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Daray and Arya

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Killing Me Softly With His Love...

-Book Two

"Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping, waiting, and though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us, guides us. Passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we can live without passion, maybe we'd know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we'd be truly dead."


Daray: he figured Arya had probably spilled half her guts out to whoever her friend was. She should be done talking by now, but she wasn't going to come back to him. Why would she? Maybe she was right. Maybe he did get upset and act foolishly. He got up and roused Shinichi and took him down to the car and put him in. He would continue driving to his old house now.

Arya: Her car was still where it was the day/night before. She hadn't moved. She was asleep but barely breathing for the pain she was feeling was taking her breath away. Her breathing was shallow, barely noticeable if someone wasn't looking for it. She lay across the front seats. Angelia wasn't with her.

Daray: he didn't notice her car until he was driving out and saw it still parked in the driveway. He put his car in park and got out, that annoying sound going off all the time now because he ripped the door off. That was just stupid of him. He walked over to the driver side and tapped on her window.

Arya: She didn't move but the door was unlocked. She was awake now from the tapping but she didn't move for if she moved the pain would overwhelm her. 'The door is unlocked.' She told him mentally.

Daray: he opened the door, "Arya are you okay?" he asked softly, then glanced in the back seat, "Where's Angelia?" he looked around from where he stood.

Arya: 'You wouldn't care if I was or not. Also I don't know where Angelia is.' She spoke to him mentally, not daring to speak out loud.

Daray: he sighed. What was with Angelia running away? Must be a phase. He knelt down beside the car, "I don't appreciate you thinking that either. But, I guess I should have known. You think your friend cares more anyways. Why aren't you with him?"

Arya: 'First off it's a her and SHE was going to help me control my memories from my horrible past. The memories I didn't have while I was in Athena's body.' Her body shook slightly and while this happened she closed her eyes tightly.

Daray: he couldn't help it. He put his hand on her in an effort to help her to stop shaking. "Arya, I'm sorry if you're...hurting. Please let me help you. If you don't want my help after I acted last night, I understand. Tell me where you friend is and I will take you to her." He said softly. His anger had died the night before. He couldn't stand that he was scaring his wife away to the point where she didn't want him around. Even their daughter. He hated himself for it.

Arya: 'I don't want to be alone anymore. I want you to be there with me. Please, unless you can make this pain stop. My scars burn like it's happening all over again. I can't move without the pain overwhelming my whole body. I can barely breathe. Please, just make it stop Daray.' Tears filled her eyes as her body shook even more than before.

Daray: "I'll take you to your friend. Where is she?" she could help Arya faster and better than he could. No matter how he wished to help her. Arya's friend could do it faster and better and he knew it. And right now this was all about Arya.

Arya: 'In town. Her house is the first one on the left.' Even her mental voice sounded like she was in pain.

Daray: "Arya I'm going to have to touch you to take you there. Is that okay?"

Arya: 'Yes.'

Daray: he leaned back so that he was away from the car as he stood. Touching Arya's body with one hand he teleported her to his arms and then he teleported with her and Shinichi to town.

Arya: her body was overwhelmed by pain as she laid her head against his shoulder. Tears came down her cheeks from the pain. This couldn't be good for their child. She closed her eyes and tried to protect her child by concentrating on him. She focused on putting a protective shield around him.

Daray: he walked towards the house Arya had described, but he didn't look down. He couldn't bear to see Arya crying anymore. "Come on Shinichi." He said to him as he walked.

Shinichi: he nodded and followed Daray.

Daray: he walked up the steps to the door of the first house on the left. Because his hands were occupied holding Arya, he kicked on the door with his foot, "Hello! Someone answer!" he stroked Arya's arm as he held her but he didn't look down at her. He could hear that she was crying and he didn't think he could take seeing it. Someone better answer this door and fast or else he'd make someone answer it for him.

Racqual: She opened the door. "What do you..." She trailed off when she saw Arya. "Come in. Bring her this way. Little one please close the door when you come in." She opened the door all the way and took Daray into the living room where he could place her on the couch. After she showed him to the living room she went into the back room. Daray could hear her moving things

Shinichi: He did as he was asked and followed Daray.

Daray: he set Arya down on the couch gently and then just stayed kneeling besides the couch but he didn't touch her. He could feel that it hurt, him touching her. And he didn't want Arya to hurt. All he could think of was how stupid he was. He kept his eyes on the doorway, waiting for her friend to return.

Racqual: She came out with a few things and set them down. She looked at Daray. "Did she recently have any contact with vervane?"

Daray: "No." she didn't. He had used it on Athena. "Only her sister."

Racqual: "And so it has been done." She whispered then turned and went back into the room.

Arya: "Daray." She whispered softly.

Daray: he stood, "What's been done?" he said almost frantically. When he heard Arya whisper he knelt back down and then resisted the urge to take her hand. He didn't look at her, "Yes?"

Arya: Even though it hurt, she touched the side of his face. "I'm sorry. For everything." She continued to whisper

Daray: he leaned away from her touch, "Please don't touch me or talk. It hurts you more." he sat out of her reach. He kept his eyes on the door for her friend.

Arya: Hurt came to her eyes but she shut them quickly. She just laid there. What's going too happened to her and Daray after this? What was going to happen to their family? She felt like she was going to cry but she held back from doing so.

Racqual: She came out with a needle and some more things.

Daray: he wasn't looking at Arya so he didn't see her hurt. But if he did, it would mirror his own. He stood when her friend came back in. "What do you mean it's been done?" he asked her.

Racqual: She mixed some of the things together. "I knew this day would come. I just didn't figure that it would be so soon. The day that Arya was reborn, her memories would make her go through what she went through at the age she died. Then she would live her life as Athena did. This came sooner than I thought, something must have triggered it." She didn't look up at Daray when she spoke. "Of course, I knew that I would be caught off guard when this day came but I saw Gabiral carrying her. Not you." Once all the things were mixed he put it into the needle and went over to Arya. She knelt by her and whispered something in her ear then put the needle into her main artery.

Arya: She gasped after everything that was in the needle was in her blood system. She grabbed a hold of the couch tightly and clenched her teeth together.

Daray: "So you saw this coming? It's her memories that are causing her pain? Will she be okay once the flood of memories dies away?"

Racqual: "Yes I saw this coming and yes her memories are causing her pain." She looked up at Daray now. "You didn't know that about purebloods, did you?" She was asking about the memories actually causing physical pain. "She will be okay after the mixture I made gets all the way through her blood system and body."

Daray: "Will the mixture ever wear off?" he glanced at Arya but then looked quickly away, "No I didn't know that. I haven't been around them long."

Racqual: "After it gets through her blood system it will. But, she won't be in pain anymore. She'll still have the memories but the pain will no longer affect her. Just like vervane doesn't affect her sister." She gathered the things she got out and went back into the room with them.

Daray: "What do you mean vervane doesn't affect her sister? I've used it on her and it has." he followed her.

Racqual: "Was that after Arya was in her own body or before?"

Daray: "Before."

Racqual: "That's why. Arya can be hurt and weakened by vervane, Athena cannot." She put things away. The room was filled with scientific experiments, chemicals, etc. She turned around and looked at him. "So you are Arya's husband, Daray, right? I'm Racqual."

Daray: "Yes. I am her husband. It's nice to meet you." he would shake her hand but de wasn't in the mood to make contact with people right now. "Thank you for helping her."

Racqual: "You're welcome." She wasn't that big on shaking hands so she smiled slightly when he didn't try to shake hers.

Arya: She felt horrible; the pain was too much for her to try to keep in. She screamed out in pain, just like when she was little.

Shinichi: He was sitting in a corner, curled in a ball, listening to Arya's screams. Just like he did with Xavier's when he was with Daniel.

Daray: he flinched and shut his eyes. He wished he could help her. He wished he could be like those other Snydes who had the cool abilities to take away another's pain. But no, all he had was teleporting.

Racqual:"Excuse me for a moment." She grabbed something from a shelf and went out to Arya. Daray could hear her talking to Arya but not loud enough where he could make out what she was saying. The screaming had stopped by the time she came back into the room.

Daray: "What did you do?"

Racqual: "Gave her something to bite down on. It helps with the pain."

Daray: "Is there anything I can do?"

Racqual: "She wants you to be out there with her, to help her through this but she figures that you don't want to be anywhere near her now."

Daray: "That's not true. But I can't be around her without wanting to hold her hand or stroke her cheek or something to calm her. And touching her hurts her. She doesn't want me to touch her. It's better if I stay away." he looked sad.

Racqual: "I don't understand. She needs you the most right now and you're going to leave her alone? Daray, she WANTS you out there with her."

Daray: he bit his cheek and then just walked out of the room and back into the room with Arya and sat on the ground by the couch where Arya laid.

Arya: Her eyes were closed tightly, her jaw locked in place with the thing that Racqual gave her in her mouth. One hand clenched the side of the couch where Daray sat.

Daray: with a glance at her he saw how much pain she was in. He couldn't bring himself to hold her hand. He saw how much pain he put her in carrying her in the room and putting her on the couch. He didn't want to make it worse. He looked away, conflicted inside.

Arya: 'Daray?' Her eyes were open now and looking at him.

Daray: he looked over at her, "Hi Arya." he said softly.

Arya: 'I'm so sorry Daray.'

Daray: "Honey please. We can talk about this when you aren't in pain."

Arya: She placed a hand on his cheek softly, it didn't hurt as much anymore then she remembered earlier and took her hand back. She remembered him moving away from her. She kept her hands to herself now. She looked away a little.

Daray: "I'm sorry. I don't mean to hurt you." he moved back out of her reach.

Arya: 'I remembered what happened the last time I did that. You did the same thing you did now...' She sounded sad, not in as much pain. 'I won't do that again. I'm sorry.'

Daray: "Yes, of course I did the same thing I did now. I know how much it hurts you to touch me, so I won't have you touching me."

Arya: She closed her eyes to hold back tears. He didn't know how much that, that wasn't true. She wanted to be held by him, to be in his arms. For him to kiss her, love her. A few tears slipped past. "If only you knew." She whispered softly.

Daray: "I only know as much as you tell me and what I see. What I saw earlier today was you running away from me. What I saw just an hour ago was you crying being in so much pain as you were in my arms. I can put two and two together."

Arya: 'I was trying to run from my past. Not you. I was crying while I was in your arms because of the pain I was feeling from my freaking memories. Daray, I love you. I love you with all my heart.' She looked at him. 'Do you still love me like before or have I lost you forever?'

Daray: "Honey you can try to lose me but you never will. Please, stop worrying yourself. You'll be in more pain and I can't have myself causing you anymore pain. Just get better. We can talk later." he said softly.

Arya: 'The longer we stay apart I'll still be in pain. The pain I felt before is starting to ease off.'

Daray: "We aren't apart my dear. I'm right here. That's good that it's wearing off. Racqual said it would."

Arya: 'Yes we are. If I can't touch you then we are apart. Racqual is always right.'

Daray: he sighed and moved towards her as he crawled along the floor and sat closer to the couch again. He took her hand lightly in his. Very lightly.

Arya: She held his hand in hers. She felt a little better then she was. Having Daray next to her made her feel everything was going to be okay. That this will be over soon. She closed her eyes softly.

Daray: he sat there for as long as she needed him to. He watched her, and he started to hum the tune of their wedding song, hoping it would coax her to relax more.

Arya: She smiled slightly and relaxed a little more than she was. Soon she was relaxed but had a little bit of tension in her blood.

Daray: he went back to staring at the floor. His thoughts turned for a second to Angelia, and he wondered where she was exactly.

Angelia: She was back at her old home. It was done burning. She sat in one of the trees.

Racqual: She came out of the back room and took what she gave Arya out of her mouth then helped her slowly sit up onto the couch.

Daray: he let go of Arya's hand when she was moved.

Arya: She sat on the couch and she smiled when she took a breath. It didn't hurt. "May I have something to drink, Racqual?"

Racqual: "Of course." She went into the kitchen.

Arya: Looked at Daray and patted the spot beside her on the couch lightly.

Daray: he got up slowly and sat down beside her, careful not to move the couch too much as he did.

Arya: When he sat beside her, she laid her head on his shoulder and smiled.

Daray: "You're feeling better now? You can talk." he noticed.

Arya: "A lot better than I was." She looked up at him. "Is this a better time where I can say I'm sorry?" She spoke softly.

Daray: "You've said that about three times now. You have no reason to say it."

Arya: She didn't want to argue with him. "Hold me? Please?" She asked in a whisper.

Daray: "Will it hurt you?"

Arya: "I don't think so."

Daray: he wrapped his arms around her and held her against him. When she didn't flinch or try to pull away, he tucked her head beneath his chin and kept her against him. He sighed lightly.

Arya: She closed her eyes as she smiled. She didn't hurt anymore, she felt safer. She relaxed the rest of the way in his arms.

Angelia: She teleported back into Arya's car and fell asleep in the back seat

Daray: "I have to find Angelia." he said softly after a moment. "You said you don't know where she is and I am worried about her." now that he had time to think about her. His mind wasn't so overwhelmed with his worries about his wife.

Arya: She nodded "Do you mind if I stay here for a bit? To catch up with Racqual?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "I don't mind what you do." he said.

Arya: "I thought I'd ask since the last time didn't go very well." She said softly.

Daray: "I don't know what was with me the last time." he let go of her. "It was just a lot of things at once."

Arya: "Okay. Do you mind bringing me back a pair of clean clothes? I'm sure Racqual will let me change here. My clothes are in my car since they wouldn't fit in yours."

Daray: "Sure." he got up, "I'll go there first I guess."

Arya: "Thank you, love."

Daray: he blew her a kiss and then teleported back to the hotel and he realized his car was still on so he went over and shut it off, taking out the keys and putting them in his pocket. Then he went over to Arya's car and opened the front door to pop the trunk.

Angelia: She groaned when the light inside the car came on. "Five more minutes." She mumbled softly, still asleep.

Daray: he looked back in the backseat, "Angelia!" he sat down on the front seat of the car, and took a breath, "Found you."

Angelia: She moved slightly but didn't wake.

Daray: "Don't move." he went to the bags in the back of the car and got Arya's bag. Now that he knew where Racqual's house was he just teleported Arya's bag there and then he left back to the hotel and teleported the rest of the things, plus the two cars, to his house and let them sit in the driveway. Then he went back outside to the car and opened the back door and picked up Angelia and teleported back to Racqual's. "Found Angelia." he told them.

Arya: She sighed in relief. "Good."

Daray: "Are you going to stay here the night? If so I can take Shinichi and Angelia home, which is my place. Our place now."

Arya: "No, that's alright. I rather go home."

Daray: "You don't want to catch up with Racqual anymore?"

Arya: "She's busy. I can visit her some other day."

Daray: "Alright. Well..." he nodded to Racqual, "Thank you again."

Racqual: "No problem."

Daray: he held Angelia in one arm and held his other hand out to Arya.

Arya: She took it after picking Shinichi up. She smiled at Daray.

Daray: he teleported them back to his house and then walked into a spare room and put Angelia to bed.

Arya: She followed him after putting Shinichi down and showing him where he was going to sleep.

Daray: he went outside and got the bags and brought them into the house, setting Angelia's in her room and Shinichi's in his room. Then he took his and Arya's bags to their room and set them on the floor.

Arya: She leaned against the wall, watching Daray, smiling.

Daray: he looked around his room and then picked up the bags and put them on the bed and started to put the things away.

Arya: She walked over to him and stopped him for a moment. She pulled his face to hers and she kissed him softly but deeply. She then started to help put things away, smiling.

Daray: he kissed her in return but when she walked off he just went back to putting things away too. When his suitcase was empty he closed it and slid it under the bed. He sat down on the bed, glad for a moment that he was home again and away from that heck hole with all the memories of pain.

Arya: She left a pair of clothes out then went to bathroom. She started the water for a bath, she needed to relax more letting her muscles relax and loose the tension that was still in them.

Daray: he didn't follow her this time, thinking about what happened last time. He thought it best if he stayed away. He pulled off his shoes and lay back on the bed.

Arya: She got undressed and got into the bath. She stayed there for about an hour then got out, dried off and got dressed again. She climbed onto the bed and lay beside him, laying her head on his chest.

Daray: he was half asleep. He opened his eyes feeling her climb onto the bed and laid her head on his chest and then he put his arm around Arya and closed his eyes again.

Arya: She closed her eyes as well. She was relaxed and glad she and Daray wasn't fighting anymore.

Daray: he fell asleep after that, tired out from not sleeping the night before. Tired out from fighting. Tired out from being stupid. Tired out from worrying about Arya. Tired out from worrying about Angelia. And just plain tired of everything going on. He slept soundly, and he slept in the next morning.


Arya: She was up, putting things away the next morning. Getting everything all put in its place. It felt good to be back here. She loved it here, she always has. She finished with Angelia's room and the spare room. She also got her and Daray's room all done. Of course she did their room quietly, making sure not to wake him. She was now starting on the nursery.

Daray: when he finally woke up it was around two in the afternoon. He got up and took a shower and then got dressed for the day. He needed to have a chat with Angelia.

Angelia: she was playing with Shinichi.

Daray: "Angelia can I have a quick chat with you in private?" he motioned her over to him.

Angelia: "Sure." She said softly as she walked over to him.

Daray: he led her up to his office and shut the door behind them. He needed to figure out how to start...

Angelia: she stood there watching him. Trying to figure out what they were going to chat about.

Daray: he leaned against his desk, crossing his arms as he watched her. "So, you can teleport like me..."

Angelia: she nodded, looking at him.

Daray: "Can you tell me the definition of teleporting, Angelia?"

Angelia: "The transfer of matter, whether person or thing, from one point to another, more or less instantly."

Daray: "Very good. Now, can you tell me the definition of running away?"

Angelia: "The act of leaving without permission from the place you are expected to be." She looked down. She knew where this was going.

Daray: "Do you see the difference between the two?"

Angelia: "Yes." She spoke softly.

Daray: "Now, last night...which of those two do you think you did?"

Angelia: "I did both." She admitted.

Daray: "From your mother's point of view maybe. To me, it was running away both times."

Angelia: "Both times?" she looked up at him. The first time she teleported to where her mother was at, that wasn't actually running way. She was still with one of her parents. The second time she did run away. She'll admit that.

Daray: "Both times." He confirmed. "I didn't know where you were either time, Angelia." He watched her, "Do you know how worried you made me?"

Angelia: she looked down, "I'm sorry. The second time it felt like you didn't care or love me anymore and I thought I was going to lose mommy." She whispered.

Daray: "I know how you reacted was in response to my actions. I'm very sorry Angelia. That's why I wanted to talk to you. To apologize."

Angelia: she looked at him. HE was apologizing to HER? It should be the other way around.

Daray: "I just want you to promise that you won't teleport anywhere unless you ask your mother or me first, so that we know where you are and don't worry. Next time you run off, you will be grounded. Okay?"

Angelia: she nodded.

Daray: "Alright come here." He motioned her over to him.

Angelia: she walked over to him.

Daray: he hugged her and kissed the top of her head, "I love you Angelia. Sorry for yelling at you. I was upset. It was wrong of me." he told her, and then released the hug. "Now go have fun with Shinichi."

Angelia: She hugged him back then did what she was told but before she left she looked back at Daray and smiled. She shut the door behind her.

Daray: he stayed leaned against his desk. Well, that was taken care of.

Arya: She sat in the kitchen at the table. A cup of red liquid in front of her, untouched.

Daray: he left his office and came downstairs into the kitchen to get some lunch. He was hungry now that he thought about it.

Arya: She watched him, not saying anything.

Daray: "How are you today love?" he said as he got himself something to eat.

Arya: "Ok. I finished unpacking everything. It's all put away and that." She spoke softly, looking at her cup now. She moved it slightly every few minutes.

Daray: "You should have woke me and I would have helped." he put the red liquid in the microwave to warm it up.

Arya: "You were tired. I could tell by the way you slept through the kids coming in and screaming and carrying on this morning. They woke me for sure." She placed her cup in the fridge then leaned against the counter.

Daray: he watched her, "You didn't touch your drink. Not hungry?" he guessed.

Arya: She shrugged a little then nodded. "I guess that the mixture from yesterday hasn't fully worn off yet."

Daray: "Oh. Alright." when the microwave dinged he opened it and took out his cup and closed the door. He took a drink.

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: "Not exactly sure where your sister and brother in law went."

Arya: "They're at Xavier's hotel." She said softly then looked up at him.

Daray: he nodded, "Well, I will need to get a hold of her to apologize to her too. I think I scared her off."

Arya: "How?"

Daray: "Not sure. But I was acting really...stupid. Which is the best way I can describe it."

Arya: "What did you do?"

Daray: "I was yelling a lot. And I burnt down the house rather quickly...I didn't take time to think it out. Which means I burnt that room down without you getting a chance to check out the other victims first to see who to save. Now no one can be saved."

Arya: "There wasn't anyone I knew down there." She admitted softly. She remembered a lot in the past day.

Daray: "Well, that makes me feel a bit better." he took another drink.

Arya: She nodded then sat on the counter.

Daray: "How are you?"

Arya: "I'm doing better than I was yesterday."

Daray: "I'm glad for that." he took the last drink in his cup and then rinsed it out in the sink.

Arya: She nodded

Daray: "Well...I should something productive."

Arya: "Like what?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "First call Athena and then...I don't know. Find work to do."

Arya: She nodded. "I guess I should go put some laundry in the washer." She got off the counter and started to walk into the other room.

Daray: he sighed and teleported to his office and got the phone and called Athena and apologized to her. After he hung up the phone, he sat there for awhile trying to figure out what to do. What did he normally do in a day? He couldn't even remember now.

Arya: She did what she said she was going to do. While the clothes were in the washer she laid in their bed.

Daray: he decided to work something more on his experiments, so he did.

Arya: She closed her eyes while she lay in the bed and she relaxed.

Daray: he came down at supper time and checked on Shinichi and Angelia. "What would you guys like for dinner?"

Angelia and Shinichi: "Pizza!" They said at the same time and laughed at the same time, which made them laugh more.

Daray: "What kind of pizza?" he smiled slightly at them. They were cute.

Angelia: "Cheese."

Shinichi: "Pepperoni"

Daray: "Good. I'll get it." he went to the kitchen and picked up the phone and ordered pizza for them. A large one. Then when he was done ordering it he hung up the phone and then got out some red liquid drinks for him and Angelia and Arya. He brought Angelia's into her.

Angelia: She took it gratefully. She drank about half of it in one drink.

Arya: She walked into the kitchen. She looked like she just woke up.

Daray: "Hi babe." he handed her the cup. He was going to take it up to her but since she was down here he just handed it to her.

Arya: She smiled slightly and took the cup. "Thank you." She took a sip then set the cup down, shaking her head. "It tastes weird." She looked at the cup, she was thirsty but she didn't want to drink that. She'd just have to force herself to. She picked the cup up again and swallowed slightly. She forced herself to drink the rest of what remained in the cup.

Daray: "If you weren't thirsty for that maybe you should try water or something."

Arya: She shook her head no. She was thirsty for red liquid, but what kind of red liquid? "What kind of red liquid is this?" She asked him softly.

Daray: "Synthetic kind I made..."

Arya: That's why it tasted weird to her. "I'll be back soon. I'm going hunting." She went back into their room and got some 'hunting' clothes on.

Daray: "Sorry." he mumbled and took her cup to the kitchen and rinsed it out setting it in the sink alongside his glass from earlier. He took his drink into the living room and sat down on the couch, watching Angelia and Shinichi.

Angelia and Shinichi were playing nicely together. They found things to play.

Daray: he turned on the television and watched it as he waited for the pizza to get here.

An hour pasted and there was a knock on the door.

Daray: he got up and went to the door and answered it.

The pizza delivery person was standing outside with the pizzas.

Daray: "Thanks." he paid the guy and took the pizza and then shut the door, "Kids! Pizza." he walked into the living room and sat it on the floor by them.

He could hear him in the other room say 'Yay, pizza!'

They started to eat some of it when he set it beside them.

Daray: he went back to watching his television show.

The kids munched on the pizza. Angelia finishing way before Shinichi had.

Arya: She came in about now.

Daray: he glanced over at her, "Hi hon. Did that do the trick for you?"

Arya: "Yes it did. Thank you for asking." She smiled her fangs haven't retracted yet, they were still out.

Daray: "Welcome." he went back to watching TV.

Arya: Went into their bedroom again. She stayed there for a few hours. She didn't know what to do now.

Daray: he let her be, and he stayed where he was.

Arya: She sighed and looked out into the living room. She smiled slightly as she seen the kids playing. She looked at Daray and her smile kind of vanished. She looked down and just went back into the room, silently shutting the door. She lay on the bed, closed her eyes and placed her hand on her stomach. She rubbed her stomach softly as she started to hum softly. She hummed a lullaby that she knew. She smiled.

Daray: he watched television for what seemed like forever. Then when it got late enough, he took Angelia to her room and Shinichi to his and put them to bed. Then he came out and put the pizza away and threw the trash in the garbage. He went up to his room.

Arya: She was still lying on the bed, humming the lullaby.

Daray: "Have you been doing that the whole time?"

Arya: She jumped startled and looked up at him. "Yes, I have nothing else to do."

Daray: "I'm sorry to hear that." he said softly, "Didn't mean to scare you." Yet again. He pulled off his shirt and shoes.

Arya: She watched him.

Daray: "I don't understand why we go to bed if we aren't tired half the time."

Arya: "You were last night and do have anything else in mind for us to do?"

Daray: "I was tired last night. It had been a long week." he admitted. "No, not really anything in mind." he walked over to the window and looked out at the stars. He unlatched the lock and lifted up the window to let the breeze in.

Arya: She just nodded a little and lay back onto the bed again. The breeze felt nice.

Daray: he stepped out the window and climbed onto the roof and sat down.

Arya: She sighed softly and lay on her side. She didn't know what to do anymore. Not when it came to Daray. It felt like he didn't trust her as much as he use to or he didn't want to get close to her anymore. She closed her eyes. "I don't know anymore." She whispered to herself.

Daray: he lay back on the roof, letting the cool tiles touch his back. He looked up at the sky, folding his hands behind his head.

Arya: She looked at the window for a few hours then got up and went out into the living room and lay on the couch. She closed her eyes and laid there for the rest of the night.

Daray: at one point there was a shooting star that he saw going across the sky. He smiled and got up and poked his head in the window, "Hey Arya th-" he stopped and his excitement faded when he saw Arya was gone from the room. He sighed. She didn't want to stay in there or out with him anyways. He should have guessed. Forget it." he went back onto the roof.

Arya: She felt lonely, more than she ever has. Even more than she has when she was in the tomb for who knows how long. She shuddered at the thought of being in the tomb. She looked at her wrists; scars remain from what her father did to her. She ran some of her fingers over them. She sighed; she didn't know how much longer she could take this, of her and Daray being so distant with each other. She got up and looked out the window, she watched the sunrise alone like she did when she was a child.

Daray: he came into the room again at sun rise and got out a suitcase and put some of his things in it.

Arya: She pulled her knees up to her chest and laid her head on them.

Angelia: She came walking into the room, rubbing her eyes. It looked like she had been crying.

Daray: he looked over, "Angel what's wrong?" he asked her. He was still putting some of his things into his bag as he spoke.

Angelia: "I had a nightmare." She sniffled and looked up at him. "Daddy, where you going?"

Daray: "To the spare bedroom." he sat down on the edge of the bed and patted his knee for her to come sit, "Tell me about it." he asked softly.

Angelia: She went over and sat on his knee. She laid her head on his chest. "Why you going to the spare room, Daddy?" She looked at him. "My nightmare I was in a house and there were people in there. They were trying to get me and pull me into the dark. I tried running from them but one of them caught me and started to drag me into the dark. I didn't want to go. I kicked a near-by table and everything caught on fire. They were all screaming and crying. This little boy was there too. He kind of looked like you daddy." She looked at him. "He was crying and trying to find his mommy. I tried helping him find his way out of the dark. When I got close to him he had bright red eyes like Aunt Athena's and all his teeth were pointy like mine." She pointed to her fangs. "Right before I woke up he attacked me and I was trying to fight him off and he bit me." She shivered a little and snuggled closer to Daray.

Daray: he hugged her and rubbed her arm softly, "It's okay. It's just a dream." though a passing thought of his made him think to his son that was yet to be born. He kissed the top of her head, "We all have nightmares from time to time."

Angelia: She closed her eyes and soon she fell asleep again in Daray's arms.

Arya: She went into the bathroom, leaving the door opened just a little.

Daray: he held Angelia for a bit and then he got up and set her on the bed. He threw a blanket over her that he grabbed off of the bottom of the bed. Then he got the rest of his things and teleported everything to the spare bedroom. He started to put it all away.

Arya: She came out of the bathroom and went into their room. She looked out the window and looked up towards the roof. "Daray?" When there was no answer she sighed and shut the window. She sat against the wall by the window with her eyes close. "How long is this going to go on?" She asked herself.

Daray: after he was done he came out of the room and looked back in to check on Angelia.

Angelia: She was sound asleep.

Daray: he looked over at Arya, "Babe you okay?" he asked, seeing her standing at the window with her eyes closed.

Arya: "I don't know anymore." She whispered. She slid down to where she was sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. She looked down to the floor.

Daray: "Do you need to see Racqual again?"

Arya: "Even though Racqual can fix anything she can't fix this."

Daray: "Then she can't fix anything." he didn't know what she was talking about.

Arya: She looked at Daray. "Remember when I said that when we are apart I feel pain? How do you think I feel when don't even talk to each other anymore? The most we say to each other now is 'Hi' 'How are you?' That's all." She looked down now and swallowed.

Daray: "I'm talking to you right now." he stepped a bit into the room.

Arya: "But what about tomorrow? And the next day? For the rest of our lives?" She held back tears. She knew that he didn't want to see anyone cry anymore. That he was tired of it.

Daray: "You just don't want me around so I am respecting your wishes. That's all. If you change your mind, you know where I am. I ran after you once Arya, and the result wasn't very gratifying. I'm not doing it again. I realize it's best to let you do what you need to do and come to me when you want. In the meantime, you have your friends."

Arya: "My friends? Daray, I don't even know where half of MY friends are. Racqual was a friend of the family. She not an actual friend of mine. PLUS, I never said that I didn't want you around and I would never say that." She was on the edge of crying now. How could he think that she didn't want him around? Did he not know her as well as she thought he did? She looked into his eyes. "Yesterday...or whenever I was at Racqual. Did you not get the hit that I wanted to be around you when I asked you to hold me? When we came here and I kissed you?"She looked away to wipe tears away before she looked at Daray again.

Daray: "Arya I'm sorry." he said softly. There he was making her cry again. He hated it. This is why he needed to stay away. "I can't, not when I know it hurts you. I can't anymore. And I can't be around anymore if all it does is make you cry."

Arya: "Don't leave. Please." She begged. By this time she was on her feet. "Daray, I NEED you here. I WANT you here. I cry because of all the emotions that have been kept in for so many years it's the only way I can express them, if you don't want me to cry anymore then I won't. Please, if you won't stay for me then stay for Angelia and your son." She held back her tears very well this time.

Daray: he stepped forward and wanted so bad to put his hands on her shoulders to reassure her. But then he remembered how she was afraid of men, which meant him to. He put his hands in his pockets, "Love, I am not leaving you. I would never leave you. I just meant I was going to stay in a spare room for awhile. I am letting you keep mine. You can cry if you want. It just hurts me to see you cry, that's all."

Arya: She walked over and hugged him. She didn't want to let go. "I don't want you to be hurting too." She whispered to him as she hugged him.

Daray: he kept his hands in his pockets. He didn't want to make her feel trapped, which he was afraid he would if he hugged her. He didn't want her to be any more afraid of him than she already was. "I'll get over it." he promised her.

Arya: She closed her eyes then opened them when she pulled away when he didn't hug her back. Hurt showed in her eyes but she tried not to let Daray see it but she more or less failed. "I guess I should let you get back to whatever it was you were doing." She whispered then looked down as she walked away from him, to the bathroom.

Daray: he watched her sadly. It didn't matter what he did. It always seemed to hurt Arya in the long run. Maybe Arya was right with her thought of him leaving. It would be best for her. She wouldn't be with someone who caused her so much pain with or without his presence. When she shut the door behind her as she went into the bathroom, he walked from the room and into the hallway. He took his hands out of his pockets and leaned on the railing, looking down at the first floor. He sighed. What should he do?

Arya: She leaned against the door of the bathroom and slide down it while she cried. "I love you, Daray. Can't you see?" She talked to herself. "You don't know how much it hurts just to think of you not being here. Don't you remember me saying that I would kill myself if you weren't in my life? It hurts to be away from you like this. I'm going to have to show you how badly I want you here." She wiped her tears away, got up, and opened the door and looked for him. When she found him in the hallway, she walked over and stood right beside him. She watched him.

Daray: he looked over at her, pain showed on his face. Despite that he could see Arya's red eyes from her crying, he kept looking at her, forcing himself to see the damage he has done. "I'm so sorry that I've been making you cry Arya." he said quietly. "I never wanted to do that to you but it seems the past few days that's all I've been doing. And it all started with me saying that one stupid thing about hurting you. I didn't mean it in a cruel way. I meant in a pleasurable way, but, it was wrong of me to say it nevertheless. But I realize it's what's started all of this and you not wanting to be around me. Frankly, at this moment, I don't even want to be around myself. I understand why you are afraid of me now. And you should be afraid of me. Why should you not be afraid of me? Everyone should be afraid of me." he finally did look away from her and back down at the railing.

Arya: She couldn't help but laugh. "You think I'm afraid of you? Is this what it's all about? You not hugging me back or being around me?" She placed a hand on Daray's shoulder. She was smiling now, her eyes were clear, no redness what so ever. "Daray, I could never be afraid of you. You are my husband, the one I love." She turned him where he'd be facing her. "I love you way too much for me to be afraid of you." She hugged him.

Daray: "I don't want to hurt you. I shouldn't touch you. I remember what happened last time." he said quietly, though he didn't sound as much upset as he had been before, since Arya had smiled and didn't seem so sad in his presence. "You told me not to touch you."

Arya: She sighed. "Do you want me to prove it? I will." At that very moment she kissed him. Not like before. She kissed him that was full of passion, love, happiness. She kissed him deep. As she kissed him she wrapped his arms around her, like the last time she remembered them. She pressed her body against his. She wasn't afraid of him, she wasn't sad. What she hoped was that he was feeling the same thing she was now: happiness, passion, love.

Daray: he was caught off guard. He felt what was in her kiss and he loved it. A small part of him kept saying how it wouldn't last, but he couldn't help it. He held her close and kissed her back. He missed her more than he thought he did. These last few days made him realize how much he needed her. No, even if it was best for Arya, he could never leave her. Most of what went through him was relief.

Arya: She kissed him more, just like she was. She entangled her fingers into his hair. She relaxed in his arms, all her stress was gone. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and whispered "Will you come back into our room now? Please?" She kissed down his neck then back up it. She then kissed his lips again.

Daray: "Angelia is taking a nap in there right now...I'll move my stuff later." he promised. He didn't know if this was just a passing thing or if it would last, anyways.

Arya: "Okay. Promise me two things, my love?" She asked him while looking in his eyes. "Promise that you won't avoid me anymore and that I'll always be able to feel your arms around me whenever."

Daray: he smiled slightly, looking back at her, glad to see the remains of the tears almost gone. "I promise. I'll be there for you whenever you want me to be." he kissed her forehead gently.

Arya: She smiled. "Then you're always going to be here for me because I'll never not want you to be." She laid her head on his chest, closing her eyes. She was honestly happy now. "I love you so much, Daray."

Daray: "And you aren't afraid of me being around?"

Arya: She laughed softly. "Not one bit."

Daray: he hugged her tighter, "I love you too." he seriously did feel a lot better.

Arya: She smiled as she felt the hug get tighter. She kissed the side of his neck, softly kissing up and down it.

Daray: he felt a slight shimmer running through his body at the feel of her lips on his neck, "Did I ever tell you I like it when you do that?"

Arya: "No, you didn't. But now I know." She did it again then kissed him on the lips.

Daray: he kissed her back gently. "It's always good to know things." he said. Not knowing things was what got people in a mess all the time.

Arya: She smiled and nodded in agreement. "Yes, it's always good to know things."

Daray: he nuzzled her neck a bit and then kissed her shoulder and rested his cheek on her shoulder. He was glad they weren't fighting for the moment.

Arya: A shiver went through her body when he nuzzled her neck and kissed her shoulder. She smiled though. She took a hold of his hand then pulled him into the spare he was in and shut the door. She kissed him again.

Daray: "You know, I was perfectly content just resting my cheek on your shoulder..." he said after the kiss.

Arya: "Ok." She sat on the bed and pulled him down beside her. She smiled again.

Daray: "But you weren't?" he guessed, letting himself be dragged around by her.

Arya: "I was. Just had an idea but that can wait till another day." She smiled and patted her shoulder.

Daray: "What was your idea?" he asked. He smiled slightly and moved closer to her and sat on the bed to where he could pull her onto his lap, which he did. Then he rested his head on her shoulder.

Arya: She laughed softly. "This was." She pushed him back to where he was laying on the bed and she started to kiss him passionate, deep but slow. She was lying on top of him with one leg on each side of him.

Daray: he kissed her in return just as she kissed him, placing a hand at the side of her face, "You just like to tease me with the shoulder thing don't you?" he said when he could get a word in between the kisses.

Arya: She smiled slightly then softly kissed down his neck then his chest.

Daray: "Are you feeling well enough for this?" he asked, thinking about how much pain she's been in just a few hours ago and the day before. Maybe she needed to rest. Not exert energy. But his words weren't as forceful as he wished them to be. Arya was taking his breath away with her kisses and so it seemed more like a statement, not a question.

Arya: She kissed him again. "Yes I am." She whispered after the kiss.

Daray: he leaned up and kissed her again passionately, putting his hands on her thighs to keep her in place as she straddled his lap. That was all he really needed to know.

Arya: She kissed him back passionately; while she did this she was taking pants of him.

Daray: he could feel what she was doing, and he could feel his body reacting. He was also aware of the theme song starting in his head again...he continued to kiss her, making up for the time lost when they weren't kissing.

Arya: She got his pants off him then she took her shirt and pants off as well, leaving them both naked on the bed. She kissed him back; she had him pinned to the bed at the moment.

Daray: he was about to grab her wrists again and flip them both over so he was above her, but then he stopped himself and just let his hands stay at her thighs. He didn't want to scare her again. He didn't want that to start all over again, so he wouldn't grab her wrists. He let himself stay pinned to the bed, trailing a finger from one of his hands up and down her thigh as he returned each and every one of the kisses she gave him. He was just aware of himself that from now on, he was going to be very careful when it came to Arya. No matter how hard it was for him to be careful.

Arya: She whispered in his ear. "You're holding back, love." She kissed right below his jaw line then, whispered again "Don't hold back. Do what you want, my love. Anything that you like or want to do. Do it." She meant every word; she didn't want him to hold back anything. Nothing at all. "Tease me, make me want it. Like you did before so many times." She kissed him as she stated to rub his erection softly and slowly.

Daray: he sucked in a breath, "Raya...I...don't want to bring back any bad memories of yours." he whispered.

Arya: She sighed a little "Guess so..."

Daray: he just kissed her again.

Arya: She kissed him back.

Daray: he made no move other than kissing her and caressing her leg softly with his fingertips.

Arya: She sighed and got off him. Why was she even trying now? She had a feeling that he wouldn't do anything like he did before with her now. He was too afraid that he'd scare her. She didn't know what to do now.

Daray: "You're not content with just kissing me, are you?"

Arya: She didn't answer him right off. "I ...It's just..." She sighed and shook her head. "Never mind." She whispered.

Daray: he sighed and leaned back on the pillow. There it goes again...upsetting her either way.

Arya: "Why are you so afraid that you'll scare me off if you do what you use to before what happened...happened? I told you I'm not afraid of you. It's just other men. I could never be scared or afraid of you. What happened the other day wasn't your fault. I wasn't scared of you or afraid of you. It was the memory that caught me off guard." She straddled him, looking down at him. "What do I have to do for you to believe me?" She looked in his eyes, trying to understand.

Daray: he looked back at her, "Then that's what I'm afraid of doing is triggering other memories. I have to be very conscious of what I say and do. What if it's something you've been through before, the same words, or just...the same mannerisms? Anything could trigger it."

Arya: "Daray, my love. If that's what you're afraid of then we could never do this again. We could never show each other how much that we love each other when words can't describe it." She told him softly.

Daray: "What do you mean?" she had been a virgin before so surely making love wasn't an issue.

Arya: She sighed and shook her head. "Never mind." She got up and gathered her clothes and put them back on. She then sat in a chair that was in the spare room and watched Daray.

Daray: he got up and got dressed too. If she didn't want to talk to him, he wasn't going to press it like he did last time. He was going to let it go. Or he was going to try to.

Arya: She watched him. She didn't understand. Why was he acting the way he was? Why was he so afraid of what he said? It would be different. She looked down a little, thinking. Trying to figure out how to prove that she doesn't care. She just wanted the love and care that she had from him when she was in Athena's body. She didn't want anything to change once she got her own body back, but she didn't get that. Everything changed. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Will it EVER be the same as before? She placed two fingers on each temple and rubbed them. She was feeling sick now. She was stressed, upset, confused, happy, so many emotions at once was physically making her feel sick.

Daray: "I'm sorry." he said softly as he watched her, pain in his eyes again. He saw how sick she was getting. From him? Most likely. "I'll leave now. Give you space." Make the air clearer without his scent so she wouldn't smell it and want to vomit. He finished buckling up his pants and then grabbed his shirt and left the room.

Arya: She stopped him before he left the room. "No, don't go." She whispered, her eyes were still closed. She tried to calm her feelings and didn't fail. "Will it ever be the same as before?" She asked softly. She looked at him now.

Daray: "I don't know." he replied just a softly. "Truthfully? I think it will be different. But whether we make that a better different or a worse different is the question. You know the circumstances have changes, so we both know it can't ever be the same." he took a slowly breath and let it out, "I just don't know everything about what happened to you. The things you tell me I don't understand. And if I don't understand, I can't help you and I can't be there for you or do things right. I won't know what to do. I won't know what not to do. I see the scars, but I don't know what happened. I only know what I know, and that's not very much. I don't want to ask you either, because I don't want to be anymore cause of your pain. Talking about them will make you relive them." he sighed softly, "I don't like not knowing about you. It makes me feel differently. I used to know EVERYTHING about you. And I know nothing at all."

Arya: "Then ask me, love. I'm not as different as you think. Yes, my appearances are different but I'm not any different then when I was in Athena's body." She placed a hand on his cheek and looked into his eyes. "I'll talk about my past. The things I remember about it. I'm willingly to talk about them. It might help me forget better and sooner if I do talk about it, so I'm not keeping it in all to myself." She searched his eyes for some sort of understanding or wanting.

Daray: he nodded a bit, "Okay." he understood. But he still didn't want to ask. She would tell him what she wanted to tell him. He would get the rest from watching her, which is what he did best.

Arya: She had a feeling that he wasn't going to ask her about her past so she just gave up. She'll give him space, that's what he needed. She hoped. She kissed him softly and tried to smile and failed. 'I'll let you alone now so you can do as you wish. I love you." She whispered and walked out of the room. Before she shut the door she looked back at him and sighed. After shutting the door she walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

Daray: "Apparently you didn't want to talk about your past." he sat down on the edge of the bed. He didn't have anything to do. Thought it was midday. Maybe he would go out.

Arya: She got what she needed from the kitchen and went outside. She jumped the distance from the ground to the roof then jumped. She landed with a soft thud on the roof. She then sat on there and started to write.

Daray: he grabbed his jacket. Anyways, what was it he would ask her? He didn't know anything about her past so he wasn't sure where to start. He wouldn't even know what to ask. He never had to ask questions before. He had just watched her and listened to when she spoke to others. He wasn't sure how he could do, being on the inside...he walked out of the room and down the stairs and went out to his car. He got in and drove off into town.

Arya: She watched him drive off and sighed. She jumped off the roof and walked into the house. She found the kids and told them to get certain things that they would like to play with. The kids did so while she got food, and drinks. She put them in a cooler. Angelia then teleported herself and Shunichi unto the roof. Arya jumped like before. The three of them stayed on the roof, Angelia and Shinichi played as Arya continued to write. She was paying to the kids as well.

It was after supper by the time Daray came home. He parked his car and got out and walked inside, taking his jacket off and hanging it on the hook by the door. He went into the kitchen.

Angelia: She was in the kitchen filling the bottle that Arya had filled earlier with some more red liquid. She willingly offered to do this. She looked up when Daray walked in. "Hi Daddy." She smiled.

Daray: "Hi baby girl." he watched her, "What are you doing?"

Angelia: "Filling the bottle up with some red liquid to take back up to the roof." She finished pouring it and she put the red liquid back into the fridge. She put the lid on the bottle. She then went over to Daray and hugged him.

Daray: he hugged her back, and smiled slightly, "Thanks for the hug."

Angelia: She smiled. "Mommy said that you might have needed one."She grabbed the bottle and teleported back up to the roof with it.

Daray: he nodded, "For sure." he sat down at the chair by the counter and leaned on it. He sighed. He didn't want to go up to the roof and crash the party so he figured he best stay down here. Besides, Arya needed to be happy...and it still happened every time he was around she ended up sad.

A note appeared next to him.

Daray: he slid the note over to him and opened it up.

It read in a fancy and neat handwriting;

Daddy, I love you so much.

~Love Angelia

Daray: he got up and opened the drawer by the fridge and took out some sticky notes and a pen, writing back in his chicken scratch writing;

I love you too. Whoever is teaching you to write is doing a good job.

-Love Dad

He peeled it off the pad and teleported it to the roof where he thought she would see it. He took his seat again, but brought the paper and pen with him this time.

Angelia: She smiled and wrote back;

No one is teaching me to write.

She sent it to where it ended up in front of him.

Daray: he wrote back after reading it;

So you just know?

Angelia: she wrote;

I guess so. Mommy loves my handwriting. She says it very beautiful.

Daray: he smiled, seeing the note;

I agree with her. Your handwriting is lovely.

He sent the note up to her.

Angelia: she smiled and sent her note back to him;

Thank you, daddy.

Daray: he replied;

You're welcome. :)

Angelia: She giggled;

Why won't you come up here with us daddy?

Daray: he sent;

It's complicated.

Angelia: she replied;

:( Do you and mommy not love each other anymore?

Daray: he sent back;

I love your mom more than anything. That won't ever change.

Angelia: she replied;

Then why does mommy look sad right now?

Daray: he sighed and responded;

I don't know. I don't know anything about her anymore. She never talks to me. So you know about as much as I do.

Angelia: all she could manage to send was a sad face;


Daray: he wrote;

That's how I feel too.

Angelia: her response was slow, but when she responded the note said this;

Why don't you know anything about mommy anymore? She's the same, isn't she?

Daray: he replied;

She has pain that I can't even understand now. She is the same, yet different. It's complicated, like I said.

Angelia: she replied just one word;


Daray: all he responded was;


Angelia: her response was faster this time;

Mommy's writing a note too.

Daray: he was a bit confused;

For me?

Angelia: she responded;


Daray: he wrote back;


Angelia: she wrote;

I don't know. She won't tell me.

Daray: he replied;

Well...I'll get it when she sends it then.

Angelia: she replied;


Daray: he didn't reply to her that time. He just waited to see what his wife was going to say to him.

A note appeared by him it had his name written across the top of it on one side of the fold.

Daray: he saw the note and taking it in his hand he opened it up and read it. This passing of notes back and forth sort of reminded him of school...weren't they out of that stage? He smiled slightly; apparently you're never too old to pass notes.

It read:

Daray, I don't know how much longer I can do this. I mean, this whiplash of emotions. I'm happy when I'm with you then when it feels like everything is going to be ok, if feels like you trying to push me away. Like you're afraid to get close to me anymore. I don't know if this is going to help any but I'll tell you everything that I remember from my past.

My first few years were like a normal child. I was playing with my sister and brother, a happy child. Everything started to change when I turned four.

My parents were starting to pay more attention to Gabiral and Athena. I was left out for some reason I didn't understand, which I do now. Anyway, I was getting weaker but not by much. One day I got sick and I had to try to take care of myself. I remembering asking my father where the medicine was and he told me without any hesitation.

I realize now he was hoping that I would overdose on it but I never did. This went on for about the whole time I was four.

5th Birthday: Athena and I were playing nicely and getting along when all of a sudden my father grabs a hold of me and pulls me into his office. He told me that I wasn't his daughter, that I never will be. That's when the whole touching and molestation started. That went on everyday for about a total of 3 hours each day. It was half way through my 5th year when my father dragged me down to that tomb thing. He tied me up with vervane rope and listened to me cry and beg for him to let me down. He got enjoyment out of it so he stripped me down and took the actual vervane plant and placed it against my skin on my back, which is where the scars are at today. After he got bored torturing me he threw me into that tomb thing where I stayed until I died from thirst. Which I can tell you is the most painful and slowest way you could die. Then you know the rest from when I became in control of Athena's body. Which I could not tell you how or when this happened.

~Love much,

Daray: somewhere after he had read about the fifteenth line in the note Arya sent him, his smile had faded and replaced the look of pain on his face whenever he heard of or saw Arya in pain. He didn't understand some of the things he had been reading, but it made his heart swell just a bit, knowing she wanted to tell him about it. When he finally did write back, he had so much to say, but all he could pen for now was the four words she needed to see;

I love you, Arya.

He leaned his elbows on the counter after he sent the note and pressed his fingers to his closed eyes and sighed. This was a lot.

Arya: When she read those words, she couldn't help but to cry. She loved to read them. She wrote back;

I love you too, Daray. I know that it was a lot and I'm sorry.

Daray: he opened the note and wrote back;

I have questions. May I ask them? Please don't be sorry.

He wasn't sorry at all, actually. He felt bad for what she had been through, but...right now, he much better. He couldn't really describe why. Maybe it was because Arya had told him about herself. She trusted him enough to tell him.

Arya: She felt a release of pressure that has been in her chest for the past few days. She was willing to tell him anything.

Yes you may ask them.

Daray: he wrote;

Athena had told me it was meant to be her that it happened to. Not you. If that is the case...why did your parents pay more attention to Athena as a child, and why did your father want to kill you? I thought it was Athena they hated. Or were they just all mixed up about you and Athena, from the start?

Arya: she responded;

I think they thought I was her. So, they just all got mixed up from the start. They did hate her but they always got her and I messed up. I think they knew something would happen if Athena stayed alive. Vervane doesn't affect her but our parents didn't know that. Athena is a new species of Snyde, my love. Usually when Snydes have twins, they kill the first born after 5 years. Athena was first born, but they killed me instead. Now nothing can beat Athena. She can't die and vervane has no effect. What is left to do?

Daray: he replied;

Why didn't you tell them you were Arya? Why didn't Athena tell them she was the one they wanted? I hate thinking how both she and Gabiral never helped you.

Arya: she replied;

Athena did try to help me. Gabiral kept her from succeeding though.

Daray: he wrote back;

And I take your parents just never believed you when you told them you were Arya?

Arya: she wrote;

No because Athena would take the blame for things that I've done and vice versa.

Daray: he replied;

I was told Gabiral has paid for being as cruel as he was. How did Gabiral pay?

He would hate to admit it, but he lost some respect for that boy. And it would never come back.

Arya: she wrote;

I almost killed him. Yes, I almost killed my older brother. But he deserved what he got from me.

Daray: he wrote;

I agree...I wanted to kill him Arya. Badly I did. The day I found out about all this. I'm surprised you held back.

Arya: she replied;

I made him suffer like I did for who knows how long. He begged for my forgiveness, that he'd be there when I needed him, ECT. He's been true to his word so far.

