonder?"

Angelia: "It was great my love and yes it does." She smiled a bit.

Lance: "Now you can say, you've done it in the air. Haha."

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "Literally." She leaned up and kissed him again.

Lance: he kissed her back, "See? Being up high isn't so scary."

Angelia: "That's because you're here to protect me." She kissed down his neck softly then his chest.

Lance: he smiled a bit and waited for her to finish before he leaned back and got his clothes on.

Angelia: She got her clothes on too and sat against the basket.

Lance: he turned down the flame so that the balloon started to descend.

Angelia: She just watched him. She couldn't stop smiling.

Lance: he looked down at her, "What?"

Angelia: "Nothing." She continued to smile.

Lance: "Let me guess your thoughts, okay?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Lance: "Oh Lance, how wonderful and perfect you are to be my boyfriend. I can't believe you picked me to be your girlfriend. I think you're so hot and attractive." he smirked, "And that's why you smile."

Angelia: She smiled even more and laughed a bit. "That's not even half of it, my love."

Lance: "Then tell me the rest."

Angelia: "You'll find out eventually."

Lance: "How long is eventually?"

Angelia: "You'll see." She smiled.

Lance: he smiled a bit and then finally, the balloon landed on solid ground.

Angelia: She stood and took a breath as she looked around when they landed.

Lance: he teleported the balloon and Angelia back to the spot they started at. Then he hopped out and staked it down. He grabbed Angelia and lifted her out. It was dark now.

Angelia: She took his hand when she was out of the basket. She kissed his cheek. "Thank you, love. I had a great time." She smiled.

Lance: "Even if you are afraid of heights?"

Angelia: "Even if."

Lance: he smiled a bit and scooped her up in his arms and spun a bit, holding her. "I love you Angelia." he bumped his nose against hers in an Eskimo kiss.

Angelia: She held onto him and laughed a bit when he spun a bit. "I love you Lance" She smiled and did the same thing.

Lance: "See how I am holding you now? I will do this after we are married. Carry you over the threshold like a good gentleman." he assured her.

Angelia: "I know you will." She kissed him softly.

Lance: he kissed her back and carried her to the car and set her in the passenger seat. He buckled her up then shut the door and got in the driver's side, starting the car up.

Angelia: She smiled as she sat in the car, waiting for him.

Lance: he drove them back to the dorm.

Angelia: When they got to the dorm, she got out of the car and started to walk up to the dorm room with Lance.

Lance: he went with her, sticking close, as they had not yet found Juan or the men who pushed her down the stairs.

Angelia: She went to the dorm room door and unlocked the door. She walked into the room without turning on the light.

Lance: he walked in behind her, shutting the door behind them.

Angelia: She went over to her dresser and got her things out for bed.

Lance: he pulled of his shirt and sat down on his bed. He was tired.

Angelia: She changed into her pajamas then say next to him. She then laid down.

Lance: he took off his pants and laid down in his bed. He put his arm around her, holding her close to his chest.

Angelia: She cuddled close to him and closed her eyes. She was soon asleep.

Lance: he was asleep with her.


Angelia: She was up before Lance was

Lance: he woke up when he did. Saturday. He was going to find Juan and the men today.

Angelia: She sat on her bed, reading a book.

Lance: he went and took a shower then got dressed. "What are you doing today?"

Angelia: "I don't have anything planned for today. How about you?" She looked at him.

Lance: "Hunting."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I'll see you when you get back." She smiled a bit then went back to her book.

Lance: he kissed her cheek then left the dorm, he called Daray, who showed up a bit later. They made a plan and then went looking for the men and Juan, first around campus.

Angelia: She stayed in the dorm, reading.

The boys still looked. Daray used his ability to find people.

Juan: He was walking to his car while on his cell phone.

Lance: he tackled Juan from behind, having him drop his cell and it sliding across the pavement, Juan's face slamming into the ground. He pinned him down.

Juan: "What the?" He tried to get up. "Get off me!" He growled softly.

Lance: "Move and I'll break your neck. You killed my daughter."

Juan: He growled softly. "I killed no one. I don't even know who your daughter is." He said through clenched teeth. He couldn't see who had him pinned and he didn't recognized Lance's voice.

Lance: he slammed Juan's face down again, "You could have called the ambulance. Two months ago. Angelia. She was pregnant, you bastard."

Juan: He growled. "I wasn't sure if that was her or not. I couldn't see through the girl that was knelt beside her. I didn't know she was pregnant, I swear."

Lance: "Who's the girl that was beside her! Who! Who pushed her down the stairs! Who all was there!" he demanded.

Juan: "I don't know!"

Lance: he got off his back and pulled him to his feet, still holding him firmly, "Are they a student here?"

Juan: "How would I know? I didn't see their face." He tried to pull away from Lance.

Lance: "Tell me why I shouldn't kill you for kidnapping my girlfriend and not calling the ambulance that would have saved my child! TELL ME!"

Juan: "Because I didn't know Angelia was pregnant otherwise I would have. I swear. I would NEVER risk a child's life. Even if they are unborn."

Lance: he believed him. "And what about earlier? Taking her from the library. Why?"

Juan: "I don't remember doing that."

Lance: "Yea right."

Juan: "I swear, I don't remember."

Lance: "So you do it so often with other women she just became a statistic in your kidnappings! HUH!"

Juan: "I don't kidnap women at all. I swear. If I did I wouldn't be here dealing with you, now would I?"

Lance: he threw a punch at his face. "Don't get smart with me. You stalked her in the library. You grabbed her in the stairwell. I saw you. She was falling down the stairs. I ran to get her. You got away."

Juan: He dodged it. "The last time I remember being in a library was last year. I haven't remembered anything from July of last year." He said truthfully.

Lance: "Then should I knock your memory back into you!" he growled.

Juan: "You don't have to do that! I'll tell you anything you want!" He promised.

Lance: "Why don't you remember!"

Juan: "I...I don't know!"

Lance: "LIAR!"

Daray: he put his hand on Lance's shoulder. "Lance, he's telling the truth."

Lance: "He needs to remember!" he growled.

Daray: "He was being controlled. Let him go."

Lance: "He killed my child!"

Daray: "It was an accident."

Lance: "An accident I wish for him to pay dearly for." he punched Juan again, knocking him out.

Daray: he sighed.

Juan: He laid on the ground, unconscious.

There was a scream from a far. It sounded like a girl's scream and it came from where the dorms are at.

Lance: "Crap." he muttered. He teleported back to his and Angelia's dorm, "Angelia!"

Daray: he followed.

Angelia wasn't in the room. The dorm was a mess. There was blood on one of the walls and some on the floor. It smelled like Angelia's blood.

Lance: 'Angelia where are you! Angelia! Answer me!' he tried to reach her mentally.

Daray: he pulled out his phone and called Arya, "Babe, Angelia's been kidnapped."

Angelia didn't answer for she couldn't.

Arya: She growled softly. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

Daray: he hung up the phone and went to look for clues as to where she was or who had taken her.

Lance: he pulled out his phone, "Tacita! I need your nose."

Arya arrived a few moments later.

Tacita: "I'm sorry Lance. I can't. Not with as many blo...umm...Snydes that are there. I'm really sorry Lance." She told him apologetically.

Lance: "You've freaking gotta be kidding me Tacita!" he slammed he phone shut and threw it against the wall.

Arya: "Lance, calm down a bit. We'll find Angelia. Alright? We'll find her. She needs yours, mine and Daray's help." She rubbed his shoulder a bit, trying to calm him a bit. She watched him though.

Lance: "I should kill every person in this school." he growled. He cracked his knuckles, "What's the plan of action?"

Arya: "You can't do that Lance." She rubbed his shoulder a bit more. "Well, first you need to calm down a bit. Then we'll look for clues."

Lance: he shrugged her hand off of his shoulder, "Don't tell me to calm down. Just tell me what to do for Angelia!" he snapped. He kept thinking about going down and snapping Juan's neck, and then drowning Tacita in his blood.

Arya: She looked at Daray. "You deal with him. I'll go and ask around to see if anyone saw anything." She left the room and did what she said she would do.

Daray: he walked over to Lance and flicked him in the forehead so he fell back onto the bed, knocked out.


Daray: he knelt down by Lance and patted his cheek, "Hey, Lance. Wake up."

Lance: he groaned and opened his eyes, "Hey! You knocked me out!" he sat up.

Daray: "Yea, get over it. I need you to see if this vervane is hiding anything." he pointed.

Lance: he looked over at the vervane, "Vervane?"

Daray: "Yes."

Lance: he got up and went over to the plants and checked.

There was nothing there.

Lance: "There's nothing." he came back out.

Daray: "Then we still need to figure out why it's on school campus."

Arya: "We can after we find Angelia."

Daray: "Yes." he tried to think what to do next, "Should we check out the security tapes?"

Arya: "I agree."

Daray: he went back into the school and teleported back to the tapes.

Arya: she stayed out there with Lance, talking to Daray mentally. She turned to Lance, "It was the girl from the office." She teleported away for a second and then came back. "She's not there!"

Daray: he teleported back out to them.

Lance: "That's great. You two had her and let her go. That's If someone hadn't knocked me out then I would have found Angelia by now!"

Daray: "Shut up."

Arya: She turned towards Lance. "You're not helping by freaking out on us. We didn't know until now. We thought she was a student that was just helping us out by telling us what she saw." She growled softly in frustration and walked away.

Lance: "I would have known."

Daray: "Shut up or I'll slap you." he followed Arya, "What now? We need to find her soon."

Arya: "I don't know and I know we need to find her soon. I can't concentrate when..." She sighed in frustration.

Daray: he hugged her and kissed her cheek, "I can knock him out again if you want."

Arya: "No. Let him try to find her on his way while we do it our way. When he needs our help, he'll come to us." She hugged him back.

Daray: he thought of something, "I have an idea."

Arya: "What?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Corinne. She's a Kientian. She can help."

Arya: "How she going to help?"

Daray: "Kientians have strong minds. They can wrap around others minds and pull themselves to them. Corinne could pull herself to Angelia by wrapping around her mind, and then I can follow Corinne and we will be at Angelia."

Arya: She nodded. "That's a good idea"

Daray: "Did you have anything else in mind?"

Arya: "Not really."

Daray: "Alright then I need to get Corinne. Let's go."

Arya: She nodded. "Alright."


Angelia: She winced as she felt her mind trying to be entered, she blocked it the best she could for how strong she was.

Corinne: but she was stronger. She latched on and using Angelia's ability to teleport, she pulled herself to Angelia and appeared in the room Angelia was in. She knelt down by her, "Angelia?"

Angelia: She looked up at Corinne from where she laid. "You need to get out of here. She'll kill you if she sees you."

There were footsteps coming from the stairs leading down to the cells.

Corinne: "Honey, unless she's Kientian, I can kill her with my mind from afar."

Daray: he teleported in and got down by Angelia, seeing if she was tied up.

Angelia: She shook her head no. "She can't die. She even proved it." She winced and curled in a ball. She wasn't tied up or anything.

The footsteps got louder as they got closer to the cell.

Daray: he picked up Angelia and teleported her out of the place and back to the castle.

Corinne: she stood and faced the door.

Angelia: She laid her head against Daray's shoulder and held onto him the best she could.

Girl: She came down to the cell and looked into it. She smiled a bit when she saw Corinne. "I see Angelia had some help escaping from me. Again." She sighed a bit. "Oh well. It's not like she's going to be alone the whole time anymore." She smiled and walked away from the cell.

Daray: he gave Angelia to Arya and then teleported back to Corinne.


Daray: he came back with Lance.

Lance: he ran to see Angelia.

Angelia: She was laying in the bed Arya put her in. She was resting at the moment. She had her eyes closed and she was breathing softly.

Arya: She sat in a different room, letting Lance and Angelia alone.

Lance: he went over to her and sat beside her bed.

Angelia: She opened her eyes a bit and looked at Lance. "Hey." She said softly.

Lance: he took her hand, "How's your head?"

Angelia: She held his hand lightly. "It's fine."

Lance: "There are points I got out of this. One, we are transferring to another school to finish out your classes over the years. Two, I am not leaving you alone. Ever. And three, I am done with having friends."

Angelia: "Lance, calm down. Please? I'm fine, the school is fine, the person that did this to me is captured, and you need friends. "

Lance: "I don't need friends, Angelia. All they are is people close enough to you so they can stab you in the back when you need them most, leave you, and never talk to you again. So at least I'll get the upper hand now. School is not fine. I'm suspicious of them all now."

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit then just pulled him down to her and kissed him.

Lance: he kissed her softly then wrapped his arm around her and hugged her.

Angelia: She continued to kiss him as he hugged her.

Lance: "I'm glad you're back again and I hope all this crap is over with."

Angelia: "Me too, love." She whispered and hugged him close.

Lance: "By the way," he leaned back, "I'm not sure what to do about Juan. So I'll leave it up to you. He says he was being controlled. He doesn't remember anything from a few months ago when he kidnapped you, and he said he didn't know you were pregnant when you were pushed down the stairs."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "Just leave him be for now. The next time I'll just kill him myself."

Lance: "Can I kill Tacita?"

Angelia: "I thought you and her were best friends."

Lance: "Like I said, friends deceive you."

Angelia: "That's up to you, love. I don't care."

Lance: "Awesome."

Angelia: She smiled slightly then pulled him down to her again to kiss him again.

Lance: he kissed her again.

Angelia: She kissed him for a few minutes.

Daray: he came in to check on Angelia, "How's my little girl?"

Angelia: She broke the kiss to look at Daray. "I'm doing alright."

Daray: "Seems like it."

Angelia: She blushed a bit

Daray: he went to look at her head, "Do you have any other gashes? Do you feel light headed at all?"

Angelia: "No, I don't have any other gashes and no I don't feel light headed."

Daray: "Good. And I know why you were taken."

Angelia: "No I don't know why."

Daray: "That's why I said I know. She told me."

Angelia: "Oh. Sorry." She sighed a bit. "Can't think straight at the moment but why was I taken?"

Daray: he pointed to Lance.

Angelia: She looked at Lance then back at Daray. "She wanted my boyfriend?"

Daray: "Seems like it. I don't know what happened to her boyfriend."

Lance: "She's ridiculous and needs to die."

Daray: "You think everyone needs to die."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "I want to see her."

Lance: "I don't think so."

Angelia: "I wasn't talking about alone, love."

Lance: "Oh. Fine. That's fine then."

Angelia: She nodded. "I want to see her. Please?"

Daray: "Bring her in here, you mean? You should rest."

Angelia: "Yes, that's what I mean. I've rested long enough. I want to get something straight to her."

Daray: "The guards can bring her in here to you."

Angelia: She nodded and sat up. She leaned against the headboard.

Daray: he left the room.

Angelia: She looked at Lance. "Want to make her jealous or really mad? Enough where you can kill her?"

Lance: "Yes!" he said almost excited, "I've been wanting to kill someone all day!"

Angelia: She smiled. "Then just work with me. Alright?"

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Alright. I will. Oh, I think your mom hates me."

Angelia: "Why? What happened?"

Lance: "I think I was treating her just a tad bit disrespectfully because I was emotionally compromised, so your father said."

Angelia: "Oh. She'll get over it. She normally does."

Lance: he nodded. "Good."

The guards came in the room, a guard on either side of the girl, each holding an arm of hers firmly. Daray walked in behind them.

Angelia: She looked at the guards and Daray. "Is her hands bond?"

Guard: "Yes. Behind her back."

Angelia: "Then she can be let go."

Guard: he nodded to the other guard and they both let her go.

Angelia: 'Dad, can we be left alone with her? Just Lance and I?'

Girl: She watched the guards and Daray.

Daray: "If you need me, call. Your mother and I are outside the door, as are the guards." he nodded to the guards and the three of them left the room, shutting the door behind them.

Angelia: She looked at the girl. "So what is your name? You know mine."

Girl: She just glared at Angelia. "What do you want exactly, Angelia?"

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "Why did you do what you did?"

Girl: "You already know the answer to that."

Angelia: "I know and you would have never got him." She pulled Lance close to her and softly kissed him.

Girl: She growled softly as she watched.

Lance: he put his hand behind Angelia's neck and held her closer as he continued to kiss her.

Angelia: She kissed him passionately.

Girl: "Enough!"

Lance: he smiled a bit, continuing to kiss Angelia, taking her cue since she said to follow her.

Girl: She tried struggled to get free.

Lance: he opened his eyes as he kissed Angelia, looking over at her.

Girl: She was still struggling to get out of the bonds.

Lance: ' this all your plan is?'

Angelia: 'No. Just wait for it.' She then had Lance laying on the bed, her on top of him.

Girl: She gasped a bit and got it where she could get her hands in front of her.

Lance: he put his hand on Angelia's side, with his fingers softly stroking the side of her breast over her shirt and bra, just feeding the fire as he continued to kiss her.

Angelia: She straddled him and started to slowly and softly move against him, kissing him back.

Girl: She undid her bonds with her mouth.

Lance: 'You can be so cruel sometimes.'

Angelia: 'I know. I'm sorry babe.' She kissed down his neck softly.

Lance: he looked over at the girl as Angelia kissed his neck.

Girl: She just finally got the bonds broke.

Lance: he kept watching her, his hands on Angelia's hips.

Girl: She stood and was next to the bed. She grabbed a hold of Angelia and pulled her off of Lance.

Angelia: She tried to teleport away from her, forgetting that she can't.

Girl: She had her pinned against the wall by her neck.

Lance: he came up in an instant behind the girl and pulled her off of Angelia and then slammed the girl's head into the wall, "Why can't you get your own boyfriend, hmm?"

Girl: She growled. "He was stolen from me!"

Angelia: She coughed a bit as she sat against the wall.

Lance: "Stolen from you? How?"

Girl: "Ask your girlfriend's father. He stole him from me, stole his life. KILLED HIM!" She was struggling to get free.

Lance: "So he deserved it! Just like you do! You do not dare take it out on my girlfriend." he pressed her back against the wall.

Girl: "You're girl also stole my boyfriend from me. He stalked her for god knows how long."

Lance: "Which probably wasn't her choice! If your boyfriend was stalking other women, he wasn't much of a boyfriend."

Girl: "He only stalked her! He wouldn't have done it if she wasn't at that club!" She growled.

Lance: "Oh...that guy."

Girl: She nodded and tried to get out of his grip still.

Lance: "Hey. Maybe you can meet again after you die too."

Girl: "You can't kill me. I can't die." She smiled a bit.

Angelia: "That's not true." She said softly.

Lance: "You just can't be normal and get a new boyfriend? You need help."

Girl: "That's the point. I'm not normal." She smiled a bit more. "The only one that needs help is your girlfriend. She did come into contact with vervane and some silver when she was down in the cell with the others."

Lance: "She will be find. She's being cared for."

Girl: "So you think she'll be fine." She smiled.

Lance: "Why won't she be?" he growled.

Girl: She just smiled.

Angelia: She started to cough a lot.

Lance: "Say goodbye." he grabbed her hard, "You will die."

Girl: She didn't flinch or anything. "You can't kill me. You don't know how to."

Lance: "Angelia, how?"

Angelia: She was coughing still. 'Rip her throat out then her heart. Then burn both.'

Lance: "My pleasure." his fangs came down and he tore at the girl's neck.

Girl: She went to scream but couldn't.

Lance: he then teleported outside into the cold with the girl, tore her shirt off and then at her chest, he reached in and tore her heart out and then teleported to the castle living room where the fire was, burning her flesh and heart.

Soon the girl died.

Angelia: She was still coughing. 'Dad.'

Daray: he opened the door and came in. He saw the blood, "What happened? Where's Lance and the girl?" he went over to Angelia.

Angelia: 'The girl got out of the bonds, attacked me. Lance got mad and killed her.' She coughed up a bit of blood. 'My body feels like it's on fire. Make it stop.'

Daray: he felt her forehead. "Arya!"

Arya: She came into the room quickly. "What is it?"

Angelia: 'The girl said something about vervane and silver.'

Daray: "There's vervane and silver inside Angelia."

Arya: "We have to get her back home. Quickly."

Daray: he picked up Angelia and left the room, "Tell my parents and Corinne good bye. You'll have to get Lance." he left the castle.

Arya: She went to find the king, queen, Corinne and Lance.

Lance: he came out of the bathroom after washing his hands clean of evidence of killing the girl.

The king and queen said good bye. If they needed anything to call.

Corinne said good bye also.

Arya: "Lance, I need to get back home. Angelia needs my help. I thought I'd let you know." She then left the castle and went home.

Lance: "Woah! Hey!" he ran after her, going back to Arya's house.

Arya: She was in the room that Daray put Angelia in.

Daray: "What do we need to do?"

Arya: "I need something sharp and something to put some of her blood in." She placed her hands on the side of Angelia's head and closed her eyes.

Angelia: She gasped a bit then went unconscious.

Daray: he ran to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp knife and then a bowl. He teleported up to the room again. "Here." he held the objects to her.

Arya: She took the objects. She took the knife and cut one of Angelia's wrists. She let some blood drain into to the bowl. She then closed the wound. She then took the bowl and went downstairs. She put the bowl on the table and then opened her step father's book. She found what she was looking for. She said the recipe while holding a hand over the bowl. In the bowl could be seen the blood, vervane and the silver separating from each other. After they were separated she said the second part of the recipe and she tried to concentrate after feeling the pain that Angelia would be going through if she didn't knock Angelia unconscious and transfer the pain to her.

Daray: he stayed up there with Angelia, as did Lance.

Arya: 'Love, make small slits on Angelia's body. Like where the main veins are.' She said mentally, but mostly distant.

Daray: 'Alright...' he got the knife and made the small slits where Arya wanted him to.

As soon as he did that, a silver-ish brown liquid started to ooze out of the slits that were made.

Daray: "Lance! Go grab me a towel."

Lance: he got up and went and got the towel and tossed it to Daray.

Daray: he wiped at the liquid coming out.

Soon all of the liquid was all out of Angelia and the only thing that came out was blood.

Daray: he closed her wounds after the liquid stopped coming out.

Arya: She relaxed after it was all done. She was tired.

Lance: he held Angelia's hand.

Daray: he got up and threw the towel in the trash and then went over and kissed Arya's forehead.

Angelia: She was unconscious for about an hour.

Arya: She smiled a bit.


Lance: he came down while Angelia was sleeping.

Arya: "Me too."

Lance: "Want to know a funny story?"

Arya: "Sure."

Lance: "If Daray had never killed the boy stalking Angelia, the girl would have never attacked Angelia. The boy Daray killed was the girl's boyfriend." he leaned against the doorframe of the kitchen.

Arya: "I don't see how that's funny."

Lance: he shrugged a bit, "Not ha-ha funny, but, you know, coincidentally interesting."

Arya: "Ah. That makes more sense."

Lance: he nodded a bit.

Daray: he walked by Lance as he left the kitchen and went to the living room.

Lance: he watched him go.

Arya: She watched him too.

Angelia: She opened her eyes and looked around. She didn't move or say anything. She just needed to rest. She closed her eyes again to see if she could get back to sleep.

Lance: he went back upstairs to Angelia. He looked in the room.

Angelia: She was like she was before. Her eyes closed. She heard someone come to check on her. She took a breath and caught Lance's sent. She didn't say anything though.

Lance: he stepped into the room and went over and sat beside the bed again.

Angelia: She took a hold of his hand lightly.

Lance: "Hey. You're awake." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: She looked at him. "Yeah, but I'm trying to get back to sleep. I'm still tired. I can't sleep without you by me anymore." She told him softly.

Lance: he stood, "Move over and I'll lay with you." he leaned on the bed.

Angelia: She moved over so he could lay with her.

Lance: he laid down beside Angelia after kicking off his shoes. He put his arm around her and held her close.

Angelia: She cuddled close to him and closed her eyes. She relaxed in his arms and soon she was asleep in his arms.

Lance: he kissed Angelia on her head and then fell asleep with her, soon after, holding her close, like always, being protective of her, now more than ever.

Angelia: She slept for a few more hours.

Lance: he slept with her. Everything in the day had stressed him out. He was calm now. Earlier thoughts of those he wanted to kill he realized were just thoughts of anger. He didn't mean them. He wouldn't kill Juan, since it wasn't really his fault, and Angelia said not to. And he wasn't going to kill Tacita. He wasn't going to be friends with her anymore either, seeing how she wasn't there for him when he needed her, though he was there for her that one time she needed someone. He did feel like she backstabbed him. So he had already made up his mind he was done being friends with her. That was that. No more hanging out together or texting. He was sure Angelia would be happy for that anyways.


Angelia: She was gathering the few things she left in the dorm room. She then said goodbye to her friends that she made. She made it through school. Nothing else happened that was horrible, other than the exams, which she passed. She got in her car and made sure that everything was in her car that she brought and that she bought while she was here.

Lance: he leaned in her window, "Back to my place then?"

Angelia: She nodded. "I can go back there."

Lance: "Well where else were you going?"

Angelia: She thought about that for a moment then shrugged. "I don't know."

Lance: "Oh...well, never mind then. I thought we had talked about you moving in with me...but you can change your mind last minute I guess."

Angelia: "I didn't change my mind." She said quickly.

Lance: "Alright. See you in a bit then. I have the same road map planned out that we did on the way here."

Angelia: She nodded. Alright. I'll see you at the first stop then." She smiled and started her car.

Lance: he walked to his car and got in and started it. He didn't have anyone to say goodbye to. He didn't have close friends. He had those he hung out with, but they weren't his friends. He drove back to his place, taking the map schedule he had laid out for him and Angelia, since they were driving a few hours back to his apartment. But soon they got there. He wondered if Isadora was in an apartment in the building or not. He helped Angelia take her things up to his place and unpack.

Angelia: She took a breath and smiled as she looked around. "It's good to be home. Isn't it?" She looked at Lance. She took some of her things in the bathroom and set them in there. She then took her clothes and put them in the bedroom. She started to put them away.

Lance: he finished bringing up everything. "Yes. It is. Looking forward to sleeping in my bed."

Angelia: "Our bed." She corrected him with a smile. "Do you think I could redecorate the apartment? You can help if you want."

Lance: "You can redecorate it. I don't care. You'll just have to ask Kathy's parents about renovations or paints or whatever, since it's a hotel apartment. And yes, our bed. So much more spacious than those small dorm beds...I'll be looking forward to that."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I need to pay them a visit anyway. I heard that Kathy was living with them again." She smiled more. "Yes, I can't wait till we do."

Lance: "As far as I know Kathy moved in sometime after we left for school and hasn't left since. Her parents never forced her because she's afraid of living by herself..." he shrugged a bit, "Hey, I'm going to go see if one of my friends is in the apartment in the building. I'll be right back."

Angelia: "Alright. I'll probably be at Kathy's parents when you get back. So I'll see you later."

Lance: he kissed her cheek and then left the room. He went to see if Isadora was around.

Angelia: A few minutes after Lance left, she teleported to Kathy's parents' house.

Isadora: She was just coming into the hotel. She was looking for her apartment key while holding a bag of groceries.

Lance: "Hey! Izzy!" he smiled, "Need some help?"

Kathy: she was looking out her window. She saw the person and then smiled when she recognized it was Angelia. She opened the window and leaned out, "ANGELIA!"

Isadora: She looked up when she heard her name. She smiled when she saw Lance. "Hey, it would be nice to have some."

Angelia: She looked up when she heard her name. She smiled when she seen Kathy. She waved to Kathy. "HEY!"

Kathy: she waved back, smiling a bit, "Come in!" she motioned her in.

Lance: he took the bag of groceries from her, "Angelia and I are back from college. So now you'll have some company here."

Angelia: She smiled and opened the door. She looked inside as she entered.

Isadora: She smiled. "That's awesome. So what did you major in?" She found her apartment key and went to the elevator.

Lance: "I just got my associates degree. Slacked off most of the time. I went mostly for Angelia." he followed her.

Kathy: she came down the stairs and hugged Angelia. "I missed you! I'm excited you're back! How was college?"

Isadora: "That's sweet of you." She pushed the button for the second floor.

Angelia: She laughed softly and hugged Kathy back. "I missed you too. College was alright. The work was horrible. Well, at least for Lance it was." She laughed a bit more.

Kathy: she smiled a bit. "That's Lance for you." She had covered the scars up with makeup. "So what was your major?"

Lance: "Yes it is." he smiled, "So did you get yourself a boyfriend? Enjoying living on your own and being away from your family?"

Angelia: "Designing. You know like rooms and inside the house." She smiled a bit back.

Isadora: "No, no boyfriend. I enjoy living on my own. I have a job, my own place and can do what I want. Of course I'm only twenty one now. I still have time to find someone. I'm not in that big of a rush to find anyone."

Lance: "That sounds good." he exited the elevator with her. "I'm glad you're doing better since last time I saw you."

Kathy: "Hey that sounds nice. Decorate my room." she smiled.

Isadora: She walked over to her room and unlocked it. She then opened the door and walked in. "I know. I'm glad too." She set her keys on the counter.

Angelia: She smiled. "I could if you wanted. Just needed the things that you like."

Kathy: "Awesome! I can be your first customer. I'll pay you in chocolate chip cookies."

Lance: he set the bag of groceries on the counter. He looked around her place.

Angelia: She laughed softly and smiled.

Isadora: "It's not much but it alright for me." She said after she saw him look around at her place.

Her place didn't have much in it except for what already was put in it. She did have some flowers here and there but that was about it.

Lance: "It's nice." he smiled a bit, "You know what room Angelia and I are in?" he asked.

Kallexa: she walked in, "Angelia! It's nice to see you." she hugged her, "How is Lance?"

Isadora: "Yes. I went there first when I first came here."

Angelia: She hugged her back. "He's good."

Kallexa: "Good. Maybe now that you and Lance are back you can take Kathy with you."

Kathy: "Mom." she sighed.

Devin: walked into the hallway, "Hey, you're 21 now. It's time to move out again."

Kathy: "I don't want to."

Lance: "Now you'll have someone to visit when you come." he smiled a bit at her then gave her a hug, "Glad to see you're doing well." he stepped back to the door, "I'll let you put your groceries away."

Angelia: She looked at Kathy."You're still scared to stay by yourself?" She became worried.

Isadora: She hugged him back when he hugged her. She couldn't help but to smile a bit. "Thank you. I'll see ya around, Lance."

Lance: "See ya." he went back up to his dorm and continued unpacking.

Kathy: "I'm not scared." she crossed her arms, "I'm being careful. That's all."

Angelia: "Alright. If you're just being careful, come with me."

Kathy: "Come with you where?"

Angelia: "Just come with me. Let's go to the mall or something."

Kathy: "Um...I don't go to the mall anymore."

Angelia: "We need to shop for the apartment. I wanted it to be a girl's day thing. I haven't had one in four years."

Kathy: she looked at her parents who just looked at her. Then she looked back at Angelia, "Fine. I'll be right back." she ran upstairs back to her room.

Kallexa and Devin looked at Angelia.

Kallexa: "She's been in the house for four years. I think that's long enough time to get over her scars, don't you think? I mean, now you and Lance are at the apartment. She'll be fine."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I hope so." She said softly.

Dante: He went to Lance's apartment and knocked on the door.

Lance: he looked in the peep hole then stepped back a bit, looking confused. He opened the door, "Yes?"

Devin: "Good. You can take her back to the apartment after your guys' girl day." he smiled a bit.

Dante: "Hey. I've been trying to get a hold of you for the past four years to apologize for what I did to you and Angelia. It was wrong of me to do that and not a good thing for a friend to do. I understand that I might not be your friend now but I just wanted you to know that I'm sorry for what I did to you and to Angelia. I hope that you and her live happily together." He smiled a bit then looked down a bit. "I guess it's best if I get going now. Goodbye." He nodded a bit then turned to walk away.

Angelia: She smiled a bit back. "That was my plan."

Kallexa: she smiled a bit too, "We will have a bag of hers packed and on the front porch."

Lance: he crossed his arms, "I haven't changed my cell number. How was it hard to get a hold of me for four years?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I'll be right back then." She went to put the bag in her car then remember she didn't have her car with her.

Dante: He stopped and turned. "I texted you almost every day. Did you not get my messages? I have a new number."

Lance: "Oh. My phone blocks numbers unless I put them in my phone...stopped all the girls from the school for messaging me unless I wanted them too. Angelia didn't like it too much." he smiled a bit, "You look good man. Four years does you well."

Kathy: she came downstairs and grabbed her jacket, "Angelia...what are you doing?"

Dante: He smiled a bit. "Same to you. College as hard as I heard it was?"

Angelia: She teleported the bag to Lance's apartment, in the bedroom for now. "Hmm? I'm waiting for you."

Kathy: "Oh." she looked back at her parents and then went outside to Angelia.

Devin: shut and locked the door behind her.

Kathy: she turned to look at the door.

Lance: he shrugged a bit, "Not so hard. It was mostly for Angelia." he opened the door more, "You can come in if you want."

Angelia: She held out her hand. "Ready?"

Dante: He nodded a bit. "You're not going to hurt me when I step inside are you?" He asked jokingly as he stepped inside.

Lance: "No. I accept your apology. But the next time you touch Angelia I will kill you. I've done it plenty of times already so I know what it's like to kill someone and not care." he shut the door behind him then went to the kitchen.

Kathy: she took Angelia's hand, "Yea. Where are we going to first?"

Dante: "I don't think you have anything to worry about when it comes to Angelia. The only time I'm going to be touching her is if she lets me give her a hug or to shake hands. Nothing further than a hug for me." He looked around the apartment as he followed Lance. "Nice place you have here."

Angelia: "The mall."

Kathy: she nodded, "Okay." she smiled a bit.

Lance: "Thanks. So, what? Finally find your own girlfriend?"

Angelia: She smiled back a bit and teleported them to the mall.

Dante: "No problem. No, not yet. After what happened between Angelia, you and I. I went to get help."

Lance: "Help?" he laughed, "Okay. Did the you?"

Dante: "Yes, it did actually. My mom recommended it at the time. She's the one that suggested that I go. I did it for her mostly."

Lance: "Oh. That was nice of her. So what did it help you with?"

Dante: He nodded. "It helped me to learn how to treat women the right way and how to talk to them...mostly. I've been told I'm not the 'bad boy' Dante anymore."

Lance: "Well, that sucks."

Dante: "How?"

Lance: "If you're a goody two shoes I guess we won't be doing half the things we used to. Good thing we are of age now, huh? You probably wouldn't go to the bars with me if you weren't."

Dante: He laughed. "Just because I've been told that doesn't mean it's true. I'm just different with the girls now."

Lance: "Oh, so you get laid more often than before? What does that bring your score up to? One?" he smirked, "Yep. This help thing is totally working out for you."

Dante: He laughed. "I haven't really tried to get any girls lately." He smiled a bit. "So where is your girl right now? I thought she'd still be here unpacking or something."

Lance: "She's at Kathy's. I was unpacking for us while she's gone."

Dante: "I see. So she's the one out having fun while you're here doing all the work? That doesn't sound right."

Lance: "I just went to see Isadora. Other than spending time with Angelia, my life is boring."

Dante: "You didn't make any friends while you were away at college? That's a shocker."

