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Daray and Arya

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Killing Me Softly With His Love...

-Book One

"Even when you try to hide, you are easily found."

-Daray Aleron

Daray: "Even when you try to hide, you are easily found, Arya." He chuckled and leaned against the door post. He watched the scene before him with amused eyes, the pupils' tinted bright red in the shallow light around his face.

Arya: turned to him and smiled, "Maybe I make it easy for me to be found by some people. So let me're here to kill me."

Daray: chuckled, looking at the ground, his hands in his black jeans pockets, "No, no, Arya. You know, I feel honored to be a part of this group of 'some people' you let find you. It makes my heart swell with joy." He looked up at her with black eyes.

Arya: "Then why are you here?" she glared at him with her bright red eyes.

Daray: "We can't very well talk about that in front of...people." he motioned to Abigail and Lorenzo who were on the floor. "Perhaps privately." He put his hand back in his pocket.

Arya: "You can't speak in front of another Snyde?" she motioned to Abigail.

Daray: "Nope. Be stubborn Arya." He snapped his fingers and Arya and Daray were on the tallest building of New York City behind a clock of a clock tower. "Tick tick Arya. Here that sound of the clock?" he paused to listen and a smile crossed his face. He glanced sideways at the clock and then back to Arya, "That's the sound of you, wasting my time. Or maybe it's the sound of your heart until the hunters catch up to you. Snyde or not, Arya, you are a wanted girl." He smirked at her and leaned back against the inside of the clock face.

Arya: "I am not wanted as you think I am, Daray. I'm just in something that Master Aro doesn't want me to be in because someone else that he knew or still knows is in it too. The reason I'm being hunted is so they can take me back to Italy for me to stand in front of Master Aro, Master Caius and Master Marcus and pledge my undying loyalty to them and them alone." She sighed and took a deep breath before continuing. "That's why I'm always running and hiding. So they have to keep chasing me and it bugs me to think of what the heck I'm going to do to get rid of them. I'm also helping a dear friend in the process. So if you weren't here to kill me...why are you here?" she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him, waiting for an answer. "You can now tell me since we are privately talking and since you unwillingly took me here to New York."

Daray: "You may think they are just chasing you. But you'd be surprised. I've followed them. Let me just warn you to keep on running. I'm here to...hmmm...let me think about that..." he smirked at her, not answering purposefully.

Arya: "I know why they are hunting me. You don't need to help or warn me about running because I plan on to keep on running, and no one is going to stop me. Not even Snydes." She said; her voice strong. She was irritated, but what she spoke was the truth.

Daray: laughed, "Oh, Arya, I'm not here to help or warn you either." In one swift moment he pushed open the cement door behind him that he had cut out of the tower prior to this visit. It revealed a straight drop from the tower to the paved road below where the sounds of many cars bustling and people in the streets talking could be heard from above. The cover of the darkness clouded the eyes of the humans below from seeing what was going on so high up in the clock tower. He looked down below, "Where's your boyfriend, Arya? You running from him too?" he smirked again, and it was evident on his voice as he spoke. He enjoyed irritating her, and it was easy to do.

Arya: "That's none of your business." She sounded defensive and almost growled.

Daray: "I'll take that as a 'He's not around' or, 'I don't have a boyfriend.'" He grabbed Arya's arm and pulled her to the opening of the clock tower, leaning her forward. He held onto the back of her shirt to keep her from falling out. " must do something for me." He said, almost whispering. He knew she could hear. Even with all the sounds of New York around them, Snydes had excellent hearing.

Arya: she struggled the way there and gasped when she was out in the air. "And...and what's that?" her voice shook.

Daray: "Actually, why ask you. Let's just do it." He pulled her back into the clock tower and teleported back to Arya's house. He grabbed Abigail and teleported both of the girls with him back to his house. He released them both and stepped back. He smiled at them.

Arya: "I hate when people do that." She looked at Daray, more like glaring at him. "So why are we here?"

Abigail: she looked around and then looked to the floor. She had a feeling that she was going to be held against her will here but at least Lorenzo wouldn't find her...she hoped.

Daray: "You two are going to live with me. I get lonely." He pretended to pout. At the same time he put a shield up around his house so no one could get in or go out, unless they knew the password to disable the shield. He sat down on the couch and relaxed. "That's okay, Arya. You didn't like me anyway." He smiled at her.

Arya: "I never said I didn't like you!" she growled.

Daray: "Go make me dinner."

Arya: she went into the kitchen after trying to find it and rolled her eyes and sighed. She looked around and sighed again, trying to figure out how to 'make dinner'. She went over to something and stared at it, not knowing what to do. She's used to everything being done for her except when she hunted.

Man: stands behind her, "Cooking and being a slave is hard, isn't it?"

Arya: "Yea, if you have no clue on how to work any of this...stuff." she looked around at the stove, fridge, and other home appliances.

Man: "Then I guess it's a good thing you don't have to work them."

Arya: she turned around and looked at the man, "I have to. I can't get out of here. Daray has this shield that can't be put down or disabled unless you know the code."

Man: smiled, "I can fix that."

Arya: "We have to get Abigail out too."

Man: "We will."

Arya: "Okay. When are we leaving?"

Daray: "Never." He walked into the kitchen and stood between Arya and the man, "What are you doing here and how did you get in? Leave now. Arya is mine. You can take Abigail. All she does is stand there looking dumb anyways."

Arya: looked at him and then to the man, "Take Abigail to her daughter's foster parent's house. They'll know what to do."

Daray: turned and kissed Arya. At the same time he latched a bracelet on her wrist. He leaned back and smiled at her, "Now you CAN'T leave without my permission, or else you die and NO ONE but I can release it." He turned to glare at the man before leaving back out to Abigail. "Abigail, before you leave, you need to rub my feet." He sat back down on the couch and relaxed again.

Arya: she growled at Daray and looked at her wrist. She sighed and sat on one of the chairs that are in the kitchen. After a few minutes, she got up, unable to stand it anymore. She paced the kitchen floor. The man had left, and she knew Abigail was probably gone by now too.

Daray: watched Arya, a smile on his face. He finally spoke, "Now I'm hungry AND bored."

Arya: looked up and glared at him, "I'm sorry that you are so." She lied. She wasn't really sorry.

Daray: "Having problems?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

Arya: "No."

Daray: sighed, "Are you hungry? Because I am." He spoke as he walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge.

Arya: she just glared at him, not speaking.

Daray: "Fine then, starve to death." He pulled out some food items from the fridge, put a pot on the stove and turned on the heat.

Arya: "See, you can cook your own dinner. You don't need me. So let me go." She said bitterly.

Daray: turned to look at her, "Do you need sugar? Because your words sound bitter. I can help with that."

Arya: "No!" she growled. "You are a total jerk! No wonder you're living alone! Also maybe that's why you're single!"

Daray: looked appalled, "I am not a jerk! I just offered to help you and I offered you food before. You're the jerk for refusing my hospitality." He turned back to the stove and filled it with water so it could get warm. He waited for it to start to boil.

Arya: "Your hospitality is horrible! You're keeping me here against my will! You treat me like I'm your slave, but I'm not! I bet you already know that but I'm a pureblood Snyde and I do as I wish. I don't do what others tell me." She tried to calm herself and sighed, "Look, Daray, I can't stay in one place for too long. It drives me insane. Also, I can't cope with being like this." She held up her wrist that has the bracelet on it. "If you wanted me to stay all you had to do was just ask." She said calmly and with no bitterness or regret of saying what she just did in her voice.

Daray: "If I was keeping you as a slave, would I offer to make you food? I think not. Excuse me for not being the best host. But it's not like I get guests often." He looked at her for a brief moment before turning back to his food, "You're a little liar anyways. Like I am supposed to believe you would stay..." he shook his head and chuckled.

Arya: "I don't eat food anyway, and for your information, the reason I don't like being in one place for very long is because I don't feel safe." She looked down and whispered, "But I feel safe here, though, that's what I would stay. I don't need this on me." She sighed then turned, not facing him. "Maybe I'm just wasting my breath on trying to explain myself. To me, you're just like the rest of them." She walked out of the kitchen without looking back at Daray.

Daray: smiled, "My kiss WAS that good." he finished making his food and walked to the table in the kitchen to eat it.

Arya: "I heard that and no it wasn't!" she yelled from the other room and then a door slammed.

Daray: sighed, "Arya come here. Stop being a stubborn girl."

Arya: still stays gone.

Daray: "You think you're a slave here then start acting like one! Get your butt out here baby doll!"

Arya: she still stays in the room she's in.

Daray: sets his food aside and goes to the room she's at, letting himself in and shutting the door behind him.

Arya: she's sitting in a corner, her head on her knees and her arms around her legs.

Daray: walked over to her and knelt down in front of her. He ran his finger from her shoulder down the length of her arm lightly and stopped at her wrist where he pinched the bracelet there between his fingers. "I'm watching you girly." He said as he pressed his thumb against the metal of the bracelet and it unlatched. He pocketed it, though keeping his eyes on her. He expected her to just try and leave now, though he still had the shield up that prevented people from teleporting out or teleporting in. So he did not fear her teleporting away. At least, while they were in the house. Even if she did run away, he'd just catch her again. But he realized it would not be as fun as the first time. He watched her for a moment longer in silence before he got up and returned to his food, finishing eating in silence. Oh, how he had grown to hate silence in this house. Silence meant loneliness. Which was probably why he liked Arya so much. She was never silence. She always seemed to have something to say, or something to complain about. And when she didn't on her own, that's when he would enjoy getting her riled up so she would talk. It gave him pleasure, though he knew it annoyed her. He couldn't help but smile as he ate his food.

Arya: she stayed in the corner for a few minutes before looking up and looking at her wrist where the bracelet used to be. She smiled to herself slightly. Even though she can run away now, she didn't want to. She was safe and she probably always would be if she stayed with Daray. She sat there staring at the door thinking for a few minutes and then got up and walked into the kitchen. She stopped in the doorway and spoke softly, "Thank you Daray. And I have a question to ask you. If I'm going to be staying here, how am I going to eat?" she hoped that he understood what she meant about her eating. Then she remembered that he should know what she meant because he knew she was Snyde.

Daray: "When the hunters go to sleep tonight, I will leave with you to catch some food." He snapped the bracelet on his wrist after taking it out of his pocket. He spun it around his wrist for a few times watching it. It was the same bracelet he had just taken off of Arya a few moments ago. He took the last bite of his food and took the dish to the sink. "Do you at least know how to wash dishes? Or do I have to do that myself too?" he asked Arya after staring at his dirty dish in the sink for a few moments.

Arya: "Okay. Thank you...again." she watched him. "I think I can do those...if not then you'll have to do them yourself. I'm sorry I'm so useless." She tried not to smile.

Daray: "You're not useless...I mean, you have some uses. For instance, kissing me is one." He smirked at her as he turned on the tap water to run the water over the dish in the sink.

Arya: "I'm not kissing you." She glared at him.

Daray: "That's alright. I get enough kicks kissing you. You don't have to kiss back love."

Arya: "You're not going to kiss me either. If I have to then I'll stay away from you."

Daray: "That's kind of hard since you're in my house. I know the lay of it better than you baby doll."

Arya: "Fine. I won't be in the same room as you."

Daray: "You kind of are...right now." He smirked again.

Arya: she stepped out of the kitchen, "No I'm not." She smiled.

Daray: followed her, "Yes you are."

Arya: "You're a jerk."

Daray: "I know." He pulled her arm and yanked her to him and kissed her again.

Arya: pulled away and slapped him across the face. She then walked into a different room and slammed the door.

Daray: sighed and went and shut off the sink water. "Women are so temperamental." He went to the living room and sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV.

Arya: she had her back against the door and stared into the room. She was trying to be mad at Daray for kissing her again without her permission but she couldn't get herself to. She touched her lips with the tips of her fingers then closed her eyes and kind of slammed her head back against the door and sighed.

Daray: hearing the loud bang her yelled into her, "Please don't get blood on my paneling!"

Arya: she rolled her eyes. "And if I do?" she yelled back.

Daray: "I'll force you to kiss me again AS you clean it."

Arya: she smiled, "You can try, and I don't see that happening."

Daray: opened up the room door, "Right." He knelt down by her, "Because you'll be so engrossed in the kiss you can focus on nothing else. It's alright..." he leaned closer to her face, his hot breath tickling her cold skin, "I don't blame you." He whispered huskily, a smirk on his face. He kept his eyes on her lips. He could totally kiss her right now...but he was testing something first. Did she stop him because she hated the kiss, or did she just stop him because she felt she was supposed to?

Arya: she shivered but she wasn't cold. She watched him carefully, not moving just yet. Having him so close to her like this, inches away from them being able to kiss. Her breathing had quickened a little because she wasn't used to having a guy this close to her. She wondered why she did slap him in the first place. She then placed a hand on the side of his face and brought her face up to his and kissed him.

Daray: kissed her in return. He pressed Arya against the door; after a few moments he leaned back, a smug smile on his face. "I knew you liked it."

Arya: "I didn't at first. That last one convinced me." She said softly, "I might do that more willingly if you stop being a jerk towards me and let me stay here but let me come and go as I please. I can't stand being held inside all the time. If you let me come and go, I promise I'll be careful when I'm on my own and to return back here when I'm done with whatever I'm doing." She looked at him hoping he'll agree to her requests. She promised to come and she will. She would have returned anyway even if she didn't promise. She liked it here. She was beginning to like Daray anyway, even if he is a jerk. She liked getting on his nerves and starting arguments with him.

Daray: "How about when I make sure the hunters are away? Because they will kill you." He paused, "I'm sure you can find entertainment in here..." he smiled, "Why leave?"

Arya: "Only when the hunters are away, I will come and go as I please. And how am I supposed to find entertainment with you here?"

Daray: focused on when she used the word will, "Are you telling me what you will do in my house?" he chuckled dryly, "I don't think so." He rolled his eyes, "How do you think? Kissing is high entertainment for me, and I bet for you too." He leaned forward to steal more kisses from her and her soft, full lips.

Arya: pushed him away. "Yes I am since this will be my home for now until the hunters are either killed or they are gone for good." she said firmly. "I'm not going to be your prisoner." She pushed him away from her and got up and walked out of the room.

Daray: stood and walked after her, "Excuse me...your home?" he grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around to face him. "Not even my prisoner of love?" he smirked.

Arya: "Yes, my home unless you are having me sleep outside, which by the way...I wouldn't mind." She pulled away from him, "And yes, not even your prisoner of love." She turned and walked away from him again.

Daray: "But you'd like it! You know you would!" he called from where he stood.

Arya: she continued to walk away, trying to ignore him. She sighed when she came into a different room from where Daray is at.

Daray: followed her, "We can go for a test run..." he suggested.

Arya: "A test run?" she looked at him confused.

Daray: smiled, "Yes." He said as he caught up to her. "To see if you really do like being my prisoner of love or not."

Arya: "I'm not your prisoner of love. How can I be your prisoner of love if we are not in love?" she crossed her arms and glared at him.

Daray: "How do you know I'm not in love already? Maybe for you it's a work in progress..." he went to kiss her again.

Arya: pulled away from him again, "Are you though? I'm not going to fall in love with you. So you can just forget that."

Daray: pressed her against the wall, a hand on either side of her head against the wall. His face was close to her hers, "Wanna bet?"

Arya: "Yes." She said breathlessly.

Daray: he leaned close enough to where Arya could feel his warm breath against her lips, "You're breathless. That's a start." He smiled, looking down at Arya's lips. His were only a half inch away from hers. He leaned closer until the skin was almost touching. Opening his mouth to speak, his voice came in a whisper to further define the moment. "The hunters are asleep." He said, and leaned back abruptly, dropping his hands, and leaving Arya cold once again without his warm breath on her face. He turned and walked to the front door, opening it and stepping out. He clapped his hands twice to release the shield. Then he stepped onto the grass.

Arya: she felt a little weak, but then got herself together. Then she followed Daray. She pushed past him and took a deep breath of the air and sighed, "I'm going to go hunt." And then she left by running off.

Daray: he pulled out his cell and watched the little tracker device move as it followed the signal coming from the tracker he had slipped on Arya when they had kissed long that one time ago. Now he would know if anything happened to her by what the dot on his phone showed. No need to chase after her. He walked slowly in the direction she ran off in. If he stayed far enough behind he wouldn't disturb her hunting technique. Though...'that might be fun'. He thought to himself, and picked up the pace.

Arya: caught herself a few things and was already heading back to the house when she caught a familiar scent. It didn't smell like Daray. It was one of the guards that were sent after her to take her back to Italy. She ran towards Daray's house, hoping she would be able to get inside before they caught her.

Daray: smirked as he watched her come closer. "You just can't stand to stay away from me for long. I see. I'm flattered. Don't worry. I'm not going ANYWHERE."

Arya: ran past him not saying anything and ran into the house and shut the door behind her and then accidentally ran into Daray's room and shut that door and locked it and then sat in a corner, watching the door.

Daray: walked into his house, wondering what got Arya all freaked out. SHE locked the door behind him and put up the shield. "Arya!" he called out, wondering also where she went. He saw his bedroom door closed and walked over, trying to turn the handle to get inside but found the door locked. She was totally in there. He smiled and stepped back as an idea hit him. Releasing the shield, he left back outside and rounded the house to his bedroom window. That was always unlocked. Pressing his palms to the glass, he pushed it up, and climbed right into his room silently and then slammed it shut behind him. He put the shield back up by clapping twice.

Arya: she growled as she attacked the person that came through the window. She kept the lights off so if someone got in they couldn't see her. She pinned him to the floor as she growled again. She went to rip his throat out when she caught Daray's scent. Fear and embarrassment hit her. Fear that she hut him and embarrassment of her growling and pinning him to the floor. She smiled to herself though. She had him punned, and an idea hit her. She bent to where her face was against Daray's neck and she opened her mouth and her fangs, which were already drawn, pressed against his skin. She so badly wanted the red liquid, but it's been a long time since she's had any red liquid other than natural, and she was wondering if she should continue. She was holding herself back from puncturing his skin but her body wanted to react to her true nature, to react to what she really is.

Daray: "I like this view." He said from where he lay beneath her, not startled at all. He knew Arya had always wanted to jump him. Plus, she was easily frightened.

Arya: she gave into her craving and bit into Daray's neck.

Daray: "Hey're inside me."

Arya: she relaxed as she drank deeply. She somewhat smiled to herself and closed her eyes.

Daray: "I feel like I'm completely at your mercy. Sweet..."

Arya: she unwillingly pulled away and got off of him. She walked over to the window and looked out it. She wanted more but she didn't want to hurt or kill him. She was a prisoner of this house. Can't go out during the day and she knew she couldn't go out during the night. She was imprisoned in the house, maybe for the rest of her life. Her head dropped, looking at the floor now, as she sighed. "I'll never be free again." She whispered to herself sadly. She walked back over to the corner she was in and sat with her back to the wall and placed her head on her knees. She started to cry softly.

Daray: wiped at his neck. He sat up slowly, hearing her cry, "You know, I just put the shield up to keep the hunters out, not keep you in. You can leave during the night if you wish, as long as you return in the day because it is more dangerous then. And anyways..." he pulled his phone out again, "I've got a tracker on you so I know where you are. And if anything happens to the dot, I know something happened to you, and I know. Come to your rescue. Like a knight in shining armor." He winked and crawled closer to Arya, "Don't cry, okay sweetie?" If you knew half the things I knew you'd understand I am only doing this to protect you." He knew she needed red liquid, and now hunting at night was her chance to get it.

Arya: "No. I can't leave during the night. The guards from The Great Ones are out there. They almost caught me tonight. I'm imprisoned in this house." She wiped some of the tears away, "Why are you protecting me anyway? I'm a Snyde, I've done horrible things. I should die for the things I've done." She looked depressed now.

Daray: "I can go with you, and then you don't have to worry. As long as you let me catch up with you. You run so fast." He smiled slightly, "Oh. That's why you were running so fast back to my house. I'm glad you feel safe here. You know...if you want," he paused a moment to think about something, "I can make sure you are protected all the time, even when you leave here, and even when I am not around you. I have this thing." He scooted closer to her and leaned against the wall beside her. He hesitated a moment but then put an arm around her waist comfortingly, "You don't deserve to die, Arya. This is why I am trying to protect you so much. You're special. Snyde or not, everyone has done horrible things. Even me." He chuckled, "Hard to believe, I know. But you've just got to focus on the fact that you've done great things too. Focus on the good, not just the bad. I know about you Arya, that's what I you a lot." He kissed her cheek lightly, "Please don't be depressed." He smirked, "Don't get sad, get mad!" he watched her.

Arya: "I haven't done anything good...that's the point I'm trying to get across." She looked at him. "I don't want something protecting me." She looked down, blushing slightly, "Maybe you were right about..." she trailed off, wondering if she should continue or wait and see if Daray got what she was trying to say.

Daray: "I think what you've done is good. And if you don't want something protecting you, maybe you want someone?" he paused, "Right about what? Oh, I dearly love being right." He smirked.

Arya: "Yes." She blushed more. "You don't have to rub it in." she kind of glared at him, "Oh, sorry about the bite."

Daray: "Well, I'll be happy to protect you as long as I get due payment."

Arya: "Due payment? What payments are you talking about?" she kind of looked confused, though she had an idea of what he meant.

Daray: smiled, "What do you think?" he kissed her cheek again, moving his lips to her ear to nibble on her earlobe as he whispered; "You don't have to be sorry for biting me. As long as you don't mind it when I bite you..." he smiled slightly. His bite would be different though. He didn't have fangs and he didn't drink the red liquid. If he bit her neck, he probably wouldn't even break the skin. But he wasn't looking to do that. "After all, I liked it. It was from you." He still whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her skin.

Arya: she shivered with excitement, but kept herself under control. "You mean kisses." She said sort of breathless. "Did you mind me feeding from you though?" she said the same way, but didn't move or look at him. She wondered if he'd let her do that all the time. Maybe not every day but a few times a month, or whenever he would let her. She liked drinking from him. She could feel how he was feeling at the moment. When she usually fed all she would feel was dear, but Daray was different. She didn't feel fear from him. Maybe he was right...again...about her doing some good things. Then she realized that she didn't kill Daray from drinking the red liquid even though she hasn't had any red liquid for a long time. She forced herself off him so she wouldn't kill him. Was she getting too attached to a human? Was she falling in love with a human? She didn't understand the emotions she was feeling towards Daray, or even why she was feeling this way towards Daray. Those emotions were foreign to her and she was becoming frightened. Very frightened.

Daray: "Yea, kisses and more..." he whispered back, "No, I don't mind if you feed from me. I told you I liked it."

Arya: "And more? What more could there be?" she looked at him a little confused. Then it hit her. She didn't say anything about it. She wanted to hear what Daray was thinking.

Daray: sighed, "You moved you head and now my lips can't kiss your ear." He leaned back.

Arya: "Sorry." She kissed his lips instead of moving back to the way she was. "Better?"

Daray: smiled slightly, "Yes." He pushed her against the wall and leaned back, "Are you frightened Arya?"

Arya: "Of you? No. Of my emotions? Yes." She said breathlessly.

Daray: "You should be afraid of me."

Arya: "And why is that?"

Daray: "Because I like you a lot."

Arya: "And I you." She blushed.

Daray: smirked, "Oh, really? Let's see." He picked her up in his arms, and holding her as he stood up, he turned around to his left and walked the few paces to his bed. After all, Arya had run into his bedroom. Though she didn't realize mentally, was her subconscious telling her something? He chuckled to himself. She wasn't afraid of him now, but would she be? He decided to test her. He set Arya down on his bed and pushed her to lay back. He leaned over her, the smirk still on his face. He bent down to her lips, continuing to kiss her; his kisses growing more passionate by the second.

Arya: her breathing picked up a little as she tried to figure out what he was doing. She kissed him back, starting to get frightened of what he was going to do. After awhile she pushed him off her and got off the bed and went to the door, "You stay away from me." Her voice shook a little.

Daray: stayed back when she pushed him off, "Sure. Let's see how long THAT lasts." He laughed and walked past her out of his room and down the hall into the living room. "Told you you're scared of me." He flung himself over the back of the couch and sat down on it, still smirking. "Was nice while it lasted." He commented as he laid back, his head on the arm rest as he let his eyes slide closed. He laughed, his eyes still closed, "So much for 'lo...liking.' me." He quoted her. "Apparently you can't hold an emotion for long. Or you just never really knew how you felt from the beginning." He sighed in a smug way and then was silent as he tried to relax, laying back and his eyes closed.

The doorbell rang.

Daray: "Answer that, will you Arya? I'm busy right now." He said, not changing his position on the couch.

Arya: "I'm good." she said from the kitchen, "Oh, by the way, I'm not scare of you; just what you were going to do. I'm not used to these emotions, thank you very much. So sorry for not knowing what to do." She sighed and spoke softly to herself. "I know what I'm feeling. I just don't know how to deal with it."

Daray: "Answer the door. It's for you anyways. It'd be a waste of my time for me to answer it."

Arya: "I said I'm good."

Daray: "You want me to keep you safe, so answer the stinking door. I'm trying to relax here."

Arya: she sighed, frustrated and then went and answered the door. "What the heck do you want?"

Daray: "Geez. Grouchy."

It was a small box with a name tag on it that read, Arya. On the top of the box it said in bold black letters;

"Do Not Open."

There was not one there at the door. It was just the box. The box was about the size of a coffee container. It was wrapped in brown paper tied with a white string.

Arya: picked it up and walked into the living room and threw the package at Daray, "Here." She walked back into the kitchen and sat in one of the chairs.

Daray: "Apparently when you're grouchy you can't read. My name is Daray. This package says Arya." He threw it over the back of the couch and closed his eyes again.

Arya: "I don't care!" she growled.

Daray: "You're ungrateful and grouchy."

Arya: "I'm not the one that's forcing people to do things." She snapped back.

Daray: "That's why I got you a present." He pointed over the couch to the box on the floor all without opening his eyes. "This way you have no reason to complain."

Arya: she sighed, "Then why didn't you give it to me on your own instead of having me get it by myself? A real gentleman would have done so. But I guess you're not a gentleman." She smiled to herself. This was fun, tormenting Daray...well, more like arguing with him constantly. It gave her something to do since she was stuck inside all day and night. She got up and walked to the opening that lead into the living room. She leaned against the wall, silently watching Daray.

Daray: "I guess not." He muttered, acting tired. "It's more fun doing things in a round-a-bout way. Don't you think?" he opened one eye to look at her. "I thought you were staying away from me. So quit watching me. I mean, I know you can't resist me and all but at least TRY to stick to your words." He moved his hand back to his side.

Arya: "Fine." She headed towards the door. "I'll go."

Daray: "Don't forget your present." He mumbled, "Don't go far."

Arya: "I don't want it." She snapped, "You can keep your freaking present." She went to open the door.

Daray: clapped twice and released the shield. "I don't think I'll have much use for it, but okay."

Arya: she opened the door and walked out. She slammed the door behind her.

Daray: fell asleep because of the peace and quiet.

Arya: she climbed a tree and silently jumped onto the roof of Daray's house. She hugged her legs against her chest, put her head on her knees, and sighed. "Why does he have to be such a jerk? Why can't he be a gentleman or at least treat me like a person and not someone to toy with? I like him more than I told him...he knows that I do...I think. I guess it was nice of him to get me a present but he treats me like a slave, servant, or a prisoner! I'm going insane! I can't fall in love! I've seen what has happened to Snydes that fall in love with a human. They get hurt. Both of them." She thought to herself about this. "I can't let Daray get hurt. Not because of me." She spoke softly to herself. She silently jumped off the roof and opened the door quietly. Silently, she walked over to Daray and smiled slightly to herself. This smile was sad. She kissed his lips softly without waking him. Then she left, leaving nothing behind except a note for Daray, which lay on the table in front of the couch.

Daray: woke up about an hour later, maybe a little less. As he sat up he saw the note on the table. Sliding it off the table and into his grip, he tore the top part of it off to open the envelope, took out the note, and read it, clearing his throat as he tried to clear his mind from the fog of sleep.

The note said:

My Dearest Daray,

I'm sorry for this but I don't want you hurt. I couldn't bear to see you hurt. I will see you again, I promise. I have to run and I know that you will always know where I'm at. I will come back to you. I promise this too, and I never break a promise. Give me time to return after my business that I have to attend to. Until then, goodbye.

~With Love,


Daray: sighed and crumpled up the note. He took out his device that followed the tracker on Arya. He set it on the coffee table and watched it, making sure she stayed safe until her return here.

He had his own business to attend to, and before Arya returned, he went and met with the hunters. Not the ones Arya knew from The Great Ones that were following her, but the ones he followed. The ones who wanted Arya dead.

When Arya did come back, Daray was spitting blood out from his mouth and rinsing it with water. He had a few bruises on his face from where he had been punched when he got beat up.

Arya: "Daray?" she walked through the door of his house.

Daray: "What?" he asked from the bathroom, standing over the sink.

Arya: she walked to the bathroom, "Daray?" she said softly.

Daray: "Welcome back." He shut off the sink water.

Arya: "Thanks." She actually sounded like she meant it.

Daray: "Mhm." He turned to face her. "If you're expecting me to strip and take a shower while you stand there...well...okay." he smiled and then stopped and winced because it hurt.

Arya: "Daray...what happened?" she sounded worried.

Daray: "I was having fun while you were gone."

Arya: "You're hurt. Let me help." She moved towards him.

Daray: "Okay." He smirked, he didn't stop her.

Arya: she went over to him and carefully helped him take off his shirt after starting the water in the shower. "How badly are you hurt, love?" she said softly, trying to see the damage that had been done to him.

Daray: "Oh, you're calling me 'love' now? should go on business trips more often." He sat on the ledge of the tub. "But, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not hurt." He turned his face to watch the water running from the tap into the tub. He had a few bruises on his sides, near his rib. One area was especially bad and when Arya touched it even lightly, he sucked in a breath and winced. It was cracked. He coughed and cleared his throat to cover up the fact that he sucked in a sharp breath and winced.

Arya: "Do you not want me to call you that?" she looked over him, "Don't lie. You so are hurt. I can see it. Especially here." She barely touched him where it was. "I can't fix it but I can wrap it and take care of you until it's done healing on its own. I'm sorry for leaving when I did, I could have helped you." She was looking down, blushing.

Daray: " Ever since I kept you save rather than turning you over to the hunters, they were bound to beat me up soon. I let them get it over with. Glad to have it done while you were gone. It healed...some. Ad no, I don't mind. But you only call people love that you love."

Arya: "And your point is what exactly? Your cracked rib is going to take longer than your bruises, love." She's now looking at him.

Daray: "I know. I have nice abs, right?" he smirked.

Arya: "Yes. Now I should go so you can get your shower. I'll be either in the living room or kitchen." She kissed him softly and then left the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Daray: "I'm too beat up to shower by myself. It hurts to move!" he called out to her.

Arya: opened the door, "I was going to wash your clothes and make...well, try to make you dinner."

Daray: "Eh. Who needs clean clothes and dinner when I've got you?" He attempted a smile.

Arya: she came in and shut the door behind her, "Okay."

Daray: "Really?" he raised an eyebrow.

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Ummm...never mind."

Arya: she hid a smile, "Okay. I'll be in the kitchen trying to make you dinner." She turned to leave.

Daray: got in the shower before she left.

Arya: shut the door behind her and went to the kitchen.

Daray: came out later, freshly shaved and smelling like Old Spice. A towel was wrapped around his waist. "Having fun burning stuff?" he smirked. His damp hair was falling over his left eye.

Arya: "Actually, I haven't...burnt anything yet." She smiled at herself.

Daray: "Very nice. I'm...a professional cook. It's nice to see you...try."

Arya: "Yes." She set a plate in front of him. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes were on the plate. "I'll understand if it's not good."

Daray: "I'm sure it's fine. See...I knew you couldn't stay away long."

Arya: "I wasn't planning on it. I say things that I don't mean when I'm frightened, scared, or angry."

Daray: "So you...were angry that I kissed you?" he dipped his finger in the mashed potatoes and licked it off.

Arya: "No, not angry."

Daray: "Oh, but Arya doesn't get scared."

Arya: "I didn't say I was scared...just frightened a little."

Daray: "Good or...bad type of frightened?"

Arya: "Both..." she blushed with embarrassment.

Daray: "Well...I won't do it again." He picked up the plate and sat down at the table. "Unless you give me permission, or ask me to."

Arya: "You can do it anytime you want. I don't mind so much anymore...I guess you can say I liked it."

Daray: "Well...that's no fun." He took a bite of his food.

Arya: "But I might fight or push you away at times." She smiled to herself.

Daray: "Yea...but that'd be playfully."

Arya: "So what you're saying is...that you want me to be like I was before...but not?"

Daray: "Nope. You be however you want. But if you are still falling for that quick, I'm going to have to step up the jerk factor on my part." He smirked, taking another bite.

Arya: "I'm not falling for you that quickly. I still think you're a jerk and that you need to learn how to treat women better. You should feel grateful that I even came back and that I cooked you dinner, which it seems you like. Also, I planned on doing your clothes." She turned away from him and started cleaning the things she dirtied, and put them away. "But now I don't think I'll do anything for you." She looked at him then walked out of the kitchen.

Daray: "Hey!" he called after her, after he swallowed. "That's not fair! I have a cracked rib! If I move a lot it'll break more!" he stood and pretended to stumble back, "Ow! It hurts! Arya! Come kiss it and make it better!" he put more food in his mouth and mumbled to himself, "I do like the food." He raised his voice so she could hear, "I like ALL food!" he lied. He did have some foods he hated.

Arya: came into the doorway of the kitchen. "If you liked ALL food, you would have ALL food in here. So don't lie." She sighed. "So finish your dinner and get pants on and then come in the living room so I can wrap your ribs so you can't hurt it more than it already is." She turned and walked away.

Daray: "It hurts to move. You'll have to dress me."

Arya: "Well, tell me what you want to wear."

Daray: "Nothing actually." He took off the towel.

Arya: blushed and looked away. "I'll go get you pants." She went to his room and got some clothes.

Daray: "It's my house. Maybe I don't want to wear pants." He folded the towel and set it on the table, and took his empty plate of food to the sink, setting it in there with the silverware.

Arya: "Then I'll continue my plan. Now come so I can wrap up your ribs." She got the thing together.

Daray: "Keep talking. All I hear you say is, 'I love you'." He came in, holding the towel.

Arya: she smiled to herself, "I do love you." She sat on the couch.

Daray: he threw the towel on the floor in the connecting bathroom of his room, "Where's my clothes?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "Here on the couch."

Daray: "You're sitting on the couch..."

Arya: "It's here beside me."

Daray: walked over and stood in front of her, "Dress me? I'm hurt, remember? Hard to move." He smirked.

Arya: smiled slightly to herself. "Fine. Sit down." She ordered him, not meaning to.

Daray: pushed the clothes on the couch aside and sat down.

Arya: she started to dress him, first putting pants on him.

Daray: winced a bit, "Careful." He straightened his shirt. "Stupid Chitter Claw." He muttered.

Arya: "I'm going t have to take that off so I don't know why you put it on."

Daray: "I don't need wrapped. I can handle it." He muttered.

Arya: "Yes, you do. So stop trying to be so tough guy." She glared at him slightly.

Daray: "Hey, you know, I lasted fine enough for awhile before you came back." He decided to just walk away.

Arya: "Fine. Don't blame me if it breaks. I'm not the one that decided to let them beat you up." She stood and walked to the door, "I'll be outside if you need anything." She opened it and walked out. She then shut the door, climbed a tree, and jumped on the roof and sat up there, just like she did before.

Daray: followed after her outside, he looked up, "That's dangerous."

Arya: "So? I can't get hurt like you." She didn't look at him.

Daray: "I can't get hurt either. Well, unless they use a Chitter Claw. That's the only thing in the universe that hurts my kind."

Arya: laughed softly, "I'll remember that, but I still can't physically get hurt, unlike you. I can only die." She whispered the last part.

Daray: "If I get hurt badly enough by a Chitter Claw, I am sure I can die. But thankfully, those claws are rare in number, as the animal who originally bared the claw is almost extinct. The hunters, chasing you...well let's just say I deserved what I got. I should have expected they knew the one thing that could hurt me, and that they would have it in their possession to use. That's just how the hunters are. They find your one weakness and exploit it. And literally, I only have one weakness, and that is it." He leaned against a tree, far back enough where he could easily look at the roof of his house and see Arya.

Arya: "Oh? One weakness?" she said softly, "I've got...I think...two weaknesses." She looked up at the night sky. It was a clear night and the stars were out where they could be seen clearly.

Daray: "What are your two weaknesses?"

Arya: "Why should I tell you?" she said sharply.

Daray: "Because I know you want to." He smiled widely.

Arya: "If you don't know them then you're a bad stalker."

Daray: smiled slightly, "Alright. Here are two weaknesses I can think of off the bat. Two, comes first, and that is the red liquid. BUT-" he smirked, "Your first weakness is me. Whether you admit it or not, I know the truth."

Arya: "The red liquid is one of them...yes." she blushed when he said the second reason.

Daray: "See, you blushed. I love it when I'm right." He smirked again. The look was as if plastered to his fact at the moment.

Arya: "Just because you're right doesn't mean you have to rub it in." she sounded kind of sad and she wasn't looking at the stars anymore. She had her head on her knees, which were pulled up against her chest, and her arms wrapped around her legs.

Daray: "Ray Ray, what's wrong now?" his smirk vanished and he sighed.

Arya: "Nothing." She said softly.

Daray: "Well, it's not like I can climb the roof to get to you. Broken rib, remember?"

Arya: "Maybe that's why I'm up here."

Daray: "Oh." He teleported to the roof, smirking. He stood beside her.

Arya: stayed like she was.

Daray: "You...want me to go?" he guessed, walking towards the edge of the roof.

Arya: she didn't answer, just looked up at him.

Daray: "Okay. Bye." He jumped off the roof of his two story house, into a free fall.

Arya: "No! Daray!" she yelled, horrified. She ran over to the edge of the rood and looked down over the edge.

Daray: walked into his house, laughing. He shut the door behind him.

Arya: she stayed on the roof, "That was a horrible thing to do to me." She spoke to herself.

Daray: "I know." He called out to her.

Arya: she growled softly and sat the way she did before he jumped.

Daray: put up the shield so nothing could hurt her while she was sitting on the roof. She could still go in the house if she wanted though. He grabbed some food from the fridge and then walked to his room, leaving the door open. He pulled off his jeans and climbed under the covers on the bed, and laying his head back on the pillow. He went to sleep, lying on his back so as not to disturb his cracked rib. He hated it. Though he was unable to get hurt except by a Chitter Claw...when he DID get hurt by the Chitter Claw, he healed just as slow as any human, because he was still human; he just had some special enhancements that made him seem otherwise.

Arya: she sat on the roof for about an hour then went inside. She shut the door silently and went to Daray's doorway but didn't go inside his room or into the doorway itself. She sat outside of his door and closed her eyes, thinking and waiting for the morning and for Daray to wake. She sat there thinking about the reasons he gave her on why she came back and the weaknesses he guessed...and got right. The red liquid was the easiest one and yes, he was right on him, but he didn't get the biggest one. So she lied on only having two weaknesses. She shivered when she thought of it. It has never been performed with her, but she'd seen it performed with others of her kind. This weakness of hers she wanted to perform with the one she wanted to be with for forever. Was Daray the one she wanted to be with for the rest of her life? She took a deep breath to steady herself before answering her own question. She opened her eyes and looked out of one of the windows. It was almost dawn. She stood and walked over to one of the windows. It had been 250 years since the last time she watched the sun rise. She smiled as she seen all the colors the sky turned as the sun rose. Now all she had to do was wait for Daray to wake.

Daray: woke up a bit later, after the sun had been up for three hours. It was around 8:30 AM. He went to the bathroom to shower and shave, then came back into his bedroom and dressed slowly, favoring his cracked rib so it would hurt less. He needed to be bandaged again. He stepped out of his room and stopped, "Hi Arya." He spoke as he stood outside his bedroom doorway, his hands in his jeans pockets. "How'd you sleep? Well, at least, how'd you spend the night? Enjoy the roof?" he stood there, watching Arya as she stood in front of the window, watching the sun in the sky. The way it was situated, the sunlight came through the glass pane of the window. It seemed to surround Arya, highlighting her hair and then her eyes as she turned to face him. He smiled slightly, his lips curving up softly in one corner, as he watched her. It was like she was shining. Arya reminded him of an angel. His angel. Why would anyone be trying to hunt an angel? It didn't make sense to him. Or maybe it did. Wasn't it always those who were perfect, doing good all the time, also the ones who were too humble to admit it? Arya didn't think she was an angel, but Daray knew she was. And this moment right here proved that even more. God, how much he loved that girl. And not just for her looks, but also for her heart. He'd watched her long enough to know how she acted, and whether Arya believed it or not, she was good. There was no way in heaven that he'd ever do what the hunters had asked of him and turn Arya over to them. There was no way he'd hand an angel over to the devil. He loved her and inside he knew it...though outside sometimes it was hard for him to show Arya just how he felt. He wasn't really good at expressing himself, especially around people he liked; and there were so few people that he liked, or even loved. Maybe that was a bad thing, not being able to express yourself. Who knew, but Arya didn't seem to mind, sometimes. He wasn't sure how much Arya liked him. He knew she liked kissing him, and that she liked it here. But he also knew that Arya did not know him as long as he knew her. How much he would like to make Arya his...after all, how well he knew her it felt like she already was his. So what difference would it make if she wore a ring her left hand, accepting a proposal of marriage? If Daray ever found the right time to propose to her, at a time when he knew she would say yet...well, that little ring on her hand, one given her from him, would make a BIG difference in everything. Because then Daray would know that Arya WANTED to be his. That she accepted him just as much as he accepted her. Maybe. He doubted Arya's feelings for him would ever be as deep as his were for her. He wondered if Arya would ever know how deep his feelings were for her, though. It's not like he would talk about it. Absolutely not. Maybe he would show it. In a way he shows it by kissing her, but he wished to show her a deeper form of beyond just kissing. Arya had told him to stay away from her. This is why he'd TRY to go slow. After all, he didn't want to scare her away. It was such a pain chasing her. Perhaps, he thought, he should just wait for Arya's queue on whether to move to the next base or not. That would be safer. Maybe not better in his opinion. After all, who knew how long he would be waiting. But it was safer because then if t was HER choice to move ahead, well, she couldn't really get scared and run away, could she? She'd have no valid reason to. After all, it was her choice in the first place. Perhaps angel was too cliché...he thought. Arya, to him, was more like the sun itself. Just like the rays of light that surrounded her now from the window. She was the sun that brought light to his darkness. He had lived completely in night before he had laid eyes on her. He remembered that day so had happened 11 years, 6 months, and three days ago. If he wanted, he could pin point it right down to the hour, minute, and second. He was 21 at the time, in college. He worked better at night, thought better, and so he had signed up for night classes. Ironically, he was majoring in science and mythology. Cutting across campus to reach his dorm, after his classes were over for the night, he saw a girl, far off. Later, he found out her name was Arya. He knew she was different, not like the other girls in the college. Standing outside in the night, shrouded by darkness, he was almost hypnotized by her, that girl. Who knew how much of a retard he looked like just standing there? It was a good thing Arya didn't notice him. But it wasn't like she would anyways. Later, he found out she was feeding...on what he didn't know. Her preference on food, he guessed. But who knew how long he had stood there watching her. Then the next thing he knew she was gone, just like that. Lightening quick. And he knew he had to find her. He had spent the next eight years of his life, combining what he drew up in his learning's about science and mythology, and creating in himself this super human abilities and outer complex. It worked. He found himself able to locate anyone, and keep track of their whereabouts even by a mere thought of their face. And after he perfected this skill, he dropped out of college one year shy of his degree to chase the girl. Arya didn't remember him. Why would she? He doubted she had even seen him that day. But it didn't matter. He remembered her. That was all that mattered in his opinion. Ever since that first day he saw her, his life had always had a purpose. It was always about catching the girl. And now, even when he had her within fingertip reach, in the same room, where he wished to just pull her so close to him that he could feel her heartbeat against his bare chest, keeping her there against him until he was so used to the beating of her heat he thought it was his own, he was still chasing her. It was a never ending job. The girl was a whirlwind...never stopping. And yet, he loved it. Every second of every minute, of every hour of every day, in every month of every year. He had no qualms. Just hopes. He wasn't sure how long he had been standing there, staring at Arya, and he didn't even know if she had answered his questions. IF she did...he hadn't been listening. He probably looked about as stupid as he had that first day he saw her, staring like a retard. And this time...this time he KNEW she saw him. After all, she wasn't distracted by feeding right now. She was FACING him, for heaven's sake. He did ask her a question after all. Though, now he forgot what that question even was time for him to save face, or at least try to. Coming out of his deep thoughts and personal flashbacks, he cleared his throat, focusing on the real world again. "I'm sorry, did you answer already? No wait, on second thought, I don't care." He turned and walked into the kitchen, no shirt on, just a pair of jeans, which probably would have been attractive if his beautiful skin wasn't marred by bruises still from the fiasco the other day. He opened up the fridge and grabbed the milk, setting it on the counter. He closed the fridge and opened up a cabinet, getting himself a bowl and then opening the counter drawer and getting a spoon. He opened another cabinet door and got himself a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal and then he poured himself a bowl. After putting the milk and cereal away and closing all open drawers and doors, he picked up his bowl of cereal in one hand, his spoon in the other hand, and turned his back to the counter, leaning against the counter as he munched on his breakfast. He didn't dare glance at the clock. Then he'd know for sure how long he had been staring at Arya. God, he felt like an idiot, and mentally kicked himself. He focused on his food and decided just to forget about Arya and the whole incident. Well, forget about Arya while he could. But he wasn't sure how long that would be. Not long, knowing him. He had obsessed over her for too long. Thinking about her came naturally. He took another bite of cereal. He liked to think about Arya though. He chewed and swallowed. He just wouldn't think about staring like an idiot at Arya for who knows how long. He took another bite. No...he would deny EVERYTHING if Arya brought it up. He chewed and swallowed again. Staring? Nope. Not him. Never. Don't know what you're talking about. He took another bite of his cereal. That sounded like a plan. Good enough. He chewed and swallowed and then tilted the bowl to his lips and drank the milk in his bowl, leaving the cereal sit there dry. Then he used his spoon, lowering the bowl again, and ate the remaining of his cereal, ignoring Arya for now. Or trying to...focusing on his breakfast like nothing unusual happened. Really, to Arya, it might have seemed unusual, but staring at and/or thinking about Arya...the love of his life, even if she didn't know it, was nothing unusual for him. If only she knew his thoughts. Sometimes he wishes she did know his thoughts, but other times he was glad he could keep his thoughts to himself. He wasn't sure which time this was though. He guessed it didn't matter anyways. He thought about it as he ate the remainder of his cereal.

Arya: "Good morning Daray." She said when she turned around to face him. "Yes." She replied to his questions, her hair shined in the morning sunlight, her eyes seemed bright red when the light hit them, even though they were only a few shades of red away from being black. She smiled at him when she saw the hint of a smile forming at Daray's lips. It seemed he was staring at her. Why? She had no clue. She wished that she could read his mind, like Aro could, just to figure out what was going through Daray's mind. He has always been a jerk, but yet he was nice in ways. She tried to remember when she first seen him, or even if she has seen him before they met here. She started to get frustrated with herself, but she didn't show it. She'll think about it later, right now she was with Daray. She wishes that she could tell or even show Daray how much she loved him. She couldn't not be herself around Daray. She loved kissing him, and she loved it here. She knew for a fact that Daray wanted her to be his forever AND she wanted to be HIS forever. She didn't know if he was gonna ask her at all. She hoped he did ask her. She knew right then what her answer was to her previous question about Daray being the one she wanted to be with for the rest of her life. The answer was yes. She couldn't live without Daray, not now. Now she realized why it frightened her so much when he fell...well, walked off the roof. Even though she knew he wasn't going to get hurt. Daray thought it was funny and it wasn't very much so.

The first time she had gotten here he kissed her many times, and afterwards she got used to it and started to kiss him back. Then he tried something else. She didn't know what, that's why she pulled away and told him to stay away from her. But she didn't want him to be away from her though. She wanted him to be close to her, to be holding her. She felt like he and she have been alone for so long and in the dark that they've both seemed to help each other see light in the darkness. She's been running and hiding for as long as she could remember and now someone has kept her safe and wasn't afraid of her. It was new, but yet she liked it. She never could be in one place for very long till now, thanks to Daray. She could be unpredictable at times, and she always will be just to keep Daray on his toes and alert. Maybe that's the reason Daray likes her so much. She loved everything about him, even though he can be a jerk most of the time, she wouldn't change a thing about him. Nothing at all. Not his black hair, which she loved, or bright red eyes, that she always got distracted by. She always was a sucker for black haired boys, but Daray was different. He wasn't like the others. He was human, and probably always would be shook her head a little to get that thought out of her mind. It'll never happen. She turned away from him when she moved. It seemed the both were in deep thought, and neither seemed to notice. She blushed as she looked away and back out the window, trying to forget 'spacing out', as the humans said, and hoped Daray didn't noticed at all. She waited till she heard Daray set his bowl in the sink and walk out of the room before turning around again, but yet she hoped that he wouldn't leave the room. She realized she was confused as to whether she wanted him to stay or not in the room.

Daray: walked into the living room and sat on the couch. "I feel like maybe just chill-ax-in today, love." He kicked his feet up and grabbed the remote in his hand and turned on the T.V., flipping through channels. T.V. sounds were always a nice filter to uncomfortable silence.

Arya: she silently walked up behind him, not saying a word still. She didn't know what to say as well.

Daray: he tilted his head back to look at her, "If you're trying to scare me, it's not working. However, if you're trying to stare at me...there's a better view from the front."

Arya: she bent over the couch, brought her face down to his, and kissed him. This kiss wasn't like the other ones. This one was more passionate, but slow and loving at the same time.

Daray: returned her kiss, trying his best not to get too into it, but ultimately failing. After all, Arya never kissed him first before. He liked it. "What was- no, where did that come from?" he asked her when the kiss was over. He tried to smirk but it came out as a smile. He was going to say, 'What was that?' but he knew what that was. It was a kiss. A very, very nice kiss.

Arya: she smiled and just walked away, not answering his question.

Daray: "Oh no, no, no." he jumped up and followed her, "I asked you a question, Ray Ray." He told her from behind.

Arya: she just smiled more and vanished from his sight.

Daray: sighed. At least his house wasn't that big. He started at the kitchen and worked his way up, looking in each room. She couldn't be out of the house because the shield was up. "I'll count to ten and then you jump out." He said, peeking into a guest room.

Arya: she didn't answer and stayed hidden.

Daray: checked the kitchen- which most likely she wouldn't be in there...what human food appealed to her? Then he checked the bathroom, but that was stupid because it's not like Arya needed to use it. Unless she was showering or brushing her teeth or something...but then he would hear the water running. He wasn't deaf. After he checked the guest room and found it empty, he walked through the living room. Then he opened the door to his bedroom, after finding the living room bare. If she wasn't in his room, he'd check his basement. There was nowhere else to go inside of his house. Unless she was on the roof...Arya did like the roof. He looked in his room, "Arya?"

Arya: she became still, when she heard his voice, waiting for him to walk into the room.

Daray: stepped into the room and looked inside his closet to see if she was hiding in there. "This is ridiculous." His mind locator told him she was in his house somewhere...

Arya: she closed the door silently when he checked his closet. She was smiling slightly, "Daray."

Daray: he closed his closet door and turned to face her, "Hey, Arya." He noticed his bedroom door was closed, so he looked back at her. "What is this? An intervention? I ask the question, see, will you answer this time, or continue to just smile and run away, again? I mean, I didn't know questions were so scary..."

Arya: "You'll see if you remember what happened in here the last time we were in this room together." She sat down on the floor against the door.

Daray: "Well if I remember correctly, unlike you were on the bed, not the floor."

Arya: "No. I remember, but I wasn't on the bed first."

Daray: "Well, it's not like I want to reenact the whole scene. You ran away at the end."

Arya: "I won't run away this time, I promise." She looked straight into his eyes.

Daray: "Eh." He smirked, "Perhaps I'm not in the mood." He looked straight back at her.

Arya: "Suit yourself." She looked away and out the window.

Daray: fell back onto the bed, on his back looking up at the ceiling.

Arya: stayed where she was at.

Daray: sat up, he smiled, "This will be fun."

Arya: looked at him, "How so?"

Daray: climbed off the bed and walked over to Arya, holding his hand down for her to take.

Arya: she took his hand, looking up at him.

Daray: pulled her to her feet, bringing her lips to his. He scooped her up and set her on the bed, leaning over her, smirking, "At least I am not kissing you just to attach a bracelet to your wrist..."

Arya: "Yes, that's true." She said breathlessly.

Daray: "You haven't noticed that I've been wearing this bracelet pretty much everywhere since I took it off of you, have you?" he smiled. "Actually, I could put it on you again..." he lifted his wrist with the bracelet on it, "It's just a normal metal bracelet. I lied to you when I told you it would kill you if you teleported out of my house. I really wouldn't have put you in that type of danger. Who knew what you could have done just to be rid of me? You could have left, though I am glad you didn't." he leaned down, kissing the tip of her nose, "Very...very glad." He moved his lips across Arya's skin from her nose to her lips, and kissed them gently.

Arya: she couldn't speak to his response. She didn't realize this but she didn't care. All she cared was that Daray was close to her and that hopefully soon he'll be hers. All hers. She kissed him back gently, entangling her fingers in his black hair.

Daray: "This is nice." He said breathlessly as he leaned back a second to move Arya up on the bed so he climbed onto it completely. No need to pull off his shirt. He wasn't even wearing one. He leaned down, kissing her again. His lips left hers and trailed down from her lips to her chin, over her jaw and ever so gently his lips kissed her neck. Never in a million years would Arya know how much this meant to him. He didn't think he could describe it if he tried. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this." He spoke as his lips, still against her skin, lightly moved up and down against her neck in his whispered sentiments. He brought his mouth back to Arya's and found her hands with his and lifted them together, above her head, pressing them lightly against the bed covers.


Arya: she laid in the bed, covered up, her eyes closed. She was lying next to Daray.

Daray: was stroking her back lightly.

Arya: she smiled and opened her eyes and looked at Daray, "Are you happy?" she asked softly and kindly.

Daray: looked over and smiled at her, "Very happy. You have no idea." He said, and kissed her cheek while still stroking her back.

Arya: smiled happily and cuddled into him.

Daray: "Don't think this will make me be nicer to you." He smirked, eyes closed, arms around Arya holding her close.

Arya: "I'm not. I'm used to being used in ways." She said quietly as she closed her eyes again and lay with Daray.

Daray: smiled and opened his eyes and moved on the bed so that he was leaning over Arya now, looking down at her beautiful face. "Really? Well, if you're used to it, I will just have to use you more often." He leaned down and met her lips with his and kissed her gently.

Arya: she kissed him back gently, placing one hand on the side of his face.

Daray: leaned back, "Second thought, maybe I don't want you to get used to this. Then you won't want it anymore." He smiled and climbed off the bed, pulling his jeans on. He moved extra slow; now that he had lost the moment of ecstasy, he realized just how much he has moved his cracked rib- and it hurt really bad. He gritted his teeth and buttoned his jeans and zipped them. Then he sat on the edge of the bed again. That was enough moving.

Arya: "I can help fix your rib. If you are willing to drink something." She sat up with the covers around her, "Or you can just have me wrap it up now since you didn't let me the last time."

Daray: "It's fine."

Arya: "It doesn't seem that way to me." She glared at him.

Daray: looked at her, "Oh just lie back down and mind your own business."

Arya: "You are my business." She got up and got dressed. "Maybe I should go until you are done being stubborn."

Daray: watched her, "I'm not being stubborn."

Arya: "Yes you are. Don't argue."

Daray: "Alright. I'll let you bandage my rib if you do something for me. Or heal it. Whatever. Your choice."

Arya: "Okay. Now what do you want me to do?"

Daray: smirked, but said nothing.

Arya: looked at him confused then shrugged, "I'll be right back." She left the room for a few minutes then came back with a glass. "Here. Drink." She handed him the glass. "It might taste funny to you, I warn you."

Daray: looked at the contents in the glass and smelled it. "Is it the red liquid?"

Arya: she didn't say anything. She just smiled.

Daray: sighed, "Fine." He tilted the glass to his lips and drank the contents down.

Arya: "There. Now it should be healed by the end of the day." She took the glass from him, trying not to show the fresh bite mark on her wrist. "Now, what is it that you want me to do?"

Daray: "I'll wait until my rib is completely healed." He didn't notice her wrist.

Arya: "So be it." She left again, then came back and sat beside him.

Daray: "You do know that now you can't leave. I mean, before you could, but"

Arya: looked at him really confused, "Who said I was going to leave?"

Daray: "You...before. Oh. Never mind." He stood up, trying to move as little as possible. "I love you too much to let you go though."

The doorbell rang.

Arya: "You rest. I'll get the door." She pushed him down back onto the bed, she did this light enough where she wouldn't hurt him, but hard enough to get him back onto the bed. "And I love you too much to leave you."

Daray: "Okay..." he sat on the bed for a second, and then ignoring the pain he got up quickly and ran past her, out the bedroom door, towards the front door.

Arya: "Daray!" she ran after him, "You're supposed to be resting. I told you I'll get the door."

Daray: "That's nice." He reached his hand out and turned the knob, opening the front door. "Oh..." his facial expression went from mischievous pleasure to slight annoyance. "Hi Amanda."

Amanda: stepped into the house, flicking her curly brown locks behind her shoulder, her grass green eyes looking from Daray to Arya as she walked in. In her other hand she held a package, a bit larger than the other one Arya had found before, but still quite small. "I believe this is yours." She looked at the name tag again as if she had forgotten what it said. "Arya. Yep. Must be." She looked up, "Because I know Daray, and you seem to be the only other one here so it must be yours. Here." She held the package out to Arya.

Daray: "Amanda, what are you doing here?" he asked her, shutting the door behind her.

Amanda: "Oh nothing Daray. You know me." She watched Arya with scrutinizing eyes, "You are Arya Elizabeth Rose, correct?" her eyes grew slightly cold as she asked the question, though her voice remained warm. She held the box out to Arya with both hands, one on each side. Across the brown paper package wrapping, beneath the white string tied in a neat bow around it was written, 'Do Not Open', which ultimately reminded Arya that it was another package from Daray.

Arya: she took the package, "Thank you and yes, that is correct. But I go by Arya Elizabeth now. I don't have a last name as far as I am concerned." She set the package on a nearby table and then looked back at Amanda. She'd seen the coldness in her eyes, but didn't say a word. She became slightly jealous of Amanda, of her beauty. She thought surely Daray would want to be with Amanda rather than herself, which bothered her greatly.

Daray: "Second package, love, and you haven't even opened the first." He leaned against the door.

Amanda: looked from Arya to Daray and back to Arya, "Love...hmmm..." she put her hands in her pockets, watching her, "So this is THE Arya girl you've been chasing forever. Nice to know she really exists."

Daray: "Told you. Though, I don't understand why she says she has no last name...Arya." he asked her, "Did you not promise me you were going to use my last name, Aleron?" he raised an eyebrow.

Arya: "Yes, I did, but it's not official yet." She looked at Daray like he's not helping the fact.