Daray: he replied;


He looked down at the paper and back at the other note where Arya had told him about her life as a child and wrote;

Do you know what you were sick with that time when you were four? Why you were getting weak?

Arya: she replied;

I'm not sure what I had but it lasted for a week. I was getting weak because of me not having the amount of red liquid necessary in my body at the time.

Daray: he replied;

And your parents weren't feeding you?

He wrote on another line;

Your mother isn't mentioned anywhere in the story you gave me. Where was she during all of this?

Arya: she corrected him;

No, they were feeding me I just couldn't keep it down. I was constantly throwing up. She was taking care of Gabiral and Athena.

Daray: he asked;

Why were you throwing up? And your mother just let your father...take advantage of his daughter?

Arya: she replied;

I was sick for that whole week. She didn't care. You've met her, you seen what they tried to do before Angelia was born.

Daray: he sighed softly, replying;

I just can't believe your parents were like that. And...I'm glad they are dead.

Arya: she agreed;

You and I both, love.

Daray: he replied;

There is a bittersweet part to this, which I just thought of.

Arya: she asked;

And what's that, babe?

Daray: he replied;

That time at the house, when your father raped you, or attempted to. The time when I came in and killed him? It wasn't your body, wasn't really you. It was Athena. So it never really happened to you.

Arya: she replied;

I know. But the memories of what he did do to me, just took over and I couldn't think and Athena was also trying to just fight back so I was in a bind.

Daray: he wrote;

I know love.

But, instead of sending the note this time, he teleported to the roof and personally handed it to her. He sat down on the roof beside her and leaned over and kissed her cheek gently. "It's going to be okay." he whispered to her.

Arya: She smiled and hugged him. She was happy that he understood now.

Daray: he kept his arm around her as he watched the kids, "So, you've been up here all day?"

Arya: "Yes. The clear air helps me think clearly." She watched the kids too.

Daray: "But is the roof comfortable? And safe for children? I should put a railing up around the edges."

Arya: She shrugged a little. "I think we should incase days like this happen again. But I hope it doesn't."

Daray: "So you don't want to have to sit on the roof to think, ever again in your life?"

Arya: "No, days like where we are apart. Like today."

Daray: he kissed her ear gently; "I'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again." he promised softly and squeezed her to him for a second in a side hug with his one arm.

Arya: She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. She sighed content.

Daray: "Thanks for talking to me, Raya." he said softly as he held her to him, his chin resting on the top of her head.

Arya: "It's been awhile since the last time you called me that ad your welcome, my love." She said softly back, smiling.

Daray: "Do you want me to call you that more often?"

Arya: "You use to call me that almost every day."

Daray: "You sound like you miss it."

Arya: "I kinda do." She admitted softly.

Daray: "Well," he said softly, "I will be sure to make a mental note of that to call you by your nickname." he looked down at her, "Do you want to know what I was doing while I was gone today? might not even have known I left, huh?"

Arya: "Sure. And I knew you left, I watched you leave."

Daray: "I've realized that what we just went through, should make us stronger. Not tear us apart. And I was thinking...a lot. Just like you. And I've come to realize that I know all this about you know almost nothing about me. But maybe that's how you want it, I'm not sure."

Arya: "I see. I learn things about you every day. Just small things. Like today, you don't like to see me hurting even when you haven't done anything to cause it. You rather give me space to figure things out then trying to force me to talk about what's bothering me. But if you want to tell me things about you, I don't mind that either." She looked up at him.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "You're right about observe well. I hope that's okay with you...and, my love, I'll tell you anything and everything about me. You are my other half so it's only right."

Arya: "It's fine with me." She smiled. "Okay, honey. Maybe I'll ask about your past a little later, not right now."

Daray: "Fine by me." he pulled out a pair of hand cuffs from his back pocket and handed them to her. "I bought those, too."

Arya: She smiled as an idea came into her mind. "Are they specialized?"

Daray: "I don't know I just grabbed the first ones I saw in the store..." he smiled slightly back at her.

Arya: "Do you think we can test them later?"

Daray: "Sort of the reason why I bought them." he smiled slightly.

Arya: She smiled and kissed him softly on the lips then went back to paying attention to the children

Daray: he returned her kiss and then just held her as he also watched the kids.

Angelia: She yawned "I'm getting sleepy.

Shinichi: "Me too."

Arya: "I guess it's time to put the kids to bed. They're tired." She looked up at Daray.

Daray: he let go of Arya and stood, "Okay kids. Let's go." he picked up Shinichi and then teleported inside with him and went to Shinichi's room for him to stay in while he was here. He helped him get changed and ready for bed and then he tucked him in, "Good night Shinichi. Sleep well. See you in the morning." he walked over to the door and shut off the switch to turn off the light. Then he shut the door, leaving it open just a crack.

Arya: She jumped down off the roof and entered in the doorway

Angelia: She teleported into her room and got ready for bed. She waited for Daray or Arya to come in and say goodnight.

Daray: he opened up Angelia's door to her room and came in after he was done putting Shinichi to bed. He made sure she was tucked in and then leaned down and kissed her forehead, "Good night sweetie. By the way, I'm keeping all those notes you sent me. Saving them forever."

Angelia: "Night daddy." She smiled then yawned. "Love you." She says softly as she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Daray: "Night princess. Love you too." he walked back over to her bedroom door and shut off the light and then shut her door just like he had shut Shinichi's, leaving it open just a crack. Then he went up to the spare room and took his suitcase out from under the bed and started to pack it up again to take everything back into his and Arya's room.

Arya: She was already in the room. She was brushing her hair when Daray came in.

Daray: he took off his shirt and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. When he finished he came back out and kissed Arya on the cheek gently before he pulled off his shoes and pants and climbed into the bed, lying back against the pillows.

Arya: She turned around and smiled at him. She walked over to the bed and climbed in as well. She kissed him softly at first then passionate and deep.

Daray: he kissed her back and after a long few minutes of the kiss he asked, "You aren't going to rest?" he put his arms around her and held her close to him as they both laid under the covers.

Arya: "Why would I need to rest? But I will if you need rest."

Daray: "No. I don't need to my dear." he sat up and checked out her night gown.

Arya: She smiled slightly as she saw him check out her night gown. The night gown was a solid blood red but was see through blood red from under her breasts. She wore matching panties.

Daray: "You're dressed more for action than sleep and rest anyways."

Arya: "I always wear this kind of things. You just haven't noticed in the past two days." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "I'm sorry." he said softly as he kept his eyes on the red see through material. He skimmed his index finger lightly up and down the night gown, from beneath the curve of her breasts down to the top of her hips and back up again.

Arya: She shivered slightly from the excitement she got from that. She watched him. "It's okay, my love."

Daray: he looked up at her, "I'm afraid you'll have to use the handcuffs. Seems I've been very neglectful the past few days and you may need to punish me for it. Good thing I bought those."

Arya: She smiled as she got up and got them off the dresser. She then straddled him after getting back onto the bed. She kissed him hard, deep and passionate.

Daray: "Second thought, maybe you should put them away and let's not use them. It's my job to tease you. I don't think you should tease me."

Arya: "You could use them on me." She put out an idea as she smiled. Would that be fun?

Daray: "Now, question is, who gets to use them on whom, first?"

Arya: "Easy. You. Since you bought them you should get to use them first." She handcuffed one side of the cuffs to one of her wrists and then lay beside him.

Daray: "I suppose so. Ladies first." he smiled slightly and helped her attach the handcuffs to the bed, "Though in my fantasy I think it was me handcuffed to the bed."

Arya: "Would you like to switch places then?" She asked softly.

Daray: "I'm sure we are going to be doing this more than once, aye?" he brushed back some of her hair from her shoulders and let it drop behind her.

Arya: She nodded. "Yes, we are." She watched him now, excited about what was going to happen.

Daray: "Then we can take turns." he knew she could so easily break free of the hand cuffs if she wanted. They were no match for a Snydes strength. He let his eyes scan her body from the top of her to the bottom.

Arya: "Very well, love." She tried not to break the handcuffs and so far she was good. She bit her lip a little, wandering what he was going to do.

Daray: "You're probably biting your lip," he lifted his hand and caressed her leg, dragging his fingers delicately up her skin and under her nightgown, pushing it up, "And I don't even have to look at you to know that. You just always do it when you're nervous and excited. And for some reason, you do it a lot when I'm around."

Arya: "And you're point is exactly?" She asked softly as her breathing slightly, not much, picked up.

Daray: "That I think it's very cute. And it's a cue to shows me when I'm about to drive you crazy." he hooked a finger around the string of her panties and with one hand; he tugged them down over her legs.

Arya: She swallowed slightly. "I see."

Daray: "Awww. Poor baby Raya is...having to deal with not being in control."

Arya: She bit her lip slightly now as she closed her eyes. "I'll get over it." She whispered.

Daray: "Will you now? Let's see if I can drive you to the point where you won't be able to get over it...for a long while."

Arya: She smiled. "Yes, let's see if you can." She already knew that he would be able to.

Daray: he smiled slightly and leaned over her and down to her lips as he kissed her.

Arya: She kissed him back, deeply and passionately.

Daray: he slid his tongue into her mouth and stroked her tongue with his as he kissed her.

Arya: She moaned softly in surprise. That was something new, but she liked it.

Daray: he nibbled at her lip and down her jaw as he broke the kiss, "Arya, do you love me?" he whispered over her skin.

Arya: "With my whole heart." She shivered slightly from his breath brushing against her skin.

Daray: "How badly do you want me?"

Arya: "So badly, baby."


Daray: he leaned back and snapped the chains on the handcuffs to let her drop down onto the pillow, "Better for you?" he leaned down again and kissed her cheek gently, and then her other cheek and then the tip of her nose.

Arya: She had him pinned in the next second and she smiled. "Much better." She laughed softly and kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her in return, "Kind of hard to make love to you when I'm under you."

Arya: "Who said that you were going to make love to me?" She kissed him again. It was now her turn to tease him. She would have fun with this.


Daray: "You're going to kill me." he breathed.

Arya: "That's not actually possible, my love." She whispered and lay next to him after softly kissing him.

Daray: he kissed her in return and then rolled over on his side to face her, "But you're trying awfully hard." he moved his arm away from his face and put it on the pillow, gently stroking Arya's arm with his finger tips.

Arya: She frowned slightly. "How so?"

Daray: he saw her frowning and leaned forward and tried to kiss it away, "It's just you're very good at what you do. You're hard to handle. But then, I always knew that."

Arya: She kissed him back and smiled slightly. "I'm glad I'm hard to handle. Don't want to be easy, now do I?"

Daray: "Not really. Easy is boring."

Arya: "Exactly my point." She smiled

Daray: "Are you thirsty?" he asked as he sat up. His throat was burning a bit.

Arya: "A little."

Daray: he climbed out of bed and pulled on his jeans. "I'll be back." he went around the bed and kissed her forehead gently and then left the room.

Arya: She smiled and put another one of the outfits that she was just wearing on again, but this one was a light blue.

Daray: when he came back into the room holding two cups. He shut the door behind him, kicking the door closed with his foot. "Here you go." he held out the cup to her, "This is...real." he had a bit of red liquid on his chest, since he wasn't wearing a shirt. He scanned her again, seeing her nightgown. He sighed.

Arya: She took it and took a drink. "Thank you, love."

Daray: "You just had to put that on again. Teasing me again." he smiled slightly and took a drink of his cup.

Arya: "I told you that I wear things like this every night."

Daray: "Then how about we make sure I wear a blind fold ever night, eh?"

Arya: "I can find something else to put on if you want."

Daray: "No it's alright." he smiled slightly, taking another drink. He walked over and set the cup on the end table by his side of the bed.

Arya: She watched him as she took another drink of hers.

Daray: "What?" he asked her, seeing her watching him.

Arya: "Nothing. I'm not allowed to watch my husband. The one that stalked me for so many years?"

Daray: "Hey, you didn't know I was watching you when I was. I know you're watching me. I can see you. You're not a very good stalker."

Arya: "I'm not trying to be a stalker but whatever I won't watch you." She looked away from him.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Did I upset you?"

Arya: "No."

Daray: "My poor baby."

Arya: She finished her drink and lay down in the bed, facing away from him.

Daray: "I think you are upset." he watched her from where he stood.

Arya: She smiled to herself, but didn't answer him.

Daray: "I'm sort of offended. You can resist looking at me that easily?"

Arya: "No, it takes a lot of control to."

Daray: he was right behind her the next time he spoke, "Sorry babe." he kissed her earlobe gently.

Arya: She turned and kissed him softly. "I forgive you." She whispered.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "That was easy."

Arya: "I wasn't upset with you in the first place."

Daray: he frowned slightly, "Hmmm, seems it'll take more to get you upset with me. I remember when we fought a lot. We barely ever do now."

Arya: "That's because I love you so much now and then I didn't. Why do you want us to fight like that again?"

Daray: "No." he said softly, "I was just thinking, you are afraid of change. not fighting. That's change." he smiled slightly, "Of course, that is good change, I think."

Arya: "Yes, that's a good change. I'm only afraid of change is if it's for the worst."

Daray: "I will promise you I will try to make sure that doesn't happen." he laid back against the headboard, "Shouldn't Angelia be in school?"

Arya: "Not at the rate she's learning."

Daray: "Well, what about college? College is where I met you."

Arya: "You didn't meet me there. You saw me there and decided to stalk me." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "Well what if Angelia sees someone there she wants to stalk?" he smiled slightly back, "Hey, it worked out, didn't it?"

Arya: "We shouldn't teach her stuff like that."

Daray: "I think it would be good for her to know. I mean, I couldn't have gotten through life without knowing some of those skills it takes to stalk someone. Besides, if I didn't know, I would be here with you right now." he thought about it a moment, "And, anyways, it would help her when she hunts. Don't you have to stalk prey?"

Arya: "No. We're not going to teach her how to stalk people. She can find someone the old way." She told him sternly. "And I thought we weren't going to teach her to hunt since you and her drink that red liquid that you made. It seems to be keeping her thirst quenched."

Daray: "But if I never stalked..." he stopped and looked down and licked his thumb as he rubbed the red liquid off of his skin that had gotten on his chest from his earlier hunt. "Well, whatever." he put his thumb in his mouth briefly to clean it off and then rubbed it dry on the comforter on the bed.

Arya: She watched him, smiling slightly.

Daray: "You just take all my fun away."

Arya: "Yes, because I'm such a horrible person." She spoke sarcastically, rolling her eyes a little.

Daray: "I would like to know why I'm being punished." he complained.

Arya: "What? How are you being punished?"

Daray: "Because stalking is what I do best and now I can't even have that father/daughter time with Angelia." he paused and thought about it, his voice lowering as he spoke mostly to himself, "Maybe I can with our son..."

Arya: "No! Our son is not learning how to stalk people! He needs to know how to speak to people that he likes, be a GENTLEMAN, not a stalker. And our daughter is to be a lady."

Daray: he smiled slightly and laughed, "You're really keen on this, aren't you? Don't have to go all crazy about it." he glanced over at her. He was used.

Arya: "Yes, I am." She looked down, blushing a little. "Sorry." She whispered softly.

Daray: "It's okay." his smile faded a bit, "Are you saying you didn't like how I...NO! You're saying I'm not a gentleman because I stalked you!" his mouth dropped in realization. He kept his eyes on her.

Arya: "No, I'm not saying that! You are, just..." She stammered searching for words that she wanted to stay but wouldn't come out of her mouth. She sighed, frustrated.

Daray: "You know I'm right!" he shut his mouth and scowled at her, "Fine. Then just forget me offering to spend time and teach my kids some valuable lessons in life. You know what? They wouldn't even be here if I hadn't...decided to not be a gentleman." his voice was low. He tried to keep it voice of emotion right now. Touchy subject for him, but he was finding out just how Arya really felt about it all.

Arya: "You know what? Whatever Daray. Believe what you want. I do think you are a gentleman and all but you don't believe me. Whatever." She got up and went and sat at her desk that had her brush on it. She picked her brush up and started to brush her hair.

Daray: "Well if you think I'm a gentleman then why can't I teach our son to be one too? Just like me." he still watched her from where he laid on the bed.

Arya: "I just don't want him stalking people. That's all." She set her brush down and turned to face him. She didn't move from where she sat though.

Daray: he shrugged a bit and scooted under the covers and shut off the lamp sitting on the end table by the bed, "Whatever you want, dear." he mumbled as he laid down on the bed and turned his back to her as he laid on his side and closed his eyes.

Arya: She sighed and let her eyes adjust to the new lighting. Once her eyes were adjusted she got up and walked over to the bed and laid down in it. She closed her eyes but couldn't fall asleep like she wanted to.


Daray: early that morning he got up and got changed into a jogging outfit; sweatpants and a tee-shirt and tennis shoes, and after kissing Arya on the cheek as she laid on the bed, he vanished, teleporting outside. He took a morning jog.

Arya: She didn't feel well this morning so she stayed in bed.

Daray: he came back after an hour and made breakfast for the kids before he went back up to his and Arya's room and went into the bathroom to shower before he changed into his clothes for the day. Seeing Arya still in bed, he wondered if she was okay. "I thought you didn't sleep. Or are we blaming this on the baby again?" he smirked a bit as he pulled his zipper up and buttoned his jeans before he pulled his belt tight and looped it through.

Arya: "I don't sleep. I just don't feel well." She said softly/

Daray: "Morning sickness from the baby?" he guessed.

Arya: "I don't know." She whispered

Daray: a bit concerned now, he walked over to her, "Want to go to the doctors?"

Arya: "No. I want to stay here for now." She placed her hands on her stomach and closed her eyes. After a few minutes she spoke softly. "I think you are right about having morning sickness from the baby."

Daray: "Do you feel like puking? Sick to your stomach?"

Arya: "Yes." She said as she got up and went into the bathroom.

Daray: he stepped back to let her by, "Yea. Must be that." he watched after her from where he stood.

Arya: She knelt down in front of the toilet and threw up.

Daray: "Do you want me to hold your hair back...or something?"

Arya: "Thank you."

Daray: he went into the bathroom, holding her hair back for her.

Arya: She threw up a few more times and groaned

Daray: "I don't remember you being sick with Angelia...and she is part human."

Arya: "I don't know. I just feel" She paused and threw up again and groaned again. "Very sick." she finished her sentence

Daray: "Well if it doesn't pass by mid day I'll take you back to Racqual."

Arya: "If that happens. Bring her here. I don't think I'll be able to go anywhere."

Daray: "You have her phone number?"

Arya: "Yes. It's in my purse."

Daray: "Well if it comes to that, I'll call her." he promised.

Arya: "Okay, love."

Daray: he waited until Arya was done puking for now before he left to check on the kids.

Arya: She stayed by the toilet, just in case she felt like she needed to puke again.

Daray: after he checked on the children and got them breakfast, he came back up to Arya.

Arya: She was now walking back to the bed. She looked paler than usually.

Daray: he watched her carefully.

Arya: She lay in the bed and closed her eyes.

Daray: he sat on the floor by the bed, but didn't watch her anymore. He knew a person can feel when someone is watching them.

Arya: She lay in bed, resting.

Daray: he sat there until mid day rolled around.

Arya: She got up a few times, to walk around and go to the restroom but she didn't look as pale anymore. There was more color in her skin, no more than normal.

Daray: "How are you feeling?" he asked, looking up at her from where he sat on the floor.

Arya: "A little better. I don't feel as sick."

Daray: he got up, "Well, that's always a good thing."

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly. "Yes."

Daray: he kissed her cheek, "So I can go now?"

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Thank you dear." he left the room, and as he did, he pulled out his cell phone and hit speed dial and put it to his ear.

Arya: She smiled and went over to her desk and brushed her hair, which was a total mess. She sighed and started to brush it.

Daray: he walked down into the kitchen, and after he spoke on the phone for a few minutes, he hung up and pocketed the phone. He went and looked for Angelia.

Angelia: She was in the kitchen talking and laughing with Shinichi.

Daray: he leaned across the counter and whispered to Angelia with a smile, "Angelia, want to learn something totally cool and relevant in the society we live in today?"

Angelia: She smiled and got excited "I would love to Daddy."

Daray: "Shinichi can come too. Okay lets go." he walked towards the front door.

Angelia: She got up and followed him.

Shinichi: "I'm okay. I'll stay here with Arya. I want to spend time with her."

Daray: "Okay. Fine by me." he locked the door and shut it after him and Angelia were outside. He handed her a bobby pin and a credit card.

Angelia: She looked at them then looked at Darya confused.

Daray: "I'm teaching you how to pick a lock. Because maybe sometime in your life you will need to know. And there are some places you can't teleport into. Trust me. And you know you can't teleport where you do not know. You might reappear as part of a wall, or something." he held the objects closer to her, "Take them, they can be used to pick the lock."

Angelia: "But Daddy. Pick locking a lock is bad."

Daray: "I'm teaching you how to use it for good, not bad. Anything can be bad if that's how you use it."

Angelia: She swallowed a little then took them.

Daray: "What? You don't feel comfortable with it?"

Angelia: "No. I just don't know how to do this, Daddy."

Daray: he knelt down by her, "Okay, well, this is why I am going to teach you. And you can pick the lock on our door as many times as you want because it's our house." he smiled slightly and whispered to her, "Then if your mom ever locks you in, when you get older and have reasons to, you can sneak out." he winked at her before sitting back. "Ready?"

Angelia: "I guess so."

Daray: "I'm just joking, you know..." he watched her, "You don't look too enthused."

Angelia: "This isn't very cool and relevant in the society we live in today, Daddy."

Daray: "It is in my world. You know how helpful this was to me growing up?" he sighed and held out his hand. He looked a bit dejected, "Fine. Give it back to me. You're just like your mom."

Angelia: She looked a little sad when he said that but she gave them back to him. After handing them back to him she teleported inside the house.

Daray: he went and picked the lock himself and walked into the house and shut the door behind him, putting the credit card back in his pocket. He walked back up to his and Arya's room and set her bobby pin in the dresser.

Angelia: She was in her room, lying on her bed. She faced her wall, her back to the door.

Daray: "You better go check on Angelia." he said to Arya after he set the pin down. He left the room and went to his office.

Arya: She looked at Daray, wondering why. She got up and instead of checking on Angelia she followed Daray. "What happened?"

Daray: "You did."

Arya: "What do you mean I did?"

Daray: he looked back at her as he opened his office door, "First you don't want me to teach her how to stalk people. I promise I won't. Now she won't even let me teach her how to pick a lock because it's 'wrong'." he sighed, "She's just like you." he walked into his office.

Arya: She sighed. "Well, I can't help that. She is my daughter." She looked away from him.

Daray: "Yea. I know. I'm not upset about that. I'm upset that she's nothing like me."

Arya: "I can't help the way she thinks. I had nothing to do with it. She's smart for her age, smarter than she's supposed to be at her age. It seems like she knows right from wrong. Our little girl won't be a little girl any longer."

Daray: "I don't care if it's right or if it's wrong. She's needs to know it to help her, just like she should know how to fight." he sat down at his desk, "One of these days she's going to find herself in need of knowing how to pick a lock and when she doesn't know, she'll be in deep trouble."

Arya: "Then tell her that. Explain to her why you are teaching her it."

Daray: "I already did."

Arya: "Did you explain it where she would understand?"

Daray: "I don't know."

Arya: "Why don't you try that before you give up?" She turned around and right before she walked away she looked at him. "She more like you in ways you don't know, love. Just give her a chance to prove it." She then went upstairs and into Angelia's room. She comforted her.

Daray: "Arya I'm not giving up. You should have seen her face. She didn't want to do it. And she won't learn if she doesn't want to do something." he called after her.

Angelia: She was standing outside of his door, but not where Daray could see her. She looked down and started to walk away.

Daray: since he didn't get a response from Arya he just opened up his drawer and pulled out some papers. He decided since he had a free day now he would work on some formulas. He set the papers on his desk and shut the drawer. Then he rifled through them.

Angelia: She got a bobby pin from Arya's dresser. Then asked Arya for a credit card. She then went outside after locking the door and shutting it.

Daray: he just stayed in his office working.

Angelia: She swallowed a little and tried to unlock the lock.

Daray: after about thirty minutes he got up and went over to Angelia's room to check on her.

Angelia: She was still outside trying to unlock the lock

Daray: "Arya where is Angelia?" he called to her.

Arya: "She said she was going outside for a bit." she called back to him.

Daray: he teleported outside. "Angelia!" he called.

Angelia: She got it unlocked and opened the door. "Over here Daddy!" She called back to him.

Daray: he walked over to her, "What are you doing?" he glanced at the door then at her.

Angelia: She handed him the bobby pin and the credit card then walked inside and up to her room.

Daray: "You did it without me?" he frowned a moment and then he realized, "You DID it without me!" he smiled and teleported in front of her and scooped her up in a hug, squishing her in his grip.

Angelia: "Daddy, you're hurting me." She said softly.

Daray: he let go of her and set her down, "Sorry." he said still smiling, "Can you show me how you did that?"

Angelia: She nodded and went back downstairs.

Daray: his smile faded a bit as he followed her, "You okay?"

Angelia: "Yeah." She said softly. "She locked the door but waited for Daray to step outside so she could shut the door.

Daray: he stepped outside and watched her, "Doesn't seem like you are."

Angelia: She shut the door and held out her hand for the bobby pin and credit card.

Daray: he handed them back to her. He wasn't going to ask any more questions, just watch her.

Angelia: She did the same thing she did last time to open the door and the door opened again.

Daray: he smiled, "Very good."

Angelia: She nodded and handed Daray the credit card and bobby pin back to him

Daray: he took them back, "I'm proud of you. Good job."

Angelia: "Thanks Daddy."

Daray: he nodded and held the credit card and bobby pin and just watched her.

Angelia: She didn't know what to do so she went back inside.

Daray: he teleported back up to his office and then went to look for Arya.

Arya: She was laying in the living room, reading one of her books.

Daray: "I suspect these are yours." he handed the credit card and bobby pin back to his wife.

Arya: She took them. "Why yes." She looked at him kind of confused.

Daray: "Angelia picked the lock at the front door."

Arya: "By herself?" She closed her book.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Yea."

Arya: "How'd did you learn to do that?"

Daray: "Me?" he wondered if she meant him or if she was asking about Angelia.

Arya: "Yes you. How'd you learn to do what you were trying to teach her?"

Daray: "I taught myself."

Arya: "And she taught herself. Did she not?"

Daray: he nodded, "Yea. I'm proud of her." he sat on the couch, "You trying to show me she's like me?"

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Maybe a little."

Arya: "You still doubt her." She shook her head.

Daray: "No I don't. I'm very proud of her." he disagreed.

Arya: "You doubt that she's like you."

Daray: "I said she's more like you than she is like me."

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little. "How'd you learn to fight?"

Daray: he looked away from her, "By being beat up enough times I learned how to fight back." he looked at her again, "Are you trying to make points here?"

Arya: "Yes, I am."

Daray: "And what is it?"

Arya: "Angelia probably will as well. Learn more or less by herself."

Daray: "Good. She's like me. Doesn't make me love her more or any less. I love her the same as before."

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: "She's mad at me though, I can tell."

Arya: "How can you tell?"

Daray: "She's not talking to me."

Arya: "Why don't you go and see if that's true?"

Daray: he sighed, "Am I to make this day a complete check on Angelia day?"

Arya: She hid a smile. "No. Just go and try to bond with her. She's your only daughter."

Daray: "As of yet. Or are we stopping after this child?"

Arya: "Right now, let's just worry about the one we have and are going to have before we think of anymore."

Daray: "Fine." he stood, "I'll go bond with her."

Arya: She watched him and nodded. She then opened her book and started to read again.

Daray: he teleported to Angelia's room.

Angelia: She was sitting in her room, putting away her toys that were out and putting some clothes away.

Daray: "Knock knock." he said and took a seat on her bed.

Angelia: She jumped a little and turned. "Oh, hi daddy."

Daray: "Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you. Just came to bond."

Angelia: "It's okay, daddy." She continued to put her things away.

Daray: "Want to go do something with me that's cool and totally relevant to the society we live in today?"

Angelia: "Like what?"

Daray: "You don't trust me anymore to just come with me like before?"

Angelia: "I do I just want to know what we are doing in case I need to change clothes."

Daray: "You don't need to change clothes." he assured her.

Angelia: "Okay." She finished putting her things away.

Daray: "Ready then?" he asked her standing.

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: 'Arya, Angelia and I are going out.' he told his wife mentally and then took Angelia's hand and teleported them to the movie theater.

Angelia: She looked at the building.

Daray: "It's a movie theater. It's not going to bite you. Unless you want it to."

Angelia: She looked at him weirdly.

Daray: he smiled, "Do you want it to?"

Angelia: "You're weird, daddy."

Daray: "I'm serious. You better be careful." he took her hand and walked into the theater and opened the door for them both, "Which movie do you want to see?" he took her to the wall of posters that displayed the movies that were playing.

Angelia: "I don't know." She looked at the movies that were playing.

Daray: "We could go see Snydes Suck," he smiled slightly; "No one will guess we went and saw that."

Angelia: "But daddy aren't we Snydes?" She looked up at him.

The girl behind the glass where they sold the tickets looked up when Angelia said that.

Daray: he smiled, "Of course. Have to be to see the movie. At least, have to love them, right?" he glanced at the girl behind the counter and then leaned there, "Two please. For Snydes Suck."

Angelia: "But we drain blood. Isn't it dangerous to be around humans?"

The girl behind the counter hesitated.

Daray: he sighed, "No, I'm sure everyone who is in this movie will be prepared in case we try." he looked at the girl, "My daughter had a nightmare a few nights ago. Can you assure her that no Snydes will drain her blood?"

Angelia: "But daddy." She sighed and wasn't going to try anymore.

The girl stammered.

Daray: "What do you seriously believe in Snydes?" he asked the girl.

The girl swallowed as she looked between him and Angelia.

Daray: he frowned at her, "You are no help to my daughter. She's afraid of them and here you are encouraging her." he took out his wallet and was angry, "Seriously, I am going to have to talk to your manager. You shouldn't be working at a movie theater. Give me two tickets to the movie, one adult, one child." he ordered.

The girl she got the tickets and handed them to him.

Daray: "Thank you. Tell me your manager's name."

Girl: "There's no need for that sir. I'm sure that there are no Snyde in there and that is no such thing as Snydes. It's just myth of course. It's just a movie."

Daray: he watched her, "Sure it is." he picked up Angelia and walked into the concession area and looked at the menu, "You want anything?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: "Why'd you do that Daddy? She was terrified and no I don't want anything.

Daray: "Do what?" he asked her as he turned and walked down the aisle for the movie door.

Angelia: "What you just did to that girl."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Cuz I like to scare people." he handed his ticket to the usher and then walked into the room for the movie.

Angelia: "But that wasn't nice."

Daray: "I'm not very nice underneath the facade of mine." he found two seats for him and Angelia and set her down in the seat and then sat beside her.

Angelia: She didn't say anything after that. She just looked forwards towards the screen.

Daray: "Do you want to watch the movie? I mean if not we can leave." he asked her.

Angelia: "We should stay and watch since you bought the tickets and we're already in here."

Daray: "Well if you don't want to we can's not a problem."

Angelia: "It's fine." She said softly.

Daray: he watched her, "I'm just trying to find something fun for us to do together and you don't like any of the things I choose for you."

Angelia: She looked at him. "I liked it when we went to the park that one day. I had fun that day."

Daray: "The park." he sighed and picked Angelia up and left through the exit in the room and then vanished, teleporting them to the park.

Angelia: She sighed. "Why'd you do that? You paid for those tickets and they went to waist."

Daray: "Because I'm trying to find something for us to do together to bond. You can't bond if you're doing something the person you're trying to bond with hates. So, if the park is the only thing we have in common, then so be it. Who needs movie theaters anyways?" he set her down and walked over to a swing and sat in it.

Angelia: She sat on the swing next to him, looking at the ground.

Daray: "What else do you like to do?" he asked her.

Angelia: She shrugged a little.

Daray: "You're upset with me again." he shook his head and sighed and then just swung.

Angelia: She watched him swing.

Daray: he was willing to stay there as long as Angelia wanted. Though for some reason, a strange part of him wanted to go back to the movie theater and terrorize that girl. He smiled, thinking about it.

Angelia: She teleported to the top of the slide.

Daray: he kept part of his focus on Angelia, part on the Movie Theater, and part on swinging.

Angelia: She smiled slightly as she slid down the slide. She then teleported to the swings again. "Daddy, will you push me again? Like you did the other day?"

Daray: "Sure." he got up and helped Angelia get on a swing. Then he pulled it back and let it go, swinging her.

Angelia: She smiled and laughed softly.

Daray: he smiled slightly. Well, if all else fails, at least he made her laugh.

Angelia: "Higher Daddy."

Daray: he pushed the swing harder, making it go higher.

Angelia: She laughed and smiled more.

Daray: he was least even if she was upset with him she would still laugh.

Angelia: "Daddy?"

Daray: "Yea Angel?"

Angelia: "Would you catch me if I jumped?"

Daray: "I would. Why? You want to jump?"

Angelia: "Yes."

Daray: "Alright. On the count of three. One, two, three." he teleported in front of the swing.

Angelia: When he said three she jumped.

Daray: he caught her, just like he said he would. Then he set her down.

Angelia: "Again, again, daddy." She laughed and ran back over to the swing. She was having fun.

Daray: he smiled and pushed her high and then again counted to three and caught her when she jumped. He did this over and over again for her as many times as she wanted.

Angelia: She was laughing and having a good time. She stopped after a few times. "Daddy?"

Daray: "Yes?" he asked, again.

Angelia: "Will...will you teach me how to fight?" She asked softly.

Daray: "Right now?"

Angelia: "If you want to right now."

Daray: "I would need to get a few things. Um, maybe tomorrow is better."

Angelia: "Okay, daddy."

Daray: he smiled slightly at her, "You want to swing again?"

Angelia: "No."

Daray: "Now what do you want to do?"

Angelia: "Can we go get some ice cream?"

Daray: "Sure." he picked her up and teleported them to town again. He walked to an ice cream parlor and went inside. "Which kind would you like sweetie pie?"

Angelia: "Chocolate."

Daray: "Give me a large chocolate ice cream cone please." he ordered it and when it was ready, they handed it to Angelia and he paid for it. Then he took a seat at a table and set Angelia down in her own chair.

Angelia: "Thank you daddy." She started to eat her ice cream.

Daray: "You're welcome." he smiled slightly at her and took a spoon and spun it around on the table. When he got bored with that, he picked up the spoon and breathed hot air on the silver surface and stuck it to his nose so it dangled there.

Angelia: She laughed.

Daray: he smiled slightly and took the spoon off of his nose and put it on Angelia's.

Angelia: She laughed again and took it off her nose.

Daray: he smiled and just sat there.

Angelia: She finished her ice cream.

Daray: "Wow, you must have really wanted ice cream." he teased.

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: he smiled, "Are you ready to go home?" he asked.

Angelia: She frowned a little. "I guess so."

Daray: "We don't have to. I just don't know what else to do, that you like to do."

Angelia: "Can't we just talk, daddy?"

Daray: "We can talk if you want to." he looked at her, "About what, I don't know." he grabbed a napkin and licked a corner; wrapping it around his finger he wiped some chocolate off of Angelia's face from around her mouth.

Angelia: She smiled slightly. "We can talk about anything, daddy."

Daray: he tossed the napkin in the trash, "Like?"

Angelia: "Anything that comes to mind."

Daray: "Listen, honey, I'm not very good at talking. You don't even want to know what your mother's and mine first date was like. There wasn't talking."

Angelia: She sighed in relief a little. She really didn't feel like talking either.

Daray: he smiled slightly at her, "I'm good with just sitting with you, if that's okay. We can do that too."

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: "Alright. Sounds good to me." he sat back, his back against the wall.

Angelia: She laid her head on the table.

Daray: he watched her, "Tired?"

Angelia: "No."

Daray: "Bored?"

Angelia: "A little."

Daray: "You know what I did when I was bored?"

Angelia: "What?"

Daray: "I would go to a park, and sit on a bench, and people. Watch them, their dogs. Watch what they did, watch them walk by...I did it so often that soon I knew them as if I knew my friends. They just didn't know me."

Angelia: "Why'd you do that Daddy?"

Daray: "Something to pass the time, get out of the house. I didn't like my uncle very much and he was always around." he smiled slightly and looked at her, "Thankfully, I have no siblings. Though you have your uncle Gabiral." he shrugged, "I found things to do, and watching people was one of them."

Angelia: "I have an uncle?"

Daray: "And an Aunt. Aunt Athena and Uncle Gabiral I believe. Not sure of any others."

Angelia: "I know I have an Aunt. I just didn't know that I had an Uncle. How come mommy doesn't talk 'bout him?"

Daray: he shrugged slightly, "He's not a favorite conversation piece."

Angelia: "Why?"

Daray: "Some people are fun to talk about, and he's just not. He's boring." he explained.

Angelia: "Oh." She laid her head back down but she laid it where she could see people walk in and out of the parlor.

Daray: he smiled slightly, seeing her watch people. It wasn't stalking, it was just watching. So Arya shouldn't be mad at him for telling her about it.

Angelia: She watched the person that worked there mostly.

Daray: "Having fun?" he asked her after a moment.

Angelia: "Yea."

Daray: "How about we go to the park. Not the play ground park but the one where the people walk their dogs. I'm sure some will still be there at this time."

Angelia: "Ok." She stood and waited for Daray.

Daray: he stood and opened the door for her. When they were both outside, he made sure no one was watching and he teleported them to the park. He walked over to a bench by a walkway and sat down on one end.

Angelia: She sat beside him and laid her head on his arm, watching the people in the park.

Daray: he put his arm around her, watching the people too and holding her close, "Okay," he said after a moment, "Do you want to just watch or would you like me to tell you a thing or two?"

Angelia: "Tell me a thing or two." She said softly.

Daray: he pointed with his other hand, "That girl, with the dog. Do you see who I mean?" when Angelia looked he continued, "Do you see the type of dog she has?" it was a small miniature poodle dog.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah."

Daray: "Now what I want you to notice is how the dog looks. Is it brushed out? Nails clipped? If it is, she takes good care of her pet, which means she takes good care of her family. If you notice a dog who is unkempt, most likely the person walking it doesn't have time for little details and paying attention to the nicer things." he patted Angelia's arm, "When you get a boyfriend, ask to see his dog."

Angelia: She looked at the dog that the girl was walking. It was well taken care of. It was brushed, nails looked clipped, and it even had a nice collar and leash. She looked up at him after the girl and the dog was out of sight. "What if he doesn't have a dog or any pets?"

Daray: "Then you make note of how he eats. Everyone eats. Don't fall for the crap of how a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. No man loved his mom like he loved his wife. Those are two different things." he looked around for someone in the park eating.

Angelia: "So like that guy over there."' She pointed to a guy sitting at one of the tables. "He looks like he doesn't take care of himself" The guy looked like he hasn't showered; his hair was all greasy looking. "If he doesn't take care of himself then he wouldn't be taking good care of his family. Right daddy?" She looked up at him, she knew it wasn't what he was looking for but it was worth a try to try by herself on one.

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Right. I mean, people can put on shows...they can act different for so long, but it's when you watch someone when they don't know that you're watching them that you can see who they really are. Now, if he found someone he loved, he would change, for her." he looked around for some person to show Angelia.

Angelia: "Oh. Like you did for Mommy." She looked up at him.

Daray: "I don't think I changed that much, but she never asked me to either." he noticed the person, a boy, standing by a tree. He was shaven and clean and dressed nicely. "What do you think of him when you see him?"

Angelia: "I think that he is in love, waiting for the one he loves. He wants to impress her, to show her that he can be better than he has been." She looked up at Daray again. "Am I wrong?"

Daray: "I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. And with my strength, that's pretty far." he kept his eyes on the boy.

Angelia: "So I'm wrong." She studied the boy more.

Daray: "See how he fidgets with his pocket? He's nervous about something, and that look in his eyes tells me it's not something innocent."

Angelia: She noticed that after Daray pointed it out.

Daray: he looked over at a little boy who was dirty and his clothes were askew. "Him..." he said slowly, "Him I think you could be friends with."

Angelia: She wrinkled her nose a little "Why him?"

Daray: "See how he treats those walking by? See his eyes?"

Angelia: "No."

Daray: "Well, watch him." he sat back and waited.

Angelia: She watched the little boy carefully. She saw what Daray meant. "He hasn't done anything bad and he takes good care of himself and tries not to get in trouble. Right?" She looked up at Daray, seeing if she was correct or not.

Daray: he smiled down at her, "Right. You're getting good at this."

Angelia: She smiled. She was getting good at this. She watched some children play and people walk their dogs.

Daray: "See, there are things that are a given, but sometimes people can do things out of the norm and that's what you have to watch for to be a good..." stalker, "...person watcher."

Angelia: She smiled. "So you 'person watched' Mommy for so many years?" She knew what the difference was between stalking and people watching and what Daray did wasn't person watching.

Daray: "I loved your mom at first sight. Not my fault she didn't notice me for those years. I wouldn't have watched her so long if she had." he shrugged slightly.

Angelia: She giggled. "Daddy, why don't you just admit that you stalked Mommy for all those years? You know you did, Mommy knows you did..."

Daray: "Because stalking sounds sort of vial. I mean...stalkers take pictures and watch people from trees." he thought back...he did that, but it wasn't...wrong...

Angelia: She hid a smile. "Whatever you say, Daddy." She watched the boy that he pointed out earlier, the one that Daray didn't trust. She wanted to know what was going on with him.

Daray: now he was stuck in those thoughts...good thing his wife couldn't read his mind. He smiled slightly. Ahhh...the things she couldn't keep from his shoebox of memories...

The boy could feel someone watching him. He looked Angelia's way and then seeing her staring; he walked down the path and stood against another tree, obscuring her view.

Angelia: She glared at the tree that he was standing against. The tree disappeared after a few minutes of her glaring at it.

The boy fell as the tree he was leaning against suddenly disappeared.

Daray: he heard the thud and looked over at from where it came.

The boy looked around confused. "What the heck?" he muttered, wincing as he rubbed his arm. It hurt after falling on it.

Angelia: Her eyes got wide and she looked away. 'Did I just do that?' She thought to herself. She looked back over to where the boy was at; trying to hide that she did that. "Daddy, I don't feel so good. Can we go home?" She asked him softly as she watched the boy.

Daray: he looked back down at her, "Too much ice cream? I should have gotten you the small I guess."

Angelia: She nodded, still watching the boy.

Daray: "Great..." he takes her out for a day and makes her sick. Arya will love that. He got up and picked up Angelia.

The boy looked over at Angelia and saw her watching him again. His eyes narrowed as he got up, still holding his arm.

Daray: he walked with her out of the park and off to a hiding spot where he teleported them home and set her down in the entrance.

Angelia: "Thank you Daddy for the fun day." She said softly then teleported to her room.

Daray: "Sure." he looked at the clock.

The clock said 3 o'clock

Daray: "That's it?" he walked to the living room and sat down and started to unlace his shoes before kicking them off.

Arya: "How was your bonding time with your daughter?" She looked over the edge of her book that she was reading.

Daray: "Good till she got sick and I had to bring her home."

Arya: "Did she look paler than normal?"

Daray: "I didn't really notice. I just took her home like she wanted."

Arya: "You should check on her in an hour or so. To see if she's okay." She went back to reading.

Daray: "I should? What about you? You're her mom."

Arya: "Yes, and today is your day with her."

Daray: he watched her with an annoyed expression. He didn't say anything.

Arya: She smiled, her book hid it though.

Daray: "Your eyes crinkled...are you smiling? You think this is funny."

Arya: She smiled more. "No, I don't think it's funny. I just think you should get to know your daughter better."

Daray: "You DO think it's funny. You little liar." he said, his eyes light. He pulled her book from her hands and grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the couch closer to him and leaned over her, "You are smiling." he smiled in response, seeing her smile, "I see it."

Arya: She smiled. "I never said that I wasn't smiling, I just said that I didn't think it was funny." She smiled even more then she leaned up and kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her back softly, closing his eyes briefly and opening them when the kiss ended, "Sneaky. I like it." he patted her leg, "Fine. In an hour I'll check on her." he picked up her book and handed it back to her.

Arya: "Okay." She went back to reading her book, smiling still.

Daray: he got off of the couch and took his shoes to the hallway and set them down. Then he went up to his office and shut the door behind him.

Arya: She continued to read

Angelia: She stayed in her room trying to figure out how she made the tree disappear.

Daray: he decided to kill an hour by getting out his videos and pictures, though he just looked at the pictures for now. He opened up the shoebox once he dug it out of the floor board under the dresser in the room after he moved it, and opened it up. He sat against the wall and looked at the pictures.

Angelia: She sighed and just closed her eyes and gave up.

Daray: after an hour he put his things away how they were before and went to Angelia's room, "Baby girl how are you feeling?" he asked from the other side of her bedroom door.

Angelia: She didn't answer him.

Daray: he opened her door and looked inside.

Angelia: She was lying on her floor just looking at the thing that she was trying to make disappear.

Daray: "What are you doing? I thought you were sick."

Angelia: She shook her head no.

Daray: he came in the room and shut the door behind him, "So you lied to me?"

Angelia: "Only to get out of the park." She said softly.

Daray: "Why? And why couldn't you have just asked me to leave the park?"

Angelia: "Cuz of the tree and I thought you wouldn't want to leave the park." She still spoke softly.

Daray: "What about the tree? What tree?"

Angelia: "The tree that boy was standing against."

Daray: "What about it?"

Angelia: "I made it disappear." She looked up at Daray from where she laid.

Daray: "Like, you teleported it away?"

Angelia: She thought about that then nodded. "Without touching it. I was glaring at the tree and it was gone." She then gasped and looked at the thing. "See watch." She glared at the thing that was beside her and in a few seconds it also disappeared.

Daray: "Glare at me."

Angelia: She shook her head no. She didn't know what would happen if she did. She wouldn't know where he went.

Daray: "Well we can find out where you send everything and I'm the best subject to use as I can't die so...better me than some random person you glare at. Right?"

Angelia: She looked down. "But what if you can't get back? It'll be my fault." She barely whispered.

Daray: "I can teleport, remember? I can figure something out."

Angelia: "Okay." She swallowed then glared at Daray. Soon he disappeared.

The place he was sent was dark and dry. No life could be seen or heard.

Daray: "Interesting..." he walked around. What was this place?

The tree that Angelia was talking about was not far from him, but it was withered and dead for only the short time it was there. The thing that she sent there too was hard like a rock. The was no light what so ever in this place. The walls were smooth and so was the floor and ceiling. There was no doors.

Daray: he tried to breathe to see if there was oxygen. This was not a good sign.

There was no sign of oxygen in the place he was in. No water, or food either.

Daray: 'No wonder they die.' he thought to himself, unable to talk without air. He tried to teleport home.

He was able to teleport out of the place.

Daray: he was back in Angelia's room, "That's a scary place..."

Angelia: She hugged him when he returned, she was crying.

Daray: he hugged her back, "Honey what's wrong? Why are you crying?" he knelt down to her height.

Angelia: "I was afraid you wouldn't come back." She continued to hug him.

Daray: "You should have trusted me."

Angelia: She sniffled.

Daray: he leaned back and rubbed her arms, "Now, I wonder where the place is at. It doesn't have oxygen or any sign of life at all. And I wonder if, if you think about the thing you glared at and sent there, if it will come back."

Angelia: "I don't know." She said softly.

Daray: "Feel up to trying it?"

Angelia: "I guess so." She sniffled again.

Daray: "Think about your dresser." he smiled slightly, "Otherwise, we will need to shop for more clothes for you." he teased, his voice soft, "If you focus on something long enough you can teleport it back. And since I was able to teleport out, maybe you can teleport something out too."

Angelia: "Can I try with something that I already sent there?"

Daray: "Yea, that's what I'm talking about. The dresser you sent there earlier when I walked in your room."

Angelia: "Okay." She focused on the thing she sent there. She focused for about a minute but nothing happened.

Daray: he tried to teleport it back. Maybe she wasn't doing it right.

He couldn't teleport back.

Angelia: She tried closing her eyes and focusing. Not even a minute past and the thing appeared in front of them.

Daray: "Weird..." he said slowly, looking at the thing, wondering how it got there if it wasn't by teleportation, and how he had gotten back...if the teleportation didn't work for the couldn't have worked for him, could it have?

Angelia: She looked at him. She was confused and afraid something was wrong with her.

Daray: he smiled slightly at her, "You have powers."

Angelia: "I thought teleporting was my power."

Daray: he shrugged slightly, "You can have more than one. And it seems you do."

Angelia: "Is it a good power?" She asked softly.

Daray: "I think so. We need to find out more about it though. Maybe your mom would know something."

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't want to tell Mommy though."

Daray: "You always tell your mom things, Angelia." he said a bit sternly. "Why don't you want to tell her?"

Angelia: She looked down a little. "Cause..." 'She isn't really my mommy.' she finished her sentence in her mind.

Daray: he lifted her chin to make her look up at him, "Because why?"

Angelia: "Because, I don't want to." She said softly.

Daray: "Why?"

Angelia: "Because she..." She swallowed. "Isn't really my mommy." She finished her sentence in only a soft whisper.

Daray: "Yea, that's what I thought you thought." he dropped his hand. "You think Athena is?"

Angelia: "I know she is." She spoke in only a whisper now. "I overheard you and her taking about me. She was freaking out. Daddy, I may be half human but I have Snyde senses. I can hear pretty well. She told you that her and Mommy had the same DNA so it didn't matter if I was with her or not."

Daray: "Arya is the one who wanted you; she's the one who was there when you were conceived. She's the one who gave birth to you. She is your mother. It doesn't matter what you over heard."

Angelia: "That's when she wasn't in her own body." She mumbled.

Daray: "And what I tried to explain to Athena is she was like a surrogate mother. Do you know what that is?"

Angelia: She didn't answer him.

Daray: "Fine. Don't talk to me."

Angelia: She teleported to the roof.

Daray: he wondered what he did wrong. He stood slowly.

Angelia: She pulled her knees up to her chest and put her head on them. She sighed softly.

Daray: he teleported to Arya, "Need your help."

Arya: "With what?" She didn't look up from her book.

Daray: "Angelia and you."

Arya: She looked up at him. "What about us?" She asked a little confused.

Daray: "She overheard what I said to Athena about her being her mom."

Arya: "Oh god." She closed her eyes.

Daray: "I'm sorry. I tried to explain to her but she teleported away from me. I think she might be on the roof. I heard something up there. I don't think I should go."

Arya: "And you think that she will listen to me?"

Daray: "Should we get Athena?

Arya: "We should, just in case. She might get through to your daughter."

Daray: he sighed and took out his cell phone and called Athena and told her the problem.

Athena: She sighed over the phone. "We'll be right over."

Arya: She went back to her reading, trying to get her mind off of what was happening. It didn't work though.

Daray: "Thanks." he hung up the phone and sat on the couch again by Arya. "I shouldn't do bonding time with Angelia."

Arya: "Yes you should. She's YOUR daughter."

Daray: he looked at her, "Excuse me?"

Arya: "She will never be my daughter. She's my niece and I'm stupid for thinking anything different. She knows the truth and she won't ever look at me in that mother way." She looked down, her eyes closed.

Daray: he frowned at her, "I was just talking about how everything I do to bond with her turns out're going a little extreme."

Arya: "Maybe it will now, since she's got everything out in the open that she's been keeping in." She looked up at him. "It's true thought. Everything I just said is true. She doesn't have to hide and pretend anymore."

Daray: "You're her mother, Arya. Unless you don't want to be."

Arya: She sighs. "Daray, love. You're not getting what I'm saying. No matter if I want to or not, to her I'm not her mother. I'm her aunt that's married to her father."

There was a knock on the door.

Daray: he got up off of the couch, "So you don't want to be her mother? Fine. I'll make sure to let Athena let Angelia know." he walked over and answered the door.

Arya: "I never said..." She sighed and just lay on the couch, curled in a ball and closed her eyes.