Lance: "I'm not much for friend's anymore." he looked at Dante and then put something up in the kitchen cupboard and crunched up the bag, "I'm more of a loner."

Dante: "How come? I mean, like you were always making friends when..." He trailed off.

Lance: "I just don't see the point. I had a few girls for friends, hung out with some guys for games. I don't consider them friends. Just end up getting stabbed in the back anyways, or they aren't there for you when you need them. So, I don't see the point in keeping up relationships anymore beside's mine and Angelia's. At least I know she won't do the same to me."

Dante: He just nodded. He didn't see the point to try and get his and Lance's friendship back now that he knows how Lance feels about friendships.

Lance: "But we can hang out if you want, of course. If you got help, we should be good." he didn't tell Dante, and never would, but because Dante used to be like his brother, Lance had a certain soft spot for him. He would probably start considering Dante as a friend, if he proved to be one again.

Dante: He smiled a bit and nodded. "Alright. That would be nice. I'm sure your cousin Kathy would like a break from me bugging her one of these days."

Lance: "You've been bugging Kathy? Why?"

Dante: "No particular reason." He didn't look at Lance when he spoke.

Lance: he crossed his arms and watched him for a second before shrugging and turning to the fridge, "Hungry?"

Dante: He relaxed a bit. "Not really."

Lance: "Alright." he pulled out a can of pop and shut the fridge, opening it and then taking a drink.

Dante: He nodded a bit and stayed quiet."I should go. You probably have things planned. It was nice seeing you again Lance." He said after awhile then stood. "Tell Angelia I said hi?"

Lance: "You don't have to go, but alright. Nice seeing you too. Where are you staying?"

Dante: He took out a piece of paper and set it on the counter. "My address and cell phone number is on there. See ya around." He walked to the door then left.

Lance: "Alright?" he picked up the paper and put it in his pocket. He kept thinking how random that visit was.

Dante: He went home.


Angelia: She walked around the mall with Kathy.

Lance: he texted Angelia about Dante randomly visiting just now.

Kathy: she stayed close by Angelia, not walking ahead or anywhere without her.

Angelia: "That is random." She texted back then looked at Kathy. "Dante just randomly visited Lance."

Kathy: "He's been around. It's not so random."

Lance: "I think he felt uncomfortable cuz he left quickly."

Angelia: "It was probably random for Lance though." She looked down at her phone. "Well, the last time you saw each other it didn't go well."

Lance: "I thought it was going well now though...he said he's been trying to reach me for four years." he texted back.

Kathy: "Probably." she blushed.

Angelia: "I don't know if that's true or not." She looked up at Kathy and smiled a bit. "Why are you blushing?"

Lance: "He might be. He seems sincere...he apologized too."

Kathy: "He's been trying to get me to go on a date with him ever since he sent me those roses."

Angelia: "I told you he liked you." She smiled a bit. "He apologized?"

Lance: "Yea. He also told me he got help so he wouldn't like taken women anymore...Angelia I want to believe him more than you know. I'm so sick of not having a best friend."

Kathy: "It's weird. I know so much about him. I don't know if I should trust him."

Angelia: "Lance, do what your gut and heart says." She replied. "I would trust him but he did do the things that he did to me while I was with Lance. But that's my personal opinion. Maybe you should give him a chance. Lance says he got help."

Kathy: she nodded a bit, "The future can change, I know that from your case. And if I help out with him being with me he won't have a chance to get with you between now and four years when originally, he would be the cause of your and Lance's breakup."

Lance: "That's where I'm confused."

Angelia: "I know he would be. I remember." She sighed a bit. "I don't want that happening again Kathy." She looked at her then to her phone. "Can we talk more about this when we get home?"

Lance: "Yea. Sorry. TTYL."

Kathy: "But what if he is with me and he cheats on me with you?"

Angelia: "Thank you, love. I love you. Tty when I get home." She looked at Kathy."That won't happen. I'm sure of it."

Kathy: "Or what if he's the one who gave me the scars?"

Angelia: "I don't think he'd hurt you, Kathy."

Kathy: "People can be unpredictable."

Angelia: "You can't live in fear your whole life, Kathy."

Kathy: she looked at Angelia sadly then looked down at the floor as she walked, "It's safer to."

Angelia: "I know it is but you can't do that for then you'll miss ALOT of things."

Kathy: "Like what?"

Angelia: "I don't know yet. Anything."

Kathy: she paused, "Maybe that's why all my trips to the future I never had a boyfriend. Cuz I was scared to. But I am not scared. I'm practical. Being practical."

Angelia: "Well I still say your hiding. Even if it is you being practical."

Kathy: she looked up at Angelia, "You know I haven't been to a movie at a theater since the last time we were there together."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Movie Theater sounds great."

Kathy: "That's the thing though. What if it happens at the theater cuz that's where the scars appeared? What if it's a warning for me to stay away?"

Angelia: "Then we won't go to the movie theater. We can walk around the mall some more. No big deal."

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "Okay. That sounds good. Stretch my legs a bit."

Angelia: She smiled a bit too and walked around the mall some more, going into and out of stores that her and Kathy wanted to go into.

Kathy: she checked her phone a couple times.

There was one message.

Kathy: she opened it.

It was from Dante: "Hey what's up? :)"

Kathy: she smiled a bit, aside from the fact she didn't want to like him. She texted back, "Actually out of the house and the mall w/ Angelia."

Dante: "That's awesome. :) I was wondering, if you wanted that is, if you would like to go do something this weekend."

Kathy: "Like...a date?"

Dante: "Yeah."

Kathy: "Angelia." she looked up at Angelia.

Angelia: "Yeah?" She looked at her friend.

Kathy: "Dante just asked me on a date for this weekend."

Angelia: "And? You going or not?"

Kathy: "Should I?"

Angelia: "That's up to you."

Kathy: "What do you think?"

Angelia: "I think you should."

Kathy: she looked back down at her phone and texted him, "I'd like that."

Dante: ":) I'll pick you up at say...7?"

Kathy: "Where are we going to go so I know how to dress."

Dante: "A nice restaurant. Dress up."

Kathy: "Okay..." she texted back, "See you Friday then."

Dante: "See you then."

Kathy: she looked up at Angelia, "You need to help me find a dress."

Angelia: She smiled and nodded. "Where would you like to go to get a dress?"

Kathy: "Somewhere nice but cheap because, I'm sort of broke. I lost my job staying home."

Angelia: "Don't worry about the price. Where do you want to go?"

Kathy: "I don't know. You'd know more about dresses than I would."

Angelia: "Pick a store."

Kathy: "Ummm..." she pointed down the hall of the mall, "That one."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She walked down to where Kathy pointed to.

Kathy: she went with her.

Angelia: She walked inside and looked around. "Pick a dress that you would like."

Kathy: "What color should I get?"

Angelia: She looked over Kathy. "Hmm...I'd say red, blue, or black."

Kathy: "Would red go good with my red hair? I don't really know if I can pull that off."

Angelia: "Then go blue or black."

Kathy: "I want red but you'll have to help me pick it out so I know it looks good on me."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. Get the ones that you like."

Kathy: she went through and picked out some dresses. Then she went and tried them on.

Angelia: She waited.

Kathy: she showed Angelia the dresses she had on.

Angelia: She liked all of them but she liked the third one best.

Kathy: she went and bought the dress and then continued shopping with Angelia.

Angelia: "What else would you like to shop for?"

Kathy: "I'm not sure. I don't know how I feel about this upcoming date. Dante and I aren't supposed to like each other."

Angelia: "Why not?"

Kathy: "I don't know...we just never have."

Angelia: "Doesn't mean you can't now."

Kathy: "That's true...I've just, never been on a date before."

Angelia: "It's alright to be nervous on your first date. I was."

Kathy: "Who was your first date with?"

Angelia: "Lance."

Kathy: "Well I doubt Dante and I are going to turn out like you and Lance."

Angelia: "You never know."

Kathy: "Yea...I guess. I don't have hopes for it."

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "Even if you don't, you'll have a blast." She smiled a bit.

Kathy: "I hope so." she smiled a bit back and continued to shop with her.

They shopped until the mall closed.

Kathy: "I better get home." she looked at the time on her phone and then put it back in her pocket.

Angelia: She took a hold of Kathy's hand and teleported them to the apartment.

Kathy: "This is not my house."

Angelia: "Yes it is. You lived here for awhile." She opened the door and walked in.

Kathy: she teleported to her house.

Angelia: She stopped her teleportation and sighed.

Kathy: "Hey." she frowned.

Angelia: "Come on." She motioned her inside.

Kathy: "I don't want to. I want to go back to my room."

Angelia: "Why?"

Kathy: "It's safer there. And it's getting dark. Please Angelia?"

Angelia: "Nothing's going to happen. Lance and I aren't that far away."

Kathy: "Do my parents even know?"

Angelia: "What? That you're here? Yes."

Kathy: "That's..." she sighed, "Hold on." she dialed her house number on the phone and then waited for her mom to pick up.

Kallexa: "Hello?"

Kathy: "Mom! Angelia says you know she took me to the apartment."

Kallexa: "Yes, and so does your father. Now that they are back, you can stay there again."

Kathy: "I don't have money for that."

Kallexa: "Then get a job."

Kathy: "But mom!" she whined.

Kallexa: "Kathy, we let you stay cooped up in your room for four years. You need to live your life. And this is the only way you will. This will help you. Angelia and Lance are there to protect you. Your father and I are close by. You are safe there."

Kathy: "But I'm scared." she whispered.

Kallexa: "Honey, you'll be fine. We gave Angelia a bag of your things. Most of the rest is already at the apartment still from when you last lived there."

Kathy: "I know."

Kallexa: "So have fun. Have Angelia spend the night with you some time or something."

Kathy: "Okay." she said softly.

Kallexa: "You'll be fine. I love you Kathy."

Kathy: "Love you too mom."

Kallexa: "Call me in the morning. Bye."

Kathy: "Bye." she hung up the phone and looked over at Angelia and at the hotel. Then she stepped up and went inside the building. "I can't believe you conspired with my parents. Now I know why you got me a dress. Suck up." she stuck her tongue out at Angelia as she walked up to the elevator and pressed the button and waited, crossing her arms across her chest.

Angelia: She followed her. "I got you the dress for Friday. Not to suck up." She smiled a bit. "You can't be mad at me forever."

Kathy: "No. I can't. Where's this bag my mom said she gave you?"

Angelia: She nodded. "I'll go get it."

Kathy: "Can you spend the night at my place?" she stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for her floor.

Angelia: "I can." She got in the elevator too.

Kathy: "Good. I don't want to stay there alone."

Angelia: "You wouldn't be alone Kathy."

Kathy: "In my apartment I would be." she stepped out when the doors opened.

Angelia: "Well, yeah but nothing could get in unless you invite them in." She followed her.

Kathy: "That's not true. I don't have to be invited in to be let in."

Angelia: "I know that but for your apartment you have to be invited in to be let in if you're not living there yourself."

Kathy: "Really?" she looked surprised, "How is that happening?"

Angelia: "A little help from my mother." She smiled a bit.

Kathy: she hugged Angelia, "Oh thank you. That makes me feel better." she stopped at her apartment door and opened it up.

Angelia: She hugged her back. "You're welcome." She watched her.

Kathy: she stepped inside and looked around, "Smells dusty."

Angelia: "Probably because no one has been living in here for four years." She stayed outside the door.

Kathy: "You can come in if you want. I need to clean this place."

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. Why don't you start doing that while I go get your things."

Kathy: "Okay I will."

Angelia: She nodded then teleported upstairs in her and Lance's apartment. She was in the bedroom.

Lance: he was sitting in the living room, drinking a beer.

Angelia: She grabbed Kathy's bag and teleported it into her apartment. She opened a drawer and tried to find something for her to where while she slept over at Kathy's.

Lance: "Are you home?"

Angelia: "For now at least." She sighed a bit.

Lance: "What's wrong?"

Angelia: "Kathy's afraid to stay at her apartment alone so I'm spending the night over there tonight."

Lance: he got up and walked over to the doorway of the room and watched Angelia as he took a sip of his beer, "I take it you don't want to?"

Angelia: "No it's not that. I just won't sleep well tonight. That's all." She sighed and just got a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt for her to wear to sleep in.

Lance: "You can't be so attached to me. Though, I'm flattered." he took another sip.

Angelia: "I just don't like being away from you since that one day." She looked at him. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

Lance: "Ask her if I can come too."

Angelia: She got out her phone and texted Kathy asking if Lance could come too.

Lance: "You know. If you want me there."

Angelia: "You think that I don't?" She looked at him after closing her phone.

Lance: "I'm waiting for the day you'll come home and tell me you're spending the night at Kathy's and you'll be happy to be away from me."

Angelia: "Why? You want me to be happy to be away from you?" She was a bit confused.

Lance: "Nah but you know how people spend so much time together they get sick of one another after a time?"

Kathy: texted back.

Angelia: "Are you sick of me?" She opened her phone and read the text message.

Lance: "No. I'm just." he sighed, "Never mind. You're missing my point."

Kathy: "Sure. I guess."

Angelia: "Never mind, Lance. I'll just see you tomorrow." She kissed his cheek before teleporting down to Kathy's. She walked into her apartment.

Lance: he frowned and sighed. 'You didn't understand what I was saying. Now you're mad at me.'

Kathy: she looked up from wiping off her glass coffee table with a rag and Windex, "Where's Lance?"

Angelia: "Upstairs. He was confusing me with his questions. He was also drinking." She set her clothes on the couch. 'Then explain to me what you were saying.'

Kathy: "Well he's old enough." she smiled a bit, "Boys are confusing."

Lance: 'I just mean right now it's like honeymoon-ish, and in a few years you'll probably enjoy time away from me. That happens to married couples. But we aren't married. So I wonder if it'll happen to us.'

Angelia: 'It hasn't happened to my parents and they've been married for 21 years.' She smiled a bit. "Yeah I know."

Lance: 'True. So did you say never mind, you don't want me to come to the girly sleepover?'

Kathy: she finished dusting her living room.

Angelica: 'No, you can come if you want.' She watched Kathy for a moment. 'Anything that I can do to help?"

Kathy: "This is going to take awhile to clean. I just am going to vacuum and so you can sleep on the couch in here. At least the living room is clean now."

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, but is there any other place that needs to be cleaned?"

Kathy: "If you want to clean the bathroom. Since, you know, you forced me here. That will really help to suck up to me." she smirked.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit but grabbed the things to clean the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and started to clean it.

Lance: he came up to the room, "Hi Kathy. Haven't seen you in forever."

Kathy: "Hi Lance. You can come in."

Lance: he stepped in, "Thanks...that was weird."

Kathy: "Yea. Can't come in unless I invite you in."

Lance: "Interesting. Where's my g/f?"

Kathy: "Cleaning the bathroom." she pointed.

Lance: he walked back there and leaned against the doorframe, watching Angelia as she was bent over cleaning. He smirked a bit.

Angelia: "Unless you're going to help, you need to say out of our way so we can clean this apartment up."

Lance: "Geez. You're in a bad mood."

Angelia: She sighed and stopped what she was doing. She looked up at him, her eyes looked darker than normal. He couldn't really notice when she was upstairs with him. "I need to find time to go hunt. I can't when I'm cleaning and all this."

Lance: he walked in, "Here. I'll take over. You go hunt."

Angelia: "But Kathy..." She motioned towards the other room.

Lance: "Yea. I'm sure she'd love to have her friend starve to death."

Angelia: "I won't starve to death. I'll just be really thirsty tomorrow and just drink more than I normally do"

Lance: "Yea. But you're crabby and I don't want to sleep with a crab. You might pinch me with your claws."

Angelia: She glared at him a bit.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Go. I don't think Kathy will care." he snatched the objects from her.

Angelia: She stood, dusted herself off. "Thank you." She kissed his cheek the teleported away.

Lance: he set the stuff down and sat on the toilet lid and texted people while he waited for her to come back.

Angelia: She came back an hour later but she didn't return to the bathroom. She came out into the living room.

Kathy: she had already vacuumed and finished with the living room and dusting. She was in the kitchen cleaning now.

Angelia: She leaned against the counter. "Need help?"

Kathy: she looked up, "Sure. Done with the bathroom? Hmmm, what other dirty jobs can I give you?" she smiled.

Angelia: "Lance finished the bathroom up for me so I could go hunt. He was complaining that I was crabby."

Kathy: "You didn't seem crabby to me."

Angelia: "I did to him apparently. I needed to hunt anyway so..."

Kathy: "That's good. You full now?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah."

Kathy: she handed her a rag, "Here. Kitchens almost done. I'm going to go make my bed."

Angelia: She took it and finished up the kitchen while Kathy did so.

Lance: he came out of the bathroom.

Angelia: She just finished up the kitchen.

Lance: "Happier now?"

Angelia: "I guess so" She looked at him.

Lance: "Good." he went and sat on Kathy's couch.

Angelia: She rinsed the rag out then threw it at Lance. She then walked into the bedroom where Kathy was. "Kitchen's done."

Lance: he jumped when the rag hit him and grabbed it. "HEY!" he stood, holding the rag in his hand. He watched her leave the kitchen with narrowed eyes.

Kathy: "Awesome." she put the pillow on her made bed, "I think the house smells better now and it's clean enough to live in."

Angelia: She nodded then smiled when she heard Lance. "I agree. Want to pick on Lance while he's here?"

Kathy: "Sure. What do you have in mind?" she smiled a bit.

Lance: he walked into the room with the drenched rag and put his finger in Angelia's belt loop of her pants in the back above her butt and pulled her towards him and kissed her ear as he stuffed the wet rag in her pants. He stepped back.

Angelia: She gasped and got the rag out of her pants then threw it at him again. "Lance!" She sighed and glared at him a bit. "I don't know Kathy. Whatever you want to do."

Lance: he laughed and caught the rag in his hand. "You asked for it."

Angelia: "I just threw it at you. I didn't stuff it down your pants."

Lance: he chuckled. "So I did one better."

Angelia: "The night's not over." She crossed her arms a bit.

Lance: "You'll sleep before I do."

Angelia: "Doubt it."

Lance: "Wanna bet little missy? I win bets all the time. So I wouldn't want to be you right now."

Angelia: "Sure. Why not? What are we betting on?"

Lance: "If I win, you have to dress up in a sexy little outfit from a costume store, and give me a massage, full body massage. Lather me with oil and all that good stuff, for an hour. You choose what you get if you win." he waited.

Kathy: "This mental image is very disturbing." she mumbled, but was too curious to leave so she stayed to listen to their bets.

Lance: "If I win, you have to dress up in a sexy little outfit from a costume store, and give me a massage, full body massage. Lather me with oil and all that good stuff, for an hour. You choose what you get if you win." he waited.

Kathy: "This mental image is very disturbing." she mumbled, but was too curious to leave so she stayed to listen to their bets.

Angelia: "Fine. If I win, no making love for two months but I get to tease you all I want and you can't tease me back." She crossed her arms.

Lance: his jaw dropped, "No freaking way. I decline."

Angelia: "Backing away from a bet Lance?" She looked at Kathy and smiled.

Lance: "Fine. But I doubt you'll last five months anyways. My mere presence is enough to drive you insane. You'll see. You'll be the one jumping me."

Angelia: "I said two months but if you want to make it five. That's fine with me. Just remember, I get to tease you all I want and you can't tease me back."

Lance: "NO!" he said quickly. "Two months is LONG enough. Like, you don't understand how hard it was when you left for Incarceron for three months. Seriously. You want your boyfriend to go insane? Fine."

Angelia: "Fine. I'll keep it at two. Just more teasing during each day."

Lance: "We will see." he held out his hand for a shake.

Angelia: She took it and shook it. "It's a deal then."

Lance: "Ain't no way I'm sleeping." he went back to the living room.

Angelia: "We'll see." She smiled a bit.

Kathy: "How are we going to make him sleep?" she whispered to Angelia.

Angelia: She pulled out a bottle of pills and showed her.

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "We are going to cheat?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Kathy: "Not nice. But very cool."

Angelia: "Hey. It's the only way to win. I don't want to do what he wants if he wins." She took the pills and got out three. "This should be more than enough. How's your sense of smell?"

Kathy: "Good. Don't worry about Lance smelling it. He can't. Giving him a massage is that bad, eh?" she laughed a bit.

Angelia: She nodded. "That's good. I'll crush these up into a very fine powder and then we can put it in his drink. They're tasteless so he won't know." She smiled a bit. "I just don't want to do it."

Kathy: "How are you going to get him to drink something without him being suspicious?"

Angelia: "Wait until he asks for something to drink."

Kathy: "And if he doesn't?"

Angelia: "Oh, he will. Trust me."

Kathy: "Okay." she smiled a bit, "So, you need to catch me up on everything that happened in college while you were gone." she sat on her bed.

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Alright." She down beside her and told her all about what happened in college. She left out the part about her getting pregnant though.

Kathy: "Wow, sounds like an adventure."

Angelia: "It was."

Lance: "Angelia!"

Angelia: "What?"

Lance: "Come here baby."

Angelia: She sighed a bit then got up. She went out to the living room. "What?"

Lance: he patted the couch beside him.

Angelia: She watched him suspiciously as she walked over to the couch and sat down beside him.

Lance: he pulled her legs on his lap and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "How about we just make love all night? If I do lose, I want to make the best of our last night together."

Angelia: "Well, you are going to lose." She whispered back then kissed him. "But we can't for we are sleeping over at Kathy's."

Lance: "I'm not going to lose, but I can teleport us up to OUR room. We were supposed to break it in tonight." he pulled her earlobe into his mouth and suckled it gently.

Angelia: She laughed softly. "You are going to lose. You'll see." She bit her lip a bit.

Lance: "So does that mean, yes? Go back to our apartment for a few hours?"

Angelia: "Yes." She said softly.

Lance: he leaned back, "Kathy?"

Kathy: she came out, "Yea?"

Lance: "Angelia and I have something to do. We'll be back in a bit."

Kathy: "Um, okay?"

Lance: he smirked and holding Angelia to him he teleported them to their bed in his apartment.


Kathy: was sitting in her living room, eating popcorn and watching a movie on TV.

Angelia: She teleported down to Kathy's apartment, she sat next to her. "What ya watching?"

Kathy: she looked over at Angelia and smiled a bit, "White Chicks. Welcome back." she looked back at the TV.

Angelia: "This movie is funny and thank you." She crossed her legs and watched the movie with Kathy.

Lance: he teleported into the room and sat down heavily on the couch, putting his arm around Angelia's shoulders.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and she laid her head on him, still watching the movie. She wasn't a bit tired.

Kathy: "Hey, after all that, 'something' you two did, are either of you thirsty?"

Lance: "Yea. A bit."

Kathy: "What do you want to drink?"

Lance: "Soda is good."

Kathy: she handed Angelia her popcorn bowl then got up and went to the kitchen, "How about you Angelia?"

Angelia: "Yea, a bit. Do you need help to care them in?"

Kathy: "If you want to come get yours you can, I guess. I can carry two."

Angelia: "Okay." She kissed Lance's cheek then got up and went into the kitchen.

Kathy: she smiled a bit at Angelia as she poured Lance his drink.

Angelia: She grabbed her drink and already took a drink of it as she added the now fine powdered pills into Lance's drink. She stirred it up until it was all dissolved. She finished her drink. "You can go in. I'm just going to get a refill."

Kathy: "Okay." she went in with her drink and Lance's and then handed Lance his drink.

Lance: "Thanks." he took it and took a drink of it as Kathy sat down to watch TV. again.

Angelia: She came back and sat down next to Lance. She drank half of her drink already.

Lance: "Ha. You were thirsty."

Angelia: "Of course. Aren't you?"

Lance: "Yes. I am." he took another drink of his. "But the thirstier you are it means the more you liked it."

Angelia:"Yeah? So?"

Lance: he whispered in her ear, "The more you like it, the more you want it. Meaning, you can't stay away from all of this for two months."

Angelia: "Or so you think." She smiled a bit then kissed his cheek. She turned her attention back to the television to finish watching the movie.

Lance: he finished his drink up.

Kathy: "What do you want to do now?" she asked, after the movie was over.

Angelia: "I don't care. Lance? What would you like to do now?"

Lance: he leaned back, folding his hands behind his head, "We could get a head start on the massaging me in that cute outfit of yours."

Angelia: "I'm sorry Lance but that's not going to happen. Pick something else."

Lance: "Got any board games, Kathy?"

Kathy: "Um, a few I think."

Lance: "We could play one."

Kathy: "We could." she looked to Angelia.

Angelia: "Sounds good."

Kathy: she got up and went to her closet and got the board games out and showed them both. When they picked one, she set it up then started to play it with them.

About an hour into the game, Lance started to yawn and rub his eyes with the palm of his hand.

Angelia: She looked at Lance. "Getting tired love?" She smiled a bit.

Lance: "Nah. I'm fine. I just need an energy drink. Hold up." he stood.

Angelia: She shook her head a bit. Energy drinks don't work with the pills. She took her turn. "Your turn love."

Lance: "I said hold up." he teleported up to his apartment and came back a few minutes later with a red bull drink. He guzzled it down and crushed the can in his hand as he sat down and took his turn.

Angelia: She waited for her turn. Another half hour passed.

Lance: he was passed out on the carpet, sleeping.

Angelia: "We should paint his nails and put makeup on him. Then he'll know he fell asleep first." She looked at Kathy as she helped put the game away.

Kathy: she laughed, "I love it." she got up, "I'll go get the makeup and nail polish." she ran to her room.

Angelia: She sat there watching Lance. She smiled. She was going to have SO much fun in the next two months.

Kathy: she came back out with the nail polish and makeup. "You do his makeup. I'll do his nail. Rainbow style. Toenails too. Unless his feet are nasty. Does he have nasty boy feet?"

Angelia: "No, he doesn't." She started on the makeup.

Kathy: "Okay." she started to paint his nails.

After a half hour Angelia finished up with his makeup.

Kathy: she finished his nail and toenail and was letting them dry. "Is he going to sleep here on the floor?"

Angelia: "Hey he didn't have enough sense to get on the couch when I told him. He can stay on the floor."

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "You're so mean." she gathered her things.

Angelia: "Hey. I have my moments. He was making me made today. He deserves this." She helped her.

Kathy: "Remind me to never make you mad." she took the things to her room and put them away.

Angelia: "It's not like that. He just was acting all like he didn't want me to be upset about leaving him ever since I was kidnapped by that psycho girl."

Kathy: "Is that a bad thing? Him not wanting you to be upset?"

Angelia: "I meant like he wants me to be happy about being away from him. As like one day that I'll come home and be happy about leaving him behind when I go to do something."

Kathy: "He might just be worried that will happen. I don't think he wants it to happen. Or maybe he doesn't want you to be so attached to him in case something happens to him."

Angelia: "Well, it's too late for me not to be attached." She admitted softly.

Kathy: "Yea. Seems you two are going strong."

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. We have our moments where we fight constantly but that normal. Right?"

Kathy: "I think so. Like I said, I've never been in a relationship so I don't know. But I assume if Dante and I go anywhere we will fight a lot. We fought a lot as friends when he supposedly didn't like me and look, he's asking me out now."

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. I think we should get some sleep. I have a feeling that Lance is going to be up early."

Kathy: "Okay. Where do you want to sleep?"

Angelia: "I can sleep on the couch in the living room. No big deal."

Kathy: "I have a double bed. If you wanted to sleep on the bed with me you can. Unless that's uncomfortable for you, then the couch is fine."

Angelia: "It doesn't really matter."

Kathy: "Okay. Well, the bed is comfier." she went to her dresser and got her pajamas out. Then she went into the bathroom and changed into them and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She came back out and put her clothes in the hamper then sat on one side of the bed.

Angelia: She was in her pajamas when Kathy got back. She pulled her hair up and sat on the other side. She took three pills that she crushed up and put in Lance's drink.

Kathy: "Having a hard time sleeping?"

Angelia: "Yeah. I have been since...umm...for two years now."

Kathy: "Why?"

Angelia: "Things that happened during college. I...I don't...really want to talk about it."

Kathy: "Oh." she said softly. Instantly she thought back to when Angelia had been raped. But that didn't cause Angelia to lose sleep. So she couldn't put her finger on what could. "That's okay."

Angelia: She nodded and laid down. "I'll see you in the morning, Kathy. Okay?"

Kathy: "Okay." she shut off the light and laid down and soon she was asleep.

Angelia: She laid there for a between an hour and hour and a half before she fell asleep. She hasn't really been able to get to sleep after losing the child that her and Lance unexpectedly had then two months or so later her getting kidnapped by that psycho girl.


Lance: "ANGELIA!" he groaned and sat up. He rubbed his back. Yes, it was early n the day like Angelia thought it would be. He had slept better than ever, but now his back hurt from the hard ground. He got up. He knew she cheated. He could feel it. He was nowhere near tired. Then all of a sudden he was. Suspicious.

Angelia: She was still sound asleep. She woke during the night from a nightmare so she took three more pills. That was at 7:30 in the morning.

Lance: he went into the bedroom and glared at her sleeping figure.

Kathy: she opened her eyes and sat up, "Lance, what is it?"

Lance: "What do you think. You helped her!"

Kathy: "Oh calm down."

Lance: he shook his head and teleported up to his room.

Kathy: "Sore loser." she muttered and went back to sleep.

Angelia: She woke around noon.

Kathy: was already up in the kitchen making lunch.

Angelia: She came out of the bedroom. She had a hand on her head. She had a major headache.

Kathy: "Morning Angelia. Or...afternoon. What's wrong? Got a headache?"

Angelia: "Yeah. Major one." She looked over to where Lance was laying. "Let me guess. He went home?" She looked back up at Kathy.

Kathy: she nodded, "Yea. He was upset. It was sort of funny, but he woke me up this morning so I was too tired to laugh. And you were pretty zonked out. He woke me when he yelled your name, but you slept right through it and soundly until you woke up just now." she went over to a cupboard, "Want some headache medicine?"

Angelia: "No that's alright. I'll probably have a headache again when I get back home. He's probably still upset about losing and the makeup and nail polish. I'll have to hear about that when I get back home too." She sighed a bit. "I better get going. He's probably waiting for me so he can yell at me. He would have lost anyway; I wouldn't have slept any if I didn't take the sleeping pills. I'll have to point that out to him if he says anything about it. I'll see you around Kathy." She hugged her then teleported up to her and Lance's apartment.

Kathy: she hugged Angelia back, "Alright. See you later."

Lance: he was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer and watching television. He glanced over at her when she teleported in. He had washed the makeup off his face but the nail polish was still on his fingernails and his toenails. The bathroom was a bit messy as he had tried to find nail polish remover but couldn't. He looked back at the television, not saying a word to her.

Angelia: She went into the bedroom and went to her makeup kit. She got out her nail polish remover. She walked back out to the living room and tossed the bottle next to him then went into the bathroom and got the cotton balls and teleported them to him. She went into the bedroom and got clean clothes then went back into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She turned on the water for a shower.

Lance: while Angelia was in the shower he took the nail polish off his nail and toenails.

Angelia: She came out a few minutes later. Her hair in a towel.

Lance: he had finished taking the nail polish off of his nails and toenails and had set the nail polish removed bottle on the couch next to him, the used cotton balls on the coffee table in front of where he sat.

Angelia: She came into the room and cleaned up the cotton balls then took the bottle of nail polish remover back into the bedroom and put it in her makeup kit.

Lance: he finished his beer as he watched television.

Angelia: She walked out of the room and went into the kitchen. She looked for something to eat.

Lance: continued to watch the television.

Angelia: She couldn't find anything that she wanted so she just leaned against the counter. She watched him.

Lance: "I have it marked on the calendar when two months is up."

Angelia: "Alright." She said softly.

Lance: "I hope you understand you just won because you cheated. Every day of the month you'll realize that until two months is up."

Angelia: "How are you sure I cheated?"

Lance: "I slept soundly through the night without you by me." he paused, "And...I slept soundly on a hard floor."

Angelia: "You were probably exhausted from earlier in the day."

Lance: "Sure, Angelia." he stood and took the empty beer bottle to the kitchen and tossed it in the trash.

Angelia: "Fine. Since I cheated, what I said was going to happen if I won, forget it but I'm not doing what you wanted me to do if you won." She walked back to the bathroom while she started to dry her hair.

Lance: "I just don't understand why you'd want to bet that anyways. If you don't want to have sex with me for two months, just ask. Just tell me. Like I care anyways."

Angelia: "I've been through that already. Remember? I mostly bet it so I could tease you as much as I wanted without you teasing me back." She admitted.

Lance: "Good for you. Then do it. You won."

Angelia: "No. I didn't do it fairly so I feel I shouldn't do it but like I said, I'm not doing what you wanted me to do." She walked into the bathroom.

Lance: "That's fine. I'll just pay for one. Especially after sleeping on the floor, I need it."

Angelia: "Wait, what?" She was a bit confused.

Lance: "A massage."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "Fine."

Lance: "Good." he grabbed his keys.

Angelia: "Only if I get to tease you for two weeks without you teasing me back and no making love."

Lance: "Only what? I'm going to pay for one myself. You aren't doing it."

Angelia: "Okay...fine."

Lance: "I already said you can have your way. I won't make love to you for however long you wish, okay?" he left the apartment.

Angelia: She sighed a bit and laid back onto the bed when she went into the bedroom. She closed her eyes after awhile. She was bored and didn't know what to do.

Angelia got a text.

Angelia: She looked at her phone.

Kathy: "So did he yell at you?"

Angelia: "No. He knows that I cheated so we dropped the whole bet thing."

Kathy: "Oh okay. Was fun while it lasted. :)"

Angelia: "Yeah."

Kathy: "Talk to you later then."

Angelia: "Alright. Talk to you later."


Lance: he came back to the apartment close to dark.

Angelia: She wasn't there when he came back. She left a note for him though.

Lance: he read the note.

It read:

Went out. Be back later.

Love you.


Lance: "Thanks for telling me where you went." he muttered. He went and looked down at his phone. He was bored. He texted Dante. "What are you doing right now?"

Dante: "Just chilling at my house." He texted back a few moments later.

Lance: "Want to hang out?"

Dante: "Sure." He smiled a bit.

Lance: "Meet me at the club on Dead Way in twenty minutes."

Dante: "Alright. See you there."

Lance: he texted Angelia, "Where is 'out.'?"

Angelia: "I just went out. No specific place really."

Lance: he rolled his eyes and shut his phone. If she was being sketchy with her then so be it. He teleported to the club, putting his phone in his pocket.

Dante: He was sitting at the bar, drinking a drink.

Lance: he walked over to him and leaned on the counter. "So let's see if you've still got the charm."

Dante: He smiled. "I bet I do."

Lance: "Back to our original game. Who gets the most phone numbers."

Dante: "You're on." He finished his drink then walked over to some girls and started to talk to them.

Lance: he smiled a bit and scanned the place for a girl and when he spotted one, he went over to her and started to talk to her.

In a few minutes, Dante already had five numbers.

Lance: after a couple hours he met Dante at the bar again with his numbers, "Twenty six. You?"

Dante: "Twenty five. You win by one." He ordered himself and Lance a drink.

Lance: "So you've still got it." he smiled, "Good to know even after therapy you're still Dante in there somewhere."