Daray: shrugged, "Isn't it sort of official? I mean, after what we did earlier..."

Arya: "Sort of." She blushed.

Amanda: her eyes widened, "Oh no you didn't!" she glared at Arya.

Daray: sighed, "Calm down Mandy."

Arya: she blushed more; "Yea..." she looked at Daray and then to the floor, embarrassed a little.

Daray: "Oh get over it Arya. Why are you embarrassed? People have sex all the time."

Amanda: "Ew! Oh my god!" she walked to the kitchen.

Arya: "Maybe you do." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "Oh..." he smiled, "Was that your first time?"

Arya: she nodded.

Daray: smiled, "No wonder you were scared before. So sorry I couldn't make it more special for you."

Arya: "It's okay."

Daray: "It's alright. Tonight will be TONS better." He winked and walked into the kitchen.

Arya: she watched him walk into the kitchen and then a few minutes later, she followed.

Daray: "How did you find my house?" he whispered to Amanda.

Amanda: "I 'stalk' you, remember?" she smirked and took a bite of her carrot.

Daray: "Ha ha, funny." He took her plate of food away, "Go away. I'm entertaining a woman here."

Amanda: her eyes looked over at Arya, though she still faced Daray. She smirked again, chewing on her carrot, "I remember when I was the woman you used to entertain."

Daray: set the food on the counter and grabbed Amanda's arm, pulling her to the back door from the kitchen. "Yes, because a few make out sessions mean SO much." He let go of her arm, "Just so you know enough to back off though, I'll tell you I did more than just make out with Raya."

Amanda: she sighed, "Yea. I figured. You've wanted her for twelve years." She glared behind Daray at Arya again, "Forget about your current girlfriend to chase a stinking dream which turns out to be real." She looked back at Daray, "You're just lucky I liked you enough to stick around and help you find her."

Daray: "Sounds like you only helped because you didn't think she really existed."

Amanda: "Maybe. Maybe I hoped you would have figured that out and then gone back to liking me."

Daray: "She's not fake thought. She's here and she's real."

Amanda: she sighed again, "Yea, so I noticed."

Daray: "Oh, just finish your food and then leave me alone, alright?" he turned back around, walking into the kitchen, finally spotting Arya, "Hey, love." He smiled slightly at her. He leaned against the island counter, his eyes on Arya.

Arya: she had a jealous look on her face, "She helped you find me but was hoping I wasn't real." She stated. "I'll leave you guys to catch up." She bowed slightly and then disappeared to the roof of the house.

Daray: smirked and teleported to the roof of the house. "Is someone jealous?" he chuckled. "You don't need to be jealous. In fact, I think it's Amanda who is jealous of you, and for good reason." He stood there on the roof with Arya. "I've never slept with anyone before you either, and besides you there will be no one after. I've never pledged my love to anyone before...except for you. But sure, go ahead and be jealous." He smirked again, "I'll like to see how that plays out." He watched Arya.

Arya: "Maybe." She sat on the roof, like she has been for many times before. "You mean that...don't you?" she looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Why is she here anyway?"

Daray: shrugged. He sat down also, across from her, "Who knows, really."

Arya: "You left her in there alone. Who knows what she could be doing." She laughed softly.

Daray: "Still eating I would think. Come on, I want to take you somewhere." He got up and held out his hand to her.

Arya: "Where?" she took his hand.

Daray: pulled her up, "Someplace." He teleported them beneath a waterfall.

Arya: "You need to start warning me when you do that." She said as she looked at the waterfall from behind.

Daray: chuckled, "Why?"

Arya: "Cuz...I'm not used to things like that."

Daray: "Used to teleporting or used to waterfalls?" he looked over at the falling water and reached his free hand out, touching the water.

Arya: "Used to teleporting, love." She watched him.

Daray: "Raya..." he said slowly after a moment, "I know you haven't known me a long while. Perhaps you even still hate me some. But...after what we did last night...I don't know. I can't imagine you loving any other man. I don't want you to." He kept his eyes at the water from the fall as it trickled down around his fingers, a little sliding up his arm. A small smirk of a smile touched his lips, "And apparently, you feel the same way about me and other women. I did see how you got jealous of Amanda, and you don't even know her." He chuckled lightly, stilling the crazy emotions inside him long enough to drop his hand, wipe it dry on his jeans, and shove his hand in his pocket as he turned to face Arya. "Hun, I'm just wondering how you feel about commitments. You know; one man and one woman, loving only each other for their lives." He tried to keep eye contact with her as he spoke; he was serious. The smirk on his lips was gone now.

Arya: "I know what commitment is, love." She looked at him a little confused, "And I think that it is a wonderful thing. Two people that fell in love with each other spending the rest of their lives together." She sighed, "It's so romantic. It's like a fairy tale, in ways. It only happens to a few of my kind though." She watched the waterfall now.

Daray: "Would you like it to happen to you?" he asked her softly, watching her still, even while she was watching the waterfall.

Arya: "I've dreamed of it happening to me." She didn't look away from the waterfall as she spoke.

Daray: pulled out the ring that he had been fingering in his pocket, and walked around to the front of Arya, "Well...I have a ring for you already and...everything. I've had it since...well..." he cleared his throat, "Let's just say I bought it almost as soon as I saw you. But I was wondering would mind me proposing to you..." he kept his eyes also on the waterfall.

Arya: "No. I don't mind." She smiled.

Daray: "Okay, here." He put his hands on her arms, turning her to face him. Getting down on one knee, he smiled, looking up at Arya. "Arya, my dear, my love...will you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?" he slid his hand down her arm and held her left hand in his right, prepared to slip the ring on the appropriate finger if she accepted. He held the engagement ring in between the first finger and thumb of his left hand. The band was a nice silver metal, the stone a red onyx cut into a circle with small black onyx jewels surrounding it and wrapping around the finger band.

Arya: she was speechless; all she could do was nod yes. She took a small breath in and then in a soft whisper she finally found her words, "Yes, Daray, my love."

Daray: smiled and slipped the ring on her finger, still holding her hand as he got up and kissed her.

Arya: she kissed him back, placing a hand on the side of his face.

Daray: smiled, "Now hun, if you are jealous of Amanda, well, the feelings will be wasted because there is no need for you to be jealous. She can be jealous of you though. It's two fighting over me in a way." He chuckled, "No need to though. I've already chosen my girl." He kissed Arya lightly on the lips again, "Hopefully she's chosen me back."

Arya: "I don't think I'll be jealous anyway." She smiled and thought to herself, 'I'm not gonna be jealous anymore because you're mine now.' She kissed him back lightly, "And yes, I've chosen him back." She laughed softly and kissed him again.

Daray: smiled slightly, "Good. Now we just have a wedding to plan. I'll leave that all up to you. It's a woman's job anyways. I worked up the guts to propose to you...the least you can do is plan the wedding." He smirked and leaned down to her hear and whispered, "And the honeymoon. Though...I don't mind helping you with that." he kissed her ear softly. He loved the way her cool skin felt against the warm temperature of his body. That was what could give him the good kind of goose bumps, which he enjoyed. They reminded him each time of the goose bumps he got the first time he laid eyes on her. That first time was love at first sight. Each time after that, when he got the goose bumps, it was love all over again. He enjoyed it; liked it; loved it.

Arya: she smiled and whispered, "Don't move, love." She pressed the side of her face against the base of his neck, breathing softly with her eyes closed. She pulled away after a few minutes, "Feel." She took one of his hands and placed it on the side of her face that was against his neck. It was as warm as his skin. She smiled.

Daray: let out a breath, watching Arya. "That's cool." He said in reply, lightly rubbing his thumb over her cheek. "But darn it. I thought you were going to bite my neck." He smiled slightly, watching his thumb against her cheek.

Arya: she smiled, "Do you want me to do that?" she whispered.

Daray: "Sure, love."

Arya: she pressed her lips to his neck softly, and then she bit his neck hard in a sudden motion.

Amanda: cleared her throat from behind Arya, "Wow."

Arya: pulls away and licks the wound closed before she looks behind her and growls softly, "What do you want?"

Amanda: "Just watching."

Daray: sighed, "That bite was short lived."

Arya: "Sorry love." She looked at Daray and then back to Amanda, "Go away."

Amanda: "What? I like waterfalls."

Arya: "And you happen to be here. Oh...I have a question for you Amanda." She smiled slightly.

Amanda: "What?" she asked Arya suspiciously, "It's a free country. I'm allowed to be here if I want..."

Daray: crossed his arms against his chest and just stood there, watching the both of them.

Arya: "You don't want to become a Snyde like me again, now do you?" she smiled.

Amanda: crossed her arms stubbornly, "No." she glared at Arya and didn't move.

Arya: "Then don't push me." She warned her. "Leave Daray alone and leave me alone. Daray doesn't want you."

Amanda: "Well, duh. You're here. Of course he doesn't want me while you're here. But when you get bored of being in one place for long- and I expect you will, because you hate being in one place for long- and you move on, at least I'll be here to...comfort Daray." She smirked, speaking in a matter of fact tone of voice.

Daray: sighed and dropped his arms and tugged at the back of his shirt, pulling it off, tossing it aside. He kissed Arya's cheek, "I'm going for a swim, love." He said to her before he turned and dove into the lake water, diving through the falling water of the waterfall.

Arya: "Fine. I shall go back to the house and wait for Daray to return. Then we'll see about Daray." She goes to leave, "Oh, by the way...he proposed to me so I think it's gonna work out in my favor." She vanished back to the house.

Amanda: smiled, "I'll stay here and swim with Daray." She pulled off her shoes, socks and shirt.


Arya: she lay down on her bed and closed her eyes and sighed.

Daray: he appeared in the room, "Arya! You left me with Amanda!" he was dripping wet, as if he had teleported right out of the lake.

Arya: she smiled, "You just proved a point, to Amanda, of mine." She got up and got him a towel. Then she walked over to him and put it around him and then pulled him to her. She didn't care if she got wet or not. She kissed him softly, placing one of her hands on the side of his face.

Daray: placed a hand on her stomach right below her chest to keep her a bit away, "Careful love," he said distractedly, "It's not good to catch a guard." His eyes were closed as he spoke, "Things might happen." After a moment he let out a breath and opened his eyes and smiled, dropping his hand, "Okay, good. We're good." he took a deep breath, "You being hot AND slightly wet from being against me...not a very good combination to distract me with. Things could happen." But now that he was in control, he pulled her close and kissed her again, "Now, what are you talking about, proving points?" he wanted to know what she meant.

Arya: "What could happen, exactly?" she smiled slightly, "Oh. I was just trying to prove to Amanda that you don't want her." She kissed him lovingly.

Daray: "Not telling you." He said softly after the kiss, "I see."

Arya: "Fine...then show me." She smiled slightly, "Yes."

Daray: "Show you? I am..." he said, kissing her again. "But you're going to catch cold being wet like this. Or catch warm...since you already are cold..." his attempt at a joke failed.

Arya: "Oh..." she kissed him back and then looked at him a little weirdly.

Daray: "What? Don't look at me like that."

Arya: "I'll look at you any way I want."

Daray: "My's a good thing I'm not Snyde. You're getting all...controlling of me already..." he turned and walked over to the dresser, dropping the towel and picking out some dry clothes.

Arya: "I'm not controlling of you. I just told you that I will look at you any way I wanted." she crossed her arms, watching him.

Daray: "Exactly." he walked to the bathroom and changed.

Arya: She sighed and lay back onto the bed, closing her eyes again.

Daray: came back out and glanced at her, "You know for someone who doesn't sleep, you sure are tired a lot." he spoke as he walked from the room.

Arya: "I'm not sleeping and I'm not resting. I'm just bored." She opened her eyes long enough to glare at him as he passed.

Daray: "There you go, glaring at me again. I swear, besides hunting, glaring at me IS your hobby." he called from the other room, "I don't need to see you to feel your eyes boring into the back of me."

Arya: She smiled slightly "Well maybe you shouldn't be so boring." She closed her eyes again, smiling to herself. Thinks "Maybe she was more fun to be around for him, it seems that all he does is complain about something."

Daray: "I don't always complain." he muttered. "Excuse me for being boring. I wanted to go for a swim. But did you get the hint? No."

Arya: "How'd you...?" She sat up. "Maybe I didn't feel like swimming at the" She got up and walked to the front door.

Daray: watched her, "You are leaving?"

Arya: "No, just going to go sit up on the roof and look up at the sky. Probably be more entertaining then being in here." She opened the door and shut it behind her. She then got up on the roof and lay down, doing what she said she was going to do.

Daray: teleported to the roof watching her, "You're mean to me, you know that?"

Arya:"Well, you're the one that told me that I should act like myself and not be so...human."

Daray: "Well I didn't know Snydes were so mean. I thought there was some nice in them. Doesn't matter sweetie, I love you anyways. Want to go on a date?"

Arya: "Well, The Great Ones kinda took all the...nice...out of me. Nice leads to pity and pity leads to weaknesses, weaknesses lead to getting hurt of even dying. Depends on where the date is." She continued to look at the sky while talking.

Daray: "Yes but I was thinking what The Great Ones took out, I was helping to replenish. But it seems I am not doing a very good job. It's okay. I'll work harder at it. The date isn't here on Earth. I know of an abandoned space home up there." he pointed to the sky.

Arya:"I just have to get use to being nicer...that's all." She looked at him. "Really?"

Daray: "No. I just like making up stories about dates to waste my breath for no reason at all." he told her sarcastically.

Arya: "You don't have to be so sarcastic about it. Maybe this is why I'm so mean at times." She got up and went to the edge of the roof and jumped off.

Daray: walked over and jumped after her, "Sorry. But I told you I don't lie to you."

Arya: She didn't say anything. She opened the door and left it open for him. She then walked to her room then closed the door and locked it.

Daray: sighed, standing outside her room door, "So I take it as a 'No thanks. I don't want to go on a date with you Daray. I've had enough of you and your boringness for one day.'" he sighed, "Whatever." he walked back out the still open door and went outside, closing it behind him.

Arya: "Jeez, apparently I can't get ready for it by myself without getting interrupted. I guess I shouldn't get ready now since he doesn't want to go now." She spoke to herself.

Daray: leaned against the wall of the house.

Arya: She got ready anyway. She came out in a knee length blood red dress that fit the shape of her body. She had her hair up it a curly bun. "Daray?" She sounded somewhat uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Daray: "Outside love." he called.

Arya: She walked outside, looking for him. "Daray?"

Daray: was standing by the door. As soon as Arya opened it he caught her by the hand suddenly and pulled her outside and placing his hand at the small of her back he tipped her backwards and gave her a big smooch on the lips. Just as quickly as he had tipped her he brought her back standing upright and then, taking a hold of her hand he lifted it above her head and spun her around once watching her dress. With a smile on his lips he pulled her close, "You look gorgeous my love. Where did you get that dress?" his hand was still against the small of her back as he held her body close to his.

Arya: once she caught her breath from being surprised like so, she answered him softly. "It was just something I've had for awhile and never really got to wear it. So it pretty much it was just was something I had lying around and thank you." She laughed softly to herself, knowing that wasn't why she bought the dress.

Daray: "Oh, really?" he smiled and his lips moved to her throat and he kissed her neck tenderly.

Arya: She closed her eyes and whispered, truthfully. "No. I used this dress before to get my prey closer to me, making them want me and making them want to take it off of me and have their way. Now, I'll just use it for dates and to nice, fancy places."

Daray: smiled and leaned back, "It must have worked wonders. It makes me want to get close to you and take it off you." he held her close by the waist and teleported her away suddenly with him. When the black swirls around them faded and the dizziness stopped, they were standing on a space craft landing inside. The walls were silver and everything was metal except for the blue carpet that lined the walking path on the ground and went up half the height of the walls to the sides of them. "If you want to get other dresses you don't have to wear this one every time." he chuckled, looking at Arya.

Arya: "Why get other dresses when I barely wear this one?" She looked at him somewhat confused yet she was smiling.

Daray: "Oh, so you barely hunted for prey to let them take it off you?" he asked her, unbelieving.

Arya: "I barely wear it now, love. I don't wear them unless I absolutely have to or when I go on dates."

Daray: "Well, you'll need more dresses then because, well, I'm here now. So there will be a lot of dates." he teleported away.

Arya: She sighed to herself and mumbled to herself. "Great." She said sarcastically, "That means I have to go shopping." She sighed again as she stood there, not knowing exactly what to do, so she waited for Daray to come back.

Daray: was gone for a long time. The lights on the ship went out.

Arya: She sighed and looked down and mumbled "Great...just great." She walked over to one of the windows and looked out it. She whispered "'s...beautiful. So clear. I can't believe...that it could be so clear." She sighed again and looked down, feeling a little sad and lonely.

There were a few lights that flickered on down one section of the hallway, like a path waiting for Arya to follow.

Arya: She seen this and got on her guard, and cautiously followed the lights.

At the end of the hall it turned to the left. Down the hall a few feet were two doors that opened to a large room. The room was made of solid glass, so from the ceiling to the floor and above you and below you, all you saw were stars and planets from the sky outside. The sun was behind them so all it cast was a shadow over the room. In the center was a table with two chairs. Over the table was a dark silk blue table cloth that reached to the floor, and the cushions of the chairs were the same silk blue material that contrasted nicely with the stark white metal of the chair. In the center of the table was one tall skinny white candle, lit up brightly. On the table was a place setting for two people for dinner, though no food was there yet.

Daray: was looking out one of the glass windows. He had changed into a dark black tuxedo with a red vest to match Arya's dress, and a red bow tie. His hair was combed nicely and he was wearing some of Arya's favorite cologne for men.

Arya: She walked into the room and relaxed when she saw Daray. She looked around the room in awe and then closed her eyes as she caught the scent of the cologne. She breathed in deeply and slowly. It's been awhile since she's smelled that type of cologne. She smiled to herself and looked over Daray. She hasn't really seen him in a tuxedo or with his hair combed nicely before. He looked very handsome to her. She was afraid to speak, ruining this moment.

Daray: looked over at her, "Hey babe. I got it set up for us." his hands were in his front pockets and he smiled slightly at her. "Your pupils are dilated a lot. You like the smell?"

Arya: She smiled again and nodded. "Yes, very much. You're wearing my favorite type of cologne for men. It's been awhile since I've actually smelled that type. I heard that it was all sold out and the company wasn't making it anymore."

Daray: "I know it's your favorite. I told you I know a lot about you." his smile grew wider, "Of course they are all sold out." he chuckled, an inside joke.

Arya:"I know you know a lot about me. You keep telling me." She smiled slightly then looks around the room again, still amazed.

Daray: "See the good thing about having connections is, you get a lot of money and out stores that sell your mates favorite things...then you know you're the only one they will..." he smiled, "Be attracted to, for sure." he walked over to her and took her hand and pulled her close, starting to dance with her in a slow waltz to no music.

Arya: She started to waltz with him, remembering the time back in the day when the waltz first came out. She soon forgot about that because she wasn't in that time area anymore and Daray wasn't the one waltzing with her. She laid her head on his chest, closing her eyes.

Daray: rested his cheek against the side of her head, humming a song lightly, "Like dancing with the stars, only we are under them."

Arya: "Yes. It's so beautiful up here. Thank you Daray." She sounded like she meant it. She listened to Daray hum the song; it seemed to her that they were dancing to the rhythm of this song. She smiled.

Daray: "I was thinking we could stay up here for tonight, if you don't mind."

Arya: She pulled back to look at him, smiling. "Of course I don't mind. I love it up here. It's so pretty and beautiful. God, wish I could live up here, to see this every day." She sighed and looked at Daray and kissed him softly on the lips. "Thank you so much for bringing me up here." She laid her head back on his chest. She didn't care if she ate or not, she could dance the whole night just because Daray was here and holding her close to him.

Daray: kissed her back, "If you want to live up here we can."

Arya: "I would love to live up here. I would give anything to live up here."

Daray: "You don't have to give up anything love. This place has been my private sanctuary for years since NASA abandoned it. If you want, we can live up here. You'll just be far away from your sisters...if you want, we can be wed here too."

Arya: She smiled and hugged him. "Oh, I would love that. I would love that very much."

Daray: hugged her back, "Glad I can make you extremely happy." he chuckled, stopping dancing, "Hungry love?"

Arya: "Not really. I'm more thirsty then anything."

Daray: "Well, thirsty, hungry...yea. Your kind is more thirsty." he walked over to the table and pulled out a champagne bottle from the ice bucket, "Want some bubbly?" he asked her.

Arya: She smiled and laughed softly to herself. "Yes, my love."

Daray: "Okay." he popped the cork and poured her some in a glass, handing it to her. Then he set it aside and got regular champagne for himself.

Arya: She takes it and waits for him.

Daray: "Your kind doesn't need to breath, does it?" he asked her, turning to face her while sipping at his drink.

Arya:"Not's more of a natural reaction and makes us look more human." She takes a drink of her drink. "Why?"

Daray: "Then you, my dear, are going space walking." he turned and walked out of the room and down the hallway.

Arya: "I'm not in the right clothing to do that." She followed him.

Daray: smirked, "So says you."

Arya: "I'm in heels and a short dress. So I know I'm not."

Daray: "I think that's the perfect outfit to be in for space walking." he smiled and looked at her and whispered in her ear, "I'm watching."

Arya: "You're insane." She looked at him a little confused. "You're watching?" She asked confused.

Daray: smiled, "That's why you love me." he nodded, "I actually need air or I will pass out, so yep, I'm staying in here."

Arya: "I'm not going out there alone."

Daray: smiled, "Yes you are. You'll love it."

Arya: "No I'm not and you can't make me."

Daray: "You don't even know what I am talking about." he pushed open two doors and inside was another space like where they had come, only there was space training equipment on the inside.

Arya: She looks extremely confused.

Daray: chuckled as he say Arya's face, "Here love give me your drink." he took it from her and set both of their drinks aside, "I think perhaps should just not wear your dress at all." he smiled, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Arya: "You are insane, Daray." She looked at him. "Oh, really? Do I have to take it off by myself?" She smiled.

Daray: "Yes, so you've been telling me." he smiled back, "Only if you want."

Arya: "Well then here." She turned around so he can help her get the dress off.

Daray: placed his hands lightly on her arms and ran them up her skin and over her shoulders, bringing them both down together to find the zipper on her dress. With one hand he slowly inched the zipper down. With each inch down, he kissed her exposed skin.

Arya: She shivered with excitement, closing her eyes, enjoying the touch of his lips against her skin.

Daray: spun her around and kissed her lips, "Okay, ready?" he asked, slipping her sleeves off her arms and letting her dress fall. He took a quick glance at her undergarments but was careful not to stare too long.

Arya: She nodded yes. She smiled as she saw him look over her.

Daray: "Here is what I am talking about." he pulled his eyes away and opened up a door into a space simulator. "Step in here and I will give it the zero gravity pull. So it will be just like you are in space. I guess I could go in, I mean, there is air in there. But, then no one will be out here working the controls for you."

Arya: She laughed softly as she walked next to Daray. "I've been in one of these before, love. They're all the same."

Daray: "Not this one. It's...different. You'll see." he motioned her inside.

Arya: She sighed and stepped inside, being on her guard now.

Daray: shut the door behind her and turned the machine on.

Almost instantly the gravity pull was gone and Arya was floating like in space. But it was completely dark now and the walls shown with what looked like actual stars; soon she could see shooting stars...they looked so real and life like.

Arya: She was amazed, Daray was right. It was different. She smiled to herself, enjoying every minute of it.

There was a meteorite shower, and Arya could actually feel the heat of it, as it came by, reflecting heat from the sun.

Arya: She tries to ignore the pain as she felt from the meteorite shower. Fire and anything that is close to fire hurts when she feels it.

Daray: shut the device off and opened the door, catching her before she even landed, "Sorry about that love. Forgot about the meteorite shower."

Arya:"It's ok, dear. It was really pretty and cool...even though it did hurt a little."

Daray: "Where's it hurt? I'll kiss it and make it better." he promised and immediately started to kiss her body where it felt to him even the slightest bit warm.

Arya: "I'm fine, now. I'm with you." She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder and had arms around his neck, one behind and the other somewhat in front of him.

Daray: "Okay." he chuckled, stopping kissing her, and carried her back to the dining area where they were before, her dress over his shoulder.

Arya: She stayed like that the whole way back, her eyes closed, smiling. Every once in awhile she would kiss the base of his neck.

Daray: smiled slightly, "I like how that feels love." he kicked the chair out from beneath the table and set he lightly in her seat, then went and sat in his. He looked over, "Music, play." he commanded, and immediately a soft romantic type of music filled the room.

Arya: She smiled. "So how'd you get all of this in the first place?"

Daray: looked back over at Arya and shrugged, "Most of this has been abandoned so I just...took it." he smiled slightly.

Arya: "Oh..."

Daray: his smile faltered, "You don't like that do you?"

Arya: "Its fine. I just didn't know that. What happens if they come back?"

Daray: shrugged slightly, "None of the stuff here is mine, save for this table and the silverware and such I have for our date, and a few of my clothes in another room. But I would just teleport them back to my house. I am not afraid of them coming back. After all, this place has been abandoned for many years. Why would they come back? I am sure it's too out of date and would cost too much money to fix up."

Arya: "ok." She smiled slightly to herself. "Oh, may I have my dress back?"

Daray: smiled slightly, "Nope." he snapped his fingers and a robot waitress came out like on the show the Jetson's, and set food on each of their plates, pertaining to their taste buds.

Arya: "Please Daray?" She sat there, not really planning on eating.

Daray: "You never opened those gift boxes I gave you that said 'Do not open', did you?" he asked distractedly, reaching under the table for something.

Arya: "No, because I didn't want to and because they said 'Do not open'. Why?"

Daray: sighed, "Fine. Then I guess you won't open this one either." he pulled a flat box from under the table and handed it to her. "The other boxes I gave you match perfectly. Sure, you won't open boxes that say 'Do not open', but you'll open envelopes."

Arya: "Envelopes are different. There's nothing that can pop out and try to kill you AND you can see through envelopes when you hold them up to the light, boxes you can't. As long as you promise nothing will pop out of these boxes I will open them. I'll open this one now and the others when we get back to your house. That's only if you promise."

Daray: "First of all, if I want something to pop out, it will. Secondly, why would I try to kill you if I love you? I promise nothing will harm you, but if I need to do this per everything I give you, then I won't get you anymore 'Do Not Open' gifts."

Arya: "I don't know why you would want to kill me if you love me. Well, I will do this per everything you give me so you just as well not get me anymore 'Do Not Open' gifts."

Daray: sighed, "Fine." he looked a little hurt, "Give it back." he held his hand out for the box.

Arya: looked at him a little confused but handed him the box.

Daray: "I'll give them back to the shops then." he tossed the box aside then got up and went over to the room where Arya's dress was. He came back and handed it to her then sat down and started to eat in silence.

Arya: Se sighed and put her dress back on then just watched Daray eat. Not feeling hungry, then she looked out to the stars.

Daray: he didn't understand why it was he bought Arya stuff she didn't even want. He would have loved to see her wear the dress, but it didn't matter to him. Gifts were gifts, and the receiver could reject them if they wanted to. He liked putting 'Do not Open' on the things because he thought it was you were opening something you shouldn't be opening and would thus heighten the emotions when you received the gift. But apparently Arya didn't trust him. Could he blame her? It's not like many people trusted him really. He finished his food; he knew she didn't eat her food, just another reason to show he should waste his time going out of the way for her. He called the server back over and had the bot take the dishes away. He walked away and shut off the lights in the space craft, one by one, until just the light from the stars lit up the space in the room where Arya and he had had a 'date'. A so called date. He walked back in, "You going to stay up here tonight?" he asked her. "I'm going back home." he picked up the box.

Arya: She knew that she hurt Daray's feelings; she could feel it and she could see it. She didn't mean to hurt him. He didn't understand why she didn't like boxes that said 'Do Not Open' them. He didn't know that when she was younger she opened a box that said that and got hurt badly and it almost killed her. She trusted Daray with her life but still couldn't get herself to open boxes like that. She watched as Daray turned the lights off one by one. She stood and sighed. "I'll go with you." She spoke softly as she looked out among the stars again.

Daray: "Okay." he took her hand and teleported them home. Then he went into the house and collected the two boxes he had given to Arya and then grabbed the new one from the porch and walked to his car, tossing them inside. "I'll be back later." he told Arya as he shut the door, walked around to the driver's side and got in, starting the car up. He drove off.

Arya: "Daray." She said softly but was too late. She sighed then went inside and changed. She then went up onto the roof and sat there looking up at the stars. She sighed again and curled up into a ball like she always did when she was alone and depressed. She hurt the only one that loved her and the only one that she loved back. Everything between them is going to change. She just knew it.

Daray: came home a few hours later, no boxes. He tossed the keys on the table and went to his room to change out of his tux.

Arya: She stayed on the roof, not wanting to make Daray anymore upset then he already is, wondering if he even cared anymore if she came inside or not.

Daray: he wondered slightly where Arya was, but she was probably either in the spare room or on the roof. It didn't matter. She wanted to be away from him, she could tell. First the gifts, then the dinner, then the date. Maybe this was why those who weren't married yet shouldn't live together. Or perhaps they should, he thought, so that they could see if they would manage being married and living in the same house. If Arya was tired of him already...he sighed, he didn't like that idea at all. After he finished changing he shut off the lights and went to bed.

Arya: She looked over the edge of the roof and saw that the lights were off and she knew that Daray went to bed. She sighed and got off the roof and went inside. She shut the door and went her room. She shut the door silently and got into bed. She curled up in her ball again but didn't fall asleep. She couldn't sleep without Daray beside her now. She forced herself to stay in her room but she didn't stay in her bed. She couldn't. She spoke softly to herself. "Daray only if you understood why I couldn't open them. I can't...not after that day. I trust that you would never hurt me or try to kill me. I know you wouldn't. I just can't force myself to open them. I love you with my whole heart, and the soul I don't believe I have. Hopefully you'll be able to forgive me for the way I acted tonight and what I have said. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm so sorry." She looked out the window as she spoke.

Daray: sighed from the corner of the room, "And you couldn't tell me this yourself to my face, why? What happened this day you speak of?"

Arya: She jumped startled when he spoke and turned to look at him. "How long have you been there? I couldn't tell you because you never really gave me a chance to. The day that I speak of is when I almost died. I was little then, a child." She looked back out the window. "My parents weren't home and this package came in the mail. It was address to me, I didn't know why then. It came from The Great Ones, of course. My parents told me about them but not enough where I didn't trust them. I was told before many times, that if a package came to the house and it was from The Great Ones, to never open it. This package was what they were talking about but, me being stubborn and a little child I wanted to know why they told me not to open it. I unwrapped it, and there was this box. On it, it read 'Do Not Open' but I opened it anyway. The next thing I know I was in this horrible pain. It wouldn't stop, nothing I did stopped it. If my parents didn't come home when they did, I would have died. Ever since that day, I can't force myself to open boxes that read that." She looked at Daray, sadness was in her eyes. "Do you want to know what happened to my parents that day? Why I was in The Great Ones in the first place?"

Daray: stood off of the ground and walked over to her, sitting on the edge of the bed, "Yea," he watched her, "I'd like to. I'm sorry I came in here a few moments ago because I thought you'd be sleeping in here if you weren't in my room, or you'd be on the roof. I didn't feel like going up there tonight so I just waited for you in here. I didn't mean to startle you, but it is my house you know, so you should expect my visit." he smiled slightly.

Arya: She tried to smile back but couldn't. She spoke softly, afraid her voice would crack if she spoke normally. She looked to the floor. "It's okay. My parents died that day. They died to save me. They took me to The Great Ones and they gave their lives for the antidote that saved me. Aro promised to take care of me and when I was old enough to go out on my own I could choose to stay and join them or live my life as the rest of the Snydes. When I came that age, I chose to live life as the rest of the Snydes. Until that day when I found out that the one that has taken care of me since I was little, killed my parents. That day I decided to join them, hoping I would get close enough to Aro to kill him myself. I got so caught up in being one of them I forgot my reason I was with them in the first place. Until, the first day I saw that envelope that said 'Do Not Open'. It reminded me of that day, and I hated The Great Ones more than I ever had." Tears are streaming down her face, tears of anger, sadness, and hatred. "I'll never get my parents back, and the only reason why they're dead is because of me. I killed my own parents without even touching them. It's my fault they're dead!" She started to cry harder then she already was.

Daray: "Love it's okay, it's not your fault." he tried to wipe her tears away but when he failed he just pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, comfortingly. He never knew that about her.

Amanda: opened up the door, "Can't a girl get any sleep around here?"

Arya: She stayed in Daray's arms, crying, not caring about Amanda. She didn't care about anyone, not even herself, except for Daray.

Daray: "Amanda go away." he said softly, leaning back to look at Arya.

Amanda: sighed, "What's wrong?"

Daray: "None of your business." he said to her.

Amanda: "Maybe I can help." then she could get to sleep.

Arya: She had enough of Amanda. She softly pushed Daray away from her and attacked Amanda, pinning her to the floor, biting into her neck hard, the venom entering her bloodstream directly. After a few minutes she pulled away and looked at her, softly growled. "I warned you. Now you can NEVER become human again. You had your chance to leave us alone." She got up and went into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her, leaving Amanda on the floor and Daray in the room with her, sitting on the bed.

Daray: got off the bed almost as soon as Arya had slammed the bathroom door. He knocked on the door, "Arya? Please come out." he looked at Amanda.

Amanda: she cried out and forced herself to sit up. She had never been through this before. Before she was born one, and now, now she was being changed. Her hand was clasped around her neck at the wound which Arya had conveniently left open. She gritted her teeth.

Daray: "Crap." he muttered. "It's not nice to leave me in the same room with a newborn Snyde you know that right? She may have been one before but she needs to get used to it again." he told Arya through the door.

Arya: "Sorry, love" She said when she opened the door and went back into the room where Amanda was. "You were born one, you were pureblood. You can be changed to human. You're human. Get bit by a pureblood. No way you can go back to being human." She moved Amanda's hand and licked the wound closed. "I warned you but you didn't listen so this is what you get. The pain will last for another three hours since I didn't put as much venom in your bloodstream as I usually do. In three hours, you're mine." She growled softly and got up and walked out of the room.

Amanda: gasped slightly, "I just..." she breathed, "Offered to help you." she tried to cry and a little bit of tears came out, but she could feel her tear ducts drying, slowly, she was changing.

Daray: followed Arya.

Arya: She ignored her and went to sit in the living room. She sat down on the couch, closing her eyes and she sighed. "Did I do the right thing, love?"

Daray: sat on the couch beside her, "I don't know what she wanted to help you with, but," he sighed, "I can't say. When you're born a pureblood and want to change to human, like must have been bad being who you were."

Arya: "I don't know. I don't want to change to human so I wouldn't know." She looked at him then looked back to where Amanda was at then sighed. "Stay here, love. I'll be back soon." She got up and went back to where Amanda was and shut the door behind her. "Why did you want to be human in the first place?" She looked at Amanda when she spoke. "Be truthful and I can stop the change."

Amanda: was leaning against the wall, her eyes shut tight, cringing against the pain, "You want to be human when the one you love is human." she said slowly, "Whether I tell you truthfully or not you won't stop the change. You bit me for offering to help you, Christ's sake."

Arya: "I don't like you, that's why I bit you. Does this human you love, love you back? I'm true to my word, I'll stop the change."

Amanda: "I never...found out for sure. Seemed like he did. But he died before my change completed." she said without emotion.

Arya: She walked over to Amanda and leaned down beside her to whisper something to her "I know someone that would LOVE to be with you. He's been watching you. I guess you can say he is...stalking you. This is your choice, let the change be completed or I'll stop it and you meet him." She pulled away and stood up and went over to the bed and sat down, watching Amanda.

Amanda: nodded, "I don't want to be a Snyde." she found herself almost crying again. "I don't want to be what murdered my love."

Arya: She nodded and was by Amanda before she could finish her last sentence. "This might hurt a little because of the venom, but it won't take long." She bit into Amanda's neck again, starting to drain her blood till she couldn't taste the venom in it. She pulled away and licked the wound closed then bit into her wrist and put it up to Amanda's mouth. "Drink and you'll get your strength back. It will taste disgusting but you'll get it back."

Amanda: nodded and slowly started to drink the red liquid until she felt stronger. She kept her eyes on her curiously.

Arya: She pulled away from her then licked her wound closed. "Now. Do you have anything nice to wear? As in a nice dress or something?"

Amanda: nodded slowly, still watching her skeptically. "You just said you didn't like me. You're just doing this to get me out of your hair and your life."

Arya: She laughed. "Out of my hair...yes...out of my life...that's going to be a little hard after tonight. So, I should just help you get ready. Where's the dress or whatever you're going to wear?" She stood up and held out a hand to help Amanda up.

Amanda: took her hand slowly and pulled herself up, "In the closet in here. Daray only has one spare room, so I put a few things in here, and change when you're not in this room." she still didn't trust Arya. "You said after my change I would be all yours. Did you want to kill me too?"

Arya: "If I wanted to kill you I would have already done it. I was just going to teach you a lesson then teach you how to hunt without killing the person or thing that you are feeding from, but Daray told me something that made sense on why a pureblood would want to change to human. That's why I asked before I let the change complete." She helped her up. "I don't like touching things that are not mine. So you'll have to get it to show me." She sat on the bed again, and crossed her legs.

Amanda: "I figured. It's easier to kill a human than a Snyde. But who might have been one who wanted an even match." she walked over to the closet and opened the door, leafing through the choices. She pulled out a spaghetti strap dress that went down to her mid calf; it was light purple with a darker purple ribbon around the waist. It outlined her curves well and slipped out to a flair at the bottom from the bottom of the bust. "This good?" she asked Arya, not sure what was actually going to happen here.

Arya:"I like challenges." She looked over the dress. " have anything that doesn't have straps?" She looked up at Amanda.

Amanda: looked at Arya weirdly then turned back to her closet, putting the purple dress away, and then pulled out a no sleeve dress that was red silk. It was a loose fit with the scrunched wrinkles on it all around; it went down to just below her knees.

Arya: She sighed. "Girl, we need to go shopping for you."

Amanda: sighed, "I don't have need for dresses. But sure." she shrugged putting the dress away, "Let's go shopping."

Arya: She smiled slightly and got up. "Ok. Let's go then." She opened the door and walked over to Daray and kissed him lightly on the lips "I'll see you later love."

Daray: kissed her back then looked at both of them confused, "Suuuureee..." he said slowly. First she hates the girl, then attacks the girl, and now she was acting as friends with the girl. "Is this like that pretending thing you do with your sister? A fake friendship?" he asked, looking from Amanda to Arya again.

Amanda: "I think so...I hope so. It'd be weird if she meant it." she watched Arya too.

Arya: "I'm only doing this for my brother's sake okay? Let's go." She walked out the door before anyone could say anything.

Daray: sighed and sat back and watched T.V.

Amanda: ran out after Arya, catching up to her, "Your brother?"

Arya: She sighed "Yes. You didn't know I had one...did you?"

Amanda: "I know little about you, remember? I preferred to think of you as fake."

Arya: "Oh, really? Fake...nice..anyway. His name is Gabiral." She got into a black as night Lamborghini and started it up.

Amanda: climbed in, "Where'd you get this? Does Daray know?" she buckled up.

Arya: "My brother dropped it off a few days ago. I don't know if Daray knows, if he doesn't, he's about to." She backed out the driveway fast and drove all the way to a store just the same way as she backed out. "So, Amanda, tell me things about you. I don't care what. I just need to know some more about you so I can fit the dress to your personality. That's if I already haven't seen it." She smiled and laughed softly to herself.

Amanda: rolled her eyes slightly, "Um, as a human I like chocolate cake, strawberry things are my favorite. My favorite color is burgundy and I like to wear flats or low high heels, not too high, and not pointy. I don't like low cut things." she paused, "Is that good enough?" she shook her head, "Is your brother human?"

Arya: She laughed softly "He's in the process of becoming human...that's all I'm saying. Hm...we'll have to see when we get into my friends store." She stopped suddenly and smiled slightly and got out of the car.

Amanda: was glad she wore a seat belt, not expecting that, she slammed forward. She sighed and climbed out; closing the door behind her she followed Arya, "I am not meeting a Snyde. He'll bite me, like you bit me. Or he'll kill me. Or worse."

Arya: "He doesn't crave any red liquid anymore. So you don't have to worry. My friend, Maria, won't touch you either so you're safe with me." She opened the door to the store and smiled when she saw Maria. "Maria, darling. I've come to get a dress for this young lady here." She motioned to Amanda

Maria: "Mistress Arya, it's always an honor to help you." She smiled then looked at Amanda. "Why she's nothing but a human? Why should I let her have one of these dresses?" She swallowed and softly growled.

Amanda: "But still, Snydes are stronger than humans." she worried. When they stepped into the shop she looked at Maria, "Oh shut it. I didn't want to come here either."

Arya: "Calm yourself, Maria. She's here to get a dress for her date with my brother tonight." She went over to some dresses and started to look through them.

Maria: "Yes, ma'am" She glared at Amanda for a second then went to help Arya. "So, what exactly are you looking for?" Asking Amanda more than Arya.

Amanda: "I don't know, apparently Arya wants me to get a PARTICULAR dress with no sleeves." she sighed, "She didn't like my red silk one. What, Arya? Your brother likes shoulders and hates red silk?" she started to look through the dresses too, standing by Arya, though not picking out any in particular. Arya would just say no to it anyways. So she left the choice all up to her.

Arya: "No, he wanted me to have the dress fit YOU. Don't ask me what he means by that because I'm not explaining. He wanted something with no sleeves, something red, which he didn't tell me what color of red, something somewhat short and something that fits against your body. See any that you like that fits that description?" She asked Amanda.

Amanda: "Oh, so my dress didn't work because it was lose fitting?" she scoffed, "Perv." she yanked out a dress and showed it to Arya. It was right above the knee and was a dark red dress of light soft material. It had no sleeves, and was of a stretchy type so it would fit her body well.

Arya: "No, he just wanted to see you in something that would fit against your body and all the other stuff I said." She looked at the dress and smiled. "That's perfect...but do you like it?" She looked at Amanda.

Amanda: looked at the dress and shrugged, "Yea I kind of do. But my shoes don't match."

Arya: "Then we'll get you shoes that will." She carefully took the dress from Amanda and took it up to the counter and bought it. "Come lets go, we can stop by Royce's shop to get you shoes." She climbed in the car again, putting the dress in the back seat. She starts the car up again.

Amanda: followed and got in the car, "Okay," she said as she buckled up, "But...okay, why are you doing this for me again? And I have money. I can buy things myself."

Arya She sighed as she started to drive to her friend Royce's shop. "I'm doing this because of my brother. I know you have money but he told me that you were not allowed to spend any money if we had to buy anything."

Amanda: sighed, "Fine." she waited for them to get to the shop, "But you're spending your money. Second thought, I am sure I have shoes at home I don't need to go to the shop. You can save your money..."

Arya: "Too late. We're already here." She slowed then stopped. She got out of the car and headed into the shop. "Royce, love. I need your help to find some shoes for Amanda here."

Royce: He came out and smiled "Ah, Arya darling. It's always nice to see you." He came over and hugged Arya. He looked up at Amanda and smiled. "Why, I think I find some shoes for her." He went over and hugged her as well. "It's always nice to meet some of Arya's friends. Come, let's find you some shoes."

Amanda: hugged him back. She had never received so much attention in one day in all her life. Both good and bad. "Thanks." she released the hug and went with them to find shoes, "Size 8. Um," she whispered to Arya, "Is he human or Snyde?"

Royce: "No problem darling." He went and looked at some shoes. "Do they need to match with something?"

Arya: "He's human, but he knows that I'm a Snyde." She told Amanda. "Yes, a dark red dress. Not to high heeled but no flats."

Amanda: sighed, "Gabriel or whatever his name is doesn't like flats I take it? Man, he's picky. Surprised he likes me. What if I change my hair color, will he go away?" she said dryly.

Arya:"No, he likes flats." She smiled to herself. "I decided that you won't be wearing flats. It'll surprise him and no he won't go. He likes you. The only reason he's making the change to being human is because of you, so all I ask is to give him a chance."

Royce:"Here you go, my darlings." He brought a pair of shoes that would go well with the dress. It was the same color as the dress with a few burgundy stones that lined the opening of the shoes.

Arya: She looked at Amanda, smiling to herself a little.

Amanda: "Oh, great, that's just what I need to do is surprise my stalker." she smiled at Royce, "Thank you." she took them from him.

Royce:"No problem dear." He went over to the counter and rung them up.

Arya: She followed Royce and paid for them. "Come. We need to get you ready. Thanks again Royce." She went out to the car and waited for Amanda.

Royce:"No problem, honey, it's what I do. Good luck Amanda." He smiled at her.

Amanda: looked at Royce and nodded then got in the car with Arya, "Okay, see here," she spoke as she pulled on her seat belt and buckled it, "I don't mind stalkers. Hey, I helped Daray find you, so you know what, that's cool. But just as long as they aren't weird. Is your brother weird? If he's weird I am not doing this. I doubt he's my type." she sat back in her chair, and crossed her arms after dropping the shoes by the dress in the back seat.

Arya: She laughed "To me he is, but that's just from a little sister point of view. We shall see when he comes to pick you up from Daray's house tonight." A few minutes passed and they were pulling into Daray's driveway. She parked the car and got the dress and shoes. "Now, let's get you ready for tonight." She got out of the car and walks into the house. They only were gone for an hour at least.

Amanda: got out and followed Arya, self consciously checking her hair now that she knew she was being watched, "'K." she said as they walked inside.

Daray: "Welcome back love." he said without turning away from the television.

Arya: She laughed softly. "Thank you, honey." she said as she walked over to him and gave him a kiss. "Ready to see what I can do with Amanda." She whispered to him when she pulled away to look at him and smiled slightly.

Daray: nodded, "That I am. Work your magic." he looked at Amanda, wondering what was going on.

Amanda: "I have a date, apparently, with my own stalker."

Daray: nodded again, "Oh, lovely." he smiled slightly and looked to Arya and mouthed to her, "Thank you."

Arya: She smiled to him and nodded slightly as to tell him you're welcome. "Amanda, I need you to get your hair wet and I mean wet. Then I can start on your hair. okay?"

Amanda: "Okay." she wandered off to the bathroom. You could hear water running. When she came out, her hair was dripping wet.

Arya: She was in the kitchen, "In here Amanda." She called from the kitchen. She had hair clips, ties, ribbons that matched the dress, a hair comb that could be put in the hair, etc, spread out on the counter.

Amanda: sat in the chair, "I can do my own hair you know." she complained quietly.

Arya: "I know...but I have the perfect style that would look SO beautiful with the dress we got." She started to fix Amanda's hair the style she had in mind. The style was that it was put up in a bun, and curls coming from the bun. Then little curls on the side of her face. She put little jewels in Amanda's hair, some that match the dress and some that matched the jewels on the shoes. She then did Amanda's make-up. She didn't put too much one, just a little bit of eye shadow and some lip gloss that doesn't wear-off as easily. She smiled when she was done. "Now all you need to do is to put your dress and shoes on. I'll help with the dress since it zips up in the back."

Amanda: "You're enjoying this aren't you? Can I look at myself in the mirror?" she got up.

Arya: "Yes, I kinda am enjoying this and no you can't. Not till you have your dress and shoes on." She smiled.

Amanda: "I figured." she sighed and went and got her dress and shoes on and then came back out and let Arya help her zip up her dress. She ran her fingers over the material. It was nice and soft.

Arya: She zipped the dress up for Amanda and helped her put on the shoes then smiled. "Now you can go look in the mirror."

Amanda: went and looked at herself in the mirror, all ready for a smart comeback. But when she saw herself she ended up just staring, and a slow smile spread on her face. She did look good, better than normal, actually. She loved the hair, and the makeup, and the dress and shoes; all of it. "Thanks Arya." she found herself saying lightly. She admired herself in the mirror, turning to see all angles.

Arya: She was leaning against the door frame, watching. "You are most welcome, Amanda." She smiled. "Now you treat my brother right otherwise you'll have me after you." She laughed softly and said softly "I hope tonight goes well for the both of you." She stood up straight and went to go put everything away that was in the kitchen before Amanda could say anything.

Amanda: "If I even like him. If not, no more dates after this." she sat down on the chair in the living room and watched television with Daray until Arya's brother came.

Arya: "I'm not worried about that." She sat next to Daray when she was done.

Gabiral: He knocked on the door and waited, him being a little bit nervous.

Arya:"Daray, love, can you get that. He's still Snyde and can't come in unless he's invited in by the person who owns the house or teleported in like I was." She looked at him, and smiled a little. "Please?"

Daray: nodded, "Sure." he got up and answered the door, "Hi Gabiral. Please come in." he stepped aside.

Amanda: stood up and fixed her dress, then looked at Gabiral, analyzing him.

Gabiral: "Um, thank you sir." He walked in and looked around. Then saw Amanda and smiled. His black hair was combed back nicely and he wore a nice black tuxedo, with a red vest underneath. His sky blue eyes, with gray around the pupils looked over her then into her eyes as he took her hand and lightly kissed it. "It's finally a pleasure to meet you face to face." He paused then added softly "Amanda."

Arya: She smiled and just watched.

Daray: went and sat back down on the couch by Arya, he put his arm around her.

Amanda: her first impulse was to pull her hand away, but then she didn't and she let him kiss her hand. She tried to say something smart alleky, like how his hair combed back made him look like a nerd, or how his tuxedo seemed too dressy for the date. But she liked his eyes, she had to admit, and even what she was going to say in response to that fell flat when for some reason, he stupidly stopped and whispered her name. When he did so, she couldn't think of what it was she wanted to say. So all that came out was, "Pleasure." she felt her face get hot for some reason. This was not good at all.

Arya: Leaned against him.

Gabiral: He smiled slightly. "The pleasure is all mine." He walked her to the door and opened it for her, holding it open. "After you, miss." He said like a gentleman. Once she was out of the way to the door of the house, he opened the car door for her. He was driving a black as night Jaguar XJ.

Daray: "Well now that you are done running around with Amanda." he got up and went to the closet and pulled out four wrapped gifts. It looked like they had been hurriedly wrapped, so the paper was all crinkled, and you could see the tape. Or maybe that was just how Daray wrapped things. He held the gifts under one arm and closed the closet door. Turning, he walked back over to Arya and plunked himself back down on the couch. He set the four items on her lap. "I did my own running around while you were gone. After our little talk I realized I was quick to assume things." he sighed, "I'll try not to do it again." he promised. "These gift wrapped gifts," he pointed to the topmost one on the pile of gifts on Arya's lap, "Are what were in the boxes. But after I returned them and we talked, I rushed back to the store while you and Amanda were gone, and bought them back. I took them out of the boxes and just put some gift wrap paper around them." he looked up at Arya, "So I hope you can open them then. If not, I can just tear off the paper and hand them too you as they are. Or if you don't want them at all, tell me, and I will return them promptly." he promised. Though he hoped she would keep them, or that she even liked them. But, he never knew with her. Just like with Amanda, Arya, his love, was full of surprises. Some good, and some bad, like if she didn't want the gifts he'd feel bad, but it was ultimately up to her, and he would let her choose. "Do you even like gifts?" he finally asked. Why not just clear that up right here and now, so that if she didn't like gifts, he could be sure not to buy her anymore after this. "And do you even like dinner?" he wondered aloud, because the past few times he made her dinner she didn't eat it.

Arya: She looked at him a bit surprised then picked up one of the gifts and smiled slightly. She admired Daray for trying. "I think I can open them myself but thank you for offering to open them for me." She kissed his cheek and looked back at the gifts. "Yes. I love gifts actually. It's just being in The Great Ones I didn't get them so I'm no use to getting them anymore." She started to unwrap the first gift. "I like dinner. It's just hard for me to eat human food and everything. I have to at least have a glass of red liquid or some red liquid mixed it the food for me to eat it. I'm sorry that I haven't really been eating the food that has been made for me lately. I don't usually eat anything if I'm upset or angry. I hope you understand." She looked at him, hoping he would.

Daray: "Okay." he watched her, sitting back on the couch, his arm over the back of the couch behind Arya. "Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to get you used to getting gifts again." he smiled slightly, "I understand love, but this is why every time I make dinner or take you out to dinner, like in the space craft, I make sure I have the normal human food, and you have the human food mixed with red liquid." he paused, "Have you been upset or angry? Have I been the one to cause this? I don't like that love, you should have told me what was bothering you, or what is bothering you. I want to help. I am...almost your husband now. I should be able to do that. But I do understand."

The box Arya opened has a diamond bracelet in it; a thick silver band that covered her wrist about three fingers wide, with a few small red rubies scattered in amongst the diamond stones on the bracelet, with matching earrings; long diamonds that stopped at the base of her neck, dangling. The diamonds on the jewelry caught the light in any movement and reflected it. There was also a matching necklace and a ring; the ring also had two small red rubies set in with the diamond stone, next to it, attached to a silver band. The necklace had a single diamond on the delicate silver chain that rested lightly against the hollow spot at Arya's throat by her collar bone when she wore it.

And that was all in the first gift that Arya opened.

Arya: She gasped when she saw what was in the box. She loved it. She took the bracelet out and put it on; she did the same with the ring and necklace. She decided to wear the earrings the next time they go on a date, if they ever go on another one. She turned to Daray. "Thank you, they're so beautiful." She kissed his cheek then went back to the gifts. "Well, the first time, with the cake, when I suggested that you give the cake to my people outside you made a big deal about that, which by the way they loved it. Then in the space craft I was upset because I hurt you and I couldn't really tell you at the moment why I couldn't open the gifts that you've given me. So in the space craft I was upset with myself." She took the second gift and opened it.

Daray: smiled slightly as he saw her reaction. "I'd hoped you'd like it." her reaction was as he had hoped it to be. "You're welcome my love. Anything for you." he didn't care if the hunters had liked the food or not. According to his mind, he would have loved to hear that they choked on it. But he wouldn't say that out loud to Arya, "That's good hun." he said instead, "Anyways," he sighed, "I'm sorry about your parents. My parents died from old age, so I never had to endure that. Was there more you were trying to tell me when Amanda came in and interrupted us?" he wondered. He lightly stroked her back with his hand as she unwrapped the next gift.

Inside the second gift wrapping, was a white dress, tapered in the middle around the waist, but it flared out at the bottom. It has no sleeves, but it did have straps. If Arya wore it, it would come down to right below her knees.

Daray: smiled, "Cuz I love to see your legs." he admitted, glancing down at her legs then up again real fast back to her face as if he hadn't just done that.

Arya: She pulled the pulled the dress out and looked at it. She told Daray she didn't wear dresses but he still got her one, but she smiled as she looked over it. She did love this dress. She would wear it on the next date for Daray and herself. She looked at Daray and smiled. "Thank you, again. I'll try it on later though." She placed it back into the box as it was before. She picked the next gift up and unwrapped it. "Oh, and I saw what you just did." She crossed her legs, one of them purposely being closer to Daray.

Daray: cleared his throat, "Anyways, I know you don't like dresses but just in case you wanted one. I figured you'd have it on hand. You're welcome." he rested one of his hands on her leg and rubbed it lightly up and down her skin; it was so soft..."Umm, yea..."

When Arya opened the box it ended up being a very expensive type of black lingerie, made of Italian lace in an intricate design. Matching bra and panties set, with a small nightie to wear also over it. If one tugged on the lace too hard, it could have ripped. As it was, it seemed like it would be very see through, not covering much at all.

Arya: When she seen what was in the box she blushed. She just looked at the set for a few minutes then set them aside without saying anything. She couldn't say anything, she was too...embarrassed...she picked up the next box and started to open it. She opened this one slower than she did the others. She was still blushing when she was opening it.

Daray: glanced at her but was still running his hand up and down her leg. A small smile spread across his lips, though he said nothing.

The fourth and final box was a pair of white high heel shoes that were able to slip the heel off and they became flat slip on shoes if she wanted. It was of a soft material.

Arya: She spoke softly; "These would go good with that dress you got me" She smiled.

Daray: "I know, I coordinated things...I can do SOME things right love." he slid off the couch, hypnotized by her leg...he started to kiss it, up and down the shin bone.

Arya: She smiled but stopped him. She blushed again "I'll be right back, love." She got up and took the boxes with her into her room and shut the door behind her.

Daray: sighed, "Awww..." he lay back on the living room floor, looking at the ceiling.

Arya: Stayed gone for a few minutes.

Daray: "Do you need help love?" he called in to her.

Arya: "No, I'm fine but thank you for offering." she called back to him; her voice was a little shaken.

Daray: sat up quickly, hearing her voice shake, "Love, what's wrong?" he got up.

Arya: "Nothing. I'm fine." She sounded the same as before.

Daray: teleported directly into her room, "Raya?" he said worriedly, even more so than before.

Arya:"Here." She was sitting in a corner farthest from the window, staring straight at the window though. Her voice was still shaken.

Daray: walked over to her and knelt down by her and put his arm around her, "Love what is it? What's wrong?" he was about to freak out. He looked at the window, then back to her face again.

Arya:"It's not possible...they're dead. It's not possible." She kept saying over and over, softly to herself. Still starting at the window.

Daray: "Who's dead, hun? Speak to me please. Explain." he looked at the window now, this time longer.

Arya:"They've been dead since I was little. It's not possible. They were human. It's not possible...they're dead." Her breathing picked up suddenly and then started to cry. "It's not possible. It's not. They're dead."

Daray: got up and looked out the window more, then pulled the blinds shut to block it from Arya's view. He walked back over to her and picked her up in his arms and sat on the bed, setting her on his lap, he hugged her close and just let her cry. He hated to hear that sound, the sound of her tears, and he didn't hear them often when they came out in sadness. Most of the time she cried in anger, but that was different, and this was different. He kissed her temple, trying to comfort her. He knew she was talking about her parents. "If they are alive," he said softly, whispering in her ear, "Isn't that a good thing?" he stroked her back lightly, still trying to comfort her.

Arya: She cried more. She spoke between sobs "They wouldn't approve of you if they are. You're not pureblooded. They always wanted me to marry and raise a family with another pureblooded Snyde. That's why they had two children. A boy...and a girl. Gabiral and I were supposed to marry when I was old enough. It's okay if two pureblooded Snydes mate and they're in the same family. It's not like humans." She held Daray close and whispered."Please don't let them in if they are alive still. They'll take me away from you. I don't want that to happen. Please don't let them take me away."She cried harder, just thinking about not having Daray with her.

Daray: held her close, "Shh, it's okay. The shield is up. No one can get in. I won't let them in. I understand." he spoke softly and kissed her forehead, "I don't want to lose you either." he tried to wipe her tears away, gently stroking her cheek as he spoke to her, his eyes soft, "Love, even if they tried to take you away, I wouldn't let them." he promised. "I'd do anything to keep you here. As long as you want to be kept here."

Arya: She hugged him tightly, calming down after a few minutes of having him close to her. "I love you Daray. I love with all my heart and my being. I would never want to be anywhere but here with you. Nowhere but here." She closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest, after awhile she fell asleep in his arms, still holding on to him slightly though. She hide a secret from him though, the reason she became so upset and scared at the same time after thinking she saw her parents, which she did. She dreamed of what would happen if her parents knew, she became frightened even more. She cried softly in her sleep for the two hours that she slept. When she woke she screamed in horror and sadness.