Athena: She was standing outside the door. Xavier was with her.

Daray: "Hello mother of my first child. Come in." he stepped aside.

Athena: She rolled her eyes as she walked in, Xavier followed her in.

Daray: "So how are we going to do this? I get her on weekends you get her on weekdays?"

Athena: "What on earth are you talking about?" She looked at him weirdly. "I'm not taking her at all. My life is too dangerous and even if it wasn't I still wouldn't take her."

Daray: "And why is that?"

Athena: "Because she's your child."

Daray: "But you're her mother, aren't you?"

Athena: "Yea, but doesn't mean that I want to take her. She wasn't supposed to be my child. She was supposed to be yours and Arya's child." She crossed her arms. "If this is the reason I came out here to argue about something that we already decided on then I'm leaving now." She turned towards the door.

Daray: "She's on the roof." he sighed, "Unless you want to comfort your sister first."

Athena: "Isn't that your job? To comfort her?" She went outside and jumped up on the roof. Xavier stayed by the door. 'Isn't she half human?'

Daray: 'Yes she is.' he replied to Athena and motioned Xavier in before he shut the door. He stayed there. Arya was being stupid right now. She'd get over it.

Athena: 'Okay. Thank you.' He could more or less hear the smile in her voice, even mentally.

Xavier: He stepped in and nodded to Daray to thank him.

Daray: 'Why?' he teleported to the roof without her knowing. He watched her.

Athena: She was kneeling down to Angelia's height, looking her straight in the eye. Neither one of them were blinking. She was speaking softly where only Angelia could hear what she was saying. After a few minutes Athena smiled. "Do you understand?"

Angelia: "I understand."

Daray: he teleported behind Athena and grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back and held her arm tightly, "Did you just mind control my child?" he said harshly.

Athena: She growled and easily pinned him. "You wanted me to take care of it and I did. She believes that you and Arya are her parents and that I and Xavier are her aunt and uncle. If you don't want that then I can easily undo it." She let go of him. "Your choice."

Daray: "I wanted her to know herself, not be forced to know it!" he growled at her and shoved her back.

Athena: "Fine. I'll undo it and you can deal with it. I'm done here." She went over to Angelia and undid what she did. "Goodbye Daray and good luck." She jumped off the roof and went to get Xavier.

Daray: he teleported back inside and opened the door for them, "See you when we visit Daniel. Unless you are going alone."

Athena: "Which will be tomorrow. See you then." She and Xavier then left Daray's house.

Daray: he shut the door behind her and teleported back up to Angelia.

Angelia: She was rubbing her eyes.

Daray: "Hi Angel." he sat down in front of her.

Angelia: She looked up at Daray then looked down.

Daray: "Do you not want Arya to be your mom?"

Angelia: "Why doesn't Athena want me?" She looked up at him, totally ignoring his question.

Daray: "She's not your mom. That's why." he said simply.

Angelia: "Yes she is. She's my birth mother. Why doesn't she want me, Daddy?"

Daray: "She's not your birth mother. Arya is. That's why she doesn't want you. She's just your aunt."

Angelia: "Why are you lying to me? You know that isn't true. Arya was in Athena's body and she gave birth to me from her body. You know that's true, you were there."

Daray: "Just because someone gives birth to a baby doesn't make them the baby's mother." he watched her, "Does Athena want to be your mother?"

Angelia: "You just proved my point. Arya might have given birth to me but I am from Athena's body, not Arya's." She stood and teleported inside the house.

Daray: he reversed her teleport and held her there, "That's not the point I was trying to make." he was getting irritated. "You are from Athena's body but Arya is your mother. SHE wants you. You're breaking her heart, doing this to her. Rejecting her. Why are you rejecting her?"

Angelia: "Because she's not my mother." She closed her eyes so she wouldn't glare at Daray.

Daray: "So you don't love her?"

Angelia: She didn't answer him. She was done talking to him.

Daray: "Arya was there for you when you were born. You grew up with her. She loved you when you were a baby and she loves you now." he let go of her arms, "But if you think you can make an attachment to Athena, fine. Go. Leave the mother you've had since you were born to get the mother you actually want. You're done talking to me Angelia? Maybe I'm done talking to you." he teleported inside.

Angelia: She teleported to the park, where her and Daray were earlier. She sat there watching the people, like she was taught. It took her mind off of things.

Daray: he went back into the room with Arya and sat on the floor in front of the couch, watching her.

Arya: She had been crying, he could tell. She was heartbroken, just like he told Angelia. She was asleep now, though. She cried herself to sleep.

Daray: he sat closer to the couch and stroked her cheek gently with his hand, his face was somber. He brushed the tears off of her cheek with his thumb, gently.

Arya: She stirred slightly but didn't wake. She whispered Angelia's name a few times as she slept.

Daray: he just sat there and watched her. He'd wait for her to wake. He didn't feel like running after Angelia. She was being stubborn and ridiculous. "I'm sorry baby." he kissed Arya's cheek and then got up and sat in a chair.

Angelia: She lay on the bench, watching as the people disappeared from the park. She knew it was getting late.

Arya: She woke two hours later.

A boy walked over and sat on the bench beside Angelia. It was the boy from earlier. The one with a secret.

Daray: he was watching her from where he sat, "Hi Arya." he said gently.

Angelia: She didn't pay any attention to the boy.

Arya: "Angelia?" She asked about her.

Daray: "She should be somewhere around here. She promised me she wouldn't run off. I just don't feel like talking to her right now. And she needs time to think and get her head on straight."

The boy looked over at Angelia, "You're the girl from earlier. You saw what happened to my tree?"

Arya: She nodded. "Okay."

Angelia: She looked at the boy. "So what that I'm the girl from earlier. And yea it disappeared. So what?"

The boy smiled slightly, though his smile wasn't warm. He took Angelia's by the wrist and pulled her from the bench and with him.

Daray: "Question is, how is Arya?"

Angelia: She pulled against him. "Let go of me and you won't be hurt." She warned him.

Arya: "I'll live."

Daray: "I'm glad you've decided to live. Now I won't have to beg."

The boy looked back at her and smiled slightly, "Oh, you'll hurt me? How nice." he twisted her wrist in an unnatural way and pulled her to him, "You already did. You almost broke my arm." he said through gritted teeth, his face right close to Angelia's since he had pulled her up to him.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "That would have been something to see."

Angelia: "I'll make sure to break your neck the next time." She then twisted out of his grip and pinned him to ground, his face against the ground. She kept him there.

The boy melted beneath her and when he reappeared he was on top of her, slamming her face into the ground, hard. Dirt smashed into her skin. He grabbed her wrist and finished snapping the bone as he pinned it behind her back, "You want to meet my parents? Okay. Sounds good." he got up and dragged her by her wrist behind him.

Daray: he smiled slightly as she did and kissed her forehead gently. "Everything will be okay, Raya." he promised softly.

Angelia: She held back a cry out in pain. She took a deep breath to calm herself. 'Daddy, please help. I'm sorry. I'm in trouble. Help, please.' Her mentally voice was strained and sound like she was in pain. She couldn't teleport when she was in this much pain.

Arya: "I hope so."

The boy stopped her from sending a distress signal, "Don't use your powers. It'll make it worse. Women shouldn't struggle. Just let the man do what needs to be done, okay angel?" he stopped and picked her up, hoisting her over his shoulder and patting her behind softly, "Okay, here's the plan..." he walked right past people, no one seemed to notice them, even those in finger lengths reach of them. It was as if they weren't even there. "You marry me, we have some fun. You'll fall deeply in love with me, I kill you eventually. My life goes on. Like a black widow spider, only it's the male who's dominate now, baby." he walked out of the park with her.

Daray: "Athena tried to use mind control on her, but I don't want Angelia to be controlled. So I didn't let her. Should I, of?"

Angelia: "I'll never marry a guy that treats a woman like crap." She said through clenched teeth. 'Oh god, why did I get myself into this?' She thought to herself. "Also, my father was right about you. Someone not to be trusted." She then moved to where she wasn't on his shoulders anymore but behind him. She tried to teleport home.

The boy smiled at her. Angelia couldn't leave and he knew it. "That's right. Tire yourself out. It will make it easier for me to bed you." he waited.

Angelia: "You'll never bed me." She stopped and just looked at him.

Arya: "I'm not sure."

"Stopping is good too. Feisty women are fun before they die." he motioned his hand forward, snapping her to him. He grabbed her hair and continued walking.

Daray: "You want our daughter to be controlled?"

Angelia: "Let go of me!" She struggled against him.

Arya: "No. But maybe this one time wouldn't have hurt her."

The boy smiled and just held tighter as he walked.

Daray: "You don't think she can learn to accept you as her mom on her own?"

Athena: She saw what was going on with Angelia and the boy. She stepped in front of the boy. "And what do you think you're doing with my daughter?" She crossed her arms. She didn't look happy.

Arya: "Maybe in time she would be. You were right for what you did."

Angelia: She looked around the boy and hid a smile. She was in so much pain but she was actually glad to see Athena.

He looked up and smiled slightly, "Marrying her. Then killing her." he waved with one arm and then together, melted with Angelia, away. It wasn't a teleport so it couldn't be reversed.

Daray: "You think so? I hope so. It seems whatever I do with Angelia I get wrong."

Athena: She growled then went back to Daray's house. She knocked on the door, more like pounded on it. "Daray!" She yelled.

Arya: "Yes, I think so."

Daray: he jumped up and answered the door quickly, "Yes Athena? I thought I didn't get the pleasure of seeing you until tomorrow."

Athena: "I see how well you took care of Angelia. I just saw her in the park with this boy. He looked like he couldn't be trusted. I could tell she struggled with him many times. I went to stop him from taking her and they disappeared. They like melted. I don't know how to explain it. I see how well you take care of our daughter." She was pissed, Daray could tell. Her eyes were a fiery red.

Daray: a great many expressions crossed Daray's face; first confusion, then sadness, and then disbelief. "Athena, calm down. Angelia promised me she wouldn't leave the house or property without telling Arya or I first. So it can't be her."

Athena: "What exactly did you tell her after I left?"

Daray: "I told her that Arya loved her and that despite her being born from your body, Arya is her mother, not you. She needs to recognize that."

Athena: "What else did you tell her? Did you tell her to go and find me after she continued to argue with you and how Arya wasn't her mother?" She then gasped softly. "Didn't you say 'But if you think you can make an attachment to Athena, fine. Go. Leave the mother you've had since you were born to get the mother you actually want.'?"

Daray: his eyes widened, "How the heck do you know that? And what does it even matter?"

Athena: "I wasn't out of hearing reach when you talked to her. And the part where you said 'attachment to Athena, fine. Go. Leave the mother you've had since you were born to...' pretty much gave her permission to leave."

Daray: "She wouldn't without telling me where she was going first. She promised." he repeated.

Athena: "Would she of if she thought you were mad at her?"

Daray: "I had every right to be mad at her. She had no right to run off. And why would she run to the park? You don't live there anyhow."

Athena: "Just because I don't live there doesn't mean I don't do other things there. For example, hunt. Now, we are wasting time to go and get our daughter from this boy. I'm going, if you want to stay her and just wait for her to return, go ahead. But you'll be waiting for a long time." She turned around and started to walk to her car.

Daray: he teleported outside, "She's been kidnapped?"

Athena: She sighed. "More or less." She paused, "Oh, I forgot to mention. The boy is going to marry her then kill her. Probably after he beds her too." She got into her car and started it.

Daray: his eyes were about as red as Athena's, "Hold on. I'm coming." he teleported inside, "Arya I have to go find Angelia. It seems I was right when I said anything I touch around her goes wrong."

Arya:"Be careful."

Athena: She waited for him in her car.

Daray: "That's all you have to say? You aren't asking to come? She's your daughter."

Arya:"Daray as much as I would love to come and help get our daughter back, I have two other's to look after here. Shinichi and our son." She looked at him. "I don't think I'll be able to bear to lose another child." She whispered.

Daray: "You haven't lost Angelia." he kissed her forehead, "I have to go." he teleported into Athena's car, "Just where do you plan on going to look for her?" he asked Athena.

Athena: "The beginning." She drove to the park, which was now empty. She stopped the car and showed Daray where the last time she saw the boy and Angelia was at. A piece of Angelia's clothing remained.

Daray: He picked up the cloth, "and this is supposed to help me how?"

Athena: "How the heck do I know? You're supposedly the scientist."

Daray: he looked around at the sight. He felt hopeless. This was his fault. What could he do?

Athena: She looked around. "We need a tracker." she said after awhile.

Daray: "A tracker will only lead as far to him until he melted away." he said distracted.

Athena: She nodded then just watched Daray.

Daray: his fist closed tightly over the cloth in his hand. "We need a blood hound."

Athena: She nodded. "Then we shall get one." She headed back to her car.

Daray: he looked around once more before he went back to the car and got in, slamming the door behind him, still holding the cloth in his hand. "This is my fault. I tell her not to do something and she does it because she's mad at me. I told her to stay away from that boy and she comes to the park, of all places! You just had to hunt in the park didn't you?" he glared at Athena for a second before looking away, "I'm not cut out to be a dad. My daughter doesn't even want my wife to be her mother. I've screwed everything up." he slammed his fist into his forehead, "Stupid." he kept his palm there and shut his eyes. He tried to calm down, but it wasn't working.

Athena: She rolled her eyes a little. "Our daughter was doing what you told her to do. She's most like you than anyone. You don't listen to what you're told either." She started the car and started to drive away. "Anyway I don't think she was trying to find that boy anyway. It looked like her wrist was broken." She stopped in front of this set house. "I'll be back in a second." She got out of the car and went inside. I few seconds later she came out with a blood hound. She put the dog in the backseat of her car then got in. "Where to now?"

Daray: "Back to the park." he said to her simply. After she started driving again he spoke once more, his voice cold, "Angelia is not OUR daughter. If she is my daughter, Arya is her mother. But if she is your daughter, I am not her father. No matter how alike you SAY we are."

Athena: She nodded. "Then she isn't my daughter, she is my niece. I want her just as safe as you." She stopped in the park. She got out and got a hold of the blood hound. She waited for Daray.

Daray: "Glad we're on the same page." he got out of the car, shutting the door behind him, and walked around to the dog, kneeling in front of him. He held out the scrap of cloth to the dog to let it sniff it and catch the scent of Angelia. Then he stepped back to let the dog lead the way. Whether he vanished or not and didn't leave a trace, his scent had to go somewhere.


The boy reappeared a few miles from where Athena had seen him. "You just have a whole bunch of stupid Snydes following you don't you little girl?" he walked into the woods and headed towards a building up ahead, not caring about the branches and twigs and grasses that smacked Angelia in the face as he went.

The dog took off after getting the scent of Angelia.


Angelia: "Snydes aren't stupid." She said through her teeth. She reached up and tried to untangle his fingers from her hair.

The boy laughed, "I've killed enough to know that they are." he held tighter to her hair and picked her enough off the ground to where he swung her into a tree. Then he flipped her over his shoulder and continued walking.

Angelia: She screamed. "Let go of me! I didn't do anything to you!" She tried to hold back tears.

Athena: She looked up, hearing the scream. "Angelia." She whispered and looked at Daray. "I know you didn't. That's what makes this pointless. The more pointless, the more fun." he walked into the house and shut the door, locking it. He walked down the stairs with Angelia, carrying her. After he reached the bottom of the steps, he opened the door to a room down there and set her down and leaned down and aggressively kissed her lips to the point that it hurt. Then he shoved her back into the room so hard that she fell, "Scream all you want in here. No one can hear you. And when I say no one, I mean no one. Just ask your new friends." he smiled at her and slammed the door closed, latching it shut.

There was only a small light bulb lit in the room, but it was enough to see that the room was thick concrete, bare, and blood stained. There were eight bodies in the room, some rotted, some newly in there, as if they had just been killed a night or two ago. They were girls. Some in dresses, some in pants. Some younger, some older. All dead.

Daray: he looked towards the sound too. "Follow it!" he yelled and ran after the dog. He didn't want to risk teleporting and losing track of her.

Angelia: She crawled in a corner. She was scared for the first time in her life. She regretted what she did. She wanted to be home with her mom and dad. She didn't want to die. She shook. She wanted to cry, so badly but she didn't want the boy to have the pleasure to see her cry. She was going to be strong, and fight back. She swallowed her emotions and just waited.

The dog ran up to the building and started to scratch at the bottom of the door.

Athena: She was right beside the door in a few seconds. She looked around and waited for Daray.

Daray: he was already at a window, smashing it in. He stepped inside and looked around. "Angelia!" he yelled.

Athena: She was in afterwards and she opened the door to let the dog in.

The dog ran downstairs to where Angelia was at.

The boy melted and reappeared by the dog. He stabbed it dead and then stood there, looking at the bloodied knife and then to Athena. "Hi." he smiled at her.

Athena: She was prepared for the boy. "Where is she?" She growled, her eyes red with fury.

"Somewhere..." he laughed and melted away again and reappeared in the room with Angelia. "Angelia is the name? My, my, you are an Angel." he smiled and dropped the knife and put her over his shoulders easily. He melted away again and reappeared at a new location in a cave about twenty miles east of the house.

Daray: "What the heck happened to the dog!" he said as he jumped down the stairs.

Angelia: When they were at the new location. She didn't struggle against him at all. She let him take her away. She also knew what she was doing.

Athena: "The boy." She punched the wall. She was furious now. They almost had her.

Daray: he broke the latch on the door and opened it quickly.

The boy tossed her down and let a cage drop around her, a door locked in front. He stepped back and sat down on a rock and watched her.

Daray: he broke the latch on the door and opened it quickly.

The boy tossed her down and let a cage drop around her, a door locked in front. He stepped back and sat down on a rock and watched her.

Athena: She held her breath after the first hint of blood was in the air. She stayed out of the room.

Angelia: She sat there, watching him too. She didn't say anything, she just watching.

Daray: "Knew he had a secret." he muttered, "Didn't know it was this bad." he shut the door again, stepping back out.

The boy got up and started to circle the cage, looking at her from all angles. Inspecting her.

Athena: She didn't want to know, she had an idea.

Angelia: She followed him with her eyes, moving her head slightly to keep an eye on him.

Daray: "Did we lose track of her?" he asked Athena.

The boy smiled at her and pulled off his shirt slowly and let it drop by the cage, "Tell me about yourself, sweetie."

Athena: "I'm not sure. But I did happen to get a piece of his clothes." She held it up to show him.

Angelia: "There's nothing to tell." She looked straight ahead.

"I'll be sure to return, my sweets. I have to draw up the paper work for our wedding, clean myself up, and ready our room." he picked up his jacket off of the floor of the cave and set it on the rock along with his shirt. "Then we can get this party started." he laughed and melted away again. When he was gone, the front of the cave seemed to darken and blend with the other rock so it looked like there wasn't an opening at all.

Daray: "What good will that do us? Another dog that the boy will kill?" his eyes were smoldering as he watched her, "How good is your sense of smell?"

Angelia: She sat there and closed her eyes. She meditated. She calmed her breathing and concentrated on her wrist. Soon it was healed even if it was broken or not. She continued to meditate, regaining all her strength back. She was peaceful.

Athena: She rolled her eyes a little.

The dog got up and shook a little and started to sniff around the room again.

The boy's jacket slid off the rock and fell to the floor. His wallet fell out of his pocket in the jacket, opening to reveal many credit cards and little trinkets he had saved from his kills, or from his wives- whichever way you wanted to look at it. There was a locket of hair, a ribbon, a small ring, a bobby pin, and an earring.

Daray: he looked at the dog, "Self healing dog?" he knelt down in front of it and held the scrap of cloth to its nose.

Angelia: She didn't pay any attention to it. She stayed in her meditation.

Athena: She nodded. "I'll explain about the dog after we find Angelia."

The dog came over to him and caught the scent of the boy and started off upstairs and out the door.

The bobby pin slid out of the wallet and made a sound on the rock floor. It was only a finger tips reach from where Angelia sat in the locked cage. She could easily reach between the bars and grab the bobby pin and the wallet with the credit cards, if she was thinking about it.

Daray: he quickly followed the dog.

Angelia: She looked down at the bobby pin and credit cards. She smiled. She grabbed a hold of them and picked the lock. She then got out of the cage. She teleported back at home. She sighed content when she saw Arya. She ran over to her and hugged her.

Arya: "Angelia?" She was surprised when she hugged her. It took her less than a minute to hug her back, she was crying now. "Oh, Angelia. My baby girl. I was so worried about you." She hugged her and kissed her.

Angelia: "I'm so sorry, Mom. I won't ever do that again. Please forgive me."

Arya: "There's nothing to forgive, sweetie. You're home and safe now. That's all that matters." She held Angelia close to her. 'Daray, please come home.' He mentally voiced portrayed that she was crying.

Daray: 'Love what's wrong?' he stopped running after the dog and sounded worried. 'Is something happening to you?'

Arya: 'Just come home and you'll see.' She sniffled, still holding Angelia. "I love you so much, baby girl." She whispered.

Angelia: "I love you too Mom." She now was crying too.

Daray: "Athena, Arya needs me. You follow the dog. I'll be back." he teleported home. "Arya what-" he stopped when he saw his wife AND his daughter. "Angelia?" he said softly, stepping forward towards. His anger grew dimmer as he realized it was her, his eyes softer.

Athena: She did just that.

Angelia: She looked up at Daray and swallowed. "Hi, Dad." She said in only a whisper.

Daray: he teleported to her and grabbed her in a large hug. He kissed the top of her head, "You're okay." he hugged her tight. He was relieved.

Angelia: She was still a little tense for what she went through but she hugged him back. She started to cry again. "I'm so sorry, Dad. Please forgive me. I understand that I'm going to be grounded now. I broke my promise. I'm willing to take responsibility for my actions." She spoke that as a true lady. She was growing up now.

Daray: "We can talk about that later." he leaned back and knelt down and looked at her, still holding her arms, "Tell me where the boy is. Where were you? I need to find him."

Angelia: "I'm not sure, Dad. The last I knew we were in a cave. He had me in a cage, which was locked and I picked it, I got out of it and teleported home. He broke my wrist but I think it healed. I'm not sure. He said something about getting papers for a wedding thing and that."

Daray: "A cave. Is that his base? Do you know where the cave is?"

Angelia: She shook her no. "I don't know. I'm sorry." She looked down.

Daray: "It's alright. We have a dog following him. He lifted Angelia's wrist delicately and looked at it, moving it around a bit, "Does this hurt?" he asked softly.

Angelia: She hid most of the pain. "A little." She whispered, hoping her voice wouldn't betray her.

Daray: "It doesn't feel broken." he felt her wrist lightly, "It must just be sore." he let go of it, "Rest, Angelia. DON'T leave the house." he stressed. "Stay with your mother. Arya. Okay?"

Angelia: She held back a wince when he touched it. She told herself that she was going to be strong. "I won't leave the house. I'll stay with Mom. I promise." She smiled at Daray then and Arya. She hugged Arya again then lay on the couch, laying her head on Arya's lap.

Arya: She smiled and stroked Angelia's hair softly.

Daray: he smiled slightly and teleported back to the last spot he was with Athena and the dog. He ran to catch up with them.

The dog and Athena was stopped at this big rock.

Athena: She was trying to find a way inside but there was no entrance.

Daray: "Can you teleport?"

Athena: She turned. "I can do no such thing and if I could would I of asked for you to teleport me back where Daniel was?"

Daray: "Can you teleport?"

Athena: She turned. "I can do no such thing and if I could would I of asked for you to teleport me back where Daniel was?"

Daray: "Angelia is at home." he said sourly to her and teleported inside the cave by himself. He was getting annoyed with Athena.

Athena: She rolled her eyes and leaned against the rock. She could go back to Xavier. She looked at the sky and sighed, almost Dawn.

Daray: 'I'll return home when it's over. You can leave if you wish, Athena. When I get back, we can go to Daniel.'

Athena: 'Ok, catchya later.' She then left.

Daray didn't come home until the middle of the day. He sat on the couch and laid his head back and looked extremely tired.

Arya: She sat beside him and stroked his cheek. She then had him lay down on the couch. "Rest, love. You need it." She whispered to him. She kissed his cheek softly.

Daray: "Hmm?" he opened his eyes, "No, I can't. I have to take Athena back to see Daniel today." he closed his eyes and rubbed them. "How's Angelia?"

Arya: "Rest. Athena and Daniel can wait."

Angelia: She was asleep on the love seat.

Arya: "She's asleep now; she's been favoring her wrist though."

Daray: "It'll heal." he said softly and patted her leg and got up, "Good you two seemed to bond nicely though. I don't think I'm going to bond with her again."

Arya: She pushed him down onto the couch. "Daray Aleron you are going to stay here and rest. You hear me?" She didn't look like she was kidding either. "The only reason that she is here tonight is because you taught her how to pick locks or introduced it to her. Without you introducing that to her, she still might of been where she was at or worse dead. She needs to know that you will be for her through thick and thin. Don't give up one her."

Daray: "I'm not. I just can't bond with her because her getting kidnapped in the first place is what happens." he sighed and leaned his head back again and looked at Arya, "I'll rest for an hour. That's all. Okay? I promised Athena."

Arya: "It's in the past, forget about it. It's over. It taught her a lesson about running away. It was horrible for all of us but we made it through. She's home. That's all that matters. Promise to try one last time to bond with her and to rest for two hour then I'll agree."

Daray: "I'll bond with her later. I just did yesterday. Let's wait a week. An hour and a half."

Arya: "But you will bond with her one last time and if it works than we'll see from there. Two hours, Daray otherwise you're not going anywhere." She crossed her arms.

Daray: "I don't even have to agree to an hour I can leave if I want."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "Oh really?" She leaned down and kissed him softly. Without him knowing she slipped something in his pocket that was unnoticeable. It kept him from teleporting and from moving from where he sits or lays. She pulled away. "Two hours, my love." She whispered in his ear then sat back.

Daray: "An hour and a half." he tried to get up out of the chair but couldn't. "What the-" he tried again, and couldn't.

Arya: She smiled and kissed him lightly. "Rest, my love. I'll be back in a few hours."

Daray: "Rest on the chair? What about your lap idea?" he held onto her hand, "This is not fair."

Arya: "I put you on the couch, love so stop being over dramatic." She smiled and pulled her hand away from his. "Who said I was ever fair?"

Daray: "You should be fair to me right now. I almost died." he frowned.

Arya: Her smile vanished in a second. "I...I didn't know. Daray, I'm so sorry." She hugged him then sat down where his head was at after lifting it up out of her way. "Rest, love." She ran her fingers through his hair.

Daray: he smiled to himself, "Thanks babe." he said softly and rested on her. He closed his eyes. He would have almost died if he wasn't one of the people who couldn't die. It was a little boy for gosh sakes...and the boy was caught off guard. Daray knew what he was doing. There was no fear of almost dying...well, maybe in his head. He liked to pretend.

Arya: She smiled slightly. She stayed there for two hours like that. She then took what she put in his pocket earlier out and softly kissed Daray on the lips but it was more like the kiss from Spiderman where one of them was upside down.

Daray: he smiled slightly as he came awake, kissing her back, "Can I move now my dear?" he opened his eyes to look at her. He looked more awake, less tired.

Arya: "No." She smiled and kissed him again.

Daray: he sighed and kissed her back. He couldn't resist. "Arya...I have things to do...people to see."

Arya: She sighed and unwillingly let him up. She pouted a little.

Daray: he got up and lifted her face to his and kissed her again, "Thank you my love. I'll make it up to you later. Promise." he kissed her forehead, "Okay? Deal?"

Arya: She kissed him back. Now she had something to look forward to later. She nodded slightly. "Deal."

Daray: "Good." he smiled at her and then looked over at Angelia, "She's not grounded, by the way. I figure she's suffered enough." he looked back at Arya, "What do you think?"

Angelia: She was still sound asleep. She had a hard night.

Arya: She nodded. "But I think we should take something away from her for a few days so she doesn't get off totally scot free for what she did."

Daray: "Her wrist is broken and she was scared to death. She almost died." he reminded her. "We almost lost her."

Arya: "I guess you're right." She nodded. "We should get her wrist in a cast so it will heal properly though." She got up and moved some hair out of Angelia's face. "She did have a rough night." She sat down on the floor beside the love seat, watching Angelia sleep.

Daray: "Take her to the doctor while I go with Athena to see Daniel. Alright?"

Arya: "Alright."

Athena: She was standing outside against her car waiting for Daray

Daray: he pulled out his cell phone and called Athena, not knowing she was outside.

Athena: She answered her phone, not checking the ID first. "Hello?"

Daray: "Athena, are you ready to go?"

Athena: "I've been ready for the past two hours."

Daray: "Well that's your sisters fault." he teleported her through the phone to him and then grabbed her arm and teleported them back to the house where Daniel was at. He let go of her arm and closed his phone and put it away. It all took less than thirty seconds.

Athena: "Thank you." She closed and put away her phone. She walked into the house and stood against the doorframe, looking at Daniel.

Immediately she was assaulted with the disgusting smell of dirt and pee and sweat. Daniel looked a mess. He was barely staying awake. He didn't even know she was there. He was so thirsty. He sat in his own grime, being unable to move from the chair for that whole week. At first he cared, but after so many days he just lost it and it no longer even mattered.

Daray: he followed Athena in and gagged and plugged his nose, "He looks a wreck. Smells awful." he said to Athena as he stood next to her.

Athena: "That's when you start to train yourself not to breath but still be able to talk. I did." She walked over to the sink after grabbing a bucket and she filled in up with cold water. She walked over in front of him. She's seen and dealt with a lot worse so this didn't bother her. She then dumped the whole buck of water on him. She then threw the bucket aside.

Daniel: he actually tried to drink half of the water that was thrown on him. He opened his eyes when the water hit him and it was then that he noticed Athena and Daray. "What do you want?" he rasped out through clenched teeth.

Athena: She stood there. "I came to see if you'll rethink my deal that I offered you." She watched him. "And I'll give you something to drink and eat if you cooperate."

Daniel: "What is it?" he got out before he coughed. His throat was very dry. "I'm listening."

Athena: She smiled. "I will give you something to drink, eat and your freedom if you promise on your life and your brothers' that you will NEVER hunt down and kill myself, Xavier, my sister, and her husband."

Daniel: he hid a small smile, "Do I get my brother back?"

Athena: She looked at Daray. "I can't answer that question."

Daniel: "Ill promise not to harm you, your boyfriend, Daray, or his wife IF I get my brother back."

Daray: "I'll have to ask Arya." he glanced from Daniel to Athena.

Athena: She smiled slightly. "Very well, Daray. Until then, I'll get you something to eat and drink. What would you like, Daniel?"

Daniel: "Water and-" Daray: he was about to call Arya then he stopped, "Hold it." he told them both, "What about the children?" Daniel: he glared at Daray hoping he'd shut up.

Athena: "Oh yes. How could I forget them? You also have to promise not to harm my niece and the future child that are to come in my family. Otherwise no food and water and you can stay here to die, slowly. She looked at Daray. 'Thank you for reminding me about them I don't know how I forgot them.'

Daniel: he thought about that, "I promise not to harm either of those two children." of course not. He'd wait...for other children. Surely more would come along someday. Daray: he nodded, looking at Athena. Now that that was covered he pulled out his cell phone and called Arya, asking her about Shinichi.

Daniel: "Vegetable soup will be good." he told Athena.

Athena: "I also said future children, Daniel." She crossed her arms.

Arya: "Of course. I'll get Shinichi ready for him to go home." She told Daray then hung up the phone and went and did what she said she would do.

Daray: he hung up the phone and tuned back to them. Daniel: "Aye, correction blood drainer. You said future CHILD."

Athena: She wasn't insulted when he called her a blood drainer. "And future children. Otherwise Daray and I can leave right now."

Daniel: he scowled at them, "Fine. It's a deal." he said sourly. He didn't want to die.

Daray: "You'll get Shinichi back when you make yourself presentable." he told Daniel.

Athena: She smiled. "Good, now what would you like to eat and drink again?"

Daniel: he'd milk this, "Uhh...flamae minyon with a five course meal. Red wine on the side. Some water, oh yes, and a creme bulee for desert."

Athena: She raised her eyebrow and but got to work. She had everything done in about an hour.

Daniel: "Untie me? Unless you would like to feed me." he smirked.

Athena: She walked over to him and uncuffed one of the sides but cuffed his hands together in front of him. "You can feed yourself."

Daniel: "You said you'd let me go. So do it already."

Athena: "I will when Shinichi gets here."

Daniel: "Whatever." he started to eat, fumbling with his fork and food at first but then getting the hang of it. Daray: "We'll need to throw him in the shower..."

Athena: "I know."

Daray: "This was your idea so you can do it." Daniel: he smirked at Athena, "Yea babe. You can strip me." Daray: backhanded Daniels face, "Shut up and eat."

Athena: She glared at Daniel, the pain from the last time she glared at him returned. "Don't call me babe. I'm not yours to call that."

Daniel: "Okay..." he winced and dropped his fork, "I get the picture. Stop it!"

Athena: She looked away from him. "Good."

Daniel: he closed his eyes briefly, letting the last of the pain recede. Then he picked up his fork and continued to eat.

Athena: She waited until he was done.

Daniel: he ate slowly, taking forever on purpose. Finally, two hours later he declared, "Done."

Athena: "Finally."

Daniel: he smiled, knowing he slightly annoyed her. "Thanks sweetie."

Daray: he shook his head. The boy was asking for it.

Athena: She glared at Daniel again, the pain returning to him. "What did I tell you?"

Daniel: his face contorted in pain, he closed his eyes, "You said...not to call you babe."

Athena: "Don't call me anything that deals with being all lovey dovey with me. Do you understand?"

Daniel: he nodded.

Athena: "Good." She broke her glare from him. She walked over to him and helped him up. "Where's your bathroom, Daniel?"

Daniel: he smirked and leaned against her, lifting his hands to point, "That way hon."

Athena: She rolled her eyes and walked with him to the bathroom.

Daniel: "It's not going to be fair. You'll see me naked...will you return the favor for me?" he tugged at the bottom of her shirt with his clasped hands.

Athena: She sat him on the toilet. "I'll do no such thing. You want to kill me, so why should I let you see me naked? Also the only one that will see me like so is Xavier."

Daniel: "Maybe it'll make me rethink wanting to kill you and I'll feel remorse." he shrugged one shoulder.

Athena: "You? Remorse?" Hah. Don't make me laugh." She took his shirt off him.

But because his wrists were handcuffed together the shirt stuck.

Daniel: "You're right...seeing you naked would do no good. I stripped your sister and it just made me want to kill her that much more." He smirked. "Best keep your shirt on precious. What a man imagines is a lot better than the real thing."

Athena: She growled and grabbed a hold of him by the throat hard. "I remember that day." She ripped his shirt the rest of the way off of him.

Daniel: he was forced forward as the shirt pulled before it tore, yanking his arms. "Ouch." he looked at her, "If you remember, than I made an impression." he smiled, rolling his shoulders to make them feel better.

Athena: "I remember because I was the one that you did that to, not her."

Daniel: "So then I've seen you naked once. Why does it matter if I see it again?" he smiled, "We can take a shower together." His throat was raspy since she held him by the neck.

Athena: "I don't think so." She then started to take his pants off him.

Daniel: "Can't wait to see my package, hmm?" he sat back against the toilet.

Athena: "'Do you want me to leave you here like this?" She looked up at him. "I'll gladly do so."

Daray: he came in, "Hey Athena I was have food leftovers to clean up. I can get...this." he motioned to Daniel, keeping his eyes on Athena.

Athena: She looked up at him and nodded. "Thank you." She got up and left the room

Daray: he shut the door. Athena could hear the water turning on and then a slam, like a body hitting a wall. There was a lot of muffled talking, the door blocking the actual words.

Athena: She cleaned the leftovers up and waited outside the door of the bathroom. 'What's going on in there, Daray?'

Daray: he opened up the bathroom door and leaned against the frame. He looked back at Daniel who was in the tub, the pants still around his ankles, his socks, shoes and underwear still on. The only thing off was his shirt because Athena removed it. The water ran over Daniels limp body as a small trickle of blood ran from his head as he leaned against the wall knocked out. He looked back at Athena, "He's getting a shower. What else?"

Athena: "What did you do to him?" She asked seeing the blood.

Daray: "Threw him head first into the shower wall. Is there a problem?"

Athena: She nodded. "No problem but what did you say to him? I heard talking after I left."

Daray: "He shouldn't be talking to you like that." he glanced back at Daniel.

Athena: "I was dealing with it. And why would it matter to you how he talks to me?"

Daray: "You're my wife's sister." though Athena could tell that wasn't the whole reason, "We done? Shinichi here yet?" he tried to change the subject.

Athena: She crossed her arms "There's more than me being your wife's sister. I can tell. Spill it. Why would it matter to you how he talks to me like that?"

Daray: "I don't want to spill it, alright?" he glared at her to make her let it go.

Athena: "Glaring at me won't work you know. Come on, Daray. Just tell me. Please?"

Daray: he sighed and leaned the middle of his forehead on the door. "Let me see..." he said, his eyes closed. "For ten years it was your body I was watching. The pictures I have? Your body. Girl I first made love with? Your body. I'm...protective of how your body is talked about, or how it's treated. I love Arya...her personality. But it's going to take me awhile to stop loving your body. I'm not fully used to it yet." he waited for her to walk away. He didn't want to look at her, afraid of what he'd see in her eyes.

Athena: She looked at him, surprised at all of what he said. She didn't walk away, she just looked at him. She blinked and swallowed to speak. "I see. Well, I'm sure that sooner than later you'll love ALL of Arya. After I'm done here I won't be around much and that so..." She trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

Daray: "Yea...I know." he said softly. "In my trunk there's a shoebox...of pictures. They aren't Arya. They're you. I don't want them. They are what made me think of this in the first place."

"You can have them. Or burn them."

Athena: She just nodded. "Okay."

Daray: "Satisfied?"

Athena: She smiled to herself. "No." She then walked away.

Daray: he didn't once he heard her footsteps grow faint he just shut the door again, not going to ask.

Athena: She sat in the kitchen, waiting for them to finish.

Daray: a few minutes later Athena could hear the blow drier going. Daray came out of the bathroom, leaving the dryer on Daniel as he still sat in the tub, the water off.

Athena: She looked up at Daray when he entered the kitchen.

Daray: "They're not here yet I assume?" Speaking of his wife and Daniels brother.

Athena: "No, not yet."

Daray: "Do you and Arya share the same blood type and DNA makeup and fingerprints?" he asked as he went to the fridge and got himself a drink.

Athena: "Not exactly."

Daray: "Crap." he muttered as he took a drink.

Athena: She looked at him somewhat confused. "Why do you ask?"

Daray: "When a Snyde bites someone to change a certain there a thing that bonds them forever?" he remembered reading that somewhere.

Athena: "Yes. If both Snydes drain blood from each other then there is something that is called a blood bond."

Daray: did he and Arya ever do that before Arya left Athena's body?

Athena: She just watched him. "Did you ever bite me when Arya was in my body? I know she bit you. I can see the bite mark on your neck, from here."

Daray: "I think so...I don't remember if it was in that way though...look at your neck." he couldn't see because of her hair. "Did the bite have to be on the neck?"

Athena: "Well, I can't see my neck." She moved her hair and there was a scar from a bite, it looked just like Daray's.

Daray: he didn't say anything. He just stared.

Athena: "Well?" She looked at him.

Daray: "I think I feel sick." he set his drink on the counter.

Athena: She swallowed. "You didn't." Her eyes got wide. She got up and went to the bathroom, forgetting about Daniel and looked in the mirror. "Oh god, no." She said when she seen the mark. She fell to her knees.

Daray: "Athena! Athena! Wait!" he ran after her and stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, "Maybe someone bit you to change you. No, you were born a Snyde. Okay, maybe Xavier bit you some time ago. Did he ever? Do you remember?"

Athena: "Xavier and I never did anything like that. We told each other we won't until we're married." She said in soft voice.

Daray: "Did someone catch you and bite you? Maybe Arya remembers someone biting her but she never bit back so the bite's not from me. Could be from someone else." he was grasping at straws here.

Athena: "No, no one caught me and bit me." She was trying to think back. To remember all that happened when Arya was with her. She looked up at Daray. "Did she tell you to drain some blood from her when she first turned you? From when you killed our parents?"

Daray: "Yes..." he leaned on the edge of the sink.

Athena: "She turned you while she was in my body. You drained blood from me and she drained blood from you." She closed her eyes as she said this.

Daray: "I freakin' don't want to be connected to you forever Athena. And what the heck does it mean anyways? I''m not married to Arya." he slammed his fist on the counter and closed his eyes, "I'm married to you."

Athena: Tears could be seen now. "It means that when you feel pain, I feel it. Whatever emotion you feel, I feel as well and vice versa." She shook her head. "This can't be happening. No." She was actually crying now, the very first time in front of someone.

Daray: "But we can still be married to other people? Right? We can ignore this. You can marry Xavier, I can marry Arya. You and I can get a divorce...what if I was to drain Arya's blood and she drain mine right now?"

Athena: She shook her head no. "It won't work. We can marry and be with other people but we will always be connected. We can try to ignore this but I don't know for how long." She whispered sadly.

Daray: "What do you mean? What will happen?"

Athena: "We won't be able to stay away from each other for a certain amount of time."

Daray: "Or else what happens?"

Athena: "I'm not sure."

Daray: "We are pulled together?" he guessed.

Athena: "I don't know. All I know is what I've been told and what I've seen."

Daray: "And what have you seen?"

Athena: "The two people giving up and just being with each other."

Daray: he looked appalled. His eyes widened. "I don't THINK so."

Athena: "You think I WANT this? I don't...I want to be with Xavier not YOU."

Daray: "Then switch bodies with Arya."

Athena: "I don't think so. You're not the only one that loves my body."

Daray: "Technically I get first choice. I've claimed both of them."

Athena: "So? I get to decide in the end. This is my body and no one else's."

Daray: he frowned at her, "This is why I hate you."

Athena: She smiled at this. "Good, then it'll make it easier to stay away from you." She stood and walked out of the bathroom.

Daray: "Let's make it as easy as possible. So let's not let the hate die!" he called to her.

Athena: "I plan to!" She called back to him. She then sat in the kitchen, she was now angry, upset, and she hated Daray for ever thinking she'd give up her body for him. He was crazy. She growled softly as she thought about this more.

Daray: "If you say we feel what each other feels, as long as one of us hates the other the other will feel it and hate them too, right?"

Athena: "Yes that's right."

Daray: "So I don't have to have hate. As long as you keep it, we'll be good."

Athena: "Exactly."

Daray: he came out of the bathroom, thinking of something else, "If you and Xavier are waiting until you are married to bite each other, does that mean you are waiting to have sex until you are married too? This is a legitimate question, I have a reason. So don't tell me you aren't answering because it's private."

Athena: She rolled her eyes. "Yes Daray, we are waiting until we're married to also have sex." She was getting very annoyed at him now.

Daray: "Crap. Then that means I really am Angelia's father and there is no way she can be yours AND Xavier's..." he sat down in a chair. "You give my life problems. If you would just agreed to switch bodies, ALL the problems would be solved. Do you understand that?"

Athena: "You're not the only one that has problem in their life Daray." She stood and walked outside.

Daray: he grabbed her arm, "Don't walk away right now. We're talking here. Do you want this worked out or not?"

Athena: She growled and had Daray pinned on the floor in one quick motion. "Don't touch me and right now I could care less."

Daray: he growled back at her and teleported behind her and held her hands behind her back, "Maybe you don't care, but I do! You don't care because you don't have a family like I do!"

Athena: She growled again. "That's not true!"

Daray: "Then you tell me why you careless!" he let go of her and stepped back. "You just want to live our lives connected like this? You don't CARE? WHY?" his eyes were a fiery red color as he glowered at her. His fists were clenched in anger. God this girl made him upset.

Athena: She was facing him as soon as he let go of her. "If we continue like this then it should be easy. We both hate each other. I don't care because I know that I can keep my distance from you because of my sister. I don't want to hurt her." Her eyes were also fiery red; they were from anger and hatred. She didn't understand how on earth her sister could put up with him.

Daray: "It would ALSO be easy for you to stay away, because it's not like I'd WANT you even if you DID forget about the distance and your sister and hurting her." he shot back, "I don't understand how Xavier wants you. OH YEA. That's right. He's making you wait until you're married. So HE doesn't even want you right now." he smirked, "I'm sure if Xavier can resist you, and he loves you, that it will be darn easy for me to resist you when I DON'T love you." he added.

Athena: She growled, had him pinned to the wall. She had something in her hand that made it where Daray couldn't teleport from her grip, that was touching him. "First off, Xavier isn't making ME wait. It's me making HIM wait. There is a difference. He has a hard time trying to resist me. I'M the one that told HIM that I wanted to wait until him and I are married before I had sex. Second, I don't know how my SISTER would want YOU. You're nothing but an ungrateful, selfish, stalker." Her face was inches from his now.

Daray: "You're just jealous because no one ever liked you enough to stalk you. It was Arya's personality that got me hooked." he said sourly, his voice a harsh whisper now. His hand unclenched from his fist and grabbed Athena by the arm tightly, but not enough to hurt her. He was angry, but not angry enough to hurt a woman. Especially not one whose body he'd slept with before. He glared at her, making sure he kept his vision on her eyes and eyes alone. It was darned hard already for him, being this close to her in that body of hers.

Athena: "I'm not jealous." She whispered harshly. She looked back into his eyes, some of the hatred and anger faded from her eyes but not much. She kept Daray pinned to the wall, though.

Daray: he stared in her eyes for a few minutes, his anger fading quickly, quicker than he thought it would. Finally he opened his mouth to say something, "Athena, please step back." his voice sounded like he was saying something he really didn't want to say. He KNEW he should say it, but he didn't want to. His heart and mind were conflicted right now.

Athena: "Why? So you can insult and try to attack me again? I don't think so." She didn't notice that his voice had changed.

Daray: "No, just step back, please." he stressed.

Athena: She looked at him, studying him for a few minutes. Trying to decide if she should or not.

Daray: "If you don't step back I will push you back."

Athena: She let go of him and stepped back. She kept studying him though.

Daray: he teleported across to the other side of the room and pulled a chair to him and sat down, lifting a hand to his head and rubbing his temples as he closed his eyes. He sighed.

Athena: She looked at him then she remembered Daniel. She then went into the bathroom to finish with Daniel.

Daniel: he was completely dry now, but was still knocked out.

Athena: She easily picked him up and took him into a bed room and got him clean clothes. She undressed him and redressed him into the clothes she found. She then handcuffed him to the bed. She sat at the end of the bed and put her face in her hands and closed her eyes.

Daniel: he stirred and groaned, "Slammer of a headache." he mumbled and looked up as he noticed he couldn't move his hands. He sighed and looked over at Athena.

Athena: She wasn't paying any attention to Daniel at the moment. She was just trying to think straight again.

Daniel: "I notice my clothes are changed. You don't have to force yourself to stop looking at me, my dear. I don't mind you staring. I know you liked what you saw." he smirked and then winced as his head pounded again.

Athena: She had Daniel by the throat in less than a second, she more of less was choking him at the moment. "Get this through your head, Daniel. I don't like you. I never had since I met you and I never will because you don't respect woman. I should kill you for what you put my sister through and what you put me through. The only reason why you are still alive is because of your brother. So when your brother gets here I think you should thank him for your life and treat him like a prince. Got it?"

Daniel: "Got it." he wheezed out. The lack of oxygen made his head wound hurt worse.

Athena: "Good." She let go of him and sat at the end of the bed again.

Daniel: "What got your panties in a bunch?" he asked, and then coughed once to clear his throat.

Athena: She growled softly. "None of your freaking business, Daniel. Now shut up before I do it for you."

Daniel: he rolled his eyes and looked up at his wrists again, "Why am I handcuffed again? How long has it been? Shouldn't my brother be here by now?"

Athena: "You're handcuffed because you can't be trusted. I don't know how long it's been and I don't know. Now shut up." She growled.

Daniel: he sighed and just sat there, watching her, not saying anything.

Athena: She rubbed her temples while her eyes are closed. She tried to calm herself, but it didn't work very well.

Daray: out in the kitchen he got up and moved to the entrance where the front door was and sat on a chair out there. He waited for Arya to get here. She shouldn't take too much longer. Right?

Athena: What she wanted to know was, how did Daray's anger fade so quickly? Why did he stress for her to move away from him? Why did his voice sound like he meant something other than what he was saying? She shook her head, all these questions was making her head hurt. She closed her eyes tighter and softly groaned.

Daniel: he poked her with his foot, "Talk to me. You shouldn't care what you say to someone you don't like, right? It doesn't matter if I listen. So just talk. You look upset. It might help you." he jutted out his lower lip in a sarcastic pout. "And you need a lot of help."

Athena: She growled softly. "Don't touch me, Daniel. I don't need help. At least from you that is."

Daniel: "Then who do you need help from?"

Athena: "No one. And didn't I tell you to shut up?"

Daniel: "Shutting up is quite boring. And I've had to remain silent for a week thanks to you."

Athena: "Well you can remain silent for the rest of the time until your brother gets here."

Daniel: "Then I suggest you leave so I won't be tempted to talk."

Athena: She turned to him. "Why would you want to talk to me in the first place? I'm the one that kept you tied up for a week and threatened to kill you."

Daniel: "Yea, and I'm the one who tied you to a pole and humiliated the guts out of you. I can't judge because I do the same thing right back." he smiled, "Whether you want to admit it or not, we fit well together, babe."

Athena: She growled and glared at him. "What did I tell you about calling me that?"

Daniel: he shrugged the best he could in the position he was in.

Athena: She glared at him again, this time using her power on him.

Daniel: he cringed and growled, "What did...I tell YOU...bout DOING THAT!" he shut his eyes tightly.

Athena: "Then do what you are told and I'll do what I'm told. Easy as that." She looked away from him after a few more minutes.

Daniel: "See..." he said, opening his eyes and taking a deep breath. "We are the same."

Athena: "I'm nothing like you." She said harshly.

Daniel: he shrugged again and leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Athena: Where is Arya? She thought and sighed. She glanced back at Daniel then got up and went into another room.

Daray: 'Arya are you coming?' he asked her mentally.

Arya: 'Yeah, just can't seem to find Shinichi now. I'll be there as soon as I find him. I promise.'

Daray: 'He's not with Angelia?'

Arya: 'No, Angelia's been with me the whole time.'

Daray: 'Just hurry, please.' he said and sighed again.

Arya: 'I will.'

Daray: he got up and opened the front door and walked outside.

Athena: She sat in the room she went into and tried to clear her mind once more.

Daray: he was gone for a couple hours before he came back. He walked through the door, expecting Arya to be here.

Arya was nowhere to be found.

Athena: She was sitting in the kitchen drinking something she found in the fridge.

Daray: "Have fun with Daniel I'm going home." he announced to Athena.

Athena: "So, you're just going to leave me here alone with him?" She looked at him then rolled her eyes. Whatever. She went into the bathroom and shut, more like slammed, the door. 'Why should I care? He's a jerk anyway. A selfish, ungrateful, stalker that care about himself.' She thought to herself. She tried to fix her hair but with her being so annoyed and frustrated she gave up after a few minutes. She sighed and sat on the toilet, closing her eyes and trying to calm herself.

Daray: he sighed and walked to the bathroom door and knocked on it, "Athena, what's wrong? I need to go home to see my wife and try to help her find Shinichi. Why do I need to be here anyways?"

Athena: "Like you care about what's wrong with me." She snapped. "Go home. You don't need to be here, I can take care of this." She tried to make herself believe in those words.

Daray: "I care about what's wrong with you because you're my sister in law." he threw opened the bathroom door, "Darn it woman, you upset me. Talk to me and stop complaining."

Athena: She was on her feet when the door came open. "So what? I'm your sister-in-law. I don't need to tell you anything." She stepped back a step" Good, I'm glad I upset you. It makes it easier for you to hate me. I'm not complaining."

