Are you my drug?

My addiction?

I hate but I love you

Half the things you say are never true.

Just pure fiction.

The magnetic attraction, the unending circle

The French kiss that ate my heart and stole my brain

You're a monster.

Something that crawled up from the demon plane

A ghoul with No soul

You pull my strings like a marionette

You choke on my leash like I'm your pet

Which would make sense since you like that style

I'm your little call girl that you can dress and request

The one who would walk that mile

The one who would you bring something to eat.

The girl you know you could force to kneel at your feet.

You keep me at your side, with promises and teases

And delicious kisses

Telling me that we share the same pain

That we gamble and hope

You love to see me try

You also enjoy it even more when I fail

And cry.