Daray: held her the whole time she slept; he tried to comfort her, knowing she was having a bad dream, but he knew he couldn't. He stroked her hair lightly and kept his face pressed against her cheek gently as she slept against him in his arms. He stayed up while she slept. When she awoke and screamed, he was right there for her. "Love," he said softly, "It's just a dream. It's okay. Everything is fine." he assured her kindly, making her look at him. This was going to be a long night for the both of them he knew.

Arya: She kept saying 'Don't let them kill her. Please keep her safe.' She said that over and over, still half asleep. Usually when she's half asleep she tells you anything and it's true. She laid her head back on his chest and closed her eyes again while placing her hands on her stomach after she calmed down a bit to go back to sleep.

Daray: "I promise to keep you safe. You will not die." he told her softly into her ear. He decided to try to distract her mind from the dream by having a quiet conversation with her; whisper form of course so he did not wake her from what little sleep she was getting. He put his right hand over her hand that was resting on her stomach, and stroked his thumb over her skin lightly. He looked at his thumb on her skin for a moment, then back at her face. His left arm was still around her waist as he sat up, holding her to him on his lap, keeping her in her position of sleeping against his chest. "Dear, tell me, why do you think it is that you love me as much as you do? I we met...and sometimes how I treat you. And yet here you are in my arms." he smiled slightly after he spoke at his own thoughts. He knew why he loved her. She was perfect...he had thought of it many times...mostly when he saw her in the morning against the sun light. He wasn't sure how much she could say as she was half asleep, but he would take what he would get.

Arya: "No keep her safe, no me." She whispered softly then yawned a little. "I love you cuz you kept me safe and you're different from the rest." She nuzzled her face against his neck a little. "They were too nice or too mean." She mumbled something about a baby before falling asleep in his arms again.

Daray: smiled slightly. He liked it when she nuzzled his neck...even if she was half asleep. He loved the reason as to why she loved him. He was glad he made her feel safe. He held her to him tighter, his hand still over hers, "I love you too my darling." he paused a moment, thinking of something else to ask her, "Love," he finally continued, "Are you pregnant?"

Arya: She nodded slightly before she fully went to sleep. She won't remember anything she said tonight when she was half asleep and on. She peacefully slept for about three hours before fully waking.

Daray: was still holding her as she awoke. He hadn't slept at all last night, constantly watching her. And his mind was full of thoughts. Pregnant? They had only slept together a few times. When did she get pregnant? This last time they did? Would it be a good thing for the baby to be born out of wedlock? Perhaps they should push up the wedding and be married sooner. But one thing was for certain, was that he loved the idea of having a baby. His baby. Their baby. The love of his life was having a baby. A little girl it sounded like. He smiled down at her when she woke; his eyes were a bit tired from lack of sleep, dark circles forming beneath them. "Morning dear. Sleep well I hope, as much as you could at least." he said softly.

Arya: She looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Love, you didn't have to hold me all night. I've kept you up, now." She sighed and slowly stood and pushed him back onto the bed. "You need to rest. I'll be in the living room or somewhere around the house if you need me." She smiled slightly again, obviously not remembering last night at all. She turned and walked over to the dresser and got some clothes out then walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. She went straight to the bathroom and started the water for a nice hot bubble bath to relax her tense muscles.

Daray: "That's fine love." he watched her, then got up a moment later and went into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. He watched her, he smiled slightly.

Arya: She was lying in the tub, her hair was up and there were bubbles that were on top of the water. She had her eyes closed and she looked peaceful and fully relaxed. She was also smiling a little to herself.

Daray: came and sat on the edge of the tub, "Love, is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

Arya: She jumped a little, startled. She looked up at him. "Daray, love, you're supposed to be resting and yes there is."

Daray: "I am not in the mood to rest love." he smiled slightly, "Sorry to startle you, but I am anxious to know what it is you need to tell me."

Arya: "Oh. okay." She sat up slightly and pulled his face down to meet hers and kissed him softly. "I love you and I thank you for staying up all night with me while I slept even though I don't know why you did so."

Daray: "That all?" he said after he kissed her back.

Arya:"Um..." She looked down and spoke softly. "Do you think we can change that extra room of yours?" She looked up at him, waiting for him to deny her that.

Daray: "Oh but love, you won't have that spare room to run and hide from me at..." he smirked, "You'll have to sleep in my room ALL the time."

Arya: "I know. That was the whole idea. I should get use to it now if we are going to get married, have a kid, live together for the rest of our lives. So I should just start sleeping with you in OUR room now."

Daray: "That reminds me, I have a question for you my dear."

Arya: "What is your question, my love?" She laid back down into the tub and closed her eyes.

Daray: "Let's do the Snyde wedding today."

Arya: "What?" She looked up at him. "Love, we already did the Snyde wedding, we're just waiting for the human wedding to roll around now."She started to wash up and everything, but she left her hair up where it wouldn't get wet.

Daray: "So have you picked out any baby names?"

Arya:"What are you talking about, Daray?" She spoke softly.

Daray: "Just speaking, you know, for future reference. You did mention that if the bedroom was converted it would be for a child we had in the future. So I am sure you have started to pick out baby names." he got up and sat down on the toilet instead, "Say, if you did get pregnant, you wouldn't hide it from me, would you?"

Arya: She continued to wash herself. "Well, at first yes...only because I would be waiting for the right moment or be afraid that you wouldn't want a child at the time."

Daray: nodded slowly, "I see. And what would make you think that I wouldn't want to have the love of my life carry my child? Really, if I found out you were pregnant, and I'm just saying if you were, I'd be overjoyed because the girl whom I've been in love with, head over heels for, for a majority of my human life, obsessed over, actually loves me enough back to want to carry my baby. To make a child ours."

Arya: "I don't know. Maybe too soon or something." She stood up and stepped out of the tub then wrapped a towel around her. "Well, guess what love?"

Daray: "You're pregnant?" he guessed.

Arya: She nodded slowly and blushed for no reason.

Daray: smiled slightly, "Glad we finally got you to say so. I've known since last night. You know you talk in your sleep sometimes."

Arya: "Oh. Why didn't you tell me? I know I talk in my sleep, Gabiral has told me many of times."

Daray: "Because I wanted you to tell me on your own, not for me to tell you I knew."

Arya:"Oh...well, we're going to have a baby girl and her name is Angelia." She dropped her towel over by the door and started to put on her clothes. She put on the things that he got her. She looked at him. "Well, since you're not going to rest you might as well get into something nice." She then slipped the shoes that he got her on and went into their room and got the jewelry that he got her and put them on. She put her hair up in a bun and let the ends hang loosely as she started to curl them.

Daray: "I don't get to help pick out her name. Alright." he stood and followed her into the bedroom, "Why do I have to get into something nice?" he walked up behind her and pressed his nose into her hair, smelling it as he unzipped the dress she just put on.

Arya:"I guess I didn't say her name last night." She turned around to face him. "Because we...are going to meet my're new in-laws and I want you to look nice." She moved away from him and zipped her dress back up.

Daray: "No, no, no." he said quickly. "You said they'd kill you. I don't think so."

Arya: "No they won't. I explained to them last night about you and me. They said they want to meet you and they have no right to take me away from you or the other way around. Then I told them I was pregnant and then they said that they definitely couldn't keep us apart. So they gave in and they want to meet you face to face." She turned to him "So, get dressed." She walked out the bedroom door.

Daray: "You make absolutely no sense, what so ever. I was with you all night last night."

Arya: She laughed softly. "My mother has the power to get into other people's dreams and communicate with them if she can't get to them physically. She apologized last night for scaring me. Yes, everything is coming back to me so don't say anything."

Daray: "I wasn't saying anything to begin with. So did she explain to you how she is not dead?"

Arya: "She said she'll explain that to me another time, this time was to meet you and to get to know them and for them to get to know you and re-know me." She laughed softly.

Daray: nodded, "Okay...but do I have to look super nice? And do you really have to wear that?" he complained.

Arya: "Yes and yes."

Daray: "That's not going to be good for me. Can't you wear something uglier? Do you want me to make a fool of myself in front of your parents?"

Arya: She walks over to him and kisses him lightly on the lips and whispers "You'll be fine. I'll make sure of it. I promise." She smiled and walked away. "I'll be outside waiting in my car." She went outside.

Daray: grumbled, "Whatever." he found a nice dress shirt, threw it on, and a nice pair of jeans. He put on dress shoes, brushed his hair, made sure he was shaved, he took a swig of mouth wash and spit it out, too lazy to actually brush his teeth but mouthwash did fine. He walked out to the car. "Jeans okay?"

Arya: She sighed slightly. "Yea, they look nice enough." She started the car and waited for him to get in.

Daray: climbed in the car, "I better get rewarded for this." he shut the door and buckled up.

Arya: "Oh, you will." She smiled and backed out of the driveway, just like she did before when Amanda was in the car with her. She then started to drive to her parent's house.

Daray: thrummed his fingers on the dashboard of the car. "I don't like meeting people, Arya." he sighed.

Arya: "I'm sorry, love, but you have to this time. Otherwise they WILL take me away from you." She sighed as she turned into the driveway of her parents' house. She got all nervous and scared at the same time. Once she parked the car she looked over at Daray and tried to smile. "Ready, love?"

Daray: "As ready as I'll ever be. But to keep you, I'd walk on hot coals. This may be just as bad." he sighed and opened up his door and climbed out, walking around the car, he opened up Arya's car door and held out his hand to her to help her out.

Arya: She took his hand willingly and got out then shut her door and sighed nervously. She looked at Daray as they went to the door. She knocked on it.

Nisha: She opened the door and smiled. "Arya, darling." She hugged her.

Arya: "Mom." She whispered and hugged her back and sighed somewhat happily.

Nisha:"Come. Both of you. You're father's waiting in the living room." She rushed them in quickly and then shut the door.

Daray: held her hand still. He didn't even look around. He just waited there patiently. Maybe Arya would tell him what to do...

Arya: She walked to the living room with Daray and smiled when she saw her father.

Nisha: She walked over to Aidren. "Aidren, dear, our daughter is here with her fiancé."

Aidren: He turned around and smiled at them both."Welcome to our home, Daray."

Daray: smiled at them weakly and waved, "Hi. Nice to meet you." he whispered to Arya, "Okay, we met them. Let's go."

Arya: She whispered back to Daray "No. I haven't seen them in years. You want to leave then leave. I'm staying to catch up." She sighed and walked over to Aidren and hugged him. "Dad, I missed you so much. You and Mom."

Aidren: He hugged her back. "I missed you so much too, princess. Do you mind if I talked to Daray for a bit? You and Mom can talk and catch up while I do."

Arya: "I don't mind but you'll have to ask Daray himself. He kind of doesn't really want to be here." She looked down, a little sad.

Aidren: "It's okay, princess. I'll be nice." He looked up at Daray. "Daray, may I speak with you in the other room?" He stood and walked into his office and waited for Daray to follow.

Daray: sighed, "I'll stay. Yes, coming." he followed Aidren into the office.

Aidren: He shut the door behind Daray. "So you and my little girl are going to get married. When is the wedding going to take place?" He sat behind his desk and motioned for Daray to sit as well.

Daray: "We actually are already married, sir. Did it the Snyde way." he sat in the chair as directed, "We just want to do it the human way too. Cover all grounds." he smiled slightly.

Aidren: "Oh really? Then when is the human wedding?" He poured himself a glass of wine. "Would like something to drink?" He offered him some wine.

Daray: "I would like some, thank you. May calm my nerves." he shrugged, "Ask Arya. She is dealing with all the wedding planning. All I am focusing on is the buying of the ring for her, and also my tuxedo. Maybe a groomsman or two. Though I don't know anyone, so I doubt I'll have any groomsmen."

Aidren: "You're not helping her with the wedding plans?" He poured Daray a glass of wine and handed it to him. "She shouldn't be under a lot of stress now that she's pregnant. Maybe you should try to help her with it." He took a drink of the wine

Daray: "She seems to be handling it pretty well. After all, she didn't tell me she was pregnant for a time so...she knows what she's doing." he took the wine, "Thank you." he took a sip.

Aidren: "Very well. If she needs help, hopefully she will ask and you will help." He took a drink of the wine again. "You are most welcome."

Daray: "I doubt she will ask for help, even if she does need it. But as always, I will be sure to keep an eye on her sir." he smiled slightly, and then took another sip. He wondered how Arya was doing with her mom. He bet they had a lot to catch up on.

Aidren: "I'm sure you will. She trusts you with her life, you know."

Daray: nodded, "I know and I am privileged for her to trust me that much. This is why I was all prepared to even keep her from you two, because I did not want anything to happen to her, or us as a couple. She thought you'd be angry."

Aidren: "I understand. It would have been very brave of you to go against me and Nisha to keep our daughter from being taken from you. But yes we were mad at first. Once she explained to us what was going on and that she was pregnant with your child we had to reconsider about killing you or taking her away from you, like we had planned from the beginning when Gabiral told us that she was living with you and she wasn't with The Great Ones anymore." He filled his glass with wine again. "Would you like more to drink?"

Daray: set his half finished glass on the desk in front of him, "No thank you. So, if you don't mind me asking...well, I thought you two were dead."

Aidren: "Oh, no. We had to lay low for a few...years. Nisha and I have more than one power, unlike other Snydes. I can pretty much make clones of myself and others if they choose to be, and if one of them happens to get killed they die like a regular human being." He took another drink then set his glass down.

Daray: nodded, "I understand, I suppose. Though, you left Arya and Gabiral as children alone and scared. I understand that they are Snydes, purebloods, but that's not really good parenting for any species."

Aidren: "Gabiral was never left alone as a child; he was with us the whole time. Arya we had no control over. She was better off in The Great Ones. So don't question mine and Nisha's parenting. We did what was best for our daughter. Hopefully one day you will understand what it is like to be in our position when you have to decide what is best for your daughter." He stood.

Daray: stood also, feeling the need to, "And Gabiral never told her of this?" he rolled his eyes, "Some brother." he muttered, "Tell me," he asked Aidren, "How is she better off with a group who beat her when she did wrong and treated her in a way that a woman should not be treated? Seems to me a father should at least love his daughter enough to...come out of fix that. Unless you and Nisha just didn't care. You enjoyed your own lives, and let's just take a wild stab that," he whispered, "Gabiral was your favorite child."

Aidren: "I do not have control of what my son does. I can't help what The Great Ones does." He was trying to be calm. "What could I have done? Aro and Caius would have me killed right then and there, so she would have been in no better state then she was then." He growled softly. "Do not doubt my love for my daughter. We have been doing nothing but waiting for this day where she can come home to us. Her mother has done nothing but search for her but every time she close to finding her she moves then she would have to start the search all over again. Last night, Nisha found her, only because of you. You kept her in one place long enough where we could find her and we thank you." He growled and in less than a minute, he pinned Daray up against the wall. "We don't have favorites in this family. We love our children more, no less."

Daray: sighed, all he could think about was anger issues..."Tell me one thing, how is it you would have killed me? Care to demonstrate?" he knew for a fact he couldn't die, and he had destroyed all of the Chitter claws that used to be able to kill him, except for the few in his house. But no one could get in there. "What could you have done?" he smiled slightly, "Been a real father, perhaps done what Arya and I did, which was kill The Great Ones...I don't know. Just snowballing ideas here."

Aidren: "Chitter Claw. You think you've destroyed all of them...but we've always had one in case one of your kind came around. And for The Great Ones they are not dead, I just visited them a few days ago." He let him go. "I want you to leave now." He backed away from Daray. "I don't want you to ever come back."

Daray: nodded slowly. He straightened his tie, "So in other words, you are still in hiding from The Great Ones?"

Aidren: "No we are not hiding from them, they know we are still alive and where we are living." He sat back into his chair and turned his back on Daray after picking up his glass of wine.

Daray: "Then yes, perhaps it is best to leave and not come back. After all, I wouldn't want my wife and my soon to be child at a house that could be attacked at any moment by The Great Ones." he paused a moment, "But I do have to thank you about something." his voice was soft and sincere. This had been something he had been thinking about for awhile, and was glad actually, that Arya's parents were here for him to tell. Well, at least her dad.

Aidren: "They won't attack. I explained to them how we are still alive and why we did what we did." He turned to Daray "And what do you have to thank me about?"

Daray: "Thank you for having your clones die in place of Arya. I would have never been where I am today if it wasn't for her, if it wasn't for you in...a roundabout way though it was...saving her. That is good parenting."

Aidren: "Well you are welcome, and thank you." He turned back around, drinking his wine.

Daray: "It was nice meeting you sir. Good day." he left the room, taking the hint he was still not wanted anymore, and looked for Arya.

Arya and Nisha were sitting in the living room talking and catching up.

Daray: "Love, we have to go. I don't think your father wants me around right now. I was sort of cast out." he motioned her to come to him.

Arya: "I'm sorry, Daray. Dad get be a little overprotective but we'll come back another day and visit." She goes to stand up.

Nisha: She grabs Arya's arm and keeps her from standing. "Arya is staying here until she has the child."

Arya: "Mom, please let me go." She tries to pull away and fails.

Nisha: "Don't 'Mom' me, young lady. You are staying here and that's final."

Daray: thought about it a moment, "Well, the child is half a pureblood so it will age quickly in the womb. A few days at most. That'll be fine, as long as I can stay here, and we can leave after the child is born to raise it back at my home. I just won't let her stay here without me because of the potential threat of The Great Ones attacking, which I still worry about. Though they may not attack you, Arya and I are more likely on the hit list. So we need to stay together." he walked over and took Arya's hand in his and kissed it softly.

Nisha: "If Aidren doesn't want you here then you are not welcome here. Arya will stay but you will leave. You cannot stay here. You will leave." She still had a hold of Arya's arm.

Arya: She touched Daray's temple and spoke to him with her mind, 'Get me out of here, love. Once I have the child they won't let me leave at all. I know them too well. The Great Ones are still alive and we are on the top of their list. We'll have to move because my parents know where you live and they could tell The Great Ones where we are. Please, love, I'm begging you for your help.'

Daray: sighed, "Why must this happen? See," he looked at Arya, speaking out loud, "Do you see why I don't like to meet new people?" he yanked Arya closer to him, put his arm around her and held her tightly to his side, and teleported away with her outside the woods of his house, in case the parents decided to come there, "Sorry, that was kind of needed to do without telling you we were teleporting. Can't go in the house right now, that will be the first place they check." he let her go and stepped back, facing her, "Love, you can't sleep either if your mother communicates through dreams." he reminded her, "Unless I figure out a way to stop that."

Arya: "I'm sorry love. I thought that they'll be nice and would let me go and live my life." She looked down "They've changed...a lot. You don't have to worry about my mom communicating with me during my dreams. She taught me how to block people with that power when I was little." She looked up at Daray, sadness was in her eyes. "If they've been alive this whole time...why didn't they come to get me out of The Great Ones? They didn't care did they?" She hugged Daray, burying her face in his chest. "We're not ever going back. Not even after I have our baby girl." She whispered. "They're no longer my parents."

Daray: placed his hand lightly on her back, rubbing it up and down. "I asked your father that same question, love, and he said that he feared for their lives. But then, you've got Gabiral too. Your brother. Apparently he knew where your parents were this whole time; he could have got you too. I'm sorry love." he said softly, and kissed the top of her head.

Arya: She cried softly, not wanting to talk anymore.

Daray: picked her up, "Hold on love, I know where we can stay." he said as he held her in his arms, and teleported them back to the space craft.

Arya: She held hold of him, crying softly still.

Daray: sat down on the floor in the star room where they had once had their date. His face showed sympathy. He just held Arya to him and let her cry.

Arya: After an hour she calmed down and just stayed in Daray's arms. She watched the stars from his arms as well.

Daray: "Feeling a bit better my dear?"

Arya: She nodded yes then kissed his neck softly then went back to watching the stars.

Daray: just held her. He'd stay here forever if he needed to. They could raise their child in space.

Arya: "What are we going to do now?" She looked up at him after a while.

Daray: "Well, you did say you'd like to live here." he smiled slightly down at her.

Arya: "Yes, I did say that."

Daray: "Then let's live here." he smiled down at her.

Arya: She smiled back. "Sounds like a good idea." She kissed him softly.

Daray: kissed her back, "No one, not even your parents know of this place of mine."

Arya: "Then we shall live here." She kissed him a little harder this time.

Daray: returned her kiss, "Should we tell Amanda and Gabiral?"

Arya: "Tell them what?'

Daray: "That we are moving? Just don't tell them where."

Arya: "If you want to tell them that we are moving." She kissed his neck softly.

Daray: smiled slightly, "I will in a few hours then my love."

Arya: She smiled and kissed him softly.

Daray: Lay back on the floor, his arm still around her, as he watched the stars above them.

Arya: She lay beside him, her head on his chest, watching the stars with him. "A child raised among the stars." She whispered to herself then smiled.

Daray: nodded slowly, thinking, "That sounds quite nice. I just worry about her being...secluded out here without other children her age. I don't know what we would do for her to get interaction with others besides you and me. And her siblings, if the child would get them in the future. She needs more than that."

Arya: "Maybe a few years from now we'll move back and this could be like a vacation home or something...or the other house be the vacation home. Let's just think about this one before we go and decided to have more. Okay, love?" She looked up at him slightly.

Daray: "I am thinking about this one...this child. I am thinking about her interactions with others."

Arya: "I know, love. It's going to be hard because of my parents." She sighed.

Daray: nodded, "Too bad they didn't just stay playing dead." he muttered. It would have saved them a whole lot of trouble.

Arya: She nodded in agreement.

Daray: "Do you think they came back just to be annoying?"

Arya: "I don't know, love. Maybe they thought that we could be one happy family again I don't know what they were thinking."

Daray: "I wouldn't have minded that, if they didn't try to...force you to be there. That was a wrong step."

Arya: "They were only trying to force me to stay because they really didn't approve of you. You're human."

Daray: "Hmmm...well it's a good thing I gave your father a piece of my mind."

Arya: She looked at him "Is that why my Dad said that you weren't welcome anymore?" She smiled slightly

Daray: "Yes. And I had a strange feeling he was trying to poison me with the wine, so I refused it after a few sips. Though that must have just been paranoia. It wouldn't have killed me, but it would have made me very sick..."

Arya: "Was he drinking the wine too?"

Daray: "Yes but he could have been immune to the poison in it. I've seen Princess Bride." he stated as a matter of fact.

Arya: "We're not that rich to afford that poison, love. I think it was just paranoia."

Daray: "Perhaps." he agreed.

Arya: She shakes her head a little, laughing softly then kissed him.

Daray: "What? Are you laughing at me?" he spoke while their lips still touched.

Arya: "Nothing, darling, nothing. No I was laughing at you." She kissed him a little harder.

Daray: "Then..." he chuckled slightly and kissed her back then held her arms and kept her still as he leaned back a bit to speak, a smile still on his face, "What were you laughing at then my love?"

Arya:"Nothing. Now are you going to keep pushing me away or do I have to ask you to teleport me back to our house so I can change out of this dress you got me so I don't get it ruined, since I can't take it off, and get some of my clothes so I can bring back here?" She smiled slightly.

Daray: leaned forward and kissed her, "I'll help you take it off." he kissed her again and laid her back and leaned over her, "Remember dear, you need to show me...your moves tonight. You promised me you'd make it up to me, having to meet your parents." he leaned down and kissed her again, sliding a hand up her dress, his voice a deep whisper, "You owe me even more since that was a TERRIBLE parent reunion..." he kissed her again this time locking their lips together, his hand massaging her leg lightly.

Arya: She didn't want to argue with him, she finally got what she wanted. Him. No one could bother them or interrupt them. She kissed him more passionate than she ever has before. Pulling him to her, wanting his body as close as possible to her. This day was a horrible day but the night wasn't going to be like that. While kissing him she started taking off his clothes one by one, she was wearing EVERYTHING that he has given her today. To her this night was special for some reason she couldn't explain. She just felt like it was special.

Daray: he couldn't help but think to himself that it was a good thing children in the womb did not remember what went on outside of the mother's belly. Or...did they? But as he hitched Arya's leg around his waist, slipping her shoes off lightly, and started to undress her; now he was able to FINALLY unzip that dress of hers and let his lips linger over her wonderfully perfect, soft, smooth, and delicious skin, and he saw the lingerie he had bought her...that black luscious set that he had been dying to see for ages...he really didn't care if the child remembered this or not. Nothing was going to stop him.

Arya: She pulled him close to her with her legs, wrapping them around him, making him that much closer to him. She kissed him even more but in one quick motion she was on top of him and he was lying back onto the floor. She pinned his arms above his head and kissed his neck softly then smiles a little wickedly. She forgot to mention that her mother gave her red liquid to drink when they were there, which makes her stronger than him. She let her fangs come down and run across his skin lightly.

Daray: smiled slightly, it slowly turning into a smirk as his eyes scanned her appealingly. "You know love...the arms over the head thing seems all nice and seductive for women. But it seems a little weird when it's done to me..." he said, though his voice still sounded like he was enjoying it. Like he cared that she was stronger than him at the moment. Whenever they decided on the time to turn him in a Snyde like her...well...he smirked just thinking about it; he knew that the younger ones were always stronger. Whether the older ones had just drank fresh red liquid or not.

Arya: She smiled slightly "I could always tie you up and leave you like this." Without warning she bit into his neck hard.

Daray: groaned slightly, "Yea...that'd be great." he said sarcastically. Though he liked it when she kissed his neck, he also liked it when she bit him. "What is it...with Snydes and biting necks? You know...blood runs through my WHOLE body..." he smirked, "You could bite me ANYWHERE you like, really."

Arya: She pulled away and whispered "It's the easiest place to drain blood and there is a certain vein that if we bite it we can instantly kill our prey without any struggle or anything." She smiled slightly. "The neck is real easy to get to in situations like this, humans never expect to really get bit there but now cause of all those stupid stories, we have to find other places to bite every now and again."

Daray: smiled as he watched her, "You wouldn't be able to kill me though. And believe me love, I am not struggling for when you bite me, so any place of me you want to sink those lovely fangs of yours, be my guest."

Arya: She smiled. "I don't think you want to give that much freedom to bite you in any place I want."

Daray: "Sure I do."

Arya: She whispered in his ear. "Not if you want more than one child you don't."

Daray: pouted and looked stricken, "Awww love why would you want to bite me there? You want to see me in agonizing pain? No matter how much I admit I do love your bites, THAT would actually hurt..."

Arya: "Then my point is proven about you giving me that much freedom."

Daray: "I never said I was going to stop you, I just asked why you wanted to." he smirked.

Arya: "So, I guess you're saying you only want one child." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "I never said that either. But if you wish."

Arya: "You can be no fun at times you know that, Daray?'

Daray: chuckled, "Yea I know it's my curse. Just stop talking and kiss me." he would kiss her, but the way she held his hands firmly above his head he was at her mercy for now.

Arya: "Why?" She asked playfully.

Daray: smiled, "You're tempting, even with this talk of you wanting to mutilate my child making parts for life. You're just so pretty and you ARE wearing that lingerie I've been dying to see on you FOREVER. So the fact that you aren't kissing me or something IS pretty much killing me."

Arya: She laughed softly and leaned down to kiss him, but instead she stayed a few inches away from his lips.

Daray: blew air on her face.

Arya: She giggled and smiled slightly. She then got up and disappeared, leaving him there alone.

Daray: his eyes widened, "Since WHEN can you Teleport!" he called out into the air. He just sat there for a moment, and then he decided just to teleport away too, but he didn't go far. He just teleported out of the ropes on his wrist, standing there.

Maria: She stood in the shadows on the ship. "It's amazing when you can't tell who you're wife is." She said seriously. She shook her head. "I think Arya would be very upset and disappointed in you. She trusts you with her life and yet she is going to have your child and you pull this on her. Amazing. Aidren said that you could never trust a mere mortal...even with someone that has an extra ability or what not." She looked up at him, her bright green eyes glowing. "If you are confused on how I got here, you teleported me here. Thinking I was you're wife. I can clone someone to where my body looks like theirs and what they are wearing." She smiled slightly.

Daray: sighed, "Crud." he teleported back to his house, no further conversation needed with that girl. It wasn't his wife, so he didn't care about her. He went and got his locator, turning it on and looking at the dot that lit up to find where she was at. "Now I'll have to get a new secret hideout in space." he grumbled to himself. He liked that one too...but now some random girl knew about it.

Maria: "You can't hide from me, Daray." She smiled as she leaned against one of the walls in his house. "I'm Maria...and you can relax about your secret hideout in space. I won't tell anyone." She stood up straight. "Now about Arya."

Daray: "Shh, I'm looking here. Don't talk to me." frankly he was sort of embarrassed for even looking at her and kissing her. Not like he knew though, she did look exactly like his wife Arya. But he didn't look at her now.

Maria: "Awww...someone embarrassed." She teased him. "Even if you do find her, you won't be able to get to her. Well. I guess I should get going. OH, by the way, where she's at you can't teleport and no powers luck." She knew where Arya was at, she's the one that helped put her there with, of course, Arya's parents help, and she knew how to get her out. But she would only do it for a certain price. She started to the door. "Bye Daray." She opened the door. "Oh, Amanda and Gabiral are out here in Gabe's car. I think they're asleep..."

Daray: dropped the locator and grabbed Maria's arm and pulled her back, "What?" he asked angrily, "And why in the heck are you offering to help me after you've just tricked me, and, I am assuming, helped Arya's parents with this whole charade?" he gritted his teeth, glaring at her. He didn't give a crap about Amanda and Gabiral in the car anymore. His focus was Arya.

Maria: "I was having fun with the whole trick thing; it wasn't really part of the plan." She said truthfully. "Yes I helped them with this. They paid me to do it and it was an offer I couldn't really refuse." She pulled her arm away from him easily, closing the door. She leaned against it looking at Daray. "I know where she is and I know how to get her out BUT I won't do it for free."

Daray: "Name your price."

Maria: "No, you name your price and I'll tell you if it's good enough."

Daray: "Are we talking money here?"

Maria: "Whatever you offer but don't threaten me and don't say my reward would be my life, if you do you can forget about me helping you." She smiled somewhat evilly.

Daray: sighed, "Yea, don't worry. I am not that cliché." he thought a moment, "I'll give you my house."

Maria: "I have my own island; I don't need your house. Anyway you and your wife need it for your children."

Daray: "I actually like the idea of moving so, I don't want it. I have no use for the space craft anymore either, so how about that?" he tried.

Maria: "Sell them...both."

Daray: "I could do that, but, you'd have to get me Arya first."

Maria: "Now how would that reward me?"She raised an eyebrow.

Daray: "You're reward will come after. Better things to those who wait."

Maria: "How can I trust you that I'll get it afterwards?"

Daray: "You probably won't take my word for it so I'll give you this." he handed her a golden coin.

Maria: "This part of it?" She took it, looking up at him after looking at it.

Daray: "No, actually. It's an old coin my father gave me. Been in the family for seven generations. Don't lose it. Will that work to gain your trust enough for you to help me get my wife back before I pay you?"

Maria: "So, you're saying that if I help you get your wife back and you don't pay me, I get to keep this?"

Daray: nodded, "Yes."

Maria: "Then it's a deal." She stood up straight and took hold of his hand and teleported a mile away from the gate where Arya's being held. The place looked liked an insane asylum but it wasn't. "She's being held in there. It's a house for pregnant women like my kind and hers. They keep them there until they have the child or children. After they have the child /children they kill the child or children and let the women go. They drug the women to make them think that they're alone and that the child or children are nothing but children that where produced from being raped and such."

Daray: "So her parents didn't want the child after all." he sighed, "Children are such a hassle even before they are born." he teleported right to the gate.

Maria: Pulled him out of the sight of the guards "Are you nuts? Once you get in there you are completely mortal. Otherwise I would have gotten out of there when I was in there." She sighed. "I come to visit the women in here almost every day when I'm not doing things like this. They know how many times I visit a day. I only visit once a day. You should feel lucky that I haven't visited yet. Now stay here and wait for me to come back. I can get you in without causing any trouble." She left then came back a few moments later. "Come on." She turned keeping the door open for him to follow.

Daray: followed like she said. "So you lost a child?" he guessed, "Nice to know you'd sell out my wife for a place like this too."

Maria: She sighed. "Yes, I lost a child. I didn't know she was going to be here until after I helped them. I overheard them talking a few moments after I disappeared when we...well you were up in space." She turned down a hallway. "This way."

Daray: followed her, "So why did you trick me and pretend to be her?"

Maria: "To have a little fun and to see if you'd notice. Which you didn't." She stopped in front of a door and opened a little door that was on it. "I'm was kind of surprised my eyes didn't change color from what they are now. This is her room. They already drugged her and she can't hear anyone because of what she is."

Daray: "Can you get to the cameras and block them?"

Maria: "They're inside the room."

Daray: "I mean all over the place so I can carry her out."

Maria: She smiled slightly. "I can't but they can." She pointed to the guys that were walking towards them.

Daray: "Friends or enemies?" he asked her simply, referring to the two men.

Maria: "Friends. They helped me out of here. The people here didn't want to let me go from here." She stepped aside as one of the men took out their keys and unlocked the door and went inside. "He'll get Arya out and take her down to where we came in. The people here won't say a word. Don't ask why because I don't know." She watched Daray carefully.

Daray: nodded, "Alright." he hoped he could trust them. If not, he'd have to fix it.

Maria: Waited till the guy had Arya in his arms and out of the room before she shut the door and locked it and hid the keys in her pocket. She started to walk after the guy, following him back to where they came in.

Daray: followed her.

Maria: Held the door open for the guy and watched him as he put her on the ground carefully outside of the gates. She then let Daray through and then thanked the two guys and closed the door behind her as she stepped outside next to Daray and Arya. "I know how to help with the drug but we have to get her away from this place now." She looked at Daray.

Daray: nodded, "You know where." he picked up his wife as she slept and teleported to the space craft. He laid her on the bed of pillows in the star room and brushed the hair back from her face, "Love." he whispered and kissed her forehead lightly, just watching her.

Maria: Followed him after gathering the things that are needed.

Arya: She moved slightly from his touch but didn't wake. Her body temperature was extremely hot to what it normally is, all caused from drug that she was given.

Maria: "She's overheating, which is not good for her kind." She spread out the things that she gathered and grabbed this bottle of liquid. She poured some into a glass and started to mix certain herbs into it. She got everything mixed together and she handed it to Daray. "You have to get her to drink this. I can't tell you how to do it with her kind; I just know the mixture to help make her well again."

Daray: nodded, his eyes still softly watching his wife. "Alright." And even though Maria had tricked him earlier, for some reason now he trusted her, even with this liquid. His wife was in danger and Maria, despite before; she seemed to be helping now. He let her make what she needed to make. He put his free hand behind Arya's neck and tilted her head up to meet the rim of the cup. He then tilted the cup so the liquid started to drain into Arya's mouth. He did this little by little. "Get me some red liquid too." he asked Maria as he fed Arya the drink, still watching his wife, "Sometimes she drinks and eats human food better with red liquid mixed. So get me some of that, quickly."

Maria: "There's red liquid in the mixture. I told you I know how to make the mixture to each species. I was taught well."

Arya: She moved slightly, now starting to hear things around her. She jumped slightly when there was a sound. Since she's been injected with the drug and couldn't hear around her since she's gotten there, the sounds seem louder than they really are.

Daray: "Shhh," he told Maria and had had Arya drink more.

Maria: Just glared at him for a bit then went silently into the other room.

Arya: Opened her eyes a little and smiled slightly when she saw Daray. "This is just a dream."She softly touched his face and whispered "But it is a good dream." She smiled slightly again before falling asleep.

Daray: smiled slightly. He continued to hold Arya as she slept, waiting for her to wake.

Arya: She slept for an hour.

Maria: Stayed out of the way, playing with the gold coin Daray let her have for awhile.

Daray: "Are you awake my dear?" he asked Arya softly.

Arya: Pulled him to her and kissed him then whispered "Yes, I am."

Daray: smiled slightly, "I am glad. Glad you are better." he kissed her again, "Maria helped out."

Arya: She kissed him back. "Yes, I know. I heard her." She kissed him again, this one longer than the other ones.

Daray: kissed her back, but broke it quickly, "I have to talk to you love." he suddenly felt the feelings of embarrassment again that he had felt earlier.

Arya: "What's that love?" She kissed his neck softly. "I missed you so much." she whispered.

Daray: "Arya stop." he pulled her away gently. "I have to talk to you."

Arya: She just sat there looking at him, somewhat startled and a little rejected. She spoke softly "Ok." She sat still.

Daray: "I kissed Maria." he said softly, looking ashamed, "She looked like you, and she wore that white dress, the lingerie, all that stuff I bought you. I thought she was you." he spoke softly.

Arya: She stood quickly "What? You didn't look at her eyes...did you?" She was hurt badly. She didn't know why Daray would do such a thing. Tears welled in her eyes as she backed up slowly at first then turn and ran into a different room, passing Maria on the way.

Daray: "Arya I'm sorry!" he yelled after her, standing quickly. He sighed and kicked the wall hard, punching it, and then just resting his forehead there. The eyes. Stupid eyes. He should have known. He was still getting used to this. He didn't grow up with mythical creatures...he grew up with humans. How was he supposed to know these things? He didn't do it on purpose. He never would do that. He growled and went to the room Maria was in, "Look at me." he gripped Maria by the chin and made her look his way so he would see her eyes, see what this difference was that both Arya and Maria were talking about. Arya's eyes were either red or blue...what about Maria's?

Maria: Startled she looked at him. "What are you doing? Going to kiss me again?" She said dryly. She rolled her green eyes. "Get away from me. Now where is my reward for helping you get your wife back?" She pulled away from him and crossed her arms.

Daray: "Hold your horses I have to talk to my wife first. If you destroyed our relationship with your little...prank...the gold coin is all you get." he walked off to find Arya.

Maria: "Fine." She leaned again the wall again and sighed.

Arya: She was sitting in another room that was nothing but glass where the stars were all around you. She was looking up at the stars and sighed.

Daray: ran up behind her and stopped, "Ray Ray can we talk, please?" he asked gently, "I didn't mean it, I one's really kissed me or...stuff...except for you and so I didn't expect it to be anyone else. I wasn't thinking, I'm not used to this...non humanness of people, your family and friends. I will look from now on, all the time. If you want I will beg for your forgiveness, and I'll do anything to make it up to you. I feel awful and embarrassed by it. Please."

Arya: She didn't turn around, just kept looking up at the stars. "Non-humanness. Great. I know I'm not human as in species but I still am human by body." She spoke softly the whole time, almost soft enough where humans can barely hear." She looked at him, her eyes a deep blue from sadness. "Hopefully you won't have to from now on." She stood and turned to him completely. "I don't want you to beg and I don't want you to do anything to make up for it." She quietly walked by him.

Daray: "Arya please!" he said desperate, "I don't mean that as something mean, I am just telling you...I mean...I know it's not an excuse and that nothing is. We didn't go all the way, if that helps and I didn't mean it. If I had known it wasn't you I wouldn't have even touched her!" he followed her, "You have to believe me. You may not want me to beg or make up for it but I want to. I don't want to lose you I'll do anything." he reached out and touched her shoulder.

Arya: She turned around "You did more than just kiss her?" She growled softly and started to walk to the room that Maria was in. Once she got there she threw Maria against a wall that she wasn't leaning against. "How dare you?" She growled "Who put you up to it, Maria? Who?"

Maria: She coughed slightly and got up off the floor. "You're parents." She held her arm close to her. When she hit the wall, her arm broke.

Daray: "I said almost! Almost!" he followed in, but he didn't stop Arya from hurting Maria. Heck, if Arya wanted to kill the girl at this moment he didn't care one way or the other.

Arya: "My parents told you to do what you did." She stopped and calmed down a little. She looked at Daray. "Did you know this?"

Daray: "I knew she worked with your parents to put you in the institute thing and so she felt bad and wanted to help get you out when she found out where they were putting you. So she helped and I forgave her for working with them in the first place. No. I didn't know they had her kiss me or whatever." he looked directly at Arya, his eyes still soft.

Arya: She nodded at Daray and went over to him. "I'm sorry." She looked down after saying it.

Daray: "Why are you apologizing?" he didn't understand, "I should have known better. I was stupid."

Arya: "I'm apologizing because of my behavior. I should have known that my parents would have put her up to it."

Daray: "So because your parents put her up to it, you forgive me. Otherwise, if not, you'd still be upset with me?" he said, trying to understand.

Arya: "Yes." She spoke softly, trying to hold back some tears.

Daray: "Would you have even forgiven me at all?"

Arya: "I would have eventually." She admitted truthfully.

Daray: "How long is eventually?" he asked, no emotion this time.

Arya: "For my kind...a couple 100 years." She closed her eyes and sank to the floor at his feet.

Daray: shook his head slightly. He looked at Maria, and then he tossed her the house keys, and his car keys. "Keep the coin too." he looked down at Arya, "You know, I felt bad. I still feel awful. I was willing to do anything to make you forgive me. Thanks for showing me that no matter how much I would have begged or pleaded you wouldn't have forgiven me, perhaps when I was dead and in the ground rotting to a form of dust then your kind would have forgiven me. Like I care about your kind. I thought Arya, my Arya, would have forgiven me, being Snyde or not. It's good to know that as long as I blame things on your parents that mistakes WILL be forgiven almost instantly. It doesn't matter that I'm your husband or that I love you...or that I practically worship you. No. Let's just use the parent excuse. But if the parents aren't involved, I'm glad I know now that I have to live my life around you as if I am walking on ice. One small mistake and it can crack and my world will fall through for a couple hundred years." he looked at Maria, "Thank you for showing me this. I'm going for a walk." he told them both, and vanished back to earth somewhere un-locatable.

Maria: She dropped the keys to the house and his car and the coin down onto the floor. "Arya I didn't mean to break you guys up. I swear if I knew your parents were going to have me do this I would have never agreed. I'm sorry. If you ever see Daray again, tell him I'm sorry and that I can't accept what he has tried to give me." She bowed slightly then disappeared.

Arya: She sat there on the floor, alone, depressed and at that moment...unloved for a reason unknown for about an hour then got up a went to the room she was in when she woke. She lay down and closed her eyes and softly cried herself to sleep. She slept for about four hours then woke up screaming because of the nightmare she had.

But no one was there to comfort her. Daray was gone.

Arya: She cried for about an hour then went to the kitchen and lit the stoves and placed her hand over the flame, but didn't touch it just yet. She had a feeling Daray wasn't coming back and she will be alone up here only because she couldn't teleport and no one was here to teleport her back to earth. Tears filled her eyes, not just of sorrow but of pain.

There was a packaged that appeared on the table behind her, landing with a noise enough so Arya heard it. But nothing else happened. It was just plain wrapping paper, poorly done so it was known as something Daray would have done. A small note attached outside of it.

Arya: She stopped what she was doing and turned around then picked up the package. She read the note first then opened the package.


I thought you'd need this. It's good for a one time use to teleport to earth. Just chew on it and you will be taken somewhere random on earth. I figure you can run from there to your destination. It's red liquid flavored, for you.


Inside the package was a small chewable tablet, colored red.

Arya: She set it down and went back to what she was doing. It didn't matter now, she was alone. She couldn't live without Daray, not now. She cried even more now, more out of sorrow then pain. She placed her hand lower to the flame. She knew that fire could hurt her badly, but at that moment she didn't think it mattered.

But the flames didn't hurt her.

Arya: When she found out that it didn't harm her she took a silver knife and was planning on stabbing herself through the heart with it.

But the silver melted when it touched her skin, leaving no mark of harm on her.

Arya: She knew what she had to do then. She placed the silver knife back and went into a different room and just sat there, not doing anything but starring at the stars.

Three days passed, and nothing happened.

Arya: "Damn it, Daray! I can't live without you. I've told you many times." She screamed out to no one. She got up and went to the kitchen and chewed the tablet, but she cried the whole time.

Amanda: appeared there, "Arya! Where have you been!" she asked out of breath.

Arya: "Why do you care?" She said somewhat without emotion. "If you must know, trying to find ways to kill myself. Want to help?" She sat down where she stood and placed her head on her knees.

Amanda: "God you're so dramatic. Finish chewing the pill I'll meet you on earth." she vanished again.

Arya: Does so and she appears on earth like she was before finishing the pill.

Amanda: "Anyways, you can continue to try and kill yourself. I'd help, but I don't think Gabiral would like that very much. Besides, Daray's been missing for two days and we can't find him. I'm not Snyde anymore and though Gabiral has tried, we can find him. I thought you'd know. You're his wife."

Arya: "I'm sorry to say but Gabiral can go to heck. He's not my brother anymore. Also, I don't know if I can help. Daray left me up there alone after what my parents..." She trailed off then looked up at Amanda. "I think I might know where he is." She got up and started towards where her parents house, on foot.

Amanda: "Hey! You introduced me to him. What was it a good idea to get both people you hated together to keep each other occupied and out of your hair?" she followed for a bit and stopped walking; "I'm done trying to like you Arya. I'm not helping you with Daray either. Not anymore." she looked hurt and turned and walked back to where Gabiral was in the forest.

Arya: She was beside Amanda in a second. "I never said I didn't like you. Yes, I introduced him to you because he wanted to get to know you. I don't care if you like me or not right now but I need your help. Please Amanda, help me." She spoke the truth, you could tell in her voice. "I didn't start hating Gabiral till I found out that he helped my parents find me and try to ruin my and Daray's relationship. Then my parents tried to take our child away from us before she was even born." She placed a hand on Amanda's shoulder. "I can't do this alone. Please help me." She pleaded.

Amanda: she blinked, halting in her walk, "Gabiral did what?" she asked in an appalled whisper, facing Arya.

Arya: "Please don't make me repeat myself."

Amanda: shook her head and pulled away from Arya, "No, Gabiral wouldn't. He couldn't. You've lied to me before and I think you are doing it again. How could you Arya?" she looked away from her, but didn't run away this time. She was hurt. She didn't want to believe it. That was the problem. How could she possibly like, and maybe even love Gabiral if he did such a thing? He told her he wouldn't hurt her or betray her. But here it was, in this little instance of time learning from what Arya said. Here was the hurt and betrayal, if it was true. She crossed her arms and pressed them to her chest, distraught.

Arya: "What do I have to do to prove to you that I'm not lying?" She looked at her, but the more time she spent trying to prove that she wasn't lying the more time it was that Daray could be hurting badly or worse, dying.

Amanda: "I don't know. Let's just go." she wasn't going to talk to Gabiral anymore. She was hurt badly, again. She took a breath and walked past Arya in the direction Arya had been walking before she turned to stop Amanda. Amanda was going to act like nothing happened. Nothing ever did happen. Let Gabiral figure out for himself where she went, if he even cared. She wasn't coming back. After they got Daray, she was gone.

Arya: She sighed and followed. "I wish I had my car though. Then we wouldn't have to walk. Unless you are willing to let me carry you so I can run there and it'll be a lot quicker." She looked over at Amanda when she caught up to her.

Amanda: "Sure." she said quietly, and stopped walking. "You can carry me. I'm not going back that way for anything." she said, referring to behind them. She sighed, "Show me memories or something...I want to make sure before I do anything rash about Gabiral."

Arya: She did just that. Then she picked her up and ran to her parent's house. Once they were there she set her down and snuck around to one of the windows and carefully looked in it. The room was dark compared to human eyes but she knew what room this was. It was where her parent's keep their weapons and prisoners, if they had any from a fight or something.

Amanda: sighed, "Oh god." she said, hurt, after seeing what Arya showed her. Then she took a breath and composed herself, walking to stand next to Arya. She looked in the window, "This where you think he's at?" she whispered.

Arya: "This is my parent's house. We were here a few days ago and my father doesn't like Daray very much. Once they knew I was pregnant with Darya's child they made sure that they could get rid of it. They sent me to this horrible place. After so I don't remember much but the next thing I knew was that I was where I was at. I have a feeling that Daray might have returned here to harm my parents for revenge or whatever." She whispered back and looked over to the cells where prisoners were kept.

Amanda: "He's an idiot." she said simply. She looked in too. After a moment, she pointed, "There. I can't see well, but that looks like him. Chained to the wall or something...I don't know what that is."

Arya: She sighed when she said it, because she knew it was true to a point. She looked to where Amanda pointed.

It was him. Except it looked like something was strapped to him. A...bomb of sorts.

Arya: "I have to help him." She said as she started to open the window quietly then shut it and ducked down, pulling Amanda with her. "Shh. My dad's coming." She whispered.

Aidren: He opened the door to the room Daray was in then shut it. He then walked over in front of Daray. "Now, this is the last time I'm going to ask you." He smiled. "When am I going to get my reward?" His eyes shinned bright green.

Daray: "What reward?" he asked, sounding like he was bored.

Aidren: "The one that you told me I would get for helping you get your wife back." He took out a gold coin. It was the one that he let Maria have for a point being.

Daray: "What the heck? I gave that to Maria. How'd you get it?" he looked from the coin to Aidren.

Aidren: Rolled eyes and then disappeared.

Maria: "You really don't pay any attention, do you Daray? Aidren and his wife left hours ago. They went to look for Arya." She walked over to the window and opened it. "You two can come in now." She sighed and walked over to the door and switched on the lights.

Arya: Climbed through the window and ran over to Daray and hugged him the best she could. "Daray, my love, I'm so sorry for everything that you've gone through. I love you so much. I never meant to hurt you the way I did. I'm sorry." Tears were running down her cheeks.

Daray: teleported out of the chains on the wall, "Yea." he looked at Maria, "Quit following me." he said sharply, and then glanced at Amanda and then to Arya again, "You never meant to hurt me, but you did. And you know exactly what you said is truth in how you feel. If I do something wrong, you won't forgive me for two hundred years. That's what I got out of it." he started to walk to the exit, taking what he had strapped to him off of his belt and sticking it to a wall as he walked by.

Arya: "Daray, please. Don't leave, I can't live without you. I've told you many times. If you leave and never come back...I have no reason to live." She looked down. "Our children won't have a father if I do survive the times I would have tried to kill myself." She sat on the floor. "Or maybe I should just let my father and mother have me since it seems you don't want me anymore." She spoke softly as tears still ran down her face, she was hurt badly. Now she knows how it feels to lose the one you love or to be losing the one you love.

Amanda: "You two are pathetic." she sighed and rolled her eyes.

Daray: looked back, "I'm not leaving you, dear lord. Just let me vent my anger. Can I blow up your parent's house or is that too much to ask? If Maria, again, wasn't trying to play tricks with my mind I wouldn't have been here for two days acting like a prisoner when I could have easily teleported out." he sighed, "Stop crying, please." he said softly and held out his hand to her.

Maria: "I didn't get here until today so don't blame me. Aidren was here today's ago. And here." She threw the two set of keys at Daray's feet and the coin. "I've gotten my reward already for helping you get Arya back. I was hoping you would blow this house up so I just took what I thought was owed to me. I just wanted to mess with you this time." She laughed. "See ya guys around." She then disappeared.

Arya: She took his hand and got up but still looked to the floor. "No that's not a problem but can you wait a few more hours?" She looked up at him. "In a few hours my parents will be home then you can blow it up when they're in the house. Then you won't have to worry about them anymore."

Daray: bent down and picked up his keys and the coin and pocketed them. He straightened, watching Maria leave without saying another word, afraid if he spoke she might come back. He sighed in relief and then looked at Arya, "Good. I wanted to blow them up too, thinking they would die this time unlike when you were a child and the bombs just killed clones. But seeing as how they are your parents, I thought that would be too much to ask, and I was going to do it without asking but I didn't want to make you more upset with me. But I guess it's not too much to ask, if you are offering now." he grabbed Amanda's arm and then teleported them all outside the house deep in the woods. "Hopefully this time they will die for real and it's not a clone. No one else is in your parent's house, like prisoner or anything, correct? If so, I should save them, at least. We don't need innocent bystanders." he told Arya gently as he let go of Amanda's arm.

Amanda: "Alright, well, now that Daray is here," she nodded to Daray then to Arya, "Bye guys." she said softly then turned and walked off into the woods, leaving.

Arya: "No, but I would like to get one thing before the house is blown up."She looked over towards where Amanda was. 'Amanda wait. I want to show you something." She ran towards her. "That's only if you are willing and wishing to see it though. It's about Gabiral."

Amanda: stopped and sighed, "I guess. I'd like to get to my house before morning though to grab my car and a few things I need."

Daray: "Sure." he watched her, waiting.

Arya: She showed Amanda all the good and wonderful things that Gabiral has done. The things she shown her out numbered the bad and horrible things that he has done by far. She showed her how good Gabiral really was. "Now, judge Gabiral from what you know about him. Not just what he has done wrong. He is a good man; he just needs someone to show him that he is more good than bad." She bowed slightly then went back to Daray and started towards the house.

Amanda: she was silent for a moment as she watched Arya walk away, until she found her voice, "No matter what he has done good, how can I judge him well when he turns against his family, following his parent's words? Who knows, he may do that to me sometime, if he's done it to his own sister. I can't trust him as long as your parents are alive."

Daray: "Well they won't be for long." he said, shifting his eyes to Arya and watching her.

Amanda: sighed, "I don't know. He has done more good than bad, I'll give him that. But has what he done good outweigh the bad he has done? It may not make up for it. Would you forgive him Arya? You seem to hate him now."

Daray: waited patiently for them to finish their conversation, though he was anxious to get moving.

Arya: She turned and looked at Amanda. "If I didn't forgive him, would I be calling him my brother? Would I be helping him try to keep you? Yes, he helped my parents but in my own eyes I think that he was more forced to do it then anything...knowing how my parents are and everything." She looked at Daray then back to Amanda. "He has done some bad in the past on his own BUT it didn't hurt anybody, just himself. The good he's done has outweighed the bad that he has done. Just give him another'll work out and you'll see he's not a bad person." She started towards the house again with Daray.

Amanda: nodded slowly, "I'll try." she continued to walk away. She wasn't going to make any attempt to see him first.

Daray: "So what are you getting?" he asked Arya as they walked.

Arya: "Something that belongs to me since I was little." She opens the door and walks into the house.

Daray: followed her, staying close by protectively just in case her parents returned early and saw her. He was not having a repeat of earlier. He put his arm around Arya's waist and held her close as they walked.

Arya: She went upstairs into her old room and sighed.

Daray: "What is it?"

Arya: "This use to be my room when I was little." She looked around and whispered. "They didn't move anything; they left it the way it was." She sighed again and walked over to one of the dressers and opened the top drawer. She took out something that was wrapped neatly then shut the drawer and looked at him and smiled slightly. "This was the last thing I got from my parents. They told me that I could have and open it when I was about to have my first child. I think I've waited long enough to see what it is but I guess I'll have to wait a little longer until we get home." She walked back over to Daray and hugged him then walked out the door and then walked into another room and just looked around the room.

Daray: "You're making me feel worse and worse about blowing it up."

Arya: "How so, love?" She looked at him somewhat confused.

Daray: "Because you're all...'They didn't move a thing. Let me walk around the house and just stare at the rooms longingly for the last time.'"

Arya: She sighed. "Fine, then let's just go." She turned around and started down the stairs.

Daray: "Mmm...nah." he went back in her room.

Arya: She turned to see where Daray went and sighed then went back into her old room. "Come on Daray; let's go so you can blow up this house when my parents get back." She stood with her arms crossed in the doorway.

Daray: "I could just blow your parents up and then we can take the house." he sat on the bed and then laid down on it. "Comfy."

Arya: "We can't do that. They'd kill you then take me back to that place you just got me out of. Which would have been a waste of time for you to do that if it does happen." She leaned against the doorframe.

Daray: "They can't do that if I blow them up. Duh."

Arya: "They'd kill you before you could blow them up. That's what I'm trying to get across to you." She sat down in the doorway and closed her eyes then whispered "You don't know what they can do; I've seen what they can do. I don't want that to happen to you. It'll kill me to see it happen."

Daray: "I already took the Chitter claw they had so they can't kill me."

Arya: "You don't understand! They don't need one to do it! They won't kill you right off! They'll take your ability away! They can make you completely human if they have to!" Tears were running down her face. "I've seen them do it to Snydes, I'm pretty sure that they could do it to you."

Daray: sat up and looked at her, "Why are you crying dear? Okay. I just thought I would try to save your room you love so much."

Arya: She wiped away some tears and looked at him. "I don't know why I'm crying." She sniffled. "There's no way to kill them unless..." She looked up at him. "I know how we can save this house and just kill them. I know their weaknesses, but...never mind. Forget everything I just said and let's just get out of here." She starts to stand up.

Daray: "That's up to you dear." he got up like she did.

Arya: "I was going to say that I'd have to do it alone unless you were absolutely and completely willing to do something but if you do this you can't go back to way things were before. I figured that you would say no so I decided to just do it alone and then we can have this house." She started down the stairs not looking up at Daray.

Daray: "To do what?" he asked following her.

Arya: "Kill them. I would have to do it alone and you would have to stand by and just watch and you couldn't interfere even if it looks like I am going to get hurt. But if you would say yes you could fight alongside me and not worry about me getting hurt as bad if you decided to be absolutely and completely willing to do that something." She walked into the living room and sat on the couch, looking at him.

Daray: "Of course I would fight right alongside you." he sat on the couch next to her.

Arya: "But you would get hurt like you are." She was hoping things would click, but she doubted that and she would just have to ask him.

Daray: "As long as the baby is safe I don't care if I get hurt." nothing was clicking.

Arya: She sighed and looked down. "I'm not asking you to fight alongside of me like this, love." She spoke softly now. "I am asking if you'd be absolutely and completely willing to let me change you. I'll understand if you say no but I won't allow you to fight beside me because they will kill you instantly or use you to get me to do anything as long as they didn't hurt you." She closed her eyes waiting for his reply.

Daray: he was quiet for a moment before he spoke, "If your parents are going to be back in a few hours...we don't have time to change me."

Arya: "That's not true." She looked up at him. "Over my years of being here on this earth, I've learn things that help the change but it would hurt more."

Daray: "I doubt it would hurt." he shrugged slightly, "I don't feel things remember? Well, unless they are from you."

Arya: "Well, it is going to be from me."

Daray: "I'll take it."

Arya: "So you'll do it?" She looked up at him.

Daray: nodded, "Yes." he smiled slightly, "Anything for you dear."

Arya: "But is this what you want?" She wanted him to be completely absolutely willing for her to do this and she wanted him not to do it just because she wanted him to but because he wanted to. She would completely understand if this is not what HE wanted. If he didn't want this then she won't bring this up ever again.

Daray: nodded, "I told you I love you so of course I want it. If you think it is best. I'll still be myself, just stronger, yes? So why not." he smiled.

Arya: She hesitated a little and nodded slightly. "Ok." She kissed him softly as she laid him back onto the couch. When he was laying she kissed him harder then kissed his neck softly before she let her fangs come all the way out and she bit his neck hard making her fangs go deeply into his neck and the venom go into his bloodstream but she stayed there for a few minutes, letting more venom go into the bloodstream which made the change faster. Afterwards she pulled away and licked the wound closed and held his hand, just watching him.

Daray: smiled slightly, holding back a wince though his eyes showed the deep pain he was trying to hide, "That was nice." he said to Arya stiffly.

Arya: She smiled sadly, knowing the pain he is going through was horrible. "Love, just close your eyes and try to relax. Please?" She placed his hand on the side of her face, closing her eyes then whispered "I'll be right here with you. I'm not planning on going anywhere. I promise. You'll wake in an hour if you fall asleep and the change will be complete, but I must ask you to let any sign that you're in pain to be let out. I might be able to help with it. That's all I ask of you now."