Daray: he sighed, "Okay, mistake for me even asking. I'm going to go now." he turned and walked away.

Athena: She swallowed softly then shut the door, just like before but this time she locked it and sat against it. She closed her eyes.

Daray: he teleported home. "Arya! Shinichi!" he yelled.

No one was home either.

Arya: She walked into Daniels house with Shinichi and Angelia. "Daray, Athena!" She called into the house. She walked into the room that Daniel was in.

Daray: 'Arya where are you?' he asked her mentally.

Daniel: he snored as he slept, handcuffed to the bed.

Arya: 'Where are you?'

Shinichi: He came into the room and smiled when he saw Daniel. He ran over to him and jumped on him. "Brother!"

Daniel: he opened his eyes quickly and wheezed from the air that left him, "Shinichi." he said, "You're smooshing me." he smiled slightly at him.

Daray: 'At home...and you are?'

Shinichi: He sat beside him. "Sorry."

Arya: 'Daniels.'

Athena: When she heard Arya's voice, she quietly opened the bathroom door and left the house.

Daray: he teleported back to the house, but landed outside so he could come in through the front door. He saw Athena, "Where are you going?" he asked.

Daniel: "Good. Now I can be un-cuffed." he looked over at Shinichi, "How's your head?"

Athena: "Away from here." She mumbled and continued to walk away from the house.

Shinichi: "It doesn't hurt anymore."

Angelia: She easily un-cuffed him.

Daniel: "Thanks." he said to Angelia and then hugged his brother, "Sorry about that. Forgive me?"

Daray: "Do you even know where here is? I can teleport you back if you want to leave. Did you say hi to your sister?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Shinichi: He hugged him back. "Of course."

Athena: "No and no." She sighed

Daray: "Never answered if you wanted me to teleport you back home or not." he watched her, "Something is bothering you. If you won't tell me or your sister what it is, perhaps you'll tell Xavier. You said you're leaving for a long while after we are done with Daniel. I would prefer you not leave angry at me. I apologize for what I said earlier, I was upset. My insults weren't truths."

Daniel: he smiled, "Good." he ruffled his hair and then got off the bed.

Athena: "Don't worry about it. I've hear worse." She whispered. She faced away from Daray. She wasn't angry at him at all.

Arya: She pulled Angelia back while she stepped back from Daniel.

Shinichi: "Daniel." He whined as he tried to fix his hair.

Daniel: he looked over at Arya, "Are you...nah. You must be Arya." he smirked, "You're sister is fun to play with."

Daray: "I'm sure you and Xavier are happy together. Wasn't right for me to judge that. I just hope he understands about the bite. I hope Arya does too." God he hoped. He looked towards the house.

Arya: She nodded slightly but didn't say anything.

Athena: She sighed and closed her eyes. What he didn't know was that she and Xavier weren't as happy as they put off. They both have changed over the years and they're not the same as they were as before. "Yeah, Xavier and I are great." She lied smoothly. "He'll understand and I know my sister will as well."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Good. I can teleport you back to your car then. I bet Arya is wondering where I am. And if she is in the house I don't want her in there with Daniel alone."

Daniel: he smirked, "Why so scared?"

Athena: She just nodded.

Arya: "I remember what you did to me and my sister."

Daniel: "Doesn't mean your sister is afraid of me. But I guess only some woman can handle me, eh?" he looked around, "You know, this is my house. I think I'll stay here...and make you two leave."

Daray: he walked over to her and grabbed her arm and teleported them back to his house and left her by her car, "The box is in your trunk, remember." he let go and stepped back, "See you later." he teleported back to Daniel's place and walked in.

Athena: She got in her car and started to drive away after starting it.

Arya: "We weren't planning on staying, Daniel. My daughter would like to say bye to Shinichi though."

Angelia: She wasn't afraid of Daniel; she just looked at him like he was a normal person.

Daray: he walked in and put his arm around Arya and kissed her cheek and held her close.

Daniel: "Well he's right there." he motioned to his brother. He looked at Angelia and then back to Arya.

Arya: She relaxed when Daray was there.

Angelia: She walked over to Shinichi and hugged him. "Bye Shinichi."She whispered.

Shinichi: He hugged her back. "Bye Angelia." He whispered back.

Angelia: She walked over to Daray and Arya

Daniel: "Come by and visit anytime, Angel."

Arya: She just glared at Daniel.

Angelia: She looked up at Daray.

Daray: "If your mother and I come with you, sure." he said to Angelia. "Ready to go?"

Angelia: She smiled and nodded.

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Bye Shinichi. See you again soon. Call if you need anything." he waved and then took Angelia's hand and kept his arm around Arya and teleported them home.

Arya: She sighed, happy to be home.

Angelia: She hugged Daray. "I missed you, Dad."

Daray: "I missed you too. Did you get your wrist set?"

Angelia: She nodded and showed Daray the cast on her wrist.

Daray: he kissed her cast, "Okay, go find yourself something to do. I need to talk to your mom."

Angelia: She nodded and went up to her room.

Daray: as soon as Angelia was gone and leaned down and kissed Arya, cupping her face in his hands he kissed her again.

Arya: She was caught off guard but kissed him back both times.

Daray: "If I try to do anything crazy or stupid, stop me okay? And keep me at least an arm lengths distance away from your sister at all times please. At least for now."

Arya: "Daray? What are you talking about?" She looked at him, confused.

Daray: "I'm talking about this." he pointed to his neck. More specifically, he pointed to the bite mark Arya had given him while in Athena's body.

Arya: It took her a moment to realize what he was talking about. "Oh no." She whispered, she fell to her knees.

Daray: he held her up to stand. "Yea."

Arya: She closed her eyes, realizing that they're not even married s well. She started to cry.

Daray: "Arya?" he pulled her close and hugged her tight, "Baby please don't cry." he said softly, "I'll figure out a way to fix this. I promise." he tried to comfort her. He stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head lightly, "We can get married again. No big deal."

Arya: "We won't be together long." She whispered. "There's no way to fix it." she continued.

Daray: "Arya there has to be. What do you mean? We are staying far away from each other. I'm not ever leaving you."

Arya: "Sooner or later the bond will be too much for both of you then she and you'll be together."

Daray: "Arya," he looked sad, "No, please try to help me get out of this. I don't want her. I want you. I want to be connected to you. I love you. Maybe if I change back to human it will break the bond."

Arya: "I don't know." She said softly.

Daray: "I'll try it. I'm willing to do anything. Though your sister isn't. If you two just traded bodies this would all be fixed."

Arya: "You should know she won't do that."

Daray: "Yea. I know." he still held Arya close to him. He didn't want to ever let her leave him. They needed help.

Arya: "I guess you can try going back to human." She whispered after a few minutes.

Daray: "Completely?"

Arya: "Human in your terms, my love."

Daray: "Marry me first?" he asked her.

Arya: "Of course."

Daray: he stepped back, "Snyde way?"

Arya: "After the bond is supposedly broken, we will."

Daray: "You don't want to do it now, anyways?"

Arya: "We'll have to do it again afterwards."

Daray: "Well, I'd marry you a thousand times over. If you'll have me."

Arya: She smiled. "I'd marry you all those thousand times over." She kissed him.

Daray: he smiled and kissed her back, "I'm glad." he bit his wrist to make it bleed and then held it to her lips, "Mmm, don't I smell enticing." his eyes showed he was used.

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little. "Yes, but not as good as a red liquid, my love." She took his wrist and started to drain some of his blood. She closed her eyes, draining more.

Daray: he smiled and kissed Arya's forehead and then her nose and cheeks as she drained from him with her eyes closed.

Arya: When she pulled away, her eyes were a bright blue with a red ring around her pupil. She bit her wrist and but it up to Daray's mouth. "Now your turn, my love." She whispered.

Daray: he quickly stopped her by putting his hand in between Arya's wrist and her mouth, "No, no. Don't." he said quickly.

Arya: She looked at him confused. "Why?"

Daray: "You...oh." he moved his hand. "Never mind go ahead."

Arya: "No, tell me."

Daray: he shook his head, "No, never mind. Go ahead." he looked at his wrist as his own skin healed.

Arya: "Tell me or I won't continue."

Daray: "I already bit you once." he looked at her to see if that was enough information he needed to tell her. What was with her and her sister making him tell them things he didn't want to tell them?

Arya: "That was it?" She laughed softly and shook her head a little. "This is the Snyde wedding love. We have to do this otherwise it won't be complete." She bit her wrist and held it up to him.

Daray: "No." he stopped her again. "I already bit you before. Isn't one scar on your body because of me good enough? I don't...want there to be more scars on you from me." he said softly.

Arya: She sighed. "Okay." She sat on the couch.

Daray: he watched her and sat down beside her, "Okay, do it." he sighed.

Arya: She shook her head no.

Daray: "Why not?"

Arya: "You didn't want me to the first two times. So I'm not going to do it." She said softly.

Daray: "I changed my mind. It makes you sad not to do it so just do it...for me?"

Arya: "It doesn't make me sad for me not to do it."

Daray: "So then now that you drank from me we are married, Snyde way then?"

Arya: She looked down and whispered "Not exactly."

Daray: he leaned over and kissed Arya's cheek lightly then he put his arms around her and brought her closer to him and put her onto his lap. He nibbled down her neck, letting his fangs come down.

Arya: She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side in reaction. She shivered with slight excitement.

Daray: "You won't bite yourself then I'll do it." he whispered and bit into her neck. He started to drain her.

Arya: She tensed at first when he bit her but relaxed when it started to hurt a little. With each pull of blood from her to Daray, she enjoyed. It made her want more than what they were doing.

Daray: after he drained the same out from her as she had from him, he retracted his fangs and licked her neck closed, kissing the bite marks. He leaned back and looked at her, still keeping his arms around her as he held her onto his lap, "Now are we married?"

Arya: "Yes." She whispered then kissed him passionately.

Daray: he smiled at first, and then he got distracted by the kiss and kissed her just as passionately in return.

Arya: She started to kiss him deeply, passionately and a little wanting.

Daray: he slid her off of his lap as he moved to lean over her, pressing her back onto the couch, never once breaking the kiss.

Arya: She continued to kiss him; she wanted him in so many ways she couldn't explain. While she kissed him she started to take his shirt off him.

Daray: "Hmmm..." he leaned back an inch, far enough away to break the kiss, but still close enough to let his breath touch Arya's lips as he spoke to her. "If biting you gets this sort of reaction, maybe I won't mind marking you here and again..." he let his shirt slide off of him.

Arya: "You didn't know that biting also gives a sort of sexual pleasure to the one that is getting bitten. This will be my reaction every time you bite me when you bite my neck my love."After she got his shirt off him she leaned up and kissed him again.

Daray: he broke the kiss again, "It didn't work the first time." he reminded her.

Arya: "Did you take bite as hard as you did a few minutes ago?"

Daray: "No. I barely bit at all." he smiled slightly. He understood. He leaned down and kissed her again.

Arya: She kissed him back, letting her hands find their way down to his pants.

Daray: he moved away from her mouth and nibbled his lips across her jaw and nuzzled her neck with the tip of his nose. He could smell her blood, and it reminded him of her taste.

Arya: She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She softly kissed his shoulder and anything else she could reach at the moment.

Daray: "What if I bit you and pulled blood again?" he whispered onto her skin.

Arya:"I don't know, my love." She whispered to him.

Daray: he smiled and leaned back, watching Arya, "You know, I don't even have your shirt off're moving too fast..." and then using his Snyde speed, he moved Arya around and stripped her of her clothing, tossing the articles aside and then letting her fall back onto the couch. He had done it all in under a minute. Now she was completely naked. He still sat there, smiling slightly and watching her, "Or maybe you move too slowly."

Arya: She smiled and rolled her eyes a little. "Now what we do if our daughter came down and saw us like this, love?" While she spoke she had his pants and boxers off him.

Daray: "Tell can't be helped." he smirked and then leaned down and kissed her again, pressing her back into the couch as he kissed her hard.

Arya: She kissed him back just as hard, pulling him to her to where their bodies touched.


Daray: he teleported them both to the bedroom, on the chair in the room, without moving them apart. The door was closed so it was safe. "The clothes are still there, though." he sat back against the seat.

Arya: "We'll get them here in a bit." She kissed him softly. This was a loving kiss.

Daray: he kissed her back gently, just as loving, "Think Angelia heard any of that?"

Arya: "I don't know. I hope not." She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed a little.

Daray: he kissed her head and rested his chin on her as he held her close to him.

Arya: "So when are you going to change back to...human?"

Daray: "Not for a few days. Unless you think I should do so now." he was still in the mood to frighten that girl...and he couldn't do it if he was human.

Arya: She nodded a little. She didn't answer his question. It really was up to him. She'd just have to deal with it when he does. This would be the third time she had to change him to be like one like her. She didn't mind, she liked to bite Daray.

Daray: "How long do I have to break the bond?" before it got the better of him.

Arya: "I don't know. I've seen some that could last the longest of two weeks, others the shortest of three days after they find out they have a blood bond together." She whispered.

Daray: he figured he was somewhere in between...considering his reaction to her earlier. "I wish I never found out." he could have stayed oblivious.

Arya: "I think you both wish that love."

Daray: "Mind can control minds...erase them even? Can you?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "Only Athena can do that."

Daray: "Good...get her back here to erase my mind."

Arya: "She will still know though. It won't work."

Daray: "Can she erase her own mind?"

Arya: "No. Someone else with mind control can though."

Daray: "Will that work then?" he asked softly. He kissed Arya's shoulder and looked down at her back. His eyes saddened at the look of her scars. He moved his hand to her back and gently ran his thumb over one of them.

Arya: "I'm not sure." She said softly as she felt his thumb run over one of her scars. She leaned back where she could look him in the eyes. She saw the sadness in them.

Daray: he looked at her, "It's not fair. Your sister should have these scars. Not you."

Arya: She placed a hand on the side of his face. "We can't help that now, love. We know that she's not going to give up her body for mine. It's just how she is." She kissed him softly then laid her head on his shoulder. 'Even though her body is the body you fell in love with.' She closed her eyes as she thought that to herself. Forgetting that Daray can read her thoughts.

Daray: "I'm sorry." he whispered to her. He wrapped his arms tighter around her, "I don't want it to be like that, not when it's her. It's not you."

Arya: She snuggled close to Daray. She wanted things to be like they were. She gasped softly. Maybe they can.

Daray: "What? I holding you too tight?" he released his hold just slightly.

Arya: "No. We need to get my sister here. Like now." She pulled away from him and carefully got up and went to get dressed again.

Daray: "I really don't want to see her right now."

Arya: She looked at him. "Neither do I but we need her here. I just remembered something from when I was young. Call her and tell her to bring our freaking father's book." She got her robe on and went downstairs and gathered their clothes.

Daray: he walked over to the phone in the room and picked it up and dialed Athena's phone number.

Athena: "Hello?" She answered the phone sorta quietly.

Daray: "Athena? It's Daray."

Athena: "Oh. Hi."

Daray: "Do you have your father's book around?"

Athena: "Yeah? Why?"

Daray: "Bring it over. Arya wants to see you right now for some reason."

Athena: She sighed. "Very well." She growled softly. "Stay away from me, Xavier." She said from a distance but loud enough where Daray could hear. "I'll be over as soon as I get my keys from Xavier." She then hung up the phone.

Daray: he hung up the phone and got his clothes from Arya when she came back in. He started to dress, "She's coming over." he told her.

Arya: "She bringing the book?" She got dressed.

Daray: "Yea. Who else besides her and Xavier are at her house?"

Arya: "No one that I know of. Why?"

Daray: "Yea...I think it was a good thing you wanted to call her to come here..."

Arya: "Why's that?"

Daray: "I think Xavier was trying something. She told him to stay away."

Arya: "Oh."

Angelia: She knocked on the door. It looked like she just woke up.

Daray: he buckled his pants and pulled up the zipper, then fixed his shirt and ran a hand through his hair. "She was telling me she has a hard time having him keep his hands to himself, I think that was the problem." he whispered to Arya as he looked over at Angelia, "Come in if you want." he told her.

Arya: She nodded in understanding.

Angelia: She walked in rubbing one of her eyes.

Daray: "What's up hun?" he asked her.

Angelia: "Had a bad dream." She said sleepily.

Daray: he walked over and picked her up. He had a bad feeling when she said that. It had to have been from what happened to her. He looked at Arya for a second before looking back at his daughter, "Of?"

Angelia: "That boy."

Arya: She came and stood by them.

Daray: "You don't need to worry about him anymore, okay sweetie?" he held her close, "Just forget all about it. It's okay." he said softly.

Angelia: "He tried to hurt me again." She whispered and hugged Daray, laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

Daray: he rubbed her back softly, comforting her. "He's not around to hurt you anymore. He won't try to ever again." he shouldn't have taken Angelia to the park in the first place.

Angelia: She relaxed and soon fell asleep again. She held onto Daray though.

Daray: he continued to hold her. He wasn't going to put her down.

Arya: She smiled slightly, seeing how Angelia clung to Daray but her eyes showed she was worried about their daughter.

Daray: "I don't know what to do." he sat back down on the chair holding Angelia.

Arya: She had an idea but it was wrong to do. She sat beside him and Angelia on the floor.

Daray: he looked over at Arya.

Arya: "I have an idea but it wrong to do and you probably won't like it."

Daray: "What?" he asked her.

Arya: "Have Athena make her forget about it." She whispered. She waited for him to say no. "Let her use mind control on her for just that."

Daray: he nodded slowly, "I don't know." he sighed. "It might be the only way to help her."

Arya: She nodded then looked towards the door "Speaking of Athena. She's here." She got up and headed downstairs.

Daray: he got up and carried Angelia downstairs with him.

Athena: She knocked on the door.

Arya: She opened it and let her in.

Athena: She came in and kept her face hidden from Daray and Arya. "I brought the book, like you asked."She said softly and handed it to Arya.

Arya: She took it and went into the living room with it. She sat down on the couch and looked through it.

Daray: he watched Arya go and then looked back at Athena, "Athena..." something didn't feel right and he knew it. He lifted one of his hands as he held Angelia against his other shoulder with his other arm. With his free hand he moved what was keeping Athena's face hidden, before she could move away.

Athena: She closed her eyes when Daray moved her hair away from her face. She had a gash from her chin to her cheek bone on the left side of her face. She also had a black eye. The gash was healing already but not where it couldn't be noticed. It wouldn't scar. After a few minutes she moved away from him, hiding her face once more.

Daray: he growled, "You told him about the bond and this is what he does to you, isn't it?" his fist clenched before he dropped it back to his side.

Athena: She nodded. "I'm fine though. You don't need to worry about me after today." She spoke softly. If she tried to speak any louder it would hurt. What Daray didn't know was that Xavier did more than what he just saw.

Daray: he walked into the living room and put Angelia on the couch, "You two talk for a bit. I'll be back. Ask her about Angelia's memories." he said to Arya and then he walked back out to Athena, "Where is he right now?" he rolled up his sleeves. He was angry and growing more so by the second just thinking about it.

Athena: "Daray, don't worry about me. I'm serious. After today, I'll be out of your life. I know what Arya's going to do and I have no objection to it. Don't worry about it." She held up her hands as if she was going to stop him."Please."

Daray: "I will worry about you if I choose to. Now TELL ME where he is."

Athena: "You have no real reason to other than the bond and that I'm your sister-in-law but I don't see those as reasons. I see them as excuses."

Daray: he growled and in a swift movement he had her pinned back against a wall and leaned close to her face, his hands on either side of her head, "My real reason is that I told you I protective of that body. If Xavier wasn't looking for a fight between the both of us he wouldn't have let you come here until your wounds were healed, do you understand that? If I haven't had enough to deal with Daniel and how he treats women, now I must deal with your so called boyfriend. I thought you chose better than that, Athena. If you want to believe that I am doing this for selfish reasons that have NOTHING to do with you, you go right ahead. Tell me where he is." he demanded.

Athena: She winced when she was slammed against the wall. She was tired of getting beat for today. She sighed and looked down. "He's at my house. It's a cottage in the woods about twenty miles from here."

Daray: "Thank you." he said before he vanished.

Athena: She sank to the floor with her eyes closed. How'd she let it get this far?

Arya: She came out and helped Athena. She helped heal the wounds that she had.

Xavier: He sat in the cottage, sitting in kitchen.

Daray: he ran the way to the cottage. When spotted it, he opened the door and walked inside. Spotting Xavier at the table in the kitchen he grabbed him by the shirt collar and yanked him out of his chair and pressed him against the wall with his other arm at the neck, "Men who beat women are weak. Do you know that, Xavier?" he growled, his eyes a bright red.

Xavier: He just smiled and vanished from Daray's grip. There was clapping from behind Daray.

Daray: he spun around, "I don't need your applause, Xavier. I already know I'm going to win."

Xavier: "You haven't won just yet. As you can see, I'm still here."

Daray: "I thought you were different with her, Xavier. Seems I was wrong in that. I don't know what your problem is."

Xavier: "She didn't tell you about when we first met than, it seems." He shook his head. "I'm glad she didn't. She's learning finally." He leaned against a doorways' doorframe. He had a smirk on his face.

Daray: "Ha. No wonder she didn't give you anything. You don't deserve it. You're acting like another man I'd like to kill but can't because of his brother." he glared at him from where he stood. He wasn't making any attempt to move that would send him teleporting away again.

Xavier: "She gives me EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want. It's amazing how she can lie so smoothly for people to believe her." He laughed softly to himself. "It's more fun when they struggle and try to fight you off."

Daray: he growled again and this time he couldn't help it. He teleported right behind Xavier and slammed his head into the wall to make it bleed. "I swear we should have let you die."

Xavier: He vanished from his grip again and was across the room. He smiled slightly. "Athena wouldn't have let you leave me." He touched his forehead, which now was bleeding, then wiped the blood off his fingers.

Daray: "Why don't you stop jumping around and come fight me like a real man instead of throwing wussy comebacks at me?" he pretended to think about that for a moment, "Oh yea. That's right. It's because that's all you're good at. You aren't a real man...more like a really cheap impersonation of one."

Xavier: "Neither are you. You're in love with two different women. Instead of loving your wife you have to have more." He had Daray in a head lock now. "Also, you know those handcuffs that restrict you from teleporting? Athena got those from me. That pendent you're wife has also from me. Arya can easily keep you at home now." He squeezed tightly around Daray's neck. "I forgot to mention, you can't teleport anymore now. I have so many things that prevent you from doing so, when one is touching you; you are nothing but like your daughter a half-blood, a mix. You can die by my hand; your science can't save your butt."

Daray: he couldn't deny the fact that he was in love with two different women, but they were two women for different reasons, and it all led back to Arya. He held onto Xavier's arms and tried to pull him away from his neck. When that failed he just shifted his weight and moved to flip Xavier over him and onto his back. Daray stepped back and rubbed his neck and tried to regain his balance from the lack of oxygen to his brain in the short seconds he had. "Good." he wheezed, "At least you won't see me running from this fight you want for who knows why."

Xavier: "Why? Cause of Athena." He was on his feet in less than a second.

Daray: "You want a fight because of her? I don't WANT her."

Xavier: "Then why do you have a blood bond with her if you don't want her?"

Daray: "It was there before her and Arya split bodies you MORON! Perhaps if you let her explain that to you, you would understand we are trying to break it." he snarled. "It was meant for my wife. NOT her."

Xavier: "Athena knows better than to talk back to me. She did today when she was on the phone with you. That's how she got what she did after she struggled and fought against me from having my way with her." He smiled slightly. "I knew you would come here after you seen what happened to her, that's why I didn't erase her memories of me doing it. Now I can kill you and not have to worry about her running off to be with you. I might even have Arya join, then your daughter when she gets of age. I could teach your son everything I learned from my father."

Daray: he growled, unable to form words even to make a response to that. To think about his family being treated like that? To even think of his wife's sister being taken advantage of that? He was the most angriest he'd ever been in his life. He lunged at Xavier and slammed his back through the wall of the cottage and out onto the grass by the house. His fingers and nails dug into Xavier's skin as he choked him, tearing flesh from his bones. At the same time, he lifted Xavier with his hands around his neck and repeatedly slammed the back of Xavier's head into the hard ground.

Xavier this all happened so quickly he had no chance to vanish from Daray's grip.

Daray: "Don't you EVER threaten my family. ESPECIALLY my daughter." with that he smashed the back of Xavier's head into the ground hard enough to knock him out. Xavier was barely alive when Daray gripped him by the throat as he got to his feet and teleported him back to his house. Daray carried him to the basement and threw him in a room Daray had made to block all powers. While in this room, a super human was no longer super. They were just human. He shut and locked Xavier in the room and then teleported up to his room and changed his clothes, tossing the bloodied ones in the hamper. Then he came back down to the living room to check on the girls.

Athena: She looked up at Daray. She was in front of Angelia. She was just about to use mind control on Angelia to make her forget about what happened to her.

Daray: he glanced at her and then took a seat in the chair in the living room. The same one he had slept on earlier.

Athena: She looked at Angelia and softly started to speak to her. Only Angelia could hear what she was saying. After a few minutes, Athena blinked and then looked up at Daray and around. She nodded slightly and got up and sat beside Angelia.

Daray: "Being able to forget bad memories is everyone's dream." he murmured to himself.

Athena: She nodded, hearing what he said.

Arya: She placed her father's book between Athena and herself and looked up at Athena. "Ready?" She asked her.

Daray: he watched them.

Athena: "Wait." She said softly. "What about the child? You're son?"

Arya: She looked at Daray then back at Athena. She looked up at Daray. "I'm not the one carrying him. Athena still is." She told Daray softly. "That's why I'm able to make love to you still."

Daray: "No, I moved our son from Athena's body to yours when I used the wish flower." he told Arya, looking a bit confused. What did being pregnant have to do with making love anyways? He looked to Athena, "You know that. You were there when I wished for it. That and saving my wife were my two wishes, and I let you use the third wish to find Daniel."

Arya: She stood and took Daray's hand and placed in on her stomach. There was no movement when there was suppose to be. "I'm not carrying our child, even though I'm supposed to be." She told him softly.

Daray: he looked grieved, "I don't understand." he looked up at Arya, "How could the flower work for the other two wishes but not for this one? I thought..." he looked back down at Arya's stomach, "I thought this would be our first child together with your body."

Arya: "This isn't going to be my body any longer." She told him. She knew how to undo the Snyde marriage so that won't be a problem.

Daray: "What exactly are you two planning on doing?" he stood.

Athena: "What you wanted." She looked at him, slightly confused.

Daray: "You mean Athena is letting you two switch? I already asked her that and she told me no."

Athena: "Yes, I know what I said. Arya explained everything to me. It's the least I can do for all that you did for me and for putting up with me."

Daray: he smiled, "Bout time you realized." he teased. He looked back at Arya and his smile faded a bit, "This what you want?"

Arya: "Will it make you happy?"

Daray: "I asked you first."

Arya: "Please just answer my question and you'll get mine."

Daray: "If you are happy then yes, it will make me happy."

Arya: "You just answered your own question."

Daray: he looked at her a bit confused, again.

Arya: "Yes, this is what I want."

Daray: "If you're sure then..." he paused, "Wait. What did you mean about bringing up the unborn child? You can't switch until he's born or something?"

Athena: "I was thinking the same thing you were, Daray. I thought the child was with her." She nodded towards Arya.

Daray: he nodded slowly, "Okay...and because it's not?"

Athena: "It won't be a problem."

Arya: She walked back over and sat in front of Athena, taking her hands.

Athena and Arya: They closed their eyes and softly started to recite something that was in their father's book. The lights went out from all the power they were using, as it kicked the breaker box. Now they couldn't be seen, only heard.

Daray: with his night vision he could see them in the dark. He walked over and sat beside Angelia.

Arya and Athena: They had their eyes opened now, still reciting, their eyes were not either of their normal colors. They were a bright gold color.

Daray: he still watched to see what was going on.

The lights came back on and Arya and Athena were both breathing pretty deep and they both were shaking.

Daray: he got up and walked over to both of them, not sure which one to go to.

Arya: She looked up at him, now in what use to be Athena's body. She smiled slightly. "It worked." She breathed out softly. She put her hand on her stomach and smiled more.

Athena: She smiled, now in what uses to be Arya's body. She was happy for Daray and Arya but now Arya had to undo the wedding that happened between her and Daray while she was in this body. She didn't know how to do it otherwise she would herself.

Daray: he went over and hugged Arya and kissed her cheek still holding her tightly. "Now we are blood bonded. And Angelia is related to you for real."

Arya: She hugged him back, smiling. "Yes, you'll be able to feel everything I'm feeling now and it's the same for you for me." She looked over at Angelia and smiled. "Yes, but she is going confused when she wakes."

Daray: "Eh, she'll get over it." he turned around to face Athena, his arm still around Arya's waist, "Thank you Athena." he told her.

Athena: "You're welcome."

Daray: "We aren't blood bonded now, right?" he looked at Arya, "We did bite each other."

Athena: "But not from the neck." She pointed to Daray's wrist. "You both have to bite from the neck."

Daray: he looked back at Athena, "Oh." he smiled, "Good. Well, now you're free of me." his smile faded, "I just hope you don't bond with Xavier or any man like him."

Athena: "Same for you." She looked down. "Well, if you killed him I don't have to worry about him."

Daray: "I didn't think you would want me to kill him. Though I was sorely tempted to." he said sourly.

Athena: "He didn't tell you then." She looked up at him then looked away. "I should get going." She stood then started towards the door. "See ya later or whenever."

Daray: "He didn't tell me, but you could." he told her as she walked away. "Right now he is...slowly dying I should say. But I didn't know if you wanted me to save him again, for you, or not."

Athena: She stopped and turned to him slightly. "Let's just say, I know how Arya felt when our father tried to rape her. About feeling powerless, weak. But see there is one difference. Xavier succeeded when our father did not. It has been like that ever since he and I got together. The only reason why I didn't leave him was because he threatened to kill me, my brother and everyone else I love and loved."

Daray: "He did this to you after we saved him from Daniel?"

Athena: "Before and after."

Daray: "So then you wanted to save him the first time WHY?" he exclaimed. "And what do you mean before? Before, Arya was in your body. She never told me this. And you were never around him could he have threatened this?"

Athena: "He was the only one that I knew. The only one that I knew would understand or try to." She whispered. "Before we saved him, after Arya was in my body. This was when I was still with The Great Ones, before I had to run." She tried to explain.

Daray: "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have man's neck to break." he walked out of the room.

Athena: She watched him then went over and hugged Arya. "You have a wonderful husband. He'll take good care of you I can tell. Take care, sis. I'll see you when I can." She let go of her then left. She was in her car in a few minutes, started it and drove away.

Daray: he took the body out of the basement room and then teleported it outside and threw it in the woods to take care of later. He noticed Athena leaving. "Hey! Give me my shoebox back!"

Athena: She had already placed it on the porch so she didn't stop.

Daray: he watched her drive past and then sighed and went and took care of the body.

Arya: She brought it in the house, confused so she opened it. She smiled when she saw some of the pictures. "Daray Aleron." She whispered softly.

Daray: after he took care of the body he teleported upstairs and washed his hands and made sure his clothes were clean before going back downstairs. He spotted Arya and the very familiar shoebox. He walked over and snatched it from her and put the lid on quickly. "Mine." he said possessively and held it to him.

Arya: She laughed softly. "I see you have pictures of myself from way back then." She leaned back against the couch. "You should add to them."

Daray: "You already know when I'll take the pictures now." he smiled slightly, "I don't need pictures now. I've got the real thing." he leaned down and kissed her softly before turning and walking upstairs to put the box away so Angelia wouldn't find it.

Arya: She smiled to herself. She watched as their daughter slept. Everything that has happened to her must have exhausted her.

Daray: he came back downstairs and sat on the couch beside her, "So we don't need to get remarried? Did you already break the marriage between me and Athena?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes and yes." She smiled then kissed him softly. She laid her head on his shoulder while taking one of Daray's hands and placing it on her stomach. There was moment now.

Daray: "Everything is perfect again." he kissed her head, "Though I have a question."

Arya: She smiled. "And that is?"

Daray: "What did you mean about, 'If I did have the baby in me I wouldn't be making love to you'?"

Arya: She laughed softly. "I don't remember what I meant by that." She admitted.

Daray: "Hmmm, well, you do know having sex when you're pregnant is good for the baby."

Arya: "I do now."

Daray: "Good. So you can't use that as an excuse to keep me away. You'll have to find another one." he smiled slightly.

Arya: She smiled back and watched their daughter again "She must have been exhausted." She whispered.

Daray: "It's been an eventful week." he acknowledged, looking over at Angelia.

Arya: "She's such an angel, both when she's awake and asleep."

Daray: "I agree my love. You chose the right name for her."

Arya: She smiled. "WE chose the right name for her." She kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her back, "No, you told me what her name was and I just went along with it." he reminded her.

Arya: "Oh yeah. Well, to make it fair. You can choose what to name our son."

Daray: "Good to know."

Arya: She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder again and closed her eyes. She was tired from earlier. That 'spell' really tired her. Soon her breathing evened out and she was asleep as well.

Daray: he got up, moving only a bit and laid Arya back on the couch. He covered her with a blanket and put a pillow behind her head. Then he walked over to Angelia and picked her up and carried her to her room. He tucked her in and then sat there for a moment just watching her. He was glad the whole thing with him and Arya was fixed, but he still felt awful about what happened to Angelia, even if she didn't remember it. He was glad she didn't remember it. He had no qualms with using mind control to make someone forget a bad memory. It was just the mind control on forcing someone to love another that he didn't like. That's why he didn't want Angelia to be mind controlled into believing Arya in her own body was her mother. He wanted Angelia to figure that out for herself. Though, now that was fixed. There was no need to worry about that. He looked around the room. He was still fired up about everything that happened today. He wasn't tired because of it either. He decided to go back to town. He smiled to himself and went into his room and dressed in a black outfit and put on a black cape with a red silk under lining. Then he teleported to town and walked into the movie theater to see if the girl who was behind the counter was working.

The girl behind the counter was sitting there reading a magazine, chewing gum.

Daray: he let his fangs come down and walked up to the glass, "I've come to drain your blood."

The girl didn't look up at all. "That's nice." She sounded bored.

Daray: he teleported inside the glass and sat on the counter, "So you really don't mind." he pulled the magazine from her hands and tossed it aside.

The girl looked up at him and gasped.

Daray: he smiled, letting his fangs show, "That's better."

The girl stood and backed away from him, she swallowed.

Daray: he jumped off the counter and swirled his cloak around her, at the same time teleporting them both outside in the dark. When he let his cloak drop back behind him their surroundings had changed. "Now...about the draining of the blood." he smirked.

The girl was going hysterical. "Please don't." Was all she could get out.

Daray: "What do you do during that holiday in October where people dress up? Do you cower in your room and hide under blankets in fear? What makes you so afraid? Too many story books?" he stepped closer to her.

The girl shook her head, her hair moving away from her neck. A bite mark showed. She stepped back a few times when he came closer.

Daray: his fun sort of vanished, "Oh..." he retracted his fangs. "My bad." he held his hands out to the girl in a calming gesture, "I won't bite you. I didn't know."

The girl just stayed where she was, she was terrified still.

Daray: he teleported by her and teleported her back inside the glass counter at the theater and teleported back outside of the glass so he was away from her and they were separated from glass.

The girl was still terrified, she shook slightly, not noticeable to the human eyes though

Daray: "I should go..." he turned and walked away.

The girl she watched him, wondering where guys like him come from. Not Snyde wise but just gentleman like.

Daray: he was still out and he was very bored and yet wide awake. His fun had sort of been shattered with the girl, so...what could he do now? He wandered around town.


Angelia: She woke in her room and stretched. She got up and went to find one of her parents. She went downstairs and saw Arya sleeping on the couch, but she thought it was Athena. She went into the kitchen, then to Daray and Arya's room, then to Daray's office. "Daddy?" She said as she opened the door to his office. She sighed when he wasn't in there. She went back to her room and sat in there for a bit.


Daray: oblivious as he was to all the going ons at his house, he finally settled on a bar and walked in there and took a seat. Yep, in his black and red silk cape and all.

One of the waitresses came up to him. "What can I get you, darling?" She's seen weirder things than this so it didn't bother her that he was looking like Dracula.

Daray: "Bloody Mary, off the rocks." he smiled slightly, "Oh, and substitute the tomato juice with red liquid."

Waitress: She didn't know what to say so she just blankly stared at him. What was red liquid?

Daray: "Yes. I did just say I wanted red liquid." he repeated for her. "Can you spare some? You look healthy."

Waitress: "Uh..." She didn't know what to say still. She had no idea what red liquid was.

Daray: "It's a simple yes or no question."

Waitress: "I don't think we serve things like that here, darling."

Daray: "No matter." he stood. "I'll get it myself."

Waitress: She stepped back a few times then walked away.

Daray: he walked over to the karaoke stand and got on and put a song on a grabbed a microphone.

Waitress: She was serving others there.

Daray: "If anyone out there would be willing to serve up some red liquid for me I'll sing them a karaoke song!" he struck a pose with his cape.

Everyone looked at him weirdly.

Daray: "Nah, I'm serious. I really will sing." he whispered into the microphone, "Just don't tell my wife. She'll be jealous." he looked around the crowd and pointed to a girl, "You smell good. So instead of asking for your phone number I ask for a bite. Yes or no?"

The girl just looked t him weirdly and shook her head no.

Daray: "Alright. That's it." he vanished and shut off all the lights in the building.

Everyone was looking around. Someone drunk stated the lights went out. Most of them stumbled to the door and left.

Daray: he blocked them in and shut the door, "I don't think so." he let his fangs come down, "MASS MAYHEM!" he chuckled and snatched the first person he saw and sank his fangs into their neck and drained them.

It was a young girl, in her early 20s. She started to scream.

Daray: he leaned back and closed the wound, "Mmmm. You smell like alcohol. You know how delicious that is? It's like... alcohol. Mmm, is your name Mary? HAHA!" he jumped to the neck person and bit their neck.

The girl dropped to the floor. The next was the drunken person that stated the lights went out.

Daray: after he drained from him he closed the wounds. He felt slightly off kilter, but they just tasted really good...He jumped to the next person but ran into a table and chair on the way and stumbled before grabbing them and draining from them.

Someone got a hold of Daray while he was on the floor; he felt a pinch on the bad of his neck, then a burning feeling. The person injected vervane into his neck.

Daray: he snapped back, his fangs coming out of the neck of the person, "Ouch...why you do...that." he was about to pass out; he couldn't fight back. He moved out so fast he didn't close the wound.

The person put their hand on their neck to stop the bleeding for a little bit. "Because your species needs to be stopped." It was a female voice. "And I plan to stop it one Snyde at a time." She then knocked him out.

Daray: he slumped over and fell onto the floor.

Female: She took him back to her place and chained him up. She made sure that whatever power or powers he had couldn't be used. She then went to tend to her wound.

Daray: he had a nice nap and after being knocked out wore off, he just fell back asleep, now that he had slept a bit, he wanted to sleep more. Plus, he was enjoying the dreams he had. They were all of biting...and alcohol...

Female: She came in and woke him up. She had a gauze patch over the bite from him. She was brunette, emerald green eyes. She was about Arya's height.

Daray: he turned his head away from her and kept his eyes shut. His head hurt. "Raya, let me sleep." he murmured, "And shut off the lights."

Female: She raised her eyebrow. "A female Snyde, I assume." She stated.

Daray: "I hope you're female." he murmured, thinking it was Arya's voice.

Female: "And where are we?"

Daray: he sighed and opened his eyes and looked at her, and then realized where he was, "'re not my wife." he yawned.

Female: "No I'm not. Thank god."

Daray: "I'm not that bad." he tried to adjust his eyes.

Female: "All Snydes are the same."

Daray: "No, not really. There are major differences. If we were all the same, I would be a girl. But I'm not. So there's a difference there."

Female: She flipped a switch that was next to her and a flame came on right under Daray. "Don't be smart with me."

Daray: he yelled, "What the freakin heck?" he tried to teleport away but couldn't. "Shut it off!"

Female: "Why should I? You're Snyde"

Daray: he gritted his teeth and started counting backwards in his head from ten to one, sweat droplets could be seen on his forehead with the strain it took not to yell.

Female: She shut it off.

Daray: he let out a breath and looked down at his burns and winced. It hurt something awful, and it wasn't healing.

Female: "Name."

Daray: "One my parents gave me." he tried to reach Arya mentally.

Female: She turned the switch back on.

Daray: "Daray!" he blurted out. "Shut it off!"

Female: She smiled and turned it off. "Good." She walked out of the room for a bit.

Daray: he tried again to reach Arya.

Female: She came in with some plants. It looked like vervane plants.

Daray: he looked at her, "Okay...I admit that going to the bar last night was a bad idea. I won't do it again. But you hurting me like this is just as bad as what I did last night."

Female: "How can killing something that is already dead be as bad as almost killing three people that are not already dead?" She took some vervane and turned it into a liquid. She then put that liquid into a needle.

Daray: "I'm not dead. I have a beating heart." he watched her carefully. "I really don't want to die."

Female: "You're not going to die right away." She stated as she turned and started to walk over to Daray with the vervane filled needle.

Daray: "Yea. I know. Pain and suffering first." he actually looked scared for once in his life. He watched the needle closely.

Female: She came around behind him and stuck the needle in the back of his neck, just like the first time and inserted half of what was in the needle into his neck. She then left the room for about an hour.

Daray: he should have known better. In the little thinking capability that he had, he remembered...yes. He should have known better. The vervane hurt just as bad as the burns, but he had been through worse. If only he could remember what he did to get through it and not show pain, he would be golden. Maybe. Unless this girl wanted him to show pain. How could she believe he was dead if he showed to be in suffering? He kept his eyes shut and while he could, concentrated on counting backwards from ten to one. That always helped. His teeth were gritted so hard he was surprised he didn't break them.

Female: She came back when the hour was up; the vervane should have worn off by then.

Daray: he opened his eyes and watched her but said nothing. His eyes were a dull red.

Female: She walked over to him but kept an arms distance away from him. "Who is this Raya you spoke of earlier?"

Daray: "Someone I know and who is dear to me." he said softly, "What is the point of this?"

Female: "She's your wife, isn't she? All you need to know is that I have my reasons, which you don't need to know."

Daray: he looked around her apartment.

The apartment was empty, nothing related to her in it. No pictures, nothing.

Female: "Answer the question."

Daray: "I don't think I will."

Female: She stepped back to where the switch was.

Daray: "Go ahead and flip it." he said quietly.

Female: She looked surprised but flipped the switch.

Daray: he yelled for a second before shutting his eyes tight again and gritting his teeth, focusing on counting. He figured the fire had to well be at his bone by now. He didn't want to look.

Female: She smiled slightly and walked out of the room, leaving the switch on.

Daray: he continued what he was doing. Yes, stupid thing to make it where he was unable to die. Should have made it where he couldn't feel pain. He actually wondered what it would be like if he did die...what would happen to him?


Angelia: She looked at the clock, wondering where Daray was. "Daddy, where are you?" She whispered to herself.


Daray: despite the pain, he was getting hungry. He could feel his throat burning, and he knew it wasn't from the fire.

Female: She came back in and shut the fire off. She purposely put a glass of red liquid right out of Daray's reach if he wasn't chained. She then worked on some other things that were in the same room.

Daray: his eyes snapped open and glowed the dull red. He tried to lean forward to reach the red liquid but he couldn't get it. He growled in the back of his throat and stared at the glass.

Female: She continued to work on other things.

Daray: "Hand me the cup." he told the girl.

Female: She ignored him.

Daray: "You're not very nice." he murmured, his eyes fixed on the glass. His nostrils flared as his inhaled the scent.

Female: She smiled to herself

Daray: he didn't say anything more. He tried to figure out how to get to the drink.

Female: She left the room for another hour

Daray: when the girl came back in, he looked over at her and lunged forward in the chains. The pain in his legs had long been forgotten. He had dropped to a starving Snyde who just wanted to eat. To drain and kill her? It would be his pleasure.

Female: She came in and picked up the glass. "Not thirsty I see. You didn't even touch the glass." She smiled and walked a little closer to him with it.

Daray: "That's it. Come closer." he whispered.

Female: She stopped a few inches away from him with the glass and smiled evilly, slightly. She then turned around and walked away with the glass.

Daray: he snarled loudly. "BRING IT BACK!"

Female: She set it on one of the tables that was still in the room.

Daray: "Bring it to ME woman!"

Female: She smiled. "Guess my name and I will." She smiled more. No one has ever got close to her name.

Daray: "You're the devil on earth in disguise.

The men give you names they despise.
I see past you into your eyes.
Angel do they call you?
You don't deserve the name you bear.
But come closer and I'll let you hear,
Your name whispered...
Once or twice.
Before I slice your throat in thrice." he said in a low harsh whispered.

Female: She shook her head. "I guess you're not as thirsty as you put off."

Daray: "You tell me your name and I'll guess it then." he growled.

Female: "Nice try."

Daray: "I shouldn't do things for you. You should do them for me."

Female: "I don't do anything for Snydes."

Daray: "I don't think you deserve a name."

Female: "Snydes don't deserve names, yet you have one."

Daray: "I'd rather go thirsty than take my time to think up your name, little girl. To rot away from starvation is better than have my brain degrade with your name inside of it. I take time to guess my wife's middle name, not Snyde hunters."

Female: "Very well. It won't be long for your wife to be joining us, by the way." She told him then left the room to get something she forgotten in the other room.

Daray: "YOU WON'T EVER GET HER! YOU WON'T EVER FIND HER!" he pulled on the chains again. Yea, now the woman would die for threatening his wife.

Nadia: She came back into the room. "We shall see." She had a book, a recepie book.

Daray: he lunged at her again, pulling the chains tight against the wall.

Nadia: She smiled slightly, and brought the glass over to him. "Want this?"

Daray: "No. I want to drain YOUR blood. All of it." his eyes were turning black.

Nadia: She laughed softly. "You wouldn't be able to drain my blood. Not after I made sure that I always have vervane in my system."

Daray: "What do I have to do for you to leave my wife alone?"

Nadia: "Just answer my questions and not be smart. Like you were earlier."

Daray: "And you'll leave her alone?" he snarled, unable to help his feral attitude right now.

Nadia: "Yes."

Daray: "Give me the red liquid first and I'll answer your questions."

Nadia: She gave him the red liquid.

Daray: he drank it down, but it was nowhere near enough to soothe his thirst.

Nadia: "Now, my question from earlier."

Daray: "Your name?"

Nadia:"That wasn't part of the deal."

Daray: "Why should I answer about Raya when you promised not to bother her?"

Nadia: "It was the question I asked before hand, so answer it or the deal is off."

Daray: "I don't remember."

Nadia: "I asked if she was your wife, but I have me answer already." She walked over to a table that she set the recepie book on. "Is that really her name? Raya?" She asked as she looked through the book.

Daray: "Yes." he said, watching her. His answer sounded truthful.

Nadia: She looked at him. "You lie."

Daray: "I'm not answering questions about my family." he said simply.

Nadia: "Very well." She turned and flipped to a page that she had marked already. She started gathering things to perform this recipe.

Daray: "What are you doing?"

Nadia: "Getting the answers myself."

Daray: "For what REASON?" he growled.

Nadia: "My reason." She said simply. She had everything set up for it now.

Daray: he lunged at her, pulling on the chains again, "Don't do it!" he growled.

Nadia: "Then answer my question truthfully."

Daray: "Why? So you can gather information and just break the promise anyways? That's the type you are. That's the type YOU all are. Humans are worse than Snydes. At least Snydes have loyalty to a measure of things."

Nadia: "First off, I'm not completely human. So don't compare me to them. I protect their race from you."

Daray: "And one of these days they will turn on you."

Nadia: "They don't know of me. There are very few like me left in the world. Thanks to your 'royalty' that live in Italy."

Daray: "What 'royalty'? The Great Ones? Ha. I tried killing them off. They are worse than you."

Nadia: "I know they are."

Daray: "Let me go."

Nadia: "Not a chance."

Daray: "Then kill me."

Nadia:"I plan to."

Daray: he stood back against the wall.

Nadia: She closed her eyes and softly started to chat something.

Daray: he didn't say anything. He tried to ignore it.

Nadia: "Arya Rose is your wife?" She said after a few minutes. She looked at him.

Daray: he didn't say anything.

Nadia: "Daray, is that true? Is Arya Elizabeth Rose your wife?" She watched him.

Daray: "No, she's not." her last name wasn't Rose.

Nadia: "Is she the daughter of Nisha and Aidren Rose?"

Daray: "I have no idea."

Nadia: "If she is the Arya that I'm talking about, I think you should start telling the truth. She is the only reason why I can't kill you but I guess she's not so I can easily just let you burn to death." She started to walk over to the switch.

Daray: "And I should trust you why?"

Nadia: "The Rose family is the most powerful pureblood family in the whole world. They could easily overthrow The Great Ones but they decide not to. They work for them." She looked at him. "Also if I kill someone in the Rose family, I have not kept my promise to my family, whom use to work for the Rose family."

Daray: "She is in fact the daughter of whom you speak."

Nadia: "Now how do I know you're not just saying that just for me to let you go?"

Daray: "That you have to figure out for yourself."

Nadia: "Well, you're going to stay here until I do."

Daray: "Not like I was going anywhere." he muttered.

Nadia: "Right."

Daray: he leaned back against the wall and shut his eyes.

Nadia: She cleaned things up and went into the other room. She came back in with a jug of red liquid and she set it right in front of Daray, where he could reach it and everything. She then left the room.

Daray: he held his breath to not smell it, resisting the urge to drink it. He didn't look at it.

Nadia: She didn't come back in for a long while.

Daray: at least, he thought, perhaps if the girl was telling the truth about the Rose family, then his family would be safe. But then he couldn't help but think how close they had come to not being safe, and it had been because of him. Maybe he was just an idiot. He couldn't take the idea of endangering his family. Thinking about it, he forgot about his thirst.

Nadia: She came back in about five hours later. "Were you not thirsty?" She looked down at his legs and sighed, she knew that she had to heal those otherwise Arya would kill her.

Daray: "Not right now." he said distractedly. He knew what hunger was. How could he have forgotten?

Nadia: "Was there anything that you WOULD like then?" She gathered things that she could be used for the healing recipe.

Daray: "Just for you to leave my family alone, and to let me go."

Nadia: "I meant as in to drink or eat wise." She walked over to him and took some blood from him

Daray: he winced, "Not right now. What are you doing?"

Nadia: "Healing you." She stated.

Daray: "Just let me go and I can heal myself."

Nadia: "I don't trust you."

Daray: "I wouldn't kill a girl. And if you aren't a threat to my family I'll leave you be. I deserved this. What I did last night was uncalled for."

Nadia: "I'm still going to heal you."

Daray: "Just freakin let me go." he growled. "I don't need your help or sympathy. If you couldn't give it to me before I don't want it now. You're a hypocrite. So just release me."

Nadia: She looked at him then the next thing he knew he was unchained, free. But his powers were still blocked from use.

Daray: he fell to his knees, unable to stand. He sighed.

Nadia: She leaned against the wall, watching.

Daray: he looked up at her, "What are you looking for a circus act?"

Nadia: She shrugged then went into the other room.

Daray: he sat down and looked at the damage on his legs.

They were burnt pretty badly. They looked almost raw.

Daray: "You aren't going to let me at least heal myself?"

Nadia: She sat in the other room with head phones in, listening to her music.

Daray: he pulled himself to his feet, ignoring the pain. He opened the window in the room.

The window had bars on the outside of the window.

Daray: "You have got to be kidding me." he muttered. The thought occurred to him, what was the point of a blood bond if Arya couldn't tell how he was feeling right now because some stupid woman blocked his powers? It was pointless. He sat in a chair and waited for the girl to return.

