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Daray and Arya

Written By: Krystal Jo-Lynnelle and Arya Aleron

Killing Me Softly With His Love...

-Book Three

"Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love, the clarity of hatred, and the ecstasy of grief."


Arya: She woke about a few hours later. Her throat was killing her now. It burned like crazy.

Daray: "Need more red liquid?" he asked, instantly awake.

Arya: "That would be nice." She whispered.

Daray: he got up and left quickly and got her some fresh. He brought it back to her.

Arya: She took the red liquid that Daray got for her and drank it. She drank it slowly though. She wanted to taste the red liquid.

Daray: "More?"

Arya: "No. I should be fine now." She said as she put the glass down. Her throat still bothered her though.

Daray: "Alright." he watched her.

Arya: She smiled.

Daray: "What?"

Arya: "Nothing."

Daray: "Love you."

Arya: "Love you too."

Daray: "I better go check on the kids." he got up, "I'll be back." he left.

Arya: She got up slowly. Using the wall to balance her. She went into the bathroom, closing the door.

Daray: he came back in with Luca. He set him down and knocked on the bathroom door, "Babe?"

Arya: "Yeah?" She said.

Daray: "What's wrong?"

Arya: "Nothing."

Daray: "Oh. You aren't throwing up or anything?"

Arya: "No." She opened the door

Daray: "Good."

The doorbell rang.

Arya: She looked to the bedroom door.

Angelia: She went to the door and opened it, the chain only making it where it's about three inches open. She looked through the opening. "Yes?"

Reign: "Hello child."

Angelia: "Hi. May I help you, ma'am?"

Reign: "I am your grandmother. I'd advise you to let me in."

Angelia: She looked confused. "My mom told me that my grandparents were dead. That was when I was about four." She didn't open the door though.

Reign: "Perhaps her parents. But then again, her parents were losers and probably didn't deserve to live. I'm your father's mother."

Angelia: "Oh. Give me a minute." She shut the door then teleported upstairs. "Daddy, there's this lady downstairs saying that she's my grandmother."

Daray: he looked at Angelia, "Oh. Crud."

Arya: She walked downstairs to the door and opened it the same way Angelia did. "What do you Reign?"

Reign: "Well, now I want to talk to your daughter for shutting the door in my face. Let me in, Arya."

Arya:"She did what I told her. When there is someone at the door that she doesn't know to come and get either myself or Daray also you won't go anywhere near my daughter. So why are you here?"

Reign: "Let me in and I will tell you."

Arya: "You can tell me right here."

Reign: "Where's my son?"

Arya: "He's here."

Reign: she stepped up to the door and pushed it open, breaking the chain, "Good to know."

Arya: She growled softly. "You're not welcome here so I suggest you leave."

Reign: she stepped inside, "Oh, what are you going to do Arya, shoot me?"

Arya: "Kill you; now leave if you still want to live."

Reign: she laughed, "Try it."

Arya: She growled.

Angelia: "Mom?" She was at the bottom of the steps.

Arya: She turned a little, just enough where she could see Angelia but keep an eye of Reign.

Angelia: She stayed where she was at though.

Reign: "Figures." she looked to Angelia, "Hello child. It's quite rude to shut the door in your grandmother's face, don't you think?"

Angelia: "I was just doing what my mom told me." She stated.

Reign: "Which is to be rude to your elders? Ah, Arya, that's going to get her in big trouble one of these days."

There was a knock on the door again.

Daray: he came down the stairs without Luca.

Angelia: "No. It's called being safe." She crossed her arms.

Arya: She didn't say anything but smile. Then realizing that Daray didn't have Luca, she went upstairs and got him.

Daray: "Arya don't. I put him in his room to play." he didn't want Luca down here when his mother was here.

Reign: she looked to the door, "You can open it yourself."

Daray: he stepped down and opened the door, "Hi dad."

Dallas: came in holding a whole bunch of bags. He huffed and set them down, "Thank you Daray."

Arya: She came down without him. "I was checking on him, love. Calm down." She looked at Dallas with all the bags. "What's all that?" She walked over to Daray.

Angelia: She walked over to her parents, standing close to Daray.

Dallas: he opened his mouth to say something.

Reign: held up a hand to shush him, "We are staying a few nights."

Daray: he didn't know what to say. If it was just his mom, he'd say no. But his dad?

Arya: "Both of you?" She crossed her arms. She wasn't very happy with the idea. If it was just Reign, she didn't think so but if Dallas was staying too, she'd allow it but she'd put rules down for Reign.

Reign: "Why yes of course, both of us. You don't think all these bags are for Dallas, do you?" she chuckled, "Well, who knows. He did father Daray and Daray is such a girl so perhaps this proves where it came from. One bag for me and twenty for him."

Arya: She growled and pinned Reign against the wall, holding the pendent that Xavier gave her, it was in her hand and against Reign's skin. "Daray is not a girl. He's a good parent better then you at least. He doesn't beat his children. He loves them with all his heart, like Dallas does Daray."

Reign: she tried to teleport away but couldn't. She sighed. "Mrs. Aleron. Or perhaps you like being called Miss Rose better. Rose is a better last name, don't you agree?"

Arya: "No, I don't. I actually like being married to your son. He treats me well, better than I can say about how you treat the one you're married to."

Angelia: She took a hold of Daray's arm, looking up at him.

Reign: "If only you knew the idiotic things he does you wouldn't say I was treating him wrong. Maybe one day you'll realize I've been right and you will treat your husband the same. You'll thank me."

Daray: he looked down at Angelia, "Hun, you want to go to your room?" he asked her softly.

Arya: "I doubt that." She growled softly.

Angelia: She nodded. "Will you come with me, daddy?"

Daray: "I'm going to stay down here with your mother. Go baby girl." he nudged her towards the steps.

Dallas: "Arya, please." he said softly to her.

Angelia: She nodded a little and unwillingly let go of Daray and went upstairs.

Arya: She looked at Dallas and sighed. She let go of Reign and went over to Daray after she slammed Reign against the wall, hard.

Daray: he took Arya's hand. It was quite hard for him not to smile.

Reign: she growled and brushed herself off after stepping away from the wall, "Seems you need to learn respect too, Arya."

Daray: "My wife doesn't need to learn anything, mom. She's perfect the way she is."

Reign: she looked at Daray a bit surprised, "Oh. Sticking up for her now?" she looked to Arya, "You are teaching him well."

Arya: Before looking at Reign again, she softly kissed Daray. She didn't care at the moment. She had a feeling Reign and her aren't going to be getting along very well while she stayed. "I'm teaching him nothing. If he was in my situation, I'd stick up for him as well. Also, I agree with my husband. I know whom to respect, you're not one of them because you don't have respect for anyone but yourself. You would still be against the wall if it wasn't for me respecting your husband."

Reign: she rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Show us to our room."

Daray: "How long will you be staying?"

Reign: "As long as we want." Dallas: he gave Arya a small smile as if to say thank you for what she said about him.

Arya: "Daray, love, can you show you're ungrateful mother where her room is? I would like to speak to your father for a moment." She looked at Daray.

Daray: "Sure." he looked to his mom. Reign: she was watching Arya, "Why?"

Arya: "Thank you, love." She kissed him softly, ignoring Reign. She motioned Dallas to the living room.

Dallas: he didn't move. He wanted to come, but he was afraid of his wife.

Reign: "Arya Rose, I will repeat the question one more time. Perhaps your old granny ears couldn't hear when I asked you, why do you wish to speak with my husband?"

Daray: "Mom! Shut it!"

Reign: ignored Daray.

Arya: She didn't answer to Arya Rose. That wasn't her name anymore so she ignored Reign again. "Dallas it's okay. I just want to talk about what happened the last you were here." She motioned to the living room again before walking in there herself.

Reign: she grabbed Dallas arm, digging her nails in, "Don't you dare follow." she looked to Daray, "Room, son?" she said sweetly.

Daray: he sighed and motioned down the hall, showing them to a room.

Reign: "You have bags to get, my dear." she kissed his cheek then went into the room Daray showed them to.

Dallas: "Yes dear." he went and gathered the bags.

Arya: She saw what Reign did to Dallas and felt bad. So she walked over to Dallas. "Here, I'll help with those. It's the least I could do. It's being a good hostess." She smiled kindly. "I'm sorry for what she did to you, right then. It was because of me and for when you were here the last time. I'm sorry for that too. I don't know what came over me...I'm so sorry."

Dallas: "Oh hun don't worry about it. She's been like that since we met. It's not you. But thank you." he took what he carried back to the room.

Arya: "If you don't mind me asking, it's probably none of my business, but if she was like that since you've met her...why'd you stay and marry her?" She asked, walking right beside him. "I'm just trying to figure out your son's side of the family. He knows everything 'bout my side of the family and myself."

Dallas: "Because I love her." he put the bags in the room on the bed. Reign: was in the bathroom freshening up.

Arya: She nodded. She could understand that. "Do you know why she's like she is?"

Dallas: "Yes. It's my fault." he started to unpack the things. "I deserve to be treated as she treats me. That's why I don't leave her. I was lucky she married me."

Arya: "Why do you deserve to be treated like that? I don't understand."

Dallas: "I cheated on her. It was...I won't try to down play it. Cheating is wrong under any circumstances." Even as he spoke of it he sounded regretful.

Arya: She nodded slightly. In her mind, even though that happened, she shouldn't be treating him as she was. She placed a hand on his. "Dallas, I'm sorry. You don't deserve what you're going through. You are very kind, understanding, and a gentleman. You're son is the same way. That's why I love him. He treats me right. Like I'm actually worth something, that's more than my parents did. You raised him to be a good person. He puts his family first, before him. He loves his children, he loves me and I don't want that to change. I don't want to lose him, or my family. I thought I lost him once. It almost destroyed me. I just hope the reason that you and Reign are here is just to visit and get to know your grand-children and nothing more. Again, I'm sorry for what you've been through." She didn't know if he'd let her hug him, so she just started to walk out of the room.

Dallas: "Thank you Arya. I'm not sure why Reign wanted to visit. She just told me to pack things and that we were leaving." he stopped to look at her, "Perhaps we can talk more when my wife is asleep. Just understand, married or not, my wife doesn't like me to be in the same room alone with a woman after what happened."

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly. "I would like to talk more later. I do understand but she shouldn't have to worry about me. I'm too much in love with my own husband. I just wish she would trust you more than she does. See you around Dallas." She walked out of the room and went to go find Daray.

Daray: he was right by the room door. He shut it for Arya when she stepped out. "Nice talk with my dad?"

Arya: She jumped a little. She looked at Daray. "Yes, I just hope that I don't get him in anymore trouble or get him hurt again. I wouldn't be able to deal with it. Why do you ask?"

Daray: he shrugged a bit, "Just wondering. My dad's nice, isn't he?" he walked down the hall to the stairs and started to go up them.

Arya: "Yes, yes he is." She walked with him.

Daray: "So what was it you wanted to talk to him about?"

Arya: "Just things." She checked on Luca and Angelia.

Daray: he followed Arya now, "Did he tell you his life story?"

Arya: "No. Was he supposed to?"

Daray: he shook his head no. "I just heard him telling you about him cheating. So I wondered."

Arya: "I asked him about your mother. About her being the way she is."

Daray: he nodded, "Ah. Well...I know without my dad I wouldn't have anything nice in my childhood."

Arya: She nodded. "He is very nice and kind. I just wish that he didn't have to go through what he is." She frowned a little.

Daray: he was far off thinking of something. "I met her."

Arya: "Met who?"

Daray: "The girl my dad slept with."

Arya: "Oh?"

Daray: "She loves him a lot. Even at a young age I could tell that."

Arya: "She still loves him? How old is she?"

Daray: "A few years younger than my mother."

Arya: She sighed "And how old is she?"

Daray: "How old is she or how old does she look?"

Arya: "Both."

Daray: "She is 53 but looks 17."

Arya: "Ah, I see."

Daray: "My mom is 57 but looks 57. See the difference?"

Arya: "Um, not really. But I can understand...or at least try to."

Daray: "I was two when I met her. He had slept with her when he was 24. A month before my mother and he got married. So she was actually 17 at the time it happened. When I met her it was about ten years after it happened."

Arya: "Oh. I understand a little better. Still, it gives Reign no right to treat him like she does." She sat on their bed.

Daray: "I know."

Arya: She sighed and lay back onto the bed. "I wish I could do something to help." She said softly to herself.

Daray: "Like what? My dad won't leave my mother. No matter how much that other girl loves him." he came and sat beside her.

Arya: She sighed. "I don't know, love. I don't know. Maybe teach your mother some respect for others. I'm sure I can do that. She needs to be put in her place, especially if she's going to be staying her for awhile. I won't tolerate how she acts and how she treats Dallas in front of our children. It's not right."

Daray: "You'll teach her respect?" he smirked a bit, "How?"

Arya: "If I have to, I'll give her a taste of her own medicine." She looked at him. "But it'll be hard if I'm not to show our children what she has done and what she can do."

Daray: "My dad won't let you hurt her."

Arya: "I talk to him tonight. Maybe I can talk him into it or explain on why I'm going to be doing it. Hopefully he'll understand."

Daray: "Perhaps." he agreed.

Arya: "I hope so." She whispered. She looked at him again. "Now the question is, will you give into what your mother tells you or are you going to back me up on this?"

Daray: "Do I look like a momma's boy?" he said a bit offended.

Arya: She smiled and pinned him to the bed. "No and I'm glad you're not." She kissed him softly.

Daray: he smiled a bit and kissed her back, "Me too."

Arya: she smiled again then kissed him long, hard and loving.

Daray: he nipped her lip as he kissed her.

Arya: She softly kissed along his jaw before kissing him again, this kiss was more passionate.

Daray: he growled softly and flipped her onto her back and rolled over to pin her onto the bed as he bit her lip this time as he kissed her. He was getting rough.

Arya: She growled softly and kissed him back. She hasn't seen him like this, but she was beginning to like it.

Daray: he licked the blood that dribbled out. "Mmm tasty my dear." he ripped her shirt off of her and kissed her exposed skin.

Arya: She moaned softly and closed her eyes. "Don't...don't you think that...we should, close the door, my love." She whispered softly.

Daray: he hooked his fingers in her belt loops and teleported to the door, as he did, ripping them off of her. He slammed the door shut and locked it and teleported back over to her and continued his kissing path.

Arya: She smiled and just lay there, enjoying every minute of it.


Angelia: She was in the kitchen getting herself something to drink.

Reign: came out of the room and down into the kitchen, "Hello child."

Angelia: She took a drink of her glass of red liquid and looked at Reign. "Hello."

Reign: "May I see your wrist, child?" she held out her hand.

Angelia: "Why?" She didn't move though.

Reign: "If you would show me your wrist you would see and there would be no reason for you to waste your breath on that question, nor me on this explanation."

Angelia: "Are you going to hurt me?" She asked softly.

Reign: "Define hurt."

Angelia: "Hit me, broke one of my bones, and choked me, things like that."

Reign: "Just a pinch." she promised.

Angelia: She hesitated at first then slowly gave Reign her wrist.

Reign: she took out a needle and pricked Angelia's skin with it, holding her wrist firmly so she couldn't pull it away. She injected something into her before taking the needle out. "See? No pain but a pinch." she smiled at bit at Angelia.

Angelia: She took her wrist back then went back to what she was doing before Reign came in.

Reign: "What is your favorite word, Angelia?"

Angelia: "I don't have a favorite word." She drank the rest of her drink, rinsed her glass out and walked out of the kitchen. She started up the stairs.

Reign: "Wait, Angelia." she followed her, "Favorite number then?"

Angelia: She shook her head.

Reign: "Favorite food?"

Angelia: "I don't really have a favorite food because I don't eat that much human food anymore." She opened her bedroom door and shut it before Reign could come into it. Angelia made it where only people that she let in before could come into her room.

Reign: "Fine. Let it be red liquid. That makes it all the more better." she smiled a bit and walked back down the stairs.

Angelia: She teleported in front of Daray and Arya's room and knocked on the door. "Daddy?" She said softly as she looked towards the stairs.

Daray: he paused from kissing Arya, but didn't lean back so their lips still touched, "What Angelia?" he said a bit annoyed at being disturbed.

Angelia: She heard the annoyance in his voice and looked down. "Never mind." She said softly and somewhat sadly. She teleported back into her room. She stayed there for the rest of the day and the whole night. She didn't come out even for dinner.

Daray: he sighed and leaned back and got off the bed, "Don't move." he told Arya and quickly pulled on some jeaned and a tee-shirt and teleported from the room and knocked on Angelia's door. "I said what, Angelia."

Angelia: "Nothing. Forget it." She said softly. It sounded like she was sitting on the window sill again because of how distant her voice was.

Daray: "May I come in?"

Angelia: "Sure."

Daray: he opened the door and stepped in, shutting it behind him, "What did you want to ask me or tell me?"

Angelia: "Just something bout grandmother, but never mind. You don't want to hear it. You're too busy with Mom." She had her knees against her chest and she was sitting on the window sill, looking out the window.

Daray: "Angelia Renya Aleron, I repeat the question to you, what? If I didn't say what, then that means I wouldn't care, but I asked, so I do. Sorry I sounded annoyed but you sound the same way when you're reading and I interrupt you from your little book bubble. I'm here now so you can talk to me. What's wrong?"

Angelia: "Grandmother did something with a needle and my wrist." She looked at her wrist that the serum was inserted into her skin, now. "Then she started to ask me a bunch of questions about what my favorite word, number or food was. I came into my room and when I shut it I heard her say something about 'Let it be red liquid. That makes it all the more better.'" She used the air quotes when she quoted Reign. She then looked at Daray then looked down. "You probably don't believe me so I guess it doesn't matter." She whispered then went back to looking out the window.

Daray: he sighed, "Shoot." he opened her room door, "Don't move." he left her room and went down to his office and found ear plugs. He came back into her room and shut the door behind him again. He handed them to her. "Here."

Angelia: She took them and put them in. 'What are these for, Daddy?" She asked him mentally.

Daray: 'So you can't hear her. She's done the same thing to your grandfather and I.' he watched her. No, earplugs weren't going to work now that she knew the word was red liquid. He swore aloud but was glad Angelia couldn't hear him because of her plugs. He left the room and went back into their bedroom, "You can move, Arya. We have a problem with our daughter so...I won't be back in anyways anytime soon."

Arya: She sat up. "What's wrong with her?" she was getting dressed now, worried.

Daray: "Mom's trying to control her." he walked back into Angelia's room.

Arya: She growled and went to find Reign. She wasn't going to have her try and control her kids.

Reign: she was in her room, sitting in a chair reading a book. Dallas sat at a laptop computer, browsing the internet.

Arya: "Reign!" she growled as she came down the stairs. "I would like to speak with you."

Reign: "People would like a lot of things. Doesn't mean they get them." she said without looking up from her book.

Dallas: looked to the door.

Arya: She was in the doorway of their room that they were staying in for the time being. She didn't look happy. "If you EVER come near my children again, I WILL kill you Reign. I swear I will." She looked straight at her when she spoke.

Reign: she didn't even glance up from her book. "That's nice, Arya." she said coldly, still reading.

Dallas: "Arya, what's wrong?"

Arya: "You're wife decided to do something to your son and I's daughter, your grand-daughter, to where she could control her."

Reign: she smiled a bit, whispering something under her breath.

Dallas: "It's not so bad, Arya. Really." but as he spoke Reigns lips moved too, slightly, almost unnoticeable.

Arya: She watched Reign the whole time and smiled slightly. "Oh really? How would you know that it isn't that bad? Have you ever been controlled?"

Reign: she shook her head and as she did so did Dallas. She looked up at Arya. "What are you implying about my husband, Mrs. Aleron?"

Arya: "I just asked some simple questions that your husband could surely answer on his own." She watched Reign still, but could still see Dallas out of the corner of her eye.

Dallas: "No I have not." he said softly, "Arya, please calm down."

Reign: her lips did not move this time. She smirked at Arya.

Arya: "Are you sure about that?" She still watched Reign.

Dallas: "I..."

Reign: she knew she did not need to control her husband for him to say such things. He was taught well.

Arya: 'We shall see.' She thought to herself then left the room. She went up to Angelia's room.

Daray: he was having Angelia drink something.

Angelia: She finished the drink and made a disgusted taste.

Arya: "What'd you have her drink?" She walked over to them.

Daray: "Since mom hasn't used the word on her yet, or controlled her, I had her drink this concoction I made. It puts up a wall in the mind to block being controlled, as long as she hasn't been controlled yet. So by my mother, she cannot be controlled."

Arya: She sighed in relief. "That's the best news I've heard so far. Has she controlled you?" She looked up at Daray.

Daray: he nodded, "When I was Angelia's age. But after I changed to your species it must have stopped her ability to control me as she did it when I was human. She tried many times last year to control me, making me try to kill myself by letting the Chitter attack me while I stood there helpless. But it failed. She can't control me now." he looked at Arya, "And she can't control you either. She can't control this species because this species controls humans. She can only control Angelia because she is part human."

Arya: "That means she can't control Luca either. He's like me." She didn't know what to do about Angelia though. She'll find a way. "What about your father?"

Daray: he shook his head yes slowly. "He's human. He can be controlled and I'm pretty sure he has been."

Arya: "Or still is? Is there any way that could be broken without changing him to something she can't control?"

Daray: he shook his head, "I've never found a way or else my dad and I would have broken it a long time ago. For sure."

Arya: She nodded a little. "I compelled him once. Do you think I'll be able to do it again where the word would change or her telling him what to do or whatever not to work? I told you I would ask you about
these things before I've do it."

Daray: "You mean you trying to control him to be uncontrolled by my mother?" he thought about that, "It might work."

Arya: "It's only temporary, me controlling him. I just want to teach Reign a lesson. Maybe where she'll never try to control another person in her life and to respect other even if they make mistakes."

Daray: "What lesson? Are you going to have my father hurt my mother?"

Arya: "I just told you what lesson and no I'm not going to have your father hurt your mother. I'm the one that's going to hurt her. That's if you'll let me."

Daray: he nodded, "Fine by me."

Arya: She nodded. "Alright. It'll start tonight."

Daray: he nodded and took the dish from Angelia. "You okay baby girl?" he asked her. He had already taken the earplugs from her.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah but that didn't taste very well." She made a funny face.

Daray: he smiled and kissed her cheek. "You'll get over it." he got up.

Angelia: She grabbed his hand. "Please don't go. I don't want her to come back." She looked up at him.

Daray: he squeezed her hand. "Your mother is right there. I'll be right back. My mom isn't that bad."

Angelia: She unwillingly let go of his hand and sat on her bed.

Arya: She sat next to her and held her. She didn't believe what Daray just said. Unless he was saying it so he wouldn't scare Angelia anymore than she is.

Daray: he left the room and came back a few moments later as promised.

Angelia: She was asleep when he came back.

Arya: She was sitting beside Angelia as she slept. She looked up at Daray when he came into the room.

Daray: he glanced between them. "'s safe now. So no worries."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "What did you do to make it safe?" She carefully laid Angelia down, without waking her.

Daray: "She can't control anyone."

Arya: "How'd you make it where she can't control anyone?" She walked over to him.

Daray: "I had Angelia drink that stuff..."

Arya: She nodded then sighed a little. "I can't wait till she leaves. I can't stand her."

Daray: he laughed. "You have no room to complain. I grew up with her. Spent a year and three months and eight days with her. You've seen her, what? Twice?"

Arya: "I'm sorry, you're right. I don't have room to complain." She nodded her head a little then left the room.

Daray: he followed her.

Arya: She went downstairs to the kitchen.

Daray: "Do you want me to kick her out?"

Arya: "No." She poured herself some red liquid. "Would you like some?" She offered him a glass.

Daray: "Sure." he leaned on the counter. "So are you still going to talk to her?"

Arya: She poured him a glass and gave it to him. "Who said that I was going to talk to her?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "You were telling me you were gonna attack her or something." he took a sip of the drink. "Remember?"

Arya: "Yeah, I said I was going to do that but not at the moment. You'll know the moment I will when it comes. Trust me." She took a drink.

Daray: "Hm. Well..." he looked at the door as his dad stepped into the kitchen.

Dallas: looked at Daray then to Arya, "Is Angelia alright?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes, thanks to your son here." She smiled at him. She couldn't be mad around him. He was too kind and understanding. Too...gentle. It was weird but not too weird because it was the same way with Daray. She couldn't stay mad at Daray for very long.

Dallas: he nodded and glanced to Daray. "He was always good with science things." he got a drink from the fridge then stopped, "It's okay if I have this, right?" it was a bottle of orange juice.

Arya: "Of course. You're welcome to anything here. You don't have to ask or see if it's okay." She took another drink of her own drink.

Dallas: walked over to the counter and opened it. He watched them both as he took a sip. He felt bad for lying to her, but he couldn't help it. And he couldn't tell her it was a lie even if he wanted to.

Daray: "Is Luca sleeping?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes, I put him in his bed for his nap." She smiled at Dallas then the same at Daray. She could see where Daray got his traits from and where his good looks where from. She sat up onto the counter, next to Daray.

Daray: he kissed her cheek and took another sip of his drink. "Now I've got red liquid breath." he chuckled.

Dallas: "Is Angelia sleeping? Could I see her, maybe?" he asked Arya.

Arya: She laughed softly. "It's alright. I do too." She looked up at Dallas and nodded. "Yes, Angelia is sleeping but you can go see her. Do you know where her room is?"

Dallas: "Oh. If she's sleeping," he shook his head. "Never mind. I won't disturb her." he picked up his drink. "I better get back to my wife." he patted Daray and the back and left the kitchen.

Daray: he nodded and watched him leave.

Arya: "Dallas?" She called after him and got off the counter. She walked over to the doorway of the kitchen.

Dallas: he stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked back at Arya, "Yes dear?"

Arya: "Would you like to hold your grandson?" She walked over to him.

Dallas: "He's taking a nap. I would love to. Just...later. So I won't disturb his sleep. You and Daray need your breaks. I know how it is with barely having time together, taking care of a baby. Daray was a handful."

Arya: She shook her head. "It'll be fine. Daray and I had our break not too long ago. Just him and I. We left the kids with a babysitter. It's fine really. Come, I'll show you." She started to go upstairs.

Dallas: he let her go up the stairs then he followed her.

Daray: he came up behind his dad and followed him.

Arya: She carefully took Luca out of his crib, without waking him. She looked up and smiled as she saw Dallas and Daray come in. She walked over to Dallas and handed Luca to him.

Luca: He stirred a little but didn't wake. He just moved closer to Dallas's chest and slept soundly still.

Dallas: he set down his drink before he took the baby. He smiled a bit down at Luca. "I haven't held a baby since Daray." he said softly.

Daray: he leaned against the door frame.

Arya: She smiled a bit. "You can hold him as much as you like, you know that right?" She walked over to Daray, looking back at Dallas. She stood beside Daray, leaning against the wall.

Luca: He yawned a little in his sleep.

Dallas: he looked over at them, "He is cute. Looks just like Daray." he looked at Daray.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Which means he looks like you."

Dallas: he looked back down at Luca, "No..." he smiled a bit as he saw Luca yawn.

Reign: she came in the doorway. "Dallas! That drink of yours is taking you forever to get!" she didn't think of whispering.

Dallas: he jumped, startled, hearing his wife's voice. He hoped he didn't wake Luca. He looked back at his wife. "Sorry." he whispered. He went to put Luca back in his crib.

Arya: "Reign leave him alone. He's spending time with his grandchildren. Which you should also be doing but you won't do that because you don't like children." She stopped Dallas. "You can still hold him. I want to talk with Reign. Just her and I. Spend as much time as you want with him and your son." She walked over to Reign. "Follow me." She then started downstairs.

Luca: He stirred and whined a little when Reign came screaming into the room.

Reign: she glared at Arya but she did follow her. "What do you want?"

Arya: She walked into the living room and stopped. She sat down in one of the chairs. "I want to talk. We got off on the wrong foot when we met. Please, make yourself comfortable." She motioned to a chair.

Reign: she was suspicious, but she took a seat.

Arya: She took a breath. "So, after what happened between you and I, and you and Daray, why'd you decide to come and visit us all of a sudden?"

Reign: "You have something I want."

Arya: "And that is?"

Reign: "There's some jewels...I need them. I don't care about visiting the grand children and I could care less about my son."

Arya: "Are they in an old looking bag?"

Reign: "Yes."

Arya: "I know exactly where they are at but you have to give something in return, otherwise you don't get them." She was calm.

Reign: she sighed, "Something like what?"

Arya: "Freedom." She stated. She knew it was a long shot that Reign would let Dallas have his freedom from being control and letting him come to see his grandchildren when he wanted. All she could was try.

Reign: "Absolutely not." if she let him go he'd leave her.

Arya: "Give him a second chance to prove that he doesn't need to be controlled, that he can be faithful. He loves you. I can see it. Reign, please. This will be the only time that I will do this. I won't ask anything of you, from you, nothing IF you give him a second chance to prove that he can be faithful. Please." She was more or less pleading.

Reign: "You don't understand...he will leave me." she sighed, "You've got the jewels?"

Arya: She shook her head. "He won't. I can guarantee that. Don't ask me how because I won't tell you." She looked away from her. "Yes, I do have them but I won't give them to you, not until you give Dallas another chance." She was looking at her now.

Reign: she stood. "Forget it. You think you know things but you don't. I'll just find the jewels myself." she started to walk from the room.

Arya: "As you think you know everything. If you knew ANYTHING about my species, you would trust me." She was in front of her now, blocking her way from the room. "I can do things that others cannot. I can do things that even Daray doesn't even know that I can do. Make this deal with me and I assure you that you won't have to worry about him leaving. He won't leave unless you want him to, and what I mean by that is when you don't want him anymore, don't want to be with him. I understand that you feel that men in this world need to be taught a lesson for what that do but not all men are like that. If you just step back and look at how well he treats women, how well your own son treats me. They both have respect for women and they don't EVER want to hurt them. I can see that they don't. Reign, I know what he did but if he didn't love you as much as he says he does, he wouldn't be with you now, he wouldn't of married you after he did it."

Luca: He yawned and stretches a little when he woke from his nap. He smiled slightly at Dallas. 'Me Luca. Who you?'

Reign: as Arya was yet speaking, she slapped her in the face, keeping her skin in contact with Arya's. Arya was shown scenes of a girl, a 17 year old. She was pregnant. Arya was watching the scene through Reigns eyes. She saw the knife at the girl's throat, sliced. The girl dropped. As she bled to death, Reign cut the baby out of the woman's stomach and let the woman bleed to death. Reign took her hand away from Arya's cheek. "You tell me he won't leave if I stop controlling him." she said sourly.

Arya: She swallowed. "He won't. I told you what I can do. I assure you that he won't leave. I swear on my blood as a pureblood that he won't leave unless you tell him to and mean it. That you never want to see his face again." She said through clenched teeth, looking at Reign. It took a lot for her not to attack Reign right now.

Reign: "He knew I killed that slut. Daray is not my son. The ONLY reason Dallas is with me is because I messed with his mind."

Arya: "I see. Well, since that is the case. You won't get the jewels, at least not today." She then turned and went upstairs. She walked into Luca's room and watched Dallas hold Luca.

Luca: He was awake now. He watched Dallas, trying to figure out who he was.

Dallas: he smiled at Luca. "My name is Dallas. I'm your grandfather."

Reign: she growled and grabbed Arya by the shoulder and slammed her back into the wall. "Don't think I won't kill you too."

Arya: In one quick motion, she had Reign pinned against the same wall. She had her pinned where she was facing the wall. "You could only try, Reign. I more or less warned you earlier on what I could do, but of course, you were probably not listening. I could easily kill you right now, it wouldn't be hard. All I would have to do is put the right amount of pressure on a certain spot and then you would die. It works on all species, so I'd watch yourself around me." She let go of her then started upstairs again.

Luca: "Da..." He smiled and laughed a little. "Da..." He said again.

Reign: as Arya walked away and up the stairs, she teleported in front of her and before Arya could react she pushed her down the stairs.

Dallas: "No," he smiled a bit, and turned Luca to Daray, "That's your Da." he smiled down at Luca, "Call me Granddad."

Daray: he smiled and then his smile faded as he heard people fighting. A girl fight. He teleported to the base of the stairs and caught Arya just in time. "What's going on!" he demanded.

Luca: He smiled. "Gra..."

Arya: "Reign and I are having a disagreement about your father, that's all." She stood and glared up at Reign. "You'll pay for that." She growled softly.

Reign: she ignored Arya and walked down the hall.

Dallas: "Yes." he rocked in a rocking chair as he held the little boy.

Daray: he turned Arya to face him after his mother walked away. "You okay my dear?"

Arya: "Yes, love. I'm fine." She then started to massage her shoulder a little. She wouldn't show it but it hurt really bad. She'd have to put it back in place later, when Daray's not around.

Luca: He laughed a little and patted his chest.

Angelia: She came into Luca's room, rubbing her eyes a little. She stopped when she saw Dallas.

Daray: he saw her massage her shoulder. He felt it. "Hold still." he snapped it back in place quickly.

Dallas: he heard Angelia come in the room. He turned to see her. "Hello Angel."

Arya: She gasped softly. "Thank you, hon."

Angelia: "Hello grandpa." She walked over to him. She hesitated a little before she gave him hug.

Daray: he nodded and continued to massage her shoulder for her. "So why were you and my mother fighting? Do I need to yell at her?"

Dallas: he hugged Angelia with one arm. "Did I wake you? I thought you were sleeping peacefully. Your mother told me you were in bed."

Arya: She closed her eyes and relaxed as he did so. "We had a discussion abut your father and you. I found out why she was here and all. Then after I told her that I wouldn't give her what she was here for she decided to try and threaten to kill me. She pinned me against the wall for a few seconds before I had her pinned against the wall. I told her that she could try to and the way I had her pinned I could have easily killed her. All I have to do was apply a certain amount of pressure in a certain spot and she would have died. That certain spot kills all species, but the undead. I should have done it and the next time I will. I swear it."

Angelia: She shook her head. "No, you didn't wake me. I was until I was woken by fighting and so." She laid her head on his shoulder, watching Luca. "Mom doesn't like Reign very well. Neither do I to tell you the truth." She whispered softly.

Daray: "You can't kill my mother. She's horrid, yes. But she is my mother. But I won't stop you from hurting her. Just don't kill her. You'd break my father's heart." he continued to massage her shoulder with one hand, then used his other hand to massage her other shoulder at the same time.

Dallas: "I don't like her either. But I love her. There's a difference, my dear." he kissed the top of her head, "Now that you're awake, I have something for you."

Arya: She sighed, not wanting to tell him the truth but she did promise not to hide anything from him, even though she did. "I know but..." She trailed off.

Angelia: "You didn't have to get me anything." She told him softly.

Daray: "But what?" he prodded gently.

Dallas: "I know. But you're my granddaughter so I do."

Arya: "Promise you won't get mad?"

Angelia: "Okay grandpa."

Daray: he smiled a bit and leaned down to smell her hair as he massaged her shoulders. "Why would I get mad, my dear?" he said softly.

Dallas: he smiled a bit and left the room, holding Luca. "Be right back." he promised Angelia as he left.

Arya: "Because it's dealing with your birth..." She paused and added softly. "Mother."

Daray: "What about Reign?"

Arya: She shook her head. "She's not your birthmother." She said slowly and quietly, she was ready to be pushed aside or something.

Daray: "We all wish don't we?" he chuckled.

Arya: She sighed and turned around. "I'm not joking around. I'm serious. If you don't believe me then here." She placed her hand against his temple and showed him what Reign showed her and what she said about Daray not being her son.

Daray: "Holy...!" he grabbed her hand to take it away from his skin to stop the images. "That can't be right. She's lying! I told you I SAW the girl with my dad when I was little. She can't be dead! That was her you showed me. She can't be my mom. Something's messed up."

Arya: She looked down. She didn't have anything to say. She gently pulled her hand away from his. "Then maybe you should go talk to Reign about it." She softly said then backed away from him, turned and started to go upstairs.

Daray: he caught her hand again. "Wait...Arya what's wrong?"

Arya: She pulled her hand away again. "Nothing." She continued to go upstairs.

Daray: "There you go. Walking away from me again." he muttered and slammed his hand into the wall. He vanished.

Arya: She sighed and turned around, "I was..." She stopped when seen that Daray wasn't there. She sighed again and continued up the stairs.

Dallas: he came back into Lucas room with a wrapped gift. "Angelia?"

Angelia: She was sitting on the floor next to the chair. "I'm here." She looked up at him.

Dallas: "Here." he handed the package to her.

Angelia: She took it and started to open it.

Dallas: he put the sleeping Luca back into his crib.

Inside the package was a small charm bracelet. It was gold with inlays of silver, cut in an ivy pattern. The charms on the bracelet were a tree, a sun, a moon, a star, a lightning strike, a tear drop, and a flame.

Angelia: She gasped softly. It was so beautiful. She carefully picked it up, she loved it. "Thank you, grandpa." She whispered.

Dallas: he smiled a little at Angelia. "I'm glad you like it. Its...special."

Angelia: "How is it...special?" She looked up at him.

Dallas: he knelt down beside her. "Each charm lets you control an element one time." he touched them. "They are silver now. Once you use it, the charm will turn gold. Thus being a normal bracelet charm." he looked at her.

Angelia: she smiled slightly. "That's cool." She looked down at the bracelet again. "Will you help me put it on?" She looked at him again.

Dallas: he nodded and picked it up, attaching it around the wrist Angelia wanted him to. He spoke as he did so. "The flame is for fire, teardrop for water, tree for earth, and lightning for electricity."

Angelia: "What's the sun, moon and star for?"

Dallas: "The star is for reversing day and night. If you want something in your life to seem like it will never stop, but the day is growing short, use the star to make it day again as if night never happened so your moment can last longer. The sun and moon are used together. You can rewind a day, or fast forward to the next day."

Angelia: She nodded. This was so cool. She smiled as she looked over her bracelet. She then hugged Dallas.

Dallas: he hugged her for a moment. "But there's one more thing."

Angelia: "What's that?" She pulled back and looked at him.

Dallas: "Only after you use all the charms can you use the element of wind. Then the silver in the bracelet with turn gold so the whole thing will be gold."

Angelia: She nodded. "How will I know how to use them?"

Dallas: "All you do to use them is say the name of the charm. Lightning strike, shine the way. Grant my wish on this day. Or... Grand tree, shine the way...etc. But you have to be wearing the bracelet as you say it."

Angelia: She nodded in understanding. "I'm always going to wear it." She smiled slightly.

Dallas: he smiled slightly, "Glad to hear it. Will you wear it even after it loses its power and is just a normal charm bracelet?"

Angelia: "Of course."

Dallas: he got up. "I better get back to my wife."

Angelia: She frowned a little. "Oh...okay. I'll see you later grandpa." She stood as well and started to walk out of the room.

Dallas: he went back to Reign.

Arya: She was in her room, on the bed, writing in the little notebook. She was writing in Romanian again. She was most fluent in it, more so than English and Italian.

Daray: was still gone.

Arya: She sighed sadly and closed the little notebook. She was done writing for now. She put the notebook away then lay back onto the bed. She felt alone now.


Daray: walked down to the river. When he found the spot by the tree he stopped and removed his shoes and socks and shirt. He dove into the river.

Maria: She was sitting on a branch in that same tree. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see Daray come up to the tree. She was thinking, enjoying the sounds of the running water of the river and the sounds of nature around her. She opened her eyes when she heard a splash of something going into the river. She looked down and saw the clothing and shoes. She wondered who's they could be so she sat there and watched to see who came to clam them.

Daray: he came up a few times for air and finally climbed out of the water with something in his hand.

Maria: She smiled slightly. A familiar face, she knew who it was. She quickly, without him seeing her, stole his clothes and his shoes. She folded them and placed them on the branch next to her. She then watched Daray.

Daray: he walked over to his clothes and sighed when he saw them missing. "I am not in the mood for this!"

Maria: She sighed and dropped them beside him, staying up in the tree.

Daray: he looked up at where the clothes fell. "Hi Maria."

Maria: "Hello Daray. I'm sort of surprised that you remember me." She dropped down to the ground, landing on her feet easily. "This time, I wasn't following you I was here first." She smiled slightly. "You're no fun when you're in this type of mood." She leaned against the tree. "So, why you in this mood? Something happen between you and Arya? How is she, by the way?"

Daray: he pulled on his shirt. "No. It's none of your business."

Maria: "I would like to know how my friend is doing though. Unless, you don't know yourself." She crossed her arms a little.

Daray: "And why wouldn't I know about my wife?" he snapped and pulled on his socks.

Maria: She put her hands up. "I didn't know you two got married. Alright?" She somewhat snapped back. "But how is she?"

Daray: "She's fine." he slipped on his shoes but didn't lace them. "Feel free to visit."

Maria: "That's good to hear." She shook her head a little. I'll call and see when is right to visit or not. I'm not just going to show up. That's rude."

Daray: "Sure. Forget I invited you." he shrugged. "Bye." he walked off and jumped over the river onto the other side.

Maria: She rolled her eyes a little before walked off in a different direction.

Daray: he watched her leave before he zoomed a bit more distance into the trees and then stopped. He unwrapped what he had holding in his hand and held it up to the moonlight. A stream of moon beam went through it an illuminated a path. Keeping the glass held up, he followed the pathway.

Maria: What Daray didn't know was that she knew these woods very well and knew how to get to certain places without one being seen. She followed Daray quietly, blocking her mind so Daray wouldn't be able to hear her thoughts.

Daray: he followed the path for a long while. Almost thirty minutes in until he stopped when the beam of light split into two paths, a fork in the road shaped to a V point where he stood at the bottom. "Crud." he muttered as he stared at the paths. He didn't remember where it was. He stood there, thinking about which path to take.

Maria: She watched silently, wondering what he was doing. She wasn't even breathing.

Daray: he looked at the thing in his hand that split the moon beam into a path. He smiled a bit and took the path to his left. He continued to walk. Then he ran. Faster. He followed the light path for another fifteen minutes before it stopped in front of a house. He stood back by the edge of the forest and put the object in his hand away. The moon beam path disappeared. If his dad knew he was here, he'd be upset. But if Arya was right about what she showed him, it didn't matter if he was here or not. He walked up to the door and knocked on it. Then when it opened, he stepped inside. The door shut behind him.

Maria: She followed him easily then waited outside the house, a half a mile away. She kept her mind blocked. 'What is Daray doing here? Why isn't he with Arya right now?' She thought questions like this to herself as she waited.

Daray: a half hour later Daray came back out. He teleported back to the river and removed his shoes and shirt and socks again and holding onto the object, he dove back into the water.

Maria: She found her way back to the river easily then seen Daray's clothes and shoes again. She decided to go visit Arya instead of bothering Daray once more. She teleported to the house and knocked on the door. This would be the first and last time she'd come unannounced.

Daray: when he came up out of the water he put his shoes on, holding his shirt and socks in hand. He teleported back home dripping wet still. He teleported to his and Arya's room and stripped. He got in the shower. It had been about two hours he was gone.

Arya: She was asleep on the bed when he returned. The notebook lying next to her.

Angelia: She opened the door and let Maria in. She showed her to the living room.

Daray: after he came out of the shower he got into some dry clothes. As he buttoned up his shirt he watched Arya asleep on the bed.

Arya: She didn't stir at all.

Daray: he leaned down and kissed her cheek as she slept. Then once his shirt was buttoned he put his hand on Arya's cheek and showed her what he had seen. It came to Arya like a dream so it did not wake her. It was the 17 year old girl. She was alive. Daray had gone to visit her at her house. "She's alive. What you showed me that my mother showed mom is lying." the dream said to her. He pulled his hand back and left the room, leaving her to her own dreams.

Arya: She opened her eyes and sat up. She looked around the room then sighed. She picked up her notebook and wrote in it a little bit. She closed it then put it away. She got up and went into the bathroom. She put her hair up in a bun after brushing it. She sighed again then got some clothes on that were old so she wouldn't ruin her good ones. She quietly opened the window and silently jumped out of it. Landing on her feet nicely and silently. She took off into the woods.

Daray: he came down into the living room. " nice to see you." he said without emotion.

Maria: "Hello Daray." She responded back without emotion as well. She looked at Angelia then back to Daray. "You're daughter is very kind and sweet. She is a well brought up young lady." She smiled slightly at Angelia.

Angelia: She blushed a little. "Thank you."

Daray: "I think all of the credit goes to my wife."

Maria: She raised an eyebrow. "And why do you say that?"

Daray: "I'm not kind or sweet. Or well brought up." he smirked.

Maria: "Neither was Arya when she was little. Yes, she was kind and sweet but she wasn't well brought up. If you remember correctly."She took a drink of the water that Angelia got for her.

Daray: "Then Angelia is just perfect on her own." he kissed the top of Angelia's head and went into the kitchen to get himself a drink.

Angelia: She smiled. "Thank you Daddy." She said softly before he left the room.

Maria: "Is your mother home, Angelia?" She looked at her.

Angelia: "Yes, I'll go get her. Excuse me." She got up and went upstairs to Arya and Daray's room.

Daray: he came back out a few minutes later with his drink.

Reign and Dallas came downstairs and went into the living room.

Maria: She looked at Reign and Dallas. "Hello."

Reign: "Who are you?"

Maria: "My name is Maria and who are you?"

Reign: "You don't need to know."

Maria: "I'm going to say Daray's parents. Seeing how he looks like him." She nodded towards Dallas

Reign: "I'm so glad you didn't say he looks like me." she actually smiled a bit. "I think I like you."

Dallas: he smiled a bit at Maria. "Thank you." he said. He took that as a compliment looking like his son.

Daray: he rolled his eyes.

Maria: She smiled a bit as well. "You're welcome."

Angelia: She came into the living room. "Maria, Mom's not here. I thought she was but she's not."

Maria: "Well, since Arya's not here I guess I should be going." She stood.

Daray: "She go hunting?" he asked Angelia, looking at her.

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't know. It wouldn't make sense if she did when we have red liquid here in the house."

Daray: 'Arya?' he called her mentally.

The was no answer. It seemed she blocked her mind.

Daray: he frowned. Why would Arya block her mind from him? He looked at Maria, "You should stay, at least for Angelia. Excuse me though." he went up to his office and shut the door.

Maria: "Why exactly would I have to stay when you guys are here?" She looked at Reign and Dallas.

Reign: "Who knows? My son's delirious."

Maria: "At times I think he has lost his mind." She sat back down onto the couch.

Reign: "My name is Reign." she told Maria. "I am Daray's mother, though, sorry to call myself that. But I have to."

Maria: "Well, we can't all choose who our children are and what they turn out to be but I have no say in that because I don't have any children. And it's nice to meet you, Reign."

Reign: "I don't have any children either, Miss Maria." she smirked.

Maria: "So, you are his step-mother then." She stated.

Reign: she glanced at Dallas and then looked to Maria. "I wish." she stated.

Daray: he had located Arya with his computer and teleported right to her. "Arya?"

Maria: She looked a little confused but nodded.

Arya: She jumped and turned to look at Daray. "How'd you...?"

Daray: "What are you doing?" he tried to look around her, "And where are you and why did you block your mind from me?"

Arya: "I'm just thinking." She looked back the way she was before. "I'm at my place. I use to come here all the time when I got the chance to. It's quiet, silently. Peaceful. It gives me a chance to think about things I wouldn't be able to when I'm around people. I didn't, this place blocks my mind and anyone else's that's here from the outside world." She spoke softly.

Daray: " had me scared." he said softly. "Do you want me to go?"

Arya: She had her eyes closed. "You can stay if you like and I'm sorry I scared you like that."

Daray: "You wonder how I found you? Same way I found you when I followed you before we were married. I told you, unless I'm dead there really is no way for me to not know where you are." he sat down beside her.

Arya: She smiled a little. "One of these days something will happen and you won't be able to find me." She whispered.

Daray: "Is that a threat?"

Arya: "No, a prediction."

Daray: "Well I don't like it. So change it."

Arya: "I can't."

Daray: he sighed. "Then you better not leave my sight."

Arya: She laughed softly. "I plan on not leaving your sight." She looked at him and smiled. She then leaned in and kissed him, softly at first then passionate.

Daray: he put his hand gently on the side of her face and returned her kiss for a moment before he broke it, pulling away just enough to look at her. "I have to show you something. Do you care if we leave this thinking spot of yours or do you wish to stay?" he kept his hand on her cheek gently stroking her skin with his thumb.

Arya: "Does it have to be right now?" She whispered as she went to kiss him again.

Daray: he returned her kiss, "Not...really..." he continued to kiss her with his hand on her cheek lightly.

Arya: She smiled and kissed him more. She pushed him back; making him lay on the ground, while she continued to kiss him as she got on top of him.

Daray: he moved his hand from her cheek and slid his hands down her sides gently and then up under her shirt and wrapped them around her sides, holding her gently as he returned her kisses.

Arya: She softly kissed down his neck as she softly and slowly started to move her hips against him.

Daray: he slid his hands down her sides and rested them on her hips. He broke the kiss with a small groan and took her mouth again, invading it with his tongue. Arya could do so little and excite so much in him.

Arya: She continued to move against him like so as she kissed him back with such intensity and passion.

Daray: he held Arya firmly as he turned suddenly and moved so she was on her back on the grass. He leaned back and removed his hands from her body just long enough to remove his jeans.

Arya: She stopped him before he could remove his jeans. She smiled slightly then leaned up and kissed him again.

Daray: he sighed. "Just kissing?" he asked between kisses.

Arya: "Soon, my love, soon. Right now I want to tease you." She whispered as she took off his shirt and softly kissed down his chest.

Daray: "That's a...cruel...wonderful torture." he said as she kissed down his chest. His breathing was already deeper.

Arya: She kissed up his chest and up his neck to his lips. She didn't kiss him just yet; she stayed an inch away from his lips.

Daray: he leaned forward quickly and kissed her before she could pull away. He hand each of her arms on either side of her, his palms on the grass as he leaned over her.

Arya: She had him lying on the grass again. She leaned down by his ear. "Please let me have my fun with you. I let you have your fun with me all the time." She whispered.

Daray: he sighed in compliance, "You're right."


Arya: She looked in his eyes and smiled. "I love you so much, Daray. I don't know where I'd be without you."

Daray: he smiled back, leaning close and kissing her gently.

Arya: She moaned, kissing him back. "Bite me, my love. Please." She whispered.

Daray: "Fangs?" he asked as he kissed her shoulder gently.

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: his fangs came down quickly and he bit into Arya shoulder where his lips had been at. Harder than he's bit her before, and deeper. He drained her a bit before he pulled away and licked the wound closed.

Arya: She gasped when he bit her. It was harder and deeper than she expected but she still loved it. When she felt him drain a bit from her, she became even more excited.

Daray: "Marked you." he breathed as he kissed her shoulder again. He rested his forehead on her shoulder and his hands on her hips.


Daray: he lay back onto the grass, sliding his arms around Arya's body and taking her with him so they both rested there. He kissed the top of her head. "You do a nice job teasing." he whispered into her hair.

Arya: She smiled. "Now you know what I go through every time you tease me." She said softly.

Daray: "I don't think I can picture this place as a thinking spot anymore..."

Arya: She laughed softly. "No one can hear, see or find us here. It's my own personal spot."

Daray: "We should come here more often then."

Arya: "You wouldn't be able to find it on your own." She told him.

Daray: "I'll find it when you're here. I wouldn't want to come otherwise."

Arya: She smiled slightly and closed her eyes. She sighed happily. "I love you so much, words don't even cover it." She whispered.

Daray: he rubbed her back gently with his hand. "I love you too, Arya."

Arya: She relaxed in his arms, smiling.

Daray: he looked up at the stars in the sky, just laying there as he rubbed her back gently.

Arya: "What was it that you wanted to show me?" She asked softly after a few minutes.

Daray: "A house."

