In this world there is Heaven and Hell. The devil used to be an angel trusted by God; but eventually the Devil became power hungry and tried to overthrow him. For this crime he was kicked out of Heaven, where he would never be allowed to return.
Slowly and secretly, the Devil began recruiting people for his army to overthrow God, plotting for the day that he would wage an all out war on Heaven. The return of Jesus is promised when this time arrives.
In a small town in Canada lived a bald old man who married a bald old woman, and the two had three children; one of them named Harold, a character that you are soon to learn more about.
The Bald Old Man studied the bible obsessively, until the day that he realized he needed to get stronger in order to fight in the war. So without a word, he left his wife to take care of their three children by herself.
Twenty years later, the Bald Old Man returned having mastered magic. This was when he tracked down his son Harold and brought him and three other boys to the Magic World to pass on his knowledge.
The four of them were willing to learn magic in order to become more powerful, but even though they would cooperate, none of the teens trusted each other.
If the four couldn't work together his army was better off with only one member, so the Bald Old Man said the only thing he could think of to solve the problem.
He told them that the last of the four alive would have the power to "rule the world". He knew this wasn't the best idea, it was a horrible idea, but he hoped that eventually the anger would pass and the four would come to their senses and realize they couldn't let anger and revenge blind them from their common goal in life.
Sadly, that wasn't the case. The four left the Magic World and began training in the Human World. Harold, upon leaving fell in love and stopped using his magic, fully aware that if he ever encounters anyone he trained with again, they'd have to be prepared for war.

- phantom130 5 (August 2011)