Nadia: She got up and went into her kitchen. She made herself a sandwich and poured her something to drink. It looked like red liquid from where Daray was sitting.

Daray: he looked over and picked up the book off of the table.

The book had a list of names in it. The last name said Nadia Leonte. The recipes that were in it were written in Romanian.

Daray: "Nadia Leonte. I bet if you switch the letters around it spells Devil." he tore the book in half and tossed it to the floor.

Nadia: She came in and stopped, seeing her book on the floor. She glared up at Daray. "Why'd you do that?"

Daray: he shrugged. "Lots of reasons."

Nadia: "Name one." She was trying to stay calm. She knelt down and picked both halves up and put them back together and set the book on a table away from Daray.

Daray: "You."

Nadia: She rolled her eyes. "Just leave will ya. I have other things to do other than sitting here with you."

Daray: "Give me my powers back and I will."

Nadia: "I don't trust you enough where I can."

Daray: "I can't leave until I get them so I guess I'll be here."

Nadia: "You didn't want me to heal you so that's your fault." She got up, grabbed her book and went into the other room.

Daray: he growled and snatched the lamp off the desk and hurled it at the wall beside her head.

Nadia:"Someone's angry." She smiled slightly and watched Daray.

Daray: he forced himself to stand, "Just move. I'll leave." he walked over to her slowly and pushed past her.

Nadia: She moved out of his way. "Good luck getting down the stairs." She then went and cleaned up.

Daray: he hissed at her and made it to the steps. He held onto the railing and started the very slow walk down.

Nadia: She brushed her hair out and put it up in a bun. She then removed the gaze patch off her next to check the bite Daray made. She then sighed. He was the first Snyde to ever bite her. It felt kinda weird though.

Daray: after a long time, Daray finally made it to the bottom of the stairs. He then stepped outside to see where he was, and headed home, taking breaks when needed and sucking it up and walking on his burnt legs when he rested enough. He had the weird feeling that someone was watching him, but when he looked around he didn't see anyone.

Nadia: She was following Daray but she kept out of sight.

Daray: he stopped at the movie theater and stood by the wall. He decided not to go home. If someone was watching him, perhaps someone was following him, and he didn't want someone to follow him home.

Nadia: She watched and waited. She still kept out of sight.

Arya: 'Daray? You there?' She sounded frantic

Daray: Arya was able to communicate with him mentally? He tried it, 'I'm here Arya. Can you hear me?' he looked over to the girl behind the glass and then walked around the corner of the building to be out of sight of people. If he could communicate mentally, maybe he could teleport home. His mental voice sounded strained, just like he was feeling.

Arya: 'Oh my god, Daray. What's wrong? What happened?' She could feel what he was feeling. He was in pain. Hurt maybe?

Daray: he teleported home and fell against the wall with a thud as his legs gave out when he landed.

Arya: "Daray!" She was beside him in an instant. "Oh my god, what happened?" She whispered as she helped him get up and to the couch.

Daray: "Me being stupid." he muttered and sat down on the couch heavily, "I'll heal in a few, I'm sure." he felt the burning in his throat more than ever now that he was home and almost relieved. He still felt awful.

Arya: She bit her wrist. "My love, you need to bite. Please." She held her wrist up to him.

Daray: he obeyed and bit her. It helped with the healing.

Arya: "Drain as much as you want. It'll help with the burning in your throat and speed the healing." Her eyes showed worry, sadness, and confusion.

Daray: he drained a lot until he needed to stop before he drained too much from her. Then he sat back and let it take effect.

Arya: She licked her wound close and watched over him. She felt a little light headed for the blood loss but she didn't care. She just wanted Daray to be well and okay again.

Daray: he figured his legs would leave scars. He sighed; he'd never do that again.

Arya: "Love, what happened? Who did this to you?"

Daray: "The devils spawn did this to me." he opened his eyes and looked at her, "What did I do? I went to the theater to scare this girl because when Angelia and I went there she believed in Snydes. I found out she had reason to be scared of them because she had been attacked by one before, so I left. I didn't want to come home so I went to the bar, and...I don't know. I was really bored. I started draining some drunks and because their blood had alcohol in it, I got a bit drunk from the smell. I didn't kill anyone and they wouldn't remember it because they were drunk. But the girl was there...and when I woke up I was on fire."

Arya: "Do you have the girl's name?" She wasn't upset with Daray for doing what he did. She did that too at one time. She just never talked about it.

Daray: "The only reason I am here and not dead is because she says she promised to protect the Rose family or something. Her name is Nadia...something. Nadia..."

Arya: she looked at him "Nadia Leonte? She did this to you?"

Daray: he nodded slowly. "Yea. Her." he sighed.

Arya: "She's here, in town?" Her voice had a surprising sound to it.

Daray: "Yea." his legs had healed enough and he got up and teleported to his bedroom and got a bag out and put some clothes in it.

Arya: She sighed and sat there alone.

Angelia: "Dad? Where are you going?" She asked softly. She was sitting in a chair.

Daray: "I have to go somewhere. You guys are safer with me gone anyways. I don't have the experience your mother has in life so maybe after I get some I can be able to return knowing it will do you all better. That's what I want for you two, is something better." he finished putting things in the bag and zipped it closed. Besides, he could feel someone watching him. And he didn't want them to surface with his family around.

Angelia: "You're leaving mom and me here?" She whispered softly, holding back tears.

Daray: he looked back at her, his hand resting on the top of his bag as it sat on the bed. He looked sad, "Please don't cry Angelia. I will be back when it is safe for you both for me to be around. don't know how close it came for you two being in danger because of me. And I...just the thought of that. No." he slung the strap of his bag over his shoulder. "I'll be back in a few days. Maybe a week at most. I promise, okay?"

Angelia: She just got up and went to her room. She slammed the door and locked it. She then teleported to the roof and there she started to cry.

Daray: he sighed and walked downstairs.

Arya: She sat in the living room. She was looking at the ground.

Daray: "Arya I'll be back." he opened up the front door.

Arya: She closed her eyes and whispered. "Okay."

Daray: "What's wrong?"

Arya: "Nothing." She got up and went to their room. She shut the door. She sat in the chair that was in there; she sighed and placed her face in her hands.

Daray: he didn't know what the problem was. He would be back. He sighed. Now he felt bad for leaving. But he had to. He shut the door behind him.

Arya: She heard the door shut and she started to softly cry.

Angelia: She watched as Daray left and she sniffled and teleported next to him and hugged him. "Daddy, let me go with you. Please, daddy."

Daray: "Honey I can't." he said quietly, patting her back, "It's safer here with your mother."

Angelia: She looked down after letting him go. She stepped back a few times then teleported onto the roof again.

Daray: he sighed softly and shut his eyes.

Angelia: She laid her head on her knees.

Arya: She lay down on the bed; she closed her eyes and continued to cry. She curled in a ball and continued to cry.

Angelia: She teleported into her room.

Nadia: She walked into the house of Daray and Arya's. She looked around and when she saw no one downstairs she went upstairs.


Daray teleported out of the house with his bag of clothes to a place that he knew well. Throwing his bag on the floor he looked around the room he stood in. Pictures of his parents and childhood memories lined the walls of the trophy room amongst hundreds of medals. He sighed and picked up his bag and went around the corner to his room from when he was a child. Tossing it at the foot of the bed he sat on the comforter and sighed. After a few moments, he bent down and untied his shoes and tossed them across the room. His legs had healed, but there were still scars. He could see them. Places on his legs where the scars were where the hair would never grow back. That was okay, he thought. He needed to be reminded of the stupid things he did in life so that he would know never to do them again.

He lied back on the bed heavily and shut his eyes. He needed sleep badly. After the girl, the fire, the starvation...he was exhausted. Before he knew it, Daray fell asleep. His last thoughts were restless, and it didn't do well for his dreams.

"Daddy!" The little boy giggled as his dad tickled him. "Daddy stop it!" he laughed more, his green eyes twinkling with amusement.

The little boy's dad smiled at his son and stopped, "Okay, I'll stop. I'll have mercy. This time." He poked his son in the nose and then ruffled his short black hair.

The little boy giggled again.

A woman came out of the house and set a tray of food down on the grass for them both. She had a stern look on her face, the set of her mouth. She watched her son with piercing green eyes, never as soft as his fathers.

"Hi mommy." He little boy waved at his mom and went to take some food.

The woman slapped his hand, "Father first." She glared at the little boy.

"Yes mommy." The boy pulled his hand back and rubbed the stinging away as his father patted his back gently.

"Thank you dear." He told his wife.

"Don't thank you dear me. You've been out here with our son for over the two hour limit. He has to get back inside."

"Yes dear." He said as he picked up his sandwich and took a bite.

The woman picked up the tray and carried the food away before the little boy could take some.

The little boy frowned and watched his dad.

The father waited for the mother to be out of sight before splitting the sandwich in half and giving part to his son. "There you go." He whispered. "Eat it fast."

The boy nodded as he took the sandwich and finished it off in as little as four bites. "Is mommy mad at me, daddy?"

"I think your mother is worried, son. That's all."

"Worried about what, daddy?" he asked softly, "Is mommy okay?"

The little boy's father finished his food and stood and picked up his son, "Come on. We better listen and get you back to training."

"Daddy I don't like training. It scares me." The little boy buried his face in his daddy's shirt.

"It shouldn't scare you. One of these days it will make you a better man. And you must know I will always be there to help you."

"Mommy won't let you." He whispered.

"Mommy may control a lot of things, but never when it comes to helping my son." The man stepped through the door into the house and walked to the back room which had no windows and was painted black. The only light in the room was the few ceiling lights.

The little boy's mother was standing in the room, arms crossed. "Bring him to me." She commanded.

The father walked over and handed the boy to the mother. Or at least, he thought he did.

The woman moved her hands and let the boy drop to the ground. "Don't cry." She demanded as she watched her son on the ground. "Men don't cry."

The father stepped back out of the way.

The little boy looked up at his mother, his face showed the pain from the fall, but his eyes showed the sadness from his pain at his mother's lack of affection and love.

"You have thirty seconds to take that look off your face boy. I'm trying to teach you to be strong. They are coming, and you need to be prepared."

The little boy nodded and tried to control his emotions.

"Count backwards. Ten to one. That always helps." The father whispered.

"Are you helping him?" the mother snapped. "When they get here, no one will be there to help him. Not even you." She glared at her husband.

"Doesn't mean I can't be here now." The father said softly.

The woman teleported in front of her husband in less than a second and slapped him hard across the face, "I don't need your talk back."

"Yes dear." The man murmured.

"Daddy?" the little boy got up and tried to walk over to him.

The mother spun and side kicked the little boy in the head, knocking him back.

"That's not part of the training!" the man snapped and grabbed his wife by the upper arms to hold her back.

"He's not strong enough for when they arrive anyways. He hasn't learned ANYTHING." She yelled and teleported from the man's grip.

"He's only seven. We can't expect him to be strong yet." He went over to help his son, "Are you okay, Daray?"

The woman pulled the man back by the shirt collar and slammed him into a mirrored wall. "Fight me, Dallas. You know you want to."

"I would never fight a woman." Dallas answered, "Especially not my wife."

"No wonder the boy isn't prepared for their visit! You're a bad influence on him." The woman slammed Dallas back into the mirror wall.

Dallas smacked his head against the glass and groaned. "I'm sorry dear." He muttered.

"Do you want him to live?"

"I want him to live." The man confirmed.

"Then from now on, we do things my way." She looked back at the little boy, "What are you doing?"

"I'm watching." The boy said softly.

"Always watching. Remember that, Daray." The man whispered before he slid to the ground.

The boy ran over to his dad, a hand pressed against his wound, "Daddy!" he yelled.

And it repeated. "Daddy!" he yelled.

"Daddy!" the scream got louder.

"Daddy!" it replayed.

"Daddy!" Daray sat up straight in the bed and found that the cry was his own. He got up from the bed angrily and walked to the window and threw back the curtains and looked out into the dark. He couldn't mistake that shine of the gray hair. "Daddy." He whispered and quickly pulled on his boots and teleported outside.

The man turned around to face him, "Daray. Good to see you again." He said simply.

Daray ran and hugged his father tightly, "Dad I haven't seen you in so long."

"Then you haven't been watching." He stepped back after the hug.

"No, of course he hasn't. He hasn't learned a thing." A woman's voice said as she came up beside Dallas. She watched her son with the same piercing green eyes. "He stopped watching all together fifteen years ago, when he saw a woman. You might have stopped watching, but we haven't, Daray. We've seen you. And now we've come to get you."

"For what?" Daray asked her.

"They are here."

"They are here? They can't be here."

"You just think that because you aren't prepared. I warned you. And now you have to recall all that you've been taught. Or you will die." The woman moved her hand and a portal opened up beside them.

"I can't. I have a family." Daray looked from the portal to his mother.

"I don't care what you can't do, Daray!" she said angrily. "You will fight them, and you will win, or I will splatter your blood on this house to let everyone know how much of a failure you are being a man and a son."

"I saw how you treated her when you met her, Daray. That girl of yours. I told you to never hurt a woman."

"I never hurt her." Daray said, looking at his father.

"I'm just disappointed in you for even threatening it." He walked through the portal.

"Dad! Wait!" he ran after his father.

The woman smiled, "And so it begins." She whispered sinisterly and stepped through the portal and it closed behind her.


Arya: She lay down on the bed; she closed her eyes and continued to cry. She curled in a ball and continued to cry.

Angelia: She teleported into her room.

Nadia: She walked into the house of Daray and Arya's. She looked around and when she saw no one downstairs she went upstairs.


The portal opened up and Daray was spit out and landed and his hands and knees. His clothes were torn and he was a lot thinner than before. Blood spots were on his skin and clothing. He was breathing hard. But he was alive.


Arya: She didn't forget about Daray at all, she was reminded each day of him because of their son. She named him Luca and every night she cried herself to sleep.

Angelia: She was now looked like she was fifteen. She had long hair that looked like Arya's. She helped Arya around the house with the cleaning and cooking for herself and Luca. Each night she could hear her mom cry. She had to be strong for her mom, Luca and herself.

Nadia: She was accepted in the house and she also helped around the house. She helped Arya with a lot of things.


The woman with the piercing green eyes stepped out of the portal and stood beside Daray looking down at him, "Get up." she said sternly.

Daray: he got up slowly and winced from the pain.

Dallas: Stepped out of the portal and it closed.

"I'm surprised you are even still standing." she looked at him with a bored expression.

"I'm proud of you Daray." Dallas said.

"Shut it Dallas. He doesn't need praise. He needs to know what he did was what he was supposed to do." she looked over at her house and teleported inside.

Daray: "Dad I've been gone so long. My wife had a child." he said quietly. "I've missed his birth." he was sad, his voice pained with more than just the hurt that his body was feeling physically.

Dallas: "I'm sorry Daray." he said genuinely.

The woman came back out of the house and threw Daray's bag of clothes at him. "You're not needed now."

Daray: he picked up his bag. He didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to his parents before they teleported away. Daray sighed. He couldn't teleport inside his house. He doubted his family would even recognize him he looked so different. And his son? He had thought about him every day. He didn't get to name him. That hurt deeply. Something he would always have to live with now.

When he teleported home, he was outside. He stepped onto the porch and rang the doorbell and prayed, though he never had before, for a miracle.

Angelia: She opened the door. "Yes?" She said as she opened the door. She then looked at Daray and gasped softly. "Mom!"

Arya: "Angelia, what is it?" She came to the door with Luca on her hip. She looked different as well, her hair was a lot longer and her eyes were about a gray color instead of a blue. "May I help you?" She asked kindly, not recognizing him. "You can come in out of the cold." She moved to the side to let him in.

Daray: he stepped inside and set down his bag on the floor. He looked softly from Arya to the baby, "What's his name?" he asked kindly, his voice quiet.

Arya: "Luca."

Luca: He had his head on Arya's shoulder with an arm around her neck. He looked at him and smiled a little. He had Daray's eyes and the color of his hair.

Daray: "He's really handsome Ray Ray." he said, his eyes a bit misty. God he felt horrible. He didn't even know if he belonged anymore.

Arya: She looked at him, confused on how he knew his name.

Angelia: She carefully hugged Daray. "I've missed you so much." She whispered.

Arya: "Daray?" She said softly as she looked at him.

Daray: he winced at the hug as it hurt his sore body. "I've missed you too, Angel." he looked over at Arya and nodded. "Yea. It's me."

Arya: Tears came to her eyes and she carefully and lightly hugged Daray. "I thought you weren't ever coming back." She whispered softly then lightly kissed his cheek. "What happened, love?"

Daray: he ignored his pain. He wanted to hold Arya closer. He had missed her so much. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him, nuzzling his face in her hair by her neck to smell her scent. He had missed her sweet scent. "I promised I'd be back." he whispered. "It's over with now. Nothing worth speaking about or remembering."

Arya: She was crying softly. Holding Daray to her with her free hand. After a few minutes she pulled away and looked at him. "Honey, you need rest and to feed. Come." She walked into the living room.

Daray: he followed her willingly. He held onto her hand. He didn't want to let it go.

Arya: The living room was rearranged and there were some new things in there as well. "Love, lay down and I'll be right back. I promise." She softly kissed his cheek and went into the kitchen.

Daray: he sat down on the couch, looking around. Everything was different. He looked down at the coffee table.

There were a few papers on there. It was dealing with some bills and a living will.

Daray: he picked up the wall paper.

The will stated that everything was to be left to their kids, Angelia, Luca and any other future kids they might have.

Daray: he set down the paper and a sharp pain went through his arm. But he didn't show it. Over the course of a year he had learned not to show pain. He shouldn't even show it with the hugs, he figured. He didn't want his family thinking they were hurting him. He rolled up his sleeve and looked at the four lines from the scratch from the claw. He pulled his sleeve back down.

Arya: She came back into the room with a glass of red liquid and she handed it to him then sat next to him. "Is there anything that needs to be treated?"

Daray: "No. It's fine." he took a drink of the red liquid, letting it help the burning in his throat that he had grown accustomed to having stop.

Arya: "You sure?" She looked over him.

Daray: "I don't want you to see, Arya. It'll heal later." he said softly, still looking down at the coffee table.

Arya: She nodded. He seemed a lot different from the last time he was with her. She looked down slightly, not knowing what to say or do now.

Daray: "You have in the will about future children." he said quietly. He took another drink of the red liquid and then set it on the coffee table, only half gone.

Arya: She nodded. "You spoke of us having more than just the two that we have. Unless you've changed your mind about that." She admitted softly, not looking up at him.

Daray: "No, it's just...I've been gone for a long time Arya...I didn't know you still believed I would return and there would be hope of future kids. Unless...unless you meant it to mean kids from another father."

Arya: "I hoped that you would return and that we'd be together again. I was just starting to believe that you weren't ever going to come back. It's been hard for me ever since you've been gone. I've been crying so much, trying to relive the pain that I felt, each night. I haven't met anyone else and I don't think that I'd be able to go through someone leaving again." She whispered the whole time. "I felt weak for our children but apparently that made our daughter stronger. Her personality is so much like yours and Luca looks so much like you as well. I wouldn't be able to meet, marry and make love to another man other than you."

Daray: "I'm so sorry Arya. I never meant to do that to you." his voice was also soft, but he couldn't bring himself to look at her. Knowing she had cried because of him just made this all worse. "I thought I would be back in a week." But he hadn't expected them to come. He looked up and around the room to see if Angelia was around them still.

Arya: "But you weren't. Angelia doesn't know you as well anymore. When you left and didn't let her come with you she blamed herself at first. She then thought you didn't love us anymore and couldn't stand being around us. Luca, even though he's only a little over a year old, doesn't know you at all. Daray when you didn't come back after a half a year and haven't contacted us to tell us what's going on, we feared the worse. We feared that you..." She closed her eyes. She couldn't finish her sentence.

Daray: "I tried to contact you. Every day." he whispered. He didn't see Angelia so he looked back at the table.

Arya: "I didn't get a call, a letter, not even a mental message, at all from you. I gave up trying to get a hold of you. I stopped after eighth month. I tried to get a hold of you to tell you about your son being born and when you didn't respond, I thought..." She swallowed. "I thought you didn't care anymore about your children and myself."

Daray: he closed his eyes and let out a breath to keep his emotions under control. "I thought about him every day. I even kept thinking of names for him...but then after so long, I thought, I don't deserve to name him anyways. I had missed his birth." he opened his eyes and picked up the glass of red liquid, "There wasn't phones, no way to send letters, I tried mental communication and nothing worked. I thought the only thing that would be strong enough was the blood bond, but I guess...that wasn't either. But I never stopped caring. And I knew if I died you would continue to think I stopped caring."

Arya: She held back tears. "Why'd you leave if the first place? That's what I've been trying to figure out. Why?" She looked at him. "The whole time you were gone, all I felt was pain. Some days I couldn't even get out of bed because of it. It wasn't mine so I knew that it had to been yours. I didn't know if that's what it felt like to have a blood bond with someone and when they died that's what you feel. I didn't know what was going on. It scared me." Tears could be seen now in her eyes. "Daray, I love you and that would NEVER change but you seem so different to me now. I don't know what happened and you won't tell me. I don't know what you want me to do." The tears were now running down her face slowly.

Daray: "I don't want to tell you because it will hurt you and I would rather it just be forgotten. It was bad enough living through it myself. I don't want you to have to hear about it. It seems you already have lived enough of it. More than I want, if you could feel the pain I went through." he shut his eyes so as not to see her cry, knowing he had been the cause of her tears once again.

Arya: She pulled his face to hers and kissed him, passionately but not too hard. She didn't care about the reason why he wouldn't tell her. She didn't care about what happened. She just cared that he was here and that he was alive. She promised herself right then and there that she will take care of Daray, make him strong and well again.

Daray: he kept his eyes closed and kissed her in return, gently. How he had missed her kisses. So many nights he had thought about them, dreamt of them. And so many mornings he had wished when he opened his eyes that he would be home, and to see her. But his wish was never granted. And now, finally, here he was. At home. But he still didn't feel like he belonged. He had missed so much. His wife thought he was dead, his daughter had almost forgotten him, Luca didn't even know him. His heart was pained, and he knew it would be for awhile. He had learned again, not to cry, and he wouldn't. He would keep it in. The kiss was nice, it was everything he had wanted and missed so much, but it also hurt. He was sore. He knew he would be for awhile, the poison from the claws were still in him. It hurt to even breathe. But this time, it was pain he would willingly take.

Arya: She kissed him gently but just as passionate as before. She missed him so much, she'd do anything for him right now, and she meant anything. As she kissed him, she moved her hair away from her neck, to expose it.

Daray: he set down the glass again and cupped her face in his hands and moved her closer to him. He kissed her just as passionately for a moment before breaking the kiss to kiss along her jaw and kiss down her neck gently.

Arya: She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. She waited for him to pierce her skin, she wanted him to. She missed it so much.

Daray: instead he didn't. He just moved his lips back to hers. He knew what she wanted. But he couldn't do it.

Arya: She pulled away and looked down. "I have to go check on the kids." She said softly then got up and went to go check on them.

Daray: the little fissure of happiness that he had gotten when Arya kissed him left as soon as she pulled away. He didn't stop her when she left. He sat back on the couch and picked up his drink again.

Arya: After she checked on them she sat against the wall with her eyes closed. She was trying to hold back tears but they came anyway.

Angelia: Seen Arya crying and sighed. She still cried now. Even when Daray was home. She didn't understand why. She teleported downstairs into the living room doorway. She just looked at Daray. He looked a lot different than the last time. She didn't approach him while she was alone. She didn't know if she should or not.

Daray: he looked over at her, standing in the doorway. "Hi Angelia." he said softly. "You...scared of me, now?" he furrowed his brows.

Angelia: "You're different." She stated.

Daray: "That's in a bad way, I take it." he looked away and nodded slowly. "I know." he said and took a drink of the red liquid.

Angelia: "You made Mom cry. You never use to do that. She's hasn't been able to be happy ever since you abandoned us. She cried herself to sleep every night, I know because I could hear her. She's woken up screaming for you and you weren't there to comfort her. Nadia has helped her try to get through this past year or so. She's been here ever since you left and she begged for forgiveness from Mom for what she did to. I've tried my best to comfort her through the nights she's woken up screaming. I know what it takes to be strong. I've taught myself so much stuff that you were supposed to teach me. Nadia has taught me how to control my powers that I have. I've found out that Luca has the power to control minds and to move objects with his mind." She looked at him. "Mom has been in the dark when it came you and you show up out of nowhere. I'm happy that you are back and so is Mom but for me, you'll have to show and prove that I can trust and call you my dad again." And with that she teleported to Luca's room and took care of him for a bit. She played with him, changed him and played with him again.

Daray: his grip had tightened on the glass so much that it broke in his grip and glass shards went in his hand. He muttered a curse word and bent down to pick the pieces up. Maybe it would have been better for him to stay away. It just seemed with him here everything was worse. Nadia was here...his daughter trusted her more than him. That...that he hated. He didn't know why Arya was crying. He wished maybe he had died. His blood would have been better splattered on a house then here, giving him life. He got up and took the glass pieces to the kitchen and threw them away. Then he found a rag and put water on it to wash the blood off of the floor in the living room.

Arya: She had stopped crying now; she just stared at the wall. She didn't know what to do anymore.

Angelia: She trusted no one except for Arya and Luca. No one else but maybe if Daray proved to her that he could be trusted then she'd trust him too. Nadia was bad news, to her. She liked Nadia only so much but not too much. She held Luca as she rocked him to sleep for his nap.

Daray: he cleaned up the mess in the living room and got up and went back to the kitchen. He cleaned the glass out of his hand and then just let the water in the sink wash everything down the drain. He shut off the water and just stood there, his palms pressed to the counter. He stared out the window. He ran his tongue over his top teeth. Yea. He wished he could give Arya what she wanted. But he couldn't.

Angelia: Once Luca was asleep she put him in his crib then went downstairs into the kitchen. She looked at Daray then walked past him to the fridge and got out the red liquid that was in there. She then got a glass and poured her some. She put it in the microwave to heat it.

Daray: he left the kitchen and picked up his bag off the floor in the entrance way. He hoped he wouldn't run into Nadia. But lately he hadn't been getting what he wished or hoped for. He glanced at Arya as he walked past her and up the stairs. After putting his clothes away he went into the bathroom and got undressed and got in the shower. The heat from the water felt nice on the claw marks at his skin. He pressed a hand to the shower wall and let the water just run over his skin for a long time.

Arya: She went into Luca's room after a bit and sat in the rocking chair that was next to his crib. She just watched him sleep. Of course his room was across from the bed room so she could hear the water running. She watched him sleep as she rocked soon she fell asleep in the rocker. She looked exhausted when she slept, making it look like she hasn't slept in weeks and this is the first times she has.

Angelia: She took her glass out and sat at the table. Taking a drink here and there.

Daray: after he washed up, he shut off the water and got out, changing into clean clothes, tossing the old away. His first 'new' clothes in about six months. He looked at himself in the mirror and picked up a razor and carefully shaved. He hadn't done so in so long and his hand from the glass cuts and the soreness made it hard for him to grip the razor. He sliced himself a few times, but finally he finished. He brushed his teeth...he wasn't used to the taste of the toothpaste anymore. But it was nice. He came out into the bedroom and lay on the bed on his stomach. His back was cut up, so it was easier to sleep this way. Almost as soon as he fell onto the bed did he shut his eyes and fall into a deep, long needed slumber.

Arya: She slept in the rocker for most of the night but woke to the same nightmare she had each night for over a year. She was breathing deeply and fast. She looked around the room she was in. She looked over to see if she woke Luca after she relaxed where she was at. When she saw she didn't she got up and went downstairs to the kitchen and sat at the table. She knew Angelia was asleep still because she wasn't next to her room. She put her face in her hands and sighed. She was use to being up this earlier now. She got up and quietly got herself a small glass of red liquid and she sat at the table to drink it.

Daray: was still asleep in the bed in their room.

Arya: She stayed in the kitchen and watched the sun come up, like she use to before she met Daray but also after ever since that same nightmare now.

Daray: sometime in the night a nightmare first it didn't wake him, but as it went on it got worse.

"Do you have what you need! Do you? DO YOU!" a man yelled to Daray through the earpiece he wore as he stood in the wind of the cold snowy terrain.

Daray: "I do! It's fine!" he yelled back and stepped forward. He couldn't see anything in the snow flurries. Maybe if he...maybe...

A sudden force came and slammed into Daray from the side and he flew and slammed into a tree that had been hidden in the snow. He tried to catch his breath.

"Get UP!" his mother's voice yelled. "GET UP DARAY OR I WON'T LET THE CHITTER KILL YOU I'LL DO IT MYSELF!" she screamed into the attached earpiece at his ear.

"I'm getting there." he stood and focused on where the force came from. He could make out the figure, animal. He hadn't seen one in so long; he almost forgot what they looked like. They were extinct. They weren't supposed to come back.

The animal stepped closer and he could see him now, even through the snow. His wide, tall frame on massive paws, standing on all fours. As the animal got closer, he lifted his front legs and stood on his hind legs, making him almost thirty feet high.

"Shoot." Daray muttered, only it wasn't such a good word...he let his fangs come down and he ran around the beast to hide in the snow to come around him from the other side.

But a massive paw came out and side longed him in the head. Daray slipped on the ice below his feet and slammed his head back.

The animal was over him now, above him.

Daray rolled and got out of the way just as the beast bent his neck down to get his head to be close to Daray to bite him. But Daray avoided it and climbed onto the animals back, pulling on the ice encased fur. He bit into the animal's neck, trying to drain him.

But the beast was too fast, too strong. He ripped Daray out, and not straight out. But sideways. Daray didn't have time to retract his fangs. The pain from the pull, and the crack as he knew what broke.

He was thrown across the snow, but his fangs were left behind in the chitters neck.

Daray: he sat up suddenly and got out of the bed, swinging his feet over the side. He put his face in his hands and got up off of the bed and tried to still his breathing. He may have mastered controlling his emotions in the morning, but at night, his dreams had another story. He walked out of the room and across the hall where he had seen Luca before. He sat in the rocking chair and watched Luca sleep. His son...which he had no right to call his son.

Luca: He slept soundly, looking so much like Daray. He lay on his back, breathing steadily.

Daray: he had noticed Arya wasn't in the room when he woke up. He rested his elbow on the arm of the rocking chair he sat in. Maybe she had decided on the separate rooms' idea, after so long.

Arya: She set the glass down, still half full, got up and went upstairs to the bathroom. She didn't know Daray was up and in Luca's room. She kept the door open as she started water for a bath. She knew Angelia and Luca wouldn't be up for another five hours. She started to take her clothes off.

Daray: he heard the water running and wondered who was up this early, besides him. He got up out of the chair and walked over to...well, it wouldn't be his room, would it? No. It used to be his room. It was rightfully Arya's now. He stopped and could see Arya in the tub in the bathroom connected to her room. He walked up and knocked lightly on the doorframe.

Arya: She jumped slightly and looked at the door. "Hey, what are you doing up this earlier?" She asked concerned.

Daray: "Can't sleep." he said softly, "What about you?"

Arya: "Same."

Daray: "My fault, again?" he asked. He looked away, "Angelia told me I've been the cause of all your pain lately. So I wonder."

Arya: "No, nightmare's fault." She looked down at the water, biting her lip a little. "Angelia talked to you. She said she would if you ever came back. So I guess you know about Nadia staying here, helping out."

Daray: "I do." he said simply.

Arya: "Angelia is over protective of myself and Luca. She's grown to be like that over the past year. She doesn't trust anyone except for myself and Luca. She told me what she told you."

Daray: "I see. I deserve that." he leaned back against the door frame and then stopped as it hurt. He sat down on the floor and faced the other side of the door frame, but didn't let his back touch the wood behind him.

Arya: She nodded slightly, still looking at the water.

Daray: "I'm sorry about earlier. I know you wanted me to bite you." he said quietly. "I didn't mean for it to make you cry."

Arya: "Don't worry about it." She said softly.

Daray: he nodded.

Arya: She swallowed a little, biting her lip a little.

Daray: "Do you want me to go? I can feel you're nervous or something." he started to stand slowly, "I'll go."

Arya: "No." She quickly said. "It's fine, you can stay. I don't mind."

Daray: "Okay." he sat down again.

Arya: She didn't mind at all, it's just been awhile for someone to be in the bathroom when she was. She didn't know what to talk to him about though.

Daray: he plucked the carpet that lined the floor from the doorway to the bathroom from the bedroom, keeping his eyes there.

Arya: She washed up and got out of the tub. She got dressed there too.

Daray: he got up and moved out of her way when she wanted to leave the bathroom.

Arya: She watched him. It felt like he was avoiding her for some reason. She looked down after she passed him.

Daray: "Do you normally stay up when the nightmares wake you or do you try to sleep again?"

Arya: "I normally stay up. I've tried getting back to sleep many times but it doesn't work. I've gotten use to only sleeping 2-3 hours each night." She said softly.

Daray: he found himself smiling a tad, "You did always say you never slept. So..."

Arya: She smiled a bit. "Well, I guess I'm getting to that point again."

Daray: "What do you do, when you can't sleep?"

Arya: "Watch the sunrise, sit in the kitchen, thinking. Things that I use to do when I didn't sleep at all. Which reminds me, I still have a glass of red liquid downstairs."

Daray: "I'll go get it for you, if you want."

Arya: "That's okay, I can get it. Would you like to join me?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "I would. Very much." he smiled slightly again.

Arya: She smiled a little as she started to go to the stairs and go down them.

Daray: he followed behind her. He couldn't help but look at her. In a year, she had changed. She looked different. But ever more beautiful. He couldn't say the same for himself.

Arya: She went into the kitchen and sat at the same chair she did before. She took her glass and took a sip of it. She then looked up at Daray."You thirsty?"

Daray: "No. Not much lately." he took a seat beside her.

Arya: "You look like you need it, love." She said softly.

Daray: "I'm not sure I could stomach much of it. Maybe little at a time is best." he scratched his head, "I know I look like I need it though."

Arya: "You know, biting a pureblood could help a lot, even in very small quantities." She spoke very softly even Daray could barely hear it. She looked at her glass now, playing with by moving it around.

Daray: "I'll drain some, if you want."

Arya: "Hm?" She looked up at him.

Daray: his eyes were on the glass that Arya played with. "I said I'll drain some if you want." he looked at her. "Where is it?"

Arya: She looked at him. Did he really forget that she was a pureblood? After so many years of stalking her and that?

Daray: "Do you have some in the fridge?" he got off the chair.

Arya: She looked at her glass again. "No." She said softly. He did forget.

Daray: "Can you put some in a glass for me, then?" he asked her, sitting down again.

Arya: She wanted him to bite her so badly but when she wanted that earlier it didn't happen so she just nodded. She got up and got a glass down, putting the red liquid in it.

Daray: he picked up the glass of red liquid and took a drink. He closed his eyes. "God that tastes so good." he mumbled under his breath and drank more.

Arya: She smiled a little and sat down and took a sip of hers, watching him.

Daray: he had finished the glass in a short amount of time and set it down on the counter. "Thank you Arya."

Arya: She nodded. "I'm glad I can help." She took a drink of hers. "Whenever you want some, just tell me and I'll give you some since you won't take it yourself." She said quietly and kind of sad.

Daray: "I wish I could, Raya." he whispered. He knew that was what she wanted. No, he hadn't forgotten she was a pureblood, but he saw that look on her face when she thought he had forgotten. To drive her to that point where she wanted him more than anything? Yea. He wished. He picked up his glass and took it to the sink and rinsed it out.

Arya: "Why can't you?" She asked softly. She was looking at her glass now. She wondered why. She's missed it so much, missed having him close, having him kiss her, having him telling her that he loved her. She wondered it all that has changed for him.

Daray: "No...reason." he set the glass in the sink and shut off the water. His voice wasn't too convincing.

Arya: She closed her eyes and whispered softly. "Why are you lying to me?"

Daray: "I don't want you to know. It's embarrassing." he looked out the window over the sink.

Arya: She sighed and got up and went into the living room. 'Fine. You don't have to. I won't ask again.' She thought to herself.

Daray: he looked over at her, hearing her get up, "Arya don't go. Please." he frowned.

Arya: She stopped in the doorway of the kitchen. "How come all of a sudden you don't tell me anything anymore? How come it seems you try to distance yourself from me now? Do you not want to be here anymore?" She didn't turn around when she asked these things. She had so many questions but most of them she will never ask.

Daray: "I don't want to tell you because you will look at me differently. I don't mean to distance myself. I just CAN'T bite you. That's all. It was your choice to stop kissing me earlier. I want to be here, Arya." he looked back out the window, "Believe me, that's all I've wanted ever since I left." he took a breath.

Arya: She looked at him then looked down. "You'll never know if I'll look at you differently unless you tell me what it is. Maybe it can be fixed. I stopped kissing you earlier because I didn't want you to see me cry. I saw what you did when I did in front of you." She quietly went into the living room and sat on the couch. She set her glass on the coffee table and placed her face in her hands and sighed.

Daray: he followed her into the living room and sat down beside her and reached up and took one of her hands in his gently, "You want to know why I don't bite you Arya?"

Arya: She didn't answer at first. "Yes I want to know. I want to know a lot of things but half of them I'm not going to because it'll bring up things that don't need to be brought up." She looked at floor.

Daray: "Ask me. Right now I'll tell you. But for this question, you need to look at me."

Arya: "Why don't you bite me?" She looked up at him after she asked.

Daray: he sighed and closed his eyes and let the remainder of what his fangs were come down. It hurt. He hadn't tried that in a long time. A few months. The skin at his gums broke again to let them down. He opened up his mouth and showed Arya the broken, chipped shards of a sorry excuse for even teeth. "I don't have any. Like I said, I WANT to. I just CAN'T."

Arya: When she seen what happened she just hugged him. She didn't have anything to say at all. She just hugged him. She closed her eyes as she hugged him.

Daray: he let his 'fangs' go back up and hugged Arya in return.

Arya: "Love, they'll return. They'll grow back." She said softly as she continued to hug him. "The more you drink of my red liquid and the less you let them come out, they'll grow back."

Daray: "I hope so." he said softly. He rested his chin on Arya's shoulder.

Arya: "They will. I know they will." She whispered. She remembered when she did the same thing when she was little the fangs she had now where the same as she had when she was little. They never lost those.

Daray: "I guess time will tell." he sighed, "Is that all your questions?"

Arya: "No." She admitted softly.

Daray: he leaned back, "Ask, then."

Arya: "You sure?"

Daray: "I...right now I will answer your questions. I feel like it. You're right; I shouldn't hide things from you. You deserve to know. And right now I feel like answering. I may not later...but right now I do."

Arya: She nodded. "Why'd you leave in the first place? Where'd you go? Why didn't you come back when you wanted to? Why do you act so different than from before you left?"

Daray: "Love, can we do maybe one question at a time?"

Arya: "Sorry." She bit her lip a little. "Why'd you leave in the first place?"

Daray: "I left because I felt someone watching me. I thought they would be a danger to you and Angelia if I stayed, so I left. And then I found out it was my parents." he answered.

Arya: "Oh. Is that where you went? Your parents' house?"

Daray: he nodded, "At first I went to my parent's house, but then my mom told me they had returned. At first I thought I would be gone a week, but after my parents turned out to be longer because I was taken to this...other world. Where the Chitters are. The ones with the claws that can kill me, you know?"

Arya: "They? Who are they?"

Daray: "Chitter monsters." he said, keeping eye contact.

Arya: "Oh." They sounded a little scary so she didn't ask the question that came to her mind. "Why do you act so differently now than how you acted before you left?"

Daray: he looked away now, "That's the easiest yet the hardest question to answer of all. I just...I've missed a lot here. I don't know if I belong anymore. Everything is different. You cry when I'm here, Angelia doesn't trust me. Luca doesn't know me. Nadia is a trusted live in maid or something. I just need time to forget what I went through. That's all. Over time maybe everything will be the same as it was before."

Arya: She made him face her, she looked in his eyes. "You do belong. You belong with your family. Give Angelia time, she'll come around. The only way your son will get to know you is if you spend time with him. Nadia is only here to pay off what she did to you, she'll be gone soon. Sometimes I cry because I'm happy, other times because I'm sad, and sometimes I cry because I'm stressed or angry. Please remember that I need you at that time. Even if it's just you holding me while I cry, it helps. I'm tired of crying alone."

Daray: he nodded and the corner of his mouth curled up in a small smile. He believed her, "I will. I promise."

Arya: She smiled a little. "I've missed you so much." She whispered softly, still looking into his eyes.

Daray: his smiled faded a bit as he looked at her seriously. "I've missed you too, Arya. Every day and every night. I feared I'd never get to see you or Angelia, or live to see our son."

Arya: "You don't have to fear that anymore, Daray. You're home, alive and soon you'll be well again. I've never forgotten about you. There was no way possible for me to. I'm here now; your children are upstairs sound asleep. You'll be able to see us every day, all day."

Daray: "I would like that. A lot." he said softly.

Arya: She looked at him and smiled slightly. "Do you remember that song you sang to me that one night?"

Daray: "A little. Why?" he wondered.

Arya: "I found it on its original record."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "Did you? That's nice."

Arya: "Do you think you're up to dance to it?" She asked softly and a little shyly.

Daray: "I think so. The red liquid you gave me helped me feel a bit better." he stood and held out his hand to her.

Arya: She smiled and stood. She turned the record on and then took his hand. The music started to play.

Daray: he took her hand in one of his and wrapped his other arm around her waist and held her close to him as he started into a dance with her, "I didn't know it made that big of an impression on you, or that you could even understand the words through my terrible singing." he teased lightly, looking down at her.

Arya: She smiled and laughed softly. "The worlds to the song are true at least they are for me." She looked up at him. "You're not that bad of a singer." She complemented him.

Daray: "They are true to me, how I feel about you. That's why I chose it for you in the first place." he kissed her forehead and tucked her head by his shoulder as he held her closer, "Thanks, my love." he said quietly.

Arya: She closed her eyes as she rested her head on his shoulder. "You are very welcome, love." She whispered back.

Daray: " more questions?"

Arya: "Hm? Oh. Only two more."

Daray: "Ask them now or risk asking them later?" he said softly, resting his cheek on the side of Arya's head. How much he had missed her. He held her a bit tighter.

Arya: "How much do you love me and what do you think of our son?" She missed this so much, having his arms around her. It felt so nice and she felt like nothing could go wrong when she was in his arms.

Daray: he smiled slightly. "Those questions I would answer anytime. How much do I love you? With my whole being. What do I think of our son? I think he is perfect. Just like you. And I hope he doesn't have any of the imperfect qualities of mine."

Arya: "But love, I think you're perfect to me."

Daray: "You are the only one."

Arya: "Maybe to you." She smiled slightly.

Daray: "Mmm, if you say so."

Arya: She softly kissed his neck then relaxed in his arms. 'I missed this so much.' She thought.

Daray: "I've missed this too." how alone he felt while he was gone. At least Arya had Angelia and Nadia and soon Luca. Daray felt like he had no one. Only his dad occasionally was around when he could sneak away from his mother.

Arya: "I've missed so much that you and I did. This being one, another is just being able to lie together." She whispered softly.

Daray: "Is that another reason you find it hard to sleep?"

Arya: "I guess. I don't know. Why is it for you?"

Daray: "One of them, I think. Aside from last night, I only got at most an hour or two of sleep between...times when I was needed...when I was gone."

"So I don't really know. But I believe so."

Arya: "Oh. You need rest then?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "No. I'm used to it." he looked down at her. "Why? Do you?"

Arya: "No. I told you earlier about how I sleep now." She smiled slightly and swallowed then kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her back gently, "Mmm, but I do know, Arya. Every night, when I slept, and did dream, it was always about you."

Arya: "It was the same here, my love."

Daray: "I seem to remember a question you asked me the first time, but not again. You never got an answer for it. Did you decide not to ask it?"

Arya: "What question was that?" She looked at him a little confused.

Daray: "About why I didn't come back."

Arya: "Oh yeah. Why didn't you come back?"

Daray: "It wasn't that I didn't want to. You knew I wanted to. But it was that I COULDN'T come back because my mother kept me there. There was only a handful of ways out and she had them all blocked. I either had to finish killing off the monsters or be killed by them. I thought they were extinct. But my mother was right. They came back. They were back. But now they're gone." he smiled slightly at Arya, hiding the painful memories that still racked his mind, "And now I'm here. For good. I would say that's a promise, but I am not sure if my promises are worth anything anymore."

Arya: She smiled slightly then it faded. "You got hurt in the process though." She hugged him then looked at him. "Why wouldn't they be?"

Daray: "I promised I would have been back in a week. And I wasn't. It wasn't even slightly broken, like two weeks and then I came back...but I trampled on the promise and tore it in pieces and burned it to ashes by staying away for over a year." he paused, "A year, three months, and eight days. I even have it counted down to the hour, minute and second."

Arya: "You didn't promise that to me. You promised to be back and you are. That's all that matters." She hugged him again. "I don't need reminded how long you were gone." She said softly as she closed her eyes.

Daray: "I'm sorry." he hugged her again.

Arya: "It's okay. I'm just happy you're back."

Daray: he rested his head against her cheek again, "Me too baby." he whispered. "Me too."

Arya: She smiled as she was held by Daray.

Angelia: She was up now and she watched as Arya and Daray talked and danced. She was very quiet where they wouldn't notice her.

Daray: "I think our song has long been over." he said softly to her.

Arya: She just now realized this. "I guess it has." She didn't want to move from his arms but if he wanted to let her go then she won't force him to hold her.

Daray: he kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, "Are you really awake, my dear?"

Arya: "Yes, I...I just got caught up in the moment."

Daray: "Good. I'm glad you're awake." he kissed her ear gently and then kissed the jaw line at her ear.

Arya: A small smile came to her as she closed her eyes. "Me too." She whispered.

Daray: "You know what I want most, right now?" he whispered against her skin.

Arya: She shivered slightly. "What's that, baby?" She whispered, barely.

Daray: "Is to make you giggle." he kissed her jaw line, "I've missed your laugh." he said as he slid his lips across her skin and kissed her neck.

Arya: "Oh?" She shivered slightly again. At the moment he was doing the opposite of trying to make her laugh or giggle.

Daray: "Mhm..." he said as he kissed her neck again.

Arya: Her natural reaction was to tilt her head to the side, to expose her neck more.

Daray: he smiled slightly and moved his hands suddenly to her hips and lifted her up and kissed her lips as her hands rested on his shoulders though he had lifted her feet off the ground. He turned around and set her on the couch as he leaned over her. He moved his hands to her waist and tickled her.

Arya: She kissed him back, distracted until he started to tickle her. She started laughed and playfully trying to stop him. "Daray, stop it." She said playfully.

Daray: he happily obeyed as he started to kiss her again, "Yea my dear." he realized he somehow sounded like his father when he said that. But that was okay. He kept his hands on Arya's waist, each hand at her side.

Arya: "I didn't mean that." She said between kisses.

Angelia: She smiled slightly, she was happy to hear her mom laugh again.

Daray: "That's okay. I've got what I wanted, to hear you giggle. Now what do you want?" he kissed her again.

Arya: "Something you're not yet strong enough to give." She said softly then kissed him back again.

Daray: "I don't care. I can work through it." he whispered and kissed her again. He slid his hands under her shirt.

Arya: "Daray." She stopped and looked at him. "I want you to be strong before we do this again. I can easily hurt you right now and I don't want that."

Daray: "Can we at least do second base or something, my love?" he looked at her sadly, "I've missed you. I want to see all of you."

Arya: "Angelia will be up soon, love. Can you wait until tonight? Then you'll be able to. I promise if you wait."

Daray: he slid his hands back out from under her shirt and let out a breath. He nodded and leaned down to kiss her again.

Arya: She kissed him back.

Angelia: She sneezed.

Daray: he looked up and quickly got off of Arya and stood, embarrassed like a teenage boy getting caught by his parents. "Angelia. Hi." he went and shut off the music record.

Arya: She smiled slightly at Daray's reaction but she blushed.

Angelia: She just looked at him and then looked at Arya. "Mom, should I go get Luca while you play around?" She glanced at Daray then looked at Arya.

Daray: "Um, no." he answered for Arya. "There won't be any playing around. I'll go get him...maybe. If I can." he walked past Angelia quickly and headed up the stairs.

Arya: She stood. "Angelia, give your father another chance. Okay?"

Angelia: "Why? So he can break more promises to me? I don't think so. He promised me that he'd be back in a week and he wasn't. I don't want anything to do with him right now." She went into the kitchen.

Arya: "Angelia!" She called after her then sighed. She followed Daray up the stairs.

Daray: he was standing at the top of the stairs. The happiness he had earlier was gone as he watched Arya walk up the stairs. His eyes were sad. He glanced to the kitchen and then walked down the hall to Luca's room.

Arya: She was in Luca's room a few minutes after Daray was.

Luca: He was standing in his crib, holding onto the railing of it. He bounced happily and started laughing when he saw Daray and Arya come into his room.

Daray: "Hi Luca." he said as he walked over to him. He hesitated to take him out.

Luca: He screamed happily and bounced more. He then laughed softly. He fell backwards onto his bed and patted the bed excitedly.

Arya: She smiled and stayed back, watching.

Daray: he smiled a bit, his eyes lightening. He bent down and picked up Luca and held him in his arms, "Hello, Luca." he said softly.

Luca: He smiled and held onto Daray's shirt. He laughed softly again and was really excited. He put his hand in his mouth that had Daray's shirt in it, and started to chew on it.

Daray: "I think Angelia did that when she was a baby, too." he looked over at Arya, "What's his middle name?"

Arya: She nodded then frowned a little "I haven't given him a middle name yet."

Daray: "How did you get away with that when you had to register him?" he wondered.

Arya: "I had him here. I didn't go to the hospital." She admitted. "Nadia is going to help with the all the paperwork that's dealing with his birth."

Daray: he nodded and looked back at Luca. " middle name for him." he repeated.

Arya: "No. Unless..." She walked over to them. "Unless you give him one." She looked at Daray.

Daray: "I don't deserve the honor."

Arya: "Why don't you? You're his father and he knows it." She smiled at Luca.

Daray: "I wasn't here when he was born." Nadia was...he thought sourly.

Arya: "So? You couldn't help it, love." She looked back at Daray. "I was thinking about giving him your middle name but I didn't know if that would be okay with you."

Daray: "I think you're only saying that now to make me feel better." he looked up at Arya.

Arya: "No, I'm not. I was literally thinking about it but I didn't know if it would of been okay with you or not."

Daray: "I would be...that would be...yea. I would be okay with that." he looked back down at Luca and smiled, taking a finger and tickling his tummy lightly.

Arya: She smiled then. "It's settled."

Luca: He laughed softly and smiled

Daray: he hugged his son.

Luca: He somewhat hugged him back, not really knowing what a hug was.

Daray: "Has he talked or walked or anything yet?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "He's been crawling around a little."

Daray: "I can still teach him to walk?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he smiled at Arya and then down to Luca, "Come help distract daddy from mommy for the moment since he ain't getting none right now after waiting over a year." he whispered to him and then walked past Arya out to the hallway and down the stairs to the living room. He set Luca down, holding him on his feet.

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little and followed.

Luca: He held onto Daray's fingers tightly.

Daray: he was bent over to have his hands down by Luca, "Let's try walking." he whispered to him and stepped back a step.

Luca: He stayed where he was at.

Daray: he stepped back another step.

Luca: He was about to fall so he stepped forward a little.

Daray: he smiled wider. "Good. Keep coming." he encouraged. He stepped back again.

Luca: He stepped a few more times, wobbly though.

Daray: he made sure he had a hold on him so he wouldn't fall. He kept stepping back.

Luca: Every time Daray stepped back he would step to him more.

Daray: "Haha!" he kept going. He was really, really happy.

Arya: She smiled as she watched Daray and Luca.

Luca: Soon he was stepping towards Daray before Daray could even step back.