Dante: "Of course I do." He smiled and took a drink when the bartender got them their drinks. "I'm glad to know too. I was doubting a bit after I left from your apartment yesterday."

Lance: "How come?"

Dante: He shrugged. "I guess 'cause we use to talk constantly, find things to talk about. just seemed...uncomfortable for you." He looked at him.

Lance: "I was trying to figure out what to say. It's been awhile."

Dante: He nodded. "I know it has. More than four years, hasn't it?"

Lance: "Yes. And you say it seemed uncomfortable for me, I thought it was uncomfortable for you."

Dante: He laughed a bit. "I guess it was a bit uncomfortable for the both of us. Huh?"

Lance: "Yea I guess." he smiled a bit, "So you've been doing well then? Did the therapy help with getting over Sapphire?"

Dante: "Yeah, I've been doing well and yes it did."

Lance: "Good. So now you need a new girl to not get over, but get on." he sipped his drink.

Dante: "I have a date this Friday." He took a drink.

Lance: "With who? Do I know the girl? Probably not since you just got back."

Dante: "Yes you know her." He said softy and took another drink.

Lance: "It's not Angelia is it?" he teased.

Dante: "Of course. Who else would I take?" He replied back, teasing as well. He smiled a bit

Lance: "Considering how she's acting today I wouldn't be surprised." he tilted his head back and shot down the rest of his drink.

Dante: "Why? What's going on?" He looked at his friend. "I was only kidding when I said it was her."

Lance: "Yea, I know." he set his glass down, "Nothing. She's just...been pulling away."

Dante: "How?"

Lance: "How? We made bets yesterday and she doesn't want to have sex for two months. Today, she told me she's going out and when I asked where that was she just told me somewhere. So, I'm just ignoring it. I'll do my thing. She can do hers."

Dante: He nodded a bit. "Have you thought about her not being about to get birth control or something like that?" He finished his drink off.

Lance: "What do you mean?"

Dante: "I mean that she doesn't have the money to get birth control."

Lance: "Why wouldn't she? And what does that have to do with her pulling away from me? I take stuff too so it's not like the odds of her getting pregnant are any different. We just messed up one time. Won't happen again."

Dante: "I don't know. It was just an idea that could be possible. Other than that I don't know. Ask her. Talk to her about it."

Lance: "I was talking to her about things bothering me and she wouldn't listen. So...nah."

Dante: "What's bothering you?"

Lance: "Same thing that's been bothering me for years."

Dante: "Which is?"

Lance: he shook his head, "Nothing."

Dante: He nodded. "Alright. I won't ask again. I'm sorry if it seemed that I was prying. I didn't mean too." He ordered another drink and slowly drank this one.

Lance: "It's not that. What's making me upset is stupid, which is probably why even Angelia wants me to get over it."

Dante: "What's making you upset?"

Lance: "Losing your first born child is a deep thing. It reminds me of losing my first best friend."

Dante: He nodded a bit and looked at his drink. "Maybe she's trying to give you a hint or something. Like she wants to do the opposite of what she said. Girls do that at times."

Lance: "What? You mean go after her? Talk to her? What?"

Dante: "She said that she didn't want to have sex with you for two months...right?"

Lance: ""

Dante: "Maybe she wants the opposite of that."

Lance: "We do it often enough anyways. I doubt it."

Dante: He shrugged a bit. "I don't know then. Just talk to her, man. Trust me."

Lance: "I think I know her better than you do."

Dante: "Yes, you do. I'm sorry that I said anything."

Lance: "What I want to do is put all these numbers in a hat, us each draw one, then call the girl up."

Dante: "Fine by me."

Lance: he gathered all the numbers together, "You still didn't tell me who your date's with."

Dante: He took a long drink of his drink.

Lance: he asked the bartender for a bowl of sorts. When he was handed one, he put the papers inside the bowl. He looked to Dante.

Dante: He took a number.

Lance: "I told you what you wanted to hear. You didn't seem shocked when I mentioned losing a first born." he pulled a paper out.

Dante: "I wasn't shocked. I feel bad about you losing your first born. I didn't know what to say." He admitted.

Lance: "Yea. It was a little girl. Going to be, anyways. We didn't lose it by miscarriage either."

Dante: He went to take a drink then stopped. He looked at Lance. "Didn't lose it by miscarriage? What happened?"

Lance: "At the college we were at, this crazy chick who was upset I was Angelia's boyfriend, got jealous and pushed her down the stairs. Then this boy Juan didn't call the police cuz he didn't think she was pregnant. Still, he should have called the police. It would have saved the baby. But I was asleep, and by the time anyone found out, she had been down there a few hours. I'm surprised she...was okay. Her head was bleeding something terrible."

Dante: "Lance, I'm sorry. It must of been hard on both of you and still hard you both. Dude, if you or Angelia need ANYTHING tell me. I'll help."

Lance: he took a drink, "I will. Thanks man. At least you're there when I need you, I guess. You always were."

Dante: "No problem, man. I'll be there when you need me. I promise."

Lance: "Something I learned is that you can't trust shape shifters. Ever."

Dante: "I could have told you that."

Lance: he rolled his eyes, "She seemed different."

Dante: "They always do at first." He said softly as he took another drink.

Lance: "Well, you learn. I wanted to kill her so bad."

Dante: "You should of."

Lance: "Nah...she was my friend for a bit...I don't think I want to kill ex-friends...that'd start me on a bad path of life."

Dante: "True. Very true."

Lance: "I did kill the stalked girl though. The one who pushed her down the stairs. I never did kill Juan."

Dante: He nodded. "I can understand about the girl that pushed Angelia down the stairs...about you killing her."

Lance: "Yea. She was a freak."

Dante: "I bet." He finished his drink and stopped the bartender when he went to fill Dante's glass up again.

Lance: he also finished his drink. He slid Dante his phone, "Call the girl."

Dante: "What girl?"

Lance: "The number you got. Well, call her tomorrow."

Dante: He nodded. "Alright."

Lance: he checked his phone for any messages.

There was one from Angelia and one from Isadora.

Lance: he read Angelia's first.

It read: "Hey, I just got home a few minutes ago. Hoping you would be here when I got back. I hope you're having fun though. :) Love you."

Lance: he smiled a bit and then read the one from Isadora.

It read: "Hey. Just wondering how you're doing and how everything is. Ttyl. ~Izzy dizzy :p"

Lance: he texted back, "Izzy Dizzy, eh? I'm the club right now. What are you doing?" he closed it and put the cell phone back in his jeans pocket and looked at Dante, "I'm gonna get going. Angelia's home."

Dante: "Alright. I'll see ya around." He smiled.

Isadora: She texted him back after a few minutes. "Yeah, my signature. :) That's good. I'm chill at home right now. Trying to figure out what I should do at the moment."

Lance: "Yea. We should hang out again soon." he finished his drink and stood, paid for his drinks, then left the club, walking back out to the parking lot. He checked his phone. "Awww, should have told me sooner. I would have come over. Though I'm going home now. Angelia's back from her outing."

Dante: "Yeah. I'd like that." He said before Lance left. He stayed for awhile longer.

Isadora: "That's okay. I'm sure you had fun. :) Some other time. Oh, I think I saw her in the hallway when I was coming home."

Lance: "Yea? Did you say hi?"

Isadora: "No. I wasn't sure if it was her or not."

Lance: "Oh. Okay." he got in his car and started it up, driving while he was texting. "Tall, hot, sort of grumpy looking. That's Angelia."

Isadora: "Lol. Well, she was tall, very beautiful but she didn't look grumpy. She was carrying things from her car up to her room. I didn't see if it was your apartment or not."

Lance: "Things? What things?"

Isadora: "Like bags and a box."

Lance: "Interesting. G2G, driving. If I crash, Angelia will yell at me."

Isadora: "Alright. Ttyl."

Lance: he put his phone in his pocket, driving back to the apartment. Once he got there, he parked and shut off the car then teleported up to the apartment room. "Babe?"

Angelia: She wasn't in the room but the lights were off and the only light source was from the candles that were lit and coming from the kitchen/dining room.

Lance: 'Here comes the teasing.' he thought to himself as he walked into the kitchen and tossed his keys on the counter in the kitchen along with his wallet and cell phone, looking around.

There were candles lit on the table with two plates set on the table. Beside the table was a bucket of ice with Lance's favorite wine. It looked really romantic. The food was on the stove, covered, on low heat to keep the food warm. Angelia still wasn't in the room.

Angelia stood in the shadows as she watched Lance. She didn't have her night vision on.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Nice..." he went over to the stove and tried to smell the food.

The food smelled really good, at least from the steam it did.

Lance: he turned around, "Babe?" he called her again. He went to turn on a light.

Angelia: "No. Don't turn the light on. It'll ruin the atmosphere that this all was supposed to create." She still stayed in the shadows.

Lance: he stopped. He used his night vision, looking towards Angelia's voice.

Angelia: She had moved by now. She was behind him. She covered his eyes. "No night vision either. Please? Just trust me."

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Alright."

Angelia: She slowly removed her hands from his eyes. "Sit down, my love." She whispered in his ear and nibbled on his ear lobe softly and gently a bit.

Lance: "Mmmm..." he kept his eyes closed for a second before opening them and finding his seat. He sat down. "I don't want to be tortured."

Angelia: "You won't be. At least not today." She smiled a bit then got his plate. She put some food on the plate and set in down in front of him and got her plate. She did the same thing then opened and poured the wine in both of their glasses. She then sat down and smiled.

Lance: "And why not?" he watched her.

Angelia: "Because I don't want to torture you tonight. I can change that if you like."

Lance: "No...I don't." he picked up his fork, trying to make out her outfit.

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Alright. I hope the food is good. I fixed it myself."

Lance: he scooped some food up on his fork and tried it. "It is good..." he still watched her, "What's this for?" he was suspicious.

Angelia: "Thought we could have a special night together. That's all. If you don't want me to do this again, just tell me." She took some of the food and ate it.

Lance: "No...I like it. It was unexpected." he smiled a bit and continued to eat the food Angelia made.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and continued to eat too. She finished her food and drank some of the wine.

Lance: "What are you wearing?"

Angelia: "I'm wearing my low cut red shirt with my nice jeans. Why?" She took another drink of the wine.

Lance: "How low is the cut?" he continued eating.

Angelia: "Really low."

Lance: he smiled a bit, imagining that.

Angelia: "It's the one shirt that I told you about. The one I couldn't wear a bra with." She said softly before taking another drink.

Lance: he sucked in a breath, "Yea...I bet that's hot." he stuffed food in his mouth.

Angelia: She smiled a bit then stood and took her plate to the kitchen. She came back and leaned down next to Lance's ear. "I'm going to go change for bed tonight. You're welcome to come and help me." She whispered softly before softly kissing his neck.

Lance: he took a gulp of the wine and stood quickly, "Yes, of course." he scooped Angelia up in his arms and teleported to their room.

Their bedroom's lights were dimmed to a romantic setting but light enough where they could see each other.

Angelia: She smiled a bit as she leaned up and softly kissed his neck.

Lance: he set her on the bed, leaning over her as he kissed her gently, then harder. He leaned back and looked at her shirt and smiled, "Mmm, Angelia." he leaned down and kissed the space between her breasts then kissed up her neck.

Angelia: She closed her eyes as he did so. Her breathing picked up and she bit her lip a bit. She tilted her head to the side when he started to kiss up her neck.

Lance: "The food...delicious babe." he said between kisses, "You? Delicious, babe."

Angelia: "Thank you, for both." She said almost what seemed breathless.

Lance: he pulled off her shirt as he continued to kiss. This was quite unexpected for him. He'd make the most of it. In the back of his mind he kept thinking this was a joke and she'd stop him any moment. But in the front of his mind, he didn't care. He was going for it.

Angelia: She didn't stop him and she wasn't going to stop him. She pulled his shirt off him and pulled his face to hers. She kissed him hard and passionate as she took one of his hands and placed it on one of her breasts.

Lance: he moaned softly with pleasure as he returned her kisses. He loved her so much. He couldn't describe it with mere words. Even now, when her kisses tasted like the food she just ate, he couldn't get enough of them. He was pretty sure his mouth tasted the same.

Angelia: She moaned softly as she kissed him back. She then had him laying on the bed, her on top of him. She didn't break the kiss or move where his hand moved either. She straddled his lap, pressing her body against him. She couldn't get enough of him. She loved him deeply and more than she could ever describe.

Lance: he broke the kiss after a few minutes and looked at her, "What made you change your mind?" he asked, as he stroked her hair.

Angelia: "I said earlier that I thought we could have a special night together. We haven't had one in a long time." She whispered, looking at him.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Oh, then I'll make the most of this one night." he leaned up and kissed her again, holding her head in his hand, stroking her hair.


Angelia: She was lying next to Lance, her head on his chest. She had her eyes closed and she was smiling.

Lance: "I better go blow out the candles before we burn down the building, huh?" he stroked her back gently with his fingertips.

Angelia: "You don't need to. I can get it." She smiled a bit and then the candles went out. She didn't even move from the bed, from his side.

Lance: "Nice. Got some special powers there."

Angelia: She smiled and leaned up and kissed him softy. "I can control the elements of earth. Remember?" She whispered softly.

Lance: "But not fire." he said after the kiss.

Angelia: "Fire is one of the elements of earth."

Lance: "As far as I remember, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are four different elements. The fifth is Spirit, which is separate too."

Angelia: "Then I control the elements. I always thought fire, water, and air were elements of earth."

Lance: "Not according to the Greek. But...interesting. There's something new about you."

Angelia: She nodded and smiled a bit. "Yeah." She then laid back down next to him, cuddling close to him.

Lance: he continued to rub her back gently, letting his eyes close.

Angelia: She closed her eyes too but she didn't sleep.

Lance: he ended up falling asleep a few minutes later, as it was late.

Angelia: She laid there for a few hours before she got up out of bed without waking Lance. She went to find her sleeping pills.

Lance: he turned over onto his side, continuing to sleep.

Angelia: She found her sleeping pills and took four instead of three. She hoped it'll help her sleep better than last night. She climbed back into the bed and closed her eyes. In the next hour to an hour and a half she fell asleep.


Lance: he was awake, out in the kitchen, cleaning up.

Angelia: She woke a few hours later, but she was still tired from the lack of sleep. She got up anyway. She walked out to the kitchen.

Lance: "Angelia you're going to have to be careful with taking those pills. I don't want you over dosing."

Angelia: "I am being careful with them. I won't over dose."

Lance: "Maybe you should go to the doctors."

Angelia: "Why? I don't see what's wrong about me taking them."

Lance: "It's not that. It's the fact that you haven't been able to sleep without them since...everything that's happened."

Angelia: "Oh." She said softly as she looked in the fridge for something to eat.

Lance: "I'm just worried about you, that's all, my love. I care about you."

Angelia: "I know, hon. I know. It just...I can't sleep after..." She looked down. She couldn't finish her sentence. She didn't know if Lance got over losing their first child or not so she didn't say anything about it.

Lance: he walked over and put his arms around her and kissed her cheek, "I know, honey." he said softly.

Angelia: She held him close and closed her eyes. She didn't say anything further.

Lance: he rubbed her back comfortingly.

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "So what shall we do today?"

Lance: "I have to go to work."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Oh, right. I forgot." She kissed his cheek. "Have a good day at work." She smiled slightly before going back to finding something to eat.

Lance: he went and put his wallet and cell phone in his back pocket of his jeans and grabbed his car keys. He kissed Angelia, "Have fun here. Spend time with Kathy or something, so neither of you will be alone."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Wait what's today?"

Lance: "Thursday."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Okay. I might go visit my family today." She just grabbed a soda and shut the fridge door.

Lance: "Sounds good. Just don't be alone, alright? I'll see you at six."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I won't be. I'll see you then. Love you."

Lance: "Love you too." he teleported down to his car and got in and drove to work.

Angelia: She grabbed her phone and teleported to her car after getting dressed. She got in her car and drove over to her parent's house. She parked her car where she normally did and got out. She walked up to the porch while she put her keys in her purse.

Amelia: "ANGELIA!" she got up from playing dolls on the porch and ran over and hugged her.

Angelia: She laughed softly and hugged her back. "Hey little one. My, you gotten big since the last time I've seen you. You were just a baby when that happened. How old are you know?" She smiled.

Amelia: she held up four of her fingers.

Angelia: "Four? My, you've gotten older too." She smiled.

Amelia: she giggled. "How old are you?"

Angelia: "21." She bent down and picked her up easily. She was smiling.

Amelia: she held her arms around Angelia's neck. "Wow." she smiled. She kissed Angelia's cheek. "Are you back forever?"

Angelia: She laughed softly. "I am. I'm not going to be going to college again." She walked up to the door and walked inside. "Hello? Anyone home?" She called into the house

Angelia: "Daddy is outside playing football with Luca out behind the house."

Angelia: She walked to the back door and looked out of it. She smiled when she seen how big Luca was and how good he was getting at football.

Arya: "Amelia?" She was outside, looking for Amelia.

Amelia: she looked behind Angelia and squealed, "Mommy! I'm with Angelia!"

Angelia: She laughed softly and went to set her down.

Arya: "How can you be with Angelia if she hasn't returned yet?"

Angelia: She looked at Amelia and put a finger to her lips as a hint not to say that she was here. She wanted to surprise them.

Amelia: she smiled and looked at Angelia then called to Arya, "Never mind mommy."

Arya: "Where are you Amelia?"

Angelia: She bent down to Amelia. "Get Mommy, Daddy and Luca into the living room. Can you do that for me?"

Amelia: she nodded with a smile and then ran out to Arya.

Angelia: She walked up to what use to be her old room.


Daray: he walked with them to the living room.

Arya: She walked into the living room as well.

Luca: He walked in afterwards.

Angelia: She sat on the couch, smiling.

Daray: "Angelia!" he smiled at her, "You're home."

Angelia: She nodded and smiled.

Luca: He smiled a bit as he leaned against the wall.

Arya: She smiled even more when she saw Angelia.

Daray: he went over and hugged her, "How was college? Did you finish with honors?"

Angelia: She hugged him back. "College was good for the most part and I got my master's degree in designing."

Daray: "Good. How did Lance fare?"

Angelia: "He passed but didn't get anything like a master's. I figure he was there only to be with me. He didn't really take it seriously like I did."

Arya: She set Amelia down and sat down in one of the chairs.

Luca: He stayed where he was at.

Amelia: she walked over to Luca and jumped up and down to get his attention.

Daray: "Yea, well, that's good for him." he smiled a bit, "It's great to see you, kiddo."

Luca: He looked down at Amelia and smiled a bit.

Angelia: "It's great to see you too."

Daray: he sat down in a chair.

Amelia: she reached her hands up, "Up. Pick me up."

Angelia: "So how things going on here?"

Luca: He picked Amelia up, just like she wanted.

Daray: "They are going good. Everything is normal. Nothing too crazy."

Angelia: "That's good." She smiled.

Daray: "So how have you and Lance been doing?" and the tone of his voice proved the subject had changed to more sensitive matters.

Angelia: "We've been good. We have our moments when we fight and that but we get through it." She said softly. "I've been having a hard time sleep ever since..." She looked down and sighed a bit.

Daray: he nodded, the look on his face soft. He reached over and took her hand, "Is there anything your mother and I can do to help?"

Angelia: She shook her head. "No, not unless you can change the past." She sighed a bit. "I don't think Lance and I both are over what happened." She whispered.

Daray: "How has Lance been dealing with it?"

Angelia: "I don't know. He seems to be dealing with it pretty well. I guess. I'm not really sure. I'm dealing with it too but it's just harder for me too."

Daray: he leaned over and hugged Angelia again, rubbing her back comfortingly. "I know sweetie. I'm sorry."

Angelia: She hugged him back. "It's not your fault that it happened. I shouldn't of went anywhere without him. I'm prone to having bad things happen to me it seems." She sighed. "Lance and I have been fighting and arguing ever since it. Like we can't get along anymore. We have our days where we don't fight or argue but at times I feel like he doesn't want to be with me anymore. He's drinking a little more than he use to and we don't talk anymore. At least not like we use to. I just...don't know what to do anymore Dad. I don't want to lose him." She looked down and sighed again.

Daray: "Honey I'm sure you're just a bit more sensitive now. He probably acts like he always has. As far as the drinking goes...I don't know. It might be what helps him dull the painful thoughts. I've drank before to feel better. Your mother didn't like it too much. If you want me to talk to him, I will."

Angelia: She nodded. "You can talk to him if you like. I'll try to talk to him when he gets home from work tonight. It'll probably go from a conversation to a huge fight. It always does." She sighed a bit.

Daray: "That's not good that you two fight so much." he looked to Arya.

Angelia: "I know." She said softly.

Arya: 'We need to talk to him. See what's going on.' She told him mentally. "Maybe you two need some time away from each other. To cool down a bit. You know?"

Angelia: She just nodded a bit, not saying a thing.

Daray: "Hey! You could stay here with your family for a bit."

Angelia: "I don't know. If things don't go well tonight, I might do so."

Daray: "Your room is being used by Amelia...but you two can share."

Angelia: She nodded. "I know she is. I went up there before you guys came into the living room."

Daray: he nodded, not sure what to do or say.

Angelia: She looked at her watch to see what time it was.

It was only 12:30

Angelia: She looked up at her parents and took a breath. "We should do something together. As a family. You guys, Luca, Amelia and I."

Daray: "That sounds like a great idea."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "What shall we do?"

Luca: "We could always go to the park." He said for the first time since Angelia has been back. He still held Amelia since he has picked her up.

Daray: he nodded, "The park sounds good. What time is Lance off work?"

Amelia: she giggled and poked Luca in the ear.

Angelia: "Six."

Luca: He jerked back a bit. "Amelia. No, that hurts a bit." He smiled a bit. "If you do it again, I'm going to get the tickle monster after you."

Amelia: she put her hand down. "Sorry." she kissed his cheek.

Daray: "Want to go now then?"

Luca: He smiled a bit and kissed her cheek back. "Why don't we go and get you ready to leave, baby sis?" He started to go up stairs with her.

Angelia: She nodded. "We can go now."

Amelia: "Wait! Wait! Luca! My dollies!" she reached towards the front door.

Daray: "This okay with you, Arya?"

Luca: He stopped and walked down the stairs he already went up and went outside. He bent down and picked up her dolls. He then went back inside and upstairs.

Arya: "That's fine with me." She smiled a bit.

Daray: "Then we just wait on Luca and Amelia."

Amelia: she hugged one of her dolls, "Thank you Luca."

Angelia: She nodded.

Soon Luca and Amelia came back into the living room, Luca carrying Amelia.

Daray: "Ready to go?"

Luca: He nodded. "Yep."

Angelia and Arya stood.

Daray: he stood and walked over to them. "Wow little one. You look cute."

Amelia: she smiled, "Luca pick'd it out." she reached over to Daray, "Hold me daddy."

Daray: he smiled and took her from Luca, "That was nice of your brother. Did you tell him thank you?"

Amelia: she shook her head no.

Daray: "Well?"

Amelia: she looked at Luca as she held onto Daray, "Thank you brother."

Daray: he smiled again and kissed her cheek, "That's my girl." he walked to the door.

Luca: "You're welcome, baby sis." He smiled.

Angelia: She smiled a bit as she watched Daray and Amelia. It was more as a sad smile but she tried to hide it as it being sad. She teleported to her car, got in it and started it up. She waited for everyone to come out and get in it.

Arya: She smiled then it faded as she watched Angelia's reaction.

Daray: he walked out, putting Amelia in Angelia's car to sit as he went and got her car seat from his car, 'What was that for?' he asked Arya mentally. 'Can't be the same reason she'd give that look before when she was younger, being jealous of Luca, can it? Only this time with Amelia?'

Arya: 'No. I don't think it's that.' She replied to him mentally as she got in the car too. She got in the back so Daray could sit up front with Angelia.

Luca: He got in on the other side. He buckled up and waited.

Daray: he put Amelia in her car seat then sat up front with Angelia.

Angelia: "Everyone in and ready?"

Arya: "Yeah."

Luca: He nodded.

Amelia: "Yay!"

Daray: "Yes. Ready to go."

Angelia: She put the car in reverse and back out of the driveway. She then headed to the park.

Daray: when they got to the park, Daray got out of the car and waited for everyone.

Amelia: she tried to unbuckled her car seat and get out herself.

Angelia: She got out of the car, waiting as well.

Luca: "Amelia, do you need some help?" He asked after unbuckling.

Arya: She got out of the car.

Amelia: "No! I get it." she kept trying. Then finally she just squeezed her shoulders and arms out of the straps, keeping it buckled. She tried to get out from mere force.

Luca: "Baby sis, you're going to hurt yourself. Let my help you."

Amelia: she sighed and sat back against the seat, upset that she couldn't get out herself.

Luca: "You push here, baby sis." He showed her by pushing the button to unbuckle her.

Amelia: she looked down and watched him, her mouth dropped open, "Oooooohhhh..." she smiled and hopped out of the seat.

Daray: "Luca, now you're going to have to make sure she doesn't get out of it when we drive her places. Now that she knows how it's done."

Amelia: she giggled.

Luca: "I'll make sure she won't get out." He smiled then got out of the car as well.

Amelia: she bounced around the car and over to Arya and smiled, looking up at her.

Daray: he nodded, "Alright." he walked over to Angelia.

Arya: She picked her up.

Luca: He shut the door after Amelia was out.

Angelia: She just watched her family.

Amelia: she put her arms around Arya's neck, "I love you mommy."

Daray: "So to the park then?" he walked towards the park.

Arya: "I love you too, Amelia." She smiled as she held her and started to follow Daray.

Luca and Angelia followed.

Daray: "This park has a lot of memories for you, huh, Angelia?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes it does." She smiled a bit.

When they got to the park, Amelia squirmed down and ran over to the swings and got on.

Amelia: "Daddy! Push me!"

Daray: "Okay." he walked over to the swing and pulled it back and let it go, then started to push her back and forth on the swing. "Hold on tight so you don't fall."

Amelia: she held on tightly and giggled.

Angelia: She watched them and smiled. It was the same smile that she smiled at the house.

Arya: She sat on one of the benches.

Luca: He sat beside her, just watching.

Daray: he pushed Amelia for a bit before she wanted to get off and go to the slide instead. He walked over and sat down beside Arya. He watched Amelia for a few minutes before looking at Angelia. He felt bad for her. He knew what her smile was for.

Angelia: She looked down and sighed a bit.

Luca: He watched Amelia play.

Daray: "Hey Angelia, want to go for a walk with your dad?" he stood, watching her.

Angelia: She looked up at him. "Hmm? Sure." She said softly.

Daray: he waited for her then walked with her down one of the paths in the park.

Angelia: She walked with him. She was silent as they walked.

Daray: "Do you want a kid, Angelia? I you think it would help you and Lance?"

Angelia: She looked down. "I thought that we weren't ready kid at the time. But after feeling the child living inside of me, I got attached to it. I didn't even get to see my own daughter afterwards. Do you know how it feels not to be able to see your own child after it is born?" She looked at him, tears in her eyes.

Daray: "Would have seeing the child helped you in the grieving process, my dear, or would it have just made it worse?" he asked softly, watching her. He could see her pain, and he felt his own in empathy for her.

Angelia: "It probably would have helped a bit." She said softly.

Daray: he was quiet for a moment, debating whether to say something or not. But he couldn't stand seeing his daughter like this. "Angelia, you don't know this, because I never told you. Lance asked me not to, and I promised I wouldn't. But it's been over a year since, so I don't think it matters. But...for a few months after you both lost your child, Lance would call to talk to me at night. Nights when he couldn't sleep. He told me he was having nightmares. I'd ask him what they were about, and he'd tell me. He said they'd be dreams he'd love, if his daughter was alive. But because she's dead it was like she was haunting him. He'd dream of the moment he saw her, when the nurse removed her child body from your womb, and he watched as the nurse cleaned her off. But he said it was worse because he knew what the girl looked like, when he wished he didn't, because then the dreams wouldn't be of anything. Then he told me the dream would switch to a scene with you and him and a little girl, playing together, and he knew it was the little girl you both lost. She looked the same. She had the same hair, the same complexion. But she was older. Maybe a few years. And he would tell me he couldn't take the dreams. Because when he jerked awake, he realized they would never come true. And I tried to talk to him about it, and he would call me each night it happened. But after a few months he stopped. I don't know if the nightmares still occur or not. But I do know, I don't want you to go through that."

Angelia: She looked down. "Why wouldn't he want to talk to me about it? I could have helped him as well. He hides things from me." She closed her eyes, trying to hold back tears but failing. "It's like...he doesn't trust me enough anymore or something." She whispered. "Tell mom, Luca and Amelia that I love them. I can't stay here anymore. I'm sorry." She kissed Daray's cheek then teleported to her car and got in. She started it. 'I love you Dad.'

Daray: he sighed. He felt worse now. He teleported to her car, "Angelia I didn't mean to tell you that to make you feel worse. I thought it'd help you understand. Please don't go. Your mother and I can help you. Losing the child wasn't your fault. You're a strong woman, always have been since a little girl. You need to understand we are here for you. And you can't get through this unless you talk about it. I'm trying to talk to you about it."

Angelia: "There's nothing for me to talk about. I lost my daughter, I didn't get to see her at all. I wish I hadn't lost my daughter, I want my relationship with Lance back to the way it was, where we didn't fight as much. I want my daughter back." She started to cry a bit harder. She leaned her head on the steering wheel, crying.

Daray: he walked over to her and opened the car door and knelt down, pulling her into a hug. "Baby girl." He whispered, rubbing her back gently. "I'm sorry. Lance told me he didn't want to tell you his problems because he thought you were already stressed out enough from it all. He told me how you haven't been sleeping. He's worried about you about as much as your mother and I are. I'm sorry you two are fighting."

Angelia: she hugged him back, crying. She didn't want to talk right now.

Daray: he just continued to hold her, and he would do so as long as she wanted him to. "I love you Angelia." He whispered to her.

Angelia: "I love you too, Dad." She whispered between sobs. She hid her face against his neck, like she did when she was little when she was upset. She cried until she couldn't anymore. She just hugged him then, sniffling every once and awhile.

Daray: he couldn't stand to see her like this. He rubbed her back gently. He never wanted his daughter to ever go through this type of pain. He wanted to fix it so badly.

Angelia: she pulled back after a bit and looked at the time.

It was about four thirty now.

Angelia: she sighed a bit. "We better get back to mom, Luca and Amelia. They're probably wondering where we're at."

Daray: "Yea." He looked at her, "Are you okay? There's nothing I can do for you?"

Angelia: she shut her car off and shook her head no. "I'll be fine. I just need to forget about what happened...or at least try to. Try to move on. It seems Lance has. I just...need more time to, I guess. I know it's been two years and I should be over it but I guess it takes longer for the mothers to get over something like that."

Daray: he nodded a bit, "There are two things that can never be forgotten. Your first love, and the loss of a child." He said softly, "You and Lance have each other. That's all you need is time. You can get through it." He kissed her temple and then stood.

Angelia: she nodded and got out of the car, shutting the door behind her. She pulled her hair up in a pony tail and sighed a bit. She hid her emotions well. She didn't want her mother and siblings to know she was crying.

Daray: he waited for her and then walked with her back to the family.

Amelia: "Angelia! Come play with me! She called.


Lance: Wasn't in the apartment when Angelia got there.

Angelia: She sighed and went into the bedroom. She set her purse on the dresser. She then went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She lifted her shirt up and looked at the scar from the surgery. Tears formed in her eyes and she leaned against the wall then slide down to the floor. She cried hard and alone. All the lights were off in the apartment.

Lance: When he got back from work he put his wallet, phone and keys on the counter, "Babe?" He walked to the bathroom.

Angelia: She was laying on the floor, hint of tears still on her cheeks. She had fallen asleep.

Lance: He bent down and frowned when he saw her tears. He brushed his fingers against her skin to wipe them off then sighed. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom and set her on the bed. He made sure her shoes were off then put a blanket over her.

Angelia: She groaned a bit when he picked her up. She laid on the bed, still asleep, she curled in a ball.

Lance: He watched her for a second before going to get some dinner in the kitchen. He sat out in the living room and ate.

Angelia: She slept for about two hours before waking up crying. She had the same dream she always had when she didn't take the pills to help her sleep.

Lance: He flicked off the TV. and went into the bedroom. He didn't know what to say.

Angelia: "I can't deal with this anymore." She said while crying.

Lance: "Deal with...what?" He said slowly.

Angelia: "Deal with this pain that happens every night when I sleep without the pills. Everyday feeling like things are being kept from me. Everyday fighting."

Lance: "I'm sorry." He said quietly. He didn't know whether he should call the doctor or not for her.

Angelia: She shook her head a bit. "Why didn't you tell me about the nightmares?" She whispered after calming down.

Lance: He was quiet a minute. "So you wouldn't be in any more pain than you are now. Everything's already too much for you."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "What else have you kept from me?" She whispered.

Lance: "Nothing!" He sighed. "Never trusting your father again."

Angelia: "He only told me because he thought it would help me at the time."

Lance: "And see? It's made it worse. I come home to you crying and wishing you were dead."

Angelia: "He didn't make it worse. I did. I went over to see my family. Seen my baby sister. Every time I seen her, or my father and mother together...I wished we were like that. I...I broke down in front of my father, and I never said that I wished to be dead."

Lance: "I thought we were like that? The only difference is we don't have a kid. And that's what I think when you say 'you're done with this'. Scares me."

Angelia: She looked up at him. "I want her back, Lance." She whispered and had tears in her eyes again.

Lance: "She's dead. We can't reverse death."

Angelia: "I know she is and can't reverse death. I'm reminded everyday!" She looked down as she started to cry again.

Lance: "I'm sorry! There's nothing I can do about it."

Angelia: She stood and ran past him. She was crying still. She grabbed her purse and car keys on her way out. She teleported to her car and got inside it and started it up.

Lance: He sighed and teleported to her car and took the keys out of the ignition. "It's dangerous to drive while crying."

Angelia: "Give me my keys back, Lance." He could hear that she didn't mean that.

Lance: "No. Angelia you can't keep running away from your problems. And I can't deal with you like this. It's stressful."

Angelia: "If you can't deal with me like this, then why are you still with me? You knew for two years that I was like this after losing our child." She took the keys back from him. "We haven't really gotten along ever since then. We fight more than we use to and we barely go out anymore. I love you, Lance. I love you with all my heart, soul, and my being but I feel like you don't feel the same anymore. That you don't want to be with me anymore." She started her car again and shut her door. She rolled down her window. "I'll be at my parent's house, if not there at Kathy's or I got a hotel room." She was still crying as she backed out of the parking space.

Lance: he growled. He walked around to the front of her car and grabbed the bumper so she could go nowhere. "I said stay. Yes, I set up our anniversary dates because I don't love you. I make love to you because I don't love you. You're an IDIOT for thinking I don't want to be with you anymore. You're just in the rut where you think nothing is good in your life because you lost your stupid child well guess what! I lost a child too." he pushed the car a few inches back and stepped back, "You leave Angelia. Just go ahead. I come back from work and this is what I get from you. You SERIOUSLY need some therapy. Apparently you can't deal with this on your own. GO TO A DOCTOR." he teleported back up to the room.