Arya: "Should we go back to our house so I can change from my 'poor' looking clothes to something else? Or it doesn't matter?"

Daray: "Depends if you mind meeting someone in those clothes or not. It's up to you. You're beautiful anyway you are. But..." he paused, "Why are you wearing such clothes? You're not hunting."

Arya: "I have to go through a lot before I can get here. So why wear good clothes if they tend to get ruined on the way here?"

Daray: "Why do you come here if you go through a lot to get here? What is it you go through?"

Arya: "I'll show you one day. Not today. I promise I will." She carefully got off of him and started to get dressed.

Daray: "Alright." he got up when she did and also got dressed.

Arya: She was done getting dressed. She waited for him.

Daray: "So...are you going home to change?"

Arya: "I can if you would like to take me home."

Daray: he finished pulling on his shoes and walked over to her and teleported with her to home. "Maria is here, by the way."

Arya: She sighed. "Why exactly is she here?" She pulled off her shirt then took off her jeans before walking over to the closet to find something to wear.

Daray: he watched her, "I invited her."

Arya: She turned to him. "Why?"

Daray: "I ran into her in the forest earlier."

Arya: "Oh."

Daray: he nodded.

Arya: She picked out a fitting, low cut shirt with some fitting jeans.

Daray: "So are you going to stay here with her?"

Arya: "Are you insane? I told her the next time I saw her I was going to hurt her." She put her clothes on.

Daray: he smiled, "I didn't think what she did was so horrible..."

Arya: "What? Seducing you and making you think that she was I? No, of course not. That wasn't horrible at all." She was being sarcastic now. She started to walk to the bedroom door.

Daray: he sighed and his smile faded. He followed her, "We're walking out? You don't want to just teleport?"

Arya: "No, I'm going to say hi to my dear friend Maria." She smiled slightly.

Daray: he sighed. "At this rate I'll have to show you the house tomorrow."

Arya: "I won't be long." She went downstairs before he could say anything.

Daray: he followed her.

Arya: When he got downstairs she had Maria by the back of the neck. She was whispering something to her then pushed her out the door. Slamming the door shut. She turned towards Daray. "She is to never step foot in this house again. I don't want happened the last time to happen again. I don't trust her." She then went upstairs, leaving Daray downstairs with his parents and Angelia.

Daray: he locked the front door and went back upstairs after Arya. "Okay..."

Arya: She was sitting on the bed waiting for him.

Daray: "That was pretty fast. But now you know Angelia is left with my parents by herself if we leave, right?"

Arya: She sighed. "I'm sure she'll be fine. We're not going to be gone long, are we?"

Daray: "It depends..."

Arya: "On?"

Daray: "You."

Arya: "Me?"

Daray: he sighed, "Come and you'll see." he held out his hand to her.

Arya: She took his hand.

Daray: he teleported to the river and let go of her hand. He took off his shirt and shoes and socks. "Be right back." he dove into the water.

Arya: She sighed a little and leaned against a near-by tree.

Daray: he came up a few minutes later with the object in his hand. He got dressed again. "Don't tell my father we're here." he said as he buttoned up his jeans.

Arya: "I won't." She said promisingly but didn't understand why.

Daray: he slid on his boots and jumped over the river. He waited for Arya. As he did, he held the object in the air so it shown the moon beam of light. It went in a different direction this time. Different from earlier. He looked back at Arya, "Follow me please babe." he walked along the path.

Arya: She was right beside him.

Daray: he walked down the path to the right the most this time instead of the one at the left.

Arya: She stayed right beside him.

Daray: "Run." he ran at full speed. Making sure Arya followed him as he did. The twenty minutes later he stopped in front of the small cottage house. He put the object in his pocket and the path vanished.

Arya: She was right beside him, breathing kind of deep.

Daray: "After you." he motioned her forward.

Arya: She looked at him like he was nuts.

Daray: "Go. She won't bite."

Arya: "She?"

Daray: he nodded, still holding his hand out for her to go.

Arya: She swallowed a little and walked forwards to the door.

Daray: he followed behind her and knocked on it gently.

Arya: She waited for an answer from someone inside.

The door opened and a small girl, looking age 17, smiled at them, "Hey, Daray. You are back." she looked at Arya, "This must be your wife."

Daray: "Yes. It's not too late is it? We can come back later."

The girl stepped aside, "No, it's fine. Please, come in." she was the same girl from the visions.

Arya: She looked at the girl. It wasn't possible She pushed the thought out of her mind. She smiled and nodded her head a little. "Thank you." She said softly as she walked into the house.

The girl closed the door after them. "So...Daray tells me you are a bit confused, my dear?" she said to Arya.

Arya: "I'm not so sure what to believe anymore." she admitted softly.

Girl: "Did you want to talk?"

Arya: "If you don't mind talking to a stranger."

Girl: "I don't mind. I'm making some hot chocolate right now if you don't mind talking in the kitchen."

Daray: "I'll be in the living room."

The girl glanced at him and nodded and looked to Arya, "Sound good?"

Arya: She looked at Daray then back at the girl and nodded. "Yes." She smiled slightly.

Daray: he kissed Arya's cheek and then walked to the living room. He turned on the television.

The girl motioned for Arya to follow and she walked into the kitchen. She opened her fridge and took out the milk and set it on the counter. "So Daray tells me his...mother showed you a vision of my death?" she spoke as she grabbed a mug from the hook beneath the cupboard.

Arya: "That is correct."

Girl: she poured some of the milk into the cup. "What um...what was it like? How did I die?" she asked, her voice a bit softer. She looked up at Arya after she recapped the milk and set it on the counter.

Arya: "Well, from what she showed me, you died by her hand. She slit your throat then took a child from you by cutting it from your womb." She explained the best she could, but she spoke softly.

Girl: "She left me to bleed out?"

Arya: She nodded.

Girl: she smiled a bit and put the mug in the microwave to heat it up before she came and sat down in a chair across from Arya at the island in the kitchen. "That was Reigns mistake. Kientians don't die from loss of blood, my dear. I am thankful she didn't know that."

Arya: "So the vision she showed me was true?" She was trying to make sense of everything.

Girl: she nodded slowly.

Arya: "And the child?" She asked softly. Understanding a little about the girl not dying.

Girl: she got out of the chair and took the cup of milk out of the microwave and set it on the counter. She mixed in the chocolate mix. She didn't answer right away.

Arya: "I'm sorry. I had no right to ask." She apologized after a few minutes

Girl: "Daray is my child." she confirmed softly.

Arya: "But you don't wish for him to know, nor Dallas." She stated not really a question.

Girl: "Dallas knows." she said softly. She took the mug back to the island and sat down, sipping it for a moment before setting it down on the counter, holding it in two hands as she looked at Arya. "But I promised Dallas that Daray would not know. Daray is the only one who does not know. I am telling you what you want to know because it is not right for Reign to make you believe what is not the truth. But whether you are Daray's wife or not, you must swear to never tell him I am his real mother."

Arya: She sighed. Another secret to keep from Daray. She closed her eyes for a few minutes then opened them and looked at the girl. "I swear." She said softly.

Girl: "So do you want the whole story?"

Arya: She just nodded.

Girl: "My name is Corinne by the way."

Arya: "Nice to meet you Corinne." She smiled.

Corinne: "It's nice to meet you too, Arya. I haven't had any visitors here in...thirty years."

Arya: "Well, I hope that this won't be our first and last visit." She looked at the doorway to the kitchen then back at Corinne. "Would you like to see a few pictures of Daray and I's children, what would be considered as your grandchildren?" She asked her softly.

Corinne: she shook her head no and looked down at her cup of hot chocolate. "No," she said softly, "I will never get to see them so what I do not know won't hurt me. I would have rather not know there were children at all." she took another sip of her hot chocolate. "So...the story, then. I'm trying to think of where to start." she kept the cup up by her lips to let the steam warm her face.

Arya: She just nodded in response and waited patiently.

Corinne: she watched Arya. "It was before he married Reign. He shouldn't have married her, but he did. Reign found out what he had done. She found me. What she showed you, was when she had found me. She tried to kill me. Thought she had. When she left, I bled out. When Kientians bleed out they go into a coma for three days as their body replenishes the blood. It was in that time that Dallas found me. He took me to this house. The house that constantly moves. He said it was so his wife couldn't find me. If she did, she would surely kill me. I told Dallas I would do whatever he wished. So I never left this house. He didn't visit for a few years, when he brought the child back. Told me his name was Daray. But I never saw him after he left that day. I missed him so much, but I have no right to miss him. It's been thirty years. Today was the first day I saw Daray. I wished I could see Dallas. But I can't. I never can." she closed her eyes as she held back her tears and took a sip of her hot chocolate. A few moments later she opened her eyes, in control of her emotions again, "But it is so good to know Daray has a wife. I'll never be married. But never do I want to be as none of them are my love." she got off the stool and took her cup to the sink in the kitchen.

Arya: She nodded in understanding. She disliked Reign then now she purely hated her. She wanted to help Corinne so badly but she knew that she wouldn't be allowed to. She held back a sigh.

Corinne: "He said he'd visit every few years to see me with Daray. But after he came once with him...I haven't seen him since. Perhaps it was good he lied to me."

Arya: She shook her head no. "Reign's been controlling him to where he can't leave her. I'm going to have that changed here soon."

Corinne: she looked over at Arya, "She's controlling Dallas?"

Arya: "Yes. She tried to control my daughter the same way she controlled Daray and she is Dallas. She's done something, I wouldn't be able to tell you what, to make them listen to her. Daray doesn't have to work about that anymore."

Corinne: "I could fix it." she said softly. "But I can't leave the house."

Arya: "Is it something anyone could do? If so, I could for you."

Corinne: "It's something any Kientian can do. Dear, we have the sharpest brain power of any species. We can kill someone with a thought. No one can block our mental mind reading powers if we didn't let them. We are the smartest of all the species. I could easily break Reigns hold on Dallas. But I shan't get involved."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "And here I thought my species was the deadliest out in the world." She paused. "Could Daray do it?"

Corinne: "I don't know if he is part Kientian or not."

Arya: "I know that he is like his father and like myself but I'm not sure what to look for to see if he is part Kientian."

Corinne: "Kientians smell like humans. So...I don't know. Dallas told me he was human. But he could have been mistaken."

Arya: "Not to seem rude or anything, but I know what humans smell is. I've been around them all my life. To be truthful, ever since I was very young. Dallas seems very human to me but he can read minds and teleport. Daray can do the same. I forget what species Daray said he was before he became like me."

Corinne: "That is one thing Kientians can't do, is teleport. But reading minds is something we can do. Dallas...Dallas might be able to read minds because of me. But the teleporting thing is his own creation."

Arya: She nodded slowly. "Daray can do the same things but he use to be only hurt or killed by chitter claws. Now, he can't be killed period, just hurt really badly."

Corinne: "Chitter claws...have no effect on Kientians. I really don't think Daray is Kientian. He might be all his father."

Arya: She shrugged a little. "I wouldn't know." She sighed softly. "Now only if my plan works tonight. Dallas could be free long enough to do as he wishes." She closed her eyes and said softly to herself.

Corinne: "You can't. It would break up his family." she bit her lower lip.

Arya: "They only true family Dallas really has is his son. Reign doesn't treat him like a husband. She doesn't have any respect for him or Daray. She's done so much to Daray so far, that I just want to kill her. The only thing that is holding me back from doing so is, of course, Dallas and Daray. Dallas holds me back because I don't want Reign to force him to hurt me in order to save herself and Daray because she's his 'mother'. I also don't want my children see me like that."

Corinne: she sighed and looked down. "Do you know of how species can be bonded? after they are bonded they can feel each other's emotions. Share each other's powers?"

Arya: "Yes, I know. Daray and I have one. It's the most powerful bond for my species that he and I have but with the bond that him and I have, we can't share each other's powers but we can feel how each other is feeling."

Corinne: "Kientians bond with their mate the first time they sleep together. We can feel their emotions, they can use our powers as we can use theirs...we are bonded together until one of us dies."

Arya: "I see."

Corinne: "I don't think you do." she said softly.

Arya: She sighed softly. "Then make me see."

Corinne: "Dallas was the first person I was with. I bonded with him. The only thing that kept me sane out here is being able to feel him. To know he was alive. Sometime I would read his thoughts when I wanted to be closer to him. I don't think Reign knows about our bond. But I know that's how Dallas can read minds. It's because of the bond. And Dallas can't pass on mind reading to his children as he doesn't really have it. I do. If Daray has's from me."

Arya: "I understand about passing things on to the children that we have and that. What I meant about freeing Dallas, is from Reign's control over him. I just can't see him being controlled any longer, not in my house."

Corinne: "If Daray can read minds, and it's from me, perhaps he did get some part of my Kientian powers. Maybe he can break the control your mother has on him, like I could. That's what I meant."

Arya: "I understand now, but how would he be able to when he doesn't even know that he can?"

Corinne: "Are you sure that's what Dallas wants? Is to be free from her? I knew when she started to control him, but he didn't fight it. So I didn't break it. I still won't. I could, from this house. By getting into his mind. But I don't want to interfere to do anything he doesn't want. And I don't think you or Daray should either."

Arya: "That's why I'm going to ask him tonight. When him and I talk. I'm going to see what he wants before I do anything. If it's not then I'll give Reign what she wants, or what I think she wants, so she can leave my and Daray's home."

Corinne: "What is it she wants?"

Arya: "She wants this bag of jewels. I have them but I won't give them to her just yet."

Corinne: "What are the jewels?"

Arya: "Just jewels. I've had them for about 300 and something years now. I got them from a very close friend of mine. He didn't tell me where he got them though."

Corinne: she nodded. "Alright." she knew it took jewels to find her. But she didn't know what for anyways. Besides, Reign thought she was dead, so it didn't matter what she wanted them for. She sat back down at the island across from Arya.

Arya: "Is or were there any questions that you wanted to ask me? You've answered my questions and told me a lot about yourself. I appreciate that too. Thank you."

Corinne: she shook her head no, "It was nothing, really. I enjoyed talking to you. I don't have any questions. The less I know the better."

Arya: She nodded and smiled a bit. "I enjoy talking to you too. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again, that's if you like. I don't want to intrude."

Corinne: "You aren't intruding. But I can't believe Dallas let you guys come here."

Arya: "Dallas doesn't know we're here."

Corinne: her face fell a bit, "He does now..."

Arya: "How?" She then sighed. "Never mind."

Corinne: "You should have told me. I wouldn't have let him see." she said softly, "I'm sorry."

Arya: "Don't worry about it. It's fine. I'll talk to him about it." She smiled a bit.

Corinne: she nodded. "Would you like something to drink or eat before you leave?"

Arya: "No, but thank you. I don't think you have what I drink." She smiled slightly then stood. "Thank you again for talking to me about this. It was very kind of you."

Corinne: she nodded, "You're welcome Mrs. Arya."

Arya: "Arya, is fine. Do you mind if I gave you a hug? I know it's an awkward question to ask."

Corinne: "I don't mind a hug." she smiled a bit.

Arya: She smiled a bit back then hugged her gently. "It was nice meeting you, Corinne. I hope we'll see each other again." She whispered before letting go and going to find Daray.

Corinne: "I hope so too." she said softly and watched her leave. She stayed in the kitchen, not wanted to say goodbye to them.

Daray: was still in the living room watching television.

Arya: She walked into the living room and smiled at Daray.

Daray: he looked at her, "Yes? Done with your girl chat?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he shut off the television and stood. "Okay. Ready to go then?"

Arya: She nodded again

Daray: "You're quiet..."

Arya: "I really have nothing to say right now. That's all.'

Daray: "After you then..." he motioned to the door.

Arya: She nodded a little then went to the door and opened it. She walked out into the moonlit night.

Daray: "Bye Corinne!" he called as he stepped out after Arya. "Race you back to the river." he zoomed ahead. When he passed Arya, he kissed her cheek.

Arya: She laughed softly and ran after him. Catching up to him easily. She stayed with him for a few minutes before running ahead of him. She already knew that she wouldn't win if he decided to teleport there.

Daray: "To cheat, or not to cheat. That is the question..." he called to her.

Arya: She rolled her eyes. 'You know I'd beat you if you didn't cheat and if you do...well let's just say that I'll just do something that you probably would hate but enjoy at the same time.' She told him mentally.

Daray: he teleported to the river and waited for her as he leaned against a tree.

Arya: She got there a few minutes later. She laughed when she saw him. "I knew you were going to cheat." She walked over to him, shaking her head.

Daray: "You know how cold the river is?" he took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans this time.

Arya: "Not really."

Daray: "For humans it would be freezing. Feels nice to me though." he pulled off his shoes and socks and jeans. He took the thing out of his jeans pocket. Then he took off his underwear. He dove into the water again.

Arya: She leaned against the tree he was leaning on when she got there then climbed it, sitting on the one of the branches. She was hidden by the leaves. Before she climbed the tree, she took Daray's clothes and all of his belongings with her.

Daray: he came back up out of the water and then floated on his back with his eyes closed. "You should join me. We could skinny dip together babe."

Arya: She didn't answer him. She just smiled. She didn't even breathe.

Daray: "You know you want to..."

Arya: She stayed the same. She knew what she was doing.

Daray: he opened his eyes and looked over where Arya was supposed to be. He didn't see her. "Arya?"

Arya: She smiled a little, but didn't answer him verbally. 'Come and find me my love.'

Daray: he swam to the bank and got out of the water. He stood there, wondering where she went. 'Raya?'

Arya: 'Yes?' She answered him mentally.

Daray: 'You have my clothes too?'

Arya: 'Yes.'

Daray: 'You enjoy seeing me search for you naked?' he put a hand on one of his hips and looked down at the nails of his other hand, posing.

Arya: She rolled her eyes. 'I'll leave a piece of clothing behind, which would lead to where I'm at. Once I run out of clothing, you'll have to search for me on your own. We start now.' She left his shirt hanging from the branch she was on as she quietly jumped to another tree, not being seen by him.

Daray: 'Arya, I don't like this one bit. What if what you predicted happens during the time I can't see you?' he worried. He walked forward and spotted his shirt. He took it down and put it on.

Arya: 'It won't. I promise.' She then left his boxers then jumped to another tree. She did the same thing over and over again, leaving his clothing where he could see and follow. 'Did I mention that I wasn't just using your clothes?'

Daray: 'No...' he smiled, 'Yours too?' he asked as he followed a trail he could smell her scent from and picked up his clothing piece by piece.

Arya: 'Yes.' When she was out of his clothes, she started to take off hers. First shirt then her jeans, etc. Her scent started to blend in with the forest.

Daray: 'How am I supposed to follow you now?'

Arya: 'Listen to the forest. You know how it sounds. See if you can hear a difference.' She jumped on a branch, accidently breaking a twig from it.

Daray: he turned towards the sound and followed after her, collecting clothing as he went. He was getting closer he thought.

Arya: She led him back towards the river, but it was in a different spot. There was a waterfall there. She dove into the water; the sound of the waterfall silenced the sound of her going into the water. She came up behind it.

Daray: he stopped at the waterfall. He lost track of her. He held her clothes over the water. "Ray Ray...where are you?"

Arya: She smiled. 'Come and find me.' She told him. 'I'm not far from you.'

Daray: he lifted a finger from the grip of her clothes as he held them over the river. 'How far is not far?'

Arya: 'Maybe about 20 feet.' She watched him.

Daray: he smirked and lifted another finger, 'Care to make that ten?'

Arya: She rolled her eyes and went under the water. She didn't need to breathe at all. She went deep so he couldn't see her. 'Okay, it's ten feet.'

Daray: he lifted another finger and her panties slipped from his grip into the water. 'Care to make it five...?'

Arya: She came up and sighed. "Now you really have to ruin my fun, don't you?" She pouted a little.

Daray: he dropped her clothes in the water and laughed. "Yea. I do..."

Arya: She swam over to the edge and picked her clothes out of the water and threw them out. She then swam over to Daray and pulled him in the water with her.

Daray: he fell in as he wasn't really ready for that. The water splashed. He laughed. " all my clothes are wet too."

Arya: "You shouldn't of thrown my in the water then." She swam over to the waterfall then went under the water. She came up behind it and climbed into the cave that was there.

Daray: he took off his shoes and tossed them on the bank and then swam after Arya.

Arya: She was ringing out her hair.

Daray: he climbed into the cave and took off his clothes so he was naked like Arya. "I can't wring out my hair...though it is sort of long..." he felt it with his fingers. "Do you want to cut it?"

Arya: She laughed softly. "If you want me to. I'll have to cut it when we get home though." She looked at him. Her eyes, glowing in the dark.

Daray: "Your eyes are orgasmic baby." he smiled a bit.

Arya: She smiled. "Thank you."

Daray: "Do you like my hair long or short?"

Arya: "It doesn't matter to me." She walked over to him. "With your long hair I can easily do this..." She kissed him soft at first then hard but with love, her fingers entangled in his hair, she made sure she wasn't pulling it or hurting him while she did this.

Daray: he smiled, "I can do that too..." he put his fingers in Arya's hair and kissed her back just as well.

Arya: "I know, but I haven't been able to do that to you. I sort of like it." She admitted softly.

Daray: "Then if it is what the lady likes, it is what the lady gets."

Arya: She smiled then kissed him again. This kiss was soft, sweet, loving and slow.

Daray: he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her again.

Arya: She straddled his lap, kissing him back.

Daray: he held her as he kissed her.

Arya: She softly kissed his neck

Daray: he caressed his hands over her body gently as she kissed him.

Arya: She then softly kissed down his chest then back up it and up his neck again

Daray: he caught his hand under her chin and kissed her lips. "Mmmm twice in one day? I like this."

Arya: She smiled and kissed him back.

Daray: "Actually, I think this is more like three times..." he flipped so she was sitting on the cool stone and he was leaning over her.

Arya: "Three? How three?"

Daray: "We did so this morning before my mom started to try and control Angelia...though it was cut short." he reminded her gently.

Arya: "Oh yeah."

Daray: "Oh yeah...what?" he leaned down and kissed her.

Arya: She gasped softly then pulled his face to hers and kissed him. She wanted to feel his body against hers as he made love to her. She wanted to feel him all around her.

Daray: he kissed her firmly, "Rocks are sort of uncomfortable?" he asked as he leaned back.

Arya: She nodded. "Just a bit."

Daray: he teleported them to the river water and then continued to kiss her. They were in front of the waterfall now.

Arya: She kissed him back, passionately. She's never done it in the water before, not like this at least.

Daray: "Better?" he whispered, kissing down her neck and over her shoulder.

Arya: "Yes." She whispered back as she tilted her head to the side with her eyes closed.

Daray: he slid his hands down her sides and grabbed a hold of both of her legs and hitched them over his hips.

Arya: She kissed him back more. She kinda locked her legs around his waist. She wanted this one to last longer than the last two.


They had spent a long time in the water. Of course, it was already late. But by the time Daray gathered their clothing and teleported them home, the sun was already rising. He quickly had Arya change into some comfortable clothes as he did the same and had her take them to her thinking spot. The special spot. He sat down with her on the grass as they watched the sun rise. He held her hand.

Arya: She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder watching the sun rise. She then remembered something and gasped.

Daray: "What?" he asked quickly.

Arya: "I was supposed to talk to your father last night." She said softly.

Daray: "What?" he asked quickly.

Arya: "I was supposed to talk to your father last night." She said softly.

Daray: "I completely forgot. Maybe you can try this morning before my mother wakes up..."

Arya: She nodded. "Yeah, hopefully hr's not upset."

Daray: "My dad doesn't get upset." he smiled a bit and kissed the top of her head and slowly got up, "Let's go."

Arya: She smiled a bit back. "Alright. Let's go." She agreed.

Daray: he took her hand and pulled her to her feet and then teleported home with her.

Arya: She smiled then softly kissed him before heading downstairs. She went down them quietly, making sure not to wake Reign or the kids.

Dallas: was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of warm tea. His back was turned to her.

Arya: She knocked on the doorframe of the kitchen door, softly but loud enough where Dallas could hear it.

Dallas: he turned around to see her, "Hello Arya dear." he smiled a bit. "Long night?"

Arya: She smiled a bit back. "Yes, Daray kind of gotten me distracted through the night. I'm sorry if I kept you up waiting for me." She walked over to the table and sat across from him.

Dallas: he turned to face her as she walked around. "I don't mind waiting. After Reign goes to sleep then I'm normally awake anyways. It's a good time for alone time."

Arya: "I understand that." She smiled a bit then a deep breath. "Do you mind if I ask you something that's more or less personal?"

Dallas: he shrugged a bit and took a drink of his tea. "I don't mind."

Daray: went to check on Angelia.

Arya: She nodded. "Alright." She sighed a little. "If the control that Reign has over you could be broken, would you want that?" A minute after she asked she got up and got her a glass, and got herself some red liquid.

Dallas: "I don't like to be controlled, no. But Reign is afraid of something. That's why she controls me. I don't want to cause her more fear." he took another drink. "How is Corinne?" he asked in a whisper.

Arya: "She's afraid that you'd leave her." She came over to the table again and sat down. "She's doing well, I guess. She misses you though." She took a sip from her glass.

Dallas: "I wouldn't leave my wife." he sighed and set his mug on the table. He nodded. He missed her too.

Arya: "She doesn't believe that you'll stay because of what happened with her and Corinne." She whispered

Dallas: his eyebrows pulled together, "What happened with her and Corinne?"

Arya: She bit her lip a little. She didn't know if she should tell him about Reign 'killing' Corinne and taking Daray from her whom. She wasn't sure if he knew about that.

Dallas: "She found her?" he worried.

Arya: "No. It happened a long time ago. Reign told me about it when her and I had our talk while you visited with your grandson and your son."

Dallas: "Told you about what?"

Arya: "It's hard to explain. It's better if I showed you." She whispered. "May I?" She motioned to where she could touch one of his temples.

Dallas: "Is this something I want to know?"

Arya: "I can't determine that for you. If you don't want to, just tell me no and I won't push it." She watched him.

Dallas: "This is what you wanted to talk to me about?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "This was not what I wanted to talk to you about until I found out that Reign tried to control my daughter just like she is controlling you and use to control Daray. Then what she showed me. If you don't wish to talk anymore with me, I'll understand." She said softly then took a drink from her glass.

Dallas: "What was it you wanted to tell me before?"

Arya: "Just wanted to talk about random things. That's all. Get to know Daray's family. He's met and got to know them before they...well...died."

Dallas: he nodded, "You can show me." he said softly.

Arya: She nodded and touched his temple with the tips of her fingers. She showed him what Reign showed her. She was waiting for him to pull away, kind of like Daray did when she showed him. Once she was done showing him what Reign had shown her, she pulled her hand back then waited to either be hit or told that it wasn't true.

Dallas: he gently pulled her hand away after the images stopped. "That can't be true. She's and Daray saw her...Corinne had the child. She gave him up. Gave him to Reign and I willingly..."

Arya: "That's what I was shown and Corinne, confirmed it as well. She's not really, human." She told him softly. She drank the rest of her drink then got up and rinsed her glass out.

Dallas: "I know that..." he said. He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead and sighed.

Arya: She didn't say anything; she just looked out the window.

Dallas: he got up, "I have to go."

Arya: "Alright. I'll see you around, Dallas." She said softly.

Dallas: "Oh, I'll be back. But I won't be alone." he finished his drink and set the mug on the counter.

Arya: She nodded. She understood that Reign would be with him. When he left she went upstairs into her and Daray's room then went over to where she kept all her things that were secret and important to her. She grabbed the bag of jewels that was in the box. She then went back to the kitchen before Dallas and Reign got in there again.

When Reign woke up, she came downstairs, but she wasn't with Dallas.

Arya: She sat in the kitchen, rubbing her temples. She was starting to get a headache but she didn't know why. She didn't use any of her powers that she doesn't normally use to make her get one.

Reign: "Where's..." she paused, "You've got the jewels." she smiled.

Arya: "Just because I have them doesn't mean I'm giving them to you." She didn't look at Reign.

Reign: "Who says you'll give them to me? Perhaps I'll just take them."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "You'll be surprised if you do."

Reign: "They aren't the real thing or something?" she looked up as if listening to something in her head.

Arya: She laughed softly. "They're real; you'll just be surprised if you do get them away from me."

Reign: "Shut up." she said distractedly. She scowled. "That slut." she said to herself and growled. She turned and left the kitchen.

Arya: She looked at her, a little confused but didn't follow her. She went to go find Daray.

Daray: he was holding Luca as he stood in the doorway of Angelia's room as she slept.

Arya: She smiled and came and stood by Daray.

Daray: he looked over at her, "Hi babe. How'd it go with my dad?"

Arya: "Well enough." She said softly then kissed his cheek then softly kissed Luca's forehead.

Daray: "Where's he at?"

Arya: "He said that he had to go but when he returns he won't be alone. Then Reign came down alone. So I have no idea."

Daray: "My mom still here?"

Arya: "I wouldn't be able to tell you. Their things are still here though."

Daray: "So you broke my mother's control over him?"

Arya: She shook her head no.

Daray: "Pity." he sighed and shut Angelia's room door so their conversation wouldn't wake her.

Arya: She sighed. "I could have, and probably would have if he looked at me long enough." She lied smoothly. She then realized something. "I think I know where they're at." She whispered and looked at Daray. How could she be so stupid? She should have just freed him while she had the chance.

Daray: he nodded and listened to her talk. "Where?" he asked her.

Arya: "Corinne's."

Daray: "Both of them?" he muttered, "Crap. Does my dad know my mom is following him?" he walked back to Luca's room to put him in his crib again.

Arya: "No. He doesn't." She followed him to Luca's room.

Daray: "Is Angelia old enough to babysit or do we need to call someone to come in at short notice?"

Arya: "Angelia is old enough to babysit. She knows where everything is at." She was already making sure everything was where it was supposed to be. "She has our cell phone numbers if she needs anything."

Daray: "Okay." he took Arya's hand and teleported to the river. "If my dad's been here...if he took this how am I supposed to find the house?" he was already starting to strip to dive in the water.

Arya: "I don't know, love." she watched him.

Daray: "I guess we will see." he dove in the water.

Arya: She nodded then waited, hoping that they'll be able to get there. She wanted to fix her stupid mistake that she made. She also hoped that it wasn't too late. She became worried now.

Daray: he came back up with the device. "He found another way to get there. And my mom is following him because she is controlling my dad so she knows where he goes." he started to get dressed again with his speed, "So let's go." he held the device up to the light and it shown a sunlight path towards the house. He ran full speed towards it.

Arya: She followed right beside him, keeping up easily.

Daray: he stopped when he got to the house. There could be heard fighting sounds inside and Corinne screaming.

Arya: She ran to the door after stopping with Daray. This was all her fault and she had to stop it. She felt horrible for what was happing.

Daray: he followed her inside quickly.

Dallas was knocked out, blood splatter from his head on the wall which his body sagged against. Reign was holding Corinne up by her throat, pressing her against a wall as she strangled her to death.

Reign: "You made it once, slut. I won't make the same mistake again!" she screamed at Corinne who was half unconscious now from lack of oxygen.

Arya: She quickly pulled Reign off of Corinne, catching Corinne before she fell to the ground. She let Corinne rest against the wall. She then turned around to face Reign; she stayed between Reign and Corinne. She growled softly.

Reign: "The slut needs to die and you know it! She's stealing my husband and you're helping her!" she yelled at Arya.

Arya: "She's not a slut and she doesn't need to die. She's not doing anything wrong. Your husband came here on his own." She growled again. Not taking her eyes off of Reign.

Reign: "Yes. So he needs to die too! I agree! Anyone who sleeps with a married man is a slut!"

Daray: was over by his father checking his wounds.

Arya: "Neither needs to die. I know one person that IS going to die if she doesn't back off and leave at this very moment."

Reign: "You don't know what it's like! You will feel the same way when Daray finds a younger girl and sleeps with her and bears a child with her that YOU raise!"

Arya: She had Reign pinned against the wall; she had it where Reign couldn't teleport anywhere. "Daray won't do that to me. I know him to well." She growled. "Now, unless you want to die I suggest that YOU leave right now and NEVER return here or at Daray's and mine's house. Otherwise, I WILL kill you and nothing will hold me back. Understand?" She wasn't kidding this time, she meant every word.

Reign: "I thought I knew my husband well too!" she snapped.

Arya: "I don't care about what you thought. He and I made an oath; we have a bond that you can't even imagine. You and Dallas weren't even married yet." She snapped back at her.

Reign: "Good enough! We'd dated for years! It hurts just as bad!" she retorted, though her eyes a bit watery.

Arya: "Did you ever give him a chance to explain the situation or did you just decide that he couldn't be trusted ever again and start to control him?"

Reign: she opened her mouth to say something and then shut it. It was true...the second option Arya said. She growled and twisted Arya's arm so she was off of her and pushed her away.

Arya: She willingly let go and stepped back when she pushed her. She continued to stand in between her and Corinne.

Reign: "You shouldn't even be here Arya."

Arya: "I'm here to correct my mistake."

Reign: "And what mistake is that?" she growled.

Arya: "You'll find out soon." She growled back. She then turned to Corinne. "You okay? I'm sorry about all of this." She whispered.

Reign: "If you give me the jewels I'll leave for good."

Corinne: she couldn't talk just yet. She rubbed her throat.

Arya: "What do you want them for?" She snapped at Reign. She carefully placed her hand against Corinne's neck, whispered something and took a deep breath when the recipe she whispered took effect. The recipe was to take any pain of the person who was touching the recipe maker. The recipe maker would take all of it and the person that was being touch would be feeling better. This recipe though took a lot of strength from the recipe maker so it left Arya weakened. Arya didn't show it though. She smiled a little to Corinne.

Corinne: she smiled a little back, "Thank you." she looked at Reign.

Dallas: he was waking up.

Reign: she looked to Dallas, "Dallas, we are leaving." she ordered.

Arya: She looked at Dallas then back to Reign. "Dallas isn't going anywhere." She stood up and leaned against the wall unnoticeably.

Dallas: "I just came to say hello to Corinne anyways...I will go." he stood slowly, using the wall and Daray for support.

Arya: She looked down at Corinne to see if he was telling the truth. She didn't want to use the strength that she had left to use compulsion on Dallas to break the control Reign had on him.

Corinne: "He did just want to say hello. He hasn't seen me in thirty years."

Reign: "FOR GOOD REASON! If he came to visit it should be to visit your grave you slut!" she snapped and went over and grabbed Dallas arm and pulled him to the door.

Arya: She nodded; she looked down and away from Reign and Dallas. If this was what he wished to live like then she won't interfere anymore. She waited till Reign and Dallas were gone before she let her legs give out from under her. She fell to the floor. She was weak, weaker than she thought. She closed her eyes.

Corinne: as soon as they were gone she burst into tears and started to sob.

Daray: he came over to Arya quickly and sat down as he held her on his lap.

Arya: 'Take care of Corinne first. I just need to rest to regain my strength.' She told Daray mentally.

Daray: he took Arya to a bedroom in Corinne's house and laid her on the bed. Then he left to take care of Corinne.

Arya: She blacked out for about an hour. She opened her eyes and looked around the room.

Daray: was still out with Corinne.

Arya: She carefully got out of the bed and went to find them. Every once in awhile she had to use the wall to steady herself.

Daray: was in the living room with Corinne. When he heard Arya he went over and picked her up and set her on the couch by Corinne. Corinne was still crying.

Arya: "Corinne, I'm sorry. All of this was my fault. I should have never done what I did. Please, I beg your forgiveness." She knew this was her fault and she had no right to ask for her forgiveness. She was the reason that she was crying. She was the reason for the pain that Corinne was feeling.

Corinne: "I'm not mad at you sweet Arya." she sniffled, "Ah, I can't stand to see my Dallas treated like that. I love him more than Reign! It's not fair!" she burst into tears again and covered her face.

Arya: She looked up at Daray and then looked down. She closed her eyes. If only there was a way to make Corinne, Dallas and Reign all happy. She sighed softly. There was no way possible for that to happen. Reign wasn't going to give up Dallas and Dallas probably would never want to be away from Reign because she is his wife but would want to be with Corinne because he loves her too. She wanted to help so badly but it seemed like every time she did, someone always gets hurt or someone dies. At times she feels that maybe if she died every time she helped, it would be better than someone else dying.

Daray: he rubbed Arya's back gently. He didn't know what to do. He didn't say anything. But he felt bad for both of them.

Arya: She thought that maybe if she took Corinne's place, that Reign would let Dallas go. She knew what death felt like and she knew the pain that comes with death. She would be expecting it, the pain and the death. If that was the only way to get Reign to let Dallas go, then she'll do so. She looked at Corinne then Daray then back to Corinne. "What if I can trick Reign into letting Dallas go from her control?" She whispered. She knew what she was saying and what she was planning. She kept her mind blocked so Daray wouldn't read her mind to know what she was planning.

Corinne: "I think that'd be good." she whispered. Her voice was raw from crying.

Arya: She nodded then looked at Daray. "Would you be willing to go get some ingredients for me?"

Daray: "Will this put you in danger?"

Arya: "Please just trust me."

Daray: he nodded, "What ingredients?"

Arya: She wrote what she needed on a piece of paper and handed it to him. "Thank you, Daray."

Daray: he kissed her cheek and then vanished with the paper.

Arya: She looked at Corinne. "I need your help with this. It takes two people to make this drink. After Daray finds out what I'm doing, he won't allow me to do it. Will you help me?"

Corinne: "What is the drink for?"

Arya: "For me to change to look and sound like you. I'll go back to my house and confront Reign as you. She'd want to kill me but I'd make a deal with her. She lets Dallas go from her control and she can kill me. But she'll think it's you she's killing. I can easily play dead. If you break my neck, I won't technically die. Only fire, vervane and lack of blood can kill me. If she breaks my neck, I will go unconscious and won't be breathing."

Corinne: her eyes widened, "Miss Arya you can't do that! Daray would kill me himself for harming you!"

Arya: "Daray won't know until the last minute and it's my idea. He can yell at me afterwards. He wants his father free from Reign's control as much as the both of us do. If Daray even dares to think of killing you himself, I won't let him. I have some leverage over him." She smiled slightly. She just won't let him have any more days like yesterday and no more making love for awhile.

Corinne: she nodded slowly, "Okay. I will help you." she said softly. "If you're sure about this."

Arya: She nodded. "I am."

Corinne: "Then I guess we just wait for Daray."

Arya: She shook her head no. "Those ingredients I gave him don't go in until the very end and they are very hard to find. I have all the ingredients that are needed. It takes about two hours to make. The last half hour, Daray should be back with the rest of the ingredients."

Corinne: "You can use my kitchen." she said softly.

Arya: "Thank you." She softly hugged Corinne then got up and waited for her. She didn't want to leave her alone.

Corinne: "I don't want to move. I'll be fine." she said softly.

Arya: She nodded slowly then went to the kitchen. She stayed in there for an hour and a half.

Daray: he came back with a bag of ingredients and set them on the table in the kitchen. "What are they for?" he asked her. He looked out to the living room.

Arya: "Can you put them in here for me and stir them in? I need to go ask Corinne something." She looked up at Daray, ignoring his question.

Daray: he nodded and went over and put everything in the pot and stirred them. He went to taste it.

Arya: "Don't do that if I was you." She warned him before she left. "Hey Corinne. Where's your hair brush?"

Daray: he stuck his tongue out at her as she walked away and did so anyways since she wasn't answering his questions.

Corinne: "In the bathroom."

Arya: She went into the bathroom and got some hair out of it. She then returned to the kitchen. She walked over to Daray after getting a clean spoon. She took the one that Daray had and washed it off in the sink then stirred in the very last ingredient. The mixture turned to a bright orange then to a dark red. She put the all the mixture into a glass bottle and sealed it. She then looked at Daray.

Daray: "I tasted it." he said simply.

Arya: "I figured you would after I told you not to. That's why I took the spoon you had and replaced it with the one I used." She replied as she walked by him and went into the living room. She sat by Corinne.

Daray: "It needs salt or something. What is it? It's not so good."

Corinne: "It's done?" she asked Arya.

Arya: "You'll soon see, Daray." She then looked at Corinne and nodded. "Yes. I'll see you soon. Hopefully I won't be alone either." She hugged Corinne. "Wish me luck." She whispered then stood.

Daray: "Are we going home?"

Arya: "Yes."

Daray: "Bye Corinne." he told her gently and then teleported with Arya back to the river. He put the device back in the river and then teleported home with Arya.

Arya: She walked to downstairs after drinking the potion that she made. She closed her eyes a little as the change took place. After she felt the change take place completely she opened her eyes.

Daray: he came down after checking on the children and stopped short. "Uh, Corinne? What are you doing here?"

Arya: She looked up at Daray then smiled slightly. It did work. She got up then went to find Reign. "REIGN!" She called out, sounding just like Corinne.

Daray: he followed her, "Corinne!" he stopped her from screaming and looked at her, "How did you find my house? Why are you here? And why do you want my mom?"

Reign: she came down, "Wha-" she stopped, and smiled a small sick smile, "Hello Corinne."

Arya: She pushed Daray aside. "To end this." She looked at Reign. "I want to make a deal." She said simply.

Reign: "A deal? With me? Sure." she smiled more.

Daray: he went to find Arya.

Arya: "Dallas's freedom from your control for my death." She got straight to the point.

Reign: "Hmmm, suspicious you are setting yourself up like in so easily..." she watched her.

Arya: "You want me dead and I can't be with Dallas so why don't I just give up. I won't get what I want most." She looked at her.

Reign: "Alright." she grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her up the stairs ad into the room with her where Dallas was. "Looks who's here." she shoved 'Corinne' towards Dallas.

Dallas: he stood from the desk and took off his reading glasses, "Corinne. What are you doing here?" he asked softly.

Reign: she smirked, "Wait until you hear. Go ahead, tell him." she told 'Corinne.'

Arya: She swallowed. "I've come to exchange my life for your freedom from her control." She told him softly.

Dallas: the little happiness he had from seeing her faded into sadness when he heard her, "You can't do that." he said softly.

Reign: she laughed, "Ah, but she is." she pulled her from the room.

Dallas: grabbed Corinne's arm, "Corinne you can't!" he begged, "Please. I don't mind it!"

Arya: "I'm sorry." She whispered. Good thing that she left a note in Dallas's pocket explaining everything before Reign took her away. She just hoped that Reign would keep her word.

Dallas: he followed them as Reign continued to pull her away, "Corinne! Wait!" he hadn't seen the note yet.

Reign: she looked back at Dallas, "Oh, a long sweet goodbye? Sure." she laughed.

Arya: "Dallas, please. Let me go. I want to do this. I'm doing this for you. I won't ever be with you again so why live on? I have no purpose to life without you by my side. It's for the best." She got out of Reign's grip long enough to hug Dallas and whisper to look in his pocket after her 'death'. She then willingly went with Reign. "Please, stay here. I don't want this to be any harder than it is already." She looked at Reign. "How will I know that you'll keep your end of the deal?"

Dallas: he didn't care how much trouble he'd get in by Reign for this. But Corinne was dying. In an emotional moment he grabbed her as she pulled away and kissed her deeply. Surprisingly, Reign didn't stop it.

Arya: She kissed him back, doing whatever Corinne would do. After the kiss was broken she closed her eyes. "Goodbye Dallas. I will always love you. In this world even in death." She then turned and went downstairs. Tears we actually in her eyes. She didn't know if it was the kiss by Dallas that upset her or the emotional pain that she's bring upon him. She waited for Reign.

Reign: she pulled her away from Dallas and down the stairs. "So what were you saying earlier?"

Arya: "How will I know you will keep your end of the deal?"

Reign: "Really, I was going to leave both Dallas and Daray once Arya gave me the jewels. But now I'll kill you, get the jewels and," she smiled, "Dallas will be free." she pushed 'Corinne' outside and stepped out behind her. "I keep my word." she laughed, "Most of the time."

Arya: "Will you keep it this time?" She looked up from the ground where she fell. Her breathing had picked up.

Reign: "You would love to know." she gripped the back of 'Corinne's' hair and pulled it so her head tilted back, leaning closer, "Let's take this somewhere more secluded so no one can hear you scream." she hissed like a snake, "This time I'll make your death something...memorable." she teleported away with 'Corinne' deeper into the woods in a clearing where no one was around for miles.

Arya: She gasped slightly and swallowed. Her breathing was deeper and faster, she was truly scared now.

Reign: she went to a tree and moved some of bark to reveal a hollow spot. She pulled out a large knife and walked over to 'Corinne'. "You like the ability to have children?" she laughed, "Though you use it to take other women's boyfriends babies..."

Arya: She swallowed. She didn't plan on this happening. She wanted to call for Daray but she knew if she did it'll ruin her plan. She closed her eyes; she realized that Luca would be the last child that Daray and she would have. She just stood there, waiting for the pain to start.

Reign: she stabbed the end of the knife into the grass right between 'Corinne's' legs. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURT ME!" she screamed at her, anger showing in her eyes and pure hatred.

Arya: She shook. "I'm sorry." That's all she could say. She couldn't move. She just wished that Reign would just break her neck and leave her. Tears were falling from her eyes.

Reign: "TO HECK! IF YOU WERE SORRY YOU WOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND YOU WOULD HAVE STAYED DEAD THE FIRST TIME I KILLED YOU!" she picked up the sword and held it ready to pierce into 'Corinne's' body. "I shouldn't kill you. I should leave you alive, mutilated, destroyed, where every MAN who looks at you holds back bile in their throat. Where every DAY you wake up, you know what you did and how I repaid your sin in my own way. Where you can NEVER steal another woman's man and another woman's CHILD! I WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE A CHILD BUT I CAN'T! AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU BE ABLE TO!"

Arya: She shook even more. If Reign didn't 'kill' her in the next two hours, she'd change back into herself. "Please. I beg for death." She fell to her knees. "Just kill me. I have nothing to live for anymore. Please, I beg you." She then realized something. "I wouldn't be able to have any more children anyway. When you took Daray from me. It messed up my birthing for children."

Reign: she slid the sharp edge of the sword up the edge of 'Corinne's' clothes against her skin and cut them at the same time she sliced her skin up until the tip of the sword dug into the bottom of 'Corinne's' throat. She pushed so it dug deeper. "I loved him once," she said softly as she watched 'Corinne's blood trickle, "But you opened my eyes. I realized love is fickle. It can change. A man is only drawn by what he sees. YOU stole my husband's love from me. And now I'll steal your life from you for what you've done." she pierced into 'Corinne's' throat and into her mouth. "Let's remove that tongue of yours so you can't kiss anyone. Not anymore." she knelt down by 'Corinne' and dug her fingers into 'Corinne's' mouth and pried it open. She removed the knife from 'Corinne's' throat.

Arya: She felt a sharp pain go through her neck and into her mouth. She cried. 'I'm sorry.' She sent out mentally to anyone that knew her mental voice. She closed her eyes, waiting for the sharp pain that cut means her tongue was cut off. For some reason, she already felt weak and she could feel the feeling of death come on her. 'Already?' She thought to herself. She realized that Reign probably accidently cut the main artery in her neck. She opened up her eyes to look at Reign. Her world went black. 'Daray, I'm sorry.' She said softly in her mind right before it felt like she died.

Reign: she did cut 'Corinne's' tongue off and then she thought what else to do, "Hmm, you know what men love a lot on women?" she slid the knife down to 'Corinne's' chest and pierced her skin.

Daray: 'Sorry? Sorry about what? Arya where are you! I can't find you!" he was freaking out. It was like her prediction.

Arya: Her world was black, she was unconscious and she has stopped breathing now. Her heart has slowed to where it seemed that it wasn't beating anymore.

Reign: she forced her to wake up after giving her a tonic. "You will stay awake for ALL of this."

Arya: She still didn't wake.

Reign: she growled and healed whatever was making Corinne pass out. She waited for her to wake.

Arya: Her eyes fluttered open after a few minutes.

Reign: she smiled, "Welcome back beautiful." she grabbed the end of 'Corinne's' hair and sliced it off with the knife.

Arya: She held back a growl. She knew what she was doing. She looked at the sky and swallowed. Only an hour left. She'll have to knock Reign out before the hour is up. That's only if Reign didn't kill her by then.

Reign: "I'm sure Dallas will love to have your hair." she looked at 'Corinne's' bra and placed the edge of the knife at the bottom of the tender skin, "Perhaps these too. He can have them after you're dead."

Arya: That was it. She was done with this torture. She grabbed the knife and easily took it from Reign. She then was behind Reign and had her by the neck with the knife. She also had it where Reign couldn't teleport anywhere. 'Now what would your son say or do when he found out that you murdered his wife?' She smiled slightly, talking to Reign mentally.

Reign: 'Wife?' she struggled to get free, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE CORINNE!" she yelled as she realized.

Arya: She pushed the knife harder against her neck. 'The more you struggle, the harder I'm going to push the knife against your throat. I know you thought I was Corinne. That was my intention but if I knew you were going to torture her instead of giving her a quick death. Maybe for an idea of breaking the neck. Break it right, they're dead right then and there. No, you have to torture and make sure that they go through a horrible and sick death. I wonder what you would think if I did that to you. Everything that you were planning to do to her, maybe I should do to you.'

Reign: "Give me a death I deserve! That is a death Corinne deserves!" she stopped struggling.

Arya: "I plan on it, but first. Let Dallas go from your control." She spoke out loud now.

Reign: "No thank you. If I am to die either way, let me die in control. Take him down with me." she took a breath, "Wait till Daray finds out you kissed his father."

Arya: She pushed the knife harder against her throat. "Let him go." She growled.

Reign: she didn't say or do anything.

Arya: She growled again. She looked at the sky and sighed. The hour was up. She changed back into herself. "I didn't kiss him. Corinne did." She smiled slightly to herself. 'Daray, can you find me now?' She called out to him mentally as she kept a hold of Reign.

Daray: he teleported to her right away and went to get her but stopped when he saw her without clothes and just in her bra and underwear. Torn clothes on the grass. Her hair cut. He looked at his mother, "What did you do!" he demanded.

Reign: she didn't say anything.

Daray: he growled.

Arya: "I was pretending to be Corinne and she took it too far. She decided to be cruel and use torturous methods instead of killing a clean and quick death." She explained. "My hair will grow back but it'll take awhile but my clothes can't be saved. I only did this to get her control off your father. Corinne knew about this but it was my idea. That's what the ingredients where for that you got for me. They were to turn my appearance and my voice to be like hers."

Daray: "Arya!" he said softly but at the same time exclaimed. And then he looked down at his mother and growled, "What is wrong with you!"

Reign: she chose not to talk.

Daray: "YOU HURT MY WIFE!" he wouldn't even think about killing his mother but if she hurt his wife...

Reign: still didn't respond.

Arya: She showed him what she did. She showed him the scar that was made from where Reign shoved the knife threw her neck and mouth. "She won't talk and I can't get her to release the control she has on Dallas. She wants to take him down with her if she dies." She then growled softly at the thought of it. 'I want to take her back to the house and give her what she deserves.' She told Daray mentally. She looked up at him.

Daray: 'Which is?' he asked mentally to Arya while still glaring at his mother. He held his hand out for the knife.

Arya: 'Torture then death.' She didn't hand him the knife.

Daray: "Knife, now." he wanted it.

Arya: "Why?" She still didn't hand it to him.

Daray: "Cut her hair like she cut yours!"

Arya: She held onto Reign as she handed Daray the knife. He can do the honors of doing that.

Daray: he took the knife and held Reigns hair in one hand and cut it off with the knife, short till she almost had none. He handed the knife back to Arya. "So home we go? Is that really wise around the children?"

Arya: "We have a basement, don't we?" She took the knife and put it against Reign's neck again.

Daray: "We do." he confirmed. "Should I tell my dad?"

Arya: "If you wish and also tell him that I still wish to meet him tonight at midnight."

Daray: "Alright." he teleported them all home and to the basement.