Daray: "I'll sleep, no need to show pain." he sucked in a breath and shut his eyes.

Arya: She smiled slightly and laid her head next to him, closing her eyes after a few seconds she feel asleep after the three days she didn't sleep when she was alone. She still held his hand while they both slept.

Daray: continued to sleep as he went through the change. In the back of his mind he worried he would be sleeping when Arya's parents came home...and they'd be caught again. He dreamt of it...a nightmare. That thought mixed with the pain of the change which he was holding in caused him to stir awake after only 15 minutes of sleep and he stayed awake, just laying there, holding Arya's hand as she slept. No need to wake her too. He kept an ear out for her parents; ready to teleport him and Arya away if needed.

Arya: She slept for about an hour then woke and looked up at Daray and smiled slightly. She spoke a little sleepy voice "How you feeling love?" She kissed his cheek softly.

Daray: smiled weakly, "Tired, but the majority of the pain has past." he said softly. He lifted her hand in his to his lips and kissed it lightly before resting it back on the bed.

Arya: She frowned slightly. "I slept longer then you. That's not right." She got up. "I'll be right back." She left the room for a few minutes the came back with a cup. She kneeled beside him. "Love, drink this. It'll help you sleep."

Daray: took it from her and looked at it a moment and then looked back up at her, "Do I HAVE to drink it?"

Arya: "Please? Do it for me? I'll be right next to you when you wake up...I promise." She tried to smile encouragingly.

Daray: "You're parents are going to be here soon." he sighed and looked at her, then back down at the drink, then at her again. He tilted the drink to his lips and drank it down while still keeping eye contact with her.

Arya: She smiled slightly and took the cup away from him after he was done then took the cup to the kitchen and washed it.

Daray: "You'll to me when I wake. But apparently...while I sleep you...leave." he said, watching her go and letting his eyes slid closed again, this time they stayed shut and he fell asleep.

Arya: She returned and took his hand then kissed him on the lips lightly and whispered. "That's not true, love. I'm here now." She watched him sleep until the change was complete. She smiled when she knew he was to wake any second.

Daray: opened his eyes slowly and smiled at her, "Hello dear." he leaned over and kissed her and then flinched at a pain in his mouth and pulled back suddenly.

Arya: "What's wrong love?" She tried to figure out why he pulled back.

Daray: "Gah, my teeth are killing me. I need to bite on something."

Arya: She laughed softly then tilted her head to the side and moved her hair. "Here." She smiled.

Daray: "I'm thinking like a pillow maybe..." he crinkled his nose at the idea of piercing through flesh and meat.

Arya: "Fine." She bit her wrist then let the blood drip down her arm. She did this right in front of Daray too.

Daray: his eyes widened and his fangs came down and he growled, "Ouch you did that on purpose..."

Arya: "I know. Now bite here." She tilted her head to the side and moved her hair again.

Daray: found himself leaning forward, but he bit her wrist instead of her neck, going where the blood was at. When he leaned back, his fangs were still down with blood dripping as a smirk came across his face, "Good. I am THIRSTY." he moved off the bed swiftly and quickly and went to the door.

Arya: She followed him soon after, he wound now closed. "Daray, love. Please wait. I have to give you a few tips. Attack my mother from behind; she doesn't do well when she attacked that way. I'll handle my father...okay? I know how to deal with him." She growled softly when she remembered what he did to her.

Daray: "Alright, okay. Let's do it then." he kissed Arya, "Can I go now?" he was jumpy and wanted to get rid some of this energy.

Arya: She kissed him back and shook her head slightly. "Hold on a little longer and let them come in then you can go. Okay?" She pulled him away from the door as her parents walked into the house and closed the door.

Nisha: "I hope we find her soon." She didn't sound upset but angry.

Aidren: "Yes, I hope so too." He smiled to himself.

Arya: She whispered in Daray's ear "Now, love." She let him do as he wished while she went to deal with her father, whom had gone upstairs.

Daray: smiled and laughed as he ran out from the shadows and jumped on Nisha's back and tackled her to the floor, "Hello mom. Miss me? I didn't miss you." he bit her neck, using all the force of his jaw to lock down on her. But instead of drinking, he ripped flesh away, holding her head down with one of his hands and holding her two arms behind her back and down flat, straddling her back. He bit her neck again, locking his jaw in place and then drinking. He'd drained her dry.

Nisha: she screamed slightly and tried to struggle. "Wha...Daray?" She screamed again and it faded as he drained her.

Arya: She faintly yelled Daray's name then screamed.

Daray: got up and broke her neck, making sure she was dead. He had to do it fast. Arya screamed; she needed him. He teleported away and appeared right where Arya was.

Arya: was pinned to the floor but Aidren, She was trying to get him off of her and she was crying.

Aidren: He was whispering in her ear while he was on top of her.

Daray: in an instant he ran forward and grabbed Aidren by the shoulders and threw him off of Arya and slammed him into the wall, holding him there, "How dare you make my wife cry." and in one more instant he kept Aidren pinned to the wall by his right hand and using his left hand he grabbed Aidren by the hair and slammed the back of his head into the wall over and over again until he was bleeding and almost unconscious, "Apologize right now." he seethed, holding him in a grip and using his superior strength against Aidren so that he couldn't even get away.

Aidren: He just smiled as he disappeared then grabbed Daray from behind by the neck and put him in a head lock. "Did you already forget that I can clone myself? I won't apologize to her only because she's not leaving here. You killed my wife, so now I'll kill yours and you get to watch. Oh, and don't think about teleporting anywhere because that'll mean that she'll loose the babies that she's carrying but she'll live but won't be able to have any kids at all. I'll make sure of it." He turned with Daray so he could watch everything that was going to happen to Arya. Two of his clones picked Arya up off the ground and pinned her against the wall by her neck.

Arya: She looked at Daray, pleading for him to get away. She knew what her father was doing and that he wouldn't kill her. Just make it look like he killed her. She couldn't speak or move at all, all because of what her father whispered in her ear and she knew what was going to happen after Daray gotten away. It happened to her before.

Daray: blinked for a moment, "Babies?" he whispered, thinking to himself. Arya had just said a girl, but her father spoke of more than one child that Arya carried. Was he right? He looked at Arya softly, and then his eyes turned hard as he looked back at Aidren, thinking about Arya's own father killing his daughter, "I'd like the idea of killing you AND ALL of your clones. I'm in the mood for a blood bath."

Aiden: "She didn't tell you that she was carrying twins? Well, it seems that she's not a truthful wife." He smiled slightly. "We shall see." One of his clones started to pull on Arya's limbs,

Arya: She wanted to scream out in pain. She looked straight into Daray's eyes telling him to teleport away that nothing will happen to her or the child. Her father was lying about her carrying twins. Tears started to well up in her eyes. She was pleading. Thinking to herself Daray please get yourself out of here. I'll be fine, I swear it. The longer you stay the more pain he'll inflict on me, showing you that he will kill me in front of you. Get yourself out. I know what he wants and he's going to get it one way or another. Please, teleport out of here.

Daray: "I will NOT leave you Arya." he pushed Aiden off of him, getting even more upset. He growled. The only way he was leaving is if Arya ordered him out of there, now that he was a Snyde and had to listen to her. He went for the clones who were hurting Arya.

Aiden: "Daray, stop right now." He ordered to him. No matter who changed him, all pureblooded Snydes could control him. The clones had stopped what they were doing and just watched, Daray and the real Aidren.

Arya: Her eyes showed fear, her father knew. He could have Daray do ANYTHING he wanted him to. She blamed herself for getting him into this as the tears started down her face.

Daray: stopped and growled, "What now Aidren?" he looked away from Arya and back at her father.

Aidren: He smiled. "Now that I know that I was right. You will stand right there and watch your wife die and you will NOT attack me or any of my clones." He ordered him still.

Arya: She wished that she could speak to counter that order but she knew this is what her father wanted. For her to be completely useless and for Daray to be his little 'puppet'.

Daray: "Yea, sure...whatever." he sighed, "I will stand here," he stood for a moment and then smiled, "But you never said I COULDN'T move from this spot. So, since I've already STOOD here for a moment." he ran up and behind Aidren, "I'll do what I came here to do. And by the way, you said I had to watch my wife die. Alright, I will...but that doesn't mean I have to watch her die RIGHT now." he teleported away before Aidren could say anything more. He was right outside the house, and he kept an eye on Arya through the window. He took out his phone and called Maria. He also called Gabiral; Gabiral was a pureblood. Perhaps he would help...he didn't HAVE to listen to stupid orders by other purebloods. That much he knew.

Maria: Was beside Daray a few seconds after he called. "Yes?"

Gabiral: He answered his phone "Hello?"

Arya: After Daray was gone the clones let her drop to the floor

Aidren: Came over and picked her up and took her to his office, which there were no windows.

Daray: put his first finger up to Maria to tell her to wait a moment, he spoke to Gabiral, "Hey, you can counteract pureblood orders right? Because right now being a Snyde sucks. It would help if you could get here fast. I'm at your parent's house outside."

Gabiral: "Yes, can counteract pureblood orders, but it also depends on who ordered you to do something and why." He laughed. "So my little sister finally changed someone. Well, good for her. I'll be there as soon as I can." He hung up then.

Arya: She screamed even though no one could hear her while they were in her father's office. It was sound proof. She was crying, struggling to get away from him.

Daray: hung up and looked at Maria, "I need you to get in there and get to my wife. I can't see her anymore, and I know Aidren is hurting her. You owe me that much. Do it and I'll forgive you for kissing me. Now, please, I'm begging. And wear earplugs so that if Aidren orders you to do something, you can't hear him so thus you won't listen. Teleport right into the office if you can. I'd do it if I could, but his order on not attacking him or his clones was very clear. I have to wait for Gabiral and hopefully he can counteract it. Please Maria it's important." he practically begged.

Maria: She laughed. "Daray, I don't need to wear earplugs because I'm not a Snyde. He can only order Snydes around, like yourself." She smiled slightly. "But I'll see what I can do." She teleported into the house.

Gabiral: He pulled up in his car a few moments after and found Daray. "So who ordered you and what did they order you to do or not do? But I'll tell you this, I don't know if it'll work because I'm turning into a human to be with Amanda. First it was my own reasons but now it's cause of her."

Daray: he watched Maria go and then looked at Gabiral when he came, after he spoke. He sighed, "Well, make sure your reasons are solid because even after we got done talking to Amanda she was still heading back to her house, not to you." he looked at the house then back at Gabiral, "Your father ordered me not to attack him or his clones. He ordered me to watch my wife die. Those three things I need lifted."

Gabiral: "They are." He growled softly. "Well, my father is not going to kill Arya. I know this for a fact. I can lift the one about him ordering you to not attack him or his clones. I know what he is doing and he needs to be stopped." He looked at the house and glared for a second then back to Daray. "You can attack anyone in your path to get to Arya, even Aidren and his clones. You will NOT watch your wife die." He ordered Daray. After he hoped it worked.

Daray: nodded, "Thank you Gabiral." he looked at the house and then teleported right to the office.

Gabiral: He nodded then watched him leave then went back to his car and sat there.

Mara: She was pinned against the wall by two clones. She struggled to get free.

Arya: She was pinned to her father's desk by him. Her father on top of her. Her clothes were ripped.

Aidren: Having his way with Arya.

Daray: growled, "You're a sick bastard!" he shoved Aidren off of Arya and slammed him into the back of the wall, punching him three times in the face, and once in the gut. He lifted him by the neck, letting his nail tear into his skin, his eyes were black with fury, "You don't deserve to have these." he smirked evilly and in one swift motion he took the dagger out of his pocket and moving his other hand over Aidren's crotch area he stabbed Aidren directly in the balls, twisting the knife and making sure it stayed latched into the wall as he let go of Aidren with his other hand and just let him fall as the knife stayed there, tearing him even more. And he knew it would hurt badly. He'd let Aidren suffer a bit before he killed him, "Remember," he chuckled, "The price of your life is death. But remember, torture by my free." he teleported directly behind the clones, grabbed them both by the backs of their necks and pulled them off of Maria and threw them into a wall.

Maria: She grabbed Arya and teleported her to Arya's old room and helped her.

Aidren: Screamed in pain and finally got up and headed for the door.

Daray: snapped both of the clones necks and went to Aidren, pushing him into the wall again, he bit his neck from behind and let his fangs come out of the holes so he just bled, he smirked, "Oh, I don't want to taste any of your devils blood, even just to drain it." he smashed Aidren's hand into the wall, then the other, breaking all of his fingers and then he pushed him on the ground, "How do you wish to die Aidren? TELL ME!" he screamed at him.

Aidren: "You should know, first, Arya is not my daughter by blood. She is my step-daughter." He smiled. "You won't kill me." He ordered him.

Daray: "Unfortunately, your son counteracted that." he crushed his face in and killed him.

Arya and Maria were up in Arya's old room. Maria was trying to find something for Arya to wear while Arya sat on her bed against the wall in a corner covered in a blanket, crying still.

Daray: went to Aidren's computer and hacked into it, "Clones clones clones..." he said as he searched. When he found the file, he pressed the terminate button and killed all of the clones Aidren had ever made, whether they were of himself, or of his wife, or of anyone. Then he crashed his computer, making sure all the files were lost and non recoverable. He stepped over Aidren's body, spit on him, and then went up to Arya's room.

Maria: She was standing outside the door to Arya's room. The door was closed. She was leaning against a wall looking down to the floor but her eyes were closed.

Daray: "Thank you Maria." he took a deep breath and let it out, trying to calm himself, "How is she?"

Maria: "Anytime. I don't know. She hasn't stopped crying since I've gotten her up here and she hasn't moved from the spot she sits in now. I found her clothes and everything then I told her that I'd be out here, right where I'm at, if she needed me or something." She looked at Daray. "I think it's going to take her awhile to get over this. This isn't the first time this has happened to her."She spoke softly this time.

Daray: "Yea, I guess." he growled softly, "But it WILL be the last. Any man who even THINKS of touching MY wife WILL be dead. She's MY wife. No one touches her but me." he ran his hand over his face and closed his eyes trying to get to calm enough to make his eye color return to normal, though it was harder than he thought. "Thank you Maria. I'm going to go see my wife now. Excuse me." he went and opened the door.

Maria: She nodded and let him.

Arya: She was still like she was before. Just like Maria said she was.

Daray: "Raya." he walked over to her and knelt down in front of her, "I'm so sorry." he pulled her into a hug.

Arya: She tried to pull away at first then held him close to her, crying hard.

Daray: rubbed her back her just held her, trying to comfort her. What could he do more?

Arya: She pulled back enough to kiss him and to remove the blanket from her.

Daray: "We can go love. I'll clean up the house. We can live here; but if the memories are too much, now that I know...I can destroy the house."

Arya: "I want to live here." She whispered and kissed him again.

Daray: kissed her back, "Alright. Then I will get it cleaned up for you; for us." he promised.

Arya: "Okay." She lay down onto the bed, pulling him with her and kissed him again.

Daray: kissed her back, he leaned over her, his eyes still very black.

Arya: She tilted her head to the side and placed his mouth on her neck. "Drink, love. You need it."

Daray: "No love, I am not hungry. In fact, I think I'll upchuck if anything is in me. I drained your mother and I think I'm fine. I am just purely angry right now, still."

Arya: She looked at him. "Is there anything I could do to help you relieve that anger?" She then kissed his neck softly.

Daray: "I'm covered in blood love. You aren't the least repulsed by that?"

Arya: She stopped what she was doing and just laid there. "If you want to clean up, then go clean up. I'll wait." She got up and started to take the remains of her clothes off and starts to put on the clothes that Maria found for her. She sighed. "My dress that you got me is gone. That sucks. I really liked that dress." She then opened the door and went downstairs and started to clean up what was left of her parents. She didn't show any emotion when she was doing this either.

Daray: followed her, "I'll get you more, I promise. I can do that if you want." he said from behind her.

Arya: "I got it. You go get cleaned up." She said quietly. She then walked into the office where her father was. She didn't even look at him twice. She took the remains to the backyard and burnt them then went to her parent's room and started to fix it up for her and Daray.

Daray: had cleaned up in the shower, and threw his clothes away. He had teleported to his house and got dressed, then teleported back to Arya's parent's house right when Arya went to the parent's room to fix up, "Burn the bed love. I am not touching it; not after they've touched it. My mattress is the same size; I'll get that and bring it over."

Arya: "Already done, love. After you get the bed here, you can bring our clothes here." She started to throw all the clothes that were in the closet out the window into a pile while Maria threw them on the burn pile.

Daray: "Sure." he vanished back to the house, and using his new Snyde strength he picked up the mattress to the bed in his and Arya's room and then teleported back to the new house.

Arya: She was done with the clothes and was in her old room cleaning things up and straightening them up. She was purposely trying to keep busy.

Daray: set the mattress on then went back to his old house and got his and Arya's clothes, teleporting back and forth until all of them were at the new house.

Arya: She got the room ready for them and she put the clothes in the closet each time Daray brought back more.

Daray: sighed, "This will take all day. Do we need everything from our house?"

Arya: "No, we don't need everything from our house. Just what you think we need." She finished putting the clothes in the closet.

Daray: nodded, "Well, just a few more things then. Gabiral can do what he wants with the house. Which reminds me..." he teleported outside to see if Gabiral was still there.

Arya: "Very well." She continued to find things to do.

Gabiral: He was still sitting in his car, staring at the house.

Daray: "Hey Gabiral you can go home. Everything is fine now. Your parents are dead, hope you don't mind. And if you do, get over it."

Gabiral: "Thanks." He looked at Daray "How's Arya?" He started his car.

Daray: "I am not sure." he sighed, and looked at the house, "She could be better. But she's trying to keep her mind off of it by keeping busy, I can tell." he looked back at Gabiral and patted the hood of his car, "I'll see you later Gabe. I owe you."

Gabiral: "Yea, sounds like Arya." He sighed as well. "Yeah, see ya around brother-in-law." He smiled and backed his car out of the driveway and started towards where Amanda might be.

Daray: watched him go and then teleported back to the house where Arya was.

Arya: When he got back inside, everything was neat and clean and she was looking around to find something to do, still.

Daray: "Love," he said, coming up behind her, he put his hand on her back, "Let's do something."

Arya: "Hm?" She turned around looked at him "Like what?" She continued to look for something to do.

Daray: "Let's go shopping for a new dress, eh?" he smiled slightly.

Arya: "Okay. I can pick it out. Right?" She grabbed the keys to her car and headed out the door, even though she hated shopping.

Daray: "Yes." he followed her.

Arya: "Okay." She locked the door and when to her car then got in the driver's seat and started the car.

Daray: got in on the passenger's side. He hoped there wouldn't be a lot of people in town or at the store.

Arya: She drove to the store and parked her car then got out. She sighed and waited for Daray. "So is there anything special that you want this dress to look like?" She looked at him.

Daray: "No, I just thought it might help you keep your mind occupied if you're shopping. Unless you'd rather go play laser tag." he looked at her, "That might help too."

Arya: "No, I rather shop." She went into the store and started to look at some dresses. She was looking at this one dress that was yellow and long. Then she put it back looking for one particular dress that she's been looking for, for the past few years.

Daray: followed her in, "What are you looking for love? Maybe I can help."

Arya: "I've been looking for this one dress for the past few years and I can't seem to find it. It's sleeveless and it's long but it has a slit on the side that comes up to about here." She showed him by pointing a little more than half way above her knee. "It's a lovely blood red color." She started looking at some other dresses.

Daray: smirked, "You could always buy a dress that looks like it and dip it in blood to make it blood red."

Arya: "It also had a white pattern on it that came around the waist area. It was extremely pretty." She ignored his somewhat smart comment.

Daray: "Okay I'll look for it." she started to look through dresses.

Arya: "Thanks, love." She looked through some more dresses. She found a few she liked in the process.

Daray: "If you haven't found it for years, I doubt you can find it now. Why don't you just get it custom made? I have the money."

Arya: "It WAS custom made." She went up to the counter and described the dress to the clerk behind the counter. He nodded and she'd her into the back room. She smiled at Daray as she followed him.

Daray: "Alright..." he said in a chair as he waited.

Arya: She came out with this long white bag and then walked over to Daray. "Found it." She smiled."He said that this is the last one that they had and that this guy came in and told him that this dress was to be saved for me. I wonder who it could have been but it's already paid for so I can just take it home now." She sat down next to him. "Was there any dress here that you would like to see me in?" She smiled at him.

Daray: smiled, "Of course but that would take all day." he looked at the bag and then stood, "Yea, you wonder what guy, and so do I." he said coldly.

Arya: "Love, it was probably one of the guys that I bit before, and he came in and saved this last dress for me because he knew I wanted it. It'll take years to find that guy if it is so. Other then that I don't know who it could have been, unless it was my brother but other than that it'll take longer to find the guy then it did the dress." She stood and looked at him. "Well, if it's going to take all day to find a dress that you would like to see me in, don't you think we should start looking?" She smiled then kissed him. "I'll be right back. I'm going to go put this in the car. While I'm gone you can start looking for that dress of yours." She smiled again then did what she said she was going to do.

Daray: "Alright." he chuckled, his voice light again, "No love I mean it would take all day because I'd like to see you in ALL of these dresses." but he went and looked for a dress anyways while he waited for Arya to return.

Arya: She returned a few moments later "Find a dress love?" She asked after coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around him, laying her head on his back.

Daray: "Yep," he smiled, "All of them."

Arya: She laughed softly "Any of them that you would love to see me in?" She hoped it would narrow it down a bit.

Daray: "Well, since you already took that red dress out to the car that you wanted so bad, how about this one?" he picked a random dress.

Arya: She took the dress and went to the dressing room and put it on then came out and showed Daray.

Daray: smiled, "Lovely." he picked up a new dress, "This one?" he walked into the changing room with her.

Arya: she started to try on the dress yet could not reach the zipper.

Daray: smirked, "May I help with that love?" he ran his fingers up her arm lightly.

Arya: She shivered slightly and nodded yes. "Yes, you may." She spoke softly as well.

Daray: kissed her and as he did he slipped off her dress.

Arya: kissed him back, letting the dress fall to the floor.

Daray: smirked, "See," he kissed softly down her neck, "I don't hate shopping..."

Arya: She closed her eyes. She spoke breathlessly "I never said you did. I'm the one that hates shopping."

Daray: "Really? After this experience you shouldn't." he moved his hand down the skin on her sides lightly and rested them on her hips as he kissed her.

Arya: She smiled as she kissed him back, pulling him to her.

Daray: moved his lips and kissed down her jaw.

Arya: "Daray, love." She was breathless as she tried to speak; she tilted her head back as she bit her lip a little forgetting what she was going to say.

Daray: "Yes dear?" he chuckled and moved his lips to her neck, kissing her tenderly. He slid his hands beneath her panties and slid them down her thighs.

Arya: She took off his shirt and kissed down his chest softly and down to his pants. She then started to take them off of him.

Daray: watched her, he stroked her skin and kissed it as he could reach it.

Arya: She took his pants off him and then stood up and kissed him, then whispered softly and in between kisses. "We could get in so much trouble if we are caught. You know that right?"

Daray: chuckled, "Thank god for teleportation." he met his lips to her skin and he kissed over her shoulder and down and softly across her collar bone. He met his lips to her chest. He unclasped her bra and kissed her.

Arya: She let him do as he wished, but enjoyed it better than earlier.

Daray: he kissed her all over her body, and after he did...he loved her, filling her, and making sure all the thoughts of the horrible things that had ever been done to her left her mind and all she was thinking of was him.

Arya: She enjoyed it all. All she could think of was him all around her, on her. She could not keep Daray out of her mind. When they were done loving each other she kissed him softly and lovingly then whispered "I love you, Daray. I am yours forever and I hope you will be mine forever." She looked straight in his eyes when she spoke. Her eyes are red with blue around the pupil and on the outside of the iris.

Daray: kissed her back and stroked her cheek. "I love you too, my dear. And yes, forever I am yours. Only yours; and you are only mine, forever." he kissed her again, "Shall we get that dress on you now?"

Arya: She kissed him back and smiled. "Yes, we should."

Daray: chuckled and picked it up off of the floor and helped her get it on.

Arya: She got it on and let Daray help her. "How about this one?" She turned to look at herself in the mirror. "I like this one."

Daray: "Then we shall buy it. I adore it. Like I said, I like all the dresses in here on you."

Arya: "Then pick a few out and maybe we can by them. But I like this one, as I said before. I also got the dress I've been wanting for years so I'm happy." She smiled at him then took the dress off and put on the clothes that she came in on.

Daray: was already changing into his clothes, "I will do so. Find my favorites." he opened up the door once Arya was dressed and walked back out into the store looking at dresses again for her to buy and wear. Ones he thought she'd look great in and he couldn't wait to see her in.

Arya: She followed him out after a few minutes. She looked at some dresses but didn't really like the ones she seen.

Daray: came back and showed her two more dresses he thought would look cute on her, "Here?" he showed them to her.

Arya: She took them and went to try them on. She came out both times to show Daray each dress. "Like them?" She did, she would like anything Daray picked out.

Daray: smiled, "They look very nice on, and even better off."

Arya: She smiled."I'm happy you think so." She went back in and changed into the clothes she came in and took the dresses up to the counter to buy them.

Daray: watched her, leaning on the counter, "Now can we go play laser tag?"

Arya: She laughed softly. "Yes, now we can go play laser tag." She gathered the dresses and took them out to the car with the other one.

Daray: "So," he asked as he followed her, "What are you going to wear the dress for? And when?"

Arya: "Dates, dances, fancy parties. Whenever the day or night of those things."

Daray: "So I think I am going to have to book us dates to go on, parties to go to, and dances to have fun at." he climbed in the car on the driver's side.

Arya: "I guess so." She climbed in on the passenger's side and just sat there." how are you going to drive without the keys?" She smiled and laughed softly. "You don't have a copy of my cars keys yet."

Daray: held out his hand, "I was going to take them from you."

Arya: "Why?" She looked through her purse, trying to find her keys.

Daray: "Because I have awesome new reflexes which I want to try out on this awesome new car. Can it tread water?"

Arya: "Yes, this is an awesome new car and I don't want it totaled. Okay? No it can't." She unwillingly handed over the keys to her car and sighed slightly.

Daray: "Get in the passenger's side. If you want to climb over me to get there instead of using the door I don't mind." he smiled and got a gleam in his eye as he put the keys in the ignition and started it up. He leaned back, "Oh, I wondered if I went at top speed how long it'd take me to get around the world."

Arya: She looked at him weirdly "Love, I AM in the passenger's side. I'm sitting right next to you." She sighed and put her seat belt on. "I don't know and I really don't want to find out." She said softly.

Daray: "Well you still move too fast for me to keep up. Come on I think it'll be fun. A road trip, just you and me. Let's be SPONTANEOUS."

Arya: She smiled and kissed his cheek then whispered "That's because I'm pureblood, love." She sat back and looked out the window. "I thought you wanted to go play laser tag and if you wanted to take a road trip then we need to get things from the house. Like change of clothes, things to wash up with and some personal things for me."

Daray: "You've got your dresses...we can just buy anything else we need." he smirked and backed up and then drove quickly, speeding down the road.

Arya: "I'm not wearing the dresses unless I have to. Which are the reasons and things I said earlier." She sighed and just didn't argue anymore. She let him do as he wanted.

Daray: "Alright, we'll go two blocks around and then back to the house if you want to get a bag of things THAT badly." he laughed, enjoying the speed and did some dangerous maneuvers with the car, making sharp turns.

Arya: "No, it's fine. I can go in what I'm in. I'll just wash it over after cleaning myself up." She was happy that he was having fun and enjoying himself. She didn't think that she'd him this happy before.

Daray: "You sure? Crap," he said as he thought of something, "You're pregnant I shouldn't be going this fast." he began to slow down.

Arya: "Yes I'm sure. Love, you don't have to slow down. I go this fast every day." She looked out the window. "Anyway, right now wouldn't be the best time to slow down." She said as she seen a cop car past them.

Daray: smiled slightly, "You see a cop car and you think it ISN'T the best time to slow down?" he pressed on the gas pedal, "That's my girl."

Arya: She smiled as she watched the cop car turn around. "Well, I hope you can lose him because he caught us." She laughed softly.

Daray: "That's alright. Red and blue flashing lights do well for my permanent record..." he did a fast turn and skid around so he put the car in reverse and then turned the wheel again and zipped passed the cop car.

Arya: "What permanent record?" She watched as the cop car turned around too. She laughed softly. She was actually having a good time, which surprised her.

Daray: chuckled, "You don't think I am a goody two shoes boy do you? I got my feet dirty a couple times. Had to bend the rules here and there to make my serum, and to get information pertaining to you," he tapped her nose with his finger, "my love."

Arya: "I never thought that. I just thought that you never really got in trouble with the law." She laughed softly. "Well, if we get caught, maybe I can help out where you don't get in trouble at all anymore with the law." She smiled.

Daray: "Perhaps. Want to try it? If not we can always tell our daughter that her father was in jail after caught speeding down the road with his pregnant wife in the car...might be a nice story. Jail isn't so bad..." he turned off of the road suddenly and drove through some bushes and turned again onto a back road.

Arya: "Sure, why not? It'll be fun for me." She was actually serious about it. She looked over at Daray then behind them. "He's still following us, love. Just stop and let me handle this." She smiled as she unbuckled and climbed into the back of the car where the dresses are.

Daray: glanced at her through the rear view mirror, "Love what are you doing?"

Arya: "Getting changed." She threw her shirt and pants up into the passenger's seat. "You'll get to see how I got my 'prey' from a long time ago. That's if you stop." She climbed back up front, moving her clothes that were on the seat. She wore a short velvet red dress. The dress came up above her knees and was a little more revealing than any of the other dresses that she had. "Gabiral remembered to put this dress in here for me. I asked him to do so." She put on some high heels and put her hair up in a sexy way and then smiled at Daray. "I use to do this all the time with him until I got tired of being with him all the time. We're not related at all you know. So I figured I give him a chance since we were supposed to get married and all. He got tired of me too so we decided to just pretend to be with each other in front of our parents but we just looked at each as brother and sister when him and I were alone." She smiled again and started on her make-up. She only put a little bit of it on, some lip gloss and a little eye shadow.

Daray: "I'd like to see this." he swerved and pulled over to a stop suddenly, "But you confuse me too much about Gabiral and you. I thought you told me before you two were brother and sister...perhaps I should just stop trying to understand." he put the car in park and opened the door and stepped out of the car.

Arya: She laughed softly and got out of the car too. "Well, I guess so." She walked over to the cop car, sexy like, when the car stopped. She leaned over to talk to the driver. The cop rolled down the window and she leaned into the window and whispered something in his ear. She then backed away from the door as he opened it. He then opened the back doors to his car as he let her sit down onto the seat and he kneeled down in front of her. She looked like she was going to kiss him and in the last minutes she bit into his neck and drank until he was dead. She then licked the wound she made close and made it heal so there would be no trace of the bite mark. She then put him in the driver's seat and made it go into a near-by lake. She looked up at Daray and smiled as she walked back to her car and got in the passenger's seat and shut the door.

Daray: watched her, smiling slightly as he climbed back into the driver's seat. Watching his wife do that he got a sudden...want for her; but what came out of his mouth when he got back in the car was, "You didn't save any of the red liquid for me." then he turned to look at her and leaned over suddenly and pulled her to him and kissed her hard; passionately, holding her to him and kissing her more.

Arya: She smiled "Sorry, love." She was surprised when he pulled her to him; she went to push away when she got lost in the kiss. She kissed him back, just as hard and passionate as he was, maybe even harder and more passionate. She couldn't get enough of him.

Daray: "Sure you are..." he made her seat lean back and he climbed into the backseat and pulled her back there with him.

Arya: "Love, the dresses." She whispered as she started to take off his shirt.

Daray: "What about them? They're nice." he turned her to unzip her red velvet dress that she wore and ran his hands down her skin as he did, and a smile touched his face. He turned her back around as he slipped off her dress.

Arya: "They're going to get ruined if we don't move them." She shivered slightly when he ran his hands down her. She took the rest of his clothes off him and kissed him while pushing him down to where he's laying down and her leaning over him. She forgot about the dresses by now.

Daray: "Just a little wrinkly not really ruined," he smirked and kissed her, holding her close. There temperature was the same now, as they were both Snydes.

Arya: She kissed him more deeply and passionately. Then she whispered in his ear, "I love you, Daray. I never thought that I would love anyone like I love you." She then started to love him, slowly and gently.

Daray: his kisses grew hungry as he nibbled at her lips even as he kissed her in return, moving his lips to her cheeks, her ears, down her neckline and gently over her shoulders. Letting his fangs come down he skimmed them over her body, gently licking her every now and again to get a taste of her deliciousness. When it became too much for his new Snyde side, he bit her, and where he bit her happened to be right at her thigh.

Arya: She gasped softly but let him go. She didn't mind. He needed the red liquid for the first few months until he could control it.

Daray: drained what seemed like a lot, but to him it was barely anything. He retracted his fangs; the craving subsided, and licked the wound closed. He looked up at Arya, "Sorry love." he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand.

Arya: She smiled at him. "It's ok, dear. You need it." She kissed him softly then got up and got dressed and sat in the driver's seat. She dressed in the clothes that she was in before she changed into that dress that helped her kill the cop.

Daray: "Awww, already?" he frowned, still in the backseat.

Arya: She smiled slightly at him "For now." She started the car and started to drive, to continue their road trip.

Daray: "I was driving you know." he said as he got dressed.

Arya: "I know. You're busy right now." She took a quick turn.

Daray: climbed up front, shirtless, "Not no more. Hand over the wheel doll face."

Arya: "Why can't I drive for awhile?" She smiled at him when she looked over him then she looked back to the road.

Daray: "Depends how long awhile is. Maybe because I like the feel of it, and you've been Snyde longer than me so you've got the feeling plenty of times more than I have so far."

Arya: "That's not fair bringing up about how long I've been a Snyde. You know I've been one for my whole life." She suddenly stopped the car and got out and walked over to the passenger's side and opened the door. "You drive then."

Daray: smiled and climbed out, "Yes, yes I do. And I knew it'd get on your nerves enough to make you let me drive." he walked over to the driver's side and got in, "Worked like a charm."

Arya: She shut the passenger car door without getting in. "You can drive all you want. I'm going home." She started to walk in the direction of where the house would be.

Daray: sighed and opened the driver's door and got out, watching her, "Alright fine! Leave a new born Snyde to fend for themselves. Alright..." he licked his lips, "I'm thirsty."

Arya: She sighed, frustrated. She turned around and looked at him. "I should have never changed you. You're holding everything against me. First with the driving, now cause I'm leaving. What will it be next? Me going hunting and not taking you with me or not saving you any red liquid?"

Daray: "Actually, you already didn't save me red liquid when you drained that entire policeman by yourself." he pointed out.

Arya: She rolled her eyes. "Well, sorry for trying to keep you out of trouble and saving your life. I'm going home, you can come with me or you can finish your road trip. If you finish your road trip, here's a piece of advice. Don't go into Italy unless you want yourself killed and try to stay away from humans as much as you can." She turned back around and started to walk towards the direction of the house again.

Daray: smirked, "Italy sounds just perfect." he got in the car and drove full speed that way.

Arya: "He's going to die." She sighed. "If he wanted to die then why didn't he just let my mother or my..." She swallowed and looked down and whispered "My father, kill him. Unless he wants to cause me more pain then I already am in." She ran the rest of the way to the house and up to her old room, not the one for her and Daray but her room when she was a kid. She sat on the bed in there and looked around then after awhile she laid down on it and fell asleep.

Arya's cell phone rang sometime later.

Arya: She didn't answer it because she was still asleep.

The phone continued to ring and ring.

Arya: She answered it and spoke sleepily "Hello?"

Daray: "Hey Arya, tell me, how big of a bomb would I need to blow up ALL of Italy?"

Arya: "I don't know and why would you want to blow up the place where I grew up for most of my life?"

Daray: "Well duh. Kill them before they kill me."

Arya: "You make no sense" She then hung up on him and went back to sleep.

The phone rang and rang again.

Arya: She answered the phone again, still half asleep. "What?"

Daray: "Well if you'd let me explain before you rudely hang up on me. You said that they'd kill me if I went in there. So I figure, kill them first and then I can visit Italy peacefully. And after all, this is where we were going to honeymoon. I am surprised you ditched. I guess I'll have a loner honeymoon." he pouted, sounding sad.

Arya: "Well, I never would of if you told me so, that's your fault."

Daray: "It's your fault for getting all huffy and walking about anger management."

Arya: "Well, sorry." She said sarcastically and a little hurt, but mostly sarcastic.

Daray: grabbed her with his mind and teleported her to him with his power and shut his phone. He smiled, "Well, there you are."

Arya: She still spoke a little sleepy like "I see you gained a new power." She rubbed her eyes a little.

Daray: "Yea. Comes with the teleporting ability. What were you doing? I thought you didn't sleep."

Arya: "I don't but I guess it's part of me being pregnant with a half human child."

Daray: "Half human with abilities love. Don't forget. Now..." he looked over the hill, "Let's go inside."

Arya: "Half human and half Snyde child. The child might have an ability, we don't know yet." She looked at him a little weirdly. "Inside where?"

Daray: "I'll show you." he smiled and took her hand and pulled her with him as he jumped over the ledge of the hill and landed on the cobblestone road lightly. He looked around and stopped when he saw what he wanted. "That." he said, and walked towards a hotel.

Arya: She willingly went with him, only because she still didn't know where she was at and still a little sleepy.

Daray: "We're in Italy love I told you that." he pulled her into the hotel.

Arya: "I get that, but where in Italy?" She went inside with him.

Daray: "Venice, Italy."

Arya: "Oh." She looked around the hotel a little.

Daray: smiled, he walked up to the counter and got them a hotel room to stay in. Once they gave him the key, he took Arya's hand and walked with her to the elevator, taking it to the floor, and getting out on the third floor, walking to their room. He unlocked the door and walked in.

Arya: She followed him the whole way, saying nothing.

Daray: "You can sleep here." he smiled at her, closing the door behind them. He walked ahead, set the key on the dresser and flopped onto the queen sized bed.

Arya: "I'm not sleepy right now." She yawned then sat in a chair.

Daray: smiled, "Alright little liar." he got off the bed and looked out the window in the room, "Pretty view."

Arya: She crossed her arms a little. "I'm not that happy being back in Italy. If you care any." She got up and lay on the bed and closed her eyes.

Daray: "So you never wanted to come here for a honey moon visit love?" he looked back at her and raised an eyebrow.

Arya: She sighed. "Not with The Great Ones still alive." She yawned again and got comfortable on her side of the bed.

Daray: "What you're scared of a little challenge?" he smirked, watching her.

Arya: "Well, I was thinking that since I'm pregnant that I shouldn't be fighting and should stay away from The Great Ones as long as possible. But I guess you had something else in mind." She looked up at him.

Daray: "Well, I did. But you're right. We should keep you safe so, I'll tell you what." he walked over to her and took her hand and teleported them to a random desert spot just outside of town. It was hot and dry. He looked at Arya, "The next best thing- Italy, Texas." he smiled and scooped her up in his arms and walked towards town.

Arya: She rolled her eyes. "You know, I was quite comfortable on that bed, but whatever." She said then added "And don't call me picky either cause I was just stating a point. I don't see what's wrong with our house. Do you?" She looked at him.

Daray: sighed, "I want a vacation." he stopped walked and looked down at her; "You have a problem with that?"

Arya: "No, no." She looked away from him.

Daray: sighed, "Thank you." he continued walking, "But if you want me to take you home, I will. Without further complaint." he promised.

Arya: "No, I'm fine." She spoke quietly.

Daray: "Okay, well, hopefully you can sleep better here because it's not really Italy; it's a town in Texas called Italy."

Arya: "Okay."

Daray: walked in and got them another hotel room, but this one was much less elaborate than the other.

Arya: She didn't say anything while he was doing so. She didn't want to upset him or anything.

Daray: walked up to the room he got for them and laid her on the bed, "Now you can sleep love." he went and looked out the window. He wasn't mad at her, even if she thought he was.

Arya: She lay on the bed, looking away from Daray. She couldn't sleep now.

Daray: sighed and looked at her after a moment, "Babe, what's wrong now? Tell me where you want to go and I'll take you there. Back to the house? Okay. Back to Venice? Okay. You just don't seem comfortable here now."

Arya: "You just seem mad or upset with me. I want to be with you. I'm sorry about my mood swings and everything." She spoke softly. "I'm just not tired anymore, that's all." She still wasn't facing him but she was telling the truth about her wanting to be with him and not being tired anymore and about the mood swings.

Daray: "It's okay. You're pregnant. I understand." he climbed onto the bed and lay down beside her, watching her from behind. "Love you." he whispered as he stroked her hair.

Arya: "Love you too." She whispered back and closed her eyes as she relaxed.

Daray: started to hum an unfamiliar song to Arya, but one of calming tones, and if he could sing, she would like the words too. At least, he hoped she would. It was a song he hoped to be one of them played at their wedding, if not there actual wedding song.

Arya: She turned to him. "What song is that, love?"

Daray: smiled, "A pretty one."

Arya: "What's the name of the song?" She laughed softly.

Daray: smiled slightly, speaking softly as he smoothed the hair back from Arya's forehead, "It's called, I Found My World In You by Neil Sedaka. It may mean more to me than it means to you, but it just makes me think of you every time I hear it because, it's true. I have found my world in you." and then he softly started to sing the lyrics to her;

"Rome may have its Colosseum
And London Bridge may have its view
While others travel far
I`m staying where you are
I found my world in you

Let them waltz in gay Vienna
Or see the sites of old Peru
Let others cross the sea
Those things are not for me
I found my world in you

I hear them sing of Paris in the spring
Of ski trails on the Alpine snow
I hear them talk of autumn in New York
It may be fun but I don`t care to go

There`s one place where I`ll be happy
Where all my wishes will come true
I`d rather settle down
Right here in our home town
I found my world in you

I hear them sing of Paris in the spring
Of ski trails on the Alpine snow
I hear them talk of autumn in New York
It may be fun but I don`t care to go

There`s one place where I`ll be happy
Where all my wishes will come true
I`d rather settle down
Right here in our home town
I found my world in you

Arya: She cuddled close to him and closed her eyes. She laid there listening to him sing the lyrics to her. As he sang it to her she could feel tears slowly form in her eyes and slowly run down her cheeks. She wasn't sad, she knew that much. She whispered "It is a pretty song."

Daray: he finished singing the song, holding her to him, "Love, if you think it's a pretty song, why is my shirt getting wet? And I assume it's not from slobber..." Arya could feel his chest move up and down as he chuckled lightly and softly. He kissed the top of her head and rested his chin there, keeping his arms around his two baby girls- Arya and their child.

Arya: "It's just; I never knew I could mean so much to one person. It would truly, like, kill you, if I left and never came back or died, wouldn't it?" She spoke softly and quietly.

Daray: "I think it's safe to say if you died, so would I. And don't ask me what I'd do about the child without you because I don't know." he smiled slightly, "Stalking someone for so long gets you attached to them." he said softly.

Arya: "If I ever left, I would take the child with me." She yawned a little. "Well, hopefully your stalking days are over." She relaxed in his arms and started to fall asleep.

Daray: "Would you leave me Arya?" he asked softly, tightening his grip around her more, but not enough to hurt her. He remembered what 'Serina' had told him. Did she know something about Arya wanting to run off that he did not know about?

Arya: "No." She spoke softly and sleepily and she spoke the truth.

Daray: "Then I promise I will always try to keep it that way, where you never want to leave me." he smiled slightly. She says she never sleeps and she does. She says she isn't tired, and then she goes to sleep. She was a remarkable creature. He closed his eyes, lying on the bed with her.

Arya: She never sleeps but ever since she's gotten pregnant she's been tired and been going to sleep. Of course the child is half human, so she thinks that's the reason she's sleeping. He relaxed her enough and calmed her where she would go to sleep. She cuddled closer to him, sleeping for about another three hours.

Daray: was still sleeping when she woke up later.

Arya: She got up and went into the bathroom.

There was a note written in the steam that was on the large mirror in the bathroom. Where the steam came from and how it stayed there in the cool room wasn't clarified, but there it was. As if it had been randomly scribbled there; and it was the first thing Arya saw when she walked in. Who couldn't see it? The writing was large just like the mirror in the bathroom was large.

We've found you.

You can't hide.

Not even you can get by.


You better run.

Arya: She became scared; she did run but not away. She ran to where Daray was. "Daray!" She shook him. "Please wake up!" She almost screamed. She was constantly looking around.

Daray: opened his eyes alarmed as he was shaken from sleep, "What, what?" he asked her, sitting bolt upright, "What's wrong?"

Arya: She pulled him into the bathroom and showed him the note that was written on the mirror. "I came into the bathroom and this was the first thing I saw." She continued to look around.

Daray: looked at the mirror and saw his reflection and hers in it. He chuckled, "Okay, that's good." he kissed her cheek, "You're so silly." he rubbed her arm, "You scared yourself and that's kind of cute. You aren't scary in the morning love, not to me."

The mirror was completely clean and free of words and steam.

Arya: She told him what the mirror said, hoping that he'd believe her.

Daray: "Are you sure you weren't still asleep and dreaming love?" he said softly.

Arya: "No, I wasn't still asleep and dreaming."

Daray: "Hold on." he yawned and left the bathroom and came back with a dark light. He shut off the bathroom light upon his return and held the light up to the mirror glass and checked for residue. There were straight lines across the glass but other than that there was no evidence. "It's still suspicious." he said as he went back and turned on the light again. "Well, I guess we'll just have to be careful."

Arya: She said nothing as she watched. "I guess so." She spoke softly, watching the window now.

Daray: "Do you want to go somewhere else love?" he watched Arya, and he felt for her. He gently took her hand.

Arya: "If that's alright with you if we do." She looked at him then looked back at the window.

Daray: nodded, "Yes, it is." he let go of her hand and went and got dressed. "Ready love?" he called into her after he was done.

Arya: "Yes." She went to him.

Daray: teleported them to Little Italy, Ohio, in the middle of town. He walked around holding her hand looking for a hotel.

Arya: She stayed close to him, looking around, being on guard and alert.

Daray: squeezed her hand a bit, "Love calm down it's probably just a prank some stupid kid is pulling on you." he found a hotel and walked inside with her.

Arya: "It doesn't hurt to be on guard and alert." She spoke quietly.

Daray: "No it doesn't." he sighed, "Do you want to go somewhere where you don't have to be on guard and alert? How about we go do something...get your mind off of it. How does that sound?" he suggested.

Arya: "Like where? We could, if you feel like spending the whole day with me."

Daray: "I always feel like spending the whole day with you love."

Arya: "Okay. So, what are we gonna do first?"

Daray: "Get a hotel and I'm going to crash for a few more hours..." he yawned, "I'm still tired. I'm sorry babe."

Arya: "Oh, okay. It's fine. I'm sorry I woke you so early." She smiled slightly then looked down, still alert and on her guard though.

Daray: "But if need be I will put you in a bubble shield for protection until I wake up." he walked up to the desk and got them both a room.

Arya: "No, that's okay. I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll just stay in the room, watch TV or something."

Daray: got the key, "Alright." he walked up to the room with her.

Arya: She just nodded and walked with him.

Daray: opened the door to the hotel and walked inside. He set the key on the desk and collapsed on the bed.

Arya: She shut the door behind them and locked it. She then turned the TV on and put the volume on low. To humans it would be on silent.

Daray: fell asleep.

Arya: She watched TV for awhile.

The rest of the night was peaceful.

Arya: She fell asleep on the couch, the TV was still on.


Daray: got up and shut off the TV. He kissed Arya's cheek as he walked by her and into the bathroom to freshen up for the day.

Arya: She woke a few minutes later. She stretched a little and yawned.

Daray: came out of the bathroom and got dressed for the day, "Good morning baby doll. How are you, and how is the little one?"

Arya: "Good morning. We're both good." She smiled and went towards the bathroom. "Mind if I get clean since I didn't yesterday?"

Daray: "No love, please do get cleaned. We don't want you to get sick from being dirty." he turned to her, "Oh no, wait, since you're asking- no. I DO mind if you get cleaned. can't. Sorry." he smirked. "Or maybe I'm not sorry. Perhaps I like it when you're dirty. It gives a whole new meaning to the term, playing dirty."

Arya: She rolled her eyes. "I'm going to get cleaned up if you like it or not." She walked into the bathroom and started the water.

Daray: teleported into the bathroom and shut off the water, "No, you asked. I told you what I wanted."

Arya: "Daray, please. I need to relax and get clean. I hurt." She turned the water back on.

Daray: "Can I massage your back then to help?" he smirked.

Arya: "After my bath, you can."

Daray: "What I'm not allowed to massage your back while you're in the tub? You don't want me to see you naked?" he laughed, "Okay." he walked out of the bathroom.

Arya: She sighed and just rolled her eyes. "Whatever Daray." She undressed and got into the tub that was filling with hot water. She lay down in the water and tried to relax. She closed her eyes for a bit.

Daray: teleported back in and whispered at her ear while her eyes were closed, "I see you." he said in a whisper, leaning over the tub from behind her.

Arya: "I know that." She whispered back "I don't really care if you see me. You're my husband; you've seen me naked a lot of times."

Daray: "Good, for a moment there I thought we were going to have to make love from now on with you wearing clothes. And that would make me sad." he whispered in her ear and kissed her ear; gently he pulled her earlobe into his mouth and tugged on it softly.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "Daray, please stop." She pulled away a little.

Daray: "Well you won't let me massage your back now will you. So I have to find something else to do..." he slipped his hands in the bath water from behind her and ran his hands across the smooth skin of her legs, "You are very soft. Why do you need to wash with soap? You get any softer you'll slip from my grip..." he kissed the back of her neck.

Arya: "I never said that you couldn't massage my back but whatever." She smiled. "I feel like I need to get clean."

Daray: "Yes you did. I asked if I could massage your back to help you relax and you said I had to wait until after your bath. Unless...did you think I asked something else?" his kisses led a trail from her shoulders across her shoulder line from behind, gently and delicately, "You smell and taste clean to me..."

Arya: "But I never said that you couldn't do it. I could have. I don't feel clean, love."

Daray: "I can wash you..." he let his tongue gently caress the skin on her back.

Arya: "You can. But not with your tongue love."

Daray: leaned over her shoulder again and looked at her, "And why not?" he licked her cheek, "I brushed my teeth..." he chuckled.

Arya: "Because I said, that's why." She rolled her eyes a little. "I know, I can smell the toothpaste."

Daray: "It's enticing no?" he said with an accent as he moved his lips to her mouth, leaning around her, he kissed the corner of her lips, then his voice turned into a Dracula voice; one of a Transylvania accent, "Do you not just want tu...kiss me tu tast-y the toothpaste more?" he kissed her chin and then he kissed across her jaw line.

Arya: She laughed softly.

Daray: smiled and leaned back, taking his hands out of the tub and resting them on either side, "Am I distracting you from your bath? I'd say sorry, but I am not sorry." he moved his hand a bit and splashed her face lightly with a little water.

Arya: She smiled slyly a little. "I know you're not sorry and I'm not sorry for this." She pulled him into the tub with her then kissed him.

Daray: "Hey!" he said and after kissing her he chuckled, "If you wanted me to take a bath with you all you had to do was ask." he kissed her again, "Then I wouldn't be in the tub with clothes on..." he smirked and lifted his hand to stroke her cheek lightly with his thumb for a moment, just taking in the essence of her and her beauty, "I love you." he said softly and leaned forward and kissed her again, deeply, this time not stopping.

Arya: She laughed softly and kissed him back. "Well, maybe this will teach you for the next time." She closed her eyes as he stroked her cheek lightly. "I love you too, Daray. More than you know." She kissed him back, hoping he wouldn't stop. She pulled him closer to her to, wanting to get as close as she could get to him.

Daray: broke the kiss for one short second as he leaned back and yanked his shirt off. He slipped his arm behind Arya and rested his hand at the top of her back right below her shoulders bringing her so close to him that both of their bodies were touching. As he did so he began kissing her again, passionately.

Arya: She watched then she kissed him back again, just as passionately.

There was a rock that broke the window pane, flying through the window. It landed on the ground by the tub, a note attached to it.

Arya: She broke the kiss and looked over at the rock. "Umm,"

Daray: sighed and leaned back, "What hun?" he looked where she was looking, "Cute rock." he nodded in acknowledgement and went back to kissing her neck.

Arya: "Can you get it for me? Please?"

Daray: leaned back another time, his eyes annoyed, "Seriously I am about to kill whoever is doing this because they bother you at the most inopportune times. Can't they pick other times when we're not in the mood for..." he motioned to her body, "This?" he sighed and got up out of the tub, sloshing water everywhere. He was annoyed. He picked up the rock and resisting the urge to throw it back out the window, wishing hard it hit whoever threw it in the first place, in the head, he instead handed it to Arya like she asked him to do.

Arya: "I'm sorry, love" She took it and looked at it.

Daray: sighed.

The note read;

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of a lovely woman.
Be she 'live, or be she dead,
I'll grind her bones to make my bread.

Arya: She handed it back to Daray. "Do what you wish with it." She spoke softly then got out of the tub after washing her hair and body then rinsing herself off. She dried off then got dressed and sat on the bed.

Daray: looked at the note. He growled, "Idiots." he left through the window.

Arya: She sat on the bed with her knees against her chest and her back against the headboard. She laid her head on her knees.

No more than five minutes after Daray left to find whoever it was, or to see if they were close, three men dropped from the ceiling vents and surrounded Arya; one in the front and one on each side of her.

Man: "Hello love." he smiled.

Arya: She growled but doesn't look up. "No one is allowed to call me that except for my husband...and you're not him."

Man: "Maybe we can be." he laughed, "Don't even think of biting one of us. You'll die instantly thanks to the poison in our blood stream." he stepped closer to her.

Arya: "Nothing can harm a pureblood." She growled again. "Get away from me."

Man: smiled, "Wouldn't you like to think that love?" he leaned onto the bed, "I know something that does harm to a pureblood..." he chuckled as another man stepped forward, flicking on and off a lighter, shooting flame.

Arya: She looked up at them and growled more fiercely. "Stay away from me with that." She watched the man with the lighter.

Man: "Oh why so scared? I thought you said nothing can harm a pureblood?" he chuckled as the man with the lighter stepped right up to the bed, "Or were you lying?"

Arya: "I meant as in poison wise." She backed away from him without falling off the bed. "I don't lie, not anymore."

Man: "Oh but you did once. I wonder if you recall a little boy...hmmm...goes by the name Shinichi?"

Arya: "How'd I lie about him?" She asked confused and thought to herself. 'Daray, where are you? I need you more than ever now.'

Man: "You Great Ones characters are all the same. You lie so much you can't stop even after you quit working for them. I'll have you know I'm Shinichi's brother."

Daray: 'I'm sort of...trapped. Hold on I'm coming.'

Arya: "That's enough! I have changed, more than you think! I'm married; I have my own house with my husband! As for your brother Shinichi, I have no clue what you're talking about. So whatever I've done to him, please tell me because I have NO clue." She spoke the truth, it was in her voice. "I may be good at lying but when I speak the truth you'll know the difference." She growled while she said that. 'I think I got it. I'll tell you when I'm REALLY in trouble.'

Daray: 'Huh?' he sounded confused.

The third man stepped forward, "Of course you wouldn't know." he wrapped silver bindings around her wrists; they had been heated and were hot to the touch.

Man: "That's good that you've changed. Now maybe you can help me change back." he rolled his eyes.

Arya: She winced a little but held back the pain that she was really feeling. "Change you back? Back to what?" She spoke normally. 'Never mind, Daray. They have fire and right now I have heated silver bindings on my wrists and they hurt like heck. Of course, I'm not showing them I'm in pain but I don't know how much longer I can stand them and not give in.'

Man: "You don't recognize me at all, do you Arya?" he shook his head and sighed, "That's so sad. But I'll make you remember."

Daray: teleported into the room, "Ray Ray?" he looked at the men and grabbed the one from behind, his hands on the man's shoulders, yanking him back and throwing him into a wall. He went to get to Arya. He was angry; and you could see it in his eyes and his stance.

Man: sighed, "Alright. You want to teleport? So can we." and in that instance Arya vanished with the man.

Daray: "RAYA!" he yelled as his fingertips had just brushed her skin before she was taken. He growled and flipped over the bed and killed the two men that remained in there before they could get away. He didn't even care about destroying the evidence. He WANTED them to be found.

Arya: 'Daray!' She cried softly then looked at the man with hatred in her eyes. "No, I don't remember who the heck you are! Who are you? I'm tired of this freaking mind game!" She growled.

The man had teleported them behind a waterfall. The words were soft spoken compared to the roar of the water falling off the cliff edge.

He chuckled.

Man: "Perhaps I like mind games. Wow, do you smell burning flesh?" he turned and walked off away from her.

Daray: 'Arya where are you? I can pull you back to me like we did over the phone, remember?'

Arya: 'I'm not sure, but I know I'm behind a waterfall and maybe I can even cool these bindings off in the water. They're burning me badly but I'm not showing him that he's hurting me as badly as he thinks he is.' She watched him. "Please just tell me what you want. Maybe I can change it or help find a way to change it. Please let me help you." She shouted to him, she still hated him but she'll do almost anything just to get back to Daray.

Man: "Just sit there tonight. Tell your husband it's useless to pull you out or even him come here. You're both blocked either way." he turned around a corner out of sight.

Daray: 'Love it's not working!' his voice was frantic, 'Tell me what's happening. Talk to me! Please!'

Arya: 'I'm fine for now. It's useless to try to pull me out of here and for you to come here. He's blocking it somehow.' She silently got up and walked over to the waterfall and put the bindings in the water to cool them off. The water from the waterfall got under them and cooled her skin off even if the bindings wouldn't cool. She watched for the man to return.

Daray: 'I'll locate you. Find your location and I'll teleport somewhere nearby and walk to you.' he was angry still, and worried all at once. Even his mental voice showed as much. 'He better not hurt you.'

The man did not return. He was gone for the rest of the night.

Arya: 'Alright, but be careful. Please? I don't want you to get hurt over me.' She tried to see if she could slip out of the silver bindings now that they were wet. If she had to she'll break her thumbs just to get out of them. 'Don't worry, he hasn't yet.'

Daray: 'I'll be careful just for you love.' he promised. There was a pause for a long moment, 'I've found you on that device I have to locate you. I'm outside the perimeter of where you are. You said behind a waterfall?'

Now that the silver bindings were cooled off, they no longer burned her skin. Indeed she could get out of them if her thumbs were broken, but they were tied so tight that they would slice any skin that slid past them on the way out.

Daray: 'And don't tell me not to worry. I AM worried, and I WILL worry. You're my wife and you're pregnant, for god's sake.'

Arya: 'I know what I'm doing so you shouldn't worry.' she sighed a little and broke both of her thumbs. She growled in pain a little. 'And yes I'm behind a waterfall.' she slid her hands out. Cutting her hands up as she done so. She bit her lip and blinked the tears back. Once her hands were out she licked the cuts and they started to heal.

Daray: 'Are you in pain? You sound like you've been hurt! Is he hurting you? What's going on?' his distressed mental voice came into Arya's mind. 'There are no gosh darn waterfalls around here! It says your location is where I am but THERE IS NO WATER!'

