Chapter 1

As everyone knows, Zeus, Haides and Poseidon were a trio of brothers who worked with their mother to over take their father and his fellow Titans. Many also know that Hades was tricked by Zeus to rule over the Underworld. Since that day, Haides has done everything in his power to take over Olympus. One day, Hades sent a messanger out of the Underworld to speak to an oracle. The Fates had visited him and told of a future person who would not only destroy all his plans of dominion, he would trap Haides in the Underworld for all of enterninty, with no hope of even a second glimpse of the rest of the world. The messanger asked the oracle who would be his master's downfall and how he could stop him. The oracle spoke of a woman who would bear a child. but, the child would be sent to another time in the future where he would destroy all Haides' desires. And the Master of the Underworld could do nothing to stop it. The messanger asked what woman would bear the child, but she would only answer that the woman they sought was close to the Underworld. Haides sent creatures of his realm to hunt down every neighboring town, village and city, kidnapping all females and held them captive and away from any males for a four year period, the timeframe of the alleged woman's pregnancy. Any child born to the women was killed. During this time, Persephone became pregnant by one of her many suitors. Afraid Hades would do the same to her child that he did to the rest, she sent her newborn babe with a young woman to seek shelter in a distant kingdom.

"Ai!" Agatha exclaimed. She rushed forward, garbbing her bestowed baby.

"Hand over the child." A deep, gravel-like voice commanded.

"Never." She whispered, her own voice high and light like that of a pixie. Her toga slipped slightly onto her upper arm.

"Hmm, Hypatos," a second soldier commented, "we could use the woman for more than retreiving the babe."

"That we can. That we can."

Agatha stumbled a step back, bumping into her now dead roomate. "Please," she pleaded, "why are you doing this?"

"The Master Haides' men saw you running from the woman's camp with the child a month ago. We've come to retreive him for our master." The leader answered, reaching forward to tug on her toga viciously. Agatha cried out, turning and running into the back room. Locking herself in using a chair, she climbed out the window.

A man, whom she knew very well, was standing outside, waiting for her.

"Come Agatha. We must hurry!" His deep voice came in a whisper.

Agatha followed him to two awaiting horses and promptly jumped atop of the bay. The two adults raced off, their horses neck and neck, Agatha gripping the babe in nimble arms. As they neared a tower of Athena, the horses beagan to slow.

"Hurry! The Oracle inside has agreed to help me." The man lead the woman and child inside.

"Kadmos, you are named after a great man and share the same heart and that, my friend, is the only reason I agreed to help you in your time of need." The unearthly voice of the Oracle said, coming out from her living quarters.

"Nevertheless, great Oracle, we are greatful you will lend us your aid." Agatha mumbled, humbly.

"This way, children." The Oracle lead them to a clear pool of water. "Step inside."

"W-What will you do?" Agatha asked, brown eyes wide.

"I will help you as i promised."

"This way!" A new male voice echoed through the temple.

"Agatha, take Ai and do as she commands. I will distract them." Kadmos said, pulling a sword from his belt.

"Kadmos, be careful! I love you." Agatha whispered.

"Kadmos." The Oracle interrupted before he could reply. "I will only preform this task once. if you are no here when I am ready, you will not journey with her."

Kadmos looked back to Agatha. As he backed away to defend the woman and child, he said, "I do not love you, Agatha. I have only been here because I was instructed to do so by my love, Persephone. Do as she asks and I will try to return."

Heartstriken, Agatha watched Kadmos rush away, tears forming in her eyes. "Agatha, child, step into the pool." Agatha did as the Oracle commanded.

The Oracle began her cantations and Agatha paid no heed to her but to the fight down the hall.

"Kadmos!" The Oracle called. "It is now or never!" The women heard only a grunt. The clear water began to turn murky and spun.

"Agatha, as you go into this new world, know these important things. The child in your arms will one day bring destruction to Haides. You must find it's true father where you are going. Also, Kadmos lied. He hasnever before met a god or goddess. He said those things only to make you flee to safty, just as I will lie and claim you and the babe died in my attempts to help you escape. And last, you are the only woman in his mind, heart and eyes."

As the Oracle was speaking, the water level had been rising and was then at Agatha's chin. As she cried out for Kadmos, the water consumed her and the infant. They spiralled into unending darkness.

AN: okay so names are probably 90% spelt wrong and probably 99% of the whole chapter is spelt wrong as well. I have no spell check when I'm online and spelling is my ultimate downfall. So, I hope I don't offend anyone with misspellings and such. No matter what, please review. This is my first time tackling Mythology and I'm having a little fun with it;)