Arya: She put Reign in a chair and she made sure that Reign couldn't get out of it. She also made sure that Reign couldn't teleport out of it either. She then looked at Daray. "Can I go get some actual clothes on now?"

Daray: " know...if you want." he looked down the slice on her leg and walked up to her and ran his hand up her leg over the slice softly and where it led up through the middle of her stomach and then his pointer finger slid up to her neck, "Babe, why?" he said sounding hurt.

Arya: "I only thought it was right. I was thinking that maybe if I tricked your mother into thinking I was Corinne, then she would 'kill' me quickly. I was wrong." She kissed his hand. "The scars will fade in a day. They won't be there at all. They're not like vervane scars or fire scars. They won't stay forever." She whispered then softly kissed him. "I'll be back soon." She then went up to their room to find some clothes.

Daray: as soon as Arya left the room he took the knife and put the point at Reigns leg and slid it up to Reigns neck and stopped. He teleported from the room so he wouldn't hear her cries. He washed the knife off in the kitchen.

Arya: She rinsed off her body, letting the water wash off the remaining blood and the dirt. She then dressed and went to find Dallas.

Dallas: was spinning a coin nervously on the desk. The note was open beside him. He was intently looking at the coin.

Arya: She came into the room Dallas was in. She was nervous for some reason. She softly knocked on the open door.

Dallas: he looked up and stood quickly as the coin slid in a clatter down to its side. "Arya." he was nervous too. After an awkward moment he went and hugged her, "You had me scared to death."

Arya: She hugged him back. "How''d I have you scared to death?" She was confused.

Dallas: "Going off with Reign like that. I was afraid of what she'd do." he leaned back and looked at her more, "She's cut your hair."

Arya: "How'd you know I wasn't Corinne?" She asked then nodded. "Yeah, that's the least she did." She said softly.

Dallas: "I know where the real Corinne is. I tried to follow you after Reign took you. Reign had me blocked but Corinne, I'm connected to her. And I saw she was still at her house. I thought...I realized what was going on." he explained. "I'm sorry for kissing you. So sorry."

Arya: "It's alright. You're not the first that has done that. I've done that potion many times and things get like that. You were upset and it was heat of the moment. It's understandable." She shrugged. "By the way, ever since the first time I've used that potion, I'd have to say you're the best kiss out of all of them." She laughed softly then smiled. "I have to go find Daray now. We're still going to meet tonight at midnight?"

Dallas: he nodded, "Yes. Of course. And thank you for the compliment."

Arya: She smiled then turned and left the room. She went downstairs to the kitchen. She needed red liquid badly.

Daray: he was in the kitchen sitting in a stool resting his elbows on the counter as he had his head in his hands. He had no idea what to do or what was going on and he was so confused.

Arya: She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Daray? Love? Are you alright?" She whispered.

Daray: "Arya," he said softly, "If I asked you a question, would you lie to me?"

Arya: "No. I won't lie to you. I promise." She said softly in return.

Daray: "Then tell me what my mother meant about having to raise a child not hers."

Arya: She sighed. She made a promise to Corinne about not telling him but she also made a promise to Daray about not lying to him and not to hide anything from him either. Corinne was going to upset with her after this. She sighed again. "Daray, Reign isn't your birth mother. I know I told you this before but she did take you from someone. I promised her that I wouldn't tell you but I also promised you that I would lie to you. You've talked to your mother just yesterday." She looked at him.

Daray: "The only women I talked too yesterday besides Reign was you and Corinne."

Arya: She nodded. "If Reign isn't your birth mother and I'm your wife. Who does that leave?"

Daray: he realized. "Why didn't anyone tell me? Is my dad really my father?"

Arya: "I don't know why they didn't tell you, love. Yes, Dallas is really your father.

Dallas: "We didn't want you to grow up without a mother. And since Corinne gave you up, Reign said she would be your mother." he said softly, coming into the kitchen. Still under Reigns control he didn't remember about how Reign got the child in the first place. He just knew what Reign told him.

Daray: "She wasn't much of a mother."

Arya: She looked at Dallas and sighed. Reign was still controlling him. "Corinne didn't give him up, Reign took him from her. If you don't believe me, ask Reign or better yet, ask Corinne what Reign did to her." She looked at Daray. "I'll be downstairs." She kissed his cheek and started to walk out of the kitchen.

Dallas: "Where is Reign?" he asked Arya.

Daray: "I could have grown up with a mother who cared about me. Thirty two years." he sighed.

Arya: She looked at Daray then went downstairs. "Reign, you need to let Dallas go right now." She growled. "Otherwise I'll start to give you the torture that you deserve and trust me, it's worse than the one that you were planning on giving Corinne."

Reign: "I had a reason to torture Corinne. You don't have a reason to torture me. But if you can live with yourself...I'm not stopping you. I'll make sure Dallas can feel the pain you put me through."

Arya: "He won't feel any pain that you feel. Trust me. You're torture will start tomorrow." She promised her. She then back upstairs to the kitchen. She didn't look happy.

Dallas: "Is Reign downstairs?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "Do you trust me Dallas?" She asked him without looking at him.

Dallas: "Yes...may I see her?"

Arya: She looked at Daray. 'I have to do this, otherwise Reign will put Dallas through all the pain I plan to out her through.' She told him mentally then looked at Dallas and walked over to him. "Dallas, you don't have to listen to Reign. She doesn't have control over you if you fight it. I know you don't want to be controlled anymore and I know that you still love Corinne and she still loves you. She misses you so much. When you left from her house after thirty something years, she cried. She hates seeing you treated like you are." She told him, looking into his eyes. She used her compulsion when needed.

Dallas: he looked like he was fighting something from the look in his eyes, "I don't have a need to see Corinne. I just want to be with Reign. She's my wife. Corinne is not."

Arya: "Reign has hurt you and Daray so many times in the past. Reign has taken your freedom away by controlling you. Reign has almost killed the mother of your son more than once. Corinne has been there for you, she would never control you. Reign was going to leave you after she got what she wanted from me. Do you think she loves you as much as you think if she was going to leave you?" She used compulsion the whole time now.

Dallas: "If she doesn't love me it's because I cheated on her. I deserve it. I need to earn her love."

Arya: "Dallas, you don't need to earn love. It's not how love works."

Dallas: he closed his eyes. "I can't leave her." he sounded torn between love and being a loyal husband.

Arya: She sighed and backed away. She tried. She leaned against a wall and closed her eyes. That was the longest she's used completion, she slid down to the floor.

Reign: "That's right. Make yourself weak." she told Arya mentally.

Daray: went to her side with some red liquid he gave to her, "Here babe." he said softly.

Arya: She drank the red liquid then growled softly. 'You won't win Reign. He will be free just wait and see.' She told Reign mentally. "Thank you love." She told Daray softly.

Daray: "You're welcome babe."

Dallas: "Take me to my wife. Right now." he said forcefully. It was not something he'd do.

Arya: "Or what, Reign? You'll have Dallas hurt me? I know you can make him say what you wish for him to say. You've done it before." She said out loud.

Dallas: "You won't hurt me. So that's...a good idea." Dallas leaped to attack her, hands sprawled to choke.

Daray: he pushed Dallas back.

Arya: She growled and was behind Dallas. She pinned Dallas to the wall, his arms pinned against his back. 'Love, will you be able to go downstairs and knock Reign out?' She asked him mentally.

Daray: "Uh, sure." he teleported to the basement and knocked Reign out. Then he came back up.

Arya: "Dallas? Are you yourself now?" She asked him.

Dallas: "Yes." he breathed, "Myself. I'm sorry Miss Arya...I did not mean to do that."

Arya: "You have nothing to apologize for. You weren't in control of your actions." She let him go and back up. She then sat in one of the chairs at the table.

Dallas: he turned and leaned back against the wall.

Arya: She then drank the rest of the red liquid from the glass Daray gave her. She got up and rinsed the glass. She walked over to Dallas again. "Do you truly and honestly trust me, Dallas?" She looked him in the eyes.

Dallas: "Yes. I do. My son trusts you and I trust his judgment. Why do you ask?"

Arya: "I'm just making sure." She took a breath and looked him dead straight in the eyes. She repeated everything she did the first time she did this. She used compulsion the whole time as well.

Dallas: he stared right back at Arya and the glossiness from his eyes cleared and he blinked twice, standing there, as if in a daze of sorts.

Arya: She blinked and steadied herself with the counter nearby. She closed her eyes again and let the dizziness pass before opening her eyes again. She looked up at Dallas.

Dallas: "Where is Reign?" he asked simply. He looked at Arya.

Arya: "Why do you ask?" She said softly.

Dallas: "I would like to say some not so nice things to her right now."

Arya: "I'll show you. Follow me." Using the wall to keep herself steady, she led him downstairs.

Dallas: "Arya just stay here please I think I can find her." he finished going downstairs by himself.

Daray: he picked up Arya and had her sit on the couch, "No more." he told her firmly.

Arya: She glared at Daray a little then laid down. She closed her eyes. "Make sure Reign doesn't try anything otherwise everything I just did would have been for nothing." She stated softly. She then rested.

Daray: "Doesn't try anything of what?"

Arya: "To re-control your father." She whispered.

Daray: "You mean your power won't keep them separated?"

Arya: "It might. I never had to use it for this." She opened her eyes and looked at Daray

Daray: "I'm sorry babe. I'll let you rest." he stood, "No more questions. I'll go keep an eye on my pare-." he stopped; "On my dad." he corrected himself in a voice softer than before. Then he left the room.

Arya: When Daray left the room she got up then started towards the kitchen. Again using the wall to steady herself. She made sure she didn't make any sound.

They all stayed in the basement.

Arya: After she got what she wanted she went back into the living room. She sat on the floor cross legged and closed her eyes. She stayed like that for awhile.

The front door opened and closed softly.

Arya: She opened her eyes and looked to the doorway of the living room. Anyone that came in had to pass the living room.

She couldn't see who it was. They wore a long cloak and the hood was up to cover their hair.

Arya: She swallowed a little. 'Daray, love. Someone is here. I can't tell who it is.' She told him mentally then described what she could see. She then got up and walked towards the person. "May I help you?" She asked the person.

Corinne: she looked up at Arya and pulled back her hood, "Oh, I'm sorry. I should have knocked but I...I didn't." she stepped back to the door; "This is your house right?" she was a bit scared.

Arya: She relaxed. "No it's fine, come in. Yes, this is my and Daray's house." She smiled kindly. 'Daray, it's Corinne.' She motioned Corinne to the living room. "Can I offer you anything to drink?"

Corinne: "No. I shouldn't even be here." she didn't move. She chewed on her lower lip. She'd never left her house before. Not for over thirty years. "I should leave."

Daray: 'I'm coming up.'

Arya: "Why shouldn't you? You have every right to be here than anyone else. I know a few people that would like to see you anyway." She told her. 'Alright. Tell Dallas that she's here too.' She told him mentally.

Corinne: "I don't want to meet anyone. I shouldn't be here. If Dallas knew I was here he'd be upset with me." she put her hand on the door handle and was about to open the door and then stopped as a thin line of blood seeped from the cloak onto the door handle. She pulled her hand back and turned back around to face Arya, "Meeting people? Sure." she said quietly to divert attention.

Arya: "Are you hurt in any way, Corinne?" She asked after smelling the blood. "The only people that would like to see you are Daray and Dallas. I'm sure Dallas would be happy to see you."

Angelia: She came down the stairs. "Mom, where's the dippers?" She then stopped when she seen Corinne.

Corinne: "No. I'm not hurt." she said softly.

Daray came upstairs with Dallas.

Corinne: she looked up at Angelia and then looked away quickly.

Arya: "Are you sure?" She asked Corinne. She looked up at Angelia. "They should be some in Luca's diaper bag if there's none by the changing station."

Angelia: She nodded slowly. "Okay, mom." She looked at Corinne then smiled. "It's nice to finally see my really grandmother." She said softly before going back upstairs into Luca's room.

Dallas: "Corinne?" he said, walking over to her.

Corinne: she looked up and her eyes widened seeing Dallas. "Dallas I'm sorry I didn't know what else to do. I saw you were here and I came and-" she closed her eyes again and whimpered a small sound.

Dallas: he grabbed her hand gently, "Corinne what is it? What's wrong?" he looked down at saw the blood and he pulled back her cloak to show dark red veins running through her body where her blood stream is. Her blood was infected.

Corinne: "I thought it was something...I tried to drain the poison but it didn't work." she whispered.

Dallas: "Corinne what poison is it you speak of?"

Corinne: "Dallas," she cried, "I'm weak. I can barely stand." she whispered. "I'm dying. And I didn't want to die alone in my house." she hugged him.

Arya: She closed her eyes after a moment she looked at Daray. 'I have to help.' She told him, almost pleading with him.

Daray: "What is it you wish to do?" he asked her softly, watching Corinne and Dallas. Just his luck that he'd realize who his real mom was and she'd be dying.

Corinne: "I'm sorry for leaving the house." she repeated.

Dallas: "No, it's fine. Corinne, we need to get you better." he looked to Arya, "Can I move her to the couch or should I take her outside because of the blood or what?" his eyes showed pain.

Arya: She nodded and moved out of the way for Dallas to take her to the couch. "Take the poison from Corinne where it's not in her body at all."

Daray: "And put the poison where, Arya? I would rather Corinne die than you." he said truthfully.

Dallas: he led Corinne to the couch and sat down on it with her.

Arya: She sighed and looked down. Everything that she did, wasn't even worth it. Corinne was dying, Dallas would be alone. What was the point of freeing Dallas from Reign's control if the one he loved was dying on him? She then went into the living room and knelt down in front of Corinne. "Corinne, what all can kill you?" She was tired of things happening like this, she was going to make sure this time that no one was going to die on her for helping.

Corinne: she looked over at Arya with a tear streaked face and bloodshot eyes, "Lack of oxygen, decapitation, a stab to our heart...what Kientians stay away from a lot is fruits and vegetables. They are poisonous to us."

Arya: She looked to Daray. 'I can help her. I can't die from fruits and vegetables.' She looked back at Corinne. "I can make you better." She whispered to her.

Corinne: she shook her head. She didn't want to be better. It was better for everyone if she was gone.

Daray: 'How can you be sure that's what it is?'

Arya: "Please, let me help you. Can't you see that Dallas is worried sick? Think of him and what he'd do if he lost you." She whispered to her. 'Well, she's not suffering from lack of oxygen, her head's not decapitated and if she was stabbed in the heart, she wouldn't be here. Now would she?' She somewhat snapped at Daray mentally.

Daray: he sort of rolled his eyes.

Corinne: "Dallas has a wife. He doesn't need me around." she whispered to Arya. "They'll get along better if I'm not..." she closed her eyes, unable to finish her sentence with the word 'around'. Her breathing was shallow.

Dallas: "Her body is limp."

Arya: She sighed. "Well, I'm going to be doing this against her word I guess." She looked at Dallas. "She's still breathing but barely." She said softly then she placed a hand over where Corinne's heart is and the other on her forehead. She closed her eyes and concentrated on what was to be done. After a few minutes she pulled away and opened her eyes. She smiled a little. "She just needs to rest now." She said in barely a whisper but loud enough where Dallas could hear her. She looked at Daray. 'Help me up, please?' She kind of asked him. She over did herself today. She used up the rest of her strength to save Corinne. She defiantly needed rest now.

Daray: he walked over to Arya and bent down and picked her up and held her in his arms.

Dallas: he nodded and got up and laid Corinne on the couch. He kissed her hand but nothing more as he turned to Arya. "Thank you dear." he motioned them out of the room so they wouldn't wake Corinne.

Arya: She laid her head against Daray's shoulder. She smiled slightly at Dallas. "You're welcome, Dallas." She said softly. She then looked up at Daray. 'I'm sorry.' She told him mentally.

Daray: 'You did what you felt you needed to do. You're fine so no need to be sorry.' he replied mentally while looking at his father.

Dallas: "So what is it you two plan on doing to Reign? She has a slice from her foot to her chin from a knife. I don't like torture. I didn't think I raised you as such, Daray. Even if she is cruel she is still a woman and is your mother, whether adopted or not." he watched Daray sternly.

Daray: "That was all I did and was going to do for what she did to my wife."

Dallas: "And she is my wife, so does that give me the right to do it to you?"

Daray: "No sir..." he said slowly and looked down at Arya.

Arya: She sighed. "Dallas, you and I need to talk. Talk about Reign." She looked at Daray. 'Set me on my feet, just don't let go of me and let me lean on you.' She told Daray. She looked at Dallas. "First off, Daray's not the one that was going to do the torturing. It was I who was going to, for what she did to me and what she was going to do to Corinne. It's wrong, yes but it's what I'm use to. I'm trying my hardest not to go back to my old life style. This is even the first that Daray's hearing about what I'm about to say to you."

Daray: he set Arya down on her feet but kept his arm around Arya's waist for support. He watched her.

Dallas: "What about my wife, Arya? I remember what she did to Corinne to get the child. To get Daray. Yes, I do remember now. But Daray is well. Corinne is well. I believe we should let Reign be."

Arya: "Yes, I know." She said softly. She then sighed and looked down. "My old life style was where if someone decided to hurt myself or anyone I loved and they succeed for a certain amount of time, they would get the same in their punishment for what they did. That's what I was going for when I strapped Reign to the chair in the basement. Over the year when Daray wasn't with me, I started to go back to my old ways. Sneaking around, lying on certain things, killing for money, killing for the bite. I lost myself for about half a year he was gone. Angelia and Luca are the only reasons why I'm not doing everything I use to. I thought I lost the one I loved. Could you go through a year without Corinne, now that you are free from Reign's control? Answer me that and then, maybe then, I'll consider letting Reign go and giving her what she actually came here to get. Don't forget what I told you about her leaving after she gets what she wanted." She then let go of Daray, using the wall for support she started upstairs.

Dallas: "It would be hard for me to live a year without Corinne, but I would do it if I needed. Reign is my wife. No matter if I am bound to her through a forced hand or not. If she wants to leave me, she will. But I will not leave her. Not again." he answered swiftly. "I understand how you used to be, Arya," he said softly, "But that is not who you are now. I am sorry for Daray's absence for the year and months and days. If Reign will not apologize to you, please accept my apology for the both of us."

Daray: he still helped Arya even if she didn't want his help.

Arya: She stopped and looked at Dallas. "The reason I am who I am today is because I'm trying to make up for all the things that I've done wrong in my past. Even though I realize no matter how much I help other people and how much good I do, none of it will make up for everything I've done wrong." She looked at Daray. "Love, you know that bag with the jewels in it? The one that was with my notebook the day you found it? Will you go get it for me? I'll be find right here." She sat down on one of the steps, looking at Dallas again. When Daray left she continued what she was saying. "Dallas, you probably already know this but I truly don't like Reign and I bet she doesn't like me either. Her and I didn't get off on the right foot, one because she did hurt my husband that one day that him and I were fighting. I couldn't let her do that, and then she tried controlling my own daughter." She shook her head slightly. "That was a wrong move by her. I don't mind you guys visiting but after she gets what she wants and you two stay together, I'm telling you this now. She won't be allowed back here. You are welcome all you want but she is not. Now, if I'm not here and Daray wishes to see her, fine. But I will tell a head of time. After today, there will be nothing stopping me from killing her. I even told her that when she was more or less 'killing' me slowly."

Dallas: "I've been around women who give pain my whole life. Do you know why Corinne appealed to me? She cares about people. I doubt Reign ever will. I remember she cared for me once, and I ruined that with a stupid move on my part. It was dumb, but I'll never get the old Reign I knew back. Daray will never get to grow up with a mother who loved him. And it may just possibly be I am not meant to get what I want in life. But I ask you this, Arya. If anything you do for me, just please don't kill my wife. Because then you'd have to kill me, for I am the person who made her what she is today because of what I did. She has a lot of problems and hardships in her life. Torturing her will not make you feel any better, Arya."

Arya: "Do you love Corinne?" She asked him softly, looking at him. She agreed with everything that Dallas has said so far. "As for killing you, if I killed Reign. I wouldn't be able to. I wouldn't have the heart to." She looked down. "And for her controlling you again, she won't be able to. It's just not possible." She closed her eyes

Dallas: "If you don't have the heart to kill me, then do not kill my wife. Yes Arya. I love Corinne. But my duty is to my wife." he replied softly. "And those are my own words. Not controlled."

Arya: "I know they're not controlled, I broke the control over you and she won't be able to control you again. It's hard to undo what is done by a pureblood." She said softly she then stood with the strength she had. "We don't have to meet tonight at midnight if you don't wish so. I was going to tell you what I have already." She slowly came down the stairs then went started down to the basement. When she got there she walked over to Reign with one hand on the wall for support.

Dallas: "If that is what you wish." he said softly and went back into the living room with Corinne.

Daray: came down with the bag of jewels and waited on the stairs for Arya.

Reign: when Arya entered there was some sort of sniffling sound and Arya could see when Reign brushed her hand at her cheeks. Reigns face quickly went back to a look of stone and cold when she realized someone had come down. She hadn't been expecting anyone else for the night. "What do you want?" she asked gruffly.

Arya: "Just to talk, like normal people. No torture, no lies, just truth and honesty." She found a chair and sat down on it in front of Reign. She was tired and she should just get this all out of the way.

Reign: "You can talk. Doesn't mean that I will listen or necessarily care what you are talking about. It also doesn't mean I will respond back to your chatter."

Arya: "I was going to talk about Dallas, Daray, Corinne and about letting you go, but if you wish to be like so then maybe I should just go and come back in the morning." She was getting ready to get up.

Reign: "Of course if Dallas is here with the slut then yes, they would want to let me go. Come back in the morning, Arya. You're dismissed." she looked over at the wall to the side of where she sat and stayed that way.

Arya: She rolled her eyes and got up. She walked over to the stairs. "I should let you know, Dallas has decided to stay with you, until you leave him. He won't leave you, not again." She then slowly went up the stairs

Reign: "He might as well leave a life without love." she murmured to herself.

Arya: She got to the top of the basement stairs and sat in the doorway of it. She closed her eyes and sighed. How was she going to get Reign to open up again, if not to her then to Dallas?

Daray: his voice was at Arya's ear as he whispered, "You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy..." he dangled the bag of jewels in front of Arya's closed eyes, back and forth.

Arya: "Daray, that doesn't work on people if their eyes are already closed." She said softly, but smiling slightly.

Daray: "Come to bed little girl." he kissed her cheek and then put his hands at her sides and picked her up to her feet and then scooped her up again, "Did you want the jewels yourself or for someone?"

Arya: She shook her head. "No, set me back down and give me the bag. Unless you feel like taking me back downstairs to see Reign again."

Daray: "Sure." he walked down the stairs carefully and went back into Reign.

Reign: she sniffed and sighed heavily as if annoyed, "What now!" she snapped.

Arya: "Calm down, Reign." She then was beside her in a few seconds. She was untying her. When she got Reign untied she threw the bag of jewels at her feet. "Here, you have what you want." She then went back over to Daray.

Reign: she picked up the bag and looked inside and then stood, holding the bag in her hand, "I suggest you watch Corinne closely or she will be dead." she pushed past them both and walked up the stairs holding the jewels.

Arya: "Don't worry, I will." She said softly and watched her leave. She then fell against Daray. She had no strength left. Her legs gave out from under her and her breathing was shallow.

Daray: he sighed and holding Arya he teleported to their bedroom and set her on the bed, "If I see you get up from this spot even to head to the bathroom, I will tie you to this bed and force you to rest." he kissed her gently before he himself got ready for bed.

Arya: She smiled weakly and closed her eyes. She had no intentions of getting up. She over did herself majorly. She was asleep in a few seconds. She slept for a day and a half.

While Arya slept Daray took care of the kids and watched over Corinne whenever Dallas was not there but was with Reign, who had not left the house yet.

Arya: She woke and looked around the room. She then got up out of bed and stretched. She was sore. She then went downstairs.

Daray: he was in the living room talking with Corinne as they had been for the past day and half as Arya slept, getting caught up on things together. Dallas was upstairs with Reign.

Arya: She smiled as she heard Daray and Corinne talking. She decided to leave them be and go into the kitchen to get something to drink.

Reign: she came downstairs and went into the kitchen.

Arya: She looked up from her drink as Reign came into the kitchen.

Reign: "What? Oh right I'm supposed to be avoiding you." she went to the fridge, "Too bad." she said as she opened the door.

Dallas: he walked into the kitchen, "Finally the girl wakes." he gave Arya a small smile.

Arya: She shrugged. "I don't mind as much anymore." She said to Reign. She didn't have a grudge against Reign anymore. She looked at Daray and smiles slightly. "I know, it's surprising." She said a little sarcastic.

Dallas: "You did over exert yourself the other day. You needed the rest." he said softly.

Reign: she closed the fridge and turned to them with a Pepsi in hand as she opened it to drink it. "You should have just let her die you know."

Arya: "I know I did. I knew what I was doing and that it would take a lot out of me." She looked at Reign. "I could have but I didn't. Dallas is happy, Corinne is probably happy. I'm not so sure about you, Reign. Dallas stayed with you like you wanted all along. He didn't leave you for Corinne. That is what you feared. I told you that he wouldn't leave you, didn't I?" She said calmly with nothing but kindness in her voice. She wanted to fight or whatever between her and Reign to be over. She was being the bigger person and trying to get along with Reign.

Reign: she shrugged a bit and didn't say anything for a moment as she took a sip of her soda, "Corinne doesn't seem too happy. Maybe if her life is miserable it will give me some hint of satisfaction."

Dallas: "Reign..." he sighed.

Reign: "It's only the truth."

Arya: She sighed too. "Trust me, seeing someone else suffer won't make you feel better." She looked at Dallas and smiled a bit. "Someone told me about that and he was right."

Dallas: he smiled a bit.

Reign: "I think you're the one who is making Corinne suffer. I heard her telling Daray she's the one who wanted to die so she poisoned herself. It wasn't my doing. I didn't know she was Kientian. I do." she smiled a bit and took another drink of her Pepsi.

Dallas: he looked at Reign and his smile faded, "What?" he said seriously.

Reign: "Exactly what I said."

Arya: She closed her eyes and looked down. She then sighed. "Tell Daray that I'm awake and upstairs." She took her drink and headed upstairs.

Dallas: he grabbed her arm lightly, "Arya, don't be upset okay? You did the right thing." he told her softly.

Arya: She didn't pull away and she didn't look at Dallas. "Sometimes the right thing isn't always the best thing." She whispered then lightly pulled away. "I'll be upstairs." She then went up to Luca's room to check on him.

Angelia: She came down the stairs a few minutes later and into the kitchen. She then pasted Dallas after giving him a hug. She went to the fridge and got something to drink for herself. She then sat at the table.

Dallas: "Hey kiddo. Has Corinne changed her mind about seeing you yet? Or Luca?"

Reign: she scowled and then left the kitchen.

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't know. She didn't seem like she wanted to see me when she first came here a day and half ago." She took a drink of her drink.

Dallas: "Probably because she didn't want to get attached as she was dying."

Angelia: "Oh. Do you think she'd want to see me now?" She looked up at Dallas.

Dallas: "You could ask. See what your dad says."

Angelia: "But Dad's with her."

Dallas: "He should be out in a bit."

Angelia: She nodded a little then took another drink. The bracelet on her wrist jingles a little.

Dallas: he glanced at the bracelet, "Have you used any of the charms yet?"

Angelia: She looked at her bracelet then at Dallas. "No, not yet. I have no need right now. It looks pretty as it is too." She smiled and looked at the bracelet again. "Thank you, again, for giving it to me."

Dallas: "You're welcome." he got up, "I better go check on your gr..." he stopped, "Well, she isn't really your grandmother is she? On Reign."

Angelia: She smiled a little. "Alright."

Dallas: he smiled and then left the kitchen.

Angelia: She sat in the kitchen until she finished her drink.

Daray: he came into the kitchen when Angelia was finishing her drink.

Angelia: She looked up and smiled. "Hey Dad."

Daray: "Hi Angel. Is your mother awake yet?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yes, she's in Luca's room. Can I ask you something?"

Daray: "Sure." he got some food out of the fridge and put it in the microwave to heat up.

Angelia: She looked down at her glass. "Is it possible that...grandmother, would like to meet myself and Luca?" She asked in a little less than a whisper

Daray: "I think so. Did you want to go in and talk to her right now while I go up to see your mother?"

Angelia: She nodded a little.

Daray: "Good." he took his food out of the microwave, "I'll be upstairs with your mom if you need me." he teleported upstairs.

Angelia: She got up and rinsed her glass out. She then took a breath and went into the living room.

Daray: "Baby doll I heard you're awake..." he said coming into Luca's room.

Corinne: she was sitting on the couch looking down at her hands. She looked up when she heard someone enter. She smiled a bit seeing her. "Hi Angelia." she paused, "That's your name...right?"

Arya: She turned with Luca in her arms. "Yes, I'm awake." She smiled a little then walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

Luca: "Daddy!" He said joyfully.

Angelia:"Hi. Yes, that's right." She sat down beside her.

Daray: he smiled and took Luca from Arya, "Hi my son." he hugged him and then held him. He looked at Arya, "Well rested now? I bet you were hungry when you woke up."

Corinne: she watched her, "It's nice to see you. Get to meet you." she held out her hand for a hand shake.

Luca: He hugged him back a little then smiled. "Miss'd 'ou." He said, trying to say missed you.

Arya: She nodded. "Yes. I kind of talked to Reign a little bit along with Dallas."

Angelia: Instead of giving her a hand shake she softly hugged her.

Daray: "About what?" he asked Arya and then smiled at Luca, "Missed you too son."

Corinne: she was a bit caught off guard but hugged her back. "I hope Arya is okay." she said softly, "If anything happened to your mother because of me I'd feel awful. I haven't heard of her in a day."

Luca: "Yay!" He bounced joyfully in Daray's arms. He was a happy child.

Arya: "Nothing much really."

Angelia: "Mom's okay. She was just sleeping. She's awake now but she's upstairs with Luca and Dad."

Daray: he smiled a bit at Luca and then looked to Arya again, "You don't look too happy. Or are you still half asleep?" he teased.

Corinne: she nodded and leaned back from the hug, "That's good."

Luca: He started to play with Daray's hair, like he did with Arya's. He was oblivious to their conversation.

Arya: "No, I'm awake."

Angelia: She nodded and smiled.

Corinne: "You are beautiful." she told Angelia softly. "I bet you have a heart as beautiful as your hair."

Daray: "So that means you just aren't happy...sad to be torn from peaceful dreams?"

Angelia: She blushed a little. "I wouldn't be able to say that." She said softly.

Arya: She shook her head no. "I rather stay up all night and all day. I hate sleep."

Daray: "Your hair grew a bit as you slept. I think." he touched her hair lightly between his fingers.

Corinne: she smiled a bit.

Arya: "I might have, but it won't be as long as it was before. It's going to take awhile for it to grow that long again." She sighed a little.

Angelia: She smiled back a little, her perfect white teeth showing a little.

Daray: he smirked a bit, "Hey, now I've got longer hair than you. You said you couldn't run your fingers through my hair because it was short. Yours was always long so I could always run my fingers through your hair. Now your hair is short so I'll know how you felt when my hair was short."

Corinne: "I don't think I'm the best company. You don't have to stay here with me."

Arya: She smiled slightly. "Yeah."

Angelia: "That's alright. I don't mind staying here. I just don't want to be anywhere Reign is."

Corinne: "I'm sure she isn't all that bad. I mean, Dallas stays with her.

Daray: "I could make fun of you about this...but I'll hold back."

Angelia: "Not all the time." She said softly.

Arya: She glared at him a little. "It's not funny."

Daray: "Oh. I think it's hilarious. I could put my clothes on you and you could pass for my brother." he snorted... Corinne: "I know. But who really likes to be around everyone all the time my dear?" she said softly.

Arya: She rolled her eyes and went downstairs, not saying a word to him.

Angelia: "I understand that. I like to be in my room most of the time. It's not so crazy there like it is out here."

Daray: he smacked her butt when she walked away from him. Then he followed her... Corinne: "I'm sorry. I make things crazy."

Arya: She turned around a smiled slightly at him then walked away from him.

Angelia: "It's not just now, it's seems like all the time."

Corinne: "What do you mean?" she looked at the door of the living room when she heard ones coming down the stairs.

Angelia: "While Dad was away for a more than a year, Mom had to fight off The Great Ones and she was doing bad things. I know she was."

Arya: She went into the kitchen again.

Corinne: she looked back at Angelia, "So you feel unsafe?"

Angelia: "At times. That's why I put this block thing on my windows and my door. No one can get in unless I invited them in. So far only Dad had been invited in."

Corinne: "I'm so sorry Angelia." she said softly. She thought back to the many times she had been afraid being in her house, alone. With no one. "At least you had people here to be with you, though. Your mother and little brother." she said softly. "They were here if you got scared, and now your dad is here for you too. And Dallas." she would mention herself but she barely knew Angelia and Angelia barely knew her. Angelia wouldn't feel safe with Corinne.

Angelia: "There's no need to apologize. I haven't felt safe for a certain amount of time. Since before Dad left for over a year. I don't know why though." She said softly. She looked at Corinne. "You're not going to be with grandpa, are you?" She asked softly.

Corinne: "Ummm," she looked down and held the blanket in her hand tighter as she wrung it around her hand nervously. She kept her eyes down and her voice soft. "Probably not. No." she whispered. She closed her eyes to stop the tears that threatened to come.

Angelia: "Oh." She then hugs Corinne.

Corinne: she wasn't caught so off guard by the hug this time. She hugged Angelia back gently. "It's okay." she said softly, feeling the need to comfort Angelia. "It was my fault for falling in love with a man who is taken by another."

Angelia: She continued to hug her. "It's no one's fault when they fall in love." She whispered.

Corinne: "I really want to see your mom but if she hasn't been in to see me perhaps she doesn't want to see me. Not a lot of people want to see me so I would understand." she didn't respond to Angelia's statement. She should have stopped herself.

Angelia: She nodded. "I can go find her for you." She looked up at her.

Corinne: she leaned back and looked at her, "Don't bother her. She'll come see me if she wants."

Angelia: She nodded a little and laid her head on Corinne. She smiled a little.

Corinne: she smiled a bit and put her arm around Angelia, "Do either of your parents tell you stories?"

Angelia: "Mom use to until she had Luca."

Corinne: "Have you ever heard the story of the wolf and the weeping willow tree?"

Angelia: "No."

Corinne: "Perhaps I'll tell you one day. Maybe not now."

Angelia: She smiled a little. "That would be nice." She said softly.

Corinne: "Soon you'll look as old as me."

Angelia: She frowned a little. "Mom says I'll stop growing soon. That I'll probably always look eighteen, maybe even younger."

Corinne: "I only look seventeen dear. I mean, unless you want to be older. I didn't mean to offend you with my words if I did."

Angelia: She shook her head no. "I don't mind looking young, it's the idea of watching everyone else get old while you stay the same."

Corinne: she sighed softly, "Dallas and I used to be the same age. I suppose it would be weird now if we were together." she said softly. "He looks almost twenty years my senior."

Angelia: "So? You and grandpa look great together."

Corinne: she rubbed Angelia's arm and gave her a small squeeze, a small smile on her lips but she said nothing.

Angelia: She smiled a little and stayed with Corinne.

Arya: She came into the living room and smiled slightly. "I see you've met your grand-daughter. She's a sweetie, isn't she?" She smiled a little more, but not much.

Corinne: she looked up at Arya and held a hand out to her, "That she is. I wouldn't have met her without you."

Arya: She took her hand and smiled. "Daray has Luca right now. Otherwise I'd let you meet him too." She laughed softly. "It's kind of hard to separate those two when they are together."

Corinne: "It's good for them to be so close. I must thank you Arya."

Arya: She nodded. "Yes, it is and you are very welcome, Corinne."

Corinne: "So you know what it is I am thanking you for?" she asked Arya softly.

Arya: "I have an idea, I think."

Corinne: "Good." she smiled a bit and let go of Arya's hand.

Arya: She smiled a little. "How have you been lately?"

Corinne: "I've been good. Getting to know my fam...I mean, your family." she corrected herself.

Arya: "My family is your family as well." She told her kindly.

Corinne: "I...can't." she had Angelia sit up, "I should go back home."

Arya: She nodded slightly and sighed a little. "I you wish. I cannot keep you here." She handed her a paper and smiled slightly. "In case you need anything or want to talk to someone."

Angelia: She frowned a little and looked down. "I'll be in my room if you need me." She hugged Corinne again then got up and teleported to her room. She closed her door. After her door was closed she teleported to the roof and sat there, looking at the sky.

Corinne: she took the paper from Arya with a smile, "Thank you." then she frowned as she saw Angelia leave, "I wanted to...never mind." she got up and put her cloak on.

Arya: "You wanted to...what, Corinne?" She asked her softly.

Luca: He came running in. "Mommy!" He was laughing.

Arya: She smiled and picked Luca up. "What is it, Luca?"

Luca: He pointed to the doorway. "Daddy, chase."

Daray: he ran in with his hands up in claws and roaring, "ROAR!" he stopped when he came in the room and saw Arya holding him, coming to a stop right in front of Arya. "Ahhh..." he ruffled Lucas hair, "You got away this time bucko." he looked at Corinne, "'re leaving?"

Corinne: she was about to answer Arya before Daray and Luca ran in, but then stopped when they did. She looked at Daray, "Yes Daray. I'm sorry. I must."

Daray: "But you just got here..." his smile faded.

Luca: He laughed when Daray ruffled his hair.

Arya: She looked back at Corinne. "You should at least stay for dinner. I'm sure Dallas and Daray would like that." She looked at Daray. "Right?"

Daray: he nodded, "Yes. Of course."

Corinne: "Oh. Not Dallas...I mean...Reign."

Arya: "Don't worry about Reign. I'll deal with her. You shall stay." She walked out of the room before Corinne could say anything. She went to find Dallas.

Corinne: she nodded slowly.

Daray: followed Arya.

Dallas: was upstairs in his room with Reign. He was on the laptop and Reign was reading while lounging on the bed. Her Pepsi can on the end table.

Corinne: she located Angelia with her mind and using Dallas power she teleported to the roof. But she didn't say anything, not wanting to intrude.

Arya: She knocked on the bedroom door. Luca still in her arms.

Luca: He looked so much like Daray at the age he is now.

Angelia: She didn't turn around. "I thought you were leaving." She said softly.

Dallas: he answered the door, "Yes?"

Corinne: ", hm." she stopped talking.

Arya: "May I talk to you, just you, for a second?"

Angelia: She didn't say anything. She continued to look at the sky. She stayed quiet for a few minutes then spoke again. "I usually come here to think, to I feel. I don't show my emotions in front of people because it's a sign of weakness." She spoke softly.

Dallas: "Sure. Come in." he stepped aside.

Corinne: "If that was true I'd weak." she looked down, ""

Arya: She came inside the room. "Thank you."

Angelia: She looked at her now.

Corinne: "Would you like to spend the night at my house?"

Dallas: "What's up?"

Daray: stayed in the doorway.

Angelia: "Is it alright with Mom and Dad?" More or less that was a yes.

Arya: "I was going to fix a special dinner tonight. It was going to be for a total of three people. The three people that I'm planning on being there is Daray, you and...Corinne. She's going to be leaving soon and I wanted to make at least one night where Daray could spend it with his parents. His birth parents. Of course, that's if you agree to this. If not then forget I asked."

Reign: she slammed her book closed. "No." she said sternly.

Dallas: he looked from Arya to Reign and back to Arya, "Could Reign come?"

Corinne: "I didn't ask." she admitted.

Arya: She sighed. "It's for three people. Not four. Just forget I asked. It was going to be for Daray, not Dallas." The last sentence was for Reign. She walked to the door.

Angelia: "I can ask and see." She stood."

Reign: she opened her book again, satisfied.

Dallas: he looked saddened.

Daray: "Her and I can eat dinner with you..." he told Arya.

Corinne: "If you want to. It might be boring."

Arya: Before she opened the door she looked back at Dallas. She slightly motioned outside the door. "Oh, Reign. I forgot to say something to you earlier." 'I wanted it to be father, mother and son. Something that you might not get with Reign. I want a loving surrounding, not too stressed.' She told him mentally.

Angelia: She shrugged. "I'm sure we can find something to do." She smiled slightly and teleported back into her room

Corinne: she didn't know what to do for a moment when Angelia randomly left. So she just teleported back to the living room.

Reign: she looked up, "Yes?"

Daray: he nodded.

Angelia: She went go look for either Daray or Arya.

Arya: "I'm sorry for everything I put you through and everything that I did to you." She sounded like she meant it too. She then nodded towards Dallas and left the room. Closing the door behind her.

Daray: was in the hallway.

Reign: she threw the book at the closed door.

Dallas: "Reign what's wrong?" he asked her. "It can't be Arya."

Reign: "She is purposely- uh! Arya hates me and Angelia- Angelia will NEVER like me like she likes CORINNE!" She growled and clenched her fists.

Dallas: "Reign..."

Reign: "Just go to the stupid dinner." she grabbed the bag of jewels and teleported away.

Angelia: She saw Daray. "Hey Dad, can I ask you something?" She asked while she walked closer to him.

Arya: She sighed and closed her eyes. Couldn't Reign see that she was trying to be nice? To try not to hate her anymore?

Dallas: he stepped out into the hallway, "I can come." he told Arya.

Daray: he backed away, "I'm scared."

Arya: She looked at Dallas. "Dallas, I hope you're not thinking that I'm trying to break you and Reign up so you can be with Corinne. It's not my intention. I'm..." She sighed. "I'm just trying to get along with her, to try not to hate her anymore. Should I just stop trying to do so?" She looked up at Dallas.

Angelia: "Scared about what?" She looked at him confused.

Daray: "You."

Dallas: "I know that Arya. It's okay. You're doing the right thing. Reign is just touchy is all. She's...sensitive. Whether you believe it or not."

Angelia: "Me?" She was even more confused.

Arya: She smiled a bit. "I kind of figured that out when I interrupted her crying the other day."

Dallas: "Crying? I wonder why."

Daray: he rolled his eyes. The joke was lost. "Forget it. Continue."

Arya: "I don't know. Maybe you should ask her when she comes back...if she comes back that is."

Angelia: She was still confused but continued. "I...well grandma was wondering...if I could stay the night at her house." She asked softly.

Daray: "I don't care." he told Angelia. "See what your mom says."

Dallas: "I will"

Angelia: She smiled slightly. She went over to Arya: "Hey Mom, can I stay at grandmas to a night?"

Arya: She smiled at Dallas then looked at Angelia. "What did your father say?"

Angelia: "He said he didn't care and to see what you say."

Arya: "Well, I guess so."

Angelia: She smiled and went to find Corinne after thanking both Arya and Daray by giving them a hug.

Corinne: was still in the living room eating the bars of chocolate Daray had left in there for her, as she sat cross legged on the couch. She looked up at Angelia when she came in. "Did you ask?"

Anglia: She nodded. "They said I could." She smiled slightly.

Corinne: "After dinner then we will go."

Angelia: "Alright. I'll go pack some things then." She left the room.

Arya: She came down the stairs, she didn't have Luca anymore. She went into the kitchen.

Corinne: "Arya do you need help making dinner?"

Arya: "I can get it but thank you." She told her kindly.

Corinne: "Who all is it just me and Daray?"

Arya: She nodded. "Yes." She started to get things out that were needed to the dinner.

Corinne: "Oh." she said softly. "I thought Dallas changed his mind."

Arya: "Yeah, after Reign left after I apologized to her."

Corinne: she smiled a bit.

Arya: She dropped a pan and flexed her hand a little. The feeling went out of her hand for a minute. She shook her head a little.

Corinne: she got up and went quickly to her, "Arya what's wrong?"

Arya: "Nothing. I just couldn't feel anything in my hand for a moment." She picked up what she dropped.

Corinne: "I can check to see if something is wrong." she offered.

Arya: "I should be fine. Thank you, though Corinne." She declined kindly. She started to get out the food that she'll need for the dinner. She started make it.

Corinne: "Thank you for letting Angelia spend the night."

Arya: "You're welcome. I seen how quickly you two became close. I figured that you and her could have more time together."

Corinne: "It upsets Reign, how Angelia likes me." she said softly.

Arya: "Well, if Reign didn't try to control her the first day that they were here and acted like she has then Angelia would have probably liked her too. She scared Angelia that day and when Angelia gets scared of someone she won't go near them." She explained.

Corinne: she nodded; "I can understand that." she sat down in a chair in the kitchen.

Arya: She nodded. "Maybe you could talk Angelia into giving Reign another chance?" She looked up at Corinne.

Corinne: "I could try but I don't think I'm the best candidate for making Reign look good. I am afraid of her too."

Arya: "I can understand why." She said softly as she got up and put a pan on the stove.

Corinne: she nodded.

Arya: She started to fix the rest of the food.

Corinne: she stayed in the kitchen with Arya.

Daray: came into the kitchen later with Luca. "What's up?"

Arya: She looked up and smiled. "Hey, just cooking the dinner that you and your parents will be eating tonight." She put something in the oven then sat at the table.

Luca: He was playing with Daray's hair again.

Daray: "Nice. Hey, could we not cut Lucas hair? Let it Indian boys..." he asked Arya.

Arya: "He'll look more like you so we don't have to." She took a drink from the glass that was on the table.

Daray: "Sweet."

Corinne: she smiled a bit. It was funny he'd mention that.

Arya: She smiled a little.

Luca: He laughed a little and continued to play with Daray's hair.

Daray: "Luca why don't you play with your mommy's hair?" He smiled at his son.

Luca: He shook his head. "No." He held onto Daray more.

Daray: he smiled and looked to Arya, "He loves me. I think he's adorable. Do I have time to take him to the park with me before dinner?"

Arya: She rolled her eyes a little before Daray looked at her. "Yes, you should have time."

Daray: "Yes!" he kissed her cheek. "Bye." he vanished.

Arya: She sighed a little. "I think he's gone a little childish since I had Luca." She got up and checked on the food that was in the oven.

Corinne: "Best for him. He spent the last year being so grown up."

Arya: "What do you mean?" She looked at Corinne. She was a little confused.

Corinne: "When he was gone...I saw what he went through, through Dallas eyes."

Arya: "Oh." She was trying to forget that Daray was gone for over a year. That was a horrible time, for all of them, not just her.

Corinne: she shut her mouth and looked down. "I'm sorry." she whispered. She shouldn't have said anything. She felt bad now.

Arya: "Corinne, you have nothing to be sorry about. I just have to realize that what happened, happened, and to get on with life. You shouldn't feel bad for me. I don't deserve it." She added the last sentence softly. She pulled out the food from the oven and cut into it a little to see how much longer it had to cook. When she seen it was almost done she put it in the oven again to let it cook the rest of the way.

Corinne: "If it's any consolation...I know what you went through...missing him."

Arya: She started to set the table. "Yes, I missed him. I missed him horrible...but after not hearing from him for a little over half a year, I thought he wasn't coming back at all then I felt this pain in my something happened. I felt it every day until the day he came back. But that whole time, I thought he was dead that Luca would never know who his father was. I even..." She stopped, looked down and closed her eyes. She then sighed.

Corinne: "Even...what?" she asked softly.

Arya: She shook her head. "Nothing." She finished setting the table up. She didn't want to say it out loud, afraid that either Daray, himself, or someone else would hear her say what was on her mind. She was thankful at that moment that she had her mind blocked from Daray. She didn't want Daray to know or to find out.

Corinne: "I'm sure you suffered a lot Arya. No one can hold anyone accountable for what they do in times of great distress." she said softly, tracing the counter table patterns with her finger. She had firsthand experience with losing Dallas.

Arya: "Corinne, let's just say I did something that I regret doing while the time I thought he was dead. My daughter doesn't know anything about what I did and neither does anyone else." She looked at her. "If Daray finds out what I did, He probably won't trust me anymore and be pretty upset with me for lying to him."

Daray: "I taught you everything you know about cooking." he kissed the top of her head. Then he walked over to the table and looked at the food.

Corinne: she smiled a bit and glanced at Arya then walked to the table.

Dallas: he patted Arya's arm and then walked to the table too.

Corinne: "Regret doing...did you kiss someone Arya?" she looked up at her, "Or are we talking violence here?"

Arya: "Well, it's more than a kiss." She whispered. She then looked down. "And there is some violence." She added quietly.

Corinne: "I'm sure..." she sighed and looked at Arya, "Listen, hun, you thought he was dead, really? Right? With the connection and all you two share even? You couldn't wait for him forever..."

Arya: She nodded a little. "I can't explain how it felt that one day. It was like, the connection that you have with that person just ended, like it didn't exist anymore. I felt a pain right in the middle of my chest. It lasted until he came home." She sighed a little. 'Dinner is ready, love.' She told Daray mentally. She got up and started fixing the plates for the three of them. "If Daray found out what I did, I don't know what he'd do. The worse he could do is leave me and take our children with him. That would about kill me." She told Corinne softly.

Corinne: "Did you love the man you were with?" she asked quietly. She was showing full concern for Arya.

Daray: 'Be there in a few minutes...' he replied.

Arya: "At first, I didn't. Then I thought I did. Now I don't even think about him. It's like it never happened but I know it did." She looked at Corinne. "I don't know what to do." She looked down. 'Alight, love.'

Corinne: "You don't have a secret child or anything with him do you?" she whispered, thinking about how she had gotten pregnant with Daray.

Arya: "No. I made sure, nothing like that would happen."

Corinne: she nodded slowly, "At least you aren't in love with him so while your problem is similar to mine, your life won't be any harder." she said softly, "It is up to you whether to tell Daray or not, but personally, Daray is my son and though I don't know him well, I know Dallas. And if Daray is anything like Dallas or I...I don't think he would leave you Arya. I am sure he would understand. I don't think he's anything like Reign...Maybe he wouldn't understand at first but over time. Just...don't let Reign find out before Daray does. Then it could be worse because she could make it worse." she looked down, "Of course I'm not one to be know what I did."

Arya: "Corinne, don't be so hard on yourself. Dallas loves you; he knows that, you know that. Everyone can see it. Dallas just won't leave Reign because she's his wife and, maybe it's hard to believe, but he loves her as well. I'm not sure. I've been trying to get along with her but I'm about to give up. I'm not sure if I should tell Daray or not. Not yet." She set the plates on the table. "I'll be right back." She went and told Dallas that dinner was ready. She then came back into the kitchen. "I'll make sure that the kids don't interrupt your dinner. The same with Reign." She promised.

Corinne: "When I met Dallas he was not married to Reign. But he chose to marry her. I love him more than he loves me. He loves Reign more. It's how it is and it's why my life is determined to be hard because I put myself in this position." she sighed when Arya left and stood when she came back into the kitchen. "Thank you Arya." she said softly, "Listen, if you need someone to talk to, I am here to be a listening ear." she promised.

Daray: he came down the steps and walked into the kitchen. He didn't have Luca with him. He had just put Luca in his crib.

Arya: "Thank you, Corinne." She hugged her. She smiled at Daray when he walked in.

Daray: "Hello babe. It smells good. This isn't a formal affair is it?" he teased and kissed her cheek.

Arya: "No." She smiled.

Daray: "Good." he smiled at Corinne.

Corinne: "Hello Daray." she smiled at him.

Dallas: he came into the room, "Reign still isn't back." he said, a twinge of hurt in his voice.

Arya: "I'm sorry Dallas." She frowned a little.

Dallas: he shrugged a bit and smelled the kitchen. "It smells delicious."

Corinne: "Doesn't it?" she smiled a bit.

Daray: "My wife works wonders with a stove. You should have seen her when I brought her here though. She didn't even know what a stove was. ' want me to make you a meal Daray? What's that? I only drain blood...a stove? Huh?'" he laughed at his memory replay of Arya.

Arya: She rolled her eyes. "You're lucky I love you."

Daray: "I taught you everything you know about cooking." he kissed the top of her head. Then he walked over to the table and looked at the food.