Arya: 'Yes and no he's not hurting me. He's not even here right now. I'm hurting myself by slipping out of these bindings that were on my wrist.' She put her thumbs back into place and growled softly again. 'Maybe he has some sort of device or something that messes those things up and everything.'

Daray: 'Love please, PLEASE don't hurt yourself. I will find you soon. If he does have something that messes it up I will find a way around it. Count on it. If you are getting out of the bindings, then help me help you by looking for a way out. Look for something love, please! I love you.' she would never know how much distress he was in right now, and if anything happened to her, he would feel that he had failed in protecting her.

Arya: 'I'm not going to hurt myself anymore. I'm out of the binding's now. I can probably just dive into the water and swim till I'm far away from here. I love you too.' She got ready to dive through the waterfall and into the water below.

But when she tried she ended up hitting a smooth surface of clear glass. It had been blocked by the falling water of the waterfall, and now Arya only knew it was there when she tried to move beyond it. She was trapped, no way out that way...and possibly, if that was blocked, just like the man said to her earlier, there was no way out.

Arya: 'Love, I can't get out the way that I said I was going to get out. There's glass there. I doubt that it's breakable too. I have no way out unless to teleport. Which I can't do. So, I'm stuck 'til the man gets back. I don't even know his name. All I know is that he is Shinichi's brother. First off, I didn't know that Shinichi had a brother but Shinichi does have a sister.' She turned around and looked around where she was at and sighed. 'I don't know him. He said that I should know him and everything but I don't. He wants me to change him back but I don't know what I'm supposed to change him back to other then a fox fiend, which is what Shinichi and their sister is.' She started to walk to where the man disappeared around the corner. 'I don't remember a thing about him.'

Daray: 'At least you can talk to me. I won't leave you in that regard. I'll be here to talk with you when you need me.' he paused, 'Give him the information he needs so he will let you go. Perhaps he knows you don't remember and that's also why you are there?'

Around the corner led a long hallway with a long, red curtain hanging from the rock ceiling, obscuring the view behind it.

Arya: 'Oh, he knows that I don't remember. I've told him.' she slowly started to walk down the hallway. She walked up to one of the curtains and opened it a little and looked out it.

Daray: 'He's weird. I'll kill him for you.'

Behind the curtain was a bedroom like set up with a bed on the floor.

Arya: "No, I could kill him myself if I knew how to get out of here.' She looked in then slowly walked in the room. She was on her guard and she was alert for anything.

Man: came out of another room blocked by another curtain, "What are you doing in here?" he stopped walking.

Daray: 'Fine steal my fun.'

Arya: "I came to find you." She was calmer than she was when she first came here. "I want to talk to you." She crossed her arms a little. 'You can kill him if you can get here before I kill him.' she laughed mentally. 'I don't know where I'm at so my only way out is him so I can't afford to kill him.'

Daray: 'Yea, that's a good idea...'

Man: "About what?" he walked over and sat on his bed.

Arya: "Well, first off. I would like to know your name so I can call you by it...unless you want me to call you Man." She leaned against to wall. 'I thought so.'

Daray: 'Good, my baby thinks of everything.' he complimented her. 'Except she doesn't think to shut her curtains when she's changing clothes...' he found himself laughing.

Man: "I think names are irrelevant and if you don't know mine you can't find me."

Arya: 'Haha...very funny. I do at times okay?' She sighed. "If I promise to keep your name out of every conversation that I have with anyone except you, may I please know your name?"

Daray: 'Yes. Very RARE times.' the conversation had made him forget about the pressing doom for a moment.

Man: "I'll give you a nickname you can use. Will that suffice your womanly needing to know everything desire?"

Arya: "No it won't." She hid a smile. 'Yes...I guess so.'

Man: "Well then never mind." he laid back on his bed.

Daray: 'That's better for me.'

Arya: She sighed again. "May I please just have your name and what you want? Maybe you could refresh my memory about what I did to you since I don't remember a thing about it. Please?" 'I'm glad.'

Man: "I'm actually going to bed right now so unless you want to join me," he smiled slightly, "See you in the morning. Perhaps if you stay though you will get your answer faster." he patted his mattress by him.

Arya: She sat down where she was standing and just watched him. "I only sleep with my husband, thank you."

Man: "Hmm well, then you will wait until I wish to talk to you. Smart girl about not coming closer anyways." he smirked and turned his back to her, getting comfortable on the bed, "Night."

Arya: She glared at him after rolling her eyes.

Man: fell asleep for the night.

Arya: She stayed awake for the whole night. She wasn't tired at all in the morning.

Man: rolled over and sighed, "Still here, eh?" he yawned.

Arya: "Yes. I want answers to my questions."

Man: "I'll give them to you when I am ready to give them to you. You don't control me, darlin'."

Arya: "I get that. Until then I'm going to stay right here."

Man: smiled, "I know you will. You have no way out anyways." he closed his eyes again, simply telling her with his actions that he had won and she was no longer in control.

Arya: "That's not what I meant." She thought to herself. 'I'll find a way out.'

Daray: 'Please try.'

Man: "Oh you can stare at me all day. Doesn't bother me none, but what you see me doing may bother you."

Arya: "And what might that be?" She asked out of habit. She then wondered why she was here in the first place. If he wanted her to change him back to what he was, then she'd do that or almost anything he wanted her to do just so she could get back to Daray. 'Do you trust me, love?'

Daray: 'Don't even think about it.' he warned.

Man: "Dressing, showering...maybe my eating habits could be bothersome. Who knows?"

Arya: 'Or what?' She rolled her eyes. "I'm not sure that would bother me any."

Daray: 'Or I'll be upset with you.'

Man: "We will see." he groaned and got up and walked off to another part of the room and dipped behind a curtain.

Arya: She sighed. 'Just answer the question, Daray. Do you trust me or not? And you'll get over it.' She got up and quietly followed him.

Daray: 'I do trust you, doesn't mean I like what you're thinking.' he said sourly.

But she couldn't follow him. She was hit with an electric pulse shock that started to fry her skin the longer she was in it. She was blocked from following him.

Arya: she stepped back away from it when she first got shocked and growled in frustration. 'You don't even know what I'm planning on doing so don't even try to play that.' She hid the pain she was in from when she got shocked when she spoke to Daray.

Daray: 'Then tell me what you're planning and I'll tell you if I trust you.' he paused and then exclaimed, 'THIS IS FRUSTRATING, ANNOYING, AND JUST PLAIN STUPID!'

Arya: 'I think I should of used, you know I love you and you mean everything to me no one can replace you thing instead.' she sighed. 'I'm planning on acting like when I'm with you, but I don't act with you.'

Daray: 'Use whatever you want. I know that's what you plan, that's why I said that I'll be upset if you go through with it.'

Arya: she sighed. "Daray, please don't be like this."

Daray: 'It's not like I can stop you anyways. I'm here and you're...somewhere...'

Arya: 'I'm sorry, love.'

Daray: 'I'm not going to say it's fine because really, it's not.'

Man: came back out, brushing his hair which Arya could see was slightly damp. He had a towel around his waist but the rest of him was bare, showing off his torso and biceps.

Arya: 'I know, love. It's gonna be weird for me and I'm gonna feel wrong.' She stepped aside for him to pass and she watched him.

Man: "Smells like you tried to come into my room." he smirked, "Do you feel alive?"

Daray: growled.

Arya: "I'm fine, thank you for asking." She said sarcastically in a certain manner. 'Calm, down babe.'

Man: smiled, "Sure." he slipped off the towel and tossed it on his bed along with the comb in his hand and then went about getting dressed for the day, right in front of Arya.

Daray: 'Why don't you just kill him and then look for an exit yourself? Seems to me he is toying with you or something and I don't like it!'

Arya: She sighed but just watched. It didn't annoy her or anything. 'Love, calm down. I know what I'm doing.'

Daray: sighed heavily.

Man: "So, Arya, how do you like it here?" he asked while he dressed. "You may be here awhile so I hope you like it."

Arya: "It's lovely. I wouldn't mind living here."

Man: turned towards her as he slipped on his shirt, completing his outfit for the day, "Well," he smiled as his head peek through the hole and he tugged his shirt down, "That's good. Your wish is granted."

Arya: "I..." She sighed. "...thank you for granting it." 'Not really, I rather live here with Daray.'

Man: "Sure." he brushed a hand through his blonde hair, watching Arya with his piercing blue eyes. He smirked slightly and looked down at his right wrist and then took his left hand and pressed a button on it. "Alright you can move about freely." he watched her, "I know what you can call me..." he smirked, "You can call me My Lord."

Daray: 'Huh? Live where with me?' he said, over hearing what she was thinking.

Arya: "That is the one thing I will not do." She crossed her arms in front of her. 'Where I'm stuck at. It's really not a bad looking place. It's fairly nice.'

Man: "Oh, you're feisty." he walked up to her and knelt down in front of her, the mischievous look still in his eyes, "Pretty though, I'll give you that." he was so close Arya could practically feel his breath on her skin.

Daray: 'Nice? I don't do nice.'

Arya: She was breathing uneasily. 'Well, sorry.'

Man: he gave a small chuckle, "What's wrong dearie? You seem..." he smirked, "Scared."

Daray: 'Our home is good enough and you will NOT stay there, whether you think it's nice or not.' he told Arya with a slight order to his voice.

Arya: "I'm not scared." She whispered to the man. 'You ordering me?'

The man stood quickly, the smirk still on his face, and he took a step to the side of Arya and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her as he continued to walk, dragging her backwards with him.

Daray: 'Yea...' he said reluctantly.

Arya: She growled softly as her hands went up to his that had her by the hair, trying to untangle his fingers out of her hair. 'I don't think that works with me, love.' He could hear the struggle and unhappiest in her voice, even though she was trying to hide it.

Daray: 'I know...Arya is something happening? Are you alright? You don't sound alright. What's going on?'

Man: "Shh...quiet. It's not like you needed hair anyways." he got an evil glint to his eyes as he released Arya's hair and flung her into the rock wall. He brushed his hand on his pants. "You need a bath." he commented.

Arya: She gasped when she hit the wall and when she hit the floor she curled in a ball. "Leave me alone, please." She pleaded with the man. 'I'm afraid Daray. I never get afraid or scared, but I am.' She had an urge to start crying but she held back the tears. All she wanted was to protect her and Daray's child. Their baby girl. She thought that she could try to get away from him like she did the last time this happened to her but this time was different. She didn't have to worry about getting hurt badly because she didn't have to worry about anything else but herself. This time she had to worry about herself and the life of her unborn child. "Tell me what you want from me, please. I'll do almost anything, please. Tell me and I'll do it then you can let me go. If you want me to change you back into what you were before, I can do that. Please just remind or refresh my memory of what you were or what happened to you. Please?" She pleaded more, this time a few tears slipped and came down her face.

Daray: 'Baby I'm coming hold on I'll try to find a hole and slip through!'

Man: knelt down in front of her, "Don't cry, Arya. It does not become you." he watched her for a moment before he spoke again. "Listen, I am not here to harm your child or to touch you in any way...god no. All I want is what was taken from me. You want to know what that is? The feelings will not be pleasant. I will show you, not...tell you. And for that, I will need to touch your forehead." he spoke without emotion.

Arya: She looked up at the man. "Can I at least know your name? Please?" She didn't dare look him in the eye. She didn't want to be thrown into the wall again. "I will allow you to touch my forehead, but that's it." She added softly. 'Daray, please just tell us everything is going to be okay and that we will see you soon. That no more harm will come to us.' She spoke for her and for their child.

Daray: 'Everything will be okay. No harm will come to you, I won't let it. You or the baby. Both of you will come home safe.' he said gently to her, hoping she couldn't feel his worry at the words, feeling the lie as not even he himself believed what he just said.

Man: "My name is Daniel. I was one of the first assignments you were given a few hundred years ago. The Great Ones killed my family." he looked into her eyes even though she did not look at him, "Most of them anyways. I was the oldest so you didn't know about me. I wasn't around when you came, but I knew about you. How could I forget?" and though his words were harsh they were soft at the memory he was reliving through his words, too.

Arya: "Thank you." She whispered. "That was so long ago that I would have forgotten all about it. I'm sorry for hurting you like that. I was just doing what I was told and that was how I was taught. I was like that until I found out how I got in The Great Ones in the first place. After that I met Daray, even before that, I wanted to change and try to make up for the things that I've done in the past. Things that I knew were wrong but still did it anyway 'cause I was told to." She swallowed and looked him in the eyes. "Why did you come after me now and not back when I was still in The Great Ones? Why now? Show me or whatever that you want from me or want me to do."

Daniel: "Apparently you've decided, just now, to take a liking to my brother Shinichi. Half brother...we have the same mother." he watched her, "THAT'S why I came now and not later. You are putting him in more danger than he was in before. And do you know where he is living now?" he sighed, "You're not sorry. You just want me to let you go so you are apologizing. But you don't mean it. You're toying with me." he lifted his hand and smacked her, "Don't toy with me."

Arya: "I don't even know what you're talking about!" She screamed at him after he smacked her. "Yes, I know him and everything but I would NEVER hurt him. He's helped me in so many ways that I could never hurt him. I swear. I don't know where he's living or what he is doing now. I swear on my life that I don't know." She could remember clearly the times that he's helped her and she helped him. She remembered clearly that day of her first assignment, but only bits and pieces. Shinichi was one of the kids that she was suppose to kill, him and his sister but she couldn't bring herself to do it so she spared their lives and helped them to escape the wrath and anger of Aro and the other Great Ones leaders, after that she's been running ever since until she met Daray. The reason she gave Daray when him and her first met and everything was a lie, she knew it too but she's changed since the last assignment that Aro gave her. Even though she was running, Aro gave a close friend of hers to give her assignments. With every assignment she rejected the more she had to run. She didn't have to run anymore only because of Daray. When she looked up at Daniel, she was crying but she didn't realize it till a few tears hit her arm. "I've changed since then. I don't lie unless I have to and I wouldn't lie if someone else's life is on the line. So why would I lie to you? Why would I toy with you? I am sorry. I mean it with my whole being." She added softly then tensed up waiting for another strike from him.

Daniel: "Hmm..." he stayed there a moment longer and then leaned back and stood up, "The thing is, Arya, I want to see my brother. And right now, you have taken him from me." he said, indifferent to her tears.

Arya: "I only took him and his sister away from that place to protect them. If they stayed there they would have been killed, like the rest of your family was." She said softly.

Daniel: "Only because YOU and The Great Ones were a problem! Otherwise they would be SAFE and NOT killed!"

Arya: "If you let me go I can find them for you!"

Daniel: "Nice try. But I don't trust you." he turned away, looking at the wall, thinking. Arya could see his side profile.

Arya: She looked down and sighed. 'Daray, love. Can you do something for me? Please?'

Daray: 'WHAT!' he asked frantically so much it came out as a yell. Then he calmed his voice, 'Oh, sorry. What?' he tried again.

Arya: 'Can you find Shinichi for me? Tell him that I need to speak to him and that I can't come to him this time but he has to come to me.'

Daray: 'If Shinichi could get to you then that means so can I. I don't think that's possible seeing as how I can't even find you. But I can ask him...where is he? Why do you need him?'

Daniel: turned to Arya again, "An idea has struck me." he gave her a crooked smile, which would have been cute on Daray, but on Daniel, to Arya, it was just creepy. He was up to something.

Arya: 'Shinichi is Daniel's half brother which means that he might know how to get in here better then you.' She looked up at Daniel. "Do I dare ask what your idea is?"

Daniel: "I could let you go...when is the baby due?"

Arya: "I'm not sure. Why do you ask?" She started to become more worried.

Daniel: "Every mother knows when their child is due. So tell me, and I'll tell you why I ask."

Arya: "Sometime this week."

Daray: 'Good then I can follow Shinichi in then if he can find an entrance.'

Daniel: nodded, "Good. Then you can stay with me until then." he walked over and lifted Arya up by her arm and walked back towards his room with her in tow.

Arya: 'Exactly, but hurry. I'm supposed to have our child this week and He's telling me that I have to stay with him till I have her.' She struggled against him. "You haven't told me why you asked."

Daniel: "She's good leverage to use to get you to do what I want." he held her more tightly.

Daray: 'I would hurry if you told me where the darn child was located at!'

Arya: 'He might be where you first found me, as in we actually first met face to face, I told him that if he couldn't find me at my parents house then to go there if he needed anything.' She struggled more. "Let go of me!" She growled softly.

Daray: 'Arya is something happening I should know about? You sound even more distressed than before.'

Daniel: let go of her and pushed her on a bed of straw.

Arya: 'He's gonna keep me here till our baby is born. Then he's gonna keep her as leverage against me so I'll do anything that he wanted.' She moved away from Daniel.

Daniel: "I said I wasn't going to touch you, didn't I?" he stepped closer, "Just your forehead." and in the instant his forefinger touched Arya's forehead, memories flooded back into her head, drowning out the sound of Daray's voiced answer.

Arya: She stayed still, letting him do as he was.

There were thoughts, memories, and feelings...all of them came flooding back to her, in her mind, she could feel, hear, smell...taste...she was there again. That first time, the first assignment she went on that The Great Ones had her do.
'Go.' they commanded her, and Arya left through the door. She could see herself, and then she was herself in this dream as it seemed it was, though...she knew for a fact this was real. Or at least it had been...once.
She saw through her eyes, again, as she did that same day, the assignment before her. The house on the hill...the flowers around it...the family outside the building with the two small children; Shinichi and his sister...she found herself thinking, 'His parents', she knew it was them. She took a step forward and then all of a sudden the dream switched, it fast forwarded to a point where it was after...
There was no green grass outside the scorched and gone. Burning...pain...she could smell it; she felt it in the air. And it was all caused by her. She knew it. She saw the parents there, and saw the two children, cowering in fear together, Shinichi's sister holding Shinichi behind her body, trying to keep him safe.
Arya could feel her own pain...what had she done? she thought to herself. It was almost unbearable. She couldn't do it again...she's...ruined a family...she reached her hand out towards the children and softly said, "Please."
Shinichi's sister closed her eyes, the two children sure it was over.
Arya couldn't take it, "I won't hurt you." she promised, agony seen in the way she stood, the way she zoomed to them quickly and scooped both the children up in her arms.
They had to hide, that's all she knew. The Great Ones couldn't have known that she kept them alive. She knew they would find out later, but for now...the children needed to be safe.
Again the dream switched to a scene where Shinichi and his sister and Arya were in a cave, in the dark. At first they were scared...time went by again, fast forwarded...they warmed up to each other. Fear replaced by a warm comfort...Arya didn't mean what she had done. Forgiveness, it's called. They...forgave her.
And one night while Shinichi lay sleeping on the cave floor and Arya was out hunting, Shinichi's sister slipped him a note that read how he would be better off staying here with Arya, safer, she said. She trusted her with him. But how she needed to go. She couldn't live in a cave, waiting for a time when she could find a family again. So she left. She was gone by the time Arya returned from her hunting...and when Shinichi woke up from his sleep it was even harder on him.
Arya knew she had to find him a family, and fast...she looked, searched, and comforted the boy. But in a way, what Shinichi's sister had said was right; he couldn't live in a cave for long...he needed a home.
Again time switched and Arya could be seen pointing out a house to Shinichi, a large one...she gave him a hug and sent him off. It...pained her to see him go. She would miss him. But she knew this was better. She watched Shinichi climb through a window...Faith's bedroom window, she knew, finding herself thinking of the little girl.
But before her thoughts could turn to Faith, it switched...and this time there was a different point of view.


This time the thoughts weren't hers...they were Daniels.
Arya watched as a spectator would watch a show. The scenes before her were not through her own eyes, but she could see, never the less. She was being shown.
Shinichi's sister walked for two days, finally finding Daniels house. He opened the door to a crying, small girl about the age of thirteen...he said her name as he helped her inside and sat her by the fire as he helped her get warm. The weather was less than pleasant outside, and he feared she would get sick. "What's wrong?" he asked gently, and listened as his youngest sister explained to him how they had lost their both had been killed by a woman named Arya...and how she had their brother Shinichi now.
"You left him alone with her?" he asked after a moment.
"Yes...I trust her...we both did...we do." she replied, watching her brother.
Daniel just shook his head and stood, "We need to get him back. She killed our's not right."
The memories stopped abruptly, Arya's mind went black; a blank thought...

A few seconds later, Arya could see Daniel moving his hand from her forehead, resting it on his knee, and just sitting there, watching her, as he saw all of the memories sink in...and take effect. Of course he knew some of the memories were Arya's own which he had taken the liberty of showing her give more points to his own...and in a way of doing that, of seeing HER thoughts of it, her memories...he tried not to feel...sympathy for Arya. But in a way he couldn't help it. He did, so he focused on that image of his parents, dead. His expression was blank as he stared at her, watching her, and yet, at the same time, seeing through her as he waited.

Daniel: "Where's the house located?" he asked, although now his words weren't so harsh. They were just...normal. Not kind, but not angry or upset at all. He was trying hard not to feel anything at all at the moment.

Arya: Tears were running down her face, now remembering all of what happened that day and just bits and pieces of it. "I'm not sure, but if you know or heard of someone named Kasha. He lives with her." She spoke softly. She then closed her eyes and looked down and whispered, mostly to herself. "He was like a son to me. Misao was like a daughter to me as well. I hated to see them leave but I knew that their lives wouldn't be easy or safe it they stayed with me. Misao was right to leave the cave." She looked up at Daniel. "I'm just happy that she found you and she is safe now."

Daniel: sighed heavily, "Don't tell me you thought of her like a daughter." he stood. "Just because I saw what happened, and I FEEL something for you, doesn't mean that it changes the fact that you killed my parents." he walked to the other side of the room, "I'll just wait...perhaps until you have your child so I can make sure you feel just as I did when I lost someone I loved."

Arya: 'Daray, I remember where Shinichi is. He's at Kasha's house. Please hurry.'

Daray: 'Are you crying?'

Arya: 'I'm not gonna lie to you, yes I am.'

Daray: 'What happened!'

Arya: 'I just remembered my very first assignment that The Great Ones gave me. The one where I killed Daniel's parents and took his brother and sister, to keep them from meeting the same fate. Daniel just wants his brother back.'

Daray: 'Where's their house again?'

Arya: 'A few miles from where you and I first met face to face.'

Daray: 'Got it. Give me a few minutes. Teleporting comes in handy.'

Arya: 'Okay.' She looked up at Daniel. "Your sister, Misao. is she?" She asked softly.

Daniel: "She's fine." he walked over to the kitchen and got himself a drink of water and came back over and sat down in front of Arya. Beyond his logic, he didn't know why, but he wanted to ask. "Are you hungry?" he found himself saying to Arya. Getting in her mind had really messed him up.

Arya: "That's good." She looked at him then looked to the floor. "I don't think that you have what I need."

Daniel: "I can bring some here."

Arya: "I would have to get it myself and you won't let me do that so just forget about me. Okay?" 'Love, please give me some good news.'

Daniel: shrugged slightly, "Fine." he drank his water.

Daray: 'Apparently I asked their maid there where he was and Shinichi is living with Anthony and Kasha on Anthony's home he wasn't even there. I have to find a way to get him.'

Arya: 'I don't know how much longer I can go without red liquid, love. Please try to make it quick.' She tilted her head back against a wall and closed her eyes.

Daray: 'Good...maybe if you get that craving enough you can drain that mans blood...'

Arya: 'Yeah, and be stuck here for the rest of my life and have the child by myself and raise her as a single parent. Then have her wonder why her father isn't here and why he doesn't love her enough to come and see her. Then die from not having enough red liquid to survive and have her try to survive on her own. I don't think so.'

Daray: 'Fine! I'm hurrying. You don't have to tell me twice.

Arya: She smiled to herself. 'Did I hit a nerve there, love?'

Daray: 'More like a tendon...I think you're pure evil.' he teased.

Daniel: "Why are you smiling?"

Arya: 'I've been known to be that way.' She looked at Daniel "Just thinking about how my life is going to be after I get away from here BEFORE I have my child." Then laid her head back against the wall again and closed her eyes as well.

Daniel: "It won't happen if I can help it."

Arya: "What if your brother was returned to you before hand?" She stayed like she was, not planning on looking at him unless she had to.

Daniel: "He can't get here because you are here."

Arya: "Doesn't mean that I can't tell you where he will be. Don't forget, I have other ways of finding someone without even moving from where I'm at." She smiled to herself again.

Daniel: "And what way is that?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

Arya: "My way."

Daniel: "Mentally?" he guessed.

Arya: "I guess you could say that."

Daniel: "Who are you communicating with mentally?" he almost growled.

Arya: "That is none of your business." She looked at him now. "But I will tell you this, it's someone that I trust and that I KNOW can keep me sane since I'm being kept against my will here." What she was about to say was going to hit him below the belt and probably cause him to hurt her, but she was prepared for it. "Also, if you were as much as a gentleman as your father was before he died, you wouldn't be treating a woman like this. Regardless what she has done to you."

Daniel: crushed the glass cup in his hand and growled at her. The blood from the cuts dripped down his arm and onto the floor, "I have not hurt you, woman!" he yelled at her. "I've done nothing to you! Don't you dare tell me what my father would have done and what he was like! You don't know him and you never have! You just KILLED him!"

Arya: "I can tell by how they treat themselves, what they do for their family and how they treat others. Your father willingly offered himself to save his family. He died, thinking that it would spare your mother and sibling's lives. He died by my hand, yes, but your mother's life I did not take. I know that for a fact. I was going around, gathering the ones that came with me. That's when I found her body, lifeless. I was going to leave and never come back after I killed him. I wasn't going to harm your mother or your siblings because I seen what true love was then. Someone that willingly gives up their life to save their family or the one that they love." She spoke calmly and truthfully. "From what I've seen about you. You miss your family and want to protect them. You have a good heart but you're full of hatred. That hatred is towards me. If you ask your sister and brother how well I treated them and how well they were when they were with me. I bet you will find that I never harmed them and cared for them to the best of my abilities. I went and looked for homes that I knew they would be happy in. I couldn't find your home at the time. What you are doing now is wrong and you know it, but you don't care. You just want your brother back. That's all you would have had to say when we first met in the hotel room. I would have gotten him back, but instead you keep me here which makes it even longer wait for him and you to be reunited." She added calmly and truthfully as before. She was using every bit of control she had to not attack him.

Daniel: "If my father was murdered by you, but you say you did not take my mother's life, then who did!" he snarled, "Certainly not my brother or sister and not my father!" he moved closer to her, "That's right, Arya, smell my red liquid and DRINK it. As soon as you do you will die because like I told you before, it has a poison in it." he held his wrist to her nose, "Then you won't die by MY hand!" he mocked her. He pressed his wrist to her nose and got some blood on her nose. He didn't care about anything being wrong right now...Arya was wrong. Not him.

Arya: she held her breath. "Your mother was murdered by another Snyde like myself but he wasn't pureblood. His name is Xavier. He used to be one of my men that helped me on my assignments. He now is somewhere in this world, looking for you and your siblings still." She wiped the blood off her nose onto her shirt.

Daniel: "Are you telling me that is who I should be going after? Not you? Likely story to save your own butt."

Arya: "I AM telling you the truth." She looked him straight in the eye when she said this. Usually when she lied she didn't have any eye contact at all. "Xavier is the one that killed your mother. He didn't know that I made that dead with your father. He was just doing what he was ordered by The Great Ones. He and I were both given that assignment. He was ordered that assignment as my back-up and as my 'leader' since it was my first assignment."

Daniel: he found this quite funny, "You failed your first assignment?" her smiled slightly, though his smile was grim, "Then where is this Xavier? Or are you not going to tell me because you wish to save him?"

Daray: 'Hey I got him. He should be there soon...I'm coming with him...hopefully.' he told Arya mentally.

Arya: "No, I did my job just not like I was ordered too." She sighed. "The last time I talked to him he was on his way to Romania." 'Thank god. I love you so much. Thank you.' She took a deep breath. "Tell me where we are so I know where to tell the one I trust to bring your brother here. Please? Unless you are still gonna keep me here and torture me some more."

Daniel: "Like I'd fall for that. No one will find you and you will not leave until you have your baby." he got up and walked over to some notebooks, making a note of Xavier and Romania.

Daray: 'Love you too. Can Shinichi find it?'

Arya: "No, I'm serious. Why would I lie now if I've only told you the truth since I've gotten here?"

Daniel: "Because you were taught to deceive."

Arya: She sighed "Yea like five hundred and thirty seven years ago. I've been away from The Great Ones long enough to only deceive when I need to and this is not one of the times that I would do that."

Daniel: "Well, I'll make sure of that." he said simply.

Daray: 'Hun is Shinichi there?'

Arya: She simple just sighed. 'I don't know. I don't see him anywhere.'

Shinichi: He was in another room of the same cave. "Brother?" He called out.

Arya: 'Wait, never mind. I hear him.'

Daray: 'I think this will work.'

Daniel: "Who's there!" he snapped, his voice harsh.

Arya: Just looked back at him, not saying a word. 'I think so too.'

Shinichi: He flinched at Daniel's voice and spoke again, but this time it had a little fear in it. "It's me. Your little brother." He bit his lip a little then spoke again. "I...I was told you wanted to see me but if that isn't true I'll leave."

Daniel: there was a long pause before he spoke again, though his voice wasn't as harsh as before, "Shinichi?" he said slowly, as if not believing it, "Come here so I can see you."

Shinichi: he went through some of the rooms and then came into the room that Daniel and Arya was in. He shook a little. He was a little nervous but also scared. He was afraid that his brother wouldn't approve of him. He looked to the floor, not sure if he should look at Daniel incase he should use the tone he had earlier.

Arya: watched Daniel, not sure if she should speak.

Daniel: his face broke out in a smile, "Little brother!" he ran over and hugged him tight, lifting him off his feet, "How I've missed you. How did you get in here?"

Shinichi: Hugged him back and laughed softly. "I missed you too, big brother. I know you too well and I know how to get around your traps or whatever you called that."

Arya: Smiled and sighed in relief a little. She stayed quiet. 'Shinichi is here and hopefully Daniel will let me go now that he's back with him.'

Daniel: "Of course. My," he set him down, "You're getting big. What have you been eating?"

Daray: 'Hopefully...I hope he hurries...'

Shinichi: "I've been eating what I've normally been eating."

Arya: 'I hope so as well.'

Daniel: "So where have you been staying?"

Shinichi: "With a good family. They're very nice. I have my own bed and my own room. I can play with their little girl, Faith. I have so much fun with her. I live with Kasha and her husband. They treat me like I'm their own child. I eat when they do and I don't have to worry about being hurt. I do miss Misao though. I wish she hadn't leave when she did. She would have been with me and she would also be living there. I hope she's okay and well." He looked down and sighed.

Daniel: nodded, "That's good to hear that you have been well. Misao has been living with me, where I hope you will come too. We can be a family again."

Shinichi: He smiled and his eyes lit up. "Really?" His smile then faded. "Will I get to visit Faith every now and again?"

Daniel: "I guess...if you really want to."

Shinichi: His smile returned and hugged Daniel again. "We're a family again." He whispered.

Daniel: hugged him back, "Yes, we are. Now all you need to do is collect your things from Kasha and whoever's house...and we can go." he looked at Arya, wondering what to do with her.

Shinichi: "Okay, brother."

Arya: looked back at him. "Now that you are reunited with your little brother, can I be let go? So I can be reunited with my husband?"

Shinichi: Turned and looked at Arya when she spoke. "Raya?" He smiled then looked up at Daniel. "Can I give her a hug? Please, Daniel? Please?"

Daniel: nodded, "Sure you can hug her." he told his brother, still watching Arya, "No," he said after a moment, "You won't be let go until I find and kill Xavier."

Shinichi: Ran over and hugged her. "I missed you as well, Raya."

Arya: She hugged him back. "As I you, Shinichi."

Daniel: sighed.

Shinichi: Looked at Daniel "Why is Raya here?"

Arya: "I told you where Xavier was the last time I talked to him."

Daniel: "That doesn't give me a guarantee of where he is so until I find him," he shrugged slightly and looked to Shinichi, "I brought her here to tell me where you were."

Shinichi: "Well, I'm here so you can let her go. There is someone that misses her like you missed me."

Arya: She sighed. 'Well, that didn't work very well.'

Daniel: "I don't care, Shinichi. And why do you? She killed our father. Do you remember that, or has she blinded you?"

Daray: 'What? What do you mean? Are you coming?'

Shinichi: "She took care of me and our sister when we didn't have anywhere to go. Dad gave himself up to save us and Mom. Mom was killed by someone else, not Raya."

Arya: 'No, I'm not coming. I have to stay here until Daniel finds and kills Xavier.'

Daray: 'ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!' he yelled so loud you could hear him outside of the cave walls.

Daniel: was about to reply to his brother but instead his attention was diverted to the walls. He growled low and turned with a swish of his cloak to the monitors on the wall of the room they were in.

Arya: 'Daray, go. Leave, please. I'll be alright. I'll keep you posted on what goes on here. Please.' He could hear how worried she was.

Daray: 'Why?' he asked, worried that she was worried.

Arya: 'Just please, go. I'll tell you soon. Please go.' She was on the edge on of crying.

Daray: 'Okay, I'm back home.' he told her. He had teleported there.

Arya: 'Thank you. I was afraid that if Daniel saw you there outside the caves that I was in that he'd kill you or hurt you.' She looked up at Daniel.

Daniel: came back over to Arya and look down at her and shook his head as if calling her pathetic. He looked over at Shinichi, "Are you hungry?"

Daray: 'Well I can't die, remember? And getting hurt...that heals. I think I'll come back now.'

Arya: 'If you wish. Just be careful. For me?'

Shinichi: Shook his head no. "I had a big meal before Daray came and got me."

Arya: She held back a gasp.

Daniel: "Daray?" he looked over at Arya, his eyes hard, "Oh, really? Make yourself comfortable Arya. You'll be here awhile."

Arya: "Please, Daniel. Just let me go. I can contact Xavier better when I'm not under pressure or held captive. Daray is my husband, please. Please just let me go." She pleaded.

Shinichi: He watched his brother carefully.

Daniel: "We will both contact him here, from here. Just as I've been separated my family for who knows how long, you will be separated from your husband. No please be quiet- you are scaring my brother." he looked to Shinichi, "Sorry about this. Anyways, I can show you around if you want."

Arya: "I will not be silenced by a changeling or mortal or whatever you are." She growled softly.

Shinichi: "No need to be sorry. I've been around her long enough and other Snyde's to not be scared of them." He spoke calmly, unafraid.

Daniel: "So help me Arya, if I MUST silence you, I will. I don't need to be a certain species. I just need to slip poison into your blood stream. And you know I have lots of it."

Arya: She growled "You won't harm me. I'm the only link to your mother's killer. If you silence me then you can't get to him."

Shinichi: He just stood there, watching them both.

Daniel: "Then it's settled. You will stay here."

Arya: "I will not! You kept me here long enough against my will, at least let me go and hunt!" She growled.

Daniel: looked at Shinichi, "Hey brother, would you mind going and fetching a nice deer for Mrs. Aleron?"

Shinichi: "I may be fast soon but I'm not fast yet, brother." He looked at Daniel and then at Arya.

Daniel: "Good, you watch her and I'll go get it." he vanished.

Shinichi: Sat next to Arya and laid his head on her shoulder. He sighed.

Arya: Put her arm around him and held him. She rubbed his arm when he sighed.

Daray: 'Hey! Look who I see! Haha!'

Arya: 'Who?'

Daray: 'Daniel...heheh.' there was a long pause like he was walking off.

Arya: 'Love don't please. He's the only family Shinichi has left. Also he's gonna get me something to drink off of.'

Daray: 'But I want my wife back!' he growled. Then there was a long pause, 'He saw me...'

Arya: She sighed. 'Do what you want just make him tell you how to get in and out of here before you kill him or whatever.'

Daray: 'It will be my pleasure to do as you wish, my darling. Excuse me.' his voice went silent.

Arya: She looked over at Shinichi then sighed again. 'Don't kill him, just make him tell you how to get in and out of here and let him live with Shinichi and I'll make sure to send Xavier to him. Shinichi needs his brother.'

Daray: 'But- aw, man. No fair.' he muttered.

Arya: 'You can do anything you want to him except kill him. Okay? I just want to be with you soon and I think I might have our child today too. I'm not sure though.' She sighed and laid her head back against the wall with her eyes closed.

Daray: 'That's a small line...but I'll take what I can get. Sit tight, babe.'

Arya: 'I will.' She sighed and relaxed a little.

A few minutes passed, and then a few more hours. Finally, a little past the second hour, Daray made an appearance in the room that Arya and Shinichi were in, pulling Daniel along, who was unconscious. He let him drop to the ground.

Shinichi: He ran over to Daniel then looked up at Daray and whispered "Thank you for not killing the only family I have left."

Arya: Once she got up she ran over to Daray and hugged him, crying softly.

Daray: nodded to Shinichi, "Don't know how you can call the likes of him family though." when Arya hugged him he put his arm tightly around her and then bent and kissed her, turning his attention to her, "How's the baby? And how are you, my dear?" he put one of his hands over her stomach as he kept his other arm around her waist, holding her to him, his eyes checking over her body to make sure she wasn't hurt. "I am never taking my arm off of you." and for emphasis he held her even more tightly against him and kissed her again, not caring what Shinichi saw.

Arya: She kissed him back a little, through her tears. She looked at him while wiping them away. "She's fine. I'm okay." She had a few bruises on her but will be gone by that time tomorrow, most of the bruises was from her being thrown into the wall by Daniel and her being bonded by hot silver cuffs. She kissed him back again but not like she has kissed him before. She was a little weak from the stress she was put through so she leaned against Daray a little without him noticing she was doing so, it looked like she was trying to keep herself close to Daray, making sure that he wouldn't leave her again.

Daray: sighed softly, annoyed at the sight of the bruises, "Let's get out of here." he scooped Arya up into his arms, anxious to leave before he did something to Daniel that both Arya and Shinichi would be upset with him about. Daray leaned down and kissed each of her wrists where the cuffs had hurt her, and then he leaned to her ear and whispered, "I'll kiss the other bruises later." he looked over at Shinichi, his voice normal again, "Are you okay to stay here with him? Or should we take both you and your brother back to Anthony's house?" he wasn't exactly sure what Anthony would do to him and Arya if they never brought the kid back. Correction...what Anthony's wife Kasha would do.

Arya: "Can we at first let me get some food in me?" She looked at him and smiled slightly.

Shinichi: He didn't look up at Daray when he spoke. "I'll stay here with Daniel. I'll write Kasha a letter and tell her about Daniel." He lifted Daniel's head and put a pillow under it then put a blanket on him.

Daray: nodded, "Yea. Though I don't think I am going to let you hunt right now. You don't seem to have the energy for it. Maybe rest now and just get food from the fridge somewhere, and hunt later?" he asked, hoping she would agree. He looked to Shinichi, "Alright. Well, see you later, Shinichi. If you need anything, you know my phone number on my cell."

Arya: "I need fresh red liquid though." She sighed. "Very well. I can wait till I have enough strength to go hunt." She laid her head on his shoulder then closed her eyes and finally relaxed enough to where she fell asleep.

Shinichi: He nodded. "See you. Take good care of Raya; she's like the only mother figure that I know. Kasha is a mother figure as well but not like Raya." He looked down and added softly "I don't want to lose another mom."

Daray: smiled at Arya and kissed the top of her head and then looked over at Shinichi and nodded once, "You won't lose her, I assure you. If we can, I will come back with Arya sometime so she can see you- but she won't come alone. Not with Daniel around."

Shinichi: Looked up at him and smiled then ran over to him and gave him a hug. "Thank you Daray. I'll make sure that Daniel won't harm anyone, especially Raya."

Daray: he couldn't hug him back because he was carrying Arya, but he smiled nevertheless. "See ya, lad." he vanished with Arya to another hotel he had rented for them. He laid her on the bed and made her comfortable, placing a blanket over her gently.

Arya: She stirred a little but stayed asleep. She slept for the rest of the day and most of the night. When she woke she yawned a little then stretched and winced a little. She wasn't use to being in this kind of pain since her and Daray have been together.

Daray: came in the room with a warm cup of red liquid for her. She could smell it from across the way. He walked over to her and placed it in her hand, "Here, it's fresh. Drink it before it gets too cold."

Arya: Took it willingly and started to drink it, she drank half of it before she stopped and looked at Daray. "Where'd you get this from?" She drank the rest of it then sat the cup on the stand beside the bed.

Daray: "Me. I figured you needed human stuff to get your strength up enough to hunt. Does that help? I mean, feeling better?"

Arya: She just sat there looking at the cup then at Daray then spoke softly. "Honey, you're not human anymore. Remember? I turned you so you could fight my parents?" She swallowed then tried to get out of the bed but when she stood she fell back down onto the bed.

Daray: " I was bored while you were sleeping." he stood, "Let me help you." he put one of his arms around her waist.

Arya: "I don't understand." She looked at him with confused eyes as she stood up with his help.

Daray: turned his arm up so she could see the cuts where he had made the incisions to get her his red liquid. They weren't healed; which, if he was a Snyde they would have been. They were clotted, the slow healing of a human.

Arya: "How?" She looked at him, hiding certain feelings pretty well from him.

Daray: "I had some of my old blood stored away...I'm a scientist hun. It's what I do." he watched her carefully; "There's a process of reversal. I used my blood to make me human again."

Arya: She smiled a little and walked over to the window by herself and looked out it. Blocking any emotion that came to her. She was taught how to do this very well she it was very easy to do.

Daray: "Hun, what's wrong?" he could tell something was, just the way she was acting. She didn't have to say anything. He made sure to keep his hands on her in case she needed his support. "Tell me what you're thinking."

Arya: She looked at him and smiled. "Nothing's wrong." She looked out the window. "Pretty night." She whispered.

Daray: came up beside her and looked out the window with her, "Yea, it is." he was quiet.

Arya: She kept her emotions hidden; she just looked out the window, not saying another word.

Daray: after awhile he couldn't take the silence anymore. He sighed, "Like I said, I was bored and I'm a scientist. I wanted to see if it would work, and it does. It's not like you can't change me back so I don't know what the problem is. And don't say there isn't a problem, because I can tell that there is."

Arya: "There is no problem. I'm glad it works and everything because you didn't really want to be like me in the first place and you only let me turn you so you could fight my parents fairly. So now you're back to the way you want to be." She said calmly and quietly.

Daray: sighed, and pulled out a small red pill from his pocket. He held it in his palm, in front of her so she could see it, "This is for you."

Arya: "I don't take red liquid tablets anymore. They make me sick." She closed his hand where she couldn't see it anymore. She then walked over to the bathroom. "Do I have any clean clothes here? I would like to take a nice hot bath and try to relax more and also have some clean clothes on. If you want you can bring them in." She went into the bathroom and closed the door. He could hear the water start to run for the bath water.

Daray: "It's not a red liquid tablet." he sighed and opened the window and threw it out and shut the window again. She was mad at him. He walked over to the dresser and opened a drawer and gathered some of Arya's clothes. He opened the bathroom door, set them in on the bathroom sink counter, and then shut the door again as he left the bathroom.

Arya: She was already in the tub when Daray set her clothes on the sink counter. She whispered thank you then went under the water and closed her eyes. She could stay under water for as long as she wanted but after awhile it felt weird not to breathe. She let the emotions she was holding back come all at once. Hurt, sadness, pain, confusion, a little anger, all of this came at once. She cried inside.

Daray: was lying on top of one of the beds in the room, waiting for her to come out. He was playing with the alarm clock by the bed.

Arya: She came out of the bathroom about an hour later. She was clean and her eyes had a tint of red in them. She sat on the couch and turned the TV on to catch up on what she missed while she was in captivity.

Daray: looked over at her, "Should we be going to the hospital? I thought you told me yesterday you'd be in labor today..."

Arya: "My water hasn't broken today yet and I don't think it would be a good thing to go to the hospital anyway." She flipped through the channels, bored.

Daray: "Why not? You said the child might be human...partly. I was human when we conceived her."

Arya: "Yes, but I'm not human. I don't want to go through that again." She sighed remembering the last time she went to the hospital. "The reason why is because the last time I went to the hospital they did a blood test on me and couldn't understand how I was healing as fast I was and why I wasn't eating the food there. I had to kill all of the people that knew that I wasn't human." She turned the TV off and just looked out the window again.

Daray: "Then we can go off planet to a hospital who knows of your kind." he set the clock down, "I'm sorry, babe."

Arya: She looked at him. "Why are you sorry?" She asked, slightly confused.

Daray: "You were crying in there about something, and I assume it was me."

Arya: She looked at him surprised. "How'd you know I was crying? And it wasn't just you." She admitted softly but truthfully.

Daray: "I've watched you long enough to know little signs. Your eyes are red, and it's not from fresh blood you've drained." he kept his eyes on her.

Arya: "Some of it is. The red around my pupils is from the fresh blood I smelled. The rest is from me crying. I'll admit that, but it wasn't just from you for why I was crying." She looked down and sighed. "It was a mix of you, what happened and what I was forced to remember from my younger years. From when I was first in The Great Ones, my first assignment." She closed her eyes and swallowed then took a deep breath to calm herself, blocking the emotions that she came to her earlier.

Daray: got up and put his arms around her to comfort her. He whispered in her ear, "If you don't like me like this, my love, please, do me a favor."

Arya: "I like you as you are. You are you to me, no matter what species or kind you are. I'm just afraid that one day someone will kill you by the only way you can be. What favor do you want me to do? You know I'll do anything for you." She whispered back through tears that slipped past her guard.

Daray: "Just bite me, love. Do it, and I swear I will never change it back. I will make sure you and I are together forever, the same species." he stroked her cheek with his thumb to take away her tear and then he kissed right below her eyes where the tears fell.

Arya: "Is that what you want though? I don't want you to be doing this just to make me happy. I'll get over it." She whispered while looking in his eyes. "If this is what YOU want, kiss me one last time as a human, and make it count."

Daray: "What I want, is to make you happy. So that's sort of hard to decide whether this is for you, or for me. But why make it separate? You and me, my dear...we are one person, now. So it's not for just you, or it's not just for me, it's for us both." he smirked, and then he leaned forward and kissed her forehead once, "One last time as a human." he whispered, and kissed each of her eyes as they closed. Then he kissed the tip of her nose, and, cupping her beneath the chin, he lifted her lips to an upwards tilt and then came down, gently letting his lips caress hers for a moment. "But many more kisses in our lives." he promised, speaking gently as he let his warm breath tickle her sensitive lips. He closed the small space and as his lips pressed against hers, he closed his eyes and kissed her, and man, it was a kiss. He didn't start it out slow. He just dove right in, holding her face in his hands; his palms moved to her cheeks and his fingers in her hair. He scooted closer to her body as he molded his lips with hers, and then as he entered his tongue, gently tickling her mouth. He wasn't afraid to run his human tongue over her teeth to probe her to let her fangs come down. And even when they did, he still kept kissing her. Sure, she didn't need to breath, and though he did, right now, he didn't care so much. He was just into the kiss. And not only was he trying to make it count as their last human to Snyde kiss, he was also easing the pain of being separated from her when Daniel had taken her. So his kiss was hard, possessive, and passionate, all at one time; and most certainly, full of love. After a good five minutes, he leaned back, opening his eyes. He breathed deeply, smiling slightly, watching her face, and still holding her face gently in his hands with his fingers through her hair, "Does that count?" and he knew how hard that kiss was for her; because, as he is human, and she is Snyde, oh how hard it must have been for her to resist biting him while he was kissing her- and how much she must want him now. She could probably smell his blood as it coursed through his body, his heart rate speeding as it was with the excitement of the kiss.

Arya: She was speechless but she smiled. He was holding out on her with his kisses. She took a breath to steady herself. She placed a hand on his and nodded yes. She couldn't speak still. She did have to hold herself back from biting him during that kiss, she still had the taste of him in her mouth and it made it worse now that she could smell the warm blood rushing through Daray's body. She smiled again then tried to speak which only came out in a whisper. "You've been holding out on me but we can talk about that later. We'll have forever together to talk about it though." She kissed him softly then his neck and whispered against his neck. "You ready?"

Daray: "There are a lot of things I've been...waiting to show you." he smirked, "Always ready for you, babe."

Arya: She kissed his neck softly again then sank her fangs into his neck, letting the venom come out of them and into his blood stream. She stayed for a few minutes, letting more venom go into his blood stream, before she pulled away and licked the wound she made closed, then looked at Daray.

Daray: "Nice." he said through clenched teeth and lay back down on the bed on his back, shutting his eyes tightly. He moved his hand to the alarm clock by the bed and turned on the radio.

Arya: She stayed beside him while he changed, holding his hand and watching him. When she thought he was getting close to being completely changed she put her hair up to where it exposed her whole neck then waited for the change to be complete before she spoke. When she spoke, she spoke softly, barely even whispered. "Daray, love?"

Daray: opened his eyes, black at first and then slowly the pupil changed to red. He blinked and a slow smile came onto his lips, a mischievous smile, "That's me." he said. In the blink of an eye he had moved from laying back on the bed to climbing off of the bed and standing behind Arya beside the bed, grabbing her shoulders to turn her body around to face him as he pushed her back down on the bed, one of his hands gently over the front of her chest to hold her down as he straddled his body over hers, one of his legs on either side of hers. His eyes flashed excitedly and he leaned down and kissed Arya's neck and then, closing his eyes, he let his fangs come down, once again, ignoring the pain of the tearing gums that he knew came because they had healed shut from the in between time he was a human until now. His fangs went right into Arya's neck where the blood pulsed the strongest and the most delicious. And though he knew that it wasn't her blood he was draining, it still satisfied his craving a small bit, nevertheless. Though he knew it would just hold him off until he could go get the red liquid drink that actually held nutrients in it that he could have. He made sure his bite didn't hurt Arya; in fact...he made it so that it did quite the opposite. And every pull he made of Arya's blood from her neck made Arya want him- love him that much more. It had a sensual appeal, the bite did; not a frightening, harsh bite that most Snyde's gave to their victims. Victim...yes. Arya was a victim. A victim of his love. He laughed at that thought, and with that, his lips pulled back and he leaned back and took his fangs out of her neck, laughing. He tried to lick the wound closed as the chuckles died down, and then when he could, he finished wiping the blood off of Arya's neck, and off of his lips, that had dripped from his still extended fangs. He moved his legs from off of around Arya and then he sat down on the bed beside her. His craving still wasn't satisfied, but it would help him keep control around humans or animals long enough to get a good hunt on them.

Arya: She was more surprised than anything, and she never got surprised. When Daray sat beside her, she sat up and without thinking she kissed him. Her kiss started out soft and gentle then it became more passionate and wanting. She didn't hold back her feelings now, she let them flow through her body, making her want him more and love him more. She has never felt this way after someone she turned bit her. She didn't hold back anymore, she wasn't afraid. She pushed Daray back down onto the bed so he's lying down again, while she kissed him. While doing this, she put one leg on one side of him and the other leg on the other side of him. She parted her mouth and his at the same time; she kissed him letting her tongue move against his and across his teeth lightly.

Daray: moaned softly as she kissed him. Thoughts going through his head of how wonderful this was and how tempting his wife was...not just in blood but also in body, filled him. He kept one hand through her hair and gently cupping her neck as the other hand slid down her spine, her back, her sides, and gently cupped her rump.

Arya: She kissed him harder and more passionate. She let her body press against his as his hand ran over her body. She then pulled away when she thought about how they're gonna have to wait to continue this after their child was born.

Daray: was shocked at the suddenness of the pulling away. He opened his eyes, "Babe?" he said confused, seeing her face.

Arya: "We can't continue until after she's here." She whispered, as much as she wanted to continue. She looked in his eyes then kissed him again before getting off of him so he could sit up.

Daray: "You she coming?" he didn't sit up yet.

Arya: "I'm not sure but she's kicking a lot." She took one of his hands and placed it on her stomach. Something hit against his hand, softly but was hard enough to feel.

Daray: he was anxious a moment, but then the look crossed his face of joy. He smiled and looked up from his hand to Arya's face. "So where are you planning on having this kid? At home or a hospital?"

Arya: "Would you want to explain why we have these?" She smiled, her fangs were out. "I know I wouldn't so I would like to have her at home. And she's not just this kid...she's our kid. Yours and mine. She's going to be our little princess." She whispered, smiling.

Daray: "Should we get your brother or something to help deliver the baby? I'm not any good at this." he smiled slightly, "What did we plan on naming her?"

Arya: "I think my brother would help." She looked at Daray and smiled. "We were planning in naming her Angelia, but I don't have a middle name yet. You can choose that if you want, love." She smiled as the baby kicked again.

Daray: thought a moment, "Are we giving her all names that start with A? Right now her name is Angelia Aleron."

Arya: "We can give her a middle name that starts with an A, but I'm not sure 'bout it." She looked at Daray then smiled slightly.

Daray: he paused as he thought about it for a few minutes, "We can have Angelia Autumn Aleron, or Angelia Elizabeth Aleron," he smiled, "Or Angelia Renya Aleron. Just throwing a few suggestions out there."

Arya: "I like Angelia Renya Aleron." She smiled.

Daray: smiled, "Good. Her name is chosen then." he got off of the bed and went into the kitchen area of the hotel room and opened the fridge. "Stay on the case your water breaks. Unless...I don't know." he looked back at her, thinking.

Arya: "Yes sir." She smiled after saying it then laughed softly. She kept a hand on her stomach, still feeling Angelia kick here and there.

Daray: smiled and went back to the fridge and took out a red pill. He popped it into his mouth and shut the fridge door.

Arya: She carefully got up off the bed to sit on the couch.

Daray: walked back over to her. His skin grew warmer and had a flush of pink to it, like a human. He massaged his cheeks and then sat down beside Arya on the couch. "You know if you took the pill this could go easier." he picked up the phone and called Gabiral.

Arya: Looked at him. "You don't like what I am." She stated as she noticed his skin have a flush of pink to it. "And you never really wanted to be like me." She looked away from him.

Daray: "You always jump to conclusions don't you?" he hung up when Gabiral didn't answer. "If you promise me you'll take the pill, I'll explain to you everything." he turned her face to look at him, "Do you trust me?"

Arya: "Why do you want me to take in the first place? And yes I do trust you." She pulled away from him a little.

Daray: rolled his eyes and dropped his hand and went back to the fridge. He took out another red pill and got a glass of red liquid for Arya. He handed it to Arya along with the glass of red liquid.

Arya: she looked at Daray. "You didn't answer my question." She looked at the pill and bit her lip a little. "Is there anything I should be prepared for after I take this?"

Daray: "So that I can make sure you are well taken care of in your delivery. That's why. And no. I would never give you anything of harm. Just take it, please? It's not a red liquid pill so you won't get sick."

Arya: "Will I be able to be as I am now, after?" She asked softly as she took a drink of the red liquid but left enough for her to take the pill with.

Daray: sighed, "Yes. The effects wear off in twelve hours. This is just so we can have you in a hospital when you have a kid. It's safer than you having a child at home and with untrained help at your side."

Arya: "So I'll be human for twelve hours." She stated softly and smiled a little. She took the pill with the rest of the red liquid that was left in the glass.

Daray: "Now, I would like to hear an apology out of you about the accusations you made against me just a few minutes ago."

Arya: She looked at him, sorta surprised. "If you would have told me what was going on in the first place I would have never made that accusation."

Daray: "You shouldn't have done it in the first place. It sort of hurts me when you...jump to conclusions. You should know me better than that by now, but I guess you don't."

Arya: what he said hit her and she looked down then hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry Daray. I'm not use to being fused over. I know we've been together for awhile and everything but I still think this is a dream. That we are going to have a child and that I'm with you. Please forgive me."

Daray: kissed her temple, hugging her tightly in return, "Of course my dear. I can't stay mad at you." he leaned back, "My, you feel different warm." he laughed and got up and scooped Arya up and walked to the door of the hotel with Arya and carried her down to the lobby where he called a cab and got in it, heading to the hospital. He couldn't teleport like this. Those pills made him completely human.

Arya: She laid her head on his shoulder then closed her eyes as she set a hand on her stomach, rubbing it gently.

Daray: when they got to the hospital, he paid the cab and then got out and took Arya inside. He stayed by her the whole time.

Arya: "I feel different..." She whispered to Daray as a nurse brought her a wheelchair.

Daray: "Either because you are human...or because you're about to have a baby, love. We'll do a C-section. Is that alright with you?" he whispered to her. "I don't want to take any chances."

Arya: "That's fine." She agreed

Daray: kissed her forehead, "I'll be with you as much as I can." he promised as he walked with her as she was wheeled back.

Arya: She took his hand and held it. "I know, love."

Soon Arya was prepped and taken back for surgery. When they were done, she was holding a perfect, little baby girl.

Arya: She was crying softly, not because she was sad but because she was really happy. She held Angelia close to her and kissed her forehead. She smiled up at Daray then back at Angelia and whispered. "So beautiful." She rocked her back and forth slowly.

Daray: smiled down at them, "Yes." he agreed and rubbed his hand gently over Angelia's hair, in awe by her.

Arya: She smiled more

Angelia: She yawned a little and moved slightly. Her eyes were closed still.

Daray: "I wonder if she has fangs."

Arya: "I don't know." She said softly.

Angelia: Her eyes fluttered open. She looked at Daray and Arya. She cooed and smiled. Her eyes were a mixed between Daray's and Arya's eyes. She made a 'come here' motion with her hand towards Daray.

Arya: She smiled and looked at Daray.

Daray: "May I?" he asked Arya, seeing if she would mind if he held her.

Arya: She nodded and gave Angelia to Daray carefully.

Angelia: She patted Daray's cheek softly with her hand and squealed happily, knowing who he was.

Arya: She laughed softly and lay back against the hospital bed, resting a little.

Daray: he laughed and held his baby close and gave her an Eskimo kiss, nose to nose. Then he kissed her forehead and sat down on the chair by the hospital bed and just watched Angelia. "Angelia Renya Aleron. You are just as beautiful as your mother." he told her.

Arya: She smiled again.

Angelia: She yawned a little then closed her eyes and cuddled close to Daray and fell asleep in a few minutes to the warmth of Daray's body.

Daray: watched Angelia a little longer before he looked at his watch. "I am not sure if they are going to keep you another night here, since you've had a C-section. But if they are I may have to give you another pill so that the effects last. I'll have to take one too. I'll stay here with you. Oh, and I called your brother and told him the happy news."

Arya: She nodded and looked over at Angelia and smiled again. "If I have to stay another night, it's worth staying." She looked up at Daray.

Daray: smiled back. "Okay." he pulled another pill from his pocket and handed it to Arya and took one for himself. Then he just sat back, holding Angelia. He didn't want to disturb her, though he knew that newborns slept a lot. But who knew how human this new born was? If it was part Snyde, like Arya, then she wouldn't sleep very much.

Arya: Took the pill that was handed to her and just watched as her love of her life held their beautiful child. She smiled as she thought how their lives would be busy but a lot easier. So she hoped it would be.

Angelia: She stirred slightly in her sleep but not enough to wake her. Daray and Arya were soon to find out how human and Snyde she was.

Daray: "I wonder...are baby Snyde's born with fangs or do they grow in like normal human babies- slow and over time?"

Arya: "Well, I know that they grow rapidly, not like a human child but once they reach a certain age they quit growing and age like Snyde's do. So if they grow rapidly then I think that her fangs will be in by next week or so." She closed her eyes and yawned. "I'm not use to being like this."

