Chapter 69: Knights of Shame

"Telling someone you love them doesn't necessarily mean you can expect an "I LOVE YOU TOO!" in return sometimes you just have to tell people what you feel, because feelings are meant to be set free, not kept locked away inside our heart."

~ Bleeding Heart

"I appreciate you." Sticky said. His voice dropped to not much louder than a whisper. There was a pause, and then even softer Sticky added, "You could even say I love you."

Jane hesitated as if to take in what Sticky said. It was clear from the look on her face that he had caught her by surprise, but whether this was a good surprise or not was yet to be determined. Once her mind settled she shook her head to clear it of all the smaller thoughts. "Don't use the word love so freely."

"As if that's the case." Sticky scoffed. "I don't say anything I don't mean!"

"So then you meant it all those times you called me a loud mouth?" Jane asked skeptically. "Do you mean all the other nasty nicknames you give to people?"

"That's different!" Sticky said. "I might not be great with words but I'm not stupid either! I know who I want to spend my future with and that's you! You may turn me down, ya could even hate me for sayin' it, but don't put me down for tellin' ya how I feel!"

"How about Alice?"

"What about her? We're not dating."

"She clearly likes you Sticky."

Sticky's face reddened. "Wait-... S-she does? H-how do you know? I always thought we were just friends."

Jane sighed. "It's obvious you're more than that, at least to her! Next time you see her just talk to her then you'll see. I'm not saying I'm not interested in being with you, but if you share feelings for Alice then I'm not interested in giving my heart away to someone who won't completely give me theirs."

"Ya' sound like a hypocrite." Sticky scoffed. "You've never fully given me your heart. Even if you're nice to me you've always had feelings for Max."

"That might be true, but I'm willing to try my best for you. I'm through with loving someone who won't love me back. I'll try to love you with all I've got if you promise to try the same."

Sticky nodded. He cared deeply for Jane and really felt like she was the one he wanted to be with. She was the shy school girl and he was the careless jock with a strange sense of humor. It all seemed to work. He liked Alice too, but she had always been just a friend. Surely, she'd understand if he started dating, after all, what's the point of being with someone just to make that person feel good? "I promise." Sticky replied and as it came out of his mouth he could feel how much he meant it.

~ phantom130 5 (July 2014)