Corinne: she smiled a bit and glanced at Arya then walked to the table.

Dallas: he patted Arya's arm and then walked to the table too.

Arya: She laughed. "Not everything, my love. Not everything." She smiled a little. "I hope you enjoy your night together and that the food is to your liking." She then left the room. She went upstairs to check on the kids.

Luca: He was asleep.

Angelia: She was packing some of her clothes for the night and for tomorrow.

Daray, Corinne, and Dallas all sat down at the table and started to eat and talk with pleasant conversation.

Reign: she appeared back in hers and Dallas room at Arya and Daray's house and walked down the hallway to Luca's room.

Luca: He was awake now. He was sitting in his crib, playing with the toys that were in there.

Reign: she walked over to the crib and leaned over the edge and smiled down at him, "You look like a little Daray. Reminds me of when I took care of him and raised him as a child. Though I never gave him toys..." she picked up one of the toys in Luca's crib and looked at it.

Luca: He smiled at her. "Play?" He asked if she'd play with him. He went to hand her a car.

Reign: "Play?" she rolled her eyes and put the toy back in the crib, "I don't play. Never did. Never will. If it was up to me, neither would you."

Luca: He frowned a bit but went back to playing. After a few minutes he set his toys down and stood up, holding onto the side to the crib. He stood beside her, he smiled again at her. "Grandma." He knew who she was. He hasn't actually met Corinne, like Angelia has.

Reign: she didn't smile but something in her eyes looked lighter for a second before it left. "Wait until you meet Corinne. She'll love to play with you and she's so much nicer and better at everything that you'll forget about me."

Luca: "Grandma." He said again, still looking and smiling at her. "Up?" He put his arms up for her to pick her up.

Reign: "If you still want me to hold you after you meet Corinne, who by the way is your real grandmother, than I will. Until then, I will not get attached to any child who looks likes a young Daray." and with that she turned and left the room and went back into hers and Dallas' room and shut the door. She sat on the bed. She no longer had the jewels with her. She turned and looked out the window and just stared out the window holding back tears.

Luca: He watched her leave, he wasn't happy like he was before. He sat down in his crib again. He just stared at his toys. He didn't know what to do.

Arya: She walked past Reign and Dallas' room. She didn't know that Reign was back.

There was a glint of something shiny in the back wall at the end of the hallway that caught Arya's eye.

Arya: She walked over to it, wondering what it was.

It was a small door handle.

Arya: She looked at it, debating if she should open it or not. She bit her lower lip a little.

The handle was golden, a shiny gold, and about the size of one circumference of a person's finger.

Arya: She decided to leave it alone. She turned around and walked the other way. She'd ask Daray later about it. She walked into Luca's room.

There was a small ruby that Reign had dropped in Luca's crib when he didn't notice.

Arya: She picked up the ruby before Luca could get a hold of it. She put it in her pocket then picked Luca up. She walked to Reign and Dallas' room. She opened the door, still unaware that Reign was back.

Reign: she looked at the door and glared when she saw Arya, "What's with you always barging in on me?"

Arya: "I'm sorry, Reign. I didn't know you were back." She explained calmly. She then set the ruby on the near-by dresser. "I'll leave you be." She then started back out the door, closing it behind her.

Reign: she didn't say anything to that. She just picked up the ruby and put it in her pocket where the other jewels were. All except two, which she had used.

Arya: She sighed and went downstairs. She went into the living room. She placed Luca in his playpen.

Luca: He played with his toys in there.

Angelia: She took a breath as she stood in front of Reign and Dallas' room. She softly knocked on it.

Reign: "It can't be Arya because she just barges in. It can't be Luca because the boy is too small to make such a loud knock. It must be Angelia because the other three people are eating dinner together."

Arya could hear Daray and Corinne and Dallas still talking and occasionally laughing. She heard her name a few times in conversation.

Angelia: She bit her lip a little. She didn't know if she should walk in or if she should just go.

Arya: When she heard her name, she listened a little.

It was Daray, of course, talking about her over the clanking of the forks against dishes.

Daray: "Speaking of bad courtships, I tricked Arya into staying with me with a bracelet, which of course was harmless, but I made Arya believe it would kill her if she left. I still wear it sometimes to give myself a smile. Arya used to be very gullible, though she isn't so much like that anymore."

Reign: "You can come in Angelia. Don't stand there like a stupid girl."

Arya: She sighed. She looked down. Was she really that easy to trick back then? She closed her eyes, trying to remember her past. All of her past that is. She knew what was in it, but she couldn't remember what all happened. She slide to the floor and sat as if she was going to meditate. She closed her eyes and concentrated on remembering ALL of her past, both good and bad.

Angelia: She opened the door and walked in. She was still biting her bottom lip.

Reign: she looked over at Angelia, "Yes? You came here for something."

Dallas: "So is that all too how you met Arya?"

Daray: "No...that's a fraction of how I courted Arya. I think I better now that I'm married to her. I taught her to cook and she taught me how to be less of a jerk. If I was to tell you ALL of how I met Arya, it would take longer than this dinner."

Corinne: "Maybe we will have time some day to discuss it then." she said softly.

Daray: "Sure, I wouldn't mind talking to you guys. Both of you have missed a lot in my life."

Arya: She smiled to herself when Daray told his parents about her teaching him how to be less of a jerk.

Angelia: "I just wanted to ask you a question." She said softly.

Reign: "What's your question?" she said to Angelia.

Dallas: "So...Corinne, have you gotten to see your parents lately?"

Corinne: "No I haven't. I've never left the house you put me in. Up until a few days ago."

Dallas: "I saw them again recently. When I took Daray to the Ice Kingdom."

Corinne: "And how are they?"

Daray: "I only met a few people on that trip-slash-kidnapping. The only woman and man I've seen was-"

Dallas: "Yes. Them."

Daray: "But they-"

Dallas: "I know."

Daray: "WHAT?"

Dallas: "Shh, why do you think you were the only one who could kill the Chitter Claws?"

Daray: he was silent.

Corinne: "I guess this dinner was to tell him that...he needed to know some day."

Dallas: "Is his reaction better than mine?"

Corinne: she sounded as if a smile was on her lips, "It's not as cute as I thought yours was."

Dallas: "Corrine please don't flirt with me."

Corinne: "Oh. Sorry." she said softly.

Angelia: "I was just wondering, were still going to be here when I get back from Corinne's."

Arya: She listened still. She was a little confused but had no intention of asking Daray about it. It was none of her business. She tried to concentrate on remembering her past more then to listening to what they were talking about. She started to remember after a few minutes. It was as clear as daylight in her mind.

Reign: "Why do you care if I am?"

Angelia: "Why wouldn't I? Even if you're not my grandmother by blood, you're still my grandmother. It took a lot for me to come here and ask you, to confront you after trying to control me. Maybe if you opened up a little, you'll see that my family is not as horrid and unreasonable as you think. Only if you gave them a chance, you'll see that you'd be more accepted, but no, you have to be stubborn and mean. My mother is trying to get along with you, to except you into the family, not just because you're my Dad's 'mother', she didn't grow up with a mother. She was killed by her own parents, you have no idea what she's gone through and what she's done to try and make it right. She's trying to make it right with you but you're making it hard for her. If you want me to come around you more, then I suggest that you change your ways. Until then, I won't do this again." She was upset and a little angry at Reign. She stood up to Reign though. She wasn't afraid of her anymore.

Reign: she watched Angelia for a moment, not saying anything at first. "There isn't any reason for me to control you now. I have the jewels. But to make me change who I am would be to change the past. You either like me how I am now or you don't."

Angelia: She shook her head. "Since you have what you want, why don't you just leave? You're not happy to be here, I can tell. I'm done trying with you. I think my mother is too. Every time she's nice, kind or trying to help you, you more or less throw it back in her face." She turned around and walked out of the room, before she closed the door she added. "Mother's are supposed to loving and caring, no matter what. Even if the child isn't theirs. They should treat others how they would like to be treated. You should have respect for others as well." She then shut the door and leaned against the wall next to the door. She closed her eyes and sighed softly.

Reign: she stood and grabbed her purse and the book she had been reading. She opened the bedroom door. "I guess you're right Angelia. I should leave. Everyone is better off without me anyways. So I guess to answer your question, I won't be back when you return from Corinne's."

Angelia: "Grandfather's not." She still had her eyes closed. "He told Corinne earlier to not flirt with him." She stated quietly.

Reign: "Yet he's the one who kissed her before I took her when I was going to kill her...though it turned out not to even be her. He has never kissed me like that since he's met the slut."

Angelia: She didn't say anything at first. "So you're jealous of her." She stated. She then got up. "If you trust me, you'll stay here." She then went downstairs and to the kitchen. She walked over to Dallas and whispered the conversation that she just had with Reign into his ear. She also told him about the kiss, how she seemed jealous about it.

Reign: she sighed and stayed there, just watching Angelia leave.

Dallas: he smiled slowly and laughed. He looked at Angelia; "She was talking to you about this?" he was a bit shocked.

Reign: she glanced at Angelia's wrist and then to her neck. "You must be a tough girl to have those items on you to wear." she mentioned.

Angelia: She nodded. "I kind of told her what was on my mind and kind of 'yelled' at her." She blushed a little, she was embarrassed.

Dallas: "After I am done with dinner I'll be up. Thank you my dear." he patted her cheek lightly, smiling a bit.

Corinne: "After dinner we can head to my house Angelia." she reminded her.

Angelia: She nodded. "I'll keep her from leaving. Or try to." She looked at Corinne. "I know. I can't wait." She then skipped to the stairs. She went up to where Reign was.

Reign: she glared at Angelia, "What did you do?"

Angelia: She smiled. "Nothing."

Reign: she found herself smiling a bit. Then she turned and went back into her room and set her purse and book down. She came back out, "You're a bit conniving aren't you? I like it."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I can be when I want to."

Reign: she glanced at Angelia's wrist and then to her neck. "You must be a tough girl to have those items on you to wear." she mentioned.

Angelia: She looked a little confused. "What items?" She then realized what Reign was talking about. "Oh, yeah. Dad gave me the necklace and grandpa gave me the bracelet." She smiled a bit.

Reign: she nodded, "Did your dad tell you that chitter claw whom that tooth that you wear as a necklace came from, ripped off his fangs before he killed it?" she smiled a bit, "I bet the people hated seeing that."

Angelia: "Dad still has his fangs though." She told Reign. "But no he didn't tell me that."

Reign: "Darn they grew back."

Angelia: "I don't see what's wrong with having fangs."

Reign: "Nothing. Do you have them?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Reign: "Don't go biting things bigger than you. That's my caution."

Angelia: "I don't plan on it." She admitted.

Reign: "Do you like the cold?" she said, changing the subject.

Angelia: "No, I hate it. I like it where it's warm, where I can go outside."

Reign: " of Daray's children has to like it I'm sure."

Angelia: She shrugged. "Why do you ask?" She leaned against the wall.

Reign: "Corinne loves the cold. Considering Daray is her son and though he doesn't care for it too much, I think one of Corinne's grandchildren will like it."

Angelia: She shrugged again. "Luca doesn't seem too thrilled about the cold either. He might change his mind by the time he's like six. Never know."

Reign: "Right...never know." she said distractedly. "Okay, nice talking to you. I'm done now." she opened her room door and went inside.

Angelia: She nodded a little then went downstairs and into the living room. She sat on the couch, watching Arya. She was trying to figure out what she was doing.

Arya: She wasn't paying any attention to what was going on around her. She winced every now and again.

Luca: He was asleep in his play pin. He had a hold of one of his animals.

Daray: he came into the living room, "Arya...?" he looked to Angelia to see if she could tell him what Arya was doing.

Angelia: She shrugged and shook her head. She couldn't tell him.

Arya: She didn't answer him.

Daray: he walked over and knelt down in front of her and kissed her lips softly.

Arya: When Daray kissed her, she pulled away from him. She was at one of her memories with her father. The day that she and Daray fought her parents.

Daray: "Hmm..." he started to tickle her.

Arya: No reaction to his tickling. She was so deep into her memories.

Daray: he sighed and looked over at Luca. He went over and watched him for a moment. He smiled a bit. He was very cute.

Corinne: she came into the living room, "Ready to go Angelia?" she said softly.

Angelia: She nodded and got up. She teleported to her room then back to the living room. She had her bag with her. She went over and hugged Daray. "Bye Daddy. See you when I get back. I love you."

Luca: He moved a little but didn't wake up.

Daray: he hugged her back, "Bye baby girl. Have fun. Call if you need anything." he kissed her cheek softly before letting go of the hug.

Angelia: "I will, Daddy." She then walked over to Corinne. "Ready." She smiled.

Corinne: she put on her cloak, "Bye Arya, Daray, and Luca." she looked to Dallas. "Bye Dallas." she held out a hand for a shake.

Dallas: he smiled a bit and then hugged her gently, "Good bye Corinne." then he let go of the hug.

Corinne: she blushed a bit, unable to help it. Then she looked to Angelia and walked out of the house with her.

Luca: He started to cry a little. He was still asleep when he cried though.

Arya: She opened her eyes and looked around after blinking a few times. Her breathing was uneven now.

Daray: he looked at Luca and picked him up to hold him, "Shh, it's okay." he tried to comfort him.

Luca: He continued to cry for a few minutes.

Daray: "Luca?" he said softly, "What's wrong?" he tried to read his thoughts.

Luca: He cried a little longer.

Arya: "Try rubbing his back." She said in barely a whisper.

Daray: he glanced over at Arya and then back to Luca and rubbed his back gently.

Luca: He continued to cry but then stopped after a few minutes. He was peacefully sleeping again.

Daray: he looked to Arya, "That was weird."

Arya: "What was?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Him crying...and not being awake. Does that happen often?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "I was just 'meditating', trying to remember my memories. Luca's crying snapped me out of it." She stood. "He cries in his sleep every once in awhile. He did it once or twice a week when you weren't here the year he was born." She walked over to stand beside Daray. She carefully moved some hair out of Luca's face. She smiled a little. "It was like; he knew that you weren't there. Now that he knows that you are here, he's probably afraid you'll leave." She said softly.

Luca: He slept in Daray's arms. He had a hold of Daray's shirt while holding onto his animal that he had.

Daray: he looked down at Luca and held onto him. He was so cute. He couldn't imagine leaving him. He looked up at Arya, "He doesn't have to be afraid of that and neither do you." he told her softly. "Why were you trying to remember your memories?"

Arya: Her smile faded a little. "There were some things that I wanted to remember but couldn't so I decided to do what I did. I got too into it. My memories started from when I was little." She kept her eyes on Luca.

Daray: "I'm sorry my love." he said softly. He held Luca in one arm and patted Arya's hand with his free hand. He got off the floor and went and sat on the couch.

Arya: She sat beside him. She looked down at her hands, at her ring that Daray gave her. She played with it a bit.

Daray: he saw her playing with the ring; "Having second thoughts?" he teased.

Arya: "What?" She looked up at him. "Oh, no. Just thinking." She looked back down at her ring, playing with it still.

Daray: "About?"

Arya: "Things."

Daray: "Things like?"

Arya: "Just random things, like family, our family, wondering how angry you would be if I told you I lied to you, how fast our children are growing up, how to find a way to make up for what I did to Reign. Things like that." She whispered.

Daray: "Reign hurt you, first of all. So you have nothing to make up to her. And secondly, it would depend on what you lied to me about I guess..." he watched her, "Hon what's wrong?"

Arya: She bit her lip. "When you came back, you asked me a certain question. Do you remember what that question was?" She didn't look up at him.

Daray: "No...not really. I thought we were past it so I don't really remember things that far back."

Arya: "You asked me if I was ever with someone while you were gone or something similar like that."

Daray: "Yes and you said no, didn't you?" he paused, "I only remember important stuff. Like when you said you'd marry me. When we had our first kiss. First time I saw you, first time we slept together, how I felt seeing our first child...things like that." he smiled a bit.

Arya: She nodded yes. "I did but...I...lied." She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Daray: "You found a boyfriend?"

Arya: She nodded a little. "I guess you could say that but I haven't seen him since, well, it's been MONTHS since the last I seen him. I've done things with him, that I regret doing and I feel that you should know." She whispered.

Daray: "What like kissed him?" he smiled a bit, but then his smile faded into a look of anger as he saw how Arya was acting, "You slept with him?" he practically snapped.

Arya: "I thought you were dead. He was there. He comforted me when we were together. It went from that to dating, to kissing goodnight, to just kissing and then it went on from there." She waited for him to either, yell at her or hit her. She felt like she deserved to be hit, to be yelled at.

Daray: "Who is him? HIM has a name? How many times did you sleep with him?"

Arya: "His name is Jayden. I slept with him a few times." She whispered.

Daray: "How nice. So you waited, what, a month after I was gone and decided, oh, Daray's gone. Let's party it up and sleep with someone else." he growled. "I hope you thought of me every time he shoved himself into you and you felt regret for betraying me." he looked away from her and then down at Luca. He got up and put Luca in his playpen again. "What kind of a suckish name is Jayden." he muttered to himself, gripping the edge of the playpen.

Arya: "I waited eight months for you. Not one, eight." She was standing now. "When I told you that I thought of you every day you were gone, I meant that. I feel horrible for what I did, yes I'll admit it was wrong for me to do but I can't change it. At least, I told you instead of keeping it a secret for the rest of our life." She looked at him. "Do you know what I'm about to ask you?" She said softly. She heard what he said but didn't comment on it.

Daray: "No. At the moment I don't care." he turned to face her, "If you did truly feel bad you would have only slept with him once and not 'a few times'." he scowled.

Arya: She held back a comment. "I was going to ask you to hit me. I need it, I deserve it and you know it. I don't care where and I don't care when. Or you can do anything that you want to do to me. Doesn't matter what." She looked at him.

Daray: "What like cheat on you too?" he snapped. He didn't really mean it but it had come out.

Arya: She swallowed. "If that's what you think you need to do." She held back how she felt when he said that.

Daray: "So where's Jayden now? Do you think of him when I sleep with you? Do you?" he wanted to yell louder than he was, but if he did he would wake up Luca and he didn't want that. Nor did he want his parents to hear.

Arya: "I don't know. I don't think of him when I sleep with you. I don't." She admitted truthfully.

Daray: "Did I interrupt a planned date when I came home unexpectedly?"

Arya: "No." She admitted truthfully again.

Daray: "Perhaps I was gone so long you started to not only think I was dead but also hope I truly was dead so you could be with him. Did you plan on marrying him, Arya? Maybe Luca isn't even my child."

Arya: "I did not! I was hoping that you would return. That you returned safe and unharmed. I didn't plan on anything. Luca is yours. I was pregnant before I even got with Jayden. I found out that I was pregnant with Luca a week after you left." She looked down and closed her eyes. "I was wrong about this. About how angry you would be." She whispered then looked back up at him. "Daray, I love you and only you. I know I did wrong, that I betrayed you. I'm sorry for doing it. I truly am. I never stopped thinking about you. Every moment, of everyday I did nothing but think of you. I thought you were gone forever, that you were never coming back. I had to try and move on but I didn't until eight MONTHS after you were gone." She watched him. "Even after the few times with Jayden, it didn't seem right. That's when I started to go back to my old ways. I was just using him as my prey, my biting supply. That's why I have a hard time drinking synthetic red liquid now. I got so use to drinking natural red liquid. He was nothing but a toy, a thing to play with. I NEVER loved him and I NEVER will."

Daray: he sighed heavily. "If you were hoping I would return, why did you," he put his palm to his forehead and closed his eyes, "Okay." he took a breath, "I need to know if you plan on seeing him again, or talking to him at all, or even seeing him for prey. Is he human?"

Arya: "Yes, he's human and no I don't plan on seeing him or talking to him or even seeing him for prey."

Daray: "Fine." he moved his hand and looked at Arya, his eyes hard. "Fine." he repeated.

Arya: "You don't trust me anymore." She stated then nodded slowly. "I can understand that. I guess this isn't worth anything but I'm sorry." She sighed softly and went to the living room doorway. "I'll start moving my things into another room then." She looked down then started up the stairs.

Daray: he grabbed her arm, holding it a little too tight, "Arya, what did I tell you about walking away from me? I don't like it. And I also don't like you assuming things about me."

Arya: She held back a wince. She looked at him. "Again I'm sorry, for both things." She just stood there now.

Daray: "If you never loved him, fine. You don't wish to see him again, fine. I'm saying fine because I'm saying I understand. Thinking about it from your perspective, yeah. Fine. I knew you were alive but you didn't know I was. Fine. Like you said it felt like constant pain and so you thought I died. Fine. I bet this was just one thing Reign hoped would happen." he let go of her arm with a little push, "No wonder she didn't let me communicate with you."

Arya: "I never loved him, I couldn't love him. There wasn't a way possible for me to love him." She whispered, even thought she thought it didn't matter to him what she said anymore. She was proven wrong once; she could be proven wrong again. She stepped back when he pushed her arm a little. "So what do you want to do now? Where are we at?"

Daray: "Why no way possible? You can't stop loving me? Isn't true. If it was you wouldn't have slept with him at all." he rolled his eyes and there was a rumble in his throat like a growl. "Wish he were dead."

Arya: "Then go find him and kill him." There was no emotion in those words. She really didn't care if Jayden lived or died. "Fine, don't believe me when I say that I never loved him and that I never will." She turned and started to go up the stairs again.

Daray: he grabbed Arya's arm and pulled her back down the steps again, "Don't you dare walk away from me right now woman." he snapped. He looked at her intensely.

Arya: She growled when he pulled her back down the stairs. She looked at him. "Do what you want to do. Do it. I've walked away from you twice now." She said through clenched teeth.

Daray: "Are you purposely trying to make me more upset than I already am? Do you know how...betrayed I feel right now? And then you're now trying to get me to be violent to you also so then I feel worse about hurting you. Why Arya? Why are you?" he yelled.

Dallas: he looked down from the top of the stairs. "Daray?"

Daray: "Leave father. Right now."

Dallas: he looked to Arya, concerned.

Arya: "I deserve it. You know I do. After what I did to you, I feel that you should hurt me for it." She watched him. "Probably as betrayed as Reign felt when she found out about Corinne." She didn't raise her voice at all. She kept it the same level. "Dallas, I'm fine. Seriously. Daray and I are just having an argument about something I did in the past. That's all." She continued to watch Daray.

Dallas: he nodded and left back to his and Reigns room.

Daray: "No Arya. Worse. Because I'm married to you." he waited for Dallas to leave.

Arya: "You don't know how much I regret doing it either." She watched him still.

Daray: "How much do you regret it Arya?"

Arya: "So much I can't put it in words."

Daray: he wasn't yelling anymore. His father coming had interrupted the yelling. He looked away from Arya, "You're mine Arya. And I want you to never even look at another man unless you've buried my dead body yourself so you know I'm gone."

Arya: "And I'll always be yours." She kind of forced Daray to look at her. She looked him in the eyes. "The only man that I'll ever look at is you. I swear on my life, my blood, my soul, and my love for you. If I break that, I want you to promise me that you'll do this. No matter what."

Daray: "Do what? Hit you?"

Arya: She nodded and swallowed. "Also, to lock me in the basement for a day or two. Without anything to drink. I've noticed, it's the only way I learn if I break a promise or something I swore not to do. Promise me that you'll do that."

Daray: "You're asking me to promise that I' the cause of pain for the one I love?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "I know what pain is. I've died once. I know what it is, so I know what to look forward to. Even then, if you don't. I'll have someone else do it and you won't like who it'll be."

Daray: "Do it then. Because I won't be the one to hurt you. That's how I punish you, is by not giving you what you want. If you wish to betray that wish of mine, fine. Get someone else. You've betrayed your loyalty to me in other ways so it won't be surprising."

Arya: That hit her hard. She back away a few feet. She swallowed. "I'll be upstairs, if you need me." She nodded her head a little then started up the stairs again. She waited for Daray to pull her back down them.

Daray: he let her leave this time. He went back into the living room and sat down on the couch. He pulled out his locator and tried to find where anyone named Jayden was located on earth.

Arya: She went to their room and started to gather something's. She then went into one of the spare rooms and started to put them away in there. She held back her emotions.

Jayden happened to be in the next town next to the one that Daray and Arya lived in.

Daray: he growled and set the locator down. He hesitated. Was this wise for him to do? He stood and teleported to the town. Was it in his anger? He went to find Jayden.

Reign: "You and Daray are fighting?" she said standing in the doorway.

Arya: "Just go away, Reign. I don't want to talk to you right now. I don't want to talk to anyone right now." She pushed pasted her. She went back to her and Daray's room and got a few more things. She came back into the room she was in. She set them on the dresser.

Jayden: He was working at a restaurant.

Reign: "Ahh the banishing. I banished Dallas to the couch for a year. A year I didn't let him touch me and only when I wanted a kiss did I kiss him. I feel bad for you. What did you do?"

Daray: he sat down at a table and opened a menu.

Arya: "Nothing, just go away." She growled at her.

Jayden: He walked over to where Daray sat. "Good afternoon, sir. May I take your order?"

Daray: "Jayden?" he looked up at him, "Hmmm, have a seat." he motioned to the chair at the other side of the table.

Reign: she smiled a bit but didn't move.

Jayden: "Do I know you?" He didn't move.

Arya: She got up and slammed the door in Reign's face. She knew that wasn't going to stop Reign though.

Reign: she went back to her room.

Dallas: "Is Arya okay?"

Reign: "Who knows with her." she sat down in the chair again.

Dallas: he got up and went to the spare room and knocked on the door, "Arya?" he said softly.

Daray: "Yes. I'm Arya's husband."

Arya: She cleared her throat. "Yes, Dallas?"

Jayden: "Arya's husband? I don't know any Arya's."

Daray: he slammed his menu on the table and stood quickly and his face screwed up as he pulled his hand back and clenched it in a fist and connected it to Jayden face in hard punch, dislocating his jaw. "You bastard! You slept with her and now you deny even knowing her. How dare you!" he grabbed Jayden by the shirt with both of his fists and lifted him off of the ground and slammed him back into the wall, holding him there, and he growled. He was taking out his violent anger on Jayden. Not Arya.

Dallas: "My dear are you alright?"

Jayden: He was in shock and kind of pissed at his jaw being dislocated. He tried to get Daray's hands off of him.

Arya: "I'm fine." Her voice didn't sound convincing.

Dallas: "Do you wish to speak of it?"

Daray: he let him try but knew he wasn't getting anywhere.

Arya: "You won't be happy about what you hear if I do." She said softly.

Jayden: He tried to ask Daray what he wanted.

Daray: he snapped his jaw back in place, making sure it was painful. "Speak."

Dallas: "May I come in?"

Jayden: "What do you want?"

Arya: "I don't care." She said softly still.

Dallas: he opened the door and stepped inside. He looked around. "You and Daray moving to another bedroom?"

Daray: "I want you to admit you've slept with my wife you butt hole!"

Arya: She shook her head no.

Jayden: "I don't know who your wife is!"

Daray: "Arya Aleron!" he snapped.

Dallas: he looked at Arya, "Hun what's wrong?"

Jayden: He went silent. He didn't say anything.

Arya: "Can you shut the door, please?"

Dallas: he shut the door behind him as asked.

Daray: he growled, "You can't even be a man and admit it. Not only does your name sound like a girl but you act like one too. No, worse than a girl because at least my wife told me what she'd done."

Arya: "I did something that I regret doing. I did it while Daray was gone for over a year." She started.

Jayden: "I did sleep with her." He smiled a bit. "I remember every night we were together. Every time we sleep together. She loved every minute of it."

Daray: "Did you know she was married?" he growled. "That's not how she tells me it was." he pulled him forward and slammed him back into the wall again.

Dallas: he sat down on the bed beside her.

Jayden: "I know that she thought you were dead." He winced.

Arya: She then started to tell him everything that she told Daray.

Daray: "Do you make it a habit of yours to sleep with married women?"

Jayden: "No."

Daray: "If you remember my wife, why did you deny sleeping with her?"

Jayden: "Last name. She never gave me her first name." Daray could see a bite mark on his neck.

Daray: he released him and let him drop. "I hope you had your fun when you did because you won't be seeing or hearing from her ever again." he told him sourly.

Dallas: "Arya, everything is going to be alright." he said softly, "You thought he was dead, you couldn't help yourself that you needed comfort. If anyone should be punished it should be me for backing Reign when she wouldn't let him communicate with you while he was gone. It is not your fault." he tried to comfort her.

Jayden: He shrugged. "Whatever."

Arya: She shook her head. "I should have waited longer. Now Daray doesn't trust me anymore. He probably doesn't even believe anything I said or will be saying ever again." She looked down. She put her face in her hands, she started to softly cry.

Dallas: "Arya," he rubbed her back gently. "I am sure that's not true."

Daray: he scowled and punched Jayden to knock him to the floor and he knelt down and gripped his throat, "How dare you." he held it tightly, "You sleep with my wife and then you proceed to say whatever when you can't see her anymore? You have no respect or honor!"

Arya: She continued to softly cry.

Jayden: "Dude, you're choking me."

Daray: "You're lucky I'm not killing you. Are you telling me the time you've known my wife you cared for her not even a little? You comforted her for Christ's sake!"

Dallas: he hugged her gently, letting her cry. He knew she needed to cry.

Jayden: He didn't answer him.

Arya: She cried for a few minutes.

Daray: "ANSWER ME!"

Jayden: "Nope."

Daray: he read his thoughts.

Jayden: 'I just comforted her to make her think I cared."

Daray: "Give me one good reason why I should let you live." he said with disgust.

Jayden: "Your wife would be upset if I died." He laughed softly to himself.

Daray: "She cares for you as little as you care for her."

Jayden: "I doubt that."

Daray: "And why do you say that?"

Jayden: "I know she loves me. She just won't admit it."

Daray: he laughed, "Yea. I've got something better than you dying. I want you to suffer." he picked him up and knocking him out he took him to town and broke into a store where he spread Jayden's finger prints over everything. Then he stole a few items and put them in Jayden's pockets of his coat. "You can continue to think those thoughts in a jail cell." he framed him. He was actually quite proud of himself. Then he teleported home. He walked up the stairs and stopped when he heard Arya crying.

Arya: "I just don't know what to do anymore, Dallas."

Daray: he walked over to the door where he heard her voice and opened it, "Raya?" he said, his voice softer than before.

Dallas: he looked up and over at Daray.

Daray: "Dad can you leave please?"

Dallas: "Sure." he rubbed Arya's back for one more second before getting up and leaving the room.

Daray: he stepped inside and shut the door behind him. Then he walked over to Arya and knelt down in front of her and lifted her face so he could see her eyes. He brushed away her tears with his fingers gently.

Arya: She looked at him; there was hurt, sadness, and pain in her eyes. They were a bright blue from her crying. She sniffled. She didn't say anything.

Daray: "Arya, I want you to know that I love you very much. I care about you, deeply and truly. I should have been here for you and I wasn't, and so I understand how you sought comfort. I am glad you found it. I don't like it when you're sad."

Arya: She just hugged him. She wanted his arms around her and no one else's. She just wanted to be with him. She tried holding back the tears that wanted to come.

Daray: he put his arms around her and hugged her for a moment before leaning back and kissing her softly. He stood and sat down by Arya on the bed and slid his hands under her shirt and kept his hands there at her skin, stroking lightly, "I am going to show you what a man's love feels like when he really loves and cares for you." he said softly and leaned forward and kissed her lips gently.

Arya: She kissed him back, just as soft and gentle. When she felt his touch on her skin, it sent tingles up her spin. She kissed him a little harder now. She ran her fingers through his hair.

Daray: he kissed her harder as he pulled her onto his lap and his breathing deepened. He moved his lips from hers and slid them over her cheek and then to her neck as he nuzzled her neck. He couldn't explain it, but after talking to Jayden, he felt bad for Arya. He needed to comfort her. He thought the man would have at least cared for Arya in a small way, but he supposed it didn't matter. After all, Arya had treated him the same way. But he didn't care about how Jayden was treated. He just cared how Arya was treated.

Arya: Her breathing deepened as well. She tilted her head to the side as she closed her eyes. She slowly but softly moved her hips against him. She bit her lip a little.

Daray: he smirked and holding onto Arya's sides he teleported her with him to the top of the bed, leaning over her as she laid there. But when he had teleported her, it was just her. He left her clothes behind on the bottom of the bed. He started to take his kisses down her body.

Arya: She moaned softly, feeling his lips over her body. She knew that she was unclothed, she was just trying to figure out how to get Daray unclothed as well without having to pause for certain things.

Daray: he took Arya's arms and gently raised them over her head and held them against the pillow as he continued to kiss her body. She made the most beautiful sounds. He was addicted to them.

Arya: She squirmed a little, but was getting excited even more. She was breathing deep and fast.

Daray: he ran his hands down Arya's arms and down her sides gently. Then he stopped and leaned back and took off his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He was going to make love to her. True love. Not fake lust that some say is love but leaves almost as soon as it comes. This was him loving his woman; the girl he would spend the rest of his life with. The one he never wanted to leave.


Arya: She was lying beside Daray, her eyes closed. She wasn't sleeping, she was just relaxed. Her head was on his chest. She was breathing steadily and softly. She didn't want to leave his side at the moment. She didn't want to go anywhere.

Daray: he was lying with her, his eyes closed as he also breathed softly, stroking Arya's back gently. He hoped that he had made her feel better, even if he couldn't bring himself to hit her. She didn't realize she needed love, not pain.

Arya: She cuddled close to him. She was guessing that if he made love to her then he forgave her. She was committed to keep the promise she made him that day. She committed herself to him and she was going to prove that. She loved him and only him. The only man she wanted and wants to be with is him.


Corinne: she walked with Angelia up to her front porch and opened the door. She hadn't bothered to lock it because only a select few of people could find the place. There was no reason to fear a break in. She stepped inside and waited for Angelia to come in before shutting the door behind her. "My place is small but I was going to make up the couch for you. It just has one bedroom. Unless you prefer the bed then I can sleep on the couch. Or...there was a third option but I don't know how you'd feel about it."

Angelia: "The couch is fine. But what was the third option." She looked at Corinne.

Corinne: "I was wondering how you felt about a campout? Like...outside..."

Angelia: She smiled. "I'd love that."

Corinne: she smiled, "It is pretty outside. I don't get visitors often so this...I'm sort of excited about. Do you know how to set up a tent?"

Angelia: She nodded. "I do."

Corinne: "Good because I may need your help setting the tent up. I also know how, but I don't think I can get it by myself." she took Angelia's bags from her and set them down by the couch, "But first, did you eat dinner yet?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "I don't eat much anymore."

Corinne: "Why not? You're still growing are you not?"

Angelia: "Yes, but I'm mostly like my mom."

Corinne: she nodded, "Oh I see...ummm...would you need to hunt or anything then while you are here?" she looked around at the door and then the window and then to the entry way to the kitchen.

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. I might hunt while you're asleep."

Corinne: she looked at Angelia, "Oh, no hun, I am not afraid of that. You could drink me dry and I wouldn't die. I was just house constantly moves. I know where it is all the time, but if you leave you will get lost."

Angelia: "Is there a certain sent your house has? I could find it then."

Corinne: "I don't know...I've never smelled for one. But I am sure it does. All houses do, right?"

Angelia: She nodded. "I'll just find the scent of your house. I should be fine."

Corinne: "If you are sure." she smiled a bit, "Anyways I need some chocolate or I'm going to faint and then your time here will not be so fun and I'd feel bad." she walked into her kitchen and opened her fridge. She took out some chocolate whipped cream.

Angelia: She smiled a sat on the couch.

Corinne: she came back into the living room with a bowl of chocolate whipped cream and a spoon. She put a spoonful in her mouth. After she swallowed she smiled a bit at Angelia, "I haven't had a sleepover since I was 18."

Angelia: She smiled and laughed softly. "I haven't had one ever."

Corinne: "Well then I need to make sure this is fun for you." she pulled her legs up onto the couch in an Indian style as she continued to eat her chocolate whipped cream.

Angelia: She smiled. "Thanks."

Corinne: she nodded, "Okay, so, I have a lot of stories I can tell you tonight. But I don't want to scare you if I do. I know you were telling me you don't feel safe a lot, and I don't want you to feel that way here."

Angelia: "I'm sure I can handle them." She smiled.

Corinne: "You know, here, I am sure you'll like it a lot. Because the house moves, no one can really find it. No one can get here."

Angelia: "Except for grandpa and Dad."

Corinne: "And Reign...well, she could...when she controlled him. She probable can't find it now. And you aren't scared of any of them, are you?"

Angelia: She shook her head no.

Corinne: "Well, then, I hope you sleep well here." she finished off her chocolate and got up, "Be right back." she left and rinsed out her dish and then put it in the dishwasher. Then she walked back into the living room and opened up a closet and took out the tent. She picked it up, "Ready to set it up?"

Angelia: She nodded and stood.

Corinne: she walked to her kitchen and to the back door and opened it up to the porch. She set the tent down on the porch, "We have to set it here or if it's on the grass, the house will move away without us."

Angelia: She nodded.

Corinne: she pulled the tent out of the case and then started to set it up.

Angelia: She helped her.

Corinne: soon the tent was set up and Corinne stepped inside of it. She smiled, "I haven't gotten this thing out like...ever..."

Angelia: She smiled and watched. She looked around a bit.

Corinne: "I'll go get blankets and stuff. If you want to bring your pillow and sleeping bag out you can." she went back into the house.

Angelia: "Alight." She looked around some more. Something didn't feel right to her. She went back inside and got her pillow and sleeping bag.

Corinne: she came back outside and put the pillow and blankets in the tent as she hummed a happy tune. She was excited for this.

Angelia: She laughed softly as she put her pillow and blanket in where she was going to sleep.

Corinne: she turned to Angelia; "I'm going to make a fire." she went out of the tent and down to the fire pit on the porch and lit up a fire.

Angelia: She stayed back away from the fire. She knew what would happen if she got too close to it.

Corinne: she looked over at Angelia and stopped making the fire bigger, "Oh...should I put it out?" she could tell Angelia was a bit uncomfortable.

Angelia: "No, you'll need it to keep yourself warm."

Corinne: "I can bring out a portable heater." she put out the fire. "I'll do that." she stood. "It's okay." she smiled a small smile at Angelia then went into her house and came back out with a portable heater. She put it in the tent and turned it on.

Angelia: "I'm sorry."

Corinne: she looked over at Angelia, "For what hun?" she put a blanket around her and patted the space in front of her.

Angelia: "For the fire. It's just fire can kill what I am."

Corinne: "Oh, don't worry about it. I understand. I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

Angelia: She just nodded and sat in front of her.

Corinne: "So, little Angelia, tell me, are you thinking about boys yet?"

Angelia: "What? No. I won't be able to be with them so why think of them."

Corinne: "All teenage girls think of boys. Why can't you have a boyfriend?"

Angelia: "I'm not human." She said softly.

Corinne: " doesn't have Snyde schools..."

Angelia: "Mom and Dad says I don't need to go to school."

Corinne: "On my Kientian planet, we have schools for Snydes. There are lots of kids like you. I know other planets too. Like the Ice Planet, where my grandparents are."

Angelia: "I don't like the cold."

Corinne: "Oh...well...why can't you date a human?"

Angelia: "Dad and mom probably won't allow it."

Corinne: "But your dad was born human...and your mom was a Snyde."

Angelia: "It would probably hard to keep from attack him anyway."

Corinne: "You could always feed them something to make his blood not have that human smell to it. Besides, you aren't attacking me."

Angelia: "I know I'm not. You're family, I can't attack you. It's hard to explain."

Corinne: "Then, personally, my thought is that if you find a guy you really like, you won't attack him because you like him."

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't get out of the house much either doesn't matter."

Corinne: "You need to do something to make friends. I should talk to Daray about putting you in school."

Angelia: "No. It's fine. It fine. I don't mind being at home."

Corinne: she nodded slowly, "Alright. Would your parents be mad at me for talking to you about boys? Should I change the subject?"

Angelia: "No I don't think so. It's fine, you don't have to. I just never talked about them before."

Corinne: "So you don't have like, a preference? Like...what you'd be looking for in a boy or what you're attracted to?"

Angelia: She shook her head no.

Corinne: "What do you normally talk about?"

Angelia: "I don't usually talk."

Corinne: she nodded, "Well, I suppose I could tell you those stories I was talking about earlier today. I have plenty of them." she smiled a bit. "But that's only if you wish to hear them. We don't have to talk if you don't want to. I can just tell you stories if you prefer that. I just...I just wanted to get to know you better is all." she looked down.

Angelia: She nodded. "I want to hear the stories you were talking about earlier." She looked at her. "I know. It's just I never really talked to anyone about anything. I'm mostly keep to myself and stay in my room. Mom and Dad don't even know I'm there anymore. Well, ever since Luca came I should say." She admitted softly.

Corinne: "Oh sweetie, your parents love you very much."

Angelia: She didn't say anything.

Corinne: "You don't believe me?"

Angelia: "I doubt that they even notice I'm gone." She said, looking away from Corinne. She looked out into the forest area.

Corinne: "They knew you were spending the night at my house." she reminded her.

Angelia: "One of these days, I'll leave on my own. They won't even know I'm gone. You'll see." She looked at Corinne. She meant what she just said.

Corinne: "Your emotions make me sad." she said softly. "I'll notice if you leave."

Angelia: "You're the only one that would. No one else would care to come look for me." She looked down.

Corinne: "That is not true. Kientians have the power to read minds and feel what others feel...I know what you are saying is false. Your parents love you dearly."

Angelia: She didn't say anything. She just looked out at the forest.

Corinne: "Well, I love you." she said softly, "I've always dreamed of meeting my grandchildren. You know, if Daray ever had any. He's the only child I've ever had."

Angelia: She still didn't say anything. She was too concerned about the feeling she felt. Something still didn't feel right to her.

Corinne: "Honey, are you alright?" she reached out and put her hand lightly on Angelia's knee for comfort, watching her concerned.

Angelia: She looked at Corinne and smiled. "I'm fine."

Corinne: "But...I feel worry coming from're not comfortable here." she pulled her hand back.

Angelia: Her smile faded. "It's just, something doesn't feel right here. That's all. I'm fine." She tried to smile again. "Can you tell some of the stories that you were talking about earlier?"

Corinne: "Hold on." she looked around from where she sat and then crawled out of the tent and looked around. She felt for a presence, or for thoughts coming from anyone but Angelia.

Angelia: She just sat there.

There was nothing but animals there.

Corinne: she came back in the tent, "There are just animals out there." she sat down again, "But do you want to go home?"

Angelia: "No, I should be fine."

Corinne: she nodded, "If you're sure then. The house moves, like I said. So whatever is making you feel uncomfortable should be gone soon anyways." she assured her.

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright."

Corinne: "Well...anyways. Stories." she smiled a bit, "Right?"

Angelia: "Right."

Corinne: "So was it the story of the wolf and the willow tree I mentioned to you?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Corinne: "There is a story my parents told me which their parents told them of which I am to relay to you, of the wolf and the willow tree. Are you familiar with the story of Little Red Riding Hood?"

Angelia: "Yes."

Corinne: "Well, this...this story is a bit different. If you don't like it at any point just tell me. I am not sure how you feel about love stories."

Angelia: She shrugged. "I've never really heard any love stories."

Corinne: "Well, this is sort of a...tradition story in my family. One of the many. Where my people originated from it was likable to the Indians in the ways that they passed stories to generations. This story goes way back. But it's for one of my great, great, great, great, great grandparents or something like that." she giggled a bit, "But even if it is that old, I loved to hear my parents tell me this story. So I hope you like it too." she cleared her throat and gathered her thoughts.

Angelia: She smiled a little and waited for her to start.

Corinne: finally she began. "Some call this the story of the Hitler...while others, like me, just title it the Wolf and the Willow Tree...but either way it starts out the same. And as most stories do, it begins with a girl. A small girl, a child, perhaps 14 or 15. Around your age I suppose, which is what made me think to tell you such a story. The poor girl lived a hard life though, much unlike you. But back then, even children needed to work to help make a living. Mostly by this age though the parents would have married off their daughters, for quite a bride price too. And this girl would have been, much like her many older sisters and brothers and even a few younger ones than her, save if it wasn't for one scar that disfigured her face. The scar was so hideous, so ugly, that try as they might, her parents could find no one to look past this scar on their daughter to make her a decent wife. Not even makeup could cover it. The poor girl had a scar that ran from here," Corinne motioned from the high peek of her temple, "To here," she ran it down to the corner of her mouth. "Then a line here in an arch," she pointed to the far corner of her eye, right by her nose, and arched up and over back to her temple. "It made a half heart on her face. Ever since the child was born, she had the scar. Where it came from, no one knew. Some claimed it to be the markings of the devil. Or, a punishment from God. So much so did this poor scarred child get tormented that her parents hid her from the world when she was yet only three. They tried to give her a good life. But after so long, when her parents had realized how cursed she was- unable to get work, unable to get a husband, not even able to bring food in to trade with other people as no one wanted to look at her face...why, even her parents came to despise her. They treated her as a worker, and when she was just seven they forced her to sleep outside with the animals, encased in straw to keep warm in the summer. In the winter the poor girl slept in manure to take the heat from what the animals left behind just to stay alive. She bathed in the river, and at your age, Angelia, this girl, though she looked so young, she was already a woman. She didn't have time to have a childhood. No one allowed such a thing from a girl deemed so hideous. But despite all of this, the scarred girl stayed strong. She only cried when the moon was full, and she never wept in front of others. She did her work, and she did it well. But even despite this, one morning, she woke up, and found her family had left her. Her mother and father were gone. The girl snuck out of their hidden home and went to town, searching for her mother and father, but every person would shun her. They didn't want to look at her. They didn't want to talk to her. Some threw rocks to stone her. And the girl ran from them all. It just so happened this night was the night of the full moon, but it was not dark yet. She cried while the sun was yet up, but she cried as she ran. She ran until her legs gave out from beneath her and she fell onto the grass, so many miles from her home, her house, the town, and the people who hated her. She had fallen onto soft grass. And when she looked up, there she was, sitting under the shade and protection of a mighty willow tree." she paused for a moment before continuing. "The girl begged the willow tree to swallow her up, to make her as if one of the many, beautiful stems of the tree that fell in its entirety. She no longer wanted to be an outcast, but she wanted to be just accepted by all. To look like everyone else. The girl cried and cried, as if rivers fell from her eyes. She had cried so much and so hard, soon her tears fell as blood and stained the bark of the willow tree. So much had she cried that she did not recognize that the sun had soon become the moon in the sky. But under the willows branches it was already so dark, it was as if day never existed. 'Just like my life,' she sobbed, 'I never see the light. Only the dark.' And the girl stayed there, under the tree, with her arms around her legs as she rested against the trunk. She was not sure how much time had passed. Could have been hours, minutes, or days. But she did not eat, she did not move. And she was alone. Until, one day, the willow trees branches rustled and there, walking under the shade of the tree, was a young man. Perhaps he was a few years older than the poor girl, but he was strikingly handsome. A strong jaw, dark hair as if dipped in the blackest of the night skies. His eyes shone like stars. And almost as soon as the girl saw him she covered her face with her hands. The boy had stopped when he noticed her, glancing at her disheveled appearance. 'I did not know anyone else came here...' he suddenly said. 'I'm sorry sir.' replied the girl. 'I did not know where else to run.' 'Run?' he said confused, yet intrigued. He smiled a bit, and his voice was as a drop of cool water on a hot day. So refreshing to her. The girl nodded, her hands still covering her face. 'Why do you run?' he said slowly, stepping closer, 'And why do you cover your face?' he asked her. 'I am an abomination from the earth.' the girl said softly, 'I need to run, lest I get swallowed up by the beasts of burden and the men who wish to see me dead.' Now the boy knelt down in front of her, 'What I see,' the boy said softly, 'Is a girl in need of comfort and help, and I am willing to provide it.' 'Why would you do such a thing?' the girl said quietly. 'Because you asked for it.' he explained. And it was only then that the girl spread her fingers to look out from them, at him, and she saw his face, his perfection. But then she noticed the red stains on his shirt, and his skin...blood. Like little drops of tears. Her tears. This was not a boy at all, at least, not of this world. It was a making of the willow tree of which she sat beneath. The earth had heard her cries and had come to help."

Corinne continued with the story after a brief pause, "The boy had introduced himself as Adolf, and for months he was there for her, as a friend. She needed a friend, and Adolf gave her what she needed. He was there for her. Really, all anyone needs to feel good in this world is one friend who is there for you through everything, and this was he. They stuck together, and he made the girl feel less ugly. Over time, even she forgot the scar was on her face. She felt beautiful. He made her feel loved, and wanted. All because he cared for her. It was an unselfish relationship, and that's what made her blossom. So much so that even after the few months they knew each other, the girls scar vanished from her face. She was no longer hideous. No longer ugly, because she had learned to love herself from the inside and it made her beautiful on the outside. Finally, when the girl felt she was ready, she cleaned herself up and ventured back into the town where she grew up. And no one recognized her. She was so different, that everyone pictured her as someone new. The hideous girl had been forgotten. This new girl they accepted so fast, so quickly, that the girl did not know what to do. She enjoyed it. She was showered with attention. Her perfection, her beauty...she was lost in it. She even forgot about Adolf after a few weeks. She quit going back to the willow tree. She did not need him anymore. Why would she when she had all these others of friends? Adolf had warned her about growing too conceited with her beauty. He told her to keep a level head. But the girl forgot. And Adolf, the poor boy, he was hurt. Crushed. He felt betrayed. She forgot about him when he had been there for her when she was ugly. And one night, during the dead silence when all were asleep, a wolf ventured into the town and started to kill off animals that people had worked for food. For nights this happened, and the people blamed the girl eventually. 'This never happened when she wasn't here!' they reasoned. And on the night of a full moon, they captured her and chained her in the center of the town, placing a red, long cloak around her, and hid her face with the hood. The people thought if they would sacrifice the girl to the wolf, that the wolf would leave them alone. But the next night when the wolf came, he did not kill the girl. She was frightened to death, fainting at the mere sight of the wolf when he came into town, snarling and growling. When the towns people awoke, the girl was gone. They thought they had succeeded. But little did they know the girl was not dead. She was in fact, just taken to the willow tree. When the girl awoke, she was looking into the face of Adolf. 'Adolf?' she whispered to him, and he wouldn't even speak to her. The girl realized her chains were on her still, but now she was wrapped around the tree. She could not move. 'Adolf what's wrong?' she asked frantically. 'Please let me go.' 'I cannot let you go.' he said quietly. 'I love you too much to let you go.' And indeed it was true. The earth had fallen in love with a girl. A human, whose inner beauty so outshined the rest of humans. But her inner beauty was being corrupted by the world, and Adolf wished to protect her, from herself."

Angelia: She was so into the story she forgot about what she felt earlier. She couldn't wait to hear the rest.

Corinne: she continued with the ending, "The girl then realized what she had done, what she had become. And she felt ashamed for it. She asked the earth for forgiveness, as Adolf had given her everything and she was being selfish and took it all without giving anything back. He was her best friend, and she remembered this now. And Adolf finally untied her. The girl loved him back. He had been there for her, and she had been there for him. For months they were together. Until one day the girl cried now for her old life. She missed her friends. The attention in the town. And Adolf let her return, out of his love for her, as long as she promised to return. But this time again she never returned. Times had changed, they became different. A girl that beautiful was in danger. And the wolf came again to the town, hunting animals. But suddenly stopped when he glimpsed the body of a girl thrown to the edge of the forest. Horror stricken when the wolf realized who it was, for in fact it was the very girl he loved, he killed everyone in the town. Animals, humans- not even women or children were spared. In fact, they were the first to go. Not even the earth could bring back the one they loved, and out of agony and pain, the earth blamed itself for this. Adolf blamed himself. He had given the girl her face back, but he was not able to protect her from the world, no matter how hard he tried. Taking a sharp rock in his hand, he cut a line from his eye, arching up and down his temple. A scar in the shape of a half heart. And it is said that even to this day, a wolf can be seen sitting at the base of a large willow tree at the night of the full moon, with tears of blood, a half heart shaped scar on his face. In this story, the girl never has a name, for her name has been forgotten over the years, but it is the wolf that will never be forgotten. Adolf, they call him, the 'noble wolf'. And though this is a story with a lesson, some think of it as the story of Hitler, how he spared no one in the killings of many, while others deem it a tragic love affair. But no matter what it is, the story won't be forgotten. Because it is said the girl lives to be the sun, forever peeking down from the heavens, but never able to see her love, as he is shielded from the protection of the mighty willow tree, and his world, will forever be dark. For you see, she was the light beneath that willow tree. And without her, the wolf lives forever in night." she paused, "But why this story is of significant importance to my people is because it is said this girl had gave birth to twin children, the offspring of the earth. And sometimes, when the day is between light and dark, you can see them in the town where the girl grew up, forever searching for their lost mother, and never able to find their father."

