It hit my head and bounced off, startling me out of my conversation with Enia's astral form. "Hm? What?"

Enia smirked.

"Are you even paying attention?" the teacher asked. She stood beside the blackboard that was covered with her cramped writing and strange symbols.


No he's not, Enia said with a grin. She sat, slouched, in the desk next to me. Light went straight through her, giving her already ghostly form an even paler look.

The teacher looked at her sharply. "Enia, why are you here?"

'Cause I'm not doing anything back home, she said, she examined the tips of her nails which had a chewed look. So I figured I'd come here and hang out with him. She jabbed her thumb at me. Enia lives in the Human Realm. I live in the Elf Realm. Enia's technically an elf herself but for some reason that is unknown to us she's stuck in the Human Realm and all the ways in and out of that realm are blocked. We're only able to talk telepathically and we can go into the other's realm in our mental forms.

"Distracting him during class is your idea of 'hanging out'?"

Enia shrugged.

"You can stay here if you want, just don't distract him, this is an important lesson."


The teacher turned back to the board and picked up the chalk.

"Woah, wait," I said, waving my hand in the air. "What'd you throw at me?" The center of my forehead still hurt from whatever it had been. Someone in the class snorted in smothered laughter.

"That pen," Ms. Akros said simply, pointing at something on the floor. I leaned over the front of my desk and there it was, an unassuming black pen without a cap on.

You've got a black dot in the center of your forehead, Enia informed me.

"Thank you for that," I said.

You're welcome.

"Alright, Enia, you can shut up now," Ms. Akros said.


"As I was saying," Ms. Akros went back into teacher mode, "There are two kinds of Rites; Majort Rites and Minut Rites. Majort Rites have consequences so be careful if you use them…"

Enia came back into my head. Heh, you got hit in the head with a pen.

Shut up, I said, also switching to telepathic mode, It was your fault.

You're the one who let me distract you.

How is it my fault?

I don't know.

I rolled my eyes and yawed widely. The day had been very long. First my sisters shoved me out of the house while I was still half-asleep and in my pajamas and before I'd eaten. Luckily Teemo – Enia's dad – felt sorry for me and gave me some clothes and food. Then Princey – the one guy whom I absolutely hate showed up and started ranting about his plan to kidnap Enia. He has some sort of strange obsession with her; we're not sure if it's messed up love or the fact that she's the Queen of the Water side of the realm. I ignored him and walked off; he threw a clump of dirt at me and hit me in the back of the head. I had a headache for the rest of the day. Then at lunch I realized I had no lunch or money for lunch and had to mooch off of my friends. And then I got hit in the head with a pen.

Oh your life is so hard, Enia reproached, At least you're here. I'm not. I'm stuck somewhere where nothing ever happens and there's no magic and I'm stuck in a non-powerful human body.

At least you don't have to deal with Princey.

I would love to have to deal with Princey! It would maen I get to kick his ass!

"Samik!" Something else hit my head.

"Ow! Why do you keep throwing things at me?"

"Maybe if you'd pay attention."

The class stifled their laughs.

Yeah, Samik. Pay attention.

"Shut up, Enia."

"Enia, you are going to have to leave now. You're kind of a distraction." Ms. Akros was deadly serious. Her arms were folded across her chest and she was almost glaring at Enia.

Okay, whatever. See ya, Samik. And she disappeared. Someone behind me made smooching noises. Heat flared in my face. It's no secret that Enia and I are soul mates but people still enjoy making fun of us about it. And then the bell rang to end the day. A teenager's reaction to the school bell ringing is instantaneous and occasionally destructive. It's instinctive in a way. Everyone jumps up, their chairs pushing back and the occasional hip slams into the desk. Then they're all heading towards the door in a mad stampede for freedom. I was no exception.

Except today the teacher stopped me. The action of her calling my name caused me to stop and one of my classmates slammed into me and sent me into the wall. "Move, jackass," he said.

I stuck my tongue out at his back.

I turned around to face Ms. Akros, rubbing at my throbbing nose. "Yes, Ms. Akros?" I sighed.

"You need to work on not getting distracted by her," Ms. Akros told me as she began erasing the board. Clouds of white rose from the eraser as she used it. "I know it's hard for you because you can't see her but you've got to pay attention in class."

"I'm sorry," I said automatically, my brain switching to Lecture Mode. When I get lectured I stop paying attention fully and just pretend like I am.

"Today was an important lesson. I'll get you a packet over it but next time I won't help you."


She looked at me with slight sympathy, "Alright. Go on."


I left, hiding a yawn behind my hand as I went. Enia was waiting by the door for me and she fell into step beside me. What was that about?

We made our way through the throngs of people to my locker before I answered. I grabbed my bag and shoved some random crap that I thought I might need into it. Teach says that I need to learn not to let you distract me like that.

She's right.

Hey, it's your fault too.

I know, I'm sorry. She gave me a small, sincere smile and took my hand. I couldn't feel her hand in mine and it made me feel a little depressed. We were in love and we couldn't even hold hands. Do you forgive me? she asked.

You're impossible to stay mad at, Enia Silverson, I sighed, You know that.

Her smile brightened into a full out Enia Happy Grin and she skipped ahead of me to the door. I followed and we went out into the failing afternoon sun. So why'd your sisters kick you out this morning? Enia asked when we were well down the path through the forest to my house.

Don't know, don't care, just know there's gonna be hell when I get home.

Good luck.

Thanks. Are you gonna come with me?


That's okay, you don't have to.

Enia looked relieved and I didn't blame her. My sister hated her. They thought she was a nut job who was riding on the power of her position, that she would never amount to nothing and would be my ruin. I'm glad to hear they think so much of me, Enia joked as she caught the train of my thoughts, I always thought they thought that I would someday accidently destroy the Universe.

They probably think that too.

She laughed and decided that she would come with me for 'moral support and all that jazz.' It's good to know she cares that my sisters don't massacre me. Luckily, though, the walk home was long, easily at least a half an hour, so it gave us lots of time to talk and not have to worry about the wrath that was my sisters. But when we did make it to my house they were waiting for us.