Daray: smiled slightly, "Why? You sleep enough you should be used to it."

Arya: She glared at Daray a little. "You know what I mean."

Daray: leaned close, "No I don't. Enlighten me." he smiled wider, "Oh, you are so at my mercy right now you weak, little human." he teased.

Arya: She just rolled her eyes, knowing that she couldn't growl because of that stupid pill she took.

Angelia: She fussed a little when Daray moved.

Daray: leaned back instantly when Angelia started to move. He made his little girl comfortable again...forgetting about picking on Arya for now.

Angelia: She fussed a little more then went quiet. She opened her eyes and looked up at Daray while she took a hold of his shirt and pulled on it a little, like babies do.

Daray: leaned down and kissed her hand and then took his finger and pried her hand loose and let her small hand hold onto his one index finger.

Angelia: She smiled and laughed a little. She was a happy little baby. She moved her hand, that was holding Daray's finger, up and down a little and laughed a little more.

Daray: he laughed with her. "Having fun?"

Angelia: She squealed softly then made a 'come here' motion with her free hand.

Daray: he couldn't resist. He came closer.

Angelia: She patted his cheek softly twice then smiled.

Daray: chuckled, "You're a cutie." he pursed his lips and blew on her face gently

Angelia: She laughed softly then patted his cheek softly again.

Daray: "Are you hungry, Angelia baby?"

Angelia: She frowned a little and patted his cheek softly, once.

Daray: "I will take that as a no...are you giving me a pat as a punishment?" he paused, "Interesting. I've just been punished by my three hour old daughter."

Angelia: She frowned a little again and patted his cheek softly again, once this time too.

Daray: "Yes?" he was so confused. He glanced up at Arya. "Is she hungry or not?" he mouthed to her.

Arya: She shook her head no. "One pat means no and two pats mean yes. I've come to learn that. Three pats I haven't figured out yet."

Daray: "Three pats means, 'Let Daddy hold me.'"

Angelia: Patted Daray once.

Daray: laughed and looked down at Angelia, "Yes it does."

Angelia: She frowned and patted him once again.

Daray: "You are cute when you frown." he chuckled, "I don't care what you say...that's what it means to me."

Angelia: She looked at Arya and made a come here motion with one of her hands.

Arya: Looked at Daray.

Daray: "You want to go to your mom?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: She patted him twice.

Daray: frowned and looked extremely sad. He handed Angelia to Arya as asked, though.

Angelia: Placed a hand on Arya's cheek

Arya: Gasped softly and blinked a few times.

Angelia: She moved her hand then patted Arya's cheek three times

Arya: She smiled and whispered something to Angelia.

Angelia: She reached out to Daray now.

Daray: "What?" he put his finger in Angelia's grasp again.

Angelia: She whined a little and made that 'come here' motion again.

Daray: he leaned forward.

Angelia: Patted his cheek three times then smiled.

Daray: "You going to show me something?" he wondered.

Angelia: She placed her hand on his cheek and showed him the same thing that she showed Arya. It was just a bunch of colors then she showed him Arya's face then the word mommy then showed him his own face then the word daddy. She then showed her patting Arya's cheek three times and showed him what it meant. It meant 'I love you'.

Daray: "That's so...that's so..." he was at a loss for words. The look of love and affection crossed his face and he just hugged Angelia, "I love you too." he said softly.

Angelia: She smiled then clapped her hands

Arya: "Amazing...isn't it?"

Daray: chuckled at his baby daughter, "Absolutely amazing and wonderful. I always knew our kids would be brilliant." he took his finger and gently patted Angelia's cheek three times.

Angelia: she squealed softly then put a hand on his cheek and left it there. She showed him one of her dreams. It was just colors and a few pictures here and there.

Daray: he smiled. "This is splendid." he whispered. He could do this all day. He wished he could show Angelia the same thing in her mind...hmmm...he would have to see if he could make something to do that. It would be great if he could communicate with his daughter like she communicates with him.

Angelia: she yawned a little and fell asleep, her hand still against his cheek. He could see what she was dreaming. She dreamt of Arya and of him sitting in a room. She was sitting on the floor playing with something while him and Arya were sitting on something watching, smiling and every now and then they'd kiss and Arya would lay her head on his shoulder. Her dream went on just about him, Arya and herself.

Daray: smiled and looked up at Arya without disturbing Angelia, "Hun, you should see this...her dream." he stood slowly and went over to her and moved Angelia's hand from his cheek and put it lightly against Arya's cheek so that she could see Angelia's dream.

Arya: She smiled as she watched Angelia's dreams. "Seems like she can also see the future." She whispered while looking up at Daray.

Daray: smiled, "I would like that future." he leaned over and kissed Arya gently.

Arya: She smiled and kissed Daray back. "Me too." She whispered then kissed him again, a little harder than the first one.

Daray: leaned back after kissing her again, "Okay. Don't over exert yourself my love. You just had a baby." he looked down at Angelia as she slept. She did look like an angel.

Arya: She pouted a little then laid back. "Okay."

Daray: smirked up at Arya and whispered to her, "Though I've never done it in a hospital before."

Arya: A small smile came across her face as she looked over at Daray.

Daray: "What are you smiling about?"

Arya: "Why don't you come here and find out?" She smiled a little more as she whispered seductively.

Daray: "Cuz I have a baby in my arms." he smiled slightly, knowing he was teasing her.

Arya: She rolled her eyes but was still smiling. "Why don't you go put her in her crib then?"

Daray: "I could..." he glanced over to the side of the room where the crib was. "It's so far away..."

Arya: "Fine. I'll just go to sleep then." She closed her eyes and relaxed.

Daray: he frowned, "You change your mind fast. Am I that...easy to resist?"

Arya: "Maybe." She said teasingly.

Daray: he frowned and then got up and walked over to the crib and put Angelia in it, tucking her in to make sure she would sleep soundly. Then he turned and looked at his wife and just crossed his arms and stared at her, "Okay. Let's see how long that lasts."

Arya: She yawned and closed her eyes again. "Very well."

Daray: his stare turned into an intense glare as he continued to watch her from where he stood by the crib with his crossed arms.

Arya: She hid a smile as she relaxed even more and pretended to be asleep.

The next thing Arya knew is she felt this weight pressing down on the bed mattress right beside where she was laying on it, as if someone was climbing on it or sitting on it.

Daray: still watched her, glancing from her head to her toes and back up. Then he stopped and just kept his eyes on her face.

Arya: She continued to pretend she was asleep, seeing how long Daray would be able to resist from kissing her. The only thing that betrayed her for this act was her breathing. Her breathing picked up a little when she felt the weight pressing down on the bed beside her.

Daray: he leaned down to where his lips were right by Arya's. He whispered lightly in her ear, letting his warm breath caress the side of her face, "'s the thing, love. I've watched you for ten years or so...and all the time I've kept my distance. I know what it's like to just watch you and not touch. I know what it's like to resist you. You my dear...are the one who hasn't had that type of training to" his lips curled into a small smile as he let his lips softly brush her ear before he sat back.

Arya: She pulled Daray to her, kissing him softly. She realized before she did so that he was right. Even though she hated when he was right, she didn't care at this moment. She just wanted him to hold, and kiss her.

Daray: he held back a laugh as he broke the kiss for a moment to get comfortable on the bed beside Arya, moving her over a bit to make room for him. He watched her a moment, smiling, his eyes twinkling. He rested his right hand on her left side, "I bet the nurses on duty are going to love seeing...this..." as he spoke he ran his hand lightly up her side and then brushed back a strand of hair gently off of Arya's left cheek as he bent down, kissing her on the lips.

Arya: She closed her eyes and kissed him back as her hands found the bottom of his shirt. She didn't want to talk and at the moment she didn't care if the nurses came in and saw. She just wanted Daray right now, at this moment. She started to kiss him harder and more passionate after taking his shirt off him.

Daray: he moved his hands to hold her wrists as he pulled back a bit, "Love, calm down." he whispered. "You'll pull your stitches. You're human. They heal slowly..."

Arya: She blushed and whispered "I'm sorry."

Daray: he kissed each of her cheeks, "I'm not. I don't mind that you don't care about your stitches... I don't care that all you want to do is kiss me... In fact... I love it... and I wish that you wouldn't have to worry about them..."

Arya: She leaned in and kissed him softly, trying not to overdo it again. She didn't try to pull her wrists from his grip either.

Daray: he was having trouble holding back too...but he had to do it so that Arya wouldn't get hurt. He kept a hold of her wrists, even a bit tightly, because it helped him to expel some of his pent up passion by letting it out through the strength of how he held her, if he couldn't let it out through the strength of his kisses.

Arya: She could feel the passion that he had, in the kiss and the way he held her. She kissed him a little harder and passion.

Angelia: She started to fuss a little.

Daray: he broke off instantly and stood, quickly releasing Arya's wrists, only too happy to volunteer. "I got her." he went over to Angelia. Anything to get him away from Arya before she pushed him over the edge. Like she was about to. He tried to ignore the bulge in his jeans.

Arya: She just smiled and leaned back. She watched Daray, still smiling.

Angelia: She started to cry softly.

Daray: he reached down and picked up Angelia and held her, "Oh baby. What's wrong? Show daddy." he lifted her hand to his cheek.

Angelia: She just continued to cry softly.

Arya: "I know what's wrong with her. Bring her here." She motioned for him to bring Angelia to her.

Daray: kissed Angelia's hand as he walked over to Arya and handed Angelia to her. "She's hungry, isn't she?" he guessed.

Arya: She nodded and started to feed Angelia after taking her.

Daray: "Wish I was a baby." he mumbled and glanced away, studying the patterns on the walls. He shoved his hands in his pockets to stop them from whatever they wanted to do right now.

Arya: When she was done feeding Angelia she looked up at Daray. "Do you want to hold her now?" She smiled.

Daray: he glanced hesitantly at Arya and then noting it was safe he kept the glance longer, "Only if you don't want to."

Arya: "I can hold her for a little while." She smiled down at Angelia. She whispered "My little angel."

Daray: he sat down slowly on the edge of the bed again, watching Arya and their daughter Angelia.

Arya: She smiled up at Daray then back down at their daughter.

Daray: "I love you both."

Arya: "I love you too."

Angelia: She squealed happily then smiled up at Daray, showing her perfect white little teeth.

Daray: a look of confusion crossed his face, "She's a new born. How could she have teeth?" he didn't understand it.

Arya: "I told you that she'll grow faster than a human baby but slower than a pureblood Snyde baby."

Daray: "Yea...I guess.'s still a shock..." he said slowly. "Hearing it and seeing it are two different things."

Arya: "I know"

Angelia: She clapped her hands together then laughed softly.

Daray: he thought of something and looked at Arya, "Doesn't it hurt? When you feed her? With her teeth?"

Arya: She laughed softly and nodded a little. "At times."

Daray: made a face, "Ouch." he looked to Angelia and leaned close to her and whispered, "Be careful. Those are for me too you know. I don't want them damaged." he jutted out his lower lip at the thought of them being scarred with teeth marks. At least...ones that weren't HIS teeth marks...

Arya: She laughed softly, shaking her head a little.

Angelia: She patted his cheek three times then laid her hand on his cheek. She showed him holding her then smiled and did the same to Arya.

Arya: She laughed softly again and kissed Angelia's forehead. "I think she's gonna be a daddy's girl." She looked up at Daray and smiled.

Daray: his eyes twinkled with joy, "Sweet." he held his hands out to Angelia's sides and was ready to hold her if she wanted to be held by him, since that was what she showed him. "I think I'll like that a lot." he laughed and looked at his wife, "And we can have a son for you; to be a momma's boy." he chuckled again as he scooped Angelia up and held her in his arms.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "All ready thinking about another child when we just had this one." She laughed softly.

Angelia: She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder and yawned a little. She closed her eyes as she held onto Daray's shirt.

Daray: he smiled slightly, though he kept his eyes on Angelia, "Yea." he said softly, speaking to Arya. "Why not."

Arya: She smiled slightly as well. "We better take care of her before we think about another child."

Angelia: She snuggled close to Daray's neck and fell asleep again. She had a tight grip on Daray's shirt.

Daray: he didn't say anything to that. If in the course of time Arya got pregnant again right quick...well...what could you do? He smirked to himself and then cleared it, "We will have to teach her how to walk and talk...and...I don't know..." he glanced at Arya, "Hunt, maybe? Or is that instinctual? I wonder if she smells like a human."

Arya: "That's a given about the walking and talking." She looked at him, and then smiled slightly. "Hmm...I thought you would know the answer to that question. About her hunting being instinctual or not. After all, you have watched me for ten years." She smiled more, watching Daray, just to see his reaction. "Oh, also I wouldn't know about her smelling like a human until I become myself again."

Daray: he scowled at her, "Fine. Don't answer me. Just make fun of me. I'll punish you for that." he closed his eyes as he smirked at her.

Arya: She laughed. "Love, you take things too seriously at times. I'm gonna have to teach both of you how to hunt and what to hunt."

Daray: "Sorry. I'm still punishing you." he opened his eyes.

Arya: She swallowed a little, watching him. "What exactly are you going to do to me?"

Daray: he smiled, "Things."

Arya: "Like?"

Daray: "Just things." he rubbed Angelia's back gently with the hand that wasn't holding her.

Arya: She didn't say anymore afterwards, she just watched him and Angelia.

Angelia: She put a thumb in her mouth as she slept.

Daray: he pulled the thumb out of her mouth gently and whispered to her, "That's bad for your teeth." he kissed her cheek.

Angelia: She moved a little but didn't wake.

Daray: he moved so he sat against the pillow that Arya was laying against. He put his free arm around her, "You want to sleep on me too?"

Arya: She hesitated a little before laying her head on his shoulder.

Daray: looked down at her while rubbing his hand against her arm, "Babe what's wrong?"

Arya: "Nothing." She closed her eyes.

Daray: "Okay." he sat there watching her for another moment before he just looked ahead at the wall, still rubbing Arya's arm gently and holding Angelia as she slept.

Arya: She lay like that for a bit before she let herself actually fall asleep.

Daray: sometime later he kissed Arya on the cheek, laying Angelia beside her, "I have to go love." he whispered to her, "Visiting time is over. I'll pick you up tomorrow." he promised as he stood beside the bed.

Arya: She moved a little but didn't wake. She slept peacefully, more peacefully then the few times she did sleep before. She whispered in her sleep "I love you, Daray. I'd give my life for you, don't ever doubt that." She smiled and somewhat curled in a ball in the bed.

Daray: he smiled slightly, lovingly as his heart swelled, "Yea babe. I know." he whispered back, "And I would do the same for you. And for Angelia." he kissed Arya's cheek again before he left the room for the night.

Arya and Angelia slept through the night peacefully.

Arya: She woke early and stretched a little when she sat up. She looked around for the clock. She sighed when she saw that visitor hours don't start for another hour. She smiled slightly as she watched Angelia sleep soundly.

Daray: he came in three hours later, smiling, "We can go home. Come on family."

Arya: She smiled up at him after she gently put Angelia in her car seat and made sure everything was fastened. "That's good to hear." She picked up the duffel bag and Angelia. She smiled again and sighed happily. "I'm happy to be going home." She said softly.

Daray: "Yep. And you will be yourself soon." he took the bag from Arya and also picked up Angelia and helped them out to the car.

Arya: She smiled in relief. She liked being human but she was glad that she'd be herself again. She got in the car after making sure Angelia was okay. She waited for Daray.

Daray: got in the car and started it up, "You slept better than ever last night, though. I wonder if that was because of you being human." he backed out of the lot and drove down the road towards home.

Arya: "I think it was me being human. Humans do sleep a lot."

Daray: "That's true." he took a breath, "Are we driving home or back to the hotel?"

Arya: "Home."

Daray: smiled, "Good. I already have everything packed up in the trunk."

Arya: She smiled. "Always a step ahead of me."

Daray: "I like to think I know you just a little better than you do." he glanced at her, humor in his eyes. "Sometimes."

Arya: "I've noticed." She said softly then looked back at Angelia, making sure she's okay.

Angelia: She was fast asleep in her car seat.

Daray: he reached one of his hands over and held Arya's hand in his as he drove them home, "This trip will be a few hours."

Arya: She just nodded then smiled as she held his hand in return.

Daray: "You can sleep if you need to. Are you hungry? There's a cooler in the back with stored stuff, or if you want to hunt I can pull over."

Arya: "I'm not tired or hungry right now. Thank you though."

Daray: "You can listen to music then if you want."

Arya: "I don't mind the silence. But if you want me to turn on music I will."

Daray: "Up to you dear."

Arya: "Okay." She let the silence stay. After a half hour she winced a little as she felt her fangs 'grow' back in.

Daray: "It's wearing off." he noticed, glancing at her face.

Arya: She nodded as she let the pill wear off the rest of the way, wincing every now and again.

Daray: his hid his pain better. Nothing showed. But he smiled at her to show his fangs when they were back.

Arya: She smiled back, showing her fangs as well. She then looked back at Angelia again.

Angelia: She was awake now and playing with one of the toys that the hospital gave her.

Daray: "I feel I must bite something..." he lifted Arya's hand to his mouth and kissed it lightly, once, then twice. He looked in the rear view mirror at Angelia and smiled. It was good she was a happy baby.

Arya: She smiled again when Daray kissed her hand. She then showed her wrist to him. Trying to hint for him to bite it.

Angelia: She squealed happily as she played with her toy.

Daray: "I don't think I should while I'm driving love." he said gently, kissing her wrist instead, with his fangs out.

Arya: "Just keep your eyes on the road and you'll be fine. I've done it before." She said softly.

Daray: he glanced at her with the corner of his eye, "Alright." he said after a moment, trusting her. He figured if anything, she could take over the wheel...or he could teleport the three of them out before anything happened. He moved Arya's wrist and set the points of his teeth over her vein. Then he bit down gently, inserting them into her skin. Then he drank. He tried to make the feeling pleasurable; with each pull of her blood as he drained her, it also made her feel good. He didn't want it to hurt her.

Arya: She gasped softly then smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying every pull of her blood. She couldn't help but feel good with every pull. She loved how Daray was careful, trying not to hurt her but the only way it would hurt is if he took it by force, which she thought, he would never do to her. She let him drink as much as he wanted but really didn't want him to stop because of how she felt when he did drink from her. She loved it...but most of all...she craved it.

Daray: after several minutes he pulled back, licking her puncture wounds closed. He still held her hand, smiling as he looked at the road. He glanced at her, and then he leaned over and kissed her cheek really fast. "You taste absolutely delicious. Delightful, my love. I could live on you alone. You satisfy all my taste buds."

Arya: She smiled and sat there holding his hand as well. "You could. My red liquid can help you not drop to a level E Snyde. Level E Snyde's are Snyde's that totally lose their control of the thirst. They let the thirst run their lives." She sighed a little and looked down, remembering an old memory. She shook her head a little then looked up at him and smiled. "But I doubt you'll need to drink from me everyday once I teach you how to hunt and control it. Same goes with little Angelia." She looked back at her and smiled more.

Daray: "Can I be a bottle drinking Snyde instead?"

Arya: "A what?" She looked at him confused at first then shook her head no. "I think you're kinda old to be drinking out of a bottle. Don't you think?"

Daray: he laughed a bit, "No love. What I mean's like those red liquid pills only I drink the red liquid from a glass. I don't hunt. I don't think I'd like hunting very much. I never did like hunting animals with my father when I was younger. So I don't think I'd like to hunt now."

Arya: She made a funny face. "Why would you want to drink something like those red liquid pills?"

Daray: he shrugged slightly, "I don't know." he muttered. He knew Arya didn't like it. "Never mind. I'll learn to hunt with you."

Arya: She sighed. "If you want to feed like that then that's fine with me. I just won't do it."

Daray: "I never said you had to. I like you the way you are."

Arya: "Okay. Once we get settled at home again, I'll go see Millia about that stuff." She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the head of the seat.

Daray: "Oh, I have it. Synthetic red liquid. I made it." he jutted a thumb towards the cooler in the back.

Arya: "Synthetic red liquid?" She asked softly without moving or opening her eyes.

Daray: "Yes. It has the same flavors of the natural red liquid. The same effect on Snyde's if drank. It's just...made in a lab. It's not from a human."

Arya: "Oh." She said softly.

Daray: nodded.

Arya: She smiled and eventually fell asleep.

Angelia: She started chewing on her toy while looking out the window watching clouds and that go by. Every once in a while she squealed with excitement.

Daray: he looked at Angelia in the mirror and laughed; she was so cute. "Are you hungry baby girl?" he asked her.

Angelia: She threw her toy down as a yes.

Daray: "Alright." he pulled over on the side of the road and then he got out of the car and went around to the cooler in the back, "This will have to do until you get old enough to hunt." he took out a baby bottle with synthetic red liquid in it and gave it to her. It was warm; not cold or hot. Room temperature.

Angelia: She started to drink it then threw it to the side after a few drinks.

Daray: "Alright." he unbuckled her belt and picked her up and shut the car door after he took her out. "I don't want to wake your mom. So...let's try...this." he sighed, "Just for you."

Angelia: She placed her hand on his cheek and showed him what she wanted. She wanted what she wanted at the hospital when she woke up.

Daray: "I don't want to wake your mom..." he repeated. He wondered if there was any formula stored anywhere.

Angelia: She frowned then showed him the diaper bag.

Daray: "I'm sorry baby. I'll make it up to you later." he kissed her cheek and then he opened the door and put her back in her seat and then he got the formula out of the diaper bag and gave her the warm bottle. "Good enough for now?" he asked her quietly.

Angelia: She looked at it at first then took a drink of it then set it aside. She then showed him the color red.

Daray: "I'm so confused." he admitted and sighed. He looked over at Arya, "Baby..." he said reluctantly to Arya, hoping she woke up to help him. "I suck at this father stuff."

Arya: Her eyes opened slowly. "Hm?" She looked over to the driver side then started freak a little when Daray wasn't there. She looked in the back and sighed in relief then yawned. "Why do you say that, love?"

Daray: "First I think she wants the red liquid. Then she doesn't. I think she wants formula. Then she doesn't. Then she's showing me the color red...and I'm so confused. I admit I need your help." he sighed, "I'm sorry."

Arya: "It's okay. She's at that stage where she needs both so mix the formula and the red liquid together. She should be happy then." She smiled slightly. "Half Snyde and half human babies need both to survive. Soon she'll just want the red liquid and maybe a few solid meals here and there."

Daray: "But what does the color red mean?"

Arya: She laughed softly. "She didn't know what the red liquid was so she showed you the color instead. That's all she saw in the bottle." She pointed to the bottle that was beside Angelia's car seat.

Daray: he looked back at the bottle and picked it up. He held it in front of Angelia, "This is the red liquid." he picked up the other bottle with white formula, "This is milk." he held them both to her.

Angelia: She reached for them both.

Daray: gave them both to her. He watched her, waiting for her to throw something.

Angelia: She tried to drink from them both and failed. She then frowned and threw them both away. She looked like she was about to cry.

Daray: "No, no. Angelia please don't cry. I'm sorry. Here. Let's try this." as he spoke he took the two bottles and opened up the diaper bag and took out an empty bottle. He unscrewed the cap of the empty bottle and then one at a time he dumped half of the synthetic red liquid into the bottle and then he filled the other half with the formula. He put the two other bottles away and after screwing the cap back on the mixture of synthetic red liquid and formula together, he shook up the bottle. "Here." he handed that to her, hoping it worked out.

Angelia: She took the bottle and started to drink it. She didn't throw it away this time. She drank all of it then yawned and rubbed her eyes a little.

Daray: he let out a sigh of relief.

Angelia: She soon fell asleep again. She slept soundly and peacefully.

Arya: She smiled. "See? You don't suck at this father thing. You're just new to it. As am I since it's my own child and not someone else's that I'm raising on my own." She turned back around then she was in the drivers' seat. "My turn to drive." She shut the door and waited for Daray to get in.

Daray: he got out of the back of the car and shut the door. Then he walked around the front of the car to the passenger seat and got in, shutting the door after him. He buckled his seat belt, though there was really no need. "Alright. You can drive." he looked at her, "I shouldn't have woken you up. I didn't have to. If I didn't suck then I wouldn't have had to. Then you wouldn't be awake and I'd be driving..." he looked back ahead, "I'm sorry."

Arya: She sighed. "Love, it's okay. I don't mind. We're supposed to work together on raising Angelia. I had experience on how to raise children, you haven't. I can understand if it's rough for you at first. I'm here to help you. Okay?" She started the car and started to dive the rest of the way to their home.

Daray: "Fine." he didn't like admitting that he needed help, but when it came to Angelia...boy did he need it.

Arya: She nodded then quickly and lightly kissed him on the lips. "Good." She glanced over at him after a few minutes smiling.

Daray: he rolled his eyes a bit and then leaned the chair back, "Okay. Now I can sleep while you drive. Have fun." he closed his eyes.

Arya: She smiled a shook her head a little. She put on her iPod and listened to her music to herself, not disturbing Daray or Angelia.

Daray: he slept for the rest of the ride home.

Arya: When she pulled in the driveway of their home and after she parked it, she quietly opened the doors and took Angelia inside and put her in her crib. She then went back out to the car and smiled, seeing Daray still asleep in the car. She quietly bent over him, not breathing but smiling then she kissed him softly.

Daray: he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap, still keeping his eyes closed. He held her against him, pretending to still be sleeping.

Arya: She smiled slightly then kissed across his cheek and whispered in his ear. "We're home my love and our daughter is peacefully sleeping in her crib." She smiled again then kissed down his neck softly after she kissed him on the lips.

Daray: a slow smiled crept across his face, "Oh really?" he said and opened his eyes. He held Arya against him, "Teleporting." he warned her and they vanished together. When they reappeared they were in their bedroom on the bed. Daray kissed her lips again.

Arya: She smiled. "You don't have to warn me anymore. I'm use to it." She kissed him back then broke it and pointed over to the crib that was in their room. "Remember we put the crib in here until we know that she'll sleep peacefully through the night?"

Daray: sighed with a groan, "No. Forgot." he vanished with her again back to the backseat of the car and smiled, "Better." he started to kiss down her neck.

Arya: She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side a little. She bit her lip a little while her breathing deepened.

Daray: "Do you like that?" he whispered, letting his warm breath touch her neck. He slipped her shirt off of her shoulder so he could kiss her bare skin there. Then he slid one of his hands up and under her shirt as he continued to kiss across her collarbone.

Arya: She couldn't talk so she nodded yes. She pulled his face up to hers and kissed him hard and passionate then whispered "You tease me too much, love." She kissed him again, long, passionate, wantingly, and harder than the one before.

Daray: "Do I?" he said innocently, his eyes showing humor. He kept himself propped up over her as he returned her kisses, each met with his own passion. "Are you sure you're up for this? You just had a kid." he said between breaths.

Arya: "Yes, honey. I'm up for this." She then pulled him against her, wanting to feel his body against hers. She had waited so long to feel his body against hers.

Daray: he wanted her, and he was showing it in more ways than one. "Okay. So you're up for this." he agreed, seeing her impatience. He pushed up her shirt and then he quickly undid her jeans and leaned down to trail kisses down her stomach as he slid her jeans down her legs.

Arya: He breathing picked up and deepened again. She tilted her head back a little, as shivers run down her spin but she wasn't cold at all. After, she took his shirt off him and undid his jeans as well and slid them off him.

Daray: "I love you. Very much." he told her as he leaned forward and slid her lingerie down her legs next. As he did so, he kissed down her thigh and over her knees, down her calf. She tasted as good as she smelled, and excited so much wonder in him.

Arya: Shiver after shiver was going down her spin. "Love, please stop teasing me. Please." She begged softly.

Daray: "But I'm having fun with foreplay..." he nipped at her leg as he started to work his way back up, "And I want to make sure you feel good. Oh so very good..." he said between nips. Granted, it was hard for him to keep control too. So very much did he want to stop teasing her. But he had ideas in mind and he wanted to follow through.

Arya: "Very well." She whispered and bit her lip a little, which helped her keep control a little more. She wanted him badly but she let him do as he wished.

Daray: "By the time I'm done with you," he whispered against the skin on her leg, "You'll be screaming my name..." he kissed her leg again. She said she was ready for this, so he was going to take it all the way.

Arya: She controlled the shiver that went down her spine when she felt his breathe against her skin. "I can't wait." She whispered and smiled. She couldn't wait but she did.

Daray: he frowned slightly, thinking of Angelia. He couldn't make this quite as long as he hoped.

Arya: She looked at him. "What's wrong, love?"

Daray: "Angelia's going to...make me have to rush..." he said reluctantly as he kissed up her leg and continued to kiss over her stomach and up to her chest.

Arya: "Oh." She kind of smiled inside while she watched and her breathing deepened even more and her heart beat faster with excitement.

Daray: he shifted on the seat and grabbed Arya's legs and pulled her down, sliding into her as his lips met hers and he kissed her, "I'll have to do it later..." he whispered between kisses. They couldn't leave Angelia alone too long. She was a baby.

Arya: She gasped a little as he slid into her. She kissed him back. "Alight." She whispered between a kiss. She let him make love to her as she made love to him.


Arya: She was humming and smiling to herself as she heating some formula and the red liquid together in a bottle for Angelia. She had woken up while she and Daray were in the car.

Daray: he was playing with Angelia in the living room of their house. You could hear Angelia giggling and Daray laugh once in awhile.

Arya: This made her smile more. She had her own home and had a family that loves her and that she loves back. She never thought she could be this happy. She walked into the living room and handed Angelia her bottle then sat on the couch, smiling still, watching her love of her life play with their daughter.

Angelia: She took the bottle and drank half of it then set it aside for later. She continued to play with Daray, laughing and giggling.

Daray: he continued to play with her.

Angelia: She giggled and smiled. She placed her hand on Daray's cheek and showed him, himself.

Daray: he frowned slightly, "Can't talk yet. I get it. But thank you for the picture." he reached for her bottle and pretended to bring it to his mouth to drink some.

Angelia: She started to whine a little and reach for her bottle. She frowned a little.

Daray: he stopped, "You must learn to share."

Angelia: She looked like she was about to cry.

Daray: "Okay. Okay. I'm sorry." he quickly handed it back to her. "There you go."

Angelia: She took it and put it in her mouth and drank more of it.

Arya: She just laughed softly.

Daray: he looked at Arya, "What?" he whispered, "I don't like to see her cry."

Arya: "She going to use that against you when she's older you know. She'll learn that if she starts to cry that she'll get what she wants." She whispered back.

Daray: "Maybe she will. You can be the bad cop; I'll be the good cop."

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little. "Great." She said sarcastically.

Daray: he smiled, "Go ahead and teach her to share." he scooted over on the carpet and patted the space beside him on the floor.

Arya: "I want to see how well you do it. She is going to be a Daddy's girl anyway." She smiled.

Angelia: She crawled over to Daray and sat on his lap with her bottle. She drank a little more then held it up to Daray's mouth. "Da." Her voice was like an angel's voice. Soft, sweet and kind. She smiled as well.

Daray: his heart swelled as he watched Angelia. He still couldn't believe that he had made a child, a perfect beautiful child, with Arya. The perfect, beautiful love of his life. yeah right; like he would ever be able to not give this little angel anything and everything she wanted. She was a part of Arya. He wouldn't be able to resist giving her anything and everything she wanted that a father could give her. "You just said my name!" he totally didn't notice about the bottle; too busy beaming with joy as he hugged Angelia tightly, but not too tight.

Angelia: She whined a little again, holding the bottle up to his mouth again. "Da..."

Daray: "Oh, right." he bent down and put his lips around the mouth of the bottle and drank some.

Angelia: She smiled and giggled a little.

Daray: leaned back, "Thanks Angelia." he smiled at her, "You're very kind for sharing." he looked pointedly at Arya when he emphasized the word sharing. That's right...he had taught her to share. And to talk.

Arya: She rolled her eyes and got up and went into the other room.

Angelia: Watched Arya leave then placed a hand on Daray's cheek. She showed him Arya leaving then a sad and confusing face.

Daray: "I don't know." he picked up Angelia and followed Arya, "Maybe my fault." he told Angelia.

Angelia: She showed him herself and said no to him blaming himself.

Daray: he nodded and watched Arya.

Arya: She was sitting in their room, on the bed. She was looking down, not really paying any attention to anything.

Daray: "Baby doll, you okay?" he asked from the doorway. "I was just teasing you. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." he whispered in Angelia's ear to go to her mommy and then he set her on the floor.

Arya: "I'm fine." She whispered.

Angelia: She crawled over to Arya and pulled herself up to her feet. She patted Arya then whined a little.

Arya: She picked Angelia up and hugged her tightly but not too tight to hurt her. She closed her eyes and held Angelia to her. She held back tears well enough that it didn't look like she was getting ready to cry.

Daray: he walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down beside her. "Talk to me babe?" he asked softly.

Arya: "I'm just scared." She looked at Daray, some tears slip past her guard.

Daray: "Scared? What brought this on?" just a moment ago she was happy. And just a few hours ago he was certain she was ecstatic...

Arya: "I'm scared for her." She held Angelia closer to her. "She's growing so fast and we only had her home for about a day. She shouldn't be talking or crawling yet." She didn't hold back anymore. She just let tears come. She couldn't hold them back anymore.

Angelia: She yawned and closed her eyes. A few minutes pasted and she was asleep.

Daray: "I could make something that will stop her aging." he suggested. "Or, slow it down."

Arya: "No." She said quickly. "No, experiments. Not on our daughter. As badly as I fear for her, I won't let things like that happen...not to her." She placed Angelia in her crib and sat back on the bed. She wiped away the tears.

Daray: "How about we just enjoy the time we have with her then, as she's little. She should stop aging soon. We can always have more babies."

Arya: She looked at Angelia, watching her sleep. "She looks like an angel. So peaceful." She whispered, not commenting on what Daray had said.

Daray: he looked over at Angelia.

Angelia: She slept soundly. Her hair falling around her face when she moved a little.

Daray: he didn't know what to say or do so he stood; "I'll be in the kitchen if you need me." he told Arya softly and kissed her forehead before leaving the room.

Arya: She sighed and lay down on the bed after watching Daray leave the room. She closed her eyes and just laid there.

Daray: he didn't come back for a long while.

Arya: She got up when Angelia started to whine a little. She picked Angelia up and rocked her a little in the rocking chair.

Angelia: She went back to sleep after Arya picked her up and started to rock her.

Arya: She continued to hold Angelia while she slept.

Daray: he looked in the room awhile later. "You two hungry?" he whispered to them.

Arya: "I am a little. I'm not sure about Angelia." She looked down at their sleeping daughter.

Daray: he stepped in, "I'll take her while you hunt." he offered.

Arya: "Thank you." She handed Angelia over to Daray without waking her and left out the window, landing perfectly on her feet as she went out to hunt.

Daray: he sat in the chair holding Angelia.

Angelia: She cuddled close to him and yawned a little. Her hand took a hold of his shirt a little and lightly.

Daray: he rubbed his thumb gently over Angelia's little hand. If he wanted...he could make Angelia slow down in aging right now...Arya was gone. She couldn't stop him. The formula had been simple to figure out. He sighed softly. But he wouldn't. He wouldn't lie to Arya. He just hated to see her hurting. He wished he could help.

Angelia: She opened her eyes a little and looked up at him. She smiled a little.

Daray: he was too distracted by his thoughts about Arya. He didn't notice.

Angelia: She pulled on his shirt a little and started to chew on it a little. Just looking at him.

Daray: he blinked, coming out of his thoughts and looked down at Angelia and smiled slightly. "You know, if you're hungry, baby, there are plenty of better things to eat then your daddy's shirt. Trust me."

Angelia: She just giggled and continued to chew on his shirt.

Daray: he took his first finger and tapped her nose three times.

Angelia: She patted his cheek three times and stopped chewing on his shirt. "Daddy, where Mommy?" She asked in her small voice.

Daray: his eyes widened. Did he just hear a voice in his head? He could have sworn Angelia said a whole sentence...but...she couldn't have. Could she have? No...she couldn't have. "I need sleep." he closed his eyes.

Angelia: "Daddy?" She placed her hand on his cheek and asked why he was going to sleep through pictures.

Daray: "I'm hearing an angel talking to me." he told her with his eyes closed.

Angelia: "Daddy, I'm thirsty." She told him.

Daray: "There it goes again." he murmured.

Angelia: She sighed and placed her hand on his cheek again and told him that she was thirsty like that.

Daray: he opened his eyes, "Thirsty?" he looked down at Angelia. "Alright." he got up and took her to the kitchen and got her some red liquid and formula mix and warmed it up for her. Then he gave her the bottle. "There you are my darling."

Angelia: She just looked at it then pushed it away.

Daray: "Okay." he made her a bottle of just the red liquid and gave it to her.

Angelia: She shook her head. "Sippy cup. Not a bottle."

Daray: he stared at her for a second. "Oh my freakin' gosh. You ARE talking sentences."

Angelia: She nodded and smiled slightly. Finally he believed she was talking and not an angel. She got up and walked over to him and hugged him. "I love you Daddy."

Daray: "OH MY GOD YOU'RE WALKING TOO!" it was all too much for him. He couldn't even hug her back. He just...passed out onto the kitchen floor.

Angelia: "Daddy!" She sounded worry, so worried that she started to cry. She didn't understand. 'Am I not supposed to be walking or talking yet? Is something wrong with me?' She thought to herself as she cried softly and sat beside him. She didn't know what to do other than that.

Daray: continued to be passed out until Arya got back from her trip.

Arya: She came home. "Daray? Honey?" She went downstairs and saw Angelia crying and Daray on the floor. "Daray!" She ran over to him and knelt beside him. She looked up at Angelia. "Honey, come here." She motioned for Angelia to come to her.

Angelia: She went over to Arya and showed her what happened since she was too upset to talk.

Arya: "Oh, honey. It's okay. Daddy's okay. He just passed out from shock. That's all." She hugged Angelia then bent over Daray. She closed her eyes and placed her forefingers on his temples. She softly said something then removed her fingers and softly kissed Daray. She looked up at Angelia and smiled slightly. "He'll be alright. Can you go get him a pillow and a blanket, honey?"

Angelia: She nodded and did what she was told.

Arya: While Angelia was gone, she got a glass of the red liquid drink, letting it drip into his mouth. She just watched Daray.

Daray: groaned after a few seconds after the red liquid dripped down his throat. He opened his eyes slowly, letting them focus and adjust on Arya's face. "Arya!" he sat up quickly, "Angelia IS aging WAY too fast. She's already talking and walking and I NEVER TAUGHT HER THAT! YOU WERE RIGHT! Oh my word." he was speaking too fast and his words jumbled together without any breath in between. "I'm afraid she'll be an adult by TOMORROW MORNING!" he was freaking himself out. "I should have never left the hospital. I missed the night when she was a innocent little baby." he looked down and then back at Arya and grabbed her shoulders and pulled her closer to him, her face an inch from his, "She has the voice of an angel." he whispered to Arya with crazy eyes. "I'm going to have to fight boys away from her. ALL THE TIME. Our work will be cut out for us as parents. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!"

Arya: "Honey. Calm down. I knew this would happen. I told you. After I was done hunting I visited an old friend of mine. I told him what was happening with Angelia and he told me things." She softly kissed him then put a hand on the side of his face. "But before I can tell you what he told me you have to calm yourself. You hear me?"

Daray: he kissed her back and looked over at Angelia as she walked back into the room with the blankets, "There she is!"

Arya: She smiled.

Angelia: She was dragging the blanket on the ground while she carried the pillow in front of her, barely able to see over it. "Here you go Daddy." She said muffled by the pillow, she was smiling a little but they couldn't see.

Daray: he took the pillow from her and the blanket and then he pulled Angelia into his arms and hugged her to him, "Thank you baby girl." he said softly. He closed his eyes.

Angelia: "You're welcome Daddy." She hugged him back. "You okay now?" She pulled back and smiled at him.

Daray: he nodded a bit, "Yea. I think so." he smiled weakly at her and then looked over at Arya, "What did your friend say?" he looked calmer now.

Angelia: She sat on Daray's lap, playing with her hair. She wasn't really paying attention to what Arya and Daray were talking about.

Arya: "He said that her fast growth will stop in a day or two. But when she stops growing like so she'll grow like a regular human. She'll look like she's about five or six when she starts to grow like a regular human."

Daray: he nodded, "Oh, well that's not too bad." he guessed. "We don't have to go through all those annoying years where babies cry and having to change their diapers and lack of sleep...yea. This could be a good thing."

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly. "Yes, but we'd also miss all those years where she's growing up and helping her make her first steps, hearing her very first word." She sighed a little but smiled slightly.

Angelia: She kissed Daray's cheek softly then laid her head on him.

Daray: "Oh, I got to see her first steps and hear her first word so...I think I'm good." he smiled down at Angelia.

Arya: "But did you help her start walking?"

Angelia: She smiled and hugged him lightly again.

Daray: he looked back up at his wife, "No. She freaked me out when she did that..." he patted Angelia's back as she hugged him.

Arya: "See, you didn't have the pleasure to help her take her first steps."

Angelia: "I love you Daddy." She said softly.

Daray: he frowned, "Are you trying to make me feel bad?" he looked down at Angelia and kissed the top of her head, "Love you too little one."

Arya: "No. I was just pointing out something." She got up and got something to drink. "Want something?" She offered.

Angelia: "Can I have something to drink too, Mommy? She looked up at Arya.

Arya: She smiled and nodded. "Of course sweetheart." She got something for Angelia as well.

Daray: "No that's okay." he told Arya.

Arya: She handed Angelia a sippy cup and sat on the floor beside them and took a drink of what she had.

Daray: "So was that all this friend told you about Angelia?" he paused, "What friend is this? A woman or man? Do I know them?"

Arya: "No, he said that Angelia will eat some human food but mostly drink the red liquid because she was born to a pureblood and a human." She took another drink before she answered Daray's other questions. "He's just a friend. No you don't know him and his name is Xavier. I FINALLY got a hold of him but the bad thing is...I have to tell Daniel where Xavier is at. I told him I would after I found out where Xavier has been staying and all that." She waited for Daray's reaction. Ready to take Angelia out of his hands in case he got mad for her saying Daniel's name.

Daray: he didn't get angry. "Who's Xavier again and how does he pertain to the monster?" he looked at her, "You do know that I will come with you when you go to tell...Daniel. Correct?" there was only one answer he wanted to hear in comment to that question.

Arya: "Xavier is one of the Snyde's that helped me...with my first mission." She didn't want to say helped her kill Daniel's family in front of Angelia. "And yes I know that you will be coming with me when I tell Daniel that."

Angelia: "Who Daniel?" She asked softly in her angelic voice and looked up at Daray.

Daray: "Daniel is someone I don't like." he said to Angelia simply.

Angelia: "Oh." She placed a hand on his cheek and asked if he ever hurt him or Arya.

Daray: he didn't answer her and started to talk to Arya, "Good." he said simply. "I'm glad."

Angelia: She pouted for a few minutes then went back to drinking from her sippy cup.

Arya: "I was hoping you would come with me anyway. I don't want to be left alone with him...again."

Daray: he nodded. He understood.

Angelia: She continued to drink from her sippy cup as she laid her head on Daray's shoulder.

Arya: She just smiled, watching.

Daray: "When do we have to go tell him?"

Arya: "Well, we better do it soon because Xavier might leave soon."

Daray: "Tomorrow?" he suggested.

Arya: "Tomorrow's fine with me."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Good. Then we have all night free..."

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly back. "Yes, we do."

Daray: "I'm sure Angelia is old enough to sleep in her own room..."

Arya: She smiled more and nodded. "I agree."

Daray: he stood, holding Angelia, "Good. I'll get right on that." he went to their room and setting Angelia down he started to move her crib into the spare bedroom across the hallway.

Angelia: She sat where she was put, watching Daray while taking a few last drinks of her sippy cup.

Daray: after he finished moving her crib he came and got Angelia and took her to her new room.

Angelia: She looked around the room, holding on to Daray. Her arms were around his neck, but not too tightly to hurt him. She hid her face within her hair.

Daray: "We've decorated your room and everything- ever since your mom told me you would be a girl. See?" he showed her around the room which was decorated as to what he and Arya chose for Angelia. He set her in her crib and turned on her baby mobile above her crib. It played a sweet song as it spun.

Angelia: She looked at him weirdly after she looked around her crib and then at the baby mobile. "Daddy, I'm not a baby anymore." She looked at him again.

Daray: "But I want..." he sighed, "Fine." he picked her up and put her in her bed that was in the room.

Angelia: "But you want what daddy?" She looked up at him while she sat on her bed.

Daray: "Nothing. I just thought you could use it at least one time in your room."

Angelia: She frowned. "I made you sad, daddy." She looked down.

Daray: he ruffled her hair, "No big deal." he smiled slightly, "Cheer up honey."

Angelia: "Why am I different from you and mommy?" She looked up at him, no tint of red in them at all, she had human eye color.

Daray: "Because when she got pregnant with you I was human and she was Snyde. So you aren't so much pureblood. You're a mix of us both. Or at least, of her and of what I used to be."

Angelia: She looked at him, confused. She was only a few days old but she looked like she was two, almost three.

Daray: "You'll understand when you're older. I'm just telling you the truth and not going to make up some stupid story about a stork...or that you came out of a different cabbage patch garden then we did or something retarded like that. The truth is better. Trust me."

Angelia: She pulled down on Daray's shirt, wanting him to sit down beside her.

Daray: he sat down beside her.

Angelia: She sat on his lap and laid her head on him. "I love you daddy." She whispered.

Daray: he put his arms around her. "I love you too my child."

Angelia: She smiled slightly. "You cold, daddy?" She looked at him.

Daray: "That's how I am."

Angelia: She placed her warm cheek against his neck.

Daray: he started to sing a song to her softly to get her to fall asleep.

Angelia: She closed her eyes then yawns. After a few minutes she was fast asleep.

Daray: he smiled slightly, hearing her small even breaths. Then he kissed her cheek and tucked her into bed. He went over to the door and shut off the light, leaving a little night light on just in case she needed it, and he shut the door to her room, leaving it open just a crack. He went to find Arya.

Arya: She was in the room, which used to be her father's office. She stood in the middle of the room facing away from the door. She swallowed then continued to clean it up from the fight that her family and herself and Daray had.

Daray: he teleported directly behind her and wrapped his arms around from behind her, skimming them down her sides and resting his hands on her upper thighs by her stomach as he pulled her back against him, whispering in her ear from behind her, "Can we clean this up later my dear?" he kissed her ear lobe gently and then pulled on it with his teeth teasingly.

Arya: She froze and tensed when Daray's arms wrapped from behind her. She relaxed when she heard Daray's voice. "We? I believe I was the one cleaning it up before you came down here." She turned around where she could face him. "If we're not going to clean this up now, what are we going to do?"She smiled then kissed him.

Daray: "What I wanted to do after I put Angelia to sleep...remember?" he kissed her again gently, his hands now on her buttocks he pulled her body closer to his, molding hers against his as he kissed her lips.

Arya: She smiled slightly and whispered "No, I don't remember. Mind to refresh my memory?" She kissed him with passion and love. She felt nothing could go wrong in the world when she was with Daray. The feeling that she had that was faintly there was overwhelming to her. She felt like she wasn't close enough to Daray so she pulled him harder against her, trying to make him even closer to her. She kissed him rough and wanting passion. She would never be able to explain the feeling she felt to anyone with words.

Daray: he gripped her, cupping her bottom and lifted her up onto the desk in the room. His kisses matched the passion in hers; the eagerness. He moved his hands out over the desk and pushed the objects on it aside and off. He cleared the space on top to make sure there was room for Arya and so that she wouldn't lay on something hard or uncomfortable."No," he moved his lips from her lips to the corner of her mouth. He whispered, "I don't mind..." he slid his hands over the smooth wooden surface of the desk, sliding them over her legs and resting them on her thighs, squeezing gently as he continued to trail his kisses from the corner of her mouth to her jaw line, down and over her jaw. He gently kissed under her chin, nudging her face up with his nose. His breath was warm, a complete contrast to his cold skin. He let his lips kiss down her throat, growing firmer each time.

Arya: She had wrapped her legs around his waist. Her breathing was faster by this time. "Good." She whispered back. When she felt him nudging her she lifted her chin up, exposing her neck, all of it. She closed her eyes and swallowed softly as she held back as much as she could from not just pinning him to the floor and having her way with him. She wanted to see what he was going to next. She got excited even more with each kiss from him and each touch. She wanted, and needed him. She wanted to feel his touch all over her body, her skin, to feel his kisses and breath at the same. "Love...please. Bite me. I want you to bite me and make me bleed. It'll drive us both crazy cause of the smell but it will make it even better." She whispered, that was one request she asked him but if he didn't want to then either way she would still enjoy it, as well as he would. She hoped as well as he would.

Daray: "Soon my dear...soon." he promised. He had other things in mind that he wanted to do before they both were driven mad beyond control. He slid his hands up her thighs, up and under her shirt. He leaned back and in a swift movement he slid her shirt off of her body. He let it slip to the floor. His eyes were full of adoration and love. He let his gaze flit from her face and down her body; a small smile formed on his lips at what he could do to her...she was perfect to him. And she was all his.

Arya: She smiled when he said that. But she wondered what he was planning but she didn't worry about it. She watched him carefully and with excitement. She seen the small smile form on his lips and started to wonder what he really was planning now. She lay back but still watching him.

Daray: he leaned forward and reached his hands behind Arya's back and unsnapped her bra; sliding the straps down her arms and taking it off, he dropped it to the floor much like he had the shirt. "Il mia amore, have I ever told you how much I love you?" he asked as his eyes rested on her bosom. She was perfect...he glanced at her and the he leaned close enough to kiss her neck again, continuing the trail down. Now there was no clothing in the way. Nothing to stop him. As he kissed her, he kept one hand down around her leg to hold her up as her legs were still around him. With his other hand, he slid it up her bare skin across her stomach, running his thumb over her smooth, perfect skin.

Arya: "No." She said softly. "No, you haven't." She closed her eyes, loving the feel of his skin against hers. She tilted her head back a little, grabbing a hold of the side of the desk slightly as she bit her lip as he ran his thumb across her skin.

Daray: "Well...I'm about to show you..." he said as he kissed down to the hollow of her neck and down her chest. He ran his lips over her tender skin, letting it prickle with goose bumps. He smiled to himself as he continued to tease her.

Arya: She shivered with excitement. She didn't want him to stop. She knew by now that he was going to tease her until she couldn't take it anymore or until he couldn't. Her breathing picked up as he continued to tease her and her grip on the desk got a little tighter over the time.


Arya: She was smiling as she put her clothes back on. She walked over to where Daray was sitting and sat on his lap, facing him. "Thank you." She said softly as she continued to smile. She then laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes and whispered. "I love you so much, nothing will change that."

Daray: he put one hand around her while he looked at the other hand that had the blood on it from Arya's neck, "I love you too, and no need for thank you." he smiled slightly, "I'd just like to get a taste of what you do." he started to clean his hand off.

Arya: She laughed softly as she watched him. "You can drain me some more you know. If you want to, that is." She stated softly then looked up at him without moving her head but only her eyes.

Daray: "It'll make you weak. I would love to but...I will later." he finished cleaning off his hand and then rested it on her lap.

Arya: "I don't mind. Here." She moved her hair, exposing her neck again. She watch him, she pretty much didn't listen to the last part of what he said. She swallowed softly.

Daray: "I don't want to kill you."

Arya: "You won't." She promised.

Daray: he leaned down and let his fangs come down and his bit into her neck again, draining her blood.

Arya: She closed her eyes, tilting her head to the side. She smiled, letting him drink. She'll stop him when she thinks that it's enough for him to take at once.

Daray: he continued to drink, enjoying it.

Arya: She started to pull away a little.

Daray: he felt her resistance and immediately he pulled back and licked her wound closed.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "See? I told you, you wouldn't kill me." She said softly and kinda weak, like if she was half asleep. She didn't care, she was happy. She was more than happy, she was ecstatic. She laid her head on Daray's shoulder again and rested. What they did then letting Daray drink from her weakened her more than she thought it would have. She could feel her throat burning like crazy, like it was on fire. At first she didn't know the sent then she realized it, the sent came a hybrid. Half human, half Snyde. She restrained herself from going and looking for it because she knew what she would find. She would find her daughter.

Daray: he kissed the top of Arya's head and holding her in his arms, he teleported them to their bedroom and laid her on the bed, putting the blankets over her. He, finally, pulled off his shirt and his jeans and then he climbed into the bed beside her.

Arya: She cuddle into him, wanting him to hold her close and to make sure she didn't go anywhere that would put their daughter, himself or herself in danger.

Daray: he wrapped his arms around her, and whispered in her ear; "If you need to, drink from me..." he told her, hoping that would deter her from Angelia. He could smell her too, but he had enough red liquid in him from Arya that it didn't bother him so much, "Unless you'd like another pill to make you human for the night. So there wouldn't be that fear."

Arya: She looked at him for a second, deciding on what she wanted to do. She bit her lip a little, she was a little scared because if she drank from Daray that is the closest to red liquid but yet she didn't want to take another pill that made her human. She liked it but not enough where she'd spend another night as one. She bit her lip again before she bent over his neck, letting her fangs come down and then she bit into his neck.

Daray: "Aww I...think you got...blood on the sheets." he smirked, "Wow, a second time." he closed his eyes as he let Arya drink from him, not talking anymore.

Arya: At first she sucked deeply, letting the blood drain out from him, but after a few minutes she pulled away and licked the wound she made. She had tears in her eyes as she looked away from Daray; and the tears were not because she was upset about getting blood on the sheets.

Daray: he smiled and pulled her down by him; then he saw her tears, "Babe what's wrong? We make each other strong; be happy." he kissed the corner of her mouth lightly.

Arya: "I drank from a living being. I told myself I would never do that again and I did. I drank from you." She looked at him then looked down. "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Daray: "Oh don't be silly dear. Mi casa es su casa." he snuggled her to him again, "I did it to you too."

Arya: She laughed softly. "Love, you just said 'My house is your house.' I know Spanish honey." She lay close to him and sighed, somewhat happy. "But I doubt you made a promise to yourself to not drink from a living human or living Snyde ever again."

Daray: "Well it certainly wouldn't be fair for me to give you the pleasure of being bitten and you not return the favor now would it?" he kissed her ear and whispered in it as he held her close, "I know what I said love, and I know what I meant by it. The house of my body is yours- as yours is to me."

Arya: She laughed softly and nodded slightly. "Yeah I guess you're right." She closed her eyes and laid there with him, having him hold her close. She didn't worry about anything else at the moment. "I didn't know, until now." She yawned a little and relaxed in his arms.

Daray: smiled slightly, his eyes closed, "At least you know now."

Arya: "Mhm." She agreed sleepily.

Daray: he didn't say anything more. He just fell asleep with her.


Arya: She woke up then stretched a little. She looked over at Daray and smiled. She kissed him softly on the cheek then went downstairs to the kitchen.

Angelia: She came in and climbed onto the bed, next to Daray. She looked like she was four years old now.

Daray: he opened up his eyes slowly and then shut them again after he saw Angelia and pretended to still be sleeping.

Angelia: She poked him. "Daddy, it's time to get up." She said softly.

Daray: he rolled over so much that he rolled on top of her and smooshed her; playfully, not hurting. He snored loudly as he pretended to sleep.

Angelia: She squealed then laughed. "Daddy!" She laughed even more. She tried to push him off of her.

Daray: he smiled and then rolled off of her and opened his eyes, "Hello baby girl." he sat up and got off the bed.

Angelia: Right before he stood up she jumped on the back of his back. "Piggy back ride." She said as she smiled.

Daray: he smiled, "Alright." he held her legs up to support her and walked out of the room and down the stairs. "Arya, our daughter is so..." he got shorter, lowering his knees as he walked into the kitchen until finally he was at Arya's feet, "She's getting so big. I can't..." he took a gasping breath, "Carry her. So...heavy." he leaned against Arya's leg gripping her pajama bottoms.

Angelia: She laughed as he gave her a piggy back ride.

Arya: "Oh really?" She smiled as she picked Angelia up from his back. "She doesn't feel heavy to me."

Angelia: She wrapped her arms around Arya's neck to hold on to her as she climbed on Arya's back.

Daray: he jumped up, "Wow. A load off my back." he kissed Angelia's cheek as he walked around to the other side of Arya and looked at what she was making for breakfast.

Arya: She made some pancakes for Angelia and some for Daray if he wanted some.

Angelia: She giggled.

Daray: "Since when do I eat human food?"

Arya: She looked at him weirdly then closed her eyes and shook her head. She forgot that Daray was Snyde again for a minute. "I'm sorry love."

Daray: " forgot I was a Snyde. That hurts a bit doesn't it? After...last night? Wow..." he went over to the fridge and opened it up and got some red liquid out; he thought he had made more of an impression on her than...something as forgettable as that...

Arya: "Only for a minute and I didn't forget about that. Last night was great, I loved it." She placed a plate down on the table for Angelia and set her down in her highchair.

Angelia: She started to eat them.

Arya: She got a sippy cup for Angelia out of the cupboard. "Can you pour some of that in her cup, honey?"

Daray: after he warmed it up he poured it into Angelia's cup without a word.

Arya: She sighed and put the lid on the sippy cup and gave it to Angelia. After she went into the living room then the office where she started to clean up the rest of the things and put things back on the desk that was pushed off and not broken back onto the desk.

Angelia: She watched as she chewed some of the pancakes.

Daray: he let Arya leave to what she was doing and he took a seat by Angelia, his drink in his hand. "Would you like to go to the park with me today? Just you and me?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: "What about mommy?" She asked before she took another bite of the pancakes.

Daray: "We can do something with her later..." he suggested. She was busy now anyways.

Angelia: "Okay, Daddy." She finished her pancakes and started to drink from the sippy cup.

Arya: She finished the office and went upstairs to the bathroom and took a shower. After she took a shower she went into their room and got dressed. She got her hair the way she wanted it.

Daray: "Ready?" he asked her after she was done. He wiped off her mouth and then lifted her from the high chair. "We're going out!" he called up to Arya and then he walked out the front door and debated whether to teleport or drive. "Which do you want to do, Angelia? Drive or teleport- which is quicker and hard to explain unless I show you.

Angelia: She nodded. "What's teleport? Will you show me, Daddy?" She smiled, showing her little white teeth.

Arya: She sighed and got her purse and made sure that she had the information that was dealing with Xavier.

Daray: "I sure will baby girl." he vanished with her, everything going black for a split second before they reappeared. It was like opening your eyes from a slumber. Everything around them came back into view, only this time they were at the park. He looked down at Angelia. He actually wondered if she could do that since she was his daughter.

Angelia: She was smiling. She was amazed at what just happened.

Arya: She grabbed HER car keys and went out to the car. Daray was supposed to come with her today but he was with Angelia. She was strong enough and she was able to stay calm enough to go and give the information to Daniel. She got in her car and drove to where there was no road and drive-way. She ran the rest of the way to Daniel's. She came up to where she seen a camera and took a deep breath. "Daniel!" She yelled. She was on her guard now.

Daray: "Your mother was scared the first time I teleported with her. But I'm glad you like it." he smiled and took her over to a child's swing and set her in it and started to swing her back and forth with each push.

Daniel: the camera moved to focus on Arya's face and then the rock door slid open without a sound.

Angelia: She held onto the swing and laughed, happily as he pushed her on the swing.