Angelia: She sat there in silence. She was thinking. She was thinking of the wolf, Adolf.

Corinne: she took a deep breath, "Anyways, that's the story. It was actually one of my favorite ones of the many my parents told me."

Angelia: "If the story is true, where is its setting?" She looked at Corinne and smiled a little.

Corinne: "I asked that same question before. I was told the tree is located on the tallest hill in England. You can see the top of the willow tree for miles away. It is still standing today."

Angelia: She nodded. "I see." She looked up at the sky.

Corinne: she looked up with her.

Angelia: "Beautiful night." She whispered.

Corinne: "It is." she smiled a bit, "Perfect night for a sleepover. Perfect night to see the moon and the stars."

Angelia: She nodded. "What time do you sleep?" She looked at Corinne.

Corinne: she looked down at Angelia, taking her eyes off the sky, "Oh, whenever. I wasn't really planning on sleeping since you were here..."

Angelia: "Oh. I don't want to keep you up. Anyway, I was going to go hunt while you were asleep. I can wait until morning or when I get back home though."

Corinne: "If you want me to sleep I can." she said a bit sadly, "But...I just haven't had anyone to sleep over for a long time and...I enjoy your company. I don't want to miss out. Who knows when you'll be back?"

Angelia: "You don't have to sleep. I can wait until tomorrow." She smiled slightly.

Corinne: "Are you sure? You won't be too hungry? You're parents wouldn't let you come back if they knew I starved you whilst you were here."

Angelia: "I'll hunt while you're eating breakfast. Sound better?" She smiled more.

Corinne: she smiled a bit, "Yes. Sounds better." she agreed.

Angelia: "So, what shall we do now?" She asked.

Corinne: "Mmm, that is up to you. We don't have to stay at my house if you don't want to. We could walk around."

Angelia: She shook her head no. "I don't think that's a good idea."

Corinne: she looked concerned again, "Are you still feeling uncomfortable hun?" she said softly, "I'm sure we've moved completely to the other side of the grid by now. How can that be?"

Angelia: "No. I just don't think that's a good idea. There...are things in the forest that can harm us and that."

Corinne: "Perhaps we should go in the house. I can show you some things in there anyways." she smiled a bit.

Angelia: She nodded a little. "Alright. If you like."

Corinne: she got up and left the tent, heading back into the house. When Angelia came inside she shut and locked the door behind them. "Maybe sleeping outside tonight isn't a good idea. I'm starting to get a bit scared." she admitted softly.

Angelia: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything." She said softly. 'It's just as dangerous inside as it is outside.' She thought to herself as she looked around the room a little.

Corinne: "Maybe...maybe you should go home." she said sadly.

Angelia: She looked at Corinne. "What? Why?"

Corinne: she watched Angelia with a soft expression, "Hun, if you think something is going to happen...if it does...I don't want something to happen to you. I would rather it just be unsafe for me and not you. I don't know what I would do if something did happen and you got hurt here while I was watching you. I would rather it just be me."

Angelia: "But I can protect you if something does happen. I have...powers...that normal Snydes don't have. Not even Mom and she's a pureblood. Usually pureblood Snydes have all the powers that the other Snydes have. I'm the only one that has the powers that I have." She explained.

Corinne: "But I don't want you in danger either way. A Kientian can kill or paralyze with a thought so...I could do that if I need to. I would just rather you be safe at home. We can have the sleepover another day when it's safer."

Angelia: She nodded and looked down. "Okay." She said softly. She gathered her things together. "Can I get my pillow and sleeping bag?" She asked softly.

Corinne: "I'll get it for you." she said and went outside and got Angelia's sleeping bag and pillow and brought it back inside. She was trying not to cry. She felt bad.

Angelia: "It's okay to cry and you don't have to feel bad. I understand that you want to keep me safe." She said softly.

Corinne: "I just feel bad. This is why I shouldn't have people over." she said quietly. She watched Angelia pack.

Angelia: "It's not you. Things like this happen every time I'm not at home. I can't explain why though. All I know is that before Dad left, something happened to me and I can't remember what." She whispered.

Corinne: she paused a moment. "I could see what it is..." she offered.

Angelia: "It's probably something horrible. I had a broken wrist from whatever happened." She looked at Corinne. "You can do that?"

Corinne: she nodded, "I can even make you remember...but if you don't remember it's probably something your parents don't want you to know." she set down Angelia's sleeping bag and pillow, "Kientians specialize in powers with the brain. We are the smartest and the strongest species. Granted, our powers aren't full until we are 500 in age, and I am not even 100, but I can still do some things."

Angelia: "I want to know what happened. I don't care if they want me to remember or not. It's my memories, not theirs."

Corinne: "If you were of age...perhaps..." she bit her lower lip, "But your parents will be upset with me."

Angelia: "They don't have to know."

Corinne: "Alright..." she said slowly. She stepped closer to Angelia and put her hand on her face, touching her fingertips to Angelia's forehead. She closed her eyes and entered Angelia's mind. Finding out why this was happening, what she forgot, and about Angelia's powers.

Angelia: At first she was tense then relaxed after awhile. There was nothing about why this was happening; her powers were different from everyone else's. She was able to talk to things that could not talk themselves, like animals and the plants. She could control them as well; have them do as she wished. Then there were her powers of making things disappear and sent to oblivious and her power of teleportation. The things she forgot was the day she was taken against her will by that boy. He broke her wrist when she was trying to escape from him. Images went through her mind of what he did to her and the image of all the dead girls dead in the corner of the room he put her in.

Corinne: she pulled her hand back quickly, horrified.

Angelia: She dropped to the floor. Breathing hard, she swallowed. "I remember." She whispered. "I remember that day, that boy, the girls. What he was going to do to me." She looked off into the distance. She looked like she was going to cry but she wasn't.

Corinne: "Honey I'm so sorry." she was crying now, for her. She knelt down and hugged Angelia tightly, stroking her hair. She kissed her cheek gently in comfort, still hugging her. She could not believe such a thing happened to her granddaughter.

Angelia: She didn't hug her back, she was shocked, and a little frightened but not much. She couldn't say anything.

Corinne: she leaned back and looked at Angelia, biting her lower lip worriedly. Perhaps she should remove the memories again.

Angelia: She looked at Corinne, got up and got her things without saying a word. She headed towards the front door. She opened it and walked out. She then teleported away from the house.

Corinne: she got up quickly and tried to reach her. "ANGELIA!" she looked outside and mentally searched for her.

She wasn't anywhere to be found.

Corinne: "Oh no." she grabbed her hair with her hands, shaking, "Oh no." she jumped off of her porch and ran out into the forest. "ANGELIA!" she screamed, freaking out. If anything happened to her, she would blame herself. This was her fault.

Angelia: still wasn't to be found. She was far away from Corinne's house. She was back at the place where the nameless boy took her. She was breathing unevenly, she swallowed a little. She hasn't moved into the opening made from when Daray came and got her.

There was a horrid putrid smell of death that permeated the area; even from where she stood Angelia could smell it with her keen sense of smell.

Corinne: she stopped running and just fell to her knees, gripping the ground with her hands. She sobbed. She felt awful. She was never again having a sleepover with anyone. She never wanted to be around anyone. Anyone she was around, she always ruined something. She was meant to be alone, even devoid of friends and family.

Angelia: She backed away from the opening and ran away from it. When she was out of view from everything she teleported home into her room, she put her things in there then teleported into the forest. She went over to a tree and whispered something to it. She paused and watched the trees start to move a little. It wasn't abnormal how the trees moved though.

The trees that were around Corinne moved a little as well. The leaves moved when there was no breeze or wind.

Corinne: her breathing was already shaky from crying, but now she was even more frightened, hearing things around her. She put her hand over her heart and tried to breath, slowly, but she was hyperventilating by now. She kept Dallas blocked so he didn't know she was crying. But she wasn't going to be able to hold that shield forever. She turned and started to run back to her house, but with tear filled eyes it was hard to see and she was running into stuff, tripping every now and again. But soon she made it out and then remembered her house had moved. She closed her eyes. She couldn't think to pinpoint where it was. She fell to her knees again. If there was something scary out there, she didn't care. She wished it would attack her.

Angelia: She whispered to the trees not to scar Corinne but to try and guide her to her home. She even told plants to do the same. She also told them that she was going to try and find Corinne and to help her find her. She ran into the forest, looking for Corinne.

Corinne: she was crying outside of the ring of the forest. By now she had given up on shielding her emotions. Dallas would know something was wrong.

Angelia: She looked for her more. "Corinne!" She yelled into the forest.

Corinne: she turned and looked towards the trees, "Angelia?" she called back, but her voice was raw so it wasn't so loud.

Angelia: "Corinne!" She yelled again, she has stopped. She was getting a little tired; she only got tired because of the human part of her. She looked out into the forest. Scanning it the best she could.

The leaves on the trees moved a little. The only leaves that moved where the ones that pointed towards where Angelia was at. They were trying to guide her now.

Corinne: she got up slowly, "Angelia! Are you alright?" she ran towards her.

Angelia: She looked around more, hearing Corinne's voice. "Corinne?" She was breathing deeply.

Corinne: she followed Angelia's voice and stopped when she saw her, "Angelia? What are you carrying? Are you alright? I was so scared."

Angelia: "I'm fine. I'm sorry." She walked over to one of the trees and whispered something to it then smiled. She looked at Corinne and the smile faded a little. "You were scared of the forest?"

Corinne: "I was. I kept thinking of thing you said was out here." she admitted. She looked like a little girl right now, both of how she looked already as a seventeen year old mixed with her fear. She was still shaking. She didn't try to hug Angelia, thinking that the hug that she gave Angelia before was what made her run off.

Angelia: "I'm sorry. They were only trying to help. The trees, I mean."She softly patted the tree she was at before walking over to Corinne. She hugged her. "I'm sorry about running off like that. I wanted to kill the boy that did that to me, but I couldn't even get past the door."

Corinne: "Why?" she asked softly, returning the hug. She needed it. Slowly she started to stop shaking.

Angelia: "No one should treat others like that and live." She said softly.

Corinne: she nodded, "I agree. Angelia I'm so sorry. I deserve to be in so much trouble for going against your parents' wishes. You shouldn't know. Not something that bad. It's terrible. I can't believe that happened to you. How old were you?"

Angelia: "My parents will get over it. I looked like I was about twelve-ish? Maybe?"

Corinne: "I should get you home." she said softly. "I need to get your things from my house."

Angelia: "My things are already at home."

Corinne: "You took them home already?"

Angelia: She nodded. "You said that I was going back home."

Corinne: "Yes. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have people spending the night." she took a slow breath, then teleported with Angelia back to Angelia's house.

Angelia: They were in her room.

Corinne: "I should go. Maybe another time I'll show you what I wanted to show you in my room." though she knew she didn't really ever want anyone over to her house again so she would never see it.

Angelia: "I could see it now. Then we can come back here and I can have a little talk with my parents. You're name won't be mentioned at all. I promise."

Corinne: she shook her head. "I need to take down the tent and...yea. It's okay." she said softly.

Angelia: "I'll help you."

Corinne: "My place is a curse. I think you should stay home."

Angelia: "No it's not. I want to help and I'm stronger than I use to. I'll be fine. I swear."

Corinne: "I can take down a tent fine. I need to go." she teleported back to her house without waiting another moment. She went out to the tent and started to take it down. But she felt awful. She put her hand over her stomach and leaned over the ledge of her porch and threw up.

Angelia: She sighed and sat on the bed. She then teleported to the park and sat there for an hour. She then teleported back home and went downstairs. "Mom, Dad I need to talk with you," She called out into the house. She didn't know where they were at the moment. She sat in the living room, waiting.

Daray: he came out of the kitchen, "Yes?"

Dallas: he came down the stairs, "Angelia you're home. Is Corinne alright? I thought you were spending the night there with her. She was crying earlier."

Daray: "Crying? Is she okay?" he looked from Dallas back to Angelia.

Angelia: "She's fine. She was crying because I had an episode of disappearing out of nowhere. She said it wasn't safe for me to be there." She looked at Daray. "Where's mom?"

Arya: "Right here. What is it, Angelia?" She looked a little worried when she walked into the living room.

Angelia: "I need to talk to you about something that happened a long time ago." She sat in the chair that could only fit one person.

Daray: he took a seat beside Arya, "What is it?"

Angelia: "It's about the boy that hurt me."

Daray: he stiffened and glanced to Arya, then looked at Angelia, "How do you remember that?"

Dallas: he leaned against the doorway.

Angelia: "I have my ways. Why did you have that 'erased' from me? It would have made me stronger and from me remembering it, it has."

Daray: "I..." he sighed and looked down, "Because. It was traumatic." and he was ashamed because it was his fault it happened to her in the first place.

Dallas: he excused himself and left. This wasn't a place for him to hear.

Angelia: She watched him.

Arya: She rubbed Daray's back; she looked at Angelia "Don't be so hard on us. We were doing something that we thought was right."

Angelia: She rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She got up and went up to her room.

Daray: he looked up, looking hurt, "Angelia...I'm sorry. It was my idea."

Angelia: She was already in her room.

Daray: he got up and went up to Angelia's room. "Angelia I'm sorry. It was my idea." he repeated through her door as he kept it closed.

Angelia: She sat on her bed. She rolled her eyes, not saying anything.

Daray: "I killed him, you know. Since you know you should know that too." he continued.

Angelia: She sighed softly in relief a little. She still didn't say anything.

Daray: he sighed and stepped back. He was just messing up all over today. He went to his office and shut the door.

Arya: She went up and knocked on Angelia's door. "Angelia, you should go and talk with your father. He feels horrible about what happened. He thinks it's his fault that happened to you. Now go otherwise you're grounded from your computer."

Angelia: She sighed and teleported in front of Daray's office door. She knocked.

Daray: "Yes?" he said from inside.

Angelia: "May I come in?"

Daray: "I thought you weren't talking to me. But you can come in."

Angelia: "If you don't want me to not talk to you, I can."

Daray: "I want you to talk to me. But, you know...making you forget your memories I understand if you don't."

Angelia: She sighed and opened the door. She shut it behind her. She leaned against it with her arms crossed.

Daray: he looked at her. He was standing by the window in his room. "What's up?"

Angelia: "Mom told me to come in here and talk to you otherwise I'm grounded."

Daray: "Well, you're not going to be grounded. We talked." he shrugged a bit. "It's alright."

Angelia: She sat on the floor Indian style.

Daray: "What?"

Angelia: She shook her head.

Daray: "Now you know why I don't take you to the park anymore."

Angelia: "I was at the park earlier." She admitted softly.

Daray: "I asked you not to go anywhere without telling your mother and I first."

Angelia: "I was with Corinne when I went. Well...I was supposed to be..." She whispered the last part.

Daray: "Hmm." he looked back out the window and shook his head.

Angelia: "What?"

Daray: "Seems the memory made you stronger...more of a liar."

Angelia: "More of a liar? How so?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Now you're sneaking around and telling me you went places with people when you didn't. You promise me you won't do something and then you do." he shrugged.

Angelia: She was standing now. "I had an episode of disappearing. I've had them ever since you left. If you were here, you would have known." She opened the door and slammed it behind her after she walked out.

Arya: "Angelia."

Angelia: "I'm going hunting." She then teleported to the forest and went hunting.

Arya: She looked to Daray's office door.

Daray: "Yes?" he looked at the door. "Angelia hates me." he sighed and looked back at the window to see if he could see Angelia leaving.

Arya: she opened the door and walked it. "What's going on?" She shut the door behind her. "Angelia went hunting."

Daray: "Oh." he looked at Arya, "You asked her to talk to me. She didn't want to talk to me. I think I upset her again." he sighed and looked back out the window. "Do you think we did the right thing keeping the memories from her?" he asked Arya softly, still looking out the window.

Arya: "What did you say to upset her again?" She walked over to Daray and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I think we did, love. It'll just take some time for her to come around. You'll see." She kissed his cheek.

There was a knock at the door.

Arya: She turned towards the office door then looked at Daray. "I'll go see who's here." She kissed his cheek again and walked out of the room.

Daray: he smiled a bit and followed her out to also see who it was.

Arya: She opened the door. "Hello?" She looked around when she didn't see anyone. She then looked at Daray and shrugged. She shut the door.

There was another knock at the door.

Arya: She shook her head. "I'm not answering it this time." She walked into the living room.

Daray: he answered it this time.

There was a letter in front of the door.

Daray: he bent down and picked it up, seeing who it was addressed to.

It wasn't address to anyone.

Daray: he shut the front door. "Arya we have a letter." he walked into the living room and showed it to her. "You want to read it?"

Arya: She shook her head no. "You can read it." She looked up from her book.

Daray: "Alright." he opened the letter and read it out loud so Arya could also hear.

The letter talked about Angelia and how she won't be returning anytime soon.

Daray: he read who it was from.

There was no signature to the letter.

Daray: "It's alright I've got this covered." he dropped the letter, trying to keep calm. He teleported upstairs to his office and turned on his computer.

Arya: She picked up the letter and reread it.

Daray: the same way he had kept track of Arya's location before, he located Angelia now.

There was no way he could find her.

Daray: "What the heck?" he muttered to himself and tried it again.

There was still no way he could find her.

Daray: he teleported back down to the room with a device in his hand. He took the paper from Arya and scanned it, checking for markings of any sort, like fingerprints.

There was nothing.

Daray: he set down the stuff and went back out into the hallway without saying anything and put on his jacket and his boots. He tied them up.

Arya: "I'm coming with you." She already had her jacket and shoes on.

Daray: "Fine. We are leaving Luca with my dad and mom?"

Arya: "I think they'll be able to handle him. He's not hard to take care of."

Daray: "'K." he opened up the front door and stepped outside, "She was taken when she went to hunt?" he put up his hood.

Arya: She followed him. "I guess so." She put her hair up.

Daray: "She left only because she was upset with me. Whatever happens to her I will blame myself for it." he said simply and smelled for a trail of Angelia's scent.

Arya: She placed a hand on his shoulder. "It's both of our faults, hon. Not just yours." She said softly and started towards the woods.

Daray: he followed her, in a run, and sighed. Whatever happened to Angelia- if she was hurt in anyway...he would do it to himself too. He figured this. If she was burned, he would burn himself. This shouldn't be happening to his little girl. She shouldn't be getting hurt or kidnapped like this.

Arya: "I have her sent." She ran in that direction, following the scent of her daughter.

Daray: he ran as fast as he could right beside Arya, "How far?"

Arya: She stopped a few minutes after he asked. "Here." She looked around. "Her scent stops here."

Daray: he looked for a shelter of any sort.

There was nothing but trees and plants.

Arya: "I don't smell any blood so she must have not gotten anything yet. Could she of teleported somewhere?" She looked at Daray.

Daray: "Only place she told me she teleported to without asking was the place where she was taken with the nameless boy who broke her wrist last year...I don't think she would go there and I don't know where else aside from Corinne's house."

Arya: She looked around some more. "They must have been following her." She whispered and tried to see if she could another sent, a sent that she didn't know.

Daray: he knelt down and tried to see if there was an underground passage of sorts.

Again there was nothing.

Daray: he waited to see if Arya found anything. He was not about to say split up. He did not want Arya getting kidnapped too.

Arya: She sighed. "Nothing."

Daray: he stood, "ANGELIA!" he yelled.

Arya: She flinched a little. She wasn't expecting that so it hurt her ears a little.

There was no answer.

Daray: "Come on." he continued ahead, looking for Angelia.

Arya: She followed right beside him.

Daray: he looked for anything and everything until he found something. He did not care how long he was out there.

Arya: She searched too. She wanted to find Angelia just as much as Daray did.

Daray: continued looking, though he was growing tired, he ignored it.

Arya: 'Daray, love. We need to rest for a second. I can tell your getting tired.' She told him mentally.

Daray: 'You go...home for Luca. I'm not coming home until we find Angelia.'

Arya: 'Love, I can look for her. I don't get tired. Please, you need to rest.'

Daray: 'If you don't get tired, neither do I. End of discussion.' he ignored whatever else she said on the matter.

Arya: She just sighed. 'We'll cover more ground if we split up.' She stated.

Daray: 'Like heck I'm doing that.'

Arya: 'You'll be able to find me. You have that tracker thing.'

Daray: 'It's not working for Angelia so it won't work for you.' he stated simply.

Arya: she sighed again.

Daray: he continued to search.


Daray: "ANGELIA!" he ran up to her, as if coming out of nowhere, and wrapped his arms around her in a tight bear hug. He almost cried. He was so relieved she was alive. "I'm so glad you're back." he whispered into her hair and kissed the top of her head.

Angelia: "Dad?" She whispered softly. She tensed slightly from the sudden hug then relaxed. She smiled slightly and hugged him back a little.

Daray: he leaned back, holding her face in his hands, "You look worn out. Let's get you home okay?" he kissed her forehead and picked her up into his arms and teleported home. "Arya! I've got her!" he called to her. He walked up the stairs and went into Angelia's room and set her on the bed.

Angelia: She lay down on her bed. She looked around the room.

Arya: She came up into Angelia's room. She went over and hugged Angelia. "Are you alright, darling?" She looked to make sure she was okay.

Angelia: "I'm fine mom." She looked up at Daray. "Where's grandpa?"

Daray: "Um...he's...he's out. We can talk about him later okay hun? I'll go get you some clothes and you can go wash up." he walked over to her dresser and got her some clothes out.

Angelia: "It's true then." She looked down and curled in a ball. She closed her eyes tightly. She pulled her covers over her and just laid there. She didn't want to move, she didn't want to do anything.

Daray: he looked over and sat on the edge of the bed, "Angelia?" he put his hand on her as she lay under the covers. "Honey it's okay. He...had a heart attack and passed. There wasn't anything we could do. We all miss him. I miss my father. But...I guess it was his time. Please come out from under the covers."

Angelia: "It's my fault he's dead. The bracelet he gave me killed him." She whispered. "No. I won't come out." She said stubbornly.

Daray: "What bracelet? The golden charm one you'd been wearing? Where is it?" he rubbed her side gently for comfort.

Angelia: She nodded a little. "I don't have it right now."

Daray: "You need to rest. Are you hungry?"

Angelia: "No."

Daray: "Angelia I'm sorry for yelling at you that day you left. I felt so awful. It was my fault you'd been taken. You aren't a liar. I was saying things I didn't mean. I love you Angelia. You're my baby girl. I don't want to lose you." he said softly.

Angelia: "I didn't leave, I was taken. No it wasn't it was something I did." She got up and got some sweat pants and a t-shirt and some other things. She then went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Daray: "I meant leave to hunt." he stood and sighed and then left the room and shut her door for her. He went into his office and put up the shield to keep anything out.

Arya: She followed Daray. "Love?" She looked into his office. "Are you alright?"

Daray: "Yes...and no. I am glad she's back but it's going to be awhile before things are normal again. I don't know what happened to her, and she doesn't seem to even want to be around me. And I can't help if she won't let me. She thinks my father's death was her fault."

Arya: She walked over to him and hugged him. "Just give her time to get use to being home again. If she wants help she'll come to us or to you." She pulled back to look at him. "It's a shock to her, your father's death. She probably blames herself for not being here to help him." She whispered.

Daray: he nodded slowly and looked down at Arya, "I still can't find Corinne and Reign still hasn't come out of her room after Dallas passed. Having him die and then thinking Angelia was dead...god I don't know." he sat down in his office chair and resting his elbow on the arm rest of the chair he pressed his palm to his forehead and closed his eyes. "Having her back is like a million pressures off of me. But knowing my father died thinking Angelia was dead..." he sighed again.

Arya: She went behind him and started to massage his shoulders. "We're all upset about your father dying." She whispered. She didn't know what else to say.

Daray: "I'm afraid to let any of you go hunt anymore. Not outside. I'm afraid something will happen."

Arya: "We can all hunt together. As a group, then we can make sure that nothing will happen to each other."

Daray: "That's a good idea. I like that idea." he said to Arya. "And now that Angelia is back, I need to find Corinne."

Arya: "I'll help too, love. I'm surer Angelia will too."

Daray: he nodded and took a slow breath. "I won't tell her about it until after she gets rested and has a calming few days."

Arya: "I agree."


There was a knock on the door.

Daray: "Come in." he said from inside the room.

Angelia: She came in and shut the door silently behind her.

Daray: "Are you having trouble resting hun?" he asked, looking over at Angelia. He stood up from his chair.

Angelia: "I haven't tried to yet. I...need to talk to you about something." She bit her lip a little.

Daray: he walked over to her, "Yes hun." he motioned to the couch in the room. "Sit so you can rest." he waited for her to sit and then he brought another seat over and sat down. He left the other seat on the couch for Arya if she wanted it.

Arya: She kissed Daray's cheek softly. "I'm going to go check on Luca." She then left the room.

Angelia: She lay down on the couch. She was fighting to keep her eyes open. "It's about you being prince of the Ice Kingdom." She yawned.

Daray: "How did you find that out? While you were gone?" he watched her.

Angelia: "Reign took me to the Ice Kingdom after I told her about the bracelet. I met your Grandparents. Your grandpa told me. They're going to bring Grandpa back." She closed her eyes, she was so tired. "Corinne is also there." She whispered before she fell asleep.

Daray: he sighed in relief. "Well that takes care of one problem. At least now I know she's okay." he stood and grabbed a blanket and threw it over Angelia. He kissed her forehead. "Rest soundly sweetie." he shut off the lights in the room and then left it so he would not disturb her.

Angelia: She slept for a whole day.

Daray: he finally came up and looked in the room, checking on Angelia and seeing if she was awake. He smiled when he saw she was awake and talking with Reign and Dallas. "Good morning baby. You look tons better."

Angelia: "Good morning Dad. Yeah, still a little sick though."

Daray: "Perhaps the spa day I made for you and your mom today will help. You think so? Do you feel up to it?"

Angelia: "I think so. I hope so."

Daray: "Good. It's not for a few hours though." he left the room.


Angelia: she went to find her parents. Finding Daray in the room with Luca, she told him she needed to talk to him and that she'd meet them in the living room. She then found Arya, whom was in kitchen. She told her the same thing and went into the living room and waited after also getting her grandparents.

Arya: She sat on the couch and waited for the others.

Daray: he came down with Luca and sat down beside Arya.

Reign and Dallas came down too and took seats.

Everyone's eyes were on her.

Angelia: She took a breath and explained what exactly happened to her when she was taken. She explained every last detail, even down to the letters.

Daray: " met your...future boyfriend?"

Angelia: She nodded. "And he hates me because of what I did to him."

Daray: "So he wants us to kill him as his younger self so he never has a chance to meet you and so...none of that will have happened to him?"

Angelia: "I think so but I don't want you to do that. I want to change that future. I told him, I swore to him that I would change it. I want to keep that too." She explained.

Dallas: "Question...why does he want to know about Corinne?"

Angelia: "I can't tell you." She looked back at all of them. "I need all the information he wants so I can get my things he took from me, back." She looked at Daray. "That's why you haven't seen me wearing the necklace you've given me, since I've gotten back."

Daray: he nodded slowly, thinking.

Reign: "What else do you need to do?"

Dallas: "Something about breaking a boy's heart?"

Angelia: "Yes, but I need to find someone that's not Lance. I don't want to do it to him, not again."

Daray: "So...maybe instead of going to the spa..."

Reign: "I can take you to a club. We can find a boy there."

Angelia: "You're willing to help me?" She was a little shocked.

Arya: She sat there in silence.

Luca: Was playing with Daray's hair, not really knowing what's going on.

Reign: "Well...sure. You're my step-granddaughter, right?" she shrugged a bit. "And I like clubs..."

Daray: he looked at Arya.

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Thank you."

Arya: She stood up and left the room.

Angelia: She sighed and watched Arya leave.

Daray: "Excuse me." he followed Arya, "Babe, what's wrong?"

Arya: She was in the kitchen. She was standing at the sink, looking out the window. She was shaking her head a little.

Daray: "Arya...what is it? You want to kill him anyways?"

Arya: "I don't want her to do this. I don't want her to start down a path that is hard to get off of. Once she does this, for the very first time, she'll do it again over and over. Soon she wouldn't care. Then what she doesn't want to come true, will."

Daray: "You think she will even with just one heart breaking experience? So even if she tries to avoid her think it will still happen?"

Arya: "If she's anything like me, yes." She looked at him. "If she doesn't do it at all, I think she has a chance to change it."

Daray: "So are you saying you're a heartbreaker?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "I use to be." She whispered and sat at the table.

Daray: he sat down across from her, "'re not anymore, right? So...maybe Angelia won't be either."

Arya: "I don't want to risk it though."

Daray: "Then you better go talk to her about what you think rather than just sitting in here talking to me about it. Though I do want to look at that PDA he gave her."

Arya: She nodded and got up, going back into the living room. "Angelia, can I talk to you? Alone, please?"

Angelia: "Of course." She looked at Reign. "We'll talk more later about this?"

Reign: "Sure."

Daray: he came back into the living room and set Luca down in his playpen.

Angelia: "Okay." She got up and followed Arya back into the kitchen.

Daray, Reign, and Dallas could hear talking between them but couldn't make anything out.

Angelia: "I'm not you." She said loud enough where everyone could here.

Arya: "I know. I just don't want you to make the same mistakes that I did."

Angelia: "I won't because I'm not you. I'm doing this to prove to Lance that I love him."

Then there was complete silence.

Daray: he looked inside the kitchen.

Arya: She was sitting at the table, with her fingers rubbing her temples.

Angelia: She wasn't in there anymore.

Daray: "Where did Angelia go?"

Arya: "To her room or on the roof." She whispered.

Daray: "Are you alright?"

Arya: She nodded.

Daray: he checked the roof and Angelia's room by teleportation to see where she was.

Angelia: She was sitting in her room, in one of the corners.

Daray: "Angelia is it okay if we talk?"

Angelia: "Yes."

Daray: "'re 16 right? Okay. Right now...Lance is 16. Lance right now, in this time. He doesn't even know you. I think this older version of Lance has sort of...messed with your thinking. You wouldn't even be thinking about what's going to happen in the future or be worrying about it right now if it wasn't for him. Maybe when you do end up meeting Lance for the first time your life wouldn't turn out like he says anyways. With or without you proving yourself."

Angelia: She just sat where she was at. She didn't say anything. She looked up at Daray. "What do you think I should do?" She asked after a few minutes.

Daray: "I think you should listen to your mother." he said softly. "Do you really want to be the cause of breaking the heart of another boy? You saw what it did to the Lance you met from the future."

Angelia: She looked down then nodded. "I'm going to have to tell Reign that we're not going to go to the club tonight." She looked at him again. "Do you think Mom would still want to have the spa day to me?"

Daray: "Yes I think so. If you two want to go now you can. Seems you both need to relax a bit."

Angelia: She nodded and got up. She hugged him. "I love you Daddy." She then went downstairs to talk to Reign and Arya.

Daray: "I love you too Angel. Hey, wait. Can I see that PDA pad you spoke about?"

Angelia: "It's on my bed." She said before she went downstairs.

Daray: he went over and picked up the PDA. He clicked through it as he walked down to the kitchen.

Angelia: She already talked to Arya she was in the living room with Reign.

Arya: She was getting herself something to drink.

Daray: "Are you two going to the spa then?" he glanced up from the PDA.

Arya: "Of course. Why wouldn't we?"

Daray: "Just wondering. Hey, I have an idea."

Arya: "What's that?" She sat at the table with her drink.

Daray: "If I kill Dante as his 16 year old self...then he won't bother Angelia in the future."

Arya: "I don't think that's a good idea."

Daray: "Why not?"

Arya: "Did you not realize how much she's willing to do for this Lance?"

Daray: "Why does that matter?"

Arya: "So you're willingly to break our daughter's heart?" She took a drink.

Daray: "By killing Dante?" he said confused.

Arya: She shook her head. "Never mind. I was confused for a second."

Daray: "So what do you think of my idea?"

Arya: "It's a good idea."

Dallas: "Daray." he sighed.

Daray: he looked back at his dad. "What?"

Dallas: "I can't believe you are talking about killing a child the same age as your daughter." he looked to Arya, "And I can't believe you are agreeing. He didn't really do anything anymore wrong than Corinne and I. So perhaps you should kill us."

Arya: She sighed. "We at least need to find him and talk to him."

Dallas: "That's a better idea. Maybe get him his own girlfriend so he doesn't think about Angelia."

Arya: She nodded. "I like that idea as well."

Daray: "'s good too I guess."

Dallas: "Good. No one has to die. Then it may save Dante's life in the future too."

Arya: She nodded. "Sounds good."

Dallas: he left the kitchen.

Daray: he sat down beside Arya. "I can't get in to find out where the bracelet and necklace are."

Arya: "Angelia probably can."

Daray: "I doubt it. It will self implode unless this third thing on the list is check marked off." he showed her the screen. Find Corinne. Find the Ice Kingdom. Break a Boys Heart. The first two things were check marked off.

Arya: She sighed.

Daray: "It's alright. It was just a Chitter tooth and a bracelet. We can get her more."

Angelia: "No. That necklace was special to you Daddy. I'm getting it back." She was standing in the doorway.

Daray: he looked back at her, "The necklace was not special to me. The necklace reminded me of being away from home. It is my family that is special to me. Not the necklace."

Angelia: "You told me not to lose it and in a way I have. I'm going to get it back."

Daray: "How?"

Angelia: "By checking off the last thing." She sounded a little sad about that.

Daray: "You will not." he said simply.

Angelia: "I also need to get the bracelet that Grandpa gave me."

Daray: "If you think even of doing the last thing on the list I'll just break the PDA so you won't see it."

Angelia: She sighed. "Very well." She said softly then went upstairs.


Soon it was time for her to go to the spa with her mother. Daray drove them down to the place and then he went to a playground with Luca.

Luca: "Swing, Daddy. Swing."

Daray: he pushed her on the swing. "I did this with your sister a few times when she was younger."

Luca: "Ange...Swing with Ange."

Daray: "She's a bit old for that now. She'd rather go to spas."

Luca: "Awe."

Daray: "I know..." he said sadly. "I will have to find something to do with her."

Luca: "Me go too." He laughed softly

Daray: "Sure." he laughed too.

Luca: "Yay!" He said excitedly

Daray: he continued to play at the park with Luca until he needed to pick up Arya and Angelia. Then he took them all home.

Luca: He fell asleep in the car.

Daray: "So are you both relaxed?"

Arya: "Yes."

Angelia: "Yeah. I couldn't be more relaxed."

Daray: "Good." he smiled a bit, "That was the idea." he pulled into the driveway and parked the car and then shut it off.

Arya: She got out of the car.

Angelia: She started to unbuckle Luca and take him out of the car.

Daray: since Angelia was getting Luca he walked with Arya inside. Once everyone was in, he put the shield back up.

Angelia: She took Luca up to his room and placed him in bed.

Daray: "Good night Angelia." he told her as he went into his bedroom.

Angelia: "Goodnight, Daddy. Night Mom."

Arya: "Goodnight, Angelia." She followed Daray and shut the door.

Daray: he started to get changed for bed. He wondered if Arya knew what Angelia knew...if Angelia had told her when they went to the spa...about his grandparents.

Arya: She did the same thing. She smiled at Daray.

Daray: he didn't smile back because he was too busy thinking about things. He was sort of lost in thought.

Arya: She sat on the bed, just watching him. She was still smiling though.

Daray: he finally noticed her smile. "What?" he asked her.

Arya: "Nothing."

Daray: "You aren't smiling about anything?"

Arya: "Well, I'm smiling about you." She said softly.

Daray: he walked over and kissed her gently, "I smile about you too." he climbed on his side of the bed.

Arya: She lay beside him.

Daray: " ever want to meet my grandparents, let me know." he put his arm around her.

Arya: "What?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Just if you want to."

Arya: "Alright. You never talked about your grandparents before."

Daray: "Well apparently Angelia has met them so I figured I better."

Arya: "When'd she met them?"

Daray: "Yesterday I guess. Reign took her."

Arya: "Oh. I see."

Daray: "Yep. Well, good night my love." he closed his eyes.

Arya: "Goodnight, love." She closed her eyes as well.


Angelia: She walked into her parent's room and kissed them both on the cheek. "Good morning, Daddy. Good morning Mom." She then went into Dallas and Reign's room and did the same thing. "Good morning Grandpa. Good morning, Grandma." She then went into Luca's room. She smiled slightly when she saw him still sleeping. She then went downstairs and started to cook something for Reign and Dallas for their breakfast.

Daray came downstairs a few minutes later, smiling a bit as he walked into the kitchen. "You're in a good mood today."

Angelia: "Is that a bad thing?" She got a glass and poured him some red liquid and heated it up for him. She then went back to the stove and got the French toast and put them on a plate. She then set it on the table. She was humming to herself a little.

Daray: "No, actually...I'm glad to see you're in a good mood."

Dallas and Reign came into the kitchen.

Dallas: "I think you gave my wife a heart attack Angelia." he whispered to her.

Angelia: "How?" She looked at Dallas as she got the glass out of the microwave and handed it to Daray. "Here you go Daddy."

Daray: he took it from her, "Thanks Angel." he sat down at the counter.

Dallas: "You've just never kissed her before so she was shocked." he chuckled a bit.

Reign: she glared at him. But she didn't say anything like she normally would have. Losing Dallas changed her.

Angelia: "Oh. I'm sorry Grandma." She went over and hugged her. "I made you breakfast. I hope you like French toast." She then went over and hugged Dallas. She looked around. "Where's Mom?" She looked at Daray.

Daray: he shrugged, "I think she was getting a shower and getting Luca before coming down. So she'll be here in a few minutes."

Reign: she hesitated a moment before hugging Angelia back. "What's with all the...physical contact?"

Dallas: he took a seat; "French toast is my favorite." he smiled a bit. "Hey..." he noticed the bracelet, "You've got your bracelet back."

Angelia: "Okay." She smiled a little and looked down at her bracelet. "Yeah. I guess Lance had a change of heart." She smiled to herself. She looked at Reign. "If you don't want me to hug you anymore, just say so and I won't. No big deal." She shrugged a little. She then went to the fridge and got the syrup out and got two plates out. She set them on the table. She then got them silverware. "I'll be right back." She left the room for a few minutes.

Arya: She came in with Luca on her hip and smiled. "I see Angelia's in a good mood this morning. I haven't seen her like this for a long time." She walked over and kissed Daray's cheek. "Good morning, love."

Luca: He had his head on Arya's shoulder. He was rubbing his eyes a little.

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Yea. It makes me feel better. Good morning to you too." he rubbed Luca's head, "And to you too my son." he poked his nose. "You look sleepy still." he told Luca.

Reign: "I don't mind's just you've never given me one before and I don't get them often..." she said to herself as she sat down next to Dallas.

Dallas: he put some of the food on a plate for him and then one for Reign.

Reign: she started to eat the breakfast Angelia had made them.

Daray: "So I guess we didn't have to worry about her breaking a boy's heart?" he said, looking at the PDA screen. "She didn't do it and yet somehow she got her bracelet back and probably her necklace."

Dallas: "Maybe that's why she's in a good mood."

Daray: he nodded and put the PDA away. "Yea. Maybe."

Luca: He whined a little and moved his head Daray couldn't see it.

Arya: She kissed the top of Luca's head. "I'm going to go see if I can put him back to sleep." She kissed Daray's cheek then went back upstairs to Luca's room.

Angelia: She came down and had three small boxes. She handed one to Daray, one to Dallas then one to Reign. She smiled a little and went to the fridge and got herself something to drink.

Daray: "What's this?" he asked Angelia, looking at the box. He started to open it.

Reign: "Is it a bomb?" she looked to Dallas, "No wonder she's being nice to me. She wants to kill me."

Angelia: "It's not a bomb. I don't think the people would have let me by a bomb." She took a drink.

Inside the box that Daray had was a key.

Daray: "What's this for?" he said, lifting it from the box.

Dallas: he patted his wife's shoulder and then opened his box.

Angelia: "If you go outside, you'll see. It's in the garage." She smiled.

Inside the box that Dallas had was a specially made watch.

Daray: "A car?" he guessed, looking at Angelia confused...

Dallas: "Oh...this is lovely Angelia. Thank you." he put it on.

Reign: "You didn't get a box for your mother?"

Angelia:"I did. I already gave it to her." She looked at Daray and nodded. "Mom helped pick it out. I hope you like it." She smiled a little. She looked over at Dallas. "It's specially made. It'll help protect you when others can't."

Dallas: "" he was still looking at it in admiration.

Daray: "Oh...I was going to ask how you got the money for it. Excuse me." he got up and went out to the garage to look at his car.

Reign: "What did you get her?" she asked as she opened her box.

Angelia: "A bracelet and a necklace." She walked over beside her. "Yours took the longest to get here. I ordered it online." She whispered.

Reign: she glanced at Angelia and then took her gift out of the box.

Her gift was a jewelry set. It had a necklace, bracelet and a set of earrings.

Angelia: She watched Reign. "I hope you like it. They came all the way from India." She admitted softly.

Reign: she smiled a bit as she looked at them. She looked up at Angelia. "Thank you Angelia." she looked back down at her gifts. "They are lovely."

Daray: he came back into the kitchen and gave Angelia a tight hug, "Thanks for the car. We will need to go for a drive together in it today."

Angelia: She hugged him back and smiled. "I'm glad you all like your gifts." She nodded a little. "Okay Daddy. Maybe we can all go to the park today. Have a picnic and that. A family day."

Daray: "Sounds good to me."

Reign: "Us too? Or just your mom and dad and brother?" she asked Angelia.

Angelia: "All of us." She smiled. "You are family too."

Reign: "Oh." she smiled a bit.

Dallas: he finished eating his breakfast.

Angelia: She smiled and when Reign and Dallas were done eating she cleaned up. She washed and put away the dishes. She then went to find a picnic basket.

Arya: She came down into the kitchen. "Luca's asleep again." She told Daray softly.

Daray: he looked at Arya, "Okay. We are going on a family picnic today. So I can test out my new car." he kissed her cheek, "I should also thank you for it."

Arya: "No need." She smiled. "Family picnic? Whose idea was that?" She had an idea of who it was.

Daray: "Angelia's."

Arya: "I thought so." She laughed softly. "So have we figured out what's made her in such a good mood? Don't get me wrong, I'm overjoyed that she is. I'm just trying to figure out what caused it."

Daray: "All I can guess is that it's because she got her bracelet and necklace back without having to break a boy's heart."

Arya: "I haven't seen her with her necklace on. I've seen her bracelet but not her necklace. Have you seen her wearing it this morning?"

Daray: he shook his head, "No. But she doesn't have to wear it all the time. I am not questioning her happy mood. It makes me feel better."

Arya: She nodded. "I know but I was just figuring she would be wearing for not having it for a while." She shrugged a little. "She's happy. That's all that matters." She got herself something to drink then sat on the counter beside Daray.

Daray: he tossed the PDA in the trash. "Exactly."

Arya: She smiled.

Angelia: She found a basket and set it on the counter. "I'm going to go and change for later." She kissed Daray and Arya's cheek then goes upstairs.

Daray: he nodded, "Alright."


Angelia: She came back into the kitchen. "Mom, Dad. Can we redecorate my room?"

Arya: She smiled and nodded. "It's alright with me. Daray? What do you think?"

Daray: he looked at Angelia, "With what?"

Angelia: She shrugged a little. "Like repaint it and that."

Daray: "I guess. But I don't want it looking too crazy or anything."

Angelia: "Alright. What do you consider 'too crazy or anything'?"

Daray: "Not all black...and not with skulls and gross things..."

Angelia: She laughed a little. "Dad, I don't think you have to worry about that. That's not what I was wanting."

Daray: "What are you wanting then?"

Angelia: "Hold on." She vanished for a moment before she reappeared with her laptop. She showed him what she wanted. It was modern, architectural looks.

Daray: he nodded, "Alright. That's fine. When do you want to do this?"

Angelia: "Can we do it sometime this week?" She asked softly.

Daray: "Fine with me. Why do you want to redecorate your room anyways?"

Angelia: "I'm getting older, things change. I want my room to express who I am now and not who I was when I was little."

Daray: "This changed with...a day?"

Angelia: "I guess what happened to me a few days ago, opened my eyes. To a better future and that. I want to live my life to the fullest. Meet new people, make friends. Things that a teenager needs to do." She shrugged.

Daray: "Like go to school?"

Angelia: "I guess. I'll be in like college though." She pointed out.

Arya: "It's true, love."

Daray: "But she's 16."

Arya: "Yes, and she's also half Snyde. Remember when she was little, and she was talking and walking in two days? She was reading actual chapter books when she was five. By the time she was seven she could multiply two digit numbers."

Daray: "So mentally she should be in college." he looked to Angelia, "Do you want to go to college?"

Angelia: "Yes. I want to be a designer, like clothes designer or a decorative designer. Something like that. But we have one problem."

Daray: "And that is?"

Angelia: "I don't have any record of being in school."

Daray: he shrugged, "I can forge something. That's not what I'd be worried about. I'd say you will have to make sure you drink until you can drink no more before you leave for school each day. So no accidents happen."

Angelia: "Dad, the last time I did that I got sick." She bite her lip, she didn't tell him about her getting sick when she was forced to drink Dante dry.

Daray: "When did you do that?" he asked.

Angelia: "When I was taken."

Daray: "You're going to have to do something so you don't attack the humans in the college campus hun. Are you planning on living in an apartment on campus or driving back and forth each day from there to here? Or teleporting if the college is further away from the house."

Angelia: "I guess it depends on where I go to college. If it's close then I'll just stay here, if not I'll live on campus."

Daray: "Do you want it to be close?"

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: "Alright. I'll figure something out when we get back from our picnic." he stood. "I'll go get Luca ready." he left the kitchen.

Angelia: She nodded a little. Then looked at Arya.

Arya: She smiled a little and hugged her. "My baby girl is growing up."

Angelia: "Mom." She whined a little. "I'm still going to be here when I go to college. You'll still get to see me."

Luca: He was standing up in his crib. When Daray came in he smiled and got all excited. "Daddy!"

Arya: "I know."

Daray: he picked Luca up, "Hello son." he kissed his cheek and then set him on the changing table and took off his clothes. He put new ones on him and then picked him up and took him back downstairs, "Are we all ready to go then?"

Angelia: She nodded. "The picnic is all packed."

Arya: "And I got Luca's diaper bag. Just in case we need it. I don't know if Dallas and Reign are ready."

Angelia: "I'll go pack the car." She took the diaper bag and the picnic basket out to the car.

Daray: "Shouldn't Luca be potty trained by now?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "He still has a few accidents here and there. That's why I said just in case."

Daray: he nodded, "I figured." he went and got Dallas and Reign. Then the three of them went out to his car. He put the car seat in the back for Luca and then put Luca in it and strapped him in. Then he got in the driver's seat. He smiled a bit at the smell of new car leather. He was eager to drive it.

Arya: She sat in the front with Daray and Angelia. She smiled at Daray. She could see how eager he was.

Daray: he started the car and then backed out of the garage and drove them to the park. Parking the car and shutting it off, he popped the trunk and got the picnic basket out of the back.

Reign: she got out of the car. "Can I hold Luca?" she asked Arya.

Dallas: "You won't drop him will you?" he asked Reign.

Reign: "No..." she said slowly. "I only did that to Daray..." she was wearing the earrings, necklace, and bracelet Angelia had given her.

Angelia: She got out of the car and grabbed the diaper bag.

Arya: She took Luca out of his car seat and set him down on his feet. She whispered something in his ear then let go of him. She smiled.

Luca: He walked over to Reign and hugged her leg. "Ganma" He said looking up at her, smiling.

Angelia: She smiled as well when she seen Reign wearing what she gave her.

Reign: she smiled a bit and bent down and picked up Luca. "I'm glad I get to be here and not your real grandma." she felt privileged.

Daray: he went and found a place on the grass that over looked the lake. He set up the picnic for them.

Luca: When she picked him up he hugged her again. He put his little arm around her neck lightly. He then laid his head on her shoulder.

Arya: She smiled.

Angelia: She helped Daray set up for the picnic. She set Luca's diaper bag down beside there.

Daray: "Alright come on guys it's set up." he took a seat on the blanket.

Reign: she looked over at Luca and had an urge to kiss his forehead but she stopped herself. She walked over and sat down on the blanket, still holding him.

Dallas: came and sat beside her.

Arya: She sat next to Daray, smiling.

Angelia: She in between Daray and Dallas.

Daray: he got out the food and started to fill his plate.

Angelia: She pasted plates out to everyone and waited until everyone got what they wanted.

Arya: "Did you want to feed Luca?" She asked Reign.

Reign: "Dallas normally feeds the babies..."

Dallas: "I normally hold them too. But you're doing a good job."

Reign: "I don't know."

Arya: "Did you want to try?" She smiled a bit.

Reign: " do I do it?"

Arya: She smiled a bit and she showed her how. She only did this once.

Luca: He ate without problem.

Reign: she watched Arya and then she took over and started to feed Luca. "Can you feed yourself?" she asked Luca.

Luca: He just looked at her and ate what she gave him.

Arya: "He usually makes a mess when he does."

Reign: she nodded, "I bet."

Daray: "So this is nice. Family time."

Angelia: She nodded as she finished the little bit on her plate.

Arya: She smiled then she handed him something that he couldn't make a mess with.

Luca: He played with it a little then started to eat it.

There were voices heard in the distance. "Dante!" the boy laughed. A splash was heard. "I'm going to kill you!" there was another splash as of someone diving in the water.

Angelia: She looked to where the voices came from. "Hey Dad. May I go down to the lake?" She looked at him.

Daray: "Why?"

Angelia: "To skip rocks across the water."

Daray: "Are you done eating?"

Angelia: "Yes."

Daray: "Sure then. I don't care." he looked back at the lake and then to Angelia. "There are boys down there..." he said suspiciously.

Angelia: She was already walking to the lake. "I'll be alright. I'm sure I can beat them up if they try anything." She laughed softly.


Daray: after awhile, he looked back at the lake, "Where did Angelia go?" he asked Arya, not seeing Angelia there.

Arya: "She on the playground. I saw her walk over there."

Daray: he looked over at Arya, "With a boy? Can you see the playground from here?"

Arya: "I didn't see her walk over there with anyone and I didn't see anyone follow her." She looked over to where the playground was. "No, there are trees in the way."

Daray: he started to get up. "I should check on her."

Arya: "She's fine, love."

Angelia: appeared beside Daray.

Daray: "Oh. Hi." he said to Angelia and sat down again.

Angelia: "Hi. You were about to come and check on me. Weren't you?"

Daray: "Yes. I don't want you getting taken again. You shouldn't go out of eye sight of me or your mother." he said seriously. "I was worried about you."

Angelia: She sighed. "Dad, I'm 16 and I don't think it would happen again." She sat next to him.

Daray: "I think it can. It happened when you were younger and I thought it wouldn't happen again but it did. Promise you won't go anywhere without proper supervision, hear me?"

Angelia: She sighed. "So I have to be babysat until I'm 18?"

