this is crazy, but we'll never call it that
we'll just stay here and relish in our insanity

flitting in and out of touch with the real world
filled with chain-link fences, the family dog,
minivans, bean-shaped swimming pools
and aprons declaring 'kiss the chef'!

it's just so much more comfortable
with your hand held in mine,
running away from this past of ours -

farther away from distracting city lights and
the car engines firing up at four am;
drug dealers peddling off to their all night jobs,
or just another mother running away.

let's hide together because we're better here alone
frozen in forests watching the sun rise for us,
and we can sit and laugh together jovially
and construct our stairs to reach those stars

and even though this frosty morning wind-chill
slithers through my pores and sets into my veins,
your voice whispers right through arctic air
and i have never been so happy to shiver.

if this is lunacy, i don't ever want to know
i'd rather be crazy with your memory
than have to be alone.