Angelia: She didn't go anywhere after that. She sat there, crying. She sat there for a few minutes like that then she fumbled around with her purse, looking for her phone. She found her phone and dialed Daray's number.

Isadora: She saw what happened between Angelia and Lance. She texted him when she got in her apartment from her night out. 'Hey. Everything alright?"

Lance: 'No.' was all he texted back.

Daray: he picked up the phone, "Hello?" he said at first, then his voice got softer, "Angelia? What's wrong?" he asked concerned. "What happened?"

Isadora: "Oh. Need someone to talk to or would you rather just me leave you alone?"

Angelia: She told him what happened when she got home then what happened between her and Lance.

Daray: "I'll come over. Do you want me to come over?" he asked her.

Lance: 'Angelia is a selfish witch and only thinks of herself lately. I'm seething mad right now. You wouldn't like to be around me.'

Angelia: "Yes." She said as she cried.

Isadora: "You need someone to rant to. You can come over here or I can come over there if you like. I'll listen."

Lance: he teleported into Isadora's room. "Rather be here. I do not want to be home if she comes up." Isadora could tell he was angry and upset.

Daray: he teleported to the dorms and walked around until he saw Angelia's car. He closed his phone and put it in his pocket as he ran up to her car, "Angelia?"

Isadora: She nodded. "Alright. So I'll sit here and listen while you rant or whatever." She smiled a bit.

Angelia: Her car was still running and she was sitting in there crying still. She hasn't moved from where she was at still.

Daray: he ran over to her and stood by the door. He wasn't sure what to do.

Lance: he walked over to her and sat next to her. He watched Isadora with darkened eyes. He didn't say anything.

Angelia: She sat there crying. She didn't know he was there yet.

Isadora: She watched him and hesitated a bit before she took one of her hands and gently brushed under his eyes a bit. She was shaking a bit but not much, she was nervous not afraid. She watched him as well.

Lance: he grabbed her hand, hard at first, then his grip grew softer and he held her hand in his, not once moving his eyes from hers. He didn't know where to start. All he could think was how selfish Angelia was, how uncaring she was about his feelings, and how unappreciative she was for everything he did for her. He wanted to let Angelia know he was sick of being taken for granted.

Daray: "Honey?" he tapped on her car window lightly.

Isadora: She gasped when he grabbed her hand. She held his hand in hers and swallowed a bit. She slowly and carefully leaned in. She swallowed a bit as she leaned in though.

Angelia: She looked up and opened the door of her car.

Daray: "Angelia, want to stay the night at home? Your mother can help you better than I can." he said softly.

Lance: he leaned down and kissed her. Not a building kiss of slow passion, but a hard hungry kiss. A vengeful kiss. He kissed her passionate and hard. So much he wanted to do to make Angelia suffer. Angelia thought she was suffering now, yet she had no idea. Not really. She needed a cold hard slap with reality.

Angelia: She nodded as she cried. She needed help. She will admit.

Isadora: She kissed him back as she laid back on the couch, bringing him with her. She didn't care at the moment. All she could think about right now was that Lance was kissing her. She forgot about Angelia.

Lance: needless to say, he didn't forget about Angelia. But that didn't make him stop. He slid his hand up Isadora's side and placed his hand over her breast as he kissed her, leaning back with her. He started to French kiss her.

Daray: he helped her out of the car and shut the door, "Come on honey." he teleported her home with him.

Isadora: She kissed him back the whole time as she started to lift his shirt up to take it off of him.

Angelia: She had her keys, purse and phone with her. She asked if she could have her own room while she stayed there.

Daray: "Um, yeah. Luca!" he called.

Lance: he leaned back and pulled it off of him, letting it drop to the floor. Then he leaned back down and kissed her.

Luca: He came down the stairs. "Yeah, Dad?"

Isadora: She took her shirt off while he took his off. She kissed him back deeply.

Lance: he slid his hand under her bra. He nipped at her lips as he kissed her, getting a bit aggressive.

Daray: "Can you take Amelia into your room to sleep tonight so Angelia can have her room?"

Isadora: She pulled him closer to her as she kissed him. She liked it she couldn't stop.

Luca: He glanced at Angelia then nodded. "Sure." He went back upstairs to what use to be Angelia's room.

Lance: sadly, he liked it too, and also couldn't stop.

Isadora: She let her hands trail down his chest, gently, to his pants. She started to undo his pants.

Lance: he didn't stop her. He broke the kiss, nuzzling her neck. He let his fangs come down.

Isadora: She closed her eyes tilting her head to the side. She knew what he wanted and she was willingly giving him what he wanted.

Lance: he bit into her neck, really hard. His fangs went deep. He was angry, so his strength showed a bit from it. He drank.

Amelia: she ran downstairs, "Angelia!"

Isadora: She gasped when he bit her and closed her eyes tightly for it hurt more than the last time.

Angelia: She was in the living room with Daray and Arya.

Daray: he caught Amelia as she reached the bottom of the stairs and scooped her up, walking back up the stairs.

Lance: all he could think was that it didn't taste like Angelia. He may have drank a little more than he should have before he pulled out and retracted his fangs, licking the wound closed. It would leave a scar. He knew.

Angelia: She had stopped crying by the time Daray got back into the living room.

Arya: She was kneeling in front of Angelia, speaking softly to her. Neither of them blinked since Daray had been back.

Isadora: Her eyes were closed and she was breathing softly when he pulled away.

Lance: he leaned back and looked down at her, watching her. She was probably weak now. Idiot. He drained her too much and now she was probably too weak to do anything. His stupid anger.

Daray: "Are you mind controlling her? I thought we agreed we wouldn't do that."

Isadora: She looked up at him and smiled. "Had enough?" She whispered.

Arya: She looked at him. "No, I'm not. I just got her to calm down. I can't do mind control. Remember? That's my sister." She looked back at Angelia and spoke softly to her.

Angelia: She nodded then looked down. She sniffled.

Daray: he sat down in a chair in the living room, keeping quiet so as not to disturb them.

Lance: he smiled a bit back, seeing her open her eyes, "Yea. Are you weak?"

Arya: She hugged Angelia after a few minutes passed.

Angelia: She hugged her back.

Isadora: "A little bit not much though. I'm a strong girl when it comes to things like this."

Lance: he leaned down and whispered against her lips, "We should find out how strong you are." he kissed her.

Daray: he watched them. He wondered what she said to her.

Isadora: She kissed him back as she closed her eyes again.

Arya: She got up and went into the kitchen to get Angelia something to drink.

Angelia: She took a deep breath then let it out slowly.

Daray: he watched Angelia.

Lance: he started to undo her pants.

Angelia: She looked over at Daray. "Mom's going to help me through this." She said softly.

Isadora: She started to take his pants off him.

Lance: he let her, taking hers off at the same time.

Daray: "That's good. I'm sorry I couldn't."

Isadora: She leaned up and kissed him after both of their pants were off.

Angelia: "It's okay, Dad. You've helped. Just by being here."

Daray: "I'm glad. Where is Lance then?"

Lance: he held her face in his hands, kissing her hard.

Angelia: "I...I don't know. He could be back at our apartment, out at a bar. I don't know."

Isadora: She pressed her body against his, grinding against him a bit.

Lance: he groaned a bit, a sort of unwanted, but welcomed pleasure. He hadn't had another girl this close to him since he got together with Angelia.

Daray: "How is he?"

Isadora: She pushed him back for him to lay down so she's on top of him as she grinded against him more.

Angelia: "I told you what happened between him and I. What he said."

Daray: "So that means he's hurting too."

Lance: he slid his hands over her sides, down her back, as he kissed her deeply, breathing hard.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. I say things I don't mean when I'm upset and what I say just makes things worse. I should just not talk at all." She looked down.

Isadora: She kissed down his chest and softly.

Lance: he put his finger under her chin and guided her back up to his lips.

Daray: he reached over and took her hand, "Honey it's okay."

Isadora: She was a bit confused but didn't ponder long on it. She kissed him hard, wanting, and deep when their lips touched again.

Angelia: She shook her head. "He probably doesn't want to see me for a few days or so. Not after what I said." She whispered and closed her eyes.

Daray: "You don't know unless you ask him. It's not healthy to assume things. If you want to stay away a few days, you're welcome to stay here."

Lance: though he was angry with Angelia, part of him wasn't letting this get past kissing or grinding or fondling. Though part of him seriously wanted to.

Angelia: She nodded a bit."Thank you." She said softly, almost a whisper.

Daray: "You're welcome, Angelia." he wondered when Arya was getting back, and what she was doing.

Angelia: She looked down at the floor.

Arya: She came into the room with a cup. It wasn't clear so neither Angelia or Daray could tell what was in it. "Here, sweetie. Drink this. It'll help." She handed it to her.

Angelia: "What is it?" She asked as she took it.

Arya: "Don't ask, just drink. Trust me."

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay." She took a drink and made a disgusted face.

Arya: "I know, just drink. You have to drink it all otherwise it won't help."

Angelia: She nodded and forced herself to drink more.

Daray: "Hopefully she won't puke."

Lance: he put his hands on her thighs and squeezed gently, giving her the hint to stop. He continued to kiss her.

Arya: "She won't. It's not that bad to where she would."

Isadora: She stopped grinding against him, she just kissed him back.

Lance: he leaned back and looked at Isadora, smiling a bit, "Thank you, hun."

Daray: "What's it for?"

Isadora: "For what?"

Arya: "The pain." She said simply.

Angelia: She finished it off and handed the cup back to Arya.

Arya: She took the cup and went back into the kitchen.

Daray: "Pain? Physical pain?" he was confused. "From what?"

Lance: he stroked her cheek, "Mmmm, making me feel better. Letting me rant."

Arya: She motioned for him to follow him into the kitchen before she left the living room.

Isadora: She smiled a bit. "Oh. You're welcome then."

Lance: "Mind if I stay here with you, tonight?"

Daray: he got up and followed her.

Isadora: "No, I don't mind."

Lance: he kissed Isadora again, "Thank you, hun."

Isadora: "You're welcome." She said after kissing him back.

Lance: "I'm sorry we aren't...going any further."

Isadora: "It's alright." She said softly.

Lance: he smiled a bit, "We should make popcorn and watch a movie as we sit on the couch like this."

Isadora: She smiled a bit back. "I'll go make some, you can pick out a movie." She got up and went into the kitchen. She got out a popcorn bag and put it in the microwave. She then got out a bowl as it popped.

Lance: he watched her as she walked away. He had to admit, he really liked her. Isadora was very pretty, and she wasn't a bad kisser at all. He smiled a bit as he got up and went over to her movies and picked one out. Then he pulled on his jeans.

Isadora: She got the popcorn out of the microwave and put it in the bowl. "Do you put salt on your popcorn?" She called from the kitchen.

Lance: "Yea." he sat down on the couch again, looking over at her in the kitchen. "Lots of it. Unless you don't like it."

Isadora: She shrugged a bit. "I don't mind it." She put salt on the popcorn then came into the living room. "So what movie did you pick?" She sat beside him, smiling a bit.

Lance: he showed her the movie, "Misery."

Isadora: She smiled a bit. "One of my favorite movies."

Lance: he laughed, "It's also a creepy movie. So if you need to cower against me, I understand." he patted her knee and then leaned forward and put the movie in.

Isadora: "I know it is a creepy movie." She smiled a bit. "I'm sure I'll be okay, but thank you for letting me know I can cower against you."

Lance: he smiled at her and kissed her cheek as he sat back down on the couch and put his hand in the popcorn bowl and put some popcorn in his mouth.

Isadora: She smiled back and leaned against him as she started to watch the movie.

Lance: he put his arm around her.

Isadora: She did cower against him a few times. She always cowered at the same parts in that movie.

Lance: he smiled a bit, holding his arm around her tighter at the parts she was afraid at. The only part he cringed at, as he did every time, was when the woman broke the man's ankles.

Isadora: She cuddled close to him as she watched the rest of the movie. After the movie, she laughed. "Want to watch another movie or do something else?" She asked Lance.

Daray: he teleported into the room, "What's going on?"

Lance: "Shoot." he vanished.

Isadora: She covered herself with the blanket that was on the couch. "Who are you? And what are you doing in my apartment?"

Daray: he scoffed, "I should ask you who you are. I'm Angelia's father." his eyes narrowed at her lack of clothing.

Isadora: "I'm Isadora." She nodded and swallowed a bit. "Angelia's father? As in Lance's Angelia?"

Daray: "Yes, as in Lance's Angelia. Where is he? What did you two do here?"

Isadora: "He was here a moment ago. He left. Probably back to his apartment. We just watched movies and hung out." She brushed hair behind her ear, showing the recent bite mark from Lance accidentally.

Daray: he looked at her neck then back to her face, "Watching movies in your underwear?" he growled, "Don't lie to me girl."

Isadora: She backed up on the couch more. "We kissed and stuff but we didn't do anything further than grinding, kissing and cuddling. I swear." She admitted truthfully. "Please, don't hurt me." She whispered, scared.

Daray: "I'm not going to hurt you. But I may hurt Lance." he vanished back out to the hallway to see if Luca was still there.

Isadora: She texted Lance. "Angelia's father is coming after you. I'd be careful."

Lance: he looked at his phone then just put it away without texting back. He teleported to a bar, where he knew Daray wouldn't find him. He stayed there.

Daray: but Daray did find him, since that was what he was good at. He grabbed Lance by the back of the new shirt he had put on while he was in his apartment, and pulled him out of the bar.


Arya: She went to Lance's apartment. She knocked on the door and waited.

Lance: "Go away Arya."

Arya: "Lance. Please. I just want to talk. That's all."

Lance: "Yea right. Daray didn't kill me so you finish the job. I freaking don't care. Angelia upset me. I am not sorry for making out with Isadora. Not in the least bit."

Arya: "I understand that Lance. I do. I don't want to hurt you. I wouldn't do that. I can't help Angelia anymore unless I hear what happened from your view."

Lance: he opened the door and looked at Arya. His eye and cheek were bruised and swollen a bit. There were more bruises on his chest which were hidden from his shirt. He stepped back and let her in then shut the door behind her.

Lance: he opened the door and looked at Arya. His eye and cheek were bruised and swollen a bit. There were more bruises on his chest which were hidden from his shirt. He stepped back and let her in then shut the door behind her.

Arya: She looked over him and sighed. She was going to have a talk with Daray when she got home. "So what's your side of what happened?" She asked after a few minutes.

Lance: he shrugged a bit, "Does it matter all that much? Angelia's gonna hate me after this anyways, way more than she already does."

Arya: "She doesn't hate you, Lance. She terrified that she's going to lose you after what happened today. She needs your support, to know that you're there for her. It'll be harder if she knows that you're not there for her. I know it was for me." She shook her head a bit. "You don't see how much she loves you? How much she's terrified to wake up one day and you not be at her side? How much she's afraid that this is all a dream?" She watched him a bit.

Lance: "I'm sure. She blames me for everything bad that goes on in her life. For two years I couldn't help her. I don't care. Let her blame me all she wants. She needs serious mental help."

Arya: She took a deep breath to calm herself. "She doesn't blame you, Lance. She blames herself. She admitted that she needed help. I plan to do just that, but I need you to help her too. For us to work together. She needs you just as much as you need her. I'll do the best I can on my own right now. It's your choice if you want to help her through this or not. She's at mine and Daray's house if you want to help or if you want to talk." She turned and walked to the door. "Oh. Here." She took something out of her purse and tossed it to Lance. "It'll help with the swelling." She opened the door and walked out into the hallway, closing the door behind her. She walked down to the elevator.

Lance: he caught it, "Thanks." he didn't stop her when she left.


Lance: he teleported into the house and sat down on the couch in the living room, watching television.

Arya: She came in from the kitchen. She was holding the glass from the night before. She didn't realize that Lance was there.

Angelia: She came down the stairs, holding her head a bit. It looked like she had a headache or something.

Lance: "Can I have some?" he asked, seeing the glass in Arya's hand.

Arya: "Sure. In the kitchen. It's already down and everything."

Lance: "Nice. We can all drink till we're one drunk family." he got up and left the living room, "Headache?" he asked Angelia as he passed her.

Arya: She rolled her eyes a bit as she took a drink.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah."

Lance: he poured himself some scotch and walked back over to Angelia, watching her. "This helps." he held it out to her.

Angelia: She took it and took a sip.

Lance: he took it back from her after she finished and then drank the rest.

Angelia: She sat down on the steps. "Thank you." She whispered.

Lance: "Yea. Like my shiner?"

Angelia: She looked at it. "Oh my god! How'd that happen?" She stood and went to look at it. She was worried.

Lance: he sighed, "Ah, your father gave it to me."

Angelia: "Why did he do that?" She watched him.

Lance: he shrugged a bit, "Why did you turn out to be a crazy lady? These questions may never be answered."

Angelia: "I was having emotional problems with the loss of our child, some mental problems with it. I'm sorry, Lance. I'm getting help. I admit that I need help."

Lance: "You just like to think you're the only one with problems. Let me tell you, I had emotional problems with the loss of a kid too. It's not always about you, Angelia."

Angelia: "I know that, Lance. What I said last night, I didn't mean. I said them out of pain. I was upset." She looked down and sighed.

Lance: "You said things, I did things. So we're even."

Angelia: "Wait what?" She looked up at him. "What did you do?"

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Things like fighting your dad." he turned and went back into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle scotch and just drank from it.

Angelia: "Why did you fight with my father in the first place?" She followed him.

Lance: "Why can your parents help you more than your boyfriend can?" he shot back.

Angelia: She took a breath. "Why are you avoiding my questions?"

Lance: "Why are you avoiding mine?" he took another drink.

Angelia: "You avoided mine first."

Lance: he smiled and laughed a bit, "Oh, we're gonna play that game, are we?"

Angelia: "Why not? It seems it's the only way we're going to get anywhere with this." She crossed her arms a bit.

Lance: he shrugged, "Honey, you may be able to keep awake longer than I, but let me tell you, men pride themselves on not talking as much as women. So until you speak, my lips are sealed." he took another drink and walked from the kitchen.

Angelia: "My parents help me more than you do because it seems that they're the only ones that WANT to help." She didn't turn around to face him when she spoke to him as he walked from the kitchen.

Lance: "Back stab. Nice. I suppose I stayed with you these past two years because I liked hearing you cry and knowing you couldn't sleep because I potentially destroyed your life with a mistake we made. Yeah. I don't want to help you. THANG GOD you have parents who care about you. What do you need a boyfriend for?" he laughed and drank more of the scotch as he went and sat on the couch in the living room.

Angelia: She followed him in there. "Yes, thank god I have parents who care about me. At least they don't go and make out and almost sleep with a girl while they're with someone." She turned around and walked towards the door. She had her purse, cell phone and keys.

Lance: "Bye Angelia. Leave again. Not like you haven't done it before. I'm starting to not care."

Angelia: "Who said I was leaving? Just because I have my purse, keys and phone I'm leaving? So, the past six years meant nothing because after we lost our child...the 'mistake' haven't been the same." She teleported her purse up to her old room and put her phone in her pocket. She went out to her car, started it up and moved it so Daray and Arya could get their cars out if needed and so Luca can get his in without a problem.

Lance: "You haven't been the same either!" he shot back before she left. But he made no attempt to move when she left the house and went outside.

Angelia: "Only because I wasn't all there!" She yelled back at him when she came back inside. "I know what day it is, I know what I'm doing, and I don't feel the pain anymore. Yes, I lost a child. Two years ago. I won't forget that I did but it won't hurt anymore. I can sleep without the pills now. I don't have that same nightmare that I use to have every night. All I'm trying to do now is fix what I'VE done to us."

Lance: "Good. You'll have your work cut out for you then."

Angelia: "I can't fix it unless you let me too or unless you don't want me too. Unless you want to be with the girl you were with last night. If you do...I'll step down. Just to make you happy." She looked at him. "I'll do anything to get back what we had, before the loss, before college." She whispered, watching him. "I'll do anything to make you happy again."

Lance: he watched her, "Who told you about the girl? Was it your father?"

Angelia: "No one. I figured it out myself, I was hoping that I was wrong. You just confirmed it." She whispered.

Lance: "Then getting the details right, was what? Coincidence? Why didn't you assume I had sex with her?"

Angelia: "I didn't want to think about you doing something like that with someone else. I figured the making out was a given and it probably progressed further than that. I didn't want to assume you did for it would hurt worse than losing a child." She whispered.

Lance: "Yea. And considering you went crazy for two years for the child, I wouldn't have been able to stand four years because I cheated on you." he took a sip of his drink.

Angelia: "Why are you here? Truthfully? I'm just curious."

Lance: "Because your mother told me it would help your healing process." he laughed.

Angelia: She nodded. "I'm glad you stopped by. Thank you." She turned and started to walk away. She walked up the stairs quietly, tears silently falling from her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself after she got into her old room and closing the door. She teleported up to the roof.

Lance: he rolled his eyes, "Can never stay in the same room with me for long. I hope you're happy Arya. Get what you wanted?" he finished drinking the whole bottle of scotch.

Arya: "No. You were suppose to support her. Show her that you love her and care for her. Not bring her down and make her feel like she's worthless, that you don't care for her anymore, that you were only here to mock her. I don't think Angelia is the only one that needs help. I think you do too, Lance." She stood and started to walk out of the room.

Lance: "You know what's funny?" he laughed and leaned his head back on the couch, "She guessed about Isadora, but she never found out about the time I danced with Tacita and she grinded against me then, or the other girls I kissed when Angelia left for three months those many, many years ago." he opened his eyes and looked at Arya, smiling a bit. He let his fangs come down, "What she also doesn't know is every single one of them I used for a food source in the process, all minus Tacita, who is still on my hit list." he stood, "Mmmm, but do you want to know something EVEN greater? A secret NO ONE knows?" he laughed, "Ever since the little...child...died...NAY! Was murdered." he laughed, "Mmmm," he ran his tongue over his fangs, "I say, being a vegetarian is for the dogs. I'm a man who likes his food fresh, hot, and feisty."

Arya: She growled softly. "You seriously do need help Lance. I'm going to make sure you get it." She was beside him and she injected something in him. Vervane, to make his Snyde side weak and some other drug to make his human side weak as well. She then took him down to the basement and locked him in a room. She growled softly. "Next time you'll learn not to speak like you did in this house. Plus, you can't get out of here. Thanks to Nadia. She made it so in this room, none of your powers will work, not even your strength. I'll come back when you're sober and you have some common sense in your thick skull." She grabbed a bottle of red liquid and tossed it into the room through the bars of the small window that was in the door. "There's something to drink if you get thirsty." She then walked upstairs, closing the basement door and locking it too. She was pissed now. Lance was going the way The Great Ones hunted. She wouldn't tolerate it. She took the empty scotch bottle and looked at it. She growled and threw it at the wall. It broke into pieces everywhere. She stood there, staring at the broken glass, her fangs were drawn.

Lance: he groaned when he was injected, and growled when he was thrown into the room. He stood, "Hey!" he ran at the door but found it stronger than he was, since he was so weak. "Ahh!" he held his arm as he had slammed into the door and found it hurt. He growled again, but this time softer. He stood there, looking out the bars of the door, and then his eyes fell to the red liquid. He sat down on the floor, staring at it.


Daray: he teleported to the roof, still holding Amelia.

Angelia: She was sitting there still. She was crying softly still too. She didn't even look up when he came onto the roof.

Daray: he set down Amelia.

Amelia: she walked over to Angelia slowly, "Angelia?" she whispered.

Angelia: She looked over at Amelia then wiped tears away. She tried to smile a bit. "I use to come up here almost every night, just to look at the stars." She looked up at the sky and sighed a bit. "But that was when everything was perfect." She whispered.

Amelia: "Angelia is perfect." she said softly. She pouted, seeing her sister cry.

Angelia: She shook her head a bit. "No. If I was perfect, I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in."

Amelia: "Mess?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yep. With Lance."

Amelia: "Then tell him to clean his room and there be no mess." she said seriously.

Angelia: She laughed softly a bit. "It's not that type of mess. It's a lot harder to explain."

Daray: "Angelia I don't think Lance meant anything by what he said. People say things they don't mean when they are drunk."

Angelia: "I know. It still hurts though." She looked at him.

Daray: "Well, if you want to take out some frustrations on him, I think your mom and holding him hostage in the basement."

Angelia: "No. I'm fine. For now at least." She looked back up at the stars. "Remember when we laid out here late in the night, just looking at the stars?" She changed the subject. Right now she didn't care why her mother was holding him hostage in the basement.

Daray: "Yes. I remember." he said softly, watching her.

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Those were what seemed to be the simpler times." She said softly.

Daray: "Honey, life isn't simple. That's what makes it interesting."

Angelia: "I know. Just looking back now, it seemed so simple."

Daray: "You both will get through this. Things will be simple again."

Angelia: "Oh, I know we will and again I know." She looked at him and smiled a bit. "I just wish that he'd stop drinking so much. I hate when he acts like this. It's not him anymore when he does."

Daray: "Why don't you talk to him about that? I'm sure he'll listen to you."

Angelia: "He won't listen." She looked down.

Daray: "You're his girlfriend. He loves you. Trust me, he'll listen."

Angelia: "He has a funny way of showing that he loves me."

Daray: "He's suffering just as much as you, Angelia. I wouldn't judge him. He's a bit...crazy right now. He needs help, like you did. Only, his is more severe because not only is he blaming himself for the child that was lost, because he wasn't there to help you, but he hates himself for the things he's done to you, and he's upset he wasn't the one who could help you like your mother could. Add that to the fact that he's been biting humans'd see why he was going insane."

Angelia: "But I didn't go around and almost sleep with someone, and make out with other people. I stayed FAITHFUL to him, even when I was going 'crazy', like he is now." She teleported inside and went to the basement door and swallowed. She hated basements, she always had.

Daray: "Yea. I know." he picked up Amelia, 'If you can't forgive him and want to leave him, hun, I'll be more than happy to give you your room back.'

Angelia: 'Okay.' She bit her lip then teleported into the basement. She looked around a bit then walked up to the door to where Lance was being kept.

Lance: he was still sitting on the floor, spinning the bottle of red liquid around.

Angelia: She looked into the room through the window. "Lance?" She whispered, watching him.

Lance: he jumped and looked over at Angelia, his eyes full of fear, "Yes?" he was tense.

Angelia: She just watched him. "Are...are you alright?"

Lance: he looked back down at the bottle of red liquid, spinning it, a nervous habit, "No. I hate basements. My father..." he paused, "I don't like basements." he whispered.

Angelia: "I hate them too but I had to come and see you." She watched him. She wanted to keep her eyes on him and nowhere else. She wanted to teleport in there and hug him and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

Lance: "This room..." he pointed to a corner in the back of the room, "My dad would chain humans to the wall, like a...medieval dungeon." he motioned along the wall. "It was dirtier than this. Rats ran around...there was, screams of dying humans..." he closed his fist and brought his hand back down, "I went...down there a few times, with my brothers. I refused after, my dad killed my human friend." he put his hand over his belly and shut his eyes and groaned. He got up and leaned against a wall, facing away from Angelia, and puked. He threw up until his stomach was emptied. He sighed and crouched down on his haunches.

Angelia: She watched him. "Lance." She whispered and put her hand through the window a bit. She wanted to help him but she couldn't. She couldn't open the door for it was locked and she didn't have the key.

Lance: he looked back over at Angelia, "What? What do you want?"

Angelia: "Let me help you. Please."

Lance: "Why? Seems you're mother is intent on doing that herself."

Angelia: "Because it's not her place help you. Just like it wasn't for them to help me."

Lance: "They did good for you. They might be able to do good for me." he walked back over to the bottle of red liquid and sat down on the floor.

Angelia: "Do you want their help?"

Lance: "Your father's way of helping me is beating me up. Your mother's way is exploiting one of my worst fears. No. Not really."

Angelia: "Then let me help you. Please. I know you better than them. I know what not to do."

Lance: "Seems you weren't the only one with problems in the relationship."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I know. Let's work this out together. Just you and me. We can go home, talk this out, and try to see how we can solve the problems in our relationship."

Lance: "As if your mother will let me go. I'd venture to say she's crazy too."

Angelia: "She was probably just angry or upset." She took her hand back. "I'll be right back, alright? I'll get you out of here."

Lance: "Okay..."

Angelia: She teleported upstairs and went to the fridge. She opened it and got the natural red liquid that they stored in there. She poured some into a bottle and closed it up. She then went into the living room. She talked to her mother for a minute then teleported back down into the basement. "Here. You'll probably like this better than what's in that bottle there." She showed him the bottle of red liquid.

Lance: "I'm a bit sick to my stomach right now." he said from where he sat.

Angelia: "Alright. I'll get you home." She unlocked the door and opened it. She walked over to him. She knelt down beside him.

Lance: he looked at her, "I've been...really mean to you, haven't I?"

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Especially when you're drunk."

Lance: "I'm sorry. I've been...really upset lately."

Angelia: "I'm sorry too, Lance." She hugged him. "It's okay, hon." She whispered as she hugged him.

Lance: he hugged her back, not sure what to say right now.

Angelia: She hugged him for a few minutes. "Come, let's get you home."

Lance: he leaned back and looked at her, "Alright."

Angelia: She helped him up.

Lance: he held onto her. The alcohol mixed with the musty smell of a basement made him dizzy.

Angelia: She helped him out of the room then teleported him and herself back to their apartment. She then helped him to the couch.

Lance: he sat down on the couch heavily. He leaned his head back, "Does your parents know we left?"

Angelia: "No. They'll figure it out sooner or later. Right now, I'm just worried about you." She sat next to him.

Lance: "I'm more worried about you. After what I did."

Angelia: "I'll be fine. You need attention the attention right now. Everything's not all about me. Remember?" She kissed his cheek softly. "Is there anything that I can get you?"

Lance: he shook his head and looked over at her. "You're being weird."

Angelia: "How am I being weird?"

Lance: "First you were crying over what I said and you're...fine with it."

Angelia: "I realized that I can't take things to heart when you're drunk. That you didn't mean what you said."

Lance: "You don't like it when I'm drunk, do you?"

Angelia: "No, I don't. You're not you when you are. It's like you're a whole different person."

Lance: "It helped me with...the pain of everything. Dante; you; losing the kid."

Angelia: "I know, hon. You have me back now, you have Dante back. We'll get through this, love. We will." She laid her head on his shoulder.

Lance: he tilted his head down and kissed her temple softly, closing his eyes as he tried to smell her. He thought of her. "Yes." he whispered, his lips still on her skin.

Angelia: She stayed like that for a moment. "Can I show you something?" She looked at him then.

Lance: "Yea." he looked down at her.

Angelia: She leaned back and gently placed a hand on his cheek. "I dreamt of this last night." She whispered then showed him the dream she had last night. It was more of memories from certain days all put together. It was their first date then it changed to their one year anniversary then their most recent anniversary.

Lance: he smiled a bit, watching it, "Yea." he said softly, "Good times."

Angelia: she nodded and smiled a bit. "That's the only thing I dreamt of last night." She whispered as she brushed his cheek a bit with her thumb.

Lance: "Angelia...I can't be with any other girl without thinking of you. Your eyes, your hair, your smell. Your taste. It's just...I love you too much. You're the only girl for me." he said truthfully.

Angelia: She smiled a bit before she leaned in and kissed him softly. "It's the same thing for me, Lance. I can't be with anyone else but you. I don't want to be with anyone else but you. I love you so much, just thinking about losing" She admitted.

Lance: "You won't lose me. Ever." he hugged her.

Angelia: She hugged him back, closing her eyes, holding him close.

Lance: "I'll try to drink less, and work on my temper." he promised. "I don't want to hurt you again."

Angelia: "I'll help you when you want it." She smiled a bit then kissed him softly.

Lance: he kissed her back gently.


Kathy: was getting dressed for her date with Dante. She was oblivious to everything happening with her friends. She was nervous. She checked herself out in the mirror. She thought she looked good. But whether Dante thought so or not, she didn't know yet.

Dante: He came at the time he said he would. He knocked on the door and waited. He smiled and nodded at the people that passed while he waited.

Kathy: she looked out of her bedroom and then walked to the door. She looked through the peep hole and saw Dante. Even in the warped, small, window of the peep hole...he still looked nice. She took a breath and leaned back and opened the door, "Hi Dante." she said softly. This was still a bit awkward for her.

Dante: He looked at Kathy and smiled. "Hello Kathy. Ready?" He held out his arm for her to take.

Kathy: "Yea just let me grab my clutch." she walked away from the door and to the table in the hallway and grabbed her clutch which contained a few necessities such as lip stick, powder, a mirror, her cell phone, her keys, and emergency girl things. She put her jacket on and came to the door, shutting it behind her and locking it. Then she looked at Dante and down to his arm then back to his face, "No...that's okay."

Dante: He nodded a bit; he wasn't going to force her or anything. He walked with her down to his car. He opened the door for her.

Kathy: "Thank you. Where are we going?" she asked as she got in.

Dante: "You'll see. It's a surprise."

Kathy: "Okay..." she waited until he got in the car, "I'm sorry I didn't take your arm. It's just...weird, right now...cuz...well...our relationship."

Dante: "It's alright. I understand."

Kathy: she nodded and looked out the window. She tucked some hair behind her ear.

Dante: "You look nice." He said after awhile.

Kathy: she looked over at him and smiled a bit, "Thanks, Dante. You look nice too."

Dante: "You're welcome and thank you."

Kathy: she looked out the window again, wondering where they were going. This was a bit awkward for her. She was used to picking on him, but she didn't want to do that right now and ruin everything. So she stayed quiet, not sure how to act or what to say to him for their date.

Dante: He turned into a parking lot, the restaurant was very fancy.

Kathy: she looked out the window at the place, biting on her lower lip nervously.

Dante: He parked the car then got out. He went and opened Kathy's door. He offered his hand to help her out.

Kathy: she took his hand and after unbuckling her belt she stepped out of the car, holding her clutch in her other hand. She smiled a bit at him as he shut the car door for her. She walked up to the restaurant with him, still holding his hand.

Dante: He walked up to the waiter that stood behind a podium. "Table for two. Nero."

Waiter: He checked his list and nodded. He got two menus and walked them both back to the table that was reserved for them.

Kathy: "You reserved a place for our dinner at an expensive restaurant?"

Dante: He nodded and pulled out the chair for her.

Kathy: she watched him as she took her seat, "You're strangely quiet."

Dante: "I know." He pushed in her chair as she sat down then went over to his seat and sat down.

Waiter: He set the menus in front of them both then left.

Kathy: "How come? Are you not talking because of the same reason I'm not talking?"

Dante: "Your reason being because it's awkward? No." He looked at the menu. They had pretty much had anything and everything that they could think of.

Kathy: "Well...then what's your reason?" she grabbed her menu, but didn't look at it yet. She watched him.

Dante: "I won't talk if it's not a topic that you don't want to talk about." He looked up at her. "Plus, I haven't been out on a date with anyone since my last relationship so I'm a bit, umm...nervous? I guess you could say." He looked up at her.