Daray: "Perhaps even older."

Angelia: "That's not fair." She stood. "Whatever. I'm going to the playground. Who's going to come and watch me as I just sit on the swing and do nothing?" She started walking towards the playground.

Reign: she stood, "I can come. I can take Luca with me."

Arya: She nodded. "Alright."

Angelia: She didn't care who came.

Reign: she walked with Angelia back over to the playground.


Luca: "Daddy!" He clapped when he saw Daray.

Angelia: She looked up and sighed. "Great." She whispered to herself.

Daray: he walked over to Angelia who was sitting on the swings next to Lance who was also on a swing. He smiled at Luca and patted his head as Reign slowed his swing down. "Hello Lance. Nice to meet you. I assume you are Lance?"

Lance: he nodded, "Yes. How did you know my name?"

Daray: "Oh. My daughter and you go way back apparently."

Lance: he looked at Angelia confused.

Angelia: She shrugged. 'Dad, this is the 16 year old Lance. Not the one that kidnapped me. He and I just met today.' She told him mentally.

Daray: "I know. But that doesn't mean I can't deal with him now." he said aloud.

Angelia: She stood up and got in between him and Lance. "No. He didn't do anything."

Daray: he looked at Lance and then to Angelia. "Not yet he didn't."

Angelia: "He's not going to do anything." She stayed in between them. 'I've changed it already. That's how I got my bracelet and necklace back.' She told him mentally.

Daray: he looked at Angelia for a moment longer before looking back at Lance. Then he turned around and picked up Luca. He kissed his cheek, "Hi son."

Angelia: She sighed in relief a little.

Luca: He hugged Daray. "Hi Daddy."

Lance: he leaned forward to whisper to Angelia, his breath tickling her ear, "Why does your dad hate me? Or does he just hate all boys that hang around his daughter?"

Angelia: She gasped a little and turned to look at him. "He just doesn't want me to get hurt." She whispered back.

Lance: he nodded and watched her, "Why did you gasp?"

Angelia: "You startled me. That's all." She sat back down on the swing she was sitting on.

Lance: "Because I whispered in your ear?"

Angelia: She nodded a little. "I wasn't expecting you to do that."

Lance: "Oh...sorry. I won't anymore..."

Angelia: "No. It's okay. I don't mind it." She admitted.

Lance: he nodded and sat back down on the swing, "Should I go?"

Angelia: "Only if you want to." She looked at him.

Lance: "Your dad is sort of creeping me out...that's all." he whispered to her again, but not so close.

Daray: he was watching Lance suspiciously.

Angelia: "Oh. Then I guess. I don't want you to be creeped out." She smiled slightly.

Lance: he smiled a bit. "I like your smile. It's cute."

Angelia: She blushed and looked down

Lance: "Why is it you blush? Am I that good at flattery?"

Angelia: She laughed a little. "No. I'm...not use to getting complements...from guys." She admitted, her hair hiding her face from him.

Lance: he had an urge to tuck her hair behind her ear but he didn't do it. He held onto the swing chain tighter. "I can give you a lot of compliments if that's what you want. I do have a lot in my mind when it comes to you."

Angelia: "Really? Like what?" She didn't look at him, or at least that's what it seemed to him. Her hair still hiding her face from him.

Lance: "Like I like the sound of your laugh."

Angelia: She smiled and blushed a little more. She was falling in love with him all over again. She could tell. She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked at him. She was smiling but she didn't realize it just yet.

Lance: "Are these good compliments or are they a little bit too cliché for you?"

Angelia: "They're good compliments." She smiled a bit more. She was trying hard not to smile too much; she didn't want to scare him away.

Lance: he smiled in response to her smile, "Good. 'cause I've got more."

Angelia: "I can't wait to hear them."

Lance: "I will tell you them if you agree to meeting me later. Like...a date perhaps?"

Angelia: She bit her lip a little. "I can't tonight but soon."

Lance: he nodded, "How about...three nights from now? I can pick you up at eight o' clock."

Angelia: "I could probably do it then." She smiled slightly. "Eight o'clock it is."

Lance: "I'll call you tomorrow, find out your address. If that's okay. I can't pick you up otherwise."

Angelia: "You can call tomorrow but about I just meet you here?"

Lance: "You don't want me to know where you live do you?" he guessed. He nodded and shrugged a bit. "Fine. Meet here at eight." he stood.

Angelia: "It's not that, it's just, my father." She told him softly. "The paper I gave you, it has my mom's cell phone on it and my house phone. You'll probably have more luck getting a hold of me on my mom's cell phone." She watched him.

Lance: "You use your moms' cell phone? So it's just your dad that doesn't like boys but your mom doesn't mind?"

Angelia: She sighed. "He'll come around, you'll see. He just wants to protect his only daughter." She smiled slightly.

Lance: he nodded and smiled a bit, "See you later then?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Of course." She couldn't help but smile back.

Lance: he waved, "Bye then, Angel." he looked to Reign and Daray and nodded and then he walked away.

Angelia: "Bye, Lance." She whispered and waved back. She then sighed when he was gone. She looked over at Daray then looked away. She started to swing a little.

Daray: "Are you mad at me?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: "Depends on what you think I'm mad at you for." She whispered.

Daray: "Being mean to Lance."

Angelia: "Of course. You didn't have to talk to him like that. He didn't know what you were talking about and he never will."

Daray: "You try being a father and having your daughter missing for four days and finding out it was the guy from a future time whom your daughter insists on hanging out with in the now time, and you tell me how you feel or react. Okay?"

Angelia: "He won't ever do that in the future because I intend to change it where it never happens. If you trust me you will let me go through with what I plan." She stood and teleported to where Arya was at.

Daray: he sighed and then teleported back to the picnic as he held Luca.

Reign: she walked back.

Angelia: She was sitting next to Arya, her back turned towards everyone. She was looking to the lake.

Arya: She looked up at Daray.

Daray: he didn't look happy. But he wasn't mad. He was just upset. "If we are done we can go." he sighed. So much for the happy family bonding day.

Lance and Dante were not at the lake anymore so the waters were still.

Angelia: She got up and packed the picnic up and got Luca's diaper bag. She took them to the car.

Arya: "Daray, love, what's wrong?" She seen he wasn't happy.

Daray: "I have ruined Angelia's good day. I always seem to do that."

Arya: "No, I knew it wasn't going to last very long." She kissed his cheek. "It never does."

Daray: "Ever notice I'm the cause? She ran off the first time because she was mad at me. I don't like it when she's mad at me but it never seems to fail. That is what our relationship is. Me screwing up and her hating me for it."

Arya: "No. Daray, we need to talk to her about this. She's at the age of her starting to think about boys and that. We need to talk to her; if I have to I can keep her from teleporting and from her leaving the room."

Daray: "If you think you need to. But you can tell her it's me so she hates me and not you."

Arya: She shook her head. "No. I can't do that."

Daray: "Why not?"

Arya: "'Cause I can't." She kissed his cheek. "We'll talk to her when we get home."

Daray: "Alright." once everything was packed up he put Luca in his seat and then he drove them all home. He parked the car and shut it off and took Luca into the house.

Reign: "I had a nice time..." she said with a shrug.

Dallas: "It was nice. We should do that more." he and Reign went upstairs to their room.

Angelia: She started to go to her room.

Arya: "Angelia, your father and I need to speak with you."

Angelia: She sighed and went into the living room. She down in a chair and waited.

Arya: She waited for Daray.

Daray: he put Luca to bed and then came down into the living room. He stood by Arya.

Arya: "We need to talk about what happened today."

Angelia: She rolled her eyes and went to get up. "We don't need to talk about anything about what happened today." She tried getting up and teleport. She failed both times.

Arya: "No, we are going to talk about it if you like it or not."

Daray: he wasn't exactly sure to say at this point. He waited for his cue...

Angelia: She sighed. "Fine." She sat back in the chair.

Daray: "So I am thinking that we are giving you a talk about boys. I am not sure if this is going to lead into the birds and the bees talk or not..."

Angelia: She crossed her arms, waiting for the lecture. They could tell she wasn't happy. "I already know about that talk. Mom already gave me that talk when you were gone."

Arya: She nodded. "She was always disappearing, I was afraid for her."

Daray: "Well I don't know if she should have something like it again or if we should set up ground rules here since it seems we go to a park and she's hit on by the world's most wanted criminals in my mind."

Angelia: "I told you he's not going to be able to do that again. I've change my future so far so that means I've changed his past. Everything is reset."

Daray: "Not in my mind it isn't."

Angelia: "It will be." She mumbled under her breath.

Daray: "Listen, Angelia, I'm just trying to protect you. If you wish to get mad at me for it...then sue me. It's not going to change."

Angelia: "You're being over protective though." She snapped at him.

Arya: "Watch your tone young lady. Just because you're sixteen doesn't mean we can't ground you for being mouthy,"

Daray: "Do you suggest something different than what is being done?"

Angelia: "I want a little more freedom, trust, and honesty. That's all I want." She said softly then looked down.

Arya: She looked at Daray. She didn't know what to say.

Daray: "But we still have to make sure you are safe. We were planning on family hunting trips so nothing happens to each other, instead of hunting alone. How do you suggest we keep an eye on you to make sure you are safe when we aren't around?"

Angelia: "Get me my own phone. I can call you every two hours to let you know what's going on." She looked at them.

Arya: "That's not a bad idea." She said softly. "Daray, what do you think?"

Daray: he nodded, "Good. We can get you one tomorrow when we go to pick out the things for your room." he looked to Arya.

Arya: She nodded and smiled slightly.

Angelia: "Can I go now?"

Daray: he looked at Angelia, "No. We need ground rules with you and boys."

Angelia: She sighed. "What are they?"

Daray: "No phone calls after ten, for one. That goes for texting too."

Angelia: "Fine. Number two?"

Daray: "Your curfew for when you leave this house is also ten, unless it is on a Friday or Saturday then it can be eleven."

Angelia: "Alright. Is there a number three?"

Arya: "I think we are forgetting about her computer. No computer after, let's say...11?" She looked at Daray. "Or should it be 10 as well?"

Daray: "Probably ten since that's the same as the phone and texting pretty much." he looked to Angelia, "We need to know where you are going at all times before you leave this house, and if plans change you let us know. We also need to know who you are with at all times. And you will ask us before you leave this house."

Angelia: "Alright." She sighed.

Daray: "One more thing."

Angelia: She groaned a little. "What it is?"

Daray: "No sex at all while you live in this house. I don't care if you turn eighteen. As long as you live in this house, all our rules will be followed. No sex included. And no fondling either." he said sternly.

Angelia: "Understood. Now can I go?"

Daray: "That's all for me. Unless your mother has anything more to speak to you about."

Arya: "I think you need to apologize." She looked at Angelia

Angelia: "For what?"

Arya: "How you behaved today."

Angelia: "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have acted the way I did. It was childish of me to do so." She looked at Daray. "I'm sorry for what I said earlier. I had no right."

Daray: he nodded, "It's okay. The apology would mean more to me if you weren't asked to say it. But it's okay."

Arya: "I only asked her to apologize for the way she behaved. I didn't know anything about what she said to you." She admitted.

Angelia: "Can I go now? Please?"

Daray: he smiled a bit, "True." he looked from Arya to Angelia, "Yes. You can go."

Angelia: She got up and went to her room. She shut her door.

Arya: She looked at Daray and kissed his cheek.

Daray: he smiled a bit and then looked over at Arya, "That was a nice chat if I do say so myself."

Arya: "Yes, it was." She smiled then softly kissed him.

Daray: he kissed Arya softly. "I love you." he told her.

Arya: "I love you too." She smiled.

Daray: "I would have told her the rule was no sex before marriage...but it's not like I ever followed that rule and parents have to lead by I couldn't."

Arya: "It's alright, love. I agree with the rules that you have for her, that's why I didn't object to any of them." She whispered then kissed him softly again.

Daray: he kissed her gently. "Mmm...good. Glad we are on the same page then."

Arya: She smiled "I'll see you upstairs, love." She kissed him again then walked out of the room.

Daray: he teleported to the top of the steps, "Nope...I'll see you." he chuckled and teleported into their bedroom. He locked the door and locked her out.

Arya: She sighed when she couldn't get the door open. "Daray, let me in." She knocked on the door. She smiled a little. "Alright. I get it. I'll sleep in a different room or maybe on the couch. Goodnight." She started to walk away from the door.

Daray: he teleported in front of her, "Okay so will I."

Arya: She smiled. "So we're not going to sleep in our own room tonight?" She went down to the kitchen.

Daray: he followed her, then caught her from behind and teleported the both of them to the living room. He kept standing behind her with his hands on her sides, "Nope. You aren't in your pajamas though babe. Seems you'll have to sleep in your skivvies."

Arya: She turned around, to face him. She smiled and kissed him. This wasn't like the few kisses before. This was a passionate and deep kiss.

Daray: he pulled her close and kissed her just as deep and passionate.

Arya: She kissed him more than softly kissed down his neck.

Daray: he fell onto the couch with her, kissing her.

Arya: She took his shirt off and softly kissed down his chest then kissed him more passionate and deep.

Daray: "Let's hope no one sees" he held her at his sides.

Arya: "If you're afraid someone will see then we should go to our room and continue." She looked up at him. "Unless you don't want it tonight."

Daray: "You really don't know how a guy thinks do you?" he ran one of his hands through her hair, smiling down at her. He kissed the tip of her nose. "I'm not afraid of being caught love. I don't care."

Arya: She smiled a little. "I question at times on how guys think." She leaned up and kissed him.

Daray: he kissed her, " want to know?"

Arya: "Of course." She whispered as she kissed his neck.

Daray: "Let's just say...with a wife as wonderful as you I am ready to make love to you anytime of any day. If we did this as much as I wanted, you'd be the one who didn't want it. It will never be me who'd reject a night of passion dear."

Arya: She smiled and kissed his neck again. "May I, love?" She whispered against his neck.

Daray: "Only if I can to you..."

Arya: "Of course, my love."

Daray: "Then be my guest baby doll." he closed his eyes.

Arya: She bit his neck, her fangs breaking the skin.

Daray: he sucked in a breath, "Like a baby who is teething and constantly needs to bite things." he teased.

Arya: She pulled back when he sucked in a breath then licked the bite mark she made and it healed.

Daray: he let his fangs come down, "Now where should I bite you, dear?"

Arya: "Anywhere you want, my love."

Daray: "I might as well stick to the traditional." he leaned forward and bit her neck.

Arya: She closed her eyes and bit her lip a little.

Daray: after a few seconds he retracted his fangs and then licked the wound closed. He licked his lips off and then leaned forward and kissed Arya gently.

Arya: She kissed him back.


Daray: he had gotten up early, covering Arya with a blanket. He went upstairs and took a shower then got dressed for the day and then went to his office and found what he needed before coming down and making breakfast. Once it was made he went up and knocked on Angelia's door. "Angelia, breakfast is ready. Get dressed and come down then we can leave."

Angelia: "Alright. I'll be down in a few minutes,"

Daray: he went back downstairs and got his drink, and took one in to Arya though because she was still sleeping he just set it on the table by the couch. He sat in the chair across from the couch and turned on the television as he waited for Angelia.

Angelia: She came down in a few minutes. Just like she said. She went into the kitchen.

Daray: he looked over at the kitchen but didn't move from his spot. He looked back over at Arya and watched her sleep. He took a sip of his drink.

Arya: She stretched and opened her eyes a few moments later. She looked over at Daray and smiled.

Daray: he smiled a bit as he sipped his drink. "Morning babe."

Arya: "Morning, love." She sat up.

Angelia: She finished eating then went back upstairs.

Daray: he looked over when he heard movement, "Are you ready to go Angelia?"

Angelia: "Yes. Give me a minute." She went into her room and then came back down. She had her hair up now.

Daray: "Now we just wait on you baby doll." he told Arya.

Arya: "Can I get into our room now?"

Daray: "Yes you can. I went up earlier."

Arya: "Alright. I'll be right back." She went upstairs. She came back down a few moments later.

Daray: he looked over her outfit.

Arya: She was wearing a nice, fitting light blue shirt that showed off her curves and nice fitted jeans. She had her hair put up in a messy bun, but it looked nice with what she was wearing.

Daray: he smiled a bit and got up, "You look nice."

Arya: She smiled. "Thank you. I try."

Daray: "So we go then? I was thinking of letting my parents babysit Luca while we go with just Angelia. Give her one-on-one time with her parents."

Arya: She nodded. "Sounds good."

Angelia: She was waiting outside. She was watching the clouds, smiling a little.

Daray: he walked outside with Arya and then locked the door behind him. As he walked to the car he was talking to Angelia, "So I was thinking about something." he told her.

Angelia: She looked at him. "About what?"

Arya: She walked with them.

Daray: "You and I should take karate classes together. You know, self defense. Heaven knows you need it. And I figure I can take it with you and we can," he emphasized the word, "Bond."

Angelia: She looked at him, a little surprised. "Bond? Why would you want to bond with me now?"

Daray: he looked at her as he as he opened the driver's side door, "Why not? We always had together time when you were little. Then it seemed that changed when I left and I want to fix it. It's not too late, is it?"

Angelia: She shrugged. "I have one complaint though." She said as she got in the back.

Daray: he got in and shut the door, "What's that?" he asked as he turned on the car.

Angelia: "Karate is more for boys. Don't you think?"

Daray: "You need to learn to fight like a boy."

Angelia: "Why can't you guys teach me how to fight? Then it wouldn't cost you anything." She looked at Arya. "Mom, you were in The Great Ones. You taught the guards how to fight, couldn't you teach me?"

Arya: "Well, I could but-" she got cut short

Angelia: "See. I don't need to go to any Karate classes." She looked at Daray.

Daray: "So you don't want to spend time with me. Okay." he put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway. "Forget I asked." he started to drive to the store.

Arya: 'She's still going to be spending time with you. You know that right?' She looked at him, talking to him mentally.

Daray: 'I was meaning without you there...'

Arya: 'I know. I'm not teaching her how to fight like The Great Ones. It's too hard for her to learn.'

Daray: he glanced at Angelia in the rearview mirror and then looked back at the road. 'You can if you want. She's a smart girl.'

Angelia: She was looking out the window, not paying attention to anything.

Arya: She shook her head slightly. 'She may be smart but she's not strong enough or fast enough to learn the way The Great Ones guards I taught to fight.'

Daray: 'Either way, she's just pointing out that yes it's too late for bonding time with her so my idea is not going to work.'

Arya: 'Try again. Show her that you want to bond with her, to get to know her again. Figure out what she likes then see if she wants to do it. You need to get to know your daughter and she needs to get to know her father.'

Daray: 'And if she doesn't want to do it?'

Arya: 'Just keep trying, that's all I can say.'

Daray: he cleared his throat and sighed, "So...if you don't want to do karate- which, by the way, a lot of girls learn- you are going to have to tell me something else which you are willing to take as far as learning self defense measures. It would make me feel better knowing you know how to fight."

Angelia: "Can't you teach me? Like one-on-one?" She continued to look out the window.

Daray: "I could try...but I'm not a professional. That's the thing."

Angelia: "So? I'd still be learning self-defense."

Daray: "But if there is something I miss in the learning process...and you get hurt because of it...I don't know. I'm more the type of person who knows how to pick locks and hot wire cars..."

Angelia: "You taught me how to do that when I was younger." She stated, a hint of a smile was on her face.

Arya: She looked at Daray. 'You taught her how to hot wire cars?'

Daray: he shook his head for Arya. He looked at Angelia in the mirror again, "I just taught you the lock picking but you hated I...stopped."

Angelia: "It was wrong but it came in handy when I had my moments of disappearing for no reason."

Daray: "For no reason?" he looked confused.

Angelia: She shrugged. "It's hard to explain. It happened a lot when you were gone. Ask mom, she'll tell you."

Daray: he looked over at Arya, like actually looking at her, "More things I don't know?"

Arya: She sighed. "I'll tell you later."

Daray: "We're gonna be here all day." he looked back at the road, "Why not now?"

Arya: "There's a lot to tell and I think Angelia should tell you. Not me." She looked back at Angelia.

Angelia: She sighed.

Daray: "Is this her breaking her promise to me about letting us know where she is at all times? Her sneaking out of the house?" he glanced back at Angelia, "Is it?" he was trying not to get upset. "Have you been using the credit card pick lock to break into places?"

Angelia: She sighed. "No, it was more of 'Not feeling safe at the moment and going somewhere I did feel safe.' kind of thing." She looked up at Daray. "I haven't used the credit card pick lock since the day I showed you that I could do it on our own house." She admitted.

Daray: "What do you mean? Where did you go? And used it after...the boy caught you."

Angelia: "I went into the woods and other places. And I don't remember using it after the boy caught me."

Daray: "But you just said it came in handy when you went 'disappearing'."

Angelia: She nodded. "That falls under 'other places' Dad."

Daray: "You confuse me. Explain to me what you mean. And if you are leaving the house to hunt without telling your mom, you did break your promise to me. So I could ground you for it."

Angelia: she sighed. "I know you could but I did tell her that I was going hunting every time I did." She looked out the window again. "I would go to empty, abandon house that no one wanted to live in anymore. I felt safe there for some reason, like no one could hurt me because no one could find me. I would stay there for maybe two hours at the most then return home." She whispered. "To get into the houses I pick locked them. I wanted to make sure I didn't forget how to do it, in case I really needed it one day." She admitted softly then looked down. "I also didn't want to forget how to do it because it was the last thing I was taught by my father before he left us." She whispered as if she was talking to someone else other than Daray. She looked out the window again, she swallowed. She tried to hide her wiping tears away from her eyes.

Daray: "Well...your father's back now..." he said softly, which was all he could really say to that.

Angelia: "At times I wish I could go back in time, and get the time that was taken from us. The time that he missed me growing up and Lucas birth." She sniffled and wiped more tears from her eyes. "But I can't, so that times lost. Forever." She looked down and sniffled again.

Daray: "If that could happen...would you feel safer?" he was thinking.

Angelia: "I don't know." She whispered. "The times I don't feel safe is when I feel someone is watching me. When I look around, no one is there. I feel...uneasy and the need to get out of there. So I do." She admitted.

Daray: "When do you get those feelings?" he pulled into the parking lot of the store and found a space. He parked the car and shut it off.

Angelia: "Sometimes when I'm alone other times when I'm somewhere totally new. Then other times where I'm in one place but that place doesn't stay in one spot."

Daray: "You don't feel safe a Corinne's house?" he guessed and got out of the car.

Angelia: She got out of the car as well. "I had a bad feeling when I was there. I felt uncomfortable, like there was something there that wasn't..." She paused trying to find the right word.

Arya: She got out of the car, listening. This was the first time hearing all of this.

Daray: "Well, you don't have to go back to Corinne's house if you don't want to honey. And I don't think I want you to if there is something dangerous there anyways, or if it makes you feel uncomfortable."

Angelia: She looked at Daray. "I wouldn't be going there anyways. Corinne's not there."

Daray: "Yea...I know. You told me. But I'm sure she'd be back soon." he was talking to her as he walked into the store. "I mean, now that you're back." he added softly, thinking of the conversation he had with Dallas when Reign had brought him home from the Ice Kingdom.

Angelia: She nodded a little bit. "Are you going to ground me?" She asked softly.

Daray: "No." he put his arm around her. "But I am going to fix something."

Angelia: "And what's that?" She looked up at him.

Daray: "To find a way to change the I don't leave."

Angelia: She shook her head. "Great-grandpa explained to me why you were gone. I understand it was something you had to do. It...was your birthright." She whispered.

Daray: "But it didn't have to happen the way it did. I could have contacted you both, right? And now I hear about how much it hurt you and..." he stopped talking, not wanting to say anymore.

Angelia: "And?" She looked up at him.

Arya: She looked at him, waiting for him to continue as well.

Daray: "I really don't care if it was my birthright or not." he said quietly.

Angelia: She hugged him a little. "I'm just afraid that if I get close to you again, that you'll leave and won't come back." She admitted softly, holding back tears.

Daray: he stopped walking, "I promise I will always come back. I also promise that I won't leave again."

Angelia: "You promised that you'd never leave before and you did." She looked at him. "I know that you think I hate you and that you think I don't want to have anything to do with you." She admitted. "I've been trying to push you away since the day you came back because of what I'm afraid of." She whispered.

Daray: "When did I promise that?" he asked, looking down at her. "So you don't hate me?"

Angelia: "You promised mom that." She shook her head no.

Daray: he tried to think what that was and just nodded. "If you say so. I just remember your mom promising me she wouldn't leave because she hates being in one place for an extended period of time. I think in a way you are a like her. Maybe being in one place for an extended period of time is making you...fearful of your surroundings. So you feel uncomfortable. Like your mom used to. Till she met me."

Angelia: She took a moment to think about that than just nodded.

Arya: She smiled a little but at the same time she rolled her eyes a bit.

Daray: "Just as long as you don't run away...I think I can help fix this." he kissed the top of her head, "Okay, go get a cart and fill it with things for your room redecoration."

Angelia: She did what she was told.

Arya: She looked at Daray. "Now you know what she was feeling all this time." She smiled at bit.

Daray: "Fear of me leaving." he looked at Arya, "What do you think can help with her feeling of being watched?" he smirked a bit, "Or is this coming from you telling her stories of me watching you as a stalker?"

Arya: "I haven't told her anything of you stalking me. Those are my private things I'd like to keep to myself." She smiled a bit more. "But, I don't know what can help with her feeling of being watched."

Daray: "You have no ideas to help with making her feel safe? Our daughter doesn't feel safe in our own home Arya." he sighed and was not smiling anymore. "It's all my fault."

Arya: She put a hand on his shoulder. "You shouldn't blame yourself, love." She looked to find Angelia, when she saw her she looked back at Daray. "Maybe I can teach her what I taught myself when I had feelings like that when I was her age. It's a little difficult at first but it gets easier as it goes."

Daray: "Fine." he said with a sigh. "But what I need is to find a way to change the past so I never leave and then Angelia isn't messed up because of me. So she doesn't go to the park with me and get kidnapped. So I am home and she doesn't feel...deserted. And so we spend time together so she doesn't get mad at me and then get kidnapped." he put his hand to his head and took a breath as he closed his eyes, "Oh my god it is all my fault. I think I should go home." he started to walk to the back of the store.

Angelia: She smiled and picked something up. She looked to where Daray and Arya had been standing. "Hey Da..." She trailed off and her smile faded when she didn't see Daray there. She sighed and put it back. She then looked down. She went over to where the curtains were and looked at them.

Arya: "Daray." She started to walk after him but stopped and looked back to Angelia. She sighed, she couldn't leave her. She looked down then turned around and walked over to where Angelia was.

Daray: when he was out of sight, he teleported home. He went into his office and shut the door. He got onto the internet and searched what he needed. When he found the numbers, he called them up. He teleported to the place he was going to meet the person at. Then he told him what he needed done.

Angelia: She looked around when they were done shopping and they check out. She looked down and sighed. She shook her head. "No more." She whispered to herself.

Arya: She looked around for Daray then looked at Angelia. "Come on, honey. I'll go get you your phone." She said softly and got into the car. She started it up and went to get Angelia her phone then took her home.

Arya and Angelia redecorated Angelia's room together, taking all the old stuff out.

Angelia: She then stayed in her room for the rest of the night. Her door locked and she made it where no one could teleport in but herself.

Arya: She waited in Daray's office.

Daray: he teleported back into their house with a bag that had a top brand cell phone store written across it. He set the bag on the desk. The one he had seen his family redecorated for him when he returned back from his long time away. "Arya, I went back to the store but you guys were gone. I didn't know where you went after that." he took the cell phone, car charger for the cell phone, house charger, phone cover in Angelia's favorite color, and the screen protector out of the bag. He checked to see if anything else was in there. "Anyways. I figured while you two girls did the girls bedroom shopping, I went and got Angelia this." he smiled as he picked up the cell phone. He showed it to Arya, "It's top of the brand and I really don't think it comes out yet for the next few months. But I've got connections. Think she'll like it?"

Arya: "I already got her phone for her, but I think she'll like that better." She smiled a bit as she nodded.

Daray: his smile faded a bit, "Oh. You took her to get her phone?"

Arya: She nodded. "But I think she like the one you got her more. She didn't look so excited to get one when we went and she picked one out." She explained.

Daray: "Well, yea...I wanted to do that with her."

Arya: "You weren't there. She looked a little upset when you didn't show."

Daray: "You should have mentally told me when you were going to the cell phone store. I still thought you were getting things to decorate her room."

Arya: "She was done getting things for her room a few minutes after you left."

Daray: "A few minutes? That's hard to believe...I thought it would be like an all day thing. That's why I was gone so long."

Arya: She shook her head. "She was done after we got her curtains and new bedding."

Daray: "Oh. Well...why are you in here?"

Arya: "I figured you were going to be in here when we came back but you weren't so I figured I'd wait in here." She looked at him then looked at the phone. "I think you should go give that to Angelia and explain to her why you weren't with us for most of the day." She got up. "Angelia's been in her room every since we got done decorating her room." She then left the room and went downstairs to get something to drink.

Daray: he gathered the things back into the bag, "Is she decorating it?" he asked Arya as he walked out of the office.

Arya: "No. We're done with that part. I don't know what she's doing."

Daray: "I thought she would want it repainted."

Arya: "She didn't pick out any paint today."

Daray: "Alright." he knocked on Angelia's door, "Hey honey can I come in?"

Angelia: "If you can even get in." She said.

Daray: "If you let me in I can..." he tried to open her door.

Angelia: She didn't say or do anything.

Daray: his happy mood was starting to fade, "Angel what's wrong?" he sounded worried.

Angelia: "Nothing. I'm perfectly fine."

Daray: "Well, may I come in then? I have something for you."

Angelia: "If you can even get in." She paused. "What is it?"

Daray: "A cell phone silly. Though your mom says she's already bought one. I thought we were going to buy one together. But when I went back to the store you two were already gone so I picked something out I think you'll like...but I need you input. I could get a different one if you don't like it, I think."

Angelia: "Yeah, we were but you decided to disappear."

Daray: "I thought you and your mother would be best picking out girly things for your room. Besides, I thought you'd be there all day. From what I hear you were only there like...ten minutes?"

Angelia: "I have nothing in here that is considered girly. I wanted to pick things out as a family. Like we use to be." she stated. "But you decided to leave so I was done. I'm done with everything." She sniffled a little.

Daray: his happy mood was gone, "What do you mean?" he asked softly, shaking her door handle a little, "Angelia let me in."

Angelia: "No. You don't deserve to be in here." She sniffled again.

Daray: "Angelia I swear open this door and let me in or I will remove your door from the hinges so you don't have one at all."

Angelia: "You still won't be able to get in here even if I do open the door." She stated. She sat on her bed and unlocked her door from there.

Daray: "I don't care. I just don't like talking to you without seeing you. I've gone long enough without seeing you." he handed her the bag. "Here."

Angelia: She caught it and set it aside. She didn't even look inside. She looked like she'd been crying for awhile but she didn't look at him.

Daray: "Look, Angelia I'm sorry. I didn't think you minded. You didn't call me. Neither did your mom."

Angelia: "Mom said you blamed everything on yourself. The reason I am like I am, everything. She said that you were going to find a way to fix the past. She was going to have me call you but I told her no."

Daray: "You want me to fix it?"

Angelia: "What I want is to have my father be there for me and not blame himself for the things that happened to me." She was crying again.

The sky started to get dark as if it was going to rain.

Daray: he was going to hug her but he couldn't enter her room. He looked pained. "Angelia you don't understand. It is my fault. If I hadn't taken you to the park, if I hadn't of left...none of the bad things that happened to you would have. Do you understand how that makes me feel? And all I've ever wanted to do was make things better. Our relationship now proves to me I fail at being a father and possibly even a husband because all I do is make things worse." he stepped back. "I should leave you be. You either cry or are mad when I'm around."

Angelia: She was crying harder. "No it's not your fault that the bad things happened to me. I went against you and went to the park to find that boy from earlier that day. I said I was going hunting the day that I was kidnapped, that's not what I was going to do. I was going to an abandon house nearby to cool down."

The was a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning.

Daray: he glanced out her window and then looked at Angelia. "Angelia I'm sorry." he said softly. "I didn't know it meant that much to you for me being there to help you shop for decorations. I was just going to be there with the cell phone and the paint shopping, and help you decorate you room." he looked around, "But it seems you've done that well without me."

Angelia: "I didn't get the paint for my room; I didn't get to decorate my room with you. You're the one that left."

The was another clap of thunder and flash of lightening. It was louder than before and it seemed closer.

Daray: "Yea I know. I'M SORRY. Alright? I'm not perfect. And it seems if I try I just make more mistakes." he started to walk away, "Enjoy your phone." he went back into his office and slammed the door closed.

Dallas: he looked out of his room. He wondered what was going on.

Angelia: She cried even more.

It started to storm really badly. No one could see outside at all.

Daray: he slammed his fist into the wall after he slammed the door closed. It broke the drywall. He growled and then sat down heavily in a chair in the room and rubbed his temples. What was he going to do?

Angelia: She stayed in her room, crying.

Nadia: She looked outside the window and rushed upstairs.

The storm started to clear enough where it was raining lightly.

Daray: he stayed in his office. He was sorely tempted to do what he wanted and change the past.

Nadia: She knocked on Daray's door.

Daray: "Yes?" he said gruffly.

Nadia: "Angelia wants to say something to you but she's not willing to leave her room. She is willing to let you in though." She stated then went back downstairs to finish what she was doing.

Daray: he teleported to Angelia's door, just out in the hallway. Not in her room. "What?"

Angelia: "If you want, you can come in." She said softly then sniffled, wiping away some tears.

Daray: "I don't really want to anymore."

Angelia: She nodded a little, trying to control her crying now. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. For everything." She looked down. "For being such a horrible daughter, for always getting into trouble, for hurting you, for not being the daughter you wish for me to be." She started to cry a little more now; it was getting harder for her to keep from doing so.

The rain started to come down a little faster now.

Daray: "I don't blame you for anything so I don't see why you are blaming yourself. It's me who has the problem and I thought this would be a nice day but because I left the mall it's turned into this."

Angelia: She shook her head no. "You're not a horrible father. You've been taking care of Luca great. I've been difficult, arguing with you and mom, disappearing without you knowing, and doing this to you. Making you feel like everything is your fault. Maybe it'll be best if I go to a college that's away from here, so then I can't cause anymore problems or hurt anyone else."

It started to storm again.

Daray: "Yes. You want to know why it is I spend more time with Luca than with you? Because with Luca it is like it was with you before I left. We are actually friends. After I came back that changed because even after all the stuff you and I talk about, you still harbor some resentment towards me, and no matter WHAT I do, I can't fix it. This is how it will be it seems. We aren't going to be close. Not ever again. If you want to go to college, that's up to you. I was going to help you find a college, but I'll let you do that on your own. It seems even if I WANT to be there, something will happen and I can't be so why even try?"

Angelia: "Because I want you too." She whispered.

Daray: "Well it hurts when I do because it always turns out like THIS."

Angelia: "'Cause it seems like every time you run out on me." She looked at him.

It was storming like it was before, when no one could see outside the window.

Daray: "If that's how you choose to picture it than fine."

Angelia: "You weren't there when I needed you most. When I wanted you to be there. Now that you are, I just..." She swallowed. "...don't know if I can be myself. Afraid that you won't approve of me anymore." She looked down.

Daray: "How you are acting now? No. I don't approve of you. Leaving the house to break into strange places while you lie to your parents that you are hunting. Locking us out of your room. You just are not the daughter I knew."

Angelia: She closed her eyes. That hit her hard. She didn't say anything or even move.

There was a flash of lightening then a light outside after the flash was gone.

Daray: he looked out of the window in the hallway.

The light grew brighter by the minute.

Daray: he looked at Angelia and then he went downstairs. He opened the front door.

A fire started from the lightening hitting a tree nearby. The trees next to the one that got hit caught on fire as well.

Daray: he went outside and shot ice from his fingers to encase the fire in it. It put it out. He teleported back upstairs and changed into dry clothes. Then he teleported back to Angelia, "Is that all?"

Nadia: She was just coming out of Angelia's room. She didn't say anything or even look at Daray.

Daray: "No? Alright. Glad to have this father daughter relationship. Lovely, ain't it? Enjoy the phone." he teleported back to his office and slammed the door closed again and locked it so no one could come in.

Nadia: She went downstairs and talked to Arya then went to find something to do.

Arya: She went upstairs to Angelia's room and walked in. She walked over to the side of Angelia's bed. She knelt down onto the floor beside the bed. She brushed hair away from Angelia's face.

Angelia: She was unconscious.

The storm had stopped now. It was just cloudy.

Daray: he didn't know what was going on other than the storm stopping. He just sat at his desk, tapping his pencil on the top of the desk, staring at it, almost in a trance.

Arya: She got up and walked over to Daray's office door. She didn't knock. "Angelia's unconscious, if you wanted to know. There's a lot that you don't know about her. Hopefully one day you'll be able to see that she loves you, that she wants you around. She needs you more than ever. She's held so much back ever since you've gotten back home. She's just trying to get it all out now. She wants you to know the things that she's told you for a reason. That reason is so you can help her." Without saying another word she walked away and went back downstairs.

Daray: he sighed and dropped the pencil. He teleported back to Angelia's room and looked at her. What was he supposed to do when she as unconscious?

Angelia: Her hair was a mess and her face was tear stained. She was breathing short but deep breaths.

Daray: he took a breath and hesitantly walked into her room. He took the chair from her dresser and sat down in it beside her bed. He watched her.

Angelia: She was unconscious for about three hours. She took a long, deep breath before opening her eyes. She sighed a little and looked next to her. She was surprised to see him sitting there. "I thought you hated me now." She whispered.

Daray: "Of course I don't hate you. What? You can be mad at me and I can't be mad at you without you making me look bad and feel worse by causing yourself to go unconscious? Next time you get mad at me I'll do the same thing. Perhaps I'll get myself kidnapped again by Nadia even. That should be fun." he sat back.

Angelia: She frowned. "It's not like I meant to render myself unconscious." She sat up and stared at the floor. She felt horrible now.

Daray: "Then what did you mean Angelia?"

Angelia: "I didn't mean anything. I'm usually in good control when it comes to my powers. It...just got out of hand for me." She whispered.

Daray: "And that's my fault. For upsetting you. I must walk on glass around you Angelia. I shattered the mirror of our relationship once and now it can't be fixed. There will always be cracks. If I so much as blink wrong you get upset with me. Just like today."

Angelia: She shook her head. "I over reacted." She looked up at him. "Dad, I love you so much but you HAVE to stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong between us. Some of it is my fault as well." She got up and hugged him. She didn't care if he hugged her back or not.

Daray: "One of these days I swear I'll fix it." he did hug her back.

Angelia: "Don't worry about the past. Worry about here, now and the future." She looked at him. "I'll always love you, no matter how mad we get at each other. I'll always want you around. One of these days I'll come to you and ask you to give me away at my wedding. Let us start again, start anew. Please?"

Daray: he sighed and slowly he relaxed again. "Alright. We will see how it goes."

Angelia: She smiled a little then hugged him again.

Daray: he still wasn't happy but that was going to take awhile to get happy again. He rubbed her back.

Angelia: "I'm sorry." She whispered.

Daray: "It's alright Angelia." he waited until she leaned back and he stood. "By the way your room looks nice. So I hope it suits you." he had more to say about it but he didn't feel like talking right now.

Angelia: "Thanks." She whispered and smiled slightly but not much. She sat on her bed again.

Daray: he left her room and went downstairs into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and got a bottle of red liquid out. He heat it up in the microwave. After it was done, he got it out and chugged it down.

Arya: She was lying on the couch in the living room, reading one of her books.

Daray: he finished his drink and then put the empty bottle in the sink. Then he walked out and looked into the living room at Arya. Without saying anything he just went back upstairs.


Daray: he had fallen asleep on the bed. He was still upset when he had, so he didn't talk much before bed. Curiously, his last thought was if Angelia liked the phone he gave her or not.


Daray: he knocked on her room door, "Angelia...welcome back." He knew that Reign and her had went shopping for an outfit for Angelia's date earlier.

Angelia: "Thanks, Dad." She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror. She then took a breath.

Daray: "Did you have fun with Reign?"

Angelia: "Yeah. We went and got our nails painted and all that girly girl stuff. She even helped me pick out my outfit for tonight." She sounded a little nervous.

Daray: "For your date with the boy from the park? I forgot that was tonight. What time is he coming?"

Angelia: "Yes." She looked at the clock. "He should be here in a few minutes actually." She bit her lip a little.

Daray: "Alright." he walked down to the living room, "Lance is going to be here soon for Angelia." he told Arya.

Arya: She nodded a little. "Alright." She smiled a bit.

Angelia: 'Dad?' She called him mentally.

Daray: 'Yes?' he replied to Angelia mentally.

Angelia: 'Ca...can you come here for a minute? Please?'

Daray: he teleported upstairs and knocked on Angelia's door. 'Want me to come in?'

Angelia: "Yes."

Daray: he opened the door and looked in, and then stepped into the room.

Angelia: She turned and looked at him. " I look okay?" She was nervous; she was biting her bottom lip a little.

Daray: he looked over her outfit.

Angelia: She was wearing a dress that came down to her knees; it was light blue, which looked nice on her. It fit nicely, showing her curves. Her hair was up and curled. She had her favorite flower, Baby's Breath, in her hair on the side.

Daray: he smiled a bit, lovingly, "Yea baby girl you look great." he said softly.

The doorbell rang.

Angelia: She smiled and hugged him. "Thank you, Daddy." She whispered.

Arya: She opened the door and smiled. "Hello, Lance. Angelia will be down in a few minutes. Why don't you come in?" She stepped to the side to let him in.

Lance: he stepped inside, "Thank you...Mrs. Aleron, I assume?" he looked to the stairs.

Daray: he hugged her back. "Don't forget your phone. You can stay out until 11 if you wish."

Arya: She nodded and closed the door. "Yes."

Angelia: "I won't forget." She pulled back and smiled a little. "Thank you again, Daddy." She took a breath. "Can you give me a few minutes? I need to calm my nerves down a little."

Daray: "Sure. We will be downstairs." he kissed the top of her head and then went downstairs. "Hello Lance."

Lance: "Hello sir."

Daray: "Are you going to stand here or do you want to sit in the living room?"

Lance: "Um, I don't mind standing here." he smiled a bit, "Better views from here."

Arya: She smiled a little and looked at Daray. "So, what is planned for tonight?"

Lance: "Just dinner and maybe skating if she wants to go."

Arya: She nodded. "Alright." She looked at Daray.

Angelia: She bit her lip a little before she started to walk down that hallway to the stairs.

Daray: he nodded, "Not sure how that will work out since you're in a suit and she's in a nice dress."

Lance: he smiled a bit and then looked to the stairs again.

Angelia: She looked at the floor until she got closer to the stairs. She looked down and smiled a little as she walked down the stairs. She looked up at Lance and smiled. She couldn't keep her eyes off him then.

Lance: he smiled when he saw Angelia. "Wow..." he said softly, "You do look like an Angel. I think my nickname for you fits well." he walked closer to the stairs and held his hand out to her.

Angelia: She blushed a little and took his hand.

Arya: She walked over to Daray. She laid her head against him and smiled. 'Our baby girl is growing up. She looks so beautiful.' She told him mentally.

Daray: he nodded, 'She is. She's got a few more years to go though.'

Lance: he opened the door for them and then walked outside with Angelia.

Daray: "Have fun!" he told them both. Then he looked to Arya, "You didn't want a picture of her first date?"

Angelia: She smiled as she walked outside with Lance.

Arya: "Oh. I get one when they get back."

Daray: he nodded, "Alright."


Arya: 'Daray, Angelia's home.' She told him mentally before coming into the parlor. She had a camera in her right hand.

Angelia: She looked at Lance. "Told you." She whispered.

Daray: he walked out to them and looked at them, "Wow. You both look like you've been drowned in a pool. Did you stop and dance in the rain or something?"

Angelia: "It was raining harder than we thought." She explained. She looked at Lance from the corner of her eye.

Arya: She looked at Daray then back Angelia and Lance.

Daray: "Well, picture anyways."

Lance: he whispered to her, "If your plan was to make it rain so we could get out of the picture, I think it failed." he stepped to her and put his arm around her waist for the picture.

Angelia: She smiled a little and leaned against him a bit.

Arya: She smiled and took the picture. "It'll have to do. I'll get a better one the next time, if there is one."

Angelia: She looked at Lance.

Lance: "There is. Just haven't picked out a date yet for the date." he smiled a bit.

Daray: "I thought you said it was raining because of the weather. Not because you made it rain, Angelia." he was watching her.

Angelia: She looked at Daray. "I never said that I didn't. You assumed, Dad."

Arya: She nodded and smiled. "You probably want to get home to get out of those wet clothes. We'll let you go now, Lance."

Lance: "Bye Angelia." he waved to Arya and Daray and then he let himself out.

Daray: he waited until Lance was gone, "Well you didn't correct me. Why did you make it rain?"

Angelia: "Bye Lance." She watched him leave. She looked back at Daray. "You didn't give me a chance. After I told you about it raining naturally, you said fine then hung up." She sighed a little. "May I go get changed out of these wet clothes?"

Daray: "Yea. Go. Don't want you getting sick." he stepped aside.

Angelia: "Thank you." She went upstairs and went to her room. She changed into something comfortable. She then went into the bathroom and got the hair drier out. She dried her hair then put it in a messy ponytail.

It stopped raining now.

Daray: was waiting for her to come back down.

Angelia: She teleported to the kitchen and got herself a glass of red liquid. She put it in the microwave.

Daray: "So why did you make it rain and then now when you're home you make it stop?" he asked her. He already had his idea of why but he wanted to hear her version.

Angelia: "A boy where we went decided to stalk me for a bit. Lance took care of it though. I was feeling a little uneasy and a little sadden that he had to do that on our first date. When we got here he assured me that it was okay." She took her glass out and sat at the table. She took a drink.

Daray: "So you didn't make it rain just too purposely go over curfew and stay on the date with him longer?" which was what he was thinking. "This wasn't really something you did on purpose?"

Angelia: "No. I know better. It's how I lose rights to go out." She took another drink.

Daray: he nodded, "Good." he stood and walked to the door and then turned back around, "I'm going to bed now. I am glad you had a good time. Oh, and by the way," he imitated Angelia's voice, "'Thanks Dad for buying me that awesome cool new phone that doesn't even come out for another month and of which you are paying the bill for. I love you.'" then he went back to his, "You're welcome Angelia. Anything for you, even when you are upset with me." he turned and went upstairs.

Angelia: "Dad I-" She sighed and looked down. She laid her head on the table. She stayed like that for a few minutes then got up, finished her drink, rinsed out her glass then teleported up to her room. She shut her door and locked it. She then teleported up onto the roof. She lay back on the roof and looked up at the sky. It was clear and she could see the stars. She sighed. A few minutes later she fell asleep.

Daray: "I know what I am going to do, Arya." he said as he changed for bed.

Arya: "And what is that, Daray?" She sat on the bed, already ready for bed.

Daray: he walked over to her and kissed her, "I am going to spoil our daughter. I mean seriously. Spoil her."

Arya: She kissed him back. "Spoil her? Why? She's already spoiled."

Daray: "Not by me. And I think it will make up for me not being there for her when she was younger and perhaps help our relationship."

Arya: "What exactly are you planning, love?"

Daray: "Lots of stuff." he climbed into bed.

Arya: "Don't spoil her too much, love. She'll think she'll be able to get away with things when it comes to you."

Daray: "But I don't want her to hate me again."

Arya: "She doesn't hate you."

Daray: "But she is untrusting of me."

Arya: "Untrusting of you? Daray, she trusts you with her life."

Daray: "She didn't trust that I would come back to the store the other day and this is how I found out that secretly, she fears me leaving again. So...I want to make sure she trusts me once more. Like she did when she was a child."

Arya: "Daray, my love, put yourself in her shoes before you finalize anything."

Daray: "And I would do that why?"

Arya: "To understand where she's coming from. Try to imagine your father being there for you, having fun, thinking that everything is going to be perfect and alright then him leaving, saying that you'll return in a week or two. Counting down the days until he returned, the day that he should of returned he doesn't show. Then over a year and a half later he returns, not knowing if it's just temporary or for good. Wouldn't you be afraid as well?" She looked at him.

Daray: he wasn't smiling anymore. "Listen, I know what I did to her and how I made her feel. That's why I thought the spoiling thing will help. I don't need to be reminded what a bad father I am to her for not coming back. IF I had a choice, I would have. You know I tried." he sighed and got on his side of the bed and got under the covers. "Forget it."

Arya: "Daray, you're not a bad father to her. I've been trying to help you and Angelia get closer, but it seems to back fire ever time. I know you tried and you're still trying. Can't you see she's trying too?"

Daray: "Maybe it backfires because it's not meant to be. Everything that happens to her when she's with me or when we want to spend time together. My parents taking me away and sabotaging what we did have when she was a child and me returning to her as a teenager and losing the dream of growing up and bonding with my first daughter." his voice grew soft and he sniffed. "It's not working because it's not meant to work." he said quietly and sighed.

Arya: She put a hand on his shoulder and rubbed it. "It is too. You'll see." She said softly. She didn't know what else to say.

Daray: "Whatever. I'm going to do my idea. It'll make me feel better and make her happy too. If she wants to get away with things, then so be it. Just as long as it doesn't put her in danger, she's not getting punished by me."

Arya: She sighed and looked down. "Very well." She took her hand back and lay down. She faced the opposite way then Daray.

Daray: "Good night."

Arya: "Good night."


Angelia: she walked into the kitchen.

Daray: he was already down there. "Angelia here." he put a plate on the table for her and a glass of red liquid to drink, "Your favorite breakfast. A combination to satisfy your human and Snyde side." he opened the fridge and poured her a glass of sweet tea and gave her that too.

Angelia: She was still half asleep, she just looked at him. "Thanks, Dad." She said softly as she yawned. She sat at the table and started to eat. She ate as much as she could then drank the red liquid and half of the sweet tea. "Thank you, again. Dad."

Daray: he nodded, "No big deal." he smiled a bit, "Did you sleep on the roof last night?"

Angelia: She nodded and yawned again. "Yeah, I didn't mean to though." She stretched again. "Do you think we can go to the store today to get the paint for my room and the rest of the things I wanted to get?"

Daray: "Sure. I was going to ask what you wanted to do today. So that sounds good. Just you and me?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah."

Daray: he smiled, "Alright. I'll wait for you to get ready to go then."

Angelia: "Alright. Thanks again for the breakfast. Oh, and thanks for the phone. I love it but I love you more." She then went upstairs to her room. She got dressed, brushed her hair and put it up in a bun. She came downstairs again.

Daray: he smiled when she had thanked him. He went and told Arya they were going to get the paint for her room and a few more things before they returned home. Then he waited for Angelia in the driveway, sitting in the new car she gave him.

Angelia: She went outside to the car and got in the passenger side. She smiled as she buckled up. "Ready."

Daray: he drove them down to the hardware store so they could get the paint. When they got there, he parked the car and got out. He walked into the store with Angelia.

Angelia: "Dad, I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to make you upset."

Daray: "You mean about the rain?"

Angelia: She nodded. "And for not thanking you for the phone."

Daray: he shrugged, "It's alright baby girl." he opened the door for her to go in. "I should apologize for leaving the store that day. I was also upset. It wasn't just because I didn't think I'd be good at shopping for things for your room." he explained. "I shouldn't have left."

Angelia: She walked in. "Why else did you leave?" She asked him while she got a shopping cart.

Daray: "I was going to try and change the past."

Angelia: "Dad, I don't want you too. It could screw up so many things." She looked at him.

Daray: "But it could fix the main problem. Which is all I am really worried about." he walked with her down to the paint supplies isle.