Arya: She walked in the door and looked behind her as the door closed. She took another deep breath to calm herself again. She then walked further into the house. "Daniel?"

Daniel: Arya could not see him, but she heard his voice. He wasn't too far away, "Why are you here? Come back to let me kill you? At least that way Shinichi might let me...if you want it." he stepped forward into the light, his face hard as he watched her.

Arya: She swallowed a little. "No, I'm not here to let you kill me. I'm here to give you some information."

Daniel: "About what?"

Arya: "Xavier. I told you that I would give you the information about him. I talked to him two days ago. He's going to be here for the next few days."

Daniel: "So he is here." he stepped forward and held out his hand, "Give me the information." he ordered.

Arya: She stepped back when he stepped forward and held out his hand for it. "What do I get in return?"

Daniel: "The privileged of me never hunting you down- if your story does indeed check out."

Arya: "This is valuable information, I think I deserve more than that, after all you did keep me here against my will and threatened to take me child away after I had her." She went through her purse while she spoke.

Daniel: in the next moment he had flipped her arm behind her and turned to press her front into the wall, her cheek pressed against the cold rock as he was behind her; Arya's purse fell to the ground, items scattering out and around it. Daniel whispered in her ear with a growl, "I don't think you deserve anything. Now where is my information?"

Arya: She gasped at the sudden movement, breathing hard and fast. "Let me go and I'll get it to you." She whispered back.

Daniel: "I don't trust you. You just tell me what I need to know and I'll hold you here until I finish what I need to finish."

Shinichi: "But I trust her, brother." His voice came from behind them.

Arya: "Please let me try and make up for the wrong I did. Please." She begged him, she truly did want to make up for the wrong she did. She'd do almost ANYTHING to make up for what she did.

Daniel: he hesitated a moment, but hearing his brother's voice, he realized he did need to calm down a bit. He stepped back from Arya, at the same time releasing her arm.

Arya: She turned around then bent down and picked up all of the stuff that fell out of her purse and put it back in. She stood and faced Daniel and Shinichi. She was shaking slightly now.

Daniel: "Well get on with it!" he demanded again. "Information? That's why you're here in the first place. Or was it to stand and stare at us so to see me get more upset with you!" he snarled.

Arya: "Xavier is at the town hotel in room 13. He will be in that room by 7 tonight and leave at midnight to continue his mission. He'll be leaving two days from now." She trembled now; she wished that she didn't leave without Daray right now.

Daniel: he looked back at Shinichi, "You watch her here while I go check out Xavier. Don't let her leave until I get back." he looked at Arya again and then he vanished.

Arya: She sighed and sat against the wall. 'What did I get myself into?' She tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

Shinichi: He sat across from her and just watched her, curious of what she's thinking.


Daniel: he walked into the hotel in which Arya had told him where Xavier was staying, and he took the elevator up to the floor on which room 13 was. He knocked on the door.

Xavier: He opened the door. "I told you..." He said while he opened the door and stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw Daniel. Xavier had shoulder length black hair and bright red eyes. "May I help you?" He said kind of rude.

Daniel: "Are you Xavier?"

Xavier: "Who's asking?"

Daniel: "I am obviously." his eyes flitted to the hotel room and back.

Xavier: He noticed his movement and closed the door most of the way where there was only enough room for Xavier's face and some of his body to be seen. "What do you want?" He said rudely.

Daniel: "To have a chat. If you are Xavier...I'm sure you remember an assignment...oh, years ago, where you killed a nice family. A mother, a father...and you would have killed a little boy too. May I come in?" he was careful to keep all emotion off his face.

Xavier: "I am Xavier." He opened the door for him to come in. "I don't remember anything you are talking about." He lied smoothly.

Daniel: he stepped inside, "I figured. But in thanks...I have a gift for you." he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black ring box.

Xavier: He closed the door and locked it. "You know my name, what is yours? He leaned against the wall. "Please, sit." He motioned to the couch. He watched him carefully. "In thanks, thanks for what I might ask and if you're going to propose to me the answer is no, I don't go that way, sorry." He laughed softly to himself.

Daniel: "I don't plan on staying long. So there is no need for sitting. My name is Mathew." he held the box out to him, ignoring his last sentence.

Xavier: "I'm sorry to say, but you are lying about your name. I have the ability to know when others are lying so there is no use." He stood there, not moving to take the box.

Daniel: "Then you should know that I know you are lying about knowing what I mentioned to you before."

Xavier: He just smiled. "You weren't there that day, Daniel. Yes, I know who you are. I knew eventually you'd find me or did you have some help from an old friend of mine. Arya, perhaps?" He laughed softly while shaking his head. "I'm surprised you haven't killed her yet or you would of but your little siblings told you not to because she saved them and raised them till the day your little sister ran away then gave your brother up to a better family. She did the right thing with your brother. I'll tell you what happened that day if you like. From someone that was actually there." He smiled while he looked at Daniel.

Daniel: "I know what happened Xavier. And yes...eventually Arya will die. But so are you- whether you tell me your side of the story or not. I've heard enough."

Xavier: He just laughed. "Have you forgotten that I was trained by The Great Ones? That I am Master Aro's number one soldier now that Arya's gone? I will admit that I killed your mother and that Arya was telling the truth about your father. I did know about their little deal. She was weak, merciful. She was a disgrace to The Great Ones, yet she was strong, brave and a leader. I never got her. That day I had to show her what being a faithful Great Ones soldier was. So I went against her orders of falling back and going back to Italy where we all first gathered. If Arya had her way in the first place, your parents would still be alive. She didn't want to kill your father, I seen it in her eyes but I told her to do, otherwise I would tell Master Aro that she disobeyed his orders and she would die, she would lose everything that she worked for. Before she killed your father, she apologized to him. She was truly sorry but you don't care all you want is your revenge." He smiled slightly. "I'm glad you're going to kill her eventually, otherwise I would have done it yesterday if she didn't look so weak. I want a fight, a challenge to fight the one that taught me. The one that trained me and to kill her."

Daniel: while he was yet speaking he opened the box, his anger unable to be contained now, and flashed the bright light into Xavier's sensitive eyes. As Xavier stumbled back he flipped a switch on the back on the box and Xavier was sucked inside. Daniel shut the lid. "I don't want a fight or a challenge; I just want you to die. So sorry you won't get what you want." he chuckled and vanished back to the cave with the box in hand.

Arya: She looked up when Daniel came back. She didn't say anything.

Daniel: "Seems your story did check out." he walked over to a rock wall and pressed his hand to the cool stone. He dropped his hand as the wall where his hand was lit up and then the whole rock slid back to reveal a tube for holding a person. It looked like a giant pill only it was clear and filled with liquid of some sort. Next to the tube were many electronic gadgets. Daniel attached the little black box to a stand that rose out of the desk in front of a computer and then he pressed a red button. A few seconds later, Xavier reappeared in the tube, confined. Daniel smiled at him, "You should have said yes to my proposal. Now I'm forlorn."

Arya: She watched. "I bet you even told him that eventually you would kill me. Didn't you?" She asked softly.

Daniel: he looked over at Arya, "Shhh!" he said quickly, "You'll scare the little children." he nudged his head towards Shinichi.

Shinichi: "I'm going to go play my game now, Daniel. Don't hurt Arya." He got up and went into the other room.

Arya: "Now will you answer my question?"

Daniel: "Tell me why you shouldn't be dead Arya. I know you didn't want to kill my family. But the fact is, you did. And nothing can change that. My policy is- eye for eye. Tooth for tooth. Life for life. Your life for my father. Xavier's life for my mother. It's a good thing my sister and brother are alive or else I'd kill that husband and child of your too to make it even."

Arya: She growled. "Don't threaten my family. If I could I would let you kill my mother and father for yours but my husband got to them first." She calmed herself slightly. "To tell you why I shouldn't be dead is because I would do almost ANYTHING you want me to do to, to make up for what I did to you and your siblings. Also, if I have to I will leave you and your siblings' lives forever, I won't ever come back. Tell me what you want that doesn't include me or my family dying."

Daniel: he pulled a knife out of a sheath at his side and tossed it towards her to where in stuck in the ground right in front of her, "You said almost anything. So here's the deal. You hurt yourself, and I won't break my promise to my brother about me not hurting you."

Arya: She swallowed and took the knife out of the ground. She then quickly stabbed herself up by her left shoulder blade. She didn't wince or show any pain even though it hurt like heck. She then took the knife out of herself and threw it over by Daniel. "Happy?" She held the spot where she stabbed herself where the bleeding wouldn't be so bad.

Daniel: kicked it back over to her, "Again. Until I tell you to stop. Perhaps even chop a limb or two."

Arya: "I'm not cutting off anything. Get that through your thick skull right now." She stabbed herself many times, in her arms, chest, and legs. She cut herself across her face and on her neck.

Daniel: he snatched the knife from her and with his forearm he pressed her against the wall, "I never said I wouldn't. I just promised not to kill you." he held her firmly there while he took his other hand and flattened one of her hands on the ground.

Arya: "You're brother also said not to hurt me and that would be considering hurting me." She winced now all the cuts and stabs she made burning with pain.

Daniel: he held her back and took her hand and wrapped her fingers around the grip of the knife, "No one ever said I would be hurting you. I told you, you would do it to yourself. You promised me you'd give me anything dear Arya. Remember my policy."

Arya: "I said almost anything."

Daniel: as soon as he had her hand wrapped around the knife grip, he turned the point on her and placed it directly over her heart, "I didn't think you the type to commit suicide, Arya." he said slowly, his face inches from her. She could smell his scent; and it wasn't Snyde at all.

Arya: "Please." She whispered as she started to cry. 'Daray, I love you so much. Tell Angelia I love her too. I'm so sorry.' "Please don't make me do this." She begged him over and over.

Daniel: "Don't worry." he said sinisterly, looking into her eyes. He loved her look of fear, "I made a promise." he made an 'X' mark across the skin over her heart before he had her drop the knife. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue over his sharp teeth that now looked like a sharks. He tilted his head back and brought it forward with a force, bashing her head with his.

The last thing Arya heard was, 'Arya...what are you talking about? We love you too. What's wrong?'


Arya awoke in the center of town. She had been tied to an upright pole sitting on a platform in towns square which was full of people. She was tied with silver chains; and she was stripped down...completely naked for the world to see her cuts and scrapes which were still oozing blood.

Arya: She looked around. 'What...happened?" She thought to herself, not really paying attention that she was naked. She looked up at her wrists and tried to get free but failed. She was weak and thirsty. She could smell her own blood and the people around her. 'Daray, my love. I'm so sorry. I have failed you and our daughter. It has come down to me dying for you two to be safe. I will be humiliated now. I was already tortured. After my humiliation, he will make me want death, have beg for it. I'm not as strong as I was when I first went to see him. I'm surprised I haven't bled to death with all the cuts and stabs I have on my body.' She sighed as she thought this and she looked down and finally realized she was naked. 'Oh gosh. My humiliation has already started while I was unconscious. I'm completely naked now. Take good care of our daughter and I wish I lived longer to see her grow and for us to have our son and watch him grow as well. He would have looked like you.' Tears ran down her face now, knowing that their son won't even be born.

The people were gathered around her and murmuring.
"Is she dead?" they whispered.
"Someone should help her."
"What happened to her?"
"Someone call 911!"
"How did she get there?"

Daray: 'Arya, you're freaking me out. Where are you?' he paused, 'YOU WENT TO SEE DANIEL BY YOURSELF DIDN'T YOU!'

Arya: She looked up at the people. Crying softly. She spoke softly as well. "Can someone help me down and get me some clothes?" Her throat burned, like it was on fire. 'Daray, save me.' She whispered in her mind, ignoring his question.

"Move out of the way!" someone said as she pushed between people in the crowd and came onto the platform, "Honey why'd y'all go and get yourself up on this pole? This aint the right way to go about pole dancing." she said as she dropped her arm load of clothes and tried to find the way to unlatch the silver chains. Her Alabama accent was really pronounced.

Slowly Arya's cuts were healing, one by one, but no one could tell because she was still covered in her own blood.

A man jumped onto the platform and helped the woman untie Arya. The chains dropped to the ground around her ankles, away from her.

Daray: 'Where are you? Call me and I can follow your voice and teleport right to you!'

Arya: She held back from attacking the woman and the man that helped her get free. She leaned against the pole and sank down to where she was sitting "Get me away from these people, please." She said through her teeth. 'I can't I don't have any of my things. Save me...from myself.' She was still crying. 'I think I'm in Alabama. I'm not sure.'

The man took a towel amongst the clothing the woman had brought up to the platform and wrapped it around Arya and picked her up. He held her against him as he walked down the stairs.

The crowd parted as police sirens wailed and the police stepped out, "What happened to the woman?"

The woman gathered the rest of the clothes and quickly followed.

"No one knows." the man said and ducked into the police car.

"I'm comin' too." she said as she got in on the other side.

Some police stayed to investigate while the other policeman drove the car with everyone in it back to the precinct.

"She needs a doctor and we need to get her cleaned up." she said softly. She looked at Arya, "Poor girl." she said with sympathy. "It's going to be okay."

Daray: 'I'm in Alabama with Angelia. I've never been here before but tell me names of roads you see around you. I'll find you honey. Hang on.' he promised her.

Daray's body materialized in front of the police car; he was holding Angelia by hand on the road. Just as he realized he was on a street, not knowing where he was so he materialized somewhere blind- which was not safe. But he didn't have time to think right now. He just barely teleported Angelia out of their and into safety next to the road before the police car slammed into him, knocking him unconscious and killing the police man who was driving.

Arya: She was crying still. "I'm so sorry." She softly said to the woman as she looked her in the eyes with her own eyes, red with lust. Her fangs came down as she attacked the woman biting into her neck. She drank the woman dry she then started on the police men that were killed when they crashed into Daray. She drank them dry as well. 'I'm in a police car, but not for long.' She said softly to Daray as she slipped on some clothes that she found that fit her and started running back to the town. Her throat still on fire, eyes red with lust for red liquid. 'Take care of Angelia.'

The man who had carried Arya off the platform was still knocked out and hurt badly in the police car.

Daray: he couldn't reply; he was unconscious. He couldn't move. He had scrapes from the crash and a few cracked ribs- nothing compared to what it would have been like if he had been human. He was slowly healing though.

People were in a panic after the crash and just everything happening. The police were still researching the scene where Arya was. They were taping everything off.

Arya: She snuck into someone's house, it was empty she waited till they returned home.

Angelia: She was over by Daray. She placed her hand on Daray's cheek and showed him what just happened. She then closed her eyes and helped him heal faster and become conscious again.

Daray: he sat up suddenly with an intake of breath, "Angelia! Out of the road." he scooped her up and teleported to the side of the road again. "Where's your mother?" he looked around. His eyes realized the police car with the dead people in it. He saw the fang marks. "Oh no." he looked to Angelia, "Angelia, did you see where your mother went!" he had to stop this before The Great Ones got involved.

As Arya sat there, all she could picture in her mind was the look of sheer panic and...a hint of betrayal in the woman's eyes before she had bit and drained her. The woman had been the one who saved Arya. And Arya had repaid her kindness by taking her life.

It was a little boy who pushed open the door and closed it behind him. He was breathing hard. He leaned back against the door, leaning his head back and closing his eyes as he tried to calm down.

Arya: 'No. I won't kill a little boy...but I'm so thirsty. No.' She mentally argued with herself.

Angelia: "Mommy went that way." She pointed back towards town.

Daray: he shifted Angelia onto his back, "Hold onto my neck tightly and don't let go no matter what happens." this left his arms free. He teleported, jumping from one section to another as a faster way to go through the town, searching for Arya.

The door where the little boy rested against was opened and the woman with a baby girl came in and shut the door again. She hugged her son, "It's okay Gerald. Calm down." she whispered to him, smoothing his hair to try to calm him. She held her baby girl in her other arm.

Arya: She swallowed. 'It kind of reminds me of my family. I'll leave them be.' She quietly and quickly got out of that house before she regretted anything else. She snuck into the house next to that one and waited for someone to come home.

Soon a man walked through the door and took off his hat and set down his briefcase on the floor as he shut the door behind him.

A woman, his wife, ran up to him and slammed into him with a hug, "I missed you." she said softly, "There was a crash downtown, I feared..."

"Honey it's okay." he assured her and brought her face up to his and kissed her, "Everything will be alright. I'm here." he hugged her again.

Arya: She couldn't stand it anymore and she attacked the man first draining him dry then she did the same thing to the women. She went into the next house the same way.

Daray: "Is that her?" he said as he saw her leaving one house and moving to another. He followed where she was going with his eyes.

As Arya crouched in the house, she saw the door open and close. But it wasn't just anyone.

Daray: "Arya?" he whispered. "Come here."

Arya: She heard her name be called out and she crouched even lower. She growled softly, her eyes growling a bright red in the darkness.

Daray: "Oh come on Arya. I know you're mad at me that I forgot to go with you to Daniels place; but you forgot I'm a Snyde. I think we are even now. There is no need for you to growl at me. I should growl at you for going against your promise and seeing him alone." he stepped towards her, Angelia on his back still, "Calm down." he held his hand out to her.

Arya: She growled again, this time louder.

Daray: "You want to attack me Arya? Go ahead and attack me. I DARE you."

Angelia: "Daddy." She whispered, kind of scared.

Daray: he took Angelia off his back and stood her by the wall, "Don't move," he whispered to her and then he turned back to Arya and watching her a moment, he teleported behind her and took her wrists, holding her hands behind her back. "What has gotten into you love?"

Arya: In one movement Daray was on the floor, her wrists free from his hands.

Angelia: She closed her eyes. Not going to watch anymore.

Arya: She smiled slightly, her fangs still out. She was too caught up in the burning in her throat she didn't realize who she was talking to and what she was doing. Her senses took over completely, controlling her every move at the moment to relive the pain she was in.

Daray: 'Angelia, if you can teleport away, do it now. Go home.' he knew Arya would be stronger than him with all the red liquid she had drank- all the natural red liquid. "Like I told you, my dear." he said slowly, out of breath from being moved so fast. He smiled slightly, "Mi casa es su casa." she could drain him. He couldn't die.

Angelia: She did what she was told.

Arya: She stopped what she was doing. "Da..Daray?"

Daray: "That's my name. You can wear it out if you like." he scanned her with his eyes, "God, you're really hot when you're aggressive. Why aren't you like this more often?" he yanked her down to him and kissed her lips. He could taste the blood still on them from her latest victims.

Arya: She kissed him back then kissed down his neck hard and rough. 'Please save me.' Her voice whispered in his mind and she smiled to herself as she bit hard into his neck. She drank from him until there was enough left to keep him conscious. She whispered in his ear. "Hopefully you'll see me like this more because you won't be able to stop me from draining these stupid, fragile human beings blood." She smiled again; this was not the Arya he knew. "It's been so long since the last time I've had red liquid. I'd say since the day that I killed Daniel's father. Too bad that I didn't get to kill the rest of his family and him. I guess I'll just have to do that know." She got up and walked towards the door. "Bye, Daray. Hopefully I'll see you soon." She smiled. "Maybe at home." She laughed softly then walked out the door.

Daray: 'Angelia, come back,' he told her mentally, 'And bring me some of the synthetic red liquid from the fridge. About five bags. Please. Hurry.'

Angelia: She came back with a plastic bag of what he wanted. "Here you go Daddy. Is Mommy okay?"

Daray: "Mommy is awesome." he sat up and drank the bags until they were empty. He pulled out his cell phone and called Amanda, "I need you to watch my daughter."

Amanda: "You have a daughter?"

Daray: "Yes. That's what married people do- they reproduce. I'll teleport her to you. Keep talking." he looked to Angelia, "You'll be staying with a friend of mine. Her name is Amanda." he kissed Angelia's temple, "I will come get you when everything is back to how it should be. Stay with Amanda." he teleported Angelia to Amanda and then he said good bye and hung up. He ran out the door after Arya after putting his cell phone back in his pocket.

Arya: She smiled. "You coming to get me?" She laughed then disappeared from his sight. "Well, come and find me then." Her voice came from different directions.

Daray: he was confused, "What the heck?" he turned around every which way to find her.

Arya: She whispered. "Behind you." She then laughed again as she disappeared before he could turn around.

Daray: he turned around, and when he didn't see her, he growled loudly, "Arya! Stop this!" he tried to locate her.

Arya: "Oh, it would be nice to see Master Aro again. I've missed him so. That last mission I was on went so wrong. My weak side that showed mercy because of the children took over and I haven't had control since. Now that I have control I don't think that will happen again." She standing four houses down from her last attack was. She waved a little then went inside. There was a few screams and they were cut short. She then went to the next house.

Daray: he watched her pattern for a moment and reached into his pocket and pulled out a red pill. He popped it into his mouth and swallowed it. Almost instantly he turned human. He walked over to the platform where Arya had been tied to with silver bindings. Then he teleported to the house Arya was at, and he stood there, letting her catch a whiff of his human scent. HIS blood. Sweet and human. He had the silver bindings hid behind his back and out of her sight. "Love, come on, I dared you to attack me earlier," he smiled slowly, "Are you afraid to do it? And you can't say you biting me earlier was an attack. I LET you do that." he taunted her.

Arya: She smiled at him. "You do smell tempting but I rather play with my food. Make them beg for me to kill them." She looked down at the girl she held by the throat, where she couldn't scream. "Fragile little things, aren't they? So easily broken." She snapped the girls neck in one quick motion then looked up at Daray. "To bad I guess. Maybe I should go back to the one house my weak, merciful side skipped just because of the little boy and the woman with the baby girl." She smiled to herself. She walked past him, heading for the house that she just described.

Daray: he glanced at the girl Arya had just killed; his eyes sympathetic. This was not his Arya at all, and he knew it. Something was up with her, and so, he would have to treat her differently...he couldn't act like himself either. He teleported in front of her, effectively cutting off her route to the house, and dropped to her knees, "Arya, please. You know how much I love you to bite me." he made himself look all pitiful and pathetic, "You just never did that much before because you said you promised to never bite a living thing again. Please my dear, my love, I BEG you to bite me. Kill me. Do whatever you want to me. You want to play with you food? Like I told you before, my body is all yours."

Arya: She picked him up by his throat and whispered in his ear. "Daray, I know you can't die. You made sure of that so do try to get me to kill you, it won't work." She picked him up off the ground and threw him over by one of the houses and continued to walk over to the house. She looked back at Daray and smiled evilly before going inside the house.

Daray: god he was so turned on right now. He shook it off and got up, picking up a sharp piece of glass that had broken from the mirror he crashed into. He knew this wouldn't work unless he was the one inflicting pain on himself; so he tried it. He slit his skin down the length of his arm with the glass. First one, then the other. It worked. He was bleeding terribly. He dropped the glass and teleported in front of Arya again; the smell of his red liquid hammering her senses. He walked towards her, unafraid of her. "That all you got?" he teleported right in front of her, he chuckled, then teleported back where he had been standing before. He jumped back and forth, laughing. "You just don't want to bite me because you can' can't catch me and you just know I'm so much better than you. A HUMAN is so much better than you." he was laughing so hard now his eyes were tearing up.

Arya: She growled and caught him by the neck before he could jump back to where he was standing. The smell of his blood was so intoxicating that her throat burned with such fiery pain. She licked one of his arms and growled with such pleasure. She bit into his arm, making him bleed more. She drained him 'til he was almost dry. She pulled away and whispered softly in his ear. "Now you are wrong. No human is better than me. I won't kill you just yet. I'm going to inflicted so much pain on you were you're going to beg for me to kill you. Maybe I should let you watch how you're daughter takes to pain as well. Yours and my weak side's daughter." She laughed then threw him aside.

Daray: Arya was so intent on draining his blood that she didn't know that he had taken the silver chain out of his pocket and tied her wrists together before it was too late. "You try that babe." he said sluggishly. Sure he was weak from how much blood she let drain from him, but now he knew she couldn't get away.

Arya: She broke the chain and smiled slightly. "Silver doesn't harm me and that's too weak to hold me." She just stood there and watched him.

Daray: "No...but what I put on the chain will. In about...three seconds." he staggered, weak.

Arya: She looked at him a little confused.

Daray: "You'll fall me." right before he passed out, he sent the message to Arya, 'I love you my dear Arya. Angelia does too.' and then he passed out for the second time that day.

Arya: She fell to the ground, feeling weak. She crawled over to where Daray was; she bit her wrist and rubbed it against the cuts on his arms. The cuts healed then she softly kissed his lips before she passed out beside him.


When Arya woke up she was in a specialized restraining jacket on a bed in her room. Daray was sitting in a chair by her bed, watching her sympathetically; a cup of warm red liquid in his hands with a straw. He watched her.

Arya: She swallowed, her throat was burning still. She tried to speak. "What happened?" She winced a little when she spoke. She was weak still from what happened earlier. Her eyes hurt as well to the light. She groan softly as she closed her eyes, trying to block the light out. "May I please have a drink of that? I can smell it and it's making my throat burn even worse." She didn't open her eyes to look at him. She knew what she had done and now he knew why she couldn't bite human beings again after being badly hurt and losing as much blood as she did. She didn't know if he trusted her right now for what she did. She took all the blame for what happened even though she couldn't control what was happening.

Daray: he came over to her bedside and moved her to sit up, placing the straw in her mouth. His eyes were empathetic; not accusing. "You were sick and I'm nursing you back to health slowly. This is a mixture of mostly red liquid and another drink. I'll work down slowly on the percentage of red liquid until it's all natural. I'll go as you can take it."

Arya: She moved her head where the straw isn't in her mouth. "No. I don't want any red liquid in there. None what so ever." She said softly.

Daray: "Are you sure you can handle that?" he asked softly.

Arya: "I did it before so why wouldn't I?"

Daray: "Because I'm not sure if your body can handle that right now."

Arya: "I have over 200 years of hunting and drinking from humans and switched to animal in a day. I did once. I can do it again." She sounded confident that she could do it.

Daray: "If you say so..."

Arya: She nodded a little. She looked at him now; she looked like she was going to cry. "I'm so sorry." She whispered. She didn't want to know how many people were killed by her hand, how much pain she inflicted on Daray. 'Now you know why I don't drink red liquid.' She thought in her mind, hoping Daray caught it as well.

Daray: he leaned forward and kissed her gently, sweetly, "Water under the bridge my dear." he left the room and came back with a cup of just the red liquid and put the straw in her mouth.

Arya: She drank the whole thing in about a minute. She smiled and leaned her head back and sighed. "May I be let out of this now?" She motioned to the jacket that she was wearing.

Daray: he was still watching her, "Maybe. If you prove you are under control. I would like to know how you can have a second personality and then rein it in as fast as this."

Arya: She sighed; she knew she would have to explain this. "I've had two personalities since I could remember. What happened is why I try to stay away from the natural red liquid. When my other personality is weak and can't get the natural red liquid to make her stronger that's when I can gain control again. Since I only drink the red liquid I'm stronger than her when she is weak. Right now she is weak so I'm in control, that's why I told you that I don't want any natural red liquid in that cup."

Daray: "You gained strength fast. Your other side drank about five humans...I thought she'd be there for awhile."

Arya: "That's five humans in over a hundred years. That's like me drinking a thousand mountain lions in two years. She would be stronger than I for about three to four hours on five humans. It's over three to four hours since the last time she drink from another human, so I regain control."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Well, I'm glad." he set the empty glass on the end table and sat her up as he undid the back straps on the jacket, "You were really starting to freak Angelia out."

Arya: She frowned a little. "Is she okay? Is she safe?"

Daray: "Yes. I teleported her to Amanda's house." he finished unbuckling the jacket and he slipped it off of her, "See, you were freaking her out, but not me." he smiled slightly at her as he set the jacket aside on the ground next to the bed.

Arya: "Good." She smiled slightly as she looked at him. She lightly placed a hand on his cheek then leaned in and kissed him passionately and lovingly.

Daray: he returned her kiss; relieved that he had been able to help her. That his love was okay.

Arya: She made him lay down on the bed as she got on top of him, kissing him more passionate and deep.

Daray: he put his hands on her thighs as he kissed her; his kisses matching her intensity.

Arya: She slowly took his hands and placed them above his head while distracting him by kissing him. While she did that she hand cuffed him to the bed with special hand cuffs. He wouldn't be able to teleport out of them and Arya was the only one with the key. After she got both of his hands cuffed she suddenly pulled away from him and got off the bed. She smiled at him.

Daray: he looked up and realized he was...literally trapped. He tried to teleport and it failed. He also started to break free and it failed. He looked at Arya, "That's quite rude. Come back here and kiss me."

Arya: She smiled again. "It seems like I still have my acting skill down." She took the cup that had mostly red liquid in it and drank it.

Daray: his smile instantly faded off his face and he muttered a curse. He watched her; and yes, he admitted it to himself...he was afraid. But not for himself. He was afraid for her.

Arya: "I never did get how my other side could stand that the red liquid." She said after finishing the red liquid. She sat down beside the bed in the chair he was sitting in before. "I knew you would fall for that. I just couldn't believe it actually worked. Yet, somehow what I don't get is that if you've been stalking me these past years, how did you not know about me. I knew you knew about my other side but when she hunted I was in control but very little. Just enough to help her kill her prey. Of course I was weak when that happened." She smiled again.

Daray: "I haven't been stalking you your whole life." he said simply. He did not smile.

Arya: "Oh, I know you haven't." She sighed. "To bad that I have to leave you here for about an hour alone." She got up and leaned down and kissed him softly then smiled and walked towards the door. "See you soon my lover." She said before leaving.

Daray: he kissed her back softly, 'Why an hour?' he wondered to himself. He quickly tried of thinking how to get out of this, and he struggled again. But it was in vain. He sighed.

Arya: 'To get caught up on my hunting and I did notice that you didn't hold back from kissing me, unless you were thinking I was your wife. That weak little thing.' She told him through her mind and she laughed softly to herself.

Daray: 'You're in her body. I would say you're the weak thing for not getting your own body. Besides, my wife still needs love even if her evil twin takes over. And by the way, I am not your lover...I'm your husband. There's a difference there.' his voice was bored.

Arya: 'To tell you the truth, this is my body she needs to get her own.' She growled softly. 'She's married to you, not me. Her last name is whatever yours is and mine is still Rose. I can't get married. It's against The Great Ones rules; we can have mates but no marriages.'

Daray: 'Rose is a pretty last name. No wonder I fell in love with you.'

Arya: She rolled her eyes and blocked him out of her mind; she continued her hunt for the next hour.

Angelia: She appeared in the room Daray was in. She looked like she was about ten years old now. Her hair was long, about mid back, her eyes were still the same color but they had more shine to them.

Daray: at first he was confused by the girl he saw, and then he recognized her. Arya's friend lied to her. Angelia didn't stop growing quickly at age five and then grow slow like an adult. She continued to quickly age. Even older, she looked like him. And she looked just a beautiful as Arya, "Hello Angelia. I thought I told you to stay with Amanda?" he bet he looked weird being hand cuffed to a bed. This was not something appropriate for his daughter to see. He tried to talk to Arya again...this time sending her a message if she wanted to 'open' it to read it whenever she wanted. 'Hey Arya- is it alright if I call you that or do you prefer a different first name too? I just wanted to ask if you know, you could tell me about yourself. You make me curious...saying you're not really my Arya. And believe me, I can tell that. You two are totally different. That's what intrigues me about you most...'

Angelia: "You did but Amanda told me that I was just like you, never listening to what I'm told." Her voice was more angelic than before. She ran over to him and hugged him then took a hold of the hand cuffs and broke them open easily. "There you go Daddy." She smiled, showing her bright white teeth.

Daray: he smiled at her and sat up, rubbing his wrists gently, "How did you do that? Are you stronger than me?"

Angelia: She smiled more. "Talent." She giggled. "I think I take after Mommy in the strength department, Daddy." She looked around. "Where is Mommy anyway?"

Arya: She opened the door and just stopped when she saw Angelia.

Angelia: She smiled when she saw Arya. She ran over to her and hugged her. "Mommy!"

Arya: She just looked at Angelia, not knowing what to do.

Daray: "Oh, hey babe. Angelia's back. Isn't she getting big?" he smiled and stood. "I left you a message but I don't think you got it. Did you enjoy your hunt? I think Angelia and I might go out for a hunt. I am kind of thirsty now that I think about it." he smiled and walked over to her, "Your about making me parched." he chuckled.

Arya: She picked Angelia and placed her on the bed after closing the door. She looked at Daray. "You're not going anywhere." She growled softly and grabbed a hold of him by the neck, hard and fast. "You are staying right here." She took out another pair of the handcuffs that Angelia broke. She put them on Daray with her free hand and handcuffing him to the bed again, but this time he was standing. She looked at Angelia and smiled softly. She walked over to her.

Angelia: She backed up a little.

Arya: "Baby girl, it's Mommy. Daddy and I were just playing a game. When he's bad he gets handcuffed to things. See?" She pointed to Daray then smiled sweetly again to her and motioned for her to come to her.

Angelia: She walked over to Arya and hugged her tightly.

Arya: She smiled at Daray. "That's a good girl." She picked Angelia up. "Now should we play game as well, Angelia?" An evil smile tugged at her lips as she watched Daray. 'Maybe Hide and Go Seek. My way.' She thought.

Daray: "You're very clever, you know that? I think I need to be one step ahead of you all the time. I don't know why you have to be mean though. I don't need to be handcuffed to stay here. All you have to do is ask." he watched Arya and looked to Angelia, then back to Arya, though he spoke to his daughter, 'Honey, don't trust her one moment. And if I were you...I'd go back to Amanda right now. Or at me a favor...and find help.' yea. Maybe he was getting in over his head here. It made his stomach roll to think that he couldn't even protect his family- his wife and daughter. What would happen if they had a second child? How could he ever have a second child if he couldn't even protect his first?

Arya: She smiled. "Why thank you, I take that as a compliment."

Angelia: "I need to go to the bathroom, Mommy."

Arya: She set her down and showed her to the bathroom and closed the door. She then went back to where Daray was and leaned against the wall, just watching him. "And that message you sent me, I did get. All you need to know is that I'm not to be messed with."

Angelia: She was behind Arya; she held vervane in her hand. She also held a cup of red liquid in her other hand. She looked at Daray then back at Arya. She quietly put the cup down and crushed the vervane into the cup of the red liquid so fine that it couldn't be seen in the red liquid. "Here you go Mommy." She handed Arya the cup then stepped back and then appeared by Daray.

Arya: She took it and drank it all, then she slide down the wall. She was coughing and somewhat having a hard time breathing.

Angelia: She broke those handcuffs that were on Daray and just stood and watched Arya, not knowing what to do next.

Daray: "It was meant for a compliment." he had told her as he watched Angelia hand Arya the red liquid. He watched as Arya drank the red liquid and became weak. When Angelia broke his hand cuffs, he walked over to Arya and picked her up in his arms and took her back over to the bed and laid her on it. Then he picked up the restraining jacket and put it back on her, tightening the straps and making sure that even at her strongest stage Arya wouldn't be able to get out of the restraining jacket. "Thank you Angelia. That was very brave of you." he told his daughter. Then as he let the vervane leave her system, he took Angelia hunting. When he came back, he sat down in the chair by the bed where he had laid Arya, watching her with sympathy in his eyes. In his hands he held a cup of red liquid with a straw in it.

Arya: She groaned in pain, so much pain that she passed out while Daray and Angelia were hunting. She woke and looked around her. "Where am I?" She asked softly. Her head hurt so much; when she went to rub her temples a little she was restrained. "What?" She looked down and started to freak out. She couldn't be in a mental institute, it just wasn't possible. The last thing she remembered was being in a car with a woman and a man that helped her, then her attacking the woman. "Oh no." She whispered as she started to cry softly.

Daray: "Babe...babe calm down." he moved out of the seat and went and sat on the bed next to her, taking her hand gently, "You're at home. In bed. That's all. I'm here. Angelia is here." he rubbed his thumb over her hand lightly to try and calm her with one hand while he held the cup of red liquid in the other hand, watching her with empathy. But he knew she had to cry. She had been through a lot.

Arya: "Hold me, please?" She whispered through her cries. She wanted to be held, that's all she wanted right now. She didn't care about red liquid, she didn't want any. She just wanted to know that everything's going to be alright and nothing's going to happen. She wanted just to feel Daray's arms around her, comforting her. She knew she did something wrong and horrible.

Daray: he teleported the red liquid back to the kitchen so Arya wouldn't have to smell it and then he let go of her hand and moved beside her on the bed and put his arms around her and held her close and kissed the top of her head. "It will be okay." he tried to comfort her.

Arya; She cried on his shoulder. She calmed down after a while. She swallowed and whispered "How many people?"

Daray: "It doesn't matter." he said softly to her.

Arya: She looked at him after pulling away. "How many people?" She looked him in the eyes when she asked. Her eyes were a crimson red now.

Daray: "I only really know of five." he said softly. He let her pull away but he kept his hand on her back lightly.

Arya: "Oh, my gosh." She closed her eyes. "What else did she do?"

Daray: "I think that's all."

Arya: "Did she do anything to you? Please be truthful."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Nothing but gave me blue balls is all."

Arya: She looked at him a little confused.

Daray: "Your other side is very good at tempting me and then just leaving me cold."

Arya: "She's known to do that." She said softly.

Daray: "It's okay. I...want to try something with her. may take a long time and I would like your permission first."

Arya: She looked at him for a minute then nodded. "I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into." She said softly.

Daray: "Oh I do. I think it would be nice to get her to like me...maybe a far stretch to love me but...she intrigues me. She is you. And yet, as long as she doesn't love me...I will never have all of your love. I don't know if you get that. It may be confusing."

Arya: "No, I get it."

Daray: "I mean she is you. But if you don't want her to come back...I understand to. It's up to you."

Arya: "She might be nicer and less...threatening if you do what you plan to do. So, I guess you can try. There's no hurt in trying. Right?"

Daray: he nodded and smiled slightly, "Right." he kissed Arya's cheek, "But seeing as how she hates me so much and loves being a Rose sister, she may not be nicer and less threatening...though that is my plan to make it work anyways."

Arya: "Can I be let out of this so I can hold you before she comes back?" She looked at him. "But you never know."

Daray: "Last time I did that it wasn't really you..." he was hesitant.

Arya: "You stalked me for a few years, I only drink the red liquid, we have a daughter named Angelia Rayen Aleron, you are my husband, I was almost killed by Daniel, whom is the start of this mess, I use to be in The Great Ones, you helped me kill my parents. Do I have to go on?"

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Her middle name is Renya. But your other side knows all that. What I need to know I your lover...or your husband?"

Arya: "You are my husband. Did she say that you were her lover?" She couldn't help but laugh a little. She knew for a fact that her other side never had lovers, she had flings. She never called anyone her lover.

Daray: "Yes...she did..." he said slowly. "What's so funny?" as he asked he started to unbuckled her jacket.

Arya: "My other side doesn't have lovers. She never has, she has flings. She never calls anyone her lover. You might have your work cut out for you if she's already calling you her lover."

Daray: "I don't really understand. Isn't being a lover better than a fling?" he finished unbuckling her and slipped the jacket off of her but kept it close by at the bottom of the bed this time instead of on the floor by the bed like before.

Arya: "Yes it is." She turned around and hugged him then kissed him lovingly on the lips. "I love you so much." She whispered between kisses.

Daray: he put his hands on her sides and kissed her in return just as lovingly, "I love you too my dear." he said and then leaned back, "But why do you say then that I have my work cut out for me because she is calling me that?"

Arya: "It's not going to be easy after you confront her about it." She sighed and looked over at Angelia. "She's getting so big." She whispered.

Angelia: She was asleep in one of the chairs in the room.

Arya: "I guess you should go get that red liquid then." She looked at him.

Daray: "She looks ten now. That's the only thing I worry about is you missing her grow. But I figure, your other side is you so what she sees you see too...right? So you won't miss anything. Will you?"

Arya: "Well, I did freak out when I woke today. I didn't know where I was and what happened so. No I won't get to see her grow anymore after my other side regains control." She sighed then got up and walked over to Angelia. She knelt beside her and kissed her forehead. "I love you so much, baby girl. I don't care how big you get; you'll always be my baby girl." She whispered as tears came to her eyes. She closed her eyes to hold them back and she steadied her voice before she spoke. "Go get the red liquid."

Daray: he watched her, "We can wait until Angelia is done growing." he said quietly, "Come back to the bed Arya you need to rest my love." he patted the bed. He wasn't going to let her miss the aging of their daughter.

Arya: "No, because the sooner we get this done the sooner we can start planning for our son." She whispered but she didn't look at him. She gently brushed the hair away from Angelia's face.

Daray: "You're pregnant again? With a boy?" he asked softly. He got off the bed and walked over to her and sat on the floor next to her. "Does vervane hurt the baby?"

Arya: "Yes, I'm pregnant again and yes with a boy." She looked at him then took his hand. "No, vervane doesn't hurt the baby unless I drink or eat a certain amount of it."

Daray: he smiled slightly and kissed her hand, "Then I promise to record every moment of Angelia's life while your other side is here and you and I can watch it together when you get back." he ran his thumb lightly over her hand.

Arya: "Thank you, darling. Now can you go get the red liquid, either way I need to drink some. My throat is killing me."

Daray: he held up his other hand and when the cup of red liquid appeared in it, he handed it to her, speaking as he did, "How much is too much vervane? I was going to use just a little in each cup to keep your other side sedated just a bit so she doesn't go wacko...not enough to hurt you just to keep her calm." he got up and grabbed the jacket and slipped it back on Arya.

Arya: "The amount that Angelia put in the last one, that was perfect so any more then that would be too much." She drank the whole cup of red liquid before Daray put the jacket on her again. She smiled slightly. "I love you Daray." Her eyes closed.

Daray: he finished buckling up the jacket and kissed Arya's temple, "I love you too baby doll." he sat back.

Arya: Her eyes opened a few minutes later. She looked around a few times then sighed when she realized she was in the jacket again. "This thing again." She looked up at Daray. "Why, hello lover." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "Hello my dear." he smiled slightly back at her, "I think the jacket suits you? Don't you?"

Arya: "Haha...very funny. Now let me out of this thing so I can kill you."

Daray: "Now if you meant kill me with kindness," he shrugged slightly, "Sure, I would let you out. But I don't think you meant that. So until you are a nicer person, you're just going to have to stay in the jacket."

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little. "Let me out of this jacket...please?"

Daray: "It's either the jacket or the vervane to keep you sedated. You can choose if you'd like."

Arya: She glared at him. "You trying to kill me with the vervane or something?"

Daray: he sighed softly, "My dear, when will you realize that when someone loves another person, they don't ever try to kill them? It's just to keep you calm."

Arya: "Well vervane can kill us, anyway you don't love me. You love my other side, my weaker side."

Daray: "I love you too. Just because I fell in love with the side you call weaker, first, doesn't mean I don't love you too. You just don't wish to see my love because you say as a Rose sister who works for The Great Ones you can't be married or be in love. Which, if you ask me, is a suckish job and makes for a crappy life. And I know vervane can kill you which is why I am not using a ton of it."

Arya: "Maybe to you it's suckish job and makes for a crappy life but I love my life and my job." She sighed but calmed herself. "May I please be let out of this thing? I won't do anything. I promise." Once a pureblood makes a promise they have to keep it.

Daray: "I understand. But I hope you also know that the side you call weaker...her and I sort of broke up The Great know that right? We killed some." he moved slowly to the buckles. Man, by now he could probably undo them and redo them with his eyes closed.

Arya: "I've heard but you didn't kill the Masters. That's all that really counts." She waited for him to get done with the buckles then threw the jacket across the room, away from her. She then leaned against the wall, still sitting on the floor thought. "So am I on house arrest now or was there a reason why you brought me back?"

Daray: "I brought you back because I would like to take you on a date." he sat back and shrugged slightly. "I think a woman of your stature needs to have a good time once in awhile, taking a break from your job. I know it must be hard for you when your other side gets all the attention."

Arya: She just rolled her eyes a little. "You don't know anything about me. So don't act like you do."

Daray: "I would like to get to know you. That's the plan. I just hope you don't mind it. What do you think?" he was asking her opinion on the whole thing.

Arya: "I think you're wasting your time. What makes you think that I would tell you anything about me that you don't already know?"

Daray: "It doesn't matter if I already know it. I just like to hear you talk. Or spend time with you. I could do all the talking if you wish even. But I think it's about time you got some attention so I am going to give it to you properly."

Arya: "You're wasting your time." She got up and sat on one of the window sills by the window and looked out the window.

Daray: "So you don't want to be here?" he got up, "Tell me what you want and I'll do it. Are you hungry? I know my wife said her throat was burning so I didn't know if that one cup quenched the thirst or not."

Arya: She rolled her eyes and continued to look out the window, trying to ignore the burning her throat and trying to ignore Daray as well.

Daray: he teleported both him and Arya to the kitchen, so now Arya was sitting in a chair by the window. He went to the fridge and got out some of the red liquid and poured it from the container into a cup and warmed the cup up in the microwave.

Arya: She looked at him weirdly then looked around the kitchen. Her eyes grew big when she realized she recognized this kitchen. "It can't be." She whispered. She got up and went into the living room then into her father's old office. She just stood in there.

Daray: he came in behind her with the cup of red liquid for her, taking sips from his own, "Here you go, love." he watched her looking at everything. "Everything okay?"

Arya: "This house isn't supposed to be here. It was burnt down long ago when I was very little. This can't's just not possible." She took the cup from Daray and was about to drink some of it but stopped, remembering was happened the last time.

Daray: "Don't worry, it's clean. Just red liquid. You promised me you would behave and so I believe you." he took another sip of his, "I can test if first if you'll believe me that way." he looked around the room again, "I don't remember anything about a fire." he walked into the office and sat in the chair by the desk.

Arya: "This use to be my mother's house but Master Aro said that it burnt down and she was in it when it burnt down." She took a drink of hers. "This use to be his office."

Daray: "Who's office? Your fathers or Master Aro's? I hate to say it but I think he lied to you. Your parents were alive up until I killed them a few months don't remember why, though, my wife does." he took a sip of his drink then set the glass on the wooden table. He didn't like thinking about it.

Arya: "It wasn't Master Aro' was his. The one that deserved to die, to be killed. I was so glad when I heard that he burned as well." She rubbed her arm and walked out of the office and sat in the living room. She took another drink.

Daray: he got up and grabbed his glass and followed her, taking a seat next to her. He set his glass on the end table by the couch, and then he put his arm around her and rubbed her arm lightly, "It's okay my dear." he said soothingly, "Everything is fine now. The only difference is that this house wasn't burnt down and now we live in it with our own family and will replace all the bad memories of old, with new, good ones."

Arya: She moved away from his touch and tensed. She wasn't use to having anyone else touch her like he did. "No, this is your family and you live in it." She said softly and a little cold.

Daray: he didn't move away, "It's our family." he corrected her. "I don't see why you and your other side can't learn to live together in peace."

Arya: She just rolled her eyes. "We can't live in together in peace because we are so different and it's yours and my other side's family. Not yours and mine. I never made love with you, she did." She got up and sat in one of the chairs.

Daray: he let his arm drop and then leaned to the side and laid on his back, lounging on the couch, "Do you sometimes wish you could be apart from her, and be your own person instead of living in her shadow?" he asked while looking at the ceiling.

Arya: She growled softly. "I'm in no one's shadow and yes I do wish that I could be apart from her. Then she could live her weak life and I can live my life." She looked away from Daray.

Daray: "But you do understand both of you are one in the same person, right?" he looked over at her.

Arya: "How?" She looked at him then looked away again.

Daray: "You both have the same parents; you share the same body, the same mind. And if you look at the wedding license, both of you are married to me. You have the same blood, the same fingerprints. And yes, Angelia is both of your daughter. You just don't remember being there for any of it. Like you were asleep as my wife was there. Which I don't think is fair to you and I can see why it would make you upset like you are."

Arya: "Who said I was upset?" She stood then walked into another room, trying to calm herself down before Daray would have to use vervane to calm her.

Daray: "The way you're acting." he teleported in front of her, watching her, "Arya, you know I love you. And all I want to do is help you. But what you need to realize is that you need the help."

Arya: "I don't need anyone's help." She said coldly. She was acting as if she was in Italy and talking in front of the Masters. She walked away from him again.

Daray: he teleported in front of her again, "When was the last time someone showed you just how much they loved you? I take you didn't get a lot of that in The Great Ones. All work and no play?"

Arya: "Don't insult The Great Ones in front of me." She growled, getting very irritated with Daray. "Love...emotions...only lead to weaknesses. I don't have any, that's why I'm able to lead The Great Ones army, not caring who lives and who dies. That's why Master Aro put me in charge of training the new comers. Show no mercy, no feeling, no emotions and don't fall in love. That was and still is my motto." She turned around, putting her back to him. "Oh and to answer your first question. I was never showed any love, not even when I was little and living here. So love doesn't exist to me." She walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge. She opened it looking for some more red liquid, when she found it she poured herself another glass and warmed it up. She leaned against the counter, waiting.

Daray: he couldn't get mad at her for growling at him. How could he be upset with her when he knew on the inside how much she was hurting? Suddenly, his arms were around Arya from behind as he sat on the counter behind her, his feet dangling on either side of her. He held her back against him and ran the tip of his nose over the skin of the back of her neck lightly, "Would you like me to show you how I love my wife?" he asked softly. If she said no, or if she tensed at all, he would know she didn't want it and he would stop. He wasn't about to force anything on her. He knew he may need to take this slow with her. He knew how tough she acted; and he also knew that underneath that tough facade, she was the wife that he knew and loved. He just needed to find it somewhere, and make Arya one again.

Arya: She growled and pulled away from him. She didn't know what he was trying to pull or what he was trying to do but she was determined to make sure it would fail. She put her hair down from the bun she had it in. Her hair looked longer than before. She leaned against the wall, watching him. The red liquid was almost ready.

Daray: he took in a breath and leaned back against the cupboards behind him, his hands on the counter. He had a small smile on his lips as he watched her, "I love your hair. I could see why you would be very good at getting men, woman, and children to come to you before you killed them. It was simple. me, with a woman like you? They thought they could have their way with you. But they didn't know what you were capable of. Woman want to be like you...someone as gorgeous as you. Children wanted to be mothered by you...yes." he nodded, his words truthful, "I could see it. But I hope you know that unlike those men who were so easily overcome by your beauty and charms...well, I know what you are capable of. And I will not do anything with you or to you unless you let me. It's all about what you want and what you will let me do. Though, I must admit, ever since that episode where you handcuffed me to the bed, I've been fantasizing things..." he smirked and then jumped off the counter. "But we will take it slow. In that way, you are not like my wife who has had all this time to know me. You, my dear...I need to treat like someone I just met. Which is why I believe the first date will be good for us. I have it all planned."

Arya: "And what make you think that I'd go anywhere with you?" She said sort of a mix of coldness and a little bit of hatred. She didn't want to go anywhere with him. So he was right about the humans coming to her easily, she didn't care. "Well, maybe your wife can fulfill your fantasies." She then went over and got the cup of red liquid she prepared for herself. She then walked out of the kitchen and went upstairs. She walked into her old room and looked through everything that was there, remembering certain things about her past. She came across a certain photo and sighed as she walked over to her bed with the picture in hand. She sat on the bed looking at the picture while taking a few drinks from her cup. "I wish we saw each other before we got separated. You told me to hunt that day and I didn't listen. Now I know." She whispered to herself as if she was talking to the person she was thinking of.

Daray: he teleported behind her and looked at the picture she was looking at.

Arya: She sighed. "Don't you know what personal space is?"

Daray: "I'm just wondering who it is you are longing for...who is it?" he motioned to the picture and sat on the edge of the bed, opposite side from her.

Arya: "What's it matter to you?" She stood and started to walk away from him.

Daray: "It matters to me because I love you Arya." he watched her, "And I want to help you. Is the picture of someone you love? Someone you miss?"

Arya: "I told you I don't need help from anyone!" She turned around and looked at him. "If you wanted to help me you would help me find Xavier."

Daray: "You just said you didn't want help. And you won't answer my questions about the picture so...until you do." he stood, "I will tell you nothing about Xavier...though I know who you're talking about and where he is if it is the same person my wife was talking about yesterday." Wow...yesterday seemed so long ago.

Arya: She growled, she was past the point of being irritated by him. She walked out of the room and down the stairs and out into the back yard. She was trying to get as far as possible from Daray.

Daray: he teleported in front of her and held his hands out to stop her, "Answer my questions and I will help you find him. Perhaps I was going about this the wrong way. I apologize. Maybe you and Arya, my wife, are just too different to be the same."

Arya: "No. I'll find him myself. You made it very clear that you wouldn't tell me anything." She walked around him. "I told you, by the way. That her and I are very different. You wouldn't listen." She stopped realizing something. "Where's my car?" She turned and looked at Daray

Daray: he teleported both him and Arya into a room in the house where only Daray knew where the hidden door was and there were no windows; no way out. "Answer my questions and I will tell you what you want to know. I've already told you this. I know of a way to help you, even better than what you think."

Arya: She sighed and looked away from him, not saying anything at first.

Daray: "If he is this important to you, I would like to help you. But I will not take you to him while you are in my wife's body. I want to make you separate...but you first have to answer my questions and show me that it will be worth separating the both of you. I understand what it's like for you to be in the dark all the time. It must be awful not being able to be your own person and live your own life. So because of that, I want to help make that a reality for you. But you have to answer my questions first and make me believe that what I am planning on doing will be for the better." he watched her carefully.

Arya: "This is my body." She corrected him. She sighed and looked down. "I met Xavier in The Great Ones. He helped me learn all the ways and rules of them. My motto that I have I stayed true to until this day." She held the picture up. "I fell in love with my best friend and him as well with me. We kept it from the Masters pretty well. They don't know, still till this day. Yes, he is someone I love, someone I miss. Dearly." She closed her eyes. "It's been over 200 years since the last time I've seen him. Every time I got the chance to be in control I would use it to try and find him. You don't know how bad it hurts to be away from the one you love for that long." She tensed, trying to keep herself from crying, from looking weak. She scoffed. "You don't know what it's like to be in the dark all the time. You don't have no idea." She looked at him then back to the ground.

Daray: "I wouldn't say that. Not even my wife knows about my life before her but I will ask you this...if this is your body, where is my wife's?" his voice was soft. He understood fully well what it was like to be away from the one you love...though it didn't matter if it was 200 years or 2 days, the pain was the same. To see them from a distance and know you couldn't be with them, that was even worse. But he wouldn't bring that up to Arya She didn't even want to hear about how his life was like hers in being in the dark. So he just said what he asked her and that was all. He watched her with concerned eyes.

Arya: "I don't know." She said truthfully, looking up at him.

Daray: "Then that is what we need to figure out before I do anything more with helping you find Xavier or in using the wish flower to separate you both. I'm sorry Arya, but the fact wife comes first and seeing as how you have pointed out to me you are not the same as her, then, well...what I do for you will come second. And I need to know...if you both share a name and parents...could you possibly be twins? Identical twins maybe...just somehow something happened and you are in the same body now? Not sure, but it seems a bit logical if you ask me. Maybe you both have the same body. Do you remember always sharing a body with my wife, or was this a recent development? And if of you has to have another name than Arya and I need to know what that is." it didn't matter to him what his wife looked like or what her name was. She would still be the same person with the same personality.

Arya: "I have been called something different when I was younger and I use to have a twin. I don't remember what happened to her though. My parents always got me confused with her though. It was very upsetting so I decided that I would go by Arya as well. My mother called me Athena. Once I started to answer to Arya, my name was forgotten, like I never existed to them. But certain things I didn't understand. Parts of my childhood are missing. I don't remember anything for the most part of it. I don't know what happened to her body, though for a fact." She felt like she said too much. "I'm sorry." She said softly. That was the first time she said that and meant it.

Daray: he nodded slowly, "Okay Miss Athena Rose, I am going to try and help you out here. Something happened to you and my wife, which I will try to fix. As of right now though, you two may have to share the same body in looks. But this is what I had in mind...when Arya sent me to get Shinichi; I met the Gregori's, whom Shinichi was staying with at the time. They had something there which Anthony called a wish flower. It's like a golden daisy. Anthony showed it to me when I asked about it...and he said the flower had the ability to grant three wishes. I think that perhaps if I get one of those flowers, we can wish for you and my wife to be before. Maybe we can even help get you to remember parts of your childhood...or find my wife's body."

Athena: She nodded. "Very well, but we do have some differences in looks. My hair is longer than hers and I always have red eyes. She has blue." She gasped a little. "Wait. I just remembered something. How do we get out of here?" She was looking around then glared at Daray a little. "You had to pick a place that had no doors and windows and where only you can get in and out of here, didn't you?" She became that Great Ones guard again.

Daray: "Like I said, you aren't seeing Xavier until we figure out where my wife's body is...among other things. This is just...weird. I was completely wrong and to you I apologize."

Athena: "This is dealing with your wife's body and/ or among other things. You don't listen to me." She crossed her arms and sat down on the floor, looking away from Daray. She didn't even say that she accepted his apology or not.

Daray: he sighed, "What do you mean? Stop acting like a child."

Athena: She smiled to herself inside. "Nothing, never mind."

Daray: "Well unless you talk to me and help me figure this out, I'll just leave you in here. I'm your only ticket out and since you're not my wife..." he shrugged slightly, "I don't have to make sure you're okay."

Athena: "That is true but you are forgetting something. You're wife is in my body as well." She looked at him. "Not to mention that your son is also with her. But if you want to leave me in here to die then I guess that's fine with me, I'm not the only person you're going to be putting to death." She laid her head back against the wall and closed her eyes.

Daray: "No my dear. I did not forget that. And I never said I was going to leave you to die. I just mean I don't have to be nice to you. No matter if I am attracted to your body or I understand you are not my wife. I just don't have to stay here with you. And...yes. Bringing up about my son...I am not sure how separating you two right now will be for the child, so you may have to wait until he is born for me to separate the both of you and for you to see Xavier. Of course, I don't have to do anything for you if you're being such a...witch."

Athena: She smiled when he said that she was being a witch. Before he knew it he was pinned against the wall by his neck, her face an inch away from his. "I know that you won't do anything for me but I know that you would for Arya. It's a shame that she has to deal with us. How you are attracted to me and how I won't hold back from doing things that can make her really upset." She whispered.

Daray: he was a little surprised at her sudden movement, but he didn't push her away, "Upset how?" he couldn't help how his eyes were turning red with desire or the way his body was reacting to her. His brain knew that it wasn't was Athena. It wasn't his wife now...but he couldn't help it. For over ten years he watched Arya in that body...he didn't think he could ever help it reacting to her. "Arya already told me I you. But...that was when she thought you were her..." He couldn't believe she never told him about her having a twin before. Did she know her split personality wasn't really herself? He didn't whisper...but he figured she was just to make him react to her more. Which it was working.

Athena: "By taking you away from her." She continued to whisper. "By making you mine and only mine." Her face was closer to his now, she smiled noticed his eyes changing to desire for her, to his reaction to her. "But did she tell you how I men into leaving and even falling in love with me in only a matter of seconds?" She was teasing him now, her lips were only a little less than a half an inch from his.

Daray: mustering up the strength he could, he teleported behind her and watched as she stumbled into a wall. "No. Did she tell you how I could just teleport away from you before you do?" he laughed, "Oh, you should have made me fall in love with you before you told me who you really were. I would have fallen for it then no doubt. Wait until I tell Xavier..."