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "I haven't ever been on a date. So it seems we both have good reasons to be nervous."

Dante: "Oh? I don't see how you haven't been on one before. You're absolutely beautiful."

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "Thank you. It's the makeup that makes me beautiful now, though."

Dante: He shook his head no.

Kathy: "You don't know what I look like without it." she looked down at her menu.

Dante: "It doesn't matter to me." He found what he wanted..

Kathy: "That's because you don't have to see it." she said without looking up.

Dante: "Then let me see." He said.

Kathy: "No." she looked up at him. Then she shook her head no. "No." she repeated, "It's okay. What are you getting to eat?"

Dante: "Very well." He dropped the subject. The old Dante would have kept bugging her about it. He smiled a bit. "I'm having the roasted duck with raspberry glaze. How about you?"

Kathy: "Isn't that expensive?"

Dante: "You can get anything that you want. You know that right?"

Kathy: "It's just intriguing to me why we went from hating each other." she paused, "Well, not hating, but we certainly didn't like each other to the point where you wanted to spend however much money on me...if any at this point. I wonder why..."

Dante: "I've changed. Feelings change or grow in time. I just chose not to feel anything at the time. Then Sapphire came along, got through to my humanity and I haven't really chose not to feel anything anymore. My feelings are stronger, harder to hide. I...I want to protect you...make sure you're safe." He looked up at her.

Kathy: "It's too late for that." she said softly, though she smiled a bit, "But thank you. I just think it's weird because...well, you were best friends with my cousin. Now you're not. And it's like...I'm taking you two away from each other? I don't know. That probably doesn't make sense."

Dante: "Nothing's too late, Kathy." He whispered. "Lance and I are on speaking terms now. We've hung out a few times." He watched her. "You're not taking me away from anyone and Lance is with Angelia all the time now. They'll probably get married in two years or so."

Kathy: "I think so. But I know I won't be." she smiled a bit, "It's good you both are trying to work things out. Just don't go doing anything stupid to mess it up, Dante. I know what it can be like."

Dante: He nodded. "I don't plan on messing it up this time. Last time I was stupid and a total jerk. I feel Lance shouldn't even be giving me this chance he's giving me now."

Kathy: she shrugged a bit, "He can be stupid and a total jerk too. So, I think he should give you a chance. I am."

Dante: He smiled a bit." Thank you, for giving me a chance. You won't regret it."

Kathy: "Hmmm, we'll see." she smiled a bit and looked back down at her menu, picking out a dinner. She didn't want it to be too much, so she chose a chicken salad, with an Italian wedding soup.

Dante: He ordered what he wanted then smiled at Kathy a bit. He couldn't get over how beautiful she was.

Kathy: she glanced up at him, "What?" she blushed. "I haven't eaten anything yet so I know I don't have food on my mouth."

Dante: "You're just so beautiful." He whispered. He was telling the truth too.

Kathy: "Well...thanks." she watched him carefully, "But that doesn't grantee you're getting a kiss tonight, just because you're flattering me."

Dante: He laughed softly. "Wasn't expecting one."

Kathy: "Oh, well in that case." she leaned back and opened her clutch and took out her lip gloss and put some on her lips.

Dante: He watched her and just smiled.

Kathy: "Since you won't be messing it up." she put her lip gloss away.

Dante: He nodded a bit but he still had that smile on his face.

Kathy: "It's so weird to see you smiling at me."

Dante: "Would you like me to stop?"

Kathy: "I don't's not a bad smile. I just have to get used to this. It feels like the Twilight Zone."

Dante: "Oh. I see." He looked down, still smiling. He glanced up at her.

Kathy: she blushed and covered her face, "Okay Dante. Stop it." she didn't know why she was blushing. This was ridiculous. She giggled.

Dante: He chuckled then looked towards the waiter, who was bringing some wine.

Waiter: "Compliments of the house, Mr. Nero. The chief would like to thank you for your donation to the kitchen."

Dante: "Tell the chief that it was no problem."

Waiter: "I will do so sir." He poured Dante and Kathy a glass then set the wine in a bucket of ice, which he also brought with him.

Kathy: she moved her hands when she heard the Waiter was there. She looked over at the Waiter. "What donations?" she asked him.

Waiter: He looked at Kathy. "Mr. Nero donated over $100,000 for us to build on and redo our kitchen. You're a very lucky woman to be with Mr. Nero." He smiled then walked away.

Dante: He went to say something but the waiter walked away before he could. He looked at Kathy.

Kathy: she looked at Dante seriously, "Where did you get that kind of cash?"

Dante: He sighed. "My father. My mother kept it in a savings for me from when he died. I couldn't get into it until I turned 18. Once I did. It's been an easy ride for me for the past few years. Don't get me wrong, I still work like everyone else. My mother and father came here for their first date. My father always wanted to donate $150,000 here. To help them for they were going downhill while he was still alive. So I donated the amount he wanted plus a little more." He explained.

Kathy: "Well, that was nice of you. At least you aren't blowing your cash on frivolous things, right?"

Dante: He nodded. "Exactly."

Kathy: "My parents know what the lottery numbers are all the time, but we never play."

Dante: He nodded. "May I ask why?"

Kathy: "They were taught that cheating is wrong, and so...they don't do certain things even to better themselves."

Dante: He nodded. "I see."

Waiter: He came back holding a tray. It was their food.

Kathy: she sat back so the waiter had space to set the food on the table. She still was looking at Dante. "I am glad you are well off, though. I don't like to see people without."

Dante: "Neither do I. That's why I help out as much as I can where ever." He leaned back a bit as the waiter placed his food in front of him.

Kathy: "You'll run out of money soon if you are spending it without earning it."

Dante: "I work as well."

Kathy: "What's your job?" she picked up her fork.

Dante: "I do construction and warehousing." He picked up his fork and knife. He cut into his food and started to eat a bit.

Kathy: "What do you build?"

Dante: "Houses, buildings...pretty much anything."

Kathy: "You've been doing it a few years so you must be pretty good?" she guessed. She took a bite of her salad.

Dante: he nodded. "Yeah, I'm trying to find a business that deals with cars though. I want to get out of the warehousing part. Enough about me. How about you? What's been going on lately for you?" He took a bite of his food.

Kathy: "No, not enough about you." she contradicted. She did not want to talk about herself. "My life hasn't had anything interesting anyways. You're is interesting."

Dante: He shook his head. "Why'd you move back into you're parent's house for four years?"

Kathy: she took an extra long time to chew and swallow her food.

Dante: He waited, taking a few bites while he did so.

Kathy: she shrugged after she took a sip of her wine and set the cup down, "Umm, the place was lonely without Lance and Angelia."

Dante: He watched for a bite then nodded.

Kathy: she went back to eating. She was glad that information sufficed.

Dante: He finished his food after awhile. "So, what's the real reason you moved back into your parents' house?"

Kathy: "I'm sorry. That conversation was so two minutes ago."

Dante: "I know."

Kathy: "Good." she finished up her salad and soup.

Dante: "So? What is it?"

Kathy: she shook her head no.

Dante: "Don't trust me enough?"

Kathy: "I just don't like talking about it."

Dante: "Did someone hurt you?" He was trying to guess it. He was only going to ask or no questions though.

Kathy: "Not yet."

Dante: He held back a soft growl. In a short amount of time, he's become protective of Kathy and he couldn't explain why. "Do you know when?"

Kathy: "No." she said softly. "That's why...I'm careful. I don't think it'll be for another four years at least. I was fine with Angelia in four years last time I checked. The scars weren't there."

Dante: He nodded and relaxed a bit. "Alright."

Kathy: she sighed, "So I don't like being alone. And I stayed with my parents because I didn't know what else to do. I was afraid."

Dante: "You never have to be alone Kathy. There are people that will stay with you if you need them to." He wasn't hinting that he is one of them, but if she wanted him to stay he would gladly do it.

Kathy: "Like who? People you pay? I'm not rich like you. I can't do that."

Dante: "No. I'm talking about friends."

Kathy: "I lost all of those when I isolated myself for the past few years. I have Angelia. But she has Lance. She didn't even want to spend the night at my house without him." she said, with a tinge of annoyance, though she didn't mean to say it like that. She did have fun with them both that night.

Dante: He nodded. He knew how she felt. He lost his friends too when he went to get help. "Angelia can not...not be without Lance. It's just how she is and how she'll always be." He said softly.

Kathy: "Yea. That's good for them, I guess. Just sometimes...I don't want a boy around. I wanted to talk to her about stuff...that I don't want Lance to know. But I don't know if I can do that."

Dante: "I wouldn't know either." He took a breath and let it out slowly. So much has changed in the past four years.

Kathy: "Thanks for dinner, Dante. It was good."

Dante: He smiled. "You are very welcome Kathy."

Kathy: "Actually, thanks for being the first boy to ask me out. I didn't think it'd be you, when I thought of my first date. But, surprises are for the better."

Dante: He smiled more. "Again you're welcome."

Kathy: she looked down at her napkin on the table and touched her fingers to it.

Dante: He watched her. "Would you like to leave?" He asked after finishing his glass of wine.

Kathy: she looked up at him, "I don't know what you have planned. I don't care if we leave or stay."

Dante: "I had dinner planned and for us to go to a movie."

Kathy: "What movie?"

Dante: "I was thinking when we got there we could choose."

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "Alright. That sounds great. I'm too full for dessert anyways."

Dante: He nodded. "Me too."

Kathy: she watched him, waiting for him to stand to leave first. She couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. She couldn't really make fun of his looks anymore.

Dante: "Shall we?" He pushed his chair out a bit.

Waiter: He pulled Kathy's chair out a bit for her when she stood.

Kathy: she stood and looked back at the waiter, "Thank you." she looked over at Dante and stepped over to him.

Waiter: "You're welcome, miss."

Dante: He held out his arm for her to take if she wished.

Kathy: she hesitated a moment, but this time, she took his arm.

Dante: He walked with her out to the car. The waiter at the podium in the front said goodnight to them both. Dante opened the door for Kathy when they got to his car.

Kathy: "Thank you." she gathered her skirt so when she slid in the car it laid right on her knees. She buckled up.

Dante: He nodded and shut the door. He went over to his side and got in. He buckled up, started the car and drove to the theater. They picked a movie, sat and watched it soon it was time to take Kathy home.

Kathy: when they got back to the apartments, she took out her key.

Dante: "I hope you had a good time and didn't regret accepting it."

Kathy: "No." she said softly, "I actually had a better time than I thought I would. Thank you, Dante."

Dante: He smiled. "Maybe we can do it again sometime soon?"

Kathy: "I agree. We should." she leaned over and kissed his cheek then opened the car door and got out.

Dante: He smiled more as he got out too. He was going to walk her to her apartment, just to make sure nothing happens to her.

Kathy: "I'll be fine. You don't have to walk me up."

Dante: "I know. I want to."

Kathy: "Okay." she smiled a bit and walked into the building and got in the elevator, pressing the floor level for her room.

Dante: He walked with her and waited in the elevator. He kept glancing at her, unable to keep his eyes off her.

Kathy: she kept her eyes on the button board. When the elevator doors slid open again she glanced at him then stepped out and walked up to her room door.

Dante: He walked after her.

Kathy: she unlocked her door and looked over at Dante, "Night."

Dante: "Good night, Kathy."

Kathy: she smiled a bit at him, "Thanks for walking me up."

Dante: He smiled a bit back. "You're welcome."

Kathy: she opened the door to her room and went inside. She waved at him and then shut her door.

Dante: He went back down to his car. He couldn't stop smiling now.


Lance: he got up before Angelia did. He kissed her cheek before he climbed out of the bed. He was sorry for what he'd done. He didn't want to lose Angelia. She was right. He was different when he drank. He wouldn't drink much anymore. He would try not to get angry. But something he remembered that he needed to do, was get his shirt from Isadora. He had left it there, when he suddenly left so fast when Daray showed up. After he got dressed, he left the apartment and went down to Isadora's place. He knocked on her door. He needed to talk to her too. He put his hands in his pockets.

Isadora: She yawned and put on her robe. She opened the door. "Yes?"

Lance: "Hi Isadora. Sorry to wake you."

Isadora: She shrugged. "It's alright." She didn't invite him in or even move aside to let him in.

Lance: "Can I have my shirt?"

Isadora: She left the doorway for a moment then returned. Lance's shirt was folded and clean.

Lance: he took it from her, "Thank you. I wanted to apologized to you for the other day. I hope everything is okay between us."

Isadora: She nodded. "Yeah, just a little shook up."

Lance: "Are you okay?"

Isadora: She nodded. "Yeah. No harm came to me."

Lance: "Unlike me." he smiled a bit, trying to lighten the mood. It felt awkward. A lot different from the other day.

Isadora: She nodded a bit. "Yeah, I heard you got beat up pretty badly."

Lance: he shrugged, "Nothing I can't handle." he sighed, "Well, I'll let you get back to sleep."

Isadora: She nodded. "Alright. Glad you're okay."

Lance: "See ya around." he waved and stepped back.

Isadora: "See ya." She waved back then closed the door.

Lance: he teleported back up to his apartment, setting his shirt down. He'd still like to keep an eye on her. After everything with her parents, he wanted to make sure she would always be okay. But other than that, it was great. He was sort of happy she seemed cold shouldered to him. He went back into the bedroom, took off his shirt, and got in bed with Angelia again, pulling her close.


Angelia: "Lance, I'm going to the mall to get some things. I'll be back in an hour or so. Okay?" She grabbed her purse and car keys.

Lance: "Alright." he was lounging on the couch, watching television, "Buy some potato chips. I think we're out."

Angelia: She laughed softly. "I wonder why." She smiled as she teased him a bit.

Lance: he looked at her and smiled a bit. "While you're at the mall, get something sexy to wear so I can take it off you, okay?"

Angelia: "Why do you think I was going there in the first place?" She smiled more as she opened the door. "I'll see you later love."

Lance: "Bye hon. Be safe."

Angelia: "Bye and I will." She then left.

Lance: he went back to watching the television.

Angelia: She went down to her car and got inside. She started it and went to the mall. She went inside the mall and started to look around for something that Lance would like.

Dante: He happened to spot Angelia in the mall and decided to confront her. "Hi Angelia."

Angelia: She turned and just looked at him. She couldn't believe who it was. "Dante? Dante Nero?"

Dante: He smiled and nodded.

Angelia: "Oh my god! It's so good to see you. Lance told me that you looked different. He wasn't kidding." She smiled. She and Dante talked for a bit as she looked for something.

Dante: "Would you like to go out to lunch? So we can catch up more?"

Angelia: "Lunch doesn't sound bad. So, I wouldn't mind that."

Dante: He smiled a bit. "Good."

They walked around the mall for another half hour before they go out to eat.

Kathy: she happened to be eating out at the same restaurant that Dante took Angelia. She couldn't believe it when she saw them. She stayed quiet and hidden, watching them. She had a bad feeling in her stomach. But that might have been because over the past year she got attached to Dante. She really liked him. And to see him with her best friend, going out to eat? Her best friend he once had a thing for? She was a bit jealous. But maybe it was all friendly...just to make sure, she stayed, watching, and she decided she would follow them when they left. Just to be sure.

They sat and talked, even had a few laughs but it was all just as friends. They stood and Angelia gave Dante a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Angelia: "It was nice seeing you again, Dante. I'm glad you and Lance are friends again." She then left.

Kathy: she smiled a bit, glad her suspicions were ill placed. She went back to eating while reading her book.

Dante: He looked down at his phone for it was ringing. He answered it and smiled. "Sure. I'll be right there." He then hung up and left.

Kathy: she saw Dante leaving and she took another bite of her food and closed her book, threw some money on the table and got up, a few minutes after he left. She was going to catch up to him and say hi. She stepped out of the restaurant, holding her book in hand, her purse over her shoulder.

Dante: He ran over to a car and got in the passenger side and shut the door.

The car then drove off.

Kathy: she stayed hidden, jumping in her teleportation to follow the car.

The car went back to the mall and parked.

Dante: He got out of the car and smiled.

Angelia: She got out too. "I'm glad you're helping me with this Dante. I don't know who else to ask then you for this."

Dante: "It's cool. I'm sure it'll be a surprise even if you didn't ask me to do this."

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Probably." She started to walk toward the doors.

Dante: He followed her.

Angelia and Dante went into the mall and into Victoria Secret. Dante was a bit embarrassed to be in that store with Angelia though.

Kathy: she wondered what Angelia needed Dante for. She walked into the mall, following them. She saw them go into Victoria's Secret. She sat down on a bench in front of the store.

Angelia and Dante discussed certain clothing. They finally decided on a few clothing and Angelia. She bought them and smiled at Dante. She kissed his cheek again to thank him. Then walked towards the other entrance to the store. Dante followed her for a bit then they both disappeared out of her view.

Kathy: granted, she didn't like seeing Dante help another girl pick out sexy clothing, and especially not Angelia. Not when her and Dante were dating for the past year. Angelia knew they were dating. Kathy knew how Dante liked Angelia. She doubted Lance would like to hear about them hanging out, eating lunch, and Angelia even kissing Dante's cheek. She knew she didn't like it. She thought Angelia knew better. She sighed and stood, walking after them, "Dante?" she went in the direction she saw them leave in.

Dante: He turned around and smiled. "Hey babe."

Kathy: "I saw you come out of Victoria's secret with Angelia."

Dante: "Yeah. I was helping her pick out clothing for her to wear around Lance. It was really awkward and weird for me. She just wanted a males' point of view and that. Nothing's going on with her and I. I swear. We just saw each other for the first time in five years.

Kathy: "Oh. Okay." she smiled a bit, "Where did Angelia go?"

Dante: He shrugged as he looked around. "Don't know. Probably back home to torment Lance."

Kathy: "What are your plans for today?"

Dante: "I don't have anything to do until 6:30. How about you?"

Kathy: "What's at six thirty? No, nothing for me. I was on my way home, actually." she lifted her book, "Got a book from the library to read."

Dante: "I have to go to work." He smiled. "That's cool. What book?"

Kathy: she looked down at the cover, "It's a mystery. I think...that's probably why I've been jumpy today." she looked back up at him and smiled a bit, "Well we could hang out if you want...since you aren't doing anything until six thirty."

Dante: He smiled and nodded."That sounds like a plan. Sooo...what would you like to do?"

Kathy: she shrugged a bit, "Up to you." though her and Dante had been dating awhile, it took her forever to let him kiss her, and they haven't gone any further than kissing. She liked him a lot, but she was still getting used to it all. She showed him her scars one time, on her face and arms. But she didn't like to bring it up so they didn't talk about it.

Dante: "Hmm. How would you like to go on a shopping spree?" He looked at her and smiled.

Kathy: "Oh, I don't want to spend your money. It's okay. Thank you for the offer though."

Dante: "It's fine; I don't mind spending money on you." He smiled.

Kathy: "You might not, but I do. I feel like I need to pay you back."

Dante: "You're already doing that." He smiled and hugged her.

Kathy: she smiled and hugged him back. Her worries faded. She didn't know why she was all suspicious earlier. She felt bad now. This book was really getting to her.

Dante: He kissed the top of her head, holding her. He did look behind her for someone he knew was watching them. That someone was who he was going to be seeing tonight.

Kathy: she hugged him for a minute before stepping back. "I guess, if you want to get me something, you can. Or we can just go to a movie." she looked up at him.

Dante: He smiled at her. "Alright. Let's go then." He took her hand and started to walk the opposite way of the someone he was going to see tonight. He walked into a jewelry store with her. "What do you like? Necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, rings?" He watched her a bit.

Kathy: she looked at the jewelry. This was not a cheap store. She looked back up at Dante. "This stuff is too expensive."

Dante: "I know. What do you like?"

Kathy: "Dante you don't have to."

Dante: "I want to."

Kathy: "I don't...I don't know what to pick."

Dante: "Anything you want, you can have." He watched her.

Kathy: she looked back at the jewelry and then back up at him. She wasn't going to choose.

Dante: "If you don't choose then I'll choose something for you."

Kathy: "You'll have to do that then." she smiled a bit, "Besides, I'd like to see your taste in jewelry."

Dante: He laughed softly as he looked at the jewelry. He pointed to a bracelet, necklace, ear rings, and ring set.

Kathy: "No! Just one." she bit her lip.

Dante: "It's a set, it all comes together."

Kathy: "But the set is more expensive."

Dante: "I know."

Kathy: "I don't deserve it. Not today at least."

Dante: "Why not today? And yes you do."

Kathy: "Because I feel guilty today."

Dante: "Why's that?"

Kathy: she sighed and averted her eyes. She looked over at a ring in the display.

Dante: He followed her gaze. "Something you want?"

Kathy: "No..." she just didn't want to meet his eyes since she felt guilty.

Dante: He nodded and nodded to the person working there to get the set he pointed to out.

Kathy: she looked back over after a minute.

Dante: He was looking at her then nodded towards the set.

Kathy: she took his hand, "Thank you Dante."

Dante: He smiled and held her hand. "You're welcome Kathy."

Kathy: "I'll have to get you something. We'll have been dating for a year this Tuesday."

Dante: "You don't have to get me anything. Having you is enough that will last me a life time." He softly kissed her.

Kathy: she softly kissed him back and smiled a bit. "Well, I will. You got me this. Just know it won't be something this expensive. I'm not rich, like you."

Dante: "I know. I don't expect anything. I want to spoil you. That's why I spend so much on you." He smiled.

Kathy: "I guess I have to get used to being spoiled then."

Dante: "Mhm." He smiled and kissed her again.

Kathy: she kissed him again then turned her head away a bit, hinting for no more kisses. She wasn't big on public displays of affection, aside from holding hands.

Dante: He got the hint then paid for the set. The worker wrapped it up and handed it to him. He took it and walked out of the store with her, holding her hand. "What would you like to do now, babe?" He looked at her.

Kathy: "I'm not imposing or anything am I?" she looked at him, "This meet up was unplanned and I don't want to interfere with your day."

Dante: He shook his head no. "Nope. You're not imposing or anything. My day was probably going to be walk around here for a bit then go home and probably sleep a little before work."

Kathy: "Well we could go to a movie."

Dante: "That sounds good with me." He smiled a bit.

Kathy: "Then we can figure something out after that. If you want."

Dante: "Sounds good." He walked with her to his car.

Kathy: "Your car is here?"

Dante: "Yeah. I drove here."

Kathy: ", didn't think you did."

Dante: "How else would I have gotten here?"

Kathy: "A ride."

Dante: "From who?"

Kathy: "Angelia."

Dante: "Oh. She gave me a ride to a restaurant from here then from there back to here."

Kathy: "Oh. That makes sense."

Dante: He nodded as he opened the door for her.

Kathy: she got into the car.

After they got to the theater they picked out a movie to watch and watched it together, sitting next to each other like always. Kathy enjoyed the movie. After the movie she let Dante choose what to do, and they did that up until he had to leave to get ready for work.

Dante: He kissed Kathy softly before he left for 'work'. He waved to her then got in his car and drove away.

Kathy: she didn't drive there. She had teleported everywhere today. After she waved good bye to Dante, she walked around the mall back towards town.

Dante: He just drove around the mall, found a different parking spot and got out of it. He went inside the mall and met up with the girl he saw earlier. He smiled at her and hugged her. They kissed as well.

Kathy: when she got around the mall, she noticed Dante's car. She was a bit confused. She wondered why it was there. Did he get a new job at the mall?

Dante: He walked with the girl back out to his car. He held her hand and looked like he was having a good time.

Kathy: she spotted Dante and at first she was confused. Then she saw him holding hands with the girl. She swallowed. From this angle the girl looked like Angelia. It couldn't be Angelia, could it? They were hanging out earlier. Did Dante lie to her when he told her Angelia left the mall? Dante lied to her about going to work. He was going to meet up with another girl. She bit her cheek to stop her from screaming. She watched them from where she stood, the bad feeling in her stomach returned, ten times worse now. Tears pricked her eyes as she watched. She wondered how long this had been going on.

Dante: He opened the door for her but the girl didn't sit down. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him again. This was a long and what looked like a passionate kiss. He pulled her close to him as he kissed her back.

Kathy: she stepped towards them, walking over to them.

Dante: The girl got into the car and Dante shut the door and then got in on his side. He reversed his car then drove off. Kathy couldn't get a good look at the girls face.

Kathy: "Hey!" she yelled. She teleported in front of Dante's car as he drove off.

Dante: He swerved so he wouldn't hit her. He looked at the girl after he stopped the car. He told the girl to stay in the car and the girl nodded. He opened the door and got out. "What are you thinking? Trying to get yourself killed?" He asked her. He didn't move far from the car though.

Kathy: "What am I thinking?" she said stiffly, trying to keep from crying, "What are YOU thinking? What are you doing! How long have I been second choice!" she hadn't flinched at all when he swerved his car.

Dante: He looked at her confused then realized what she was talking about. "It's not what you think it is, Kathy."

Kathy: "I saw you kissing and holding hands. Going to work? That's a lie."

Dante: He looked away and sighed before looking back at her. "Yes. I know I lied to you. We've been together for almost a year and we don't go past kissing. You don't do public affection and you make me feel that you don't want me to buy you anything then when I do you feel that you have to get me something in return." He sighed and shook his head a bit. "I don't feel like that with her. She's...the total opposite of you. And to answer your question we've been together for about a month and a half."

Kathy: she looked at the passenger through the front window, then back at Dante. She took the box set of jewelry and opened it and dropped it all on the ground then threw the box at his head. She screamed, "I hate you Dante Nero! I should have never given you a chance! You wasted a year of my life! I liked you a lot! I never cheated on you!" she couldn't help the few tears that fell.

Dante: He just watched her and dodged the box that was thrown at him. "It wasn't enough for me." He whispered but didn't move from where he stood.

Kathy: "That's because you're a slut and you deserve a slut too. I don't ever want to see you again." she looked at his car and stepped up to the hood of it and taking her book in both her hands she smashed it down on the hood of the car, leaving a large dent. She then threw it in his windshield, aimed at the girl in the passenger seat, breaking the glass. She vanished.

Dante: He sighed then called the tow truck. The girl protected herself then looked at Dante. He shrugged and then helped her out of his car. They sat on his car while they waited for the tow truck.

Kathy: she locked her apartment door and as soon as she did she burst into tears. She fell to her knees crying. No wonder she didn't have a boyfriend in the future. If Dante, who had known her, her whole life, thought she wasn't good enough for him, she'd never be good enough for anyone who didn't know her. She realized she didn't want a boyfriend, ever again. She didn't want to hurt like this ever again. If it was this bad, for Dante, who she didn't even know she loved, then it would be worse for someone she did love. He broke her heart. He didn't even have the decency to break up with her. He hated her so much he went behind her back dating another girl for a month and a half. He probably wouldn't have ever told her about the girl if she didn't find out herself. She didn't even know who the girl was, and she didn't care. She wondered if everyone she knew felt the same way Dante did. If they thought she was weird. Maybe she was. Maybe what Dante said about her was right. She felt like crap. She moved to sit against the wall and just sat there crying.

Angelia: She texted Kathy. "Kathy, is everything alright? Dante said something was wrong and that I should text you."

Kathy: she threw her phone away from her when she heard she got a text. She didn't even read it.

Her phone went off a few more times within the hour then quit. There was a knock on her door.

Kathy: "GO AWAY ANGELIA!" she yelled.

Angelia: "Kathy, please. I'm worried about you. Talk to me please? What's wrong?" She said through the door.


Angelia: "Started what? Kathy, what happened?"

Kathy: "I SAID GO AWAY!"

Angelia: She felt hurt, her own best friend didn't want to talk to her. She nodded. "Fine. You know where I'm at if you ever want to talk." She then left.

Luca: He looked between the door and Angelia. He knocked on the door. He looked like he was about 18 now.

Kathy: she didn't even bother answering now. She just continued to cry. She got up and left the hallway and went to her room and shut her door.

Luca: "Kathy?" He said through the door. He looked at the door and sighed. He couldn't teleport inside for there was something barring him. He knocked again.

Kathy: she didn't come. She stayed away.

Luca: He teleported to her balcony and looked inside her apartment. When he didn't see her he just sat there. He sighed. He wished he could get in.

Kathy: eventually, she had cried so much, it made her tired, and she fell asleep on her bed on top of the covers, hugging her pillow to her that she had been crying in.

Luca: He stayed outside of her apartment, on her balcony. He had laid back to look up at the sky.


Lance: "She didn't answer her door?" he said to Angelia when she came back in the room.

Angelia: "No. She won't talk to me at all. She...she doesn't want me around." She looked down and sighed.

Lance: "What do you think happened that got her so upset?"

Angelia: "I don't know." She looked up at him. "Whatever it is...she doesn't want to talk about it and doesn't want me around because 'I started this' " She sighed.

Lance: "Maybe she's just upset."

Angelia: She nodded. "I'm just going to let her come to me. I'm not going to push it."

Lance: "Okay." he nodded.

Angelia: She sat beside him and laid her head on his shoulder.


Kathy: at some point, after night had fallen, she woke up. She looked down at her pillow and pushed it aside; she got up and left her room, trying to find her phone that she lost from when she threw it earlier. Her eyes were puffy and her throat sore from crying. She finally found her phone and pushing her hair back off of her face she checked the messages.

Luca: He looked over when he heard moment then lightly tapped on the glass.

There were about twenty messages from Angelia. She was asking if she as ok, what was going on, for her to please talk to her. There weren't any recent ones.

Kathy: she shook her head when she read the one about Dante telling Angelia that Kathy wasn't okay. Of course not. It made her angry. She jumped and dropped her phone when she heard the tap on her glass. She turned suddenly to face to door, "I have mace and I will use it!" she growled.

Luca: "I don't think mace would do much but it's good to know." He replied. His voice was deeper than the last time she heard it.

Kathy: "Who the heck are you!"

Luca: "Kathy, calm down. It's Luca." He held his hands up in a motion that he meant no harm to her.

Kathy: she walked toward her balcony door and looked through the glass at him. She slid open her door, "Why are you on my balcony, Luca?"

Luca: "I thought it would be less weird than to sit out in the hallway." He put his hands down.

Kathy: "And why would you be sitting out in the hallway?"

Luca: "Because I can't get in and I wanted to make sure you were alright."

Kathy: "I'm fine. Go away." she shut her door again.

Luca: He tapped on her door again.

Kathy: she was standing there, watching him through the glass, looking at him like he was an idiot and wasting her time. She kept her hand on the balcony door.

Luca: He watched her back. "You know you need a friend right now and since you're mad at my sister...who you going to talk to?" He said loud enough to go through the glass.

Kathy: "No one. Especially not a boy."

Luca: "Got something against guys?"

Kathy: "They're cheating man whores who break up with a girl if she won't sleep with them." she bit her lip and turned away from the window. She pressed the palms of her hands to her eyes as she let out a sob. She didn't want any more tears. She took a steady breath. Once she felt she was safe she walked over to her phone and picked it up.

Luca: "Not all guys are like that though." He told her as he watched her.

Kathy: "Go away." she repeated. "I don't want any boy around me. Not in my house. Not on my balcony." she went down the hallway, leaving the living room. She went into her room and shut the door. She pulled the curtains closed.

Luca: He was a bit hurt but sighed. He teleported off her balcony to Lance and Angelia's apartment. He knocked on the door.

Lance: he opened the door, "Hi Luca. What's up?" he stepped aside to let him in.

Luca: "Just here to tell you that Kathy hates guys at the moment and doesn't want to be bothered. She thinks that all guys are cheating man whores." He came inside.

Lance: he looked back at Angelia. "Figure out what happened now?" he shut his door.

Angelia: "Dante." She sighed and shook her head.

Lance: he shook his head, grabbing his phone and putting it in his pocket, "If you need me, call. I'm going to see him."

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay."

Lance: he teleported to Dante's place and knocked loudly on the door.

Andria: She opened the door, she was wrapped in a blanket. She was smiling. "Hello, handsome."

Lance: he pushed her aside and walked into the room, "Dante?"

Andria: "He went out for something. May I help you?"

Lance: "First get dressed. I'll wait here for him."

Andria: "I don't know how long he's going to be gone though." She went into the other room. Lance could hear her speaking to someone.

Lance: he listened closely.

Andria: "There's a man out there. Says he's waiting for Dante."

Tiana: "Oh? He cute?" She giggled.

Andria: "Yeah."

Tiana: "Well, we'll just have to entertain him until Dante gets back. Huh?"

Andria: "Sounds good to me."

Lance: he teleported outside the room and waited in the hallway. He shook his head. He thought Dante had one girlfriend. But two girls? That made it worse.

Tiana: She giggled a bit. "Dante better be giving us more than he did for all this waiting." She said as she got dressed.

Andria: She got dressed too. "Well, he said he wouldn't be long but for as long as we've been doing this for him, I think I'm really starting to like him."

Tiana: "Andria, we can't because of what we do. Isaac would kill us."

Andria: "I know, Tiana. I know. It's not like I can help it."

Lance: he was still waiting for Dante.

Andria: She walked over to the where the door was a few seconds later. "Want anything to drink, honey?" She was dressed in a short dress. When she had her back to him, she looked like Angelia.

Tiana: She came out in a short skirt and a low cut tank top.

Lance: "No."

Andria: "Alright. Would you like anything Tiana?"

Tiana: "No thank you."

Lance: he still waited. He looked at the time.

Tiana: "So, handsome. What brings you here?" She was flirting with him.

Lance: "I advise you to leave me alone. I'm pissed, if you can't tell. I hope you know Dante had a girlfriend."

Tiana: "I didn't know that. He didn't say anything about having one. Did he say anything to you about it Andria?"

Andria: "No he didn't."

Lance: "Why exactly are you two here?"

Tiana: "To entertain Dante." She smiled a bit.

Lance: "I can only guess how."

Tiana: "He likes it at least. Maybe you should let us entertain you while you wait for Dante to get back."

Lance: "No thank you. I have a girlfriend. We are happy together."

Tiana: "Your girlfriend doesn't need to know." She smiled a bit.

Andria: She silently got herself a drink. In the kitchen.

Lance: "If you want to do anything for me, you can get Dante."

Tiana: "I don't know where he's at." She said truthfully.

Lance: "Fine. Just leave me alone then."

Tiana: She nodded a bit. "Fine."

Andria: She sat beside Lance, being silent.

Lance: "Go be with your friend."

Tiana: She laughed. "She's not my friend. She's my puppet."

Lance: he looked confused, "Excuse me?"

Tiana: She smiled. "I can control what she does, how she feels and what she says. She human."

Lance: "And you're not." he guessed.

Tiana: "Exactly. I control the feelings that she has been developing for Dante. I took them away from her."

Lance: he looked over at the other girl then back to Tiana, "And why is it you can't have feelings for him?"

Tiana: "Isaac would kill us. We are not allowed to develop feelings for anyone other than Isaac."

Lance: "Can I ask who Isaac is?"

Tiana: "The person we work for."

Lance: "I see. So you girls get hired out?"

Tiana: "I guess you could say that."

Lance: he nodded a bit.

Tiana: She sighed a bit and got up.

Andria: She continued to drink her drink.

Dante: He came in, holding two bags.

Lance: he watched Dante.