Angelia: "I know but then I wouldn't be who I am today. I wouldn't know about my powers to control the weather and to talk to the things that can't talk for themselves." She explained.

Daray: "So you would sacrifice our relationship so you know that?"

Angelia: She sighed. She didn't want to argue with him today. She looked at the paint colors, trying to decide which one she wanted.

Daray: "That's all I'm saying is that I would do anything to fix it. Even something as dramatic as changing the past."

Angelia: "If you would do anything to fix our relationship, think of things that we could do together. Just you and I." She picked out two different colors. "Which one do you think my room should be?" One color was a bright red and the other color was a light shade of brown, it almost looked tan.

Daray: "I did think of the self defense thing but you shot me down." he looked at the colors, "Um, which one do you like better? Which would match what you bought for your room the other day better?" he tried to think what her room looked like.

Angelia: "That's because I want you to teach me. One-on-one." She looked at them. "I like the bright red but the tan looking one would go with my room as well."

Daray: "Why don't we do it in the light tan and then we can paint a strip of red across the top of the wall where the wall meets the ceiling, all around the room like a border? Or you can just paint two walls red and two tan."

Angelia: "That's a good idea." She smiled. "Now we just have to find the colors in the paint buckets."

Daray: "Sure. But which idea are you talking about? I gave you two."

Angelia: "The idea about painting the walls tan and the red boarder."

Daray: "Alright." he put the paint in the cart, "Then we need tape to make sure the lines keep straight also." he walked down the aisle and to another one with her.

Angelia: She nodded and smiled. "Alright." She walked with him. She tried to figure out what kind of tape they needed.

Daray: "It's painting tape dear. It's what it's called." he grabbed the roll of blue tape, "See?" he put it in the cart.

Angelia: "Oh. I'll have to remember that the next time." She smiled.

Daray: he walked down to the paint brush isle and got whatever else they needed to paint her room. Then he had the paint cans shaken so the paint would mix well. Once they paid for the items he carried them back to the car and put them in the trunk. "Anything else?" he asked Angelia as he got into the car.

Angelia: She shook her head. 'No, I think that's it. Where are we going to put my things while we paint my room?" She got in the car and buckled up. She looked at him.

Daray: "Just pull it away from the walls and cover them with sheets. Unless of course you want to do that thing you do."

Angelia: "What thing is that, Dad? I can do a lot of things."

Daray: "Where you glare at something and send it into a nonexistent dimension." he put the car in reverse and backed out of the spot and then drove to the road. He pulled out and headed back home.

Angelia: "I could do that but there's one problem."

Daray: "What?"

Angelia: "I can't bring them back."

Daray: "Yes you can. You did when I was here."

Angelia: "I don't know if I can do it again. It's been a long time since I've done that." She said softly.

Daray: "Then let's practice with something small first. Then we can do it once you get the hang of it. Unless you don't mind my first option."

Angelia: "I don't mind your first option. We can practice after my room's done. What you think?"

Daray: he nodded and smiled a bit, "Good idea. Now, about your college..."

Angelia: "Umm...I still think I should stay at home and not stay on campus. Just to be safe, then I can hunt before I go to school when needed."

Daray: he nodded, "Well, I have a list of schools so you should pick out which one you want. I'll pay for anyone you wish to go to."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "Thanks Dad. I'll look at them later though."

Daray: "Sure."

Angelia: She smiled a bit more then looked out the window. She was quiet for a moment. "So, what do you think of Lance?" She asked quietly.

Daray: "He's a nice boy." he said truthfully. "I like him. Especially if, as you say, he protected you from a stalker." he smirked a bit at the word stalker.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and looked at him. "What are you smirking about, Dad? You didn't stalk mom did you?"

Daray: "I did." he looked at her, "I thought you knew that story."

Angelia: "Mom didn't tell me that you stalked her. She just told me about the first date and so on. How long did you stalk her?"

Daray: "Five...ten years. She didn't know I was stalking her though. So there's a difference there."

Angelia: She shrugged a little. "Not much of a difference."

Daray: "Ah but there is. See. She could never tell me to go away." he smiled.

Angelia: She smiled and laughed a little. "That is true."

Daray: "I actually met her at college. Maybe you can meet your future husband there too."

Angelia: "Dad, I'm only sixteen. I'm not thinking of marriage right now. Dating and then schooling will be enough to think about soon. Mostly schooling though." She looked at him. "Mom never told me about you and her meeting at college. She didn't even tell me about her going to college."

Daray: "She didn't go to college. I did."

Angelia: "Then how'd..." She trailed off. "Oh. Never mind." She smiled. "You went to college? What for?"

Daray: "Computer science. Learned a great deal about how to hack computer databases. Though that wasn't in the course." he smirked.

Angelia: She laughed a bit. "You could in serious trouble for that if you get caught, Dad."

Daray: "I know. But it comes in handy when you want to learn about someone."

Angelia: "Like mom." She guessed.

Daray: he nodded, "Yes." he looked at her, "It also comes in handy when you need forged school transcripts for your daughter."

Angelia: "Oh." She nodded a bit after thinking about that.

Daray: "I could teach you that too. In addition to hot wiring cars."

Angelia: "I don't think mom would be too happy about me learning that stuff."

Daray: "She's just jealous 'cause I never taught her."

Angelia: "She probably doesn't need you to teach her because she already knows how." She smiled a bit. "She is older and faster than you."

Daray: "I know and she hates to hear that she's older than me." he smiled and pulled into their driveway. "If she knows and I know, then I don't see why we can't bestow our wisdom on our children. I've already promised her I wouldn't teach you how to stalk people. That's why we were just observing."

Angelia: "She probably doesn't want us to know 'cause she wants us to be safe and not get involved with certain things."

Daray: "I think it's safer for you to know and then you just choose not to use it."

Angelia: She shrugged a bit. "I don't know."

Daray: he parked the car and got out, getting the things from the trunk. He walked into the house.

Angelia: She helped. She then went up to her room and started to cover things with sheets and moved things away from the walls. She had to move some things out into the hallway.

Daray: he came up and helped, "Are you dressed in clothes to paint with?" he asked her.

Angelia: "I will be." She went over to her dresser and got some old clothes that still fit her. She went into the bath room and changed. She then came back into her room. She smiled. "Are you dressed in clothes to paint in, Dad?"

Daray: "No...hold on." he left the room and went to the bedroom and changed into some old clothes. He came back, "Though I am more experienced in painting than you are so I won't get paint on my clothes like you."

Angelia: "We'll see." She laughed softly and removed the tape and the rest of the things they needed.

Daray: he took the tape and put a strip up along the border of the room. He stepped back and opened the cans of paint and poured them into the roller trays. Then he took a paint brush and started to paint the border of the room red.

Angelia: She started to paint one of her walls. She smiled a bit.

Daray: "We need music. It's too quiet in here."

Angelia: She laughed softly. She got her laptop out and went to an online radio. She had the volume all the way up.

Daray: "Thank you." he moved to another wall to paint the border there.

Angelia: She nodded and finished painting the wall she was painting.

Daray: he continued to paint until it was lunch time. "Arya!"

Angelia: She put the paint brush down and sat down for a minute.

Arya: She came into the room. "Yes?"

Daray: "Babe did you make lunch?"

Arya: "I'm just finishing up."

Daray: "Good 'cause I'm starved." he finished with the red border and stepped down.

Arya: She nodded a bit then went back downstairs without saying another word.

Angelia: She looked at Daray. "How come mom doesn't look too happy?"

Daray: "I don't know." he set down the paintbrushes. "But I can find out." he teleported downstairs and walked into the kitchen, "You alright babe?"

Arya: "Yeah, I'm fine." She set four plates on the table. One for Daray, Angelia, Reign and Dallas. She then placed a plate of sandwiches in the middle of the table.

Angelia: She comes down the stairs.

Daray: "Did you see what we did to Angelia's room so far?" he smiled a bit.

Arya: "Yeah, it looks good." She went to the fridge and got drinks.

Daray: he watched her then looked to Angelia and shrugged. He took a seat at the table.

Angelia: She sat beside Daray.

Arya: She set drinks on the table then went into the other room after getting something to drink for herself.

Daray: "You aren't going to eat in here with us?" he asked Arya as she walked away.

Arya: "I'm not hungry." She stated softly then went into the living room.

Angelia: She looked at Daray after watching Arya leave the room.

Daray: he sighed and took his drink and went into the living room where she was, "Are you going to tell me what's wrong?"

Arya: She sat in one of the chairs, reading her book. Her drink sitting beside her, untouched. "I told you I'm fine."

Daray: he sat down on a chair and stared at her.

Arya: She continued to read her book.

Daray: stared at her.

Arya: She looked up at him. "What?"

Daray: he said nothing. He just stared at her.

Arya: She sighed and put her book down. "What, Daray?"

Daray: his mouth twitched but he didn't say anything. He just stared at her. He took a sip of his drink.

Arya: She got up and walked out of the room, she took her drink with her. She went upstairs.

Daray: he got up and followed her, now staring at the back of her head.

Arya: "Go eat your lunch, you said you were starving." She told him without looking behind her.

Daray: "Not until you talk to me."

Arya: "I did talk to you. I told you nothing was wrong and that I'm fine."

Daray: "Angelia thinks there is."

Arya: "Well, there's not."

Daray: "If you say so love..."

Arya: She nodded and went into their room.

Daray: he teleported back to the kitchen.

Reign and Dallas came downstairs.

Reign: "We are leaving today."

Angelia: "Awe, you won't be able to see my room when it's done." She said a little sadly.

Reign: "When will it be done?"

Angelia: "Probably by tonight."

Reign: "We can wait to see it then. We can leave tomorrow." she looked to Dallas.

Dallas: he nodded.

Angelia: She smiled a bit.

Daray: he finished his drink, "When you are done come up." he told Angelia. He teleported back to her bedroom and started on painting the walls.

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She ate what she could.

Dallas and Reign sat down to eat.

Daray: continued to paint as he listened to music.

Angelia: She finished up then put her plate in the sink. "I'll see you later." She smiled and waved to Dallas and Reign before going back upstairs to her room.

Daray: he helped Angelia paint. When the border was dry he removed the strip of tape and stepped back to look at it. He smiled a bit and helped her finish the walls. Once they were done, he put the paint away and took the paint supply stuff to the bathroom to wash it off. When he came back, he helped Angelia move her things back.

Angelia: She looked around her room and smiled. She then hugged Daray. "Thank you."

Daray: he hugged her back, "You're welcome baby girl." he kissed the top of her head. He looked at the clock.

Angelia: She smiled and went to make her bed again. She didn't do it yesterday.

The clock said 8:30

Daray: "Arya come see it!" he called.

Arya: She came into the room and looked around. "It looks great. Good job." She smiled a bit. She then walked back to their room.

Angelia: "I'll go get grandma and grandpa." She left the room to go find them.

Daray: he watched her go. He was suspicious of something being up. He looked around the room again. It still smelled like fresh paint.

Dallas: he walked into the room with Reign and Angelia a few minutes later. "Wow." he said.

Reign: "It looks nice." she complimented.

Angelia: "Me, Dad and Mom did it. Mom and I decorated it and Dad and I painted it." She smiled.

Dallas: "Nice teamwork."

Reign: "Now your room suits a young lady."

Angelia: She smiled more and looked around her room. "I plan to do something like this when I'm older."

Dallas: "For what?"

Angelia: "Designing things for the humans and Snydes. I can reference to both sides since I'm both species."

Dallas: "That's a great idea." he smiled at her.

Daray: "You plan on being an interior decorator then?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah. I could do something like this for a job." She smiled.

Reign: "Good idea. You can make a lot of money that way."

Dallas: he noticed Angelia's bracelet, "Hey. You used it." he saw the one silver charm.

Angelia: She smiled and nodded. "What?" She then looked down at her bracelet. "That's weird. I don't remember using it." She looked at the charm.

It was the one to make time slower.

Dallas: "Maybe it's defective then."

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't know." She tried to remember what she used it for.

But she couldn't remember.

Reign: "I'm going to finish packing." she excused herself.

Dallas: "Yea I guess I better too. See you both later." he followed his wife out of the room.

Angelia: "Alright, see ya." She sat down on her bed. "Hm."

Daray: "Don't know what it was used for?" he asked Angelia once his parents had left the room.

Angelia: She shook her head no. "No. I don't know what I would have used it for." She looked up at him.

Daray: "Oh. Oh well." he shrugged.

Angelia: She nodded. It was going to bother her now but she didn't show it.

Daray: "Well, I'm going to go spend time with your mother now. I have fun in your new room hun." he walked from the room and down the hall to his room.

Angelia: "Alright." She shut her door after Daray left.

Daray: he walked over to Arya and kissed her cheek. "How was your day?"

Arya: "It was okay. Yours?"

Daray: "Fun. I got to spend a day with my daughter." he sat down on the bed. "You know what she told me?"

Arya: She smiled a bit. "What was that?"

Daray: "That she didn't want me to change the past."

Arya: "Oh?" She looked a little surprised.

Daray: "Yea. She said it would affect her future possibly in ways she did not want."

Arya: "Oh, like how?"

Daray: "I don't know. That's all she said."

Arya: "Hm. Something she's not tell you?"

Daray: "I don't know. She thinks there's something you're not telling me though."

Arya: "Like what?"

Daray: "I don't know. She thinks your upset about something. That's why you're quiet. That's why I was asking."

Arya: "I have nothing to be upset about."

Daray: "Okay. Well anyways, I guess I'll ask her about it later. I don't think she's hiding anything though."

Arya: She nodded then went back to her book. The glass she had earlier next to her. It was still untouched.

Daray: "You really aren't hungry are you?"

Arya: She looked up at him then looked at her drink. "Oh, no."

Daray: "Are you pregnant?"

Arya: She shook her head. "No. Just not hungry."

Daray: "Are you sick?"

Arya: "No. I'm perfectly fine, love."

Daray: "Alright." he got up and kissed her, "I'm going to go do some things in my office. You're welcome to bring your book and read in there if you want."

Arya: She kissed him back. "Alright. I'll probably be in there in a bit."

Daray: "Okay." he smiled a bit and then went into his office.

Arya: She smiled back a bit. When he left, she got up and got something out and started to wrap it.


There was a knock on the door.

Angelia: "Dad?" Her voice had a bit of fear in it.

Daray: "Yes? Come in."

Angelia: She came in and he could see that she was uneasy.

Daray: "What's wrong?"

Angelia: She opened her laptop and got on her e-mail. She then opened the email message from a stalker, and showed him.

Daray: "Who's it from?" he asked.

Angelia: "I don't know but I have an idea."

Daray: "The boy who stalked you?"

Angelia: She nodded. "But I don't know how he got my e-mail address."

Daray: "Do you have in on any social websites?"

Angelia: "No. I just have my e-mail account then I play games that are already on my computer."

Daray: he nodded, "Well, if you give me your computer I can block unwanted messages. Though that means any emails you haven't added to your contact list."

Angelia: "Alright, give me a second." She hurried and added Lance's e-mail address to her contacts then gave Daray her computer.

Daray: he shut off the computer and as it was turning back on he pressed the alt button and a new screen came up. He entered a few codes and made sure any of Angelia's private information that was on the lap top could not be gotten into. Then he restarted her computer and gave it back to her. It took about ten minutes.

Angelia: She hugged him. "Thank you, Daddy." She was still a little uneasy but didn't show it.

Daray: "Why can't stalkers be nice like me?" he said as he hugged her back. "You'd think they would."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I wished they would." She whispered.

Arya: She looked into the room and smiled a bit.

Daray: he looked over at Arya, "Hi babe. You just missed it. I'm blocking attackers from Angelia's computer. I told you when she got of age we'd have to beat boys away with a stick."

Arya: She laughed softly. "Yes, you did and you were right."

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "I'll be in my room or on the roof. Thanks again daddy." She then left the room.

Arya: She came in, her book in her hand. "You know what's in a few weeks?" She asked him softly.

Daray: "Our anniversary?"

Arya: She nodded and walked over to him. "Yes." She smiled and kissed him softly.

Daray: he smiled and put his arm around her waist and pulled her down onto his lap. "I'm excited because I'll be here for this one."

Arya: She smiled more. "I'm excited too." She laid her head on his shoulder.

Daray: "So what should we do? A vacation?"

Arya: "We can but we wouldn't be able to stay long. I don't trust Nadia with the kids for too long."

Daray: "Why is she even here? I thought you kicked her out because I was back."

Arya: "She keeps the house clean and when Angelia's powers get out of hand for her, Nadia can help her."

Daray: "She knows a lot about them?" he guessed.

Arya: "I guess. She makes sure to stay clear of me and you."

Daray: "Yes. I know. I just see her occasionally."

Arya: She nodded a little. "Same here. I guess my threats worked." She smiled to herself.

Daray: "You can be very scary sometimes my dear. I know they work when you want them to."

Arya: She smiled and looked at him. "I've learned from the best, you know."

Daray: "Am I really scary?"

Arya: She laughed. "Not you, love. You're never scary to me." She smiled then kissed his cheek before getting up from his lap.

Daray: "Then you must be talking about The Great Ones who taught you to be scary." he smiled a bit, "I did scare you once."

Arya: She nodded. "Yeah, once." She smiled and lay on the couch that was in there. She opened her book and started to read.

Daray: "So I could scare you if I wanted. The thing is though, I don't want to. Because then you'd get mad and then you may not want to make love if you're mad at me. We don't want that."

Arya: "You could try to scare me, love." She smiled a bit. "You have that down pat, I see."

Daray: "I do." he rested his elbows on the desk and watched her as she lay on the couch.

Arya: She laid there and read for a few minutes before looking over at him and smiling. "What?"

Daray: "You just look really cute."

Arya: She laughed a little. "Is that all? Every time I'm around you decide to stare at me." She smiled a bit and then went back to reading.

Daray: "I like to watch you. It makes me happy. Do you mind?"

Arya: "No. I don't mind. I think I've gotten use to it over the past 10 or so years."

Daray: "Good. Good. Because I plan on wanting to stare at you forever."

Arya: "Just stare at me?" She held back a smile. "Alright." She shrugged and continued to read her book.

Daray: he teleported from his chair. The next thing Arya knew was he was on his knees by the couch, his chin resting on the couch cushion as he stared at her yet.

Arya: She continued to read her book, but she had a small smile on her lips.

Daray: he moved his hand to Arya's leg and started to run it up and down.

Arya: She bit her lip a little and tried to concentrate on her reading.

Daray: "Dun dun dun dun...oh my god." he leaned closer and kissed her arm.

Arya: The next thing Daray knew was him being pinned to the floor on his back. "I've read the same paragraph about five times now." She whispered before kissing him.

Daray: he chuckled and then returned her kiss, "Something blocking your mind from understanding what you were reading?"

Arya: "Just you."

Daray: "Don't you love it when I do that?"

Arya: She smiled. "At times." She kissed him again.

Daray: "And may I ask what times you don't?"

Arya: "When we're supposed to be doing something else then...fooling around."

Daray: "This is serious business my love. It deserves top priority. Not called fooling around." he leaned up and kissed her.

Arya: She kissed him back, not planning on arguing with him.

Daray: he held her sides and rolled over so she was on her back and he was leaning over her. He pressed himself against her body as he kissed her neck deeply.

Arya: She was breathing a little deep and she closed her eyes. She tilted her head to the side, like always.

Daray: he was thinking to himself that this was some place new. The floor of his office. Where too next? He laughed to himself as he spread the little kisses down her neck and then continued down to her shirt.


Reign: "Bye guys!" she told them as she carried her things downstairs in the morning.

Arya: "Bye, Reign." She called out as she was putting her robe on.

Daray: "Where's Angelia?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "She's probably still sleeping."

Daray: "She's not in her room."

Dallas: "Did you check the roof?"

Daray: "Oh. No." he teleported to the roof, "Angelia come say good bye to your grandparents."

Angelia: She woke up and looked at Daray. She yawned a bit then stretched when she sat up. "I'll be down in a second." She rubbed her eyes a little then teleported to her room.

Daray: he teleported back down and said good bye to his father and step mother.

Angelia: She came down the stairs. She smiled a bit and hugged them both. "Good bye. Promise to visit?" She looked at them both.

Dallas: he hugged her, "Yes, promise sweetie." he kissed the top of her head.

Reign: she waved and smiled, "Bye." then she walked out the door with Dallas and they put their things in their car and got inside.

Angelia: She waved back. "Bye. Be safe." She smiled. She then watched them leave.

Daray: "Yes! House to ourselves again. Except for Nadia...but that could be fixed." he cracked his knuckles.

Arya: She laughed softly. "Nadia is already been dealt with. She sleeps downstairs in the basement." She kissed his cheek then went into the kitchen.

Angelia: She smiled a bit then went back upstairs.

Daray: "Now if only the house would collapse." he muttered and followed Arya.

Arya: She sat at the table drinking from the drink she got for herself.

Daray: "We should go hunting today."

Arya: "Sounds like a good idea." She smiled at him.

Daray: he went and got Luca out of his playpen. "We are going hunting today." he told him.

Luca: "Yay!" He got all excited. "Angi and mommy going too?" He asked

Daray: he smiled, "Yes they are." he walked into the living room and sat on the floor playing with Luca until it was time to go hunting. Then he took the family and they went hunting together. When they got back home, he continued to spend time playing with Luca. He also was thinking about something Arya would like for their anniversary.

Luca: He was having fun playing with Daray.

Arya: She was sitting in the living room, reading her book.


Daray: he got a phone call from Angelia, who sounded scared. He teleported directly to the abandoned house where she said she was, worried for her. "Baby girl what's wrong?" he asked concerned. He went over to her quickly. He had noticed that it started to rain. He hadn't even known Angelia was out of the house until she called him, which even had him frightened for her because she snuck out of the house again. But he couldn't be mad at her just yet.

Angelia: "The feeling of being watched again. I can't stand it, Dad." Her hair was dripping wet and her clothes were soaked. She was shivering. "I...I don't know how much more I can take." She looked up at him.

Daray: he took off his jacket and put it around her shoulders and had her stand, "Honey let's get you home and then we can talk about this when you are dry and warm." he picked her up and teleported home and set Angelia down inside of her room. He was still watching her, "What happened? You just are feeling someone is watching you? When did you start feeling that tonight?"

Angelia: "I was sitting here in my room. Just playing on my computer. I got that feeling that someone was staring at me. I looked around, even looked out my window. No one was there. I went back to playing on my computer and the feeing intensified. So I shut my computer off, set it on my desk, turned off my light, grabbed my shoes and phone then teleported away from here. I made it rain a little too soon though. As you can see. I got into that house then called you. Figuring it was safer when I felt like I wasn't being watched." She looked at him

Daray: "Alright. Honey, next time come to your mother and I when you feel that way. That's why we are here is to protect you. You do not leave this house when you feel someone is watching you. That's dangerous. It could have been that boy from the rink or a many other number of things. You could have gotten hurt." he kissed her head. He couldn't very well be mad at her now. She was just reacting out of fear. "I'm sorry hon. Go take a warm shower and dry off. You're mom and I will be in later to check on you." he took his jacket and walked to the door, "I don't want you locking your room door again, alright?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright." She got up and got some dry clothes.

Daray: he went out and told Arya why Angelia had left the house. He already had told Arya when Angelia called him, so Arya knew Angelia had left the house. But now he told her why, with the explanation Angelia gave him. He wasn't sure how to help her with that, so he wanted Arya's help with it when they went back upstairs to Angelia's room thirty minutes later. That gave Angelia plenty of time to shower and change into dry clothes to get warmed up. He wanted to help her with this fear of being watched. Maybe he could monitor her and find out when it happened. And when it did he could find where it was coming from. He nodded at that thought. After all, he was good at finding things.

Angelia: She was in her bed all covered and watching the door. She was waiting for them to come in. She then looked at the window and swallowed. She started to feel uneasy, like something wasn't right. She got up and went and stood out in the hallway. The feeling eased a little but not much. 'Dad. Something's not right.' She told him mentally.

Daray: he was walking towards her down the hallways, "What is it?" he asked out loud. He looked around to see if anything was in the house. "The shield is up." he assured her. "Nothing can hurt you."

Angelia: She shook her head. "My window wasn't opened when we came back and now it is. I didn't touch it either." She looked at him.

Daray: he stepped into Angelia's room and looked at the window. He looked concerned and walked over to the window and looked out of it. He then leaned back in and shut the window and locked it. He turned back to Angelia. "Stay with us. Arya can you get Luca please?" he asked her.

Arya: She nodded and went to get him.

Angelia: "Why is this happening?" She asked softly. She was shaking now.

Daray: "I don't know but we are going to find out, alright?" he put his hand on her shoulder, "Just don't leave my side okay?"

Angelia: She nodded and stayed close to him. She still had her cell phone with her.

Arya: She came back with Luca in her arms.

Daray: "We should get Nadia. Use her for bait."

Arya: She laughed softly. "I don't think she'd be willing to do that."

Angelia: She was looking around her and her breathing picked up a little. "Dad..."

Daray: he looked down at Angelia. "What is it?"

Angelia: "I have that feeling again."

Daray: "How could someone be watching you from inside the house? Did you see someone come through your window?" he was getting more worried now.

Angelia: "No." She then realized something. "I left my window open yesterday, to let the paint smell go out of my room after we painted it. I was downstairs for a little bit and I forgot to close my window until today."

Daray: "So you did close it today?"

Angelia: "I closed it this morning after you woke me up to say by to grandma and grandpa. It's been closed ever since until now."

Daray: "So they came in while you were in the shower, and that's why you didn't see them." he looked to Arya, "How could they have gotten past my shield?"

Arya: She shrugged. "I don't know. What all does your shield keep out?"

Daray: "Humans, animals, Snydes." he explained.

Arya: "You forgot one important one."

Daray: "And what is that?"

Arya: "Shape shifters. They can form into anything and everything."

Daray: "I've never had to worry about them in my life so I never thought about it. So are you saying they could form into looking like one of us?"

Arya: She nodded. "Just about. They're eyes are the only thing that give them away if they form into something with eyes."

Daray: "And how do their eyes give them away?"

Arya: "Their eyes are not the same color as the person or thing they form into. For example, Maria is a shape shifter. Remember how she tried to fool you into thinking she was myself? If you would have looked at her eyes they would have been green, not blue."

Daray: "How am I supposed to remember eyes?" he looked to Angelia, "Look at me I want to see your eyes."

Angelia: She looked at him. They were the same color as before, blue like Arya's.

Daray: he looked at Arya, "Look at Luca's eyes."

Arya: She looked at Luca's and smiled when she saw they were green, like Daray's.

Daray: "And my eyes?"

Arya: "Green. Like always." She smiled a bit. "And mine?"

Daray: "Blue." he sighed and then smiled, "Yes. This leaves only one person here and that's Nadia. Perhaps I can beat her up..."

Arya: "Nadia's eyes are brown." She told him and smiled a bit. "Don't forget the last time you and her were together. She did the beating up."

Daray: his smile turned into a frowned and he said nothing.

Arya: "I'm sorry, love. I just don't want you to get hurt by her again." She explained softly.

Daray: "You go check her eyes then. Give me Luca." he took Luca from Arya.

Arya: "Fine." She went downstairs. She came up a few minutes later. "Brown. I also locked her in the basement so we know where she's at."

Daray: "Fine. Then that means if the shape shifter is in here, it's not a person." he sighed, "I thought humans and animals would cover both aspects of a shape shifter and just automatically block them too."

Angelia: "You forgot about plants and objects Dad." She whispered. She was barely breathing at the moment and she looked like she was just staring off into space.

Daray: "Who blocks plants!" he said exasperated. That just sounded stupid to him. He looked over at Angelia and then to Arya, "Let's go to our room and lock ourselves in there."

Arya: She nodded a little. "Alright." She took Luca from Daray and walked into their room.

Angelia: She didn't blink and say anything.

Daray: he pulled Angelia into the bedroom and then shut and locked the door. He pulled the blinds closed and shut off all the lights.

Arya: She sat on the bed with Luca. Watching Daray.

Angelia: She looked around the room and sat in the farthest corner from the door and window.

Daray: he sat down on the bed beside Arya. He sighed. He didn't know much what else to do.

Angelia: She watched the door mostly. She watched the light underneath the door. She just stared at it, not breathing or moving.

Daray: he watched the light under the door for any movement also.

There was a quick motion that pasted the door.

Angelia: Her eyes got big and looked over to where Daray was.

Daray: wasn't on the bed anymore. He had teleported to the hallway. "Who's there!" he demanded.

There was no answer.

Daray: he turned himself invisible, so it looked like he had teleported away.

There was no movement and no answer. Then there was a sound downstairs in the kitchen.

Daray: he teleported down there invisible, landing without a sound.

There were pans all over the floor, the water running, and the fridge door opened.

Daray: he left everything as it was for now. He teleported to the living room.

There was nothing there and everything was as it was before.

Daray: he waited to hear something.

There was not a sound.

Daray: he went back to the kitchen and closed the fridge door and shut off the water. He picked up the pants off the floor and set them on the counter and closed all the cabinet doors.

A door shut upstairs.

Daray: he teleported upstairs quickly.

Luca's door was shut.

Daray: he teleported to Luca's room and looked around.

The window was opened.

Daray: "Crap." he muttered and went over and shut and locked the window. He turned visible and walked back to his and Arya's room. He opened the door with the door key, "He's gone."

Angelia: She was shaking and seemed to be hyperventilating.

Arya: She was beside Angelia, trying to calm her.

Luca: He was sitting next to Arya, just playing with the toy that he had before. Not really understanding what was going on.

Daray: he walked into the room and got down by Angelia, "Honey it's okay. He's gone. And just because he's watching you doesn't mean he's going to hurt anyone. Listen, I'm sure he could have done so while you were in the shower if that were the case."

Angelia: She shook her head, watching the door. "They're not gone. There's more than one." She whispered.

Daray: "They are still in the house then?"

Angelia: She nodded a little.

Daray: "How do you know this? If you can tell they are in the house can you tell me where they are at?"

Angelia: "I can see them." She started at the door. "One's with Nadia and ones in my room. The other one is outside, trying to find a way back in." She looked at him. "Why do they want me?" She whispered.

Daray: "That I don't know Angelia but I will find out, okay? Stay with your mother. She will protect you." he teleported to Angelia's room.

Angelia: She started at the door.

There was no one inside her room. Everything looked normal.

Daray: he teleported back to his and Arya's room, "Angelia can you come with me? I can make you invisible. Or are you too afraid?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "He's not there anymore." She looked at him. 'In Luca's room.' She told him mentally. 'He's going to open the window for the one outside.' She didn't dare say anything out loud anymore.

Daray: he turned invisible and teleported to Luca's room.

There was no one there but the window opened up just when he teleported in there. There was a gust of wind then nothing.

Daray: 'Angelia I can't see them. If you're the only one who can see them you're the only one who can stop them. I can't fight invisible creatures.' he teleported to his office and then turned on his computer. He made it so all the creatures were trapped inside the house. They could enter the shield, but they could not leave it. He then teleported back to his and Arya's room and turned visible.

Angelia: "I can't. I don't know how." She started to panic. "I'm sorry." She started crying a little she then gasped. 'They're only invisible when they enter and leave houses and buildings.' She looked up at Daray.

Daray: "What do you mean?"

Angelia: "They're not shape shifters. They control the elements of the earth. They can form into whatever element they call upon. When they are inside they can do as they want. Hurt ones that they want and take what they want." She swallowed.

Daray: he suddenly thought of something, "Your bracelet. Use the charm of the earth the stop them. Hold them captive."

Angelia: She looked down at her bracelet. She did just that.

Daray: "Now where are they?"

Angelia: "One's still with Nadia. One's in the kitchen. I can't...I can't see where the last one is."

Daray: "Hold on." he teleported to the kitchen. He should be able to see them now.

The one that was in the kitchen was a small little girl. She was pulling the pans out, the fridge was opened again. The little girl looked at him with golden eyes. She smiled slightly.

Daray: "What do you want?" he asked her.

Little girl: "Play hide and seek." She smiled a bit. "Will you play with me? Mommy and Daddy are too busy working."

Daray: "From what are you hiding?" he asked again. "What are they working on and what do they want?"

Little girl: "Hiding from bad people. People that want to hurt us." She explained. She couldn't off been more than five. "Mommy and Daddy don't tell me. They bring me along. They don't trust people to watch me. They think that the people will hurt me."

Daray: he walked over and picked up the little girl, "My daughter thinks they want her."

Little girl: She sat on his hip, holding onto his shirt. "I don't know what Mommy and Daddy want. They don't tell me." She watched him with her golden eyes.

Daray: "Well if they want you they are going to have to make themselves known." he teleported back into the hallway upstairs.

Little girl: "You not going to hurt me. Are you?" She looked a little frightened now.

Daray: he shook his head, "No, darlin'. I won't. I have a son a bit younger than you. And you are not a threat, are you?"

Little girl: She shook her head. "Mommy tells me to just make noises and I have to listen to Mommy other Daddy gets mad. You don't want see Daddy mad he scary."

Daray: he nodded, "I see." he teleported into his and Arya's room. "Look who one of the scary people are."

Little girl: She waved and smiled.

Arya: "Why, she's only a little girl."

Angelia: "I haven't seen her before. I just knew she was down there." She explained and relaxed a little.

Luca: He looked up and smiled. He held his toy up. "Play?"

Little girl: She looked at Daray.

Daray: he set the little girl down. "I need to find her parents now. Keep her here." he teleported down to where Nadia was.

Nadia: She was knocked out on the bed that was made for her.

Daray: he looked around for a person.

There was no one.

Daray: 'Angelia where are they now?'

Angelia: 'One's coming up the stairs.'

Daray: he teleported at the top of the landing.

Woman: She had bleach blonde hair and it was in a ponytail. She stopped when she saw Daray. She didn't say anything she just watched him. Her eyes were like a ruby color.

Daray: "Why are you in my house and what do you want?" he demanded from her.

Woman: She smiled slightly but didn't answer.

Daray: "If you do not answer me I will not give you your daughter back."

Woman: Her smile didn't fade. "Only a fool would threaten something like that." Her voice was like a syringe.

Daray: "Just tell me what you want so I can help. Or else none of you will leave here."

Woman: She smiled a little. "That little charm that you used won't last forever."

Daray: "No but my shield will."

Women: "Your shield can't keep us in here. For we are the earth."

Daray: "And why are you in my house!" he demanded again. "Why are you scaring my daughter?"

Woman: She smiled a bit more. "Cause we can." She then disappeared.

Daray: he growled and sighed and then teleported back to his bedroom. "She won't tell me anything."

Angelia: She looked at him and sighed.

Little girl: "Uh-oh. Daddy's mad." She looked out the door.

Daray: he looked at the door. "Where is your dad?"

Little girl: She pointed out the door. "He out there. He mad. He wants to hurt you." She looked at him.

Daray: he teleported out the door.

There was no one.

Outside it was storming.

Daray: he teleported back into the room. "He is not there."

Little girl: "He out there. Outside."

Daray: he teleported outside.

There was a man with the same blonde hair and ruby color eyes.

Daray: "I hear you are mad and want to hurt me?"

Man: "You have my daughter and threatened to take her away from us. Not wise. You take our daughter...we take yours." He said simple.

Daray: "We feared you were going to do that anyways! That's why I said what I did. You have Angelia scared to death."

Man: He smiled a bit. "So that's her name, Angelia." He smiled more.

There was a scream from inside.

Daray: he looked back at the house and then to the man, "What do you want with her!"

Man: He smiled and vanished.

Daray: he teleported back into the house into the bedroom.

Angelia wasn't in the room anymore, neither was the little girl.

Arya: She held Luca to her.

Daray: "Arya what happened? Where is she?"

Arya: "The woman came and took the little girl then used fire to separate me from Angelia. I tried to stop her." She started to cry.

Daray: he walked over and hugged Arya in his arms, "Shh it's alright." he sighed, "They say they are Earth. Why would Earth want our daughter? They won't hurt her. Why would they?"

Arya: She cried in his arms.

Luca: "Angi talks to namals and pants." He played with Daray's hair as Daray hugged Arya.

Daray: "So? So can earth I would believe."

Arya: She sniffled. "I don't think earth can talk to humans though." She looked at him.

Daray: "Why do they have to take Angelia though? Do they need someone to talk to humans? Why?" he still hugged Arya.

Arya: "They might."

Daray: "They didn't have to take her, nor did they have to frighten her. I thought Earth knew better than that."

Arya: "Maybe it's hard for them to do so. It's the same way with our kind and the humans."

Daray: "I was willing to talk to them! They didn't want to. They purposely want to scare us just like they do Angelia." he sighed, "I have less respect for the elements now."

Arya: "We probably made them mad when we had their daughter." She looked at him. "All we can do is hope for her to return. Safely."

Daray: he let go of the hug, "I was just bringing her in here to see Luca." he sighed, "But of course, again, it's my fault." he shook his head and stepped back. "Yea." he teleported to his office and then shut off the shield. There was no point in having it. Then he teleported down to the kitchen and started to clean things up.

Angelia: She was shaking as she stood in the living room. She was staring at the window. She wasn't breathing either.

Daray: he stopped when he passed the living room and looked in, "Angelia?" he walked over to her. He put his hand on her shoulder. 'Arya she's in the living room.'

Angelia: She looked at him and hugged him tightly.

Arya: She came downstairs with Luca and hugged Angelia. "I'm so sorry, baby girl." She whispered as she started crying again.

Daray: he hugged her tightly, "What happened?" he asked softly. Frankly, he didn't believe she'd be back this soon.

Angelia: "I...I don't know." She admitted softly.

Daray: "Did they take your ability from you?"

Angelia: "My ability?" She shivered slightly.

Daray: "Of talking to animals and plants."

Angelia: She shook her head. "I can tell what I felt. I felt like I died and came back."

Daray: "What?" he looked at her, "Why in the world would you feel like that?"

Angelia: "They said they were going to make my life easier. Make me one not half." She shivered. "Their touch felt like death."

Daray: "Did they make you human?" he asked concerned.

Angelia: "I don't know." She admitted softly.

Daray: "Do you have fangs? Show me."

Arya: "Wait. Have her try to eat human food or drain red liquid. Or both. See which one appeals most to her." She looked at him, watching him.

Daray: "Why can't she use the fangs idea? That's simpler."

Arya: "I've heard this happen only once every 100 years. The earth will come forth and choose a halfling of their choice. I don't know why I didn't see it before. The earth will send a family of three to each halfling's house and watch them, observe them. Then they would choice if the halfling should be changed into one of the species. If so, the change takes three hours to complete fully. That's why I said the food and red liquid idea."

Daray: "What's the point in changing them?" he sighed and went and grabbed some red liquid from the fridge and also some cheese. He came back into the living room and held both up to Angelia. "Mmmm, red liquid," he held that one up, "Or cheese?"

Angelia: She looked at them then took the red liquid. She drank a little of it. Then took the cheese and took a bite of the cheese and made a funny face. She sat on the couch and drank the rest of the red liquid.

Arya: She smiled and looked at Daray. "Looks like Snyde."

Daray: "So she is changed into Snyde fully. Why? What is the point of it? Does she still have her abilities? And why did their touch feel like death? I would think earths touch would be more comforting."

Arya: "To give her a chance to live in the world she wants to live in. Yes, she should still have her abilities. Because she was being 'reborn' as some would call it." She explained.

Daray: "So they did all this to help her?" he looked to Angelia, "This is what you want?"

Arya: "Yes."

Angelia: She looked at Daray and nodded. "I always felt like an...outcast. Not wanted in the human world yet not wanted in the Snyde world." She looked down.

Daray: "Seems like there was no reason for you to be afraid of them then." he sighed.

Angelia: "I didn't know that they were trying to help me." She whispered.

Daray: "Neither did we." he admitted. "But I guess now you won't have to worry about being watched anymore." he smiled a bit.

Angelia: She nodded. "Unless someone decides to start stalking me."

Daray: "That won't happen." he assured her. "If it starts to, it will be stopped." he walked over and sat down beside her, "So how do you feel now?"

Angelia: She laid her head on him and closed her eyes. "Exhausted." She said softly.

Daray: he rubbed her back, "You should go up to bed then."

Angelia: She nodded a little but didn't move.

Daray: "Unless, you know, since you're scared, if you want to sleep with your mother and I like you did as a baby. Just a suggestion."

Angelia: She shook her head no but still didn't move.

Daray: "Want me to carry you up to your room or would you rather sleep on the couch?"

Angelia: "You won't be able to carry me. I'm too big." She mumbled. She then lay on the couch and curled into a ball.

Daray: "I'm not weak..." he got up and picked her up and then teleported to her room. He set Angelia down on her bed and covered her up with her blankets. He kissed her forehead, "Good night baby girl."

Angelia: She was already asleep.

Daray: he made sure all the windows were locked but still didn't see a point in putting the shield up. He teleported to the kitchen to clean up.

Angelia: She slept for the rest of night, peacefully.

Arya: She was already cleaning up.

Daray: "So everything is fine then. If she still has her powers."

Arya: She knows. "She should be fine, just tired for a few days. She'll grow thirstier each day until the transformation is fully complete." She finished putting the pans away.

Daray: "I just wish she could have learned to love herself as she was. She had the best of both worlds. And it's not like you or I loved her less because of it, or her boyfriend, right? I didn't think she hated it so much."

Arya: "She probably did love herself as she was. She's always seemed like a strong girl. That is correct and neither did I." She sat at the table.

Daray: he leaned across the counter, watching her. "Good thing we didn't have any more kids while I was human, huh?"

Arya: "I think that Angelia would have decided differently on what she wanted it we did. She felt left out or as she said she felt like an outcast. You, Luca and I are Snydes...full Snydes. She probably felt like she didn't belong because she wasn't either. "

Daray: he nodded, "Yea. Perhaps it would have helped if I wasn't changed."

Arya: "You would have died if you weren't changed." She said softly while looking down.

Daray: he leaned closer and kissed her forehead, "I know." he said softly, "I don't regret the choice of changing. I just wish my life didn't make my daughter feel like an outcast."

Arya: "Now she won't feel like an outcast. She's like us now."

Daray: "Why couldn't we have just changed her?"

Arya: "I don't think it would work because of her being half Snyde already."

Daray: "So this way she is a pureblood?"

Arya: "She's like Luca...I guess would be better to say then pureblood."

Daray: "Better than a pureblood?"

Arya: "No. It's better to say that she's like Luca instead of her being pureblood."

Daray: "Why is that?"

Arya: "She can still go back to the way she was or even be human is she wanted. Luca is the same way. I can't do that because I'm pureblooded."

Daray: "So...they aren't pureblooded then?"

Arya: She shook her head no.

Daray: he shrugged a bit, "Hmm. Now aren't I a bit jealous?" he smiled a bit.

Arya: "What do you have to be jealous about?"

Daray: "That they can be human if they want or Snyde if they want."

Arya: "You can too, love. You have a choice as well." She said softly, watching him.

Daray: he looked confused, "You mean like they do?"

Arya: "You have that pill that you can take to make you human. I changed you so."

Daray: "Oh. Yes of course. But it only lasts an hour. I am sure that Luca and Angelia can keep theirs for as long as they want."

Arya: She shook her head. "No, they either are human, Snyde or half. They can't change on their own."

Daray: "Oh so...they are full blood Snydes? Pureblood can they change?"

Arya: She sighed. "Yes, they're full blood Snydes just not pureblood. They change either by how Angelia was changed or they have someone that has the power to change them by spells." She explained.

Daray: "Oh so they are like us in that they can change...with help. I thought you meant they could change on their own." he understood now.

Arya: She nodded a little. "I'm sorry that I confused you."

Daray: he shrugged, "No big deal. It happens."

Arya: She smiled a bit.

Daray: "I am going to go to bed. Since everything is fine now. Oh, and I am leaving the shield down from now on."

Arya: She nodded. "Alright. I'll be up in a bit." She smiled.

Daray: he leaned over and kissed her again before he teleported upstairs to their room.

Arya: She smiled after kissing him back. She got up and went into the living room. She picked Luca up and went upstairs to his room. She sat in the rocking chair and rocked him to sleep.

Daray: after getting ready for bed, he fell asleep on the bed.

Arya: She smiled after kissing him back. She got up and went into the living room. She picked Luca up and went upstairs to his room. She sat in the rocking chair and rocked him to sleep.

Daray: after getting ready for bed, he fell asleep on the bed.


Daray: "How do you feel Angelia?" he asked her when she had come downstairs in the morning.

Angelia: "Crappy." She mumbled.

Daray: "Go lie on the couch and rest as you watch television or something."

Angelia: "I don't want to lie down. I just have a headache, my throat feels like it's on fire and it hurts because it feels dry, and my eyes are hurting too." She explained.

Daray: "Do you want to go hunt? Or can you drink what we have here and that will help?"

Angelia: "Will it make the pain go away?" She asked softly.

Arya: She looked at Daray for a moment before going back to feeding Luca.

Daray: "It is red liquid. So it will soothe the burning I'm sure."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. Hunting, I guess."

Daray: "If you don't want to exert energy there is the stock in the fridge."

Angelia: "I rather go hunting. There's more variety." She went upstairs to change her clothes.

Arya: She was trying not to laugh.

Daray: he looked at Arya, "What's so funny?"

Arya: "Nothing." She smiled a bit.

Daray: "Tell me..."

Arya: "And if I don't?"

Daray: "I'll feel left out of the loop."

Arya: "What loop?"

Daray: "The loop of your mind and how it works."

Arya: "It was nothing."

Daray: "Alright." he shrugged.

Arya: She smiled a bit and continued to feed Luca.

Daray: he finished his drink as he waited for Angelia.

Arya:"She kind of reminded me of myself when I was her age." She finally told him.

Daray: "Because...?"

Arya: "Her deciding to go hunting because there was more variety. I said something similar at her age." She stood and put the dishes into the sink and rinsed them. She then went over to Luca, cleaned him up and set him on his feet.

Luca: He walked over to Daray. "Luca go too wit Angi and Daddy." He stated, not asking.

Daray: "Oh." he nodded and then he smiled a bit as he looked down at Luca when he walked over to him, "Can you say please?"

Luca: "Pease." He looked up at him and smiled.

Daray: he picked up Luca and kissed his cheek and then held him, "Alright. You can come with us. How could I resist?"

Luca: "Yay!" He was all excited.

Arya: She smiled and leaned against the counter.

Daray: "You coming too love?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "No. I'll pass on this one. I have things to do."

Daray: "Things like what?"

Arya: She smiled a bit. "Things."

Angelia: She comes down the stairs, her hair up in a ponytail.

Daray: he rolled his eyes and looked over at Angelia, "Ready?"

Arya: She laughed softly.

Angelia: She nodded. "Yep."

Daray: he looked over at Arya and just gave her a bland look at her laughter. Then he walked to the door with Angelia and then walked towards the woods. "Stick by close, okay?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Gotcha."

Daray: "Have fun." he teleported into the forest more but was still close to Angelia. He set Luca down. "You going to hunt too?" he asked him in a whisper.

Angelia: She ran into the forest, letting her Snyde senses take over.

Luca: "Me hunt wit Daddy." He smiled.

Daray: "Sure. What should we hunt?"

Luca: "Yay!" He was excited again. "That." He pointed towards some deer.

Daray: "You have to be quiet or else we will scare them off." he told Luca in a whisper. He wondered if he should take Luca with him or just catch one and bring it over.

Luca: "Okay, Daddy." He whispered back then smiled. He waited to see what Daray was going to do next.

Daray: he teleported over to a spot by the deer and then, letting his senses take over he chased the deer until he caught one. He broke his neck in a snap and then teleported with the deer back over to Luca. He set the deer down on the grass and then he knelt down by Luca. He looked over at him.

Luca: He looked amazed a little. "I try Daddy?" He looked at him, a small smile on his face.

Daray: "You mean bite it? Or catch one?"

Luca: "Catch one."

Daray: "When you are big as Angelia you can." he promised. He was glad this didn't scare Luca or anything.

Luca: "Big as Angi. okay." He looked over the deer. "Now what?" He looked at Daray.

Daray: "Do you know how to let your fangs down?"

Luca: He looked at him a little weird. "Fangs? What fangs?" He asked, a little confused.

Daray: he let his fangs come down and showed Luca. He opened his mouth, "See?"

Luca: He went to touch them.

Daray: he bent down so Luca could touch them.

Luca: When he touched them, he hurt his finger. Making it bleed. He pulled back. "Owe." He looked at his finger. "Booboo, Daddy." He showed him.

Daray: he pulled his fangs up and picked up Luca and put him on his lap, "I'm sorry. Here." he looked at Luca's booboo and kissed it. He wiped the blood off so the wound healed. He still held Luca though.

Luca: "It ok, Daddy. You made it better. See?" He showed him and smiled.

Daray: "Good. At least now you know what fangs are and that they are very sharp."

Luca: "They make booboos." He opened his mouth. "Me got fangs like Daddy."

Daray: he looked inside to see.

Luca: When Daray looked inside he could see little fangs starting to come down. Luca closed his mouth a few seconds after. "Owe." One of his little hands went up to his mouth.

Daray: "What?" he looked at Luca. "Did you bite your cheek?"

Luca: He shook his head then pointed to where it hurt. He pointed to where his fangs came down for the first time.

Daray: he smiled, "Aww. Your first fang teething." he looked at Luca, "It will hurt but they need to come down. You will use them in life. The hurting will stop after a few seconds."

Luca: He nodded. "Can I bite that?" He pointed to the deer.

Daray: "When you have your fangs down, yes."

Luca: "Now?"

Daray: he chuckled, "Yes."

Luca: "Where?"

Daray: "The neck. However, I think I will take the hair off of the throat so that's not in your mouth."

Luca: He nodded a little. "Okay Daddy."

Daray: "Can you make your fangs come down then, or do you need a little help?"

Luca: He opened his mouth, his fangs down already. They were small but perfect for Luca.

Daray: he looked over at the deer and using his nails, he peeled the skin from the throat to expose the muscle. He then picked up Luca and put him by the deer's throat. Then he got on the other side of the deer's neck. He let his own fangs come down. "Want me to demonstrate?"

Luca: He nodded.

Daray: he bent down and bit into the deer's throat from the other side. He drained a good deal before he leaned back and wiped the blood off of his face. "Like that." he said to Luca.

Luca: He watched then did the same thing. He drained a few gulps then looked up at Daray. There was no blood on his face at all. He smiled.

Daray: "You're a natural." he smiled at his son and retracted his fangs. "Are you full then?"

Luca: He nodded and smiled back. He didn't know how to retract his fangs yet.

Daray: "Do you want your fangs to go up?"

Luca: He nodded.

Daray: "Just don't think about them anymore. And then when your stomach is full they will automatically retract. Which means since you are full, they should do so just without thinking."

Luca: He opened his mouth and checked. They weren't down anymore. He smiled a little.

Daray: he smiled, "Good." he got up and picked up the deer and tossed it into the forest. Then he picked up Luca. "How was that?"

Luca: "Good." He looked around. "Where Angi?"

Daray: he paused and listened for her.

Angelia: She wasn't far from them. She was growling at something, then there was a loud growl, it sounded like a bear.

Daray: "She's still hunting." he told Luca.

Luca: "What she got?" He asked looking around for her.

Daray: "A bear."

Luca: He held onto Daray a little more "Angi going get hurt."

Daray: he teleported over to where Angelia was, but was far enough away to where Luca was in no danger. He watched her.

Luca: He hid his face in Daray's neck.

Angelia: She just dodged a claw that was coming at her. She was having a hard time getting behind the bear long enough to be able to kill it.

Daray: he set Luca down, "Stay here." he told Luca firmly and then he teleported behind the bear and jumped onto its back. He let his fangs come down and bit the bear's neck and broke it so it died. He jumped off the bears back and looked at Angelia, breathing a bit deeply from the exertion. "Must you hunt hard things to kill?"

