A knife in the heart may make for a slow start

But go for an open wound if you're smart

Tear at the stitches and pinch at the scar

All this pain will eventually go very far

Ignore the screams of anguish and pain

Lest you want to drive yourself insane

The perfect murder is a very hard feat

Many will try, but only a few will actually complete

Some can't handle it

Some throw a fit

Even for the tiny specks of blood

While other's will kill to see tears, and for the plasma to cause a flood

The smart ones for the more fragile, weakest point

Not a muscle, organ, or joint.

They will go after what they physically can't touch

It only takes a few words, not much

Set you up like a time bomb ready to burst

Making you wish they would just kill you or do far worse

They'll watch away as you tick

Until you decide to pull the trigger yourself

And the last thing you hear is: