Forbidden to Love.


I made my rounds around the city as I do weekly. Always follo-wed by the one of the many aspiring knights of the city. Passing by the farms owned by the various villagers. Almost all with servants working fields.

It wasn't a rare thing, it was like this my whole life and befo-re. They were all from villages we invaded or in our debt.

We started to pass by the Fishers land. They had a small river going through there property, supplying the fish for the city. They also owned fields of various fruits and the most servants.

I usually see groups outside, none ever standing out. A group of servants made their way to the main building. But one stood out this time.

It was a girl around my age, her hair in braids of black and her skin light tan in color, matching her coco eyes. Was she new? I stopped my horse and stared. She had a depressed look on her face. Dressed in only a dress made of hogs skin. She walked bare foot, slower than the others.

"Sir David? Is something the matter?" Gerard stopped and asked me. I shook my head, "No.

"Aye, did the fishers get any new servants lately?" I asked him as we continued our riding. He shook his head, "No, they haven't for sometime now."

I nodded, wondering why I noticed her from all others.