Daray: he stopped, still smiling and slowly let go of Luca's hands so he would be standing by himself. Then he stepped back.

Luca: He wobbled a little when Daray let go of him. When he saw Daray step back he stepped forward then fell backwards on his butt. He looked like he was going to cry.

Arya: She gasped

Daray: he scooped him up, "Shhh, Luca, it's okay." he comforted him for a second before setting him back down on his feet and stepping back, "Come to me. I'll catch you."

Luca: He sniffled a little and stepped forwards again, this time three steps before falling.

Daray: he caught him before he fell and steadied him on his feet again, smiling widely again, "Good job. You almost made it that time." he stepped back. Each time Luca stepped forward he stepped back.

Luca: He was walking to Daray now, slowly but still walking.

Daray: he stepped back, "Catch me Luca." he smiled at him.

Luca: "Da..." He walked to him with his arms up as in for Daray to pick him up.

Daray: he smiled and picked him up quickly, "You said my name."

Luca: "Dadada." He then squealed with happiness.

Daray: he looked over at Arya, "He says my name."

Arya: "I told you he knew who you were when he first saw you." She was smiling.

Daray: "He's very smart." he kissed his cheek, "You hungry Luca?"

Luca: He laughed. "Dadada dadada"

Arya: She laughed softly. "I'll go get his sippy cup ready." She went into the kitchen.

Daray: he followed her.

Arya: She grabbed a sippy cup and poured red liquid in it and warmed it up to the right temperature for Luca then handed it to him.

Luca: He took it and started to drink it.

Angelia: She sat at the table eating some cereal with a glass of red liquid in front of her that was half way gone.

Daray: "So your mom explained to you about the body switching I take it...since you aren't confused anymore. How did that go?" he asked, taking a seat by her.

Angelia: She ignored everything Daray said to her.

Arya: She frowned and sighed.

Daray: he looked at Arya, "How did that go?" he asked her.

Arya: "Better than I thought it would."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "That's good." he looked over at Luca.

Arya: She nodded.

Luca: He was still drinking his sippy cup.

Daray: "I'm going to go to town." he stood, "Want to come with me Angelia?"

Angelia: She ignored him still.

Arya: "Angelia, answer your father."

Angelia: "He's not my father. I don't know who he is." She got up and put her bowl and glass in the sink then teleported to her room.

Daray: his smile faded completely, "Umm, would you want to come Arya? I don't know if you'd let me go by myself. I don't know if I want to right now."

Arya: "Yes, I'll come and since I'm coming she has to." She referred to Angelia.

Daray: "She doesn't have to. I won't force her to. She has a right to be angry with me." he picked up Luca.

Arya: "No, she's coming Daray. She's not staying here alone."

Luca: Laid his head on Daray's shoulder, still drinking his sippy cup. He had an arm around Daray's neck, like he had when Arya was holding when Daray came home.

Daray: "Isn't Nadia here?"

Arya: "Not today."

Daray: he nodded. "Then...okay." he wasn't going to fight with her about it.

Arya: She went upstairs and went to open Angelia's door to her room and it was locked. "Angelia, open this door right now."

Angelia: She sat on her bed. "No."

Daray: he walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, "Angelia. I was thinking we could go get ice cream. Chocolate. Your favorite." he said softly.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes a little.

Daray: "Angelia...Angelia I'm sorry. Please talk to me."

Angelia: She didn't say anything.

Daray: "Can I come in, please?"

Angelia: She didn't say anything again. It seemed like she was ignoring him again

Daray: "I won't come in if you don't want me to. Just say yes or no. If it's no I'll leave you alone. It's just...Angelia if you had come with me, you would have died." his voice was pained.

Angelia: "Whatever. It's not like you would have cared anyway."

Daray: "I cared. That's why I didn't want you to come with me." he said softly. "I still care. Please. Can we talk?"

Angelia: "Whatever."

Daray: "So I can come in?"

Angelia: "I don't care." Instead of her being on her bed she hid in her closet.

Daray: he handed Luca to Arya, "I'll be out later." he said quietly and teleported inside Angelia's room. He stood there, not sitting on her bed or in her chair at her desk. He glanced around and noticed she wasn't anywhere. "Are you still in here?" Did she teleport to the roof?

Angelia: She didn't answer him.

Daray: he sighed and turned to Angelia's room door and unlocked it.

As soon as he unlocked her door, it locked again.

Daray: he looked at it confused.

Angelia: "Luca's not the only one that can move objects with his mind." She was sitting on her window pane.

Daray: "Oh." he turned to her, "So you know all about it now. I missed out on teaching you that. The moving the objects by glaring at them, right?"

Angelia: "No. That's something totally different." She showed him by picking up a few things that were on her floor.

Daray: "If you wanted to glare at me...I wouldn't stop you."

Angelia: She let the things drop. "It'll make Mom and Luca upset, so no."

Daray: "From how you greeted me at the door...I thought you were happy to see me." he shifted his weight and put his hands behind his back and clasped them together.

Angelia: "I did then I remembered the promise you broke, how you made Mom upset, and left us for no good reason."

Daray: "Do you want to know my reason?" he said softly. "You can be the judge on if it's good or not."

Angelia: "You're reason was to protect myself and Mom from the people that were following you. If Nadia didn't come when she did we wouldn't be here."

Daray: "What do you mean?" he pulled his eyebrows together.

Angelia: "You left right when The Great Ones heard about me and how Mom had her own body back. They came here and they tried to kill us. If it wasn't for Nadia we wouldn't be here."

Daray: he thought they had killed enough of them off..."I'm sorry." he didn't know what to say to that.

Angelia: She rolled her eyes, she didn't believe it.

Daray: "So in leaving to save you both from one disaster...I leave you in the hands of another." he closed his eyes, "That's great." he opened them and looked to the side, away from Angelia.

Angelia: She noticed him look away from her. "You can't even look at me now." She then teleported to her closet again so she'll be out of his sight.

Daray: he looked back over at the window sill where Angelia once sat, "Angelia. It's..." he sighed, "It's hard for me to look at anyone right now. Not when I feel like this. What do you want to do to me Angelia? Hit me? Scream at me? What? I deserve something for breaking my promise to you, but if you only knew you would be happy you didn't go."

Angelia: She teleported in front of him and slammed him against the door. "I want to do so much! I want to hate you for leaving! I want to just throw you out of the house! I want to hit you so badly!" She was crying now. "But I can't get myself to do any of it! All I can do is yell at you and ignore you the best I can!" She sank down to her knees now in front of him.

Daray: the slam against the door hurt because of the slices on his back, but he didn't show it. He watched Angelia sadly and knelt down in front of her, "Angelia I'm so sorry for doing this to you." he said softly. He leaned forward and put his arms around her in a hug, expecting to be pushed away.

Angelia: She hugged him tightly as she cried more. "I just wanted you to be here to help me." She said between sobs.

Daray: "I'm here, now. To do what I can. What you'll let me do." he noticed the shooting pains, "Angel please don't...not so tight." he said softly.

Angelia: She let go of him. "Sorry." She whispered.

Daray: he looked down at Angelia, "You don't have to be sorry, my dear. I'm the one who has to be sorry to you. I know you don't trust me anymore, but I'm willing to try to earn it back. Anything I can do."

Angelia: "Teach me how to fight better." She sniffled and looked up at him.

Daray: "Why? Why do you need to fight?"

Angelia: "For when they return and for future use."

Daray: "Are they supposed to return?" he said concerned. "Your mother never told me any of this."

Angelia: "Yes, she didn't want you to worry about it. You have enough to worry about."

Daray: "I don't have anything to worry about anymore except for you guys, and healing."

Angelia: "She wants you to worry about healing mostly right now."

Daray: "Some of the things won't ever heal, even with her red liquid, sadly." he attempted a smile to let Angelia know it's okay.

Angelia: "Like what?"

Daray: "The slash marks from the chitters actual claws. Because of what I am, they won't ever heal."

Angelia: She frowned.

Daray: "It's okay."

Angelia: "Mom's not going to be happy when she finds that out."

Daray: "I know." he said softly, "But it's okay." he shrugged a bit, "No big deal."

Angelia: She nodded slightly then teleported back to the window pane and sat on there and looked outside.

Daray: he got up, watching Angelia. "If I teach you to fight, will you forgive me?"

Angelia: She looked at Daray. "I might." She looked back out the window.

Daray: he walked closer to her, "That's a good start." he sat down on the edge of the window sill by her.

Angelia: She gave him a look that was like 'Don't Push Your Luck' then went back to looking out the window.

Daray: "Can I give you something?" he said softly. He could still see the tear streaks on her face. It hurt him inside, which was worse than the things he faced that could only hurt him on the outside.

Angelia: "Depends on what it is."

Daray: he reached beneath the collar of his shirt and took both his hands around the collar, pulling a small string out from beneath his shirt and over his head. On it hung three white long points, that looked like the nails of an animal. He held it in his hand. "Just something I made." he looked over at her. "Do you want to see what it is?"

Angelia: She shrugged a little. "I guess."

Daray: he held the necklace out to her and looked down at it as he held it in one hand in his upturned palm. He moved the nails with his other hand, turning it up to Angelia to show her the names on each of them. One said Arya, one said Angelia, and the other said son. She could tell it meant a lot to him.

Angelia: She looked at it. "I...I can take this." She looked up at him.

Daray: "Do you know what it is?" he asked, looking up at her.

Angelia: "No but it means a lot to you, I can tell. I can't take it from you."

Daray: "This was what kept me alive." he took Angelia's hand and placed the string in her hand and bent her fingers gently over the string to hold it, "It was all of you."

Angelia: She went to hand it back. "I can't, it means too much to you."

Daray: "Angelia, please, take it. It'll help you to believe me when I say I didn't mean to break my promise to you." he pushed her hand back to her, "Please."

Angelia: She looked at him then carefully put it on.

Daray: "I love you Angelia. And I thought about you all the time when I was gone, just like I did your mother. And a driving force in me was to get home to at least see you and your mother one more time in my life. That necklace helped to remind me when I was about to give up."

Angelia: She looked down then looked at him. "I love you too and I never forgot about you. At first I did hate or at least I thought I did. I missed you so much but you did break a promise to me. I can't trust you when it comes to promises. You're going to have to prove to me that you deserve my trust again when it comes to that. I'm sorry but right now I can't call you my father."

Daray: he nodded slowly and his eyes looked pained, "Alright. Well...please be careful with the necklace. Those are chitter claw nails so they will hurt you if you cut yourself with them. Probably not as bad a me because you aren't know." he stood, "I should let you be."

Angelia: She looked at the necklace, admiring it. "I will, I promise." She whispered then looked at him. "Thank you." She hugged him lightly.

Daray: he hugged her in return softly and kissed the top of her head before letting go and walking to her bedroom door. He stopped with his hand on the knob after he unlocked it and looked back at Angelia, "You know," he said softly, "I wouldn't have broken the promise I made to you if I had a choice. But I didn't." he watched her for a moment, "And one of these days, you may make a promise to me, like the one you made right now. And you may break it. But you can rest assured that I will never not want to call you my daughter, like you don't wish to call me your father. You will always be my daughter, Angelia. Remember that." he opened up her room door and stepped out into the hallway, shutting it behind him. 'Just like when she broke her promise to not run off without telling her mother or I where she was going. I never disowned her then.' he thought to himself, and turned down the hall to walk to his office, curious what it looked like. 'And won't disown her in the future for broken promises. But maybe a father's love is different for a child then their love is for a father.'

Angelia: She watched him then looked down. She thought about what he said while she sat on the window. She looked out the window as she thought about it. She then remembered the promise that she made to him about not running off without permission and for them not to know where she was at. She realized then that what she was doing was wrong. Daray was right. She got up and opened her door. She looked to where Daray went and when she seen him she ran down the hall and hugged him from behind when she caught up to him.

Daray: he stepped forward heavily when someone ran into him from behind. The small shoot of pain from it, but looking down he knew it was a hug from Angelia. He turned his head and looked behind him at her, "What's wrong?"

Angelia: "I'm so sorry for the way I've been acting. You are right. I'm so sorry, Dad." She looked up at him

Daray: he looked down at her, confusion played in his eyes but a little of the pain they showed from her not wanting to call him her father faded away when she said the word Dad. "You called me dad."

Angelia: "I thought about what you said and you were right. I'm sorry." She continued to hug him. "I know I did."

Daray: a small smile appeared on his lips, "I didn't think it would hit home that fast." he rubbed his hand over her back gently.

Angelia: She smiled a little. "That's what happens when you have nothing else to think of and that." She continued to hug him lightly. "I love you, Daddy." She whispered.

Daray: "I love you too baby girl."

Angelia: "I hope you don't mind but I kinda rearranged your office a bit." She said quietly.

Daray: "I was just going to go in there. What do you mean by rearrange?" by how angry she was with him he could picture chairs thrown across the room and pictures broken.

Angelia: She didn't say anything for a minute. "It's hard to explain. I'd have to show you."

Daray: "Well...lead the way if you wish." he stepped back from the hug.

Angelia: She walked into his office, it was dark at first.

Daray: he followed her inside, "Should I turn on the light?"

Angelia: "I'll get it." She said and then turned it on. His desk wasn't where it used to be but it wasn't his original desk either. It was newer and more in shape and a little bigger. The chair was the same way, newer and in better shape. Everything in his office was newer and in better shape.

Daray: "This is...rearranged too..." he said, walking over to his desk and pressing his hand against the smooth wood surface as he looked down at it, "Why is it all new?" he was shocked.

Angelia: "I kinda asked Mom if we could get new things for your office. She said we could, it could be like, a welcome home gift." She walked over to one of the draws and took out a few picture books. "Mom put these together for you." She handed them to him.

Daray: he took the picture books from Angelia and took a seat in the new chair in front of his desk. "A welcoming home gift..." he smiled slightly. "So you did hope all the time I was gone that I'd be back." he set the books down on the desk top.

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: "Well I love it, Angelia. Thank you." he said and looked down at the book in front of him. He opened up the cover.

Angelia: "You're welcome, Dad." She kissed his cheek and walked to the door. "I'm happy you're home." She said before she left the room.

The first page said 'Daray, I took all the pictures you had in that shoebox and put them in this book for you. They won't get ruined now. I know how much they mean to you. -Raya'

Daray: "I'm happy to be home too." he watched her walk to the door, "Can you tell your mom I'll be down in a bit and then we can still leave to town if she wants?" he looked back down at the book and read the first page. He smiled, his eyes used and joyful. He'd like this book.

Angelia: She nodded then went downstairs after closing the door.

There were two other picture books after that one he looked at. One was pink and the other blue.

Daray: he flipped through the pages, looking at the pictures. He wondered how Arya had found the shoebox in the first place. He thought he had hid it well. And if his pictures were here, where did she put his videotapes? He wondered. He would have to ask her. When he finished with the pictures in that book he closed it and glanced from the blue book to the pink book. He picked up the blue one first and opened the cover.

The first page said 'Daray, I've made sure that I tried to capture everything that you've missed that dealt with our son, Luca. I hope it's good enough where it feels like you were there too.-Raya'

Daray: he smiled again, more loving than anything. This one was actually hard for him to look at without showing emotions, but he did it, nevertheless. He turned through the pages.

It had pictures of when Luca was just born up to his first birthday. Then pictures of when he first started to crawl and pull himself up to his feet using the coffee table, chairs, the couch, and other things.

Daray: when he finished looking through the pictures, he felt so much better than he had felt when he first came back. Now it was starting to feel like he belonged here again, and it had most to do with Arya. "I love you Raya." he said in a whisper as he reached for the pink book and opened it. He had an idea of what it would be of, but he could be wrong. If the one was of Arya, the other of Luca...this one, he thought, had to be of Angelia.

The first page said 'Daray, I know that you were trying to get close to Angelia but you thought everything went wrong when you tried to bond with her. Maybe this would change your mind. This is what you missed from when you were gone. Hopefully you'll see what an impact on her life you've had for that time that you spent with her.'

Daray: "She didn't sign her name." he pouted as he turned the page and looked at the pictures in the book. He was curious to see how he had impacted his daughter's life.

The pictures show how Angelia used what she was taught by him, watching people and other things that she's learned by just watching. It showed how Angelia picked out the things that are now in his office. She held Luca for the first time, but it looked like she was crying. Under neither that picture there was a caption.

'He looks so much like you. I miss you Daddy. I wish you were here to be with us again.-Angelia'

Daray: after reading that caption, he had to close the book or else it was going to make him tear up, and even if it wasn't crying, it still wasn't right. He sat there for a few moments before taking the risk and opening the book back up and finishing looking at the pictures in it before he closed it and put it near the top of his desk along with the blue album. The black album with Arya's pictures he decided to put somewhere else in lock and key so the kids wouldn't see it, or anyone else for that matter. As he got up he looked around his room and tried to make sense of where everything was at. It was all very nice, he noticed. A lot better then what it was like before. He opened a cabinet door and there noticed the creams that he had come in here to look for in the first place. He pulled out one bottle and looked at the description for it and nodded to himself. This was the right one. He put it in his pocket and set the album in the cabinet near the other creams and shut the cabinet door. He turned the lock on it so no one could open it without the key. Then he went and shut off the light in the room and went back downstairs to his family. He actually felt like he could say that again without feeling guilty. Or at least right now he could think of it without feeling guilty. He hadn't tried to say it yet.

Arya: She had Luca on her hip as she gathered things for the dipper bag.

Angelia: She was in the kitchen, making sippy cups for Luca.

Daray: "So are you going with us, Angelia?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: "Want me to help with anything?" he asked Arya.

He didn't know if they were ready to go if there were still things to gather before they left to town. "We aren't going to be gone long. Unless you want to do something besides get ice cream."

Arya: "Yeah, can you take Luca for a bit?" She went to hand Luca to Daray. "Well, I need to get more dippers for Luca and that. I was hoping that we could stop by the store for me to do so."

Daray: he took Luca. "Sure." he said as he held Luca and looked down at him, smiling a little.

Luca: He laughed a little.

Arya: "Thanks." She finished packing the dipper bag.

Daray: "Thanks for the picture albums, my love." he said looking at Arya, "I love them."

Arya: "You found them then." She smiled. "You're welcome. It was the least I could do."

Daray: "Actually, Angelia showed me. I didn't find them. I really like my office. I would say I won't be able to leave it now, but that would be a lie. I mean, I wouldn't leave it if all of you were in there with me." he smiled slightly and lifted Luca above his head and set him on his shoulders.

Luca: He laughed and held onto Daray's hair a little.

Arya: "Oh?" She looked up at him as she picked up the dipper bag and put it on her shoulder. She smiled. "I'm glad you like it. It was Angelia's idea though."

Daray: "She told me that too. Though I've seemed to have found everything except for my videotapes."

Arya: "I'll show you where they are after we get back from town."

Daray: "Okay. We are ready to go then? Teleporting or driving?"

Arya: "I would like to drive there, if that's okay with you."

Daray: "Sure." he walked to the door and opened it for them, "Want me to drive?"

Arya: "No, that's fine. I can do it." She walked out the door and went to her car.

Angelia: She followed Arya. "Thanks, Daddy."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "You're welcome." he shut the door behind them and went out to the car and put Luca in his car seat and then sat in the passenger seat.

Arya: She waited for everyone was in and buckled then started the car and drove into town

Daray: "Can we get the ice cream first, love?" he asked her.

Arya: She nodded. "Sure."

Daray: "Thanks." he was having a hard time remembering what ice cream smelled like. He hadn't tasted it since he had become a Snyde, but when he smelled it he could imagine almost tasting it.

Arya: She stopped at the ice cream parlor. She parked the car and turned it off. "You're welcome and we're here."

Daray: he opened the door and smiled, "Sweet. Are you all coming in too?" he asked, turning back to look into the car as he stood outside of it, "Or do you want me to bring the ice cream out to you?" he looked back at Angelia.

Angelia: "I'll come with you." She got out of the car too and skipped over to Daray.

Arya: "No, we'll all go in. If you like."

Daray: "I'd love it." he shut the door went around and got Luca out of his car seat and held him as he shut the car door and walked up to the ice cream parlor door and held open the door for Arya and Angelia. He hoped Arya didn't think it was too weird, because he was doing that a lot lately...and he never used to.

Arya: She nodded. "Thank you." She wondered why all of a sudden he was holding doors open for her and that. He never used to do that until after he returned.

Daray: he walked in behind them and walked over to the bar and looked down at Luca, "Want some ice cream?" he asked.

Luca: He was chewing on his fist as he looked at Daray.

Daray: "I'll take that as a yes." he looked over at Arya, "Can he eat ice cream, like Angelia? Or no?"

Arya: "He hasn't been eating anything like Angelia. He's just been biting and he's been perfectly fine. He can try it."

Daray: "Okay." he walked closer to the counter, "Large chocolate ice cream and a baby chocolate cone, please." he ordered.

The guy nodded and went to get them.

Daray: he closed his eyes as he inhaled the scent of the flavors of ice cream. He smiled slightly and opened his eyes and looked down at Luca, "Ah, the things you take for granted, eh?" he said to him.

Luca: He smiled and laughed softly.

Daray: when the ice cream came, he paid for the cones and handed Angelia the larger chocolate one, remembering that's what they got together when they came before. Then he held the cone for Luca and held it to his lips.

Angelia: She took it and started to eat it.

Luca: He licked his lips clean then tried to take the ice cream off the cone with his fingers.

Daray: he smiled, "You're supposed to lick it. Like this." he licked one side of the cone and then held it to Luca again.

Luca: He watched Daray then tried it too. He got it on his nose.

Daray: he smiled; "Doing good." he took a seat with Luca on his lap and let him eat his ice cream.

Luca: He laughed softly after he was done. He didn't eat the cone 'cause he didn't have teeth to chew it

Daray: he tossed the cone in the trash.

Luca: He had the ice cream all over his face.

Daray: he took a napkin and cleaned his face off and then threw it away. He got up and looked over at Arya and Angelia.

Arya: She wasn't in the room, but in the bathroom.

Angelia: She was done with her ice cream. She was watching the people come and go in the ice cream parlor and the people that worked there.

Daray: "Is your mom okay?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: "Yeah, I think so."

Daray: he focused on her emotions just in case.

Arya: Her emotions were confused but okay

Daray: 'We're going out to the car love.' he told her mentally.

Arya: 'Okay, I'll be out in a few minutes.'

Daray: he took the kids to the car and put Luca in his car seat and then he got in the passenger's side, thinking Arya would want to drive.

Arya: She came out a few minutes later and got in the driver's side and drove to the store.

Daray: he got Luca out and got a cart and put him in the seat. He waited for Arya and Angelia and then walked into the store with them to let Arya shop for what she needed.

Arya: "I'll be right back, love." She kissed his cheek and went to the baby section of the store

Daray: he stood there for a moment and then decided to walk over to the electronics section of the store. Then when he got board there he went to the child toy section of the store and was having Luca pick out toys he wanted.

Luca: He picked out a few cars and a ball.

Daray: "Do you want a computer?" he asked Angelia. "Like a laptop."

Angelia: "I do but I don't deserve one."

Daray: "I'll get you one. Did your mom ever get you a cell phone? Do you have your permit?"

Angelia: "Dad. I'm not fifteen and a half yet. No, I don't have a cell phone because I don't want one right now."

Daray: he shrugged; "If you say so." he walked back to the electronics section of the store to look at laptops.

Angelia: She walked with him.

Daray: "Pick one. Or if you can't find one here we will go somewhere else later."

Angelia: She looked at the laptops and she found one that she liked. It was a red one that had a black design on the top of it. "I like this one." She showed Daray.

Daray: "Okay. We will get it." he paid for it for her and then waited for Arya at the front cHellout at the store.

Angelia: "Thank you, Daddy."

Arya: She got the things that she needed to get.

Daray: after they finished paying for everything he walked back out to the car with them and put everything in the trunk and then put Luca in his car seat. He put the cart in the section for them in the parking lot and then got in the car.

Arya: She got in the driver's seat. "Ready to go home or do you have somewhere else in mind to go?"

Daray: "No, not right now." he answered

Arya: "Home then?" She started the car and started to drive out of the parking lot of the store.

Daray: "Yep, I believe so."

Arya: She drove home and parked the car in the driveway. "Angelia, honey can you go unlock that house for us?"

Angelia: "Of course Mom." She got out of the car and went up to the house. She unlocked the door and opened it.

Arya: She grabbed the bags and walked up to the house with them. "Daray? Can you get Luca for me?"

Daray: he got out of the car and picked up Luca gently so as not to wake him as he had fallen asleep in the car. He teleported into the house and put Luca in his crib, tucking him in for his nap and then went back out to the car to help carry in the rest of the things before shutting all the doors and set the bags down on the counter in the kitchen.

Arya: She was already putting things way.

Angelia: She was helping Arya.

Daray: he decided to help. Which is also unlike him but he figured, oh well.

Arya: She smiled at Daray then went back to putting things away. The smile she smiled wasn't one of her normal smiled it was one of her flirty smiles.

Daray: he kissed her cheek, "No being tempting my love." he whispered in her ear and put something in the cabinet by her and then after it was put away he went and got a drink out of the fridge.

Arya: She smiled again, the same way. 'And why not?' She asked him mentally.

Daray: "Because I'm barred from you till I heal." he opened the bottle and drank some of the red liquid out of it. He tried not to look at her but he couldn't help glancing at her every few moments.

Arya: She laughed softly to herself.

Daray: "It's not funny." he frowned and leaned against the counter and drank more of the red liquid.

Arya: "I'm sorry. You're right, it's not." She bit her wrist. "Here." She held her wrist up to him

Daray: he set down his bottle, "Oh good. I was just going to ask for that." he held her wrist to his mouth and drained the blood out of the already made puncture holes.

Arya: She smiled and let him drain as much as he needed and wanted. She didn't want to stop him.

Daray: after a few minutes he licked her wound and made sure the blood was cleaned off and leaned back. He wiped off his mouth. "Thanks."

Arya: She nodded. "Anytime, love." She smiled her flirty smile again then went into the living room.

Daray: he picked up his bottle of red liquid and followed her. One the way out of the kitchen he glanced at the clock on the microwave.

The clock said only 5 o'clock.

Daray: he went into the living room and sat beside Arya on the couch.

Arya: She was reading a new book from last time. She didn't look up when Daray sat next to her.

Daray: "What book are you reading now?"

Arya: "Memories of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon." She answered him without looking up from it. "I'm almost done with it. I'll be reading Unnatural Exposure by Patricia Cornwell next."

Daray: "Sounds interesting." he drank some of the red liquid and slowly sat back against the couch so it wouldn't hurt his back. He put his feet on the coffee table.

Arya: She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and smiled slightly she then went back to reading her book.

Daray: he didn't want to bother her since she was reading.

Arya: A few minutes later she was straddling his lap and she kissed him softly and passionately.

Daray: he made sure the cup of red liquid didn't spill as he kissed Arya in return. "Change your mind?" he said between kisses.

Arya: "Maybe." She kissed him more. As she kissed him she took the cup of red liquid from him and set it on the table next to the couch.

Daray: "In the living room? I remember the last few times you were afraid we'd be seen by Angelia." he took one of his hands that were now free and played with the bottom hem of Arya's shirt with his fingers. He kept his eyes on his hand.

Arya: "Angelia's too busy with her laptop right now. She won't be coming down for awhile." She whispered. "But it you want to wait till she's asleep, we can."

Daray: "I don't want to wait. But how far are you letting this go? First, second, third base? Or do I get the whole home run?" he looked up at her. "Am I healed enough in your eyes for this? Earlier you didn't think so."

Arya: "Right now, I think second base is far enough. I promised you that much earlier and I don't break promises." She kissed him again, this time long passionate and a little bit wanting.

Daray: he smiled, "Okay." he said as he kissed her and slid his hands beneath her shirt again, like earlier that morning.

Arya: She pressed her body against him, kissing him more. She then kissed down his neck softly, her fangs coming down a little as she did this.

Daray: "You could bite me if you wanted, my dear." he said as he kissed across her collar bone.

Arya: "No. I don't want to hurt you." She whispered as she tilted her head back a little.

Daray: "But doesn't it make one feel better with pleasure when taken from the neck?" he reminded her softly.

Arya: "Yes, but right now I don't want to hurt you. You need to heal and me biting you won't help you." She bit her lip a little. She missed the feel of his skin against hers so she was enjoying this so much.

Daray: he leaned back from her. He kissed back up her neck, "Alright my dear." he whispered between kisses.

Arya: She shivered with excitement. She then got off him and lay down on the couch. Watching him.

Daray: he watched her, "Why'd you do that?" he moved so he was positions above her and leaned down, kissing her again passionately.

Arya: She kissed him back passionately, placing a hand on the side of face gently as she did kiss him.

Daray: "I've missed you." he repeated to her between the kiss, sliding his hand under her back and holding her closer to him. He still had his shirt on. He wished he could feel her skin on his. But he guessed it wasn't going to happen right now, not if he wasn't going to take his shirt off.

Arya: "I've missed you too." She replied between kisses. After a few minutes she broke the kiss and looked at him. "I want to feel you against me, love. I want to feel your skin against mine." She whispered softly, looking into his eyes.

Daray: he looked back at her, his eyes just as soft, "Maybe later would be better." he said quietly.

Arya: She didn't show it and she tried not to feel it but she was a little sad when he said that. "Okay." She whispered softly then kissed him again.

Daray: he went back to kissing her. He knew that later wouldn't make any difference, but at least it stalled her for now.

Arya: She kissed him more, trying to be good by not trying to take his clothes off him, since he stopped her earlier from doing so.

Daray: "I'm sorry." he whispered against her skin as he kissed her throat.

Arya: "For what?" She asked him, slightly confused.

Daray: he sat back a bit to look at her, "This isn't fair to you."

Arya: She looked at him and shrugged. "I'll get over it." She smiled slightly.

Daray: he smiled slightly in response to her smile and leaned down and went back to kissing her throat.

Arya: She closed her eyes and relaxed, tilting her head to the side a little.

Daray: he continued to kiss her and to feel her skin, doing what Arya let him do. At one point he hooked his fingers into her belt loops and tugged her up onto his lap and kissed from her navel, down the skin until he met his lips to her jeans. He unbuttoned her pants.

Arya: Her breathing had sped and deepened during that time. She let him pull her up onto his lap, she had no objections.

Daray: hmmm, she wasn't stopping him. He would see how far he could get. He unzipped her jeans and pulled them down her legs.

Arya: She stopped him then. "Daray. I know you want to go farther but we can't. Not tonight." She looked at him.

Daray: "Darn it. I was this close." he made a little inch motion with his fingers and sighed and let his hand come down to rest on her thigh. He sort of couldn't help but think he wanted this more than her.

Arya: She pulled her jeans back up and buttoned and zipped them back up. She straddled his lap again and looked into his eyes. "Love, I know you want this and I want it just as bad but you need to heal more. There is a reason you won't let me see you without your clothes right now and I'm not going to make you show me either. I want you to decide when we can go all the way, without our clothes on. I'm not going to push it. I'll let you decide when we will." She kissed him softly then went into the kitchen and got her some red liquid. She was thirsty from being that close to Daray's neck, smelling his scent. She shook her head to get the thought out of her mind. No, she won't bite. Not when he was in this state of health.

Daray: he teleported into the kitchen and stood beside her, leaning against the counter, watching her, "And if I choose now?"

Arya: "Then that's your choice."

Daray: "Because, Arya, seriously. I went over a year without you. I could have been half dying and I still would have jumped you when I saw you at the door if it wasn't for the fact that you were holding a baby."

Arya: She looked at him then looked at her glass. "Why didn't you let me take off your shirt?" She whispered softly. She didn't look at him when she asked.

Daray: "It's going to be bad enough when you see it and I don't want to have to see your reaction just now. It hurts too much thinking about it as it is. But...I mean, it's going to happen eventually." he watched her.

Arya: She didn't say anything; she just looked at her glass. Trying to figure out what to say. "Are you afraid of my reaction or something?" She asked after a few silent minutes past.

Daray: "A bit." he said quietly. "Not in a way that you'll be mad but'll hurt you to see it."

Arya: "How are you so sure?"

Daray: "You think it won't? I don't know I guess there is that slight chance that you'll laugh at it and tell me I'm stupid."

Arya: She was really confused right now. It showed on her face.

Daray: he smiled slightly.

Arya: She stared at her glass, trying to figure out what he was talking about or what he even meant. The more she thought about it the more she got confused.

Daray: he poked her arm, "Hey. Why don't you look at me?" his smile faded.

Arya: She broke out of her stare and looked at him. "Hm?"

Daray: "Why do you look so confused?"

Arya: "Because I..." She looked back at her glass then took a drink of it after she continued to look at it.

Daray: he leaned back against the counter, not sure what else to say. He just watched her.

Arya: After a few minutes she finished her glass and rinsed it out. "Why do you act more gentlemen like now? I mean, like you hold the door opened for me, you helped put things away when we got home." She asked while rinsing the glass. She watched the water in the glass and in the sink.

Daray: "You don't like it?" he said slowly.

Arya: "It just, I got so use to the other way you acted that, to me, this isn't you." She admitted softly as she turned the water off and just looked out the window now.

Daray: "I got...I realized I shouldn't treat you like that. That's all." he gave her the short explanation.

Arya: She didn't answer him; she just looked out the window now. She didn't mind being treated like that. She didn't notice till now how much she missed that. The way he acted now wasn't the Daray she fell in love with and married. She wanted him back. She wanted the Daray that didn't hide things from her, that told her how he was feeling and showed how he was feeling. She wanted the man she married back. She didn't realize until now that some tears had started to form and run down her cheek. She turned her head where Daray couldn't see her crying. There was no reason for her to cry she told herself as she wiped them away.

Daray: he could feel that something was wrong, "Raya, are you alright?" now he was the one who looked confused. "I mean if you don't want me to help you and hold doors open for you I won't...not if it upsets you like this."

Arya: "I'm fine." She said. "Don't worry about it, forget I brought it up." She turned and started to walk to the stairs. "I'm going to go check on Luca and Angelia." She went upstairs and did just that. She saw that Angelia was having fun with her laptop. She then went into Luca's room and sat in the rocking chair. She watched as he slept. She sighed softly. "Things won't ever be the same as they were before. Your father has changed so much. He's not the man I fell in love with and the one I married. He's changed since he's left." She talked to Luca as if he was awake. So did this a lot since Daray left and she had no one to talk to anymore. So she talked to Luca as he slept. She did this a lot since Daray left and she had no one to talk to at the time.

Daray: he didn't stop her from leaving. He sighed and turned and slammed his forehead into the cabinet door and kept his eyes shut. Why was it always like this? First everything seemed fine with him and Arya and then the next she was always walking away from him. She didn't want to be around him. Not really. He could feel it. He had to admit it; he didn't want to be around himself. He turned his head, still leaning it on the cabinet door, and looked out the window in the kitchen.

Arya: She couldn't help but let the tears she held back for so long just take over. She cried, alone, like always it seemed. She wanted the Daray she knew back, she wanted things to be perfect like they were before; she wanted them to be happy together. She just let the sadness and the tears take over all of her emotions. She put her face in her hands and just cried. She didn't know what to do anymore. She didn't know why this was happening. For whatever reason it is, she didn't like it. She hated what was happening between her and Daray. They were supposed to be closer, a lot closer, but they aren't. It seemed they were farther from each other, like they don't know each other anymore. There were some things she kept from Daray that she wanted to show him and to tell him but she was afraid of what he would say or do. She just sat in the rocking chair and cried.

Daray: he teleported upstairs and walked down the hallway and followed the sounds of Arya's crying. He walked into Luca's room and held his hand down to her for her to take his hand. He didn't say anything, and he kept his eyes on Luca in the crib.

Arya: She took it after a few minutes, realizing he was there.

Luca: He stayed sound asleep.

Daray: he pulled her out of her chair and down the hallway and into their room and shut the door behind him after turning on the light. He took her to the bed and let her sit down before he let go of her hand and stepped back. His emotions were controlled so he didn't show what he was feeling, but something about it showed this was hard for him to do. He let his breath out slowly and turned around so that his back was facing Arya as she sat on the bed, and lifting his hands behind his head he grabbed his collar and tugged his shirt up over his head. As it came up and off, Arya could see the skin on his back was almost all scarred up. The cuts that he had gotten that had healed were the scars. But then, there was the open flesh of the burning skin that hurt the most on him when touched. They were four lines in a row of this open flesh, as if the slices had just happened and didn't take place a few weeks ago or even months ago. A few of them oozed a golden liquid, the poison from the claw. There were eight slices all together on his back, as if two claws had caught his skin at one time. One of the claws nails stopped short on his back, but the other four of the second claws nails sliced him all around, and even from where Arya sat she could see that it wrapped around to the front of him and finally the open gashes ended on his chest. Daray didn't move. He didn't turn around. He didn't want to see her reaction. It would be bad enough hearing it. But it couldn't be any worse than how he was already making Arya feel, he thought to himself. Could it?

Arya: Her breath caught as she looked over Daray's back. A hand had come up to her mouth. She closed her eyes and turned her head away. She had a feeling that the slices would never heal for him, no matter how much of her red liquid he drank. She thought something like this wouldn't happen if he was like her, that it would protect him. She realized she was wrong. She couldn't bring herself to say anything.

Daray: after a few minutes of him standing there, he put his shirt back on. He didn't turn around.

Arya: She didn't move or breathe. She didn't open her eyes as well.

Daray: "That's how I was afraid you'd react." he whispered, still turned away from her.

Arya: She opened her eyes and looked over at him. She was behind him in a quick moment. She bit her lip but then placed a hand on his shoulder.

Daray: he turned around slowly and looked at her.

Arya: She looked at him, searching at least a small bit of the Daray she used to know. "Is there nothing to do to help it heal?" She asked in barely a whisper, searching for at least a small bit of the Daray she used to know.

Daray: "I don't know." he whispered back, "But now you know why I didn't take off my shirt and you can stop crying. If that's how you're going to get me to tell you and show you every little thing..." he said, his voice a bit firm but his eyes sad. Then he let out a breath and his voice was soft again, "It works." beneath a whole lot of pain and hurt and horrible memories that seemed to encase him, the Daray that Arya used to know was there. It was just a matter of time and searching for him to get him to surface again.

Arya: She looked at him, a little surprised. He has never talked to her like that before. She stepped back, shaking her head a little, her eyes showed she was hurt. "Daray, what happened to you? I don't know this Daray." Tears ran down her cheeks now, she was looking at him. "I want the Daray that I married. The one I fell in love with. I want him back." She ran out of the room now, not wanting to let him see her cry any longer.

Daray: he didn't know what to do. He had showed her what happened to him and all she did was get offended when he asked her to stop crying over everything because it made him tell her what she wanted to know. He growled. She upset him. He teleported out of the room and around the house. When he didn't see her in there he teleported to the roof and walked towards her. He picked her up her legs, throwing her over his shoulder and teleported off of the roof and down in the lawn. He set Arya down and held her against a tree with his hands on her shoulders, "I don't know what's with you woman. You confuse me so much. First you want me to talk to you, to show you. I open up to you, and you run away. You irritate me so much! You will never know what happened to me because words cannot describe it. You had Angelia and Luca and people around you that loved you. For a year I had to endure blistering cold and monsters as my means of comfort. Imagine being me, and the last thing I remember before I left was you AND Angelia crying BECAUSE of me. If I didn't have the hope that you would forgive me, where would I be right now? I wouldn't be here. I found out what it was like to die and live again. I have experience in my life now, not necessarily experience I wish to have. If you want the old Daray back, my dear," his mouth was a tight line, "You're going to have to start acting like the OLD Arya. The one I fell in love with."

Arya: She was breathing deeply and fast. She's never seen him like this but she wasn't crying now. There was no way that she could cry. She was tired of everything. If he wanted the old Arya back, then he was going to get her back. In that instant, she pushed him off of her, not caring at the moment if he got hurt or not. Her feelings were blank, just like the expression on her face. "You want the Arya that you stalked for those so many years? The one that showed no emotion and didn't care what happened to her. Well, you have what you want." She stood there, watching him. She didn't run, like she would of before. She looked at him with blank eyes; they held no emotions at all. Her eyes weren't blue or gray anymore. They were between and pink and a light red. Her breathing was steady.

Daray: he stumbled back and shook his head, "Not like that. But if you want to be stubborn like that you go right ahead Arya. Now it's my turn to walk away from you. I've been gone from you for over year I'm sure I can turn and walk away from you like you seem to be able to do to me so easily." he glared at her for a moment and then turn and walked away from her towards the house.

Arya: She was in front of him in less than second. "Then what did you mean by the OLD Arya?" Her eyes still showed no emotion.

Daray: "What do you mean by the OLD Daray?" he scowled at her.

Arya: "The Daray that didn't hide anything from me, that showed his emotions to a certain point. YOU don't show your emotions at all. YOU hide things from me. At times, I'm not even sure if I could tell you certain things or even show you things without being worried about what might happen if I do." She just glared back at him.

Daray: "Like what? No, I don't show that I am hurt or that I cry. Showing pain just makes someone vulnerable to death and or more pain. I haven't hid anything from you. So far, I have answered all of your questions and shown you what's beneath my clothing. YOU'RE the one who's overreacting!"

Arya: "You don't have to worry about getting hurt or dying here! I had to more or less make you feel guilty or whatever for you to show me! Overreacting? Ever since you came back I've been nothing but trying to make you well, to get you where you could forget what has happened!" She sighed and took a deep breath to try to calm herself. "Daray, I just want us back to the way we were before all that has happened between us tore us apart. Made us where it seems that all we do is fight and argue." Her eyes softened as she said this.

Daray: "I was trying. And you don't like it because it's not the OLD me. So I am now trying to get you angry, like it was when we first met. This doesn't seem to be working either!" he growled. He was still upset.

Arya: "You're impossible!" She yelled and walked away from him, she was mad now.

Daray: he teleported in front of her, "Don't walk away from me you stubborn girl."

Arya: She just glared at him and walked around him. He could tell she was mad.

Daray: he growled and then caught her and turned and pushed her into the wall of the house holding onto her upper arms and kissed her.

Arya: She growled back, she tried to push him away at first but stopped when he kissed her.

Daray: he leaned back and looked at her still holding onto her arms a bit tightly out of his anger, "All I want for you to do is to stop babying me. I'll heal when I heal. I've endured worse than pain. If I say it's fine, it is. I just want to forget what happened."

Arya: She pushed him away from her enough where he'd let go of her arms. "You should have just told me that in the first place." She was still mad.

Daray: "I did! Then you were all, 'Oh Daray, what happened? Oh Daray, tell me your problems.'" he imitated her voice and mimicked her. He crossed his arms and glared at her.

Arya: That just made her even madder. "Sorry for trying to care about you then! I won't EVER do it again!" She then turned away from him and started to walk away from him. She did this so she wouldn't do anything to him that she'd regret later.

There was a sound like a slam against the side of the house. A woman's voice could be heard, harsh and yet low like a whisper, "What did I tell you?" she snarled.

Daray: "Please leave I'm handling this." his mood was changed when he spoke to the woman. It wasn't angry it was soft.

A man appeared in front of Arya, "Girl, are you alright?" he asked her kindly.

Arya: "I'm not in the mood to deal with anyone right now. Please go away." She tried to tell him kindly and nicely.

The man sighed. "He upset you, didn't he? We told him not to do that." he looked back at Daray.

Daray: "She doesn't like it dad." he tried to explain.

"Of course not! You've treated her wrong so long she's used to it!" the woman growled and slammed Daray's head into the wall and knocked him out. She stepped back and brushed her hands off. She walked over to Arya and the man.

Arya: "Daray!" She ran over to him, everything that just happened between her and Daray, forgotten. She knelt beside him then she looked up at the couple and swallowed. "He hasn't treated me wrong at all. I grew up being treated like I was dirt, like I didn't matter to my parents. He was the first one to show me kindness and what love really was and is." She looked down at Daray and ran her hand though his hair. "He's everything to me. I love him for who he was and that would never change. The way he's treating me now reminds me of how I was treated. It feels like I'm treating him like that and I don't like that feeling. I don't mind him being nice, polite, and kind. It's just the holding the door open and things similar to that is what I can't stand." She said softly.

The man looked confused, "You like it when he yells at you and doesn't hold doors open for you exactly why?"

"She's been brainwashed." the woman scoffed and crossed her arms.

Arya: She growled under her breath. "It's what couples do. They get angry at each other and they yell at each other. I yelled at him too. Later in the day, we'd apologize and continue on with our lives. It's not a big deal. As for holding doors opened, I had to do it every day when I was little for my parents, brother and sister. I think that it's up to the person that's having the door opened and held for them's choice. I would NEVER make him hold the door open for me unless I asked him to." She glared at the woman. "And I have NOT been brainwashed. It was how I was raised."

"You watch your voice with me young lady." the woman said sternly.

The man put a hand on the woman's back to try to calm her.

The woman shoved him away, "Back off!" she growled at him.

The man stayed back.

The woman looked back over at Arya, "I can see how you were raised. After all you married him." she looked down at Daray distastefully. "Sad to call him a son. I think as a child I should have put him in dresses. It would have suited him better. But you go ahead and love a little girl Mrs...Aleron."

Arya: She growled. "It's not right how you treat your son OR your husband." She was standing now. "Daray is a good person. He does what he thinks is right. Which I can't say about you." She wasn't happy about anyone insulting her husband. "And for your information...mother-in-law...I will use any tone of voice I want with you. You don't deserve to have any kinder tone from me."

"The name is Reign, and you will call me as such or I WILL put you in your place, pureblood or not. You think I care how I treat my so called husband or my son? They deserve every ounce of it or else this world would be full of weak men who prey on woman. My husband has learned well. Daray has not. He was supposed to die."

Arya: "I don't think I will call you by that and you can try to put me in my place but I hate to tell you. I know where my place is. It's here between you and Daray. The world needs to be rid of people like YOU." She growled when she was told that Daray was supposed to die. "Well, I guess he is stronger than you thought." Her hands were in fits now. In one of them she clenched something.

Reign: she rolled her eyes, "Wow, you are dramatic aren't you? I thought for sure you'd send him away after keeping him gone for so long. But you were too dumb." she looked back at her husband, "Are you going to let her hurt me Dallas?"

Dallas: "No, my dear." he said softly.

Reign: she smirked and looked back over at Arya, "That's what I thought."

Arya: She looked at Dallas. "Would you want your son to hurt any worse than he already is? Look at what she's done to you and your son. Your son loves you and you let her hurt and almost have him killed. He trusts you." She totally ignored Reign right now. She looked straight into Dallas's eyes as she spoke, without anyone knowing she started to use compulsion on him. "You should protect your son more than anything. Children should come first then your wife. Make sure that your son, Daray, is safe and well taken care of. You shouldn't be treated like you are by her. I right?"

Dallas: "I think you are right." he said slowly, as if the words were never used in a way against his wife.

Reign: she growled and grabbed her husband by the arm, "We will be back." she teleported away with him.

Arya: "I'll be waiting." She then turned and knelt back beside Daray. "Daray." She said softly as she ran her hand through his hair again.

Daray: "Hmm?" he groaned.

Arya: "You okay?"

Daray: "No." he groaned and sat up slowly and opened his eyes and put a hand on his head. There was a small cut that was bleeding. He sighed.

Arya: "Is there anything I can do to help? Unless you don't want me to help." Her voice had no emotion in it but her eyes said differently. They had anger in them.

Daray: he looked at her, "No I'm okay. I'm sorry Arya." he said softly, "For what I said and did." he guessed her eyes were directed to him.

Arya: She sighed. "I'm sorry too. I had no right to do what I did and said as well. I was overreacting, I'll admit it. As for me babying you, that I have to work on. I got so use to doing it when someone got hurt because of our children."

Daray: "It's okay. I really don't mind it that much." he admitted, and then looked around, "Where's my parents?"

Arya: "Alright." She bit her lip a little. "They left." She told him. She didn't really lie to him.

Daray: he nodded, "Well, you got to meet them." he got up off the ground.

Arya: She nodded and stood as well. "I'm sorry but I don't like you're mother. She's a witch but I like your father."

Daray: he looked used, "Ah. You say things I wish I could say about her."

Arya: "Why can't you?"

Daray: "She'd kill me if I did."

Arya: "She'd try."

Daray: "No, I mean, she actually would. She's killed my father four or five times when I was growing up. She didn't use a chitter claw so it wasn't permanent."

Arya: "As I said, she'd try. You can't really die. Remember? The Snyde side of you won't let it kill. But as you showed me, you could get badly hurt. Since the Snyde side of you won't let the chitter claw kill you then what you were before I turned you won't let you die by any other way so. How could you?" She looked at him.

Daray: he looked confused for a moment and then held up his hands, "Wait wait. Are you saying when I was gone and fighting the chitters I should have died but I never really would have because of my Snyde side? You mean I was never really in any danger of dying?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: "Very interesting." he thought about that. "I wonder if that's why I am still alive after the massive slices from the chitter claws I have on my body. That's a lot of poison."

Arya: "Yes that's why. So more or less changing you into a Snyde was a good idea."

Daray: he smiled slightly; "More or less, yea." he felt his head and dropped his hand when he felt the cut was healed. "Can't say the same for my father though. Every time she got mad at him..." he sighed, "I hated it."

Arya: "I would change him if he would be able to get away from your mother long enough and if it's alright with him and you. I won't do it without your permission of course." She looked at him

Daray: "Since when does my permission matter?"

Arya: "He's your father. When it comes to your family that you are related to I won't do anything to them without your permission. Except for maybe your mother."

Daray: "Why? What did she do to make you say that?"

Arya: "She more or less threatened to put me in my place and told me that you were supposed to die and that you were more or less a girl and a weak man." The anger came back to her eyes when she spoke of this.

Daray: he looked a bit upset, "Yea, she tells me that all the time. But she shouldn't have put you in your place." he rolled his eyes, "She needs to be put in hers."

Arya: "She didn't. I told her that I knew where my place was, between you and her." She looked at her hand, which was still in a fist from earlier. "I wanted to fight her right then and there. Then she brought your father into it. I had to use my compulsion on him to where he was thinking that you had to come first then her." She closed her eyes. "I HATE using compulsion but I will when I have to. And I had to then."

Daray: he looked down at Arya's fist and clasped it in his and gently opened her fingers so her hand was flat as he clasped it between both of his for a moment before lifting his top hand and just holding her hand in his other hand. He looked back up at her and smiled slightly, "Hon, I don't think you have to use compulsion when it comes to between my father and my mother. The reason that my mom killed him the times she did was because of me. He tolerates her for a bit, but after so much I think he snaps. Maybe it was good you used it on him now though, I don't know. Nevertheless, next time you want to fight my mom, make sure I'm awake to see it. Okay?" he tucked a strand of Arya's hair behind her ear gently.

Arya: When Daray opened her hand, the pendent that Xavier gave her fell. Her hand was also bleeding from the pendent being so hardly clasped in her hand. She looked up at him after bending down and grabbing it. She put it in her pocket. She smiled at him. "I'll make sure you are awake to see it." She promised.

Daray: he turned her palm up and carefully wiped the blood off her hand so it healed faster. "Please don't hurt yourself on account of my mother, baby doll." he held her hand again and looked at her.

Arya: "I was going to use that pendent I got from Xavier that made people that could teleport, where they can't anymore, on your mother if she attacked me. While I was waiting she made me really angry and I clenched my hands into fists so tightly, I forgot about the pendent being in my hand and that."

Daray: "I see. I'm sorry my dear." he kissed her hand.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "It's okay. See?" She held her hand open, her hand was healed already.

Daray: "Oh. Well in that case I take the kiss back." he smirked.

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little.

Daray: "My parents are watching me."

Arya: "So? Just be yourself and they'll see how happy I with you like that."

Daray: "Yes...that worked out well just now didn't it?"

Arya: She sighed softly. "That's not what I meant." She looked at him. "I meant, be yourself just not with the whole fighting thing. Like when we first got married, the very first time. Do you remember how we acted towards each other then?"

