Chapter 3.

I made it back to the castle and put my horse back in its stable. "What are you doing out so late at night? You know its dangerous." I heard my uncles voice from a few feet behind me.

I turned around to the brown haired and brown eyed plump man behind me, "I ask the same of you."

"I was going out for a stroll. Now about you?" I hesitated. "I went out for a ride."

"You've been out a lot more than usual, is there a reason?" he questioned. "Reason?" I raised an eyebrow. "Is there a lady involved?"

"Why do you ask?" I asked, starting to shake. "Because I've never seen you show interest in a woman.

"I just hope she's the daughter of a noblemen." he then walked back to the castle. I sighed.

He couldn't find out.

I needed to decide if I should see her again. But why? She was a servant, I couldn't grow to close. I had to find a lady of higher class. I couldn't waste my time on her.

But the way her voice chimed. The softness of her hands and shoulders. The wonder of her name. Ihsaw. Ihsaw. The way she stared with her coco eyes. The way she smelled of fruits from working the fields.

I made up my mind, I would not go to see her for another week. Not till I was less suspicious.