Dante: He set the bags in the kitchen and started to get things out of the bag. "Hello Lance."

Lance: he walked up to Dante and grabbed his arm firmly and teleported outside with him and slammed him up against the brick of the building, his arm choking Dante's neck, "I don't know who you think you are, but you could have had the decency to break up with my cousin BEFORE sleeping with other women."

Dante: He growled and broke Lance's grip on him. "I was only sleeping with them. It's what they do. I have no love for them."

Lance: he balled up his fist and punched Dante in the face as hard as he could, breaking his nose. He then pointed at him, "That's for breaking my cousin's heart, for disrespecting her, and for lying to her." he said coldly.

Dante: He held wiped under his nose and looked at Lance. "If you and Angelia didn't make love for as long as you and her have been together you would understand why I lied to her, why I've been sleeping with Andria and Tiana. Especially Andria." He set his nose back in place for it to heal right.

Lance: "Yea and what's the problem? What did Kathy ever do to you?" he snapped.

Dante: "She didn't do anything to me. I didn't mean to hurt her."

Lance: "Yea. You just meant to sneak around her back with other women the rest of the time you two were together."

Dante: "Until she was ready to go further than just kissing."

Lance: "I don't even know how we've been friends this long. Have a nice time with the two women, Dante. I'm sure using money is the only way you'll ever make friends or be shown love anyways." he cracked his knuckles and teleported back to his apartment.

Dante: He went back up to his apartment.

Angelia: She looked up at him when he came in. "Hey."

Lance: "Two women in his apartment. He planned on never telling Kathy."

Angelia: She growled softly and unwillingly. "People like that make me sick."

Lance: "I agree. I think that official means our friendship is over. He screwed with my girlfriend, now with my cousin. I'm sure if I want a friend, I can find a hundred better ones than him."

Angelia: She got up and walked over to him. She softly kissed him. "I know that you can, love."

Lance: he kissed her back a bit distracted, "If Kathy knows what I just found out, I don't know how she's taking it. He was her first boyfriend. She grew up with Dante. I don't know how Dante could have done this to her. Kathy is probably thinking the same thing."

Angelia: "I don't think we should tell her. She's already hurting badly. We just need to giving time I guess." She sighed softly then walked back over to the couch and sat down again. She picked up her book and started to read it.

Lance: "Is Luca still here?"

Angelia: "No. He said he had to leave for he had to do something."

Lance: he sighed and sat down on the couch by Angelia. "Alright."

Angelia: She nodded a bit then continued reading.


Kathy: she was dressed nicely, jeans and a t-shirt. She was stepping out of her apartment and locking it behind her. The first time she had left it since the breakup with Dante.

Luca: He was just coming down from Angelia and Lance's place. He just got done visiting Angelia and Lance.

Kathy: she heard someone coming but she didn't care. She ignored it. She walked to the elevator and pressed the button, without looking to see who it was.

Luca: He wasn't paying attention to who was around him. He had his hair cut since the last time that Kathy saw him. He wore a leather jacket and some nice jeans.

Kathy: when the elevator doors slid open, she stepped inside.

Luca: He stepped inside after she did. He was looking at his phone when he did.

Kathy: she looked over at Luca but didn't recognize him from the side. She pressed the button for the first floor. She still wasn't very comfortable with being around guys. She wished she had gotten the elevator to herself.

Luca: His phone vibrated. "Hello? Oh, hey. Yeah. I'll be there in a few minutes. Just got done visiting some family. Alright, bye." His voice was still the same from a few weeks ago. He closed his phone.

Kathy: she looked over at him again, "Luca?" she asked hesitantly.

Luca: He looked at her. "Oh, hey Kathy. I didn't know that was you. Of course, I wasn't paying attention."

Kathy: "Yea, it's me. What are you doing here? Visiting Angelia I suppose?"

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah."

Kathy: "How is she?" she stepped out when the elevator doors opened.

Luca: "She's doing well."

Kathy: "Good. I have to go." she said softly, "Bye Luca."

Luca: He stepped out of the elevator and walked towards the door. "Same here. I'll see ya around, Kathy." He waved a bit then walked out the door while he got his keys out of his back pocket.

Kathy: she nodded then walked in the opposite direction Luca had went.

Luca: He got in his brand new car that he bought on his own. He drove off.

Kathy: she looked up at the apartment windows. She knew which one was Lance and Angelia's. She still hadn't responded to Angelia's texts. She felt sort of bad about that. But she didn't even know if Angelia cared or not. She looked down at the writing on her hand. She knew where Dante lived. Hopefully, this early, he'd still be home. Which meant his car would still be in the garage.

Angelia: She starred at her phone, knowing that Kathy isn't texting her back when she texted her. So she gave up. She was worried about her, cared but she stopped trying. She then sighed and went into the living room.


Dante: He was just getting ready for work.

Kathy: she teleported to Dante's place, hiding in the trees to see if he was home. If he was getting ready for work, she smiled. Perfect timing. She teleported into his garage and took out the knife and sliced a hole in each of his tires. Then she teleported inside his car and sliced up the upholstery. Then she teleported back out of the car, put the knife away, took out the can of spray paint, and spray painted on the windows and the car face. Finally, she put it all away, put her bag over her shoulder, took out the crowbar, and smashed out all his windows. She heard him coming, so she teleported back to her apartment. She put her bag in her closet then grabbed her phone and teleported to the doorway of Lance and Angelia's apartment. She knocked on the door.

Dante: He opened his garage and stopped when he saw his car. He sighed.


Angelia: She looked at the door and went over and opened the door.

Kathy: she smiled, "Hi Angelia."

Angelia: "Hi Kathy." She said softly.

Kathy: "I'm not interrupting anything am I?"

Angelia: "No."

Kathy: "I got your text messages."

Angelia: "Yeah? And? Don't know how to text back?"

Kathy: her smile faded a bit, "I was going through some stuff." she said softly.

Angelia: "Yes. I know. Yet when I try to help you, you shut me out."

Kathy: she looked down a bit, "Listen, Angelia, I wasn't ready to talk. I can see you're mad." she paused, trying to keep the sad thoughts out of her head, "I'll go." she teleported back to her apartment.

Angelia: She shut her door and went back into the living room. She sat down on the couch and started to watch the television.

Kathy: she sat down on her couch. She hadn't cried in the past five days, but now she cried. She shouldn't have visited Angelia. It was a mistake. A whole lot of things she did was a mistake. She shouldn't even be here.

Angelia: She didn't text Kathy or try to contact her in any way right now.

Kathy: she wished she had Angelia right now. But she didn't blame Angelia for not wanting her. Not even Dante wanted her. She set her phone on the coffee table and teleported to the top of the Appalachian Mountains. She just sat there.

Angelia: She sighed and laid down on the couch as she watched television. Soon her eyes were closed and she was asleep.

Kathy: she picked up some of the dirt off the ground and rubbed the makeup off her arm to expose her scar. She sniffed. She didn't know how she thought her and Angelia were best friends in the future. She ruined every relationship she ever had in her life. She pulled her knees up to her chest and cried hard again. She thought she was over this crying bit, but today she realized different. She was back at square one. She felt so worthless.


Lance: he came back from work a few hours later.

Angelia: She was still asleep when he came home.

Lance: he kissed Angelia's cheek then went to the kitchen to get himself something to eat.

Angelia: She stirred a bit and woke only half way.

Lance: was still making food.

Angelia: She watched him, still half asleep. She didn't say anything or move. She just watched him.

Lance: "Hun, you need to do something rather than sleep on the couch all day and watch television."

Angelia: She groaned softly then laid back down and closed her eyes.

Lance: "Want something to eat?"

Angelia: She rubbed her eyes and looked at the times. "Sure." She said softly.

Lance: he made her some food she could eat and took it into her after getting his own food. He sat down on the couch beside her.

Angelia: She sat up and ate her food.

Lance: "How was your day?"

Angelia: "I think I upset your cousin."

Lance: "Kathy?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Lance: "Isn't she already upset?"

Angelia: "I think I upset her more." She said softly and looked down.

Lance: "How? She finally reply to your messages?"

Angelia: "She came up to the apartment."

Lance: "Oh. Things didn't go well, I guess? How is she?"

Angelia: "Again. I think she's upset...again and it's my fault. Again."

Lance: "I don't think it's you. I bet it's still Dante. It's only been a few weeks. When her dog Bruno died she mourned for a month. I'm sure she'll be in a state of depression for a longer time since it's a first boyfriend we are talking about here who left her. She never did get another dog. She probably won't ever get another boyfriend either. She's a try one time sort of person when it comes to relationships I guess."

Angelia: "But she wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for me. She only accepted the very first date with Dante because I told her too. I never thought he'd hurt her like this. Not after you said he's changed."

Lance: "So it's technically my fault because I told you he was changed. Or maybe it's his fault just for everything. Leads back to him either way. He made me believe he was changed. Heck, I was his friend again for a bit."

Angelia: "It's still my fault she's upset again. She looked all happy and I ruined it. I made her upset again."

Lance: he kissed Angelia, "It's okay. She'll get over it."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "If you say so." She said after she kissed him back.

Lance: he continued to eat his food.


Kathy: she was wiping away the last of her tears. She stood slowly, looking around the place. She was ready to go home. She wanted to go to her real home. With her parents. But they had kicked her out to have her live in her apartment. Who knew if they even wanted her back. She felt all alone.

Suddenly a voice came up from behind her. A man's voice.

"Poor Kathy." he cooed.

Kathy: she turned suddenly to face the man, "Who are you? Who's there?"

"You know, I've been waiting for this moment. But you were always watched by your parents, or your friends. Then your boyfriend. Seems no one is here for you now." the man smiled. He took a step towards her.

Kathy: she didn't recognized the man at all. She stepped back when he stepped forward, her heart pounded in her chest. "Leave me alone. Please." she whispered.

"Oh I will." he said sinisterly. "We all will." he stepped towards her again.

Kathy: she didn't quite understand, but she screamed when she stepped back and lost her footing on the mountain. She fell back and off of it. Her head bashed against the rock of the mountain as she fell, knocking her out. Everything went black.


Lance: he finished his food and took his plate to the kitchen and set it in the sink.

Angelia: She got up and put her plate in the kitchen then went to the bathroom.

Lance: he went and watched some television.

Angelia: She came out about twenty minutes later. She was drying her hair. "We should do something tomorrow."

Lance: "Like what?"

Angelia: "I don't know yet but something."

Lance: "Doesn't Luca have a football game tomorrow night?"

Angelia: "Yeah. We should go to his game."

Lance: "Alright. Sounds like a plan." he patted the couch, "Come sit with me, we can watch a movie."

Angelia: "Alright." She sat next to him and cuddled close to him. "What movie we going to watch?"

Lance: "I don't know yet. But we'll find something."

And they did. They watched the movie together. Soon Lance fell asleep on the couch.

Angelia: She got Lance a pillow and put it under his head then got a blanket and put it on him. She kissed his cheek. "Good night, my love." She whispered then went to the bedroom and laid in the bed. She didn't want to move Lance for he was peacefully sleeping and he worked hard today. She closed her eyes but didn't sleep for about another two hours. She couldn't sleep.


Kathy: she groaned, waking up on a hard surface. It was cold. That's all she knew. She opened her eyes and realized where she was. A rock ledge. She looked up above her, frightened. Then she looked over the edge. She could not see the ground. What was she doing here? She didn't remember a thing. She didn't remember she could teleport. She didn't remember how she got here. She put her hand to her head which was still bleeding pretty badly. She cringed. Her whole body hurt. She couldn't even remember her name. She was trapped. She screamed for help. But where she was, no one could hear her.


Lance: slept peacefully.

Angelia: She woke early and got dressed. She wrote Lance a note and placed it on the coffee table then kissed Lance's cheek softly before she left the apartment. She teleported to her car and got in it. She drove to a diner and parked her car and went inside.

Lance: when he woke up and got up to get dressed, he noticed Angelia was gone. But he saw the note. He read it.

It read:

My love,

Went to local diner then went to see Kathy. Be back soon.

Love you.

Lance: he nodded, then set the note down, grabbed a clean change of clothes, and went to take a shower.

Angelia: She came home a few hours later. She had a medium size box and she looked confused.

Lance: "What's up?" he asked, seeing her when she walked in. He was in the kitchen.

Angelia: "Kathy wasn't home and I got a job and the local diner." She held up the box. "I start tomorrow."

Lance: "What's with the box?"

Angelia: "Uniform."

Lance: "Oh. Nice." he smiled a bit, "That should be fun."

Angelia: She smiled. "It should be. Want to see the uniform?"

Lance: "Sure do."

Angelia: "Alright." She went into the bedroom.

Lance: he waited, leaning on the counter.

Angelia: She came out in this pink waitress outfit. It was short sleeved and was a bit low cut, there was black at the end of the sleeves and around the collar. It came down about mid way of her top thigh. There was a small white apron like thing in the front where she could put things. She had her black tight like things on. She smiled a bit.

Lance: he teleported over to her and put his hands on her waist, "My, my. You'll be getting great tips in this baby. Especially from me. I might eat out at the diner more often." he smiled and picked her up, putting her over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom, shutting the door.

Angelia: She laughed and smiled. "I'll have something to do while you're at work now." She said as he carried her into the bedroom.

Lance: he laid her on the bed, "Yes, you most definitely will." he kissed her.


There was a knock on Angelia and Lance's apartment door.

Angelia: She opened the door and was smiling. "Yes?" She said as she opened it.

Kathy's parents were there at the door. They both looked worried.

Kallexa: "Angelia, have you seen Kathy lately?" she asked softly.

Angelia: Her smiled faded. "I seen her yesterday but I haven't seen or heard from her today." She looked back into the apartment. "Lance!" She looked back at them. "Please, come in." She moved aside to let them in.

Kallexa came in, followed by her husband.

Kallexa: "We've called her phone like five times yesterday, left three voicemails. She hasn't answered. We haven't heard from her in weeks."

Angelia: "Yesterday was the first I heard from her for weeks. Dante was found to be cheating on her. She found out." She shut the door after they were in.

Lance: he came out of the bedroom, "Yea? Oh, hi Devin and Kallexa. What brings you two here?"

Kallexa: "Our daughter." she sighed, "I can't believe Dante would do that. I thought he was like family."

Lance: "Not really anymore."

Devin: "She's not answering her apartment door either. We aren't sure how to reach her. She's not replying mentally, which is also a concern."

Angelia: "She didn't reply to me for weeks after that. She told me to go away. Which was a first." She looked at Lance. "This is my fault. She wouldn't be upset and that if I never told her to take the date and what happened yesterday."

Lance: "I don't think blaming yourself is going to help anything."

Kallexa: "No honey. It's Dante's fault." she sighed, "If she's not back by tonight, we will go find her."

Angelia: She nodded. "I'll help you."

Luca: "Me too." He said, standing in the doorway of Angelia and Lance's apartment. He was there to give Angelia and Lance their ticket to the game. He already gave the rest of his family their ticket. He heard everything that dealt with Kathy.

Devin: he turned and nodded to Luca, "Alright."

Kallexa: she glanced at Luca then back to Angelia, "Well, thank you. In the meantime, if you hear anything, can you call us, please?"

Angelia: She nodded. "I will."

Luca: He nodded.

Devin: "Thank you."

Kallexa: "Yes, thank you. We will let you all be, now. Excuse us." she and Devin left the apartment, stepping out into the hallway.

Luca: He moved aside to let them through.

Angelia: She looked at Lance after watching them leave.

Lance: "I'm sure she'll be back."

Angelia: "I hope so."

Lance: he looked at Luca, "Got the tickets?"

Luca: "Yep. I get five free." He handed him the two tickets. "I got to get back now. See later."

Lance: "Awesome." he took the tickets, "Thanks Luca."

Luca: "No problem. I'll see you later then." He then left the apartment.

Lance: he put the tickets in his wallet.


Angelia: She got out of the car when they got to the field that Luca was playing at. She looked around to see if she saw her parents and sister anywhere.

Daray: was standing by Arya who was holding Amelia by the entrance to the field. They were waiting for Angelia and Lance so they could go sit together as a family. Daray was smiling. He was super proud of Luca. Ever since Luca wanted to play basketball and football and he and Luca spent time together practicing and having fun. Yep, he was a proud father. He was going to cheer for Luca whether Luca's team was winning or not.

Amelia: she spotted Angelia and waved, "Angelia!" she said loudly to get her attention. She smiled.

Daray: looked over and waved to Lance and Angelia to come over.

Lance: he locked the car and took Angelia's hand and walked over to her family. "Hi everyone."

Daray: "Hi guys. Ready to find seats then? Give them your ticket on the way in." he nodded to Arya and turned and walked through the entrance, giving their tickets to the collector.

Lance: he gave his and Angelia's tickets to the collector as they walked past. He smiled a bit. He loved to watch sports, even if it was high school football, or college football. He put his arm around Angelia as he followed Daray and Arya and Amelia up the stairs to the benches and they found a seat.

Amelia: "I want to sit by Angelia." she told her mom and moved so she was between Arya and Angelia. So the seating on the bench went, from left to right; Lance, Angelia, Amelia, Arya, and Daray.

Angelia: She smiled as she sat beside her family and Lance. She looked down at Amelia and smiled again. She then looked up towards the field when everyone started to cheer.

Luca: He was running out onto the field. He was the quarterback of the team and his number was 15.

Daray: he stood and cheered for Luca.

Angelia: She cheered for Luca too.

Luca: He looked to the benches and laughed softly then put his helmet on and started the game.

The game went on for two hours and Luca's team won, 30-10.


Angelia's cell phone rang.

Angelia: She answered it. "Hello?"

Kallexa: "Hello Angelia. Is Kathy back?"

Angelia: "No at least not that I know of."

Kallexa: she sighed, "Okay. We are going to find her."

Angelia: "I'll help you. I'll meet you at your house."

Kallexa: "Okay. If you know of anyone good at finding people, please call them. It will help us. I don't want my daughter to be gone any longer if she is in trouble."

Angelia: "Alright. I will."

Kallexa: "Thank you." she hung up the phone.

Angelia: She dialed a number. "Hello? Traven? It's Angelia." She laughed a bit. "Yes, I know. It's been a long time. I was wondering if I can ask a favor from you." She smiled. "Great. I was wondering if you'll help me find a friend of mine." She paused. "Thank you. I'll owe you one."

Traven: "Yes, you will." He laughed. "Where should I meet you?"

Angelia: She gave him an address and then hung up her phone. She looked at Lance and her family. "I'll see you later. I have to go do something."

Lance: "I'll come if it's about Kathy."

Angelia: She nodded. "It is."

Lance: he nodded, "Bye Arya and Daray and Amelia. Bye Luca."

Arya: "Bye Lance, Angelia."

Luca: "Bye. Thanks for coming to the game."

Angelia: "No problem Luca." She opened the door.

Lance: he stepped outside with Angelia, "Where are we going?"

Angelia: "First we have to meet up with someone then go to your aunt and uncles house."

Luca: He was getting in his car when they were out at the car. "I almost forgot that I was going to help find Kathy."

Lance: he nodded to Luca, "Yea." he looked to Angelia, "Alright. Who?"

Angelia: "Traven." She got in the car.

Lance: he got in the car with her, "Who?"

Angelia: "Traven. A friend from college."

Lance: "A friend from college."

Angelia: "Yes. He was in my English class."

Lance: "Alright. Let's go."

Angelia: She nodded. "Aright." She told him the where they were suppose to met Traven.

Lance: "Okay. Are we driving there or teleporting?"

Angelia: "Driving is fine."

Lance: "Alright." he sat back and waited. "Though teleporting is faster."

Angelia: "Yes and then how is Traven going to get to your aunt and uncle's house if we don't show him where it's at. The same with Luca." She started the car and started to back out of the driveway.

Lance: "Fine."

Angelia: She drove to where they were suppose to met Traven. They had to wait a bit for Traven wasn't there yet.

Luca: He followed them.

Lance: when they got to the house, he got out of the car.

Angelia: She got out too and leaned against the car. She looked over at Lance.

Luca: He stayed in his car, not sure if he should get out or not.

Traven: He came pulling in about ten minutes later. He was riding a motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket. He looked like what would be considered as a 'bad boy' look. He pulled up beside where Angelia was and parked his bike.

Lance: he walked around the car to stand by Angelia protectively. He crossed his arms.

Traven: He took his helmet off and looked at Angelia. "Hey sexy." He said in a friendly joke and smiled.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit. "Still the same Traven I knew from college." She laughed a bit. "Well, we need you to help us find a friend of mine. We're about to head over to her parent's house. You can follow us over to there. Alright?"

Traven: He nodded. "Alright. Cool." He glanced at Lance and smiled a bit more then put his helmet back on.

Lance: 'And you were upset at me spending time with Tacita when in fact, you hung out with him and never told me.' he told her mentally, then shook his head and got back in the car.

Angelia: 'I saw Tacita while we were in college. You never saw Traven.' She replied mentally back and got in the car. She looked at Lance. "You're not jealous are you?"

Lance: "Seeing them is exactly my point. Hmm, how many other men did you hang out with and not tell me?"

Angelia: She sighed. "Most human men stayed away from me. Traven was the only one. How about you? How many women did you hang out with and not tell me?" She started the car.

Lance: "It's not like I keep track."

Angelia: "So, Tacita wasn't the only one that you hung out with and didn't tell me?" She looked at him then shook her head. She backed out of the parking space then drove to Kathy parent's house.

Luca and Traven followed them.

Lance: "I don't like the conversation."

Angelia: "If you don't like the conversation, why'd you start it?" She pulled into the driveway and parked the car then got out.

Traven: He parked his bike and took his helmet off.

Luca: He parked his car and got out.

Lance: "Because I don't like Traven." he said before he got out of the car.

Angelia: 'Well, I don't see anything wrong with him.' She told him mentally as she walked up to the door and knocked.

Traven: He followed Angelia and Lance.

Luca: He followed silently.

Devin: he opened the door, "Hi...Lance., Luca? Not sure of the other person. Please come in." he let them all in, closing the door behind them.

Lance: 'Well I do.'

Luca: He walked inside.

Traven: He came in too. "My name is Traven. Angelia said that she needed someone to help finding her friend...your daughter."

Angelia: 'And what's that?'

Kallexa: "Yes. We do." she walked into the hallway, "She's been missing, it seems. Angelia said she saw her yesterday but we haven't heard from her in so long. Can you locate her? We are afraid she is in trouble."

Lance: 'Everything.'

Traven: He nodded. "I'll need something of hers. Something that is special to her or something that she loved as a child."

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit. 'I don't know why you're jealous of him. He's not into me like you are. He likes me as a friend. Nothing more.'

Lance: 'Guys lie when they say that. They still go home and fantasize. I don't want him fantasizing about you.' he was scowling.

Devin: "One moment." he excused himself and went up to Kathy's room.

Angelia: 'He has a fiancé, Lance.' She looked at him.

Traven: He nodded and waited.

Lance: he rolled his eyes, 'Pshh, like that means much.'

Devin: he came down with a stuffed dog toy, "Something like this?" he paused, "Or this." he showed him a necklace, "At least, this used to be special to her. I don't know if it is now after her boyfriend broke up with her. He was the one who gave it to her." he held them both out to Traven.

Angelia: She glared at Lance. 'So you did fantasize about those girls that you hung out with?'

Traven: He took the necklace first and stood still for a moment, like he was trying to remember what he was going to do. He then took the stuffed dog toy and did the same thing after handing the necklace back. He started to get something thing. "She's on a ledge somewhere. Mountains." He sounded distracted. "She's hurt, bleeding from her head."

Lance: 'No!' he sighed. 'I'm going to shut up now.' he looked to Traven when he heard him talking about Kathy.

Kallexa: she gasped, "What mountains? Where? What ledge?"

Angelia: 'We'll talk more about this when we get home.' She looked over to Traven.

Traven: "Appalachian. Somewhere on the mountain. She must have fell."

Lance: 'There's nothing to talk about.'

Devin: he grabbed his jacket, "Alright. Let's go."

Traven: He blinked and looked around then nodded. "Alright. I can probably find her once we get there."

Angelia: 'We'll see.' She walked out the door and waited for the others.

Devin: "Kallexa and I are going to teleport there."

Angelia: "I can follow your teleportation."

Luca: "I can too."

Traven: "I'll need someone to teleport me there since I can't teleport."

Angelia: She nodded. "I can do it."

Traven: "Alright. Thank you."

Angelia: "No problem."

Lance: he rolled his eyes.

Devin: he nodded, "Alright." he took his wife's hand.

Kallexa: she had grabbed a first aid kit. She took his hand and both of them vanished.

Lance: he followed them.

Angelia: She grabbed a hold of Traven's jacket and followed.

Luca: He followed too.

Kallexa: "KATHY!" she yelled. She walked close to the edge.

Devin: kept a hold of her hand. He looked over the edge.

Lance: "What if she can't hear us?"

Kallexa: "We have to get to her. If she's bleeding she could die."

Angelia: She looked at the ground and saw foot prints. She followed them to the edge. She looked over the edge for where they seemed to slip.

Traven: He followed Angelia for she was on to something.'

Lance: he saw where Angelia was and noticed the other footprints, "Those don't look like Kathy's."

Angelia: "No, they're too big for her." She looked at Lance. "But the footprints that lead over here, they look like hers. She fell from here." She stood and took a breath. "I also smell blood. It's not fresh but I can still smell it." She carefully started to climb over the edge.

Lance: "Angelia be careful!" he said quickly.

Kallexa: she came over to Angelia. "Here." she handed her a rope edge.

Devin: he walked over by Lance, looking at the footprints. "Someone push her?"

Lance: "I don't know."

Angelia: "I will be. Calm down Lance." She took it and hooked it on a loop on her pants. She climbed down further.

Luca: He wasn't there anymore. He had followed the other footprints that weren't Kathy's.

Traven: He watched Angelia over the edge.

The footprints Luca followed led to a dead end. The man was gone.

Kathy: she was huddled on the rock ledge, sleeping. She had been crying. The blood dried to her hair.

Angelia: She reached the rock ledge that Kathy was on. 'I found her.' She told Lance mentally. She bent down beside Kathy. She shook her a bit. "Kathy?"

Luca: He growled softly. He was going to find the man who did this too his friend.

Lance: "Angelia found her." he announced.

Kallexa: she sighed, "Good. She needs to teleport her up here."

Devin: he had went and followed the footprints too.

Kathy: she flinched and looked up at Angelia. She held no recognition in her eyes.

Angelia: "Kathy, it's Angelia. I'm here to take you home." She said softly.

Luca: He looked up at Devin when he got to where he was at. "Nothing. It's a dead end."

Kathy: "Who's Kathy?" she said softly, "I don't know you."

Devin: he sighed, "I wonder if it has anything to do with her scars."

Angelia: "You're Kathy. We're best friends." She said slowly.

Luca: "I don't know but I'm going to find out who did this."

Devin: "As will I."

Kathy: "How come I don't remember you then?"

Angelia: "I don't know. Come on. I'll take you home." She gently took a hold of Kathy's hand and teleported her up to where everyone was at.

Luca: "We can work together then."

Devin: "That sounds good."

Kallexa: "Kathy! Oh my!" she ran over to them, "DEVIN! Angelia got Kathy!"

Devin: he ran back over to where his wife and daughter were.

Kathy: she looked confused at everyone.

Kallexa: "Kathy it's your mother."

Kathy: "Hi?"

Devin: "She hit her head. Kathy do you remember anything?"

Kathy: she shook her head slowly."

Devin: he sighed. "She's lost her memory." he took her from Angelia.

Kallexa: went and got the first aid things to fix her head and cuts up.

Lance: he walked over to them.

Angelia: She looked down and sighed softly.

Traven: He looked over at Angelia, he walked over to her. "Hey, you alright?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "She wouldn't have even been here if it wasn't for me. She'd still have her memory and everything."

Traven: He didn't say anything, he just rubbed her back a bit, comfortingly. He knew what to do when women were upset. Just be quiet and comfort them. He did this with his fiancé. He just listened.

Lance: he stepped between Angelia and Traven with a glare to Traven, "Thanks. She's my girlfriend. I've got it."

Traven: He held up his hands. "Alright. Just trying to help a friend."

Angelia: She didn't say or do anything.

Lance: he looked to Angelia and rubbed her back. He hugged her.

Devin: "Thank you Traven for your help."

Angelia: She hugged him back.

Traven: "You're welcome, sir."

Devin: "We're going to take Kathy home. She probably won't be back to the apartment for awhile if she can't remember anything." he told Angelia and Lance.

Angelia: She nodded. "Okay." She said softly.

Kallexa: "Thank you for getting her, Angelia."

Then Devin and Kallexa vanished with Kathy.

Lance: he looked to Angelia, "This wouldn't have happened if whoever was here didn't come. It's not your fault. It's the mans."

Angelia: "Yes, but she would of never came here if I didn't turn her away from our apartment."

Lance: "You don't know that."

Angelia: "So she just randomly came here after I turned her away? Hmm...I don't think so."

Lance: he sighed. He didn't know what to say.

Angelia: She looked at Luca and Traven. "Let's go." She said softly.

Luca: He teleported back to his car.

Angelia: She took a hold of Traven's jacket and teleported back to the car. She let go. "Thanks Traven. For helping."

Traven: "No problem. Always willing to help a friend. You're boyfriend doesn't like me too much, does he?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "He thinks that you go home and fantasize about me. I told him you have a fiancé and he doesn't think that would stop you." She sighed.

Traven: "Well, some guys don't. You know? I'm not one of those guys. I love my girl. I love her so much that we're getting married. I don't think I'd risk losing her."

Angelia: She nodded. "I understand. Thanks again." She hugged him again. "It was nice seeing you again, Traven and congrats on your engagement."

Traven: He hugged her back. "Thanks and it was nice seeing you too." He then let her go and got on his bike. "See ya around sexy." He laughed then put his helmet on and started his bike up. He then drove off.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a bit and got in the car. She waited for Lance.

Lance: he teleported there and got in the car.

Angelia: She started the car and started to drive back to the apartments.

Lance: "Be friends with him. I don't care."

Angelia: "What is your problem? I'm not allowed to have male friends?" She glanced at Lance then back at the road.

Lance: "I said you are. I didn't say you can't. I said, 'I don't care'."

Angelia: She sighed. "What exactly don't you like about Traven? And don't say everything because I want to know exactly what it is about him that you don't like."

Lance: "He rides a motorcycle."

Angelia: "So? He rides a motorcycle. What's the big deal?"

Lance: "I don't ride a motorcycle."

Angelia: "You want to ride a motorcycle?" She looked at him.

Lance: "No. I want to own one."

Angelia: "Then go buy one."

Lance: he looked at her, "You wouldn't care?"

Angelia: "No. Why would I?"

Lance: "Because I wouldn't let you get one. They're dangerous."

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "I don't think I'd be getting one."

Lance: "Good. We can't both go living on the edge."

Angelia: "I live on the edge every day, hon." She parked the car and got out. She walked up to the door.

Lance: he locked the car doors to keep her in the car, "How so?"

Angelia: She teleported out of the car and up to the apartment. She set her purse and keys on the counter.

Lance: he looked confused. He wondered why the heck she was mad at him now. He sighed and laid the seat back in the car.

Angelia: She was confused when he didn't follow her. She sighed as she went back to the bed room and got some clean clothes then went into the bathroom. She drew herself some bathwater then got in it after undressing.

Lance: he was a bit upset with her. He locked the doors for a reason. He didn't want her to leave. But she left anyways. She didn't even answer his question. Whatever. He put his feet on the dash and crossed his arms, closing his eyes.

Angelia: When she came out of the bathroom and seen that Lance wasn't here still she sighed and went into the bedroom and sat on the bed. She looked out the window. She was only joking when she said she lived on the edge every day. She looked down. She ruins everything. No matter what she does, she ruins something. She rubbed her arms a bit, as if she was cold even though she wasn't. She felt alone at the moment and she felt that she deserved to feel this way. She looked at the time and decided to go to bed. She started work tomorrow. She just laid down on the bed, not even bothering to cover up.

Lance: he fell asleep in the car. He woke up sometime in the night as it was uncomfortable. He groaned and teleported up to the apartment. He took off his shoes and shirt and fell on the bed. This was so much more comfortable.

Angelia: She was already asleep and didn't wake when he fell onto the bed. She wasn't covered up but she didn't look cold.

Lance: he fell asleep again, this time till morning.


Angelia: She was up before he was. She was getting ready for work. She already had her uniform on and she was putting on her coat.

Lance: he was still sleeping.

Angelia: She grabbed her purse and keys after she finished putting on her coat. She looked at Lance then teleported to her car. She unlocked her car then got in it. She then went to work.

Lance: he woke up later and took a shower and got dressed for the day. At lunch time, he left to the diner. He walked in and asked which tables Angelia waited on. Then he went and sat in an empty table.

Angelia: She was just coming out of the kitchen with a tray of food. She walked over to the table and placed the food in front of the people that ordered it then went back into the kitchen. She came back out with another tray and walked past Lance. "I'll be right with you." She said when she past him. She gave the people their food and went back into the kitchen. She came back out ad walked over to Lance's table. "What can I get you?"

Lance: "Geez. You treat me like just another customer."

Angelia: "I kinda have to since I work here." She sighed a bit.

Lance: "What's with the sigh?"

Angelia: "Just been busy." She looked up to a table. "I'll be right back." She went over to a table and got one of the customer's glasses and went and got it filled for them. She returned to the table and handed the customer their drink. She walked back over to Lance.

Lance: "Oh. Bad day to bother you then?"

Angelia: "No, no. Just I can't talk very long and that. It seems that my tables have been busier than the others."

Lance: he smiled a bit, "I warned you. Just bring me coffee babe."

Angelia: She nodded. "I know you did." She then went and got him a coffee cup. "I'll be back with the coffee." She went to get the coffee.

Lance: he found a newspaper and opened it and started to read it.

Isadora: She came into the diner and sat in one of the booths. She smiled at the waitress that waited on her.

Lance: he looked up when he heard the door open. He tilted his head to the side, and then he recognized who she was. He hadn't seen her in awhile.

Isadora: She had cut her hair since the last time Lance seen her. Her hair was now shoulder length. She held the cup that the waitress gave her. It was full of hot tea. She looked a bit cold.

Lance: he folded up his paper. He took out his phone and found Isadora's number. He texted her, "Hi. :D" he wondered if she'd text back.

Isadora: She looked at her phone, which was on the table, and picked it up. A small smile came to her face and she texted back. "Hi. :D"

Lance: he texted back, "You look cold. Are you okay?"

Isadora: A confused look came on her face. "How do you know I look cold? But yeah, just a bit chilled. Hot tea usually works. :)"

Lance: "So you've been okay? Nothing bad happened?" he texted her. He didn't answer her first question.

Isadora: "Yeah, I've been okay. Nope, nothing bad. I'm at the local diner right now. First time I've been out since Angelia's father came to my apartment. I was afraid that someone like that would hurt me if I did but I needed to get out. I was starting to get sick."

Lance: "Daray scared you? Oh...that's why you were cold to me when I came to get my shirt... :( I'm sorry. I didn't know. I thought you were busy..."