Daray: " you? Can you refresh a scarred mans memory?" He frowned.

Arya: She smiled and then leaned against the wall of the house and pulled him to her hard, but not where it hurt him. She kissed him. This kiss that she gave him was like the very first kiss that was ever between them. She placed one of his hands on the lower part of her back as she let him decide what he wanted to do with the other one.

Daray: "So being myself is making out with you?" he asked after the kiss.

Arya: "Making sure that you were there for me, trying everything you could to get me a little mad at you because you thought it was cute when I was. Loving me for who I was, loving yourself." She looked at him, kinda said. "You really don't remember anything from when we first met, do you?"

Daray: "I...I know I did things but I don't remember what. When I saw the pictures in the album, the ones of you, I remembered seeing them before but I don't remember taking them...though I know I did. The song you showed me this morning...the one you said I sang to you? If you wanted me to sing it to you now, I couldn't. I don't remember the lyrics, though the music sounded familiar. I remember bits of things, but not others..." he sighed and leaned back against the house, putting his hands in his pockets. He looked down.

Arya: She sighed a little and looked down. "Come, I told you I'd show you where your tapes were." She started to walk towards the door of the house.

Daray: he got up and followed her as asked.

Arya: She opened the door and held it for him, when he was in she shut the door. She then went upstairs to Daray's office.

Daray: "Did I upset you?" he asked as he followed her. His voice was sad.

Arya: "No." She said softly as she went over to his desk and sat at it. She placed on of her hands under the desk for a second then a part of the wall opened up to reveal the taps the he had and a TV. "There's a little button, I guess you can call it under here. You just have to push it and there you go."

Daray: he looked from the button to the wall and then back to Arya, "I'm sorry for not remembering. I'm not doing it on purpose." he said, almost ashamed of himself.

Arya: She got up and kissed his cheek softly. "Don't worry about it, love." She then left the room.

Daray: "But I will." he murmured, watching her go. Then he walked over to the TV and put a tape in the player and stepped back to watch it.

Arya: She sighed and sat in their room on their bed. Her face was in her hands. She wasn't going to cry, she was just a little stressed...well more than normal.

Daray: he spent a good amount of time in the room watching the video he had put in by himself. He felt alone. He thought for sure Arya would watch it with him, or at least be in the room with him reading her book or something. He just wanted to feel her presence. But he didn't want to force her to be around him, so he wouldn't bring it up.

Arya: After awhile she came back inside his office.

Daray: he looked over at her when she came in the room. His face brightened, "Welcome back."

Arya: She smiled and walked over to him. She hugged him a little.

Daray: he hugged her and pulled her down onto his lap.

Arya: She laughed softly.

Daray: he kept his arms around her as he watched the TV.

Arya: She smiled as she closed her eyes and laid her head against his arm.

Daray: he rested his cheek against hers as he kept his eyes on the video, "Did you watch these while I was gone?"

Arya: "I watched one or two. Is that okay that I did that?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "I don't care. They are about you. Though I'm wondering if they creeped you out or not."

Arya: "Not really. I was used mostly."

Daray: "Oh really? Which one used you most?"

Arya: "One of them, I'm not sure which one though."

Daray: "Did you see the one where I videotaped you that time I caught you hunting at the college?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yeah, I forgot about hunting at the college." She laughed softly to herself.

Daray: "That was the first video capture I got of you."

Arya: "I see." She leaned up and kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her back gently. "Want to watch the favorite one I have of you, though?"

Arya: She smiled and nodded. "I would love to."

Daray: he smiled and moved Arya off his lap and got up and went to the television and stopped the tape, swapping it out for another one that was labeled, 'Homecoming'. Then he went back and sat on the couch as the video started to play. He moved Arya back on his lap and put his arms around her.

At first, the camera was pointed to a cave and then it shakily turned onto Daray's face. He looked younger- about twenty three, and a lot healthier than he looked now. He smiled at the screen of the camera which was at a close up and whispered into the microphone as he walked backwards to hide behind a tree.

"So, I think I found her, finally. Not sure if this is her real family or not but I just hope she doesn't-" at that moment he tripped on a twig from behind and fell back and the camera flew from his hand and landed with the lens pointed up at the top of a tree. Daray could be seen scrambling to get the camera and quickly getting up, the lens pressed to his shirt, as he hid behind the tree. He pointed the camera lens back on his face and smiled slightly despite some dirt pressed to his cheek. "That was close." He whispered and looked around the tree back at the cave. He pointed the camera back at the cave as Arya could be seen walking out of the mouth of the cave and looking around for a moment. Daray didn't make one sound.

Someone called Arya from the inside of the cave. "Arya! What is there to eat!" it was a girls voice.

"Misao I said I'll get it hold on!" she called back into the cave.

"But I'm hungry!" Misao complained.

Arya sighed with a growl and went back into the cave.

Daray pointed the camera back on his face and smiled and pretended to wipe his forehead, "It's good that I invented invisible spray for this mission." He whispered and then pointed it back on the cave.

Arya came back out a few minutes later and walked around the cave, then ran off in a direction.

"" Daray sounded disappointed and shut off the camera.

When it came back on it was dark and Daray had moved closer to the cave. The camera shined on the opening and it could pick out two little sleeping figures around a fire in the center of them. Arya sat off to the side of the fire and watched them.

Daray pointed the camera on him again and smirked, "Showtime, hmm?" he bend and picked up a rock and threw it at a tree and let it bounce off and hit the side of the cave. He moved the camera with the motion of the rock and showed Arya's reaction to it as she looked at the sound of where the rock hit the wall in the cave. She got up and walked over that way. Daray laughed and threw another rock and let it bounce off another wall to make Arya go that way. He laughed again, "Ahh, fun." he could be heard whispering. Then he looked back at the camera, "Watch this." He teleported close to the cave and started to make sounds at the mouth of it.

Arya glared towards the sound, her eyes a fire red even brighter than the fire in the cave. She ran that way. But then she tripped on a rock and fell into a small puddle of water at her feet. When she got up she was extremely wet, her shirt soaked through and clinging to her body.

"Dear lord." He whispered and then shut off the camera right after he could be seen teleporting away with it. He flipped it back on just in time to look at it with a large grin and say, "That was AWESOME." Then he shut off the camera again.

Arya: "I remember that day. It took me forever to get dry with my clothes on. I didn't dare take them off." She looked up at him and smiled slightly. "Now I know what caused me to get that way."

Daray: he smirked, "Mmmm, why not? Afraid someone was watching you?" he kissed her cheek and got up and shut off the tape and switched it out with another.

Arya: "I KNEW someone was watching me." She smiled.

Daray: "You probably thought it was The Great Ones to come get the children though."

Arya: She shrugged. "I didn't know at the time, all I knew was that someone was watching me."

Daray: "Probably was always me every time you felt that way. Well, except one time I was taping you, there were also the hunters that were watching you too."

Arya: "I wasn't happy about them following me at that time." She sighed a little.

Daray: "Neither was I. But I covered it." he sat back down on the couch heavily.

Arya: She looked up at him. "Love, I'll be right back and you better have your shirt off when I get back too." She got up and went into another room for a few minutes

Daray: "Ummm..." he watched her go but didn't move. He wondered what she would do if he didn't have it off.

Arya: She came back into the room after a few minutes with a very small try of things on them. She sighed. "Do I have to do it for you?"

Daray: he smirked, "Sure." he shut off the television and set the remote on the table by the couch end.

Arya: She set down the tray and walked over to him. She carefully and slowly took his shirt.

Daray: right when she was by him he teleported behind her.

Arya: She sighed. "Daray, please let's not play this game." She didn't turn around.

Daray: "Why?" he smacked her butt and teleported to his desk and sat down in his chair, propping his feet up on the desk and leaning back with his hands behind his head. He smirked at her.

Arya: She crossed her arms. "Daray Aleron get over here, right now."

Daray: "The biting of ze neck give ye pleasure, but ze smacking of ze butt makes ye angry." he chuckled.

Arya: She was beside him in a second; she sat on his lap, facing him. She softly kissed him which turned into a passionate and a hint of wanting, kiss

Daray: he was distracted. He held her on his lap and returned her kisses getting into them.

Arya: In one quick motion, she had his shirt off him but she continued to kiss him the same as before.

Daray: "Good job." he said as he held her face in his hands and kissed her back passionately.

Arya: She smiled and kissed him a few minutes longer then got up and went back over to where she set the tray down. She picked it back up and brought it over to his desk. "Now will you let me treat those cuts of yours? It'll help them heal."

Daray: he frowned, "You're mean to me."

Arya: She felt bad now. "Daray, I'm sorry. It's just..." She sighed and set the tray down and turned and went to walk out of the room. She didn't know what to do now.

Daray: he teleported out in front of her, "Why are you so touchy lately? I was only joking. Sort of."

Arya: "I haven't been touchy lately. It's just I want to help and I can't force you to let me help you. It's really your choice if you want me to help with your cuts." She looked at him.

Daray: "You can't help. They won't heal."

Arya: "Just let me try. I won't ask to help with anything else if you do. I swear."

Daray: "Go ahead. But I wasn't referring to you being mean about the helping with the cuts."

Arya: "What were you referring to then?" She went back over to Daray's desk and started to mix some of the things that were on the tray.

Daray: he followed her in, "To you kissing me and getting my hopes up just to walk away.'ve been walking away from me a lot, lately."

Arya: "I'm sorry." She said softly as she finished mixing the things together. "It just, I'm afraid I'll hurt you if we go too far before you're back to your normal health."

Daray: "That still doesn't explain the walking away. Arya, I'm stronger than I look."

Arya: She closed her eyes a little. "I'm just not up to health either." She softly admitted. "Ever since the day The Great Ones has come here, I haven't been able to keep my strength up at certain times. And the times I walk away from you is when I'm afraid I'm not strong enough where I could handle what we both want to do." She didn't look up at him for a bit.

Daray: he looked confused and a bit worried. He put his hand on her arm, "What did they do to you?"

Arya: "Let's get you all healed and that before we start worrying about me." She turned around and walked behind him. She put some of the 'medicine' she made on the wounds as gently as she could. The burning from the wounds started to fade away.

Daray: "Arya you wish me to talk to you and now you won't tell me what's going on with you." he tried to look behind him, "What are you doing? It feels somewhat better."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I'm glad to hear it's working. I'm putting a mixture of my own on your wounds."

Daray: "What is it doing?"

Arya: "It's pulling any poison out of the wound. It'll help it heal." She kept reapplying the mixture. Each time the wound didn't burn as much and it slowly started to heal.

Daray: "Are you sure it'll work that?" he shut his eyes and put a hand to his forehead.

Arya: She stopped and let what was on him do what it needed. "Daray? What's wrong?" She was concerned now, it shown in her voice.

Daray: "Nothing. I just feel lightheaded. I got dizzy all of a sudden."

Arya:"Here, sit down." She pulled a chair up to him. "Is it from the release of all that." She referred to the wounds.

Daray: "I don't know. I guess. Maybe." he looked over and took a seat in the chair and looked up at Arya, trying to focus his eyes. "Did you get it here, too?" he motioned to the slices that had wrapped to his chest from the back.

Arya: "Not yet. Maybe we should wait till the dizziness passes." She was worried about him but she didn't show just how much.

Daray: "Is it working?"

Arya: She looked at the wounds on his back and nodded. "They're just healing now."

Daray: "Really?" he looked back up at her, "That's...that's gre..." he jerked forward and put a hand to his mouth and stood. His stomach didn't feel too good. "Hold that thought." he said as he went to the trash can and leaned over it and threw up in it a few times until his stomach was emptied of the red liquid in it.

Arya: She closed her eyes and sighed. She knew one of the side effects would soon arrive. She was thankful only one accord for each person and it seemed that vomiting was the one that Daray happened to get. She waited till he was done. "You're going to be extremely weak after we're done." She whispered softly and sadly. She didn't want to put him through what she was going to. "You're going to have to promise me something, Daray."

Daray: "What?" he said, spitting into the trash can the saliva in his mouth to get it out. He wiped his mouth off with his arm and stood back from the trash can and looked over at her.

Arya: "Promise me that no matter what happens, that you won't teleport anywhere and that you'll forgive me for what I'm about to put you through." She was upset at herself for making him promise these things, she would understand if he broke that promise of forgiving her. But she meant what she said.

Daray: "I don't see why I would want to teleport away. I don't like it when you walk away. I've been gone long enough from this family so that won't be a problem. As far as what you'll put me through...well, it can't be any worse than what I've been through. I'll always forgive you for everything and anything, Raya." he walked back over and sat in the seat, "I feel a little better now."

Arya: She looked in his eyes, he could see sadness in what she was about to do. "I love you, Daray and I'm so sorry." She kissed him passionately and before he could say or do anything she let her fangs come all the way out, they were about 3 inches when they were all the way out, then she bit into his neck hard at the main vein in his neck, the vein that was never suppose to be punctured unless the one biting wanted kill their victim. She let the venom leave her mouth and enter his neck, and then she pulled away. She was letting his blood drain into a bucket and when he was almost drained completely she bit her arm and put it up to Daray's mouth. "Love, you have to bite now." She said urgently.

Daray: he was barely conscious, but he did as instructed.

Arya: She gasped a little and watched him. His blood smelled clean now. She bent down and licked the wound she made closed. She let him drain as much as he needed.

Daray: he drained a lot...and losing all his blood made him EXTREMELY thirsty. Arya had to stop him when needed.

Arya: She didn't stop him, she let him drain her. She knew that this was going to happen and that she'll take what happens after he's done, willingly. She started to get light headed and she kept losing her vision a few times from the loss of blood without a break.

Daray: when he had gained his strength back in him to know what he was doing, he pulled back and licked the wound closed on Arya's arm.

Arya: Everything went black for her and almost fell. Her breathing was shallow. If Daray looked down at his body he'd notice that every wound that was there was now gone, it all healed and left no scars.

Daray: he caught Arya and smiled at her, "I feel a lot better, my love. Almost perfect again." he looked down at his chest and saw it was healed, and so were his legs. He smiled at it and kissed Arya gently.

Daray: he caught Arya in his arms. He felt so much better. It was like he was perfect again. But he didn't have time to enjoy how he felt. He teleported to the bedroom and set Arya on the bed. He had drained too much blood and he knew it. So he teleported downstairs to the kitchen, got some red liquid in a glass and came back upstairs and made Arya drink it- whether she liked the taste or not.

Arya: She drank it all willingly, ignoring the taste.

Daray: after she finished the glass, he went and got her more until she drank until she was full.

Arya: After the fifth glass her eyes opened. She looked around the room, her eyes were black. She swallowed a little, which hurt. She looked at Daray and smiled a little, then frowned when she remembered what she did to him.

Daray: he smiled at her, "Welcome back to reality, love." he set the empty glass on the end table.

Arya: She tried to sit up. "Daray, I'm so very sorry." Her voice was normal but it made her throat hurt a little. She can deal with it. She told herself.

Daray: "For what? I feel perfect again and my scars are gone. My legs my chest. I think I look about as good as I feel and it's all thanks to you." he kissed her gently.

Arya: She kissed him back gently. "Do you remember things from when we first met?"

Daray: "Some of earlier. Why?"

Arya: "I can get them all back to you."

Daray: "I think you should rest first. Your eyes are still black."

Arya: "It because I was unconscious. That's all." She tried to stand and her knees gave out from under her.

Daray: he made her sit back on the bed, "Stay."

Arya: She glared at him a little. "I'm not a mutt."

Daray: he smiled slightly, "If you were all the other dogs would be jealous."

Arya: She rolled her eyes a bit then picked up the glass "Can I have some more red liquid, this time the kind I'll actual drink?"

Daray: "I'll have to go get some."

Arya: "Never mind then. I can deal with what we got."

Daray: "You need what you need." he stood and grabbed the glass. "I'll get it. Promise you won't leave from this bed, though, while I'm gone. Okay?"

Arya: She sighed then nodded. "Okay."

Daray: he kissed her, "You're a lifesaver." he vanished while his lips were yet against hers.

Arya: She smiled slightly and laid in the bed, she tried to relax.

Daray: while he was outside, he remembered the cream he had in his pocket. He would get that later though. Right now he had to get what Arya needed. When he did, he teleported back home and gave the glass to Arya. "Then there is more downstairs." he told her.

Arya: She took the glass and slowly drank it. She smiled to herself when she was done. She set the glass on the table next to the bed, and then pulled Daray down next to her.

Daray: he smiled and sat down next to her, "Well, now I'm healthy and you have no excuse to keep me away."

Arya: "Yes I do. I'm not healthy now." She smiled and kissed him, she didn't hold anything back in this kiss.

Daray: after the kiss he frowned at her, "Yea, and that's why you're mean to me." he scooted away from her and sat on the end of the bed.

Arya: She frowned and pouted a little.

Daray: "Nope. Not going to work. You make me wait cuz I'm not healthy, then I am doing the same to you. You know what they say about Karma."

Arya: "Yeah, but I at least let you kiss me."

Daray: "Yea well, I'm more of a jerk than you are."

Arya: A small smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. That's the Daray she married.

Daray: "Why are you smiling?" he looked at her a little weirdly.

Arya: "No reason." She laid down in the bed and closed her eyes

Daray: he watched her lay back and close her eyes, "I get close your eyes because can't stand seeing all of this," he motioned to his torso, "And not be able to touch it. That's okay babe, you try to resist."

Arya: She tried to hide a smile.

Daray: he moved up on the bed and leaned over her, "I bet I look better now than I did when you first met me." he leaned down and whispered in her ear, "That's tempting."

Arya: She bit her lip a little, listening to Daray.

Daray: he kissed her ear and got off the bed, "I should put a shirt on to help stop your misery. But...I won't." he flexed an arm muscle.

Arya: Before he knew it he was pinned to the wall and Arya was kissing him, she wasn't holding back either. She kissed him passionately, lovingly, deeply, and wanting, all at once.

Daray: he kissed her back for a few before teleporting away and laughing from behind her as he sat on the bed, "I said no, Arya. You aren't," he put up air quotes, "'healthy'. Come back and get some rest."

Arya: She smiled and she did the hardest thing she could at the moment, which was walk away from him. She went downstairs to the kitchen.

Daray: he teleported in front of her and put her over his shoulder and teleported back upstairs and put her on the bed, "Girl, so help me I'll tie you to the bed if you don't willingly get rest." he couldn't help but laugh as he spoke.

Arya: "Someone doesn't know that much about purebloods it seems." She got off the bed on the opposite side of Daray.

Daray: "That's the truth. Which is sad cuz I married one. Isn't it?" he got up and dropped down on his hands and did pushups.

Arya: She nodded and went to the door and went back downstairs to the kitchen after grabbing her glass from beside the bed. She got out the red liquid that Daray got and poured herself some in the glass.

Daray: he teleported down to the kitchen and watched her.

Arya: She smiled as she slowly drank her drink. "Afraid I'll run off or something?" She asked between a drink.

Daray: "No. I just enjoy watching you."

Arya: She was happy to hear that.

Daray: "But really, I do feel a lot better. If it wasn't for the few missing memories I think I'd say I'm back to full normalcy, if you can call me normal." he smiled slightly. "Thanks Arya. I know it was hard for you to do, but it helped me a lot, as you can see. I actually didn't think the wounds from the chitter claw could be healed. But you're so smart you figured something out. I will have to let my dad know, perhaps."

Arya: "You're welcome, Daray. I'm glad that you let me help. Now to get those memories back you're going to have to come here." She finished her drink and rinsed out the glass. "Well, you can tell him that I have a cure for it but I'm not telling how to make it." She turned to him.

Daray: "Even for my dad?" he jumped off the counter and walked over to her.

Arya: She nodded. "I don't want your mother finding it out." She placed two fingers at each of his temples. This might hurt a little, just a pre-warning." She told him before closing her eyes and starting to jog his memory for everything that he forgot or didn't remember with some of the memories of her own.

Daray: "I see." when she put her fingers on his temples he just watched her, "It doesn't hurt." he said softly, entranced by her face being so close to his. But it was too far to reach with his lips to kiss. He stuck his tongue out and licked the tip of her nose.

Arya: She wasn't distracted by it.

Daray: he smiled slightly.

Arya: A few minutes pasted and she dropped her hands and looked at him. "Did it work?" She asked him softly.

Daray: "Who are you again?"

Arya: She sighed and just looked down.

Daray: "Hello, nice to meet you 'sighs and just looks down'." he smirked, "My name's Daray."

Arya: She turns and just walks away; she didn't need this right now. The kids will be up soon. She went back up to their room and shuts the door silently.

Daray: his smile faded and he watched her go, "What did I do now?" he said quietly.

Arya: She undressed and looked at the marks on her body that The Great Ones made when they were here. She didn't look at them long, she got dressed again, pulling her hair up in a bun.

Daray: he teleported up to their room, his playing mood gone, "Arya what did I do now?" he asked her softly, watching her from behind.

Arya: "I asked you a serious question, wondering if what I did worked or not. You had me thinking I just made it worse." She turned to him after putting her hair up.

Daray: "I was teasing you. I'm sorry." he fell to his knees, "I beg you, forgive me. I'll do anything."

Arya: "Please don't do that, Daray." She whispered as she looked at him.

Daray: he smiled slowly and got up slowly, "Rome may have its Colosseum, And London Bridge may have its view, While others travel far, I`m staying where you are, I found my world in you..." he walked towards her, "Let them waltz in gay Vienna, Or see the sites of old Peru, Let others cross the sea, Those things are not for me, I found my world in you..." he grabbed her hands in his and pulled her to him and danced with her, "I hear them sing of Paris in the spring, Of ski trails on the Alpine snow, I hear them talk of autumn in New York, It may be fun but I don`t care to go..." he spun her around and caught her and dipped her down, "There`s one place where, I`ll be happy, Where all my wishes will come true, I`d rather settle down, Right here in our home town, I found my world in you..." he brought her back up and spun her around again and let her sit on the bed, "I hear them sing of Paris in the spring, Of ski trails on the Alpine snow, I hear them talk of autumn in New York, It may be fun but I don`t care to go..." he stepped over to her and put his finger under her chin and held her face up to look at him, his eyes were soft and loving, "There`s one place where I`ll be happy, Where all my wishes will come true, I`d rather settle down, Right here in our home town, I found my world in you." he kissed her lightly before stepping back. "Answer your question my love?"

Arya: She was smiling and crying happily. She nodded."Yes." She whispered.

Daray: "Good." he sat down next to her on the bed, "You really have to go get the kids?" he gently brushed a thumb over her cheeks to brush the tears away.

Arya: "I don't have to. Nadia can take care of them this morning if you like. I know Angelia will take care of Luca when I can't."

Daray: "Well I was just thinking since you are feeling well enough to get upset with me, you must be healed."

Arya: "It doesn't take long for pureblood to heal."

Daray: "So I see. So can I have my choice, like you said earlier...when you'll let me get my homerun?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes."

Daray: "Do you want to? Like, now?"

Arya: She was kissing him when he just finished his first sentence.

Daray: he put his hands on her sides and turned so she was on the bed. He went right to her pants and unbuttoned and unzipped them and tugged them down. He was done with foreplay, man. He had done that all day...right now he just wanted to be inside Arya. So badly it was almost killing him, having to wait three days so far since he came home.

Arya: She didn't stop him at all; she just continued to kiss him. She wanted him so badly, it's been over a year since the last times she's had him in her. She wanted to feel him in her again. She started to unbutton and unzip his pants and take them off him as well.


Arya: She kissed Daray again and then broke the kiss for a moment to look at him. She smiled and whispered "I love you so much Daray. I don't think I could live without you ever again." She looked him in the eyes then kissed him again.

Daray: "I don't think I could either, my love." he said softly after returning her kiss, "But you have to promise me something."

Arya: "What's that?" She laid her head on his chest.

Daray: "That you'll stop walking away from me."

Arya: She looked up at him and nodded. "I promise."

Daray: he smiled slightly and kissed her forehead, keeping his arm around her body as he turned so she was on the bed as was he, laying on their sides facing each other and still close. He didn't pull out of her so they were still joined.

Arya: She kept a leg wrapped around his waist. She kissed him again, softly and sweetly before laying her head back on his chest.

Daray: he tucked her head under his chin and kept his arms around her, just holding her.

Arya: She closed he eyes, smiling. She felt so safe now and she didn't want this moment to end.

Daray: "You know what I miss." he said softly after a moment.

Arya: "What's that, love?" She said softly back.

Daray: "Remember when we first met, and I was you put your cheek against mine and when you pulled away you showed me how your skin had warmed like my body temperature?" he paused a moment, "I can't do that for you anymore."

Arya: She looked up at him. "But you are the same body temperature as me now. You're always warm to me."

Daray: he looked down at her and smiled slightly, "I guess you're right."

Arya: She smiled slightly back and whispered softly. "You miss it, don't you? Being human?"

Daray: "Sometimes, like when I think of things like that. But other times when I see that being something other than human is for the better- like when it saves my life or when it makes you and I the same temperature...I don't miss it."

Arya: She smiled slightly then softly kissed him.

Daray: "I have a question my dear," he said after the kiss. He looked a bit confused, thinking about that day back then.

Arya: "What's that, my love?"

Daray: "Remember when I proposed to you at the waterfall?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he paused, "I don't know maybe I'm just getting confused." he looked down at her, "You teleported back to my place on your own."

Arya: She looked at him confused now.

Daray: "Are you confused because I'm confused or why are you confused?"

Arya: "I can't teleport so I wouldn't have been able to do that, my love."

Daray: "Well you did. Which is why I'm confused as to how you did it."

Arya:"I wouldn't be able to tell you, hon, 'cause I don't know."

Daray: "Is there a way you can use my powers?"

Arya: "Again, I don't know."

Daray: "Well you're helpful." he laughed a bit.

Arya: "Sorry."

Daray: "No matter." he turned so he was above her again, "Shall we continue, baby doll?"

Arya: She smiled and kissed him deeply and passionate to answer his question.

Daray: he broke the kiss a moment, "Can I take you on a weekend date this weekend? Just you and me?"

Arya: She smiled slightly. "What are we going to do with the kids?"

Daray: "Get a babysitter?"

Arya: She smiled and nodded a little "Yes you can then." She leaned up and kissed him.

Daray: he kissed her in return and smiled a bit, "Good."


Arya: She was asleep on the bed. She looked peaceful but exhausted.

Daray: he slid his arms slowly away from around Arya's body without waking her. He made sure she was covered with the blanket as he quietly got off the bed and pulled on his pants and a shirt. He kissed Arya's forehead gently before he made sure the cream was in his pocket. He wrote a note and put it on the pillow where he was so Arya wouldn't worry when she woke. Then he climbed out of the window and went to town. He stood and paused for a moment and closed his eyes. He was good at finding people, though he hadn't done it since he met Arya. Once he located the girl, he teleported to her house and pushed up the window to her room. The theater girl with the Snyde scars. Quietly, without waking her, he pulled out the cream and gently rubbed a little on her neck. When it soaked in, the scars were gone. He then spent a few more hours finding everyone in the bar he had bitten, except for Nadia, and he erased their Snyde bite scars with the cream. Then he teleported home and put the cream back away in his office and walked back into his room and pulled off his pants and lifted the covers, getting back in bed beside Arya.

Arya: She stirred a little when he got in but didn't wake. She groaned softly and one of her hands went to her marks.

Daray: he looked down to where her hand went.

Arya: She rubbed them slowly, trying to make the pain go away.

Daray: he gently grabbed her hand in his and threw back the covers to get a clear look at what it was.

Arya: She shivered from the sudden cold but again, didn't wake. There were marks all along her right leg and around her hips; some even went lower than her hips.

Daray: "What the heck are these from?" he whispered. He tried to make out what they were made with. He ran his hand over her skin.

The marks looked like they were made from a plant, objects and people themselves.

Arya: She shivered slightly.

Daray: "Vervane?" he wondered. Too bad the cream only worked to get rid of Snyde bite marks. He looked up at Arya as she slept. He didn't want to wake her. He moved the blankets back over her and pulled her into his arms as he lay by her.

Arya: An hour later, she sat up suddenly. She was breathing heavily and shaking slightly. The marks were killing her.

Daray: he was still awake and holding her. He sat up with her, "Babe?"

Arya: She looked at him and just hugged him. So many times did she wake from dreams like that but the dream was the same on each time. She's gotten use to not screaming from it. She closed her eyes and held Daray close to her.

Daray: he hugged her just as tightly, hoping to comfort her. "What was your dream?" he asked quietly.

Arya: "The day The Great Ones came out."

Daray: his heart squeezed, "Arya, did they do that to you? Your legs. I saw them."

Arya: She closed her eyes. "Yes."

Daray: he hugged her and rubbed her back with his hand, "It's okay my dear," he whispered in her ear. "They are gone. I'm here. Everything is fine." he didn't want to ask her what happened. He didn't want to make her relive it.

Arya: She hugged him back. "They plan on coming back." She buried her face in his neck. "They tried to...take me in many ways."

Daray: he was suddenly angry. He leaned back and held her by her arms. "What? Tell me what happened Arya." his eyes were a burning fire but he kept his voice soft for her. He was angry at them. And now he couldn't stop himself from knowing.

Arya: "They thought I was Athena at first and when one of the soldiers noticed that I wasn't they decided to 'have some fun' with me. I had Angelia and Luca with me. I told Angelia to take Luca and teleport inside. She did what I told her. They first tried to take me back to Italy, that didn't work very well. Then one tried to kiss me and that. When I pushed him away d glared at him. The other ones then had me pinned against the ground where the one I pushed away could easily get to me." She paused for a minute. She didn't know if she should continue or not.

Daray: he growled softly, "Did he touch you?"

Arya: She closed her eyes. "As I was pinned, the one that I pushed away got on top of me. He started to kiss down my neck and across my shoulder bone. The next thing I knew was that my pants and shirt were off. He bent down to where my panties were and started to lick me down there. I struggled, which just made it worse. He pulled my panties off and he started to use foreplay on me. "

Daray: he spoke through gritted teeth, "Is that all, Arya? I need to know. I swear I'll kill him. What's his name?" no one touches his woman but HIM.

Arya: "When he was done doing what he wanted with me, one of the others had vervane on them. He did this to me." She motioned to the marks that where on his hips. "Then the other had this vervane dipped wood stake and made the marks on my leg." She looked at him. "The one that did this to me..." She motioned to the ones that she has spoke of just yet. "Were from the one that, kind of raped me. I kicked him in the crouch and this is what I got." She placed a hand on his cheek. "Daray, please. Just stay with me. Please. I just got you back here." She pleaded.

Daray: he put his hand over hers on his cheek, sitting there for a long moment, his whole body angry. After what seemed like forever, he finally remembered he was with Arya, here, right now. The anger started to fade from his eyes and there was a pain in them, "I did this to you." he took her hand off his cheek and turned away.

Arya: "No. Daray, please don't turn from me." She said as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Please. Not now, not when I need you." She said softly, trying to hide the pain.

Daray: he looked over at her, his eyes mirrored her pain, but his were of a different source. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly, "I won't Arya. I won't." he whispered.

Arya: She hugged him back, just as tight. "Don't leave me again, please." She whispered.

Daray: "I won't. I swear on my life." he whispered. He pushed his face into her neck to stop himself from letting the pain slide out of him with tears. He had done this to her. He had left her. He had let this happen to her. Everyone was right. He shouldn't have ever been here. He shouldn't have messed up Arya's life. None of this would have ever happened. It was all his fault.

Arya: She hugged him still. "It's not your fault. Please believe that." She whispered referring to earlier when he blamed himself.

Daray: "I can't."

Arya: Yes, you can."

Daray: he closed his eyes and let out a breath as he leaned back and opened them again, looking at her, "If I was here, it wouldn't have happened."

Arya: "You don't know that."

Daray: "I do! I would have stopped them. Because I wasn't, you were in pain. Anything that ever happens to this family is because of ME."

Arya: "No, Daray. Don't think that, please." She looked in his eyes. "You thought you were doing the right thing at the time. Please don't blame yourself."

Daray: "Exactly. I thought I was. But I wasn't. That's the problem. Everything I ever do is the wrong choice." his voice sounded as pained as his eyes looked. "Arya, your friends were right when they told you to stay away from me. Your life would have been better without me. I should have just stayed watching you and never involved my life with yours."

Arya: That hit her hard. "So marrying me was the wrong choice?" She closed her eyes and looked away from him. She would have got up and walked away but she promised that she wouldn't and she doesn't break her promises. "If you weren't in my life, our children wouldn't be here...and neither would I." She whispered. He could tell she was hurt by the sound of her voice.

Daray: "What do you mean you wouldn't?" he looked over at her. He could tell he had hurt her, "Arya, I'm sorry. This isn't about me. This is about you. What can I do for you to make it better? Nothing will ever change what you went through. The guilt of that I will ALWAYS have to live with, just like with what happened to Angelia. But I swear to you I am here now, and I will try, TRY to make it better. Anything. Please. I love you."

Arya: "If you didn't come and get me when you did I would be dead right now. Those hunters would have gotten me by now." She whispered. She didn't look at him. "I want you to forget about it ever happening and that you have nothing to feel guilty about."

Daray: "But I can't forget it. I need to make it up to you."

Arya: She looked at him, she hated herself for what she was about to do. She looked straight into Daray's eyes. "You will forget about what happened to me and you won't feel guilty about anything that has happened to me or Angelia." She told him in a softly voice, using compulsion on him.

Daray: he nodded slowly, "Alright my love." he sighed. "Can I still kill them when they get here?" his eyes lightened.

Arya: She sighed and closed her eyes for a little bit. It hurt her eyes a little when she used compulsion. "Yes and I'll help." She looked at him.

Daray: "No, you won't. YOU can die."

Arya: "I was the one that taught them how to fight." She pointed out. "I know how to counter attack each attack. I didn't teach them how to counter attack."

Daray: "If you knew why didn't you do it when they were here the first time? Or was it you tried and they just overpowered you?"

Arya: "One, they caught me off guard and two yes, I did try and kind of succeeded."

Daray: "Nevertheless, I'm upset. And not only for the reason that they hurt you- so yes, I will get revenge. But for other reasons too." his voice was no longer pained as it was earlier.

Arya: "I'm fine. I swear." She looked at him then looked away. She was still upset from earlier.

Daray: "I was supposed to be the first to do that to you. Not some random Great Ones character." he said sourly.

Arya: "Will you just forget about it now?" She didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Daray: he frowned and nodded. He sighed. He didn't say anything else. He had questions but he would respect her wishes and not bring it up anymore.

Arya: She looked down then looked out the window. The sun was coming up now.

Daray: he felt that he shouldn't be in here right now. Arya probably wanted to be alone. He got off the bed and put his pants back on.

Arya: When she felt the bed move when Daray got up, she looked over at him. She looked down and sighed. Of course he could walk away, he didn't promise.

Daray: "I should go, before I bring it up again." he leaned down and kissed her temple. He left the room and went to his office and shut the door.

Arya: She closed her eyes and sighed. She then got up and put some clothes on and climbed out the window and onto the roof. She watched the sun rise the rest of the way, alone.

Daray: he turned on the computer in his room and searched the ingredients for what he wanted to make.

Arya: She jumped off the roof and quietly landed on the ground. She then ran into the woods, she felt like going hunting.

Daray: the whole time, he didn't move from his office. He was going to be in there all day.

Arya: She walked back home, she didn't know what else to do after she caught her fill.

Nadia: She knocked on Daray's office door.

Daray: "Who is it?"

Nadia: "Nadia."

Daray: "Go away."

Nadia: "I've come to apologize and to see if there was anything that you would like."

Daray: he opened the door, "No." he looked busy and rushed. "Here." he shoved a cream container at her and shut and locked the door again. It was the Snyde bite mark vanisher, as the container was labeled.

Nadia: She looked at it but placed it at the bottom of the floor by the door. She didn't want it. After she walked away.

Daray: he continued his work.

Arya: She got back home and climbed back through the window. She changed her clothes and went to find Daray. She came to the door off his office and knocked. "Daray?"

Daray: "What?"

Arya: She looked down. "The kids and I are going to the park so they can play. I was wondering if you would like to come too."

Daray: "I can't...can we go tomorrow? I can't leave right now."

Arya: "The kids wanted to go today. I can take them, no big deal." She paused for a minute. "I love you." She then walked away and gathered the kids and got into her car and drove to the park.

Daray: was still in the room when they got back. The whole time he did keep tabs on Arya and the kids in case anything went wrong he WOULD be there in a split second.

Arya: She placed Luca in his crib, being careful not to wake him.

Nadia: She took Angelia to her room and helped her get ready for bed.

Arya: She looked down the hall to where Daray's office was and saw the light was still on. She looked down and just went into their room and into their bathroom. She got undressed as she started water for a bath. She needed to try and relax. After she undressed she got in the tub and closed her eyes after sighing.

Daray: a few minutes later he opened the door and came out, "Arya?" he called. He held a container in his hand. He looked confused.

Arya: She was in the bathroom, relaxed but not all the way. She couldn't after what happened today between her and Daray.

Nadia: "She's in your guy's bathroom." She told Daray before walking downstairs.

Daray: he went into the bathroom, "Arya, I made this cream for you, for scars. But I'm confused why and-" he saw her legs, "Holy heck what happened? Did that happen while you were at the park!" he walked over to her.

Arya: She jumped and looked at him. "Yes. I was being clumsy...very clumsy."

Daray: "But I was keeping tabs I thought I'd be there if anything was wrong." he sat on the edge of the tub and looked over and grabbed a towel and put it on his lap.

Arya: "Some things just happen without big notice." She hated lying to him.

Daray: "I was wondering to myself why I was making this cream, however, now it seems like a good idea." he patted his lap, "Put your leg here."

Arya: She smiled and placed a leg on his lap.

Daray: he took the towel and dried off her skin and then opened the container and put some of the cream on his hands. He rubbed it on her leg, massaging it in. As the cream disappeared, so did all the scars on her leg.

Arya: She smiled and closed her eyes. It felt nice to her.

Daray: when he was done with that leg he moved to her other leg and after drying it off he put the cream on it.

Arya: She relaxed the rest of the way.

Daray: after he was done he put the cap back on and eased her foot back into the water and threw the towel off his lap, "Don't be clumsy again, okay?"

Arya: She nodded. "I'll try not to."

Daray: he leaned down and kissed her gently and got up, "I'll go to the park with you next time." he promised as he walked to the bathroom door.

Arya: She watched him go, and sighed after he was gone.

Daray: he went to check on the children.

Luca and Angelia were sound asleep. They both played hard.

Daray: he went back up to his and Arya's room and pulled off his shirt.

Arya: She was sitting at her desk thing brushing her hair.

Daray: "And now-" he said as he pulled off his shoes and socks and tossed them aside, "Everyone is asleep but us." he got onto the bed and started to jump on it.

Arya: She nodded and continued to brush her hair.

Daray: "Why are you so quiet?" he asked as he jumped.

Arya: She shrugged.

Daray: he frowned a bit and jumped off of the bed, "I'm sorry for not going to the park with you, if that's why you're ignoring me."

Arya: "I'm not ignoring you."

Daray: "Just not talkative at the moment?"

Arya: "I don't know."

Daray: he felt for her feelings.

Arya: She was feeling so many things at the moment. Stress, hurt, a little sadness, love.

Daray: "Why are you having stress and why are you sad and hurt? Was it from what happened at the park?"

Arya: "I don't know about the stress. I'm sad at what happened earlier and it's the same with the hurt." She said softly as she set her hairbrush down.

Daray: "At the park?"

Arya: "Between us." She admitted.

Daray: "You mean about the fight earlier?" he said as he sat down on the bed. He was thinking about the one outside.

Arya: She sighed. "Never mind."

Daray: "You get mad at me when I don't talk to you, yet you hold secrets from me all the time."

Arya: She turned and looked at him. "The fight that we had, here in this room."

Daray: he looked confused, "I remember you waking up and me getting up and kissing you before I went to my office. I don't remember a fight."

Arya: She sighed a little and walked over to him. She placed two fingers on both of his temples. She just showed him what he said about everything he ever did was the wrong choice.

Daray: he looked even more confused, "Why would I say that? I don't feel that way." he took her hand, "Raya I'm sorry."

Arya: "It's okay. It just hurt a little, hearing that."

Daray: "Why would I say that though? I must to have had a reason. Is it because of what happened to Angelia? Though I don't see why."

Arya: She just nodded.

Daray: he got up and hugged her, "Babe I'm sorry."

Arya: "It's okay." She hugged him back

Daray: "Apparently not if it is bothering you this much. Hun, I'm sure if I said it there was a longer explanation as to why. Or I had a good reason too. I wouldn't say something like that to hurt you. I don't even remember saying it at all." he felt bad for saying something that would hurt her.

Arya: She just laid her head on his shoulder as she hugged him still.

Daray: he kissed the top of her head lightly.

Arya:"I love you." she whispered.

Daray: "I love you too, Arya. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone through the trouble of making that cream for you."

Arya: She had to smile a little at that.

Daray: "Your hair smells really good."

Arya: She laughed softly. "That's because I washed it."

Daray: "Oh really?" he smirked and pulled back and started to tickle her, "Darn it I thought that's just how you naturally smell. You've dashed my hope and dreams. Dashed them I say!" he picked her up and tossed her on the bed and then fell back onto it beside her.

Arya: She laughed and got on top of him when he lay beside her. She was smiling and her hair all fell to one side. Her eyes were an ocean blue color.

Daray: he smiled slightly, looking at her for a moment before turning his gaze to her hair. He moved a hand to slide his fingers through her hair as she laid on him. It was really soft, and still wet. He looked back up at her.

Arya: She watched him, smiling slightly. She leaned down and kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her in return, then looked at her again when she leaned back, "Your eyes are really pretty right now, and I don't think it's cuz you took a bath."

Arya: She smiled. "Thank you, love."

Daray: "Just the truth."

Arya: "I believe you."

Daray: "Good." he kissed her again, "Well, since you told me you don't like me hiding things from you, want to know what I did last night while you were sleeping?"

Arya: "Sure."

Daray: "You know how I told you about...well, me 'having fun' at that bar? And I bit people?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: "I have this cream to erase Snyde bite marks, so I went around while they were sleeping and put it on the ones whose neck I bit. So there's no trace. Only one left is Nadia but she doesn't want it and I really don't care."

Arya: She smiled and kissed him. "Good job, hon. Nadia is being a pain in the butt anyway so, don't worry about her."

Daray: "Why? What is she doing? Should I kick her out?"

Arya: She just laughed. "No, she's being Nadia."

Daray: he pouted, "I want to kick her out. I'm here now why does she need to be? Are we paying her? We better not be."

Arya: "Calm down, love. Well, she is someone we can leave the kids with when we have are fun and not we are not paying her. Her reward for doing this is her life."

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Well, that sounds good then."

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he patted her lower back before turning so she was on the bed. He sat up and then turned and got onto the bed and lay down.

Arya: She smiled slightly then just laid there.

Daray: he pulled her up close to him, "Let's sleep. If I keep you close perhaps you won't have any more nightmares."

Arya: "I'm not really tired." She admitted

Daray: "We could move to the roof and look at the stars."

Arya: She smiled. "That sounds good."

Daray: he teleported them both to the roof, with the blankets and a pillow he had in one of his hands. He sat down on the roof and laid on his back, "You know what we haven't done in a long time?"

Arya: She did the same except she had her head on his chest. "What's that?"

Daray: he rubbed her back gently with his hand, "Visited my space station." he trailed his fingers gently up and down her nightgown at her back.

Arya: She nodded. "Isn't that where we had our first date?"

Daray: "Yea." he paused, "I think we might go there for the weekend date I'm going to take you on."

Arya: She smiled. "I would love that, Daray." She whispered.

Daray: he glanced down at her and smiled a bit, "Me too." he said and then yawned.

Arya: She smiled and closed her eyes and relaxed.

Daray: he turned to her and held her close. "You may not be tired, but I am." he whispered. "I worked vigorously on that cream for who knows why...though it turned out for the good." he said sleepily.

Arya: "Then sleep, my love. I'll be here while you sleep and when you wake. I promise." She kissed him gently but lovingly.

Daray: he held her to him as he drifted to sleep.

Arya: She stayed with him, throughout the night, just like she promised.


Arya: She woke and stretched a little. Apparently sometime during the night she fell asleep. She smiled when she realized even though she fell asleep, she fell asleep in Daray's arms. She leaned up and softly kissed him without waking him. She laid her head back on his chest and closed her eyes; the sun was just a little too bright for her to wake up to.

Daray: with the sun shining down brighter now, Daray woke up earlier than normal. He squinted in the light and when his eyes adjusted he looked over at Arya, whom he could feel against his side, his arm around her as they were still cuddled close. He kissed her temple and whispered in her ear, "Babe wake up." he said softly. He was happy. He was glad to be back, glad that he was here and Arya was in his arms, and that nothing bad had happened while he had been gone for the year. Aside from him knowing The Great Ones visited them; Arya didn't tell him anything else that had happened. So nothing else must have happened beside them talking to her and leaving. He trusted her.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I've been awake for awhile now." She looked up at him and smiled slightly.

Daray: "Why didn't you wake me? Then you wouldn't have to wait in the sun."

Arya: "Because you were peacefully sleeping and I didn't want to wake you. I don't mind, I got to stay in your arms longer."

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Hun I don't have to be asleep to want to hold you in my arms."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "To good to hear." She sighed contently.

Daray: he kissed her cheek, "Roof is comfy, eh?" he whispered in her ear almost seductively.

Arya: She smiled slightly and kissed him softly. "A little. Why?"

Daray: "Guess." he kissed her again.

Arya: "Tell me." She smiled and kissed him back and laid on her back where he had to lean over her.

Daray: " have to guess." he leaned over her, kissing her more.

Arya: She pulled him closer. "I don't know, love." She kissed him more than whispered "Do you want me, my love

Daray: "Very much Arya. I have to make up a year's worth of not being able to be with you, or even see you." he whispered to her between the kisses.

Arya: She kissed even more and started to take his shirt off him.

Daray: "I think you've guessed."

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly. "Did I guess right?"

Daray: "I think you did." he nibbled down her neck.

Arya: She tilted her head to the side after taking his shirt off him

Daray: "Bite you again?"

Arya: "You know how I love the feel of it." She whispered softly.

Daray: he kissed her neck and let his fangs come down, "That I do." he said softly, sinking his fangs into her throat.

Arya: She bit her lip a little as she moaned softly. She closed her eyes; she enjoyed the feeling of when he bit her. She never would be able to not enjoy it.

Daray: after a few seconds he licked the wound closed and leaned back and kissed her throat, "Your turn my sweet."

Arya: She had Daray on his back in less than a minute. She kissed him soft and sweet before kissing down his neck softly and slowly. She let her fangs come down most of the way. She bit into his neck.

Daray: he groaned as she bit his neck. The feeling of her teeth in him gave him pleasure. As she bit him he reached up his hands to her pajama nightgown and slid it up and hooked his finger on her panties and slid them down.

Arya: She could feel the pleasure she gave him when she bit him. She pulled away and licked the bite closed. She let her hands go down to his pants and start to take them off while she kissed him, her fangs still down.


Arya: She was lying with Daray, her head on his chest. She had her eyes closed but she was still awake.

Daray: he was stroking her back softly, looking up at the sky.

Arya: Her breathing was back to normal...well, kind of. She was relaxed and smiling. She couldn't think the day could get any better.

Daray: "I wonder if I'll have roof tiles to fix..."

Arya: She laughed softly. "I don't know."

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Do you want to get dressed?"

Arya: "Do you want me to get dressed?" She smiled to herself, already knowing the answer to it. She just wanted to hear him say it.

Daray: "Not really. I mean if it was up to me you could walk around the house as you are right now."

Arya: She smiled. She was right. She kissed him softly then whispered. "I have to get dressed because of our children and cause of Nadia. But, maybe this weekend on our date I could make that happen for you."

Daray: he kissed her back, "That sounds like a plan." he said softly and teleported the both of them back to their room with the blankets and pillows and articles of clothing.

Arya: She smiled and kissed him again before she went to find some clothes for her to wear.

Daray: he threw the articles of torn clothing in the trash before he went into the bathroom and got in the shower to wash up.

Arya: Since Daray took their bathroom she was debating if she should join him or use the other one.

Daray: he lathered up his skin and hair as he stood beneath the shower head.

Arya: 'I'm not sure if I should join him or go in the other shower.' She thought to herself. After a minute past she decided to just use the other one, figuring that Daray was almost done. When she got in the other bathroom, she shut the door, locked it, turned the water on and got in the shower. She let the water just run over her skin. She relaxed as she stood under the running water, it felt good to her.

Daray: when he was done with his shower, he found some clothes and got dressed. He realized just how sore his muscles were. He swore that was the most fun he'd had with Arya in a long time...and now he knew he'd feel the after effects.

Arya: She finished up her shower and got dressed. She then went downstairs to the kitchen. She didn't think she would be sore but as soon as she stretched to get two glasses she felt the soreness. She didn't complain about it because she didn't regret what happened with her and Daray. While she poured her and Daray a glass of red liquid, she was humming and smiling happily.

Daray: he came down to the kitchen and gave Arya a peck on the cheek, "Do you know where the kids are?"

Arya: She handed him a glass. "No, I don't." She looked at the clock and laughed softly when she saw it was only eight in the morning. "I think they're still in bed. I wouldn't blame them since it's only eight in the morning." She took a drink from her glass.

Daray: "Eight?" he said shocked, "What time did we wake up?"

Arya: "I don't know. Must have been pretty early."

Daray: "I bet. I mean, unless we just thought we were at it a long time and really it was only five minutes." he took his glass of red liquid and chugged it down before setting it on the counter.

Arya:"I don't know, but even if it was just five minutes, it was one of the best five minutes in my life." She watched and laughed softly. "You want more, love?"

Daray: "Yes, lots more." his throat was burning like heck.

Arya: She poured him more and just smiled.

Daray: he took it and drank it quick and then just took the thing she was pouring the drink out from and opened the lid and drank the rest of the red liquid from there. He took both empty containers to the sink and rinsed them out and set them on the counter. He turned back around to her, "I feel better." he smiled a bit as he saw her neck, "Your poor neck."

Arya: She just smiled. "It's fine." She let her hair fall around her shoulders, hiding her neck.

Daray: "Well, I better go fix the roof."

Arya: "That's even if it needs fixing." She smiled to herself and finished hers glass and rinsed it out.

Daray: "I'm pretty sure. You and I were hard core enough. Unless you did something to already fix it."

Arya: She just shrugged a little. "I'm sure it needs fixed."

Daray: "I'll check." he teleported to the roof where Arya and him had been earlier. He checked.

Arya: She went upstairs to Luca's room to check on him. She sat in the rocking chair next to his crib and just watched him sleep. The roof was perfectly fine and didn't need fixing.

Daray: he teleported back into the kitchen and noticed Arya was gone. So he teleported upstairs to the children's room. He checked Angelia's and not seeing her in there he went to Luca's, "Its...fine." he frowned a bit.

Arya: She looked up at him and smiled a bit. "I told you it would be." She said softly.

Daray: he frowned at Arya, "I feel like less of a man now." he said woefully.

Arya: "Why's that?" She looked at him confused a little.

Daray: "Snydes have Snyde strength, yet I can't even break roof tiles at a time when I'm supposed to be my strongest."

Arya: She frowned a little. "Honey, you did break them. I fixed them 'cause I thought you were going to be busy after your shower and that. You were busy all day yesterday. I'm sorry, love,"

Daray: "I don't have anything to be busy about...I don't even know why I was so busy about the cream yesterday." he shrugged a bit, "It's fine. I understand now." he smiled slightly. "You don't have to be sorry. I can spend the day with Luca or Angelia now instead."

Arya: She smiled a little. "Or both of them. They get along pretty well."

