In this life we are taught there is Heaven and there is Hell. Lucifer, an angel once trusted by God, became so power hungry that he tried to overthrow him. For his crime, he was banished from Heaven, where he would never be allowed to return.

Slowly and secretly, he began recruiting people for a war he planned to wage against God and his followers.


In a small town named Town, a bald old bald man named Bald Old Man lived with his elderly woman and three children; he had studied the Bible religiously from a young age, and took this impending threat seriously.

One night, in a dream soaked epiphany, he woke to find a sleeping wife next to him. It was upon looking at her peaceful face he decided to leave, so that he may find a way to keep his family safe from a fate that was fast approaching.

In the middle of a cold night, he left his home, his wife and his children; he disappeared with no trace or word as to why. He had left to pursue the art of magic that would enable him to have enough power to protect his family, and possibly others too.

Some twenty years passed, with the elderly lady taking care of her children, and the disappearance of her husband weighing heavily on her.

Harold, their youngest son, had spent many of those years searching for his father but to no avail; until one day after school his father returned.

After some explaining over his disappearance, the Bald Old Man told Harold of his magic and offered to teach his son of its power so that he may use it to protect his family too. Three other boys around Harold and the Bald Old Man at the time and when they heard this news they wanted to learn magic too. With some reluctance, the Bald Old Man agreed to train them as well.

The journey was long and harsh, although to the disappointment of the Bald Old Man's, it was not a bonding trip that he had hoped for. The boys agreed to learn and cooperate with each other, but none trusted the others.

The Bald Old Man knew that if the group he had assembled could not work as one, than one shall remain; fearing this, he warned them that the last few alive would have power enough to rule the world.

He had hoped this warning would snap the boys out of their anger and help them bond in the common goal of life, to preserve it at all costs.

This, sadly, was not the case. Once the elderly man had passed on his knowledge, the group disbanded and fled to the Earthly realm to train for a war.

Of the small group, Harold, upon leaving the Magic World behind him, fell in love and stopped casting his magic; but, in the back of his mind, he knew that if he should ever get a knock on the door from someone he trained with, he would have to go to war.

~ phantom130 5 (August 2011)