Isadora: "I've never seen your kind like that so yeah, I was scared. Yeah, that's why I was cold to you that day. I'm sorry I was and it's fine. I...I shouldn't of let it get as far as it did. No, I was just laying in bed that day. That's all."

Lance: "Well, it's nice to see you now. :) Though Angelia won't like it. So that's why I didn't come sit with you."

Isadora: "Wait? You're at the diner too?" She looked up and started to look around.

Lance: "Yep."

Isadora: "Cool." She smiled as she spotted Lance. She waved a bit.

Lance: he smiled a bit and waved back. He texted her, "By the way, I think Daray is harmless to humans."

Isadora: "It didn't seem like that to me."

Lance: "I'm sorry."

Isadora: "Not your fault."

Lance: "So you haven't found a boyfriend?"

Isadora: "No not yet. Not really looking to tell the truth."

Lance: "Why not?"

Isadora: She shrugged. "I don't know."

Lance: "Oh." he sipped his coffee.

Isadora: She nodded and finished her tea. "I'll see ya around Lance." She smiled and left a small tip for the waitress and then got up and put her coat on. She then left.

Lance: "See ya. :)" he texted back. Then he went back to reading his paper.

Angelia: She came back over to the table and sat down. She had a plate of food. "Hey."

Lance: he looked up at Angelia. He smiled a bit, "Hi babe. On break? Or do you do this for all your customers? No wonder you're so busy."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I'm on my lunch break."

Lance: "Well I feel privileged you chose me to share it with."

Angelia: "Well, I thought you'd feel like you weren't important or something if I sat at an empty table and ate my lunch."

Lance: "Oh I would. Definitely. Thank you for sparing my feelings." he smiled a bit and put his hand under the table and rested it on her knee.

Angelia: She smiled a bit back. "You are very welcome." She started to eat her lunch.

Lance: he sipped his coffee and wrapped his hand around her leg and set it on the bench beside him. He ran his hand over her leg.

Angelia: She took a small but deep breath as she watched him. She continued to eat her food.

Lance: "Feet hurt?"

Angelia: "No. Why?"

Lance: he slipped off her shoe, "No reason." he massaged her foot with one hand.

Angelia: She finished her food and let him. 'You must do that now, hon?'

Lance: "Why is it bothering you?" he looked at her. "I just thought, you know, make good use of your break time. You're going to be on your feet all day."

Angelia: "No, it's not bothering me. It feels nice." She admitted. She relaxed.

Lance: "How long do you have for break?" he reached under the table with his other hand and brought her other foot up beside him and removed her shoe.

Angelia: "I have twenty minutes total. But right now, I only have fifteen. I used five to eat." She put her shoe on her other foot as he massaged the foot that was beside him. "Why do you ask?"

Lance: "I just wanted to know." he leaned over across the table and kissed her, "I love you."

Angelia: "Alright." She kissed him back and smiled. "I love you more."

Lance: "Hmmm," he smiled a bit after the kiss, "That's something we could argue about all day."

Angelia: "We could." She kissed him again softly then got up after putting her other shoe on. She grabbed her plate and took it back to the kitchen.

Lance: he smiled a bit and after Angelia left, he took out his wallet and put a five on the table to pay for the coffee and then left a one hundred dollar tip. He wrote on a napkin, 'Love ya babe!', left it on the table, and then got up to leave.

Angelia: She came back out and looked to where Lance was sitting. She frowned a bit when she saw he wasn't there. She cleaned up and took the money. She put it in her apron and went on with her shift.

Lance: went back home and chilled until Angelia was done with work.

Angelia: She came home about two hours later. She looked a bit tired but not much. She opened the door and walked in, closing it behind her. She set her purse and keys on the counter.

Lance: "Welcome home babe. How was work?"

Angelia: "Good, busy but good. Someone decided to tip me a hundred dollars. Do you know who might that be?" She said as she walked over to him, leaned over the couch and softly kissed him before taking off her jacket as she went to the bedroom to change.

Lance: he teleported to the bedroom, lounging back on the bed, "Hmmm, whoever it was I hope you thank them properly tonight." he smiled.

Angelia: She smiled back. "I think I will." She leaned over him and kissed him slowly and gently.

Lance: he put his arm around her waist and turned over on the bed, taking her with him, so she fell onto the bed, and he was leaning over her. He smiled down at her, "Last night I wanted you so much too."

Angelia: "Why didn't you tell me? You could have had me." She whispered as she leaned up and kissed him.

Lance: he kissed her gently, "Mmm, I thought you were mad at me. And after the thing with Traven and Kathy and didn't seem in the mood."

Angelia: "I don't see how I could have been mad at you. I wanted you to follow me when I teleported up here. I was upset when you didn't. I thought you went somewhere else so I went to bed alone." She watched him.

Lance: "I slept in the car." he smiled a bit at the craziness. "We need to work on our communication."

Angelia: She nodded. "We do." She smiled a bit then leaned up and kissed down his neck softly and gently.

Lance: "Do you have work tomorrow, babe?" he asked softly.

Angelia: "They're suppose to call me if I'm needed." She whispered against his skin.

Lance: "Mmm, nice." he slipped his hands under her skirt and pushed the dress up and slipped it off of her. He put his arm around her waist again and turned back over on his back, taking her with him so now she was sitting on him.

Angelia: She gasped bit when he moved. She leaned down and kissed him as she started move against him slowly but hard. She entangled her fingers in his hair as she did so.

Lance: he moaned softly, his eyes closed, letting her tug his hair. "God," he whispered against her skin as he kissed her, "I love you so much, Angelia."

Angelia: "I love you so much too, Lance." She whispered back as she started to kiss down his neck softly and started to pull his shirt off him.

Lance: after she pulled off his shirt, he slipped his hands under her bra. He leaned forward and kissed her collarbone, his breathing deepened.

Angelia: Her breathing deepened too as she kissed down his chest softly, her lips barely touching his skin at times to tease him a bit. She kissed down to his pants and undid them then continued to kiss further down.

Lance: "See, I like it when you do that, but then I don't...because I can't kiss you. Or fondle you...since you're so far away." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "Maybe that's the point." She smiled a bit back then took his boxers off.


Lance: he was making popcorn in the kitchen, wearing just some pajama pants and no shirt. He was smiling a bit.

Angelia: She was sitting on the couch just in a big t-shirt. She was smiling a bit too. She was trying to find a movie to watch.

Lance: "Oh, babe..." he walked into the living room and sat by her.

Angelia: "Yeah, hon?" She looked at him as she took some popcorn.

Lance: "Don't get mad or anything, but you know Isadora?"

Angelia: She chewed the popcorn, just looking at him. She didn't know anyone named that.

Lance: "Never mind." he took a handful of popcorn and put some in his mouth. He chewed and swallowed then tilted his head back and tossed a few kernels in the air and caught them in his mouth and chewed them.

Angelia: "No. Tell me." She watched him.

Lance: "She's the girl who lives in the hotel with us. On one of the floors here."

Angelia: "And?"

Lance: "Well if you don't know who she is, the story is irrelevant."

Angelia: She sighed and just looked at the television. She watched what was already on.

Lance: "I don't want to tell you because you'll get upset and it'll ruin our day, though it was over a year ago."

Angelia: "If it was over a year ago then it wouldn't hurt to tell me now since you've kept whatever it is from me for a year." She still looked at the television.

Lance: "I didn't keep it from you. I've told you. You just apparently forgot."

Angelia: "Then help me remember." She stated.

Lance: he pouted a bit. She was mad at him. He sighed and looked at the television, "What movie are we watching?" he asked softly. He shouldn't have said anything.

Angelia: She sighed a bit. She knew he was going to change the subject. He always does. "I don't know."

Lance: he nodded and just watched what's on. He felt foolish now.

Angelia: She sat there for awhile and then stood. She went into the kitchen.

Lance: he looked over at her.

Angelia: She looked in the fridge for something to drink and when she didn't find anything that she wanted she went to the bedroom and got dressed. When she came out she was wearing her coat. "I'll be back in a bit." She said softly then teleported outside.

Lance: "Angelia." he growled when she left. He clenched his fists then threw the popcorn bowl at the wall, hard. He was angry. He pushed the television off the stand so it broke, to shut it off. He went back to the bedroom and got dressed.

Angelia: She teleported to the local bar and walked in. She took off her coat to show off her sexy outfit.

There was a man sitting at the bar, having a drink.

Angelia: She walked up to the bar and ordered a drink.

The bartender brought her, her drink, "Hey sexy."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Hi." She said in a flirtatious way.

Bartender: "What brings you here?"

Angelia: "Just out for a drink."

Bartender: "No one is out for a drink this late at night. Guy troubles, sweets?"

Angelia: "I'm not with anyone." She lied smoothly.

Bartender: "Oh really? A girl as hot as you should have a man to claim as hers."

Angelia: She smiled. "Would you like to be that man?" She took a drink.

Bartender: he raised an eyebrow, leaning on the bar, "Give me your number and I'll give you a call." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: She shook her head no a bit. "When's your next break?"

Bartender: "No? Hmm," he glanced at his watch, "Not for another hour and a half."

Angelia: "Then I'll be back in an hour and a half. Alright with you?" She smiled.

Bartender: "Fine with me, dear." he smiled back and leaned back, "Excuse me." he went to get someone's drink.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and finished her drink. She left a tip then left. She walked out of the bar and sighed. What was she going to do for an hour and a half? She just walked the block for the time.

There was a scuffle heard in an alley way.

Angelia: She went to see what was going on. She stayed hidden though.

There was a man dragging something behind a dumpster. It looked like a body.

Angelia: She got closer to see if she could make out the man. She could smell blood, which in turn made her urge to bite worse than it already was.

Angelia couldn't see the man's face. He was wearing a black ski mask. The man rolled the body over and reached into the pockets of the body's jeans and took out the wallet and keys, putting them in his own.

Angelia: She growled softly. She couldn't stand people that steal from others. She came out of her hiding place. "Hey!" She yelled at the man.

The man looked over at Angelia and stood, then took off running in the opposite direction.

Angelia: She teleported in front of the man and smiled. It wasn't a nice smile either. It was a smile that every human should fear. Her eyes were black with hunger.

The man pulled out a gun, "Back off, lady."

Angelia: She smiled again and had him pinned against the wall and the gun out of his hand in a few second. She had him where he couldn't move.

Man: "What the heck?" he tried to get away but couldn't. He watched her, a bit afraid now.

Angelia: She growled softly in his ear. "You should be afraid of the night for you don't know what it can hold." She whispered. "I've very thirsty you see and you're going to help get rid of it." She pulled his mask up to expose his neck and she let her fangs come down.


Angelia: She bit into his neck, hard and painfully. She closed her eyes. She started to drain him, deeply, very deeply.

Man: he was getting weaker by the minute.

Angelia: She didn't even try to stop for she didn't want to, she just kept drinking from him.

Man: he passed out eventually.

Angelia: She drank until there was nothing left to drink. She then disposed of the body, called 911 from the guys' cell phone and just left them on the line next to the body. She headed back to the bar. She was confused for she was still thirsty.

The man was just getting off of work. He walked out from behind the bar and another tender took over.

Angelia: She was waiting outside for him.

Bartender: he walked outside, getting his keys out of his pocket.

Angelia: "Hey. I told you I'd be back." She said when she saw him. She smiled.

Bartender: he smiled when he saw her, "Hi beautiful. Coming back to my place?"

Angelia: "I can if you want me too."

Bartender: he walked over to her, "Come with me then. I'll drive you back later to pick up your car."

Angelia: "I walked here." She walked over him. "Which car's yours?"

Bartender: he motioned to the little black solstice and unlocked the car. He got in the driver's side and turned on the car, rolling down the window, "Hop in."

Angelia: She got in.

Bartender: he reversed the car, backed out of the lot, and drove off towards his house.

Angelia: "You live far from here?" She asked him.

Bartender: "About ten, fifteen minutes, depending on traffic."

Angelia: She nodded and memorized how to get back from his house.

Bartender: "So what's your name, lovely?"

Angelia: "Angel. Yours?"

Bartender: "Angel." he smiled a bit, "I like that. You are an angel, babe. You look like one. My name's Bart."

Angelia: "Thank you, Bart." She smiled.

Bart: he smiled a bit, "Funny, eh? Bart the Bartender? Makes chicks laugh."

Angelia: "Just a bit." She smiled a bit more, biting her bottom lip a bit. Biting her bottom lip and smiling like she was looked sexy.

Bart: he smiled a bit at her and pulled into his driveway. He parked the car and got out. He waited for her, then walked with her up to his door, unlocked it, and walked inside. He took off his jacket and hung it on the rack at the door, then tossed his keys on the table by the door. He also set his wallet and cell phone there and took off his watch and set it there.

Angelia: She looked at the doorway and looked at him. "Why don't we spend time out here? It's a nice night."

Bart: he looked at her, "We can in a bit. I need to do a few things since I just got off work. Want a drink?"

Angelia: "Umm...maybe later. I'll wait out here. Alright?"

Bart: "Alright. Give me a minute." he walked off down the hallway.

Angelia: "Alright." She went and sat on the porch swing.

Bart: he came out a few minutes later with a glass of wine. He sat down next to Angelia on the swing, looking at her.

Angelia: She smiled at him and took the glass of wine from him and took a small drink.

Bart: "Hey!" he smiled a bit, "I asked if you wanted some."

Angelia: "You never specified what you were offering." She pointed out.

Bart: "What did you think I mean?" he got up, "I'll go get myself some since I seemed to have brought the lady her drink." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "I don't know." She smiled. "And the lady thanks you."

Bart: "Excuse me, then, miss." he went back into his house and came out a minute later with another glass of wine for himself, sitting back down by Angelia.

Angelia: She took another small drink as she waited. She looked at him and smiled a bit.

Bart: he touched the corner of her mouth, "Had a bit of wine there." he brushed it off gently.

Angelia: "Thank you." She said softly.

Bart: "So tell me, how a girl like you hasn't got a guy yet. Haven't found the right one?"

Angelia: "Nope. The ones that I usually met are jerks. So far, you haven't turned out to be like them."

Bart: "So far so good, huh? Gotta make a girl feel wanted to make her want you, you know?"

Angelia: "Yeah." She smiled a bit. She thought about Lance for a moment then pushed the thought aside.

Bart: he gently stroked her arm, trailing his finger up and down her arm gently, watching her.

Angelia: She swallowed a bit as she moved closer to him, slowly.

Bart: he leaned down to her.

Angelia: She leaned in the rest of the way.

Bart: he put his hand on the side of her face and kissed her, locking his lips with hers, giving her a deep kiss.

Angelia: She kissed him back for a few moments before breaking it. She turned her face from him for her eyes changed and her fangs came down a bit. She had to take a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm herself.

Bart: he watched her, "What's wrong? You don't like that? We can find something you do like."

Angelia: "Nothing's wrong. It's not the kiss. I actually liked the kiss to tell you the truth." She looked at him after she was in control of herself.

Bart: "Oh." he smiled a bit and leaned in to kiss her again.

Angelia: She stopped him. "Why don't we find something more fun to do?" She smiled a bit.

Bart: he smiled, "Like what, babe?"

Angelia: "I don't know. Have anything in mind?"

Bart: he took her hand, "My bed is very comfortable."

Angelia: "Alright." She smiled.

Bart: he got up, holding her hand. He walked back into his house with her. He took the last drink of his wine and set the glass down on the counter. He walked down the hall with her and opened his bedroom door.

Angelia: She stopped at the doorway. She couldn't get into his house. There seemed to be a barrier that wouldn't let her in. She was confused.

Bart: "Come on in hun."

Angelia: She stepped inside and smiled. "Sorry. I had a moment where I didn't know if I wanted to come in or not." She lied.

Bart: "Are you unsure?"

Angelia: "I was. Now I'm not."

Bart: he took her back to his bedroom.

Angelia: She followed him. She had a plan now. Get him relaxed enough where she could get close to his neck. She'll drain him a bit, just to get her urge to bite gone, and then leave. She would erase his memory of her of course.

Bart: he smiled a bit and took her wine glass from her. He set it on the end table then stepped close to her. He leaned down and kissed her again.

Angelia: She kissed him back, of course, as she made him sit on the bed. She then made him lay back onto bed, her over him. She kissed him until she could feel her fangs about to come down, she broke the kiss again as she softly kissed across his jaw bone.

Bart: he smiled a bit, enjoying it. He placed his hands around her waist, putting them under her shirt.

Angelia: She kissed to the base of his neck softly. She could smell and feel the blood running through his veins. She tried to control herself just a bit longer and failed. Her fangs came all the way down. She hid her face next to his shoulder and moved her body against his softly.

Bart: he moaned with pleasure, sliding his hands up her sides.

Angelia: She placed her lips against the base of his neck. She continued to move against him, trying to get him lost in the pleasure he was feeling and nothing else.

Bart: "Babe, this would be better if we...were naked."

Angelia: "I like to tease a lot. So, you're going to have to deal for now, hon." She whispered against his skin.

Bart: "Mmm, with my jeans on?"

Angelia: "I'll take them off you but I'm not taking anything off at the moment. Alright?" She so badly wanted to bite him, to drain from him.

Bart: "Alright. Should be interesting." he stroked her sides.

Angelia: She kissed his neck softly. She wanted to make sure he was good and distracted.

Bart: by now he was thoroughly distracted.

Angelia: She bit into his neck hard but not painfully. She made sure that she was gentle when she bit him. She drank from him until she was full.

Bart: he may have been distracted, but he still felt the pain. He wondered what it was, "Angel?"

Angelia: After she was full she licked his neck, making sure the wound would close and not be able to be seen. She took a breath. "Yes?" She said after a few minutes.

Bart: "What did you do?"

Angelia: She looked at him, straight in the eye. "You will not remember me. You came home from work, had some wine and fell asleep on your bed." She used compulsion on him.

Bart: he stared directly back at her, "I will not remember you. I came home from work, had some wine, and fell asleep on my bed." he repeated.

Angelia: She redressed him then teleported to the apartments. She felt a strange way. She never felt this way before, she liked it. She teleported up to the apartment and opened the door. "Lance? I'm home." She called into the apartment. She looked around for him.

He wasn't there.

Angelia: "Lance?" She sighed and looked down. 'Lance, I'm home. I'll probably be sleeping when you get home. I love you and good night.' She told him mentally as she changed for bed.


Lance: was at Isadora's apartment just talking to her. He stood, "Angelia's home."

Isadora: She nodded. "Alright. It was nice talking to you Lance. Nice seeing you as well."

Lance: "Same here." he smiled a bit and teleported up to his room.

Angelia: She was laying in bed. She was asleep though. She couldn't get to sleep and she didn't know why.

Lance: he got dressed for bed and went and brushed his teeth then got in bed on his side.

Angelia: "What happened in the living room?" She asked softly.

Lance: "Threw the popcorn bowl and broke the television."

Angelia: "Why?" She turned over in the bed and looked at him.

Lance: he was faced away from her, "Because I suck."

Angelia: "No you don't.

Lance: "I say something out of stupidity, you leave because I don't want to explain something to you I know will upset you. I shouldn't have brought it up in the first place. You didn't tell me where you were going. A ruined a good day we were having. Who knows when that'll be back."

Angelia: She sighed. "Lance, I left to go hunt. I was thirsty. I didn't leave because you didn't explain something to me. That would be stupid of me." She placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hon, we'll have a good day tomorrow. You'll see."

Lance: he shrugged her hand off. "I have work tomorrow."

Angelia: She looked down after nodding. "Okay." She said softly. "Do you wish to be alone right now?" She asked in a whisper.

Lance: "I'd prefer you to shower when you get done draining the men you hunt. My father may have destroyed my nose, but I know your scent, and you do not smell like yourself."

Angelia: She sighed and got up. She got clean clothes. "Do you want me back in here after I'm done showering or no?"

Lance: "I don't care what you do." he said, falling asleep.

Angelia: She nodded then went and took her shower. She then went outside on the balcony. She sat out there for the whole night, she wasn't even tired in the morning.


Lance: he got up and got dressed, "Bye Angelia." he told her, then left.

Angelia: "Bye."


Lance: he came back from work when he was supposed to.

Angelia: She was still sitting on the balcony. She didn't have to work today.

Lance: he didn't say anything to her. He went and took a shower.

Angelia: She watched him then sighed. She looked down at the people below. Silent tears fall from her eyes.

Lance: after his shower he got dressed again. He went into the living room and was going to watch television but saw he had broke it. He sighed. "Great."

Angelia: "There's a new television in the kitchen." She said from the balcony.

Lance: "From where?"

Angelia: "I bought it while you were at work. I don't know how to hook it up so I thought I'd leave that up to you.

Lance: "Oh." he went and got the television and set it up.

Angelia: She stayed on the balcony while he did so. She didn't want to get in his way. She felt like he didn't want her around him right now so she'd just stay out on the balcony and watch the people below.

Lance: "Babe you're going to catch a cold out there."

Angelia: She came in and went to the kitchen and sat at the table.

Lance: he looked at her then sat on the couch when he finished connecting the television. He wondered why she wasn't talking to him but he said nothing.

Angelia: She laid her head on the table. She hated what was going on between her and Lance. She stayed like that for about an hour.

Lance: he got up and grabbed his keys, "I'm going to go see my cousin."

Angelia: "Okay. See you later." She said softly.

Lance: "You don't want to come?"

Angelia: "I didn't know if you wanted me to come or not. You've seemed upset or mad at me since last night."

Lance: "I do want you to come. God Angelia I hate this. How are we supposed to get married if we can't even talk to each other? We don't trust each other."

Angelia: "Lance, I trust you. I just hate it when we hide things from each other. I know there are things that you want to do that you don't want to do with me there. Am I correct?" She looked up at him.

Lance: "Like what? Not recently. I want you in my life all the time."

Angelia: "I don't hanging with Isadora or any other of your friends. I want you in my life always too. We need to set one day aside to talk and just talk. Get everything out in the open no matter if it upsets one another for if we truly do love each other and truly trust each other then we'd be able to forgive and forget. We can't do this constantly if we plan to have children after we get married, it won't be healthy for the child."

Lance: "I know." he paused, "I thought you didn't know who Isadora was?"

Angelia: "I don't but you do. I assume she's a friend of yours and human."

Lance: he grabbed the chair across from the table where Angelia sat and sat down in it. He sighed, "Want to know who Isadora is?"

Angelia: "Yes." She admitted softly, watching him.

Lance: "Over a year ago I went to a club. I wanted to bite someone. This girl was there. I didn't know her name until later. I was mad at you that day. I wanted to do more than bite her. But then I talked to her, and she seemed so sad. I found out her step father beat her. Her home life wasn't very good. I felt bad for her. Then her step father came to the club and was being rough with her." he sighed, "I killed him. She let me bite her. Then she told me she had nowhere to go. I didn't want her going back to a home that would abuse her. So I told her to come here. Her name is Isadora. She lives on the floor below us."

Angelia: "Is this what you wanted to tell me yesterday?" She whispered.

Lance: "No."

Angelia: "Oh."

Lance: "But you didn't know who she was, so I was giving background information."

Angelia: She nodded. "I know who she is a bit more than I did before."

Lance: "You know that girl your parents told you I was with over a year ago? When we had our huge fight, and your parents were involved?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah."

Lance: he wondered if she'd get it without him having to repeat who it was.

Angelia: She sat there for a minute then her eyes widened. "With her?" She sat there in disbelief.

Lance: he took a deep breath and nodded. "Your father caught us in her apartment, sitting on the couch. He yelled. I didn't know this, but, Isadora hasn't left her apartment since that night. She's been terrified of your father hurting her. I guess past memories of her step father."

Angelia: "Oh my." She said softly. She felt bad for her now.

Lance: "I was going to tell you I saw her yesterday, when I came to the diner to see you. She was there. It was the first time she left her apartment since that night." he sighed, "Anyways, I told her not to be afraid of Daray. I don't know if she'll listen or not. I felt bad for her. you know the story behind the girl who's at the hotel, named Isadora."

Angelia: She nodded a bit but didn't say anything.

Lance: "I never liked Tacita as more than a friend. Never kissed her. Other than Isadora the only girls I've kissed were some chicks I don't know the names of who I met while you were gone for three months on Inceneron. We didn't do anything other than kissing. No fondling or anything. The furthest I've ever gone was with Isadora, that night. And she wanted to go further than fondling, but I didn't. I couldn't. Because of you. I kept thinking about you. I love you Angelia."

Angelia: She motioned for him to come over to her.

Lance: he got up and walked over to her. He knelt in front of her.

Angelia: She leaned down and kissed him softly. "I love you Lance. Even though I haven't kissed random guys that I didn't know their names but I have kissed another guy. Last night to be exact. He wanted to go further than we did but I wouldn't allow it. The furthest him and I got was his pants off and him touching my breasts, we kissed as well but I couldn't go further than I did. I wouldn't. He was the only one that I've done that just to drain. The other guy I bit, he killed this man and tried to steal his things. My instincts just took over from the blood of the man that got killed. I couldn't stop myself when I pinned the robber/murder against the wall. I killed him. He was the first...human that I killed just from biting." Tears came to her eyes and spilt over a bit. "I wasn't raised like that." She whispered and looked down.

Lance: "Shhh, hun." he wrapped his arms around her. "It's okay." he comforted her. "You did a good thing. If he was a murderer, he deserved to die. I'm not mad about the man, really. It's fine." he assured her. He spoke softly, hugging her close. "Those are all my secrets. At least, the bad ones. Do you want to know a good one?"

Angelia: "If you wish to tell me." She whispered as she held him close and cried a bit more before she was just hugging him back.

Lance: "The secret is that I've never fantasized about any other women but you, since I've met you." he said softly, "And that is the truth."

Angelia: She smiled to hear that and hugged him closer. "That is a good secret." She whispered.

Lance: "I thought so." he said softly, rubbing her back as he hugged her also. He leaned back and looked at her, resting his forehead against hers. "One day, I am going to marry you. One day we are going to have children together. And one day, all this craziness will be behind us." he said softly, "Because I swear to you now, I promise, with all of my life, that you will be the only girl I ever love. Forever."

Angelia: She smiled and kissed him softly. "And I swear to you now, that you're the only man that I will ever love. Forever and for all eternity. You're the only one that I've ever loved and will. For I am yours and I hope that you are mine. That we are each others. I love you, Lance. I have since the day I've met you and even before then."

Lance: he smiled a bit and kissed her and then just hugged her tight in his arms.


Kathy: she was resting on the couch in the living room of her parents' house, watching television. She still didn't remember anyone. She just knew what her parents told her. But the feelings and thoughts weren't there. Her cuts and scrapes were healing nicely.

Luca: He came to the house and knocked on the door. He waited for the door to be opened. He just wanted to see how Kathy was doing.

Kathy: she got up and answered the door. She paused to remember who she was, "Um...Luca, right?" she smiled a bit.

Luca: He nodded. "Yeah." He smiled back a bit.

Kathy: "Gonna come in?" she stepped aside.

Luca: He stepped inside.

Kathy: she shut the door behind him, "What's up?"

Luca: "Just stopped by to see how you were doing." He smiled at her.

Kathy: "I'm good, I think. Aside from my lost memories. I know what my parents told me, but that's all."

Luca: He nodded. "That's good to a point. Maybe one day you'll get it back."

Kathy: "I'd like that, I think. I mean, memories make a person, you know? Without them, I'm not really Kathy. I don't even know who Kathy is, really."

Luca: "Well, you're Kathy. Maybe pictures would help?"

Kathy: "My parents showed me all the pictures. So I know that I am who everyone says I am. I just don't remember it. Want to sit?"

Luca: "If you want to sit."

Kathy: she smiled a bit and walked into the living room and sat on the couch. "My parents said Angelia, your sister, is my best friend. I don't see how we are best friends. She hasn't called or checked up on me since I was hurt. You're the first visitor I've gotten."

Luca: "I heard she's got a job at the local diner."

Kathy: "That's good. I don't think I have a job."

Luca: "I don't know really."

Kathy: "I think it's good to lose your memories. Then you don't have all the emotions to go with them."

Luca: "I guess so."

Kathy: "Well, it's like this. My parents told me about my ex-boyfriend Dante leaving me for another girl. And I don't care." she shrugged a bit. "It's his loss, really."

Luca: He nodded. "Exactly. You shouldn't because it is his loss. You're a sweet, caring girl. You always have been, even when I was just a kid."

Kathy: she smiled a bit, "It's weird how we're both the same age now pretty much, huh? Well, in looks. Want to know something awesome?"

Luca: "What's that?" He sat down beside her.

Kathy: she whispered to him, "I'm a time traveler."

Luca: He smiled a bit. "Yeah? That is awesome."

Kathy: "I wonder how much traveling I've done."

Luca: "I don't know. You'd have to ask your parents that."

Kathy: "I will." she smiled, "So tell me about yourself Luca."

Luca: "Not much to tell."

Kathy: "Got a girlfriend?"

Luca: "No."

Kathy: "You play basketball and football I heard."

Luca: "Yeah. I'm more of the football star then anything though."

Kathy: "So I'm sure girls want to be your girlfriend. You just haven't found the right one, huh?"

Luca: "Don't know. I haven't really noticed any that want to be. I'm not really looking either."

Kathy: "Oh." she smiled a bit, "I bet that's heartbreaking to some." she paused, "I saw what Dante looked like. I had a picture of him in my room. He doesn't seem like the settle down type anyways to me."

Luca: "I guess so. I don't think girls notice me anyhow. It doesn't matter." He looked at her. "Yeah? I never met him so I wouldn't know."

Kathy: "Really? I would think you did, if I'm Lance's cousin, and Angelia is your sister, who is Lance's girlfriend. And Angelia is my best friend...I'm sure we hung out together." she thought about that, "Unless...unless we don't, because we just think we are best friends but really aren't, as we never spend time together and she doesn't care to visit me."

Luca: "I never really hung out with you and Angelia. I was too busy practicing and all that. You and Angelia hung out a lot. I know that for a fact. She's probably busy working and that. Never know with Angelia." He shrugged a bit.

Kathy: "You think so? Yea, I think so." she smiled a bit, "Anyways, I'm not looking for a boyfriend either so you and I can be loner's together." she giggled.

Luca: He laughed softly. "Sounds like a plane."

Kathy: "My parents went to the store so I was just watching television before you came over."

Luca: He nodded. "Was there anything that you would like to do?"

Kathy: "I'm not allowed to leave the house alone since I don't remember anything."

Luca: "You won't be alone. I'll be with you." He smiled a bit.

Kathy: "Well I don't know what there is to do. But yea," she shrugged, "Fine with me if you want to go somewhere." she shut off the television. "I just need to let me parents know first."

Luca: He nodded. "Alright."

Kathy: "So...where are we going?"

Luca: "We could go to the movies, to the mall, to the park. Anywhere you like."

Kathy: "I'd like to go everywhere! It'd be like seeing it all for the first time." she stood, excited, "Alright, I'll go call my mom." she left the living room and ran to the kitchen and grabbed the phone and called her.

Luca: He laughed softly and stood. He got his keys out o his pocket and waited for her.

Kathy: she came back out to him a few minutes later. "She said I can go, but you have to have me home by dark." she looked for her jacket and when she saw it she grabbed it. She slipped it on, as she did, looking up at him, "My, you're tall."

Luca: "I'll have you back by dark. Promise." He smiled a bit. "Usually the guys are taller than the girls."

Kathy: she rolled her eyes a bit, "There's time when they aren't." she smiled.

Luca: "True."

Kathy: "So are we going to go or just stand here?"

Luca: He laughed softly then opened the door for her.

Kathy: she stepped outside, "Have I met your parents before?"

Luca: "Yep. They love you by the way.

Kathy: "Why?"

Luca: He shrugged.

Kathy: "Do you love me?" she giggled, "Nah. Just joking. Hey, nice car."

Luca: He laughed a bit. "Maybe like a sister but other than that. No." He looked up at his car and smiled. "Thanks."

Kathy: "I bet I felt the same with you like a brother." she got in the car.

Luca: He shrugged. "Maybe." He closed her door then teleported into the driver's seat. He started the car.

Kathy: "Besides, with Angelia as my best friend, that'd be weird if it was anything more. You don't like your best friend's brothers."

Luca: "Of course."

Kathy: "So where to first, chauffer?"

Luca: "You decide." He looked at her.

Kathy: "The park, maybe?"

Luca: He nodded and drove to the park.

Kathy: she went with him and had a good time. She enjoyed being outside.

Luca: He was glad that she had a good.

Kathy: she spent the day with Luca, going places and doing things with him until it was dark and time for her to be home.

Luca: He took her home and walked her to her door.

Kathy: she hugged him, "Thanks Luca. It was fun. We should hang out again when you aren't busy with school or practice and running away from girls."

Luca: He hugged her back. "You're welcome Kathy. I'm glad you had a good time." He laughed softly. "I'm sure we will soon."

Kathy: she smiled, "Bye Luca." she went into her house.

Luca: "Bye." He then left her house and went back to where he was staying.

When Luca got his mail, there was an invitation in it.

Luca: He looked at the invitation and read it

It was an invitation for Kristy and Brian's wedding that was going to be in November.

Luca: He smiled a bit. He'd go. But he wondered how they got his address.


Lance: he smiled to himself. Tonight was his and Angelia's nine year anniversary. He had something special planned for tonight when they went out to dinner.

Angelia: She just got home from work a few hours ago. She worked the morning shift that day so her and Lance could spend the day and night together. She was in the bathtub. She was taking a bubble bath. Her hair was up in a messy bun. She didn't want to get it wet.

Lance: he had called and made all the arrangements while she was at work. So right now he just chilled out, watching television. Or at least he tried. He was a bit anxious.

Angelia: She came out of the bathroom about an hour later. She just had a towel on, her hair still up in a messy bun. She went out to the kitchen on opened the fridge. She took out a soda and opened it.

Lance: he looked over at her, unable to help it. He smiled a bit when he saw her bend over to get a soda out of the fridge. The towel wasn't wrapped around her that well. Which was great for him.

Angelia: She shut the fridge and walked back towards the bedroom. She remembered that this was their ninth year anniversary but she thought that they were just going to chill at home tonight. Watch movies and that so she was going to change into something comfortable.

Lance: "Hey babe." he looked at the time. He shut off the television and teleported to the bedroom.

Angelia: "Hmm?" She looked at him as she took another drink.

Lance: "I made reservations at a hotel tonight. Nothing too spectacular like our other anniversaries. Hope that's okay."

Angelia: "That's fine." She smiled a bit. "As long as I'm with you."

Lance: "Of course. Where else would you be?" he smiled a bit, "And it's a restaurant too, so...dress nice for that, then pack a little overnight bag or something for the hotel."

Angelia: She smiled a bit more. "Alright. I'll be ready in about ten minutes."

Lance: "We don't have to go for another hour. So you can take your time."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She walked over to the closet and started to go through the few dresses that she had.

Lance: "Hmmm...want me to wear a suit...or a tux?"

Angelia: She looked at him. "Well, how nice are we talking about?"

Lance: "Well the place certainly isn't around here."

Angelia: "Alright. How fancy is this place?"