Daray: "I could. Though, I was thinking Angelia needed more one on one time with me. And I would like to give that to Luca too, even though he is young."

Arya: She nodded. "I understand."

Daray: "So, yea. What are your plans for the day?"

Arya: She shrugged slightly. "I don't really have anything planned for today.'

Daray: "I've been meaning to is Athena?"

Arya: She shrugged. "I don't know." She said in barely a whisper.

Daray: he looked at her curiously, "Something sounds like it's wrong."

Arya: "The last time I heard from her was the day that her and I switched bodies." She explained.

Daray: "She never visited while I was gone? That's sort of...rude."

Arya: She shrugged. "It's Athena we're talking about."

Daray: he nodded slowly, "True. But I wonder if The Great Ones visited her too."

Arya: "I wouldn't know."

Daray: he looked over at Luca asleep in his crib and walked over to him.

Arya: She watched from the rocking chair.

Luca: He yawned a little in his sleep.

Daray: "You say he looks like me," he smiled a bit, "But he looks like you."

Arya: "When he's sleeping, yes. But he looks like you when he is awake and active."

Daray: he shrugged a bit and looked back over at Arya, "You know what's good?"

Arya: "What's that?"

Daray: "Neither of us had nightmares last night."

Arya: "That's because we were with each other last night."

Daray: "You think that's why?" he smiled a bit.

Arya: She nodded and smiled a little.

Daray: he leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. "Nice. Oh, I know what you can do today."

Arya: She kissed him back and smiled. "What could I do today?"

Daray: "Go shopping for more of those lingerie night gowns you have since I've destroyed most of them."

Arya: She nodded after thinking about that. "That's a good idea. I could take Angelia to get her new clothes as well."

Daray: "Then I will spend time with Luca." he smiled, "It's a plan." he leaned on the crib, "And if I have time when he's taking a nap I'll build a railing around the roof so if we decide to spend time up there again, it'll be safer. For us and the children."

Arya: She nodded. "Sounds good."

Daray: he pulled up a chair and sat down.

Arya: She rocked as she watched Luca.

Angelia: She came in a few minutes later. She stopped when she realized Arya and Daray were in there.

Daray: he looked over at Angelia, "Hi Angelia. Good morning. How did you sleep?"

Angelia: "Hi daddy. Morning. I slept well." She walked over to him and hugged him.

Daray: he hugged her back and patted his lap for her to sit. "So, we've made plans for today." he told her.

Angelia: She sat on his lap. "What's the plans for today?"

Daray: he told her what he and Arya had just talked about.

Angelia: She smiled. "Yay! Girls day!" She was all excited now.

Arya: She just laughed softly.

Daray: he chuckled and then put a finger to his lips, "Shh, you'll wake Luca."

Angelia: She blushed. "Sorry." She whispered.

Daray: "You two can go get ready to leave now if you want. I'll be here with Luca. All day."

Angelia: She got up and went and got dressed.

Arya: She stood and kissed Daray softly. "We'll see you tonight then, love." She got everything ready and a few minutes later her and Angelia left.

Daray: "Bye." he told her softly and then sat back and waited for Luca to wake.

Luca: He woke half an hour later. He stood, holding the railing bouncing happily. "Dadada dadada."

Daray: he got up and walked over to him, "Good morning son." he picked him up out of the crib and held him, "Are you hungry? Today is a day for just you and I think we will get to practice walking some more. How does that sound?" as he spoke he walked out of the room and down to the kitchen.

Luca: He laughed excitedly; not really understanding anything Daray said other being hungry. He held onto Daray's shirt.

Daray: he walked down to the kitchen and got Luca some red liquid. Since he had eaten the ice cream before, he also got him some toddler food and set him in his high chair. He pulled up a seat and set the bottle on the tray and started to feed Luca the toddler food. "Open wide." he said with a smile.

Luca: He took the bottle and started to drink it while just looking at Daray. He didn't know he was supposed to be eating the toddler food.

Daray: "Luca, you can taste this you know." he moved the spoon with the toddler food on it to get his attention. "I bet it's good. Like ice cream good."

Luca: He looked at him a little more then put his bottle down and reached for the spoon.

Daray: "Just, well, okay." he handed him the handle of the spoon and watched him.

Luca: He took the spoon and just played with it, the food falling on his high chair.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "No..." he had to keep from laughing. He took the spoon back from him and put more food on it and held the end with the food on it to him. "Open. Ahhh..." he opened his own mouth to show him.

Luca: Looked at Daray and did the same thing.

Daray: he quickly put the food into Luca's mouth and pulled the spoon out.

Luca: He ate it and laughed softly, hitting his hands against the tray of his high chair.

Daray: "Glad you like it." he put more food on the spoon, "Here. Open for the airplane." he made the spoon look like it was flying around like a plane as he made the sounds for it.

Luca: He smiled and laughed softly.

Daray: when Luca laughed he fed the spoonful to him.

Luca: He hit his hands on the tray again, laughing softly

Daray: after he was done feeding Luca, he went and gave him a bath and got him dressed for the day. "What would you like to do?"

Luca: He just played with the collar of Daray's shirt.

Daray: "Right. Practice walking." he set him down, holding his hands in his as he stood behind Luca, bent over a bit. He walked with him from the room and down the hallway. He stopped at the steps and picked him up and sat on the banister and slid down with Luca in his arms and then jumped off the end and walked into the living room.

Luca: He smiled and laughed the whole time. He walked when Daray held a hold of his hands.

Daray: once they were in the living room and he set Luca down, he stepped back and knelt down, "Come here. Walk to daddy."

Luca: He started to walk to him, slowly and wobbly at first but he then he stabbed himself. He held his arms out to him. "Dadada." He said as he walked to him.

Daray: he scooted back.

Luca: He continued to walk to him.

Daray: he smiled; "You're doing good." he continued to do this for awhile until he finally gave in and picked up Luca and sat down on the couch with him.

Luca: He played with Daray's collar again until he yawned and laid his head down on Daray's shoulder and fell asleep. He kept a hold of Daray's shirt as he slept peacefully.

Daray: he laid back on the couch and fell asleep holding Luca.

Luca: He slept for about two hours.

Daray: he was still asleep when Luca woke up.

Luca: He sat there and played with Daray's collar a little bit then slide off the couch. He crawled over to the coffee table and pulled himself up to his feet. He walked out of the room and into the kitchen. He went over to one of the cabinets, opening it and pulled out some pots and pans. They made a loud banging noise when they hit the floor.

Daray: he sat up with a jerk, coming awake, "Luca!" he got up and ran into the kitchen; afraid something had happened to him. He slid across the floor on his knees to Luca and scooped him up, checking him over. He sighed, "You look fine." he set him down again and put the pots and pans away.

Luca: He looked like he was going to cry. Daray had scared him with the sudden movements.

Daray: after he put the pans away he shut the door and looked over at Luca. He looked chasten, "Sorry Luca. Didn't mean to scare you." he ruffled his hair a bit.

Luca: He sat on the floor and played with his shoe laces.

Daray: "Want to learn to tie them?"

Luca: He just looked him then started to crawl to one of the cabinets and opened it when he got to it.

Daray: he scooped him up before he got to the cabinet, "Nope." he stood, "Let's give you something to do while I baby proof this house." he walked into the living room and put on a children's show and gave Luca some toys.

Luca: He played with toys and watched the show. He laughed and smiled.

Daray: he went and put the stopped on the doors so Luca couldn't open them, and on the toilet lid so Luca couldn't lift it. He also made sure the corners in the house were covered with a rubber end so if Luca ran into it while walking he wouldn't get hurt.

Luca: While Daray was doing so, he crawled over to the stairs and started to climb them.

Daray: he was coming down the stairs as Luca was crawling up. "No." he teleported to him and took him off the stairs and set him down on the flat ground. Then he went and found a fence to block off the stairs so Luca couldn't climb them.

Luca: He held onto Daray's shirt. He laughed softly as well.

Daray: "It's not funny. You can get hurt on stairs." he told Luca a bit firmly so he understood. "You're too young for them yet." he made sure the door to the basement steps was shut tight.

Luca: He just played with Daray's shirt. He liked Daray. He still didn't really know that Daray was his biological father yet.

Daray: he went back into the living room with Luca and set him down again.

Luca: He started to play with his toys again.

Daray: he sat on the couch and changed the channel on the television, relaxing for a bit after doing all the running around baby proofing the place.

Luca: He played with his toys for the rest of the night.

There was the sound of car doors closing.

Daray: he got off the couch and crawled over to Luca, "Luca, I think the girls are back. What should we do?" he whispered to him.

Luca: He covered his eyes and laughed softly.

Daray: "Hide. Good idea." he scooped him up and teleported to the closet by the entrance door. "Shh." he told Luca and looked through the door cracks.

Luca: He was quiet.

Arya and Angelia come in the door.

Arya: "Daray, Luca? We're home."

There was no answer.

Angelia: "Dad? Luca?" She looked around, while carrying a few bags.

Arya: She carried a few bags as well.

Still no answer.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I guess they won't get their presents then." She looked at Angelia

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: 'Presents?' he thought and teleported out of the closet and right to where Angelia and Arya were with Luca, "BOO!" he exclaimed.

Luca: He laughed.

Arya: She smiles to herself

Angelia: She jumped a little.

Daray: he smirked and ruffled Angelia's hair, "So, did I hear someone say presents?"

Arya: "No." She smiled and walked upstairs after moving the baby fence.

Angelia: Followed her.

Daray: "What! Hey!" he walked after them, "Let me see what you bought!"

Arya: "You will. Tonight and over the weekend." She said after coming out of their room.

Daray: "What did Angelia get?"

Arya: "Go see if she'll show you. I'll take Luca if you want."

Daray: "Nope I've got him. It's our day." he walked to Angelia's room.

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little but she was smiling. She went downstairs.

Angelia: She was taking things out of her bag and setting them on her bed.

Daray: "Get anything good?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: She looked at him and smiled. "Yeah."

Daray: "May I see?"

Angelia: She nodded and showed him the pants, shirts, shoes, two dresses and two skirts she had gotten.

Daray: "You're going to make me broke." he smiled a bit, "But they're nice."

Angelia: She shook her head. "Mommy paid for them."

Daray: "Wouldn't that mean both of us did? Or did she get her own bank account separate?"

Angelia: "She paid with money." She told him while she put her clothes away.

Daray: "Okay..." he walked from the room and went downstairs to find his wife.

Arya: She was in the kitchen getting something to drink.

Daray: "Do you have a secret stash of money I don't know about?"

Arya: She looked up at him when he came down into the kitchen. "Why do you ask?" She took a drink out of her glass.

Daray: "You paid for your shopping trip with cash."

Arya: "Yes and?" She took another drink.

Daray: "So...did you earn money while I was gone or what?"

Arya: She took another drink. "No."

Daray: "So it is from our shared accounts?"

Arya: "No." She replied again and took another drink and just looked out the window.

Daray: "Shall I use your words of, 'Why are you keeping secrets from me?'"

Arya: "I'm not keeping secrets. I've told you the truth so far."

Daray: "So where did it come from? That's all I'm wondering."

Arya: She looked at Daray. "My family."

Daray: "'ve had a secret store of cash you never told me about?"

Arya: "I found out that I had all this cash while you were gone so I couldn't have told you about it AND I've been so happy recently that I've forgotten to tell you. Okay?"

Daray: "Okay." he said and sat down Luca, "That's fine."

Luca: He walked over to a chair and climbed onto it and sat on it.

Arya: She just watched Daray and Luca.

Daray: he watched him and smiled a bit smugly. He took a seat at the counter.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I see you baby proofed everything

Daray: "Yep, I did. He's walking around so it needed to get done so he would be safe. We didn't have to do that with Angelia."

Arya: "That's because she grew before we could."

Daray: "Exactly."

Arya: "Luca isn't like that, as you can tell."

Daray: "No, which...I'm sort of glad about."

Arya: "You know he's pureblooded." She said before taking a long drink from her glass.

Daray: "Because we are both Snydes?"

Arya: She nodded slightly.

Daray: "So why isn't he aging faster?"

Arya: "Pureblooded children age just as fast as human children, they just don't age physically after they hit the age of seventeen." She rinsed out her glass. "Our hair will grow like humans but it'll never get gray or white."

Daray: "Interesting. I wonder if he can't die."

Arya: She shrugged. "All I know is that he can't die like humans, like me."

Daray: "I me..." he thought of something and left the kitchen and went up to Angelia's room, "Can I see your necklace real quick? The one I gave you?"

Angelia: She nodded and carefully took it off and handed it to him.

Daray: "Thanks." he went back into the kitchen.

Arya: "What is that?"

Daray: "A necklace I wore while I was gone. It had chitter claw nails on it." he held out his hand to her, "Can I see your arm?"

Arya: She hesitated

Daray: "Hun, you're not me. The poison won't affect you. It'll be like...a knife cut. And you'll heal in a few seconds."

Arya: She slowly took his hand.

Daray: he took the point of the chitter claw nail and gave her a small cut on her inner arm. Then he watched as it healed. He wiped the blood off that had escaped. "Okay. Do you have more of that cream you used on my cuts?"

Arya: "Yes, it's in the top of my dresser."

Daray: "Okay." he walked over to Luca and pulled a chair up to him, taking a seat.

Arya: She watched Daray and it took her a minute to realize what he was going to do. She had Luca in her arms in less than a second; she couldn't let him do that. It wasn't safe enough yet.

Daray: he turned around to face Arya, "Hey!" he got up.

Arya: "No, Daray. He's just a child. If he is like you then the smallest cut could be deadly to him." She held Luca protectively.

Daray: "I was just going to poke him. It might make him sick but it won't kill him. I think it's a better choice than something happening to him when he's not under our watch."

Arya: She shook her head no. "You really need to learn more about purebloods." She whispered then sighed. "Do you remember when I told you about when I got sick?"

Daray: "Yea...morning sickness?"

Arya: "No, when I was little."

Daray: "Yea. What about it?"

Arya: "When we get sick, it can easily weaken us enough where our bodies just completely shut down and we die of starvation. When I got sick, I was three years old. I couldn't keep anything down for awhile. Now, think of how if our son got sick at the age of eighteen months. Do you think he would survive being sick?"

Daray: "No." he said softly. He let go of the nail from his fingers and let the necklace just hang around his wrist.

Arya: She walked over to him and carefully took the necklace off of his wrist as Luca reached for him.

Daray: he let her take it as he took Luca from Arya and held him, "I have to give that back to Angelia."

Arya: "I'll do it." She turned and went up to Angelia's room.

Luca: He hugged Daray with one of his little arms around his neck.

Daray: "Okay." he kissed Luca's cheek and then picked up what was left of Arya's drink and drank it down. He went into the living room.

Luca: He held onto Daray but had his head on his shoulder.

Daray: he sat down on the floor and set him down. He started to build a block building with the toys Luca had.

Luca: He handed Daray a block. "Dada."

Daray: "Yea?" he put the block on top.

Luca: He handed him another one.

Daray: he smiled slightly and continued to build the block tower with Luca's help. "Thanks." when the tower got so tall it fell over and he laughed.

Luca: He laughed and clapped his hands. He took one of the blocks and started to chew on it.

Daray: "Are you teething yet?" he tried to see.

Luca: He whined a little when Daray pushed on his gums.

Daray: "Sorry." he pulled back.

Luca: He went back to chewing on the block

Daray: "I think you might be."

Luca: He continued to chew on the block as he played with his other toys.

Daray: he watched him, wondering what was taking Arya so long. Unless she wasn't coming down. He looked at the clock.

Arya: She was already downstairs. She was just in the kitchen fixing Angelia something. It was only eight o'clock.

Daray: "Are there any good movies playing?"

Arya: "I don't know."

Daray: "Well I think we should all go see one as a family."

Arya: She nodded slightly. "Okay."

Daray: he pulled out his cell phone and checked the times for the movies.

Arya: She finished cooking and called Angelia down to eat.

Daray: after he found the time for the movie, and they ate whatever Arya made them, he took them to the theater and they saw the movie. When they got home, he put Luca to bed and said goodnight to Angelia. In the morning, he and Angelia went off to have their day together, which was nice, Daray thought. He got to talk to his daughter and find out about her and how she's been. They stayed out all day so by the time they got back he was tired and went to sleep. The next day was the weekend trip for him and Arya. So after getting a babysitter for Luca and Angelia and telling them he or Arya would have their phones if needed, he said goodbye to them and teleported him and Arya up to the space station for their weekend trip.


Daray: he teleported Arya and him back to the house early Monday morning. He let the babysitter know they were home so she left.

Arya: She went in and checked on the kids. She missed them so much but she had a wonderful weekend. She softly kissed Angelia's and Luca's forehead, without waking them. She smiled and went downstairs.

Daray: he was behind her, watching her as she kissed Angelia's and Luca's forehead. He put their bags in their room and started to put away both his and Arya's clothes.

Arya: She brought up a glass of red liquid for Daray as she carried her own. She helped as well.

Daray: "I missed our first anniversary, didn't I?"

Arya: "Yes, but you made it up this past weekend." She kissed his cheek.

Daray: "When is our next anniversary?" he asked her, after the kiss. "I have ideas."

Arya: "In a few months." She smiled. "Oh really? Like what?"

Daray: "Like I'm not telling you or else it won't be a surprise." he smiled a bit.

Arya: She smiled slightly. "I'll wait then." She then kissed him softly.

Daray: "I'm glad." he kissed her gently. "So can I ask you a question?"

Arya: "Of course." She sat on the bed.

Daray: "It's not one you'd want to answer, but..." he sighed. "I don't know if I'll ask it. Never mind."

Arya: She took his hand. "Hon, you can ask me anything. Okay?"

Daray: he glanced at her and then nodded as he let out a breath. "What did you do on our anniversary when I was gone?"

Arya: She frowned slightly. "I stayed home, spent time with our kids, tried to make through the day without crying in front of them."

Daray: "I have a lot to make up." he whispered and then kissed her hand gently.

Arya: She pulled him down on the bed next to her and smiled slightly as she made him lay back onto the bed. She laid her head on his chest. "I'm not worried about you making up anything, my love. I'm just happy that we have you back home and that we don't ever have to worry about you leaving again." She whispered as she closed her eyes.

Daray: he rubbed her back lightly with one of his hands, "My dear, I want to make it up to you." he whispered.

Arya: "How are you going to do that?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "You will see."

Arya: "Should I be scared?" She asked jokingly.

Daray: he leaned over and tickled her, "Very scared!" he said as he tickled her.

Arya: She started laughing and playfully pushing his hands away. "Daray stop it!" She said while laughing.

Daray: he continued to tickle her this time, not stopping. As he tickled her, he kissed under her chin.

Arya: She laughed some more, pushing his hands away still. She titled her head to the side.

Daray: "I love your laugh..." he whispered against her neck as he tickled her.

Arya: She laughed more. "Daray, please stop. My stomach is starting to hurt." She said the best she could while laughing.

Daray: he obeyed, not wanting to hurt her. He kissed her gently then got off the bed.

Arya: She kissed him back then frowned a little when he got off the bed.

Daray: "What? Aren't you sick of me yet?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "I could never get sick of you, but I understand that you're probably sick of me."

Daray: he laughed, "Be sick of my obsession? Never."

Arya: She smiled a little.

Daray: he finished putting the clothes away and put the suitcases in the closet. He came back.

Arya: She sat on the bed with her legs crossed. She watched him the whole time.

Daray: he looked over at her, "What?"

Arya: "Nothing."

Daray: he listened to her thoughts.

Arya: She smiled because she had her mind blocked from him. She could feel the power from him as he tried.

Daray: he frowned, "That's unfair." he crossed his arms.

Arya: "You've read my thoughts the whole weekend. They haven't changed much."

Daray: he smirked a bit, "Story of our lives? Daray and Arya- They met, fell in love, got married, and never left the bedroom. The end."

Arya: She laughed softly. "It seems like that, doesn't it?"

Daray: "Yes it does, just a tad. Have we no other lives?" he walked over to the bed and leaned over her, leaning her back onto the bed as he did so.

Arya: She smiled. "Apparently not." She whispered as she leaned up and kissed him.

Daray: he kissed her back, "Does that bother you?"

Arya: "Not really." She kissed his neck softly.

Daray: "I have an idea." he said as he let her kiss him.

Arya: "What's that?" She lay back onto the bed and looked at him.

Daray: "We should visit your sister tomorrow."

Arya: She smiled. "That's a great idea." Her smile faded. "But we don't know where she is."

Daray: "Don't we have her cell phone number?"

Arya: "I don't remember where I put it."

Daray: "And you can't remember it?"

Arya: "No."

Daray: he leaned back, "We can look for it. Maybe Angelia would have it."

Arya: She shrugged. "I rather look for it right now instead of waking her." She got up and started to look through some drawers.

Daray: he picked up Arya's purse and checked in there for the number. Actually, secretively, he just wanted to see what was in her purse.

There wasn't much in her purse except for her wallet, a small travel picture book, her car keys, make-up, her cell phone, and a small notebook with a list of things written in it.

Arya: She found a notebook and looked through it. "I found it."

Daray: he picked up her cell phone and checked on there for it. Actually, secretively, he just wanted to see who all was in her contacts list and who she talked to or texted the most. "Alright love." he said distractedly.

Arya: She looked up at him. "What are you doing?"

Daray: "Seeing things..." he read through the list.

Arya: "Why?"

Daray: "Curious about you is all."

Arya: "You know everything about me."

Daray: he looked up at her, "Not everything. I haven't been watching your every move. And for a year I've been"

Arya: "I haven't changed much. Maybe my appearance but that's about it."

Daray: "Do you like your new appearance?" since he was getting nowhere with the phone he put it away and opened the notebook and read through it.

Arya: "Yes I do. Now will you please stop going through my purse?" She took her purse from him then took the notebook from him and put it back into her purse before he got too far in it.

Daray: he watched her suspiciously, "Sure."

Arya: "Thank you." She handed Daray the notebook that had Athena's cell phone number in it. "I'm going to go check on the kids." She left the room with her purse still in her hand.

Daray: he sighed, watching her leave with her purse. He set the phone number on the end table then got up and went to the kitchen.

Arya: She went back into their room and took her notebook out of her purse and hid it only where she'd know where it's at. She then went to take a shower.

Daray: as soon as he heard the water on he teleported to their room and checked in her purse again. Not seeing it, he started to search for it. He wanted to know what she was hiding.

There was a lose floor board on the floor by the bed.

Daray: he pulled it up, noticing it.

There was a small box and the notebook.

Daray: with a quick glance at the door to the shower he opened the box first.

There were a few pictures and a few objects. One of the pictures was of Arya, Athena and Gabiral when they were children. The others were family pictures. Daray could tell they out casted Arya, everyone except for Athena. The rest of the pictures were of Arya and of Athena when they were little. Daray couldn't tell who was who in the pictures. Some of the objects included necklaces, lockets, birth certificates, ect. One object didn't belong though. A small non-clear bag. It looked centuries and centuries of years old and fragile to the touch.

Daray: he gently picked it up, not wanting to ruin it. He looked inside.

The bag was filled with jewels. Rubies, diamonds, sapphires, pearls, ect.

Daray: he put it away and then took out the notebook and opened it, putting the box away and the floorboard back in place. He sat on the bed and read it.

Some of it was in Romanian, French, Italian and German. The rest was in English. The things in English talked about the 1700's, 1800's and a little of the 1900's. But it was recently written in since then. In had a little note in Romanian then a time. 12 a.m. Monday night. The date was today's Monday.

Daray: he paused. Was this a diary? He read the entry.

It didn't have anything that made it look like a diary.

Daray: "Why does today's date matter?" he shut the book and put it away. He had really wished it was a diary. He lay back on the bed.

Arya: She came out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel, she was humming.

Daray: "Is today's date special?"

Arya: "Hm?" She looked at him as she got some clothes out of the dresser.

Daray: "Today's date, babe. Is it special?" he looked over at her.

Arya: "No. Why?" She let the towel drop to the floor as she put her panties and bra on.

Daray: "You wrote it down in your notebook."

Arya: She stopped and looked at him. "You read my notebook?"

Daray: he nodded.

Arya: "After I told you not to?" She walked over to the closet and tried to find something to wear.

Daray: "I was curious. I'm sorry. It's not like it was a diary. And I couldn't even read half of it."

Arya: "I did that for a reason. I knew someone would eventually get a hold of it and not be able to read what was really important." She just pulled out her robe and put it on. She sat at the end of the bed.

Daray: "So you aren't going to tell me?"

Arya: "Tell you what?" She looked at him.

Daray: "About today's date."

Arya: She sighed. "I would love to tell you but I don't want to put our family in danger. After tonight, it won't matter. I'll be able to tell you then. I won't ever have to deal with him again."

Daray: " get mad at me for keeping secrets and here you are having a ton of them, in this little book I can't read."

Arya: "It's for our family's safety. I'll tell you everything after tonight. I swear I will. If I knew it wouldn't put our family in danger I would spill everything right now but I can't because it WILL put our family in danger." She stood and walked away from the bed to the window.

Daray: "So you're just keeping yourself in danger right now?"

Arya: "It's better than putting our kids in danger as well as myself." She whispered.

Daray: he sat up, watching her sadly.

Arya: "This is the last night I have to deal with him, and then I'm done. No more after tonight. He promised." She was mostly talking to herself now. She closed her eyes and rubbed her arms as if she was cold.

Daray: he got up and, holding a blanket in his hand, he wrapped it around her shoulders and pulled her close, "Who is he?"

Arya: "I wish I could tell you." She hugged him tightly.

Daray: "You don't have too..." he said slowly. "You don't have to say a word."

Arya: "I love you so much, Daray." She whispered.

Daray: "I love you too baby doll." he tried to read her thoughts again.

Arya: "Please don't try. Not till after tonight." She whispered softly as she closed her eyes.

Daray: "Alright." he stopped. He didn't know what to do now.

Arya: She nodded a little and just laid her head on his chest and sighed.

Daray: he looked at Arya. He held her close. He wished he could do something. He felt useless.

Arya: She felt better in his arms but she wished she could tell him everything. All about Trevor and what he has her doing. She has to listen to him otherwise someone is going to get hurt...someone in their family...and she didn't want that. She sighed softly.

Daray: he rubbed her back lightly. He wasn't going to push her to tell him something that she feared telling him. No matter how much he wanted to know.

Arya: "He's watching...all the time. Otherwise I could tell you." She whispered.

Daray: "Sort of like my parents were watching me all the time, and possibly still are?"

Arya: She nodded a little. "Something like that."

Daray: he nodded.

Arya: She looked at the door. "Angelia is up." She whispered.

Daray: he let go of her and put his hands in his pockets, "Okay."

Arya: She frowned a little and got dressed for the day.

Daray: he stayed by the window, looking outside.

Arya: She looked at him, sighed and looked down before she left the room.

Daray: he got dressed and followed her out a few minutes later.

Arya: She was already downstairs fixing Angelia and Luca some breakfast/

Daray: he watched her and waited until she was done, leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.

Arya: She set the plate down in front of Angelia and sat in front of Luca and started to feed him his breakfast.

Angelia: She ate her food.

Daray: he walked over and got a bottle of synthetic red liquid from the fridge and opened the cap, taking a drink.

Arya: She continued to feed Luca after glancing at Daray for a moment.

Daray: he leaned back against the door of the fridge.

Arya: She finished feeding Luca. She cleaned him up after rinsing his plate off. She was purposefully trying to keep herself busy.

Daray: "Can we go somewhere or are you house confined?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "Huh? We can if you want." She looked at him while picking Luca up and setting him down on his feet. She then gave him his sippy cup.

Luca: He walked over to Daray while drinking from his sippy cup.

Daray: he looked down at Luca and motioned to him, if he wanted picked up.

Luca: He motioned with his free hand to be picked up.

Daray: he smiled a bit and bent down and picked him up, holding him as he still watched Arya, "So what would you like to do?"

Arya: "Anything is fine with me."

Luca: He watched Arya while still drinking from his sippy cup. He held onto Daray's shirt though.

Daray: "Did you already call your sister?"

Arya: "No, I though you did that." She looked at him.

Daray: "No...was I supposed to?"

Arya: "I handed you the notebook when I went and checked on the kids. It's okay. I can call her." She went upstairs and got the notebook. She called her from upstairs.

Daray: "Well...I don't know if you wanted to go today or tomorrow." he said before she left. He looked at Luca, "I was distracted..."

Luca: He smiled and laughed a little.

Arya: She came down into the kitchen. Shock could be seen in her eyes.

Daray: he looked over at Arya, "What?" he asked about her shocked look.

Arya: "She' Daniel's house." She whispered.

Daray: the look of shock crossed his eyes too, "Umm, why?"

Arya: "She's been 'stalking' him for over a year now. That's what she told me. They...really like each other." She looked at him.

Daray: his mouth dropped open for a moment before he shut it, "Do you mind visiting her today instead of tomorrow?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "I don't mind visiting her today. I...kinda...asked her if it was okay to...come today, anyway."

Daray: "That's fine." hearing this news he'd want to come as soon as possible.

Arya: "I'll get everything ready for the kids then." She went to gather things for Luca.

Angelia: "We're going to visit Aunt Athena?" She smiled a little. It's been awhile since she's seen her.

Daray: "Yes." he told Angelia, "Go get ready."

Angelia: She teleported to her room and got ready.

Luca: He went back to drinking his sippy cup. He didn't know what was going on.

Daray: he set Luca on the counter and placed his hands on either side of him, watching him, "Is that good?" he asked him.

Luca: He smiled and laughed a little.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "You have no idea what I'm saying do you?"

Luca: "Dada." He laughed and almost fell backwards when he bounced, kicking his feet a little.

Daray: he caught him and held him up, "Yep. That's me." he laughed with him.

Luca: He said some gibberish then laughed again.

Daray: he wondered if he thought actual words. He tried to see.

Luca: He laughed again patting his face lightly. He then wanted to stand.

Daray: he helped him stand so he was standing on the counter.

Luca: He laughed with excitement. He smiled. 'Yay!'

Daray: he paused. Did Luca think that?

Luca: He looked around the room and he started to bounce a little. He laughed again. 'Fun.' He smiled.

Daray: "So you're just having trouble speaking the words. But you know what I'm saying."

Luca: He at Daray and smiled again.

Daray: "You're very smart."

Luca: He bounced with excitement again.

Daray: he laughed and thought about it, " know who I am. Do you know I love you?"

Luca: 'Yes, I love you too.'

Daray: "Arya!" he yelled.

Arya: She came in the room. "Yes?"

Daray: "Luca can talk and understand us."

Arya: "Luca can talk now?"

Daray: "Mentally."

Arya: "Oh." She sighed a little, more relief than anything. But it couldn't be noticed.

Daray: "Are we ready to go?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes."

Daray: he picked up Luca and put him on his shoulders.

Luca: 'Wee!' He laughed.

Daray: he chuckled, "Where's Angelia?"

Arya: "She's in the living room."

Daray: "Angelia!"

Angelia: "Yes, Daddy?" She was right beside him.

Daray: he jumped a bit, "Woah. Scare me."

Angelia: She smiled slightly. She never knew that was possible.

Daray: he teleported all of them to Daniels house. He stood there, looking at it.

Arya: She held her breath a little.

Luca: He didn't do anything.

Angelia: She watched her family.

Daray: he stepped forward and knocked on the door lightly.

Shinichi: He opened the door. "Hello?"

Daray: "Hello Athena here?"

Shinichi: He nodded and opened the door wider for them to come in. "Come on in. She's in the bathroom right now. She'll be out in a few minutes."

Daray: "Thank you." he stepped inside and took Luca off his shoulders.

Angelia and Arya: Followed them inside as well. Closing the door behind them.

Shinichi: "No problem." He went into the living room.

Luca: 'Where are we?' He looked at Daray.

Angelia: "May I go play with Shinichi?" She looked at Daray and Arya.

Arya: She nodded yes then looked at Daray.

Daray: he was distracted. "Arya, Luca just asked me a question. All on his own."

Arya: "What question?"

Angelia: She decided since Arya said yes, she could go. She followed Shinichi into the living room.

Daray: "Why we are here." he looked at Luca, "We are here for Athena."

Luca: He looked at him confused. 'Who Athena?'

Daray: "Your Aunt. Which is your mom's sister- like Angelia is your sister."

Luca: He smiled, he understood.

Athena: "Which I'm glad to have her as a sister." She said as she walked in.

Daray: he looked at Athena, "Hey! I thought I told you to choose a BETTER boyfriend next time."

Athena: "I did. He doesn't beat me or force me to do things that I don't want to do. More or less, he's not like Xavier." She went over and hugged Arya. "Ah, sister I've missed you so much. I'm sorry that I didn't keep in touch like I said I was going to do."

Arya: She hugged her back. "It's alright. You've been busy, I understand."

Daray: "Yes. Instead you choose one who wants to kill you."

Athena: "He doesn't want to kill me. If he did, he would have done it by now." She looked at him then looked at Luca. "Who's this little guy?" She smiled.

Daray: "A child. Which hopefully you will never have with the devils spawn."

Athena: "May I hold my nephew?" She looked at Daray. "And by the way, Daniel isn't as bad as you think."

Daray: rolled his eyes and then handed Luca to Athena, "Sure. Says the girl in love."

Athena: She takes Luca and holds him. "What's his name?" She asked when she looked up and after she rolled her eyes.

Daray: "Luca Rayder Aleron." he told her. "So where is the scum?"

Athena: "He's not scum and when Daniel returns, you'll be nice." She looked at Luca again. "Hi Luca, I'm your Aunt Athena." She spoke kindly, not like she spoke to Daray.

Luca: He smiled.

Daray: "He says to put him down."

Arya: She looked over at Daray, not believing that Luca said that.

Athena: She rolled her eyes and put him down gently.

Luca: He looked like he was going to cry when Athena put him down. "Dada" He whined.

Daray: he went and picked up Luca.

Luca: He didn't look like he was going to cry anymore.

Daray: "See? I'm right." he said to Athena, "And I will not be nice to him."

Athena: She rolled her eyes. "Whatever Daray."

Misao: She was smiling; she had fun today with Daniel. She hoped they could do it again soon.

Daray: "Hello Misao."

Misao: She just stopped and looked at him. "I know you...I've seen you before." She whispered.

Daray: "Good or bad memories?"

Misao: "You were outside the cave the one day."

Daray: "What cave?"

Misao: "The one that Arya kept us in after our parents were killed."

Daray: he looked shocked, "Huh? No one could see me."

Misao: "I could. I knew you were there."

Arya: She was talking with Athena so she wasn't paying attention.

Daray: he looked back at Misao.

Daniel: came in the door.

Misao: She was watching Daray.

Arya: She looked at Daniel, smiled a little. "Good evening, Daniel."

Daniel: "Arya..." he walked over to Athena and kissed her. "Hi."

Daray: he looked to Arya, "You're going to be THAT civil with him after what he's done?"

Arya: "Daray, be nice. He's with Athena and I try not to think about it. I've gotten past it...or at least I think I have"

Athena: She kissed him back.

Daray: "I will not be nice. Unless I find out this is all a ploy so she can get close to him to kill him on day while he's sleeping."

Arya: "Maybe this wasn't a good idea." She sighed. "I'm going to go get Angelia then we're going home." She went to g o find Angelia.

Daray: "I'm staying."

Arya: 'No, you have to take Angelia, Luca and myself home. Don't start anything.' She told him mentally.

Athena: She watched Daniel a little.

Daray: "I'm not going home." he said simply.

Daniel: "Maybe you're not welcome."

Arya: 'Daray, please.' She pleaded.

Athena: She placed a hand on Daniel's shoulder, watching Daray now.

Daray: "No." he looked away from Daniel and went to sit in the living room.

Daniel: he watched him go.

Daray: he didn't let go of Luca so Arya couldn't leave with him. "Arya you should stay." he told her.

Arya: 'Well, I hope you like it here for as long as you're staying. Angelia, Luca and I are going home." She told him when he came into the living room. She took Luca from him and Angelia, Luca and herself went home after Arya told Athena bye, mentally.

Athena: She sighed and sat in one of the chairs at the table. She rubbed her temples with her forefingers.

Arya: "Why? Give me one good reason on why I should stay." She let go of Luca so he didn't get hurt and crossed her arms.

Daray: "Because I'm here."

Arya: "You're only here because you're being stubborn and won't except that Athena is happy. Unless you want to ruin that happiness for her. It seems he's treating her well, Shinichi's told me nothing but wonderful things that has happened around here since Athena's been here. It's the same with Misao."

Daray: "And since when have you had time to talk to Shinichi or Misao? I think you're making that up."

Daniel: "I just think Daray holds grudges."

Arya: "You don't believe me? Ask them yourself then." She went into the bathroom.

Athena: "I think so too."

Daray: he turned to Daniel, "Yes. When you were supposed to be dead and SHE," he pointed to Athena, "Was supposed to be your killer."

Daniel: "She has killed me. She's killed my ache for revenge."

Daray: "I mean kill your body!"

Daniel: he smirked, "Yea. She's done that too."

Daray: he growled a low a ferocious sound.

Daniel: he still smirked.

Athena: She stepped in between them. Facing Daray. "Daray, I think you should leave. Now." She wasn't happy and a little authority was in her voice. The authority of a pureblood.

Daniel: he laughed, "Ah. You're being ordered around."

Daray: "Arya we're leaving!" he yelled and as he walked by Daniel he slammed him back into the wall of the house, hard enough to where Daniel broke the dry wall.

Daniel: "Ouch."

Daray: "SUCK IT UP!" he slammed the door behind him and waited outside for Angelia and Arya.

Arya and Angelia: They were outside already.

Daray: teleported them home.

Arya: Once home she just looked at Daray. "So what made you change your mind?"

Daray: he shrugged a bit; "I felt like leaving." he set Luca down and sighed.

Arya: She looked at him. "She used her authority pureblood voice. Didn't she?"

Daray: "Perhaps."

Arya: She hid a smiled. "She did." She stated then went to go put the stuff she brought for Luca, away.

Daray: he frowned; "I'm going to make something so it will never happen again." he went to his office.

Arya: "It's not possible for it not to happen again. Everyone has tried everything and nothing works." She told him.

Daray: "Everyone is not me."

Arya: "It's something that can't be cured or blocked no matter what. It's part of being a changeling."

Daray: "I don't like being ordered around Arya! I hate it. Got enough of that as a child! Perhaps that's another reason why I keep taking those pills to make me human! At least humans have FREE WILL!" he snapped at her.

Arya: "Then take them again! Sorry for trying to make sure you were safe and nothing could kill you! If you're not happy with my family, maybe I should have never come into your life." She snapped back, holding back the hurt and tears. She turned and walked into a different room.

Daray: he growled and just slammed the door behind him.

Arya: She went into their room and started to get ready for tonight.

Daray: he sat in his office. Not like Arya would let him come with her when she went to where she needed to go tonight. She didn't want to tell him anything anyways. So he just stayed in his office the rest of the night.

Arya: She put on a long coat. One that almost went to the floor. She already had it buttoned. She knocked on the door. "Daray, I'll be back." She then went downstairs and to her car. She started it and drove off.

Daray: "Fine." he didn't leave the room, except occasionally to check on the children.

Arya: She didn't come back for about three hours.

Daray: he had made sure to keep tabs on her mentally while she was gone.

Arya: She came back into the house quietly and went to her and Daray's room. She took her coat off. She was wearing one of her 'seductive' dresses. Her hair was up in a bun with some curls coming from the middle of it.

Daray: "So what did you do? Last night to sleep with him?" he said from the corner of the room. He was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, watching her as she came in and took off her coat.

Arya: She turned and looked at him. "No. I had to hunt and kill certain people for him. He's not Snyde but he knows of them. He found me about 10 months ago and made me a deal. He'd pay me $1,000 for each one I killed. I killed the last one tonight. I went back to the old ways of how I use to hunt but instead of feeding from them, I killed them." She told him truthfully and willingly.

Daray: "You can take the girl out of The Great Ones but you can't take The Great Ones out of the girl, hm?"

Arya: She turned to him. "Daray, what do you want me to say?"

Daray: "I want to know why you had to do this for him, and why you couldn't tell me that before."

Arya: "It was a trade. 10 lives for $10,000. The person he works for needed 10 lives, certain people's lives and he owned me $10,000. We made a deal for it and about 4 months ago, he told me that if I told anyone about the deal we had, he'd kill my family and make me watch." She took her hair out.

Daray: "Nice to know you'd believe any creep who told you something like that. He could probably have told you to have sex with him or he'd kill your family and make you watch."

Arya: She glared at him. "So now you're going to insult me for protecting my family? I have lines drawn and he knows where those are AND he knows what would happen if he crossed them. He almost crossed one tonight." She went into the bathroom and started the water.

Daray: "So taking the lives of a person who might have a family just like this isn't one of the lines you have to not be crossed?"

Arya: She sighed. "What exactly are you trying to point across, Daray? That what I did was wrong, that I should have denied the deal?" She took a deep breath to try and calm herself. "And they didn't have a family. I went through their things while they were getting ready." She was having trouble getting her dress off.

Daray: he stepped forward and helped her take off her dress, "Getting ready?"

Arya: She sighed. "Did you not learn anything when you were stalking me? The way I fed on humans?" She let the dress slide off her body and onto the floor. She stepped out of it. "Thank you." She referred to helping her take off her dress.

Daray: "No. You said you went through their things while THEY were getting ready."

Arya: She nodded. "Yes. They were in the bathroom getting ready. That gave me time to go through their things." She took her strapless bra off.

Daray: "I'm confused."

Arya: "What are you confused on?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Who are THEY?"

Arya: "The people I killed."

Daray: "What were they getting ready for?"

Arya: She sighed a little. "What do you think?" She took her panties off and got in the shower.

Daray: he leaned against the wall in the bathroom and crossed his arms, "How far did you get with them?"

Arya: "Not far. Just some kissing. They were more lost in the kissing than anything. Usually, that's when I killed them. No clothes were taken off...except for theirs." She washed her hair.

Daray: "Mmmm. And how did they look? Yummy to you?"

Arya: "What do you mean by that?"

Daray: "Just wondering if it was as fun for you as it was for them. You know. Right before the killing."

Arya: "No, it wasn't."

Daray: "Sure."

Arya: "I didn't enjoy any of it. I swear, Daray."

Daray: "So why do you take so long to pretty yourself up before you go out? You don't have to do so much. You look pretty just when you wake up."

Arya: "I went to the old ways of killing people. So I had to pretty myself up before I went out." She got out of the shower after rinsing herself off washing and rinsing off then shutting off the water. The towel was around her.

Daray: "I still think you could have gone out in your pajamas and you'd be as pretty as you are prettying yourself up."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "That to you, my love." She kissed his cheek then went into their room, taking the towel off and putting it into the hamper beforehand.

Daray: he smirked and caught her from behind, his arm around her waist, "So...I'm curious..."

Arya: She stopped. "And, what are you curious about?"

Daray: "Pretend I'm one of the men you need to seduce to kill. Give me the whole shebang."

Arya: "Someday, when you're not expecting it." She then went to her dresser and got out some pajamas.

Daray: "Why not now?"

Arya: "I'm not in the mood to now."

Daray: "Oh. Still upset with me?" he smiled a bit as he watched her. His hands in his pockets.

Arya: She got in the bed and lay down. She hurt a little from the draining of the person's blood from tonight's kill.

Daray: "Babe what's wrong?" his smile faded slowly.

Arya: "I just don't feel very well."

Daray: "Why?"

Arya: "I've been feeling like this ever since the kill from tonight."

Daray: "Not used to human hunting?"

Arya: "I'm use to it now. When I go hunt, I drain humans." She closed her eyes.

Daray: "So this is unusual for you to be sick?" he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed by her.

Arya: She shook her head no a little. "This is the first." She whispered.

Daray: "Are you sure you weren't draining blood filled with vervane?"

Arya: "I couldn't taste any."

Daray: "I don't know then."

Arya: She yawned a little. "I feel so tired." She whispered, sleepily.

Daray: "Perhaps you should see a doctor." he tapped her, "Don't sleep. I'd worry you won't wake up."

Arya: She opened her eyes a little. "Doctors just make it worse." She whispered and her eyes started to close again.

Daray: he didn't know what to do, "Babe, don't sleep."

Arya: She opened her eyes a little again. 'But I'm so tired."

Daray: "Here babe hold on." he teleported from the room and grabbed a body scanner. Then he teleported back in to Arya and used the scanner to check over her body for anything wrong that was making her sick.

Arya: Her eyes closed again. The scanner showed her heart has slowed down a bit and that there was fluids in her body that weren't suppose to be there.

Daray: he teleported from the room again and then back with a syringe. He turned Arya's wrist over in his hand and slid the needle beneath her skin, injecting the fluid into her. He watched the scanner as it showed the fluids receding.

Arya: She growled softly, as in if pain.

Daray: he looked over at Arya. "It's okay love."

Arya: She relaxed a little. She coughed and blood came up.

Daray: his eyes widened. Did he make it worse? He had a slight panic. He quickly used the edge of the sheet and wiped the blood from Arya's mouth.

Arya: "It hurts." She whispered then coughed up more blood.

Daray: "Do you need something? More red liquid maybe? Mine? Fresh? What?"

Arya: She closed her eyes. "They figured out how to make it tasteless." She said in barely a whisper. "So...tired. Need...sleep." She started to drift to sleep.

Daray: he tapped her cheek lightly, "Babe. Stay focused. Talk to me."

Arya: She opened up eyes and swallowed slightly.

Daray: he bit his wrist and offered it to her.

Arya: She took it willingly.

Daray: after a minute he took his wrist back and closed the wound, "How do you feel now?"

Arya: "Tired." She closed her eyes.

Daray: he pulled her lid open, "No. Love, stay awake. You hear me? Perhaps a bed isn't the best place for you." he picked her up and teleported outside and set her on the cold sidewalk. He sat down beside her.

Arya: She closed her eyes still, not able to keep them open.

Daray: "So help me Arya keep your eyelids open yourself or I'll put toothpicks in them to keep them open."

Arya: She took a deep breath then coughed, coughing up blood again.

Daray: he wiped her mouth off with his sleeve and teleported to the town. He grabbed a girl and knocked her out. He took her back with him to Arya and held her wrist to Arya's mouth.

Arya: She let her fangs come down and she bit into the girls' wrist. She drank deeply and 'greedily'.

Daray: he took her from Arya before she killed the girl. Then he went to town and brought back two others.

Arya: She did the same to both of them.

Daray: "Still want more?"

Arya: She shook her head no, slightly. She couldn't drink anymore.

Daray: he teleported the two people back to town. "How are you feeling?"

Arya: "Like crap."

Daray: he leaned over and kissed her gently, "I'm sorry my dear. That's the price you pay for taking blood money."

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little. "I swear he'll pay for this."

Daray: "Who is he? The person you killed? I think he already did pay, with his life." he chuckled a bit. "You're going a bit delirious."

Arya: "No...Trevor." She said.

Daray: "Who?"

Arya: "Trevor. He's the one that owed me the $10,000."

Daray: "What did he owe you the money for?"

Arya: "A few years before you started stalking me, he made a deal with me; well it was more like a bet."

Daray: "And?"

Arya: "I won the bet."

Daray: "Which was?"

Arya: She sighed. "You won't like it."

Daray: "Yes. I don't like a lot of things. But I live with them."

Arya: She sighed again and closed her eyes. "We made a bet...I bet that he couldn't get fifteen human girls to flirty back with him and he bet that I couldn't get twenty human guys to kiss and 'touch' me. He told me that if I could get twenty guys to kiss and 'touch' me then he'll give me $10,000 but if he won he got to sleep with me."

Daray: he nodded slowly, "And so you won the bet. Which is a good thing."

Arya: "Yes. Yes it is."

Daray: "He must be a real loser."

Arya: She laughed softly to herself.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "So tell me, if you did this and he just owed you the money, why did you agree to also kill people for him in addition?"

Arya: "I also lost a bet with him but it wasn't as bad as the first one. I told him that I would kill any amount of people without The Great Ones noticing if he found out a certain thing. Well, I killed all but 10 of the 50 that I was suppose to kill. He told me the information that I needed before I told him that I didn't get the last two. Then, I started to run from them."

Daray: "Run from whom?"

Arya: "The Voturi. They were after me...remember?"

Daray: he nodded, "Yea. I remember. So you had to go back tonight and kill the last two."

Arya: She nodded. "Yes."

Daray: "And you couldn't tell me this why?"

Arya: "Trevor would have killed our children if I did. He literally had someone watching this house while I was away killing the people he needed killed."

Daray: "He could have tried to get to the kids. But I would like to know, if he owed YOU things, why did he have YOU under watch?"

Arya: "I did have him under watch...then somehow they lost him and couldn't find him again. Somehow he found me and had me under watch then one of his members of his coven came up to me, telling me what Trevor wanted and I accepted, thinking that I'd be getting what I was owed and I did. Then he changed everything on me after the third person I killed. He told the member of his coven to tell me that if I told anyone then it'll be my children's' lives that will pay for it. So I couldn't say anything till I was done with my share."

Daray: "So what's the difference between you telling me now, or while you were still killing the people? They would still be dead either way."

Arya: "If I told, they would have killed our children. Do you think I would risk our children's' lives?"

Daray: "No." he said softly, "But I wouldn't have let them be killed. Unless you didn't trust my ability to protect my family."

Arya: "Daray, I do trust your ability to protect our family. They would have made you watch our children die. They have powers that I didn't even know existed."

Daray: "Like?"

Arya: "Like, being able to control and produce fire, stop others from using their powers, and many others."

Daray: "But now you're free?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "How about you promise me you won't make any more bets, eh?"

Arya: "Unless they're with you."

Daray: he chuckled, "Yea. Bets like what?"

Arya: "I don't know at the moment, but I promise that I won't with anyone but you."

Daray: he felt her forehead, "You're feeling better than?"

Arya: "A little, my throat hurts and my veins feel like they're on fire but that's what happens when vervane gets into your blood stream."

Daray: "Well, then you just need to rest and it will go away soon." he'd offer her the human pills so by the time it wore off she'd be healthy again, so she wouldn't be in pain at all as Vervane didn't hurt humans. But he didn't think she'd take too kindly to that so he didn't off.

Arya: "Am I aloud to sleep now?" She asked as she closed her eyes.

Daray: "I don't know. I thought you never slept."

Arya: "I feel tired, I want to sleep." She said softly as she laid her head on Daray's shoulder.

Daray: "Is it safe for you to sleep?"

Arya: "I think so." She sounded like she was half asleep already.

Daray: he put his arm around her and teleported back to their room and tucked her in on the bed. He knelt beside the bed and watched her for a moment, "Babe, do you really forgive me for leaving?"

Arya: "Yes." She relaxed in the bed.

Daray: "While I was gone, were you thinking of getting another boyfriend? I mean, I was gone a long time."

Arya: "I tried once, just a date." She yawned. "I didn't go to it, I couldn't do it."

Daray: "A date with whom?"

Arya: "An old friend of mine."

Daray: "Do I know him?"

Arya: "No."

Daray: "Oh. Did you ever kiss any men?"

Arya: "None other the ones I killed."

Daray: "What else did you do with the ones you killed?"

Arya: "Just made out with them, got them excited."

Daray: "Do you really like Daniel now? You forgive him?"

Arya: "Not really, but I won't ruin my sister's happiness." She yawned and spoke at the same time. "Maybe in time."

Daray: "So you aren't upset with how I acted today?"

Arya: "I was."

Daray: "Why?"

Arya: "You made Athena upset."

Daray: "Oh. I understand." he said softly. He kissed her cheek, "Do you like me kissing you?"

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Do I kiss you enough or do you wish me to kiss you more?"

Arya: "Yes and yes."

Daray: "What else do you want me to do for you?"

Arya: "Stay here with me." She yawned and fell asleep all the way now.

Daray: he got onto the bed and lay beside her.

Arya: She cuddled with him as she slept.

Daray: he laid there with her, taking a nap until she woke up.