Angelia: She crossed her arms. "I was getting there. I had it right where I wanted it. You didn't have to interfere." She walked over to the bear and bit into it and drank her fill. She then got up and left the bear where it was at. She wiped her mouth. "They're only hard to kill when you wake them and they see you." She stated.

Daray: "I just would rather you not get yourself killed, alright?"

Angelia: "I wasn't going to get myself killed. I knew exactly what I was doing." She smiled a bit.

Daray: "If you say so." he teleported back to Luca and picked him up then teleported back to Angelia.

Angelia: "It's more fun that way." She told him softly.

Luca: "Me got fangs like Angi too?" He asked Daray softly in a whisper.

Daray: "Just be careful, okay?" he told Angelia. He looked to Luca and smiled a bit, "Yes. You do. And just like your mother."

Angelia: "Alright." She said softly.

Luca: "Mommy has fangs too? We all got fangs? Nada had fangs?" He looked at him.

Daray: "Not Nadia. But yes. Your mother and you and I and Angelia have fangs."

Luca: He smiled.

Angelia: "I've noticed that mine and Mom's fangs are a lot smaller than yours." She looked at Daray.

Daray: "That is probably because mine a relatively newer considering they had to grow back. So I haven't used them as much as you and your mother have had to. So they aren't worn down by use."

Angelia: "Mine have been this small since I was little. You sure it isn't because I'm a girl?" She asked.

Daray: "That could be a possibility too. Smaller fangs to fit a smaller frame. But I guess we will see when Luca get's older and if his fangs are bigger than yours and your mothers also. If so, then you are probably right about girl's fangs just being smaller than boys. But then again, if his fangs are the same smaller size like your mothers and yours, well, then I stand by my first idea of the fact that my fangs are newer and just haven't been worn down by use, so it makes them larger." he wondered, if that was the case, if the times he bit Arya this time with his newer fangs, compared with his older fangs, if the bite marks looked different.

Angelia: She nodded. "We ready to go home or do you need me to watch Luca so you can hunt?"

Daray: he shook his head, "No. Unlike your mother and you, I like my synthetic red liquid better. I've got my fill of hunting already. We can head home."

Angelia: "Okay." She walked back home with him. "Dad, I have a question."

Daray: "What?" he asked as he lifted Luca and had him sit on Daray's shoulders. "Hold onto my neck or hair," he told Luca, "So you don't fall."

Angelia: "Why do we only drain animals and drink synthetic red liquid?"

Luca: He held onto Daray's hair.

Daray: "Because we prefer not to drain humans blood. Remember when I came back with my burnt legs? Which was the day I left the house?"

Angelia: She nodded. "Yeah, I remember that day well." She said softly.

Daray: "That happened because I got caught draining human blood."

Angelia: "Oh." She hated Nadia with a passion now.

Daray: "So it's safer to stick with biting animals and drinking synthetic red liquid."

Angelia: "I understand now."

Daray: he tilted his head back to look up at Luca, "Want to run back to the house?"

Luca: He nodded and smiled.

Daray: he looked over at Angelia, "Want to race?"

Angelia: She shook her head. "No but thanks."

Daray: he smiled and laughed, "That's because you know you'll lose. Chicken."

Angelia: "No it's not that. I just don't want to race." She walked over to a tree and climbed it.

Daray: he looked up at Luca, "Sure." he laughed again and held on tightly to Luca to make sure he was secure. Then he took off running towards the house at Snyde speed...

Luca: Daray could hear him laughing and scream in excitement.

Angelia: She sat on one of the branches and looked over the woods.


Angelia: she walked into the house and went to the living room.

Daray: was already in the living room playing with Luca.

Angelia: She sat on the couch, smiling a little.

Daray: he looked up at her, "You look like you've been drinking."

Angelia: "What?" She looked at him.

Daray: "You look a bit like you're on cloud nine. Which, you get that from drinking alcohol. I wonder if your bear had alcohol in its blood..." he thought back to when he had drained the human at the bar that had alcohol in their blood.

Angelia: "Oh. No, I haven't been drinking. I ran into Lance."

Daray: "Oh." he nodded, "I understand then."

Angelia: She nodded and smiled a little more as she thought of Lance again.

Daray: "Will you even be feeling well enough to go on that second date?"

Angelia: "I think so." She lay back on the couch.

Daray: he continued to build a block tower with Luca.

Angelia: She was thinking to herself. She wondered if this is how Daray felt when he met Arya for the first time.

Daray: "If I turn on the television will it bother you Arya?" he asked her.

Arya: She shook her head. "No." She didn't even look up from her book.

Daray: "What are you reading that's so interesting?"

Arya: "Something that I found among the few things of my parents."

Daray: "An actual book to read or like...a recipe book?"

Arya: "Actual book."

Daray: "Wow. Never thought they'd be reading an actual book."

Arya: "Well, it's more like a journal."

Daray: he turned around more to face her, "A journal? I'm slightly interested."

Arya: "It's one of my parents'. I don't know which one though."

Daray: he got up and sat beside Arya, looking down at the book. "What's it talking about? Their inmost secrets?"

Arya: "Mostly about Athena and me but some parts have about themselves. It's sort of interesting to see how everything was in their eyes." She looked at him.

Daray: "Can I read after you are done?"

Arya: She nodded. "Sure."

Daray: "Awesome." he sat back down on the ground.

Arya: She just laughed softly while shaking her head a little. She went on reading her book.

Daray: "You know, since the thing I thought was your diary was a disappointment when I snuck it, to read it. It wasn't a diary at all. At least this way I'll get to read someone's diary..."

Arya: "You can't read my diary. It's in a language you can't read." She turned the page, smiling.

Daray: "Yea...whatever."

Arya: "Go upstairs and look for yourself. It's in my top dresser drawer."

Daray: "Why would I if there is no way I can read it? You destroy my hopes and dreams."

Arya: She smiled a little. "I did have one when I was little. I don't know where it is at though." She looked at him.

Daray: "I wish you had one about me."

Arya: She smiled. "I do. It's the one you can't read."

Daray: he turned around and looked at her with a penetrating stare, "Translate it for me." he said seriously.

Arya: She smiled and went back to reading.

Daray: he got up and put both of his hands on either side of her as she sat on the couch. He leaned down to her face, "Translate it for me." he repeated.

Arya: She looked at him. "If you're trying to use mind control or compulsion, it won't work on me." She told him softly.

Daray: "No, I'm not using mind control on you. I'm using Daray control on you...that's better than mind control." his mouth twitched a bit.

Arya: She laughed softly. "Well, it's not working." She went to read again.

Daray: he made a puppy dog face and just continued to stare at her. "Pwease?" he said in a baby voice.

Arya: "Daray, you can make that face all you want. It's not going to work."

Daray: "I don't want to read the diary from when you were little. It'll be sad and make me sad because it's about you." he moved his hand and brushed the hair back from her face and stroked her cheek. He was using a calm soothing, soft voice. He stroked her cheek with his thumb, "Can we trade and I won't read the one from when you were little if I can read the one about me..."

Arya: She looked at him and smiled a bit. "A fair trade, hon. That's not a fair trade because I know what is written inside both."

Daray: "What is there for me to give you? I don't know." he dropped his hand and put it back on the couch. He leaned back. "Do you know?"

Arya: "A journal of some sort that you kept of me." She went back to her book.

Daray: "I showed you the videos..."

Arya: "Those are videos though." She shut the journal and looked at him.

Daray: "Yea but...boys don't keep diaries..."

Arya: "They keep journals or 'notes'...don't they?"

Daray: "I liked to keep my thoughts about you as thoughts in my head. People would be disturbed if they were in writing."

Arya: "I like to keep thoughts about you in my head too but I also like to write them down. They helped me remember you when you were gone. When I couldn't be with you." She explained softly.

Daray: "Oh." he said softly. "This is a recent diary?" he wasn't excited about reading it anymore. He didn't feel he should be excited about thoughts Arya wrote down about him while he was gone. They would also be sad thoughts, and he didn't know if he wanted to read those after all. They would also make him feel bad.

Arya: She nodded. "Only a few years, recent." She looked at him.

Daray: "Never mind." he said softly and leaned back all the way now and grabbed the remote and sat back down on the floor with Luca. He turned on the television.

Arya: She looked at him confused. She got up after setting the book down. "I'll be right back." She said softly. She left the room for a few minutes.

Daray: he flipped through the stations.

Arya: She came back in with a black book. It was tied shut with a red ribbon. She opened up to a page then set it beside Daray. She sat back on the couch; picked the book she was reading back up and started reading it again.

Daray: he glanced down at the page of the book.

It was written in English and was dated three months after he was gone.

Daray: he didn't want to read anything Arya wrote while he was gone. He quickly looked away from the page. But then he thought, why should he give himself credit? She talked about having comfort from other men...maybe the page wasn't even anything good about him. Maybe it was a rant of anger? He looked back down at the page, though he seemed like he was still watching television. He started to read it.

It read:

Today would make it three months since Daray left. I can still tell that Angelia misses him even though she said she doesn't. I caught her a few times looking out the front window, watching for him. -sighs- I hope he comes home soon. If not he'll miss his son's birth. Nadia has been helping around the house and helping Angelia with her powers of controlling the weather. It has been storming for the past two days. I know she misses much as I do. I just hope he's alright, that he's safe. The way we left things between us, it was horrible. I just wish I could redo that day. Do everything over...then maybe he would still be here. I don't sleep anymore. It's like I can't without him beside me, without him holding me against him. At times, I'll admit, that I miss the warmth from when he was human. It felt nice. Then I remember that nothing can kill him. Not a Chitter claw or anything that can kill Snydes. Also that we'll be together forever...unless he doesn't want to be here with me forever. That's understandable. I'm not like when he first met me. The one he fell in love with and the one her stalked for over 10 years. -laughs softly- I remember the first day that we met. It seems like it was only yesterday that it happened but it wasn't. It was about a year ago. -looks down- I wish you were here, my love. I miss you so much and I love you so much too.

Forever in my heart,


Daray: he actually did finish reading it. But he hoped he didn't. All the time he did he felt his heart clench in his chest. He looked back at the television, though he wasn't really watching it. He was always reminded of how he had left that day. But it was also a reason of why he didn't give up. If he died, he would have never been able to apologize to his family for leaving the way he did. If he had left the house and everything was well, he could have died with the peaceful thought that he would be missed. But the whole time he was gone he felt he had to come back to fix things between his family. It gave him drive when he fought. Now he finds out he was missed all the time. But he knew it wasn't the type of miss that was on a happy note. He knew it wasn't, because he knew how angry Angelia was when he was gone. Him leaving made everyone angry. God, he felt bad. He didn't want to read anymore. Moving the remote to his other hand he just closed the black book. He went back to looking at the television, trying to forget about his feelings. He felt bad for leaving, for upsetting Angelia, for causing Arya sleepless nights. But the one thing he was glad to read about, was that they both still missed him. How much he had missed them, too. He didn't notice, but he had held the remote so tightly in his hand that it had broken during his thoughts. He looked down at it now and sighed. He let go of the remote and let it fall to the living room floor.

Arya: She was beside him, watching him. She's been there for the past minute. She placed a hand on his cheek and turned his face so she could look at him. She didn't say anything she just leaned down and kissed him softly. She kept her hand on his cheek as she kissed him softly. 'Now you know what went through my head that day.' She told him mentally while she kissed him. She pulled away after a minute and opened the book back up to a different page. It too was in English but it was dated the day he came back.

Daray: he returned her kiss, "Arya I don't want to know. I'm sorry for asking to read your diary." he said softly. He wasn't even looking at the page she opened the book to now. "I'm sorry you lost sleep because of me, and I'm sorry I wasn't here for you. I'm also sorry I upset Angelia, and that I lied to her. I didn't mean to, but I am to make no excuses. All I can do is hope one day I can fix what I've broken."

Arya: "Daray, love. You don't need to be sorry. You don't need to worry about fixing what is broken because it is already fixed. Can't you see? You here with your family. You're here with me. With Angelia and your son, Luca. That's all that matters now." She said softly. She opened it to the last page it has been written in. It was dated yesterday's date.

Daray: when she said that, his eyes looked a bit lighter. He nodded, and he was still watching her, not the book. "Just so you know, I love you just as much, if not more, than I did when I first saw you. My love for you cannot change. It can only grow." he sighed, "But I know what to use as a trade now. Your entry reminded me of it."

Arya: She looked confused a little.

Daray: "You spoke of trading order to let me read your diary. I don't have a diary to trade. Only things I kept of you were the videos, aside from my personal thoughts. But your entry reminded me of what to trade reading your diary for. I mean, I don't want to read your diary anymore. But what I would trade, if I did...was the letters I wrote to you and Angelia while I was gone. The ones I was never allowed to send. I've kept them."

Arya: She smiled a bit, but it wasn't a happy smile. She hugged him. That's all she wanted to do right now.

Daray: he put one of his arms around her to hug her back. He was still consciously aware that both Luca and Angelia were in the living room yet, and he did wonder, at least, what Angelia thought, even if Luca didn't know what was going on.

Luca: He was watching whatever was on TV.

Angelia: She wasn't aware of what was going on at the moment. She was thinking about other things.

Luca: He was watching whatever was on TV while holding one of his favorite toys. He looked pretty entertained at the moment.

Angelia: She wasn't aware of what was going on at the moment. She was thinking about other things.

Daray: he just continued to hug Arya. He knew what next he would make for her. Perhaps as an anniversary present. That diary entry gave him an idea.

Arya: She laid her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed.

Daray: he rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head. Then he just held her like that.

Arya: She smiled a bit and stayed like that for a little bit. She then got up. "I love you so much, my love." She whispered in his ear before she got up. She then went into the kitchen.

Daray: "I love you too." he glanced down to see if Arya had taken the diary with her.

The diary was still there. She forgot to take it with her.

Daray: he picked it up and tied the ribbon around it closed. He leaned across the floor and set it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Then he went back to watching television with Luca, still sitting on the floor.

Luca: He climbed onto Daray's lap.

Daray: he kissed the top of Luca's head and put his arms around him, holding him as they watched television.

Luca: He yawned and rubbed his eyes a little after an hour.

Daray: "Time for a nap?" he asked Luca.

Luca: He yawned again and closed his eyes. He laid his head against Daray's chest. He rubbed one of his eyes again, falling asleep.

Daray: he picked up Luca, holding him against his shoulder, and walked upstairs to his room. He put Luca in his bed and then came back downstairs. He went into the kitchen to see what Arya was doing.

Arya: She was sitting at the table, writing something. She didn't look up when he came in.

Daray: "Letter?"

Daray: "Whatchya writing babe?" he asked as he walked over, standing across from her.

Arya: "A letter to an OLD friend." She looked up at him.

Daray: "Oh."

Arya: She nodded before going back to writing it.

Daray: he went back into the living room with Luca and Angelia.

Arya's diary was still there in the living room.

Angelia: She was watching the TV now.

Daray: he ignored the diary at first and then he wondered if Arya had written any entries before he left. He opened the front cover to see when the earliest date was.

The earliest date was from 1765.

Daray: he thought about that...he hadn't known Arya in 1765. He wasn't born until the 1970s...he flipped to find the earliest date with him in it.

As the dates got closer to the 1900s it seemed that parts of her diary were missing. It went from 1790 to 1850 in one page. Soon he got to the date that Daray first saw Arya...

Daray: he skimmed it to see what it said about him if anything. But he was sure it didn't. She didn't know he was even there at that time.

It talked about the mission that she went on and how she regretted doing it. She also talked about how she felt alone even though she had Shinichi and Misao and that she'll always feel that way. Her life was too complicated for anyone else to deal with. In the next few pages were the first few dates that Daray and Arya were first together.

Daray: he smiled a bit. As long as he stopped before he got to the part where he left, he wouldn't mind reading it perhaps. He sat down on the couch and picked up the book. He started to read the first entry Arya wrote about him and her together.

Today I was helping a friend of mine then this guy, Daray, came. God he's such a jerk. I'm being kept at his house right now. Soon, though, I'll be gone from here. I won't have to deal with him. -sighs and rolls eyes a bit~ I can't believe him. I don't trust him either. I don't trust anyone; it's the way I was taught. He's asleep at the moment. I could easily leave from here but then the guards outside will get a hold of me. ~growls softly then looks out the window~ At times I catch him looking at me, like...he would risk his life...for me. It's something that I've only seen with other people.

Daray: he smiled and glanced up to see if Arya was still in the kitchen. Because she was, he turned to the next entry. He skimmed through them. He wanted to find the one she wrote about their first kiss. Or at least, when he had stolen a kiss from her.

The third entry from the one he read was about when she first started to actually talk and started to like him.

Daray: he started to read it.

I don't know what's gotten over me today. I have this feeling that I've never felt before. I'm looking at Daray differently than the jerk and stalker that I've been looking at him for the first time I've gotten here. I've talked to him more than I usually do. I catch myself looking at him when he's not paying attention to me.

Daray: he wondered if she ever wrote about how she felt when they kissed. He tried to find an entry that spoke of that. He was smiling a lot now. These entries were a lot better than the first one he read.

Two entries from the one he read was about their first date.

Daray: he knew how he remembered their first date. He wondered if it was similar to her feelings. He read the entry.

Today Daray went on our first date today. It was amazing. Better than I thought it would be. We had dinner, danced, and we kissed. He proved me wrong about his kisses. I thought they would be boring and like all the other guys that I kissed to get what I needed. They weren't, they were exciting and different. He made me excited in ways I will not put in words. ~smiles~ I feel so weird though. They feeling I talked about in my other entries, it has grown. I don't dare call it love. Love is forbidden when you work for The Great Ones. I can't help to say that...I think I'm falling for him. Falling in love with him.

Daray: 'I love you Ray, Ray.' he told Arya mentally. He flipped to see if she had written about their wedding, or when he proposed to her.

Arya: She smiled. 'I love you too Daray. It's been awhile since you've called me that.' She replied mentally.

The next two entries talked about their other dates then one was the day he proposed to her.

Daray: 'Yea? I've been calling you Raya...I haven't called you Ray, Ray in awhile. Sorry babe.' he paused a moment and marked the page with part of the ribbon. This was probably going to kill his good mood, but he figured he would save these good entries for last. He wanted to see something first. He remembered when Arya had told him that she met the man who comforted her while he was gone. The man she slept with. He wondered if she had at all wrote about him, or how she felt being with him. If it compared to these entries Arya wrote about Daray...he flipped right to the entry she would have started to mention him if she ever did. He skimmed it first to make sure.

There was only a little about the man she was with.

Daray: he read what it said.

Today I met someone while shopping. He was very kind and willing to help me with my things. We talked for a bit and he invited me to dinner tomorrow night. I told him that I didn't know, that I'd think about it.

Daray: he checked; was that really all? That was like a cliff hanger...

The third entry from the one he just read continued about Jayden;

I just got back from Jayden's. Had a good time. We talked, had dinner, on and so forth. It was good...but it felt like all the others from before I met Daray. There was no spark, nothing. No feelings at all. God, I wish you were here Daray. I miss you so freaking much. I miss YOUR touch, YOUR kisses, and YOUR voice. I miss everything. ~sighs~ I love you and I always will. Nothing is going to be able to change that.

Daray: he thought any entry about Jayden would make him sad...but it actually didn't. It made him feel better. If Arya had written this before he came back, then he knew it was the truth even more. He smiled a bit and then flipped back to the page she wrote the night he proposed to her. He figured this would be the last one he read in her diary. He wasn't interested about any of the times she had when she was little and sad, or when he had left and she was sad. He just wanted to read about when she was happy. He liked it when Arya was happy.

I can say that I'm in love now and I know that he is too. I can see it, feel it with every touch and every kiss that we share. I also know that he loves me more than anything because he proposed today. It was a special way that I won't ever forget. The ring he got me is so beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. ~sighs happily~ I don't want no one else. I love him so much.

Daray: he closed her diary and set it back on the coffee table. He stood and teleported to the kitchen and went up behind Arya and kissed her on the cheek. He put his arms around her from behind and rested his chin on her shoulder, looking at what she was writing, if she was still writing.

Arya: She smiled and looked at him. "Something changed your mood drastically." She then looked back down at her letter that she was just about to sign. She signed it then folded it and put it in an envelope. She addressed it to a girl named Sofia.

Daray: "Mhm. You did."

Arya: "I did?" She looked at him and smiled. "How'd I do that?"

Daray: "Reading your thoughts. Or I should say, your written thoughts."

Arya: She smiled a little more. "I thought you didn't want to read my diary."

Daray: "Just not the sad parts. I found a way around it." he leaned back and turned to lean against the counter, "Besides; it's been one of my life goals to read your diary since I met you. You left it laying there. Left it translated for me. So it would be rude to refuse."

Arya: "I left the ones that I wanted you to read translated. I bet if you go back and look at the pages now you won't be able to read anything other than the dates." She then stood and kissed his cheek before going into the other room to find a stamp.

Daray: "Well, whatever. I don't need to see them now." he watched her walk away and smiled a bit, "And I got to read them without having to trade. My Daray power DID work on you. Whether you want to admit it or not!" he called to her.

Arya: 'Hon, they wouldn't have been translated if you didn't make that fair trade.' She told him mentally but was smiling.

Daray: "I didn't make a trade at all..." he still said out loud.

Arya: "Whatever." she said as she walked back into the kitchen.

Daray: "What did I trade?" he asked her.

Arya: "The letters that you wrote but never mind. I don't want to read them now." She got herself something to drink then went upstairs.

Daray: his smile faded and he followed her to the end of the stairs, "Why not?" he had taken a lot to write those letters. They meant a lot to him. That sort of hurt.

Arya: "You said you didn't make a trade so...whatever." She said as she walked up the stairs.

Daray: "Fine." he said a bit sadly. If she didn't care to read them he was never going to show her. He went back into the living room a bit perturbed.

Arya: Her good mood was ruined now. She wanted to read them but if he didn't want to show them then she wasn't going to push it. She sat in their room for a bit before lying back onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling. She sighed softly.

Daray: when it was time for bed, he took Luca and tucked him in his bed. He was going to read him a story, but little Luca was already sleeping. He kissed his forehead and left the room. He didn't want to wake him. Then he went back down to Angelia. "Going to bed soon?" he asked her. He started to put the blocks away.

Angelia: She looked up at him. "Yeah, probably. What time is it?"

Daray: "Around 9."

Angelia: She nodded. "Alright. I'll be in my room."

Daray: since she hadn't been paying attention to his and Arya's conversation earlier, he wasn't going to bring up about the letters. Knowing his and Angelia's relationship, it would probably make it worse anyways. "Want me to read you a story?" he asked her.

Angelia: "You can but I was just going to check my e-mail and probably just go on the roof and look at the stars. You can come with me...if you want." She got up.

Daray: "Yea? Sure. I will. I'll meet you up there."

Angelia: "Alright." She went upstairs and got her pajamas on. She got her laptop out and checked her e-mail, like she said she was going to do.


Angelia: she appeared on the roof.

Daray: he was already up there. "Took you long enough."

Angelia: "Sorry, Lance left me a message asking about our double date tomorrow." She sat beside him.

Daray: "Are you going?" he looked over at her.

Angelia: She nodded. "If I'm allowed to go that is."

Daray: "Well, sure. Why not. Just bring your phone." he looked back out at the sky, "You know the rules."

Angelia: "We're going bowling and it's at 8." She told him while looking at the sky too.

Daray: "That should be fun. Be careful."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "I will."

Daray: "So I can't believe you still like this roof thing." he stood and walked over to the parapet he made around the roof, "I'm glad I built this so you don't randomly fall off."

Angelia: "I come up here every night." She looked at him and smiled a bit.

Daray: "Every night?"

Angelia: "Yeah. I like to look at the sky. I would come up here and watch for you to come home." She smiled a little, remembering.

Daray: "You thought I'd return in the stars?" he looked at her.

Angelia: She shook her head. "I would watch the road then. Now I watch the stars."

Daray: "I'm sorry I couldn't live up to what you thought I was as a father." he said softly.

Angelia: She got up then walked over to him. She hugged him.

Daray: he hugged her back, "What?"

Angelia: "I couldn't ask for a better father." She whispered then looked up at him.

Daray: "Well you could." he said softly.

Angelia: "Why would I?"

Daray: "Then he wouldn't fight so much with you, or do stupid things to upset you."

Angelia: "But that's what parents and children do."

Daray: "Yea, I know. I might have been able to handle it if our relationship was like most parents and children. But I hate to say that I don't like fighting with you because of being gone for as long as I did. I missed the time when you were little and thought I was your hero. Now I'm just the annoying father who gets in your way of your own life."

Angelia: She frowned a little.

Daray: "It's the truth, isn't it?"

Angelia: "Only if you think it is." She said softly.

Daray: "Well what do you think?"

Angelia: "That you're wrong."

Daray: "Well, I just don't like it. I mean, I went from being your best friend, to leaving and coming back to you being a young woman and being second in rank to other men in your life."

Angelia: "That's not true either." She whispered.

Daray: "Listen, little lady. I just don't like fighting with you. I do things to try and stop it. Sometimes it makes it worse. And I'm sorry for that."

Angelia: She looked down for a few minutes then looks at him. "If you don't like fighting with me, to make things right or make things better...then I feel that you don't care enough to try and correct it." She stated softly. "Good night Dad." She said before teleporting to her room. She got in her bed, under her covers and laid there.

Daray: he was confused. He sighed. Now he just upset Angelia again, trying to talk to her how he felt. He really needed to learn to shut up. He wanted to make things right and better. That's why he didn't want to fight. He just didn't want to fight with her. And now she was mad at him. He sighed again and sat down on the roof. "So much for father, daughter time." he mumbled.

Angelia: She curled in a ball in her bed, closing her eyes trying to sleep. 'How could he think that he's second rank in my life now? He was always my hero, even when he wasn't here. He's the first one that I call when I need someone. He's the first one I come to when I need to ask something.' She thought to herself. She's always been Daddy's little girl but now it seemed to her that's been replaced by Luca. Luca's his little buddy. She closed her eyes tight, trying to hold back tears.

Daray: he teleported to Angelia's room, "Angelia, I never said I didn't want to make things right or better. All I said was that I don't like fighting with you. But it seems that's what our conversations always turn into now, just like now. I don't want you to go to bed angry at me. But if you don't want to talk tonight, I suppose we can later."

Angelia: 'We can talk tonight.' She told him mentally, not trusting her voice.

Daray: "Why are you talking mentally?"

Angelia: 'Cause I want to.'

Daray: "Well...I just wanted to say I love you, I guess. And let you know that was all I meant was that I don't want us to fight. But it seems we will have to work on it."

Angelia: "I love you too." She whispered.

Daray: "Good night baby girl. Have fun tomorrow." he walked to her bedroom door and opened it. He walked out and shut her door behind him.

Angelia: "Good night, Daddy." She whispered to herself. She then got out of bed and teleported to the roof again. She looked up at the stars.

Daray: he sat down in the hallway outside of Angelia's door. He just picked at the carpet. This was enough emotions in one day for him. But he was determined to talk less. It would make for better relationships. He sighed. He could hear the rain hit the roof. It was from him. His fault. Maybe it would be best if he didn't talk to her at all. Then she wouldn't be crying because of him.

Angelia: her bedroom door opened. She jumped when she saw Daray sitting there. "Dad. I thought you were going to bed."

Daray: he looked back at her, and was going to say something but stopped when he saw she had clothes. "Are you sneaking out of the house again?" he didn't sound happy about that.

Angelia: "I didn't sneak out of the house and no I'm not. I'm going to get a shower...if that's alright with you." She said softly as she walked past him. She sighed softly.

Daray: "Oh." he watched her. "I'm sorry for making you cry."

Angelia: She stopped and turned to him. "You didn't make me cry. I was just thinking about things and made myself cry." She explained softly.

Daray: "But your thoughts were of me, and so I did make you cry."

Angelia: She shook her head.

Daray: he got up and moved to sit beside the door now instead of directly in front of it.

Angelia: She took her shower and had her hair up in a towel when she came out. She sat in front of Daray.

Daray: "You smell good." he smiled a bit, "So I guess you really did take a shower."

Angelia: "Thanks." She was a little hurt that he didn't believe her when she said that she was taking a shower.

Daray: "I was just thinking you were going to stand in the water and not actually shower when you said that. That's what I did a lot as a teenager." he chuckled.

Angelia: She shook her head. "No. I wanted to shower. It makes me feel better. See?" She motioned towards the window.

Daray: he looked at the window and nodded, "I'll have to remember that then the next time you're upset. Just have you take a shower." he looked back over and down at the carpet as he picked at it.

Angelia: "What's wrong?"

Daray: he looked up at her, "Nothing's wrong. I just feel like sitting here. Being quiet."

Angelia: "Oh." She said softly. "Do you want me to go?" She asked softly.

Daray: "No. You can stay here I just thought you were going to sleep."

Angelia: She shook her head. "I can't sleep right now..." She said softly.

Daray: "Why not?"

Angelia: She shrugged a little. "Don't know."

Daray: "Well, alright. Just as long as you don't leave the house after curfew or don't use your phone or computer, I don't care if you go to sleep or not."

Angelia: She nodded a little. "Okay. I guess I'll see you tomorrow." She stood and went back into her room. She quietly shut the door. She lay on her bed and sighed.

Daray: he continued to sit there. Apparently Angelia thought it was boring to sit here. Which, it was...but he felt like sitting.

Angelia: She looked out the window, looking at the stars that she could see from where she was laying.

Daray: he scooted back and sat against the wall, leaning his head back against it. He looked down the hallway and just scanned his house with his eyes as he sat there.

Angelia: She soon fell asleep like she was.

Daray: he sighed and just still sat there. He didn't fall asleep at all, nor did he go to bed.


Daray: was still sitting there by the time Arya and Angelia woke up.

Angelia: She got up and stretched. She then looked out the window and sighed. She then got up and opened her door. She was still half asleep though.

Daray: "Morning Angelia."

Angelia: She looked to where she heard Daray's voice. "Oh, morning daddy." She said softly.

Daray: "Sleep well?" he asked.

Angelia: "I guess so." She stretched a little again. "Did you sit there all night?" She asked him.

Daray: "I did." he confirmed. "I guess it's about time I got up, huh?" he got to his feet and stretched with a little groan. He felt stiff.

Angelia: She nodded slightly and watched him.

Daray: "I guess I can't make you breakfast anymore."

Angelia: "Hm? Why?" She asked with a yawn.

Daray: "You don't eat human food anymore little girl." he ruffled her hair and then walked past her and down to his room. He opened the door and went inside and closed it behind him. He got out some clean clothes to change into.

Angelia: She yawned again then went downstairs. She went to the kitchen.

Daray: he took a shower and then got dressed for the day. He teleported down to the kitchen and got himself a bottle of red liquid and put it in the microwave.

Angelia: She was sitting at the table, drinking a glass of red liquid herself.

Daray: "Where's your mom?"

Angelia: "Upstairs."

Daray: "With Luca?"

Angelia: "Yeah." She said softly.

Daray: "What's wrong?" he asked Angelia as he got his glass of red liquid out to drink.

Angelia: "Nothing. I'm fine." She smiled slightly

Daray: "Are you sure?" he came over and sat beside his daughter.

Angelia: She nodded.

Daray: "Alright. Well, what is today? Thursday or Friday?"

Angelia: "Friday."

Daray: "That's what I thought. I lost track."

Angelia: "It's alright, dad."

Daray: "So what are you doing before eight? Just hanging out?"

Angelia: She shrugged. "I don't know. Probably."

Daray: "We could do something together if you want." he suggested.

Angelia: "That would be nice." She smiled

Daray: "What would you like to do? Practice bowling before you go bowling with your friends so you can whoop their butts?"

Angelia: She laughed softly. "We could go do that. It sounds like fun."

Daray: he smiled a bit and took a drink of the glass of red liquid. "Sounds good." he stood. "I miss your mom. I'm going to go see her."

Angelia: She nodded a bit. "Alright." She smiled a little.

Daray: he took his glass and walked up the stairs and went down to Luca's room. He leaned against the door frame.

Arya: She was sitting in the rocking chair, reading a book to Luca, whom was on her lap.

Daray: "Awww look. Two of my favorite people." he smiled a bit.

Arya: She looked up and smiled.

Luca: He smiled. "Daddy!" He said all excitedly.

Daray: he walked in and gave Arya a kiss on the lips and then kissed Luca's forehead. "Whatchya reading?" he asked.

Luca: "Puppy book." He smiled again.

Daray: "A puppy book? That's cute." he then laughed at a thought in his head.

Arya: "Luca picked it out on his own at the store." She explained.

Daray: "He's a smart kid." he was still laughing and then shook his head. He took a drink of the red liquid and sat down on the floor.

Luca: He threw a toy at him. "It not funny." He frowned a bit.

Daray: "Hey!" he dodged the toy from where he sat. "That's not what I'm laughing at." he smiled.

Arya: "Then what were you thinking?"

Daray: "He reads books about puppies...we drink from animals. I was thinking about the story line of Bambi. How all human kids are sad because Bambi's father dies. We drink deer. Luca won't be that kids who's sad if Bambi's father dies. He'll be thinking, 'Mmmm. Yummy.'" he laughed.

Arya: She laughed too. "That's true."

Daray: "I thought he'd be scared when I took him hunting. But he wasn't. Surprising the difference between our children and human children, isn't it?" he took another drink of his red liquid.

Arya: She nodded. "Yes it is." She smiled.

Daray: "How did you sleep last night?" he asked Arya.

Arya: "I slept okay."

Daray: "I didn't go to sleep at all."

Arya: "Why?"

Daray: "I didn't feel like it. You should have came and got me and I would have come to bed if it would have helped you sleep, you know."

Arya: "Oh. No, that's alright."

Daray: "Angelia and I are going to go bowling today. Did you and Luca want to come too?"

Arya: "If you want us to come." She held Luca on her lap as she rocked in the chair.

Daray: "Yea I do. Unless you had other plans."

Arya: She shook her head. "Nothing planned for today."

Daray: he smiled, "Good. I can teach Luca how to bowl and show Angelia a thing or two. And then you and I can have at it. Girls against boys."

Arya: "Sounds like a plan."

Daray: he smiled and stood, "We can leave in an hour or two. I'll let you and Luca get back to reading."

Arya: She nodded a little. "Alright." She smiled.

Daray: he left the room and went back down to the kitchen.

Angelia wasn't in there when he went back down to the kitchen.

Daray: he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Angelia: She was sitting in the living room; she was sitting in one of the corners. She had her head leaning against the wall and her eyes closed.

Daray: "Angelia, why are you sitting in a corner?" he asked, watching her.

Angelia: "Shh...I'm listening to something." She said quietly.

Daray: he raised an eyebrow at her but said nothing.

Angelia: She smiled a bit. "It's amazing; I couldn't hear the road from here before, now I can." She opened her eyes and looked at him.

Daray: "Are you serious?"

Angelia: She nodded. "If you sit, close your eyes, and just listen you can hear a lot of things."

Daray: "I thought you could hear the road's not that far away."

Angelia: "Well, yeah but not like I just was. I could hear the words on the radio clearly in each car that pasted. I could hear conversations that people were having in their cars."

Daray: "I can understand how that would be exciting for you. Though it's nothing new to me." he smiled a bit, "You can be an awesome stalker now."

Angelia: She laughed softly. "Yes, I could be but I don't need to be."

Daray: "No. Though when you start college you shouldn't either. But I understand if you do. If I could hear people's conversations from rooms away, I would listen. I'd be intrigued. Then you could probably pass college with ease as you wouldn't really need to think at all for yourself."

Angelia: She nodded. "I could but I won't do that. It's cheating."

Daray: he shrugged.

Angelia: She didn't know what to say or do now.

Daray: "Everyone has different moral values than I do apparently."

Angelia: She nodded. "I guess so."

Daray: "Your mother and brother are coming with us to bowl."

Angelia: She nodded a little again. "Ok."

Daray: "How far away can you hear, anyways?"

Angelia: "I heard to the road and to somewhere in the woods."

Daray: "We should go to the park again sometime. And just sit and listen. You're older now you won't get yourself kidnapped, will you?"

Angelia: "No. I'm not as weak anymore so even if someone tried I could easily fight them."

Daray: "Not really. You don't know how to fight."

Angelia: "I know a few things."

Daray: he set down his glass and stood. "Okay. Show me."

Angelia: "What?"She looked up at him.

Daray: "Show me what you know."

Angelia: "Dad, I could hurt you."

Daray: "You could. But then again you couldn't."

Angelia: "I'm stronger than you too."

Daray: "Strength and brute force are no match for wisdom, my dear." he motioned his hand for her to come closer, "Bring it on and see the power of the mind."

Angelia: She got up. "Shouldn't we go outside for this?"

Daray: he nodded, "Yes we should." he teleported outside.

Angelia: She did the same thing.

Daray: "So what do you think you know?"

Angelia: "I'll be honest, I know something but not that much." She admitted.

Daray: "Yes. I know. I've been with you your whole life. I know what you know and what you don't. Unless you've learned something while I was gone."

Angelia: She nodded a little.

Daray: "So are you going to show me or were you bluffing?"

Angelia: "No, I wasn't bluffing."

Daray: "I'm growing old..."

Angelia: She couldn't help but laugh a little. "I'm not being attacked."

Daray: "By me?"

Angelia: "By anyone."

Daray: "Knowing your luck, it's in your future. I'm sorry."

Angelia: She sighed. "Yeah, I know."

Daray: "So we need to do this. And whether you like it or not, I have signed you up for self defense classes."

Angelia: She groaned a little. "You can't make me go if I don't want to." She stated.

Daray: "Angelia please. It will make me feel better and it is only to help you."

Angelia: She sighed. "Fine."

Daray: "Like I said, we will go together and make it a father daughter thing, okay?"

Angelia: "Okay."

Daray: he spread his feet apart to strengthen his stance, "So show me what you know."

Angelia: "I can't."

Daray: "I won't hurt you." he promised.

Angelia: She shook her head. "It's not that."

Daray: "Then what is it?"

Angelia: "I can't see myself attacking you."She admitted softly.

Daray: "Why not? You won't hurt me either."

Angelia: "'Cause I can't see myself attacking you."

Daray: he sighed. "Fine. It was just going to be like a playful thing but never mind."

Angelia: She sighed. "I'm sorry." She looked down then started to walk back to the house.

Daray: he teleported back into the living room and took his seat again. So much for his fun. He took the last drink of his red liquid, which was now cold.

Angelia: She sat on the porch, her knees against her chest.


Daray: was upstairs with Arya.

The diary was gone.

Arya: "Where did you see it last, love?" She looked up at Daray. She was in a panic trying to find her diary.

Daray: "I swear it was right on the end table and now it's not."

Arya: She sighed. "Did it get knocked off onto the floor?"

Daray: "I've already checked that." he walked into the living room.

Angelia: She looked up at Daray when he came in.

Arya: She continued to look for it upstairs.

Daray: "Have you seen your mom's diary?" he asked Angelia.

Angelia: She shook her head "No."

Daray: he sighed, "She's gonna kill me."

Angelia: "I'll help look for it. What does it look like?" She stood.

Daray: "Black with a red ribbon." he got down on the floor and checked under the couches and chairs.

Angelia: She nodded and started to search for it as well.

But it was nowhere in the house.

Arya: She sat on the bed, her face in her hands.

Angelia: She tried to think of who would want to take her mom's diary.

Daray: he sighed and teleported to Arya, "Babe I'm sorry I can't find it."

Arya: "There are things in that book that can't be shared with anyone. Things that I didn't want anyone else to know." She said softly.

Daray: "It's in Romanian language right? Who reads that anyways?"

Arya: "Most off it is."

Daray: he sat down on the bed beside her, "It's just a diary. It'll be okay."

Arya: "But they were also memories." She looked at him.

Daray: "We will get it back." he promised, "We will find it." he hugged her.

Arya: She hugged him back.

Daray: he rubbed her back for a second before pulling back, "Don't worry about it now. You can start a new diary, alright?" he smiled a bit.

Arya: "I don't know." She looked down.

Daray: "Do you still feel like bowling?" he asked her.

Arya: "Not really." She admitted softly.

Daray: "Please? It will take your mind off of it. It may help."

Arya: She sighed a little. "I guess I can try it."

Daray: "Thanks babe." he kissed her cheek and then just stayed sitting there with her, being concerned for her.

Arya: She nodded and tried to smile a little. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed.

Daray: he put his arm around her, "Would it help if I sang a song to you- even in my horrible voice?" he smiled a bit and rested his cheek against her forehead lightly.

Arya: "You don't sing horribly, love." She whispered and closed her eyes.

Daray: "So is that a yes, you want me to sing?" he whispered in her ear softly.

Arya: She nodded a little.

Daray: " to think of what to sing." he said softly.

Arya: She shrugged a little. "I don't know." She whispered as she cuddled close to him.

Daray: he thought about it for a moment and a small smile formed his lips as he started to sing a song softly to her, whispering, "At last, my love has come along. My lonely days are over. And life is like a song. Oh, yeah, at last. The skies above are blue. My heart was wrapped up in clovers. The night I looked at you. I found a dream that I could speak to. A dream that I can call my own. I found a thrill to rest my cheek to. A thrill that I have never known. Oh, yeah when you smile, you smile, and then the spell was cast. And here we are in heaven. For you are mine. At last." he kissed the top of her head gently.

Arya: She smiled and kissed his neck softly. "Thank you, my love." She whispered against his neck.

Daray: "Mhm." he closed his eyes, enjoying how her breath felt against his neck, "That help?"

Arya: "Yes." She whispered against his neck still. She smiled as she softly traced her lips up and down his neck softly.

Daray: he smiled more, "Baby I'm hot just like an oven...I need some lovin'..." he said softly.

Arya: She smiled a little more than kissed him softly.

Daray: he kissed her gently at first and then his kiss grew harder and more gruff. He put his hands on her sides and lifted her up suddenly, and easily, and moved her back further onto the bed. "And when I get that feeling..." he whispered as he leaned back and started to kiss beneath her jaw, "I want Sexual Healing."

Arya: She kissed him back and closed her eyes. She laid her head back onto the bed. She smiled a bit.

Daray: "No bowling?" he asked softly as he kissed her neck.

Arya: "Not if you want some Sexual Healing, my love." She bit her lip a little.

Daray: he leaned back and smiled a bit seeing her biting her lip, "Angelia will be upset though." he leaned down and kissed her lower lip gently once then twice.

Arya: She kissed him and had him on the bed, her on top of him straddling him. She kissed along his jaw bone softly then leaned down beside his ear. "This can wait until tonight, if you wish to still go bowling with our daughter." She then kissed down his neck softly.

Daray: he groaned, "Sure...I do. We can do a quick one though..."

Arya: She smiled and kissed him. She kissed him hard and passionate. She took his shirt and pants off of him.

Daray: after she took his clothes off of him he took her clothes off of her. He was already ready for her. He was breathing deeper as he kissed down her neck. He took her bra off of her.

Arya: She started to slowly move against him as he kissed down her neck. Her breathing deepened.

Daray: he made love to her.


Daray: he was walking down to the stairs, "Ready Angelia?" he called to her. He set his bowling ball down by the door.

Angelia: She came down in some jeans and a nice shirt. Her hair was half up and half down. She smiled a bit. "Yeah, I'm ready."

Arya: She came down with Luca on her hip. She was smiling a bit.

Daray: "Then your mom and brother and I can just leave when 8 rolls around and you can have Lance drop you off home. Did you text him and tell him to just meet you there?"

Angelia: She shook her head no. "I will in the car though."

Arya: "I'm going to get Luca all settled into his car seat. I'll meet you out there." She kissed Daray's cheek then went outside with Luca.

Angelia: She looked at Daray. "Mom seems in a better mood." She smiled a bit.

Daray: he smiled, "Yes. Me too." he picked up his bag and walked outside after Arya and left the door open behind him, "Lock it please!" he called back to Angelia.

Angelia: She smiled more. She was happy to see her parents happy. She walked outside after locking and shutting the door. She walked to the car. She got her phone out after she got in the car. She opened a new message and typed "hey, my parents are going to drop me off at the bowling alley. They said you could just drop me off at home afterwards. They thought it would be a little easier on you." She then sent it.

Daray: he got into the car after Luca was in, and started it as he waited for Arya to get in. He backed out of the driveway and onto the road and drove down to the bowling alley.

Lance: he texted back when they were on the road, "Sounds good. Will you want to eat after bowling?"

Angelia: "Umm...I...I can't eat human food anymore."

Lance: "Oh? 0_0"

Daray: he took one of his hands off the wheel and held one of Arya's hands with his.

Angelia: "Long story. I'll tell you when we're together."

Arya: She smiled and held it back.

Lance: "Alright...ttyl."

Angelia: "Ttyl."

Daray: "We should get you your own personalized bowling bowl Angie."

Angelia: "Angie? Dad, please don't start calling me what Luca does. I can understand it from him." She sighed a little. "But that would be nice."

Daray: "Aww why not? It's cute. And it is a nickname."

Angelia: "I rather my nickname be Angel." She looked at Daray. "Could we put that on my bowling ball? Angel?"

Daray: "Sure." he shrugged. "I don't care. It's your bowling ball."

Angelia: She smiled. "Thanks dad."

Daray: "You're welcome...Angie."

Angelia: She sighed, rolled her eyes and looked out the window.

Daray: he smirked, "I like it."

Angelia: She continued to look out the window. She didn't say anything.

Daray: he looked to Arya, "Do you not like it?"

Arya: "I like them both." She smiled a little.

Daray: "As do I. I think Luca is a smart toddler."

Luca: He smiled and laughed softly.

Angelia: She still didn't say anything.

Daray: he looked in the rearview mirror at Luca and smiled. Then he looked over at Angelia, "Oh Angie, lighten up."

Angelia: "I'm not going to answer to that name unless it's Luca." She stated.

Daray: "What if I put that on your bowling ball?"

Angela: "I won't use it."

Daray: "What if it's from Luca?"

Angelia: "That's different but I doubt Luca has the money to get it...without your help."

Daray: he smiled a bit, "Luca, want to get Angelia a present?" he looked back at Luca.

Luca: He smiled. "Get Angie a present? Yeah." He got excited.

Angelia: "Dad, please don't." She groaned a bit.

Daray: he looked at Angelia again, "Why not?"

Angelia: "Because I don't want Angie on my bowling ball. It's too...child-ish." She kind of explained.

Daray: "People are named Angie in real life...for a REAL name."

Angelia: "I don't like the name that much anyway." She said softly.

Daray: "I bet you would if that was your real name." he turned into the parking lot of the bowling alley.

Angelia: She glared at him a bit then looked away.

Daray: "It's the truth isn't it?"

Angelia: "Probably...but it's not."

Daray: he parked the car and shut it off. "How about it says, 'Angie the Angel?'"

Angelia: "No. I don't want Angie on all." She got out of the car when it was parked.

Daray: he rolled his eyes and went around and got Luca out of the car, "Do you like Angie the Angel?" he whispered to Luca as he held him.

Luca: He smiled "Yeah." He whispered back, like Daray did.

Angelia: "Just because you're whispering, doesn't mean I can't hear you." She looked at Daray and Luca.

Arya: 'Love, what happened to your plan of spoiling her?' She asked mentally.

Daray: 'A wise woman told me I shouldn't.' he told her mentally in return. He kissed Luca's cheek and grabbed his things.

Arya: 'No, I told you to do as you wish.' She replied as she walked inside with Angelia.

Luca: "Ride on shoulders, Daddy?" He asked him.

Daray: 'So you're telling me you want me to spoil her?' he put Luca on his shoulders and then followed them inside.

Arya: 'I didn't say that. I said to do as you wish...even if that means you want to spoil her.'

Luca: He held onto Daray as he walked in.

Daray: 'You confuse me.' he walked up to the counter, "Two lanes please, for two games." he told the man. He waited to be rung up and then handed him the money.

Arya: 'But you love me even though I do.' She smiled as she took Angelia and Luca over to the lanes that the man said they would be on after she got Luca, Angelia and herself some bowling shoes. She helped Luca get his shoes on.

Daray: "Angelia come here!"

Angelia: She sighed and went over to Daray. "You don't have to yell."' She stated when she got over there.

Daray: "I do to make it look like we're human. Now, pick a color of a bowling ball out and then I can order it in." he slid the book of colors to her.

Angelia: She looked at the colors. She found a blue that was the color f her dress that she wore on her and Lance's date. "I like is one." She pointed to it then looked at Daray.

Daray: he saw it and nodded, "Okay. Bring me Luca please."

Angelia: She walked back over and took Luca's hand after she told him that Daray wanted him.

Luca: He smiled and ran the rest of the way over to Daray.

Daray: he bent down and picked him up while smiling. He set him on the counter, "You want to get Angelia a present then?" he whispered.

Angelia: She sighed and rolled her eyes again. "I'm going to be over with mom." She walked back over to where Arya was.

Luca: He nodded."Yeah."

Daray: "What would you like her bowling ball to say?" he asked Luca. "This is your gift. You decide."

Luca: "Love you, Angeli..." He frowned a bit. He was trying to say her whole name but couldn't.

Daray: "Angelia?" he asked.

Luca: He nodded.

Daray: he smiled, "Okay." he told the man what they would like to order and then what the bowling ball was to say. Then he picked up Luca and went back over to the Lanes and set Luca down on a seat. He sat down and opened his bowling bag. He took off his shoes and put on his bowling shoes.

Angelia: She waited, sitting on the bench.

Luca: He went over to Angelia and hugged her.

Angelia: She smiled a bit and hugged him back.

Daray: he put his bowling ball on the holder for them in game. "Ready?"

Angelia: "Yeah."

Luca: He nodded, not really knowing.

Arya: She smiled and nodded. "Of course."

Daray: "You two girls get that Lane. I'll take this one and show Luca how to bowl so we'll take it slow." he picked up Luca and then took him to the lane with a small, light bowling ball. He knelt down by Luca and showed him how to hold it.

Luca: He held it, like shown.

Arya: She nodded and helped Angelia.

Daray: he started to teach Luca.

Arya: She did the same with Angelia.

Daray: after the first half of the game, he switched with Arya so he was with Angelia and she with Luca.

Arya: She smiled as she helped Luca.

Daray: after the first game, he went back over to Luca and they did a boys against girls game.

Angelia: She bowled three strikes in a row.

Arya: She smiled a bit and looked at Daray.

Daray: "Whoop! Go Angelia!" he did a disco move dance to be an embarrassing father.

Angelia: "Dad." She shook her head.

Arya: She shook her head but laughed softly.

Daray: he looked at Luca, "We might lose."

Luca: He smiled a bit. "It's okay Daddy."

Daray: he smiled, "That it is." he lined Luca up and helped him throw the ball so it hit the pins, and though lightly, all the pins fell for one strike.

Luca: He pointed and laughed. "Daddy, I got the same thing as Angel."

Daray: he smiled, "Yay you did!" he rubbed his head and then stepped back and took his turn.

Luca: He laughed softly again and watched Daray.

Arya: She walked up behind Daray quietly then softly and lightly blew against his neck when he went to take his turn.

Daray: he had thrown a perfect ball but at the last minute when Arya blew against his neck his hand twisted to drop it wrong and the ball rolled into the gutter. He turned and glared at her. "That was mean." he felt his neck, "It tickled though."

Arya: She just smiled and kissed his cheek.

Daray: he smiled back. "You girls are going to win anyways."

Arya: "I know. Just trying to have some fun." She kissed his cheek again then walked away.

Daray: he pinched her butt as she walked away.

Arya: She gasped a little and looked at him. She smiled.

Daray: he smiled and then went back to bowling with Luca. Soon the game ended and just as he predicted, the girls won.

Angelia: She smiled and sat on the bench.

Luca: "Play again?" He asked.

Arya: "Maybe another day. We have to get going, Angelia has another date." She smiled a bit.

Daray: "Yes. And we let them win anyways, right Luca?"

Luca: He nodded. "Right."