Lance: he smiled a bit, "Let's just say...I maxed like...three credit cards...which were new before."

Angelia: "Wow. Tux then, love." She smiled then went back to her dresses. "Long or short dress?"

Lance: "Long. It's more elegant."

Angelia: "Alright."

Lance: he got up and went into the closet and grabbed his tux.

Angelia: She was still debating on what to wear.

Lance: he set his tux on the bed then grabbed a pair of underwear and teleported to the bathroom. He got in the shower. When he was done with his shower, he shaved and put on some after shave, and then some cologne.

Angelia: She got out a dress. It was covered with a bag to keep it nice. Lance hasn't seen this dress yet so she thought she'd wear it tonight. She smiled a bit and went to the dresser and got out a pair of underwear then put them on. She then just put a robe on.

Lance: "Not sure the temperature in the place we are going...but we'll be inside. So...I don't think it matters."

Angelia: "That's alright. I don't think I'd care." She smiled. "You done in the bathroom?"

Lance: "Almost." he fixed his hair and came out of the bathroom. "Yea. Go do girly things."

Angelia: She smiled and laughed softly. "Thank you." She kissed his cheek then went into the bathroom. She fixed her hair up in a bun, curls coming from the bun and she put on some make up not much. Just some lip gloss and eye shadow, liner and mascara. She then walked back into the bedroom. She still had her robe on.

Lance: he was dressed in his tux already, then packing his clothes for the night.

Angelia: She packed her things then looked at the time. "What time do we leave?" She looked at him

Lance: "Five fifteen. Dinner reservations at 6."

Angelia: She nodded and looked at the time again. She still had time to just relax. She'll put her dress on at 5:05.

Lace: he finished packing his bag and went and took it down to the car.

Angelia: She finished packing her bag soon after and set it out in the kitchen. She couldn't take it out to the car for she was in her robe.

Lance: he came back up and grabbed her bag and took it down to the car. Then he stopped. "Crap." he left her bag on the table and teleported down to the car and got his bag and brought it up again. He set it by hers. He sighed. He was anxious so much he was forgetting things.

Angelia: She was putting some final touches to her hair and then went back into the bedroom. She opened the bag and put it on. Her dress was purple, strapless and there was a slit that came up to her top mid thigh. It wasn't a tight form fitting dress but it was close to it. She sat down on the bed and slipped on her high heel shoes that had no straps but the one that went over the top of her foot. She then stood and went over to her jewelry box. She opened it, got out her purple ear rings out and put them in. She smiled then grabbed her coat that looked like one of the dress coats. She walked out to the living room.

Lance: he looked over at Angelia when she came out. He smiled and for some reason, he blushed. "You look...magnificent babe."

Angelia: She smiled. "You haven't seen the whole dress yet, love. You'll blush more when you do." She kissed his cheek.

Lance: "Pshh...nah. I don't blush." he picked up the bags and held them in one hand and took her hand. He had his coat on already. "Ready?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes." She held his hand and smiled more.

Lance: he teleported them to stand just outside the doors of the President Wilson Hotel, in Geneva, Switzerland. He walked up to the door and a doorman opened it for them.

Angelia: She looked around the place as she walked into the hotel. She smiled as she looked around. She's never seen such a place. She looked at Lance. "I thought you said nothing too spectacular like our other anniversaries."

Lance: "Well it doesn't rank to a hot balloon, in my opinion."

Angelia: She smiled and kissed his cheek. "It's a beautiful place."

Lance: he smiled a bit and walked up to the counter. He told the concierge who the name on the reservation was, and nodded when she asked him if it was the Royal Penthouse Suite.

Concierge: "A bell hop will escort you." she motioned behind them.

Bell Hop: he came up to them, "Let me take your bags, sir." he took the bags from Lance. "This way, please." he walked towards and end of the hall to a private elevator made specially to reach the floor of the penthouse. He stepped inside.

Lance: he followed, still holding Angelia's hand.

Bell Hop: when the doors were closed, he pressed the button to take them up.

Angelia: "The Royal Penthouse Suite?" She whispered as she looked at him.

Lance: he smiled a bit and nodded, looking down at her. "It's our anniversary..." he blushed again and kissed her forehead.

Angelia: "You're blushing a lot today." She said softly as she smiled again. She laid her head on his shoulder.

Lance: "I am not." he defended himself, speaking softly.

Angelia: "You're face says different." She brushed his cheek softly with her thumb.

Lance: he grabbed her hand softly and held it in his, he laughed a bit, "Must be the lighting."

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open to reveal the Penthouse Suite. It was an entire top floor of the hotel. There were four bedrooms, six bathrooms, mosaic marble flooring, a cocktail lounge with a view of a water fountain, and a terrace which overlooked the city below them through bulletproof glass. Lake Geneca and Mount Blanc could be seen through the window. The view was spectacular. There was a billiards table in the living room, and even a library stocked with books to read. The dining room was able to sit 26 people around a large, oval mahogany table. The suite was decorated in a contemporary style with marble and hardwood flooring. It was large enough to accommodate 40 guests at a time.

Bell Hop: "There you are sir and madam. Is there anything I can get you two?"

Lance: "No thank you. We are fine for now."

Bell Hop: he nodded and set the bags in the room.

Lance: he stepped out of the elevator with Angelia. He took out his wallet and gave the Bell Hop a one hundred dollar tip, as customary here.

Bell Hop: he tipped his hat, "Thank you sir." he then pressed a button on the elevator to take it down.

Lance: he turned around to face the hotel suite and then looked down at Angelia. He smiled a bit. He'd be working his butt off for who knows how long to pay this off. But it'd be worth it. He couldn't help but smile.

Angelia: She looked around in amazement. She was speechless. She looked up at him.

Lance: "So...pick a room, babe."

Angelia: "Which one is considered as the master's bedroom?" She whispered as she looked around the suite.

Lance: "I'm not sure..." he picked up the bags and walked to the door at the back wall. He opened it and looked inside, "To me, everything is master." he looked back out at her.

Angelia: She smiled and followed him. "Of course it is." She unbuttoned her coat and started to take it off. She looked around as she took her coat off.

Lance: "There's this room...or three others."

Angelia: She nodded and laid her coat on the bed then walked out of the room. She looked around the rest of the suite.

Lance: he set the bags on the bed, watching her walk off. He smiled. She did look beautiful. Ravishing, actually. He followed her after a minute.

Angelia: She was over by the window, she was looking out at the city. She was amazed at the view. Tonight was so amazing so far. She couldn't wait to see what the rest of the night was going to be like.

Lance: he walked up behind her and put his arms around her and leaned his head down and kissed her shoulder gently. He pressed his nose to her skin to smell her, his eyes closed. "Mmm."

Angelia: She smiled and leaned against him. "So what else is in store for tonight, my love or is a surprise?"

Lance: "You will see." he whispered on her skin. "I will not tell you beforehand."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Alright." She smiled and closed her eyes as she leaned against him.

Lance: he kissed her neck, "I love you. Very much." he whispered.

Angelia: "As I love you very much." She whispered back.

Lance: "I'm glad." he chuckled and leaned back. "Getting hungry?" he looked out the window.

Angelia: "Yeah."

Lance: he looked at his watch, "We can go now, if you want."

Angelia: She nodded. "Now is fine with me. How about you?" She looked at him.

Lance: "Yep." he stepped back and took her hand, walking with her to the elevator. He pressed the button then let go of her hand and took off his coat and set it on the couch. Then he stepped into the elevator when it came up.

Angelia: She walked inside too. She watched him with a smile.

Lance: when they got to the bottom floor he stepped out with her. "It's a restaurant in the hotel. That okay?"

Angelia: She nodded. "That's fine."

Lance: "I heard it's really nice." he put his arm around her and walked into the restaurant and up to the podium. "Table for two. Strong." he told the man.

Man: he smiled, "Oh yes. Mr. Strong and Miss Aleron. It's a pleasure. Right this way." he grabbed two menus and then led them to the table by the window.

Lance: "Thank you." he pulled out Angelia's chair for her and after she sat, he pushed it in, then took his seat.

Man: he handed them their menus, "What would you like to drink?"

Lance: "Wine, please." he looked to Angelia as he opened his menu.

Angelia: She looked out the window for a bit then looked at the menu. "I don't know what to get." She looked up at him.

Lance: "They have flavored alcoholic drinks if you want."

Angelia: "Umm...can I get a strawberry tequila mix please?" She looked up at the man.

Man: he nodded, "Yes ma'am." he bowed and then left to get the drinks.

Lance: he looked down at the menu, of which had no prices. He knew it wouldn't. Expensive restaurants never did. He picked out a dinner to eat.

Angelia: She looked over the menu, trying to find something that sounded good. She found something and decided to have it.

The waiter came over with the drinks, pouring Lance his wine and giving Angelia her strawberry tequila mix. "Are you two ready to order?"

Lance: "Yes sir." he told him what he wanted.

Angelia: She told him what she wanted and smiled kindly.

Waiter: "Very good." he excused himself and left.

Lance: he smiled at Angelia.

Angelia: She smiled back. "This is wonderful, hon."

Lance: "You think so? I'm glad. I tried."

Angelia: She nodded. "Well, you did an amazing job." She smiled again then took a sip of her drink.

Lance: "Is that good?" he asked about her drink.

Angelia: She nodded. "Want to try it?"

Lance: "Sure." he took a sip of her drink, "Mmm, it is good." he smiled a bit. He tapped his foot under the table.

Angelia: She looked under the table. "Impatient about something, love?"

Lance: he stopped, "What? No. yeah...I mean...I want dessert." he smiled, "But that comes after dinner."

Angelia: She looked at him but nodded slowly and smiled back.

Lance: "They have a pool here too. We could go swimming."

Angelia: "I didn't bring a swimming suit. I could buy one here. You know like a souvenir from Switzerland?"

Lance: "Sure. I'm sure the hotel sells them."

Angelia: She smiled a bit then looked out the window. "It's so beautiful." She whispered after a few minutes.

Lance: "It doesn't compare to you."

Angelia: She looked at him and blushed. "I'm not as beautiful as the stars in the sky on a clear night." She whispered.

Lance: "But I am not spending my life with the stars in the night sky. No matter how beautiful they are, you are the most beautiful thing in my life."

Angelia: She smiled and blushed more.

Lance: he smiled, "Now you're the one blushing."

The waiter came back with their dinners and placed them before them.

Angelia: "Thank you." She said when the waiter set her dinner in front of her.

Waiter: "You're welcome Miss. May I get you anything more?"

Angelia: "Not right now, thank you." She smiled kindly at him then looked at Lance.

Waiter: he looked to Lance, "For you sir?"

Lance: "No thank you."

Waiter: "You two enjoy your dinners." he bowed and then excused himself and left.

Angelia: She started to eat her dinner. "This is really good."

Lance: "It's supposed to be. For this price, I hope so." he started to eat.

Angelia: She smiled and continued to eat her dinner until it was gone.

Waiter: he came back to take their plates, "Do you need a refill on drinks?" he asked as he took the plates.

Lance: "I've got my wine." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "No thank you. One is enough for me."

Waiter: he nodded and excused himself.

Lance: he poured himself more wine, humming.

Angelia: She watched him, smiling.

The waiter came back a few minutes later with dessert for them both. He set something in front of Angelia, and something in front of Lance. Then he left.

Angelia: She looked down at it then took her fork and took a small piece from the dessert.

There was a little piece of paper in the dessert. She could see the edge of it after she took a bite.

Angelia: She looked at the dessert then pulled the piece of paper out of the dessert without making a mess.

There was writing on the paper. It read; "Will You Marry Me?"

Angelia: She took in a breath after reading what it said then looked up at Lance.

Lance: he smiled a bit at her and got up out of his chair and walked over to her. He knelt down by her chair, "Babe, you know that feeling of joy little children get when their parents give them candy? That feeling of affection teenagers get with their first kiss? The excitement anyone gets when their given a gift that they've always wanted?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes." She whispered, watching him.

Lance: "I get those feelings times ten, whenever I see you. When I kiss you. When I hold you." he said softly. "Sometimes, I think of what my life would be like as another man. Like...the one sitting at a table near us. How he gets to see you from afar. The shoulder-less dress tonight. The high slit. Mmm, babe. It's enough to drive any man crazy. And I think, I would love to be that guy to just sit and stare at you. To go home and fantasize about you. But then I laugh, because that's all other men get to do is think about you. When I go home, I go home with you. I get to wake up beside you. I don't just fantasize. My fantasies are a reality, and it's only because of you. They can only be filled by you. I wish to always wake up with you beside me, I wish to always hold you. And I wish for you to always be mine." he pulled a small black ring box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a small bronze band with intertwined gold. The shape of the band had imprinted design on it that looked like fall leaves. In the center was a diamond. "Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Angelia: Her breath caught and tears came to her eyes. She looked at him and nodded yes. "Yes. A million times yes." She smiled as happy tears fell from her eyes and down her cheeks.

Lance: he smiled and slipped the ring on her finger, closing the box and putting it in his pocket. He kissed her then hugged her tight. "Thank you."

Angelia: She kissed him back and hugged him back. "You are most welcome, my love." She whispered as she closed her eyes. This was the happiest moment of her life so far.


Lance: after dinner, Lance took Angelia back up to the Royal Penthouse Suite. He picked her up as if he was to carry her over the threshold of the room when the elevator doors opened. He walked into the room with her and carried her back to the bedroom they had set their things in. He set her down on the bed and kissed her deeply. His passion and want for her was overwhelming right now.

Angelia: She kissed him back as she started to take his tux off him. She wanted him probably just a badly as he wanted her. She did wrap one of her legs around his waist to pull his body closer to hers.

Lance: "Babe?" he whispered to her as he leaned back just a bit, opening his eyes to look at her.

Angelia: "Yes?" She whispered back, looking back at him.

Lance: "Now that I've proposed to you...and got to do it my way...we can connect ourselves we did when we were 16. I'm ready for that, if you want it."

Angelia: She smiled and nodded. "I want it. I have since then." She said softly and admitted softly.

Lance: "We can still have a big wedding if you want, even after."

Angelia: She nodded. "I would like that."

Lance: he leaned down and kissed her again, pressing her back onto the bed, breathing in deeply through his nose for air. His kisses were passionate.

Angelia: She kissed him back, one of her legs around his waist, her breathing deep. She kissed him back passionate and deep

Lance: he grabbed her leg in his hand, sliding it down over her thigh, under her dress. He loved the feel of her skin. He loved the smell of her. The taste of her. As he kissed her, his fangs came down.

Angelia: She kissed him back then tilted her head back a bit and closed her eyes as she felt his hand slide over her skin. She was breathing deeply.

Lance: he kissed over her chin and down to her jaw and delicately kissed across the jaw bone up to her ear. Then he nibbled on her ear a bit, his fangs pressing against her skin. They didn't hurt her. But she knew they were there.

Angelia: She smiled when she felt them. She tilted her head to the side a bit to expose her neck more to him. She wanted this but she wants to try something else while they connected once again.

Lance: he moved down to her neck and kissed her neck gently before he bit into her.

Angelia: She tensed at first then relaxed, she then felt her own fangs come down.

Lance: after a minute he pulled his fangs out of her skin and licked the wound closed. Then he just licked her neck up to her ear. He let his fangs retract.

Angelia: She shivered from excitement and was breathing deeper than she was before. She then had him laying back onto the bed, her on top of him. She kissed him hard and passionate then she softy kisses across his jaw to his ear and started to whisper sweet nothings to him before kissing down from his ear, down his neck. He could feel her fangs with each kiss even though they were soft and gentle. She stopped and bit into him.

Lance: he enjoyed it. He knew what the bite meant this time. And he knew he wanted it. He wanted this with her. And he wanted it with her forever. He loved Angelia. He had made stupid mistakes in the past, and he hoped to never make them again. Angelia was his life. He couldn't see himself without her.

Angelia: She gently pulled away from him and licked the wound closed. She kissed him and moved one of his hands to the back of her dress, to the zipper. She then entangled her fingers in his hair as she kissed him more.

Lance: he slowly unzipped her dress as he kissed her, and then let the dress fall down around Angelia's body, exposing her skin...her breasts. He ran his hand up the smooth of her back.

Angelia: Her breath caught a bit as he did so. She removed his shirt from him. She pressed her body against his as she kissed him.

Lance: he held her close, held her tightly. He never wanted to let her go. She was his woman...his soon to be wife. He was deeply, madly, and truly, in love with her.


Angelia: She was getting ready to leave to go to work then she had to go to the doctor's office right after work. She didn't tell Lance that she had to go to the doctors, she would tell him afterwards. She came out of the bathroom and grabbed her coat. "I'm leaving for work, hon." She grabbed her purse and car keys.

Lance: "Alright." he came out and kissed her lips, wrapping his arms around her. Then he kissed her neck, where he bit her the year ago the night he proposed to her and she accepted him. He leaned back, "I'll stop by for lunch and we can eat together."

Angelia: She kissed him back then smiled "Alright. I'll see you at lunch then." She kissed him again then teleported down to her car. She then got in and drove to work.

Lance: at lunch time, he came to the diner to eat with Angelia as he promised. He walked into the place and heard a familiar voice.

Kathy: "Lance! Hey! Over here!" she smiled and waved him over to sit with her. She was drinking her hot chocolate as she sat at a booth. She wanted to drop by to see Angelia too. Over the past few years she had spent some good time hanging out with Luca, talking to him, learning about everyone. She spent some time with Angelia, and ever some with Lance. Thankfully, she avoided Dante all together. Or perhaps he was avoiding her. She didn't really care. Her memories were still not back, but she was getting by in life with what she knew now as she learned from it, and she was fine with that.

Lance: he smiled a bit and walked over to her booth and sat with her, "Hi Kathy. How are you today?"

Kathy: "I'm doing great. What brings you here?"

Lance: "To see Angelia."

Kathy: "Of course." she smiled, "Same here."

Lance: "Really?"

Kathy: "Yea. I want to find out when the wedding is and ask about it. Memories or not, I'm still her best friend so I should be a bridesmaid. Maid of honor, if Amelia isn't given the position."

Lance: he laughed a bit, "Um, you'll have to ask her that. I don't know." but then he thought about who he'd have to be groomsman. He didn't really have any friends.

Angelia: She was waiting on someone at the moment and she looked a bit stressed. "I'm sorry sir. I'll make sure they get it the way you want it." She took the food and walked away from the table. She sighed and went back into the kitchen.

The man could be heard complaining about how bad the service was here and how the waitress doesn't seem to know what she's doing.

Lance and Kathy both looked back and watched what was happening.

Angelia: She came back out with the food and placed the food in front of him. "There you go sir." She went to walk away but was stopped by him grabbing her wrist. She looked at him. "Is there something else I can get you sir?"

Man: "The fries are cold and I don't want this anymore."

Angelia: "Alright, what would you like then sir?"

Man: "I don't want anything because the service here sucks and I don't think you know what you're doing. I wouldn't doubt it if you're new here and this is your first day." He still had a hold of her wrist.

Angelia: "Actually sir, I've been working here for over a year or so now."

Man: "I would like to talk to your manager." He stood.

Angelia: "Very well, this way sir." She showed him the way to the manager's office.

The man went in and was in there for about twenty minutes, during that time Angelia was cleaning up other tables and taking things back to the kitchen to be washed and thrown away. She looked extremely stressed at the moment.

Lance: he got up and walked over to Angelia, he put a hand on her back, "Hey babe, it's okay."

Angelia: She looked at him and sighed. "That was the third meal that he ordered and then complained about."

Lance: "Then he's just looking for trouble. I'll handle him." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: "Don't do anything stupid. Alright?" She then heard her name and looked towards the managers' office. She looked at Lance then walked over to the managers' office. The manager closed the door.

Man: He smiled a bit then left the diner.

Lance: he turned and followed the man outside, "Hey!"

Man: He wasn't to be seen anywhere.

Lance: he sighed and went back into the diner. He sat down at the table with Kathy, waiting for Angelia.

Angelia: She came out and grabbed her coat, purse and keys. She didn't have her name tag anymore.

Kathy: she stood, "No, no, no." she walked back to the room, "Manager?"

Manger: She looked up from her desk. "Yes?"

Kathy: "Did you fire Angelia?"

Manager: "Yes. You don't have to worry about her anymore."

Kathy: "But I only ate here because of her. If she's fired, I'm not going to be a customer anymore."

Manager: "That's one customer I'd have to lose." She looked down at her paperwork.

Kathy: "Actually, it's more like...ten. Plus my family, who I will tell about this place, and they won't come, and their families who won't come. So that's like...100. Average. If not more. I don't know what that man told you, but Angelia didn't do anything wrong. If you keep anyone out of this place it should be him, for ordering food and complaining about it so he wouldn't have to pay for it. That's just making your company lose money. However, if you're willing to fire one waitress and so make you lose 100 must be in the business to lose money anyways so I'm sure you don't care about that." she shrugged.

Manager: She continued to fill out her paperwork on her desk. "That man has been a customer here longer than Angelia has been here." She looked up at Kathy. "Also, most of my waitresses that work here have contracts that they sign. Angelia's contract ended yesterday. I just called her in today because my other waitress is sick. Angelia wasn't really fired, she was let go. Thank you for your concern, miss, but I know how to run my business and I need no one else's help. I've run this business for thirty years now. You may leave now. I have work to do." She looked back down at her paperwork and started to work on it again.

Angelia: She walked out to her car and got in it.

Kathy: "I don't think your business will be around much longer. And if you knew how I knew that, you'd believe me." she turned and left the office, seeing Lance walk out the door after Angelia.

Lance: "Going home? You're in a hurry to leave. Did you say hi to Kathy even?"

Angelia: "No. I was busy and I didn't even know she was here. If she was sitting in a booth then I wouldn't have been waiting them. I also won't be waiting tables anymore. I got let go." She got in her car.

Lance: "Angelia babe, I'm sorry."

Angelia: "Not your fault. He's complained about me every time he came here. I should have expected it sooner or later. I'll see you at home, love." She started her car.

Lance: "You don't want to do something with Kathy and I since you have the day off now?" he pointed behind him to Kathy.

Angelia: "Well, I had something to do after work but that's not until 4:30. I still have another hour and a half until then. I'll meet you at home. I need to change out of this."

Lance: he smiled mischievously. "Keep it...we can role-play."

Angelia: "I plan to keep it. I paid for it. I still need to change out of it if I plan to do something with you and Kathy."

Lance: "Alright. We'll follow you."

Angelia: "Follow me home?" She looked at him a bit confused but then shrugged.

Lance: "Yea why pull three cars around if we'll all be together anyways?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. We can get in one car when we get back to the apartments."

Lance: "Alright." he walked back to his car.

Kathy: she waved to Angelia then went to her car.

Angelia: She waved back and smiled a bit. She then backed out of the parking space and drove home.

Lance and Kathy followed.

Angelia: She got out of her car and teleported up to the apartment. She changed into some jeans and a nice but comfortable shirt.

Kathy: she parked her car then got out of it and got in the back of Lance's car as they waited for Angelia.

Angelia: She came down a few minutes after and got in Lance's car. "Ready." She smiled a bit.

Lance: he smiled and reversed out of the drive and turned onto the road, "So where to?"

Kathy: "Not sure." she laughed, "Just thought it'd be nice to hang out."

Angelia: She smiled and laughed softly. "Where ever is fine with me."

Lance: "There's a concert at the park today. Playing all day." he suggested.

Angelia: "That sounds like fun." She looked back at Kathy. "What do you think?"

Kathy: she shrugged, "Sounds good to me."

Lance: "Alright. That's the plan." he drove them towards the park.

Angelia: She nodded then looked at the time. She was just checking to see what it was.

It was a little after twelve.

Angelia: She looked a bit confused. She must have thought it was later than it was earlier. It sure felt like it was later then twelve. She looked out the window.

Lance: he drove them to the park and parked the car. He shut it off and got out. The music could be heard from the gazebo.

Angelia: She got out too. She looked around a bit. She hasn't been to the park for a while. She smiled slightly then looked at Lance and Kathy. She was waiting for them.

Kathy: she ran up to stand by Angelia. "Don't worry. Next week the diner isn't going to be there."

Lance: he walked over to Angelia.

Angelia: "Okay?" She looked a bit confused as she started to walk over to the gazebo.

Kathy: she put her arm around Angelia's, "One of the new waitresses forgets to shut off the stove and it catches fire. They'll need to fix the damage."

Angelia: "Oh." She laughed. "Hey, they deserve it." She took a hold of Lance's hand with her free hand. She smiled.

Lance: he held her hand and smiled at her, "Feel like dancin'?"

Kathy: "Indeed."

Angelia: "Always." She smiled back at him.

Lance: "Excuse us Kathy." he told her, and pulled Angelia to the dancing floor set up in the park on the grass. He danced with her.

Angelia: She danced with him too. She had a good time.

Lucian: He spotted Kathy in the crowd and smiled a bit. He didn't know who she was but he was going to find out. He walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder.

Kathy: she looked over to see who touched her shoulder, "Yes? Can I help you?"

Lucian: "I was wondering if you would like to dance."

Kathy: "I like to dance with people I know the names of..."

Lucian: "I'm Lucian." He smiled a bit. "What's your name?"

Kathy: "Kathy." she smiled a bit, "I'd love to dance."

Lucian: He smiled a bit more then held out his hand for her to take.

Kathy: she took his hand and walked with him to the dance floor.

Lucian: He started to dance with her.

Kathy: "I think this is my first dance."

Lucian: "Really?" He smiled a bit. "I'll have to make sure that you have a blast here so you'd want to come back."

Kathy: "To the park?"

Lucian: "When they have concerts here."

Kathy: "Do they have them often?"

Lucian: "They have a lot more towards summer."

Kathy: "Well, I'll be sure to come if I remember."

Lucian: "Maybe we can go together. I could come and pick you up."

Kathy: she smiled more, "'d need to know where I lived first."

Lucian: He nodded. "Yeah. Perhaps you could tell me your address or I can give you my number and explain how to get there from the local diner or somewhere."

Kathy: "I can give you my number for address I will need to see...because I go between two."

Lucian: He nodded and took out his phone then handed it to her.

Kathy: she stopped dancing and looked at his phone and went to his contacts and added her number and name. She handed it back to him. "There you go."

Lucian: He smiled and took it back. "Thank ya. here with anyone?"

Kathy: "My cousin and his girlfriend. You?"

Lucian: "Just a few buddies of mine. "

Kathy: "Awesome. Having fun?"

Lucian: "Yeah. Are you?"

Kathy: "I am." she smiled a bit, "With my best friend, my cousin, and I met a new friend."

Lucian: He smiled. "I'm glad we met, Kathy. You're...normal compared to my other buddies."

Kathy: she laughed, "Really? Why do you say that?"

Lucian: "Because my other buddies go crazy at these things and just act all weird."

Kathy: "Where are they?" she tried to locate crazy boys.

Lucian: He pointed up towards the stage. "There." There was a group of three boys that were going 'crazy' and acting all weird, just like he described.

Kathy: "Hmmm...interesting." she laughed. She looked at Lucian, "How come you aren't like that then?"

Lucian: He shrugged. "Don't know. My mother always said that she raised me better than that and the environment I was in until I turned twenty. I moved out here about three years ago."

Kathy: "Oh? From where?"

Lucian: "Romania."

Kathy: she gasped, "Really? No way...why'd you move?"

Lucian: He laughed softly. "Yes, really. I wanted to see what the American life was like. I can tell you's not like how everyone back in Romania says it is."

Kathy: "How is everyone back there?" she paused, "I mean, how is it different here?"

Lucian: "Well, there's more freedom than I expected there to be. Cars, electric, not having to worry about not having food and not having to constantly hide during the day and sneak out at night to find food."

Kathy: "Is it like that over there?" she couldn't believe that. She looked a bit shocked.

Lucian: He nodded. "Well, at least where I lived. I don't know about the rest of Romania."

Kathy: "Where did you live?"

Lucian: "Right outside of Transylvania."

Kathy: "Dracula lived there."

Lucian: He smiled a bit. "Vampire folk lore. Dracula never existed."

Kathy: "Shhh." she silenced him, "Don't you know, when you say you don't believe in vampires one drops dead. Just like fairies."

Lucian: He laughed a bit. "I never said that I didn't believe in them. I just said that Dracula never existed." He leaned in closer to her. "I know for a fact that they exist for I can tell if a person is one or not." He motioned over to Lance and Angelia. "The girl over there, she's a Snyde so is the boy but he's only half."

Kathy: she crossed her arms, looking at him suspiciously. "What makes you think that?"

Lucian: "The way they move."

Kathy: "Hmmm? How can that be a give-a-way?"

Lucian: "They move differently than humans. Watch them for a few minutes then watch how the people around them move. You'll see that they move a bit faster than the others."

Kathy: she glanced back at them and then looked back at Lucian. "I think you're full of it."

Lucian: "Don't believe me? Watch them then."

Kathy: "First of're weird."

Lucian: "How so?"

Kathy: "For thinking Dracula never existed."

Lucian: He smiled slightly. "He didn't. Vlad the Impaler was the figure that made the whole Dracula thing. Look it up."

Kathy: "Already did. I've met him before."

Lucian: "You can time travel." He didn't sound too surprised about that.

Kathy: she was feeling a bit uncomfortable, she held out her hand, "Can I have your phone for a moment, please?"

Lucian: "Why?" He didn't move to take his phone out of his pocket. He looked up and over to where his buddies were at. "I'll be right back." He pushed his way through the crowd up to the three boys. He stood there and talked to them a bit. The three boys nodded and reached for something in their back pocket. Kathy couldn't see what it was for people got in her view.

Kathy: she watched him, looking worried. She went over to Angelia and Lance quickly. She grabbed Angelia's arm, "Let's go." she whispered to her.

Angelia: "Why? You're not having fun?" She looked at her as she continued to dance with Lance.

Kathy: she held her arm tighter, "No. The guy I was dancing with knows you're a Snyde and that Lance is half. He guessed I'm a traveler. He's freaking me out Angelia. Please, can we go?" she almost begged.

Angelia: She stopped dancing. She looked at Lance. "A hunter." She whispered.

Lance: he nodded and looked for where Lucian was.

Lucian and the three boys were gone.

Angelia: "We need to leave. Like now." She pulled Lance and Kathy to the car.

Lance: he didn't need to be pulled. "Let's teleport. That's faster. I'll get the car later."

Kathy: "It's not fair! I sort of liked him I think!"

Angelia: She nodded then looked at Kathy. "I'm sorry Kathy. Hunters do that. They're nice, kind and hit on you until they get what they need from you." She hugged her. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Lance: "Hug later. Leave now." he grabbed Angelia's arm and teleported with her back to Angelia's house. "Arya!"

Kathy: she had hugged Angelia when she hugged her. She sighed when they vanished. If he was a hunter, he wouldn't kill her. She wasn't a Snyde. She looked around the park scene from where she stood. At least he didn't get her address. She teleported to her own parent's house.

Arya: She came out of the living room. "What is it? What's wrong?" She looked worried as she looked between him and Angelia.

Lance: "Apparently there are hunters here."

Arya: "Daray!" She called upstairs then motioned them to come into the living room.

Daray: he appeared downstairs, "What?" he spotted Angelia and Lance. He smiled, "Hi guys."

Lance: he nodded to him then walked to the living room with Angelia.

Daray: he followed them into the living room.

Arya: She followed them in. "Now what's this about hunters? They should be wiped out."

Angelia: "Dad, can I talk to you alone for a few minutes?"

Lance: "Well...Kathy..." he paused, "Where is Kathy?" he looked to Angelia.

Daray: "Sure."

Angelia: "I think she's still at the park. If not then back home." She stood and walked out of the room and teleported up to his office. She looked around it a bit, remembering things. She laughed a bit, this talk was going to have a bit of irony in it.

Daray: he looked to Arya, "You need me?"

Arya: "I thought I did but Angelia needs to talk to you. She's a bit more important at the moment than I am." She smiled a bit then looked at Lance. "Anyway, continue."

Daray: he teleported up to his office, "What's up dear?" he asked Angelia.

Lance: "Anyways," he looked to Arya, "Kathy got asked to dance by this boy. Don't know his name...but apparently he knew Angelia and I were Snydes, guessed she was a traveler, and then like...left."

Angelia: "Do you remember the talk that you had with Lance and I when we were sixteen in here?" She looked at him.

Arya: "Did this boy have others with him or was he alone?"

Lance: "He was with a group I think."

Daray: "Possibly? I had a lot of talks."

Arya: "A group. He's more than just a human hunter than. Human hunters don't travel in groups. They travel alone so they don't have to worry about protecting the others that are with them, they'd be able to focus on our kind."

Angelia: "The one about waiting for kids?"

Daray: "Oh. yeah." he thought about that, "I just didn't really want me teenage daughter having children when she's a child herself."

Lance: "What do you mean more than just a human hunter?"

Angelia: "I know that." She smiled a bit. "Dad, I think I might be pregnant again. I'm suppose to go to the doctors today at 4:30 to make sure."

Arya: "I mean that these hunters have abilities, that they're not human themselves. They could be anything."

Lance: "That's not good."

Daray: he smiled, "Honey that's great." he went over and hugged her tight. "I'm happy for you two."

Arya: "No it's not."

Angelia: She hugged him back. "Thank you, Dad. Lance doesn't know yet. I haven't told him because I wanted to make sure first."

Daray: "Alright." he stepped back, still smiling, "Well, be sure to let me know if it's a sure thing or not."

Lance: "What are we going to do?"

Angelia: "I will. You'll be the first to know...well, after Lance that is." She smiled back.

Arya: "Just go about your daily lives. They can't attack without a reason. It a training thing, for both human and non-human hunters."

Lance: "Training thing?"

Arya: "It's how they were trained."

Lance: he sighed, "Well, good. Then we won't give them a reason, right? What's a good reason to attack?"

Daray: "Sounds good. Your mother will be happy to know too."

Arya: "Killing a human and harming a human unwillingly."

Angelia: "I know she would be, but don't tell her until I call you about it. Okay?" She looked at the time.

Lance: "Unwillingly?"

Daray: "Alright. I won't." he promised.

Arya: "Like, the human struggles against you."

Angelia: She smiled a bit and hugged him again. "Thank you. Oh, did I tell you that Lance and I are getting married?"

Daray: "Yes honey...about thirty times since last year." he chuckled.

Lance: "So if it's willingly, they'll leave me alone?"

Angelia: "Oh." She blushed out of embarrassment.

Arya: She nodded. "You need to find donors or something."

Lance: "I don't think either I or Angelia attacks humans anyways so...we're good. No need to worry I guess."

Daray: he smiled, "It's alright. Got the date set yet?"

Arya: She nodded. "Alright."

Angelia: "Five months from today." She smiled and got a bit excited.

Daray: "If you need help with any of the set up let us know. Your mom and I will pay for it." he was glad to see her so excited.

Lance: "I'll have to let Kathy know that."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright but you don't have to pay for it. I'm sure Lance and I can pay for it. I just need to find another job before then."

Daray: "Your mom and I will pay for it."

Angelia: She sighed a bit. "Fine and...thank you." She smiled a bit.