Athena: She smiled and turned around. "Xavier knows how I am. He does the same thing." She leaned against the wall, smiling. "I kinda figured you would teleport away from me before I did. Maybe I didn't want to. Have you ever thought of that, but back to what I remembered earlier. If you get me out of here I can show you what I remember." She crossed her arms again.

Daray: "If I get you out of here I'm drugging you with vervane so you can't run away from me." he said simply. He was glad she didn't want to make him fall in love with her. He didn't want to fall in love with her. He was in love with Arya, not Athena. "Yea, I know about Xavier. Last I saw of him he was with a girl."

Athena: "Oh my god. You still don't believe me after I said that I wouldn't do anything after you took that stupid jacket off me.' She rolled her eyes. "Fine, whatever. Drug me with that stupid vervane. Why you're at it why don't you just hand cuff me and throw me in a cell and not let me have any red liquid for a few days?" She was being sarcastic now.

Daray: "The only reason why I don't believe you is because after that little stunt you just pulled with me, I can't trust you. I was going to, but you are just so bipolar. You go from being nice to me and chatting like a normal person to threatening me. So until you figure out how to be normal, yes...I don't believe anything you say." he vanished.

Athena: She growled and punched the wall, making a big hole.

Daray: he appeared back in the room with a warm cup of red liquid. "Here." he handed it to her.

Athena: She glared at him but willingly took the cup and drank it. She was so thirsty.

Daray: he grabbed her arm and teleported her with him back to his and Arya's house. He let go of her arm.

Athena: She groaned a little as she leaned against the wall. "Vervane." She whispered. She used the walls as something to help her stay balanced as she somewhat stumbled to her father's old office. She rested against one of the walls in the office.

Daray: he sighed and walked over to her to support her, putting her arm around his neck, "Don't complain. I fell in love with my wife in your body so I'm allowed to help support it when it's weak. Now...what is it you wanted to show me?"

Athena: "I need to get to the desk and I'm not complaining." She said coldly.

Daray: "You were going to." he walked over to the desk and sat her in the chair.

Athena: "Was not." She argued weakly. She then put her hand under then desk and the wall behind them opened. "This is what I was going to show you." She shivered a little and turned around in the chair. She got up with all her will that she had left and she went into the opening. "You coming or what?" She said kinda rude as she continued to us the wall as support.

Daray: he walked over to her and helped support her again. He looked around.

Athena: She led him down the hallway. She lit some candles without moving away from Daray. "There." She pointed over to a door and started towards it.

Daray: he walked over to the door with her, "And what's behind the door?" he tried the handle.

Athena: "This might be very disturbing to you and I warn you, not to spill any blood in here otherwise you'll have revenge raged Snyde's on the loose." She placed her hand on the door and closed her eyes. The door then opened and the light from the candles drifted into the room as Athena pushed the door the rest of the way open. "See if there is a small child looking body in there. If so, then we've found your wife's body." She said quietly as she sat on the floor and leaned against the doorframe.

Daray: "Spill blood in here?" he asked confused as he stepped inside, he looked around the place a little wary. "I thought you didn't know what happened to her body...and if it is in did it get in here? What is here?"

Athena: "I don't know what happened to her body.' She winced a little when she was trying to get comfortable. "He would always bring his work home; leave them down here if they didn't answer his questions. Torture them, and then eventually just leave them to die, more or less. If you spill blood in here you'll revive them and they'll go looking for the one that did this to them.' She closed her eyes, resting and trying to regain her strength."Here is a tomb, forever you will lay. I'll come back for you but not today. Tomorrow? The day after that? I'm not sure. Here is a tomb forever to lay. Never to be rescued, never to see light again." She quoted softly from a memory that wasn't hers.

There were bodies against the walls, chained. They looked shriveled up, almost decomposed but not quite. There were men and women in the room all chained to the wall.

Daray: "Maybe I should resurrect your father just to let these things attack him. He would deserve it. But what I don't get is why Arya's body would be down here...if they used her name then wasn't she the favorite? Why would they torture her and then she would join in your body?" just thinking about Arya's parents...her father...he clenched his fists as he looked for a little girl. He looked for something in resemblance to Angelia in a way. Maybe Arya as a child looked like that. "Arya doesn't remember because she was so traumatized by it? Why didn't you try to help her as her sister? Her twin?" he growled, "Why didn't Gabiral do anything?"

Athena: "Please don't resurrect him." She shivered."They thought that she was me." She spoke softly, distant. "Why did he do this to us? He was supposed to be there for us. He was supposed to protect us." She opened her eyes, one was red the other blue. "He betrayed us." She still spoke distantly. "Make the fire in my throat stop, please. Been in the dark for so long. Why?" Tears came to her eyes. "Arya, no. It wasn't supposed to be her. She was the one that was supposed to survive. They got us mix up. No. I survived because she died. Gabiral knew and he just stood there letting him take her here." She closed her eyes again. "Please, kill me. I don't want to live any longer." Tears falling from her eyes. "I wasn't supposed to survive."

Daray: "Athena, you are not going to die." He said softly, looking back at her, "Now where is my wife's body?" he couldn't believe all of this. It was too much. But the evidence was there, and he knew it was all truth. It hurt, knowing this had happened to his wife.

Athena: She opened her eyes, which was still one red and one blue. She pointed to a corner. "Over there." She just started over at the corner. "I remember him putting me there." Her voice was a mix of Arya's and her's.

Daray: he moved carefully over to a corner. The whole time he was in here he tried not to breath. It reeked of death and it was not something he wished to smell.

In the corner was a child's body curled in a small ball. It had a small dress on it, or what use to be a dress. It looked very fragile compared to the rest of the bodies.

Athena/Arya: Watched him. They didn't say anything.

Daray: he bent down slowly, trying so hard to be void of emotion but he was unable to. "Arya?" he whispered so quiet not even the ghosts of the past could hear his voice. He was glad the room was dark and there was only the candle's cast. But it made it worse. He imagined things...he reached his hand over to the small child's face and delicately brushed his hand over the cheek bone. He couldn't take it. So much was going through him right now and it happened all at once. Anger at their father for doing this...hatred at Gabiral for letting it happen. There was no way he could keep his family in this house any more. After was being burned to the ground and he would make sure that not even the ashes remained. He scooped up the child into his arms and held it softly, knowing it was fragile. He walked out of the room and out the door, down the hall. "Come." he told Athena as he walked by her. He couldn't talk anymore and he made sure to keep his eyes on the room ahead of him. When he got out, he walked right up to Arya's room and set her on her bed. He hoped Angelia was still sleeping and would not see this. He hoped Arya would wake up better in her own room...or maybe he should take her somewhere different all together...he wasn't sure. He just stood there and stared at her; his face had fallen to such a degree that he could jump at the slightest of movement or snap at the smallest of sounds.

Athena/Arya: They were right behind him but they were silent.

Arya's child body was similar to Angelia's when she was the age Arya was.

Athena/Arya: "We were five when this happened." They spoke softly. "It's a very painful way to die as well. That body is useless to us now. It's too small for us to survive." They walked over to Daray and lightly placed a hand on his shoulder.

Daray: he shrugged her hand off. He didn't want to hear about it. Not right now. He teleported away.

Athena: Her knees buckled from out from under her and she fell to the floor. She was breathing deeply and rapidly. Her eyes were once red and only red again. She looked up at the child body on the bed. "Arya." She said softly as tears came to her eyes. She was afraid to touch the body. She knew what she had to do. She looked around for Daray. "Daray?" She called out to him.

Daray: he did not answer her. He was not in the house or in the room anymore.

Athena: "I need your help for this to work." She got up and shut the door to the room, incase Angelia happened to wake up. She went back downstairs into that passageway again and started to go through things of her fathers. She remembers him having a book that he always carried around when there was a battle and he would go around to all the dead Snyde's and read from it.

Daray: he appeared back in the room and realized Athena was gone. He held the golden wish flower in his hand and just stared at Arya's child body. He wasn't sure what to do.

Athena: She found the book and smiled. She ran back upstairs she opened the door to the room then closed it. When she turned around she jumped a little. "Daray." She sighed a little. She walked over to where he was standing with the book. She didn't say anything to him, just looked at him.

Daray: "Athena," he spoke- his voice soft, it was far off from where he stood. He fingered the flower he held in his hand, "Tell me, if you could have anything in the world...what would it be?" his eyes were still on the bones of Arya's body.

Athena: "My sister to be alive, well, and happy." She said softly. "Please let me try this first. It has worked before. Daray, I can try to get her body, her original body, to be like it would be today and also get your son in her stomach as well." She kept her voice soft and gentle.

Daray: he wasn't listening, not now. He was in his own world..."You know what I would wish for? I would wish for your parents to have been loving to you, and kind. For them not to have ever tortured or attempted to rape...or succeeded in raping anyone. And I would wish for Gabiral to die."

Athena: She stepped in front of him, cutting his gaze on the child body. She hesitated before she placed a hand on the side of his face. She closed her eyes then opened them after a few minutes she opened them they weren't red anymore, but blue.

Arya: She leaned in close to him, being cautious. She then closed her eyes as she kissed him while leaving her hand on the side of his face.

Daray: a faint smile curled his lips and his eyes moved to Arya's face.

Arya: She kissed him passionately then pulled away enough to look him in the eyes. "Daray, my love..." She smiled as she stroked the side of his face softly. "Please, let the past of my parents die in this house. We can leave this place and never come back here. As for Gabiral, let him be. He has paid for what he did. I already took care of that. Let's start a new. A new house, new cars, everything new. We'll have each other; we'll have our children, our daughter and soon our son." She looked him in the eyes, pleading without words.

Daray: "I had the weirdest dream..." he said slowly. He glanced behind Arya at the bed.

Arya: She stopped him from glancing behind her. She turned him where his back is to the child body. "My love, please. Stay here. Don't distant yourself from me, please. I can't bare this as much as you can't. Just remember, I love you so much." She kissed him again.

Daray: he stopped her from kissing him and he looked at her again, "Where's Athena?"

Arya: "With me."

Daray: "Why didn't you tell me you had a twin?"

Arya: "I couldn't remember. If I knew I would have told you. I swear I would of, but you need to listen to me I don't have that much more time. Athena has our father's book. It has so much stuff in it that it could help us become separated, please let her try before you try the flower. Promise you will let her try."

Daray: "I'll let her try." he promised and leaned down and kissed her again. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him, pressing his face into her hair. "Arya I love you." he said softly.

Arya: She kissed him back. She smiled as she hugged him back. "I love you too, Daray." She softly said back. She closed her eyes and relaxed, smiling.

Athena: She gasped as her knees buckled out from under her again, falling to the floor.

Daray: he caught her before she could fall.

Athena: She took a few deep breathes, trying to steady herself. "Thank you, Daray." She looked at him when she thanked him.

Daray: "You're welcome." he said softly and once Athena was sturdy he let go of her and stepped back, "Please do what you had in mind."

Athena: She went over to the child body and sat on her knees as she opened the book and found what she needed, She read out of the book and as she did so the child body began to change. It didn't look like a child anymore when she was done reading the first one. It looked like a young woman, about Athena and Arya's age. She turned a few pages in the book and read what was needed to be read. The body changed again, it didn't look as fragile and decomposing like. It started to get color back into its lifeless body. She closed the book and set it aside. She then got up and placed her first two fingers on the temples and closed her eyes. She stayed like that for about twenty minutes. She looked even weaker then she was before after she was done. She looked up at Daray. "That's all that I can do. I gave her almost all her memories and some of mine. The rest is up to you." She said softly. "You and that flower." She lay beside Arya's body, waiting for Daray to do his part now.

Daray: he walked over to Athena and put his hand on her shoulder as he looked at Arya's body. There were tears on the rims of his eyes but he made sure they would never fall. He was afraid if it would change how they met, if he changed Arya's life...if he changed her parents. He didn't want to lose Arya...not again. Not after this. He kept his eyes on Arya's body as he held onto the wish flower, "I wish that my love Arya was alive and well inside her own body, at the age she is supposed to be today. And I wish that our child was with her, not Athena." he paused a long time before he realized what he needed to do. He handed the flower to Athena to make the final wish, one of her choice, and he sat on the edge of the bed and took Arya's hand in his, waiting for her to wake up.

Athena: Felt this relief but said nothing. She took the flower, looking at Daray. She whispered "Thank you." She got up and let them be alone, but she wasn't going to leave just yet.

Arya: She took a small breath then she started to breath normally. Her eyes fluttered opened and she looked around the room. She felt someone holding her hand. She looked down at her hand then up at Daray. At first it took her a minute to realize who he was then she smiled slightly. "Daray, my love." She whispered, her throat completely dry from her body being down in the tomb for all those years.

Daray: he smiled lovingly at her, sweetly...his eyes were misty but he just squeezed Arya's hand gently. He held out his free hand and a cup of red liquid from the kitchen appeared in it. He handed it to Arya. He couldn't take his eyes off of her right now. He did wonder what Athena was going to wish for...but wasn't sure if she was going to stay around to wish it or do it in secret. Right now he didn't really care all the much.

Arya: She took it willingly and eagerly and drank it all in two big drinks. She carefully sat up, using the wall as support for her to lean against. She smiled, she was happy that she had her own body but she didn't like the distance that was between her and Daray. She pulled her and Daray's hands closer to her. Trying to hint that she wanted the space closed.

Daray: he teleported the empty glass away and brought it back filled again, handing it to Arya as he moved closer to her on the bed.

Arya: She drank that all too, She wanted him closer even "You afraid of me now?" She said slowly, listening to her own voice.

Daray: "No." he said softly, "Never." he stroked her cheek with his thumb, a faint smile on his lips, "You're just a bit dusty from that tomb...perhaps we should take a shower together." he ran his thumb lightly over her lips. Her skin was almost it had never been used. And it was true that it hadn't...not since she was five. "Are you still thirsty my dear?"

Arya: She smiled when she felt his touch. Her eyes closed as he stroked her cheek. "Yes I'm still thirsty, but not for the red liquid." She said softly.

Daray: he leaned forward, closing the distance between them, and he kissed her lightly on the lips. Then he just enveloped her in his arms and held her against him with his hug, burying his face in her hair; letting his warm breath hit the skin on her neck as he breathed her in, and then let it out; over and over. He didn't want to let her go.

Arya: She kissed him back lightly. She hugged him back, her eyes closed as she felt his breath on her neck. If felt so good to be held by him, to feel him against her. She pulled back a little and kissed him passionately, entangling her fingers in his hair.

Daray: he returned her kiss for a moment before he leaned back and gently lowered her hands, "Hon I can't. Not yet. I promised you sister something first." he told her softly.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I understand."

Daray: he turned his head to look over to see if Athena was still there or not.

Athena was downstairs, thinking about Xavier. She still had the picture with her.

Daray: he kissed Arya's cheek again, "I'll be right back with Athena. If you want to take a shower without me you can...I guess. Hold on." he got up and left the room and went downstairs. "Athena." he said as he found her, "I believe I have a deal to uphold." he motioned her to him, "But to find out where Xavier is you'll have to ask Arya. She just told me he was going to be in town for a few days. She never told me exactly where he was. And-" he pulled out two tickets from his back pocket and held them to her, "They are reservations for a dinner and movie at a carousel. You and Xavier can use them. I owe you." he said kindly, waiting for her to take them before he led her upstairs back to Arya.

Arya: She nodded slightly but didn't move.

Athena: She looked up when he said her name. "I believe you do." She said as she got up and walked over to him. "How is she, by the way?" She sounded concerned for her sister. She took the tickets as she looked at him. She swallowed to keep her voice from betraying her. "Thank you, Daray." She kissed his cheek then put the tickets away in her own pocket.

Daray: "I believe she'll be fine. And it is thanks to you." he smiled slightly, "And you're welcome. That's where I was going to take you and I when I thought you were just another part of Arya but...seeing as how you're not, you can take your own boyfriend. That is, if he's into that sort of thing. If not, you can probable scalp the tickets for cash at the door." he winked and then walked back with her into the room where Arya was, "Babe, can you tell your sister where Xavier is? Seems that's her boyfriend and I promised to take her to him."

Arya: She smiled and nodded. "But first I owe her something."

Athena: "And what's that?"

Arya: "Come here and I'll show you."

Athena: She walked over to Arya and sat next to her.

Arya: She hugged her.

Athena: She hugged her back, smiling slightly. "I'm glad you are happy, Arya. Also that you are yourself again." She whispered then pulled away. Daray could see the difference between Arya and herself now. Arya's hair was shorter about four inches shorter and her eyes were bright blue compared to Athena's red eyes. She looked at Daray then back at Arya. "You have a good husband. I approve either way. He'll take good care of you and your children. Of course, you already know that." She laughed softly.

Arya: She laughed softly with her and smiled. "I know." She placed her two fingers on each side of Athena's temples and closed her eyes, showing her where Xavier was then pulled away.

Athena: She got very upset and very angry. "Thank you sister. I'll keep in touch." She kissed the top of her head and whispered "I love you." She then got up and walked over to Daray. "I thought I killed that little brat once. Daniel is going to die now." She spoke softly enough where only her and Daray could hear her words.

Daray: he smiled slightly, watching the two sisters. He followed Athena with his eyes as she came back over to him. "I'm afraid Daniel wished to kill you too for what you've done to his family. At least, he wanted to kill Arya. You have to be careful Athena. You look just like Arya and to Daniel, you not being her he will no longer be bound to not hurt you by his brother Shinichi's wishes. You won't hurt Shinichi, if anything happens. You hear me?"

Athena: "Well, I'm also stronger than him and Arya. He won't know what hit him. I hear you." She looked back at Arya, whom that was now just trying to fix her hair not really paying any attention to Daray and Athena. She then looked back at Daray. "Can we leave now?" She asked impatiently.

Daray: "Yes." he looked to Arya, "Bye my love." he looked to Athena, "Tell me where?"

Arya: "Bye, honey. See you soon."

Athena: "Daniel's home."

Daray: "Of course." he muttered and took a hold of Athena's upper arm and teleported them inside the cave home of Daniel. He let go of Athena's arm.

Athena: She went to look for Daniel. When she couldn't find him. "Daniel!" She yelled, she couldn't hold back the anger any longer.

The whole place was cleared out, including the tube where Xavier was held. Like they had left in a rush.

Athena: She growled then fell to her knees. Her eyes were closed, fighting the urge to cry.

Daray: "Why would he run off-" he stopped and clenched his teeth, "He's the one who started this whole thing today, isn't he? The stupid boy couldn't stand up to face the consequences. By the way Athena, I'll help you kill him. He deserves it after what he did to my wife." no one should see his wife naked but him.

Athena: She looked at him; pure hatred for Daniel could be seen in them. Her eyes were a bright fire red. "Yes, he is the one who started this all. He is a wimp, a coward." The more she thought about him, the more of the hatred and anger built up which made her eyes an ever brighter red each time. She stood, her anger and hatred made her stronger and more powerful than she was just on red liquid.

Daray: "We can try to find him." he hoped Xavier was still alive. For Athena's sake.

Athena: "I get to kill him." She stated. "You can do what you wish to him but I get to kill him." That's all she said, she pulled out the flower that he gave her earlier. She then looked at him.

Daray: he nodded, "Sounds good to me." he watched her, "You still haven't used it yet?"

Athena: "I had nothing to wish for at the time. But if I have to I'll use the last wish to find Daniel."

Daray: he nodded slowly, "That would be good. I just hope, for you, that Xavier is alright and we find him in time."

Athena: She unwillingly growled at Daray. "He's not dead."

Daray: "You're right. He's not." he said quickly to soothe her.

Athena: "Let's get going then." She held the flower out. "I wish that Daray and myself would be exactly where Daniel has moved to." She looked at Daray after she said it.

Daray: watched as the golden flower in Athena's hands faded in color and then wilted before it was just a normal, dead flower. Then, suddenly, the surroundings around Athena and Daray changed and Athena was kneeling on grass by a large waterfall that fell over a cliff and into a small lake. There was smoke that could be seen puffing up into the sky from the top of the cliff.

Athena: "There." She pointed. "That must be where he's at." She smiled to herself.

Daray: he took a hold of Athena's upper arm again and teleported them to the top of the cliff.

There was a small log cabin surrounded by a few trees. The light from the inside filtered out of the window and the smoke was coming from the chimney.

Athena: She started towards the cabin.

Daray: he followed her.

Athena: She stood outside the door. "Daniel!" She yelled, hatred and anger could clearly be heard in her voice.

Daniel: "I don't come when a woman calls. You come when I call." Daniel replied. "I thought I'd be rid of you." his voice was loud and all around her.

Athena: She wasn't in the mood for his games. "Well you thought wrong." She yelled out into the air.

Daniel: "Seems I'll need to do something more drastic next time." his voice echoed again. "I see you brought your husband this time. You need him to protect you. How sweet." he chuckled sinisterly.

Athena: "There won't be a next time after I'm finished with you." She looked around. "I don't need him here to protect me. I can protect myself." She growled. "You have something that I want."

Daniel: "Do I now? Too bad."

Athena: "Coward." She yelled. "Too afraid to show yourself. You always were a one. That's why you weren't there that day I killed your father. That's why you play these stupid games. You're nothing but a coward and you always will be." She hid a smile.

Daniel: he appeared in front of her and growled, "I am NOT!" he yelled at her. "You'll see who'll be laughing when I get the upper hand."

Athena: She was behind him instantly and hade him pinned against the side of the cabin. "Yes, let's see who will be laughing in the end." She twisted his arm behind his back so fast and hard that it could almost break.

Daray: walked past her and opened up the cabin door, "Shinichi?" he looked inside at the place. It was small. There were two bedrooms and one bathroom and a kitchen with a small eating table and two chairs and small living room. There was also a locked door with about five locks on it.

Daniel: his jaw shifted and his teeth elongated and grew sharp, "You'll be sorry Arya. I don't think Shinichi will care if I hurt you out of self defense." he pushed off the cabin wall with his other hand and thrust his leg back to kick her hard before jumping up and spinning around to fix his arm and threw a punch in her face.

Athena: She dodged the kick and caught his fist before it hit her and twisted it. "I'm a lot stronger and faster than the last time we've met, Daniel."

Daray: "Shinichi?" he called again, "Here little boy." he called him like a puppy.

Daniel: he teleported behind her and held a knife to her throat, "Good to know."

Shinichi: He came out of one of the bedrooms while rubbing his eyes. He then yawned. "Yes?" He sounded like he was still half sleep.

Athena: She smiled and closed her eyes. She focused on Daniels brain and as she did this she used her power to make it feel like it was on fire from the inside.

Daray: "Good. Hey, want to go visit Arya for tonight?"

Daniel: he cried out and dropped the knife as he held his head between his hands, trying to make it go away.

Shinichi: he looked up, "Daray?"

Athena: She turned around, still using her power. "You didn't know I could do that. Did you?" She smiled as she watched Daniel in such pain. She picked up the knife and knelt in front of him and whispered. "This is for my sister that you embarrassed not too long ago." She then stabbed him in the stomach then stood up, with the knife still in her hand. She increased the pain he felt.

Daniel: "Sister?" he said through clenched teeth. He stared at Arya, blood seeping through his teeth. "You're not Arya." his voice was strained and as he spoke, it dripped down over his lip, down his jaw and over his skin, dribbling down his chin. His eyes flashed red and all at once, he vanished. The knife was still in Athena's hand, dripping with the blood from Daniel.

Daray: "Hi." he smiled slightly, "Feel like seeing Arya?" he repeated.

Athena: "Coward." She laughed softly as she wrapped the knife up and put it in her pocket then waited for Daray outside the door.

Shinichi: he smiled and nodded. "I would love to see her again!" He was all excited now.

Daniel: appeared behind Shinichi and grabbed him by the hair, "See what your idea of letting Arya live did to me? You're killing your brother." he vanished again, this time with Shinichi.

Daray: "Shinichi!" he tried to stop him but Daniel moved to fast. So he tried to reverse the teleport but Daniel had it blocked.

Athena: She ran in after Daray yelled a kid's name. "What happened?" She looked around.

Shinichi: He winced in pain when was grabbed by the hair.

Daray: he turned to face Athena, "Daniel is gone and he took Shinichi." Arya was going to kill him.

Athena: "Daniel's not going to get far. I have his blood and he knows I'm not Arya now. So he doesn't know what I can do." She took the knife out of her pocket and showed Daray the blood on the knife and what she wrapped it in.

Daray: "And what can you do with his blood?"

Athena: She gathered things that she needed. A bowl of water, a candle, and Daniel's blood. She smiled. "This." She placed the cloth that had some of his blood on it in the flame of the candle. "First he will feel like his blood is on fire that run through his veins." She then took the rest of the blood off of the knife with another cloth but left a small amount on it. She placed the knife in the water, letting the blood mix in the water. She closed her eyes and mumbled words under breath. Daniel's teleport was reversed.

Daniel: he was bleeding something terrible. His hand held his stomach as he waited for it to heal enough to stop bleeding. He dropped to the floor on his knees, "Make it stop." he coughed out, his voice weak.

Shinichi appeared knocked out on the floor beside Daniel. Daray ran to him and teleported Shinichi to Arya, 'Incoming visitor.' he told Arya mentally.

Arya: 'Okay, my love.' He heard her gasp.

Athena: "I'll heal your stomach but the rest will remain." She said as she got up and walked over to him. Before she did anything she took handcuffs that she used on Daray and placed them on Daniel. She put his hands behind his back. She then healed his stomach and placed him in a chair. She looked at Daray. "He's all yours but remember what I said earlier." She walked back over to where the candle still burned with Daniels blood still on the cloth. She added a few small pieces of the other cloth to the flame.

Daray: 'Would you hate me if I avenged you?' he asked Arya. He watched Athena, "What's the other cloth for?"

Daniel: he tried to teleport away again.

Arya: 'No, I wouldn't.'

Athena: "To keep him in constant pain. When we aren't inflicting any on him." She answered Daray. "It's no use to try to teleport away. Those handcuffs won't let you." She told Daniel without even looking up at him.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "How slow can we make this? We can starve him out, every day breaking a bone and then one more per day, re-breaking the bones we broke the day before until one day he's just broken enough to...strip him down and hang him in the middle of town." he spoke to Athena but was looking at Daniel.

Daniel: "Please don't." he begged, closing his eyes.

Athena: "Tell us why we shouldn't." She looked at him. She was smiling though.

Daniel: "I have to stay alive for my brother." he said quietly.

Athena: "But yet you were willingly going to kill my sister that saved your brother and your sister from death. You don't truly remember who killed your father, do you? Should I refresh your memory?" She stood but didn't move from where she stood. She didn't know if Daray wanted to do or say anything.

Daray: he was at a conflict, "It is Shinichi's only family." he said softly, "But he has to pay somehow. I will not have a threat to my wife be loose."

Daniel: "Then just let me finish...Xavier off and...I'll leave Arya alone. I promise."

Athena: What Daniel said threw her over the edge. She used the same power before where Daniel's brain felt like it was on fire, this time she let the full force of her power on him, not holding back. She glared at him.

Daray: "Athena..." he cautioned, "Perhaps you should just walk away and...go check behind that locked door for Xavier..." he pointed behind him, "'K?"

Daniel: he couldn't help it now. He screamed and tried to hold his head again but his arms were handcuffed behind him so he just struggled and squirmed and pretty much did everything else he could to try and get away.

Athena: She broke her glare from Daniel which then she stopped using her power. She looked at Daray and nodded. She walked over to the door and broke each lock easily. She opened the door.

Xavier was strapped to a hard steel table in the room. Parts of his skin had been ripped off with what looked like...shark teeth. His clothing was torn too and there was blood everywhere around him. He was barely breathing. It had been a long time since he'd eaten; Daniel did not feed him since he got him.

Daniel: "Athena..." he whispered as his body collapsed, thankful that the pain had lessened. He committed the name to memory.

Daray: "What shall we do with you?" he wondered, looking at Daniel.

Athena: "Xavier!" She ran over to him. "Oh my gosh. She bit herself and placed it at his mouth. "My love, drink. Please." She whispered.

Xavier: He took the red liquid willingly, drinking deeply.

Athena: While she let Xavier drink she healed most of the wounds that were deadly. The other minor ones would heal on their own. She unstrapped him and helped him up.

Xavier: He drank more as he got stronger. Soon he was able to pull away. "I know that taste." He whispered and looked up. "Athena." He hugged her. "I missed you so much. I mistook Arya for you. I'm so sorry."

Athena: "It's okay. We're together now. That's all that matters now." She hugged him back. "I missed you too." She then helped Xavier up and out of that room. She looked up at Daray. "Do you think that you can teleport him back to the house? I can treat these wounds better back there than here."

Daray: "Not my house. He'll hurt my wife. And what are we going to do with him?" he pointed to Daniel.

Xavier: "I won't hurt her. I swear, she is a friend of mine." He looked up at Daray.

Athena: "I want to talk to him. Alone." She said softly.

Daray: he sighed and grabbed Xavier's arm, "You better." he said sternly and teleported back to his house with him. "Arya! Another visitor!"

Athena: She went over to Daniel and knelt in front of him.

Daniel: "Hello Athena." he said, his voice still strained. He leaned forward and tried to bite her with his many sharp teeth, snapping like a shark.

Athena: "You don't learn, do you Daniel?" She glared at him a little, the pain in his brain returned. "Yes, I'm not Arya. Arya is my twin sister. She wasn't the one that killed your father it was me. If you remember, the person had red eyes not blue. I want to make you a deal, only between you and me."

Daniel: he sat back against the chair and all he could do was focus on the pain in his head. He didn't answer her.

Athena: She stopped. "Well?"

Daniel: "I will never make any deal with you unless it involves you dying."

Athena: She rolled her eyes. "Now you're being unreasonable."

Daniel: he said nothing more.

Athena: "You know it's easy for me to leave you here the way you are and let you starve. Not being able to teleport and all. Hm." She stood and walked over the lit candle. She took the remaining cloth that had Daniel's blood on it and just held it right above the flame.

Daniel: "I don't want to die." he swallowed.

Athena: She looked back at him. "You should feel grateful that you've lived this long." She placed a small amount of the cloth in the fire that had his blood on it then watched him.

Daniel: he shut his eyes tight and grimaced again as the pain escalated inside him. He was having a hard time breathing.

Athena: She blew the candle out then looked at him. "You ready to listen and learn something?"

Daniel: "I'll learn nothing from you." he said through gritted teeth.

Daray: 'Should I come back now?' he asked Athena.

Athena: 'Not yet. I'll tell you when.' She walked over to him and knelt in front of him again.

Daniel: he glared at her.

Athena: "You know I could easily kill you right now but I'm not going to. I can stay here for another hour and do so much to you." She sighed, bored.

Daniel: "Let me go." he snapped. "I'm sick of seeing your face."

Athena: "No because I know that if I let you go that you will come after myself and Xavier." She glared at him a little but she didn't use her power. "You know what your problem is? You don't know how to forgive people." She stood and went to the door. "You just chose your fate."

Daniel: "NO PLEASE! Come back! What's your deal?"

Athena: She smiled to herself then turned around. "Why should I tell you now? You're sick of seeing my face."

Daniel: "I just don't want to die and I want to get this over with." he said coldly.

Athena: She stood there looking like she was thinking about it.

Daniel: he watched her, his eyes hard.

Athena: She then walked over to him and knelt down to where they were eye to eye level.

Daniel: "Just talk already!" he growled. "I have things to do. Being here with you is not one of them."

Athena: "Calm yourself and I will."

Daniel: "I can't calm myself in your presence! All I can think about is ripping you apart." he snapped at her again.

Athena: She stood. "Then you're not worth my time." She walked over to the door again and opened it. She then walked out of the house.

Daniel: he sighed and sat back and closed his eyes breathing deeply. He wished Shinichi was here. At least he could keep calm when Shinichi was around.

Athena: 'Daray you can come and get me now. I have something to ask of you when you get here though.' She stood outside the house, not far from the door though.

Daray: he appeared in front of her, "What? Is he dead?"

Athena: "Not yet he isn't. I was going to see if you could bring me back here in a week. Maybe he'll be calm enough for me to talk to him and for him to actually listen. Will do that for me please? I'll owe again. Letting Xavier stay at the house until I returned and, if you do this for me, will make it twice."

Daray: "So he'll be without food and water for a week?" he smiled slightly, "I like it. Sure." he teleported Athena and him back to the house.

Athena: "Thank you." She said to him when they got back to the house. "Where's Xavier?" She looked around.

Arya: She was in the kitchen, getting something to drink.

Angelia and Shinichi where playing nicely together.

Daray: "In the living room resting." he pointed and walked over to Arya, "Do you have everything packed up that you want to save?"

Athena: She went into the living room.

Arya: "Almost. Just a few more things then we can go." She smiled at him. "It feels so weird being in my own body again. It's something I'm going to have to get use to again." She sighed a little then went back to making something to eat for Angelia and Shinichi.

Daray: "Is there anyone else I need before we burn the place?" he thought back to that room and hid a shudder.

Arya: "I don't know. I would have to go down there and see if there was anyone else that I knew, like really knew that happened to be down there." She called Angelia and Shinichi into the kitchen after setting the plates on the table. She then turned to Daray and smiled slightly.

Daray: "I don't think I would like you going back down there." he shook his head with a grimace. "Your father was disgusting. I swear, some people just waste oxygen on earth and he was one of them."

Arya: "I know he was." She shuddered. "But you did ask and I'm not sure if there is or not." She placed a hand on his cheek. "I'll be okay. If I think that I can't handle it I'll tell you and we will leave. Okay?" She looked in his eyes.

Daray: "Athena said something about making sure not to bleed in there. So...don't. Okay?"

Arya: "I know what she said because I said it with her. Something happened down there that she and I were both in control and speaking as one. I don't know but it was very weird."

Daray: "Well...that is weird." he shrugged slightly, "So is the fact that you lived in her body for all these years. So I can't really say it's shocking. I'm used to weird by now."

Arya: She smiled and laughed softly. She hugged him, laying her head on his chest. "Now I don't have to share you with anyone except for our children." She whispered as she smiled again.

Daray: "I'm still grossed out about one thing..." he said slowly as he hugged her back, resting his chin on top of her head lightly.

Arya: "And what's that, love?"

Daray: "'s not really appropriate to say in front of children." he glanced at Shinichi and Angelia as they ate, "So I'll have to tell you later." he whispered to her.

Arya: 'You could tell me like this. Mentally.' She smiled slightly.

Daray: "Aye I could..." he smiled slightly and continued in her mind, 'First of all, since that was really Athena's body but I fell in love with you and I thought it was you...still...I made love to Athena's body. Which means Angelia is really...Athena's daughter. Which is...gross...'

Arya: She looked at Angelia and frowned a little. 'You're right.' She watched Angelia and sighed.

Daray: he gently put his finger to her cheek and turned her to look back at his face, 'But here's the thing.' he said softly, his eyes watching her softly, 'Your body was found at age five. It grew now to look how it should at this age. With a wish flower we put our son in your body, which means when he is born he will be yours and mine real first child.' he paused and took a breath, 'But the thing is...unless you've had sex at age five or younger, you're going to give birth to our son, as a virgin.'

Arya: 'Well there is one way can change that of me being a virgin.' She looked at him then smiled slightly then back at Angelia and sighed. 'We're gonna have to tell Athena bout Angelia being your and her daughter.' She sounded sad.

Daray: he leaned down and kissed her lightly, "Yea, I know." he looked over at Angelia. "Well, better now than later." he left the kitchen and walked into the living room.

Arya: She kissed him back slightly but didn't follow right away.

Athena: She was sitting with Xavier whom was lying on the couch, asleep.

Daray: "Athena, there's a technicality I need to point out to you." he pulled the foot rest over to sit in front of the couch. He whispered so as not to wake Xavier. "You know that for awhile Arya and I were married...married people do...the things married people do...then we find out while I thought it was really Arya I was married to- which in mind it body it wasn't...are you following?"

Athena: She turned to him. "Yes."

Daray: "You and I have a daughter."

Athena: "What?" She quickly stood.

Xavier: He stayed asleep.

Daray: he stood slowly, "Technically Angelia is your daughter...not Arya's. Since Arya and I slept together while she was in your body."

Athena: "No." She was freaking out. "What am I going to do? What am I got to tell Xavier? I can't have a child." She was freaking out even more now.

Daray: "Calm down woman you'll wake him." he huffed and took her by the arm and pulled her out of the living room and into the hallway, "Now, if only you had that wish left on the flower we could have fixed this."

Athena; "Why didn't you tell me when I had it?" She sat on one of the stairs, her head in her hands. "What am I going to do with a child? My and Xavier's life is too dangerous for a child." She gasped and looked up at Daray. "Can't you and Arya raise her? I mean, like Arya is my identical twin sister so we have the same DNA. So there is no real proof that she is mine. She can be mine or Arya's. Right? Does that make any sense at all?"

Daray: "I wasn't going to give Angelia up!" he sighed and knelt in front of her, "Listen, just because she's technically your child does not mean you are her mother. Understand that? Yes, it makes sense to me. You gave birth to her but think of yourself like a surrogate mother. Arya is her real mom." though she's a virgin.

Athena: She nodded and sighed. She calmed down a little more.

Daray: "I just thought I'd like to point that out to you though. I didn't mean to freak you out. And I didn't think I needed to tell you when you had it because you're not her mom. Arya is. Got it? So you don't have to tell Xavier anything."

Athena: She nodded again. "Arya's her mom. Got it, not me." She sighed slightly. "It's fine." She stood and went back into the living room.

Daray: he sighed and went back into the kitchen.

Arya: She was hugging Angelia. "I love you so much, baby girl."

Angelia: She was hugging her back. "I love you too Mommy." She looked up and seen Daray. "Daddy come join the hug with mommy and I."

Daray: he held back a laugh and went over and wrapped his arms around both his girls and kissed Angelia's temple, "Happy?" he looked at Arya and kissed her temple too. 'I told Athena and she's cool about it and understands. Since you both are identical twins with same DNA, she's still your daughter.' he told Arya mentally.

Arya: "So much you don't even know." She whispered

Angelia; She smiled.

Arya: 'Oh, thank god.' Tears came to her eyes.

Daray: he smiled slightly. He felt SO much better; like a giant weight off his shoulders. "You better finish your food kiddo." he set Angelia down and went to the freezer, "You guys want dessert?" he took out an ice cream box that was just regular human ice cream, leaving the other ice cream in there. He set it on the counter and faced them, "So, Shinichi, are you cool with staying here for a few weeks instead of with your brother Daniel?"

Angelia: She went over to the table and finished her food. "YEA!" She was all excited.

Shinichi: He got excited too. "Yeah I'd like to stay here and visit with you and Arya."

Daray: "Good because I think Daniel is busy for a week." he turned around and got some bowls and spoons out and then started to get them ice cream. "You want some Arya?"

Arya: "No, thank you." She sat on the counter and drank the red liquid she got for herself.

Daray: he put the spoon in the sink and then put the ice cream container away and then gave the bowls to Shinichi and Angelia before getting himself some red liquid and leaning against the counter by Arya.

Angelia and Shinichi: They started to eat the ice cream they were given.

Arya: Smiled while she watched the children eat. She crossed her legs as she sat on the counter.

Daray: he waited and watched Arya as he sipped his drink.

Arya: She didn't notice Daray watching her.

Daray: "Did you get your shower yet?"

Arya: "No, not yet." She sighed slightly. "I haven't had time to yet. I guess I do now, huh?" She jumped of the counter and headed upstairs.

Daray: "I guess so..." he set his glass on the counter and followed her.

Arya: She was already in the bathroom with the water started and her clothes set out. She just started to get undressed.

Daray: he stood in the doorway, "Hey, you know we never had a baby shower for Angelia. And I was thinking, since this is really our first child together with you as yourself, we should have one." he glanced over her as he spoke.

Arya: She jumped, startled a little. She turned around and smiled. "That's a good idea." She agreed as she continued to get undressed.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Did I scare you? I could leave..."

Arya: "No you just startled me. That's all." She looked him. "If you want to leave, but if you are can you help me get this unbuttoned?" She lifted her hair up.

Daray: "Sure thing..." he stepped over to her and unbuttoned the button and as he undid her buttons, he kissed gently down her back until he was done and stepped back. "There."

Arya: "Why'd you stop?" She asked softly.

Daray: "You just asked me to unbutton your clothes...why?" he stepped forward and put his arms around her and slid her clothes off of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, "You want me to stay?" he kissed her exposed skin.

Arya: She nodded yes as she closed her eyes. There were faint scares on her back that looked like were made from the vervane plant its self. "Please stay." She whispered.

Daray: "I will." he leaned back and smoothed his hand over her skin lightly and he looked a bit upset. Her father did it, he guessed. He leaned down and kissed each of her scars lightly all over. He wasn't going to bring it up now, and thought maybe he never would. He didn't want to have Arya living memories of the past that would bring her emotional pain. He lifted Arya up and over the edge of the bathtub and set her inside, letting the water from the shower head hit her skin. He stepped back and made sure the door was shut and locked. Then he started to get undressed.

Arya: She closed her eyes, liking the feel of the water hit her skin. It felt really good. She looked over and watched Daray get undressed.

Daray: he had a smirk like smile on his face as he saw Arya watching him, "What?" he had already pulled off his shirt and was now unbuckling his jeans and letting them drop. He kicked them aside and then removed his underwear.

Arya: "Nothing." She smiled as she continued to watch him.

Daray: he got a mischievous glint in his eyes and before Arya could get a good look at him he teleported in front of her and pinned her back against the shower wall, each of his hands on either side of her body to block her in. He nuzzled her neck and nipped at it softly as he worked his way down, letting the water run over them both.

Arya: She gasped slightly then closed her eyes, letting him do as he wished. She just wanted to feel his touch on her skin. She just wanted him.

Daray: "You know, I get a theme song in my head every time I see you." he said between nips. He poked his tongue out and licked her skin and then dragged it across her neck lightly. "You taste very good." Even better than when she was in Athena's body. Which, at the time he thought it was Arya so he thought that taste was as good as it could get. But this was better. This was more...her. He could feel himself swelling at just the thought of her. Of actually her.

Arya: "And what's the theme song?" She whispered then moaned lightly as he dragged his tongue out and licked her skin. "I'm glad you think so after I've been down there for so long." She whispered again. She then bit her lip, worried she ruined the mood for him.

Daray: he kissed up her neck this time and over her jaw and leaned back seeing her biting her lip, but only for a second before he leaned back in and ran his tongue over her skin by her mouth and then nipped at her lips, "Hun...hun don't bite your lip you'll ruin your perfect skin." he said softly. He wasn't going to let anything ruin the mood for him right now so he just let her comment slide right in one ear and out the other. He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "Ever heard the song Oh My Gosh by Usher?" he pulled her earlobe into his mouth and suckled on it a bit, tugging slightly. He moved his hands off of the shower wall and held Arya by her upper arms.

Arya: "Yes, I've heard it." She whispered back. Her breathing has picked up and she swallowed slightly. For some odd reason she was nervous.

Daray: "That's what I think of every time I see you." he blew gently over her skin and leaned back, "This will be different. When we have sex this time I'm going to have gentle. Or try to. I don't want it to hurt you more than it has to. Since it's your first time with this body. With your body." he told her softly. "If you're not ready for it right now we can deflower you later." he gave her a small smile. "But personally I think you being wet and in the shower will help just a little."

Arya: She shivered slightly and nodded. She looked at him and smiled slightly. "I want this, now." She told him softly. She leaned in and kissed him passionately and wantingly.

Daray: he cupped her face at each cheek with his hands and kissed her just as rough. He pressed up against her, making out with Arya; his wife. Complete and whole as she was now...his heart swelled with joy and longing and so much love. Yea, he wanted this now too.


Arya: She smiled and looked up at him. She kissed him softly then passionately.

Daray: he grabbed her wrists and turned around to press her back against the shower wall so he was straddling her again from the front. He kissed down her neck aggressively, "You're so mean..."

Arya: She smiled. "I can be when need to be. Also I can be when it comes to thinks like this." She closed her eyes and moans.

Daray: "You want mean? I can be mean too." he pointed out.

Arya: "No. I'm sorry. I just thought..." She sighed. "Never mind. I'm sorry." She looked down.

Daray: he leaned back from her throat and looked at her, "What's wrong?" he asked softly. "You don't want me to? I won't..." he said softly. "I just thought you wouldn't mind since we were both...being aggressive." but if it was going to scare her he wouldn't do it, and it seemed it was going to scare her.

Arya: "Nothing's wrong." She lied smoothly. "I didn't mean to make you upset, love. I mean, I thought you would enjoy that." She looked away from him, speaking softly she added "You told Athena that you liked the aggressiveness and you've had fantasies ever since she handcuffed you to the bed."

Daray: "I do. I'm not upset." He said softly. He sighed and stepped back. He had said a stupid thing. It ruined the moment.

Arya: she looked at the water as it hit their skin. She was quiet for a moment before she stepped around Daray.

Daray: "Where are you going?"

Arya: "I'm done with my shower." She said softly. She stepped out of the tub and grabbed a towel, drying off her skin and hair before wrapping the towel around her as she stepped out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

Daray: "Arya..." he said with a sigh. He leaned his head back against the wall of the shower after she left. He felt awful now. Him and his stupid mouth.

Arya: she went and got dressed, setting the towel down on the bed. After she fixed her hair, she finished packing the things Daray and her needed to take with them on their move into a new house. She hated it, knowing the things she knew of her past, now that her and Athena were separated. The memories were not pleasant. She sighed, and after setting the things that were packed, down by the door, she found the entrance to the attic and snuck up there. She had gone there as a child, to escape from her step father and to think, without anyone disturbing her. She knew she had hurt Daray. It wasn't Daray's fault. It was the fact that she had these memories now. They did nothing to help her. She didn't know if she could take it. What Daray had said in the shower brought back the memories about her step father. Horrid memories. She sat down by the window in the attic and looked outside, her warm breath steaming the glass as she sat so close. She looked out at the trees, at the sky. She heard the shatter of glass from the floor below her. She didn't know what it was. She didn't know what to do. What should she do? She finally spotted the two cars in the driveway. What if she got help to forget? She would be like she used to be...the memories would not be there to haunt her. Arya stood and walked down the ladder and back to the top floor. She shut the door to the attic and went back to the bedroom, grabbing a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote Daray a note, explaining to him what she wanted to do. No, what she needed to do. She folded it and set it on the pillow. He was still in the shower, or else he was somewhere in the house. She hoped to be gone before he saw the note. Grabbing her jacket and her purse, she left the room and went outside, getting in her car and starting it up.

Daray: he came out of the shower, drying off with a towel. He growled, slamming his fist into the mirror above the sink. Glass shattered around him, clattering to the sink and floor. He looked down at his bloody knuckles and turned on the sink water, running water over his skin, picking out the shards of glass embedded from the punch.

There was a knock on the bathroom door.

Daray: "Yes?" he said softly, though by his voice could be heard the pain and anger. How he was angry at himself.

Athena: "Daray, it's Athena. Is everything okay?"

Daray: "No, it's not."

Athena: "What was that sound?"

Daray: "Me. I punched the mirror."

Athena: "Why in the world would you do that?"

Daray: "None of your business! Go away!" he snapped.

Athena: she was quiet a moment and then, without saying another word, she turned and walked away.

Daray: he could hear her as she retreated. As soon as the steps faded, he shut off the water, taking a breath. He wrapped the towel around him. As soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, he opened his mouth, "Arya?" he wanted to talk to her. He wanted to fix things. Even if Arya knew it wasn't his fault for what had happened, he still felt guilty somehow, and he wanted to make Arya feel better. But he didn't see her in the room. He sighed heavily and threw the towel down next to the one he saw on the bed, which must have been Arya's. He quickly pulled on his underwear and jeans and grabbed a shirt, tugging it on. He needed air. He needed to think. He teleported outside and took a walk, out in the woods. With the cool night air around him he took a breath. What had he done? He felt so awful. He stopped walking and looked back. Seeing the car, and though he even thought it was impossible, his face fell even more. He teleported in front of the car and held his hands out, "Arya! Please don't go! I'm so sorry!"

Arya: "Daray, please. I need to do this." she was on the verge of tears. "Please. It's the only way. Please. I thought you would understand. I explained everything in the note. I thought you wouldn't object to it." she was crying now and she put the car in park and just sat there crying, leaning her head on the steering wheel.

Daray: "You can't drive when you are crying. You will get into a crash. I don't want you to hurt yourself."

Arya: "I'll be fine. Just let me go please." she sniffled while wiping tears away.

Daray: "You'll be back, won't you?" he asked softly.

Arya: she looked at him, "You didn't read my note. Did you?"

Daray: "I haven't been in the house. I haven't gotten a chance. Where is it?"

Arya: "On our bed. Or what's left of it."

Daray: "What do you mean 'what's left of it'? Aren't you coming back?" he felt horrible. Was she leaving him? "Arya please don't go! I'm sorry for whatever I said or did to make you want to leave. Stay with me!" he begged of her. He stepped towards the car.

Arya: she placed a hand on his cheek to comfort him, "Shhh, love. It's okay. What I meant was that I sort of got mad at myself and upset at myself for what happened in the bathroom and I sort of tore it up. Anyway, take care of Angelia for me. I'm going to fix this." she pulled his face to hers and kissed him softly and passionately. But as she did this she put the car in drive. When they broke, she whispered, "I love you, Daray." she then took off into town. He wouldn't be able to teleport inside her car either.

Daray: "Arya!" he called after her, "I'm your husband! You should be able to talk to me about this and instead you are running away from me!"

Arya: she sighed but continued into town. "I'm sorry Daray but I can't let my past ruin my present and future. I have to do this." she spoke to herself.

Daray: he kicked the dirt and growled before walking back to the house and inside, slamming the door behind him. He stomped up the stairs and into the room and grabbed the stupid note off of the bed and read it, resisting the urge to crumple it up. He wondered if she told him where she was going.

The note read:

Dear Daray,

I've went to town. I'll be back in a few hours. I just finished packing the rest of the stuff that needed packed. I've went to a friend of mine which can help with my past memories that I have. I know that I'll forever have the scars on my back from my freaking father and that they'll always remind me how things were in the past. But what happened today in the bathroom between us. I feel horrible about. I love you with all my heart and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I hurt you like I did today, again. Take care of Angelia until I get back. Love with all my heart.

~Forever Yours,

Daray: he growled. No, she didn't tell him where she was going. He crumpled up the note and tossed it into the trash bin. A friend of hers? A friend could help her but he couldn't? She felt horrible about what happened in the bathroom? That was just great. What was wrong with him? He pressed a hand to his forehead. He needed to get a grip. Taking a breath he ran downstairs, "Angelia! Shinichi! Get all of your things! We are evacuating this house now and if it's not out, I am just going to burn this house down with everything inside!"

Angelia: "Mommy got all our things together already. They're in the car outside." she told him softly. She didn't want to anger him anymore then he was.

Daray: "Good. Then go outside to the car. Now." he pointed them in the direction of the door.

Angelia and Shinichi: did what they were told.

Daray: he really didn't want to see Athena right now or even think of her. This was HER fault. But she needed to get out of the house with Xavier. "Athena and Xavier! Get out of the house now!" he yelled.

Athena and Xavier: were already gone. Athena thought it was best for her and Xavier to leave now until it was time to go back to speak to Daniel.

There was no answer.

Angelia: "Aunt Athena and Uncle Xavier already left Daddy!" she yelled from outside by the car. She watched him.

Daray: when he didn't hear anything he pulled out a lighter and lit a cloth and let it catch fire to other things around the house before he tossed the lighter aside. He walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him so hard that the glass in the panes shattered. He got in the car and after making sure Angelia and Shinichi were inside, he just drove.

Angelia: she bit her lip a little. When she did this she looked like Arya. She didn't know if she should ask him where they were going or not. So she just stayed quiet.

Daray: he just gripped the steering wheel tightly and kept his eyes on the road. "If Arya doesn't want to tell me where she's going, she doesn't need to know where I'm going." he muttered to himself, upset. He pressed down on the gas pedal.

Angelia: She looked down. 'Did mommy leave us? Is she ever going to come back? Why did she leave us?' So many like that went through her head. Tears came to her eyes as she curled in a ball in the back seat.

Daray: he glanced in the mirror, "Angelia is your seat belt on?" he looked at Shinichi too.

Angelia: "Yes." She said softly through silent tears

Shinichi: He nodded.

Daray: "Angelia why are you crying? Are you crying? Please don't cry. I can't take anymore crying."

Angelia: She couldn't help it. She continued to cry. She didn't want to cry, it just happened.

Daray: "Angelia why are you crying!"

Angelia: She cried more now. She never got yelled at before by Daray. She got scared so she teleported to where ever Arya was.

Daray: he slammed on the breaks the moment Angelia disappeared and he put the car in park and turned around to look in the back seat. His heart had pretty much lurched to his throat. He could feel it beating. "Oh god. Oh no." he looked at Shinichi and then he opened up the car door and stepped out of the car, leaving the keys in the ignition so it made the annoying sound. "ANGELIA!" he yelled.

Shinichi: He just sat in the car, not knowing what to do.

Angelia: She appeared by Arya and hugged her tightly, crying still.

Arya: "Angelia? Baby girl, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Angelia: "Daddy got mad and burned down the house. You weren't there and I got upset and started crying then daddy yelled at me for crying."

Arya: talk to daddy. Come on, we'll go now." She sighed. She thought that what she had to do could wait for another day. She took Angelia out to her car and helped her buckle up. She wiped away the rest of her tears then got into the driver's seat and drove to where Daray was.

Daray: his grip on the door frame grew tight so much that it smashed the metal frame. He got back in the car and slammed the door, but it wouldn't shut because the stupid metal was smashed. He growled and got out of the car again. Who needed a stupid car door anyways! He tore it off the frame and tossed it off the side of the road and into the bushes. He got back into the car and put it in drive and took off again. He needed to find a hotel close by where he could set up for the night and then spend it looking for Angelia. He shouldn't have yelled at her, but she shouldn't have over reacted and vanished. Or maybe he was over reacting. Maybe they both were? Did it matter? Did he care? He couldn't think straight. He pulled into a lot and parked the car and shut it off. He got out of the car again.

Arya: She passed the house and saw the marks from Daray's car. She followed them until she got to the same lot Daray was in. She pulled in right beside the car on the passenger's side. She looked back at Angelia. "You stay in here, baby girl."

Angelia: "Okay. mommy." She said softly.

Arya: She got out of the car then shut the door. She looked at Daray but she leaned against the car. She knew how Snydes were when they were mad so she gave him space.

Daray: he looked over at the car pulling in but didn't care to look well enough to see who it was. He just went inside the building and got the stupid hotel room for him and Shinichi. A thought went through his mind of poor Shinichi. Perhaps staying with Daniel was better than this. He paid for the room and took the keys and went back out to the car and then he spotted Arya leaning against his car. He just stopped walking for a second before he approached slowly.

Arya: She was looking at the ground. She didn't look up when Daray approached her. She did tense though out of reaction because of her father. "I heard that if I didn't want to tell you where I was going, I didn't need to know where you were going." She spoke softly and looked up at him now.

Daray: "So what? You go to Daniels by yourself instead of reminding me. You're get this whole thing started and then when I help you, I'm the one who gets blamed for it and you are suddenly scared of me and run away. If you HAD kept your promise and only went with me when I went, none of this would have happened and we would still be HAPPILY married. It's just now, AFTER ALL OF THIS that you suddenly- yea, just like now. Tense up when I'm near." he stopped when he got to the car door, "Come on Shinichi I got our rooms." he motioned him out.

Arya: "So you would rather me be still in Athena's body." She closed her eyes. "You want to know what I think? I think you fell in love with her, not me." She turned and started to walk back over to her own car. "I'm sorry I'm not her." She whispered as she opened her door to her car.

Daray: he growled and teleported in front of her and slammed his hand on her car door before she got a chance to open it, keeping it shut, "Don't you DARE think that. I love you more than anything. And as of right now, I have more pressure to deal with because OUR daughter is missing. So EXCUSE me for seeming a bit irrational to you. But you have NO IDEA what I went through, or what I am going through right now."

Arya: She tensed again and looked straight at Daray. She getting tired of this nonsense."She's not missing. She's in my car and that is where she is going to stay until you can calm yourself where nothing is going to happen where she is going to get hurt. Now I don't care if you hurt me because I've been through it so many times I'm use to it. Also, if you love me as much as you say you do, you would trust me. I'm sorry for going off on my own to Daniel's but if I didn't would I be standing here in my own body trying to reason with you? No, I wouldn't. I'm sorry for what I've put you through and what my sister put you through." She pushed is hand off her car and opened her car door and got in. "Call my cell phone as soon as you are calm enough where I can reason with you." She said before she shut her door and started her car. She put it in drive and started to pull away.

Daray: "I would never hurt you or Angelia, no matter how upset I am." he said with gritted teeth, "I'm sorry you think otherwise." he opened up the passenger door on his car and looked inside, "Shinichi, are you coming? Or do you too feel safer with Arya?" Sure. Why doesn't his whole family just leave him? That's fine and peachy. He leaned back and watched Arya pull out of the drive.

Arya: She stopped at the end of the driveway, even though she was clear to pull out she just sat there. She placed her head on the steering wheel and closed her eyes. He didn't understand what she's been through. When she was in Athena's body none of the memories she had now were there. These were her own memories, memories of what her father did to her. What he did to her when she had to stay down in that tomb. She could feel the pain she felt then, now. The pain in her back, her scars felt like they were just put there. The scar she had on the palm of her right hand, and the ones from the vervane rope on her wrists. She closed her eyes tightly, wishing the pain would just go away. Remembering her past was very painful. She couldn't remember anything good from her childhood that only lasted five years. She placed one of her hands over her heart; it felt like it was literally breaking.

Shinichi: He got out and went with Daray.

Daray: he watched Arya as she sat there. He wished she would just talk to him. But of course, she was afraid of men so that meant him too. She wouldn't talk to him. She'd run off and tell a friend about it. He sighed and grabbed some things out of the trunk before locking the car. He put his hand on Shinichi's back and guided him up the stairs to the door for their hotel room and used the key to get inside. He shut the door behind them.

Angelia: "Mommy? You okay?" She sounded worried and when Arya didn't answer her she unbuckled and got out of the car. She shut the door then teleported into the room that Daray and Shinichi were in. "Something's wrong with Mommy, Daddy. " She was on the verge of crying but she remembered what happened earlier and held back her tears.

Daray: "Call her friend." he said sourly and walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Angelia: A few tears slipped past her guard. She then teleported away but she didn't go back to Arya or to a friend of Arya's. She teleported somewhere to be alone, for at the moment that's how she truly felt. She was going to lose her mother and she felt her father didn't care about her anymore.

Daray: he brushed his teeth and then came back out into the room and sat down on the bed. Sleep? He couldn't sleep. What was it Arya always said? Snydes didn't sleep. But then that reminded him of how Arya always slept, like all the time. She was so cute when she slept. He could watch her sleep all the time, and he was glad that she did sleep. He smiled slightly but then cleared it just a fast. He didn't think about it. "You dressed for bed Shinichi?" he asked. "I'm going to shut off the light."

Shinichi: "Yeah." He was in the bed and already laying down with his eyes closed.

Daray: he shut off the light and then sat with his back against the headboard.

Shinichi: He fell asleep instantly.

Arya: She shut off the car. She just stayed where she was at. She couldn't move or drive at the moment.

Daray: he sat there, not moving. He focused on something in the wall and just stared at it.